Worldwise Boss Noel Strachan under US Probe !!

Seems like the USA is turning up the heat on former Jamaican Ponzi scheme operators. The lastest such person who seems set to come under heat from the USA authorities is Noel Strachan, the former Worldwise Boss who ran off with millions on investors money and went on  buy spree in 2009 purchasing over J$1.8B  in properties in the Broward County area of the USA.

Included in this purchase was a mansion for US$1.8M along with a Rolls Royce Bentley.


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  1. It’s about time. The US has to fix Jamaica’s problem once again. Mi nuh know how long dem likkle yout ya did tink dem coulda stay away from Mr. Law. Buy up Bentley an a floss all bout Weston, FL., without any way to justify di cash. Mi hear him all file papaz fi US citizenship. NOEL…yu ‘ave sense?? Yuh need fi get a good Lawya fi gi yu likkle advice…cho man. A now di Feds dem a go dig yu down. An nuh badda try guh near di airport fi no reason…ICE de deh a wait (just a bit of free advise).
    This fella bankrupt few years back, then arrive in FL anna purchase big house and BIG office building….REALLY NOW!!! Tiefin bwoy yu time come. Roast Duck fi you too inna di big house when dem hol yuh….lol.

    • What is the latest on Noel Strachan, Do you have a viable address for him.

      • Same question iam asking,are they really going to let this devil and his gal get away with this ? I know for sure that the jamaican INJUSTICE system and its politician won’t do a damn thing to teach that scum a lesson and send a message to the next one like him,its really bad when the people you voted for wont lift a finger to protect its people from outsiders,set of cowards.

  2. I investered my money with Noel in the state and to know that he and his follower took off with my money that I work so hard for is sad I hope they all end up in jail for the rest of their life.

  3. Contact FBI agent Timothy Wright at 305-944-9101.

  4. Noel Strachan/ Juelle Properties, LLC has default on the Mortgages of two of his flagship Commercial Properties and are now in Foreclosure Proceedings:

    Paid US$7.85 Million


    Paid: US$3.65 Million

  5. Noel Strachan and Wife, Judy has finally declared Broward County Florida as their Domicile, maybe in anticipation of filing Homestead Exemption on their Davie Home. Noel, is this to protect the property from those Lawsuits by your former investors?

    Clicking on the image, Noel and Wife claims they have being living in Florida since 8/21/1977…..Hmmmm. Is that true Noel?

  6. Please guys contact the FBI agent Timothy Wright at 305-944-9101, and get this thief in prison where he belongs. You cant take whats not yours and expect to get away scotch free. His wife, his brother in law, his sister & his mother needs to go jail as they knew he is a crook from before and sell ppl on investing in his scheme. The time is now, Olint gone jail, Cash Plus boss about to so now lets put a closer or get Noel & his family behind bars too

    • Thank you For this number ,I also need these guys to go to jail for a long time .They took all my saving and made all these roses promises.I cant wait for the day when they are all convicted and also when they return the money to the investor.

  7. Very Upset AWW is 100% correct! There is strength in numbers. Please reach out to the FBI – do not be intimidated. The Madoff case as helped to expose these individuals and in some cases, assets are frozen, property ceased and investors stand a chance of getting restitution. But this cannot happen if people do take action.

  8. MY GOD IS GREAT, I KNOW OF A FACT that Noel stranchan and his muma must go down.they are all a set of thieves, they have taken away all my pension money and leave me in poverty…..GOD BLESS AMERICA ……dont give that thief any citizenship…….sen him back to Jamaica make we eat him raw. After him tief so many persons money, want american to give him citizenship and america is so against robbery………GO AMERICA OUR GOVERNMENT HAVE NO GUTS, FIX OUR NASTY BUSINESS FOR US…….SEND THAT BASTARD TO JAIL HE AND HIS MOTHER

    • Is the WW office is JA currently closed?
      Please call the FBI im Miami – speak with Agent Timothy Wright at 305-944-9101 and provide him with all possible information involving Noel Strachan, Judy Strachan and his mother, also, any others involved in this scheme.
      Pass on this information anyone who has invested funds..this is VERY important.

  9. i surely will …….i hope i will get an answer to the phone when i call

  10. Hussman: August 17, 2011

    I would love for Mr. Strachan to give me back my portion of money I have invested in his scheme…even though it’s a small amount it will certainly be a big help because currently I am unemployed.

    • Hussman………….Please guys contact the FBI agent Timothy Wright at 305-944-9101, and get this thief in prison where he belongs. You cant take whats not yours and expect to get away scotch free. His wife, his brother in law, his sister & his mother needs to go jail as they knew he is a crook from before and sell ppl on investing in his scheme. The time is now, Olint gone jail, Cash Plus boss about to so now lets put a closer or get Noel & his family behind bars too


  12. Lyttle – please do NOT discourage people from calling. The number is 100% legit. You can google the FBI in Miami and the same number will come up. I have spoken to Agent Wright on several occasions. This number belongs to the FBI in Miami and there is a case pending against Noel Strachan. You may choose to give up, but do not post negative and incorrect messages on this board. Once again, the number is NOT FALSE. This is not a joke and no one is insulting you.
    FBI agent Timothy Wright at 305-944-9101.
    Thank you.

    • Sorry, its not my intention to mislead anyone but i did try several and did not get through to anyone, so could you be so kind as to indicate a time most likely that someone will answer the phone?? Thanks

  13. Reporting Crime
    You can report suspicious activities and crime by contacting us using the information below. You can also submit a tip electronically. You
    can provide information anonymously, and it will be kept confidential if you desire. See When to Contact the FBI for details on the kinds of information we seek.

    FBI Miami
    16320 NW 2nd Avenue
    North Miami Beach, FL 33169-6508
    Phone: (305) 944-9101
    Fax: (305) 787-6538

  14. Someone always answers the main # at the FBI office. If Agent Wright is not in office, it will automatcially go to his voicemail. It is very odd that no one ever answers when you call..?? Please be advised that he is working on several other cases and he may not call back as soon as you would like him to, but do not hesitate to keep calling and leaving messages. It is very frustrating but we have to do this if we want some justice. I would suggest calling between regular business hours 9am – 5pm, Mon -Fri.

  15. okay thanks, i am really hoping i get through when i call again because i am determined to see these set of strachans go down

  16. Other alternatives, email and/or write a letter, address correspondence to Agent Timothy Wright

    FBI Miami
    16320 NW 2nd Avenue
    North Miami Beach, FL 33169-6508
    Phone: (305) 944-9101
    Fax: (305) 787-6538

  17. DoSomething, thanks for this number. I just dialed it but got the agent’s voice mail. I will be sending him an email. My $22k is not going down the drain without a fight. Noel and his cronies will rot in jail.

    • You’re VERY welcome.Please pass on the information to everyone you know that invested. Tell them NOT to be intimidated. We also need to pressure the Jamaican authorities to take action and press the US to go after WorldWise like they did Olint. Let’s not give up. There must be justice!

  18. “Jamaican authorities to take action”

    They did nothing of the sort in Olint’s case. You (worldwise people) need to understand that. In fact they took evasive action some of which are still being played out in the “silly season.”

  19. It appears that all of Noel Strachan properties are heading to foreclosure. The Residential Property at:


    belonging to NOEL and JUDY STRACHAN has had a foreclosure proceedings filed against it. This filing goes back to June 17, 2011, only appearing in Broward County Public Records on October 3, 2011.

    The original mortgage amount was for US$1 Million, with a balloon payment due on or before November 1, 2012. Property was purchased for US$1.8 Million and now valued at US$1.43 Million. Thieves R US are falling one by one.

  20. Jay, unless they are washing car glass at Abbey Court/Devon House intersection you can rest assured money not “done.”

    You see David/Tracy Smith out there?

