Higgins Warner announces new payment dates

Max Higgins Warner has announce “new” payment dates on his website.

I suppose by now all Max investors would have recongnized that this man is either really stupid  or just does not know when he has won.

This is what he wrote to his ” investors”.

As of Tuesday, March 10, 2009 loan payments will be paid by bank wire. Bank wire details we don’t have, we will ask for. Please don’t submit your bank wire details unless we ask for it. Also the order of payment will be controled only by Higgins Warner. Do not send us any request for they will not be honoured. Creditors and Lenders will have to wait until they recieve their bank wire. These are hard times through the world, however Higgins Warner will pull through for 2009.

Sign. Emile Maxim St. Patrick Higgins, President/CEO/Chairman
Higgins Warner Group International

I guess he will be the next one in jail, guess we will have to wait and see.

Higgins Warner payments, real or a hoax

Higgins Warner has posted on its website names and “checks” that have been allegedly being sent to its “investors” as payments for monies owed.

They have listed names and amounts send via Fedex, but are these checks for real or are the checks not worth the paper they are written on.

Higgins Warner website


We also decided to track the packages to see if they were actually sent and picked up, see tracking information here.


So is it for real, are these checks good, or just another grand fraud being setup by Max.

You decide

Higgins Warner Domains For Sale

Since disappearing off the scene, Higgins Warner has not only left investors holding the bag but has also let my suppliers and service providers unhappy.

One such service provider is moved to sell the domains. If you are interesting in purchasing the domains below

  • higginswarnermusic.com
  • worldfootballidol.com
  • waltdisneymundosa.com
  • maxhiggins.com

 e-mail: alcarajo@gmail.com for details