OLINT Local Offices Closed

We now have the letter sent to OLINT club members earlier this morning. The first thing that the letter confirms is a rumor that the Braemar Avenue based Club Member Care Office in Jamaica would be closed as of July 14, 2008. It appears that threats, including a bomb threat, have been issued to staff members. We are not sure if a report has been made to the Police. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Club Members,

This e mail is addressed to Club Members as we are primarily concerned with responding to our Club Members’ needs and those who have stood by us over the years.

It is with some regret that we advise that, as a result of threats to staff members including a bomb threat within the last few days which is being taken seriously, the Club Member Care Office will be closed to the public as of Monday July 14, 2008. Efforts are being made to address the matter and we will advise you further. All customer care lines and e-mail lines will be opened to facilitate communication with you notwithstanding this safety measure which we have had to impose.

We fully appreciate that this sort of behaviour may well flow from the failure of the Club to honour recent encashment requests in a timely manner including our most recent efforts. The fact is that the last 18 months have been testing ones for the club, as we were clearly faced with conspiratorial scheme(s) since 2006, designed for us to fail by causing a run, to drive us out of business and out of Jamaica. That result would no doubt have brought satisfaction to regulators and bankers who by the methodology of their efforts could have no other intent. We have however fought these efforts strenuously and as we fought, additional responses seem to have been orchestrated locally and abroad, not the least of which is the effort at closing of our accounts which service our Jamaican Club Members.

Indeed it is no secret that since March 2006 the Club has had to face serious challenges all of which have been threatening its viability. It started with the FSC raid, the sudden threatened closure of the customer service accounts by local Banks and all the ensuing legal battles which still continue. The fact is that the constant negative and speculative reports have wreaked havoc on us. The effect, if not the purpose of these orchestrated speculative reports, is that collectively, they are intended and do cause ever increasing levels of encashment, which no sound financial operation can withstand indefinitely.

These negative and speculative press reports have put a strain on the management of the fund and the fund has come under more and more scrutiny which has also itself been triggered by the increased encashment demands. The reckless and prejudicial use of National Futures Association (NFA) report which was not against us but only mentioned us en passant, while  not providing any evidence whatsoever but speculation, caused, as if by well timed design, further pressure on the fund.

We take much of the blame for failing to provide you with clarity on this issue. The fact is that it is difficult to deal with the public relations fall out in a matter such as this. This because every document or communication sent to you in confidence in order to provide relevant and necessary information ends up in the media or in some further affidavit in an attempt to prejudice the cases that have been legitimately defended or prosecuted, with the ultimate aim of benefiting you the Club Members. The patently false Jamaica Observer report that there was a complaint against us by the National Futures Association (NFA) is just one such example.

The thrust of the litigation has been to discredit Olint as being in receipt of criminal property and or otherwise involved in money laundering without any evidence. In effect that allegation is being made against each Club Member because we could only be receiving criminal property from you or laundering funds from you. You know differently, we know differently but we need time and must go through the justice system in order to prove this. Let me place on record that the Club has always operated on the Forex market, which is not in Jamaica. The ultimate benefit to you is to bring about a new financial market place that is in interests of the ordinary citizen and not only the traditional banks that seem only keen on maintaining Billion dollar profit levels.

Audited financial statements are an essential aspect of business but the manner of use by the local Banks against us is a ruse. We are not borrowing money from the banks. Nevertheless we have since the 19th December 2007 been making efforts to appoint auditors. You will appreciate that they too would be concerned about the reputational risks for them as against the type of wild allegations being made. Reputable international auditors prefer to take no chance at all as a result of which we have been in dialogue with reputable local auditors who appear willing to audit the accounts. This is necessary because with the increased negative pressure and press including the alleged NFA investigation, we have suffered the inevitable whereby there is now an overwhelming run on the fund that it seems prudent for us to complete the appointment process so that we can determine with precision what is due to

We have done our best and will continue to do our best to meet obligations to our members who have been patient.

Over the next few days you will each receive individual letters which set out the future direction of the Club and how the past year and the current state of affairs will affect each of you.

The letter, does not address the pressing question of where the money is and when people will be paid.


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  1. Once again a nothing e-mail. excuses, excuses, excuses. Where is the money

  2. JohnDoe:

    Have you heard of people phoning-in bomb threats to an airport in order to delay their own flights (because they don’t want to miss their plane)?

    Same thing here, DS knew there would be a massive crowd at his local office today and phone-in the bomb threat 🙂 !

  3. as per usual, the email is posted. this is the internet age, it was given out knowing that it would be posted. they could not be that naive .

    Max Higgins tactics, disappear overnight without warning. making accusations, and giving no specifics.

    when are we going to get the money. why no details on the funds that are supposed to be here and distributed ?.

  4. investforlife, man I almost bought into your BS that the owners of this site had a shred of integrity. lol. JohnDoe aka Adrian, defending your pappy to the end… Good boy…

  5. You guys took LONG with this one 😉

    In any case…. this letter has the same stench as Cash+ boss Carlos Hill’s speeches and news paper ads.

    It seeks to blame failures on everyone else except Mr. Smith and company. The letter makes absolutely no mention of the money that was supposed to have arrived last week to clear off outstanding encashments. It does not explain WHY there are so many discrepancies in promised dates that have fallen through. It does not explain what if ANYTHING will be done to rectify the situation…. All it does is cast blame on unseen forces that are ‘fighting down the common man’ when Mr. Smith is simply trying to ‘benefit’ the common man. It is the same line that Carlos Hill used in his sermon to the Mob held at Merl grove last year.

    The NFA report also seems to be another scapegoat being used at this time. For the record, I don’t think the NFA report was ‘timed’ perfectly. The club has not been paying for close to 7 months now, the report could have been revealed at ANY point during that 7 months and they would have claimed it was perfectly timed. The fact of the matter is, I strongly believe if Mr. Smith were to pay people what they requested (a task which despite money supposedly having arrived last week now seems impossible), and he were to communicate properly, very few if ANYONE would care what the NFA document said. But this is NOT the case, people have NOT been paid, the reasons are flimsy, and he seems to be passing the buck ‘to the man’.

    Now we are at the Higgins Warner/May Daisy stage. Payments have stopped, and offices are being closed. The question now is, when will Wayne Smith and family leave the country?

    Come clean Mr. Smith. stop propagating rumors, stop passing blame. plain and simple…. STOP THE LIES!

  6. what about the $250 million that was definitely here , according to the great sources . why not even give that out according to the old schedule. help ease the pain.

    Just like cash plus, they will not pay anybody. Distribute the $250 Million

  7. People let us not speculate, we need to demand answers from DS, we need to know the truth, he needs to tell us, what is the status of our money

  8. ppl…the man said that each person will get an individulaised email in the coming day…he cannot put out info about encashments anymore because of things like this happening i.e. the posting of private letters on this damn blog…the reason the encashments have not been posted cannot be said in an official letter because apparently it really has to do with NCB…olint and ncb are still in a court battle and NCB can use letters David has sent out to say that it is “slander” and such it could jeopardize olints case…anyway..i know its hard for investors in the club right now esp. those who do not any of the major players in olint but coming from someone who does trust me…your money is safe…and STOP COMPARING CASH PLUS TO OLINT…

  9. This email is not clear,i would ask the following questions

    1)what is the status of our money ???
    2)when will the office be reopened ????
    3)what is the financial status of Olint, -evidence to support this?

    DS needs to confess the truth ???, better we get some than none.

  10. why is he sending communigram without proof. we need time, yet no timeline. We must wait. why not give definite news on the money that is here already.

    pretty much dividing us by putting out conspiracy theories. Kevin over the other blog is trying to put his finger in the dike. but that is foolhardy. one cannot stop info from spreading on the internet. It is known that it would not last 1 hour after everybody woke up.

    tell us about our money. Money is here. why can’t we get the $250 million

  11. FX TRADER u give me a good reason i should be hopeful about my money now, email me oneil1901@yahoo.com

  12. kullcull. no money has reached their account, stop spreading rumours, NCB they cannot hold up Olint money because of legal reasons, stop the rumours

  13. Fxtrader, I would like to know too. You can e-mail me at clparkes at gmail.com

  14. @ FX Trader.

    like it or hate it, in the internet age, things spread like wild fire. that is the environment which all has to work in. If you have any secret tapes that get out., it will bluetooth or be on youtube.

    messages will get posted on blog. the individual emails will be on the blogs within the hour. that is the environment that we are working in. let us not debate whether it it right or wrong, it is just a reality. Clubs have to work with the current reality.

    the club mash up, why not just liquidate and give back everybody their money ?

  15. Oneil..YES ncb CAN hold up Olints money…you forget Jamaica is a small island full of corrpution…Lee Chin is bringing a TON of investment to Jamaica…you think the govt can afford to upset him..no they cant…lee chin can easily say “ncb could not clear the money because information on the wire was incorrect”..then olint can say yes it is and show proof..then ncb can say “ncb regrettable made a mistake regarding olints wire..we apologise for the inconvenience”..in the mean time ppl get worried, and request all of their funds from olint..that money goes back to the local banks including ncb and Lee Chin is happy again..with enough money you can do ANYTHING in Jamaica…

  16. I want to know something. You remember when they raid Carlos Hill’s house and haul off the five vehicles with tow truck. How would they kake posession of the jet? Mi just a check still.

  17. Oneil i really dont like giving out personal info and what i know..but what i will say is, remember how Jay was saying how DS could have made up the numbers on his trading platform to make it look like all them oney was there when eh had the meeting with the big investors? Well i know one of those extremely large investors who confirmed that all the money is indeed there and the money was indeed in the trading platform when the meeting took place and the way how he showed them there would be no way to make up those numebrs to put in the system and that DS is still in talks with the govt to trade fx for them or to give them a model…again David is not a crook or a thief…he was just a man way over his head with opening up Olint to too many people too quickly and as such he is just getting caught up his PR mistakes and what not..the money will get to you one way or another

  18. So, why not just cut his losses, give back people their money, and start taking for personal interest only. he should have a couple of millions. do it that way and make everybody happy.

    People from the other blogs are coming here for info, while pretending to support the position of not revealing the email. i see Bless from the other blog sending people over here. ( proves that she is an ardent reader here too !!!)

  19. Then why doesn’t Mr Smith just take NCB to court for “holding up his wire”? He has sued them b4. Do it again Super Dave.

  20. DS and Carlos Hill are in 2 diff positions…carlos hill has no money in the cash plus acct. and such they could go after his assets…DS has the money in the accoutn but it is not getting released…would the govt really be in talks with to give part of the gdp to trade to someone who was just taking the money and not trading and being successful at it..umm NO..the govt has done a ton of research on olint and looked at its trading platform and statements etc. etc…they cannot go after David’s assets because he all of the money is there to pay the ppl…

  21. Posting this again peeps:

    The only conclusion I can draw is that some gov. organization (probably the US) has frozen the funds, and it has been frozen since January. He just doesn’t have the guts to say so, and b/c he runs OLINT like a patty shop it’s been a disaster to come up with the required information to prove that he’s done due diligence on his clients and it’s not drug/terrorist money.
    I believe the money is there, DS is one of the best forex traders in the world but he’s a TERRIBLE businessman and these last few (plenty) months have been the result. So far the hold ups have been:

    -the brokers, the banks, global warming – in particular el nino, the pope, the fires in California, Tom Cruise and his Scientologist group, OPEC, Castro, and of course Celine Dion – personally I think is Marvin the Martian have it-

    Seriously though, it’s really is a lot of BULL! Sophisticated banks around the world are not frightened to wire $400million dollars, they do that everyday with their eyes closed.
    Big players in the forex market play with 10 times as much as DS does and they move billions each day no big deal.
    !!!UNLESS::::: He has Ritz Carlton money and he’s been using Holiday Inn to deal with it.

    PS. case in point: anyone ever try to pay for anything with $100US in the states at a regular store? The employees practically tripping over themselves to make sure it’s real. I had 3 $100US bills one time I was in this small town, I couldn’t even use it to rent a hotel, buy gas, or get food, it was a jewelry store across town that broke it for me!

    I REALLY REALLY HOPE I’M WRONG, if funds are really frozen then it’s END GAME! Everyone’s best bet is to learn to trade for themselves!

  22. Oneil, any word on the Olint gains(returns) for June?

    “People i reccommend, before u all start this blame game re NCB , remember Cash Plus lol. I think it is the ultimate responsibility of David Smith to be honest and straight forward with his club members. Lets us put our focus on this !!!!!”

    – Conscious words from Oneil

  23. @fxtrader

    What about people who have money coming through the U.S. from wachovia?

    If its NCB thats holding up the money then members that are using wachovia should be getting their funds.

    People that are doing business DIRECTLY with Olint turks and Cacious not Olint Jamaica should have gotten their request. NObody has seen a DIME from Olint because he dosent have the funds to give.

    As a matter of fact when Olint funds were under “DD” back in April or May? WHy where they agressively accepting NEW MEMBERS. Then after the DD was suppsosedly done why then put out an email saying you have to CUT back on members etc. Thats bullshyt and you know it. They were accepting new members because they Badly needed the cash to PAY people their returns.

    In time the truth will become CLEARER!!

  24. yes David can take NCB to court with proof but do you really think all of that could have happened in less that one week…no he couldnt…prob could not happen in 1 month…thats a biggggg case…a potentially history making one…thats not just a “ok lets go to court next week” kind of case…

  25. @ FX trader. why spread more rumours without facts. Government asking him to trade for them. where is the proof of of that. more side shows. the only thing I am interested in, is when i can get my money.

  26. For the record, NCB has said that they will encash olint cheques and are not holding onto their money. they said the same thing about Cash Plus, and it turned out that cash plus did not have any money in the NCB accounts.

    Why doesn’t Olint say NCB is holding on to their money ?. because they would be sued for lying..

    somehow the rumours have been put out to blame NCB without any proof.

    anything that comes from Olint should be backed up by proof

  27. miachica,
    I agree with you about the Wachovia thing..and thats not true that nobody has seen a dime from olint..all my encashment requests have been honored and on time…and yes Olint does need to cut back on members because they dont have customer service and back office support for all these ppl in the club..as i said it got too big too quick…dont be surprised if there is a drastic reduction in size very soon back to just the original investors at which point everyone will be happy…also dont forget that everyoen was BEGGING to be in Olint and David opened it up again for new investors which was by far the worst mistake he made…

  28. over the other blog, people are still wondering how they can control the internet. they kicked us out, come over here for news, and then wonder how they can control us. the fact that they report on what is going on this blog proves that they are all silent members here.

  29. fxtrader, I could not agree with you more. Olint NEEDS to cut back on its membership and stick to its original members. Sometime it doesn’t pay to be kind…

  30. the membership point is moot. most people have closed their accounts. thus , they do not need to do anything but pay the people. there was no kindness in this, Olint was doing it for profits

  31. If he’s not paying any money how can it cause a run on the funds? Like I said before, funds probably frozen and he doesn’t have guts to say so, he can’t prove that it’s not dirty money b/c he runs OLINT like a patty shop and his record keeping, accounting etc is a disaster.

  32. actually, Olint seems to be running pretty smooth before Dec 2007. we got accurate PDF statements reflecting balance in a timely manner, plus money was flowing in a timely manner.

    is after Jan 2008, money stop run. the million dollar question is where is the money, was there actual money, or was it just a Ponzi

  33. junkunno, you ever wandered why banks don’t give much interest? Its because them not running a patty shop… ehehe

  34. Ok fxtrader, it seems you have nominated yourself to replace OFL on this blog. Welcome, we shall enjoy your presence here.

  35. If the all the members money was setting in the FOREX, then there are no problems but your money is NOT setting in the FOREX. The NFA does not speculate. The have sent teams of auditors(normally of 3 to 5 people) to set in I Trade FX offices for normally for 1 or 2 weeks at time to go through their documents and bank records.

    If you have over a 100 million dollar company, you would have your own personal lawyers on your staff to keep you out of trouble.

    Now true members know that after March 2006 that your investment money has to be tranferred to Panama, give up control and the money transferred again.

    Then David Smith does business with JIJ Investment(The Martinez’s) and JIJ Investments are not 100% FOREX. JIJ Investments is a shell company. JIJ Investments’s offices current set empty. They do not have a local license of operate legally here. Then there is some of JIJ money setting in real estate here in central Florida. As I have said here before I will give a comprensive view of Olint, I Trade FX, TCI FX, and JIJ shell companies “operations”.

    Propery in central Florida below:


    Suspect property in Panama:

    Casablanca Condos San Francisco Panama, Calle 50 y 53, piso 5, Edificio Banco Atlantico. Panama, Rep. de panama

    LAS PALMAS Condos Panama

    conway crest Condos

    the blue rose Condos

    the vue Condos

  36. And so it was that the 7th month of the eight year of the third millennia became know as the Great Consolidation. For after all had been said, done, and debated, multitude did divideth into the Anti-linter and the Pro-linters and proceedeth to wait for what must be to be. It was a time when much preaching was done to the converted.

    Dearly beloved I say unto thee, it was in the first year of the reign of Bruce the Prodigal aka Bruce the Ditherer that the Plus became Minus, Higgins disappeared without a Warner, paper Daisies failed to bloom, and there were no Lint to remove.

    And in the camp of the Pro-linters the faithful gathered for a great prayer meeting. Verily I say unto thee, they sangeth sankeys and reciteth from the good book. The High Priestess “describe potion” and spake unto the faithful saying “Be still” to which her assistants chorused “Tek it easy nuh man”. And so it was that having strengthened their faith they proceeedeth on an indefinite bus ride.

    From the back seat of the bus there came grumbling of bills to be paid and bailiffs to be eluded. Dearly beloved, did the Sage One not warn about great pain before he was banished from the bus and his saying deleted by the Guardian of Unreality?

    Dearly beloved, it came to pass that the Worshipped of The Day did speak. After he had “hemmed” and “haamed” and said a lot without saying a thing, the future was no clearer. Verily some heard what was to be heard while others heard what they wanted to hear.

    Mi gawn bun a chalice and meditate some more

  37. The issue isnt about membership fellows, here are the issues

    1)Olint is being blacklisted by banks, because of regulatory issues. i assure if Olint got their license from the FSC , many banks would be even more threatened, as they would have no excuse to close their accounts.

    2) Poor management – accepting more members than your customer service can handle

  38. @ Oneil

    the problem is not paying people their money. Customer service will not be overwhelmed if people where getting their money.

    no amount of CS agents can field calls from 5000 persons calling or showing up for their money. what is needed is proof or a concrete plan on how persons can get their money. otherwise it will be anger or frustration from people for their money.

  39. Johnny P,
    i do not want to replace anyone or anything..i was jsut comign on to give an accoutn of what i have heard but i was really stupid for doing so because how can anyone on this blog know whether or not my info is correct..i am just a screen name…and i really think i have done more harm than good because i got a couple ppl riled up which i dont want ppl to be because i know how stressed ppl are over this…i know where i get my info from, i kno that they kno whats goin on …i know how closely they interact with the olint ppl a the top…but how can i prove it> i cant so y bother get ppl more frustrated with spreading more “rumors”…
    Good luck with all of this and i really hope everyone can get there money soon and can carry on with their lives.

  40. AML what kinda of b.llshit propogada is that, there many JIJ companies on the internet, dont get confused.

  41. Oneil, the biggest mistake was to accept funds while not paying out, then sending wiring instructions while still not paying out, and not sticking to the NO NEW MEMBERS statement that Olint made long time ago…

    You are right though, and if Olint got regulated, it would be the end of the Jamaican financial sector. DS would have to absolutely not accept any more members or money…

  42. lets deal with facts we dont know its a fact that NCB is messing with olints accounts, it quite possible they r, given the issues they hav with olint, fact is ja is very corrupt make no mistake i hav first hand experiences and hav taken advantage of the corruption. We also dont know its fact that govt want olint to trade some money for them untill they say so we just dont know. Fact i hav personally received encashments from olint since beginnin of the year, fact they hav not posted any returns this month maybe no trading is taking place we dont know yet, fact olint has too many members and cannot cope with its present business model, and we dont know for certain any money is here, we need more information to ascertain what is fact from not, we need to wait on the personal emails b4 jumping to conclusions, DS as a loyal club member i am askin u to make the next email b as clear and accurate as possible on the status of encashments and it needs to b sent within this week , emotions r running 2 high and speculation makes it worse.