  21. They should all rot in jail, I have no mercy for these scammers. They took our money under false pretense and spend lavishly on themselves….wicked bastard, US should send him to JA and give us JUNGLE JUSTICE

  22. There are a few claims filed in Circuit Court against WWP with Disposition entered -Order Setting Case Management Conference – and dimissed. I dont know the details but im planning to file a motion as well. These clowns need to pay. Anyone having any information on these cases please let me know. thanx

  23. Broward County Courthouse.. They refuse to respond to my request and pay out.

  24. I received this strange e-mail 2 days ago. I think the list of clients had their info stolen and someone is phishing toget more information. Someone else said they received it

    Dear Partner,
    I have received information that a withdrawal request was executed by you. We have received the request and a settlement of your account will be completed within 90 days from your emailed response.
    We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.
    Please confirm the balance due to you, your physical mailing address, and phone details so that we can settle within the time stated.
    Therefore a reply confirming the above is required to move forward with this 90 day settlement plan.
    Once I’ve received your reply World Wise Partners Limited will call you to answer or explain any issue or concern you may have.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Noel Strachan
    CEO – World Wise Partners Limited.

    • it is a dam shame that nobody, just like nobody is doing anything about Noel stratchan and his mother who have stollen soooo much money from his countrymen…..pensioner and all what is going on here is a total fiasco but God is in the plan and he will soon get whats coming to him…….SO HELP ME GOD

    • Teach56

      I received the same email…requesting account verification and promise to pay out. I reply to it without sending any personal information.

    • Yes – a few people have received this…very odd??

      • Yes, Igot this same information on January 19th 2012. I had send him a lot of followed up with no reply.

    • I recieved the email too on January 19, 2012. I hope its real. I wouldn’t mind getting my US$5,000 principal money back. My family and myself lost thousands of dollars. I believe in the US justice. Its taking a long time but justice will be served.

    • WWP 90-day Settlement Plan?

      I received the exact email and have been checking if this is an online email scam. I know of one other person who received the same email too. I called the Gleaner Co, FBI in Florida, friends, etc. No one has heard anything until I saw your message.

      I do not know if it’s legit, and people need to beware and exercise due diligence.

      If you have any more info, please let me know. Thanks.

    • Continue to call Donitta Clarke in JA 876-702-6103!!!

  25. gullible…..i am not that gullible …..i have not seen any concrete evidence that us government is doing anything about all this……did they say when u r going to get your money?? I AM HOPING TO GOD TO GET BACK MY 30 ODD THOUSAND BECAUSE WHEN I GAVE IT TO MRS STRACHAN SHE SAID “EVEN WHEN EVERBODY WITHDRAW THEIRS WE WILL BE STILL MAKING MONEY”” i WILL NEVER FORGET THOSE WORDS UNTIL I DIE AND I HOPE SHE REMEMBERS THEM TOO

  26. WWP 90-day Settlement Plan

    Does anyone have any info on the authenticity of this email that was received? I have not responded. I thought it odd that my WWP Account Number was not requested.

  27. I receive the same email, so I forward it to Jamaica WWP for confirmation and have yet to get a response.

    Again there open and closed lawsuits file at the Broward county court house against WWP and Noel, I paln to file lawsuit myself. I notice there were some settlements entered but don’t know the nature…worth looking into.

  28. No verification that the email is infact authentic. Keep Agent Timothy Wright of the Miami FBI abreast of what is going on. The case is still open. Does anyone know the status of Mr. Strachan US citizenship? Homeland Security should be notified of his illegal activities.

  29. The case is closed. Timothy Wright emailed me today to say the FBI took the decision to close the case. His quote is below.

    “I apologize for the lack of contact as this case as well as many others I have keep me quite busy.

    It was decided in the last few weeks that the FBI has closed its investigation of WWP. The nexus of the investigation is located in Jamaica and the Jamaican authorities are aware of the matter.

    I understand this is not the update you were looking for and wish I had better news for you. I wish you the best.


    • Seek your fortune with Paula DPP in Jamaica. But keep it locked right here on this blog.

      I going light it on fire very soon (was scheduled to be yesterday) but busy like Timothy.

      There are many misunderstandings certain Tapanaris have chosen to ignore for a long time and time is up.

      Or will they seek a last minute stay?

      • How can one get intouch with Paula DPP directly…via phone, e-mail…how?? and does she have ample knowledge of the case against WWP?.

    • Continue calling Donitta Clarke at 876-702-6103 in JA!!!!

      • HiAny news on the world Wise Partner case.? Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: Real Investments For LifeSent: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 11:37 AMTo: To: Real Investments For LifeSubject: [New comment] Worldwise Boss Noel Strachan under US Probe !!

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        DoSomething commented: “Continue calling Donitta Clarke at 876-702-6103 in JA!!!!”

      • I have been wondering myself about what if anything is happening. Who is Donnita Clarke?

  30. “Forgetfulness is a form of freedom.”
    ― Khalil Gibran

    Shylock (Merchant of Venice):

    I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example? Why, revenge. The villany you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I WILL BETTER THE INSTRUCTION.

  31. Floridian – how can we all join forces and have this crook brought to justice and/or deported?? Something must be done now. He is still operating business in Pembroke Pine. WWP LLC and Jade Property.

    • There has always been more than on Floridian but this floridian will try to briefly explain to you Jamaica and the so called “ponzi” cases.

      No one in Jamaica really works as a team. There is no unity. Only crab inna barrel and persons who take credit for the works of others.

      Each person including police, judges, jury and Indian Chief etc. moves by their own personal selfish agenda …generally. Some break the mold of such disease but for most its a survival thing no matter how many honors and well lettered they are.

      Essentially there are only Two people who could be credited with “80% of Olint’s Capture.” The other 20% is made up of a few more genuine people and about 8% of the “success” were some Ciphers who were necessary (sadly) for it to come to fruition.

      The “David Smith Team” (let us call it that) had and still has massive resources and shady dodgy persons in their group and fought EXTREMELY hard to get a last laugh on those who would eventually BEAT them. They are angry that they got a public whipping.

      For they are driven by ego and their own psychoses stemming from a culture and history to deep to touch here today.

      If you are truly a victim and you want to get it done you must accept these facts before you begin. You have to know things about people and government (like why the Brits dealt with Trowbridge to protect themselves) and you have to understand things like why the Ja FSC began a campaign to warn investors after the fact etc.

      Also money is their to BUY anyone. The criminals are never in short supply of that. Many people were bought out (you must wait on the book).

      Law enforcement is not does not exist to save the people so to speak. That is veranda myth. The only way to get people (police included) …(and because you must need police to be legal)….to move in your favour is to make the “thing” fit into their own agenda..dreams…greed etc. How to boost their own career …or to nudge them deeper so they become a player that may then get a big offer from the criminals at any stage.

      It is the same with any player involved. For instance it starts with a report and then nothing happens. But if you are Jack be nimble and say get your proof that they and other work in the background against your wishes they you might for instance politely show them the evidence of their “collusion”

      As with little children it takes subtle encouragement from an elder to bring people to understanding when their very Nature is set to reject it.

      Good luck to you.

  32. You deserve better advice but for now just remember one key thing and never loose sight of its reality:

    In these things if you say you want a “team” you must understand that even in your own team Judas and some silver will be part of that team.

    You must find him/her EARLY. When you do, you must not let them know. You must play their game but you must always make sure you have power over them. Again, its about understanding people’s AGENDA and using it against them (and their pee brains) when the time calls for it. Make sure you always have the last laugh lol.

    Do not be intimidated. Many Jagans for all their hype are not many generations away from pit toilet. Always bear that in mind no matter who the traitor is.

    • Thank you for your comments floridan – I will marinate on them..most of which I already knew. As always I trust God not man. Pressing forward.

  33. I also invested in WWP. I just want to know howe to get back my principal I don’t care about interest anymore. HELP HELP

  34. Can anyone say what is the latest news on World Wise Partners, why can’t the Principals be placed behind bars like all the other failed schemes Head?

  35. Some months ago a blogger here told you all that the FBI had dropped the case.

    Nothing happens in Jamaica for reason too many to mention now.

    Things happened (and continue to happen) in Olint not because of Police, Prosecutors, or government. THIS IS A POINT THAT WAS WASTED ON MANY VICTIMS HERE who think they are “special” and just don’t want to give credit where credit is due.

    Nothing is happening with Worldwise. No MLAT request to ODPP, no media coverage, Nothing. It takes work…and money.

    More recession and pain awaits. The lazy good for nothing coward Jamaicans who did nothing will feel it. Them best and brightest LOL!

