David Smith to be sentenced Thursday, Aug 11, 2011

If  prosecutors have their way David Smith the man who ran one of the largest Ponzi scheme in Jamaica and the Caribbean could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The fall of David Smith’s empire is nothing short of incredible,as at one point in time, if you did not have money in Olint you must have been an idiot. The “club” as it was called was exclusive and if you could not get in you just turned to a “pig” ie you latched unto someone who was already in the club.

The client that he had was some the who’s who in Jamaica and was said to have included some well heeled individual as well as some financial analyst. As Smith await his faith on Thursday, I am amazed at how he appears to have decided to take the full fall and not name his co-conspirators, some of  whom  made a lot more than he did in the fraudulent scheme.

That is so not “cool”. David is like a man in the middle of the desert on a fertile piece of land.

If you get my drift.



Heard the Feds were in the tourist resort last week “cooling”  or was it “staking out”, not sure we will just have to wait until we hear from the District Attorney.

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  1. Notes to Editors:

    Beryn Duncanson has in bygone years acted as legal counsel to the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) party, and in that capacity recently attended the Constitutional talks that were held in London in June with Henry Bellingham, Minister for the Overseas Territories. Those talks resulted in a new Constitution for the Islands and Duncanson’s subsequent comments in the press criticising the PNP party leadership’s performance at the talks caused a local political firestorm. A considerable portion of the PNP’s (Progressive National Party) leadership await to see who amongst themselves will be indicted on various criminal/corruption charges stemming from the Helen Garlick investigations following the Commission of Inquiry into systemic local corruption under the last elected administration.


  2. Audley Shaw, the Minister of Finance, has fired back at the Opposition which has been accusing him of keeping the country in the dark…

    From : Audley Shaw[mailto:fitzalbert_2@yahoo.com]
    Sent : 11/11/2006 11:01:13 AM
    To : dsmith@kasnet.com
    Cc :
    Subject : RE: fx trading
    It was a pleasure meeting you and your dear wife. I’m glad that you shared your knowledge and concerns with me. A friend of
    mine is keen on investing and would like to talk with you or better yet, he wants to meet with you if possible. He has asked me
    to fly over with him to see you when it is convenient to you. Please let me know.
    Regarding the Australian model of fx trading to help with public debt, is there any published information on it? Please let me
    know. I’d really like to learn more about it.
    Thanks again for our meeting as I now have a better grasp of the issues.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kindest regards and compliments.
    Audley Shaw

  3. First: Ask the authorities for your money back. Do nothing to bring Smith to face the music. In fact, actually thwart efforts to bring Smith to truth and honesty.

    Ride on the backs of others and the memory of the dead. Then write to ask for mercy on Smith. And claim christianity? Why ask for mercy? Is it not the sole domain of God?

    More letters….and more to come…

    Click to access 6_10-cr-00232-MSS-DAB-Doc47-letters.pdf

  4. Genesis to The Revelation of John. Many more than Smith have read that and many times too. But we read that before any troubles are upon us….and are guided accordingly….

    Click to access 6_10-cr-00232-MSS-DAB-Doc52-letters.pdf

  5. I think about the many who suffered under David Smith who have no commissary to share at all tonight.

    Brace Jamaica?

  6. There seems to be a mental flaw floating in these supporters of David Smith. If that is not the case then they must be venal.

    David Smith traded (put on a platform to be traded) less than 99% of the money he stole. So their was no “High Risk” of trading that was ever faced by investors. He stole the money BEFORE he had a chance to place it at “high risk.”

    Later while doing the utmost nasty thing in telling people to sign a form saying they accept that they could lose all the money through trading BEFORE they could access their accounts shows the nature of this man and his supporters.

    As is now show in court documents he had squandered the majority of the money. That money NEVER went to a trading platform. So what was the intent Jonathan Simpson? To tell people (after they signed a fraudulent bullying letter) that their money had now been lost trading?

    When their funds never “made it” to be traded?


  7. Oliver Smith says Smith spent his formative years in a nuturing environment while his wife and sister say he grew up under an abusive alcoholic father?

    Lies and more Lies….

