World Wise could leave more investors holding the bag

The Noel Strachan-led World Wise Partners Limited could be the next informal financial scheme to fall, leaving investors holding a long but empty bag, following the demise of the Carlos Hill-controlled Cash Plus Group Limited and David Smith’s Olint Corporation.

Now Worldwise just recently opened its online offices and is said to be taking request from its clients for payouts. In its email to clients, Worldwise is indicating that it will take process no more than 50 request per day.
The big questions are:

1. Does Worldwise have to money to start making payouts?

2. If they do have money, how much is it and how long will it last?

3. Is this just another payments promise which will not be fullfilled.

4. Is Worldwise headed to the AIS graveyard.

Well the Sunday Herald seems to think number 4 is now more likely than before based on the following comment as written in their paper.

This is in line with Dollars & Sense’s predictions that all of the country’s approximately 30 alternative investment schemes, managing almost $200 billion, would bite the dust after Cash Plus went belly-up last year.

Full article is here

58 Responses

  1. Come on now. Let us forgt about this and enjoy the sports going on. You were all told that you could loose everything. Plympivs time now.

  2. Well i had already written off my balance from April when i had mad a request and did not get my money then they decided to close for 2 months.Anywayz lets all enjoy the olympics and just move on with our lives.


      I completed an online request in September 2008 to close my WWP account and refund my small sum to me. On January 19, 2012, I received an email from WWP requesting me to reply and confirm balance, etc., for a 90-day settlement plan. I know of one other person who also received the same email.

      I don’t know if this is a potential email scam, and have been checking around before I make a report or decide to respond.

      Did you ever receive your money, or do you know of anyone who has? Can you direct me to to the proper channel where I may check further for more information.


  3. Where are the facts in this article? Just because I predict it will rain tomorrow and it does, doesn’t mean that I can now call myself a weatherman.

  4. CJ,

    While there may be no facts, the prevailing circumstances indicates that the writer has probably gotten it right.

    Its one abilities to look at the information that is publicly available that can enable persons to make a good decision and come out smelling like a rose.

    You cannot wait for all the information to be presented before you make your move as by that time, its already too late.

  5. Is this all we can talk about? People Hard earned money (some), and we talking about failure? I hope WW does not go down the road of the previous few.

  6. Mr. Noel “Junior” Strachan has emigrated to the United States. Apparently he has taken up residence in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

    Do you think people will ever see their $$?

    I do not think so

  7. Rob:

    Do you think he and Ricky Azan are room mates? Neighbors? Maybe he wants to be close to his trader!
    Look at the information below and tell me if it is the same person that just purchase a USD$1.8 Million house back in June of this year. The property is located in Davie, not Pembroke Pines!!!

  8. DaveSin,

    That is the man himself. The Jamaican address is definately his.

  9. 2 Million for the house in Davie. Wow! crime does pay.

  10. Rob,

    I have money in Worldwise and i must say it has been an expensive lesson for me.LOL

    I also know that Noel has left the island and has been away since this whole restructuring idea flew into his head and not to mention that Patrick Cawley “tek weh himself” before the S$%t hit the fan.Worldwise is a sham of an organization.Can you imagine someone asking you to present your records of deposits and withdrawals.LOL what a joke.

  11. I know that cat for a very long time. I feel sorry for you brother. If I won Lotto I would not give him $1.00. I just waiting to see the final outcome for investors like you. It would be a great irony to see him be the only club to honour his obligations.

    This guy is shady with a capital “S”. When I heard he was running one of the schemes I felt pity for those who had no clue of who they were dealing with. However on the other hand, I must give him some credit for excercising his “criminal mind”. He always wanted to be a somebody.

  12. chromatic,

    At least now u know where he rest his head at night.

  13. You know whats funny i desuaded a friend from putting money in O and said that i did not like how he did not want to get regulated as well as other things and blah blah blah.I really thought WW would be above board as they were “seeking regulation” ahhh bwoy it was just another 3 hand card man trick and i surely fell for it.

