Bovell: OLINT Refused to be transparent (with interview)

An apparently disappointed, hurt and ‘troubled’ Peter Bovell told his side of the story.  Simply put only one person knows the story, David Smith. In Summary

  1. He and Joey Issa apparently still have money in OLINT. He and Joey Issa have no hundreds of millions in OLINT
  2. David Smith refused to show him the trading accounts. He begged David to get audited, be transparent, hoped the move to the TCI would have facilitated this.
  3. In February 2008, He told DS forget audited accounts let me see the money. He has not seen any proof that US $735/$750 million exists. 
  4. He felt the due diligence and other excuses were garbage
  5. Assisted David Smith to move to TCI with aim for David Smith to become legitimate.
  6. Earned a % of funds made by OLINT as part of earlier contract where he got a % of the profit. He acknowledges that it was profitable. 
  7. Terminated agreement in point #6 as he was tired of being in dark as he was frustrated with David’s resistance to be audited etc. Spilt with David in March 2008 or there about.
  8. Relationship with David Smith has soured as David Smith lied to him.
  9. Explored the Capital BLU partnership with OLINT but David Smith was not interested.
  10. Said he was never a director of OLINT
People are going to talk now, as the heat is on. 

Source: Nationwide News Network 

Click to Listen to Peter Bovell Interview


  • a section is missing. It was not deliberate. Once I get the full copy it will be posted, but since people are want to hear something here it is.
  • the quality is not the best
NB: To some critics why wanting to know why the audio late? We have other things doing…

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  2. wat are thay saying

  3. Are you guys listening to the interview with “Bovell(?)”. Its an eye opener!!!!

  4. This interview basically confirms the worst. The last hope was that OANDA account, and based on this interview it is obvious it doesn’t contain what it should.

  5. Peter Bovell is being unexpectedly forthcoming. If there was a 5% chance that the OANDA account existed when the interview started, then now its a 1% chance.

    Good job Cliff.

    What the media needs to do is to actually get to the bottom of this to find out what happen.

  6. Peter Bovell made a fee from Olint, for facillitating Olint move to TCI. Fee is based on profits olint makes from its trading (or the amount of funds under management). According to Peter, it has been a profitable venture betweeen Olint and Peter.

    DS told Bovell that he has $750 Million under management!!! But have not provide any proof.

  7. It was an excellent interview by both guys. You are right, Peter was very “open”. I wonder why?

  8. Peter Bovell and his family still has funds in Olint and neither him or his family has gotten paid since February from a compass card.

  9. Peter Bovell shoots straight from the hip….he takes no prisoners..anyone who is not more enlightened after this interview with Sir Cliff, Prof Elon and the man Peter Bovell.

    Cliff needs now to interview Chris issa….the other BIG investor who helped to move David to the TCI.

  10. He feels betrayed by David Smith

  11. inheritance gone wooow


  12. Why would DS refuse to show Peter B the Oanda accounts in February? Peter B was very close to DS prior to that time. Peter would have helped David to setup offshore. So why would Peter not have the access to that info as of February 2008?

    This suggests that DS could not prove up the $750M that he told PB he had.

    However, it is still not conclusive that the Oanda accounts have no money in them!

  13. Peter did say he got back more than he put in. The question is how much more. He pretended to be ignorant of the exact figures, even though he knows what the amount is.

  14. I havent spoken to one person yet that admitted to loosing more than they put in. It always the same response.

  15. Unless u were a newby…..u would have gotten back more than u invested….so most investors are losing their principal…that is if they weren’t letting it rool over and not taking anything……at all.

  16. …and by the way, the Bovell’s money can’t dun, inheritance or not.

  17. xzyled,

    Since you know his finances can you answer how much return he’s gotten back so far?

    I am guessing you were told?

  18. First Belcher in the Sunday Herald….now Bovell on Nationwide….who is next? Rass the money done fi true….right before the Olympics! Damn!

  19. miachica

    I know enough to know that teh bovell’s mney can’t dun even if they tried and yes I was told, but he will have to tell you his business……..and by the way, he watches this board with some interest….just so you know.

  20. sirach….and don’t forget Bovel in the Herald

  21. xzyled,

    O really wow….so who are the chinamen ?

  22. thats poppa bovel eeh

  23. As PB said “DS is acting very strange.”

    His actions are Not consistent with innocence.


  25. member
    we saw your post at the need to repeat it, if you want to call attention to it, why not decipher the crypt?

  26. btw, investforlife please, pretty pretty pretty please post the audio file if you have it..i was depending on my computer to listen to the program but thanks to flow i missed it and had to rely on an old transister to get the am band…heard much but not all.

    plz plz post the file for the sake of others like me who may have missed some of it, others who missed all, and even those who just want a chance to listen to it again and again.

  27. xzyled

    That is CB. How come the Herald did not show all the page 4 articles that came out in yesterday’s hardcopy?

    Interesting times.

  28. miachica

    I learnt long ago that ‘if fish come from water bottom and said shark down there’, take his word for it….Peter Bovell is a straight shooter and if he is inclined to throw in the towel, then I suggest that you all and ‘the chinamen’ do the same.

  29. well the chinamen ever get caught

    seem like them cover them tracks good.

    SD is an idiot.

    Where is AML

  30. sirach

    I agree, interesting times indeed

  31. I guess you guys missed the statement or I hear it wrong, but didn’t he say that the “US authorities” interviewed him (Peter Bovell)? Did anyone else heard that piece?

    Peter, if xzyled is correct and you are indeed reading this blog, could you confirm what I stated above?

  32. sirach:

    I will ask again, what was the “other” articles on page 4? Why not just say what it was?

  33. The chinamen are the people who ripped off DS and plowed the money into something else besides the FOREX market. David’s true business partners. The people who were given millions of dollars so David could make bigger money. Question to ask yourself is what is JIJ? It is the contract dispute that DS was talking about on July 4? F1 seems to have a contract dispute with I Trade FX and MD.

  34. AML,

    Thank you…..mi nuh you would reply

  35. U people are such sheep. U know nothing about Bovell yet u all begin to spin and speculate. How do u think the letter from Bovell to Smith got out? And what do u think his motive for releasing it is? If Mr. Bovell was so sincere then y did he not release Smiths reply. Bovell just trying to cover his own ass, do not be so blind. This statement in no way is to defend Smith he will get his due, whatever that might be. Jamaicans are truly an affected set of people get over it. Man up Bit%$es….

  36. Has anyone realized that there seems to be an inconsistency in Peters comments.

    First he stated that in February 2008, he asked DS to show him the accounts. Then in March 2008, he wrote the letter read by Cliff this evening on air.

    but then somewhere in there, Peter mentioned that he was trying to “facilitate” a deal between Olint & Capital Bleu so that (among other things) Olint could sell some of Capital Bleu products thru Olint,…. or something to that effect.

    So if PB was concerned that DS could not show $750M in his accounts, why was PB still trying to facilitate this deal around March or so (if I got the timeline correct)?

  37. These business partners can their names be found on any documents? ANy company, bank records etc?

  38. AML, y not just come clean. you are clearly someone who is very close to the action and someone who has a lot more than whats been given so far. lest get it out no??

  39. I heard from January about this and there is more to it. they had help him to go to turks and was been paid handsomely for it dam good i heard .but when you swim with shark

  40. The governments are hard at work on these documents but I still wonder about the panama properties and other properties.

  41. The fat lady has not sung yet.

  42. Peter Bovell received U$500 thousand per month from Olint for facilitating the move to the TCI
    Before he was nobody, just a youth with a rich surname, but he did not have dry sh#t in his ass.
    He fell out with DS when he tried to bring Capital Blu to Jamaica.(i wrote this in an earlier blog)

    Neverless there is Still NO money left in Olint, I definately believe that , and have said so many times before.

  43. AML,

    DO you know about these two…why the sudden confession?

  44. why aml why?


    could he ds have maintained that 500k monthly payment to pb for 2 years? that figure seems a bit high to me, but if you have substantiable evidence of this then i’d obviously defer.

  45. i heard it was close to 700

  46. sorry, i dont believe those figures

  47. Substantiatable in any way?

  48. I knew that Peter wanted to spread the money to other traders to trade in the FOREX. I have been listening for 2 years.

  49. Respect Needy,

    Give these poor lost sheep some direction.Bovell could not even pay his rent b4 he met DS.I think it was closer to $300K per month tho.I could b wrong….

  50. why you dont believe it. If JIJ can get 50M why he cant give him 12M?

  51. At one point did DS not solicit [or invite] the Jamaica government to have him trade FX on its behalf to bail out the economy? What balls? This guy was a ConMan in the highest order. He did all these tactics to gain credibility with those who do not understand the financial markets…and that obviously included some very high profile people.

    This is so sad.

    I suspect that some politicians will be spending time in jail as well. This whole thing is far from over. You just wait until the ITradeFX response comes out to the FSC. This will be a tell all of the tallest order.

    As I have mentioned over and over again, the FOREX market is not for junior traders. And in my mind DS was a very junior trader and got caught ina big man business.

  52. then there must be a heck of a lot more to pb now coming clean then. b’c he would have benefited substantially from his facilitation over the 2 year association….aml any help here? whats at the root of the souring of the relationship, i mean other than what we were fed on the nw cover story??

  53. As I have always said here.
    I do not speak about what I do not know,
    It is 500k per month
    Nuff Said

  54. LOL, here come the haters. For a man who don’t have dry sh*t up his ass, he has a home in St Barts, not bad.

  55. Infact the plane that people thought was owned by DS was actually leased by DS, Peter Bovell & Joey Issa.
    When DS and Bovell fell out, the lease was terminated .

  56. CJ

    I did not say that he did not have dry Sh@t now,
    I said that he had nothing before Olint started paying him 500k per month.
    Power to the guy, if he can collect U$500k monthly
    why not?
    At least he was smart enough to but a home in ST. Barts instead of rolling it over monthly.
    I am not a hater at all.

  57. needy — so maybe DS bought the plane with O’s funds. When the lease terminated, he still wanted to travel in style and had play money to purchase it.

    This story will single handedly shake up our tiny island nation. We need to take our eyes off O / DS and focus on the other O — the Olympics. Go JA.

  58. PIPSologist

    no man the lease was terminated in March

  59. I heard too that it was terminated airport contact

  60. i have also always known all that stuff, the pb jissa ds triumvarite. i was only questioning the fee paid to pb. he benefited substantially from this scheme and at this stage when the rot becomes obvious to the outside, he attempts to create space and separtation between himself and the stench in tci….its quite fishy and i fell strongly that theres a lot more to this side of the story…as aml continues to say, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet….aml is she in the changing room getting ready?

  61. Respect to Bovell. He got his. Im not going to hate on him. All of u would have done the same in his position, he saw an opportunity and he took it. However now he must deal with the collateral damage. Money in the bank wins the game.

  62. so are we saying the documents produced by DS for the big wig meeting a few weeks ago was not legit?
    still no proof of that.
    and there is always 3 sides to the story, bovell, DS and the TRUTH.
    we just cannot run away with Bovell’s side.
    every little Tom, Dick and harry going to have there say now. he probably felt under pressure to say something since he was a known big investor.

  63. Robber baron was a term revived in the 19th century in the United States as a pejorative reference to businessmen and bankers who dominated their respective industries and amassed huge personal fortunes, typically as a direct result of pursuing various anti-competitive or unfair business practices. The term may now be used in relation to any businessman or banker who is perceived to have used questionable business practices or scams in order to become powerful or wealthy.

  64. so it seems like many believe MTI is not being honest.
    if that’s the case let’s see if they come to their next august 14/15th class.
    as a matter of fact NationWide should make sure to be on HAND to catch this FxChief aka Jared Martinez……
    time for him to field some questions bout him want to reduce the price of his material for us Jamaicans….give me a break!

  65. Beenie

    you have the proof, you have had it for 7months (sorry 8 monhts and counting) now.

    You just refuse to believe the truth.

  66. Still the same old song. I do not agree with it, however if u put u ass out there and u reap the benefits then RESPECT DUE. What do u want to be, the Wolf or the Sheep?

  67. If olint turns out to be a ponzi…can the people who benefited from the scheme keep their gains?

    Especially those that helped facilitate it?

  68. As I said before, we need to setup a wikipedia to put the pieces together. The governments are putting it together, but we will never know the whole story because they are only interested in recovering the money and putting the criminals to jail. We will not know the whole circus because it involves alot of countries and players.

  69. I am going to write a screenplay. This sh#t is better than fiction.

  70. The Great Bullah Robery

  71. Too bad u cats dont have a copy of the Bovell Letter. It have his home & cell phone #’s on it. U all could call him and continue the interview.

  72. comedy central

  73. miachica: “If olint turns out to be a ponzi…can the people who benefited from the scheme keep their gains? Especially those that helped facilitate it?”

    The short answer is Yes. However if criminal charges are brought against DS and conspirators which result in convictions then co-conspirators will likely be forced to give up any gains. This is still a big if.

    There is precedence in the US and other countries for investors who made profits in a ponzi scheme being required to pay back any gains into a pool to be divided among investors with losses. I do not know if there is any precedence in TCI, but it is a British territory and I believe there is such precedence in Great Britain.

    No such precedence has been established in JA as yet. However this is quite easy for a judge to establish since the common law principle of Unjust Enrichment clearly applies to those that profited at the expense of other investors via a fraudulent scheme.

    With the sums involved we could have Dr Omar Davis sell the accounts of those that refused to repay or are unable to repay to an international debt collector such as was done in the Finsac situation. This debt collector would relentlessly pursue these people and their assets for years to come. The benefit of this strategy is that we would eliminate most future JA ponzi schemes since people would know they would not be allowed to profit from such schemes.

  74. The Great Bullah Robbery
    Rob that shit funny!!!!!

    by the way people, everyone keeps asking if that document showing the money on OANDA platform was forged. Give me 15 minutes with someone’s user name and password on an OANDA platform and I can turn $1000US into $750mil – EASY.

    Photoshop can do wonders, ALT+Prt Screen to copy the page in the exact format and use photohop as your editor. You can make anything look legit. Look how much problems ebay and paypal has with bogus emails people get asking for credit card information…I get one of those every 3 weeks and even I have to do a double take sometimes.

    Forged is too much of a big name to call it, makes it sound difficult. it really isn’t

  75. Gareth going to jail. Boomb……..aut!

    It start now

  76. so where is Wayne Smith?

  77. Maybe PB is coming clean now that he knows the US/FBI is involved!


    How do you kown is personal numbers are contained in the letter?

  78. Rob the cell number on that letter dead longtime. That letter stale now. Stale as unno encashment request hahahaahahaaaaaaa….hey let’s play some video games hahahahaahaha

  79. junkunno to your point about the fake document…I too know very well how easily a document can be altered. that’s why this whole thing baffles me.
    SInce this meeting had big wigs and supposedly gov’t officials. I would think that many of them would be aware a simple printed document is not sufficient. At the very least I would expect 2 things

    1) request david to log into his Oanda or other accounts for all to see at the meeting…in case he made up his own Oanda web server with log in, etc I would ask for #2 as well

    2) get a conference call with the broker or banks, a meeting attendee initiates the call and conference call we hear what the balances are..

    you mean to tell me all these “BIG WIGS” who are supposedly business people would not have done this?

  80. Beenie

    WS now disperses air to those he see’s fit. hhahaahaaaah….hahahaha

  81. Thanks nocotec, that would be a great idea. It wouldn’t be fair for those who played a part in the scheme to get away with peoples money. Especially if they had money before. How you sleep a night? conscience nah bother yuh?

  82. Because I have a copy. I am sure knowing Jamaicans that It will become public domain very soon, especially now. However I will not be the one to release it. Well……….maybe for the right price.hahahahahahahahahahahhaha

  83. True Sirach, very true. What game u want to play?

  84. “Big Wigs” in Jamaica not relevant.

    Right after the meeting DS was refusing to show the screen.

  85. Rob ….my game not on playstation….not competitive enough to entice me.

    The game is called:

    Gimmie mi money before I take the game out of minor leauge and into the big time.

  86. I going have a beer too

  87. Prediction;

    When Asaf…..I mean Usa…..cross the finish line and all a yard a jump with pride….and all the memory of these times have faded…..then ….yes then…..we will be made to remember the saga like it’s yesterday all over again.

  88. Someone copy and paste last week that one of the feeder clubs had FX Solutions as the “Bank”. As anyone quered FX Solutions if there is money under another club’s name? The Fat Lady has not sung yet.

  89. Olympics a come!! any bets?

  90. AML

    The fat lady jus a fart now..she soon haffi go a bathroom.

  91. something tells me tyson gay is NOT injured…He just want some time away from the spot light. Drink some magic juice. Let bolt and asafa THINK he’s banged up so they will slip up.

    I wouldnt be suprised if he won the 100M.

  92. Independence a come! September a come….’and its back to school again’….’times store’

  93. miachia

    As a gay asafa and Bolt will be motivated to run fasta.

  94. How much of dem beer u drink so far Sirach? Dat 1 stale.

  95. Beenie,
    I sure as hell don’t know why they didn’t get independent verification of funds, have Oanda on the phone etc. All I can say is that when people are in dire situations they’re pulling at thin-air for any bit of hope they can get and do not think rationally and accept things at face value.

    I begged and pleaded with close friends and relatives not to put money into Olint, I had many conversations with them and their friends that the whole Olint situation just didn’t make sense, he had absolutely no proof of anything. He should be a quatrillionairre by now etc. etc. but not even me with my lolely series 7 & 66 managing a little ole $3mil could convince them. Only to find out 3 months after the fact they put it in and now asking me what i think about the situation????

    i understand forex, you can make a tremendous amount of money trading but there is a HUGE difference between trading your own money and someone else’s.

    You know DS could have settled all the naysayer years ago by just showng proof and all of us would have been shut up real quick but he never did – why? B/c he was never good at trading, just really good at hiding behind a bible, and have other people do his dirty work.

  96. The Titanic is sinking and the entire crew is running for the lifeboats (even the rats & cockroach) . Cowards the whole lot of them. U know what they say tho? The Captain must go down with the ship.

  97. With all that is going on with Olint, most persons seemed to have forgotten that tomorrow is supposed to be a big day for clients of WW.

    They (WW) has indicated that they will re-open for business on Aug 5, 2008, but will it happen ?

    To which club was WW tied to ?

    10 hrs to D-Day for WW

  98. WW. hahahahahaha I would never give NS $1 even if I won it from the Lotto. Dat bredda is shady witha a capital S. It would be sooo funny if he was the only one to live up to his obligations.

  99. traderfxj, on August 4th, 2008 at 7:24 pm Said:
    I heard from January about this and there is more to it. they had help him to go to turks and was been paid handsomely for it dam good i heard .but when you swim with shark

    traderfxj, on August 4th, 2008 at 7:37 pm Said:
    i heard it was close to 700

    @traderfxj how much you get

    traderfxj, on August 4th, 2008 at 8:34 pm Said:
    comedy central

    Dam fine name fi give yu self.

  100. Just reminding the guys “in the know”. Create a dummy e-mail at yahoo, gmail or hotmail and send us the information…

    E-mail hyipmyths [at] yahoo [dot] com

  101. Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!
    Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.
    Scottish author & novelist (1771 – 1832)

    Beware of altruism. It is based on self-deception, the root of all evil.
    Excerpt from the notebooks of Lazarus Long, from Robert Heinlein’s “Time Enough for Love”

    The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900)

    The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head.
    Terry Pratchett, “

  102. Here are some more puzzling questions pertaining to PB story.

    If PB help DS move offshore and setup in TCI in late 2006, would not PB know how much DS had under mgmt at least at that time? Are we to believe that PB was “facilitating” deals for a company about which he knew zilch?

    Why would DS pay PB a % of profits made in OLINT on a continuous basis, if PB only simply had introduced him to contacts that helped him setup in TCI? Thats a ratid deal!

  103. Banker
    No draw me tongue me fraid a no man no gal no gay no where

  104. Rob

    you right. i very stale tonight. Cheap beer a run nowadays. hahahahahaaa

    ‘Smithy don’t touch mi there……
    I’m gonna tell on you one day I swear….
    Can’t you see wi scared yu supposed to be wi fadda…
    Ohh…oooh oooooowh…..

    ‘Smithy don’t touch wi dere …..
    If the money done come clean and clear…..
    can’t yu see wi scared……
    yu suppose’ fi be wi fadda….
    Ohhh….ooohh …..ooohh

    ‘Smithy come clean and clear…..
    mek wi have indeopendence dis year…
    please no more feeeearrr…..oooh Weee…

    ‘Smithy don’t tough we dere……
    please show wi dat yu care….
    A we di defend you dear…..ooohoh we


  105. Things are becoming clearer. You should all have a better idea now as to the origin of the “Freeze” order in Turks.

    Did PB say the arrangements were for DS to pay him a fee out of the earnings or out of the deposits? If payments were to be made out of the deposits, then not only is DS in trouble but so is PB. Is there a crime in “unlawful enrichment”?

    Maybe David got a wind of what PB was trying to do with Capital Blu so he “shegged” him by telling him to come to Turks.

  106. did anyone hear of the big boys pull ot of cash + before the collaple

  107. traderfxj, on August 4th, 2008 at 10:00 pm Said:
    No draw me tongue me fraid a no man no gal no gay no where

    “You are as intellectually challenged as the people you quote”

    A yu set up yu self fi that one!!

    HAa HAa aaaaaaaaaaaaah

  108. collapse

  109. eileen
    hahahaha..a WE get shegg not DS…hhahaahahaaaa

  110. ‘Com a lang….com a lang ….an mek wi ave some inquiry tonight yyeahha…..

    Commission a come…..if yu papers nuh strait ……you a go deh a yard as some bait…..yeeahh….coma lang coma lang an mek wi ave some inkrey tonight yeeah…..

  111. I just heard that the US$234M which came last month for payout is still at BOJ and has not been returned. The “bank” is trying to close account with O and DS rather than have it come to them.

  112. Everybody only focusing on PB because he opened his mouth but what about the other man. What was his role in all of this? How much did he make off with? Isnt he under pressure too.

    People in the know where are you?

    AML what baout the other white man?

  113. … (munch, munch, munch) … bwoy, AML … thank JAH yuh forward … is like yuh tek de baton from LightDeFuse … an’ run-wid-it … (buurrrrpp) …

    … cho, Puncie an’ me jus’ luv how yuh ah mek we smell de chow mein … (slurpin’ sound of mout’ corner watering) … but all now miss lou still ah put on ‘er makeup, eh …

    … in meantime look like Davey Soze’s sly mongoose breddren dem ah jump off … (munch, munch, munch) … an’ ah turn pon him … one by one …

    … reprise (2 the max romeo classic ‘bearded man feast’) … dem never run, dem never run, dem never run … ’til de chineymen come … (loud thick rumbling wind … fragrance ala ‘Bejing 08’) …

  114. DS is the only one in the know. As I speculated and stated here on this blog, even his wife did not know the whole story. So anything you hear from people on this blog is simply hearse and wishful thinking — especially where there is glimmer of hope in the post. No Money No Deh!!! The boy trade it whey.

    eileen — is this Bank of Japan or Bank of Jamaica? Because if it were BOJamaica, someone would be able to confirm / leak the funds even under a gag order.

