Olint, is it the broker’s fault?

We have in our possession a very interesting dialog between Oanda and an alleged club member.  Here are the details. We pondered whether or not to post it. We chose to post it and allow persons to draw their own conclusions rather than hiding it. 

Dear Sir/Madam

I am desperate. I need to confirm or deny whether or not

1. Does OLINT, TCI, David Smith have trading account(s) with you are not?
2. If so, are you indeed conducting due diligence on the OLINT/TCI/DAVid Smith accounts ?
3. If so, and when will this be over?

I really hope you will be able to assist, as 6 months without interest payments is not good. I have requested that my account be closed and they claim this cannot happen until the broker, release the money.

Thanks for your assistance
***** *******

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