  43. DS didn’t beg anyone to join Olint, ever. And anyone who put money in must have known that with great returns come great risks. If you’re too f-ing stupid to understand that, you shouldn’t have put more in than you could afford to lose. Stop your goddamned whining and be thankful for what you did get.

  44. fx trader, dont feel no way mi don, this site is full of the following people

    1) people frustrated about not getting their money
    2) people who dont want u to get ur money
    3)people who lost their money in cash plus, who wouldnt mind u sharing the frustration of losing money, by u losing ur money too, misery loves company lol
    better believe it, jamican people dark bad
    4)people who dont care either way but just like the excitement, gossip of other people’s delima, many of them here lol

  45. Perhaps Majid wishes to pick up the mantle to replace OFL. His arguments so far qualify him as an ideal candidate. Olint was a ponzi bro. With NO NEW MEMBERS it simply would have collapsed sooner. But alas we are now at that point.

  46. Johny P, no sah, in this game, pro-olint vs anti-olint, the anti-olinters are winning, they are a few feet from the basket, there are 2 seconds on the clock, and their best player has the ball… only a miracle can change the score now… lol

  47. As I posted last night, with OFL leaving the blog, I was REALLY worried. Lo and behold, this morning, the office is closed !

    He seems to have really been in the know.

  48. where do we go from here. when people are confused and frustrated they do all kind of stuff. we need to get concrete info on the money. not asking for more time without giving a timeline.

    let us not forget the money that was supposed to be here.

  49. AML , what u are looking at is merely a part of the articles of incorporation, signed by the incorporators of JIJ Investments in Florida.

    What u failed to show, which is normally in the articles of Incorporation is the purpose and nature of this copmany.

    Also the docments from NFA does not indicate that this is their Florida location, they could be incorporated in any other state or country


  50. AML,

    You are the man.

    Oniel your were the one that posted that rubbish about this blog being in Canada.

    Did you read AML post and check the links properly.

  51. What purpose did David Smith give for sending 50 Million USD to JIJ? Why does JIJ own this 1/2 million house? Why does JIJ office sit empty? Why does not JIJ have a local business to operate there? Does the article of incorporation specify they trade FOREX? NO. It is called a shell company. NO employees. What do you think?

  52. Oneil:

    Before you say things you should think and check. AML knows more than you might want to know. Relax a bit. In fact, I think AML might be an avid Olint investor and might even post on the other bus under other name. Nuh true AML? I notice in are in the Orlando/North Florida area. You kinda give away yu self when you said “here” in previous post…..don’t you just LOVE Florida?

  53. Oneil:

    How yu fool fool suh? What AML is showing you with the post is that the JIJ House has the same mailing address as the articles of incoporation address for JIJ…yu see that?

  54. DS needs to hire a really good PR firm, NOTHING he has said over the last 7 months has been reassuring or calming. It’s just been professional delay tactics and extremely vague and shallow responses. People want to know first and foremost:

    1. IS the money safe? – we really don’t know
    2. WHEN people getting paid? – I’d start using some astrological charts for this one.
    3. WHAT is the REAL hold up?

    He declined to say who his brokers were and what the hold up was b/c of the pending case against him in JA. My point is – WHO cares about the result in JA?! IF the JA financial institutions want to remain 20 years behind the times let them. Anyone of DS clients can open up overseas accounts, it just means that you pay taxes where the account is being held and the gov of JA just doesn’t get any. Antigua laughing belly laughs at JA with our archaic banking system. It’s the govt. of Antigua really making money off of OLINT, once again JA just left in the dust.

  55. AML,

    The problem with some Olint supporters is that they cannot separate the trees from the forrest.

    You have to make certain deductions from the information that has been provided as it many cases things are not explicity stated.

    Until the receiver declares Olint a PONZI most people will believe that its a forex trading company.

    Olint for life has left Olint for Dead.

    The guy was more than likely an Olint insider, notice as soon as he and Hermes gave up the ghost, Olint has ceased to operate in Jamaica.

    So folks what next for Olint folks?
    How can we help them to get back their money?

  56. The next thing I expect to hear is that because of phone and email threats, the web site is being shut down and the phones are being disconnected.

    That email is very very disconcerting, just like his nationwide interview. He just doesn’t seem to get it.

  57. (munch, munch, munch) … Verbal: “You think you can catch Keyser Soze? You think a guy like that comes this close to getting fingered and sticks his head out?” …

    (munch, munch, munch) … hmm, LightDeFuseandRun … look like dem did feget fe read all of de script … or else de movie plot change last night …

    to a rass kassa video (munch, munch, munch) … welcome to JamRock … (wid ratchet knife a twirl an’ ah flick) … cause it look like ah pure bad mon de pon de scene … (shotta nuh bleach wid cream, me bleach wid me m16) …

  58. Is this the HW script.

    Door locked and the principal has gone missing.

    I cannot believe this is happening once again, unbelievable !!


    this place is like a cult lol,

    It doesnt matter to me whether u are an Olint member or not.

    AML i think u need to clarify what u are implying, as making such an accusation can have legal implications. It is not good enough to post that and leave it just hanging for speculation.

    I think u can do more research, and see if JIJ Investments are incorporated any other states or country.

  60. CJ,
    I agree with you 100%, he doesn’t get it. People want hard facts not ‘i think, i hope, keep your fingers crossed’
    we want:
    ‘Where is the money, WHO holding it up, WHY they holding it up, WHAT you doing about it, WHEN we getting it’ ALL AT THE SAME TIME and not piece-meal over the course of 7 months. That is what causes mass panic – driblets of information . If people knew once and for all what really was going on, at least then they would KNOW the problem and be able to deal with it accordingly.

  61. Just spoke with a good friend of DS, he last spoke to DS last nite, so he claims (would give me the private number), apparently Wayne, Waynes wife and their mother have all been spirited out of the country….

    Has anyone heard anything to this effect? and more importantly anyone know where wayne leave the key the range rover sport or the BMW M5?

  62. Dave Sin

    Ur intentions are obviously very person, as when a statement was made without any valid verification, u insulted me when i questioned such statements.

    It clear to me that ur intentions are not about truth clarification for bloggers, but merely to support anything anti-olint without asking for clarity.




  63. Even if one accepts what David is saying, then this problem is entirely of his creation.

    I don’t see anyone holding on to money for JMMB, Barita, Sterling or DBG. If OLINT had chosen to be transparent and legitimate a long time ago, we would not be here today.

    Instead this attitude of rejecting all authority and the outlaw behavior is now why no one wants to touch Olint. He acts like he has something to hide, now people are believing he does! International auditors doesn’t want to touch him, local banks don’t want to touch him, St. Lucia, Panama doesn’t want OLINT in their country. You think Michael lee Chin is behind all of that?

    If Olint had chosen to operate within the law, along with the political support I know he has, if he is legitimate, then Michael Lee Chin could not even touch David Smith.

    Does it really take 6 months to engage auditors?

  64. Lightthefuseandrun, I heard on Friday that the whole family is on ‘vacation’.

  65. “JIJ Investments’s offices current set empty.”

    Wow, whoever did that “investigation” is a genius. The Primera address was the same as itrade’s office – since itrade and everyone in that suite moved to new offices in February or so (as could be seen on their website), probably JIJ moved as well to the new office.

    But of course, its easier to believe malfeasance than actually to follow up with actual investigation.

  66. CJ,
    i bet its one of those permanent, one way ticket type of vacations to a country has has non extradition policies, its a small world, you can run but you cant hide.

  67. And it came to pass that after buning a chalice full of calli weed The Sage One fell into deep meditation and a vision was revealed.

    And beheld a small group of denizens who with gnashing of teeth called for brimstones and fire to rain down on he who used to be the Worshipped of The Day. For by now many months had passed since the great consolidation and manna (lint) still had not fallen from “O”enven.

    And I speak unto them say “why art thou angry and not of good cheer?”

    And they replied as one saying “yu no si di man tek wi moni and gawn?” I enquire of them why their numbers were so small to which they replied “Bwai a nuf piipl get rab but dem shame fi come public, dem no waan piipl si se dem fool fool”.

    I enquired of their well being and was “bwai yu waan si di bank tek back di kyaar and wi affi a hide fram di bailiff”.

    I the ask them “why did you not heed the warning of the Sage One who prophesied pain and suffering?”

    To which they answered: “Yu waan si di money did yuu sweet when it did a run”.

  68. “What purpose did David Smith give for sending 50 Million USD to JIJ? Why does JIJ own this 1/2 million house? Why does JIJ office sit empty? Why does not JIJ have a local business to operate there? Does the article of incorporation specify they trade FOREX? NO. It is called a shell company. NO employees. What do you think?”

    AML clearly does not do research at all. The fact that he or she throws around accusations without doing the simplest bit of research proves his/her bias.

    JIJ Investments, since we haven’t seen an actual charter to know for sure, could very well have real estate investments as part of their portfolio.

    The employee question is meant to show malfeasance and shows nothing of the sort. JIJ Investments could have 1 employee and still be a legitmate corporation. Such things do exist. At the very least , they appear to have 3 employees (the Martinez’s themselves)

    The JIJ office sits empty because a number of businesses were located at Primera in that suite, including itrade, and they moved to a new address. itrade’s address can be seen online. Fact is, if you search on seminole county’s websites, you can also find a business license for JIJ. Again, no research done at all.

    The only legitimate point you MIGHT have is the 50 million, although we have no idea for certain where that came from, and how much of it could have been shipped back to originator later. Since its a private firm, we’re guessing.

    If you can’t do research on basic points, then you probably have an agenda other than “goodwill”.

  69. dear all,

    I am sorry but your money is gone. I suspect its long gone. The shenanigans of the past few months were probably designed to do two things.

    1. Buy time while the scheme’s sponsors began the efforts of hiding and protecting their ill gotten gains.
    2. Keep “club members” hopeful of some recovery so as to avoid any legal action.

    My advice – get a lawyer and go after those that got out with huge profits. If they have profited from fraudulent activity and had a reasonable belief that it may be fraudulent then they also may be captured under the notion of “mens rea”


  70. So maybe he is visiting max Higgins on vacation, they can trade excuse stories.. that was a joke folks.

    Floridian is saying that he does not believe that we release the email, but he is over here reading and taking the info.

    anyway, we need a way forward. what must we do to get the money. the I told you so will not help now.

    mek we at least get the 250 Million

  71. LightTheFuseandRun, “its a small world, you can run but you cant hide”, Jamaican favorite statement. What a joke! Look how Hill rip off nuff man and weh him deh, nuh Jamrock!!? Anything happen to that madman?

  72. Oneil:

    What I’m saying is be very careful about shooting down what others are saying. AML knows for a fact that the JIJ office is just a shell, just like the 99.99 % of the banks in Cayman, Panama, TCI, BVI, St. Kitts and Antigua. Also, forget about legal ramification about stuff you post and blogs. If that was the case we would all be in court today!

    BTW, I notice that JIJ has submitted their annual report and its past the deadline. If they do not do so soon, they will be listed as “Inactive/ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT”. Also, there are three companies that were opened at about the same time in 2007, by the Martinezs’:

    JIJ Investment, Inc.
    JIJ Management, Inc.
    JIJ Investment, LLC

    They all have the same officers and mailing address:

  73. Guys the script for this has been written and acted out before. The Olint saga is no more than a Hollywood like sequel. For those who still expect to see most of their money and continue to believe that Olint has most of the money sitting in account somewhere…

    Here is something to ponder. The Cash Plus Receiver indicated that 70 % of the investor funds received were used to pay back other investors. This is how ponzi schemes work. It is likely that most of the Olint money has already gone to pay investors principal and interest, with most of the rest to DS, WS and family and co-conspirators… with the rest to employee, office and legal expenses etc.

    Good luck on seeing much back on the dollar.

  74. Legally they have not change their address. Their corporate updates on their papers are now overdue. In the next couple of months the State of Florda will administrative dissolve the corporation for failing to file their yearly corporate papers. Currently right now you cannot legally serve them because of bogus corporate address and registrant.

  75. Oneil,

    Do you beleive Olint is a PONZI
    If so when do you believe it became one.
    Isn’t true that you have been provided with more information on this site than the “invest4losses site”.

    You are welcomed here to post and we have and will challenge you, but we do not chase you off the blog.

    You see OFL & Hermes have disappeared and DS etal seemed to have all but disappeared too.

    The question is, where are the $ millions ?

    Oneil here is my suggestion.

    Get in touch with the FSC TCI.
    Have them issue a cease and desist order against Olint.
    Have them get a court order to prevent the transfer of Olint assets and have them freeze all his accounts as well as all other related parties.
    Have a receiver appointed to comb through the records and try to come up with a payment plan.

    This is the best bet for Olint investors .

    BTW is the office in TCI still opened?

  76. Contact info for FSC TCI.

    The Turks and Caicos Islands Financial Services Commission can be contacted by e-mail fsc@tciway.tc, telephone 649 946 2791 or 649 946 2550 …

    Good luck and we sincerely wish you the best(that is genuine).

  77. Dave Sin a fail to understand my position

    All i am asking give me the facts, dont leave me hanging and ripe for speculation.

    MORE FACTS, mi tired off all these blog spinners going left and right with facts in the middle!!

  78. Investforlife ,DaveSin, if this is a site based on facts, why is this poster ‘nocotec’ allowed to post information without the facts to back up his claim? You demand facts to back up claims, Jay demand facts and proof, is it out of line for me to demand proof as well? I though the was a equal opportunity site… lol

  79. OK, we are at the end game. lets see how best we can get our money. the last remnants of Olint may be the 250 Million. lets not debate the ‘I told you so’ ‘ lets plan a way forward.

  80. Sinta:

    Show the link for the business license for JIJ.

  81. By the way guys how many own businesses in JA. If every time someone threaten you, you close your business 4 out of every 5 businesses would be closed 🙂 E.g., Almost every time we fire an employee we get threatened, all we do is report it and pay attention to our and the employees security. This is how JA run these days and since you can’t know which threat legitimate you have to pay attention to each one but I can tell you that if everyone was to close with each threat, most business would have locked shop long time.

  82. they are now at the stage where they are blaming their own investors.

    blaming them for threatening them.

    blaming them for breaching confidentiality

    how about paying them . that would solve the problem.

    blame Banks
    then blame Brokers
    Then blame Auditors
    then blame Investors

  83. kullcull,

    you forgetting all the other things to blame:

    global warming
    full moons
    hurrican ivan

    ——man that dude really needs some serious PR,——

  84. … (munch, munch, munch) … yow, LTFAR … look what i&i found inna de Doktor’s new auto-big-up-effrey … (munch, munch, munch) .. a communication from de big ‘O’ (de whole ah unnooo) … zimm-zimma who gone wid de we warra-warra keys fe de … (munch, munch, munch) … oops de power gone …

  85. Wow investforlife pas the 100,000 hits today. That is double quick time. Forward March…

  86. People come here for facts. so we need a plan. what is the way forward. those who have them ears, ask them to shear up the 250 Million as per the schedule

  87. kullcull, “People come here for facts. “, are you kidding me, holy Mary mother of God, I can believe you post that. Only one substantial document was reveled and it was discredited… People come here because its a soap opera… How many people only do two hrs of real work now that them start read this blog… ahahah keep it up, it is very entertaining…

  88. Man, this is the most EXPENSIVE entertainment I have EVER paid for in my life.

    But at this point if it is true that the Smiths have left the island, I would not be surprised if Mr. Smith and company are as we speak working out ways to move as much money as possible around so that in the event that he is found to be a fraud he will still have the riches he has accumulated off people’s backs.


  90. Where you getting this news from? Until I hear this from a legitimate source I refuse to believe that!

  91. sources will come be patient

  92. RobC,

    dont worry.. .oneil is just pulling your leg…… or is he??

    For Olint to be declared bankrupt would mean that auditors had gone in and done their checks, or that Mr. Smith and Co. had come out and declared they are bankrupt….both things that to my knowledge havent happened….YET

    Hope is free… why not hold on to as much of it as possible?? 😉

  93. theCynic,

    i just heard grave news i will post the complete story when i verify my source

  94. I got inside information that WS has gone off to Africa on vacation

  95. Sinta:

    You are Wrong! I-Trade FX has been never at the address as that of JIJ Investment. So, YOu should be careful about your level of research.

  96. Majid:

    InvestforLife is the owner of the site. I have nothing to do with it.

    I hate to say this, we should give Majid a ticket on DS jet for a vacation to Africa. Now she is being insensitive and bad mouthing this site. What yu doing on the bus if there are no facts?

  97. DaveSin, now an then I like to be entertained with one sided calls for facts… lol

  98. I think we all anticipate the worst at this point. If David had anything positive to say, he would have said it in that email. That email reminded of the ones I saw on the Higgins Warner web site AFTER he had already fled.

    Just like how Max was blaming the shadowy forces for his problems, same way Super Dave is doing that now.

  99. Oneil expected us to jump on his latest discovery and be all over it
    Sorry Oneil, we are not that guillible.

    I am sure we will get the real story before you do 🙂

  100. I firmly belief that it is too early to say that Olint will not pay back its investors and think we should lower the call that the company is bankrupt. People have some serious $ involve and WE should be sensitive to them.

    But not to Majid…she doesn’t deserve it…not a nice person.

  101. Oneil please find some way to verify to us b4 u come with it u hav to understand people are on the edge ok, if we follow rumour aliens tek wey DS and family and dem living life on pluto

  102. DaveSin, gesh, that hurt!! Why would you say that? What have I done to you other than to call for facts and for the return of integrity to this site..?!?!?

  103. What David doesn’t realize is that the longer this circus drags on, where no one is sure what is going on, the more likely it is that someone is going to take drastic action in some court room somewhere on the planet and then things are screwed.

    If you are a US person, get your documentation ready, we might need to get US law enforcement involved. The Americans are very aggressive when it comes to claiming jurisdiction when their citizens and banking systems are involved.

    We will get no help from the inept Jamaican state or the corrupt TCI government. The TC premier was very close to David and I am sure that any action there will go nowhere.

    Based on the signs this does not appear to be a case of investments losses. I would have to see proof of that. This has all the hallmarks of a fraud perpetuated by David and Wayne Smith.


    Go to your local US police and get the ball rolling. That email was a darned insult to all intelligent people.

  104. NO ONE should be feeling bad for DS, trust me, while he been giving everyone 10% he made 40% . Everyone who has money in OLINT just salt right about now – though I hope I’m really wrong about that, I REALLY do.

  105. Oneil we got the message. Now were is the source of your great discovery? Is this source the same one that provided the returns for June?

  106. CJ,

    Do you mean the “inept” FSC that advised strongly against getting into these UFO’s?

  107. If that clown think he has bought a few more days with that stupid email, he has another think coming.

    When oneil is worried then I am scared. Oneil was one of the true believers on the other blog. David Smith is making all of those who stood by him look like chumps.

  108. Majid investing 101… Many UFO investors did not take that class, failed to attend class or simply failed the class…

    In investing one has to look at available information or it its conspicuous lack thereof and make intelligent conclusions… Waiting until the facts are revealed by the company is how one loses money…

    When you invest you are depending on future performance to generate your returns, not past performance such as rumors of how great a trader DS was at JMMB… You cannot invest in a company on July 1st with the facts about what their profits will be when they report 3rd quarter profits in October. You have to make intelligent speculation that those profits will be good. In investing, if you wait until the company releases the fact that they are bankrupt your shares will be worthless when the facts are in.

    This is the type of myth spread by people on the 4 blog. You often see facts only please, no speculation. So they basically sit around and wait for Olint to say, no money no deh. Why do you think people sell off Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on rumors? This is how real investing works you have to make a decision based on intelligent analysis of existing facts or lack thereof in an attempt to predict the future. For example you may have looked at the same information and bought Fannie Mae while others were selling. Both sides are attempting to predict the future based on available information.

    Facts only please is nonsense and often spread by surrogates for a scheme that is in trouble.