    • I believe if all World Wise Investors should join together and petition both the Governments of Jamaica and the USA ,something will be done to get justice. This man need to be placed behind bars just like all the others.

  36. @Floridian. I am ready to join forces. I do not live in the US (or Jamaica) but if I cant get back my money I would like Noel to be “Bubba’s” bitch in prison.
    I am still baffled as to why no arrest was made. smdh

  37. It seems most people don’t want to take the next step for this man to go to prison as they believe they won’t get back their money then, but he is out and free for a long time and we are not getting back our monies, so I think then, the next best thing to do is to pressure the authorities to have this man arrested. Obviously we won’t be successful because we are divided on this matter. There is no unity and everyone is only looking out for his or herself. He was doing the same thing as OLINT AND CASH PLUS and they were held accountable so why should WORLDWISE be treated differently…

    • Getting Back Money and sending a fassy to prison are two different (yet related somewhat) things. people in Olint always ask about getting back their money. Having done nothing else. These are lackeys. Lazy, don’t work shame to join the ranks of the brand name Olint victims who span EVERY aspect of Jamaican industry including Police and Dudus and the PM and former PM’s and DPP’s.

      Petitioning Governments (which is essentially private correspondence) will not let you get the prize. Do you think Martin and Ghandi got something done BEHIND the scenes? Not even Nelson worked behind scenes…he was upfront (the behind the scenes was only after his imprisonment).

      If Worldwise suckers want to reach anywhere then you have to march and do everything in front of the public so that “officialdom” can’t hide in the background. You have to march on the DPP offices (and others) and make news..force the news even though those who control media work tirelessly to thwart you.

      This “Olympic” window will soon close.

      You owe me US$1500 right there. But mi love mi Jagans so take that one for free.

      Time wait on no man…and I’ll give you a little tip: At or just after Independence the media is going into a tailspin (out pof their control completely)…some people all going to run leave Jamaica…so WORLDWISE people best make up their minds NOW…otherwise just put the THEFT of your life savings down to experience and hug it up with your bad selves….

    • The superintendent at the Fraud Squad office in Jamaica is investigating him and he said he is in talks with the US to extradite him . So we could call the Fruad Squad and let them know that we need this man to answer to the charges of Fraud.

    • Exactly!!!! His time as run out – he clearly has no intension to repay…

  38. People who disrespect and steal are RANCID. Ask yourselves if you think the way to go is to deal with them honourably and with kid gloves…

  39. Josephine Connolly to run at large as a PDM candidate

    However we are told that her husband Joseph Connolly until recently a member of the Advisory Council and one of the governor’s closest advisors resigned because of the imminent implementation of VAT.
    We are not convinced that the real reason for the resignation was because of VAT. We believe that the main reason why Joe resigned is because of his wife’s political ambition. Therefore the real reason for Joe’s resignation may have been family or self interest and not the interest of the people of the TCI as we have been led to believe.

    It is too good to believe that any member of the Advisory Council much more a close confidant of the governor could suddenly think of the poor downtrodden people of the TCI and give up his position because he suddenly cares about them. It is up to Joe to clear the air.

  40. Corruption cases adjourned to November 2012

    The cases against former government ministers and others were adjourned until November.

    The Special Prosecutor also disclosed that SIPT will be seeking to try former Premier Michael Misick and Dellis Cay developer Dr. Cem Kinay absentia, if they do not appear to face charges.
    Both Misick and Kinay are the subjects of Interpol arrest warrants.
    It was revealed that Chal Misick bail was reduced from $3M to $125,000 and travel restrictions eased. Chal Misick had argued unsuccessfully in the past that his bail conditions were disproportionate in relation to other persons charged.
    According to reports Chal Misick will be travelling to the Dominican Republic soon.
    Further information will be posted on this matter as we count down to November 12th.

  41. Top Document 2: Dellis Cay Development Agreement signed by Hon.Governor Tauware

    I am asking again Hon.Governor Todd to publish all DA’s in the last 20 years for TCI People.

    I am asking Helen Garlick to extend their investigations for all DA’s and political donations in this country.
    The TCI people has the right to know the TRUTH’s.
    God Bless.
    Dr.Cem Kinay

  42. John Wildish calls on newly appointed Judge the Honourable Paul Harrison to provide answers in a 20 year old case

    Things never cease to amaze me at this time in the Turks and Caicos Islands, now that our Chief Justice has appointed Prominent Jamaica judge Paul Harrison to preside over the criminal trials down in the TCI, maybe the most honorable Judge Harrison will be able to answer a few questions of mine concerning a very political case that he presided over many years ago. In that case Dextra Bank and Trust Vs the Bank of Jamaica we went all the way to the Privy Council after passing through the Jamaican courts, and as I recall and if the papers are correct the most honorable Judge Harrison sat in judgment concerning this very case toward which I paid tens of thousands of US$ in legal fees.

    But then again the case was very political….
    I would also point out that in this most political of cases the court made a ruling that broke an established rule of law, in that “a court cannot make a ruling that adversely affects someone with out letting that person be heard”

    we have exciting times ahead.

  43. Kent Pantry who spoke on Jamaican airwaves with Paula Llewelyn about the OLINT “Missing Files” seen here with Retired Jamaican Judge Paul Harrison:

    • What is the latest with Noel Strachan in Florida? I spoke with the FBI in MIA office last year and he in struct me to come by with evidence that I have. I plan to do so and encourage all to do as well.

      • What evidence does the FBI want? I only have my receipt.

      • FBI agent name is Timothy Wright at 305-944-9101.
        Any information you may have, etc email communications, receipts, bank transfer information all any any is important.
        I was told by WWP rep in JA that shelards is representing WWP.

        Lets all work together and gather support to get this robber in jail like all the others.

      • We can start by setting up a facebook page and invite all the WWP investers to come and pledge their support and get the media back involved and get this thing started.

      • I agree, this approach could yield some results

      • Good idea God Bless. Look at the calls for resignations over the lotto scam? Yet MP’s and “others” names all over the Ponzi schemers Rolodex and in the Ponzi schemers plane. Even PJ said he spoke to David Smith and Andrew Holness thanked Smith of Jamaica Government letterhead.

        You do ask the media to help. You need to understand that paradigm. You force the media to take up the issues. Like anything else media is competitive. Instructions from the Chairman and the board my be to “kill” a story. However if a competing media agency takes it up and the public gives the story “legs” then the Chairman’s and the boards and senior editors personal wishes have to be ignored.

        Such was the case of Olint. And it continues in the case of Olint. But the “kill the Olint story” will be completely destroyed in short order and the perpetrators will be revealed..Full exposure.

        Enjoy the Olympics…it will be a few years before such a “saving distraction” will be enjoyed again by the power brokers who lurk in the background.

        Who seh so? Mi nuh know…perhaps a Phillip Phinn…….Jack Mandora…..

      • Typo correction:

        “You DON’T ASK the media for help”

  44. HSBC chief quits in front of US Senate committee as bank is accused of ‘letting Mexican gangs launder $7 billion and working with Saudi bank linked to terrorism’
    HSBC moved huge sum from Mexico into the U.S. between 2007 and 2008
    Provided services for Saudi Arabia’s Al Rajhi Bank linked to financing terrorism
    Senate investigation suggests they also moved money tied to Iran
    Accuses bank of ‘pervasively polluted’ culture
    Another hammer blow to the credibility of British banking system after Barclays was fined for allegedly rigging LIBOR interest rate

    Read more:

    What about Jamaican banks that facilitated David Smith and Noel Strachan? First Caribbean, Sterling Asset, National Commercial Bank, Scotiabank etc?

    Who is the head of Jamaica’s fraud squad now? Colbert?

    • yes Flordian – just like Scarface…this is old school bank business…we will never rid the world of corruption. Just like Good, Evil must exist I suppose. Thanks as always for keeping us informed.

  45. Corruption hearing put off until after election

    A total of 13 defendants appeared in court on Wednesday: Floyd Basil Hall, McAllister Eugene Hanchell, Lillian Boyce, Jeffrey Christoval Hall, Clayton Stanfield Greene, Thomas Chalmers (“Chal”) Misick, Lisa Michelle Hall, Richard Michael Padgett, Varet Jak Civre, Melbourne Arthur Wilson, Samuel Ernest Been, Quinton Albert Hall and Earlson McDonald Robinson, charged with a variety of offences, including bribery, fraud and money laundering.




