E-mail Says Olint Broke – David Smith says e-mail Bogus

Nation Wide News is reporting that a letter allegedly written by David Smith is confirming that OLINT is Broke. In the alleged e-mail the following comes out.

  1. David Smith overstated gains since 2006
  2. Olint has collapsed
  3. Drafted but never sent…
  4. Poor Records kept
  5. Person overpaid
  6. 50% traded
  7. Claims it was not a PONZI
  8. Wants one year to pay back, at a rate of 15% per annum
  9. Asks for forgiveness.
David Smith now denies writing that e-mail…  
However later in the radio program, David Smith calls and vehemently denies that he wrote the letter. David Smith asks why would he send his wife an e-mail when they live in the same house?
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  1. Now… i KNOW you guys would NOT post an article like this..without CREDIBLE sources…..

  2. Cliff Hughes is reporting this info

  3. Don’t know if the email is legit, but Cliff always seems to have some GREAT sources 😦

  4. I just HEARD it…Its true…an email was leaked from DS to his wife. Cleff hughes was reading it!!!

    I personally dont think it was leaked…I think he dosent have the balls to damit what he did, so he sent the email to someone else knowing it would get leaked!!!

  5. Guess he was never a ‘brilliant trader’ like everyone made him out to be. Just some average christian that was lying through his teeth.

  6. Boy bar must full now..ever body hole a drink!!!

  7. the other bus still takes cues from here. they constantly refer others to here for news.

    they are blaming Lee Chin like crazy, without proof.

    no as more news come to the fore, it seems like David Smith is the man to be blamed.

  8. Well – like I said on the old post whether it is credible or not this report sadly makes logical sense.

  9. I think even I can admit that lee chin of the hook..This was a straight up Ponzi..He was not trading JACK!!

    Itrade is NEXT..they were helping him to move around the money!!

    DS, JM must go to jail!!

  10. hey the radio isn’t working

  11. All that money they wire transfer to JIJ and had in Itrade was people money…lets not forget JM….and MTI JM was also behind this!!!

  12. Yow Janice! We yu deh?

  13. hey guys i guess MLC forced DS to write that email. isnt that right janice? Oh! i forgot, he owns nationwide right?

  14. Dehustle Says:
    July 16, 2008 at 6:37 pm
    My 2 cents
    1. Both DS and NCB are not telling the whole truth
    2. All commercial banks (albeit some dragged in reluctantly) are a part of that cartel (Jamaica Banking Association) so pan Caribbean would be no different
    3.If this were in the uSA some deep investigative journalism would be taking place ( I still don’t think some quarters understand the reach and magnitude of this thing ) its a shame the journalists we depend are no better than our little blog with rumor , speculation etc

  15. This cant be happening,… Is David serious??

  16. Bwaai

    Di bus ride ova deh bumpy bad?

  17. David smith is on the radio and he said he didnt write that own email!!!!!!

  18. Hi no write it. Mek him sue Cliff now

  19. David on the phone with Cliff – says he did not write the e-mail.

  20. David smith said he did not write that email liv eon the radio cliff hughes interviewing him!!!

  21. Jamaican media is bullshyt

  22. What is going on..this is madness!!!

  23. David was on Nationwide briefly. I denied the email!!!!!

  24. Miachica which radio station is David on?

  25. Well – if the passing of time in fact proves that David did not write that e-mail and/or the e-mail is not factual – then there truly is a conspiracy – and I was not a proponent of the conspiracy theory at all!

  26. Where is the interview?

  27. Jamaican media cant do this…they cant play with people like this…this is NOT jurnolism…They need to verify information before putting it on the air…. No one knows what is going on…no knows what to believe now….


  28. Cliff huges is talking about it NOW…l

  29. Boy Cliff is usually, on the ball…..so i think David…needs to come above board……

  30. Like mi seh. If him no write the email he can go to court tomorrow to get a injunction to suppress it. People should remember that the isp still have it on their server.

    A court case can bring out the truth

  31. Cliff hughes said that was the email we were suppose to get recieve but his advisers in JAMAICA told him not to…So he drafted another email.

  32. miachica,

    they can and they gave him a chance to respond. Thats how it goes.

    Now who has the biggest reason to lie?

  33. The email is authentic. It was the staff that change the original e-mail (broke) to what was sent out on Monday! Its one of the staff members leak the email to Nationwide(?). You notice how quick him run.!!!

  34. Listen online Nationwideradio listen online.

  35. I neva said they were lieing..when did I say that?

  36. rumors spreading fast like wild fire

  37. David Smith is saying he never sent that email

  38. Robin Irie

    That type a journalism would neva fly in america but anywyz.

  39. I live in the same house with my wife and I email stuff to her to keep as text. st he’s talking bs.

  40. Yea he full a shyt…he cant come back to jamaica.

  41. hold on…. you people DO NOT REALLY believe that that letter is NOT real do you ??

  42. Dont forget JM….he in it too!!

  43. it should be very easy to refute the email with proof. simply supply us with a credible record of all trades since 2006 and get yuh backside bak to Jamaica and stop hiding out in the Turks

  44. miachica

    Well my friend it happens all the time in the UK. If the media house get it wrong them people sue them.

    And I am sure I see it in the US where news paper buys emails from insider.

  45. DSLoyal,

    You mad he cant come back to Jamaica..you crazy!!

  46. miachica

    why not? if he’s innocent, upstanding, and the world’s number one trader and he has the money? If he’s innocent, he can come back under police protection and refute the claims. Oh but he can’t because he is a damn liar.

  47. But wait look like MLC still involve…he was sending money but they put they raided his house and froze his assets..he was actually going to pay us..

  48. can i get a copy of the email…want to judge for myself

  49. uno listening to dat woman?

    She doesn’t get it. OLINT IS NOT A BANK?

  50. DSLoyal

    He did some bad shyt but I believe HE WAS TRYING TO PAY PEOPLE BACK. The banks in Jamaica tied weights around his legs and sink him much quicker!!

  51. does anyone have the audio clip of DS calling in?

  52. Robin what part of the UK are you from?

  53. I am selling timeshare on an appartment complex I am going to build on Mars. Space tourism is the next big thing. Anyone fancy investing?

    Minimum investment will be 500 Franlyn faces.

  54. There are 3 stages of loss:


    It’s time for us to get out of the denial stage and get rass mad!

  55. Didn’t you guys listen to the radio interview from 10 minutes ago!!! He was lying thru hime teeth.

  56. They’re gonna verify if the banks did indeed RETURN the money!!!

    David gotta be an idiot to come out and sy he didnt write the email..It is easy to trace emails even after you delete your files!!

    So we will know for sure if he is lying!!

  57. West Midlands

  58. you guys have rights….this is fraud and this is a loop hole listed on the contract.—–and it will allow legal action.

  59. Why would the man be explaing this to his wife…Wouldnt his wife already know what is going on????

  60. The Program was on nationwide. You guys need to bookmark this station for Future use:


    Press “listen now”

  61. Everybody lie but David. Even Cliff Hughes lie. Everybody conspiring against him. Wat a way im salt.

  62. Ah bwoi. If my type someting and want my wife opinion mi email it to her. and wi no spend a week apart for the last 8 years.

    people will believe what dem waan believe

  63. the folks on the other blog soon add Cliff Hughes to the list.

    A good journalist never asks questions in which he never knows the answer.

    Journalist develops stories to be exciting , but they pretty much cover their sources. A journalist lives by his sources.

    At the end of the day, who has failed us, in their chosen profession, Cliff Hughes or David Smith.

    We know Cliff is a great businessman. Do we know David is a great trader ( apart from hear-say )

  64. Lord hav mercy—hime gone a jail now.

  65. miachica,

    Were you listening? He emailed it to hit wife. It was then distributed to others. The others disagreed with it. Him even call a woman name.


  66. Floridian

    Yu wahn si di Drivah tek wey mi bus pass but hours beat mi squeechy pass di ducta.

    although dis bus ano krissas di ride free.

  67. If he wrote that email then turned around and came on LIVE radio and denied it…he is truly sick…This would be his oppourtunity to be honest. But this just make things worse for him

    He cant come back to Jamaica….not even carlos hill was this dumb.

  68. Now over the other blog they are questioning Cliff credentials as a journalist. I rate Cliff Hughes from when the Police could not get to the shadow of Jamaica’s mosted wanted men, Joel Andem and Chen Chen, and Cliff Hughes get them to do interview. the man good at his job

    the man on top of his sources. but the other blog soon add Cliff to Lee chin Payroll.

    Denial is a hell of a thing

  69. This is the fastest I have ever seen the blog move!!

    Robin Irie:

    I miss the woman naming part. Do you remember what name was called. Maybe investoforlife have record the program.

    Did you hear the later who was on the phone. She could talk non-stop and said nothing. What was she trying to say?

  70. Robin Irie

    Ok I know that HE did it…. I just wanna know why come up with this elaborate lie….He just keep digging more whole for himself…he’s sick!

  71. Who at NCB is going to verify that an incoming wire was reported as suspicious to the authorities – NOONE. So we are back to square 1 – which way is up?

  72. @ DaviSin… Her name was Georgia Henlin.. on of his main lawyers

  73. Now I know where to come when I want a break from reality. Everybody that is defending DS must be smoking the same thing he is. Can i get some?


    how can nationwide receive a forwarded email and then report it as breaking news. Histeeth.. Mayb DS is a liar…..maybe he wrote it but still. You cannot report news like that without official Confirmation. Them not even put alleged email or sumn so. Them say “we have a copy of email sent by david smith” den have di man call in ans day nutn doa go so. All i know is the real truth soon come out. If DS was lying all along he is wicked. If there is a big conspirace against him….jamaica mash up…..Olint have nuff inverstor and nuf piggy back. and if them hear say is conspire the banks and other big ppl conspire agasint him (and them money) lord help us…….

    Iff he does come out ok…..man can sell rights to him life story..lol must make millions

  75. whether all this story is true or not, jusy take a moment and think,who stands to benefit most from DS fallout?
    The banks, esp NCB and the investment houses. Why doesn’t Cliff Hughes call Michael Lee-Chin?
    Think, why would NCB publish that announcement in the Monday Gleaner before club members knew the offices would be closed? It is a ploy, don’t you see? The powerbrokers have to defend every dollar. Look beyond DS and assess what effect his club would have on all these big banks and you probably won’t be so quick to jump on DS back

  76. Mikki

    Have you ever sent a wire? The number one cardinal rule is that the issuing bank gives you written conformation that the wire was sent. Also a tracking number. All he has to do is to produce that. And argument dun.

  77. DaveSin

    In the “Cover story” section and after him talk to Supah him read a part and metion a name ane said the person said not to upload until approval from Supah.

