David Smith – fingers crossed

In an interview with Cliff Hughes, an emotional David Smith of Olint says he hopes and pray to God that come Friday July 11, 2008 the funds will be in Jamaica. He claims he only had a little more than 10% share in I-Trade at any point not the 100% as claimed by the NFA complaint. He blames time and his lawyers advice for failing to release his personal and business records.

Here are some quotes….

  • “Well right now it appears that the NFA was doing due diligence on I-Trade FX”
  • “Well this is no secret in Jamaica that … MTI group of family trades money on behalf of Olint”
  • “Well… as you know ..I think I answered that awhile ago , I think the due diligence  has held the money up”
  • “I want them to release the funds”
  • “I have a commitment to next week Friday( July 11, 2008 )  and I really hope and pray to God They will release these funds that I’ll get money in to Jamaica by next week Friday( July 11, 2008 )” 
  • “The whole of Jamaica should be supporting us and hope to God that we finally come through”
  • “The loyalty is kind of trickling down”
Questions they should have asked is when did he first deposit money with the NFA, when did he become a principal? and when did he step down as a principal?
You can now listen to the clips

David Smith alone – 16 min 
David Smith and Martinez -27 min

as heard on Nation Wide News (http://nationwidenewsnetwork.com/)