  109. 36. Anti-Money Laundering.
    (a) You acknowledge that due to anti-money laundering requirements operating in the United States,
    as well as OANDA’s own internal anti-money laundering policies, OANDA may require you to
    furnish further identification concerning the beneficial ownership of your Account and/or
    information concerning the source of funds deposited to, or the destination of funds withdrawn
    from, your Account before such deposit or withdrawal, as the case may be, can be processed. You
    agree the OANDA shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense of any kind which you or
    any third party may suffer as a result of OANDA’s failure to process a deposit or withdrawal
    request if, in OANDA’s reasonable opinion, you have not satisfactorily provided such
    identification and/or information. You warrant and represent that all funds deposited to your
    Account shall originate from a bank account or online payment processor account in your name
    and that all amounts withdrawn from your Account shall be directed to a bank account or online
    payment processor account in your name. You represent and warrant that acceptance by OANDA
    of this Agreement, together with acceptance of the appropriate remittance, will not breach any
    applicable rules and regulations designed to avoid money laundering.
    (b) If you are a corporation, trust or other entity, you warrant, represent and covenant that you:
    i) where required, have adopted and implemented anti-money laundering policies, procedures
    and controls that comply with, and will continue to comply in all respects with, the
    requirements of applicable anti-money laundering laws and regulations;
    ii) have established the identity of all beneficial owners of the Account, hold evidence of such
    identities and will make such information available to OANDA upon request; and
    iii) have ascertained that none of the beneficial owners of the Account is a Prohibited Customer.
    (c) If you are not the beneficial owner of your Account (i.e., you are acting as agent or nominee for
    one or more beneficial owners of the account) you warrant, represent and covenant that you:
    i) shall advise OANDA of the names of such beneficial owners, pursuant to Section 13(m);
    ii) shall ensure that all funds for deposit transferred to OANDA originate directly from a bank or
    brokerage account in the name of such beneficial owners;
    iii) have adopted and implemented anti-money laundering policies, procedures and controls that
    comply with, and will continue to comply in all respects with, the requirements of applicable
    anti-money laundering laws and regulations;
    iv) have established the identity of all beneficial owners of the Account, hold evidence of such
    identities and will make such information available to OANDA upon request; and
    v) have ascertained that none of the beneficial owners of the Account is a Prohibited Customer.
    37. Freezing of Withdrawal Rights. You acknowledge that if, following the opening of the Account,
    OANDA reasonably believes that you, or any beneficiary of the Account is a Prohibited Customer, or that
    you have breached your representations and warranties made herein, OANDA may be obligated to freeze
    withdrawals from your Account, either by prohibiting additional deposits, declining or delaying any
    withdrawal requests and/or segregating the assets constituting the Account in accordance with applicable
    regulations, and you agree that in such case you shall have no claim against OANDA, its officers, directors,
    employees, or agents for any form of damages or liabilities as a result of the aforementioned actions.

  110. Do you guys notice the disappearance of one blogger called de_silver lining from that other site. He was one that claimed to have all this inside info about Olint and wires being imminent. Perhaps dat was Super Dave himself.

  111. Sinta:

    What lies. If you searched


    you will not find JIJ. Just in case the government site might be a couple days out of date, I checked with Seminole County office today. They cannot find anything JIJ and I-Trade registration address is out of date. Seminole has no backlog of applications or record changes. The shell is being exposed. Shells have no purpose within the US. Yes there are may reasons for shells outside of the US.

  112. Just to let you know that Wayne Smith is no longer in Jamaica and there are no monies to give to investors

  113. d_silver_lining is probably just embarrassed because he realized he was being used to spread stories to buy time for Super Dave and Wayne to spirit out his family.

    I can’t blame him. He thought he was doing something positive.

  114. DS is a man that has helped so many people in Jamaica and the US and it is a shame that some club members are messing it up for everyone. You guys dont get it, OLINT will be forced to shut its doors because people panic and made a run on the bank…

  115. Johnny P it is the kind of analysis that intelligent investors should look at. In the other thread I posted that the disappearance of or posting of conspiracy theories by these people who always claimed insider info was a very bad omen.

  116. You know all is lost when Floridian and RedP from the # 4 bus are now questioning OLINT.

  117. I have not heard much about World Wise, what the latest there. Is WW the last one standing.

  118. nocotec, doesn’t this site market itself as being the most factual, with the relevant sources clearly giving, or is it a hocus pocus mumbo jumbo speculative one? If its the latter then I am at the right place to be entertained more than informed…

    So far, it is pure speculative post I see, even your post are speculative.

    I certainly not saying that your speculation are incorrect, I just would like the facts to back up your claims… Maybe bank statements, an official word from their platform… I mean this is the great investforlife.wp, where even CVM come for news… LOL..

  119. It look like I will soon have to stop posting. 🙂 It look like DS just coming on the blogs and reading my posts so him can get ideas.

    You guys remember my exchange with Hermes where I said if DS went to his corner shop accountant and get him to cook the books that it was just a fraudulent document and not really audited financials… You see how him now set the stage for doing that… In the email he is now claiming that International auditors will not work with Olint… so now him will have to use the corner shop accountant 🙂

  120. Investforlife,

    By tommorrow u will hear more . forget the posting re june results, this was losses from a another trader, not DS .

  121. Jay, this is not a joke, my sources are real, i will not post confirmation until u hear via media.

  122. majid, hello… did you notice how the site is setup… first an article is published and then people can make their comments. Hello, this is where people can then post facts, comments or speculation etc… Hope you got the concept now 🙂

  123. HSC,
    David smith is NOT a bank, when a bank takes your deposits they turn around and do other things with it (mortgage, loans etc) thus they are not sitting on everyone’s deposit therefore when there is a run it creates a problem b/c they don’t have enough cash in hand.
    DS is running a forex fund, if he was doing what he was supposed to be doing it’s PURELY a cash based system, he wasn’t lending out money to make ‘other’ investments. On top of that – if he’s one of the best traders then we all know that he’s only really trading no more than 20% of the principal b/c one gets leverage in the forex market unlike the stock market where you need collateral.
    He works 20% (if that much) and the other 80% is ‘supposed’ to sit there in the brokerage account earning interest.
    SO if EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER comes knocking for their money he SHOULD HAVE IT TO GIVE THEM.

  124. Johnny p. who cares if that fellow was DS , we want our money.

  125. PS.
    There is NOTHING anyone can say on this site that can directly affect OLINT. OLINT is NOT a publicly traded company that is directly affected by public commentary and speculation, if it was then the value of his stock would crash to ‘0’. No one here runs the FSC, NFA, OANDA, Banks, the SEC. No one here is trying to mess up OLINT or can even do that. OLINT’s done that all by itself.

    Like I said before, how can there be a run on the fund if he hasn’t been paying? paying 30 people out of 5000 does not constitute a run, plus he’s NOT A BANK

  126. People people let me say if u have any source at Bank Of Jamaice they can tell u that the money came in late Friday and thats a fact, if you dont beleive call a freind at boj

  127. janice;

    So why wont David come and tell us what is going on? We are all grown up, we can take it.

  128. Janice,

    So why cant you get the funds?
    Whay would the funds be sent to BOJ?

    Can your source answers those questions.

    Oh, another DD is being conducted by the BOJ to determine the source of Olint funds.

  129. BOJ is not a commercial bank. It has nothing to do with funds being wired to anyone.

  130. nocotec, In other words its the same as the #4 bus, but with different driver. Well its entertaining to say the least. Congrats on 102k+ hits..

  131. Majid,

    Why would you defend someone is has obviously conned and has zero respect for you.
    Stay logged on here as more breaking news is on the horizon.

    BTW the #4 bus has ran over the cliff and I understand that many many have been seriously injured.

    Listen to nationwidenews networks later this evening starting at 5pm.

  132. Some of you are just here to scare people,y dont u go jump off a cliff, if some of u was so informed u would know that transfer over a certain amount has to get boj approval if u have freinds at boj call them

  133. That letter was embarrasing. Even the most ardent supporters I know personally say the letter is nonsense.

    Janice, stop posting rubbish. There is no money at the BOJ from Olint. If you have a source telling you that they are WRONG

  134. What I think is the members of Olint need to come together and seek legal councel. We need to arrange some kind of meeting between the members in florida(US) and Jamaica. Its better if a LARGE group of members attain a lawyer.

    We the members must organize ourself and DEMAND that DS meet with us PRIVATELY. The beckering amongst ourselfs is not working. It almost 8 months since the last payout. How many more months are gonna pass before we see the writing on the wall.

    If we come together get legal representation. Find out all options available to us and then demand DS have a meeting with us. DS has been tight lipped about info because he claims legal reasons or try to avoid things being used against him in court. But a lawyer knows how to get certian information legally wether he wants to give it or not. We are the members of this club, its our money by law he has to give us detail information about the status of our money. The only way we will get that infromation is through a lawyer.

    Olint has lot all credbility with me and anything he says from now own I cannot take seriously.

    We need to have one lawyer or law firm representing us. It would be madness if you had 500 people going after DS legally. That I think would cause him to pull a disappearing act for sure!!

    We need to have a meeting and organize ourselfs
    We need to get a lawyer representating us
    We need to find out all our legal rights
    We need to demand a meeting wtih DS in which he is to provide DETAIL information regarding OUR MONEY.

    You all can continue to hope, wish, pray and cuss. And wait for the NEXT BULLSHYT EMAIL. With no REAL information or we can do SOMETHING about this mess!

  135. Jay, a poster like you must have big links, since you belong to the MLC KLAN, eheh why don’t you go take up janice on her offer? You were quick to deal with oanda, now go deal with BOJ. If nothing nuh guh suh then is one less rumor to deal with… What yuh seh investigative journalist?

  136. majid. No it is not like the 4. Patricia/Kevin would have banned you long time for daring to disagree with majority. Did you know who the blog owner was? We do not ban people for having a different point of view. Further we post relevant information (like the email) in articles so everyone can discuss it. An email to thousands of people has no reasonable expectation of privacy. On the 4 they suppress such information.

    Did you ever see DS send or post a communication that contains any trade secrets about his purported trading methods? Do you think any company sends email with non-public trade secrets to all its shareholders? A court would say there could have been no reasonable expectation of privacy. On this blog we publish such info.

  137. Jason, you seem to know nuff people in olint, how come your friend dem so fool fool and you so smart? Or you was billionaire from you born?

  138. Do u know that the goverment is interveening in the matter.
    The facts are that DS will pay every one thats y he has apponted auditors to review each members account.

    The ministers has given him the green light to bring in the funds to pay every body Butttt their are conditions which he must adhere to after he has made payment.

    The fact is i am a member and some of u are just here to make a joke and has nothing to loose.

    DS is not a theif but he made critical management mistake,he has the funds on the trading platform to pay everyone.

    One of his mistake was if he had hired an attorney in the states he would have gotten over this a long time ago, but he was trying to manage on his,

  139. Majid

    I told them not to. But greed and the lure of quick returns was irresistable. I have friends both for and against Olint and when we get together to discuss the issue we normally have fireworks

  140. miachica;

    Let’s get the ball rolling. Setup a way for like-minded people to contact each other.

  141. Janice,

    David Smith is a thief. I however, hope there is money somewhere to at least payback the investors some of there cash. Probably be 10cents on the priincipal invested.

  142. mia,
    you are right..thats the same thing i have been saying we need to move to the next level.
    you are right I am busy trying to get a comodities lawyer out of FL. We need to link up. kinda busy to post but iw ill keep you guys

  143. Jason u r the one talking rubbish i did not say boj has the money are u a jackass, before u make assumtion try and find a big link at boj who has to view transaction over a certain amount

  144. Majid,


    I am sitting here waiting for information to pop up in my email anytime now to deal with the Olint situation.
    I am sure that you would have realized by now that all those on the #4 are checking this blog every five minutes hoping for the good news from the UFO.

    Did you notice the amount of hits that is on this site, well its from people like (MI nah call nuh name yah), who are checking here with great regularity trying to get updated information, they type that the “conductor” will not allow on board the bus.

    I think that those folks have now come to the realization that the “driver” is about to run the bus off the cliff and are now desperately getting off “with their life”.

    Olint investors stay tuned as we are working on something that will hopefully help you guys to recover at least some funds.

    Stay tuned …

  145. nocotec, I am sure they expect the ‘moles’ in the club to post it on the public forums. This is probably why nothing of real substance is said in it.

    I don’t know how you can have a meaningful debate based off an email that was structured while keeping in mind that sites like this will publish it.

  146. Ok here what Janice no one is seeking approval from the BOJ for any money. The only idiot is you for believing that foolish tale. DS is a Con Man that has stolen the peoples money.
    Look like Super Dave feeding you that BS himself. Go and tell Super Dave to pay the people and stop making up BS

  147. Jay, you are hilarious, you must be taking lessons from Jason. I just hope that you will be honest with your findings (ie. if is good news you bus it same way lol) and not be so blatantly bias as a few other posters on your bus have been.



  149. Janice;

    No offense, but we have heard so many (excuses/hopes/insider information) over the last two weeks that at the end of the day did not pan out, wi jus tiyad a di BS.

  150. If we must get it out there that We members all want to MEET UP. Then we take it from there. Wether it is in JA or Florid ait dosent matter to me. SOMETHING needs to be done. Its best if its handle, FOR NOW as a group.

  151. Maybe what he’s doing is trying to pay everyone back, including all principal and just shut the whole damn thing down which would be bittersweet.
    If everyone gets their money back they should learn to trade for themselves, or get into a registered forex hedge fund – they do exist, most of the big investment houses and private ones have them

  152. Majid,

    I do hope you are the first to get your imaginary money.
    Its people like you who cause many others to lose their money by constantly giving them hope, even when all hope is lost.

    I find that these persons are very selfish persons and are at the front of line trying to get their money, while telling other, that Olint is safe and in due time you will get paid.

    I am sure that if any money is there we WILL have confirmation on that within the next 24hrs.

    I can assure you that if Olint pays, then people like me and other will no longer post, as we would have been proven to be dead wrong.

    Its really not a matter of us against them, its really a matter of how do we prevent so many Jamaicans from being fleeced by others.

    Get a grip, I know you are desperate but I think that you need to face reality.

    Olint supporters its time for action NOW !!

  153. We are not taking LEGAL action. ALL we want is to have DETAIL information as to what is happend with the club. Theres nothing wrong with requesting that.

  154. Janice;

    Not true. It could give him and Wayne time to liquidate assets, if that is what they are up to.

    The sooner you get law enforcement involved, the better.

  155. We need to organiz eand have a meeting. We are not going to burn DS at the stake. Nobody is saying that he is a liar or a thief. What we do need is ANSWERS. Is that simple!

  156. d_silver_lining has weighed in, and its not good.

  157. We need organize ourself. Find out what rights we have given that its an “investment club”. I got a feeling we are just going to receive one email after another after another every month. With out any real information as to whats going on. The next email we gonna get is Auditors are lookign into the accounts. Then there gonna ride this excuse out till DECEMBER!

  158. People Jason work for Lee Chin

  159. Janice, what difference does that make? Will I get my money if I get Jay fired?

    I know people …

  160. mia do you think we should include folks from lewfam too since they cannot get their money too because of olint…Their is stregth in numbers… we need to demand answer…we gotta put aside pride and see what we can do.

  161. alot poepl I know have accounts with lewfam

  162. I am confused. I do not know whether to nominate Janice or Majid as the new OFL of this blog. Each one seems to be out eediating each other with each statement they make. Someone plz help me pick a new OFL.

  163. Jay, what makes you think that I am desperate? If I have all day to read and chat with you, means that I must be doing something right. I am not defending Olint, I just saying that you be honest with your findings, or is it too hard for you to be honest. If its good or bad, i trust that is the truth. If you say its this way and then it comes to light that you were indeed lying, then your credibility will be shot. Oh, btw, show me where I have giving any Olint supporter hope? I just said, go investigate the information that Jainice gave, because you and your MLC elitist KLAN, have way more time,Money and links than I do…

  164. Janice,

    So what if Jason he did?

    What does that have to do with the fact that you cannot get back your money from Olint.

    I am sure I can go to NCB tomorrow, request a cheque and will be able to leave with my money.

    NCB – Principal deposited US$50K
    Deposit date Jan 2007
    Int paid ~ 2.2% per annum
    Balance end of 2007 ~ US$51,100 unimpressive I agree.

    Olint – Principal deposited US$50K
    Deposit date Jan 2007
    Int paid ~ 10% per mth
    Balance end 2007 ~ US$ 156,921.

    I can go NCB and get a US$10K Cheque in the am.

    Olint is says your money is their but he needs an auditor to make sure its correct and that you can get it.

    So you made $106,000 in imaginary profits and lost your $50K in the process.

    At least MLC would give me back my money. 🙂

  165. Guys,

    Get a lawyer. Currency trading funds trade in the most liquid asset class in the word- cash. No reason a fund invested in cash should ever have problems meeting redemptions.
    Due dilligence argument just nonsense. Youve been had.


  166. @ catd, Anyone that was getting money THRU OLINT need to meet up. THe more the BETTER!

    lewfam is in florida I believe?

    I know theres plenty of members in FLorida. We could have our own meeting. The Jamaican half seem to be Jokers! Legal counsel is better up here for us. I f you know a group of people and I know a group of people. We all can come up with a date and place to meet. Spread the word that there is gonna be a meeting and see if we can come together and FIGURE SOMETHING OUT!

  167. Bwoy, when d_silver_lining, RedP, and Floridian start questioning, that must mean that things dread mi ah tell yuh.

    I just called Jamaica, and my usual up-beat pro_Olint source was last seen going outside for a smoke 5 hours ago. They have not been seen or heard from since

  168. LOL Jay

  169. miachica, please provide contact information that we can use to get started.

  170. Actually CJ, BOJ is reponsible for anti-money laundering regulation in Jca, and certain activity, i.e big wires like those to DS, are reported to them.The BOJ invlolvement is not something the average rumour spreader could make up out of their head, and it probably means that there is some big money somewhere that wants to come to jamaica but requires Latti’s stamp of approval…so for me, the mention of the BOJ is the most positive I’ve heard so far.

  171. Olint members with money to lose, stop wasting time arguing with people like Jay, Dave Sin, Nocotec, they have nothing to lose. This is all a joke to them.

    Dont even reply to them unless they present u with facts u can rely on, otherwise its all a waste of time and energy.

    Its pretty interesting that none of these people are playing role in helping cash plus folks getting some parts of their money back.

    Conclusion, they are already wealthy they do care about us, the poor people in here, who have something to lose.

  172. lol do not care i mean lol

  173. Johnny P:

    I vote for Majid!! What I cannot understand with her is, if the site is so BAD, how come she is racking up the blogging statistics on this site? Look to me like she like this site a lot!!! Also, I’m curious as to what name she used on the FACTUAL site…you know, #4 bus? I like to know who I’m talking to!

    Investforlife, is there a way to do a poll/vote on this blog? I would like to poll how many Olint investors would keep some or all the money in O after this debacle (if payment is resume)? I want to see if my hunch is correct?

  174. David Smith, nobody believes your bomb threat story. In Jamaica, getting good private security, especially when you can afford to pay for it, IS NOT HARD.

    I used to work in a very sensitive security building in Jamaica. Even then the JCF bomb squad would not need more than two hours to clear a building 20 times the size of your Braemar Avenue office, and we were able to go back in the building. Why do you have to shut down indefinitely?

    Why is it taking six months to hire auditors? Why do the funds need to go to Jamaica when I have never gotten a wire from Olint, which originated from Jamaica?

    If you are a Christian, then you must know the anxiety that club members are facing today. Where is your compassion in sending out that BS email?

  175. Alot of the US banks are in serious trouble now due to the excess mortgage loans that cannot be paid off, Wachovia being one of them. The state has to rescue them and I hear that the Feds have seized DS account.

  176. DaveSin ur new name is DaveSinner, stop making fun of other people dilema, that is malicious

  177. Oneil:

    Olint investors are elitist and in general, more well off (richer) than all of the detractors! 🙂

  178. Oneil,

    Man you make me laugh, and this is serious thing.

    Check this out, there are very “Dark Cloud” behind “D_Silver_Llining” just check out his latest post on the #4 bus.
    He is about to get off the bus and “run for his life”.