    Dat woman (the Olinter). She keep going in circle and get mi dizzy after a while.

  78. Yezzirr, What do you mean that an email can’t be breaking news?Everything is breaking news in the era of tabloid journalism.

  79. I am not denying DS is not an damn liar but the banks did help to sink him…MLC wicked…if yall believe MLC not involve in this is maddness.

    But an insider diff leaked that email…probably somebody who he didnt have no money to pay off.

    DS better go under 24hr SECURITY!!

  80. when you are in the dark as all us olint investors are every morsel of info is like the last supper

  81. Waiting said..”@ DaviSin… Her name was Georgia Henlin.. one of his main lawyers”…

    Thanks..I will try to remember that name. I’m sure we are going to hear a lots more of her. In case I forget, be there to remind me.

  82. I personally suspect that Lee-Chin is pulling out all the stops to destroy DS because it would be very difficult, given our small economy, to compete with him, regarding the substantial returns he gives. Do you all know that BNS worldwide makes 40% of their profits in Jamaica? What does that tell you??? Look beyond DS and think about the outside factors, including all the propaganda that is being encouraged, to destraoy any group of f/x traders locally. All the banks do it with your money but don’t believe you all must share in the spoils. F/x trading is nothing new, only to JA.

  83. someone please escort usfx off di buss …we have enough delusional people on board

  84. Mia

    This is a market economy and If Supah couldn’t tek the heat he shouldleave the Kitchen. I know the company I work for wouldn’t mind putting some competitors out of business.

    the fact is the man set up an illegal scheme and refuse oversight and regulation all along the way.

    And remember, the banks know a lot more about his business than even you the investor. As Mi grmpa use to se:

    Ef aligeta come fram riva battam an tell yu seh fi a breed den yu a eediat if yu no believe him.

  85. Mi tire of hearing MLC/LeeChin/NCB…Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah.

    Please stop it. I guess you believe the email is fake? Right?

  86. None of us knows the facts, neither do you, don’t forget my opinion is mine and your opinion is yours, simple.

  87. They are saying that someone cooked the email on the other blog. Essentailly they are saying that Cliff can be easily duped.

    after not getting my money for six months, I can no longer be in denial.

    they must also realize that your most ardent supportive employee will change when they have found out that they are out of a job and you have jetted abroad.

  88. Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah,

  89. Robin and Dave Sin. Check your mail and listen to the second interview carefully

  90. DSLoyal,
    Yes I have sent and received many wires. When I physically walk into the bank to send a wire I get a piece of paper with a confirmation number. When I phone in a wire I get the confirmation number verbally and no follow up hard copy.

  91. cliff a talk bout the wire transfer and NCB if they blocked it…cliff say hes gonna verify it TOMORROW!!! Tune in everyone.

  92. What is it that at this stage David Smith can’t say?

  93. I am not a die-hard Olinter, but I do know that it is relatively easy to spoof an email.

  94. Cliff Hughes said that email is coming from the “BELLY” of olint and he is STANDING by the STORY!!

    Cliff Lose money too

    One round a whites to everyone!!

  95. Tell mi something. When people get money from Olint where it go?

    Let mi tell yu. It go buy house car an pretty clothes. Weh di merchants do wid the money? Dem put it in dem bank. The bank tek it and lend it. Mek more money. Invest some in forex, property, more mortgage.

    So tell mi how di rass Olint fi threaten the bank when no matter what happen the money go right back into the banks.

    Bwoi some people talking shit mek mi teeth nedge.

  96. uno a listen? Dem all have video.

  97. I heard about that video over the weekend.

  98. Cliff Say he got more to come TOMORROW!!!

  99. Cliff Hughes says, there is much more, but in the fullness of time. Nationwide news is standing by their story that the email is authentic.

  100. well if its a phone in and there is a verbal confirmation. very simple call the issuing bank tell them you now need the paper follow up proving that the wire was sent…its all computerized it s the 21st centtury….. mikki the story is BOGUS just like the gains were BOGUS,,Just like the compass card was BOGUS , and all the excuses for the past 7 months have been BOGUS.

  101. Why he did not stay and answer the question from Cliff. It’s total nonsense to say that your lawyer said not to speak about anything.

    Nationwide is standing by its story and its coming from the belly of Olint. Letter (+ video) was sent to a number of people.

    Can we re-create the email from audio (InvestForLife?) for scrutiny?

  102. I would be careful there NationwideNews, it is easy to spoof an email. All you need is to find an unsecure email server that allows you to use any domain you want.

  103. Why is compass card bogus? There are off shore banks that use the compass card.

  104. Something stinks that David Smith cannot talk.

  105. David Smith has not said anything that people can pin him down on.

    he did not say which broker had his money

    he said e hopes to get the money by Friday.

    he did not say which bank was blocking him.

    After a while, it becomes physically and mentally challenging to keep up with the web of deceit.

    him soon suffer a mental breakdown if he keep this up too long. sometimes writing your thoughts in an email is one way to get things off your chest

  106. kullcull

    Actually he is queit smart..your slow for not realizing what he was doing?

    They cant pin him down for anything because he did not give specific info. In a court of law they can use evidence like innterviews to proof your guilt.

  107. One question? Why cant david smith start a bank and have his profits paid to us? If it is even one branch.

  108. Mikki its not the compass card that is BOGUS, it was the olint COMPASS card that was….tried to use it once,,,,,,,insufficient funds… next thing you know….the card was suspended..Why because Olint neva have no money..BOGUS

  109. CJ

    Mek hi go to court and get an injunction to stop them repeating it.

    Has it crossed you mind that Cliff may have the video too?

  110. The info was leaked by TCI police. It was found on his computer seized. Info from reputable source.

  111. david said he didnt send the mail , he never said he didnt write it

  112. People I am begging you please post how much these clubs owe you. Its important….

  113. DSLoyal,
    I had an Olint Compass since 07 that worked fine until June 08.

    That is neither here nor there. I would still like to know if any money is anywhere that can be paid to me. That is the bottom line. I don’t care what may have happened to jack things up or who is lying. At the end of the day is there money to be paid to members (me) and if so when.

  114. video of what?

  115. I need to kick this adiction.

    Mi gawn have a white rum before Majid empty the bottle under stress.

    Come mek wi drink a white cause mi know yu love it bad. Mi know Supah screw yu ova so mi wi buy. 🙂

  116. Its amazing how lewfam and wilshaw never know weh a gwaan. They should be implicated…They were busy recruiting people’s money and never demanded answers from anyone.That seems starnge…but the truth wil be revealed.

    You can tell a perosn by the friends tey keep.

    People remember a computer keeps a log of even things deleted…..

  117. wow your card worked until last month, when they suspended it late april early may…anyway i agree with you…I have lost a lot but my fear is when I look at that contract there is not much leaverage for us..We have to petition the T and C govt only for recourse , and who knows how long that is going to take..

  118. @catd what would the police stand to gain by leaking information?
    what would they stand to lose by leaking the information?

  119. miachia,

    evidence is eveidence….when man does machine does not.

  120. People, open up oonuh eyes and look wat a happen to poverty. Investment schemes come to break the back of POVERTY and take out us out of sufferation. This means that many like MLC, NCB and the big BNS and the others who are pulling the crush mill trigger would soon be out of business. SOOOO… dem doing every time to kill, eliminate, remove…. CASH PLUS and Olint.
    Tell me sumting any rich jamaican still invest in dem or MLC done tip dem off fi tek out dem money.

    Forgetting the corruption, MLC must be reaching climax; now dat the new burst that Olint is broke. I don’t believe it at ALL at All. Even if DS nuh have nuh money ,the BANKs, MLC crew &BNS up rape him bad.
    Before wi all vomit inna DS face, Let’s get the Truth.
    Can DS can trade and replemish ALL that has been lost?

  121. Tito

    Cliff seh Supah send a video discussing the whole ting.

  122. Tito this one higher than your pay grade.

  123. Majid!

    Weh di rum bakl de? Mek sure yu dont gi dat gyal Janice none!

  124. I doubt that

  125. Now I am sure David Smith will go sue Nationwide News. Anything rather than to tell us where the money is!

  126. DSLoyal,
    After Olint sent the end date for Compass the TCI folks contacted me with a drop dead date of July 15. Well unfortunately more than that happened July 15.

    I am out of here. Reading all this is not doing anything positive for me – it’s like the car wreck we all have to stop to see and have nightmares with the replay.

    Best to all.

  127. I hope he sues them and quickly too.

  128. Who you guys think will win the general election in Jamaica later this year?

  129. remember DS said he was thinking of sueing NFA. then nothing more.

    he uses the strategy of choosing his words wisely and saying NOTHING that you can pin him down on. unfortunately he has run out of wiggle room, so pretty much he can not say anything now

  130. PNP must diff!!

    Geographic coordinates: 18.047N, 76.787W
    Magnitude: 3.9 Mcd
    Depth: 12 km
    Universal Time (UTC): 14 Jul 2008 01:06:59
    Time near the Epicenter: 13 Jul 2008 20:06:59
    Local standard time in your area: 14 Jul 2008 01:06:59

    Location with respect to nearby cities:
    5 km (3 miles) N (3 degrees) of Half Way Tree, Saint Andrews, Jamaica
    9 km (6 miles) N (9 degrees) of KINGSTON, Jamaica
    15 km (9 miles) NE (42 degrees) of Portmore, Saint Catherine, Jamaica

  132. I didn’t know the earthquake was that close to Kingston.

  133. They reason why some people are still in DENIAL because why keep playing with peoples emotion!

    It would take a mad fool after the email was revealed to come on LIVE air and deny it!

    Naturally there are gonna be skeptics after that

    He just made things worse for himself.

    If cliff hughes dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s

    Tomorrow he is gonna look like I dont know what.

    I think if he had just admit it then…Alot of people would slowly but surely move on.

    If cliff hughes do what I THINK he’s gonna do tmw…david smith cannot come back to Jamaica.

  134. mia my friend…all I am saying to O and DS show mi di money and thats the only way I would belive that everyone else is a liar and he is telling the truth…..thats the proof..nothing less or more.

  135. Tito:

    Cliff said there was a video that went with the draft of the email that was sent to a NUMBER of Olint key people. Cliff knows what he is saying and we will see tomorrow.

    The other key point he raised was that David denied writing the email, he did not denied authoring the email or should be say “authoring” the contents of the email. The drafted email could have been structured by some PR person or Attorney, under the direction of DS. So, technically, DS could be correct when he said he did not write the email in question. The question is, did he know about it or “authored” the email?

  136. Well cliff said he gonna look into the wire transfer…TMW we will know if there was a wire transfer made and if it got returned from the back …THe VIDEO..if cliff has him on VIDEO then its game over!!