    Nicole Haughton – beauty queen turns tourism advocate

    It may have taken nine years for Nicole Haughton to get her dream job at the Jamaica Tourist Broad (JTB), but she believes it’s a process getting where one wants to go.

    After she completed her studies, she stayed on in England and later landed a job at Western Union International as an international marketing consultant – Caribbean. She stayed in the job for 18 months before moving on to Jamaica National Money Transfer as international marketing manager. Just shy of two years, she moved on to MoneyGram International as marketing communication executive. Then, in January 2009, she returned home and, as fate would have it, five months later her passion became a reality; she got a job at JTB.

  48. The Mobay connection

    Francis Tulloch is one of those PNP politicians who I still have some respect for. I have never met the man nor have I ever spoken with him. For this reason I was among those shocked when he signaled his intentions to return to the political fray in last year.

    But North West St. James is more than politics. It is about persons with no political achievements suddenly rising to prominence in politics. The man called Kenley Stephenson ‘Bebe’ who is to have his day in court was in last year a member of the National Executive Council of the PNP. It seems strangely coincidental that his resignation from that once august body was timed to meet with Tulloch’s return to representational politics.

    ‘Bebe’ has for long been a staple or fixture on the Mobay scene. Like most ‘men of influence’ on the fringes of our strange politics, ‘Bebe’ travels in style, in a convoy with men and women, many of them with bleached out faces. As to where his appetite for politics came from, that is, what moved him to want to ‘serve’ the people of his community, we may never know.

    As Vice Chairman of the Granville division for the PNP, ‘Bebe’s kindness knew no bounds and he built a new PNP office just up the road from the Granville police station.

    Certainly a man like Mr. Michael Troupe, PNP councilor for the Granville division would have had to be close to a man who would go building ‘monuments’ to the glory of the PNP. Would he have known of a disgraceful cursing out and abuse of the well respected PNP stalwart in Catherine Hall about a week ago? Well maybe not.

    Why is it that the Mobay police were not utilized in the Kingfish Action a little over a week ago. The Lottery scam which was being run in Mobay had to have been known to the local police. Could it be a case that Kingfish wanted to do it alone or, they had other reasons to bypass the Mobay cops?

    In this connection, who in the west was recently offered ‘safe passage’ to Cuba even though he wanted to ‘rest’ in the USA. Foolish man when Uncle Sam is very ‘interested’ in him.

    Police Search The Houses Of Mo-Bay Deputy Mayor, Councillor In Lottery Scam Raid
    Published: Wednesday July 18, 2012 | 8:07 am

    Members of the Police Lottery Scam Task Force are now raiding the houses of the deputy mayor of Montego Bay, Michael Troupe and Silvan Reid, the councillor for the Salt Spring Division.

    The raids began some sometime before 5 o’clock this morning.

    Troupe’s house is in Granville while Reid’s house is in Cornwall Courts.

    Reid is a first-time councillor for the People’s National Party while Troupe was re-elected in the March Local Government Polls.

    More details to follow

  49. UPDATE: Deputy Mayor, Sons, Councillor Arrested In Lottery Scam Raid

    Michael Troupe the deputy mayor of Montego Bay, his two sons and Sylvan Reid, the councillor for the Salt Spring Division have been arrested by the Lottery Scam task force following simultaneous early morning raids at their houses in St James.

    The police say they found J$300,000 and US$10,000 at Troupe’s house.

    According to the police, an illegal firearm as well as a licensed one were also found.

    The raids began some sometime before 5 o’clock this morning.

    Troupe’s house is in Granville while Reid’s house is in Cornwall Courts.

    Reid is a first-time councillor for the People’s National Party while Troupe was re-elected on the party’s ticket in the March Local Government polls.

    • Very interesting developments!!

      • Fishing for sharks, not sprats
        Barbara Gloudon
        Friday, July 20, 2012

        Over the time that the Scam has been going on, a widespread call has been for the security forces to approach the task with creativity to outmatch the scammers. The popular phrase out West is that security tactics should be to move from net fishing to spear fishing – a marine simile not at all surprising in an area where sport-fishing is part of the tourism product. So now that the “crime fishers” have landed something much bigger than “the fryers”, sharks and barracudas are being brought ashore, say those who know the language of fishing better than Gordon House “anglers”.

        And now – here’s another good quote from Mr Mandela: “Rhetoric is not important. Actions are.”
        From me: You see what happen when a man talk sense?

        Read more:–not-sprats_11990113#ixzz21AYQALQT

  50. Mr Hoffmann has surrendered his Belongership and neither Mr Hoffmann nor the Development Companies admitted any wrongdoing or civil or criminal liability when entering into the settlement.”

  51. To all WWP investors…in particular, Baratta, Heston Nelson, God Bless, etc…I am in 100% agreement. This cannot go without a fight. For one full year I have been in communication with Agent Tim Wright. I have googled Noel Strachan and found him still residing (and I am sure, still scamming) in Florida. Thanks for the information on the Fraud Squad. ‘Justice’ is slow and for a reason. Floridan, I see you are a brilliant man who has done his due dilligence and you preach the gossip my friend….thanks for you feedback/updates.
    Moving on….there are THOUSANDS of people who were defrauded by Noel Strachan and something HAS TO BE DONE! A lot of people are afraid to speak up for one reason or another…listen to me people, I know of Wall Street traders who work in the business who was defrauded by Madoff (who was a professional scam artist since the 70’s) and if you follow the news in the US, just about every week, the SEC have been clamping down on what appeared for many years to be ‘legit’ businesses, banks, organization, including prominent HSBC (previously mentioned by Floridan). Whatever is done in the dark will eventually come to light. So I URGE YOU ALL (expecially those in Jamaica…I am in the US) to gather EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY family member, friend, colleague, passerby who invested…even $100 in WWP…tief is tief…no matter the amount, to contact the Fraud Squad, the DPP…those in the US, PLEASE CONTINUE TO CALL Agent Timothy Wright (305-957-7462)…write letters to his superior if we cannot get him on the phone. Why does the FBI urge people to contact them if they have been a victim of fraud and/or know of anyone that is running ponzi scheme?? I think they are just putting us on the back burner (so to speak) because we are not all coming forth with FORCE!
    ps….The Facebook page is an excellent idea…who amongst us is FB savvy?? Let’s get it going. I am in NY and can round up every one I know to get involved and stop this nonsense of being ashamed and unable to do anything. Noel Strachan is a thief and he SHALL be punished!!!!

    • Well said!!

      • Bank secrecy masks a world of crime and destruction
        Banks seem willing to exploit the loopholes found in tax havens and it’s costing the British taxpayer dear

        Last week’s US Senate report into industrial-scale money laundering at banking giant HSBC reads like a John Grisham novel. Terrorists vie with Mexican drug lords for a place in the report’s often breathless narrative that is as absorbing as it is alarming.

        But while the headlines have been about cocaine cartels, the most troubling aspect of the Senate’s investigation is that the criminal, often violent, activities of the drug lords were facilitated by a byzantine, albeit legal, infrastructure that made tracking their activities near impossible.

        This is particularly true of the subsidiary set up in the Cayman Islands by HSBC’s Mexico division that handled some 60,000 accounts. According to the report, the drug lords used these accounts to fuel their jet-set lives. But, staggeringly, HSBC’s oversight was so lax it knew nothing about who was behind 41% of the accounts.

        This lack of transparency is troubling. Tax avoidance is big business. A report by the TUC found that the UK’s four largest banks – HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds and RBS – have some 1,200 subsidiaries in tax havens. At a time when the banks are in the dock following a spate of scandals that have exploded the arguments for “light-touch regulation”, the lack of oversight afforded by structuring transactions through tax havens threatens further scandals.

  52. Pepperpot missing from observer for two weeks. No hate mailer, fraudulent banker pepperpot?

    Smell like a Gag order or some backpedalling…..P Master..check it it deh….