  115. Oh yeah, I forgot about the world wise thing. Well, I drive past their new building nuff time in the past few weeks, looks more like a ghost town than anyone setting up shop…..i hope I’m wrong though, there are lots of people suffering on their ends too.

  116. @truth

    truth said – “If PB help DS move offshore and setup in TCI in late 2006, would not PB know how much DS had under mgmt at least at that time? Are we to believe that PB was “facilitating” deals for a company about which he knew zilch”

    Here is one view. Like many people, he naively took the word of the honest, christian and brilliant David Smith and the money was more than sweet. He only started doubting when the problems started and he concluded he was being lied to. Another view is that Peter is lying.

    truth said -“Peter mentioned that he was trying to “facilitate” a deal between Olint & Capital Bleu so that (among other things) Olint could sell some of Capital Bleu products thru Olint,…. or something to that effect.”

    Here is an opinion again. The time-line was all over the place. The March 2008 letter made reference to the Capital Blu issue. From my understanding (external to the interview) is that the Capital Blu issue was from 2007, late 2007. People like ‘needy’ can confirm or deny this. So he was possibly reminding David about his non-interest in the Capital BLU model with audited financials etc etc.

  117. @AML, Needy, Rob?
    Does Bovell have an financial interest in Capital BLU? meaning he is a shareholder?

  118. For real,
    if it was really BOJ (jamaica) then someone would have leaked it, if not to intentional break privacy laws, but to at least reassure friends and family that there were funds. I know i sure as hell would do it if i were “in the know” and nuff people out there suffering

  119. As I have asked before, please say your piece and release us from the mental anguish. Just tell us what you know so that we can move on. AML, you seem to be close to the action so give us a headstart on the information. You guys/gals are gift when it comes to writing. Use all the necessary literary devices to communicate the infomation but should you feet be held to the fire no one can say that you said.

    Please duh, mi a ask yuh hindly.

  120. You know when mutual funds get too big, they close it down. As in no new investors, no new money, they’ll keep trading, but even big big mutual fund managers with their $40million dollar bonuses know when their capabilities are at their limits.

    They usually open another fund with the same premise but for accounting, compliance, taxes’ sake, it’s easier to manage a fund for 4,000 people than for 10,000.

  121. @PIPsologist,
    Don’t miss I-trade Fx’s response to the NFA – August 15, 2008

    Chris Issa or Joey Issa??

  122. two parties are involved in transferring funds, sender and receiver. If funds not returned to sender then who has it?

    Also funds are sent from one bank to another. Foreign people chat to, so the privacy breach does not have to come from the Bank of Jamaica.

    Do you remember I told you that a large sum was frozen in the US at a bank since March 2008. I heard from a very good source.

    This matter is far wider than Ds and O, it involves a BIG international bank currently undergoing money laundering investigations in the US. Think people!

    By the way, bankers also have money with Olint .

  123. You Guys need to ask the right questions.
    First of all,there were rumors that PB and JI tried to muscled DS into %-age of OLINT in return for the favor of them facilitating DS to set up in TCI.
    PB confirms this today.
    Second, there were rumors that the same 2 culprits started a hedge fund in Cayman offering 30%-50% per annum.Needless to say they cannot drum up the business since DS was giving the returns he was.This was the latter part of last year.The two culprits demanded from DS (1) That DS reduce his membership to only clients with U.S.$ 50,000 and up.Which means no more poor poeple allowed.(2) They demanded DS give returns of no more than 5% per month. DS refused to play ball apparently.The 2 culprits then threatened to pull out if DS does’nt play ball.DS did not.They then demanded a huge encashment immediately(some say $35-50 mill)each.This movement of money gor the account red flagged.Hence the story of due diligence since December.
    PB confirms affiliation with hedge fund and capital blue today on nationwide.
    Some while back,there was an article in the newspaper by the idiot from capital blue,saying that he can offer good returns on Forex trading.But not as high as 10%, and insinuating that who giving returns like that cannot be real.
    On nationwide,it was shown that capital blue tried to partner with DS.
    What does this tell you?White teeth black heart.
    When DS refused to be control by the so called big dogs,the solution is to bring him down.
    PB, on or around the time DS was raided in TCI,sent a personal e-mail to all his freinds and business associates claiming that all these rumors are lies and that he still has money with olint,has never withdrawn any amount larger than the norm for him to encash and in fact he and DS were still very good buddies.
    How come,today,on Nationwide,he claims the relationship had gone sour.
    People, PB is a pathological LIAR.
    Now,for I-TRADE:
    Jared Martinez advertised his courses in JA through DS. He even claimed in his ads ” COME LEARN THE TRADING SKILLS OF DAVID SMITH”
    He declared DS as among the top traders in the world.
    Both of them apparently started I-TRADE.
    Before I go into that,there are quite a few people who worked with JM and left or got fired who do not have nice things to say about him.
    Martinez,in a speech said DS and his wife were ordinary people doing extraordinary things.How com now JM puts an ad in the papers almost chastising DS.What does this tell you of JM.
    A representative from I-trade called me once and spent almost an hour on the phone to get me to act as a consulting broker.Confessed on the phone that he cannot get any business from JAMAICA OR JAMAICANS BECAUSE OF OLINT AND OTHERS.
    When I told him I had money with DS and he will have to do better before he sees any of my money,he started with sly comments insinuating that DS is not clean.At the time I thought DS was still his boss until he told me DS is no longer with them.
    JM used Basillios Hado from Chez Maria as an endorsement for his forex trading skills.If he can trade so well and make good money,how come he can’t afford a big enough generator for his restaurant?
    There is a rumor also that all the bigwfinancial industry in Jamaica had a meeting and it was a general consensus that DS was bad for business and has to be stopped.
    PEOPLE,the same ones fighting DS now are the same ones that used to drink and eat with him and go to parties.JUDAS????
    The same people that get flown by private jet.The same ones that call him King David.The same ones that critisize him today and call him a GAMBLER,ALCOHOLIC ETC.
    When I wanted to place funds with OLINT, I knew he liked to drink and love a party.I knew of stories in Las Vegas.But guess what?If he is making money,he deserves it.If he has a fund of $700 mill as some speculate and trades and gives us 11% for example,I think he must have made 5% for himself.$35 mill for himself.
    I have money with DS and sadly I’m in a very roughfinancial state now because of all that has happened.But I will never kick a man when he is down and until there is proof that DS misused,abused or stole the money,I will pray for him.
    I know I will get money back when this is all over, and guess what?If they unfreeze the accounts,I will not be asking for all my money.Only some to cover some debt obligations.
    Remember,we are listening to PB chatting BS, Mark Wignall writing BS in the Observer hoping to get attention and a lot of others like bloodthirsty hounds trying to shred DS to pieces,and then panicking and jumping to assumptions and conclusions without listening to the other side yet.
    Remember the GAG ORDER ISSUED IN TCI?
    Remember NCB lost the case in JA?What does this tell you?
    People,I trust DS and have confidence in him.
    The politicians who benefitted from DS and know he is genuine should get off ther fat asses and support him NOW regardless of image.

    God bless everyone and hang tight.


  124. sorry,I cant believe David give away we money to Bovell , fe what?. What was Bovell doing for David that David could not do for himself?

  125. eileen — who do you think DS was? This guy had no clue what he got himself into. He would have been better off staying with JMMB. Leaving the safety of an institution simply exposed his naivety.

    Let me assure you this, no big bank anywhere in the world, not even in Jamaica had funds managed by O or DS. With the level of scrutiny and audits banks have to go through, they would not be stupid enough to invest in O.

  126. eileen

    Ask DS it show us proof that the money is in BoJ and see how fast it run come from BoJ to we. We a no DS. Him can even leak the proof anoymously so that him don’t get hurt….poor baby.


    Yu know no seh di last set a white poepl fram Jamaica leave lang lang time. Check the facts. Who lef here now a half and quarter bread and any else you si a farina whey black people bring fi trick wi like IM,JM and JM.

    know you history …come on man! Physics is only one subject eena life.

  127. PIPS

    If di scrutiny of the big banks was so tough den so many pickney and babby madda woulda fit inna one big house a Canada and not be hanging round local branch after school done.

  128. sirach — I guess you are right about that…there are always cracks in the process as long as people are running these banks…

  129. eileen
    you are right. It is bigger than DS and O and big Banks….yes it is much bigger. do not jump in the water if yu can’t swim….nuh matta yu cola.

    Two sets of poeple: Thoose who think money is King and as such DS can lead and thoose who know who under pressure DS never seen in his life. It is hard for many to see their ultimate leader or ultimate brother or ultimate boss be unable to help those who helped him the most. They don’t want to believe thet the ultimate thing to them has issues he can not master. It is hard for them inside to know that DS chummed the water for real sharks to attack his own brethern without throwing evden a float ring to them.

    the faithful servants stick around believing that at some time they could ever reach the status that thoose who the boss stood silent for had.

    Let them believe what they want. But we a go swim fram the bigger shark. Bigger shark than DS. If we get nyam a so. If we make it then DS will know he can’t try to discredit us . Everyone will have seen the truth. Who a p ole will be p ole. Dem could a ave money all dem want….dem will know dem a p ole wid money ….if that is supposed to make a difference.

    Yet DS knows this and still his choice is to chum the water. Yeah a big warship deh deh….and a large sportfisher boat deh deh ….and yes DS a sit in a dingy….chumming the water from people him stab in the back already fi face warship and shark.

    You think the peolpe in the boats can look the people in the water in the eye? Sick a dat… hypocrite and parasite expose.

    So if you think you an DS close and you an him a good fren…yeah…think again. DS shit pon nuff fren. An still pretend like him can help people. What happen if the people in the water escape the tribulation and get the upper hand? What would you do? Would you throw DS a line? Would you chum the water?

    Perhaps when that time comes…..and it is coming….there will be one who holds out a hand and pulls DS to the saftey of the boat…..but what a lesson for DS it will be when the same one who saves him turns a back to him and walks off.

    People some things much more powerful than money…even you lawyers don’t believe that but you will…in time see…..I hope you are ready cause if you think money is the most powerful thing …..then when you see the light you might a get mad eeena yuh head…yeah…like “mad” people whey walk street dung a winward road.

  130. nuff of you quick to chastise people who have been forced to run from the presence of DS. Yes you quick to chastise beacause you thinking to simple. The poelple who are told to leave camp and go on their own have things to protect too. And we will protect these “things.” No matter who or what wi affi wetup.

    And we will defen wiselves, and money can’t buy wi out….not a dollar….ten dollars….a million…a billion …or a zillion. We are not for sale.

    If others want to sell their souls not me nor the Devil can stop them. But we are not for sale.

  131. It seems that only time will tell in this very very sad tale. Meh only wish is that in the end DS or PB and who ever else that is responsible for the collapse of OLINT be brought to justice. The Jamaican people are crying out for justice. Some people are speculating that it was the banks in Jamaica that facilitated the collapse in order to eliminate the competition but the truth will be told eventually. For those in the know…….What can the common investor expect out of all of this?? Are we going to ever see our funds again?? To R@ssss Cl@t!!!!

  132. And we will not be intimidated by Govermment nor police nor arrogant and ignorant people neither no billionaires who live all round the world. For Sellasie teach us seh when we know we are right the victory is ours.

    For we are confident ….in Jah victory.

  133. What about the christian ting…bway mi ketch some hardcore self-proclaimed christian in a lie just recently witht he trading thing.

    Even me who have nuff experience with hypocrite nearly go fi drop down. Mi put a direct question to them a while back and them answer (only after taking a breath to stop declaring them faith)…..whey day the answer is proven to be a bareface lie. Bloggers even sirach did shock! could not believe they did not respect my life and future like that. I really couldn’t believe it. Dem was a try tek a set pon mi and not even DS warn mi bout it.

    I want all this to be just over because some decent sweet looking smaddy dem a di livin devil in the flesh.

    Jah…..Rastafari….ever….praises….did let me leave these people and their “entrees” and “gifts” and “tidings”….yres ny dears (hahaha thursdaytalk) the devil send some harmless sweet looking agents to me…yes but the power of Jah Rastafari did prevail (as always) and their venom inside was kept inside them to burn fire pon them souls.

    And guess who an dem tight? Yeah Guess who? Is fassy? moi nuh know


  134. I hear the old governor took up sirach M.D.’s advice and secured the prescription before he fled…I mean left.

    Quack-quack time coming right up.

  135. Is Olint teach these people Accounting you know.

    Olint members. Have no fear. Your money is ‘soundly’ invested in TCI. You are on the beach. In nine months your houses will be completed.

    Remember don’t go to the ATM at night. Instead use promissary notes from the AIS

  136. The surprise birthday party? Guests se up instate rooms I suppose. Whitey and the Jagan jet set. Se how your money is spent and weep. -open/

    BTW for those of you who did the MTI class. Remember the one you paid for while at the same time could not get your own money?…..well much of that money provides rooms here for IM et al

  137. Christian money management tips from a couple in TCI. “Give not unto ceasar….and have some fun Mr. Roy Walker”

  138. miachica,

    LOLOLOL! Good one!!

  139. Can’t wait till some real competitiveness starts.


    If Asafa and Usain don’t get to run ……then…then ….oh damn…all the attention…will then fall back on …on….on…on. ………………………………………………………………………………………..OLINT!

    News Flash! Asafa hurt in training! Usain feels nervous about his olint investment.

  140. @AML
    I mentioned the FX solutions as it is part of the Wilshaw FX prospectus. Their owned by SUNBLOCK HOLDINGS I INC which also owns IFX MARKETS INC. IFX MARKETS INC was cited early this year by the NFA.

    “On January 23, 2008, NFA issued a Complaint charging IFX with using misleading promotional material, failing to observe high standards of commercial honor and just and equitable principles of trade, and failure to supervise.”

    They did not argue the case just paid the fine of $60,000.

  141. JohnDoe,

    Look at FX Solutions. I do not open my mouth unless I know something.

  142. The more things change the more they stay the same. A bunch of rich white men walk away with the spoils and the plebeians continue to suffer. Wouldn’t be nice to see these smug Moth$&Fuc$ers go to jail for a change? The rats are leaving the sinking ship to spread their diseases somewhere else. Pity the Tainos did’nt kill the Spanish as soon as they landed.

  143. ClearAsDAy

    that is not a proper statement,
    You should realise that most rich persons who originally invested in Olint would have taken out their initial investment already. and roll over SOME of their profits.
    This is the nature of big businessmen, they do not get caught up in the hype, and protect their investments,
    This is called INSURANCE.

    It is the small wanna be rich overnight who would be at a big risk, since they would continue to roll over all their interest, to get the pie in the sky.
    They all have their encashment tipping point, and even if this was met, they would still have rolled over everything,
    It was just too good.

    Their loss is as a result of their inexperience and DS, not because of RICH WHITE MEN.

  144. Insurance?, more like insider trading. If they are part of the process and have advance warning that things are not right, pull their money and then six months later want to come out smelling clean. While the rest of us get royally fu%%ed yeh right.

  145. I think was are watching a major fraud investigation going on that will be digging into the FOREX, banking, and business world. Every business man knew that DS money was dirty after the FSC raid and the cease and desist.

    Everyone continued doing business with DS because everyone wanted the piece of the pie(greed over ethics and morality). The last major fraud investigation and arrests in the FOREX industry was in 2001 or 2002 that included alot of executives at major banks and brokage houses in New York.

    Why arrest DS since he was only a small player with ALOT OF MONEY? The big players moved the money into legit operations or legit looking contracts. These are the big criminals and when stuff turns sours they say we never dealt with him, we don’t have his money, and so on.

    Which is a worst punishment for DS, him living in fear for the rest of his life if the world continues to remember of what he has done and who might come after him to keep him quiet or him sitting in jail for 15 or 20 years. The true criminals are the business partners and politians.

  146. Spin ! Spin ! Spin !

    In the end nothing to do with white bogey men or chinamen , it was/is all about DS.

    1. Oanda
    2. NCB
    3. BOJ
    4. PB
    5. MLC
    6. JIJ
    7. TCI authorties
    8. Wachovia
    9. I trade
    10….laud mi run out , too much to remember

    Now PB speak out , him a liad , well the true liad sees to be DS. What about his no show last weekend and the endless list of around the corner bogeymen.

    I have never seen a trail of BS like this in my life , I;m sure US/UK/TCI/JA authorties are as baffled as Olints investors.

    DS f$$k$p the works so much it is laughable if not for the cramps in the wallet. You know i said 3 yrs ago , what Jagans into FOREX trading , Huh, watch dem shut down dat R** now ! LOL……………………………………………………..

  147. AML,

    This is true ,

    (Which is a worst punishment for DS, him living in fear for the rest of his life if the world continues to remember of what he has done and who might come after him to keep him quiet or him sitting in jail for 15 or 20 years. The true criminals are the business partners and politians. )

  148. Watching closely, we do not use profanities on this blog, hence I am going to recommend that the moderator remove the offensive language you used in your above post.

  149. Jay ,

    My apologies to one and all , i was caught up in it to the nostrils
    some got away on the forum ! Sorry.


  150. In the jamaican newspaper after the FSC raids said that DS going to setup his operation in Orlando, FL. Go and figure. This is not spin unless it is spin from DS himself. These are facts here and there.

  151. pipsologist

    I said banker not bank, there is a difference. People who work in banks are called bankers, even a teller is a banker.

    By the way, you all seem to have been too young to remember the financial meltdown of the 1990s when people lost house, car, business These institutions were all “registered”. If you cannot recall, read up.

    How much of your money in banks is now guaranteed in case of a crash ? – approx $300,000 JD

  152. We are just trying to get it clean.
    This blog is read by many and we want to make sure it remains very professional.

    Apologies accepted, note changes made to your two post.

  153. I will only say this once. Peter Bovell lied through his teeth on key questions. People who know you Peter, can and will remind you, that you could not afford to pay you phone bill after your divorce, and now David has made you millions. I have never even heard of that sand bar he is living on or hiding out on – though I am sure it is there and he is on it.
    Peter – have you paid taxes on your profits?
    I feel sick to my stomach.

  154. At least Peter Bovell has the courage to answer some questions like a man. David Smith on the other hand took our money and now doesn’t even have to courage to face us, instead he is hiding behind his lawyers skirts like the scared little boy he is.

    David Smith is a sniveling little coward and is looking more and more like a thief everyday.

  155. Elieen,

    The JDIC will insure you up to a maximum of J $600k per account not $300K.

  156. Did he really? Or would he have to check and get back to us.

  157. @Jay Correction


    The JDIC will insure you up to a maximum of J $600k per depositor per ownership category in each institution and not $300K as you stated above

  158. @Eileen,

    Most persons remember the 90’s meltdown – what’s our point? Businesses fail everyday for one reason or another – improper management, prevailing economic conditions, thievery etc. etc. It is well known therefore that registration alone will not prevent failure so stop throwing up this stupd red herring to defend the lack of transparency of AISs.
    By the way deposit insurance covers J$600,000 per person per institution.

  159. Peter Bovell and Cliff Hughes

    Mr. Bevel David’s childhood so called friend
    Clearly from your interview with the Nationwide Boss Cliff Hughes, you are suffering from a Hugh case of sour Grapes. Imagine you knew David to be a thief and a dishonest person and you were upset when he turned down your offer to be his business partner and also denied you a part of his business.

    Why didn’t you tell Cliff Hughes in your interview that you are up set because when you ask David to be a part of the business God told David to tell you no. For he saw the Wolf in sheep clothing within in you.
    You trying to vomiting on David now because he is down; Guess what he is out. God is not through with David as yet.

    Remember it was the same alleged thief and dishonest David who allowed you to pull off hundred of millions out of Olint.
    Why didn’t you tell Cliff that you were one of those who benefited immensely since that you were trading from the friends and family day of inception of Olint and so recently benefited from the hundreds of million draw down which is now part of David demise.

  160. PB ketch him fraid, he knows fully well the ramifications of his invovlement and is trying to put some distance.PB and JI yu can run but yuh cant hide.This is just starting to get interesting as it seems Turks and Cacios was/is ground zero for a lot international bandooloism.Moe anon…….

  161. Sadsac

    I did not here the PB interview and I am not up to speed on all the characters in the OLINT story so I can only speculate on this issue. Information on this imbroglio as you can see is coming out in Drips and for all we know the feds have started their interview of David or most likely his lawyers have contacted them or they are making some effort to do so in order to see what is the best deal they can get.

    Everyone including PB and politicians in TCI (possible in Jamaica) and all the characters involved or either worried or trying to begin to cover their tracks. Unfortunately, it is the way these things work. If PB is not even at legal risk at best, he needs to save face with friends and family who he might have caused to lose money or those who might now think his gains were ill gotten.

    These cases are though to prosecute and there are many of the activities surrounding OLINT that were facilitated by independent players and the public without his effort as well as the multiple jurisdictions involved. If DS lawyers find that the info on him is weak, he will stick it out. If he realizes that they have enough to stick him with a strong sentence and he can cop a good deal based on the secrets he has you can bet he will be advised to do so.

  162. Bovell can’t you see it’s a miracle why you were lock out of his business? Bovell can you imagine what you would have done to poor David; had he allowed to be his business partner?

    You had a hidden agenda then that is now being revealed. Your intention was to rob, rape and plunder David, but God guide him out of your evil hands
    Bovell, you are one of those rats that jump the ship and cause David’s boat to hit high seas.

    Where is your conscience? Why aren’t you enjoying your part of the dishonest pie?
    Its obvious David doesn’t believe in Rat poisoning.

    Cliff Hughes PASSA Passa interview is all that you are about now a day? I am ashamed of your sensational story we all know its independence; but let’s keep it real. Especially when it comes on to ones character.
    A PROFPEHT IS NEVER WELCOME IN HIS OWN COUNTRY. That’s why the entire uncircumcised philistine is working over time to torment David into the suicidal tape that You Cliff Hughes was gloating about. But in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we cancel all plans against David the small and little man Forex trader.

    No dolphin or whale can remove him from trading for Poor people except God.

    But I have news for you all. Journalists ALL HAD MONEY in Cash Plus and Olint and just because they have access to information they are able to pull out quickly.

    Its time for the Government to reveal all the names of the people who are and were in these schemes and suddenly jump ship and are now haters . As Bob Marley’s song states “IF night should turn to day a Lot of medias, mafias, government people and hypocrites extortionists would have to run away and dig a whole and bury themselves. You hypocrite spraying venom in the atmosphere of Forex
    Peter Bovell and Cliff must go and pray for you are both mashing up the Forex and the media with your corruption.

    God uses his angel to keep out Bovell with this traitorous ways out of David’s affair.
    Bovell why don’t you go and take a trip and bask in your hundreds of millions that the thief allowed you to accumulated and stop crying sour grapes.