    No more lies!

  137. it look like ds under some estacy……cause it look like him inna a parallel reality.

  138. It would be funny if him call in and deny the video


    Kinda SAD

  139. DaveSin thanks for the clarification.

  140. DS gonna say that someone is impersonating him…lol

  141. NCB first them and deny every receiving a wire, or reporting that a wire was to be sent to them.

    Everybody put up proof except Olint.

    Now they will add the email servers to the list of people fighting against them.

    then they will add the video people . I am sure by tomorrow you will hear that video will be doctored. may be Cliff got the video from the same people that does R. Kelly.

    A con man will lie till he breaks down. i think David Smith is near the breaking point and others are bailing out on him, they do not want to go to jail with him.

    it is his own people ( management ) who are now giving him up.

  142. Dehustle post a good on the next blog. reasoned.

    Dehustle Says:
    July 16, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    I was going to make a post this morning good thing I didn’t, as I prolly would be accused of sending cliff that email 🙂
    Anyway here’s my other 2 cents
    Yes we all know the banks are manipulating the Antiterrorist /patriot/ money laundering act whilst abusing the fair competition one BUT as I have said repeatedly DS is not the messiah , and the constant prescribing of this status to him must be extremely overwhelming /pressuring as it would make it more difficult for him to admit when things are going wrong (we have seen this whiz –kid conflict before )

    I do believe though that he is/was? a good trader but never believed that there were months when he didn’t make losses , I just believed than he had a buffer for bad months built in and did his own sort of “smoothing “ I.e. in trades where Jan -6%, Feb. +22% net +16 would be reported as reported as Jan +6% , Feb. 10%

    Now you can probably work your way back when you have a fund of $10M and incur losses of up to 40%($4m) with the 6m left (please me using simple math’s here Fx traders nu bada come with 80/20 stop trade etc )
    The thing is when you now have a fund of $ 1000M and you incur losses of same 40% (400m) and out a di $ 600M left FBI freeze $200M, You pay out $300M ina run , you are now left with just $100M to make back loss of $400 m plus pay gains ,overheads , lawyer (plus you did buy a Lear jet couple mth B4 cus you knew you were good for it) 🙂

    Now when you down and feeling pressure from all angles club members, Bank , FSC FBI , everybody and his wife investigating U , You spend more time with lawyers than trading everybody wants their money how do you recover ?
    I am not saying that’s what happened but it is a possibility , the culpability of the banks /FSC etc is that they instigated the investigations , the runs and the constant persecution that would make any operations crumble in particular a financial one where confidence is the key

    This thing was probably going to become recurring decimal yes the $250M probably exists but it could only pay the encashment up to march/April. But then May, June & July was now backing up! ?

    You see at first members were only taking maybe 5,10 20 up to 50% of their funds, but in the meantime because pple fed up waiting so long for dem money dem go back in (all like pip unit ) 😦 and request dem full balance /.account close and even those die hard linters who were not worried were now doing the same
    So right after this scheduled payout was to take place O would be right back at square one with another massive backlog of encashment ten times bigger than this one
    Now if that’s not a downward spiral then I don’t know what is? Which leads to me what I wanted to post earlier ……………

  143. THe email was sent by David, Ollint is broke, and nobody has any money to get back,

  144. You know even if he didn’t write this email I have to admit that everything in the email makes absolute perfect sense as to why no one has been paid and would explain his non/empty responses the last 7….going now 8 months!!!

    Boy DS well salt if there is a video.

  145. therealdeal, it is sad that you only want to see misery for others. Would that really make you feel better about yourself

    I agree that there is something wrong, but at this point we just don’t know how bad it is.

  146. if there is a video it should be posted on youtube for the world to see. if the money is gone (and i hope it’s not) what david smith has done should be making INTERNATIONAL NEWS.
    That fund manager that faked his death a couple weeks ago had stolen $450milUS and was international news. This little island boy (IF is true) can with at least 3 times as much.

  147. Dehustle
    Your reasoning is pure nonsense

  148. Here are the excerpt of a forex trading company that went belly up and had a court appointed received brought in.

    Here is a part of the receiver story.

    Receiver of

    Summary of the Receivership Defendant’s Business Operations, Practices, and the Receiver’s Initial Conclusions.

    From its initial review of the records and practices of FXLQ, the Receiver has initially determined that the company was able to attract customers, and operate profitably.
    However, the Receiver has also determined that FXLQ used incorrect and often untruthful accounting records and supporting documents to inflate its assets, under report
    its liabilities, and present a fraudulently calculated capital position to its regulators and to its customers.

    The 2006 audited financial statements of FXLQ showed net income of $3,958,491.
    For the period from January 1, 2007 to December 14, 2007, FXLQ’s accounting records showed net income of $24,361,125.54. However, in spite of its profits and holding $25.8 million in cash, the Receiver has concluded that FXLQ did not meet the minimum capital level of $1.0 million required by its primary and secondary regulators. The undercapitalized amount was evident when the Receiver removed or reversed incorrect and untruthful accounting entries related to the Alleged Bond.

    “Anything sounding familiar yet ?”.

  149. first, sorry to those hurt by this. seems completely understandable to cling to hope for the best outcome. the sincerest hope of any and every decent person following this thing is that people recover their capital soon.

    but hoping for the best and planning for the worst are not mutually exclusive activities.

    debate authenticity of this e-mail admission all you want but it seems beyond reason, by grand canyon dimension, to ignore the signs (i won’t reiterate them here) that O has operated as a ponzi for long time (perhaps longer than suggested in the e-mail). someone on another thread laid out a good bullet point summary of what you should do if you are on the losing end of this thing. best thing that could happen in this worst case scenario would be investors coming together to obtain the appointment of a receiver to conduct a proper forensic investigation so that there can be an equitable allocation of the remaining funds and an effort to recover from those “investors” that received fictitious profits from the scheme.

    best of luck to all. sincerely.

  150. Raasta boogie a weh mi miss!?!??!! How suh much post deh bout.!??!?! OK OK mi a send out the white’s until mi can ketch up….

  151. Well the saga continues. I must say I am one to not spread propoganda and I am happy that Cliff Hughes revealed the details about the email to us. However, on the weekend I did hear about the video that DS and WS was suppose to be uploading. Now, the only thing we need now is someone to come forward with the tape. And don’t you find it strange that Cliff only had the email and not the tape. I think he has the tape but holding on to it for another news cycle, maybe in another 2 weeks

  152. Daaaaaaaaamn (much much much much)… Wi hafi si how this one play out… Soo much drama sah… Well everyone overseas betta prepare that extra room because Jamaica a guh mash down and wi family going need a place to stay…

  153. LOL, the riders on the #4 bus are frightened by this blog. I can’t imagine why. After all you all on the #4 bus created this blog. You can censor us on your blog, but we refuse to be silenced. So rather than shutting us up, now you have no control over us at all. That must piss you off.

    If you did not kick people off the # 4 bus, this blog would have never been created. Now I call that justice. 😀

    So you can blame the existence of this blog on the dictators of the # 4 bus. This is not Zimbabwe, we will not be gagged.

  154. People tek out yuh money outta NCB, when it come out seh is NCB involved in all a dis, it a guh mash up… WHITE’S ALL ROUND, fi olint supporters and olint detractors…

  155. Majid:

    I wouldn’t suggest any detractor drink any white’s from you….no, no, no!

  156. DaveSin, weh u seh dat fah….

  157. Majid:

    Wi done know you no like wi 🙂 (detractors)

  158. LMAO DaveSin, bwoy just because mi and yuh nuh gree, dat dont mean mi a guh kill u aff… But if i was, deh white’s alone wi do that… LOL

    DS, mi still a defend yuh boss, DaveSin, look like i going have to change my name to only-olint-sahportah

  159. isn’t me but does Super Dave sound like he about to go crazy,like he about to loose his mind, or maybe he has lost it already

  160. It is a simple matter to check against the authenticity of that email. All somebody has to do is try to confirm with the Turks Police how much in assets did they freeze. Depending on how much, if in the hundreds of millions, then the email will be automatically debunked.

    Who have the links to check how much was frozen in TCI? Can Investforlife get on that trail? Will Cliff Hughes? Why are the right questions not being asked by the journalists?

  161. Yuh nuh here seh is not FBI or British Govt cause turks to move on DS!!! Who leff fi cause trouble wid TCI!?!?!?NCB…. The shiznit is about to hit the fan…

  162. NCB going to the courts on Friday?

    Concerned about recent media reports of more trouble in the operations of OLINT, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) is going back to the High Court to get directions on the accounts of the troubled alternative investment scheme.

    “With these developments, the NCB says there have continued to be withdrawals from OLINTs accounts at NCB”

    Hey wait a minute, where is this money going.
    Folks like I said the longer the wait the less chance any money will be there.


  163. DaveSin, you late boss, yuh favorite adda bus, post that long time..

  164. We need the names of his ‘team of traders’ so that we can know who NEVER to give any money.

  165. Majid,

    Where do you think the money is going. Who making withdrawals and why.

    Need STOP order in place here

  166. For anyone that has interacted with FXchief/Jared Martinez, the real shock would be if he knew about/was involved in this shady stuff, cuz up to now I refuse to believe say he is phony…

  167. A Message to all the OLINT and affiliate investors this must be hard.DS got you feeling like a chick right now, waiting for closure after the break up. I hate to be your Cassandra but chances are if you find your self in distress and cant get a hold of your broker, and your fund manager is ducking you 9out of 10 you and your money have departed.

    If you been rollin with DS over a year take it like a man 10% a month you should have recover your initial investment by now.But if you did not come to classes when rule #1 was being discuss in investment 101( always make sure to put away your initial investment when you start to get the devidents) before you ball out oh well.

    To you my friend who put in what you could not afford to loose, did you not learn from the school of hard knocks to never come to the crap table with your lunch money. To those of you who are thinking of taking legal actions, please tell me how silly your argument is . You walk into a casino you saw a man playing a game you never saw before, you got excited because you saw him winning every hand all of a suddent you began to have dream of riches, driving to negril in a shiny black Range while the wife is burning the mall up in Mia,so you ask this man to play for you no question ask. He won a few hands you got chipper,but soon he begain to loose,now you start to paid attention you realize it was not pocker he was playing but Baccarat ,the game play by the richest of them all..