  53. Lack of oversight in TCI spotlighted at UN

    The Gibbs UN presentation spoke at length about the lack of oversight on the part of previous British governors. This would have included Governor Posten (now deceased) Governor Tauwhare, and possibly Governor Wetherell. These three governors held office during the period when the Progressive National Party (PNP) was in power.

    Posten, Tauwhare and Wetherell were all appointed by Britain’s Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) during the British Labour Party’s term of office under prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

    The last Labour government appointed minister with responsibility for Britain’s overseas territories was Chris Bryant but possibly the best known minister of this era was Meg Munn, who visited the TCI in early 2008 and met with then governor Tauwhare and premier Michael Misick. Coming out of that meeting, Munn famously told the media that there was no evidence of serious corruption. This was almost immediately disputed by a mission from the British Foreign Affairs Committee. Munn was soon dismissed and Tauwhare was refused a one year extension of his appointment. He left in late June 2008, just 90 days later.

  54. How Real Inquiries are done in advanced nations.

    Announcing the decision at 11am via a televised press statement, and coinciding with the last day of hearings at the Leveson inquiry, Alison Levitt QC, principal legal adviser to the director of public prosecutions, said she had determined that “a prosecution is required in the public interest in relation to each of these eight suspects” after satisfying herself that “there is sufficient evidence for there to be a realistic prospect of conviction”.

  55. Instructive for Jamaica

    Coulson trial threatens years of bad headlines for Cameron
    Next general election campaign likely to be overshadowed as Tories admit embarrassment

    The decision to prosecute Andy Coulson on five counts of phone-hacking raised fresh questions last night over David Cameron’s judgement.

    The Prime Minister hired the former News of the World editor as the Tories’ chief spin doctor in 2007 and took him to Downing Street after the general election in 2010.

    Until Coulson’s resignation in January 2011, he was at the heart of the Government’s operation and was one of Mr Cameron’s most trusted confidants.

    Now the episode threatens to haunt the Conservative leadership for several years, potentially affecting the party’s preparations for the general election due in 2015.

    Mr Cameron’s discomfort will be further heightened by the charges against Rebekah Brooks, who preceded Coulson as the News of the World’s editor and was also close to the Prime Minister and his family.

    The Tory MP John Whittingdale acknowledged yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service’s announcement was embarrassing for Mr Cameron. He pointed out that it followed evidence at Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry into media standards which has underlined the close relationship between politicians and senior journalists.

    Mr Whittingdale, the chairman of the culture select committee, said: “Today is not a great day for the press and it’s not a great day for politics. We have seen from the Leveson inquiry, the closeness of the links between this government and indeed the last Labour government with senior [press] figures and we await Leveson’s recommendations.

  56. Commissioner Sir Robin Auld claimed that there was “information of possibly corrupt and/or otherwise seriously dishonest involvement including misfeasance in public office” relating to the former Premier’s dealings with the developer.

    Mr Hoffmann battled for a number of years to have the allegations retracted but lost his case.

    The terms of the settlement are confidential, but the parties have agreed to make public all significant terms.

    Firstly, Mr Hoffmann and the Development Companies have transferred all the lands on Salt Cay which they own or lease to TCIG, totalling some 1,506 acres.

    They have also made a contribution to TCIG’s costs and Mr Hoffmann has surrendered his Belongership.

  57. FINSAC Limited said Tuesday that it would seek new valuations on assets once connected to former Century National Bank chairman Don Crawford and then list them for sale to recover up to J$3 billion of debt.
    The properties include a house at Sterling Castle, St Andrew, for which FINSAC had been asked to consider giving Crawford’s mother a lifetime interest.
    “We have reviewed the files and can confirm that representations were made in early 2006 by Mr Crawford’s attorney to ours that based on the age and health of his mother, consideration be given to granting her a lifetime interest in her residence at Sterling Castle,” which, along with five other adjoining apartments, she jointly owns with the former banker.
    The request “was not agreed, but she was allowed to continue occupying the house for a further three months as this would not unduly affect the timetable for the proposed sale of the properties, bearing in mind the sale process.”
    “Mr Crawford made a number of subsequent representations to FINSAC, and to the former (PNP) Government, for leniency or assistance with medical bills on humanitarian grounds, for his ailing mother who is over 90 years old. These were not approved in view of the court orders obtained for sale of the properties.

    R.I.P Mrs Crawford.

  58. He added: “The day we resolve the problems is when we resolve the problems of those people in Alexandra township [in Johannesburg]. That’s the day they will no longer live in fear. They live in fear not because of me but because they know they are surrounded by a majority of poor people who can wake up one day, get into their kitchens and grab everything that they have. Hence the big walls, because they know what they are doing is an injustice. Their conscience is speaking to them. It’s not about Julius.”

  59. A World Bank report this week confirmed that South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world: the top 10% of the population account for 58% of the country’s income, while the bottom 10% account for 0.5%. Poverty remains a race issue, despite a growing black middle class.


    It is well known that globally those who seek to hide there misdeeds use people (athletes and citizenry) to cover up their wicked ways. Keeping the ignorant masses under control is a tried and tested method for those on top to keep their privileged status.

    One wonders if sprinting legend Usain Bolt is aware of this and what if any his perspective on being used might be.


    Barclays finance chief investigated by FSA over fundraising

    Barclays was engulfed by a fresh crisis on Friday when it admitted that finance director Chris Lucas is under investigation by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in relation to funds raised in 2008.

    In a terse conference call with journalists – the bank avoided face-to-face encounters citing transport difficulties in London as a result of the Olympics – the bank’s chairman Marcus Agius refused to provide more details, cutting off questions with a curt “enough”.

    After Olympics comes BACK TO SCHOOL. Never forget that.

  61. In related news, sources have told TCI News Now that the mother and sister of former PNP leader and premier Michael Misick have now moved from Bottle Creek, North Caicos to join Misick in residency in the Dominican Republic. It has also been reported in online media that his brother Chalmers ‘Chal’ Misick will soon follow the other family members to the DR. Chal, who is one of 12 people facing allegations of corruption uncovered by the Garlick-led Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT), was successful in having his $3 million bail reduced to $125,000 and has recently obtained permission from the court to travel to the DR.

    Former PNP leader Michael Misick is being sought for questioning by SIPT on an Interpol ‘Red Notice’. Misick’s nephew Lyndon Gardiner operates Air Turks and Caicos, which services the Dominican Republic.

  62. HSBC sets aside $700m for money-laundering fines

    Bank apologises for ‘shameful’ systems failures that allowed it to launder money for terrorists and drug barons

    The bank insisted that those responsible for the rule breaches in the US and Mexico had left the business and that bonuses had been clawed back from staff who allowed billions of illegal dollars to be funnelled through the financial system.

    Given that clawback has only been possible since 2010, attention focused on former chief executive Michael Geoghegan and Sandy Flockhart, the former boss of Mexican operations, who left this month due to ill health, as likely candidates for clawback. Other bonuses have been cut.

  63. Iran sentences four to death over bank fraud with political fallout
    Unnamed quartet to hang after £1.7bn embezzlement scandal raised questions over Iranian privatisation drive

    An Iranian court has sentenced four people to death for a billion-pound bank fraud that tainted the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, according to state media.

    Iranians, hit by sanctions and soaring inflation, were shocked by the scale of the £1.7bn embezzlement, which was exposed last year, and by allegations it was carried out by people close to the political elite, or with their assent.

    Thirty-nine people were tried for the fraud, the biggest in the Islamic Republic’s history. Four of those had been sentenced to hang, the IRNA state news agency reported.

  64. Like ACOM Tcipost is down…fallen and can’t get up?

  65. What is the Bribery Act?
    As official guidance on the Bribery Act is released by the Ministry of Justice, we list the key points that you need to know.

    The Bribery Act is designed to bring the UK in line with international norms on anti-corruption legislation. It will make it a criminal offence to give or receive a bribe. It will also introduce a corporate offence of failing to prevent bribery.
    Under the powers granted by the new law prosecutors, essentially the Serious Fraud Office, will be able to prosecute both domestic and foreign companies, providing they have some presence in the UK. Bribes committed in the UK and abroad could be prosecuted under the Act.
    Some experts have argued the new law could put British companies at a disadvantage as it goes further than similar legislation in other jurisdictions. Under UK law bribes offered to public and private officials or executives will be illegal.