  14. Rahtid, I almost bought a house in that development, that’s just up the road from my house.

  15. chromatic:

    I think you WW investors are in better shape since WW is a US Company:

    The problem is which WW was collecting the money in Jamaica? He try to pull a fast one on the FSC by trying to register one WW company that was not the same as the other WW company that was technically taking-in the funds. Of course the FSC catch the con and kick back the application.

    I notice that he recently registered two new companies in Florida. I try posting the link, but the post had multiple links and it did not showup. Maybe it is been held by Investforlife. If I do not see it soon I will post individually. One of them is another investment firm!

  16. The plots thickens:

    WW has just went on a buying spree here in South Florida. They have just purchase 4 properties under “JUELLE PROPERTIES, LLC”, one for USD $7.85 Million.

  17. Davesin,

    even tho u fight gainst me in the “Bovelle” blog, it looks like I helping you out on this blog. Hahahahahah!

    I just call it as I see brother.

  18. Davesin,

    BTW, His sisters name is Juliette, hence the corporate name “JUELLE”. This entire family is full of criminal minds, even dear old Mom.

  19. Hope some one copied and paste the info because the state of florida just took the whole site offline

  20. CJ,

    Wher u live, in WESTON?

  21. Rob:

    That wasn’t me :-). Seriously though, where did Noel “Junior” Strachan get all this money from? Let me guess…WW investors. I hope some is left to pay all those folkes logging on to WW site to make request for their encashment.

    He think he is in Jamaica. I guess he does know the power of public records in the States!

  22. I have the TIF file for STRACHAN-AZIZE INVESTMENTS, LLC which is their filing documents.

  23. Does anyone think DOJ has their hands in it?

  24. AML:

    The WW investors crash the site 🙂 They all rush to see where their money went and overload the site!

    The list of properties brought by “JUELLE PROPERTIES, LLC” (click on each to see details/Price Paid)

    @ Rob

    I’m not a WW investor, but like to out these crooks!!!

  25. Attention: Sunbiz and all Division of Corporations data bases are currently unavailable for use by staff, clients, and other users. This interruption in service is necessary to allow for critical system maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and anticipate that full service will be restored by Monday August 18th at 8 am (EDT).

  26. Dave sin
    Always knew this was a fulltime job for you 🙂
    Glad to see you are putting it to good Use Lol

    Now if you could just track down DS assets 🙂

    P.s Anybody remember some upscale development in KGN few years back which were not completed and all now some people don’t get back their deposit?

  27. Oh noooooo……..Blogkiller 😦

    How much you are going to paid me to track DS assets? Vomitrocous!! 😆

  28. @ Davesin,

    I like to shed light on all Bullsh#t artists too.

    NS also dabbled in the “Jamaican export” industry as well. Maybe this will help expose his true character to the poor sheep he is fleecing.

    You all better make a move on him before him spend off you $$.

  29. AML email the info to investforlife so it can be posted

  30. Rob
    Do you remember that development ? too

  31. @DaveSin,
    You stumble upon a big ants nest…

    Remember you can’t post too many links at the same time. Two per post is fine anything else will be automatically held.

  32. Johndoe,
    Do any of the blog authors work for any local banks or FSC?

  33. Bowy this is amazing. These are recent purchases…. in July…

  34. @mk
    None of us work for FSC or any BANK in Jamaica

  35. DaveSin:

    Yardies don’t know dem kind of purchases is all public record and easily traced in the US… LOL…

    Good job. Dem love move into your neck of the woods eeen…

    Dude run off with investors money…

    See what we keep telling some of the delusional investors… You have to act fast… file lawsuit as soon as you stop getting paid and file criminal complaint quick…

    Be sensible and stop flalling for the reorganizing BS and 9 months etc BS… These guys are just buying time to run away or hide the money.

  36. @Nocotec,
    People stubborn but I think the real problem is some are embarrassed.