    After he lost your shirt now you want to call the police on him ,how silly is that. To DS dawg what happen did the black box failed. You coulnd shake off the Carrie trade habbit,did those bears came out the woods with their claws every time you try to go long. Did the pound / yen made a drunken master out of you in the 08. Dont worried it happen to the best of us who choose to make a leaving out of speculating in this market. after all it was one lone trader who brought down Her Majesty Bank down aka The Royal Bank Of Scotland

    Dawg you was my idol ,man up talk to your flock you owed them that. Dont treat them like chip thrill now the fun is gone. . If you come clean after the dust is settle they will understand, Hell when you get your Mojo back the real fiends might come back, after all Hedge Funds always end up imploding, but the manager always find ways to raise new capital to give it another twirl. folks welcome to the world of high yield investments good night

  168. Should NCB be making it public about the activity level of an account holder? Isn’t this illegal?

  169. DaveSin, good one.. lol

  170. Boy… interestingly lawyers always instruct their clients to keep their mouth shut. As what u say can incriminate u But in this case … is what David not saying is affecting his credibility…

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…

    NCB… really sudding dem self with the J;can public… Going to court on Friday is really ill-advised and really low..

  171. youngmoney:

    How long has Jared Martinez being involved in Forex Trading? I know they started I-Trade Fx about 3 years ago. What’s their history prior to that?

  172. youngmoney,
    I believe JM involve I cant wait for june 31st to hear the outcome of there response to NFA.

    Boy it nuh look good fi MLC and the canadian cartel…People a plan fi boycott superplus…then weh dem gonna buy food?

    Carnation market?

  173. DS alone cyan tek the fall JM is going with him!

  174. JM has been trading (this is according to him) for about 20 years now, MTI has been around for like 10 or so bout that, They just started Itrade couple years ago…but the man if youve ever interacted with him seems SO GENUINE that to me it seems impossible that hes involved with anything shady. He is such a positive person that if anything about him get exposed like DS i would be boggled

  175. Jay, mi now aka only-olint-suhportah…… DaveSin, NCB dutty and mi hope deh truth come out sah… gimmi yuh white’s, mi wi drink it…

    mi stop dis drivah…

  176. JM involved in Forex from 1992 (according to his book and stuff said at the MTI sessions. Personally nuh feel him involved…. him mentor DS… DS clients were refered to the MTI class….but I would not seem him party to DS tradings

  177. Mia – you don’t know for sure if JM tell DS to start ponziing

  178. Here is where the money went:

    As hereinafter alleged, highly suspicious activity occurred in a number of l-
    Trade’s customer accounts between November 2006 and Aoril 2008. Most of the
    suspicious activity occurred in the accounts related to Smith (i.e., Olint and TCI).

    Two TCI accounts also showed suspicious activity similar to the Olint accounts.
    For example, TCI made two deposits totaling over $40 million in one account and
    withdrew about the same amount over the course of three transactions, even
    though no trading activity ever occurred in this account. In the second account,
    TCI made an approximate $20 million deposit and withdrew about the same
    amount less than two weeks later.

    TCI also had a third account at l-Trade, which it opened in June 2007, after
    having withdrawn all the funds from its other two accounts just a few months
    before. TCI deposited over $12 million into this new account, but very little
    trading activity occurred, and TCI subsequently closed this account in February

  179. right now I am not going to disclose my identity, but I am going to start a fund, and let DS do the trading, He will not be allowed to touch the money, just do the trading for the fund. I will give Super Dave 2% of the PROFITS from the fund for his service. Interest will be paid monthly. There will be no roll overs and at the end of each month the trades that were done will be revealed. If there is a trading loss one month, the fund will be reduced, and any gains will first be used to top the fund up to the original amount.. The fund will be set at U$20mill, and after the target is reached there will be no new members. If the demand is great, we will start another 20mill fund. Each fund will run for one year basis.
    Is there anyone interested?
    Look at it this way Super Daves problem is management. What is lost is lost already, but it can be made back if properly managed.
    Anyone interested?

  180. or to make it a habit 40grand US gambling on a regular night while people cya get dem money…me feel say the man run ina problems and did the typical human thing and LIED to save his own ass and protect his swollen ego…then subseqently got caught up in the tangled web that lying weaves…then eventually had a meltdown and wrote that email, which had to be ‘cleaned up’ by olint heads afterward to send you the last crap email.

  181. Its obvious that DS and JM wa sinvolved in this

    Between August 2006 to May 2007, Olint and TCI deposited almost $100 million
    into its trading accounts at l-Trade, but only a small percentage of these funds
    were used for trading purposes




    By May 2Q07 , Olint and TCI had withdrawn the
    vast majority of the funds from its l-Trade accounts. However, approximately $50
    million of the funds which Olint and TCI withdrew were sent to JIJ Investments
    (“JlJ”), a company owned by Martinez and his brother and father, Jacob and
    Jared Martinez.

  183. example, on one occasion, approximately $3 million was wired from JIJ’s bank
    account to a JIJ trading account at l-Trade. However, l-Trade did not initially
    deposit these funds in JIJ’s trading account but instead deposited them into one
    of the TCI accounts controlled by Smith. A few days later, l-Trade moved these
    funds from the TCI account to the JIJ account. Shortly thereafter, JIJ withdrew
    these funds and sent them back to its bank account, without ever having
    committed any of the funds to trading.

  184. David alone cant take the rap for this?

  185. Realdeal – thats all well and good BUT….

    when everyone in the world is a member/client of your fund WHERES THE MONEY GONNA COME FROM???????

    trading is a ZERO SUM game, meaning it no mek wealth it just transfer a FINITE amount among players. SOMEONE HAS TO LOSE FOR SOMEONE TO GAIN.

  186. If JM is a fraud, he will still be rich off the book he could write about how to appear convincingly and something you are not (and create a cultlike following)

  187. Mia – Time will tell for the Martinez’s…time will tell

  188. miachica…wen mi dida tell u, u neva wah listen

  189. but why would JM work a con with DS?.. The man have bigger clients on South Africa , Australia and Europe… What he need our money for?

  190. He did it simply because he could

  191. at 5K a pop for the Ultimate Traders package and 190 US per month for the simulation software from MTI.. plus the I Trade FX managed acocunts.. mi sure the MarTnz nu need DS money

  192. plus him can trade/have ppl to trade the money he earns as well…him no need fi run no con

  193. I’m going to miss 34

  194. Waiting, youngmoney,

    will I guess the NFA just made all that shyt up about them moving around over 100M.

    Anywyz time will tell… JM neva fooled me and he MTI is garbage he basicky chrage people $2000 a month to teach tem forex 101 and they fell for it. That is a con man.
    He was milking people in Ja because he knew they wasnt exposed to shyt.

    Thats why people like you get con

    AT least DS only get $2000 outta me and I doubt that can pay him lawyer fee.

    night, night…………………

  195. guys….lets think for a second…This really makes sense

    1. People called olint offices and were told Monday we will hear more information. Also, on this very blog i remember someone saying DS would upload a video for members to view

    2. This alleged email and video was constructed sunday and the other email from his lawyer was constructed monday telling the Olint ppl incharge to wait for official word as to if that said letter and video must be uploaded

    3. Same monday a letter came out to club meembers but of a different nature

    1 +2 + 3 =makes sense……….
    Also if u take in the email and think lime me…you remeber how it says in the official email that members would be emailed individually in regards to status of club?? How i see it given this information is that….
    1.people with under X amount would be payed back and account closed…
    2. People who withdrew everything under certain amount same. thing
    3. People who only withdrew x or had about a certain amount Y or who were club members for certain time and always rolled over and seemed loyal would be given an email about holding for a year to pay them back and return of all interest plus the 15%

    NOw for what never make sense

    1. In the email cliff has he said it was sent to his wife only. SO unless Mrs smith emailed cliff that document the only other way for mr hugues to be in possesion of that email is if it was on his raided computer and turks caicus leaked it to him..

    2. The email from the attorney could be true as i would assume any message to be uploaded would need confirmation from certain heads even if the original message was the one we got.

    sorry for the lenght

  196. Young Money
    I know that SD can trade, he is my friend, he just got caught up in the hype, he needs protection from himself. Now the opportunity is there to make a decent profit. with proper disciplines there is no way that a good return cannot be realised over the course of a year.

  197. g’night mia

  198. Sign me up therealdeal. Where do I send my hard earned money? After all of what has developed I am more convinced than ever that David Smith is someone I should have within 100miles of MY money.

  199. realdeal –

    What im talking about is THE fundamental problem with these FX trading things….unless you limit membership (and create and elitist thing), and provided theres actually a trader like the lu DS was that NEVER loses on a monthly basis then….

    eventually all the money in the market will be in that trader’s account…and then what????

  200. no I am just at teh testing stages, but when this is all over I will start this fund

  201. Oh man I want to send my money to DS tomorrow.

  202. Heres the fundamental truth about trading people:

    the market makes a few traders rich at the expense of the rest, and then takes back the riches and gives it to others and the cycle continues….forever.

  203. 1. At the end of today one thing we know is that one newspaper article was way of the mark.
    a. There is no Olint office in Miami
    b. The US authorities were not involved in the raids
    c. The NCB excuse is a non-issue

    2. That e-mail was genuine and in time all will be revealed
    the video was to be and Yezzir I think you got it right ….
    Read again https://investforlife.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/olint-broke/#comment-2948

  204. I am going offline now. DS had a good thing, if he was just honest and never let the hype get to his head, everything would have gone allright.. But no, he started to believe the lie.
    Now suddenly he has assembled a team of traders
    He wants a year to trade
    Now where is he going to get funds from to trade?
    Which FX trading company is going to allow a man under money laundering investigations to trade on their platform?
    His assets are frozen,what is he going to trade?

  205. very pertinent questions realdeal….whats to stop him from pulling this crap again also? LATA

  206. http://www.radiojamaica.com/content/view/10028/26/

    “The bank also noted that the courts in the Turks and Caicos have issued an order freezing the assets of OLINT and David Smith and that US and Turks and Caicos law enforcement officers have searched the offices and home of Mr. Smith.

    With these developments, the NCB says there have continued to be withdrawals from OLINTs accounts at NCB.”

    My question is: Who is getting the withdrawals from NCB currently?

  207. In regards to the email sent to DS wife, for cliff to have a copy would mean she sent the email to others and Cliff ended up with a copy. Any other possibilty would mean email is fake, Cliff implied that the mail had been reviewed by others and it was recommended not to send it to clients. I think based on the contents and my experience with a number of ponzi/forex trading schemes a lot seems plausible. Double accounting for one is something I have seen before, where the scheme paid out more than was due and clients ran with the money. I know someone who got overpaid from World Wise (WW requested back the funds), I also know of mistakes Olint has made on some clients accounts with either not showing lodgments or duplicating lodgements.

  208. Firstly folks, anyone can spoof emails. So someone with the knowledge could “send” an email from MLC to your inbox and you’d believe it. That’s number 1.