    • Yeah…. His Dad was an alcoholic and a brilliant math and physics teacher/vice pricncipal at my high school next to Heroes Circle back in the 70s…. Definitely drank and smoke too much for his own good…

  8. Now that the REAL cases begin after tomorrow I would have thought even the thieves might try to get their “story” straight.

  9. There a two sides to every story….

  10. Curse onto the venal?

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to the lowest level since September 2010, increasing fears, locally, that Jamaica may be dragged into deep recession.
    Golding administration and impact on Jamaica

    And the jolting shock waves that shook the core of the world’s most powerful economic markets have caused the Golding Government to take a deeper look at how it’s crafting the Supplementary Estimates of Expenditure to be tabled in Parliament within a matter of weeks.


  11. The Jamaican police yesterday refused to discuss an incident in the upscale St Andrew community of Jacks Hill, last Friday, in which a United States (US) diplomat was robbed at gunpoint of cash and “sensitive” US Embassy documents.

    “We are yet to interview the diplomat involved because he was too traumatised to speak, but a formal report is expected to be submitted to officials in the US soon,” the investigator told The Gleaner.


  12. He added: “If investors are serious about getting information, they should join with me in putting pressure on Mr (Carlos) Hill. He is the one who has the legal responsibility to provide the money.


  13. Courtroom filling up…

    To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express our thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. I hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

  14. “David just a quick note to say… so far, so good with the results. just waiting on the next two recounts to exhale.”

    Ambassador Audrey Marks, 2007

  15. St. Lucia “fund managers” on edge…bags packed tickets booked.

  16. US$6 Million was their paltry offer for their own freedom. Shows how much they value themselves….

  17. Jamaican Ambassador passes comments on internal British Government policies.

    The ambassador noted that it was suggested that it was mainly economic groups at the centre of the chaos. In addition to the lawless youths, he said the profile of the rioters was of the poor, unemployed and those who found the grants they were getting from various state agencies cut or reduced.


    Jamaica needs better representation overseas. Enough of appointees taken straight fro the trough!

  18. Letters from the victims coming up…. don’t switch that dial

  19. Some of the letters from die hard supporters of David Smith seem to try to place themselves as victims too. But when they try that ‘screechy’ they don’t seem very convincing do they?

  20. As the sentencing of David Smith/Olint proceeds we as ourselves why the Prime Minister who wrote to Olint victims saying “a fool and his money are soon parted” did not at the same time declare his own conflict of interest as a beneficiary of OLINT?

    He seemed so far removed form the “fools” in his statement as if he had never heard the name David Smith.

    Have we seen where conflicts of interest have been excluded in other matters?

    What a travesty…

  21. Barry Francis 6 hours ago
    What did you expect from the people who benifitted from his activities ?
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    Peter 2 hours ago in reply to Barry Francis
    Succinctly said!! You can definitely identify the ones who benefited the most from the writers of these letters. I wonder why we have heard anything from the thousands who lost everything. One person I understand cashed in his 401K funds, pulled equity from his house and sank approximately US$600K into Olint, quit his job and was living off his monthly gains. Once the well ran dry, he had to scurry to find a new job, while his house lost significant value, to the tune of being upside down on his Mortgage by US$200K!

    Doreen Grace 7 hours ago
    I note no mention of those who are negatively affected by his ‘goodness’. No one is all good nor bad, but this fraud perpetrated by David and his cohorts, not to mention his family, is just mind boggling. They must have known and certainly the connected ones in Jamaica also knew. I fervently hope for some ‘claw-back’ activity.

    THE FIREFOX 2 hours ago in reply to Doreen Grace
    Doesn’t the devil have devil worshippers?.

    Burnt and Hurting 1 hour ago
    Replying to Doreen Grace
    People like David give Christianity a bad name. There is a special place in Hell for David.

    yumster 5 hours ago
    These friends and family members should be ashamed of themselves. The man wrecked many lives . He consciously made the decision to reap off investors living a “high life” with monies people worked for all their lives.
    I hope the day will come when other con-artists will be brought to justice.
    It seems some people in the corridor of power are protecting the rest of these bogus traders.

    raynor 4 hours ago
    I guess all those persons who loose the money dont exist. Not one of his family or friends say he did anything wrong, i guess they were apart of the lavish lifestyle that he and his family were enjoying at the expense of poor people. Mr. Smith knew what he was doing and therefore must be punish accordingly.