  179. CJ take ur personal notes to DS and his associates, cursing will fall on deaf ears, he is on a beach in TCI now lol

  180. I donno Davesin. After a statement like this I find it hard to vote against Janice:

    janice, on July 14th, 2008 at 1:46 pm Said:

    Do u know that the goverment is interveening in the matter.
    The facts are that DS will pay every one thats y he has apponted auditors to review each members account.

    The ministers has given him the green light to bring in the funds to pay every body Butttt their are conditions which he must adhere to after he has made payment.

    The fact is i am a member and some of u are just here to make a joke and has nothing to loose.

    DS is not a theif but he made critical management mistake,he has the funds on the trading platform to pay everyone.

    One of his mistake was if he had hired an attorney in the states he would have gotten over this a long time ago, but he was trying to manage on his,

  181. my email address is japipster [at] aol.com. Best to do it through this email before I disclose personal infromation. I want to know how many people serious.

  182. Oneil, which post are you refering to…making fun of other people?

  183. DaveSin, thanks for your vote, I will be taking donations to run the campaign. Why I read this site, well I have said it countless times, that its entertaining. Its like you have nocotec, the main character, then you have his silly sidekick jason. You also have the crazy neighbor (you) DaveSin and your companion jay. Its like a sitcom you read online.

    Jay your links get back to you yet? What taking so long, I don’t have 6 months… lol

  184. @ Johny P

    Why cant he disclose any real infromation about what is going on. I fhe as the GUTS to have a private meeting with us members face to face. Address our issues and concerns. Then maybe I will start to believe somethings he says. Its hard to look abunch of people in the EYE and lie. But EASY to send ONE email every month!!.

  185. Dave dont make false statements, Olint minimum requirement was us$1,000 , that is not elitist, all u needed was to use somebody else name as reference.

    Many members are poor (like me) and middle class, i can give u many examples, my bearer freinds have money with olint, my house wife freind has money with olint etc

    Stop making false statements, stop follow Hilary Clinton bout elitist, how she can call a man poorer than her elitist

  186. He could have SECURITY and they DOOR if he wants and search ME. conviscate all cellphone b4 the meeting is over. Therefore cutting the leakage to just hear say or wor dof mouth!!


    1. What legal recourse does Olint investors have?

    2. Olint is no longer in Jamaica, so can the FSC take action against him?

    3. If Olint lost money due to trading, there is absolutely nothing that Olint investors can claim, as he would have lost money doing business transactions. As far as I know there is nothing illegal about that.

    4. If Olint was running a Ponzi(which is what we think) then that is illegal, but not sure what actions can be taken since the company has no regulatory oversight.

    5. What is the status of TCIFX, well then again they have been posting losses month after month, so I guess there are no payment issues there.

    So where do e go from here ?

  188. Rob, what does the liquidity problem have to do with olint?

  189. @ Jay

    O so your just gonna let this guy lose your money without proper explanation or knowing what really happen. DO YOU HAVE MONEY WITH OLINT or YOU JUST WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED. If he loses my money then I wanna know how, when, why?

  190. RedP and Floridian are all reading over here. they have lost faith. RedP gave his praver, his pastors prayer then he is calling Cliff Hughes and Mutty Perkins to find out what David Smith is up to. They will say that they do not come on this bus, but every news that happen there, they know.

    Kevin kick people off that bus, but it only makes this bus stronger. What stupidness it is , not to pay people for six months, give a BS email excuse and then tell people to keep it confidential. Some of the faithful Olinters will put their hands in the dike and their head in the sand and believe in David Smith. Others just want factual answers.

    The reality is that any clubs that have not been paying money, any communication will be posted by upset members,

  191. miachica,

    For all who dont know DS has always had death threats, from he was by New Kingston Shopping Centre. Many folkes wanted him closed down, now what is the difference ???

  192. there shouldn’t be a liquidity problem, forex market is the most liquid market…i mean it’s money you’re trading….

  193. The liquidity problem is not the main issue, its if the FEDS have really seized DS account @ Wachovia. If it is the main account then for sure the money will never be paid back. Once FEDS are involved end of game.

  194. @ oneil

    That email was a cunning way of saying MI GWAAN!!!

  195. miachica:
    yu serious? If you think he was nervous in the interview with Cliff, imagine him having to face hundreds of angry investors? It better is does a Ricky Azan act and move to Florida and issue statement that he is working assiduously to pay back everybody.

    BTW, that is not the way to post your e-mail address on a blog….now you are going to get thousands of junk email at that address.


    Most Olint investors have many, many more $ than $1,000 invested in Olint. You done know that!

  196. Kullcull,

    Both of these sites are just blogs where people can talk all kind of crap. So what if Redp and kevin has lost faith in DS. Who cares i they dont wanna post here, will that make DS pays us our money, get ur ass off the sofa and stop eating popcorn and reading this bloh.

    People’s life saving are at stake here, since u dont have anything to lose, stop waste time chat bout who on bus from who lose faith pan bus.

    Go play some playstation or watch blue movie if u want entertainment .

  197. DaveSin,

    Using ur own words ” how u fool fool so”.

    My point is to simply explain, like with any investment, Olint has a wide cross section of people in there, poor, middle, and the very rich. Enough said, not all are elitist.

  198. miachica,

    That is why the detractors started this blog. We have been saying for months folks, ask for disclosure from the company.
    Demand and get audited reports from the company you place your hard earned cash with.

    We have been, chased, cursed , spat upon and blocked from almost all the various blogs, but we continued to post.

    We are not anti -anything except ponzi’s.

    We are pro-regulation, transparency etc.

    If O’s books were open, we could easily tell that something is/was going wrong and make a decision.

    We are now asking for disclosure 8 months after the horse has bolted.

    Its this backward thought process which relegates us to “investing for losses” vs “investing for profits”.

    Its also ironic that those posters who boast about “invest what you can afford to lose” , are not demanding back their principal.

    Nocotec blew that out the water and he is once again proven to be right, in the real world the idea of “investing what you can afford to lose” is really a misnomer with academic relevance only

  199. Oneil:

    Mi can’t tek the disrespect enuh? 🙂 “fool fool so”?

  200. Jay.

    Pat ur self on the back, u feel good bout yourself dont it.

    Now how what u saying helping anybody, when they cant get their funds from January 08.

    The horse gone through the gate already, there were many Olint members asking for financials and were promised audited financials, but too late for that now lol

  201. If David Smith is reading this, let us warn him that the US Govt. can extradite him for fraud. If he knows that he is not laundering money, he should pay the people off. He should remember that he took funds from people who are US residents. When they make a complaint about him, the feds will come and get him. He needs to pay out whatever he can, and wind up his company, or his troubles have not yet started.

  202. Guys do not get mad at the so called detractors. None of us took one red cent from any Olint or other UFO investor. DS and the others are who took your money and they are the ones that mess up or steal your money.

    Be for real does this not sound like the Higgins Warner script being re-played? Office closed… principals and some top staff flee the island… bank excuses… bank refused wire… new wire to be sent… just wait a little longer everything will be ok… legal action at this point will just mess things up…give him another month…

    Here is a basic concept people do not seem to get. Suppose you start legal action against DS and Olint… Now if Olint has the money as DS says, what will happen? He will receive the lawsuit and pay back his investors, right?. The only thing is that the investors who filed suit will be out their legal fees. Now if he does not have the money you will have started the process to recover any funds and surely the sooner the better, right?

    As an investor what is the rational for waiting 7plus months?

  203. David Smith it seems that your reputation is important to you. Well sir, you no longer have anything going for you. This last email has broken the camels back. Again you speak without saying anything. YOU ARE FINISHED. Pay the people them what you can, and move on. There are people who will still give you money to trade for them in the future. MOVE ON MAN.

  204. David though u r a honest person you have made drastic errors in regards to the management of Olint.

    David i am well connected both in Jamaica & in Turks

    Though i know that u are honest u have caused great pains to club members bucause of your incompetence in management.

    You should have stick to trading alone and leave the management to person who could do the job

    I know we will get paid but i think u deserve 12 lashes

    People are feeling a lot of pain DS and u deserve to feel some of the pain too.

    DS people are suffering due to your carelessness.

    You had a great consultant if you had only listen to him this would not have taken place, u know who i am talking about

  205. Cash plus also took money from US residents. I dont see no Feds hunting CH down. As a matter of fact I saw CH driving in his X5 along Braemar Ave 2 weeks ago. Seems like he is doing very well.

  206. Keep the faith Janice,

    I can see that your are “Olint until death” or another way “Olint for life”.

    Amazing !!

  207. Jay, yuh cyah hear back from you big BOJ links yet, man what a gwan sah!?!?!

    nocotec, I hafi agree wid you. If you did copy/pasted the series of events, its so similar is uncanny. That’s why mi a wait for Jay to confirm the money. If nuh money deh deh then a just one more rumor shot to hell…

  208. Shotta:

    Them give him back the X5? What a $hit head.

  209. Majid:

    Yu finish dinner so quick? Mi nuh tink yu gwaan?

  210. Shotta, a joke you a mek man.

  211. Look so DaveSin, I think it was silver not exactly sure. But is the same glasses press hair bwoy CH. Him court case suppose to be the 17th lets see how that plays out. First Swiss Cash, then Cash Plus, HW, all of dem going down.

  212. DaveSin, ahahah, nah man, mi just a wait pon Jay, mi links inside BOJ lol…

  213. I am not getting any word. It seems like due to the fact that this is such an explosive topic people are playing very cautious at this point in time.

    In time all will be revealed.

  214. it is now obvious that OLINT is a ponzi scheme. all this due diligence sh*t has been a farse from day one as when u look at the response from OANDA to the club (whoops PONZI) member it is obvious that he has lost or stolen our money. he must be sue and if necessary sent to jail. i would however he be free and pay us something if possible. LOL
    DAVID SMITH is a fraud and a spineless *****. Come clean if u are a man

  215. Just called Jamaica and I am hearing some really bad news.

  216. I am hearing that a definitive announcement will be made in the next 24 hours. Not sure if it will be from GOJ, but given my sources it surely seems so.

  217. CJ

    in my opinion u have lost your money. hope it wasnt too much

  218. Jay have u called your link at boj to confirm that funds came in for olint

  219. the GOJ has nothing to do with this. he has turned out to be a fraud. read the correspondence that a club member had with OANDA. one day to releas money after requested and if due diligence was being done by the regulatory body or federal gov, the moneys would be frozen

  220. boj??? come on they cannot stop funds being transfered to ncb. ncb has said that it cannot refuse funds into OLINTS account

  221. Jay, if you can’t find out weh a gwan, bwoy this is something else, yowe nyamingpopcorn&watching, pass the popcorn down the line… (munch, munch, munch)

  222. I am surprised that people who do not have money invested are so venomous in their accusations. What is their axe to grind?

    Regardless, I am an investor and wanted to mention a few things:
    – money has to be wired to Jamaica for investors who make requests for checks to be cut payable to them
    – forex trading is not done in any of the islands, not Jamaica, not TCI, as someone else mentioned the funds are in the US, Great Britain etc. – so Olint TCI is not going to have funds hanging around
    – since Olint trades with forex brokers in the US they are subject to US law. In addition to which I am certain you are all aware that the funds of ANY citizen of the world located in ANY bank in the world can be frozen by the US govt post sept 11 (I am not saying this is the case)
    – every transaction in the US over 10k is considered suspicious activity
    – yes wachovia has issues – their ceo was ousted
    – in my humble opinion, there is no security for anyone in Jamaica – I mean NONE! I don’t care if you have members of the armed forces surrounding you, every day you wake up without a gunshot or a knife wound in Jamaica you need to give thanks
    – if it is true there are threats, Kingston is small, don’t you think they will find people at their homes to harm them?
    – the report from the IMF indicating that all “unregulated” schemes be closed – you need to pay attention to that. Who funds the IMF? The World Bank. This thing is bigger than Jamaica, bigger than the FSC. When was the last time you had an investment in a 3rd world country giving this type of returns and member banks of the World Bank are not making anything out of it? Think about that.
    – and yes, it would appear management and wheeling and dealing is not DS’s strong suit. If the organization survives all this, he needs someone who is savvy to handle all that so he can do what he does best – trade.

    For all the typical investor at Olint knows, it’s possible it’s developed into a ponzi scheme, and it’s possible it’s 100% forex. There is a lot of speculation here, and people will be forced to speculate without information.

    For those of us who are investors, we can choose to wait it out watching as developments take place and live our lives, or we can go ahead and add 2+2=21 and take pepto bismol. Either way, the results, whatever they are will be the same. Choose.

    Best to all of you, optimists and pessimists alike! 😉

  223. At this stage taking legal action will only make things worse give him some more time.

    Look at Carlos Hill he is free a he gave people bounce cheques for millions.

    David is not a theif and did not operate a ponzi scheme.

    Give him the benefit of the doubt for know .

    He cannot hide and i know where to find him if legal action should be taken.

    To the detrators give him more time to hang himself

  224. Just talk to a friend who said DS is bankrupt.

  225. Karl u are not a member so go jump in the sea

    The fact is sum over 500 USD boj has to Know about it and where it came from and from whom

  226. Catd you are lying DS does have the money, stop creating fear

    I will bet my life on it

  227. I spoke with a reliable source later today. The individual could not address the encashment issue. Nothing. We as investors have to brace for the inevitable. We saw it coming…and were just hoping for a little reprieve. I had monies in H/W and it went, now with OLINT. I really had hope……..but…….

  228. If we should ever recover from this. PLEASE NO MORE INVESTING WITH THESE SUSPICIOUS INVESTMENT COMPANIES, that will only bring heartache and pain. Only one man wants power. Insights into the one world goverment.

  229. @Janice

    None of you know what the HELL is going on.

    SO now its BOJ holding up the MONEY?

    How BOJ reach into this.

    DS is a wolf in sheep clothing. He dosent have the MONEY pay back EVERYONE. Diffenately Not Mr. & Mrs average joe.

    Why you calling people liars. How you KNOW he has the money?? Make me look stupid? Tell me why there is a HOLD UP ?

    The next email we will recieve ladies and Gents will be that the AUDITORS are holding up the process LMAO. The accounts have to be auditor and they cant find nobody to do it till CHRISTMAS!!

  230. janice if you have other proof let us know…otherwise i beleif my source.

  231. Okay.. been lurking for a bit – in the US and I just got word that release will be issued saying there’s no $$… sorry… end of story. Hoping its not true because I know many people have their life savings and retirement funds in olint, still others have mortgaged their homes.

  232. I meant a press release..

  233. somehow, even if I never get a dollar, sometimes all you want is the honest to goodness truth from Olint.

    in life, there are ups and downs. let the truth prevail.

  234. The proof was shown to some of his close friends to which i am connected to.

    So miachica stop spreading lies and rumour to which u cant back it up , he has the fund that i am sure off if i was allowed to send u the proof i would.

    I am also a club member who have connections, but like everyone i am suffering because of this rediculous delays that was cause by incompetence

  235. Janice your so called proof was typed up by the Con man himself. The only thing Super Dave can trade is sweet talk and lies for people’s hard earned money
    Where is the thief now? Where the people dem money?

    People should catch up with the Con Man before he disappears for good

  236. @ janice

    If your telling the truth we will know in a couple of days?

  237. It seems as if all is lost.

    Based on what I am hearing, all that info which was shared with the ‘important’ investors two weeks ago would have to be fabricated. The Nationwide news interview was an out and out lie.

  238. Make sure you go the web site and download all supporting documentation before the web site disappears.

  239. CJ,

    What eaxctly are u hearing CJ. WHere are your contacts coming from?

  240. CJ,

    you JUST NOW figuring out that that was a lie?! I personally am seeking legal advice, and I STRONGLY suggest that all who have lost even a DOLLAR do the same. The longer you wait is the more time Mr. Smith and company have to spread out funds and the more likely they are to get away with what they’ve done….

    [if it proves to be legit, then the worst that can happen is… I’m out a couple thousand for legal fees…. WELL worth it in my opinion]

  241. good idea I will do that!!

  242. CJ

    thats what I am hearing…. There seems to no money in oanda and fxcm as stated…all the money was in Itrade ..thats all that’s left. someone who knows someone at oanda says their is an account but no money left. He could not give specifics or proof because that would compromise his job….thats the latest I am hearing.

  243. another thing that why O could not forward docs about Oanada cause it was fabricated….

  244. Lord knows you people sick stomach !!

  245. “You are Wrong! I-Trade FX has been never at the address as that of JIJ Investment. So, YOu should be careful about your level of research.”

    That link showed Primera Blvd, suite 230.

    What address does this show? (it’s their page from before when they updated their address)


    If you’d like, I can show you another about 20-30 links. It doesn’t take long.

    But that’s okay. It’s just easier to toss accusations than to do actual research.

    My problem with this “research” that people are doing is that it takes 5 minutes to prove most of these allegations wrong, but you don’t want to bother because it would make your story less “juicy”.

  246. Why losing what I can? We have your money?

  247. What I am hearing is that Olint is insolvent. Can’t put it any clearer than that.

    According to what I am hearing, the 20% was lost in trades, then frenetic trading to recover that initial loss has resulted in the other 80% being seriously depleted or maybe even all lost.

    I am hearing that a press release will be issued in 24 hours. I am hearing that the GOJ is involved in the press release, but I don’t know whether or not it is coming from the GOJ.

    I would be the happiest man in the world if I had to come back here tomorrow and admit I was wrong.

  248. cj that is similar to what I heard also

  249. Sinta is right about their address since they shared the same spot for all of 2007. He is wrong about JIJ business license.

    P.S. 6 other businesses also shared the same spot and they also did not have their business licenses. Only 2 businesses was registered at the primera address(business license). Market Traders Institute and I Trade Fx. You get to keep the 50 million USD if you can name the other businesses.

  250. olint’s customers need to urgently join up in groups of 10 and start court actions against DS/OLINT to recover their full money . Smith’s big noise that lots of big withdrawals caused big run and pressure on the fund is no excuse for not paying . After those people draw their money , the other people money MUST still be at OLINT , if not , where is it ? ?

  251. thats why they cnnot issue gains for june.Its basically over.

  252. Another of my friends told me that Lewfam does not know whats happeneing cause all they say is yes to O. They do not question or probe foe answers.Membes are the one calling and emailing them about what is happneing. They are not in the loop as wen things are happening..

  253. So, how quickly can they share up the ‘what lef’

  254. Not all is lost. The money is being worked, but the china men wont allow him to touch because part of it is stuck in the washing machine and the other half is not clean enough.

  255. Explain to me how they can do that AML? Why does the money need to go to Jamaica?

  256. Guys…i just talk to a source who said DS and Olint is bankrupt
    Another source says he will pay back…Olint is not bankrupt and will pay back eryone after some issues are settled
    ANother source says DS is being fought out by ncb ppl dem>
    Another source says DS run away
    Another source says DS and olint is in money laundering.
    Another source says friday eryone will wake up and see their money in their acount

    Thats how this blogs reads. Everyone has sources and almost alwayz the info their source says most times comes to naught. So unless a statement is released by olint themselves or DS or spmething official..,then just take what u read on these blogs as rumors. Some people are more convincing with their sources than others i will admit.

  257. (heard) the he is going to close down and pay out people. Can anyone veryfy

  258. About to Drink,
    it’s time for you to drink (make that 2, have one for me)

  259. Any new pahn Nationwide piipl?

  260. like yezzirr said most people posting here r trying to create widespread mayhem they hav no facts as yet, what ure bredren say or a friend of a friend sister brother say dont mean squat.
    Lets keep our heads .

  261. Hopefully a versed, knowledgeable person can address the following:

    How exactly does a “run” affect the operation and viability of OLINT apart from wreaking administrative havoc?

    At the basic level, traditional banks generate profit from taking deposits and engaging in loans and making investments, etc.. They adhere to a fractional reserve requirement as stipulated by the central banks. Naturally, should there be a “run”, the bank simply does not have the funds (cash) in its possession to satisfy all demands and must seek to cash in loans, borrow from the central bank, etc.. In cases where there is an general credit crisis, the issue becomes more involved…and one need look no further than IndyMac…….luckily for them, the average Jo-Blow investor will not be affected…due to the presence of FDIC.

    In the case of OLINT, if the club is in fact true to its claims, it is engaged purely in Forex trading. Are these trades equivalent to loans and securities in the sense of how money is tied up? My understanding is that it is more analogous to receiving interest on a typical deposit account that anything else..meaning…when I get my OLINT statement showing some % return for a given period….that would mean should the Club cease trading at that very moment, I would have X dollars in my accounts as shown on my last statement.