  163. Pipsologist,

    the argument that you can also lose money in registered institutions is really a non-issue. All investors know that there are business risks in any venture.
    The issue here is whether the losses were due to fraud, incompetence, money laundering etc

  164. cally– I agree…

  165. Think&Check, on August 5th, 2008 at 11:06 am Said:
    It is well known therefore that registration alone will not prevent failure so stop throwing up this stupd red herring to defend the lack of transparency of AISs.

    While we do not live in a perfect world, it still behooves us to make every attempt at managing our environment. If there were independent verification of the following;

    1. Names of club members the number of units they hold in the club or the size of their deposits.
    2.The total assets (foreign currency) held by the club.
    3. Independent Trustee for club members.
    4. Clear separation of OLINT assets versus those of his clients.
    5. Proof by regulatory authorities of how OLINT could or if he had 80% of assets secured.

    Additionally, the financial sector melt down occurred because much of the regulations were inadequate or they were not properly enforced. Hopefully, the authorities learned from their mistakes and took step to avoid it in the future. One could also argue that were it not for regulation the extent of the fall out would have been worse and the ability to fix the problem more difficult.

  166. @ Banker – I agree

  167. High Lander

    There is one who is coming who will be the exact opposite of PB. He will be beyond repraoch. He has seen money and opportunity and said no. His soul was never sold. He has always been able to pay his phone bill. How will you defend DS when this person arrives? Who will be revealed as the wolf in sheeps clothing?

  168. Its interesting that Peter Bovell did this interview on Nationwide but those of you who know him, will know that he is not someone of good character or integrity. Peter Bovell, David Smith and Sean Belcher attended St. Andrew Prep School from 1975-1980. Peter and David were not friends in prep school as Peter behaved as though he was better than anyone else and used to get beat up because of this very behaviour, He loved to boast about his rides in the concorde between New York and London etc. I do not fault David for not taking his advice because he is not someone to trust.

  169. @Highlander and Nordine

    No need for drama – just ask Mr. Smith to come clean to his “investors”. Tell them the entire story the full hundred, the truth. It serves no purpose for you to attempt to besmirch others character and speak of DS in godly terms or that God will see him through – what of the others?

  170. It is very easy to get sidetracked when you forget from whence you came as well as those who helped you to get there.DS case is clearly one of those who went out to not only be validated by the sons and daughters of bucaneers and pirates but to empower them at the expense of of those humble souls like Mr Walker who built him up.Now the birds have come home too roost those like PB,JI, JD ET AL are doing what they do best which is to ruthlessly exploit the masses ,flee and preen thier feathers like the vultures they are.I carry no brief here but we keep forgetting our past and make the same mistakes over and over.

  171. … (with ‘purse-locked’ lips … blowing stale smoke outta de pipe) … respec’ … Ras Sage … thanx 4 de draw iya …

    … (deep sucking sound … followed by nuff nuff choking and coughing) … yow … N Whitel … (looking 4 u thru teary red-bloodshot eyes) … feel sey u need a lick offa dis steamers mon … (irie feeling start fe frass de brain) …

    … ’cause u 4getting de crucial line from JAH B song … (big toe ketching de riddim) … is who de cap fit … so mek Davey wear it …

  172. @Banker
    I agree, and if David finds that he is going to be taken down from the penthouse, by the very people that put him there, (threats aside) I hope he can find the courage to “pin the tail on the donkey,” that it belongs to. We may find that “light bulbs” pale in comparison.

  173. Nordine, I too am a Christian, who refrained from getting involved in a scheme which the authorities said was operating outside of the regulations.
    Rather than to now be quoting scriptures to defend a wrong, how do you and other Christians feel about not submitting to the authority that God established?

    I am ashamed of the pastors and others who participated in these scams and not even pay taxes on their earnings…and the gall to quote scriptures

  174. cally….remember how Africa was captured and our foreparents enslaved with the bible

  175. Guess what FOREX is clean good business.

    Do you know other wise?

    What is wrong is making clean money trading in Foreign Exchange?

    The Banks and other financial institutions do so? Is your funds in any of those institutions?

    He who has no sins stand up!!!

  176. Nordine, you miss the point. The issue is not forex trading. It is operating a public scheme, taking investments from the public!!
    That is where due diligence and fit and proper comes in.
    Where the law is absent you see the result???

    Maybe he could never have passed the fit and proper test, and all would be saved from this misery

  177. One word – Transparency!!
    Where was that in the operations of all the AISs UFOs or whatever they are called?
    Investforlife do you have the sound from DV on Nationwide today? He was on saying he does not and never had any money in O. Said he did not have any money to invest in the first place.
    Confirmed that he went to DS’ birthday party on the private jet as he was invited in his “personal” capacity as a friend of DS. Said he DS provided support in Portland (election campaign I assume) and fixed a football field – says DS has family connections in Portland.

  178. anyone who wants to trade their own money or even for family, is open to do so. Where it becomes a public offer that is where the authorities step in to protect the naive and foolish.

    Not many Christians seemed to have a problem when the money was rolling in, with the refusal to be regulated or to provide information and worse- to pay taxes….what about that Nordine?

  179. It’s ROLL call time for the good the bad and the ugly in Forex.

    All I am saying is that ALL Sins must be punished.

  180. Email to Worldwise clients


    1. Go to WorldWise website or go to link:
    2. See instructions to the right of screen – Click here for Online Portal
    3. Click on submit ticket
    4. Complete fields (In description section – provide details of your request)
    5. Click Save
    6. An email acknowledgement will be given of your request together with a username, password and link
    7. Click on Home link on same page or the link provided from email acknowledgement
    8. On the Home page – enter email address in the User Name and Password fields or use User Name and Password provided in the email acknowledgement
    9. Click on New Request Link at top left hand corner of the screen
    10. Complete all required fields, including Name, Account #, TRN #. Identification # and other relevant details
    11. On completion click on Add Request – this will now display your inputted information and a Request ID#. Your will then receive a confirmation email.
    12. Your request will be dealt with chronologically on a first come first serve basis –no exceptions
    13. The online portal will be opened during the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm daily
    14. A total of 50 requests will be processed daily

  181. we are agreed on that, but tell me why don’t you think Christians were wrong to be involved in any unregulated scheme and you have ignored the tax issue

  182. If DV had no money to invest……then that means he was at the high stakes investor teleconfrence meeting to just lend moral support to JR……….hmmm.

  183. Banker

    you are behaving as if the FBI is the world police force.

    this is not so

  184. Birds are coming home to roost .DV the treasurer,right before the cock crow once they have denied, denied,denied now all the fowls are coming home to roost and a very large stick of ignited dynamite is strapped to that bird…….

  185. @Needy:

    Whether you like it or not, they have a lot of “power” and bring fear in the hearts of many throughout the world.

    Again, I will ask, did anyone hear the part when PB said he has spoken to the US authorities (interview)? I’m just checking if I heard correctly and trying to tie that to why he is now coming semi-clean!

  186. dave sin

    they only strike fear in the hearts of Americans

  187. investforlife


    I think alot of people missed the interview or didnt hear it from the start. I cant believe some of the crap I am reading. Some people just hear what the wanna hear and see what they wanna see lol.

  188. DaveSin,

    I think people NEED to listen to the interview again. I think alot of people missed certain parts in the interview. I want to hear it gain because alot of things he said didnt make since and sounded hell a fishy.

    Investorforlife Please try to get the recording of that interview.

  189. @DaveSin
    I don’t recall PB saying that he did.

  190. Nordine Whitel Said: “Guess what FOREX is clean good business. “

    Yes. But what does Olint and the other UFOs have to do with FOREX. These were ponzi schemes that were not doing any real forex trading and simply used it to lure people into their web. It is amazing how many people like Mark Wignall, pastors and regular investors argued about how legit the FX market is ad infinitum…

    Sure but where is the proof that established a link between FX trading and any of these UFOs. These things were just scams. If a Nigerian company had made the same claims that Olint did, investors and people like Mark Wignall who supported them would have snickered. Only a few suckers would have invested. Because it was a Jamaican making the claim people allowed themselves to be suckered.

  191. Any bible-quoting prayer-warrior wants to dig deep into their conscience and tell me that a sound understanding of biblical principles could ever support Christian participation in an ‘unregulated’ financial scheme firstly; and secondly, the non-payment of income tax of which most of them are guilty.

    If anyone can, please quote chapters and verses (because it should be all over the csriptures)

  192. Title: FSC Issues Cease and Desist Order to World Wise Partners Ltd
    Written by: FSC
    Date: Tuesday August 05, 2008
    The Financial Services Commission (\”FSC\” ) issued a Cease and Desist Order on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 to World Wise Partners Limited/Noel Strachan (\”World Wise Partners\” ) pursuant to section 68 (1B) of the Securities Act.<br /><br />The Cease and Desist Order issued by the FSC demands that World Wise Partners immediately stop conducting securities business including soliciting and accepting monies from the public.&nbsp; It should be noted that this Cease and Desist Order does not prevent World Wise Partners from paying outstanding amounts due to investors.&nbsp; Therefore no one can claim that the FSC\’s Cease and Desist Order has stopped World Wise Partners from paying investors the amounts due to them.

  193. @Needy:

    Technically, the FBI is a domestic US organization, but the other arms of the FEDs rely on them for a lot of support (including INTERPOL).

    Do you want to test their reach?

  194. @Cally
    They could not get past Jesus’ injunction: ” Give unto Caesar….”. They were therefore ignoring that important command.

  195. needy, on August 5th, 2008 at 2:20 pm Said:

    you are behaving as if the FBI is the world police force.

    this is not so

    I am not feeling so well today so I am not paying much attention to the computer. Yes you are correct about the FED not been world police. However, I think I should put FED/NFA . I only recently did my AML exam but my head is so bad now I cannot remember the name of the international organisation that the info will past to look into this. (By the way Jamaica is a signatoryto the IAMLA) Maybe another broker can bring up their name or I will find it for you later. Additionally, under the new AML the activities of Politically connected persons must be recorded when opening an account at a financial institution and they will be intrested in these persons. I think it includes Generals or above in a standing army (or some such thing) Heads of central bank, any member of legislature and the immediate families of these people. (There is a definition for immediate family)

    So any of these people with deposits in these schemes it is a requriment for it to be reported.

    My head a hat mi thats all mi can say now.

  196. @Banker…hope you feel well soon!!!

  197. the silence is deafening….or are they busy trying to twist some scripture beyond recognition before they feel brave enough to quote it?

    The church must repent and renounce this evil, and the pastors who head feeder-clubs and made millions from their gullible members msut return some to help those who they helped to con….remember Zaccheus returned his extortion money as a sign of his repentance.

    Many of these pastors were collecting as much as 55 from people’s investment….if that isn’t usury them I have to reconsider my faith

  198. Thanks DaveSin

    A catch a bad cold in a Summer!!!

  199. sorry, I meant they were collecting as much as 5% (not 55)

  200. @Nordine Whitel
    You must be DS himself,if you are a christian and talking bout DS is a forex trader and come to save poor people.I hope I dont sound rude but you must be extremely ignorant to the facts,If he is this saviour to the people why hasnt he made himself transparent?Dont try and sell false promises round here to try and keep peoples hope alive!If DS was such this expert trader all he has to do is get his company clarified from his so called platform,end of story!Then we will know the money must come.However you think that he has performed at %200 per year for the last 5 years without posting a loosing month?Do some research “Nordine Whitel” and you will see that trading hundreds of miilions of $usd is extremely complex and posting those returns for the last 5 years would have probaly made him either a thief or the best trader in the world!If he is the trader just show us a reference document from his platform and we will shut up.

  201. Cally
    What occurred with OLINT is not new to especially black evangelical Churches. I could tell of a few cases, however one recent occurrence was the one in the SDA church in Montego Bay I think around 1991/1992. I think this phenomenon is as a consequence of the recent experience of oppression of our people and their consequent strong identification with the need for a “Savior” due to their sense of hopelessness. It would make for an interesting read if some Sociologist were to conduct a study of this phenomenon.

    Even when they give collection they give thinking that God will reward them on that account. Sad.

  202. The pastors should and must ante up as well as the politicians,from Driva,Manchester mouth,DV,JR,PB daddy ,Cockmouth et al as well as any from the other side who were in collusion.

  203. Banker & Niney, I agree with you both. However, it is even worse.
    Think of some pastors who controlled a pool of over US$30M and therefore invested in one of DS high-yield accounts paying 15% or more.

    However, this person would pay out to investors on the basis of the lower returns, so if the ‘yield’ was 5% one month, he would take his 1% and pay 4%, but in actual fact he earned 15% on the investment.

    That isn’t just USURY but FRAUD!! Aren’t they worse than DS who doesn’t preach on Sundays or Saturdays?

  204. @Somethingsmissing

    I am tough as you are when I read stuff coming form people like Nordine Whitel. I can understand their faith in DS and their support for their point a view. The problem I have is that it is difficult if not impossible to engage them in a debate as they are never coherent in their presentation and play very loose with the facts.
    Take for example the statement “DS sponsored many poor children”. Now even the most callous murderous community Don does the same so I am not sure what is their point.
    When confronted with the improbable mathematics behind DS Claim the response is usually “ The FX market is a 3 Trillion market and the retail space is about 1%” Obviously this is what Jared M tell them to fool them. They will not admit that the FX market is a Over the counter market with Banks and other engaging in large transaction for forward buying of currency and to facilitate swaps. Compounding like DS claim would blow them way behind the retail space in short order.

    However, I have resigned myself to the conclusion that it is difficult to break the power of conviction that brought them onside with DS in the first place so they remain delusional or they are just purveyors of deceit playing as loose with the truth as their “Savior”.

  205. winston niney:

    You have to help some of us with who these people are:


    Manchester Mouth =?

    Cockmouth =?

    Some of us have been out of the loop for sometime 🙂

  206. Cally

    On the face of it you are very right. I am not sure what explanation they have. (Admin fee) The average money market fund charge 0.25% or less

  207. You people are hopeless. Now you want to blame everyone else except yourself for loosing your own money. DS, PB, JI, DV, JR and no one else solicited you to place your money into a high risk scheme. Your own fear of missing out, and greed to get ahead. So u could elevate your own status for pure vanity is what has gotten you into this position.

    Too bad if any other person had more inside information, common sense, or influence enough to get their money out b4 any collapse, I bet if any of u had that opportunity u would all do the same. SO SUCK IT UP! Everyone here knew the risks involved and took that step on your own misunderstanding. hypocits!

    As far as I see you should all be directing your questions and wrath toward DS. He is the one responsable for your $$, and any improprieties which have resulted, all this crap is irrelevant.

  208. Driva = OBG AKA Prodigal
    Manchester Mouth = AS AKA MOF/3
    Cockmouth = KS?

    My Guesses

  209. Think&Check….please go to the head of the class.

  210. Rob
    You cannot bad us up like how your political thug friends bad up DS and tek wi money,is war yu a look this is not the place for it.No dons or presidents here.

  211. Everyone else is to blame but me!

    Look within people. Last time I checked u all had free will. What was your motive for investing with DS? Did u just follow the rest of the heard?

    This might sound cold, but we must each accept personal responsability 4 our own actions.

    Nothing lasts 4ever.

  212. @needy

    Politically exposed persons according to the AML and terrorism act are;
    Head of State or Head of Government
    Member of the executive council of government or member of a
    President of a state-owned company or bank
    Deputy minister (or equivalent)
    Head of a government agency
    Ambassador or Ambassador’s Attaché or Counselor Judge
    Military General (or higher rank) Leader
    President of a political party in a legislature

    In Canada we have FINTRAC, which investigate AML crimes along with the police, and I cannot find name for the International body. I am checking on my company web site but I am having some problems. I will get the info by tomorrow. (By the way OANDA is not under investigation to my knowledge)

    Now DS money laundering almost certainly have nothing to do with Drug Money it is more with him engaging in transaction that exceeds the limit that required a SAR and it was either not submitted or when he was ask for back up info when it was submitted he did not provide the requisite documents. Additionally, a Ponzi scheme is a crime and would fall under the act. . If the authorities who accommodated him in the TCI benefited in any way from his activities they can be charged under the AML. If any Jamaican authority also assisted him and benefited from the scheme they can be charged.
    In my opinion DS have plenty chips on his side.

  213. @Rob

    Folks in authority have some responsibility to protect the gullible. Sure there are people for whom the state truly hold no responsibility. But if some one like a pastor, politician or other person use their position of authority to persuade people about the authenticity of a business or person they do have some responsibility.

    While I do not want to blame the government they could have quickly rushed a law through parliament make it retroactive and start regulating these AIS. However, they did not want to expend the political capital because it was an unpopular thing to do. A move like that would have showed leadership.
    It just goes to show how desperate the JLP was for power that they would not support the then government on that issue. Jamaica has a largely uneducated public that is lacking in financial sophistication and Jared M and others just ran wild like a child in the candy jar.

  214. Hey what you bloggers thought about the viseo clips I sent you? The one about memories of Breamar is just too uncanny….any comments?

  215. Niney,

    u can’t blame a wolf 4 being a wolf that is his nature. But if u choose to walk into his yard and him bite u who’s fault is that?

    I’m sure u all felt good when u heard bout all the BIG MAN dem who was in wid DS. I am sure it bolstered your confidence that this was truly legit. After all it must be if dem man was a put dem $$ there to. Right?

    I am as dissapointed as the next man, but I not going blame anyone but DS if it is proven that he facilitated a fraud.

    Please do not make assumptions about who my friends are, or misrepresent my motive for posting here. All I can say is 95% of people here are still trying to rationalize what has transpired.

    The bottom line is that this investment was never Guaranteed and all we have to hold on to is thae hope that DS operated his operation in “good Faith” where his club members are concerned. If he allowed any “high profile” persons to benefit above the rest of the heard then that was his choice, and he is accountable.

    Wolf vs. Sheep = Survival of the fittest
    That is the law of nature so deal with it.

  216. Banker,

    I agree with you, however let us be real and not overly idealistic. I don’t like or trust any Government, if you are not a member of the investment class you do not really matter. Let us give the previous Govt. an ounce of credit. They on multiple occasions warned the public and took some form of action. Remember we are dealing with an overtly currupt 3rd world political system in Jamaica, there are many wolf packs among the heard of sheep here.

    The fact is we were all warned, like it or not.

  217. @sirah
    One more person trying to sell a book. You can’t boil down God’s blessing to just wealth on earth.

  218. @Rob
    We must always aspire to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Ours is a young democracy and Jamaica is endowed with many talented people and we can and will improve our lot. On occasion like these leaders must rise and use the opportunity to put us to a higher standard. That is how we will improve as a society and move from “corrupt 3rd world”

  219. Banker

    I not reading you well today. must be my fault cause’ mi bruk and hungry.

    Banker…give us so low interest loans so we can trade and make back a life in 9 months nuh?


  220. @Rob
    Rob nobody not blaming themself because DS dont come out and tel us say him lose any money,as far as we know we dont know Sh!t,if he had come out and tell everybody the money lost then we would just call it a lost and move on… they’ve said “the silence is deafining”
    dont get me wrong banker a few private people do trade the forex very welland make a good living,FEW.However the bigger nyou get the more the retail broker is going to do to try and screw you.Maybe this is where DS went wrong it is a possible scenario.When he reached over 100 milion he should have tried and dealt directly with a major bank or a prime broker…..This is all hypothetical ASSUMING he was a succesful trader,I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  221. rob

    The word is “herd” not “heard”

  222. Sirah
    If you qualify you can get loans as low as 3.75 percent, however if yu mention say yu a go FX trade di man dem face up ya would turn to a empty stare or gaze.

  223. Banker,

    To your credit I can see that u are an intelligent resonable individual. However we do not share the same level of idealism. Our young democracy is still infected with Crony Capitalisim, and minority rule just to mention a few issues. The system is fundamentally currupt to its core.

    When a poor democratic majority collides with a market dominant minority, the majority does not always prevail.

    Hold on to your perspective, sometimes it only takes 1 person to change the world.


  224. Today on Nation wide DVaz ackowledged that he was jetted to DS’s birthday bash. Supposedly the one to which PB was not invited. Maybe the falilng out between DS and PB took place long before PB is acknowledging, hence DS not trustiing PB.

    Keep the faith people!

  225. @Somethingsmissing
    People will always try to screw you when you get big because now you have something for them to take. But the bigrer you get the more doors are also opened to you. If DS was a bible man he would remember the passage “behold I send you out as sheep among wolves so be as so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves”

    If he was or is an innocent man he will know how to conduct himself. Despite what you might think in the end good is always the victor over evil.

  226. Somethingmissing,

    Read the writing on the wall brother.


    Thanks 4 the edit baby. I never get to finish my Jamal course.

  227. If DS really felt the world was out to get him. He would dotted evey eye and crossed every T and prepare himself for any attack.

    There was a Guyaneese who started a MF business in Canada and did well initially only to be brought down by the regulators because of his dishonesty. However two of the largest MF business were built by two Jamaican immigrant with heavy accents that they never tried to hide. They also proudly spoke of their country of birth many still try to bring them down but they have conducted themselves above scrutiny and that is their blessing. Not crying out LORD LORD dem a fight the small man.

  228. DaveSin

    Is eileen, our sweet Janice?

  229. Robin Irie:

    I know 🙂 I wanted to see if anyone else notice.

    I wonder if eileen have any new insider information?

    There is a few others under deep cover (from the #4 bus)!

  230. “There is a few others under deep cover (from the #4 bus)!”

    I know man but the same knife that stick sheep can stick goat if you know what I mean.

  231. Banker

    are you saying that if politicians from jamaica invested in Olint then it is possibly a Money laundering breach, and they can be extradited to the USA for that?

    Get real. The USA nuh have any jurisdiction over crime in Jamaica, unless it is conspiracy to export drugs to the USA

  232. Any one listening to Audly Shaw on Nationwide. The man sound of if he was always against the AIS’s operating in Jamaica. What a two face man. Does Cliff have any tape or transcript with any of his earlier pronouncements.

  233. @needy

    NO I did not mean that. However, if they beneited form the scheme they could be charged internationally or in Jamaica. This because a PONZI scheme is a crime in of itself. If they were moving large sums in and out of these schemes without this been reported I am not sure but atlest on the face of it this would not look very good. Since OLINT was not regulated I am not sure who would be held responsible for the reporting requirement.

  234. Audley shaw going get what quack-quack get. Again.

    And again and again and again and again and again and then some more.

    Banker 3.75%!!! What kind of teefing LChn rate yu a try sell pon sirach. Banker?…you fill you prescription yet?

    Money so cheap right now. And you want to pull a DS on me Banker?

    Oh i see… banker feel that because DS give me what quack-quack get already that he can also give me what quack-quack get.

    Cold as ice Banker. Colder than Audley Shaws of the mark evaluation of the schemes demise on the economy and society. Colder than LChn and DS and Loiten and VI and all the other promiscuous persons who are versed in giving quack-quack his/her regular daily bread.

    Icy Banker…Icy.