    NomDePloom 4 hours ago
    Mr. Smith is not a good person, period. He perpetrated a fraud that enriched him and his family while leaving any number of folks in the Caribbean and the US a whole lot poorer. His crimes may not be the violent kind but there are victims nonetheless. Yes, folks were not obliged to invest in his Ponzi scheme but that’s not a good enough excuse for preying on and perversely taking advantage of people’s insecurities and vulnerabilities and for that he must do some major time.

    Carlton Reynolds 3 hours ago
    Ah,poor David, smitten by the bug of greed and urged on by fellow gluttons he could not help himself. Noble,honest intentions were reluctantly cast aside as the feeding frenzy intensified! “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” as the cliche says, and David was just mending a few pot-holes! He is a good person alright, good-for-nothing. I am sorry for his children,only they deserve our sympathy! The other victims deserve contempt.
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    Bash_play 1 hour ago
    I’m a good person too, but I don’t go around defrauding innocent people millions of dollars, long sentence wi seh!!!!!!!!!


  22. manofgod39 1 hour ago
    This man once walk with the lord and now have turned his back on God. He as gone against everything God as plan for him , so he started stealing and now his time as come. I hope he repent and return the money he as stolen from the people and ask God to forgive him and mercy on him. Today he will know how much time he will get. This man as hurt so many people and there children future, its hard sometime to feel sorry for him but the God who require us to have mercy, is same God who is a God of justice so he must pay the price.
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    masrog 1 hour ago
    A good person does not take the hard earn income of others and use it for his own gain. Now I would not place all the blame on Mr. Smith as some of the people who went along with his scheme were greedy and trying to get something for nothing. This was not a lottery. This was predicated on him investing the monies of well meaning people and reaping interest. He did not do that. Instead he built for himself, families and cronies a lavish lifestyle. If he had invested the monies and lost them in say the Madoff construction industry in the US that is taking a beating then it would be understood that he just had some “bad luck”. No think again, he cannot be classified as a “good man.
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    Jnr31 2 hours ago
    Sounds just like ediats who support Dons because they are “good” to them and help them out. Rubbish he is a criminal and should be punished.

    Debbsdebs 2 hours ago
    It always baffles me that because a thief didn’t hold people at gun point and steal their money, they are still a “good” person. A thief is a thief and David Smith is no different from gun men who robs and prey on people.
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    Moron Detector 2 hours ago
    How come his benefactors from St Thomas and Portland haven’t submitted any letters?
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    Paulpee 2 hours ago
    R U kidding me? I know this might be a stretch for some people but I think this is the same mind set of some mothers of murderers who cover up for their miscreant children!
    My son isn’t really a bad person its just circumstances in life that caused him to do this.
    To the people giving glowing testimonials, imaging your 64, taking all your savings and putting it in Olint, you have been working for umteen years and will have to retire in a year. This fellow blows your LIFE SAVINGS. Now rewrite your opinion of him.
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    chucky 2 hours ago
    There are people on earth who still say and believe that though satan rebelled and sinned in heaven God should be lenient and give him a second chance to repeat the same sin over and over up there because he was a good guy for some who gained from his evil, but you know what ! God said, the law is the law, no matter what or who you are, so David Smith is no different, go to hell.
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    Pink Panther 3 hours ago
    It would have been a good sign if David Smith declared where all the cash and assets are hidden. His willingness at this stage to attempt to reimburse Investors in Jamaica where it all started their principal at best would have gone a far way.

    Then again his Political friends and his inner circle got back all their money so to hell with the majority of Jamaicans.

    Leniency should be entertained if restitution was made and this has not been done to Jamaicans living here who were part of this scheme via Church, directly with Olint or some other method of piggy banking.

    It’s unfortunate that you were caught up in the GREED, but even more no concern re those who you brought down.
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    R-TRUTH 4 hours ago
    David has been found guilty and should be treated as such
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    cg 5 hours ago
    I am sure he was good to these people but it was at the expense of these gullible investors, i saw my former co-workers who worked for him drove spanking new BMWs in no time, he was good to them. they should prison all those who are coming to vow for him.
    “Judge, less than 150 years is not justice”


  23. 30 years. Less than life.