  66. News Corporation directors could face charges for neglect of duties
    Lawyers for Rupert Murdoch’s company have protested against criminal charges amid fears over broadcasting contracts

    Directors within Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation could face corporate charges and prosecution for neglect of their duties, in plans that are being examined by the Crown Prosecution Service.

    Company lawyers, fearing a dramatic escalation of the hacking scandal by criminalising the boards on which Murdoch family members sit, are understood to have protested to the authorities.

    A criminal prosecution could have a strong adverse impact on the deliberations by Ofcom as to whether News Corp representatives are “fit and proper” to hold UK broadcasting licences.

  67. Loans to former premier highlighted in London court

    The billionaire British peer Lord Ashcroft will have to publicly counter accusations that he made loans to a corrupt Turks and Caicos Islands politician after a High Court judge in London on Monday decided that he should have to reply to the allegations.

    On Monday, Mr Justice Eady decided that, as well as defending its claim on the grounds of responsible journalism in a matter of public interest, INM could also use the defences of fair comment and justification: that the story was truthful, The Independent reported.




    Of course Don’t forget after Olympics is BACK to SCHOOL so don’t spend all your money off and draw short when the time is crucial.

    Some remedial work will be available and all courses MANDATORY. The wise and prudent student does not want to be caught out by the pace or the antics of indisciplined students intent on distractions.

    So for those of you who seek to be ahead look out for some summer notes to get yourselves up to before the BELL TOLLS.

    Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 14:02:30 -0500

    Sounds like James Bond. You should retaliate by emailing an audio link of Peter Phillps on Emily yesterday. Minister Shaw bought the tape, so you can get a copy. He sounded really lame trying to convince Emily he’d never heard about Willie Haggart……that he didnt have any intelligence on him beyond the fact that he was a “corner yout” in Black Roses. Sounded so incredulous that Emily replied, “but even I had heard about Willie Haggart”. It was almost as damning as that funeral photo of himself + Omar + Blythe. By the way, shouldnt you guys be trying to systematically discredit Peter Phillips? He’s old, but he’s doing a pretty convincing job of re-inventing himself as not just the Conscience of the PNP, but Jamaica’s Conscience.

  69. From: David Rowe

    To Desmond Richards

    Wildish is a Jamaican white man who is related to the Levy clan of Jamaica Broilers. He set up a fund through David Smith called Olint TCI.
    Olint TCI was registered with the Turks and Caicos Government in 2007.
    Olint TCI operated an account at Hallmark Bank,. a bank owned in TCI by David Smith.
    Olint and or David Smith failed to pay Olint TCI their interest in August of last year.
    As a result Wildish complained and then shut down Olint TCI.He gave the investors back their money….


    John D. Wildish
    Sailfish Lane
    Turks and Caicos

    Michael Hylton
    Michael Hylton and Associates
    11a Oxford Road
    Kingston 5
    Tel: 92-61672
    14th May, 2012

    Dear Michael,

    I want to thank you for the time you spent on the phone with me, and I have heard you are a very smart gentlemen and legal expert. I understand that you are taking the long standing Bank of Jamaica / Finsac issue up again so as to resolve it, and I would like to provide you with a copy of my book which will allow you to get to the root of the problem. It’s like a boil Michael, it only gets better when the root is finally squeezed out, am I not correct?

    The whole situation is a big cover up on the Government’s behalf. The Truth is I was appointed a sub-agent of, and was supplying the Central Bank US$ at a rate of 24.35 JA$ to each US$, however the little rascals at the Central Bank were applying these funds to their books at a rate of 22.15 JA$ to each US$ so a big hole was created. So in order to balance the BOJ books for the 1993 IMF test the BOJ borrowed a few million from me and a few million from Don Crawford and bounced a pile of BOJ checks to me and other sub-agents. When I was brave enough to sue the BOJ they had the court condemn me as a criminal in the very case I paid to take to court so as to cover up their sins in the matter. The un-refuted Butch Stewart newspaper articles in my book also explain this, in that they say that the BOJ was using sub agents to buy above the official rate, but we all know PJ Patterson was telling the nation that the BOJ never paid one cent over 22.15JA$ to each US$ or he would resign.

    Now as we discussed the Government in their rush to deal with this most public of matters made a few legal errors concerning eternal law; I will bring one of these laws to your attention. The book that your court holds in the highest regard, in that you all swear on it says, “He that covers over his sins shall not prosper” Proverbs 28vs13. Now these are not my words, these are the words your court holds so highly that you all swear on them, and I pretty sure that they are unbreakable. Do you not agree with me?

    I have taken the time to write many of my leaders and have yet to get an honest answer; you will see this as you read through my book. As we discussed I am sure that the very leaders I write do not even bother to read what I send them, nor do they realize that the unbreakable eternal law they have disregarded is holding them and Jamaica to account over their actions. In actual fact I am sure of this because I sent a lovely letter to our Minister of Justice Mark Golding and he never wrote me back. I then called his office and his assistant confirmed that he had got my letter but had yet to read it, go over it, and answer me, months later.

    Well since this matter is now in your lap I would encourage you to deal with the root of this boil and demand honesty and truth, as our national anthem calls for, from the BOJ. I hope you enjoy my book and I am providing my letter to Minister Mark Golding to you, for your record.

    I write you in His name, Jesus.

    All the best

    John D. Wildish

    Attachment: A copy of the first three pages of the ruling and copy of one of my legal bills toward this very case.

    June 12, 201o

    “…This is a polite reminder that you ought to do a sworn statement and despatch the same to the Commissioner of Police in Jamaica. If you have already done so kindly disregard this reminder message.Under the IRAIRA statute the Emergency Notification from Jamaica may operate to cancel your green card( Form I155C.)…”

  70. Asst Commissioner Felice now heads FID

    Thursday, August 02, 2012

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — ASSISTANT Commissioner of Police Justin Felice is now Head of Financial Investigations Division (FID) in the Ministry of Finance and Planning.
    Felice was the head of the Anti-Corruption Branch for the last five years, he was reassigned today.
    The FID is responsible for investigating alleged breaches of the Money Laundering Act, the Financial Institutions Act as well as Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act.

  71. Passing of Don Crawford’s mother-Ms.Alma Crawford

    Date: Monday, July 30, 2012, 2:21 AM
    Dear Mr. Crawford,

    Your bank was shut down because the Jamaican Government was mad at you buying money
    from the US embassy at 24.5 in what PJ Patterson told the nation was a liberalized market, BUT
    at the same time the almighty Butch Stewart was running a plan to destroy the black market….
    The idiots in Jamaica fail to realize and say that in a liberalized market there is no such thing as
    a black market…. And they lionize Stewart for his rascality…. But in Jamaica anancy is held in
    high regard…..

    The Government then proceeded to disregard the advice of the consultants which clearly
    documented that your bank was worth more than the debts you had and that a settlement should
    be made with you, instead your assets were liquidated for pennies on the dollar and no one in
    Jamaica will say a word about this state sanctioned theft…….

    However this matter did not pass by Heaven un noticed, and Heaven took action and placed a
    heavenly Merava injunction against the nation of Jamaica so that she does not have money to
    buy dog food…. And Heaven also drew up whirlwind liquidation orders against Jamaica and PM
    Holness who God called on to act……. as Ja. had liquidated your assets wrongly so too are her
    assets being liquidated ….. bauxite, love bird, the banana business, the sugar cane business
    and many others were and are being liquidated for pennies on the dollar…….. and for the record
    Holness and team were liquidated twice… because he failed to listen to God…..and the
    spineless church folk and citizens of Jamaica say not a thing!

    Heaven also brought your case up to leading Ja. citizens like Danny Williams, and the church
    folk asking that they be salt and stand against this corruption…. I have not heard a thing from the
    so called salt in Jamaica, maybe Jamaica’s salt has lost its saltiness and is no good any more
    except to be thrown out by His Majesty and trampled on by men…….. if they don’t take action
    soon I am 100% sure that His Majesties warning will come to pass…….

