Investors to furnish records for World Wise Audit.

In an almost un-believable e-mail, World Wise Partners calls for investors to tell them how much money they have deposited and withdrawn from World Wise. This is shocking as the an alleged e-mail shown below reveals.

Here is the alleged email which was sent to World Wise partners yesterday regarding the upcoming audit.

Dear Partner,

As you are aware, World Wise Partner is conducting an internal audit of all our accounts. To facilitate this exercise, we ask for your cooperation in furnishing us with your individual deposits and withdrawals from inception and up to May 31, 2008.

Kindly forward this information to

Thank you your assistance.

Your World Wise Audit Team

World Wise Partner…..Where Partnership Pays!!!

Now I wonder if the Tax Department is sitting in on this ‘audit’. Given the lack of transparency and disclosure the World Wise Partners would never know.

Now, if this is true, we are indeed shocked as this is the heights of ineptitude for an organisation that claims it is involved in trading foreign exchange, one of the most volatile markets in the world.  Persons involved in FOREX trading have to pay attention to details. This latest e-mail cast even more and serious doubts on the credibility of World Wise Partners.


14 Responses

  1. If this is true it’s hillarious

  2. What this e-mail is saying is that WW do not have a complete historical records or somebody took the entire database with them! Goes to show how these schemes are being run by imbeciles, who have no clue about running a scam, much less a Ponzi. If I was WW, I would be embarrassed to send out such an e-mail to my members.

    I find it hard to believe that this e-mail is legitimate….it’s silly to say the least.

  3. For the record I deposited 10 billion Pounds Sterling. I want my money back with 1% interest for each late day.

    I think thats fair.

  4. demus i hope you have the records…lol

  5. Guys,

    Did Worldwise Partner apply for a securities license?

    The answer is no, a company called Worldwise Investment did, wanna make a guess why that is the case.

    Just read above and you will see.

  6. Demus I also deposited 10million pound sterling, after flying out and meeting with the worldwise traders. But unlike you i am willing to take 0 interst and just half of my money.Lol

  7. Worldwise…..I deposited 1 billion and got nothing. Please update your records accordingly.

  8. Worldwise is one of the biggest patty shops second to juicy beef.I cannot believe that i put money there.Ahhh bwoy.

  9. just a thought in audit verification,it is not uncommon to have clients send in a verification of their account balances.this does not mean that the institution does not have records it simply is the first step to open communication between partners and WWP and also giving the partner the opportunity to confirm the audit process.

  10. i am disappointed in you guys all of this is just a scam to take away poor people money,but i hope you guys will be heavily persecuted for unjust behaviour towards the investors.i have invested 2300 dollars and that was my life time savings.i would really like back my would do me a world of good right now.thanks

    • dam set of thiesves, Noel SDtrachaun and Sandra Pratt. They have closed down the offices and operating outta Pratt’s home.. she continues to lick her finger from our hard earned money. Hear the latest is to sue them in the supreme court. he has sold off many of the properties he has bought and still not paying the ‘partners’!!!

  11. are they actually repaying partners their principals??

  12. MARIE.: I too would like to know what is going on .from July 9 2010 we sign an agreement to receive our money when the property at lot 31 Melwood avenue at cherry Garden volume 949 folio 54 was suppose to be sold. Untill now we haven’t heard anything about our money. Looking forward to a speedy response to this matter.

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