  24. Guest
    Are you serious, only 30 years.. You know how many people’s life that thief destroyed??! People killed themselves and their financial lives were ruined, this man should have gotten life without Parole!
    Today, 6:15:54 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like
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    Seriously!!!! Should have been life without parole!!!!
    Today, 6:27:43 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like

    even though i lost money in two of these schemes i could not with a clear conscience rejoice. he is without sin cast the first stone
    Today, 6:35:35 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like
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    the JLP should give back the amount taht sponsor their election campaign
    Today, 6:36:23 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like
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    looking on
    Well those 30 years going feel like living hell, coming from that lavished lifestyle he lived off of people’s hard earned money.
    Today, 6:40:15 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like
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    life imprisonment would be appropriate
    Today, 6:41:41 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like


  25. Jim
    I hope that`s with no parole….
    Today, 6:46:10 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like

    looking on
    Sadly,,, even though he will face the music all by himself,,,he was’nt the only one who greatly benefited.
    People have really suffered.
    Today, 6:52:47 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like

    john john

    new york
    should have got what bernie madoff got in new york 30 years is not enough
    Today, 7:21:46 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like


  26. At least this stage is over and the more interesting times start now Smitty….

  27. The Honorable Mary S. Scriven
    United States District Judge
    Courtroom # 5 B, Fifth Floor,
    U.S. Courthouse
    401 West Central Blvd.
    Orlando Fl ,32801

    Christopher Walker, MD
    6464 Lake Burden View Drive
    Windermere, Fl 34786

    Re: USA vs David Smith
    Case number: 2007R02170 ; Docket number-10-CR-00232

    June 25, 2011

    Dear Hon. Scriven:
    It has come to my attention that David Smith one of the conspirators involved in the OLINT Ponzi scheme will have his sentencing hearing in your Federal Court on August 11, 2011 after pleading guilty to all charges placed by the U.S. Department of Justice.
    Your honor, I would like to request your assistance in the recovery of monies stolen by David Smith and stashed in well known off shore locations such as the United Arab Emirates, Panama and Belize.
    David Smith defrauded over six thousand investors including myself and my father a retired 86 year old man who fought life’s obstacles including being a champion of the American Civil Rights movement and being the first minority to attend the University of Minnesota to pursue higher education.
    Today your honor, the glimmer and zest my father had for life has quickly faded. Not only has this man suffered from poor health but for the last 3 years of his life he has suffered daily with the mental anguish of not knowing if he will realize one penny of his life savings which were stolen from him by David Smith.
    David Smith, through a family friend was able to convince my Dad and myself to invest in his so called hedge fund which amounted to nothing more than an elaborate Ponzi scheme.
    Over time and with the assistance of a retained Public Relations Marketing Company known as Creative Marketing Ltd., this criminal was able to have my father and six thousand other investors trust him enough to invest our funds with him resulting in him being able to live a lavish lifestyle inclusive of leasing a private jet, exploiting women by flying young Russian girls into the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) for sexual parties, political bribery and the purchase of a fleet of exotic motor vehicles for himself and his family.
    Up to the present moment, David Smith continues to exhibit arrogance and contempt for law and order. In fact through his attorney he advised my father’s legal counsel he has no intention of returning his retirement money or entering into any form of negotiation as he fully expects to get off with only 5-6 years behind bars and then return to his awaiting family members, who he indirectly continues to provide for since none of them work to this current date.
    David Smith and his wife have actively made attempts to conceal the monies stolen in Off-shore jurisdictions and in fact have requested their attorney Mr. Courtney Barnett to continue to accept legal representational fees “under the table”. Mr. Barnett has corroborated to many people that the Smith’s have hidden money in the locations previously mentioned.
    With the assistance of their lawyers the Smith’s have made a mockery to date of the judicial system. The last insult was having the Smith lawyers advise David Smith and his wife to get pregnant, although they had completed their family, so that a court would demonstrate leniency towards the wife.
    Currently, his defense attorney’s are using the fact that he has a one year old child, a fact that your Court I humbly ask, uses to admonish him on in his sustained efforts to deceive and manipulate the justice system.
    By his own admission, David Smith and his wife Tracey have not earned any significant income since February 2005 except from the proceeds of the Ponzi scheme. His wife Tracey, in an attempt to seek leniency from the court obtained a job as an Elementary School Teacher in the TCI. It is interesting that to date, they are still capable of paying the legal fees for their criminal attorneys Mr. Oliver Smith and Timmy McClain not to mention the attorney’s who have represented them in civil matters-namely: Lord Anthony Gifford Q.C., Huntley Watson, Jacqueline Brown and Tom Tavares-Finson.