    Again, perhaps I do not understand the intricacy of trading…..but I still do not see the relationship between a run on OLINT vs a run on a typical bank…with the exception of the administrative disaster induced….then again, all of this is based on the assumption that all OLINT statements are truthful…….

    perhaps this has been discussed at length before…feel free to point to me to another post where i can find the discussion….thanks

  262. jd,
    you’re absolutely right on all points. He’s trading currency, the most liquid market in the world. It’s all about your computer, an internet connection and a broker that wire’s the money to your account when the trade is closed.
    As against a bank that uses deposits to make loans, a forex trader only has ‘x’ amount trading at one given point with the balance of their account sitting in CASH with a broker paying interest. There this whole business about runs causing pressure on the fund is really nonsense.
    It may be inconvenient to have everyone on their mother asking for their money, but at the end of the day, he SHOULD be able to pay EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER with his eyes closed

  263. I think this entire situation has gotten out of hand today. I understand that a lot of people are upset while another group saying “i told you so” and then you have another group spreading propoganda for fun. What you guys need to understand that this is people lives we are talking about, people have put there whole life savings into David. I spoke to a couple people who are distress that there lives are falling apart and this blog is definately not helping. Please stop posting propoganda, we are all big people, WE WANT FACTS! So if anyone can come forward with evidence that states that Olint did receive a bomb threat please tell us what happened. From my end I am hearing that someone pulled a gun the their offices on Friday.

    To all those who are distress, just hang in there and stop listening to the propoganda that people are posting ont his site and I would advise you to stop logging on to the website if the propoganda is disturbing to you.

    This entire day has been utter mayhem with all this propoganda. This situation has been caused by the club members because they did not demand that David present audit financial reports. As it regards to court action, court action is useless in this situation without audit financial reports. With that being said, club members need to demand for this financials to be release to them. And also don’t make the stupid mistake of wiring new funds into Olint. David can present unaudited financials but it seems as if he is not willing to do that because of his court case.

    If David does not want to get his financials audited, club members can themselves force David to allow the club members to appoint an indepent auditor. What is need now is organization, the club members need to come together under one grouping in case this entire situation has to go to court.

    Right now I am not very optimistic because again David is starting up with the conspiracy theories, don’t listen to his lies, there is no big grand conspiracy, there never was one. WE NEED THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ASAP.

  264. Just to add me two cents, I am an Olint investor. I support David Smith FULLY. I don’t believe the crap (my opinion) that is posted on these sites. Olint finds itself in a difficult situation. Its hard to run a private club with so many club members.

    I tell you this though, if I believe that my life or the life of my family was seriously threatened, I would be on the first flight out. I don’t believe I am the only one either. The beauty of democracy is that so many jack ass (again my opinion) are free to chat any foolishness that comes to their mind about bankruptcy and con man and tief. But don’t worry, if my faith is misplaced, we will know. The awful thing is, if I am right in placing my trust in Mr Smith, his name and reputation has already been dragged through the mud.

    I really hate to make any reference to anything religious when it comes on the economics or politics, but Jesus himself was betrayed by persons who witnessed him raising the dead and healing the sick, so I shouldn’t be surprised by the reactions of some. I simply ask that you do the honorably thing and close your accounts, if or when the funds become available. Its obvious that Olint isn’t for you. Yours in a class to which you don’t belong. Its not a good or bad thing, your just in the wrong class.

  265. David & gfce;

    I have been waiting on an encashment since January, and all along the way I have been fed various stories by Olint CS as well as e-mails from Olint, which have turned out to be false and unsubstantiated.

    At what point am I entitled to say, wait a second Mr. Smith? What you are telling me doesn’t make sense!


    How can any of those excuses result in Olint being unable to pay for SIX months straight? Why are no gains posted for June?

  266. NCB denies rumours of Olint sabotage

  267. I have read the encouraging posts made by fxtrader, and I have a question for you. Fx trader, do you have any proof to share with the board that supports the positive news you have shared with the board? Your posts remind me of another person who lately seems to post every so often (ON OLNT’s WEBSITE)Nwithout any proof to support his claims. Could fxtrader the poster actually be DS, the trader trying to buy more time by making us believe that all is well??? I await your response either to you revealing the truth to us that you are indeed DS or one of his minions, or proof why we should now believe that money is there etc etc etc


  268. @ Flydigate

    I have been saying the members need to organize all along. I stated earlier that members need to get legal counsel. Not for the reason of taking DS to court. Dont think that might be necessary YETt. But to find out how we can gain MORE INFROMATION about the status of our money. I didnt even KNOW we can appoint an independent auditor. Thats a great idea!

    That could diff be the first step!

  269. JohnDoe

    I believe NCB is innocent in this matter, but expect a flood of “what you expect” from the Olinters 🙂

    I have no brief for MLC. NCB is my main bank and I cuss them nearly EVERY day, but the idea of NCB wrecking havoc on the life of so many people is unthinkable. The loss of credibility and goodwill would hurt them too much.

    However, DS and O, who have lied and failed to accurately communicate for 6 months now, have no credibility or goodwill (at least with many of us), so who are we expected to believe is at fault in this issue.

    Sorry Olinters, it is probably time to sieze DS and get a forensic audit team in there !

  270. CJ,
    You are indeed right for saying where exactly does this saga end. And I am sorry to break it to you but I don’t think there were any gains for June. All you have to do right now is to wait. The club members needed to start grouping together. We need to start a group to investigate what exactly is going on in the club WITH THE $$$.

    I will tell you that I think the only truth that DS has stated in this letter today is that no auditing firm want to look at his records. No reputable auditing firm in Jamaica or in the world would be crazy to audit DS. You have to remember that Olint is unregulated and these auditing firms have contracts signed with various financial institutions who are regulated under the FSC and under the SEC in the US.

    With this said, whoever does do the auditing will have to be club members with the experience in the matter. I know we have so many talented auditors in our group. Time to step up and volunteer yourself. Or maybe they might be afraid since they have no-compete contracts with their employers.

    All I know is without a coming together of a big group of club members this saga will drag on for months to come.

  271. Start by organizing the groups.

    Can someone from each of the following areas volunteer to be the person who would collect information and act as the coordinator for that group and between the other groups.

    1. Jamaica
    2. South Florida
    3. New Jersey, Southern New York, Connecticut

    What we have been doing thus far isn’t working. This is where it has gotten us over the past 7 months. NOTHING!

    That is also what it has gotten Cash Plus and HW investors. They sat supinely while their money vanished.

    Stop saying it can’t happen to me. It is! Wake up

  272. Even the guys on the # 4 bus should join this effort. We are all in this together. Kevin this would be a good time to stop blocking people from posting on your blog. If the Titanic is sinking, don’t we need all the lifeboats?

  273. Any one who would like to get together to share information i have set up an email at olint_investors at yahoo dot com.

    Are we going to just sit and watch our money just disapear, or are we going to at least try to see what our options are.

    20 persons seeing a lawyer is much cheaper that 1 person.

  274. Sinta:

    How yu so fool fool so? Look at the statement I made and the link you posted. The address shown for I-Trade Fx is this (7/2005):

    250 park Ave South, Suite 605
    Winter Park, FL 32789

    Their Address Now is:

    LAKE MARY FL 32746

    The Address for JIJ Investment, Inc. or the other two entities is:

    255 PRIMERA BLVD – STE 230
    LAKE MARY FL 32746

    It is interesting that the Occupational License for I-Trade FX LLC does shows the 255 Primera Blvd, but not their Corporate documents. They cannot get their address straight…what does that tell you?


    Now do you get the point? No? I can’t help you then!

  275. hey CJ i sending you an email now at that address I am willing to help out with the organization. Please respond I am sending email now

  276. I Trade Fx did not have a occupational license in its first 14 months of its life. I Trade had employees for 7 months without occupational license. I Trade moved to their second location and 3 months later received their occupational license. I Trade fx has moved 2 times along with Market Traders Institute(MTI). As being a regulated entity they seem to ignore basic business ethics, rules and laws. This problem orginates at the top.

  277. AML,

    Do you have any facts to back up the statement you just made? Because the way I understand it, it is not until recently that ITrade has come under the microscope of the NFA since they will be raising the capital minimum to 5,000,000. Also can anyone find any documentation stating that DS was a principal at ITrade FX

  278. Although a run should not cause liquidity problems it can cause red flags to be raised in the system based on his usual pattern of transactions. In this case the broker or whoever probably started to ask more questions in order to release the funds in keeping with AML procedures. Technically the “run” alerted the financial institutions to DS and it never helped that his name was mentioned in an NFA report. This is the scenario that they would have us believe. There is the option that this could all be a farce. We do not know the truth but creating hysteria is not going to help. Just have to wait and see…in the meantime we should all look to plan B whether it be lawyers or starting over from scratch….how we find the jet?

  279. Pay attention close to the dates:

    I TRADE FX LLC NFA ID: 0367140
    • NFA MEMBER APPROVED 08/03/2006
    • NFA MEMBER PENDING 03/29/2006

    DAVID SMITH NFA ID: 0375626
    • PRINCIPAL WITHDRAWN 12/31/2007
    • PRINCIPAL APPROVED 03/27/2007
    • PRINCIPAL PENDING 09/27/2006

  280. flydigate, read the following the details and links are there
    and you can listen to the David Smith interview

  281. AML,
    ty for that information. Now on a serious note everyone we need to reallly organize and we need help from everyone that posts on this site whether you have money at risk or not. It seems like everyone that posts on here is concerned but some allow emotions to fuel propoganda. Now if you guys are willing to help in the effort just post it here.

    And to the owner of this site, that you for starting the process for us because without this site we would not know how people feel. Now feeling,emotions and proganda aside, WHO WILL STAND WITH ME, I AM SERIOUS NO JOKE HERE. I AM MAKING THE CALL, I NEED TO KNOW IF YOU PEOPLE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HELPING DS CLIENTS, PLEASE POST IF YOU ARE SERIOUS, FUN AND JOKE ASIDE
    I feel it for DS clients they need ref



  284. HAHA

  285. Flydigate,

    We have already started the process, hopefully we will have an update tomorrow.

  286. I am in I cn get some friends and Family too…Just tell me where they need to contact.


  288. Wow…..one person say thank you for the existence of the site. That’s a first. Bigup investforlife for a job well done!!!

  289. who can calculate the number of hits today? Its an incredible number. We meed OFL, he always keep track fi wi!

  290. OFL de wid DS wid we money 😦

  291. LOL

  292. Hello everyone, Wayne Smith and his wife and his two children left the island, inculding Shawn. We spoken to David Smith via Tel-conference and web cam he look very bad his hair and beard bush up.
    I asked David if the money wired to NCB, he said no.

  293. No money is send to BOJ it is not ture. I asked David if the money is wired, and he said no.

  294. There are two of you on this point, and you contradict each other. For one of you, this sure is a magical line you keep defending. Before, they were never at the same address. Now, its just the business documents. Its fairly simple to backcheck to see that itrade was at the address in question.

    “How yu so fool fool so? Look at the statement I made and the link you posted. The address shown for I-Trade Fx is this (7/2005):

    250 park Ave South, Suite 605
    Winter Park, FL 32789

    Their Address Now is:

    LAKE MARY FL 32746

    The Address for JIJ Investment, Inc. or the other two entities is:

    255 PRIMERA BLVD – STE 230
    LAKE MARY FL 32746

    It is interesting that the Occupational License for I-Trade FX LLC does shows the 255 Primera Blvd, but not their Corporate documents. They cannot get their address straight…what does that tell you?”

    That they moved from:
    Park Ave to Primera to Colonial over a two year period. In fact, searching google shows they moved to the Colonial address in Feb or March from the Primera address. It also shows (using wayback machine and such) that the Park Ave address was before the Primera address. Again, this took me a whole of five minutes to confirm on google.

    Since it’s only a few miles down the road, and you can easily check the floorplan for their new address to see that its a bigger location than the Primera one, one can draw a number of conclusions. Some would ascribe that to be a shell game. A simple look shows that each office is progressively bigger and each time their website shows that they have more people (they now say 80 forex professionals).

    I’m no expert on Florida statutes, so I’m not sure when they have to update their address. The website seems to indicate that their county starts updating tax records in July, so I’m guessing when their tax record expires in September, they’ll have the newer Colonial address

    As for 8 businesses, I’m not sure they’re all concurrent occupancies. For example, I found this one:

    Don Wiginton
    Wiginton Fire Systems
    255 Primera Boulevard, Suite 230
    Lake Mary, FL 32746
    Phone: 407-585-3201
    Fax: 407-585-3280

    But I’m fairly certain that one was not a concurrent occupancy.

    Sometimes, the simplest answer is the more likely one. There’s a number of links on google that support moving activities. You have to really stretch to say that itrade was never in the Primera address.

  295. Please note, I’m not saying that nothing illicit is going on, but some of you are in conspiracy theory heaven, where every little tiny bit of data that isn’t immediately obvious is some sort of indication of wrongdoing. That’s what a mob does – it doesn’t act on logic, it acts on emotion. There’s a lot of Olint and itrade emotion going on here, understandably so, but its silly to just leap to conclusions to fit your evidence.

  296. The only thing that DS cares about is his reputation, and now he has lost that. Why? All because he never came to ppl straight and told them what was happening. He was happy with the ratings of a Super Trader. He was a nobody at JMMB, and suddenly we started treating him as the messiah. Yes he traded currency, but eventually it became a Ponzi scheme. If Cash Plus and Ricky Azan had not crashed, Super Dave still be a hero today. But now Super Dave, you have lost the only thing that mattered to you, “Your Name”. People would have still stood by you, if you had just told them the truth 7 months ago.

  297. David West
    The problem is the people who realize that they are in the wrong “class “have been trying to get out for 6 no 7 mths

  298. I am a US residence and I heard from what I would consider a credible source that someone who manages a feeder club that feeds Olint had a meeting with DS over the weekend in the Turks and Caicos Islands.I get to understand that he has now retain the services of a high powered British Attorney to start legal representations to remedy the situation.This should have been done from the first shot was fired in his direction on the international front.

  299. Well, I am a sick olint client who placed his money in right before the run in december.
    I needed that money for surgery, emergency. Spoke to david smith directly three times in may who promised to send wire my money personally!
    Well I am still waiting on DSMITH TO make good on his promise, now its two months and he no longer takes my calls or respond to my email.
    What do you think about the credibility of David Smith now! CVM and tvj and perkins next with my story!

  300. This information was confirmed by two independent sources I had a half an hour conversation with a high level Lewfam employee.As we spoke the individual told me that the top level managers of Lewfam were on their way to the Turks and Caicos Islands to have a personal meeting with DS.So the news from two different sources do support each other.By the way I must mention I am a member of one of the clubs and I am scared out of my wits right about now.

  301. Word of encouragement;

    What if the once great David is investing the proceeds and the Principal thereby creating the art of compounding and will be paying out on independence day as a surprise since paysments was due 6 months .
    Lets Keep hope alive.

  302. I am sick, with no money to do my surgery. If David smith won’t pay me after personally promising to wire my funds 3 months ago, why is he going to pay anyone, he doesn’t even take my calls for the past 3 months, last time I spoke to him he said he forgot to wire it which was 3 months ago, come on does this guy have a heart!

  303. sickolintclient:

    Would you hazard a guess as to how many times DS has heard similar reasons why he need to provide other investors their money? I don’t think he cares!

  304. Member:

    You are joking? Right? If such a conversation took place, why didn’t you ask him why the money was not sent; when the money is going to be sent; what’s holding up the money; is there money; where is the money; when will investors be paid?, etc., etc.

    Maybe you did ask, but do not want to say?

  305. David West:

    Why class are you in? BTW, could you enlighten the ones in the dunce class what exactly is the “difficult situation” that David find himself in?

    Could you further explain how the size of the class have anything to do with your perceived difficult situtation.

    Maybe DS could subdivide the class into 2 or 3 classes. High Class, high interest. Middle Class, Medium interest and dunce (crap) class, very low class interest rate, poor customer service and feed them crap all day.

    What do you think high class, high interest Dave West?

  306. sickolintclient,

    u really have time fi come pan blog a talk bout DS , u think DS use this site, if i were u i would be busy trying to get a loan to address my situation, these people here dont care about, get in contact with someone who can give u a loan

  307. why doesnt everyone here come to their senses. The funds are lost. GONE, KAPUT. Olint was not a Ponzi. He started out trading currencies and then because of certain losses he then became a Ponzi. In order to garner funds, he opened membership to everyone. New individuals joined, but no funds were forthcoming.

    Then he came out with the new elaborate encashment and deposit procedures, again no new funds came in. He has always been hoping that new depositors would come in so that he could operate the Ponzi. DS was no Super Trader, just anohter sham man. We all knew that he partied and drank a lot, yet we never asked ourselves, what type of trader always gambling, partying and coming home drunk. I see here ppl saying that he is a christian. whateva. DS was a lowly money trader at JMMB. Suddenly fool fool ppl start giving him billions.

    When a billionaire like MLC warned us, we would not listen, and talk about ppl being bad mind. Just imagine, we do not listen to MLC, but throw our money to a man(a one man operation), who used to “work” for JMMB, was ‘separated’, and suddenly becomes a genius, who is profiling drunk all over the Caribbean. So when is he trading? He is now going to hire accountants to do what? Listen all who have funds in OLINT, it is OVER.

    There is nothing to get. MOVE ON NOW. Last week DS said that he had money comng on Friday, none came. Super Dave your word cannot be trusted. IT IS OVER, YOU ARE OVER. You keep saying that you have done well for Jamaicans in the past. Now Super Dave, what have you done for ppl, more than lose, then steal their money. People are all poorer today because of you. You are the only person who has become richer out of this, so stop trying to make it appear that you have done good. You have done nothing but steal ppls money.

    YUH DUN SUPER DAVE, dun dun dun, and you know that the money gone from last year, yet no, you were still willing to keep up hte profile. sponsoring the Jazz Festival, going on cruises, and jetting all over the world. So who was trading then? But know one thing SUPER DAVE, you are going to have to find ppl money and return it. Your investors are not the poor people like who used to be with Cash Plus. You know that it is a different breed of Jamaicans that have funds with you, they have the ways and means to make your life miserable. The hard thing is that this was all done by you for the profile.

    LOL from a nobody at JMMB to the biggest conman in Jamaica’s history.

  308. yes man, DS love publicity, him want to see what ppl are saying about him. He comes here to this site and read the comments. Remember that Martinez posted a letter here a few days ago. If they did not read the comments, they would not have posted anything here. DS YUH A TIEF BWOY

  309. DaveSinner,

    U have time to fi talk bout how many hits this blog get, while people sick and might even lose them life over this dilema.

    U are a malicious, stop eat popcorn and be entertained over people delima.

    People posting like DS is on this site. Take a plane to Turks and turn up with ur lawyer, people here cant help u.

  310. DaveSinner, learn this, no lawyer cant help you, nobody can help you, there is no money to pay you

  311. Big Knucks

    Very well said. Any objective person looking at his lifestyle, partying, always drunk, gambling should have known the guy was a fraud.
    But as you said they would prefer to trust the word of Super Rum head Dave instead of a billionaire like Michael Lee Chin.
    I remember when they interviewed Bill Clarke of BNS (who by the way wouldnt even consider opening an account for Olint) he said these things were not real and when they crash it would be louder than the world trade center.

  312. LOL, man this site should a name Jamaicans with Agenders… Invest for life mi rass, I have not seen any good investment advice posted here…

  313. Jason with your twenty years of experience working for daddy AIC, any good investment advice other than telling me to invest in vti’s and not with DS? Dont come with the same garbage you usually come wid. Canada not far from weh mi live…

  314. Jason he was just interested in profiling, that was all

  315. Super Dave has achieved his goal. His name is going to live on in infammy now. As the BIGGEST CONMAN IN JAMAICAS history.
    LEE CHIN learn this, you are doing something wrong, if an excon like Carlos Hill, and a former JMMB employee like David Smith can garner so much funds from people, then you need to hire better staff to get these funds, It is not solely because of the interest rates, but also the marketing. MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING. SUH what going to happen to Jamaica now. 1billion out of the economy, while the world is in a recession. Lawd help us.