    Secondly, if y’all didn’t know, the richest of the rich all know each other. They’ve been conspiring and continue to conspire among themselves. Alot of the “big heads” actually had money in Cash Plus & Olint, some collected more than hundreds of millions in “interest”….this was easier to get the money from poor people than selling the wholesale garbage from China.
    There are two business models that companies use:

    Distributor –> Retail Merchant—>Customers…this model the merchant gets a cut…the distributor gets less.

    What if the the Distributor had enough to build a mega franchise like walmart, CostCo…would he need the retail merchant?

    Put it this way, some “got” their seed money for investments @ a low..i mean no…interest rate…


  209. lawd a wah dis pon mi do sah!!

  210. mi nuh tink the email real,mi tink ah di one cliff hughes mek up dat story,him nuh like david from longtime.

  211. Sirach – I feel bad but I Lol’ed

  212. its now beleived that 80% of people in thses clubs have been identified as christians


  213. Turks and Caicos Islands investigators eye Jamaica


  214. Now afta mi up late (UK time) a chat wid uno last night mi go work looking tired.

    Mi tell mi white colleage about up chatting bout Olint and point dem to the blog. Now mi sorry se mi do it because now dem have Jamaican people as to quote one “Stupid! stupid! stupid!”.

    I man jus feel shame right now.

  215. The gleaner is all over Olint in “The Cocktail Circuit”.

    Items 1 – 4


  216. Jay
    interesting… it is sad that the cocktail circuit is what the gleaner does best… time for some fact-based reporting..

  217. well investforlife, you wll soon have to find something else to do with your websie. The glory days have come to am end now. The hits will soon stop comming in

  218. “The bank also noted that the courts in the Turks and Caicos have issued an order freezing the assets of OLINT and David Smith and that US and Turks and Caicos law enforcement officers have searched the offices and home of Mr. Smith.

    With these developments, the NCB says there have continued to be withdrawals from OLINTs accounts at NCB.”

    My question is: Who is getting the withdrawals from NCB currently?


  219. 2 points to consider:

    1 – alleged email was sent to Smith’s wife at kasnet.com (Jamaican company) anyone of the IT admins at kasnet could easily get this or any other email they wanted at that domain – email nuh safe!

    2- There are several email providers out there that offer anonymous email. ie you can go to their sites and send an email and make it look like its coming from wherever you want
    http://www.sendanonymousemail.net/ is just one of many.

    bonus point

    Anybody who is familiar with ForEx trading will know that you just dont do a trade on the 1st of the month and earn 10% on the 31st – Forex is an extremely volatile cash based trading system – On the 1st of the month you may gain 40% on a trade and lose 25% by the next morning, so for OLINT to be posting gains of 5% in one month and 16% in another is easily believable and displays that there were in fact MANY losing trades.

  220. @1956teach, possibly to pay staff who knows

    Did you read the pearlman story?
    Read part 1 and part 2

    Did you read the David P. Rowe story? The man who ‘big up’ Cash Plus, cuss of the FSC and then turned around and sued them for JMD $117 million?

    We cover more than you probably see….

  221. Time will tell.

    I said he should sue Nationwide now. Please Supah sue dem.

    A law suit would wipe out Nationwide if dem wrong. People really stupid if the believe Cliff would read that email on air if he couldn’t back it up.

    Mek the people on the #4 bus contnue “dream and drive”.

  222. Time will tell.

    I said he should sue Nationwide now. Please Supah sue dem.

    A law suit would wipe out Nationwide if dem wrong. People really stupid if the believe Cliff would read that email on air if he couldn’t back it up.

    Mek the people on the #4 bus contnue “dream and drive”.

  223. @Robin
    We going buss something over the week-end…

  224. @russ borrowing something from #4 @robin not everyone dreaming…

    CP says:…

    2. Cliff has more up his sleeves than was exposed today. When David hung up, and in a sense placed Cliff’s credibility on the line, Cliff exposed a little more of what he had.

    (NOTE THIS) Up until that point, we thought Cliff had only had one e-mail. It now appears he has more than one, possibly more than two, ( and I add who knows how many he has….)

    3. In the discussion with his co-host, it appears that they have a time-line of the events and possibly correspondence back and forth
    a) went that letter was sent,
    b) discussions of the video that was to be posted on the OLINT website to explain the situation.
    c) when the lawyers and the inner circle drafted another letter(the one that was sent)
    d) when and why the video was held.


    Very interesting…. Was the other letter he quoted from fake too?

  225. ven bns has put out that e-mail said coming from them was not from them paypal has it ebay has it etc

  226. @Russ… it is not very difficult to find if david sent the email, That is what IT Forensics is geared at .. all mail domains have SPF records and messages have a sender ID… this will prove if the email came form DS’s mailbox….Now what needs to be established if DS gave someone else his password.

  227. super dave was only playing with words. He insisted that he did not write this email. OK, someone else wrote it for him, then he sent it to his wife for her to review.
    His saying that they live in the same house and would not need to email her is baselees. Many times I send emails to my wife and she is sitting immediately beside me on the couch.
    In this modern high tech world, instead of printing a document and handing it to someone it is easier to just email it to said person, even if they are in your prescence.
    Even when the allied troops had enteres Berlin, Hitler refused to agree that the war was lost.
    What is it with these common guys, when they lose power?

  228. As a man who knows Super Dave personally, I must say here that I am really dissappointed in him. This was a humble man, with honorable honest business principles. I assisted him at many times in the past when he was up and coming. This is the person who ppl gave their money to.
    All his principles changed. He started believing the hype.
    Now he has lost what he valued most his word

  229. DaveSin mine is you spoof the email and send to cliff lol, mi know seh yuh is IT proficient ahahah.. A’ite mi boss, mi cyah keep up wid yuh bus nuh more… You mussi Nos it up to hell… Mi wi try keep up and gwan read, but mi deh pon deh wait, read an see mode now although mi might show up fi dispense a white’s… Wait drivah, yuh block janice?

  230. Journalist do not ask question in which they do not know the answer, it is basically a theater to put it to the listener.

    Don’t you think that he would not follow up the email, ask the author , did you send me this. it is libel to call up people name unsubstantiated. Do you realize that Cliff said he will check out certain stuff with NCB and report back.

    Cliff only moves on things that he is sure. Cliff did not detail how he got the email. but said the source was from the belly.

    In times of crisis, pleas bargaining and deal cutting are abounding, no one wants to share a cell with David Smith or Carlos Hill.

    People on the other bus , now think our number 1 Journalist is stupid and can be duped by a spoof email.

    CVM news heard about the moving van moving Olint furniture, they left before CVM reached, they went Friday and saw Olint with business as usual, thus they could not move with that story.

    Top journalist know what they are doing. they dot their i and cross the t

  231. Majid:

    Are you talking about the famous C+ memo sometime ago? Maybe not, you were never part of the C+ blog. I would not do something like that…that would be in very poor taste and I have no such agenda. Sending a spoof email to the media would certainly top the list of stupidity, hurtful and dowright irresponsible thing to do…that’s not my style.

    What would one gain from putting out such an email? Nothing…silly stuff. BTW, I’m not that good at IT stuff….my skill sets lies elsewhere!!

  232. anybody else having this problem?

    can’t logon here:

    but can logon here:

  233. fxexile:

    Are you saying that DS is a fraud or what? What did you help him with?

  234. That was a damming e-mail, however I have some comments.:

    …. Did anyone but me realise that the letter was not written in the first person? I find it odd that I would be writing to my wife and not write in the first person.

    …..I know for a fact that the email address can be accessed and utilised by some middle and all upper level staff to send from as well as receive mails.

    …. It might well be that the company is broke in comparison to where it was a year or so ago, however if authorities can freeze more than US$700Mil plus assets it is evident that there is some money (alot).

    Just some thoughts…….

  235. Majid:

    I don’t think anyone block Janice…Janice block Janice. What is she going to say now. Oh, she wrote to the letter to spoof Cliff and make Cliff look bad. She soon come, I don’t think driva block people on this bus.

  236. Russ:

    Are you

    a) looking to add to your account?
    b) see how much interest payment you made last month?
    c) check your balance?
    d) see if there is a balance?
    e) put in an additional encashment, maybe pull out all your funds?
    f) leave a message of support…..

  237. just looking if there are any updates on the site lol! Anyway, its now apparent hat there are 2 different funds OLINT and OLINTTCI with 2 different member lists

  238. login is fine.

  239. Olint TCI was opened up in February apparently to attract new funds, co-incidentally at same time Olint started having problems making payments.

    As far as I know they usually pay the same rates every month.

  240. Can anybody confirm that if Olint committed financial crimes (i.e. accepted dirty money with clean money), then all clients money would be forfeited, even straight-up clients who can prove legitimate source of funds such as equity line on home etc?

  241. I heard of feeders and pigs in St Lucia or Grenada or one of those places. Anyone know about them?

  242. Somebody told me that they heard from DS directly that TCI authorities froze $680M in TCI. Can anyone confirm that or get on the trail to confirm how much money was frozen in TCI?

    This is very critical information that is dispositive of the authenticity of the email, and most importantly, determinative of how much money can be possibly recovered and divvied up by clients

  243. The #4 Bus is pathetic. Now they are saying Cliff is part of a conspiracy.

    I make no apologies in saying some of those persons need to get their heads examined as I think they are lunatics.
    No wonder DS, CH & HW could make so much money for themselves from folks like those.

    I am angry at the total lack of commonsense displayed by some many of those bloggers even at this point in time, when its clear that we are at the end of the road.

    Psychologist urges investors to seek help

    Following this week’s reports of yet another informal investment club’s apparent collapse, psychologist Dr Leahcim Semaj is advising people who have lost their money to not only seek financial counselling, but to make a special effort to get professional psychological help.

    I have maintained since the start of the week that folks that have been hooked on 10% per month, will need rehab to break this habit of investing in these schemes.

    Well seems like I was spot on based on Samaj comments above.


  244. around $57m in Turks

  245. Tito, is this US$57M confirmed? Are you sure?

  246. They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no, no, no (Amy Winehouse and Jay-Z).

  247. Bob that is correct, we have listed all the know clubs before.

    UWIN – Antigua

  248. Word from Turks right now is that they did raid his house (search warrant executed) but no cash, assets or accounts seized/frozen

  249. Jay and others, you need to be more sensitive at this time. I understand your angry but keep calm.

    Look up the term Cognitive dissonance, Marcus pointed this out and NoCotec uses it all the time.

    Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE
    Mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The concept was introduced by the psychologist Leon Festinger (1919 – 89) in the late 1950s.

    He and later researchers showed that, when confronted with challenging new information, most people seek to preserve their current understanding of the world by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding the new information or by convincing themselves that no conflict really exists

    Be patient with them. Hopefully reality will soon set in and they will need support.

  250. Those guys in the # 4 bus are not serious.

    If all customers funds were safe, how could it hurt Olint at this point to unequivocally say this?