  235. Investforlife:

    Does the search function work at the top of the page? Is it turned off? If not how does it work? Can I get a listing of post based on a poster’s name?

  236. sirah
    3.75% is the loan rate not intrest rate on deposit. However, the higest guranteed rate ion deposit is around 5.25% on a five year GIC (equivalent to CD). You might get a long bond with BBB status paying you a shade better.

  237. Banker

    Charged Internationally?
    Where in the Hague?
    man nuh mek USA alphabet authorities tek yuh turn idiot.
    The FBI only have jurisdiction in the USA
    They would like people to think that they were the world police though

  238. @Rob
    Dont get me wrong Rob,I have assumed all responsibilty for my loss and have wriitten it off,however people mus want to know what happen to them money,it’s human nature,we must just accept that it gone without knowing the circumstances….keep it real bro…

  239. @Needy:

    A Jamaican couple wanted for drug offences in Boston, They were about to board a flight to the UK and the Jamaican police was tipped to that fact by US authorties. Question: How did the US know these guys were scheduled to fly out to the UK? BTW, they have been wanted for about 10 years!

  240. needy
    You know what I am not an authority on this area so I do not want to argue. However, there is one international body (to which Jamaica is a signatory) that looks in to ML.

    Just in the last couple of months every time I open an account I have to fill out a form call PEPI politically exposed persons form. This goes for every single account no exception.

  241. What i want to know is why exactly did DS need a third party to help facilitate a move to TCI. Couldn’t he do that all on his own. WHat did this bovell man do to deserve 500k or so a month JUST because he helped him move operations to TCI? Thats really puzzling me. Can someone knowledgeable help me understand. When setting up business overseas do you always need a third party? and what exactly does that third party do that can make him earn so much

  242. Rob,

    Tom drunk but Tom nuh fool.

    How can you kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

    All I know DS has several feathers holding him up .
    Otherwise, can you imagine the many big wigs, small fries and voiceless who will have to go to prisons with DS if you all put him there?

  243. WHat about the patriot act?

    WHy was it started and what dose it do?

    Since the September 11 attacks, the United States has stepped up its focus on anti-money laundering issues, and particularly terrorist financing issues. The United States enacted an anti-terrorist and anti-money laundering bill in October that provides for broad new investigative and information-sharing powers with respect to terrorist financing. It expands the scope of U.S. counter-money laundering regulations, such as requiring broker/dealers in the securities industry to file suspicious activity reports. The law also gives new powers to take action against money laundering havens. In addition, the Financial Action Task Force decided in late October to expand its focus to include terrorist financing issues and adopted an action plan to implement eight new special recommendations directly related to terrorist financing. The United States looks forward to participating in the FATF self-assessment exercise on the new special recommendations, which is to be completed by the end of December 2001.

    Title II: Surveillance procedures

    Title II sections that were to originally expire on December 31, 2005 Section Section title
    201 Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating to terrorism
    202 Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications relating to computer fraud and abuse offenses
    203(b) Authority to share electronic, wire and oral interception information
    204 Clarification of intelligence exceptions from limitations on interception and disclosure of wire, oral, and electronic communications
    206 Roving surveillance authority under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.
    207 Duration of FISA surveillance of non-United States persons who are agents of a foreign power
    209 Seizure of voice-mail messages pursuant to warrants
    212 Emergency disclosure of electronic communications to protect life and limb
    214 Pen register and trap and trace authority under FISA
    215 Access to records and other items under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
    217 Interception of computer trespasser communications
    218 Foreign intelligence information
    220 Nationwide service of search warrants for electronic evidence
    223 Civil liability for certain unauthorized disclosures
    225 Immunity for compliance with FISA wiretap

    Title III: Anti-money-laundering to prevent terrorism

    Title III of the Act, titled “International Money Laundering Abatement and Financial Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001,” is intended to facilitate the prevention, detection and prosecution of international money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It primarily amends portions of the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 (MLCA) and the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 (BSA). It is divided into three subtitles, with the first dealing primarily with strengthening banking rules specifically against money laundering, especially on the international stage. The second attempts to improve communication between law enforcement agencies and financial institutions. This subtitle also increases record keeping and reporting requirements. The third subtitle deals with currency smuggling and counterfeiting, including quadrupling the maximum penalty for counterfeiting foreign currency, such as the Hans Vierck case of 2001

  244. International Money Laundering Control: Law Enforcement Issues

  245. David smith was conducting transactions through wachovia and NCB. Therefore the FBI and other international ANT-money laundering law enfrocement officials can go after whoever they WANT.

  246. Nordine Whitel, on August 5th, 2008 at 6:45 pm Said:

    Tom drunk but Tom nuh fool.

    How can you kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

    All I know DS has several feathers holding him up .
    Otherwise, can you imagine the many big wigs, small fries and voiceless who will have to go to prisons with DS if you all put him there?

    Nordine Whitel
    As wild as your presentations are I have to agree with you that DS should have many secret for many powerful people. This might be his bargaining chip

  247. realdude:

    Maybe the facilitator role is to make sure that no stumbling block is erected and allow for a smooth transition (no FSC-type issues). The $500K/month might not be only for PB but for other TCI officials?

    However, if you want to take the hard road, you do not need a facilitator. BTW, this is how a lot of business is done in Jamaica and other third world countries. In the US they use lobbying firms (legal way), but boils down to the same thing….money buys access.

    If you want to do business in Africa/Caribbean, there are guys like the one below that will make your life easier, but you will have to spend many millions.

  248. miachica
    I think so as well. But remember these people just start an investigation when they see something suspicious. What they end with can be a lot different form what they started with.

  249. The “FBI” (lets just use that as shorthand for the alphabet soup of US agencies with enforcement powers in a matter like this) really does have a lot of power, particularly in a US-focussed country like Jamaica. One of the main weapons they have is denial/removal of visas for the individual and his or her family. This may seem trivial when compared to going to prison, etc, but it is a serious sancion for most people.

    They can also make it nearly impossible for you to do any kind of banking business involving US dollars. They have the power to shut you off from the current centre of the universe.

    Now, it may not be the end of the world. Look at CH of C- fame as an example. But if you remember the controversy when the US threatened to take away the Issas visas a few years ago (that time it was to do with US politics and their investments in Cuba, I think, not any fraud or anything like that), you will see what I mean.

  250. Nordine Whitel said earlier “That’s why the entire uncircumcised philistine is working over time to torment David”

    “uncircumcised”? I know this is probably deeply significant. Can anybody help me?

  251. You are all missing the point that I am making,
    Yes there are a lot of new International ML regulations etc. but with third world politicians this is just what it is regulations.
    The USA cannot just come pick up politicians in the third world like that.
    they are not the world police.

    another point that I have made on an earlier blog when the FBI froze DS accounts, is that I am somewhat skeptical when I hear about ML investigations being conducted and the persons account is frozen while the person is free,

    That is not how the FEDS operrate, they do not freeze your accounts while investigating if you had laundered money.
    The modus operandi is to have evidence of ML, arrest the culprit and freeze his accounts.
    Put it on record that NEEDY is skeptical and think that both these investigfations are frivilous

  252. Well we know so far they havent found anything incriminating on DS. This type of cases are very complex and charges cant be drummed up over night. The authoritises are putting the pieces together just like us. The have to make sure they cover themself so they have a strong case. People in these type of white collar crime sare sophisticated people who know the laws and have very good lawyers.

    If there is no evidence to link DS with anything, then people get there money back or at least some of their money back. We all move all. But I highly doubt that well happen.

  253. Banker

    The international agency on anti-money laundering you were thinking of could be the FATF and/or the CFATF. FATF is the Financial Action Task Force and sets the standards for AML/CFT (anti-money laundering/combatting the financing of terrorism) around the world. CFATF is its Caribbean regional affiliate.

    These agencies also organise/administer something called “Mutual Evaluations” which is basically a test by foreigners of whether you are complying with the international standards. Every country has to go through this, including Jamaica.

  254. The exchange between Cally and Banker earlier this afternoon is very interesting. The phenomenon that Banker described is known as “affinity” fraud.

    Affinity frauds are very common. The conman plays on the trust and confidence draw from affinity with the church or other target group.

    Churches are common targets but affinity frauds operate on unsuspecting members of other groups or based on other associations that people have great or unexamined faith in.

  255. Thanks Bob

  256. BOB
    certain things can only be a problem if you make it so. If you worship the USA then losing your visa is a big thing.
    There are many Jamaicans who would not be affected by that act.

    Secondly ISSA’s had to renege in the Cuba affair because US tourists would have been blacklisted from coming to the Super Clubs.
    Incidentally, the Hotels that they gave up, are currently being operated and FULL by a Canadians.
    Why did they not threaten them?

    When the USA started fingerprinting people at immigration, Brasil reciprocally started to fingerprint Americans and still do.

    Yes they can blacklist you from their banking system, since all US checks are drawn on a US bank accounts, but there is no rational for that, is there?

    Remember the outcry against Singapore for the boy who was beaten for the chewing gum incident,
    Singapore did not relent, what happened? Nothing.

    The USA is not the world, especially now, with the emergency of the EURO, Brasil, India and China, remember that,
    Dont be fooled by hype,

  257. Needy
    I agree with you when it comes to TCI investigation. Deep inside me I think the TCI people trying to help out DS or protect themselves when they realize the fed was investigating him.

  258. true Miachica,

    but trust me the FEDs dont announce that they are Investigating you for ML. they normally have you when you find out

  259. @Needy:

    Remember Noriega?

  260. All on board… It’s independence eve, cursing and fighting have no real interest. SOOOO……..

    1. Have mercy on David Smith, O God,
    according to your unfailing love;
    according to your great compassion
    blot out my transgressions.

    2 Wash away all David’s iniquity
    and cleanse Him from sin.
    3 For He knows his transgressions,
    and his sin is always before him.
    4 Against you, you only, have he sinned
    and done what is evil in your sight,
    so that you are proved right when you speak
    and justified when you judge.
    5 Surely he was sinful at birth,
    sinful from the time his mother conceived him.
    6 Surely you desire truth in the inner parts [a] ;
    you teach [b] him wisdom in the inmost place.
    7 Cleanse him with hyssop, and he will be clean;
    wash him, and he will be whiter than snow.
    8 Let him hear joy and gladness;
    let the bones you have crushed rejoice.
    9 Hide your face from his sins
    and blot out all his iniquity.
    10 Create in him a pure heart, O God,
    and renew a steadfast spirit within him.
    11 Do not cast him from your presence
    or take your Holy Spirit from him.
    12 Restore to him the joy of your salvation
    and grant him a willing spirit, to sustain him.
    13 Then he will teach transgressors your ways,
    and sinners will turn back to you.
    14 Save him from bloodguilt, O God,
    the God who saves him,
    and his tongue will sing of your righteousness.

    God you are the judge and restorer.

  261. Banker

    i think that DS and him friend MIssic set up the TCI investigation to prevent the FEDs from freezing DS assetts in TCI.

    Trust me there are some BIG expatriate MEN invloved and they are not Jamaican white businessmen or politicians.

    I am just not going to call any names here.

  262. needy,

    Why would missic setup himself to be investigated.

    People in Jamaica so use to corruption that you believe this criminals cannot get caught. Instead of you just call a spade a spade now missic setup himself. I got a feeling this thing is bigger than most people can comprehend. This may big one of the biggest AML cases in caribben history.

  263. Dave Sin

    Yes i remember Noreiga,
    look on my earlier post, I stated that if they have evidence that you conspired to import Drugs into the USA it is a different thing .

    When a man gives Olint money, he does not know that Olint is going to invest it into a USA fx platform, so that individual would not have anything to do with th USA

  264. AML where are you…the fat lady nuh ready yet?


    I did not say that Missic set himself up to be investigated.
    I said that I think the whole TCI investigation and freezing of DS accounts in the TCI, was planned by Missic and DS to prevent the FBI from freezing DS assetts in the TCI
    If you do not understand the difference, ask someone else to explain it to yuh please

  266. Peter Bovell apparently made a LOT of money off of Olint’s customers. It would now appear that OLint was a criminal enterprise. Bovell seems to suggest he left at just the right moment (i.e) before the dolly house mash up.

    Anyone want to take bets on whether Peter now does the right thing and returns the money he earned from Olint to those that it rightfully belongs to?

  267. needy

    I agree that “FBI” is not the world police.

    I agree that you can live a great life without the US. You are right that the world is a very big place.

    The other factors in the Issa case are undoubtedly relevant as well.

    All I am pointing out is that the “FBI” does have practical sanctions against those who they think are breaking their laws. Clearly, they are not anything like as extensive or effective as the powers they have within their borders.

    An interesting dimension too is that when they have a reason to go after powerful politicians in another country, they sometimes only have to wait for a change of government in order to get cooperation to extradite the “fugitive”. Someone earlier today referred us to Noriega as an extreme example.

    Having said all of that, I need to say again what I have said many times before on this blog but probably forgotten by now with all the exciting events unfolding: DS will not spend a day in jail anywhere.

  268. I understood what you said loud and clear.

    But if the TCI authories along with US authories have missic under investigation how could he have pulled this shyt off:

    “i think that DS and him friend MIssic set up the TCI investigation to prevent the FEDs from freezing DS assetts in TCI”.

    missic is covering his behind, he aint looking out ofr ds.

    But you free to believe what you want.

  269. miachica said “This may big one of the biggest AML cases in caribben history.”

    What do you mean “may be”? This is not only going to be the biggest AML case, it is going to be the biggest con job as well. It will also go into the books as the biggest investment fraud in the Caribbean.

  270. @Needy Said: ……”was planned by Missic and DS to prevent the FBI from freezing DS assetts in the TCI
    If you do not understand the difference”….


    I thought you said the FBI(US FEDS) can’t freeze funds in TCI? You contradicting yourself mon?

    The big question is what role did TCI play in this whole debacle? Did they do the DD on Olint/DS or were payments made to quickly let them setup shop in TCI? These are the questions that will be asked in the event of the official collapse pronouncement!

  271. Needy
    I am not one to speculate however, TCI I think despite being a British Territory is a closed country. (Not compliant with international banking regulations)

    They have not arrested DS but they have seized his accounts and books. They are well aware that he is doing business with people all around the world and yet they have not seen it fit to provide pertinent info to club members. The government in the other territories do not approve of OLINT and therefore are not that concerned about him or the interest of depositors(even though they should be).

    However, TCI gave DS legal status and this is how they treat depositors in a business that has benefitted their country. The depositors and their lawyers do not seem smart enough to start pressuring the authorites in TCI for info. They are forzen like a deer in the head lamp a blaming NCB etc.

  272. Bob,

    I believe somebody is going to go to jail for this. There is no way it cant happen.

  273. the USA does not have Missic under any investigation.

    The UK has on corruption charges that stem from someone else as I alluded to in an earlier post.

    On that topic my lips are however numb, until and if that becomes public

  274. Bob
    if DS was in Jamaica he would be in jail already

  275. @Needy:

    I think the FBI is investigating messic for the rape charge!

  276. Thats how it strated then TCI investigating him for corruption charges

  277. Dave Sin

    are you saying to me that if a Jamaican rape a tourist at hellshire, the FBI can charge the man for rape and try that man in the USA?

    NO my brother

  278. Miachica

    that is not what start the corruption investigation, what started it is much Bigger than that, and it is not DS either

  279. needy

    Let out the secret!!!

  280. @Bob,

    Re:“That’s why the entire uncircumcised philistine is working over time to torment David”
    “uncircumcised”? I know this is probably deeply significant. Can anybody help me?

    My Take;

    In Israel they circumcise the young boys at birth, not sure how they do Palestinians.
    Get the picture ?

  281. ” A group of British lawmakers recently issued a report alleging that Turks & Caicos government ministers and Premier Michael Misick – who has purportedly amassed a multimillion-dollar fortune since being elected in 2003 – illegally enriched themselves by selling government-owned land to developers”.

    I ke wit wasnt the rape allegation.

  282. I have not discussed this angle before but I was always curious how TCI authorities were so unprofessional leaving depositors in such a relatively large business in the dark. If they had raided a large regional bank in their jurisdiction they would be forced to have regular press conferences.

    OLINT should be no different because he was legally recognized as a legitimate business in TCI. They benefited from his generosity that was due to the business club members gave him. They have a moral obligation to assure people that their best interest is being looked after.

  283. Banker

    i am not going to let it out at all,
    It is not really a secret cause it is already out there.
    Kind of like one of those things that everybody in high circles know already, but just keeping it down.

  284. Banker said “they could have quickly rushed a law through parliament make it retroactive and start regulating these AIS. However, they did not want to expend the political capital because it was an unpopular thing to do. A move like that would have showed leadership.”

    I don’t agree with you on this one. Rushing a law through parliament would have been a disaster and would have played into the hands of the conmen. to start with, nobody likes a retroactive law so a whole heap of people would go over to the other side in the argument just because of that. But then, even if you left that out, you would be making a law to cover something that is already in the law. Olint etc broke the securities act for which the sanctions are as heavy as parliament is ever going to make them. They have probably broken other laws too (outright fraud comes to mind).

    Making another law for them to break would just help them and their lawyers to argue about which law applied and improve their chances at the Privy council when they will end up saying that the “state of the law was uncertain your honour; my client certainly could not have understood that he was on the wrong side of the law; look, he has legal opinions to tell him that the effect of the second act of parliament was to blah, blah, blah …”.

    Personally, I think that the laws that Olint broke are the right laws that we should have for investments. It looks to me like these laws impose obligations of transparency and require that a third party does some background checking that I as an investor would never be able to do. They don’t do much else (apart from important enforcement powers, rule-making powers and such) and to me that is just fine because I don’t want the government or somebody like the FSC to be telling me what I can and can’t invest in.

    To give you an example, we don’t want a law that doesn’t let us invest in an fx trading fund just because someone in authority doesn’t think it is a good idea but we do want a law that makes sure that the fx trading fund manager is not a person who is dodging fraud charges from a scam he was running in, say, Australia.

  285. Look contrary to popular belief we Jamaicans have about as much historical link to isrealites, phillistines, ethiopians etc. as we do to people from Mars.

    We are largely the decendants of West Africans…not pharoah brothers and sisters and emporers and empresses.

    What Nordine quote from Bible (the historical chronological reference to Jews) has about as much to do with us as why the moon is made of cheese.

    Sorry to burst bubbles here. Mullatto Jamaicans who are mixed with West Africans and Europeans cannot then say the brown skin of Ethiopia.

    Yes we have a band called the Isrealites and nuff chat bout babylon (Iraq)……but please…..

    We do not need religion to do what is morally right. DS and LChn and IL and all the other cast members (especially the lawyers)are continuing to do what is morally wrong at this time. Until they reveal the truth and nothing but the truth…especially in light of the suffering that rests on their concience….without regard for self…..then they all remain morally wrong, rude and out of order.

  286. BTW can anyone tell me if WW started payouts today

  287. @Bob

    You are correct that the existing legislation covered OLINT. Did not remember or didn’t give enough thought to that.

    You know typing this response I realize now that may be the then government did their best. I think it is the other actors, opposition at the time, church leaders and others who gave him legitimacy and continue to solicit funds for him with personal testimonials were the real culprits. The government I think should have ceased his accounts and distribute all the funds he had back to club members but I guess DS tied them up in court.

  288. needy and miachica

    I will amend my statement to say that DS will not spend more than a day (unless he is arrested on a Friday, in which case he could spend three days) in jail anywhere.

    The reason for the one day is that the jamaican system in effect obliges you to spend the day of your arrest for a serious crime in jail unless you know a very senior policeman who will authorise station bail. This is because your papers have to be filed with the court the day before you appear before the magistrate to ask for bail. So, even if the police are not playing games with you, DS would probably spend the night in the lock up.

    But that will be the only time he will spend at her majesty’s pleasure. That is my prediction.

    As I also said before, he will be the candidate at the 2012 or 2017 elections and could well win a seat and sit as an honourable overseeing the lives of my children. That could make a grown man cry.

  289. Needy

    I do not know but i can tell u this. Any of these AIS’s who are using forex as the model and who cannot administrate the thing to the point where they have to close and come again…..well dem nuh ready.

    Better to do it in a reciprocal way. By that I mean if you can administrate better than all the schemes…..(even mi dawg can do that) ..then why not take a practice account and try and develop your trading skills?

    Why be at the “mercy” (note quotation marks) of a set of self serving arrogant people who believe you are not worth propewr proof once they have your money????

  290. Bob

    I actually think that if this did not happen DS would have become the Prime Minister of Jamaica in 4-8 years time.

    He is the biggest conman to walk the shores of Jamaica.
    That alone gives him the qualification to be a Top Politician

  291. Sirach

    that is exactly my sentiments too.
    I think that people should look at the positives and learn to trade for themselves
    Teach a man to fish

  292. jay

    Thanks for the help with “uncircumcised”. I am dunce, though, and don’t really get it. This is making me very worried as I contemplate the state of my assets.

  293. True, needy, true.

    about the conman and the Top Politician, not about the learning to trade themselves.

  294. @Bob

    JI had a fall out with Olint since Dec 2007, and his origins his from Palestine. I guess the writer is saying he is trying to bring down Olint.

    Writer is that what you are alluding to?

  295. jay

    Ooooh! That is very interesting.

    I am also now relieved as I look down at all that I have.

  296. LOL

    As tough as they say Jamaicans are, for the most part people have been very civil about this.

  297. Most Jamaicans are not tough. Many Jamaicans talk tough. A few Jamaicans are very very wicked (born fi ded, dog-hearted, etc). So it goh.

  298. Right about that Bob.
    Most murder in the Greater Toronto Area is commited by Jamaicans. But it is almost entirely between drug gangs. On the other hand as an immigrant group we are possible the most successful and law abiding.

    So there is a misleading impression about us out there.

  299. @cally, We taking up the Christians on the matter soon. I hope you read the OLINT human tragedy article… The Shepherds of the flock have a lot to answer.

    I am christian too so I understand and share your disappointment with them.

    Christians should more than anyone else
    1. Pay their taxes
    2. If OLINT is officially declared a PONZI, refund their ill-gotten gains
    3. Support the laws and authority of the land especially where they do not violated God’s law.

  300. Mi gone a mi bed

  301. The FBI has jurisdiction in this Olint case if it turns out to be fraudulent.

    According to an American attorney I spoke to who specializes in cross border recovery, David Smith would have used the US financial system to commit fraud against a US person. He would have broken a US law and under US law the FBI has worldwide jurisdiction to enforce US (federal) laws.

    As a practical matter the FBI would probably have to work with local authorities to get their hands on David Smith because the TCI and the UK are friendly countries and any unilateral actions would bring the displeasure of Whitehall, an important American ally.

  302. this is crazy

  303. the FBI does not have any worldwide jurisdiction for ANYTHING
    are you crazy?
    If someone broke a USA law the FBI would have to try and get that person extradited to the USA. to stand trial.

    Not all crimes are extraditable.

    Any stupid lawyer who told you about the FBI having worldwide jurisdiction is a lawyer who like most Americans think that the US is the world.