  316. Big Knucks

    Vey true only a profiler. There were people who wondered to themselves-how can he be trading if he is always drunk- but at the end of the month the “gains” always blinded them.
    But Super Dave had a whale of a time with the peoples money last christmas attending numerous parties , drinking and gambling away the people’s money

  317. (burp) … wait … LightDeFuseAndRun … (munch, munch, munch) ,,, yuh did see when Keyser Soze stop hobble … throw ‘way de keys fe de Bimma & Bling Rover … (munch, munch, munch) … and tek off … jus’ like dat … (guzzle, guzzle, guzzle) …

    … bwoy, Keyser, yuh ah de bes’ … all ah unnoo betta hire Usain fe try ketch him … quick … (munch, munch, munch) … ’cause it look like dis is only de matinee …

    … an’ de bus jus’ ah bring more an’ more people inna de place (big bad wud) … lol … cho’, Puncie (munch, munch, munch) … yuh betta order nuff more popcorn an’ ting … ’cause everybody jus’ ah come in an’ waan some … like dem credit dun …

  318. Jason do you think that SD has lost the funds or robbed it or both?

  319. I know DS personaly, and i must say that i am really surprised that it has come to this. Not that he has lost the funds, but that when the bleeding started he was not truthful to the clubmembers. Nobody expected that he was going to make money every month, that was the risk. If he kept everything real from the start, then ppl would have been satisfied with a minimal loss, that was the risk. All these traders try to trade themselves out of trouble, and then lose all the funds.

  320. DAVID and WAYNE, you will always be looking over your shoulders. You and your family will be HUNTED until you are brought to justice.

    I want to see you being led off in handcuffs and stripes to a cell to share a bunk with a 400 lb white guy named Bubba. He will appreciate your pretty boy looks. Let’s see if you can still walk upright when you get out.

  321. Rightguard,

    Based on past ponzi schemes I will say 70-80% of the funds was used to repay other investors there “gains” over the years. Dave probably spent 10-15% on himself and his jets, houses, gambling, lawyer fees, Jazz festival, booze, so there maybe 5% left somewhere.
    It is estmated he took in 300-700m so 5% of that figure there probably is 15m-35m somewhere squandered or hiding. That is a very optimistic guess.

  322. CJ, you mean like carlos hill..

  323. CJ and others,

    Be real…. it may be years (if at all) before Wayne Smith & David Smith face ANY kind of justice. and truth be told there are many others who may have been involved and benefited tremendously from this whole thing. I have heard stories of multi million dollar wedding gifts, multi million dollar zero interest home loans, cars, suvs, people pulling tens of millions months before trouble started, people pulling WHILE trouble was going on…. believe me, there are MANY MANY people that will more than likely get away and laugh while doing it….

    For the people (not sure if there are any on this blog) that may have lost millions, both USD and JMD, its gone….. I know it pains to read that, and I know you are still holding on to a glimmer of hope (i.e. your ‘personal letters’ that will be sent to instruct you on how recent events will affect you), but at this point I have seen NOTHING to encourage any hope at all.. All I have seen is people speculating and trying to grab at straws as explanations as to what could have happened and how Mr. Smith may STILL have the money…

    Think, if he DID have the money….. would he not find a way to get it to the people to who it is due? Wouldn’t you? Even if it meant hand delivering the bank drafts yourselves?!

  324. Stingy, that is why I am pissed. If he had come clean in December 2007 and said guys I have lost 20% of your investment, many of us would not be in the desperate position we find ourselves in now in July 2008.

    That’s what I will never forgive him for. All the lies about gains since January. What he is doing this month with not posting gains is what he should have done in January.

  325. response to cynics point,

    if O a ponzi & if u r correct (ppl pulling out in excess of capital “invested” ) then receipts in excess of capital “invested” (i.e. fictitious profit) constitute fraudulent transfers as there is no reasonably equivalent value to support same (US law which (like JA law?) is derivative of British common law dating back to the magna carta – different discussion).

  326. For your information David Smith is now a citizen of the Turks and Caicos and is living large with his multi-million dollar house, boat and plane and body guards.

  327. cynic;

    Let me guess, you haven’t lost any money in Olint’s crash, right?

  328. David is not allowed to enter the casinos in the Turks and Caicos because he owes them a lot of money, so soon they too might kick him out.

  329. LOL, David Smith does not have belonger status in TCI, and he hasn’t been barred from any casinos here.

  330. I’ve been reading these comments with much interest. Good job, investforlife. But folks, if it is a Ponzi there is no good wailing. You need to act and as quickly as possible. If it is not a Ponzi but a legitimate business that is failing there is no good waiting. You need to act and as quickly as possible.

    With all the interesting discussion going on here (keep it up!) only doc is on the right track.

  331. Tito

    1.Is Ds a TCI resident or citizen?
    2.Does he go to the casinos to gamble?
    3. Are TCI residents or citizens allowed to gamble in the casino’s

  332. CJ,

    I’ve lost what in ANY currency would be considered a LOT….

  333. Ask yourselves these questions:

    1. Who wrote the ” Encashment Policy Letter”?
    Were the lawyers bankers and brokers involved as claimed by Olint. and would the letter be written if there were no funds?

    2. What is the source of the bank statement shown to the large investors? What is the source of the letter from the brokers requesting list of names of those requesting encashment as claimed by Olint.

    3. Is there an account holding hundreds of milions of dollars which is frozen by the Feds.

    4. Is the Bank currently under investigation for illicit activity and how would this affect a client suspected of illicit activity?

  334. Tito…

    4.Does he has security peronnel as stated by Turks and caicos?

  335. The issue in the I-Trade & NFA matter. I-Trade and its principal, Issac Martinez failed to reported the suspicious transactions. This action was allegedly against the anti-money laundering polices of the NFA and I-Trade. Hence the complaint.


    The facts at this time, there is no accusation/complaint of actual money laundering.

  336. Eileen;

    1.Yes the letter could be written to buy time. The question there is time to do what? Trade his way out of a hole, liquidate personal assets, attract new funds, who knows?

    2. It is not hard to create a bank statement. All you need to do is to go to the banks web site, and use a http editing tool and download their logo, even simpler, use a scanner, create a table in Word, you’re done.
    3. Why wouldn’t they say this. Wouldn’t that be better than to watch his name being dragged through the mud? What would be the benefit to Olint to withhold this information from club members.
    4. Which bank? Olint is claiming due diligence Olint with the BROKER. Olint is not claiming any problems with any bank.

  337. Investforlife are you in the uS or jamaica. Cause I have been doing some research as to th next step…I found law firm out of atlanta with commodity and international buz experience. We need to start acting. We need some facilitation here….mia ,cj…we need help as to how to oragize….please people we have to get serious

  338. But CJ

    Olint has possession of the funds….the Due dilodence is over get your facts staright.

  339. Organising is good. Getting a lawyer working on your behalf right now is better. If you want any money back you have to stop focussing exclusively on DS. You need to think about where most of the money is and start going after it. doc has pointed the way.

  340. Junkunoo.. I am sure you were happy with ur 10%…right? who cares if DS made 40%. duh? go figure … m L-Chin gave less than that per YEAR.
    I am sorry fxtrader left this site…why is it typical of us Jamaicans to “jump up” and tear down; after we finish taking what we want. 3 weeks ago my sister got her check from Olint.. NCB would NOT take it? Again.. go figure…. money IS power.. the only prob. i think is that DS has too big a heart to help too many poor people.. and grew TOO FAST. I BELIEVE that it will be sorted out – and NO you CANT audit in 6 monthslet alone 2 weeks…over 5,000 acccounts?? Too much “society” people who “cant say how THEY earned THEIR money”. AS i say, who God bless no man curse.. unu be careful.

  341. Catd. Yes I am in the land of wood and water. Given the current situation seeking legal advice is always a good move. If things turn out well with OLINT that would be great. If not at least you would have had things in place for any eventuality.

    To all investors. Please ensure that your records are always kept in safe and secure. Download and save and print statements from web based sources,as they can disappear. Keep copies of receipts, wire transfers, contracts in a secure place.

  342. Yeah right! They have the funds but Michael Lee Chin is preventing them from paying us. LOL. What next? The dog ate the bank statement?

  343. catd

    make sure that this law firm has cross-border insolvency experience.

  344. doc please explain what you mean by cross-border insolvency experience….I do not have a legal background…

  345. doc you sound like a lawyer or have some legal exposure.

  346. This blog is SO BIASED… just like fxtrader.. I’m OUT.
    But B4 I go..Food For Thought… WHO REALLY OWNS JA?
    I went to a beach in Port Antonio and was told I couldnt pass.. Mr. “Chins” property… )(I walked there for 28 years). IF i want cable I HAVE to use FLOW adn pay Mr. “Chin”?! Once the regional sewage plant starts in Kingston…. I HAVE to pay “Mr. Chin” $15.00 each time I flush my freakin toilet! Health Insurance.. Hmm.. lets not go there… and the ONE place I had SOME FAITH and HOPE – (OLINT) which threatended the kingdom of “Mr. Chin” … has been craftily attacked. WHEN WILL JAMAICANS WAKE UP AND REALLY THINK THINK THINK And SEE SEE SEE WHATS REALLY GOING ON!!!!!??? Anyone who opposes the citadel will be attacked. Poor people must remain poor.. so that “Mr. Chin et al.,” can be worshipped when they give out their “handouts?” of 13.5% per anum. Go figure. Miss Jamaica, you are so right, Who God bless, no man curse. God Bless DS.

  347. When u are dealing with a foreign corporation facing insolvency.

  348. catd

    I think doc means ensure that the law firm has experience with going after money across different jurisdictions not just the US. Familiarity with the law in different regions is important.

  349. A very good site to learn about cross border insolvency… is http://www.iiiglobal.orgt. Excellent examples are the Mexican and South African experience on this. Lord help us in Jamaica!
    CJ.. I dont care who or where the money is.. we just wanted to check CASHED and had to go to FCIB to have this done. Say what you want.. THIS was MY experience last week. YOU cant change that fact!! SO long people. Have fun with this site.

  350. doc, tell them about fraudulent transfers again. Spell it out for us, please.

  351. I am an investor in Olint and I am just hoping for a miracle….money is deposited in our accounts….for all those persons who will lose their car or even their homes…because of this. We believed in Olint and will continue to support him as he must shed some light on the current situation. Carlos Hill, Higgins Warner among others did not put up a fight to release funds to their clients. D/S did that…I have been waiting patiently. But what else is there to do, than to wait.

  352. fools there is no money to get from anywhere or anyone. IT IS OVER,


  353. Havent heard any of the anti-olint propaganda from the usual bunch today, what a gwan, you find out seh DS criss and nuh want to come embrass unu self ? lol

  354. Majid,

    I think they’ve said all they COULD say….
    What’s left to say that hasnt already been said ???

  355. theCynic, I keep thinking that but they always seem to suprise me… Maybe this time its the real deal!?!?

  356. People,
    he doesn’t walk on water, just b/c everyone had a good thing going for the past few years doesn’t give license for DS to treat his clients so badly: no information, no money, empty promises. At the end of the day OLINT is a business entity, and he had a JOB to do, he wasn’t doing anyone a favor.
    you wouldn’t be have the same attitude if water commission lock off your water for 7 months now and their excuse is “just cool nuh!”. Remember it’s been YOUR money that fueling OLINT. He never paid you interest for free. BLIND FAITH will get you nowhere. People are entitled to hard facts.

  357. well, we are in the wait and see mode. there is nothing really to expect to see, as the picture is fairly clear. but we must maintain hope. the folks on the other blog are also showing their pain ( some of them are sick and need the money). we all have our various needs. David Smith need to send out the email, at least let us know the true state,

  358. does anyone know about any announce or when will it be. I am in the US so i am a little out of touch.

  359. the quite before the storm-
    can you all feel it?


  361. Even if I dont get MY money I gwaan mek sure Him go a Jail. Some fool in yah talk bout the money gwaan so what!! So what??

    I gwaan mek sure him go a Jail thats wah!!

    I been behaving wid decency fi too long. De bwoy tink seh cuz nuff a wi a middle class or uptowner that weh nah duh nothing. Him gwaan bring out the ole neygah inna meh!!!

    Jail betta than weh a go happen to him if some Ole Neygah buk him up a road!!!!

    Damn idiot dem in yah a talk about him a christain. Damn fools he dont give a DAMN bout you… When yuh pickney dem hungry and yuh lose yuh house and u nah nuh food fi eat you tink him a sorry fi yuh.
    Christain my ass!!

    Some eediot a talk bout him inna house wid security guard… Security bwoy cyah stop badman. security cyah save dat..memba mi told yuh.
    How much time mi see him a Platinium Night club.
    A spend money pan jezebell!!!

    Christain my ass!!!

    Drunk as a skunk!!

    Mi try fi get my money out since January afta mi see how him did a behave but it was too late… Di bwoy did already DUN THE MONEY!!

    At least nuff people did know seh carlos hill a tief but DS tek the cake. And him NAHHHH get weh wid it!!!

    Him did a hide behind god name!!!

    By the time DAVID SMITH dun wth Jamaica No damn middle class a go lef.. Yuh nu how much people mi nuh mortgage dem big house pan the hill and dem 1/4 worth a llife savings.

    Him single handedly RECK JAMAICA memba mi tell you dis!!!

    If him did a lose the money all him did haffi say is him lose some of the money and give people back. The more yuh lie a di bigga the WHOLE GET!!!

    Turks no big enough fi hide…hope him house have fortress or secret bunka!!!

    Even if a rocket launcha mi haffi fine fi reach the plane. I hope him have parachut in deh!!

  362. We need more information.
    Did David flee to Turks?
    What happen to the 250 million that got to Jamaica last week
    Whats the hold up with Bank of Jamaica?
    What do they need. What is David hiding or not saying.
    We need some answers.

  363. jonhnny cockran,
    yes people believed and supported DS in the first few months, but 7 months along? Give me a break, how much blind faith you expect people to have so? No such thing as a run on a forex fund, everything should be sitting in cash in the first place.
    Let this be a lesson to everyone who emptied their 401(k)’s, IRA’s, 403(b)’s, other retirement accounts, life savings, refinancing mortgages take out loans to give DS every last dollar and now cannot get it back. You should have never done that in the first place. Olint should have never turned into something that people were living off of. Now the sh*t hitting the fan and nuff people salt.

  364. JOHNNY COCKRAN, true dat… junkunno “401(k)’s, IRA’s, 403(b)’s, other retirement accounts, life savings, refinancing mortgages take out loans to give DS every last dollar and now cannot get it back.”, which part of RISK dem deh people deh never understand?

  365. Johnny Cockran;

    If you had an encashment request since January. Would you still be saying you have faith? The kind of faith that require should only be reserved for God.

  366. The risk I took is that I could only lose 20% of my money. That is not what happened. I lost 100%, and I was not advised that the agreement had changed.

  367. Oneil/Joe Grind:

    Are you guys the same person. What did I do? DaveSinner…whats that about?

  368. At this time, ALL the information we have indicate that rumours that DAVID SMITH being arrested are FALSE.

    As far as we know and our checks had have indicated, David Smith HAS NOT BEEN arrested

    We will continue to check and If information to the contrary surfaces we will advise.

    N.B. Person posting with multiple names please desist.

  369. 20% thats too damn high!!!! I was TOLD PERSONALLY that they would only trade with 1% of the money that was suppose to be around $800 million. If you trading with one percent of that then how can you lose ALL the money???

    If you didnt lose the money then weh the money deh??

  370. Majid – agreed – apparently people did not read the agreement they signed which indicated you could LOSE principal.
    The lack of credible information on this thing is pure insanity.


  372. I did NOT mortage MY HOUSE or put in MY life savings but 250,000 is still a lot of money. For someone to not giv eyou ANY INFROMATION about yourmoney for 7 months is CRAZY.

    JOHNNY COCKRAN@ You obviously know DS or work for them..Well your boy is going to Jail. It dont matter how much MONEY I lose or if I shouldnt have risk it. The fact that he CANT give any ANSWER to what happen to the money speaks volumes and if it was through dishonest means he will suffer the . Consequences!!!

    So defend that FOOL if you want!!!

  373. Villagelawyah, you get that in black and white… JOHNNY COCKRAN, I would a tell yuh fi preach on, but them nuh like religion pon dis bus… lol

  374. Villagelawyah:

    Is that 250K USD?


    Your back with your troublesome ways?

  375. Villagelawyah, mek mi ask u a honest to goodness question, yuh a lawyah, yuh have (usd)250k fi risk, a man tell u is 1% him a guh risk outta dat and u never get that in good ol black and white, lol, mine u is fake lawyah…

    DaveSin what can I say… lol

  376. … (soundtrack) … he who seeks only vanity … checks for only wealth … believes in diamonds and pearls and feels that he’s on top of the world … who worships silver an’ gold … always acting smart … shall fade (fly via lear) away … an’ the likkle de poorman have … shall be taken away … (mr. smith yuh betta) beware … (of de 9 sounds click) …


  378. JOHNNY COCKRAN and majid

    I dont think none of you all have a PENNY in OLINT this is just entertainment for you.

    250K wont make or break mi I have more money. But its obvious majid that ur an ****** that comes on her everyday to laugh at the people that lost money. Just remmeber you dont know what hand YOUR gonan be dealt in LIFE. While some people were foolish to mortage their house and car and good knows what. It takes a real Class ACT to laugh at other peoples PAIN. I would neva laugh at those people!!

    Further more I already think my 250k GAIn I writ ethat off as a loss. But is the way that DAVID SMITH handle the situation that is upsetting to alot of people.


    David dos enot have money to give anyone and your disclosure statement is a FRAUD!!!!!!!

  380. Thats all I will say about the matter you all can carry on!!

  381. Guys. I have been a piggy backing member of olint for the last year and a half. I had low 6 figures invested there. I chose to pull the commissions every month whether it was 10% or 5%. Most of the time it was in the middle at around 7 or 8 %. The only thing I kept in there was my initial deposit. Since that time I have recpuped 90% of my investment. I would have hope to get it all back and I still hope I can get it but if this all goes to hell like it appears it is, then Im out 10% of my investment. The members who will hurt the most here are the ones who kept the money in there and didnt draw any at thej end of the month. They let it “compound” monthly which in a perfect world would have returned excellent gains. I hope this all blows over.. I requested my account to be liquidated last month. I hope we all get our money back or at least a portion of it. Just keep in mind that not 1 person had anything negative to say about DS before last month. I did the research. Look for your selves. There was not one verified OLINT member who posted anything negative against this man. I guess Im just a wishful thinker.

  382. i understand that his offices have been raided in TCI. i spoke to DS last wed and he told me that OANDA verbally told him that the money was wired. half to belize and the balance to JA. he has been lieing thru his teeth for the last several months.
    i have been in contact with OANDA and the info from them puts DS in a bad light. 5 months due diligence and still posting gains. if u are under due diligence u cannot trade. lots of bullsh.t.

    money gone. live with it.


  384. Guys…STOP posting in capital letters…very difficult to read. We hear you loud and clear, even without caps!

  385. nyamingpopcorn&watching, I bet seh is the same thing people was a sing bout carlos…I tink them seh carlos a drive round in him X5… JOHNNY COCKRAN tell them fi mi nuh. Villagelawyah, I ask a simple question and you could a just ansa yes or no. Your silly talk about sending DS to jail is rubbish… CARLOS is still free… Save your money… Oh you rich already, so you criss…

  386. Sorry Sir!!

  387. The village man seemed to be having a hearing problem.


    How you know that the money is there and what village is saying is not through. I think alot of people were hoping that things would turn wellout so nobody had anything bad to say, but as the months progress, people are starting to get angry.

    I you have alot of balls or you LIEING thru your teeth.
    One thing I know about rich people and money is we dont like losing it!

    Espcially to a Con man…Not calling DS a CON MAN but in a couple more months we will know for sure.

  389. Confirmed that Olint’s funds have just been frozen by the British Government for Money LAundering

  390. Majid

    You dont know what Villagelawyah mean lol?

    where you come from…. A villagelawyah is somebody that like to talk crap and run up them mouth and cant back it up lol!!

