Sage One: In Vision

And it came to pass that after buning a chalice full of calli weed The Sage One fell into deep meditation and a vision was revealed.

And beheld a small group of denizens who with gnashing of teeth called for brimstones and fire to rain down on he who used to be the Worshipped of The Day. For by now many months had passed since the great consolidation and manna (lint) still had not fallen from “O”enven.

And I speak unto them say “why art thou angry and not of good cheer?”

And they replied as one saying “yu no si di man tek wi moni and gawn?” I enquire of them why their numbers were so small to which they replied “Bwai a nuf piipl get rab but dem shame fi come public, dem no waan piipl si se dem fool fool”.

I enquired of their well being and was “bwai yu waan si di bank tek back di kyaar and wi affi a hide fram di bailiff”.

I the ask them “why did you not heed the warning of the Sage One who prophesied pain and suffering?”

To which they answered: “Yu waan si di money did yuu sweet when it did a run”.


OLINT starts to Fight back

Radio Jamaica is reporting that OLINT’s legal team, led by Lord Anthony Gifford, was in the judge’s chambers in the Turks and Caicos on Monday, July 28, 2008. It is understood from the report that they have started presenting arguments why the assets of OLINT should not be frozen.

The assets were frozen on July 14, 2008, two weeks ago, when raids were carried out on OLINT TCI’s office and David Smith’s home. Subsequently their have been reports of the Department of Justice in the USA, in a letter dated July 11, 2008, freezing the assets of David Smith, OLINT TCI, TCI FX, Ingrid Loiten, May Daisy and Gareth Harris held in that country. 

OLINT direct and in-direct clients in Jamaica, the Caribbean, North America will be waiting anxiously for more news. OLINT and it related affiliates and ‘feeder’ clubs have failed to pay clients interest or honour withdrawal request for many months.

Source: OLINT starts battle in TCI