  304. Needy ,
    Manny Noriaga and Saddam Hussein Lawyers would like to talk to you about such …. LOL……………

    If the US authorities want you , it will happen , regardless of where you hide.

  305. They were world leaders,

    Yuh ever see the USA mobilise their armies to capture an individual?

  306. Needy ,
    Agree Not for individuals they don’t have to . If they wanted DS, his extradition would be imminent. Of course there are countries that do not have extradition treaties with the US and for fraud they would not turn DS over. Unfortunately one would not last very long in such countries , they usually suck the individual dry in a few years ….

    Regardless the US is still ” the ” world power and more so in this hemisphere , it would not be prudent to be running an operation and have them looking at you.
    Also under the new terrorist act , in regards to Money laundering , i do believe they and the international community have the right to go for or investigate anyone .

  307. Nordine, I see you are still invoking the name of God on behalf of DS and praying for his forgiveness.
    I am sure you know that repentance must cime before forgiveness and you cannot repent for DS. He has to come to the folly of his ways and repent for himself, just like the prodigal.
    I will not judge whether DS was/is a Christian, that is between him and his God, but we can’t be so compromised in the situation that we blind ourselves to the truth…only the truth can set us free

  308. watching closely

    What about obl?

  309. mrs

    you are wrong. the sponsorship mof Jazz Festival when he was not paying was striat Bullshit! you make some good points but if you defend Jazz i have to say you are simple in mind.

    A surprise party thrown by his wife and his wife’s birthday cruise we innapropriate, insensitive and stupid.

    If he was paying people THEIR money he could go fly a kite with his wife. Nobody wants to be up in his business. Perhaps it is a craving for attention that causes him to behave this way.

    We still don’t want to be up in their business….but they force us to suffer being close to what they do simply….because they have OUR money…..not theirs….OURS.

    Once they pay you see how fast we get out of THEIR business and leave them alone.



  310. Banker

    There is no need to be uncivil. Uncivil is a relative term. For how DS has treated us so far can been interpreted as uncivil. Agree? The real point is is he saying that when we reciprocate we are being uncivil?

    The answer is …Yes he is saying that.

  311. hhaahaha yu konw..yu haffi laugh. What yu do me is civil iregardless…and when i treat you still with more respect than you treat me…then I am being uncivil.


    A just Jamaica dat….not going give you the history of why that is so again….refer to sirach’s BACCRA blogs.

  312. Sirach

    You think OBL more powerful than Hussein , Pleaseeeee!

    OBL is not necessary stick an oil well to his back and he will be on CNN by Friday . Catching OBL ( If he is still alive ) is not a priority and in actuality not financially feasible ( very Important that money part ) as it would put an end to the billions now being thrown around in the name of Terror ! containment as it used to be with saddam until necessary to reign in …Has to profitable ..

  313. Sirach ,

    I still cannot understand those that try to defend DS behavior , must be some sort of Stockholm syndrome .
    The Man drink and party like a teenager , has a bad gambling habit , never ever once appears business like and yet purports to be a ” Christian ” DS is way out there 8 months into 08 and still no answers or Monies !

  314. I said it from long time that TCI govt helping DS with the bs so-call audit. the timing of everthing was too coincidental

    Anyway… I hear one of you guys in here is a mp
    and I hear there is a gradual boycott of NCB

  315. you forgot to mention that he also frequented gogo clubs regularly

  316. @Needy:

    I guess when you have all these funds at your disposal you automactically develop these vices, even dumb ones such as going to go go club. He should have invested in a single pole and lights, installed at home. A lot cheaper and would give “her” something to do and I’m sure, bring them closer. I did that years ago and I have not been to a go go club since them. What a waste!

  317. LOL@Davesin,
    You badder than bad you need fi de pon def comedy jam!!Hmm i wonder how much for the pole though?

  318. what kind of Go Go club him go ?. when I go, i spend on drinks $ 1200 ( approx 5 -6 beers and another $ 1000 on tips for the girls. thats at most $2500 Jamaican in one night…

    I cannot see how spending like that could ever done the money

  319. Kullcull

    There you go again, not understanding the importance of relativity.
    When you go to a gogo club you spend J$2500. since that is what you can afford.
    When NBA players go they will drop a few gees US
    When rock stars go they will drop a few hundred GEES
    Incidentally when PACMAN Jones went to the gogo club he took apx 200 gees and made it rain causing pandamenium in the club.
    So dont fool yourself about 2500 per night.
    That is for underpriviliged people, not for celebrities.

    The reference to gogo clubs however was also in reference to DS being a “christian”, since Christian do not hang out in those spots.

    It would be hard for DS to spend billions in a gogo club, but you must agree that a man who lived in gogo clubs, and constantly partied really could not be spending much time trading currency

  320. Needy;

    Either you did not read or did not understand the second paragraph of my post.

    The law is what it is. The US can claim jurisdiction. Whether you approve or disagree does not make the slightest difference.

    As a practical matter, because the suspect is not in US jurisdiction and he is actually in the jurisdiction of a friendly country, the effort to apprehend him would have to be mutual one (extradition).

    Consider how is it that the US can go after someone from Jamaica or Colombia who has never set foot in the US for the crime of exporting drugs to the US, either by seizing them or having their own country extradite them to the US. Don’t you see that happening every day? Well that happens because exporting drugs to the US is a violation of US law, no matter where you are when you do it.

    If an aggressive US attorney were to choose to pursue this, there would be ample precedent to support that action.

  321. Kullcull:

    Bwou Kullcull, yuh cheap bad. Is the $1,000 in singles or $50s? Now you know why the girls run in the opposite direction when they see you coming. I guess you pass on the lap dance.

  322. @CJ:

    You are absolutely right! The problem with Needy is he knows better, but his anti-US stance is blinding is judgement here.

    Needy….tell me where do you live Jamaica or US or other?

  323. DaveSin & CJ

    The FBI cannot Claim any damn jurisdiction anywhere except in the USA.

    They are the police force of the USA and nowhere else.

    If a crime is commited inside the USA, then they will have to seek the extradition of perpretrator from the country that said individual resides.

    This extradition is not automatic, and there are some countries (example CHINA, BRAZIL, COSTA RICA), that will not send any of their nationals abroad to any country to be tried for any alleged crime.

    Not because the USA has filed for the extradition of a countries resident,means that the individual in automatically sent to them. There is a hearing process.

    There have been people who the local courts have refused to send to the USA because of insufficient evidence.

    Two weeks ago a Colombian national won his extradition hearing in the JAmaican court because their was no evidence that he had knowledge that cocaine he shipped to Jamaica, was destined for the USA.
    It was reported in the Gleaner.

    If an American tourist raped a woman in Ocho Rios, and went home,the Jamaican government could request the extradition of that tourist to face trial for that crime, so the whole extradition process is reciprical
    It is NOT a one sided machette.

    No I am not anti- American, I just hate when sensible people fall into the notion that the USA is the world, and that their agencies have WORLDWIDE jurisdiction, this is hogwash.

    If this was so, how would people wanted for extradition on drug charges even win their hearing in Jamaica?
    Wouldnt the DEA just have lock them up here, and ship them out?

    There are NO police force on earth that have worldwide jurisdition

  324. The USA believes that they are the greatest and the best at everything and nothing else does not count.

    They discount everything that is not American for example soccer is the most popular sport in the world, yet listening to them you would think that over half the world watches the Super Bowl.
    If you have a degree from an unamerican university, it is like it does not count in the USA
    As far as they are concerned the world stops at their borders.

    When i see sensible people from other countries sharing these same setiments, it really pis$3s me off, and it is not anti USA sentiments,

    By the way I live in jamaica

  325. CJ

    here is the Gleaner link with the Colombian man that won his extradition hearing in Jamaica, because there was no proof that the cocaine that he sent to Jamaica was going on to the USA.
    Now it was the USA police that wanted him, if they had Worldwide jurisdiction, no Jamaican judge could free him.

  326. Needy Said….”Two weeks ago a Colombian national won his extradition hearing in the JAmaican court because their was no evidence that he had knowledge that cocaine he shipped to Jamaica, was destined for the USA”….

    What’s wrong with that picture…I guy admit to a Jamaican court that yes, I shipped kilos of drugs to your country (more than what can be reasonably be expected to be consumed by the Jamaican population) and the court said it’s O.K, as long as you don’t ship it to the US…and by the way, you are free to go. WOW.

    Needy, don’t you think that the US is going to seek his extradition once he gets back to colombia? I guess they need more aid money that Jamaica!

  327. @NeedY:

    There has been cases where the FEDS have removed Jamaicans from Jamaican without an extradition order, i.e., without the Jamaican Police/Government even knowing about it. How is that?

  328. Dave Sin

    If there are cases where the FEDS kidnap and removed Jamaicans from Jamaica, then it was done illegally.
    Those arguments are suss, cause the FEDS would not need to do that, they can always request extradition.
    When you HEAR of kidnappings, what normally happen is that these persons have absconded while on bail in the USA.
    Bounty Hunters (like in old time cowboy movies), are then hired by the bondsmen ,who bailed this individual, and his about to lose his money, to bring in this fugitive.
    This has nothing to do with the US government or agencies.
    There was a famous situation in Mobay about 20 years ago where a fugitive was lured to a party on a yatch, and sailed back to the USA.

  329. @Needy:

    You say its suss, read article below and then comment!






    The Appeal Court on Monday began hearing the appeal of alleged Jamaican drug lord Norris “Deedo” Nembhard and five others who are fighting their extradition to the United States (US).

    Their lawyers are making a last ditch effort to block his extradition to the US to stand trial on drug trafficking charges.

    Nembhard who has been tagged a Drug Kingpin by US President George W. Bush was ordered extradited in 2005.

    His attorney Frank Phipps on Monday argued that he should not be extradited =because prosecutors there have no case against him.

    Mr. Phipps told the court that the indictment submitted by US prosecutors did not reveal any evidence that Nembhard conspired with other persons to smuggle drugs into the US.

    He said at best, the information showed that he imported drugs from Colombia into Jamaica.

    Mr. Phipps said based on this evidence it would be unjust to extradite Nembhard.

    The senior attorney also argued that last year’s hearing before the Full Court was tainted as one of the judges on the panel had represented the US government for many years in extradition cases while he was a counsel at the Director of Public Prosecutions Office.

    Former National Security Minister K.D Knight who is representing another accused man, Robroy Williams in the appeal also challenged the indictments submitted by the US government.

    Mr. Knight who has first hand knowledge of the Extradition Treaty between Jamaica and the US, ARGUED that the INDICTMENTS FAILED TO FOLLOW THE LAW AS OUTLINED BY THE TREATY.
    The hearing continues Tuesday.

    Nembhard and the other men – Robroy “Spy” Williams, Glenroy Williams, Vivian Dalley, Police Corporal Herbert Henry and Colombian Miguel Arias have been described by US prosecutors as major players in the international drug trade.

    They were arrested in 2004 as part of an international crack down on drugs

  331. @Needy:

    While you read, I will present two sections of the article:

    …”And in August 1992 Norris Barnes, a Montego Bay businessman, filed suit in the Supreme Court against Frank Saren and Jose Torres, two agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Admini-stration, and Mel Spence, a former Jamaican policeman, claiming that they had lured him to a yacht in Montego Bay, kidnapped him and taken him to the United States where he served two years on drug trafficking charges. “….

    …”In the Alvarez-Machain case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, 6-3, on June 15, 1992 that the U.S. government may kidnap people from a foreign country and prosecute them over that nation’s objection”…

  332. @Needy:

    Do you remember the Pakistani that shot up cars outside the CIA headquarters? Did the US kidnap him from Pakistan and brought him to the US? Yes they did!!!

  333. There is no point in arguing with Needy. He is basing his argument on what he thinks is fair, I am basing mine on the real world.

    People who break US law but yet never set foot inside the US are pursued and extradited to the US everyday of the week. I would never describe any legal process as automatic, but how that that support the argument that it doesn’t happen?

    Arguing with Needy about that is like arguing with someone who keeps insisting that the earth is flat.

  334. Dave Sin

    Listen to me and listen to me clearly.

    No matter what the US Supreme Court ruled.

    If any US government agent captured or kidnapped any citizen of any country and took them to the USA, they would have acted illegally according to the laws of that country.

    That is why Norris Barnes could have sued the DEA , since by kidnapping him they broke Jamaicas laws.

    There is a process, and if the process is not followed, it could mean that any country could just go into another country and take their citizens.

    Today it is the USA tomorrow it is Trinidad.

    Do you think if tomorrow Bruce Golding passed a law stating that the JCF can kidnap people for trial in Jamaica, it would now be legal for us to go to the USA or any othercountry and kidnap people who come to Jamaica, and buy drugs?
    No Way.
    Then might as well the USA write our laws.
    I know that in the Barnes case he was not arrested by them until he was in International waters.

    yadda, yadda , yadda.

    If the Mexican commited a crime on US soil, then he can be tried and executed in the USA, so that is why he was executed in the USA.
    Your posting of the legal arguments that the Jamaican lawyers said in defence of their defendants is not relevant here.
    Lawyers will say anything in court, to plead their case, even when it isnt so.
    If what the lawyers said was so, none of these guys would have been extradited, this was actaully the case where the Colombian was released

  335. @Needy:

    Since you needy prove here they are:

    I think you get the point, but if not I can give you a lot more. BTW, a lot of the cases are not made public for diplomatic reasons.

  336. CJ

    In the real world not everyone that USA say that they want they get, that is why people win extraditon cases, even in poor poor Jamaica.

    You are all making it look as if from the FEDs want you, yuh life mash up,

    That is not how it goes

  337. @ Needy:

    It look like you are a wanted man in the US? 🙂

    Mi a send them fi yuh……..soon! Yuh life nuh mash up yet!

  338. Dave Sin,

    I dun talk.
    Anyone here who think that the USA can LEGALLY go into another man country and kidnap people,
    Nuff Respect.

    That is the same thing threat that US citizens are under in some countries too, so I would hate to think that those organizations are legal too.

  339. LOL
    mi fraid fit rue

  340. anyway everyone, mi gone, going to the movies yah man. later

  341. Needy, what you fail to understand that it doesn’t matter if the seizure is legal in the country in which it occurred. When you find yourself in an American courtroom in the custody of the United States, it doesn’t matter how you were captured.

    American courts generally adhere to the legal doctrine of male captus, bene detentus – “badly captured, well detained,” the legal principle that permits the trial of an improperly seized defendant.

  342. CJ

    ok, well we all agree that any and EVERY countries police has Worldwide Jurisdiction, and can go into any country and Kidnap/ Capture anyone that they want and take them back to their country for trial?

    If the great USA can do it, I do not know why others cant?
    I guess that is Irans point at this time re Nucler energy, and also Russias point in the upcoming missile crisis.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Just one more question

    Why them never go into Iceland and capture Bobby Fischer then?
    Why wait until he was travelling through Japan to seek his extradition?
    And after Iceland granted him citizenship, they did not just kidnap him from Japan or Iceland and tek him to America?

  343. U people are pityful. The meaningless tangents and rants that you all take this blog to is insane.

    The majority of u are just plain dumb, and then there are a couple educated fools who are apparently enjoying themselves by perpetuating this crap. I suppose it makes them feel powerful and superior by trying to enlighten the rest of the monkeys here. The point is u all dont know sh#it. I am not claiming to be better than anyone here, however I can identify pure unproductive Sh#t when I see it.

    Snap out of it people. All you Jamaicans ever do is groan,complain & chat sh#t bout people every fu#king day. The reason half of u are here is because u all looking for some direction, u lost and need a savior to deliver u. No action, no initiative, no common sense. That is why u leaders continue to rape u year after year.

    Try use this energy and free yourself from mental slavery because u just running in circles with this sh#t. It not even entertaining anymore is jus plain embarrasing and sad. Some of u live on this damn blog. Get a life, go make a friend or 2.

  344. Rob. You are in the same category as those you mouth off about. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading or posting on the blog. Heed your own advice. Get a life. Go make a friend or 2.

  345. You can now read

    a) the latest Cash Plus update

    b) contribute to the UFO time-line
    (please note that this thread will be a specific one and posts will be deleted once processed. No posts will be kept.)

  346. Xavier,

    Thanks 4 the advise.

  347. Rob . LOL…………………………………………

    Needy , what you gonna do when the USA wins the World Cup
    suicide .. LOL…………………………………….

  348. Needy ,
    US officers are pulling individuals from JA all week long , fly in pick up and gone , with or without the help of JA law enforcement … If they need or want DS , He would be issued a free ticket , no isle seat and not by the emergency exit .. LOL..

  349. Xavier,

    how bout u be my special friend?

  350. David Smith apologies for absence of full hundred.

    David Smith says “Sorry”

    On Monday I received a call from embattled Olint head David Smith. “Mark, I am truly sorry,” he said. As readers will recall, the week before he had promised to give me the “Full Hundred” on matters relating to Olint.

    “I know that my legal team would not have wanted me to talk outside of the official positions given,” he said. So, why waste my time with “Full Hundred” nonsense, I thought, still hoping to hear something from him.

    It seemed to me that misguided zeal got the better of him when he made the link with me. It is still my view that he owes investors more than just a nine-month promise. More on this on Sunday.

  351. Gleaner Suss or Facts ?

    Left in the lurch

    2. No surprise that everyone is now running for cover. What some find disturbing is that they quietly withdrew their funds without a word of caution to others, leaving them in the lurch, while still claiming to be ‘friends’. Needless to say, this is not going down well at all, as old friends are now instituting lawsuits to try and recover funds from those who opted out.

    What really happened?

    3. Were some politicians tipped off to the perilous state of the group and allowed to withdraw their funds or not?

    Looking over their shoulders

    9. It’s from the frying pan straight into the fire for some, as word is that many acted as middlemen, creaming off two-percentage points of the windfall into their own coffers. They are now walking and looking over their shoulders, and some have gone into hiding, as some say the IRS is now investigating them for undeclared income or money laundering.

  352. I have not caught up with the blog for a little while so forgive me if the debate has moved on.

    Did you see this story?

    The part about the FBI and whisking the gentlemen away on their plane and the part about the attorney for one of them not being aware of their departure (abduction?) highlight graphically what some have been saying on this blog. If the US wants you badly enough, they just take you. What makes them want you “badly enough” is, as often as not, local politics in the US (a mayoral election promise, or a desperate congressman’s campaign to clign to office). Sometimes it is “national” (like Noriega or Hussein), but even there it is possible to detect the influence of personal issues and vendettas.

    If they are going to take extra-legal action (remember the extreme form called “extraordinary rendition”?) there are two critical ingredients. First, the country where the person is has to be an enemy of america or an insignificant ally (like Jamaica). Second, there has to be this special connection or reason. If DS was able to convince their Treasury to let him manage their reserves, for example. That would do it, I think.

    Another scenario would be if DS had penetrated his scam as far as Bush’s favourite auntie in Texas and she was hopping mad.

  353. why is DS so easily acessible to Wignall and not members of is club,his he stil embedded with DS and the Belmont Road crew?

  354. It is clear that some who parade as Journalist s and opinion column writers are never odjective but are pens for hire by drugmen/politicians from St Ann and St Mary and as such what they write should be taken with a grain of salt.

  355. Bob:

    Maybe you should ask Needy why these guys were extradited and not tried in TT (his previosu examples stated that they could not be tried in US for crimes committed in TT or Jamaica for that matter). After all the crime was committed there.

    BTW, there were others involved and they were extradited back in 2007.

  356. Can anyone confirm that a Gag order was issued by the judge in TCI? It has been rumored that it is the case, but I haven’t seen any specific info on that front. Does the Gag order, if it exists, prevent DS from commenting on the status of the club?

  357. Dave Sin

    They were ordered extradited because when they tried to extort the mans family in the USA for ransom money, the FBI could now have gotten involved, since these extortion attempts were made in the USA.

    That is where the FBI jurisdiction now came in.

    If they had not asked for a ransom, these men would have been tried for murder in a Trinidadian court.

    One good thing about this though, like yesterday, we have another HOT topic to speak about on the blog today

  358. Rob

    At 10.47pm. on a Public holiday, you come online read blogs, and curse off people.


    The people here are my friends, yuh nuh see how me and them a argue whole night last night over foolishness?
    Mi nuh need no more friends

  359. Needy;

    Study the history of the world. The US is not doing anything that others with the same comparative power or ability has not done. If anything if you compare American hegemony with that of the Zulus, Germans, Russians, Chinese, French, British or Portuguese, American hegemony has been comparatively benign.

    If you think that France, China or Russia wouldn’t be doing the same things if they could get away with it to protect their perceived national interests, then you are deluding yourself.

  360. DaveSin:

    I seem to recall one of DS’s lawyers (Gifford?) speaking about a gag order from the court. It is unlikely an attorney would make such a public comment if it was not true, the court could impose sanctions.

    That being said… A gag order usually prevents the attorneys, prosecutors etc from releasing public info on the matters before the court. However you see it all the time where the attorney allows the client to do interviews with the media while they sit to the side and interrupt when they do not want the client to answer a question… This is done for public relations.

    Silence in these matters is often an indication of wrong doing. Note wrong doing does not mean he will be convicted. If there was no wrong doing and everything was above board…

    He could simply say the funds were lost in trading and the books will reveal it as such etc etc… How does a gag order prevent him from doing that? If this was not the case, you can see why he has to be quiet because what he says will be used against him… for example if he made such a statement and the evidence showed otherwise, it would be powerful impeachment evidence against him… he stole the money, was running a ponzi scheme and continued to lie publicly about it.

    The problem is that folks keep asking for and expecting him to say something but are refusing to accept that his failure or inability to speak in these circumstances is enough to form an opinion of what happened… and it was not good and the money is gone.

  361. Needy,

    Sounds like I might have hit a nerve. Dont worry brother just think of it as “tuff love” try not to take it so personal. I cant help it if u inspire me. This is just sooo profound.

    The formula is always the same:

    The risks are subsidized, the losses are socialized, and the profits are privatized.

    So people please dont cry, just try to recognize going in where in this equation u will fall. Where are u now?

  362. Rob do you eat with that mouth of yours. I think it need a proper cleaning.
    You watch it a going to find out who you are and tell yu mada.

  363. CJ

    i know, the strong always coerce the weak, and protect their self interests for as long as they possible can.

    That is why they remain strong

  364. Rob


  365. Banker,

    Please don’t tell on me. If u do, I going tell u boss u a log onto blog during the day when u should be slaving. Bad slave. Now get back to work!

  366. Needy,

    Stop acting like something u are not. Now get back to work

  367. Banker/Needy,

    Please accept my apologies for my unwarranted comments earlier, it was a momentary lapse of proper judgement. How could I be so rude to the very people who bring me soo much entertainment. This is better than Oliver himself.

    I promise I won’t do it again. Sorry. Why cant we all just be friends?

  368. Rob

    Let us get something straight here,

    I am not a bwoy
    and I do not work
    I live off my investments.