    Carlos Hill, Kern Spencer all the crocks walk free in JA!!

  391. Johnny Cockran I was and still am a believer like you, I still hope of getting even 50% of my money. But after hearing how DS buckle under pressure when questioned by Cliff Hughes and the way he has handled the whole situation EVERYBODY is worried. Nuh care how much u a support DS sumptn not right.

    I agree wid karl why was he still posting gains. 20% in April?

  392. Yes Majid,Him wah send the man go jail and do what?The Village Man seems to be having a problem with Uncle David,not telling him what has gone wrong with his money,anybody hear anything bout cash plus recently or higgins or may daisy or century national bank or government,when dem rob up unnu money unnu cant do nuttin bout itmek unnu nuh go lock up some ah wi tiefing government official dem.

  393. miachica,
    Maybe later this evening or tomorrow you will hear…

  394. All I can tell you guys is that DAVID SMITH IS NOT A THIEF!!!
    He might be in some problems with the law but for sure not money.



  396. Dreamdashweh,
    He has to be careful what he says on national radio.

  397. junkunnu,
    mr.david smith is not hay tief!!!do you hunderstand my epologicamly??

    I NEVER ever said he was a thieff! Read my posts again. What I AM saying is that people need concrete answers, 7 months of non-payment obviously something is wrong. DS handling the situation VERY VERY poorly as you can see from everyone’s response. LACK OF INFORMATION fuels wide speculation. ALL people want is honesty AND of course their money. The only conclusion that I have ever drawn is that the funds are frozen and he has NO GUTS to say so. Frozen funds don’t mean he’s a thief.
    Of course i want people to get paid, this is a very serious thing people are going through.

  399. Johnny Cockran;

    What difference is a couple more months going to make? I am already waiting for 7 months.

  400. miachica, ahah… si it deh…

    JOHNNY COCKRAN, bwoy mi tell u, them done rich already and the a gwan over 250k, man, some of the breed a money people have with DS, if him wah create more delays then the man deh wid the bigga breed a money going lick im fi six. Mi nah know if money deh deh or not but until mi si proof seh DS let wi down, mi a DS supporter… Mi cyah believe im a gwan over deh money suh. Them nuh read seh man want money fi operation fi save them life…

  401. I spoke with a reliable source from the BIG O, and the individual could not if any information. He is just hopeful, but says he is confident that our monies will be given to us.

  402. Today is the 15th and the gains for June has not been posted yet.
    This makes me wonder if any trading took place at all

  403. LOL, Concerned, gains are the least of your worries

  404. Guys breaking news, my source is great and is the best

  405. DS is not broke and i have always said so

    Money is in his NCB account but this amount cannot pay all outstanding request.

    Here are the FACTS the U.S.A government has indeed frozen all accounts linked to Olint /David Smith

    They are doing some invetigations. DS lawyers are on the case. they can only hold the money for a specific time if they find no wrong doing.

    Lets hope their is none as we ae all suffering

  406. The banks in Jamaica and investment companies were losing alot of accountholders BIGTIME because of OLint. Everyone was taking their money out the banks and putting it in Olint. As soon as JLP came into power all this carp suddenly started to happen.

    Put the pieces of the puzzle together and what DS is saying is true. I suspect that they ARE trying very HARD to bring him down. We all know our dear PM had to return some favors so he swiftly took action against DS as sooon as he came into power!!

    I believe that SOMEBODY in the BANKING sector reported Olint to some government entity and thus the money is FROZEN. Thats what some people get for wanting a CHANGE OF GOV. If PNP was in power I wonder if any of these would have happen.

  407. Major Neil Lewis and some officials were in Turks to dicuss matters, Major returns today at 12:00 on his private jet at NMIA.
    Soon Tell new updates on the meeting. soon be back

  408. Think about it can you imagine if OLINT is up and running another two years without a HITCH…AT this rate, there wont be any NEED for BANKS in JAMAICA LOL. They HAD todo something about it!

  409. Lee Chin was the one who threaten bank of Wacovia to take action against Olint or he would move his account with them , this info is comming from a NCB manager

  410. They are gonna bring DS down by any means necessary. There wont be ANY banks left in JA if they DIDNT act FAST. DS only problem is that he was a BAD BUSINESS man and didnt make sure the money was clean(I suspect). Theres blood money mixed with clean money and THATS THE PROBLEM. I

  411. Hey,
    Has anybody heard that the FBI raid DS house in Turks, this morning??

  412. Janice yu stil deh ya a chat foolishness?

  413. janice

    Thank you Janice so all those people that cuss DS (myself including sometimes) Even though we get frustrated we got to release he fighting the banking sytem of Jamaica. Its like he is “DAVID” and MCL is Goliath(him and all the bank ceo in JA). The poor guy a try him BEST fi get weh money back. But he needs to let the members KNOW what is going on.

  414. Dear Johnny P

    You really think the bank ceos of Jamaica is gonna let DS runaway with all their members?

    You dont think they trying to put a stop to it. People who work in NCB or JMMB can TELL YOU how many members was leaving to go join OLINT.

  415. Janice that is rubbish because if there was money in NCB they could have payed it out even though it is not enough money. Olint had won the injunction that bars NCB from closing his accounts so money should have been payed out by now.

    miachica, “We all know our dear PM had to return some favors so he swiftly took action against DS as sooon as he came into power!!”, that doesnt make sense. It is well known that Olint funded the JLP campaign and helped them win the election. Why would the PM backstab him? JLP supports Olint.

  416. Which bank is gonna be left standing in Jamaica if OLint is around for another two years?

  417. DreamDashWeh u r and ass money is in his NCB account but it is not a great amount

  418. ahhhhh “the fierce audacity of hope” aka cognitive dissonance ……. denial is a bitch dont it Janice?

  419. JAY, WEH U DEH, why u a hide, we need some big links confirmation pon the funds at MLC Bank weh did have big drug dealer blood money one time but now them holyar than thou??!?!?!

  420. Lee chin & Bill Clarke r the ones who call the usa authorities stop the money from coming to Jamaica

  421. Another thought…… NCB and JMMB dismiss rumors! The conclusion is that DS lied. Really now, did ANYONE expect NCB or JMMB to say anything else but that. They would never admit to having a hand in dismantling Olint. NEVER! Does anyone know why he left Jamaica in the first place?

  422. People must start to ask Audley Shaw some question as he is Lee Chins pupet

  423. If election is call JLP must go

    Because is Lee Chin is running the country

    Portia was right u cant trust the JLP

  424. Janice, people ask if is really Bruce a run the show or lee-chin… Bruce nuh like hear that, people need fi ask him more often so him get the message.. Jay, weh u deh?

  425. Link at BNS even confirm that Lee Chin & Bill Clark made reports to the U.S.A authorities last week that blocked the funds from coming in

  426. JLP took Lee Chin blood money so they have to do what he say

    Have u ever wondered why Lee Chin does no business in America

    Does anybody Knows how Lee Chin got rich

    Dont u realise that super plus is under pressure

  427. Janice

    Stop chatting foolishness – DS have no GOOD explanation for what is happening that can stand up to any scrutiny. He has NEVER pinpointed EXACTLY what the problem is so that it can be independently verified.

    If you have money in O, it is time to take action to secure it. As other have suggested, members need to band together in some sort of class action suit to protect their interests.

    I was burned last year in a real estate scheme in Miami. The BIG guys who could afford the lawyers are getting everything ! All the small investors get jook !!

    The BIG MEN who have invested in O, not “waiting and praying” DEM A TEK ACTION !!

  428. ALL the banks in JA wanted to get RID of olint a LONG time ago. Anybody remember why DS left Jamaica?

    MLC wants to get rid of OLINT. Thats why there in court right now. JLP will GO!! When all the dust settle from this and people remove the blindfolds and look at the BIGGER PICTURE.

    Dont just blame Olints downfall on DS….I know MLC playe d apart in it too!

  429. We as Jamaicans cant sit and allow Lee Chin Bill Clark ,Audley Shaw & the JLP to mek us suffer so much

    We have to make them Know how we feel

  430. Janice,

    Please stop posting misleading information on this blog.
    I have been just watching the screen and hung my head in shame as I think about what we have become as a people.

    Its a darned shame that it had to end this way, and I can tell you right now that there are many folks out there who stand to lose their house and car due to this situation.

    Its a very tough road ahead !!

    As I have repeated before we became hooked on 10% per mth and now needs rehab to kick this habit of investing in “ponzi schemes”.

  431. Janice & Majid:

    Bwoy, look how the two a yu hijack the bus! 🙂

    Mi a lee Chin son and mi nuh like how the two a yu a disrespect mi father.

  432. Lee Chin is a wicked man

    Look at Flow

    He buys all the cable companies and gives u no choice then he charges a bag of money.

    And the JLP does nothing about it

  433. Jay, what a gwan, how come mi nuh get a hail up? Yowe mi boss, use ur big linkz and verify the info nuh and stop trace Janice..

  434. Lee Chin has told his manager to delay the wire as long as possible when they come in

    Lee Chin is a F****king wicked

  435. This info from a NCB manager

    Wicked Lee Chin nothing is a secret

  436. Correction: this monster have three heads; Janice, Majid and miachica! What have we done to deserve these trio?

  437. DaveSin, them just delete wi post sah?!?!? weh a gwan…

  438. Janice that infomation is not ture, I worked at Olint, we had a meeting on last saturday and we spoke to David via tele-conference and I asked David if the wire is send locally and he said “no”.
    We dont even get pay.

  439. How has Mr Chin prevented Olint from paying for the last six months, can someone answer that question.

    Do you think Olint sent money and NCB held it up and would not pay.

    Darn is this CashPlus or Olint as the information is exactly the same.

    You are all blaming the wrong guy.

  440. Dave Sin u r just an ass who has no money in oli

    People who have money to loose should not listen
    to an ass like u

    U are just here to make fun but your time will come one day

    Go verify my info u idiot

  441. yeah, Janice is everybody fault, except David. I have gotten several encashments from Olint, both wires and drafts. I have NEVER gotten any funds from Olint which originated in Jamaica. NEVER. So please explain why the funds have to go to Jamaica.Please explain why Olint cant use their ‘intermediary’ to pay those who are due their encashments via wire? Why cant they pay everyone else by draft from the Cayman, like they usually do?

    Janice, you need to explain why wires and drafts are not being and sent and explain how can Michael Lee Chin hold up funds which don’t go near Jamaica.

    DAVID SMITH himself said the problem was with his broker. Why are you now blaming the bank?

  442. People when banks come together and make report
    to the American authorities that your funds are suspicious they will investigate and while doing so they would hold your money until u can provide them with required info..

    David is also to be blamed

  443. People the fund have been frozen so he cannot get access to it

  444. Jah know star, mi hear yesterday say DS actually spent most of the money and that he and his family have left Turks and no-one knows where…in other words him tief the money and gone!

    One of, if not the biggest lu in jamaican history to date….

  445. Member you are lying u all got paid as money is in NCB to pay all staff member

  446. Member,
    Inyour opinion
    Is the money frozen?
    There is no money..

  447. janice, majid why are you guys chatting such nonsense. There are a many persons with a lot of money in Olint that check the blog. Your nonsense is meant to mislead and give them false hope. If you have real proof that money exists post it.

    Every time a deadline is missed DS, one of his surrogates or blind followers post some new excuse. If the US Government froze any of Olint’s account it is not a secret. The bank/broker first freezes his account and then sends him notification of the reason. He could have made it public.

    Next it will have snowed in July and Santa got stuck in the chimney while bringing the money and the dog ate the rest of the money. The conspiracy nonsense you keep posting is worn and tiresome. No one believes it except a couple like minded folks like you; many of them are on the 4 blog.

    You claim to have sources. Folks with money invested want to know if DS has any money and if so when will they get all or part of their money. They have had enough of the nonsense excuses and conspiracy theories from DS and people like you.

  448. investforlife, is a’ite, mi was just a hail up DaveSin still. Mi thought mi did post something offensive…

  449. janice,
    he should just say so if the funds are frozen. people can handle that, at least we would KNOW what is REALLY going on. but since he hasn’t said ANYTHING meaningful speculation that the funds are frozen is the exact same thing as saying that is ‘marvin the martian and bugs bunny have it’ b/c nothing has come from O otherwise to say what the truth is.

    THOUGHT :- How come it seems as if only DS knows what’s going on? How can that be, what about his employees (not the half-dead ones out here) but his other traders, paper pushers – I mean SOMEONE there has to know what has happened?!?!

  450. DS is to blame because he didn’t manage the funds probably(letting suspects into the club).


    What started all of this is the JAMAICAN BANKS. They made the authorities investigate OLINT. The money is Frozen and we might never get it back.

    Its obvious the BANKS are the ones that started this investigation they have been trying from the start.

    “Indeed it is no secret that since March 2006 the Club has had to face serious challenges all of which have been threatening its viability. It started with the FSC raid, the sudden threatened closure of the customer service accounts by local Banks and all the ensuing legal battles which still continue”.


    Which bank is gonna be left standing in Jamaica if OLint is around for another two years?

  451. Janice your reasoning is flawed, think and check my dear.

  452. Further more is unable to account for where some of the funds came from….He every tom dick and harry is a member of olint is THAT was the problem.

    Of course theres DIRTY money in play and where theres DIRTY money the authorities have a right to seize it.

    “The thrust of the litigation has been to discredit Olint as being in receipt of criminal property and or otherwise involved in money laundering without any evidence. In effect that allegation is being made against each Club Member because we could only be receiving criminal property from you or laundering funds from you”.

  453. miachica, them going still deh deh, just that nobody nah tek nuh loan. strickly cash purchase… lol debt freee… thats how the rich live, them nuh wah wi feel what its like… lol

  454. Yes folks.. sorry to confirm, but I have heard the same info as janice from yesterday. Seems like the US authorities have frozen the funds, due to a report of suspicious activity originating from JA financial sector.

    Though DS certainly bears blame for the fiasco, and I wholeheartedly agree that he should have been honest in disclosing why he had a liquidity issue – I do think that whoever reported him failed to forsee (or maybe did in fact forsee) that when the feds come for your ‘ill-gotten gains’ they don’t just take the portion they feel is dirty – Nooooooo they take EVERYTHING.

    (NB the sudden appearance of ads promising you loans with no collateral…)

    Based on the state of the us economy, stock market crashing down, banks starting to fail – high fuel bills and a war to finance – I wouldn’t be suprised if they use the ‘laundering’ excuse to seize anything they can to prop up their own financial crises. Someone out there knows the truth – talk di ting!

    For the many detractors – jay, davesin, etc.. here’s a hypothetical:
    If it could be proven without a doubt (solid indisputable evidence) that there was an organized effort led by the banking sector, and that MLC was truly the fuel behind the seizure (as many have speculated) would that change your perception? Would you still see things as jamaican people being greedy or would you think (knowing he was deliberately sabotaged) differently? Would you pile your derision on MLC? Or still think that olint investors deserve what they got?

    … I don’t believe in coincidences…

  455. How do banks make most of their money..thru loans?

  456. miachica, you are funny. Do you think DS invented FX trading? FX trading and other risky high yield investments and yes also illegal ponzi schemes have existed in countries such as the USA for a long time… You are funny; I wonder how come there are still banks in those countries?

  457. Miachica,
    I agree with you that it’s the banks out here started the ball rolling, but you have to admit that it would be inevitable that Olint would have to answer to some authority given the size and scope of it now. There was NO WAY that it could stay like it is. There is no documentation, no annual reports etc. even hedge funds in the states that are relatively left alone by the SEC/NFA whoever still have to show their investors the bottomline – even if it empty.

    PS. I have a 3-month supply of Paxil CR 25mg if anyone needs it.

  458. Janice seems to have a lot of inside info and all.hope she is reliable and not just spoutin off..i firmly believe that the both clarke and MLC have a hand in all of this behind the scenes and are slapping each other on the back for a job well done.i took my chances and have lost at C+ and now olint but have sworn off ever investing heavily in either BNS nor NCB.They dont have our interest at heart and are waitin with open arms for us to come running back to them(for their pittance) when the big O comes crashing down

  459. All ncb asked for was his audited financial statements..why risk the our money by playing the renegade.Who does that serve?

    I beleive NCB used that line because things were not right.I-trade refused to report and is being investigated. Maybe the same thing happened at oanda but unlike I-trade they reported. Resulting in the DD…

    From what I am hearing…most of the people working for these organizations were barely educated or proffessional trained to do their jobs. secondly no aacounting department or personnel on staff…How the hell yu a manage millions and no have internal checks and balances.

  460. They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no, no, no.

  461. Did everyone notice that the longer these UFO’s like Cash Plus and Olint stop paying is the more conspiracy theorists emerge. 🙂 Guys it was the same song that was playing when Cash Plus stopped paying and filled the air with promises. People like janice and majid et. al. were there to post the same type of silliness. They have all disappeared now that C+ was officially declared a ponzi and Carlos the Messiah was found to be a fraud and a liar.

  462. nocotec

    How can oyu compare banks in the us to banks in Jamaica???

    Do you know how mcuh the banks in the US make compare to Jamaica. There is room for COMPETITION in the U.S. but not so in little Jamaica.

    Further more people who worked at NCB, JMMB, Soctia bank can tell you. Alot of banks were losing members due to people investing in Olint. Some people are stupid liek that.

    Why would bank that making money and not threatend by a little ponzi scheme.

    Stop honoring cheques from Olint

    Tell their EMPLOYEES to close their accoutns at OLINT

    “One source detailed that the employees of a financial institution were told that they should declare whether they had savings in any of these schemes and then make the necessary arrangements to discontinue the accounts”.

    “Additionally, the source said that the management of the financial institution threatened that if the disclosure was not made and the bank discovered that any of their employees held accounts, they would be fired”.

    WHY would the banks do this if OLINT was not taking ntheir MEMBERS LOL?????

  463. nocotec

    I am NOT defending DS but the banks are the ones that blew the whistle.

  464. nocotec, one thing mi nuh like ol man, is when a man tell people mi a duh something mi nah duh. Who a promiss seh everything going be a’ite. Man yuh better think an check uh self before mi be the first one unu driva ban off a dis bus. Any time news bus, MI CALL PON JAY FI CONFIRM… Yowe mi boss just easy, MI SEH MI STILL BELIEVE SEH DS IS HONEST UNTIL MI SI SOME PROOF SEH IS OTHER WISE….

  465. miachica

    As a matter of fact, it was NOT the banks that blew the whistle.

  466. miachica

    As a matter of fact, it was NOT the banks that blew the whistle. They came late to the party.

  467. OK it is now 6 pm FL. I thought there was going to be an announce today drom Olint anyone knws what time

  468. somebody give me a joke…..please

  469. I used to work at one of the big banks in jamaica -This particular bank had an overseas ‘parent company.’
    I worked with the top level executives and thus was privy to top level info as it often crossed my desk for vetting before making its way to the ceos and those at the very pinnacle of the organization.

    Suprise suprise… the parent company actually depended on the OUTRAGEOUS profits brought in by their caribbean branches esp in JA… to balance the OVERSEAS books. You see, these overseas banks actually made very little profit in their own country – the real money came from the overseas operations – that is the bread and butter. If the bread and butter stop run – the parent company collapses. And we can’t have that now can we?

    Not a conspiracy… just real chat.

  470. Confirmation now on NationWideNews:

    Assets of Olint and DS frozen in TCI!

  471. olint assets sezed

  472. its really happening

    I think this is the reality that DS and his cronies were exploiting. It started out like Robin Hood and end up like robbin real good. Oops, so sorry. Let us pray.

  473. Let me ask you all just 1 question. If OLINT never accepted cash, but only wires and checks from other financial institutions would they not also be a part of this “Money Laundering” investigation? Just some food for thought.

  474. the sh.t has really hit the fan now people. Good luck to all, hopefully someone in charge can disperse funds as quickly as possible.

  475. Guys, if there is NO money , why is there a “MONEY” laundering situation? can one of u bright sparks enlighten me!?

  476. I hope everyone knows a doctor can write a prescription for something to help you sleep tonight!

  477. I heard rumors about the I$$A being invloved but I cant say anthing about that!


  479. Member,
    I asked you earlier,
    Do you think there are any funds left?
    Is it all gone?


  481. How long now mi a seh that DS mek the club get to r@$$ big. When you reach a certain amount of funds, checks and balance hafi be in place or FBI going be up in yuh business. MI still seh him have deh money… As nocotec seh, nuh listen to mi, mi only a speak for fi mi self…

    MCL and Missa Clarke mi going rememba dis….

