Cash Plus Payday ?

We have learnt that US$75M has been located to pay out immediately and US$15M is to be paid out next week.

If true this would be a massive move for investors who lost so much.

I am however very skeptical and is of the view that this may be Carlos Hill back at his old tricks

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  1. Didn’t Carlos Hill declared all his assets worldwide to the Courts back in the 2008 time frame? If so, where is this US$$75 million coming from and wouldn’t this be considered “concealed” assets that were not disclosed and hence, additional criminal charges being possible?

    I find it hard to believe that Carlos Hill had US$75 Million from investors hidden in some oversees account/foundation, when investors’ funds were used to purchase properties, pay accrued (false) interest and meet ongoing withdrawals. He lost over US$10 Million alone with the Hylton Hotel Deal.

    Would love to hear where the US$75 Million and the other promised US$15 million came from to begin with. Unlike jay, I believe it would be foolish of Hill to perpetrate another fraud on the court at such a delicate stage of the trial if he cannot produce the promised funds. Interesting period lies ahead and for the investors, I hope the US$100 million materialize.

    • I am almost 99.9% sure that there is no money in any” foundation” out there.
      I would love to be wrong for the sake of Cplus investors.

  2. If you invested in Overseas Locket International Corporation, OLINT Corporation, OLINT TCI Corporation, Ltd. and/or TCI FX Traders, Ltd., between February 3, 2005 through July 15, 2008, inclusive, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the United States Government.

  3. That clip above is worth so many precious treasures.

  4. New Noel Strachan interview. I urge you to get in touch with the gleaner. This interview was garbage!

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