    It is paramount that I highlight the fact that David Smith created the Ponzi scheme in Jamaica and that the first phase of the Ponzi scheme diverted proceeds to Panama, through an entity known as OLINT. Then through political bribery he created the final phase of the Ponzi scheme known as OLINT TCI, which to date is the only phase to be audited by forensic auditors.
    My point your Honor, is that David Smith and his family have large sums of money that has not been accounted for which were transferred to Panama and to date, because of Panamanian laws the task of tracing these funds has been unsuccessful.
    Your Honor as I mentioned prior NO member of Smith’s immediate family work or derive any significant income capable of legitimately paying their legal bills. These family members include his brother- Gilbert Wayne Smith, wife- Tracey Smith with four children, mother- Edith Smith, mother in law- Sybil Goffe and brother in law, Kurt Goffe.
    After a signing a Plea Agreement with the U.S. Justice Department, excusing his wife from prosecution, David Smith finally co operated with Federal authorities and confessed to money laundering and fraud in the TCI.
    The action of the Smith’s has resulted in the decimation of the financial earning of an entire generation of people, most of whom are minorities who struggled to earn a profession and to make a meaningful contribution to society. Over twelve of his victims are unable to write to you because they have committed suicide due to financial strain and major depression.

    It is my sincere wish that David Smith and his family members understand that through hard honest work and education all things can be realized. However, living a lavish lifestyle by stealing from others and ruining the lives of both the young and elderly because of personal greed cannot be forgiven and should never be tolerated.

    Bearing the above in mind, I on behalf of myself and the other six thousand investors, ask that David Smith get’s a life sentence because of the ruin and destruction to the lives of his victims. Sadly, he continues to pretend he is sympathetic and that he suddenly has acquired a close relationship to God, a relationship he used prior to get many Church members and other Church based organizations to invest in his scheme.

    Alas, his actions and words uttered to date speak of a man who fully intends to return to a lavish lifestyle using his hidden millions to fund his nefarious activities.
    Your Honor I further ask for your kind assistance by ordering Smith to serve his sentence passed by you in Federal Prison in the United States and not to credit any time spent in the Turks and Caicos prison system.
    Should David Smith make a sincere effort to co-operate with your Court, I ask that you order him to return his hidden millions, including the funds hidden in locations such as Panama to the US Justice Department on behalf of us, his victims.
    This stipulation would give us the victims some hope of potential partial restitution.


    Christopher Walker, MD, FACOG, FICS

  28. guest
    He should have gotten life w/o parole plus 30yrs of hard work without any rest what so ever. People work too hard to save money and he just wipe it all out
    Today, 7:46:18 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like

    The United States should extradite Carlos Hill, and take the case from the Jokers in Jamaican justice system.
    Today, 7:57:38 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like
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    Glad he received a more appropriate sentence than the 6 year joke of a sentence he was given in TCI. Now the justice department can move on to pursue charges against the sub club bosses that participated in this fraud. Hopefully, charges will be levied against Major Neil Lewis, head of the Lewfam club, in the near future.
    Today, 8:18:41 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like

    Not sure if the 30 years he got fits the damage he caused as he KNOWINGLY defrauded investors. I was not an investor in his but my family and I invested in Worldwise after doing our own research and speaking to members of the Company. Initially, we were advised that 80% of our investment was secured so we were aware of the risk of loosing 20% of our investment. Four month later they removed there disclaimer and stated that none of the funds were secured so immediately we requested a refund and closure ofour accounts. To this day we still have not seen a dime. So, we did do our background checks, made our investment and still got screwed. I hope that Noel Strachan is paying close attention and that justice will one day be served in the eyes of all investors of Worldwide despite the fact that there is little hope of getting our cash back.
    Today, 9:02:05 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like

    Thirty years for David Smith appears to be a relatively light sentence. However, its more fitting than the six-year joke in the Turks. David certainly did not act alone and there are other individuals who certainly deserve prison time, too. They have been allowed to live lavish lifestyles with other persons’ monies, obtained through fraudulent means.