  369. Needy,

    Right…… Keep telling u followers here that story. U investment was probably OLINT, now what u going do since u stop sell Gleaner?

  370. Rob

    If you only knew,
    If you only knew

  371. Guys what is the purpose of the P*ss*ng match. The blog aspires to be better than that and the moderator tries to maintain it as place for polite exchange of ideas on the UFO issues affecting Jamaica.

    By the way Rob… when you wonder how come some people have so much time to spend on blogs… one answer is that some do in fact live off their investments of various types and so are not engaged in traditional 9 to 5 schedules.

  372. Davesin,

    I suppose u also live off your investments. All of u probably quit your jobs to live off OLINT, I hope u cashed out enuff. The bank manager soon come for u car. Hahahahahahahaha!

    Keep turning your attention to me, I find this amusing. It is such a coincidence that it is all the “know it all” retired investors who have taken offense.

    I hope all the “real” people in here finally see you for what you all represent. Somebody needs to call you people out.

  373. People please let us keep it clean.

    Take a time to look at the UFO Timeline

  374. Speaking about work.

    This one guy back in Jamaica in November 2007 quit his job has he decided that his income from investing with Olint meant he no longer had to work.

    Bought himself a rather nice BMW, 7 series I may add and a lovely new house as the “interest” from Olint could easily pay off for both.

    I hear he called up his old boss to get his job back but was flatly turned down.

    I wonder how many other folks like this are out there.

  375. Rob

    You know what I am doing now?
    I am learning to cook
    I was at the gym, sauna and jacuzzi earlier
    Later I am going to play some soccer
    tonight I am going out clubbing with two girls
    And tomorrow, I am going to do it all over again
    (except for the clubbing)

    And I have never depended on Olint in my life.
    Do your job and eat your heart out mi boss.

    Let me tell you something that I was told 20 years ago, and used to guide my life.

    You hardly ever see a rich man who has a job/boss
    Free yourself Rob, go and find something to do for yourself.
    Even bake drops and sell.
    If you do a good job at it, one day you can live the life that I live, and not have to depend on Olint or a job for money.

    Oh Oh, BTW,
    You wont see me hear after this weekend .
    I will be in China for the Olympics.

  376. Rob,

    While you are in Beijing for the Olympics, 2008; please, please look around for Ingrid Loiten for the MAYDAISY corp Forex investors and give up an feed back on her total moments.
    Let us know if she is in her running spikes or close to her areoplane.

    Depending on you.

  377. Needy,

    the more u talk, is the more crap that come out of u mouth. Nobody asked u about your so called life. I think u should change u name to “O Diddy”. The liar always offers more information than what is requested of him, so as to create an elaborate charade which he thinks will be more believable.

    From your responses I can tell u are just a youte. No mature individual would need to justify his rants the way u have. Sounds like u in college livin off u daddy.

    Nobody cares what you claim to have or what u claim to have planned for yourself. Dream on dreamer. U couldn’t pay me to want your pathetic life. All the make believe crap u talk about, does not constitute “a life” none of that means a thing. Maybe to some “ghetto youths”, and wannabes.

    For the truly wealthy money does not mean what it obviously means to you. Keep revealing yourself kiddo. Truly wise individuals will see right through u.

    When learn what it is to be a real man please check back in. Hey, maybe u can buy u manhood when u in China. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  378. Rob

    i have to laugh
    Wealth, what is wealth?
    Money is not wealth.
    Wealth is being able to live your days stress free with a smile on your face.
    It took me a long time to realise that.
    What is the single cause of stress?
    Stress is the result of having unfinished business my friend.
    I now have much less money than I had 5 years ago, but i am now living a much happier life, since I have no stress, since I do not allow things to linger in my life.
    I finish everything in my head.
    So I live my days with a smile on my face, and enjoy life. It is much too short to take seriously.

    Incidentally, I am 52 years old, young man.

  379. Guys there is no need for the p*ss*ng match. However I do know it can be tempting 🙂

    This is a blog and I know that sometimes it is frustrating when challenged by people who have no clue about your life. There have been times when I have been challenged by people who have no clue how I got my information and it has been tempting to almost reveal my sources but that would also reveal my identity and the sources. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and take a step back.

    By the way making the subject angry by having an obviously inferior person to his intelligence, social and financial standing accuse him of being nothing is a frequently used technique in intelligence to break the subject. When you allow yourself to become angry you reveal more about yourself than is advisable.

  380. Thats a touching speech, but nobody cares. Have fun in china.

  381. Nocotec

    i am having fun, just as I think Rob is at this moment,
    Just two idlers with nothing to do

  382. Sorry I have to go now Rob,

    Have to run down to GNC to but some suppliments, their monthly special ends today (7th of every month)

    Yes I am now in the USA, (California),
    Spending a few days here before i fly to China.

    You wont see me here later,
    (remember i am going clubbing mi friend)

  383. Why is it that Jamaicans are so gullible and ready to through their money into every new scheme that comes along. Test the waters first before diving in – there may be sharks a looming.

  384. LOL… Needy yuh give mi some joke today! have fun in china… I see JR deh deh (on vacation), I can’t help but laugh as I recall spotting him on the sidewalk in paris at world cup 10 years ago… I can only imagine what the vacation will be like.

  385. @Needy and Rob:

    I agree with NoCotec…you guys need to stop this nonsense. You wouldn’t catch me doing those back and forth type of things.

    Hey Rob, you need to take back those things you said in the first post that start all of this stuff. BTW, look like you have not been reading the blog too long. You even calling me an Olint investor….those are fighting words!!!

  386. Needy,

    I will miss u old buddy. Make sure those hookers u employ tonight do not steal your Rolex as I bet u surely own one of those with all the attention that u crave. Hey if u dont own 1 yet I bet u can get a good replica in china. BTW u are the “old geezer” up in the club that creeps out all the hott chicks. Dont 4get u VIAGRA.


    U are just a joke. U are just 1 of those shallow minded Jamaicans who think that u are really somebody (stop hetting high on your own vapours son). Hahahahaha. A common flaw. Little fish you swim in a little pond. Just because u have bought into the illusion that u have any status at all does not mean people with true perspective will not see u for what u really are.

    I find is sooo funny. Why is it that all these retired independently wealth Jamaicans have the illusion that the might be superior. Who cares if u are the crabs at the top of the barrel. Dont loose perspective, u still a crab.

    I dont see Mr. Stewart, Mr. Chin, Mr. Gates, or Mr. Buffet living in retirement like you guys. And I think its safe to say they have a few more dollars than each of you. I am impressed That as Jamaicans we have such a High % of Independently wealty retirees. Not to mention how many of them live on this board alone. Oh no I guess now I will have to hear about all the benevolent crap each of u do for the less fortunate. Please spare me.

    I am not here for self promotion, or to make friends. But the level of Bulls#it is soooo thick. Come on people am I the only 1who can see it?

    Its funny how the ones who are the most full of it are the ones who’s feathers get ruffled and then decide to defend their “positions”.

    My position is the same as it always has been. Open and honest TRUTH, but I can see it is an offence to some here. Why is that?

  387. I done! U all deserve each other. First crab to the top wins.

  388. lol

  389. Rob:

    I am curious… why are you on the blog? Are you an investor in any of the UFO’s looking for info? Are you here to share info?

    By the way did you even realize how I was demonstrating how to get to someone without even addressing them? Getting under their skin without being rude or offensive…oblique references to their status or lack thereof… This is how to dismiss someone in an intelligent fashion. I hope you have learned a lesson. Thanks for attending class.

  390. DaveSin
    Let me apologise for the heckling with Rob, but on my part it is just that, heckling nothing personal at all, just 2 bored guys sitting around looking some action, and honestly if we were not jawing, the blog would be real slow today.
    At least you all have something to read.

    Unnu nuh beat down Rob too much, I dont know who he is, but I can tell that he is a good guy.

    Rob.- you are a funny guy for true.

    actually I have Rolexes, and other expensive watches, but stopped wearing them for the past 5 years when I found peace with myself.
    I have it thrown them down into a draw somwhere.
    Now I dont even wear a watch anymore,and depend on my cell phone for the time.

    I see you named Stewart, MLC, Gates and Buffet as wealthy people.
    That depends on what you classify as wealth.
    If they are unhappy, and constantly stressed out , are they wealthier that one who is happy and satisfied?

    Personally I would not want to have Butch Stewart riches if it meant that i would have to get that Big Belly that he has hanging off his body.

    All my life I have never wanted to be the Old Geezer in the club.
    However what the chicks tell me is that you youngsters do not know how to treat them properly.

    When i was growing up, men and women danced 2gether, now you go to clubs, you see the guys dancing in one corner, and the women in the other.

    Clubs do not even play slow songs anymore.

    Unnu, nuh send the women flowers or take them for dinner.

    Trust me Rob, at my age I want to retire from the whole heap of woman business, but because youngsters like you nuh know how fi treat them, they just dont know how to leave me alone,

    so here I am living my worst nightmare,

    Being the old geezer in the club.

  391. 99% of olint investors are in the DARK and dont know what to do. Thinks are heating fast and tensions are high.

    This blog is revealing a whole heep a information.
    People business is being put out their for everyone to see.

    If you google JM fraud guess what blog comes up?

    The 1% in the know who run off with investor money really would like to shut some people up on this blog.

    Dont let these liars and crocks run off with your money.

    For the people that are U.S. citizens I hope your contacting your local FBI agency and report it this as a possible INVESTMENT FRAUD.

    I am telling you this as some one who have babylon in the family. You would be suprised how many rights you have but you have to start doing your research and CONTACT the proper Authorities.

    All the “PERSONS OF INTEREST” as babylon like to call unuh. I dont understand why unuh watching this blog. People on here are the least of your concerns, if I was unuh I would be watching my back.

  392. “According to the report, the US Federal Authorities has frozen the all accounts in the USA of

    TCI FX Trading,
    Gareth Harris,
    May Daisy,
    Ingrid Loiten”

    Can the online FBI representatives /agents or Bankers give us an update as to the status on the other frozen accounts apart from Olint?

  393. People it is time to wake up. I have been told by an attorney that there is less than US$10 millions in the bank in TCI and that the Oanda account does not exist. It is time that we cooperate with the TCI police and provide them with all information that we can so that they can make attempts to trace our money which could be i other countries. We were all used by DS. He was running a ponzie.

  394. The two leading investigators are:

    Sgt. Willin Belliard and Detective Superintendent Marc Knightom. Their numbers is 649 941 7691, 649 232 1063, 649 232 2195

  395. But the lawyer really not telling you anything that we have not been saying here before.

    Exactly what type of cooperation does the TCI police need from you?

    Why do you even think that there are funds in other countries?
    Your money is in the casinos in TCI
    Wake up

  396. miachica,

    You can recover damages for fraud for fraudalant claims that MTI said about trading and David Smith. Only in America. Greedy lawyers working on overtime.

  397. that is true, and that is where we should be looking for our money,

    MTI vouched for DS ‘s credibilty on more than one occasion

  398. AML,

    I suppose it would be easy to get that evidencefrom the papers were such advertisments were published.

  399. I would need is one greedy lawfirm to represent all the former MTI students.

  400. that is easy, cause they would charge 33% of the judgement

  401. Another thing you can run international background checks on individuals or business to see if or how many off shore bank accounts they have. Anybody you suspect have money stashed somewhere you can locate it. All you need is their name and date of birth etc. It can be done by a number of private companies as well as government agencies.

    you cant hide money when you wiretransfer better you get some briefcase or duffle bag. Get a jet and take it off shore yourself. Wiretransferring money from one bank to anther can be easily traced.

  402. Cooperating with law enforcement is the best bet for most people. The cost of attorneys will be prohibitive for most investors…and most likely the attorney will need to retain other attorneys in multiple jurisdictions… very expensive proposition.

    Further there is little money left when compared to the money owed. Consulting with an attorney if you can is still a good idea. The tough reality for investors is that this is going to unwind similarly to the C+ saga.

  403. I agree with nocotec. Law enforcement has the resources to recover it at little cost. Lawyers will lock it up but guarantee a possible return but at a reduced return.

  404. the tough reality is that this man that we trust mismanaged and blow off people money.

  405. Olymipics today! ‘what a hip an bambayaayy ..when di 3 8ths clash’

    Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill RIP

    Thanks investforlife for all you have done. Jamaicans will now forget the schemes. The politicians have gotten their money and are comfy in Bejing.

    Perhaps when Jamaicans are going to get what quack-quack get another time you can run a blogg.

    good luck

    BTW Why does someone who claims to have done nothing wrong hire a criminal lawyer?

    Why are three lawyers who live in Jamaica considered “international?”

    What is the success rate of Gifford?

    Just ask most of his clients…they are in Jail.

    What kind of clients do these people usually defend?

    Drug dealers, political activists and known criminals.

    Good luck to the Jamaica team. Hope you bring back some Gold. the economy will need it.

    Wignall……DS can no more provide the full hundred than GBS.


  406. Nocotec is not correct. Law enforcement should not be used to manage a liquidation. Lawyers and accountants are better trained to resolve and disentangle the mess. Harbour Shark

    Nocotec does not know what he is talking about. Only accountants and lawyers can clean this up. Harbour Shark

  407. Lord Gifford is a perpetrating a fraud on the depositors. His one million pound fee should have been used to help the depositors.Time for him to return this money and distribute it to claimants . He is not poor.Harbour Shark

  408. @harbour shark,
    1. He denies that fee and 2. He also said he has not been paid for a while or something to that effect

  409. miachica, on August 7th, 2008 at 8:34 pm Said:…… “Another thing you can run international background checks on individuals or business to see if or how many off shore bank accounts they have. Anybody you suspect have money stashed somewhere you can locate it.”….


    It might not be that easy especially when you move the funds thruogh third party such as I-Trade FX or JIJ and the use of Trust Accounts in TCI or Cayman Islands. Why were these funds move in and out of I-Trade FX and JIJ. These are just the ones we know about.


    When did the lawyer deny the fee structure. I haven’t seen the source of such a denial.

  410. nocotec, on August 7th, 2008 at 5:06 pm Said: …”Rob:

    I am curious… why are you on the blog? Are you an investor in any of the UFO’s looking for info? Are you here to share info?”…

    Very good questions in light of his comments. It is not clear to be if Rob is a detractor or a supporter of these UFOs. Since it is not obvious to the nake eye, you have to question his/her motives and even who he/she is?

  411. sirach, on August 8th, 2008 at 1:46 am Said: …….”Olymipics today!

    Thanks investforlife for all you have done. Jamaicans will now forget the schemes. The politicians have gotten their money and are comfy in Bejing.

    Perhaps when Jamaicans are going to get what quack-quack get another time you can run a blogg.

    good luck

    BTW Why does someone who claims to have done nothing wrong hire a criminal lawyer?

    Why are three lawyers who live in Jamaica considered “international?”

    What is the success rate of Gifford?

    Just ask most of his clients…they are in Jail.

    What kind of clients do these people usually defend?

    Drug dealers.”….

    sirach, posted the above on another thread, but it is a very good one. Why did DS hire a team of criminal lawyers as oppose to lawyers who are more specialized in “corporate/international” law? It leads me to think that DS/Olint is anticipating some sort of criminal fallout from this TCI/US intervention.

  412. @DaveSin, Lord Gifford speaking did so on Nationwide(I think). You can check them. I am sorry but I did not get to record that, but he denied it.

    No need to question motives it becomes apparent. Let’s us keep focus on the issues.

    Oh, thanks Nocotec for reprimanding DaveSin, Needy and Rob for their bad behaviour. 🙂

  413. I think you are on the wrong track with this criminal lawyer point. Of course DS hired criminal lawyers since the investigation is a criminal investigation by the TCI police. All of DS current problems stem from the fact that he has been breaking the law all over the place.

    Investors happily turned a blind eye or accepted the ridiculous conspiracy theories until Olint ran out of bigger fools (ie, new investors coming in through pigs further and further away from the Jamaican core/base). When you break the law so flagrantly, no matter how stupid and corrupt the law enforcement people are they will eventually start to catch up and come after you. At some point, investors start to smell the stink and begin to pull away. Mistakes and incompetence of the operator begin to be revealed and suddenly (it seems) ….


    Children usually see these things long before the grown ups. The trick to not being taken in is to remember the simple truths in life. You know, like water always runs down to the sea, not up to the mountains … and so on.

  414. harbour shark Said: “Nocotec is not correct. Law enforcement should not be used to manage a liquidation. Lawyers and accountants are better trained to resolve and disentangle the mess.”

    How many investors have enough money and or are owed enough money to make hiring lawyers worthwhile? A small percentage. There is the possibility of acting in groups but for various reasons in these circumstances few people will come forward and join or ante up money for the groups.

    The best bet is to cooperate with law enforcement. Law enforcement has the power to get criminal convictions and place pressure on the criminal to make a deal to avoid long jail sentences… such as disclosing and or forfeiting assets. At some point lawyers and accountants will be brought in to sort out the accounting and administrative mess.

    Your theory is nice sounding… and it is the best and does work great if you are going after a large corporation or individuals with enough assets to cover legal and accounting fees as well as money for the claimants. Like C- it is delusional to think that there is enough money left around to pay all these fees plus return any significant money to investors…

    But of course everyone is free to hire his or her own lawyer and the accountants and hope enough money is found to pay their fees plus recover the money he/she lost.

  415. Well – though it is probably true there is little or no money left in olint/frozen in their accounts – 9 months is a long time – by the time the 9 months get extended to 18 months people will forget/accept the inevitable.
    By that time money will spend off on lawyer fee and protective detail and nothing will be left for anyone.

    By the time all is said and done and most of the truth comes out, everyone will have moved on and this will be a cautionary story you hear on the cocktail circuit for the next 25 years, and nothing more.

    On another note, I can’t help but wonder – if is money laundering (as they’ve been accused of) was a gwaan, and nuff bad man have money inna olint – how come no repercussions? Not even a hint? Which savvy dealer/bad man would sit and wait the 9 months?

  416. When people suggest that we cooperate with law enforcement, what do they mean?

    i am in the grey here.

    Are you suggesting that we call the police and tell them that we had money with Olint, and never got our principle back?

    Has any asked for Individuals to come in with information?

    I thought that the investigations were based on ML.
    Is there anyine here that has information that can lead the police to DS money laundering activities?

    Does anyone here know for sure that DS laundered funds?

    Before you go to the police, ask yourselves this question.

    What do i really know?

  417. needy,

    You give them the promises they made to you. The contracts that you signed. Where you sent the money. How much did you send. Were you ever paid? Let law enforcement determine what laws were broken. You know one thing for certain is that you have not been paid.

  418. needy:

    Along with what AML said, remember that law enforcement is likely to give more attention to a matter with 10,000 complainants versus 1. If you gave DS/Olint your money and he stated via contracts, email, ads, meetings etc that he was going to trade FX and pay returns from those gains… and he did not do as he promised but did something else… he is guilty of fraudulent conversion among other crimes… You contact law enforcement and provide them with the info to help them build a case… but this is important… if say only 5 people file complaints the resources and time dedicated will be much less.

  419. Nocotec / AML

    so which countries law enforcement should be contacted?

    Jamaica, TCI, USA

    Has any of these countries law enforcement asked “DS investors” to come in with claims / evidence?

    dont think I am being sarcastic here, but dont you think that there are many investors who have gone to the cops with complaints already?

  420. Needy:

    You may be surprised to find out how few do come forward… same thing with the Nigerian scams. For various reasons people are embarrassed, hopeful, still believe in the Savior or may be afraid of taxes etc etc…

    In the Higgins Warner scam the JA police said they had not received any complaints… this was months after Max was long gone but was still promising and asking for extra time… bank returned wire etc. In fact DS must have read his saga because he use much of the same bs.

    The TCI email to contact them is on the right side of the home page on this site… someone posted it on here asking folks to contact them… sounded like someone in the department… contact JA and USA authorities too.

    And remember you don’t have to wait for a request from law enforcement… the usual scenario is the defrauded parties complain not wait to be asked… in most cases that is when they start to investigate.

  421. It’s really happening

    How you mean where are ythe repurcussions? Tow truck done collect the Range and the M5 in Jamaica….and nuff nuff other repercussions. You know Jamaica?

    ‘sometime mi drive mi range an sometime mi ride mi bike….dis is what di gangsta life is like…..nuff set a gyal wid quack-quack tight….’

    BTW if you believe in the nine months then i would like to draw your attention to some prime sandy swamp land I have for sale. Excellent to build some townhouses. A great investment.

  422. By saying he has not been paid in a while Gifford is saying he has been paid in the past with your money. i do hope for his sake he not lying.

  423. Visions give to Harris….Harris give to Smith……Smith give to Lotien……..Lotien give to?…………quack-quack…..quack-quack give to batman …..batman give to wonder woman etc.

  424. All you “vacationers” going to TCI without swimsuit in your bag? Ha …immigration a watch you.

  425. Ha…unno hear bout all the summer cruises being cancelled in Jamaica? Deposits going down the drain filling up quack-quack pond. Don’t worry you can downgrade and get a box room down the botom of the ship. You shoulda taken the cruise earlier with the birthday crew.

    All the BACCRA dem who neva eva mention them put money inna Olint (of course because appearances had to be that they did not need it) start bawl out loud now.

    What a hippanbambayaayy when di tree hates clash!

  426. Re-post From another Thread:

    alright then, on August 8th, 2008 at 10:37 am Said:
    New Venture. Promise plenty money. You can buy big house and car. Tek yu money out of the banks and send them to me.

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    Also, just to let you know that this investment business you are about to get into will not be regulated by any governmental body because it is none of their business. Government everywhere just want to oppress poor people.

    Also, if you get yu pupa and yu muma to invest, I can give yu an extra 10% pan yu money every month. How you like dat?

    Also, if your money does not arrive on time, it is because dem wicked government people want to suspend mi account. Boy, I tell you, dem wicked yu see.

    Anyway, I will get back to you about this investment company as my private jet is waiting for me to go to Miami to shop. … and by the way, the Jamaican company is located in the Bahamas, because dem grudgeful and wicked Jamaican banks just envious because people can mek money.

    When a come back from Miami, I will write again and tell you more. In the meantime, send your deposit (at least $10,000.00 per person, US dollars) to Alright Then Investment for the Future. PO Box 110245, Springfield California, 33567.

    Walk good.

  427. Since today is Friday and there is no news on the Olint Front, I have come up with a new contest. Winner get USD$10,000 donated in their name into the new UFO call “Alright Then Investment for the Future”

    Here is the contest: Who can figure out the name of the person that took the JA$17 Million from the Safe at the FID at the Ministry of Finance? I know who took the money, so I will declare the winner. There are few rules; must be 18 or over, no initials…must be real name of the person and all are welcome to participate, except Rob (Him like to cuss everybody on this blog and say wi a all idiot…him too smart for this a contest):

    ….”Mystery still surrounds the disappearance of millions of dollars from a safe at the Financial Investigation Division (FID) in the Ministry of Finance.”….