    So your bank was wrongly shut down because you believed the PM and not Butch who was
    saying the exact opposite of the PM, your assets were seized and sold for pennies on the dollar,
    and you were driven from your land and had to live in exile and your monies and your assets
    were stripped from you and corruptly sold for pennies on the dollar to others, now you have had
    to suffer the death of your mum while you are in exile waiting for answers from the leaders of
    Jamaica. Of course the leaders of Jamaica never bother answer your letters and supporting
    documents asking for justice and truth… even though they sing about justice and truth in their
    national anthem… what hypocrites……… and they are so slothful, and we know that His Majesty
    says, the slothful shall be under tribute (debt)….

    Well as you morn your mum’s passing, I pray that His Majesty takes out His sword and He takes
    vengeance for you against these wicked corrupt Jamaican’s whose leaders do not give a damn
    about justice and truth, and whose people are ALL like church mice and refuse to stand up and
    call sin, sin!

    Mr. Crawford may God take vengeance for you, if these wicked corrupt Jamaican’s do not take
    action and straighten you out now, may His sword of Judgment descend against the assets of
    Jamaica and do onto them as they have done unto your assets, & may His sword of Judgment
    allow debt to overwhelm the nation of Jamaica like how death overwhelmed your mum while you
    were in exile……

    As God says, the Blessings of Abraham are yours, and when a heathen king stole from
    Abraham these were the words that God spoke to this Heathen king……. “restore the man for
    he is a prophet and he shall pray for you and you shall live, and know now that if you
    shall not restore the man that you shall die and all that are thine”……. May God now
    uphold this blessing of Abraham in your life and in my life against these wicked corrupt

    I closed with the words of our national anthem..

    Father God in Jesus name I ask you to listen to these words that the wicked corrupt Jamaican’s
    sing….. Let justice and truth be ours forever…… Lord I ask you in Jesus name through the
    power of the blood of Jesus to give the leaders and people of Jamaica a taste of real justice are
    truth in this whole BOJ, Don Crawford Finsac matter that they will never forget, I thank you for
    hearing and answering my prayer.

    Don may God defend your case and take vengeance for you NOW!

    I write this letter to you in Jesus name and under his inspiration, may He the Truth be with you
    and strengthen and comfort you at this time.

    All the best
    John D Wildish

    I have copied the Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, and I would hope that she would not be
    like Bruce Golding and Andrew Holness who did not listen to God’s advice!

  72. Do you believe in Jesus?

  73. Thou shall not steal? Religious Education?

  74. On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 10:32 AM Wrote:

    Government News Network(GNN)
    “e-political news and views at its best”

    Professor David Rowe in colloboration with alleged PNP politcal activist in the Jamaican Media is using the the national Media List(email listing) to editorialise his arguments.

    Today he sent through links to articles in the Jamaica Observer on Tom Tavares Finson(see below) and article by prominent law paper am law on Manatt Phelps and Phillips, see link below also.

    We also observe the same articles being sent out to PNP internal email addresses(another source of information).

    As I am highly trained in this area, I bring all to your attention. There is no hidden agenda here. The facts are clear as to what is happening:–Dudus—Tavares-Finson-withdraws_7627364

  75. Dates “moving” again. The “problem” is that the moving of dates has no more relevance to the one who makes the rules.

    Good luck in the relays to all. Tomorrow the curtain comes down on what has been a lovely Olympics.

    I look forward to back to SCHOOL as I am sure you ALL do too……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I’ve been studying………….have you been looking about your responsibilities? Hope in the party and celebration you did not get “FOOLISH” again???????

    Oh Dear.

    Records can be broken outside of Olympic pursuits. Record Revelations?….Never Seen Before……………………………………….

    Worldwise got a mention today through the thick fog (?) of celebration:

    Where Is The Justice For WorldWise Investors?
    Published: Saturday | August 11, 2012

    THE EDITOR, Sir:

    Although I did not lose any money in Olint or Cash Plus, I did make an ‘investment’ with WorldWise.

    At this time, I have the satisfaction of knowing that some kind of justice is being served with the arrest of the principals of Cash Plus and the convictions of Olint boss David Smith.

    But what about WorldWise? Can we hear from someone about this?


    Kingston 6


    The TCI Journal will be back online in the near future. There are some major issues that require urgent attention…Healthcare at the forefront. Since much of the TCI is on holidays at this time, we are trying to co-ordinate when best to resume postings so as to be most effective as we bring previously unpublished material to the public. At this moment we are looking to resume postings on Monday August 27th. Respectfully, Editors of the Journal

    Uuuuhhh….It’s like you can just smell it coming….back to school and the elites have not done the homework. They call the bluff so it is going to be ruff and tuff.

    The wax at the eye going to melt the egos….Madame? Are you ready???

  77. Bartlett on newstalk says. “We (JLP) brought on bloggers” what a pu**Y. I wonder if he got back his investment in AIS/UFO?

    I wonder if he has paid his taxes to the Jamaican government? LOL he put his address as his house in Miramar, Florida.

  78. Romney says he’s not a tax dodger; Obama says prove it

    Read more:–Obama-says-prove-it#ixzz23ksFV8lV

    Obama says “Prove it”

    Can you imagine if we had persons brave enough to call out people in Jamaica to prove and show their tax payments?

    I call on Ed Bartlett to start and PJ Patterson for good measure.

  79. Smitty I wonder if u have internet/www? I must check it out one of these days……

    Sling… front line or whatever the F they call themselves I going change every concept you ever had about what is power (yes your earlier education was just some leisurely syllabus)…

    It is instructive that it is Marcus Garvey birthday today….

  80. Garvey Would Be Unhappy Today

    This year marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Garvey.

    As part of activities to mark the occasion the Keys to the City of Kingston have been presented posthumously to Marcus Garvey.

    His son, Dr. Julius Garvey accepted the key on his father’s behalf at a civic ceremony this afternoon.

    And Dr. Garvey is expected to deliver a lecture at the University of the West Indies, Mona, tomorrow evening on “The Relevance of Garveyism in Jamaica Today: Fifty Years After Political Independence”.

  81. Morning Sling. What a long way we have come from who and who a protect you?

    And nothing nuh really start yet!

    Never underestimate the power of free education Sling…

  82. Any word from the Fraud Squad re: WWP??

  83. Fraud Squad to report Noel Strachan (876-922-5587)

  84. UPDATE: The ‘WWP’ investigation is still on going. I contacted the FBI…EVERYONE MUST CALL Donitta Clarke at 876-702-6103 to file a report. Take action!

    • I would like to file a report with Donitta Clarke at 876-702-6103. Is there an email address? Thanks. JR

      • No e-mail for Donnita Clarke at this time….just keep calling. I also have interested parties in Jamaica trying to get a hold of Ms. Clarke…stay posted.

  85. Do something need your email I have something that might help

  86. blocked?

  87. THE EDITOR, Sir:

    Gordon Robinson’s article titled ‘Law and Order (dubwise)?’ and published Tuesday, September 11, 2012 is of fundamental and heroic proportions.

    Writing on behalf of ‘we the people’, Mr Robinson has articulated our discomfiture with some of the recent postulations of our erstwhile director of public prosecutions. In the captioned case, she has figuratively castrated a relatively senior member of her team while putting a spin on his seemingly reasonable position.

    Further, her penchant for bobbing and weaving when handling cases involving powerful public figures, when a straight path would seem to be the way to go, has left ‘us’ worried, to say the least.

    I urge this important arm of our judicial system to read and digest Mr Robinson’s suggestions before acting as he has requested.

  88. Can’t believe the Gleaner published that. It suggests to me that the DPP is tainted.

  89. Like Defraitas in Turks. Bellingham has been fired. Wildish other partner (the other one not DS) was held with some hundreds of kilos of coke.

    Interesting times.