    Doesn’t Olint’s silence speak volumes?

    On the other hand Dehustle made a good post last night.

  251. everything that DS says is a LIE

  252. Russ, the Supreme Court of TCI ordered on Monday that his personal assets and those of Olint in the TCI be frozen.

  253. JohnDoe,

    I am sensitive to the fact that persons have lost money as just last night I spoke with a few persons one a former bank manager who lost heavily and to be honest he is still in denial and shock.

    I told him (now this guy is supposed to be a guru) that the best way forward is to contact the fraud squad in Jamaica and make a formal report. He should also get as much people as possible to do the same thing.

    In my first set of post this morning, I indicated a few points as to the way forward which was the same information that I comminicated to this guy last night.

    All persons exposed need to stop dragging their feet and start taking action to try and at least make some recovery.

    Instead I see folks here and other there questioning the integrity of the the authors here, Cliff , NCB etal.

    I can only offer what I consider to be some actions which hopefully can lead to some recovery.

    Waiting WILL NOT HELP !

  254. I wrote this early this morning.

    Jay, on July 17th, 2008 at 6:00 am Said:
    Where do we go from here..

    1. The TCI FSC and police needs to enlist the help of their local counterpart in Jamaica post haste.

    2. They also need to enlist the help of the US authorities ie alert the FBI, CFTC & Interprol.

    3. The TCI police needs to quickly determine who the main players are in Olint and all its afflilates and issue a court order to seize all their company as well as personal assets, these include all bank accounts of all related parties as per the documents seized.

    4. This should include all investclubs that have investment in Olint.

    5. The TCI police should next target the top say 20 investors ie those with very large sums with the investment company.

    6. The TCI police should ensure that members in the club since 2004/2005 form a part of this net.

    7. The TCI police should with the help of thier counterparts in other jurisdictions request that these banks accounts be frozen post haste, to prevent further transfer of funds from these accounts into names of others.(Funds in NCB Ja are currently being moved).

    8. I cannot see they being able to track down every single client so I think they should focus on the very large ones.

    More to come …

  255. Pretty sure $57m but he has bank accounts all over the place.

  256. Can anybody confirm that if Olint committed financial crimes (i.e. accepted dirty money with clean money), then all clients money would be forfeited, even straight-up clients who can prove legitimate source of funds such as equity line on home etc?

  257. I agree with you, “Waiting will not help”. People need to

    1. Talk to the Law enforcement agencies in your jurisdictions
    2. Talk to the regulators in your jurisdictions
    3. SECURE your documents i.e Receipts, etc and PRINT web-based statements very inportant…. websites disappear in a milli-second.
    4. Get a lawyer

  258. Jay don’t worry about them questioning the integrity of this blog, Cliff and others.

    Truth always bubbles to the surface.

    Look at this blog? THIS BLOG is the result of the KEVIN the “driva”
    1. blocking people posters,
    2. deleting posts and
    3. facilitating the deception of many on the invest4life blog.

    If Kevin and the cheerleaders, had behaved differently, this blog would not have existed.

    They come to this blog for information now, some even feeling threatened by its existence.

  259. I have been thinking about this last night as I spoke with my peers re: Olint.

    1. We know Olint had at least 7 -9 feeders clubs.
    2. We know that individuals were wiring large sums to Olint between January – June 2008.
    3. We know that Olint was not paying out most of its clients during this period.
    4. Looking at all the above there is a missing link.

    With the large influx of Cash between Jan – June of this year, and the fact that most investors were not being paid it leads to the following questions.

    1. What became of all these inflows into Olint.
    2. Where did all this money end up.


    1. Large amount of funds have been frozen by some regulatory agency or law enforcement officails.

    2. A few clients with substantail investments were being paid up using new entrants funds all during this time.

    3. DS and his fellow cohorts converted significant portions of the funds it took in for their personal gains.

    4. Large losses were experienced during trading activities.

    A. If One is true – Then there is no money to be had.

    B. If two is true then there is very little if any money at all left for Olint clients.

    C. If three is true then he should be arrested and charged for fraudulent conversion and all gains should put aside to compensate investors.

    D. David is virtually home free, as he lost money doing legitimate business operations as forex trading is the business that he is involved- Means there is little if any money to be recovered.

  260. The ‘letter’ fills in the blanks….

  261. the funny thing is that DS says in the email that Olint is not taking on any new members at this time. Is this man real or what?

  262. I am wondering if the small men were all conned in the end !! I know that the most of the big boys have been re-imbursed in full (principal + interest to date). This club in the end seems to have involved into a Forex-Pyramid hybrid. Peter pays Paul, and the top is supported by the bottom, or the top feeds off the bottom. Typical law of the jungle !! Only the bottom feeders will get hurt in this hybrid.

  263. Truth said: “Can anybody confirm that if Olint committed financial crimes (i.e. accepted dirty money with clean money), then all clients money would be forfeited, even straight-up clients who can prove legitimate source of funds such as equity line on home etc?”

    The simple answer is no. However there are qualifiers. If Olint is discovered to be a ponzi scheme then any gains will be proceeds of a crime. At some point some kind of Receiver will normally be appointed. The Receiver will seek to discover and retrieve all existing funds. In some jurisdictions the Receiver will also request that those who received illicit gains repay those sums.

    From this pool of money the Receiver will normally first deduct his expenses and then seek to repay investors a pro-rated share. If their are preferential creditors they will be repaid first.

    However if you saw my post on what happens to the money in a Ponzi Scheme you will realize that when a ponzi scheme reaches the point where it crashes and was unable to pay investors… it is usually because there is little money left in the coffers… and certainly never enough to pay everyone back 100 %.

  264. Jay,
    I agree with your analysis except for D. If he was making losses and not reporting it them he was being dishonest.

  265. Nocotec, I would assume the the number one preferential creditor is the Government? Do you think the Government would try and lay claim to any of the funds as tax revenue?

  266. Rick.

    Being dishonest ie lying is really not a criminal offence and hence the point remains the same.

    His behaviour is unethical but its not a criminal offence.

  267. Would those who file lawsuits first (and gain a legal judgment against OLINT first) be considered preferential creditors?

    The problem with filing lawsuits individually are:
    1) it requires upfront money/retainers which most people cant come up with no since they lost so much or have so much tied up in OLINT

    2) Lawsuits, depending ob the jurisdiction, can take as long as 2 to 3yrs before fully litigated and resolved.

    What other options do the little guys have if they cant afford to file a lawsuit, in order to prevent preferential creditors from running off with the money?

  268. A who write the email whey CLiff Hughes read pon nationwide?

    Is Cliff so reckless and careless as a journalist to go on blogs and cite emails/blog mails as gospell according to Matthew, Mark,
    Luke and John?

    Is Nationwide so desparate for cheap publicityjust as he did to Carlos,Hill playing police and tief on fateful morning?

    WIll the table turn on Nationwide with host as the subject?

    Who is pumping him to do all these evil tings?

    Is the public watching nationwide and MLC?

  269. Weeping willow,

    You have to give cliff hughes a little bit more of the benefit if the doubt at this point. Lets see this evenig if he can back up the email and get to the bottom of this. His credibility is now on the line.

    However having said that, note that a journalist is supposed to report the news even if it ends up aiding those may or may not be part of a conspiracy to bring down DS. You get my drift?

  270. Tito, normally Olint itself as an organization should not owe taxes. However this depends on the laws in each jurisdiction and if Olint followed those laws. For example in the USA a Mutual Fund will not owe taxes if each year it reports and pays capital gains and dividends to its investors. If it does not, the Fund itself would owe taxes.

    However if DS was found to owe taxes or be convicted of any crime such as fraudulent conversion or money laundering… and a fine was imposed as part of his sentence then yes the Government would have first claim on the assets of DS. Remember that if Olint is found to be a ponzi that assets of DS obtained from the scheme would be end up being part of the pool.

    Also if DS is found to have committed a crime which led to the harming of others (investors) then his assets may be used to pay some form of restitution or damages to the aggrieved parties.

  271. Nocotec,

    I think any half decent lawyer is going to be able to make the case that an “investor” iin Olint that had gains had no knowledge that they were profiting from a ponzi scheme. In fact there is plenty evidence to support their argument that there were deceived by Olint and David Smith like everyone else. The very contract that these “investors” signed with Olint says they were investing in a scheme that trades foreign exchange. While these levels of returns were of course highly improbable (in fact not real at all) it was not mathematically impossible to make these kinds of returns. So if an investor wishes to present the argument that he truly believed his money was being traded in Fx and that his gains were a result of such activity he stands a good chance of winning the argument that he should keep his gains. Ill gotten or not.

    Theoretically the receiver could try to go after all those that actually made out well from this scheme but you are talking about people in various jurisdictions, US, Canada, UK, Yaad and who knows where else my Smith’s tentacles reached. But if each of them chooses to present the defense I outlined above then unwinding this mess and tracking down every penny will involve many years and vast amounts of money. A lot also depends on the type of records Mr Smith kept. Were all his “clients” set up under their real names? Where some set up as companies that were owned by other companies bla bla bla… While the perfect scenario would be to unwind all this mess and just return monies to everyone (perhaps akin to “busting” a trade or trades because of error) this monster called Olint I fear is much greater than that.

  272. Truth, if a criminal case is initiated against DS/Olint then the criminal case will normally supersede any civil lawsuit. If a Receiver is appointed then filing a lawsuit is a questionable action.

    That being said… Do remember that none of these actions have happened, at least yet. So it is possible that those who file lawsuits could end up being at the head of the line. Recall the reason for all these issues is that many persons have not being paid for up to 7 months.

    If no criminal charges are brought then civil lawsuits will be the only option to get repaid, if there is money available (or from DS’s assets). If someone has money and refuses to pay you then only a court can order him to, at which point you can seize his assets.

  273. @nocotec, who appoints the receiver? would he be appointed here in tci or in jamaica?

  274. … (munch, much, munch) … Verbal: what the cops (will) never figure out, and what I know now, was that these men (and mi wife) would never break, never lie down, never bend over for anybody. Anybody … (munch, munch, munch) … hmm, Keyser Soze never sight de big “Belly” rat wid Cliff Hughes … (burp) …

  275. If Olint is handling dirty money as the local banks are trying to indicate; isn’t the local banks that the dirty money is coming from, as the investors are duly required to provide managers’ cheque to ALL of these investment scheme?

    Did the local Bank conduct their DUE DILIGENCE before accepting these unknown source funds?

    Who then is Auditing the Local Banks?

  276. Here’s the thing. Tuesday before the news of the raid broke, the news was the DS has lost big. People were being asked to decide if they wanted to continue on with him or pull what was left out of Olint. The amount lost was never stated but in view of the rumor of an email, I am very inclined to believe it.