    They have to put that behind report the matter.

  37. Look is this story that DaveSin posted a few days back

    The people never waited. They went straight to the authorities

  38. BTW guys another milestone
    We crossed the 400,000 mark.

  39. Yes and the breaking news only occur here first.

  40. Great going investforlife on 400,000 hits

    Anyone from WW has been paid yet based on this new request system.

    Seems like all the funds gone to Florida.

    BTW I hear that Noel and Azan live very close to each other.

    Birds of a feather ?

  41. Full listing of properties acquired by JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC, a company owned by Noel Strachan and his wife Judy.

    Notice most of these purchases were made in 2008, during the time when most WW investors were having problems collecting their monies.

    The total value of property acquired by the company amounts to US$ $12.26M

    Three were acquired in April 2008 and the last and most expensive July 2008.

    On the other hand Noel himself acquired property valued at US$1.8M

    So this year the WW chairman has acquired property totalling US$14M or J$1B !!!

    So it appears that WW investors may really end up “holding the proverbial bag”.

    This cannot be happening again.

  42. So you are saying that ww was not making any profit to be able to buy anything?

  43. Is WW bankrupt ?

  44. Gemini

    This looks like greed by the investor. If you have your principal back, just sit back and wait. Taking your greed by sueing for interest before all the pricipal are paid out or if you have not heard of stories of not paying out principal to other people.

  45. Jay

    Thats why regulation is so important….

  46. @ AML…..I agree. Its also greed why someone would invest that large sum of money into an AIS.

  47. the big question is why WW purchasing so many properties in fl. could this be a tatic to protect his assets……i smell a rat

  48. Can anyone confirm if they’ve gotten any money from WW yet? Whether the $300-$5000 group or other? Its been 4 weeks now and when u call, all u hear from CS is, “Sir, if u sent in a request, just wait, an email will be sent to u shortly as to when u can go to the bank”. I’ve been hearing that for 3 weeks now!! Are these people real!?


      I completed an online request in September 2008 to close my WWP account and refund my small sum to me. On January 19, 2012, I received an email from WWP requesting me to reply and confirm balance, etc., for a 90-day settlement plan. I know of one other person who also received the same email.

      I don’t know if this is a potential email scam, and have been checking around before I make a report or decide to respond.

      Did you ever receive your money, or do you know of anyone who has? Can you direct me to to the proper channel where I may check further for more information.