  482. majid…

    from what I am hearing its much less than whats needed

  483. mi sorry fi unu olint clients, i really am, this MF is one of the most talented con-men ever. David Smith for the win!

  484. so… bob… who blow di whistle den?

  485. I almost feel relieved we are at this impasse, at least we can get some answers. The investigation could have been started by any disgruntled OLINTER especially that olinter has US citizenship.

  486. Differently still…not enough money deh deh to pay everbody…him spen some of it inna election, him spen some pon jazz and blues festival and some more on foolishness…man get a new plane to rhatid…do u kno the kind of BALLIN david smith does?? Anybody ever hear bout dem infamous panama trips?…a con is a con is a con…unuh shud hav known better…david smith would hav ended up having all the money in the world if what he claimed to be able to do was real[think about it]…u guys got conned…

  487. Junkunno:

    I guess you are talking about F1? DS went to TCI and thought that would save is “Janice”. But it only shows, its best to comply than to fly!!!

  488. David Smith is the greatest con man I have ever heard of….This is the stuff of legends

  489. catd, bwoy mi hafi si a how much deh deh, how much deh a tci, how much deh a wachovia, and how much deh up MLC a.., Like mi seh, mi is a proof man. ALTHOUGH, this yah one come in like cash plus beginnings …

  490. Think about it….what would have been so bad about him simply registering with the FSC if this was REAL?!?!

  491. I was telling you guys all day but no one did a listen

  492. top shotta – off the top of my head –

    Pretend you were making ALOT of money… millions per month. No one knew, so you didn’t have to pay taxes on it.

    No one knew how you were making it, so they couldn’t steal your trade secrets

    Not saying that it is impossible that olinters have been conned (as you put it) but – tax free funds sound pretty good when you think about it.

  493. If all the balances that are frozen/seized are made public we’ll then have a better idea of whether or not jamaican people have been taken for a hell of a ride.

  494. tax free doesn’t sound that good when it means u’ll end up losing everything eventually

  495. I can tell u right now…that he doesn’t hav enough money to meet the withdrawal requests…i can tell you that…he still owes two people near a billion US so…

  496. Do you really think TCI authorities siezed those assets for us Jamaicans? They will look after their own first…

  497. its really happening, bwoy is the same thing mi wus a think, long time back, imagine how much tax the man would hafi pay…well before him leff Jamaica still..

    Mi feel seh is a member cause them problem down a TCI…

  498. Ds was lying about the amount of money in oanda….get that from good source

  499. so lets take bets:

    If [LOL] David Smith did tief people money…how long do u think he has?

    I say less than 2 weeks..and thats being very conservative

  500. David Smith > Carlos Hill

  501. TopShotta,

    Where u get your sources from and why u never state this before. It would shed LIGHT on the the matter.

    Stop lieing!!

  502. catd, mi nuh deal wid source, mi deal wi proof. Hold tight DS, yuh have one supporta leff pan dis bus.. HOL TIGHT…..lol

  503. Top shotta – that’s pretty inflammatory – but if carlos hill is allegedly tooling around kingston in his shiny ride, then its not far fetched to imagine DS will be doing the same 😉

  504. Because I got told all of this sunday 1 and 2 i didn’t have any money in Olint so i didnt care

    I find all of this hillarious btw…and we’ll see if i’m lying in the coming days/weeks

    he spent alot of money on securing jlp the election, jaz and blues festival, his new plane, his BALLIN trips to panama and just flossin in general…when u saw David Smith in JA did u see him working? NOPE he was out every night of the week…and from what I hear his life in t/c wasn’t that different…I wonder when he found time to trade? or if he even did LOL

  505. and him still owe di two BIG MAN dem near a bil

  506. Invest for life yu need to start a blog so people can start listing how much money DS have fi dem…so wi can start tally…Please this is urgent.

  507. david smith is to con what jesus is to christianity

  508. the blod ago dead since the truth is now gonna be know…yu need to reinvest yuself. help us to help our selves.

  509. lol

  510. warrant now out for the theif arrest.

  511. tell me sumn…has anybody ever gotten a figure like say 15 grand in their account one month and then a letter the next saying their interest was over calculated? and with a balance of a couple grand less?…..can anyone say …money laundering?

  512. where in the world is david smith…forget carmen sandiego or waldo

  513. Remember that if DS the Jesus of conmanship then FXCHIEF is the father, the son and holy ghost. These guys pulled off such a consistent air of trustworthiness, humility, and altruism that if they are cons then they need to go in the history books.

  514. less than 1/2 the money found has been found so far.

  515. sorry owed

  516. Religion and money nuh mix. Anytime a man start sell himself as being pious and religious…thats the time you fear him most.

  517. Imagine MLC/NCB came out and said ‘pray for your money’….what would you think?

  518. God is Love..that says it all.

    INgrid needs to be next…wonder if shi have anything.

  519. Which government gave Lee Chin NCB on a platter?
    If my memory serves me right, it was the PNP. And what does this have to do with the fact that the money dun and DS
    What does Lee Chin have to do with bad trades? Or a criminal investigation in TCI?

    Janice you are giving Lee Chin too much credit.

    David took the money.
    David made bad trades.
    David needs to come clean.

    P.S. I requested an encashment in November ’07 and I’m still waiting. Should I contact Mr. Lee Chin for my encashment because if memory serves me right, my checks were all made out to OLINT.

  520. What could satisfy meeeeeeeeeeee? A trailer load of moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(8)

  521. The amount of BS being talked about NCB and MLC is the reason conmen like DS, IL, CH etc. etc. prosper in JA.

    Too much damn fool among us !!

    How the hell this can be anybody fault but DS !!! MLC tek anybody money ??

  522. David Smith is responsible for his own actions…Nobody else should be blamed…why is he unable to meet payments if everything is on the up and up? THINK …because some of the money was spent

  523. SAH:

    Somebody don’t like you at Olint. I have never heard of somebody requesting funds from11/07!

  524. You guys should probably shift to the new blog under “Olint Assets Frozen”.

  525. If the funds were there you would have gotten them already, look for the post with the info from OANDA, the broker DS supposedly used (to supposedly do actual trading), they said they send funds within 1 business day of request…all now u no get yu money SAH. NO MONEY NO DEH DEH. Its not MLC fault you’ll see…DS is a remarkable TEEF!

    I’m selling Anti Depressant medication at factory prices, link me if yu need them.

  526. DaveSin,

    Some people lying out the ass right now. Top shott ais one of them.

    If you KNEW DS owe people billions why didnt you say that b4. You neva know jack. but is alright I right my $200 off as a loss.

  527. Miachica, i hope you dont have any funds in olint….

  528. Now u see the tief for what him is!!!

    I tell yuh sey the man a tief!!!

    But mi deh yah fi deh bwoy…keep him inna prison

    Keep the jezebel inna prison because him nuh wah mi buk him a road!!!!

    Cutless fi di bwoy!!

    cutlass fi di bwoy!!

  529. miachica…why would? I hav friends that work at olint 1 and 2…none of my family wasn’t slow enough to get conned by carlos hill part 2 sooo wen it all come to light we shall see….as I sed him owe two BIG MAN weh him used to own a plane with[hint hint] near a billion dollars…and i promise u out of any money left they’ll get before the small fries

  530. mi jus did a wait fi the news buss. …

    Damn set a eeediot!!

    Tek village lawyah fi fool!!!

    Mek mi ketch the bwoy!!

    Di bwoy a go feel it!!

    rope and lass fi deh bwoy!!!!

    tire and cersine oil!!!!

  531. TopShotta

    Because none of your fmaily have money to putt in there…

    Your just a poor ass Commoner so shut your mouth!!!

    Everybody who was anybody had money in Olint sad to say.

    So dont come here with your high and might I knew better BULLSHYT!!!

    You probably tek bus go home a daytime!!!

  532. youngmoney

    i know the money is gone. I am facing reality and I am big enough to admit that I got duped. Like a fool, I waited months, and months and months believing the BS. Even as recent as last week I kept going to my Wachovia bank in the US to see if a wire had arrived. My bank manager finally told me to contact my sources because it was evident there was something wrong.

    Notice I said Wachovia bank in the US.
    NOT via NCB
    As a matter of fact I have never gotten any wires from OLINT that have been routed through NCB
    The fact is, we were all gullible and we weren’t doing our own due diligence.

  533. listen to Beat It by Michael Jackson and imagine David Smith

  534. TopShotta

    I only risked less than 10% a my assests but I dont care its still money I work for.

    Anywyz just rember when you trying to rub things in people face karma is a bitch!!!!

  535. SAH,

    The really screwed up thing is the Jamaican economy WILL be affected adversely by this, how much and in what way/s remains to be seen….

  536. LOL right I tek bus …seen well at least my family house nah get forclosed on becah me tek loan agenst it fi put inna olint LOOOOOOOL

  537. OMG better yet, Smooth Criminal. Much more fitting!

  538. di way david smith was ballin out hell[u ever see hima t casino] i wud hav been retarded to trust him with my money

  539. aivd smith was a good upstanding dude…wudnt their still be 80 percent of ur money in olint…the most that’s supposed to be risked is 20 correct?….it aint dere so….wat does that say?

  540. Edit :
    if David Smith

  541. Villagelawyah,

    anyone with money in olint is adult and supposed to be responsible for them own damn decisions. Right now if you think karma ago clap me or topshotta or anyone else IMAGINE what it ago do to DS!

  542. ma nah go hav enough time to work pon him…cah me sure seh some people ago reach him before dat…Villagelawyah…I laugh at u

  543. TopShotta

    You probably live a portmore LMAO!!!

  544. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL hush yah villagelayah i’da vex to if david smith ever teif 10% of my asset dem

  545. teif it an go a casino go floss it out

  546. U remember all dem panama story deh young money LOOOOOOOOOOOL BALLIN!!!

  547. Quite so….

  548. youngmoney,

    do know how many people in the U.S have put money in Olint or a sub account. I personally know nuff! People leaveraged themself to the hilt and now everything just gone?? Not only Jamaica will be adversely affected but a whole lot of us up here. Heres where the rubber will meet the road a lot of US citizens were in Olint and I can assure you lawsuits will be flying , because they dont like to lose money and they are sue happy. its a disaster

  549. Johnny is back!what’s going on guys unnu never believe me seh David a nuh tief see it deh di feds hold on pon wi money,let me tell unnu sumting though u see all the bank dem in jamaica a go suffer dem too wicked everybody a try screw the man cause dem too bad mind and nuh wah nobody fi have money like dem.I gwaan tell unnu sumting else David a go pul thru dis and all unnu weh against him gwaan sorry!!!!likkle problem and all of a sudden the man is a monster unnu too wicked that’s why we jamaicans can’t reach nuh weh we must try stick together.nuff a unnu pon dis blog a informer fi di bank dem but unnu gwaan laugh unnu soon outta job and haffi a walk and kick stone.

  550. Johnny Cockran – mi tink yu dead ! Nuh yu same one defend de killa bwoy OJ ??

    Seem like yu defend pure criminality. Pay mus good fe sell yu soul.

  551. top shotta
    10% of your assets is your cell phone

  552. Gfce,

  553. Olint crashed

    Jay/Nocotec/Jason/DaveSin/John Doe all disappear all of a sudden, they gone to celebrate.

    I remember when olint was raided, and people panic, and were lodging big cheques at DBG/N.C.B. , all my Fund Manager freinds were celebrating

  554. Well not much point in them coming here now telling you guys “I told you so”. They did tell you so. It is quite sad to see how easily so many of my fellow Jamaicans could have been hoodwinked by the promise of 10% per month. Sad indeed. Oh well you live and you learn. This was indeed a very expensive lesson for many folks.

  555. You all cannot be serious? Step back and read the malicious intent on this site. Some of you sound like ignorant nouveau riche ..who should really be grateful to DS for making you such. I wish I could publish my name to establish my credibility, but unfortunately I am involved to a certain level in this matter. All I can truly say is that if you all think for 1 sec that DS has not “stepped on some toes” you are sadly mistaken. Unfortunately, there are entitites that have in fact “pressured” other entities and persons of power to Bear down on DS. Please look at the director of board of companies/National Associations that are “reporting” Olint and DS to Financial Agencies and Services… these are “public” info in the USA AND CANADA (hint hint). Once more.. AND CANADA. Go do your due diligence before you post and accuse. You are all behaving exactly as intended. In my position I am able to clearly see over the years how apparent it is that most Jamaicans are clueless as to the monopolies that have been and are established in JA. While I have no money in Olint (I am not allowed to), I can safely say that DS has challenged something that no other Jamaican has. One day, I hope that the real truth will be told… which based on how the boys club in JA operates… that may be wishful thinking.

  556. I agree, maybe people should go to AIC site and look and see how they earn their money.. No. 5 is Forex… and guess what…more and more Ja’cans will be running to this…go figure…I wonder if MLC keeps the 40%.
    FOOLS you all ARE!!! Go to bns intl site…BNS JA.. is the 2nd most profitable BNS bank in the WOLRD.. ranking Dropped since Olint started.. Go figure!? BNS head office based in Canada… Hmm…. head office dont like this i guess….neither does MLC.. pressure is ON for DS.
    I agree wid the finanjudge….unu fi duh unu Due diligence and stop act like the masses when unun choose unu leader based on who a give out bread an rice! Stop wasting unu time a write foolishness and Go use Google and see what really a gwaan.

  557. read today gleaner and obsever

  558. its really happening

    No whistle blower. “Marketing” materials and techniques attracted attention (that’s what they’re supposed to do, of course), just the wrong sort.. Conspiracy theories are ill-informed rubbish. Funny, though, if anything can be funny in this grim, sad, miserable affair.

  559. moderator start a thread that says how much money i have with olint so people can have an idea the real extent of these losses, senders can change their names for confidentiality

  560. Most of you people on this blog are so insensitive. I have been saving with Olint for the past two years. Banking institutions won’t lend though you save with them, all because you don’t have enough money. They are not willing to help a young man or woman prosper. Pulled and invested in Olint. Unfortunately I have lost over 30g at this point. Not sure where to go from here. Is it that I have to face reality and move on? But how?

  561. So OLINT made on on the front page of the gleaner. I guess wi haffi hol wi belli an bawl!

  562. Just heard that DS was arrested in TCI. Can anyone confirm?

  563. What is the real story now

  564. heard he was detained for questioning and then released

  565. TCI FX Traders Ltd
    Deacon House Leeward Highway
    (next to Pizza Pizza)
    649 9417778
    649 9417723

  566. Good news! Here are the returns from the beginning of the year!

    Jan. 9%
    Feb. 12%
    Mar. 8%
    April 22%
    May 29%
    June 36%
    July 47% (projected)

    Don’y worry. We’re making money hand over fist!

  567. WOO 47%!!!! All Hail David Smith!

  568. Told you so, there is nothing funny about ur post, it is malcious to make fun of people in times like these.

    Reserve u place in hell from now.

  569. DS has broken his silence


  570. Too many bad minded people on this forum, Olint was real and people are not greedy to want 10% a month.
    Should Jamaican people settle with 300USD per month and be happy?

  571. If theres life..theres hope


  573. This is truly a Test. But the truth will be known soon. In the interim all bloggers must pray for DS and his vision to break the back of Poverty for many people

    Therefore lets declare that :

    no weapon forged against DS and Olint will prevail,
    and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
    and this is their vindication from me,”
    declares the LORD.

  574. Yea pray fi your money cause that really what u praying for.

  575. David clearly needs our help and instead of helping to bring him down we should offer a portion of our accounts to help him with his legal fees. There is money but there are very influential forces working against him. The truth will soon be told.

  576. i notice at lot of you detractors have gone quiet.
    How come? did you get some news, that may have taken the wind out of your sails.
    So next time wait on the outcome of an event before mouthing off an gloating. I wish David all the best (because at this point the best for him works out for us)

  577. Johnny Cockroach:

    Typical Olint Investor; fail to see the forest from the trees!

    Listen, there is a new crop of Detractors (mostly Olint Investors) that have taken over the reins and, have basically, put the “old timers” to shame. So, we have taken a step back and allowing these new entrants carry the torch. We only step in when things are going astray and we would step in from time to time to keep things on messages. LOL.

  578. well i guess capital blu and others like their ilk must be paying you guys handsomely to take the fight to david

  579. DaveSin,

    You and the other old timers are nothing but losers, why fault others for taking risk. People like you sit on the sidelines and criticize the participants in the game, get a life.

  580. now that ds has outlined a plan for investors in olint to get back their money, all of you detractors have gone quiet.What has happened to the attacks,innuendos and snide remarks.I for one will give him the time to trade to redeem the losses and pay back monies owed,and i suggest all olint investors do the same.Any other course of action will only make matters worse

  581. @ Janice
    Whats up? not seeing any postings from you
    do you have anything to share

  582. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
    None but ourselves can free our mind.
    Have no fear for atomic energy,
    ‘Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time.
    How long shall they kill our prophets,
    While we stand aside and look?
    Yes, some say it’s just a part of it:
    We’ve got to fulfill the book.

    David’s only crime is that he tried to free his people from financial bondage.
    When will we wake up and give credit to those who have the courage to try and change this world.

  583. Remember how LEwfam and Olint were started?
    They both were started based because “A prophetic Word” came so Lewfam & Ol are not fly by night Ponzy scheme as the white collarist are saying.

    These two investment schemes were prophetically sent for Christians; but unfortunately the greedy red eyes uncircumcised philistines got involved with their evil intentions. Some of whom get their wagga – wagga money and still the poor ion their family are still living in filth. Selfish bulls and cows.

    SOOOO God is going to restore DS , OL and its true investors for whom he was sent.
    So don’t watch the storm don’t watch the flood don’t watch the bad Breeze it will come to drive out, drown out; all the Rats, TWO legged PUSS and PERSECUTORS.

  584. Sheila Moonlight ,

    Well, if that was the calling of DS and OL they need to light candles and find his way back on track. Even, if DS has to distance himself from bad influence and agendas.

  585. To all members of Lewfam Investment LLC,who are legal residence of the United States,and are affected by this present situation. I have spoken to the FBI Federal Bureau OF Investigation about the present situation and they are very interested in investigating this as a possible WHITE COLLAR CRIME. However they need as much people as possible to make a complaint.So please contact the Atlanta,Georgia office of the FBI (404)679-9000. And tell them you are calling to report about the LEWFAM FOREX Investment and one initial report was already made.

  586. They stop taking calls at 12:00 midnight

  587. To members of Lewfam in the United States MAINLY FLORIDA RESIDENCE,call the Miami office of the FBI and report the situation to the WHITE COLLAR SQUAD.(305) 944-9101 so they can investigate the situation.I spoke with them and they are encouraging as much peole as possible to call.Dont beleive these people and their empty promises,they are just buying time to do whatever they are doing behind the curtain.When was the last time you got some news from them with some depth and substance,not since this situation arise.Investors your best route of protection now is the law even if it takes a long time you have a great percentage of hope of getting something back.For me to beleive something that Lewfam and DS says these days I HAVE TO SEE IT IN MY HANDS.Folks please call dont be afraid.ONCE YOU HAVE PROOF THAT YOUR FUNDS ARE LEGITIMATE NO PROBLEM, ITS NOT ILLEGAL TO JOIN THESE CLUBS WHAT IS ILLEGAL IS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO PEOPLE.The FBI is begging you to call (305) 944-9101 they are eager to jump unto this.These people are getting paid to protect the public.

  588. It apears that “concerned Investor” is in fact the TCI Police investigators. Please govern yourselves accordingly.

  589. I am calling on each everyone who has been rip-off by Olint and the feeder clubs to email me at olintripoffrecovery@yahoo.ca. Guys some of you have lost houses, cars, all your financial security, but you haven’t lost your soul. I was duped too and I am on the road to recovery , I can show you how. David Smith was looking out for himself, I am looking to help everyone and in the process i am helping myself too. there is strength in numbers, I look forward to hearing from you all.

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