  277. To be fair to the guys on the other bus. We don’t know 100% that all is lost at this point.

    Reasons why things don’t look good for Olint;

    A. The timing of the payment problems. Started in December 2007, right around the time of the failing of Cash Plus, suggests an inability to pay club members what was in their accounts. In a cash based investment club, this should never happen. Except for the logistics, it shouldn’t matter if in a given month club members request 80% or 5% of their funds. Remember the email they sent out Jan 18th 2008. I quote

    ” Approximately two years ago, we experienced a run where we paid out over 80% of our funds. Shortly after this run, club members who withdrew their funds were allowed to re-join the club. This time around however, due to the disruptive nature of unpredictably high demands for withdrawals, club members who are involved in this mini-run will not be re-accepted in the club until a managerial review is carried out. We feel strongly that we will succeed with those members who have displayed loyalty and confidence in our operations. The reasons for our optimism are as follows:

    1. Our operations are 100% cash based.
    2. We do not guarantee a rate of return therefore only what is actually earned is credited to a member’s account as opposed to offering guaranteed returns, …”

    So Olint should not be adversely affected by a run. It is not a bank. It should be able to pay 100% of what is in a club members account at any given time.

    2. The inconsistencies given as to the payment delays. Here in an email dated January 18, 2008 with a promise of payments being made by January 23rd 2008 which was never met. I quote ”

    Dear Club Members,

    We are very pleased and heartened by the level of confidence that the majority of you have shown over the past few weeks in our Club’s operation as these have truly been trying times. We have experienced a much higher than normal level of encashments and while we understand the heightened sensitivity of some members, the increased activity has put a strain on our team and operations resulting in our service delivery being below that to which you have become accustomed..

    In addition to this, we wish to bring a matter to your attention. The increased activity on our broker’s bank account has resulted in their bankers concluding that the profile of our operations has changed, resulting in a delay in the remittance of our funds as they conduct their due diligence exercise. Specifically, the latest transfer of funds will not be released until Monday, January 21, 2008. These funds will therefore not be available for distribution until, at latest, Wednesday, January 23, 2008. It is our intention to meet all outstanding encashment requests with the funds being sent and hence to return to normal operations after the settlements have been made.”

    The promise of an interim process with dependable delivery dates was never met.

    3. The mysterious $200M. I can’t understand why these funds need to go to Jamaica. Olint can send wires and drafts to all its customers from its overseas banks. Olint claimed it was prepared for a closure of its Jamaican accounts in the email dated November 23rd 2007. Which said

    “Dear Club Members,

    We would like to bring to your attention, some recent developments regarding the operation of our local bank accounts. We are communicating this information to you in a timely manner to ensure that you have the facts and are not disturbed by rumours that may be circulating.

    Our accounts with First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB), First Global Bank (FGB) and National Commercial Bank Limited (NCB) are at different stages of closure following advisory received from each of these institutions to that effect.

    We are currently taking steps to minimize the disruption that the closure and pending closures of our bank accounts could cause and will shortly provide you with details of the alternative arrangements that we have established. We would like to assure you that the closure of the local accounts will not cause any disruption to our trading activities. ….”

    Why weren’t those alternative arrangements put into place in July 2008 to deal with the alleged sabotage by local banks of the $200 M.

    4. The most damming reason is Olint’s silence this week. What would be the reason for Olint’s silence if all investor’s funds were safe?

    Reasons why it is not all lost.

    1. No one who has seen Olint’s books has been able to definitively say that Olint is insolvent. I am hearing that this is so, but cannot get any proof.

    2. Olint has not admitted that it is insolvent.

    These are the slimmest of hope, I know. But nevertheless there are the only hopes left. they should be acknowledged.

  278. Who is writing the book on this mess? Is it Jay or Jason? What a wonderful story. This thing has everything you need to make a masterpiece. Imagine the treasure trove of details that will be gleamed from a court case. F a book this shit should be a movie. I never liked that Nick Leeson movie. Thought it was poorly done. The David Smith movie now could be a masterpiece.

  279. Tito, if a criminal case is brought a Receiver can be appointed by the court or a client through his attorney can file a civil lawsuit and ask that a Receiver be appointed. This is likely to happen in the jurisdiction(s) the company is incorporated or conducts business… as you can see with Olint, Olint TCI etc… it is possible that this could happen in one or more jurisdictions.

    Johnny P

    I had said in some jurisdictions (such as USA) those with gains may be asked to repay it. It depends on the practice and norms in each jurisdiction. Obviously for some of the reasons you cite the chance of success would be limited in the case of Olint.

    However if this was implemented I disagree that clients could get off using the legal argument you cite (but I could be wrong). I believe the common law principle of unjust enrichment would apply… Basically enrichment by undeserved means… But remember I am not an attorney just an information collector with a vast reservoir of knowledge. 🙂

  280. Tell me again why we shouldn’t ridicule and laugh at fool fool people like Weeping willow.

    after everything the world now know people still have the Rass nerve to come here talking about bringing down C+. Dem fool ya just nedge mi teet star.

  281. I wonder if DS was an American or British or from another nationality if he woud be subject to all this?

    Or would be awarded for his initiative to take a people, nations out of poverty?

    Bwoy you nuh tink sey him can share a few experiences with Nelson Mandella?

  282. over the other bog, they are getting to the acceptance stage, whether to give DS a year to trade back the money. same thing was done by Carlos Hill, his followers bailed him to get back the money.

    one cannot get back hundreds of millions of dollars on want to alone. the biggest danger is trying to trade your way out of debt. it usually results in more loss.

  283. kullcull well – what choice do people really have? accept disaster or cling to a glimmer of hope? oftentimes its the glimmer that will get you through.

    I imagine that after a year of surviving without the $$ if nothing happens people will have proved to themselves that they can indeed survive.

  284. When all the prodigal sons were coming back to Jamdown with their intention to get a piece of the rock did’nt the Jamaican people embraced dem as a son of the soil and accepted dem although they had their doubts and their memory were still in tact?

    BWOY some people tend to forget where they are coming from and the events that put dem where they are today?

    I hope the Iron vulture continue to fly high over Olint for what a bam, bam F di tables turn fah God nah sleep.

    Who Know sey dat God nah sleep ?

  285. Jay

    Great post at 9.34am. One question: does your estimate of 7-9 feeder clubs include the two or three in St Lucia (or Grenada, I’m not sure)? SGL something is one of them.

  286. Jay

    A good lawyer could help a lot if you have money in Olint. Take the point about whether DS behavior unethical or criminal. The investment into Olint was a security (so say FSC and the judge). The law in Jamaica makes it a crime for the issuer (Olint, etc) or the dealer (Olint, etc) or their representatives (Olint, etc, including employees) to make false representations, act in a decietful manner, etc, etc. Don’t just ask a lawyer, check it out for yourself. If you want, I will try to find it for you and send it to you.

    Also, if convicted the same law gives FSC the power to pursue for compensation to investors.

    If I was FSC I wouldn’t try that, though. What do you think?

  287. Yeah but do you know more than Hermes? Where is our good friend btw? LOL

  288. this is for jay:

    why are u so malicious, i am sure u know you are being quite unrealistic, listen to yourself and tell if you are making any sense.

    If you look at the BIG PICTURE, there is more to this than what meets the eye, someone or persons are trying to get at David and OLINT by a direct attack at him and his company; but this too shall pass.

    What people should realise is that the tables turn and each person will have to go through their tough times.

    Let’s just see how things unfold, be careful what you wish for, or how you judge others the same measure will be meeted out to you and those you know.

    Just saying….

  289. O ye of little faith. I have read all the blogs and am thinking to myself that if I was DS and read all the condemnation and throw in of towel by my investors, I might as well just join them and said that there’s no money.

    A lot of people are hurting big time, so people, rather than giving up, what we all need to do is get down on or knees and pray like we never prayed before. Pray for David that he can come through for all of us. After all, we can blog and blog and blog, but all our investments are in his hands. Prayer works people, and the Lord need to hear from us. This is a test of our faith and strength.

  290. LOL that is funny Johnny P… One thing I know for sure is that I have more common sense than Hermes 🙂

    By the way there is a post I made on this blog before the shyte hit the fan Monday warning that the sudden disappearance of people like Hermes and others that seemed to be in the know was a very bad omen… Now see, I got lots of common sense 🙂

  291. Yeah would love to hear the good news that Janice has as well

  292. Yup I remember dat post. Funny but very sad for thousands.

  293. Lukie,

    Why is Jay malicious.Jay has and cannot and certainly did not influence what is taking place now.He may have had some sort of vision (which some persons are indeed blessed with) that we did not have.

    Hey who knows he maybe wrong only time will tell but he has been right for the most part thus far whilst some persons have just been propagting good news and we have seen none thus far.

    Instead of perpetual hope i beleive we should accept the worst posssiblity which is a total loss come to grips with that reality and then if and when everything works out in your favour consider your future options as you would certainly be given a second chance.

  294. Owners of a big feeder broker club met wih DS this week.

    Based on evidence that was shown to them, they are confident that he has money to pay everyone.

    But the question is when, due the current investigations

  295. DS is not broke Olint is not broke

  296. Real Olint members their is a little hope all is not lost,i have money in it i have some hope.

    On the other hand lets hope this investigation shows no wrong doing

    Some of u are not member, u are just here to have fun

  297. Well, janice hasn’t let us down. Thanks for the good news, janice.

  298. Janice says

    Owners of a big feeder broker club met wih DS this week.

    Based on evidence that was shown to them, they are confident that he has money to pay everyone.

    But the question is when, due the current investigations

    But Janice why does this sound like the same excuse a mister Carlos Hill used.

    “i have the money let me out so that i can pay the people”

    Well if the feeder club has the information the prudent thing for them to do would be to issue a statement to there clients stating the facts.WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH ALL THE SECRECY.

  299. Janice – can you drop me an email at cbthut at hotmail dot com

  300. People who are in lewfam call them they will explain

  301. Just call Lewfam u will get the answers

  302. Dont give up

    The only way we will not get back our money is if they finds him guilty of money laundering, thennnn that a problem

    But if he is inocent then we will get back all our funds

    I will still say DS is not a theif

  303. Janice,

    Although i do not stand to lose on this one personnally my family members do and that is hard enough for me.

    i am just sick and tired of all this secret talk about meeting here,whos fighting who,conspiracy theories,people having sources, and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.This to me is doing more harm than good hen the man who has all the answers comes on first sounding like he does not know what he is taking about,like he is lying through his teeth and on stage sounded like he was going to cry,was begging for prayers to be sent.

    I mean seriously what am i to get from his responses i want to hear definativley what is going on but yet he still decides to skirt over important details.