  49. New Communication from World Wise:

    Dear Partner,
    I send this deliberate and forthright message to update and level with you, our partners, about the current situation. Our huge investments in upgrading our accounting system, call centre, and state-of-the-art Online Portal for greater client partner convenience – were designed to achieve more timely responses to our large body of partners, the numbers of which had grown and outstripped the response capabilities of the manual systems we previously had in place. To our regret however, it seems every time we take one step forward, something happens – which has nothing to do with World Wise – but which impacts World Wise in a way that negates our best efforts. No sooner had we put the above service upgrades in place, than news broke about another well-known high-yield investment entity, which was raided and investigated in another territory – causing investors to get jittery – and causing a run on World Wise.
    Our new Online Portal which was supposed to have resulted in the fast-tracking of normal partner requests, consequently became clogged and tremendously slowed by the abnormally numerous (though thankfully not total) requests for withdrawals. But the suddenness and scope of this run prompted us to re-focus our time and efforts more on managing the run, than on communicating with you. We had to hurriedly, without notice, evolve a special payout plan and put in place huge administrative resources to deal with this run – while handling it in the best interest of our partners.
    In the face of the current run, which has resulted NOT from World Wise`s own actions (which have always been above board), but unfortunately from the questionable actions of other investment entities which have no connection to World Wise, we have taken a conscientious decision to execute payouts in two stages. Stage 1 – Principal, and Stage 2 – Profits. This way we make sure that:
    (a) everybody gets his/her principal back first, while we temporarily retain funds to allow for continued trading – as a way of funding the immense administrative costs of paying out a run.
    (b) profits will be paid next – these funds will incidentally continue to accumulate more profits while with us. Let us be honest with ourselves. Which financial institution – even the big banks of the nineties – were able to survive a run without an unusual action plan? Truth is … a run (justified or not – in our case unjustified) hurts an institution because it rapidly depletes the institution of it`s income-generating tool of trade (cash) – while massively increasing the institution`s administrative overheads costs. In the event of a run, enormous admin resources have to be brought to bear, simply to execute the large numbers of payouts that have to be executed within a highly compressed time frame.
    Notwithstanding, we understand you must be anxious, and are making every effort to put together a practical payment schedule which will take us to no further than February 2009. With this in mind we will commence the first set of payouts on Friday, September 5, 2008 and will keep you apprised of subsequent payouts as soon as we have put a schedule in place, subject to the completion of the audit process which has been slowed because of the overwhelming number of requests in the Online Portal. As a result, we will be closing the Online Portal effective Friday, September 5, 2008. The Portal will reopen on October 6, 2008 for partners to continue making their requests.
    Please bear with us while we work in your best interest.
    Again, to be forthright, and instead of sweeping it under the carpet, we have to level with you, and bring it to your attention that a certain business man has just sued World Wise – technically for profits. We want all our partners to know that it is a fact that by an unintended process of default, this business man has already received more than his principal. While we do not know if he can win his case, it is important for client partners to be alerted, that such a move is obviously designed to gain one partner an unfair advantage over all other partners. Such a selfish law suit clearly jeopardizes our 2-stage payout plan.
    As we are partners together, this being a time of frankness, we would also like you to know that the officers of World Wise are being subjected to various threats. This is truly disheartening, since of all the high-yield entities that came before, we at World Wise are the ones who are actually paying out money. While the authorities compile information on the identities of the perpetrators, we do question the perpetrators logic as clearly, if any harm should come to any officer of World Wise, it would for obvious reasons have a negative rather than positive effect on the payout process.
    In light of all this, we appeal to you our partners, to please think of others, to not follow selfish examples, and please be patient while we execute our well thought out 2-stage payout plan. It is the fairest, most honest and conscientious way to safeguard all partners investments – and to demonstrate World Wise s integrity – while we continue to pursue FSC approval.It must be highlighted that In Stage 1 partners who are already at a 0% risk exposure, i.e. their principal amounts have already been collected by them, will not be paid until we are at Stage 2. Please note also that when a partner has taken his full principal back, his or her risk exposure is zero.
    As you are aware, WWP has already survived the onslaught of two major runs – again caused by shock-waves from other investment entities UNCONNECTED to World Wise. In this respect, World Wise has weathered the storm even better than those big banks which succumbed to runs during the nineties. A testament to World Wise`s good business practices, sound management decisions, and last but not least – World Wise`s tested and proven INTEGRITY.
    We are PARTNERS. We urge you to please work with us. Let`s work in each others best interest – and exercise patience for the good and success of all.
    Noel Strachan
    (954) 916-4105 – Florida, USA
    (954) 602-5573 – Florida, USA

    September 3, 2008

  50. united we stand,devided we fall:we need to come together and do something about just seems as if we are weak and at this guy mercy, we have to do something, is so unfair we are loosing our homes,our life falling apart,and this guy is purchasing all these properties with our hard earn money.this is just blatant do they sleep at night?people are suffering because of this guy.NOEL IF YOU DO GOOD,GOOD WILL FOLLOW,IF YOU BAD,BAD WILL FOLLOW.YOU MIGHT NOT INHERIT YOUR EVIL DOING,MAY BE ITS YOUR WIFE OR YOUR KIDS. think about what you doing bro,think about it.

  51. There is a FBI agent on the case looking into Noel finally , anyone interested please let me know, He needs to get a list of people whom has lost their money with Worldwise.

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