  428. daveSin

    Do not be hard on Rob. He learnt to call people idiots from Jared Martinez

  429. Here yee,Here A 7 todays Gleaner,half page advertisment of an apointment to BB Holdings with links to Turks and Belize.Something smells here….could it be that money a come?

  430. Dave Sin

    Look at it this way, If them never did lock up Zeeks and sieze him money, he would have invested it with one of them UFO,
    and yuh know what , him would a lose it same way, suh at least this way he has a chance to get it back from the Government.

    Then again, Zeeks a nuh fool.,
    if him did invest in them UFO him woulda tek out him principle from a long long time., suh him wouldnt lose a thing

  431. Needy wrote :

    needy, on August 7th, 2008 at 1:57 pm Said:


    You know what I am doing now?
    I am learning to cook
    I was at the gym, sauna and jacuzzi earlier
    Later I am going to play some soccer
    tonight I am going out clubbing with two girls
    And tomorrow, I am going to do it all over again
    (except for the clubbing)

    And I have never depended on Olint in my life.
    Do your job and eat your heart out mi boss.

    Let me tell you something that I was told 20 years ago, and used to guide my life.

    You hardly ever see a rich man who has a job/boss
    Free yourself Rob, go and find something to do for yourself.
    Even bake drops and sell.
    If you do a good job at it, one day you can live the life that I live, and not have to depend on Olint or a job for money.

    Oh Oh, BTW,
    You wont see me hear after this weekend .
    I will be in China for the Olympics.

    Needy ! Adopt me nuh, olint mash-up and me would a like live stress free and go to the Olympics , PLeaseeeeeeee !

  432. sirach wrote:
    How you mean where are ythe repurcussions? Tow truck done collect the Range and the M5 in Jamaica….and nuff nuff other repercussions. You know Jamaica?

    I was referring to the repercussions on DS himself by the alleged money launderers who (I guess) its being inferred are ‘bad man’ and ‘big druggist’ and generally unsavory characters by the general public. How come dem mek it just a slide so?

    And, no I doubt there’ll be anything in 9 months; in fact the point of the post was that in 9 months people will have moved on mentally, and in 18 months no-one will really care will they?

  433. its really happening

    did you ever think they have been paid already?

  434. Great advise Needy – enjoy China as well.

  435. D.S will be arrested if he returns to Jamaica.Gifford cannot prevent this.
    Harbour Shark

  436. /Nocotec should testity before the Turks enquiry if he wants to protect his money. Harbour Shark

  437. sirach:
    that would be plausible were it not for the fact that jamaica is a nation entirely comprised of ‘bad man’
    But I see what you’re saying.

  438. The freeze order is made by the police . The matter is not yet in court. After the
    enquiry the British Government is going to attempt to escheat the money to the crown because it comes from illegal proceeds,many dubious individuals have kept their savings in Olint. The British Government will probably be successful if the Olint stakeholders do nothing but wait on developments.Peter Bovell will remain in St Barts quite relaxed. Harbour Shark

  439. harbour shark said “D.S will be arrested if he returns to Jamaica.Gifford cannot prevent this.”

    Gifford is irrelevant to this point. He is just the man’s attorney. Why on earth would the police arrest DS? What crime has he committed, exactly? Has anybody complained to the police? Are they even investigating him? The police don’t pick up the newspaper or read this blog and decide that somebody should be arrested because of something they have or haven’t done in a financial transaction between willing adult parties.

    Secondly, have you checked your contract carefully?

    People need to listen to the advice of nocotec that if you can’t afford your own lawyer your best bet is to make a complaint to the police. Only then are you likely to see any action.

    I bet you the police don’t even have a file open on DS and Olint.

  440. 9 months is a ruse to permit DS time to disappear without trace and Gifford the time to hide his tracks permanently. Harbour Shark

  441. The police should arrest Smith because he has spent the investors money on
    lear jets,casino gambling,jazz festivals and wild parties.Those expenditures
    were not in the contract. Why did the police arrest Carlos Hill?Olint is going to make Cash Plus look like a genteel tea party! I am sure that police officers read this blog! Harbour Shark

  442. I have to wonder why are we not all putting pressure on Gifford and his team to come clean.
    Firstly, he never denied he received a retainer. I would love to know the amount he received and when !!!
    If DS funds are really frozen, then where did the funds come from to pay the ” dream legal team”?. It would suggest there are other bank accounts out there, that we are not aware of !

    Personally, I challenge Gifford to come on Nationwide and answer the above questions.

    I also find it painful to know that our Hon. Minister JR got his money before us all, and is now in CHINA watching Phelps get his gold medal.

    Harbor Shark, I agree with you re: testifying before the TCI authorities. DS and his ‘peeps’ would not like to have our testimony as it would unfold all their misdeeds.

    I am off to check out airline reservations for TCI and to submit my request tomorrow to testify before the TCI commission.

  443. I would have to agree with John and Harbor shark.

    Based on your advise, I found very interesting information re the TCI Commission of Enquiry, which is being held in the upcoming weeks in TCI. The website provided me the links to make application to the Chairman: Sir Robin Auld, Q.C. to testify before him regarding my concern with DS and his association with the Premier MM.

    I want them to know we honest OLINT investors had nothing to do with (alleged) corruption and bribery of government officials in the TCI. Thus the frozen funds of OLINT should be dispersed to us the creditors first.

    I can’t wait for Monday to come for me to finalize my travel plans.

    DS see you soon at the Enquiry !!!!

  444. So… interestingly enough I recently had a face to face with an individual I’ll call knowledge-able :).
    This individual had a few tidbits I thought I’d float and see what you all thought –

    1. There was indeed a large wire on its way to JA, which was stopped in its tracks before it got to the island by MLC. Technically NCB received no wire – so MLC was free to say so.

    2. At this point the legal probing of DS and his companies is complete and there is no evidence of wrong doing.

    3. There was a recent meeting of tip-top tier people to discuss the matter of the big O. Now I don’t doubt knowledge-able; but you never know who a sources sources are. If the meeting really did happen I’m sure someone else who reads/posts here can fill in the details. After all, is yard and nothing ever remains secret for long.

  445. I heard that Lee Chin personally stopped the wire also.I heard that the authorities in Turks will not release any money until they have processed the information on the claims submitted to them,They may need more information concerning some of the claims. Among the claims is a claim by a Turks casino for 6000,000 dollars credit given to DS. The more than a million pounds paid to Gifford is a disgrace, Jamaicans should not tolerate it. Which government Ministers from Jamaica were paid after the freezing order was announced?
    Why are the Olint investors abandoned to eat cassava? Harbour Shark

  446. @harbour Shark.
    Lord Gifford denied the million pounds and Nationwide radio had to retracted the statement/News Report.

    As for the other claims, ask yourself why would DS ask for 9 months(basically he has 8 months left)?

  447. I know for a fact from a current employee @ ITFX that DS has called in last year with ‘technical difficulties’ with his trading software, supplied by MTI. Essentially he had an old version of the software on an old CPU. DS never had the updates to the software because he never had his CPU ‘on” in order to recieve them. So the question is…why would a mult=million dollar trader not keep current software/equiptment? Unless he was never trading at all……funny trade off….his soul for money. God will help him after all…….on his way down to where he belongs…..poor people believed in him….and they will loose it all!

  448. If MLC did block the wire no one really seems concerned abt that…certainly on this blog.

  449. Gifford probably threatened Nationwide with a defamation suit. However he has not admitted the amount of the retainer that has received .This is a sure sign that the one million pound information is very close to the truth.
    MLC has quietly engineered the failure of all the financial schemes through the Jamaica Bankers Association. Harbourshark


  450. mk said “If MLC did block the wire no one really seems concerned abt that…certainly on this blog.”

    I for one have been trying to figure out how to respond to that completely ill-informed piece of “information”. And then I realised that I was being trapped by current thinking. Blocking a wire so that it doesn’t reach me after someone has sent it seems like such a wonderful skill, why not? Could someone explain to me how it’s done? I myself am becoming totally fed up with people sending me money that I don’t need.

    Is this something only billionaires can do? I am not a billionaire, only filthy rich and just wondered if I qualified.

  451. harbour shark said “MLC has quietly engineered the failure of all the financial schemes through the Jamaica Bankers Association.”

    Please explain how he achieved this. There are two difficult tricks that he had to pull off.

    1. Engineer the failure of all the schemes (please explain “engineer”, “failure” and “all”).

    2. Achieve this through the bankers association.

  452. @Harbour shark and others
    1. Gifford had denied the figure and called it a rubbish figure. Nationwide ask ask to retract and they did.

    2. Follow me now on the wire
    DS has not provided you with any proof that this wire existed.

    Before and around July 2, 2008, people were saying that the wire was in Jamaica, was on its way to Jamaica on and on. BOJ block it, NCB Block it, MLC block it.

    July 4, When DS, the man himself, he never confirmed the wire instead he said his fingers were crossed and he “hoped”.

    On July 15, When that famous ‘e-mail to wife’ leaked. DS jumped up and said he did not write it. Notice he never really deny the contents of the e-mail.
    (I suspect the letter was not sent to his wife alone.)

    On July 18, The Lord Gifford came on Nationwide a few days later and effectively confirmed the contents of the letter. A e-mail sent to OLINT investors, a part of it begging for time.

    The same lawyer never asked Cliff for a retraction of the E-mail read. NOTE THAT VERY WELL. YOU KNOW WHY?

    Ask yourself what happen to the video?

    On top of that, threw in the Court order that forces NCB to accept all OLINT banking transactions(deposits and withdrawals).

    Listen again to David Smith, the man himself, speaking on Nationwide on July 4 and Listen to Lord Gifford, the big lawyer, speaking on July 18.

    Stop blindly believing and look at the facts or at least open your minds to the possibility there is another side.

    However the more you examine this blocked wire argument the more it looks like rubbish.

  453. Bob,Wires of a certain size must be disclosed to the recipient prior to international despatch. Later on this blog I will outline the sinister and destructive conduct of MLC. Gifford is effective because John Doe and others
    will accept anything that he says no matter how obviously nonsensical.Both Bob and John Doe should be forced to pay Gifford”s million pound fee, it would be poetic justice. this is what Shakespeare would call the” countercheck quarrelsome.” I Invite you all to hear my testimony in Turks.MlC will not be able to prevent that.I will post it on this blog ! Harboursshark

  454. JT:
    I’ve heard speculation that DS was actually not trading at all, but instead subcontracting trading duties – guess that didn’t really work out so well.

  455. JohnDoe boss me was a big O man but never did just accept everything DS give as excuse for non payments. I do a lot of investigations and come to find out that this story have plenty sides and plenty players involve. For sure some “corruption” involve and I say that because once anything in JA involve big money and politician enter there is corruption. To me NOONE in this story have clean hands noone. MLC hands not clean in this affair and is not just just rumour on the street. The man just bigger than the Government is just that simpe. DS running with some
    serious sharks. My problem is that he had opportunity to stand down and him continue the rubbish till things gone well salt and him staring at maybe jail time. You cant please everybody and fair weather friend worse than enemy. DV and JR should have to wait on there money like everybody else.

  456. The blocked wire argument is not foolishness. MLC have the power and he use it. Simple. Check the bankers and lawyers he have the knowledge and international network you cant stop him.From last year October into November a guy name CW at NCB telling his friends and contacts to take out there money out of O. I know that for a fact. One person he tell when they ask why he say that is O we going after next. What him tell her she pull out same time. Some people get the heads uo from earlier so by October they came out.


    What is the point of posting the name of an active NCB employee? I think that is malicious is nature!

  458. Which part the malice? You are a joker

  459. You want me show you the whole heap of malice on this blog boss?

  460. isn’t Michael Lee Chin also an active NCB person ?. once name start get call, we cannot be selective,

    thats how blogs work, either the rule is enforced for all, or not at all.

    then it would be meaningless, as everybody would refer to sources.. which is pretty much meaningless


    Boss, what you are talking about is hearsay and as such you have no proof he said it. You deliberatly posted the information in order to destroy the guy’s career at the bank. If he did say it, it was private conversation and wasn’t meant to be broadcast on a blog. How do you like me to change your name from “Dontgiveadamn” to your real name? Would you like that?

    You shouldn’t let your disdain for MLC precipitate into callous and malicious actions. Take out your frustrations out on Olint/DS…they are the ones controlling the availability of your funds!

  462. Can anyone inform me of the Contact police personel in the TCI who are handling the case?

    I must agree with Harbor shark and John regarding the issue surrounding Gifford and his team.
    My questions are easy :-

    1. When was Gifford and his team paid their retainer fee?
    If after the funds were frozen- then what was the source of funds?
    We OLINTERS are NOT stupid to believe he would represent DS for free !!!

    2. How much was the retainer fee? Harbor shark alluded to the amount of 1 million pounds which Gifford dismissed- so tell us the correct amount!!!

    I agree with John- Gifford owes us, the investors the respect of;
    a) Addressing the above questions
    b) Giving us an update regarding the status of the OLINT TCI investigation.
    We have been left in the dark for too long!!!

  463. Once everybody is paid I suppose the accusations of malice will quickly disappear.

  464. I think calling names of sources DONTGIVEADAMN makes you both dangerous to know, and irresponsible. Based on your posting name, we can’t say we weren’t forewarned. Please exercise discretion.

  465. Whoever can prove that MLC blocked the wire in any way please prove it if you can. We will do the rest.

  466. I agree with Sirach.

    Does anyone have the evidence to support the fact that NCB returned/blocked the wire ?

  467. I find it hard to believe some of the stale arguments being put forward by the ‘faithful few’.
    If DS wanted to play with the ‘Big Guys’ in the financial field, then he should have been playing by the same rules as everyone else, namely, getting his organization licensed, subject himself and senior staff to the FSC’s fit and proper tests, and deducting/encouraging the payment of income tax from payments.
    He chose none of those courses open to him, yet he and his ‘supporters’ now squeal that they are victims.
    He was the one who started out manipulating the system and getting an unfair advantage over the other players in the market

  468. I am now in China, and decided to just check in with the blog to make sure that things were OK.

    Unnu know what surprise me most of all,
    that this conspiracy theory is still be spoken here.
    What is wrong with you people.
    simple fact.

    If DS had the money, everybody would have been paid.
    No MLC, BNS, BOJ, DBG, can stop you from paying out your own funds. NOBODY.

    There is one reason why nobody has been paid and that is because DS nuh have the money to pay unnu, he has nyamed (chinese patois) it all out.

    All that the conspiracy theory people are doing is making an excuse for DS, and it is time that they come to thier senses and realise that .

    • Needy ,

      Do you do forex trading? If so, please me identify the abc.

      I did MTI trading course. Lost all my funds with OLINT and will have to trade to recover my funds.
      Please assist with identifying abc.

    I was telling my persons I knew a) Not to put their money in OLINT and b) Take your money out long before October/November 2007.

    I hope the persons took his alleged advice too. Seriously though when CW speaks publicly like PB-Peter Bovell We will allow the name calling.

  470. needy

    DS/TS/WS can not nyam out anybodys money. they are Christians!

  471. Barracuda said: “I agree with John- Gifford owes us, the investors the respect of;
    a) Addressing the above questions
    b) Giving us an update regarding the status of the OLINT TCI investigation.”

    The attorney only owes an obligation to his client and in this case the client is DS and or Olint. He is trying to keep his butt from becoming accessible in jail… I meant trying to keep his butt out of jail…

    He does not owe the clients an explanation unless it is in the interest of his client (DS). It may seem unfair since Olint’s clients are indirectly paying DS’s legal fees via Olint investments.

    However here is one the crazy things that investors accepted… what fees did DS charge investors? Did the investors demand to know what DS was charging Olint? Here is an idea for DS and his attorneys and we know they read the blog… what if DS produces a document approved by the board of Olint that his fees were shall we say 99 % of assets under management… this would now mean that investors (via Olint) may in fact owe him rather than DS owing the investors… what is there to say this is not legit?

    The nutty investors gave Olint their money without any public disclosure of the management fees… so how can they complain now? If he is paying the attorneys fees from accounts in his own name, why do investors now think they have the right to complain? He had money on the I-Trade platform in his and his wife’s name… investors did not care enough to even ask how much are you charging to manage my money but now they are full of chat… this is a case of, if you don’t ask and demand upfront then you will will likely get whatever DS want dish out.

  472. Fact:
    1.Lord Gifford is defending DS not O. he does not owe O customers an update.

    2. Olint is owned by DS and TS. The memebrs were never mentioned on any documents. So technically membres ???

    3. TCI is protecting their local claims. Thats why they want a gag order. The negative is that this gag order will protect DS and not allow for international creditors and o members to be in the Know. The only result is if DS is criminally held liable the that will be public knowledge. If he is not, No one will the info found on computers, docs etc.

  473. For all you speculators, here is the real deal. All inolved in this and close to Smith are all co-conspirators and just as big a tief and con-men as their cronies. In fact it is more likely DS is taking the bigger fall while his first big finaciers and right hand men sit on the sidelines and point fingers and lay blame on anywhere but themselves. Bottom line it was one big scam and for everyone that gave them money, you gamble big you lose big! Everyone associated will unlikely never sleep soundly ever again. I have a great idea for an investment club., you hand me your hard earned money in a brown paper bag and I kick you straight in the balls and tief your money. This way we can get all the pain out of the way quickly. Takers?

  474. Needy is extremely stupid. If Smith had no money what did the police freeze in Turks? Under a different administration Ds and Gifford would both stand trial for fraud in Jamaica. As the Ethiopians say ” When the right time comes….”
    Harbour shark

  475. 1. What was the result of Michael Lee Chin’s Racketeering investigation in Canada?
    2.Why was Gifford’s office raided by the Jamaican police at the behest of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?
    The Canadian authorities know a great deal about both Lee Chin and Gifford,
    Olint investigators should spend some time with us in Toronto, we could lead them in the right direction. Harbourshark

  476. Michael Lee Chin’s Racketeering investigation in Canada? Interested in reading more on that. Who has the link for this????

  477. i cannot understand all of the misplaced hatred/malice against MLC. You guys seem to forget conveniently that NCB was the only bank wiling to do business with Olint and even today, as they now try to protect themselves by cutting off that relationship, they still honor the ruling of the Court by being the only bank with accounts for Olint.
    Neither BNS, RBTT nor CIBC were even remotely interested. Why don’t you all acknowledge this fact?

  478. Fact:
    1.Lord Gifford is defending DS not O. he does not owe O customers an update.

    2. Olint is owned by DS and TS. The memebrs were never mentioned on any documents. So technically membres ???

    3. TCI is protecting their local claims. Thats why they want a gag order. The negative is that this gag order will protect DS and not allow for international creditors and o members to be in the Know. The only result is if DS is criminally held liable the that will be public knowledge. If he is not, No one will the info found on computers, docs etc.

  479. why are we hating on mLC

    1. Did he tell Itrade that all the money in the O account belong to him.

    2. Has he not paid us in 7 months.

    3. Has he refused to tell us whree the money is.

    DS is doing that not MLC . Give the man a break.

  480. It is public knowledge that soon after Lee Chin acquired NCB a known trafficker wanted by the Canadian Government named Ramcharran made large deposits in NCB.Ramcharran and Lee Chin had personal contact.The Canadians gave the information to the Americans and Ramcharran was designated a major international trafficker by the White House. Ramcharran was charged,convicted and extradicted. Canada put pressure on Bank of Jamaica and they fined NCB.,
    for keeping dirty money.Gifford represented Ramcharran in Jamaica.My sources are Nexis, the Daily Gleaner, The Globe and Mail,the Washinton Post, the WAll Street Journal.Gifford sold out Ramcharran, and he is doing 33 years. Lee Chin was not prosecuted in Canada after agreeing not to return to Canada to do business. Harbour Shark

  481. This foolishness about MLC turning back money sent by DS is pure propaganda. I know for a fact that NCB expected and was preparing their offices to handle the transactions when the fund arrived.

    It did not, and all those who believe it did, no doubt also believe DS is the Messiah

  482. Cally you are clearly a Lee Chin apologist ?Lee Chin has a bad reputation for ruthlessness.Eventually the regulators in Canada and America will shut him down.The Canadians do not joke around.Ask Bill Clarke. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has several files on him.My cousin-in-law works there and ,ruthlessness is just the beginning of the story.

  483. Money doesn’t disappear into thin air just so.
    DS is not stupid? Or is he an honest idiot? I really do not know.
    The only thing I do know that those who invested money with olint were hoodwinked and put to pasture. The pirates of the Caribbean still roam the Caribbean sea. ” Caricom high court of Justice” ? what happens?

  484. On the Cash Plus update #6 thread kevin said “Almost makes you wonder why T.C. decided to take action at the time they did. I guess they beat the Jamaica Government to the punch; with slightly more success finding the truth/getting to the root of the scheme, prior to the jamaican government. Yeaaa for T.C. boooooo for Jamaica.”

    Strange comment. Jamaican government acted first. Olint was banned in March 2006. There cannot be any Olint investors who missed the message from the FSC both then and every month since then.

    The real question to ask is why did TCI government license the conman given the action by Jamaican authorities and his trail of lies which were evident as far back as 2006? Another question is why did they wait two years before beginning an investigation into his activities?

  485. Harbour shark,

    I am not an apologist for any man but Christ. However, you side-track the facts and talk about ruthlessness. That is not the issue. I know of no successful businessman or otherwise who is not ruthless, which is not necessarily the same as criminal.
    However, wasn’t NCB the only bank to allow DS to open accounts?

  486. NCB opened the accounts before the Lee Chin era. As soon as Lee Chin
    decided to destroy the Jamaican forex industry, Olint and Cash Plus were doomed.The Jamaica Bankers Association should serve in the public’s interest not in their own. Cally; is it criminal to destroy one’s competitors? Harbourshark

  487. There is an old saying. ” There is a bond amongst criminals” when it comes to the world outside their close group. Without NCB Olint would not have been able to operate in Jamaica. Are the Jamaican people dumb or what?

  488. Good morning Harbour shark,

    If you recall the sequence of events you would see that NCB only began to take steps against Olint accounts after they had come under pressure for not exercising sufficient due diligence of other accounts.

    How can you blame NCB for protecting their own interests when other banks were doing the same? If you were managing a bank in this environment you would be reckless to keep open an account like this when you do not know, neither does Ploint, who the account holders are.
    Think about that without the ususal bile and venom.

  489. @harbourshark
    you said “NCB opened the accounts before the Lee Chin era. ”
    Which accounts are you referring to?

    Cash Plus was a PONZI, official… you still don’t get that?
    OLINT looks like a SCAM if not a PONZI too..

    It is not in the public’s interest to have SCAMs/PONZIs operating….

  490. @cally you are right. NCB got a wakeup call after the Nemhard Case. In that situation they were actually hauled before the courts. I am need to check the status of that matter.

    Forget the OLINT members in Jamaica for a moment, what happen to those on the USA who can’t get their money, Grenada. Canada, Panama and else? He was planning to wire money to them from NCB?