  90. For advanced users:
    Exclusive: News of the World ‘ordered burglary’
    Police probe link to break-ins at homes of MPs and stars
    Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the agency, based in Thornton Heath, used corrupt police officers to supply information to newspaper groups, notably News International and Trinity Mirror. At the News of the World, its contact was Mr Marunchak.
    News International, Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper group, said it would be “inappropriate” to comment while the police investigation was continuing.
    Mr Watson, whose garage at his constituency home in West Bromwich was broken into and paperwork rifled through in 2009, said: “News Corporation in the UK stands accused of phone hacking, computer hacking, bribery, conspiring to pervert the course of justice, inappropriate covert surveillance, lies and cover-up. Now added to the list is the allegation of burglary.
    “During the course of investigating phone hacking, I met many victims who had also suffered mysterious break-ins – burglaries where easily stolen valuables were left. I will be raising this in Parliament at the earliest opportunity.”
    Yes the story in Jamaica follows the modus operandi to the “tee”
    Jay is a simpleton…so he could never understand this but I know there are those of you here who can follow…..

  91. That News of the World journalists hacked mobile phones and bribed public officials was bad enough. Evidence that private detectives might have undertaken a burglary whilst working for the paper suggests the law-breaking at the now-defunct tabloid may have reached truly appalling levels. Even more so, given that several victims of phone hacking, including MPs and celebrities, report unexplained break-ins at around the same time.
    So far, those who may have been implicated deny all wrong-doing.

  92. My God, reading the News of the World headlines over the years you just could not imagine them sinking to such levels (:@)

  93. Integrity Commission dilemma?

    Both Skippings and Taylor are “at large” candidates for the PDM at the forthcoming elections and the Integrity Commission, and perhaps the interim government in general, is therefore faced with a situation where one candidate (a former chief minister) has accused another candidate (also a former chief minister) of corruption, and it is impossible for both to maintain the required standard of integrity in maintaining their respective positions in the matter.

    In other words, one must be telling the truth and the other must be lying – they cannot both be honest and above board.

    hahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…that’s one of the funniest set of circumstances I have read about in along time. Well worth the read.

    move on i say to the suckers move on….f illiterates…

    What is not funny is what is happening in Jamaica. And even worst than that is the FACT that generally jamaicans are not even 1/5 as smart as they think they are.

    Most of the lambs in Ja have not a clue about the Jamaicans facing cases in the TCI coming up soon. :The Jamaican media is to blame for this to some extent but even on front page in your face news most lambs still don’t notice.

    Noticed that the claim is that we have 14 weeks imports covered….whew…hmmm….most lambs feel that what goes around always comes back around…

    These times are completely different Jamaica lambs….you have been warned…..but even the warnings you don’t recognise

    hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…what u want me to do cry?

    WW crew:

    :yes get a move on …even one or two cases moving…..the real Olint substance starts next month in the courts in Turks ……WW crew you will have to think outside the box…outside your culture…if you are to succeed…for the culture of the lamb….the culture of bag a mout and no results….will not work.

    Check it: jamaicans are “busy” more than any other entity on earth…always i’m busy…I’m working hard… what results? The figures tell no lie

    Get on with it do something

  94. ……WW crew you will have to think outside the box…outside your culture…if you are to succeed…for the culture of the lamb….the culture of bag a mout and no results….will not work.

    Point taken….I need cooperation from all!! Not easy but I’m in the fight.

  95. Thanks

  96. AML…run this one PLZ have not checked this case in a while. This is connected to the ponzi teefing….but a can’t do no boyttle feeding right now…its boring but i want be up to date on all of them

    The heat is on, and getting hotter!

    Friday, September 21, 2012

    Things are not going so well for the hate-mailer. The heat is really on and even close friends are feeling that heat and want to jump off the wagon. But it’s too late. Word is that the hate-mailer has to pay megabucks in “inconvenience costs”. The friends are fretting that they too may be exposed, causing more sleepless nights.

    Read more:–and-getting-hotter-_12583517#ixzz275pmTM33g

  97. People are also talking about the tourism executive who was the mastermind behind the worldwide distribution of the hate-mail. The latest word is that the culprit may soon be invited to an unexpected place.

    Read more:–and-getting-hotter-_12583517#ixzz275qtLR3u

  98. gre”It must also be appreciated that the fight against corruption is just that. It is a fight. It is not a ballroom dance. It is a battle, and battles cannot be fought by the weak or the faint of heart. Likewise, the battle against corruption cannot be effectively led by leaders who are fearful or submissive, or who are reluctant to offend or to confront those who must be confronted; or who wish to be popular or to become friends with everyone.”

    Greg Christie

  99. Wow…Jamaica seems to have woken up about CRIME….no more “moving on?”

  100. WWP Update

    “Enough to mount a viable prosecution??” Why do these people like to treat “criminals” with kiddy gloves?? People, this is only the beginning – don’t slack off…keep on keeping…continue to call the Frauid Squad/DPP…they must feel the pressure!

  101. Any WWP news?

  102. DPP advises police to charge World Wise operators
    Saturday, March 16, 2013

    THE Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) yesterday advised the police to charge the operators of World Wise Partners.
    The DPP issued the advice after reviewing information presented from investigations by the Police Fraud Squad.

    The charges to be brought are:
    1) Operating an unlicensed securities business contrary to Section 7 of the Securities Act.
    2) Operating as unlicensed investment advisors contrary to Section 8 of the Securities Act.
    3) Fraudulently inducing persons to deal in securities contrary to Section 47 (a) of the Securities Act.
    Yesterday evening, the police said that they were preparing arrest warrants for the World Wise operators, who are no longer living
    in Jamaica.
    “The police, with the assistance of overseas law enforcement, will be making strenuous efforts to locate the operators of World Wise Partners in order to officially lay the charges and bring them before the local court,” the police said in a news release.
    World Wise Partners was one of the alternative investment schemes that folded a few years ago.

    Read more:

  103. Congrats. KEEP THE PRESSURE UP.

    Those Worldwise Victims who lazily sat back and did nothing…effectively making it harder for those who did and easier for the criminals…SHAME on you!

    So many idiots supported David Smith and aided him that the few who stepped up had more uneccessary costs and other unwarranted issues. Lackeys….a dat we call them. That is their name. Paloff and profile but they are nothing but lackeys…expose and defrocked…simpleton and coward. LOL

  104. Last week, in an interview on CVM TV, government Senator Wensworth Skeffery stated that Edmund Bartlett, member of parliament for East Central St James and Opposition spokesman on tourism, had no moral authority to speak on the lottery scam. Bartlett claimed in a previous interview that proceeds from the lottery scam funded political campaigns.

  105. Look like the War it just can’t ova…what a pepperpot…

    Persona Non Grata

    3. Some are calling it the ‘Charm Offensive’, as they say the businessman has ‘tun-up-di-ting’ in light of the blowback that has surfaced since his allegations against one-time former allies. They say he might be winning the battle, but he is losing the war as he is now persona non grata in some sections of polite society, while those he accused are having the red carpet rolled out in their honour everywhere they go.

  106. Who paid Manatt?

    Who a fret?

    Prepare the money…

  107. anything on WWP?

  108. Still have heard if a ruling has been made in cases supposedly submitted to Jamaica’s Director of Public Prosecution.

  109. In conjunction with the March 2013 ruling?

    DPP advises police to charge World Wise operators
    Saturday, March 16, 2013

    THE Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) yesterday advised the police to charge the operators of World Wise Partners.
    The DPP issued the advice after reviewing information presented from investigations by the Police Fraud Squad.

    The charges to be brought are:
    1) Operating an unlicensed securities business contrary to Section 7 of the Securities Act.
    2) Operating as unlicensed investment advisors contrary to Section 8 of the Securities Act.
    3) Fraudulently inducing persons to deal in securities contrary to Section 47 (a) of the Securities Act.
    Yesterday evening, the police said that they were preparing arrest warrants for the World Wise operators, who are no longer living
    in Jamaica.
    “The police, with the assistance of overseas law enforcement, will be making strenuous efforts to locate the operators of World Wise Partners in order to officially lay the charges and bring them before the local court,” the police said in a news release.
    World Wise Partners was one of the alternative investment schemes that folded a few years ago.

  110. It is unlikely (being polite with the word unlikely) that the DPP or the Jamaica Fraud Squad will do anything substative. Don’t you understand the play of the money laundering schemes?

  111. Donitta Clarke is still in play! Call her!!!

  112. Keep pre
    ssure on Donitta Clarke. Please call her (876-702-6103) and pass on her # to others. Noel had some LLC’s in Florida and they have been dissolved/inactive.

  113. It’s about time now for them to shut down on Noel he is a big horse u know what.

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