    David and others (including individuals who managed the New Kingston office) really staged an impressive con which, unfortunately, has wrecked many lives forever.
    Today, 9:12:54 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like

    30yrs is too much.
    Today, 9:43:00 PM GMT+01:00 – Flag – Like


  29. I would have to say congratulations to David and Oliver Smith. 30 years. Serve 60%? Out in maybe 18 years possibly less?

    And the concurrent running of the 6.5 years Turks Sentence?

    You have to say the criminals have done well. Evaluations of why may come. Maybe not enough people came forward or did not want to take the stand and spend money and do the work. Pride is powerful in Jamaica (See: Marcus Garvey: Philosophies and Opinions).

    All in all, a spade must be called a spade and to the victor the spoils. His family ( I use the term ‘fambily’ in the broadest sense here) must be happy.

    Back in Grand Turk prison 6.5 is a long time. Hurricane can mysteriously open the cell door and wash one to Brazil, Panama quite quickly.

    But the astute might just be waiting. Any number can play as they say.

    So it go some times.

    But again, congratulations are certainly in order for all those have actively supported David Smith and the crimes.

    Dreaming and waiting for justice in Cash Plus, Worldwise and others is a pipe dream for any couch potato. I can’t believe how many can not see that even now….

  30. “We know that our politics in this country was built by gangs and gangsters. We know that bullets were distributed freely in this country and some of us walk past, see and blind, hear and deaf, and that’s why we are alive today,” he added.

    The political ombudsman believes that the time has come for politicians to come together and tell the nation what ethical code they broke to achieve power.

    As a result of this breach of ethics, he said the country was dying and was desperately in need of healing.
    “We need healing, but society is busy trying to rule the land themselves. You try to watch our modern-day politicians, how many of them still hold onto God?” he asked.
    “Many of them, if they try to hold onto God, they do so hypocritically because the only time they remember God is when voting time come around, ” he argued.

    Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Confess-your-sins_9403387#ixzz1UlJppdI2

  31. Olint members see no hope of recovering money

    THE Association of Concerned Olint Members says today’s 30-year sentencing of David Smith was “the final blow to any hopes of direct or indirect co-operation from the former Olint boss” in the recovery of their money.
    “Three years ago, after his initial arrest, Mr Smith made a public commitment to Olint members to return 100 per cent of our money within nine months, if allowed to do so,” the group said in a news release today.
    “However, unlike other well-known persons in similar positions, Mr Smith has never been accorded an opportunity to actively work on repaying his members.”
    The group said its major concern remains the amount of money that members will be able to recover.
    “Understandably, this is not the primary concern of the United States government, and it does not appear that the US attorney for the Middle District of Florida is under any obligation to allow us to independently verify the actual amount of our money that he has recovered.
    “Our understanding of the published plea bargain is that David Smith was providing them with valuable information that would lead to the recovery of substantial amounts of our money. To date, we have had no word from the district attorney on the additional money, if any, that has been recovered as a result of David Smith’s cooperation,” the group said.

    Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Olint-members-see-no-hope-of-recovering-money#ixzz1UlZdEj1u

    Anyone can chat be it Oliver Smith, Barrow, ACOM anyone. But the TCFx money was seized against “bills and expenses” so remember this at times. He who laughs last lasts best….figure it out

    Anyway gentle people it’s been real I hope you can work it out for real I speak with genuine concern even for some of the supporters. Is just stupidity caused much of that.

    I’ll check from time to time if anything develops and I will remember you all but it’s time to move on…

    remember “the early bird catches the worm….”

  32. (wink) 🙂


    Red notice issued for Dr Kinay

    He added: “The perfectly legal political donation scheme that existed in the islands for many years was turned into a corruption scandal. To prove Misick is guilty, we were chosen as targets. I am a victim of politics, and I am innocent. I did not receive any benefits for any of my political donations. I will continue my defense in the international level.”

    Dr Kinay is widely recognized for his contributions to the travel industry, In 1996 he was lauded as Austria’s “Tourism Manager of the Year” and in 1997, as “Man of the Year” and Finally on 2007, he has been honored with “State Medal Of Austria”.


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