  491. why is everyone so fixated on david smith’s Forex trading activities. until you all realize that the Forex trading was NOTHING MORE than a smokecreen for illegal activities, which were most likely money laundering, then you’ll all get the joke.

    whether he made money on his forex trading or not was irrelevant, the amount of illicit funds flowing into the settlement of his foreign currency trades absorbed any losses he undoubtedly incurred. when the US anti money laundering authorities started squeezing his correspondant banks about OLINT’s questionable activities, these banks would have asked for more information….information he of course could not share….and thus he was squeezed out of jamaica, then indirectly shut down by his US$ correspondent banks.

    Jamaica should be very proud of the FSC and NCB decisions to shut down OLINT, but shuold be equally ashamed of being hoodwinked by so obvious a scam. the mere fact that so many were hoodwinked by such obvious questionable activity raises major questions in the eyes of international investors on the legitimacy/safety of investing in jamaica long term. the prominent participants should be blackballed by the business community for the diservice rendered to the country.

  492. Remember the stautus of Bro Ananacy in Jamaica folklore,all i am seeing here is anancyism at all levels.Will the Sage come out of meditation with his deep insights and wisdom,over to you man of wisdom.

  493. here’s how it’s done. it’s quite simple if you can see the forest from the trees.

    friday morning you arrive at market. you sell some banana for $100. you take the $100 and you buy some yam from the market lady setup next to your stall, thinking yam scarce but in demand. but yam plentiful and you realize this, so you swap the yam for chocho at lunchtime friday. you then sell the chocho for $100 and you are thankful you never lost anything on the plentiful yam. someone enters the market and offers you $200 worth of bombay mangoes for $100. you ask no questions and you take his mangoes and give him $100. you quickly sell your mangoes for $200, perhaps eating one or two. you take $100 of the $200 and buy some ackee. you sell those saturday morning for $100 and return home saturday night with $200, having gone to market with $100 worth of produce. you read in the gleaner sunday morning that there’s a mystery mango thief at large. you wonder.

    you tell a friend about your TRADING SUCCESS. how you turned $100 worth of banana into $200 by TRADING in the market. your friend, let’s call him mi-no-ask-question, says if i give you another $100, do you think you could trade it for me too. Sure i say and off i go to market Friday morning again.

    the mango man is there again, and you ask him for twice as much mangoes. he says no, but him have banana. a whole heap of banana. he sells you $400 worth of banana for $200 and quietly disappears. you sell out the banana for $400 and return home saturday night giving ask-mi-no-question back $150. your intial $100 is now worth a tidy $250.

    week after week, the discount produce seller comes to you and you only, offloading produce to you only at half price in exchange for CASH. no body is asking any questions…yet.

    well the half price produce is nothing more than illegal CASH, being exchanged in a currency transaction for a foreign currency, in an effort to mask it as legal. if you do this enough times during a day it gets lost in the $3,000,000,000,000 (us$3 trillion) of forex transactions that are executed each day.

    the man who brought you the stolen banana’s and the stolen mangoes, disappears into the night happy with cash. legal tender.

    you on the otherhand become quite visible, jetting around on your private jet. sooner or later you get investogated and the man with the stolen bananas doesnt want to sell to you anymore because, rass, police want to know everything about your business.

    and praps…’s all over. be glad the mango/banana man didnt get caught. he’d put out a contract for you if he did.

  494. Informer let me see if I follow you. MTI’s JM pretend to do fx trading. Gullible DS take members and feeder clubs money and give to JM/MTI. They are not really trading at all just cycling money?? Moving it around. DS get caught but cant talk cause he might get a round of applause ?? Did I understand it fully.

  495. Forex was used as a front to get illegal gotten funds into circulation.

    the banana man is the man with the illegal funds, he essentially takes 50 cents for every $1 that is brought into legitimate circulation for him.

  496. @informer:

    Mi nuh think so! If you look at the rate that investors were getting, no money laudering scheme would allow such high cut of their money. These guys are greedy, not stupid. Plus, Jamaicans have other methodologies for washing funds on the cheap or even add to the funds!

  497. @davesin

    check you math. 50cents out of every dollar is 50% return on every transaction with the banana man. you are naive to think the returns were not possible laundering money, and equally naive to think illicit sources of money would not be happy turning $1 of illegal funds into 50cents of (optically) legal/ freely and easily wireable and transferable money. it is estimated that illicit activity (theft/drugs/corruption/etc) amounts to some us$1,500,000,000,000 per year. they would beg for 50cents of that if they could make it legal.

  498. There is now a committee of 5 people in Jamaica who decide on the financial affairs of the country. The Minister of Finance is not one of them.If as INFORMER
    says Olint was a moneylaundering scheme why were senior members of Cabinet drawing out there money just before the Turks Government froze the funds. The Gleaner has now called David Smith a forex bandit.He will soon be charged by the Jamaican DPP. The fact that Smith is being investigated for paying bribes to Michael Missick the Turks premier by the British MI6 is going to complicate his Jamaican trial and liability enormously.The Americans may indict DS as well.Can Jamaica afford a serious investigation into its banking?JOHN DOE is a prophet, Nembhard a extradicted, indicted drug smuggler is very close to NCB.Moneylaundering and political bribery is second nature to that institution.Imagine hiring the former chairman of the FSC as their lawyer,against DS. Harbourshark

  499. he is going to need that private jet now! to get away! but then again, perhaps he is safer in protective custody, perhaps even as the INFORMER! 😉

  500. Cally , The only venomous institution in Jamaica is NCB. Given away to a suspicious billionaire for a song;it has become an agent of destruction
    and monopolistic criminality in Jamaica. Oh for the days of the honest, colonial Barclays bank. Down with this instrument of mayhem poised to take over Jamaican lives. The Olint losses can directly be linked to LeeChin and NCB.

  501. there are simple rules in international banking, but the rules are unfortunately enforced with complex regulations. however, one of the simplest rules is “know your customer”, and US banks are required to report all transactions larger than US$10,000.00 to the Federal Reserve. jamaican banks can maintain cash in jamaica, but cash is only used as a float, the real money is book entry through domiciled banks. so if a jamaican bank maintain a us$ balance or debit, it does so with its us correspondence bank. the same is true for a us bank transacting in euro – they would have a their eur account in a european domiciled correspondent bank. so NCB’s account in the USA is constantly querried for transactions over $10,000. for those for which the bank cannot come up with an explananation, and it sounds like OLINT would have been a prime candidate, the Federal Reserve would raise the flag….excuse me sir, would you mind asking some questions…… then i am sorry please take your business elsewhere.

  502. My friend Harbour shark,

    I do not know you, but please take this in a good way.

    You are wildly delusional and paranoid. NCB did not cause DS to fail and to overpay people and keep poor accounts. Olint imploded under mismanagement and fraud

  503. Cally, It would be better if you examined the facts,rather than engaged in
    unhinged speculation concerning the fate of Olint. Wayne Chen, Lee Chin’s brilliant spokesperson has made his opposition to Olint quite clear on the radio.
    I wonder what the consequences to NCB would be,if all the Olint investors pulled their money out and declared a national
    moratarium on deposits at NCB.Then you would see paranoia! Regards, the delusional Harbour Shark.

  504. OC has also used his paper to destroy the forex industry in Jamaica.One day he and Lee Chin will be marooned on a desert island together
    with MH formerly of the FSC as their butler. Harbour shark

  505. harbourshark, good morning my friend,

    Just think about that last statement you made- “OC has used his paper to destroy the fx industry in Jamaica..” That’s an example of your delusional fantasies. No one can destroy the fx industry by exposing the fraudsters in it.
    In fact, by exposing them and getting them out, it makes it easier for legitimate fx traders who follow the rules to survive.
    In an environment where PONZI schemes claim to be returning up to 20% a month, how could any legitimate fx trader survive against such unfair competition. The issue is not against fx trading but the wild claims of some who are involved in it and their ability to mislead and ultimately destroy the weak and gullible ‘investors’ among us.
    Based on how he has done so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t DS who is their butler- assuming he manages to stay out of prison.

  506. Cally, Jamaica is in deep recession now .Mostly because the FSC, OC and Lee
    Chin have viciously attacked all the local investment business.Suddenly the helpers and the gardners did not need to work anymore they were all
    receiving interest checks, and not from Jamaica National either.That is what gets your goat, isnt it Cally? The society was turned upside down.The black people actually had cash! What a phenomena. Harbourshark

  507. @harbourshark
    What has happened is that once again our own black brothers(owners of the ponzis) and taken advantage of their fellow brothers’ ignorance.

  508. @harbourshark
    At least NCB can print a CORRECT statement for how much money I have in my account. By his own admission, DS couldn’t keep his accounts right and this is the man you and many others have blind FAITH in ??

    Hope you are losing money with DS – you deserve to !!

  509. Hello All, new to this blogging thing, but very intrigued by all the theories. First let me comment on the lawyer, you really don’t need to give a retainer, if the lawyer is convince that this case will make him known world wide. Lawyers have very big egos that money can’t buy. I read somewhere that DS is the small fish and bigger names are behind this. If that’s true then I am correct and by now the lawyer should know who those names are. This is nothing new it happens all the time all over the world, investing is risky ( just a game for some) never invest your own money (DS didn’t), or money you can’t stand to lose (DS didn’t), from what I hear he is still living well. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are all in on it. Food for thought.

  510. Harbour shark,

    You said yesterday that “suddenly the helpers and gardeners did not need to work anymore… people actually had cash”.

    Even the the reality was not so startling contrary to this deluded view (since everybody is bawling that C+ and Olint have their money and not them), is this really your vision of a progressive society where no one works but just sit idly every day waiting to collect their monthly cheques?

    Where in the world does this happen except in your fairytale PONZILAND?

  511. Cally, The quality of your blogging has improved. At least you are no longer
    engaging in negative Psychoanalysis .Cally 12 months ago, people actually had money to spend,there was great confidence in the economy,Motor Sales could not sell enough Benzes to satisfy demand.Jamaica was booming!Now what do we have,3 Ministers of Finance,economic languidity,and several
    aces of delectable cassava. Harbourshark


  512. While i am living,thanks i am giving,to the father i will pray………..The full has never been told.Did anyone notice that green armbands was the order of the day at Bremar Ave. before the General elections when one went to conduct buisness.It seems it was a big hoax designed and coordinated by the politicians and their cohorts in the private sector to raise funds to elect a Gov.then f….off with all an sundry therafter.Things and time will tell.

  513. Harbour shark my friend,

    I don’t wnt to argue with you, and I will adopt a less hostile tone with you. All I am saying is that the illusion of so much money circulating and fuelling consumption without any productive activity, as being sustainable was and is unrealistic.

    Look what you’re talking about…the purchasing of Benzes and BMWs based on what?

    Have you read ITrade’s response to the NFA allegations? It is an eyeopener. Not only was very little trading taking place, but the little that did resulted in almost 100% losses in no time, not to mention the shuffling around of money like people playing cards.

    It was clearly money laundering. Read it.

  514. Cally, moneylaundering is one of those very general legal terms that are being used in a very different manner today than when it was coined almost twenty years ago.Initially, money laundering referred only to the disguise of drug proceeds ;see the Money Laundering Reporter and several University of Toronto articles on the subject . Money Laundering is now being used to refer to any commercial misuse of money with a illegal implication ie your use of the phrase to refer to David Smith’s possibly criminal failure to trade the money, entrusted to him. I do not argue with your use of the phrase,as I believe your use
    is consistent with popular usage. All economies are based on confidence and
    when individuals deliberalely attack local financial institutions they risk
    consequences that they do not anticipate: such as widespread foreclosures
    and a major recession in the country.Mr S has said that ‘ Bruce is a failure,of Bruce is learning on the job to our detriment. Harbour Shark

  515. “Money Laundering is now being used to refer to any commercial misuse of money with a illegal implication ie your use of the phrase to refer to David Smith’s possibly criminal failure to trade the money, entrusted to him. ”

    I refer to this. But once this occurs you don’t know what else is being done or hidden or people skimming for their personal gain or people illegally working the money for their own gain.

  516. Winston-niney, You are looking in the right direction.DS was only of use to the JLP when he could give them money .Now that they do not need him ,they are putting the guy with the funny cap firmly in his place.Before the election any promises were permissible.Now the attitude is”let us string him up as a money –
    launderer’ and sentence him right away.Unfortunately some cabinet
    ministers may have taken their money out on an inside tip before the crash.What is the price of DS’ silence?
    David P Rowe

  517. Harbourshark, Cally has a good point.If the money circlating is not real,the
    economic boom is not real.I dont care about politics.I want my money from

  518. … (munch, munch, munch) … yow, Informer … Punchie sey she well vex wid u … (munch, munch, munch) … ’cause yuh come in like yuh out fe give wey de plot in de middle of dis yah movie … (munch, munch, munch) …

    … but, me tell her fe cool still seeing as how Davey Sozer bwoy dem surface again (big belch) … jus’ in time inna de guises of ah harbous-sharkous … (munch, munch, munch) …

    … (las’ lick stylee) … AML … as dem sey inna de dancehall … ‘gwaan skipper george’ … let all views contend … (munch, munch, munch) … don’t is no &/or dis-information cause all of dis Scary Movie #13 fe ‘appen ???

  519. I can do anything I want to.
    Michael Lee Chin.

  520. Sad
    You actually think your silly posts are funny ?

  521. I have to agree with Harbor Shark- inspite of the gag order imposed by the lawyers of DS, why would he not use a forum such as this to inform us of the truth behind the false promises given by the JLP administration?
    To say the least, the Minister of Finance AS should bow his head in shame as he has a very short memory. Specifically, he encouraged Jamaicans to use their financial creativity to escape the shackles of poverty.
    Maybe that was in reference to a select few such as DV and JR to name a few!!! I do hope the honourable Minister and his family are enjoying China after receiving his OLINT funds!!

    DS, the time has come for us to be given the respect of the truth- even if it results in the demise of the current political administration.
    This forum would be a good starting point !!!!

    Blogkiller, I fully endorse your sentiments. This forum should be a resource for factual information. We certainly DO NOT need posts containing personal humor and it would be nice if we could limit the patios.

  522. Elliot makes a very good point.DS could use this forum to prevent litigation and limit unnecessary speculation concerning the status of the money.If the money is safe then people will not need to spend sleepless nights worrying about their investment. Minister AS was on close terms with both Carlos and DS.They were at the Jazz festival together! Why silence from the Minister?

  523. (munch, munch, munch) … big mon … if dis isn’t the ‘tragi-comedy’ movie of the decade … (munch, munch, munch) … duh, tell us what is …

    … in de meantime, Puncie … (guzzle, guzzle, guzzle) … throw another rockstone inna de pig-pen … an’ see which one of dem ah guh bawl out nex’ …

  524. Cally, Have you lost your debating mettle?Please come to the defence of your
    labourite colleagues! A little name-calling or psychoanalysis goes a far way.
    Perhaps some Shakespeare……..”Neither a borrower or a lender be…”

  525. elliott

    “We certainly DO NOT need posts containing personal humor and it would be nice if we could limit the patios.”

    Yu mossi mad! Are you saying that we cannot express complex financial opinion in our mother tongue.

    Guess you are new here and humour has been part of the whole blogging expercience.

    Lef mi langwij aluon!

  526. Good to see some people talking about DSaviour communicating with “investors”.

    The way I see it is this. The investigation and gag order in TCI is against DS and his TCI company. The TCI court does not have jurisdiction over Olint the Jamaican company and its Jamaican based officers such as WS. Therefore, if they really want to, WS can issue a statement without consequence clarifying:

    1). The existence of the $200m wire transfer
    2). The existence of $750m on the Oanda platform.

    The failure to do so speak volumes but the Prolinters will find perverse ways to justify the silence because the truth might not be what they want to hear.

  527. Robin Irie,
    I am happy that you can find humor regarding your personal financial situation. Alas, I cannot.
    I find nothing amusing about the current Olint situation.
    My plight will worsen when I have to find the funds to send my child to secondary school ; not to mention University fees for my other child !!!
    I urge you to learn the art of communication using Standard english- after all that is what we were taught in school. The “mother tongue”, I suggest is for communication with friends. Based on your comments, I would assume you are one of the advocates for having the Bible translated into patios.
    In my opinion, that money would be better served by giving it to ” Food for the Poor”.

    Now, down to the matters at hand.

    It is full time for Mr. DS to express in any forum pertinent facts:
    1) Does he have enough money to cover the liabilities of OLINT?
    2) If he does not have enough money- then does he desire 8-9mths to trade and be in a better financial standing?
    3) If he does not trade, what percentage of the investment portfolio will the Olint investors get back?

    Mr. DS we are all waiting on a timely response!! As mentioned prior, feel free to use a representative who is not subject to the gag order such as WS.

  528. What about the house that was bought with investers mony being sold by Bovell in the TCI?

  529. Harbourshark,

    I find it amazing that you think you detected any political leaning from my blogs. In any event, your guess is wrong.

    There you go again, finding scapegoats for your dilemna – the JLP. They clearly are at fault for not supporting the previous govt’s attempt to close down these fraudelent schemes 2 years ago.

    But the reality is that not only were we all warned about their certain outcome, but there was enough info on the web to inform any sensible person about the history of these schemes, almost all of which claimed to be fx trading operations which promised extraordinary returns. Therefore anyone who failed to learn from history, should not now blame anyone else but themslves for their misery.

  530. I am sorry for being so blunt, as I have many friends and close family members in this thing.

    But when I hear of the sums of money people willingly and voluntarily gave to a man who they did not know, neither his past or track record as a trader, who had no organizational structure, provided no records about his operating results or funds under mangmt, then why should he now be expected to come clean and be transparent to people who never demanded that of him before?

  531. Harbourshark,

    you should know this, what was the name of that Desmond Dekker song again about ‘wha’ gawn bad a mawnin’ can’t come good a evenin’ woy…..was it called “Everything Crash?”

  532. cally,

    If you had seen people like JR or others collecting their check at bremare ave, would you think it was not legit? In my opinon the average joes could not have figured it out because they were and still are in the DARK.

    Not to mention many rich inflential people that were hanging with olint and praising DS. Do you live in Jamaica because you probably never saw what was going on down their when olint was hot!

    Things are not as black and white as it seems. Alot of so call respectable people helped to give olint legitimacy. They of course are now distancing themself now that it has crashed and burn.

  533. Hi Miachica,

    One of my biggest concerns was that they were starting out with a fight with the regulators which meant there was a possibility that they could have been closed down at any time.
    Secondly, as a Christian, I am amazed at the number of Christians/church leaders who fell for this thing when we have a duty to obey the laws of the land, and lastly, I was skeptical as we all should be, about anything that sounds too good to be true, no matter who we see involved in it.

  534. cally,

    It’s corruption at its finest !

    The same people speaking out against it, were the ones getting paid from it.

  535. Cally, Many of your Christian colleagues operated FX schemes. What does this say about the state of the church in Jamaica? Assuming of course that your theory of the traders being all Ponzi operators is true.

  536. Cally , Everything has crashed so your friends at NCB can quietly take over a destitute Jamaica.Black people will suffer forever.

  537. Listen peolple most of the persons including myself who invested were fully aware of the risks and made the DECISION to invest.

    In life we must accept the results of our actions its a universal principle which cultures, religions etc worldwide all accept. Risk/Reward….I have been a highly successful investor in all classes of investments…..when they going was good i accepted all the great awards….now its rough times i will not join the band wagon and curse DS.

  538. BTW CONGRATS to Bolt & Walker today – Ja continues to beat the world.

    The big surprise gold is yet to come….

  539. Mk,have you heard that they are going to criminally charge DS in Turks?p.s. do not tell Cally or we will get a sermon

  540. I heard today from a senior police officer from the Fraud squad that Olinters are requesting to make statements.

    Sounds like DS may be soon to face the fate of Mr. Carlos Hill of the ill stricken Cashplus as plans are in motion to file criminal charges against him.

    DS, take your Baygon spray with you as I am told there is a serious roach problem at the Remand Center.

  541. I support the comments of Harborshark.

    In fact I will be heading to the Fraud squad on Monday to give my statements and any information they may not have.

    DS must not forget what happened to Mr C.H. of Cashplus.
    It is now a matter of time before we see the fall of the government in the TCI. When that happens, Jamaicans such as myself, will be waiting at the airport for DS’s arrival.

    DS, remember this- you are feeling very comfortable listening to legal advice, after all- you paid them over 1 million Pounds !!!
    YOU however, will be the one who will suffer the consequences of their poor judgement and it will be YOU fighting with the roaches at the Horizon Remand Center.
    The time is NOW for you to be honest with us and advise us of our funds- why do we have to wait 8 months? Why can’t you pay us back in September?

    Monday cannot come too soon !!!!

  542. It is confirmed- the current First lady of the TCI gave damaging testimony against her husband the current Premier, The Hon. MM who happens to be a dear friend of Mr. DS.

    With that testimony and the current investigation into charges of corruption, the TCI administration will have to resign.
    With that, the safe heaven created for Mr.DS will come to an end !!!

    Why does DS not see this clearly- OLINTERS are giving statements to the Fraud squad!!! Soon, he will be faced with the same criminal charges that Mr.C.H. of Cashplus had to endure.

    Does he really want to hurt his mother, 3 children and wife, by having them visit him at the Remand center?
    At that time- the only thing the “dream legal team” can say is: ” DS we tried and we are so sorry for you”.
    Alas, it will be too late.

    DS, think it over clearly this weekend.
    Come clean- we want answers:
    1. Why can’t we get paid in September?
    2. Do you have enough money to pay all your creditors?
    3.Why are you asking for 8 months to pay us?
    4.Why have you not paid us a cent since January?
    5.Who are the International auditors you keep making reference to?

    May I suggest you answer the above and begin a payment system sanctioned by the “Auditors”,whereby you remit the amounts owed in a consistent manner over an agreed time period.

    We Jamaicans are tolerant but NOT stupid. We deserve transparency and honesty.

    Remember- those who can’t hear must feel the rod of correction!!!

  543. Look out the white boys in tandem with those in high political office has decided to throw DS to the wolves..look out who will be the star crown witness.
    More anon calling on the Sage once this gets out….More anon.

  544. The big 5 have no need of ds any further;none of their friends and relatives are making money any more.ds will swing in both Turks and Jamaica as the lawyers deceive him and take his money.

  545. Harbourshark

    No I have no news really – if he is charged that would be bad news…who are the big 5?

    Winston Winey

    Who is the star crown witness?

  546. F1 is now collapsing, no payouts, huge run on the fund.
    Unable to recover funds from Smith and Loiten.

    See communication from F1 to members yesterday. The fund will now be audited and both platimum and gold funds closed down.

    Amazing, these so called expert traders.

  547. letter from DS? anyone got it I have not., It was supposed to be sent out on august 22 in the night?

  548. Catd:

    See link below for the letter (I think this is the one you are refering to):

  549. The star crown witness will be the Superintendent of Police in Turks who
    has evidence of moneylaundering that he used for the freeze order in the first place.This evidence has been significantly supplemented by SEC and NFA input and individual complaints.

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