    If you ask me it is not the BANKS (some all start name them canadian cartel) FSC SUPERPLUS CLIFF HUGHS.It is David Smith himself who is to blame for all this choas and we are to blame ourselves if we don’t hold him accounatable for the current situation for not just telling us the truth.

    1.If it is a bank that held up the wire go to court with your lawyers and squash that issue and let the investors know.

    2.If you have the money on your platform get the statement from the broker and make it public knowlede to the investors (It is your information you can publish it nothing wrong with that it does not show individual balances)

  304. I heard that lewfam is still taking memmebrs and lodgement is this true…Can someone confirm….Thats strange..lol

  305. Its clear that the email is a fake because no one is so stupid to email a letter like that which admit
    that he committed Fraud this would surely send him to jail

  306. Lukie,

    What have I said that is malicious on this blog. In fact I have consistently sought provide useful information to the blog.

    Lukie ,

    What do you suggest is the way forward to assist those “new comers” who have lost to get pack something on the dollar.

    I have stated my position already, so lets hear what you have in mind.

    Remember time is not on “investors” side.

  307. Catd,

    You got to be joking, well you could be right, as I have said people have been addicted to 10% per mth and so seems inclined to continue throw money at these AIS.


    Please give it up.
    Everyone is lying except DS.
    Everyone is corrupt except DS
    Its everyone elses fault – not DS.

    I sure hope he does not dissapoint you anymore, as I cannot imagine how you would live with yourself.

    Please start working on a plan to get back your money, and do NOT wait on DS to hand it back to you.

  308. we have no choice but to see if DS can make back the money.. which is next to none, but getting it from the court is going to take at least two years.

    what money would DS make it back with, cause it takes money to make money.
    is between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    David Smith is a great con man, but the people whom he con just want to get back something

  309. For all who have been hurt by this con-game…sorry. But let’s be real. If he was so good at trading, is it not logical he would be trading for huge financial institutions with Trillions of dollars and be paid a ridiculous salary for his services. He has “helped poor people” because of his love of his countrymen but resides in the wealthiest neighborhood in T & C and jets by in his Lear.

  310. Yes I.

    So Janice, what did MLC have for breakfast this morning?

  311. Janice,

    Hold the faith…I hear people getting money under the quiet….Is only the fools that wah set down wid dem hand a dem jaw naw get nothing lef…Like how u a loyal olinter DS will look out fi yuh lol.

    As I stated I want to see the video…if Cliff buss it today then its a rap!

    If nuh video nuh turn up then that brings the emails legitamcy into question.

    I cant wait for 5:00 NEWS TODAY!!

    I am listen to nationwide radio, it nuh look good fi JLP.

    Audley Shaw not even fart pan unuh when news buss sey the money gwaan.

    Him say the FINANCIAL SECTOR will be okay but what happen to the people.

    Poor people know dem cyah trust laberite!!

  312. DS is a complete madman if he him come on pon radio and deny say him write the email, thereby implying that its contents are false; if him seh the truth is that him bruk.

    DS would be in a complete psychotic stage of dementia if this is the case.

    His only hope now is to:
    a) prove that he has the money
    b) at least for now, show that the email is fabricated

  313. Mia

    Tell mi we Audley fi do? Use tax payer money to bail out investor?

  314. Robin Irie,

    But I think his attitude was a dont give a shyt..government cyah ball out the people but at leats show likkle epathy or concern.

    I feel it for some for them people who risk more than they had, but they saw it as an oppourtnity to get outto poverty.

    Did you lose any money in Olint?

  315. Miachica,

    Are you suggestting that “poor” people made up the base of Olint if you are you are misguided in my opinion.If you live here in Jamaica go down to the infirmary and ask how much money they survive on a day the average is $69.Take a trip to the poor rural communities of jamaica (cashpot and lotto) is what they play not pumping anywhere between usd5000 to $500,000.Now if thats who or what you consider poor i would love to be that poor anyday.

    And even if these persons were to lose everything they would fall on hard times for a while but they would recover eventually.Which may mean selling the prado and buy a corrolla for some.Selling the mansion (to expatriates or returning residents)and easy in a townhouse.You see not everybody invested in Olint as some of us would like to believe.

  316. Mia,

    Omar Davis took the same stance when PNP was in power.

  317. How the heell you a minster a finance but all you talk about is the financial sector…so all you care baout is that banks in jamaic ais gonna be ok.

    This is gonna affect alot of Jamaican, if he didnt know what to say he should have kept his mouth shut.

    Audley shaw is an idiot like most jamaican politicans.

  318. chromatic,

    If your a liberatie and i offend you I really dont care.

    You know how much townhouse cost in Jamaica.

    I am not suggesting that YOU are poor I know Mostly middle clas people were in olint. If you think this wont affect Jmaaican econmy you are veru niave.

    I was talking about audley shaws response as the finance minster to these debacle.

    It is my opinion and if you dont like it too bad.

  319. Audleu Shaw is control by Lee Chin

  320. Question

    Has any ones lives improve since JLP in power

    Please give me your answers

  321. Improve?! How about more like deteriorate rapidly.

  322. Audley is correct. A lot of people have a fallacy about how the fallout will affect the JA economy. Look again at the article on what happens to the money in a ponzi scheme.

    In the example of C+ the Receiver said about 70 % of the money went to pay back investors principal and or interest. In other words the large majority of the money did not go anywhere, it went back into the economy. In fact with the large sums sent in by overseas Jamaica which was then primarily redistributed by the scheme to a few big investors in JA, the economy had a net benefit.

    These ponzi schemes are really the anti-Marx… they are capitalism’s answer to communism. Marx wanted to take from the rich and give to the poor. Olint and Cash Plus etc take from the lower income folks and redistribute to a few rich. In these schemes most people lose and a few along with principals get off nice… unless the principals are sent to prison for real time.

    Many individuals will lose money but the majority of the money went into the JA economy. And most of the overseas investors’ money will end up staying in JA.

  323. wachovia securities just raided by the feds its on CNN

  324. Mia,

    Calm down and take it easy.I know that you are entitled to your opinion and you can express them in anyway that you want,I am looking for any friends here so you can say whatever you want .
    So with that said i was just making reference that Omar Davis said the same thing.No i am not a Labourite or a comrade.

  325. I man state on the C- blog that my grampa, fada, mada born yah so I man a comrade. All mi dog, cat and hamster ah comrade.

    But I stand wid Audley on this one.

  326. “KANSAS CITY — Securities regulators from several states raided the St. Louis headquarters of Wachovia Securities Thursday as part of a broad investigation into questionable practices involving auction rate securities, Missouri officials said.

    Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s office said the “special inspection” at the Wachovia Corp. affiliate, the former A.G. Edwards, concerned the US$330-billion auction rate securities meltdown.

    It said regulators were looking for information about Wachovia Securities’ sales practices, internal evaluations of the auction rate securities market, and marketing strategies.

    A spokeswoman for Wachovia was not immediately able to comment. The bank owns 62% of Wachovia Securities and Prudential Financial Inc. the remainder.

    In addition to securities regulators from Missouri, regulators from Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states were part of the team entering Wachovia Securities’ headquarters, the officials said.

    Missouri has also served subpoenas on more than a dozen Wachovia Securities agents and executives after receiving more than 70 complaints representing more than US$40-million in frozen investments over the past four months.

    The move on the headquarters comes three months after Wachovia Securities failed to fully comply with requests by the Missouri securities division for certain information, state officials said.

    “Hundreds of Missouri investors have called my office because of inability to access their money. They were told these investments were safe and easy to cash in, but now they cannot run their business, make medical payments, or pay school tuition,” Ms. Carnahan said in a written statement.

    The Missouri Securities Division is also reviewing the fraud complaint filed against UBS AGaffiliate UBS Securities by Massachusetts regulators late last month and is conducting simultaneous investigations into auction rate securities complaints on other firms.”

  327. Mia

    Mi no hav e no money in Olint or any ufo for that matter, I far too cautious.

    I am just one of the original detractor who tried to warn people but got spat on instead.

  328. Mia,

    Yes Townhouses/House are expensive but believe me they are not that expensive to build (i know of developments where the a 3 bedroom cost in total $6 and is being sold for $25m).The Market is pushing the prices and why should’t the developers and the real estate agents make a killing while the goings good.Some people buy like 2 to 3 houses/townhouses/apartments in a development and then rent them out.

    When the demand runs out so to will the superoverpriced house prices as well.

  329. I wonder if those Wachovia investors did their due dilligence.

  330. nocotec, that is a load of nonsense. The money that was frozen in TCI, did not go back to JA.

    The money parked in offshore bank accounts by the wealthy did not go back to JA. The $50M that went to Martinez family did not go back to JA.

    The jets and mansions bought by DS in TCI, Fl and God knows elsewhere, did not go back to JA.

    The money from overseas investors that took their monthly interest or their principal out after 7 months, did not go back to JA.

    Moreover, the point is that many people will default on loans, on mortgages, on businesses, and this will lead to bad debt held by some banks. Also, the purchasing power of many will deteriorate and consumption by the many will decrease, which drives the economy.

    The multiplier effect will reverberate throughout.

    This is how the fallout would be a net negative for JA

  331. Audley Shaw is playing the political game. Furthermore, he is trying to signal to the IMF and the international markets that all will be well.

    The financial sector and the economy are two different things. The financial sector (narrowly defined as including financial institutions and the financial industry) may or may not withstand the blow but the economy as a whole, where the people are concerned, will suffer.

    Either way, the economy will suffer …only question is for how long. Will there be medium term, long term or short term effects.

  332. Having read most of the conversations I have left with the impression that you all are convience that DS is guilty. Firstly I am a club member and I don’t believe that DS is guilty.

    The turks & Caicos Island is investigating Olint/DS is doing no different from what the FSC did in 2006. The FSC raided Olint/DS in 2006 but they found nothing. But let me ask this question why would the FSC raided Olint/DS? and who were behind this raid? What is DS doing differently from the other financial institutions as it relates to Forex trading? The only difference is he is passing the intrest on to his club members but the financial institution isn’t.

    It is clear to me that persons are on a mission to discredit Olint/DS. If you all noticed each time Olint/DS comes under pressure the is at least on financial institution name and it’s head always on the lips of most persons.

    God gives all of us brain and we must use it wisely. Now unless the man is fooling around with is wife there is no reason why he would sent his wife an email.

    The DS that I have been hearing about is NOT a coward nor would he lie about something such as this. Cliff is not always correct nor is he god. What we must remember that NOT one of us would want people spreading rumors about us. A man is innocent until proven guilty.

    I have the utmost respect for Cliff but yesterday I was very dissapointed. I was listening to the programme yesterday and just before the start of the major segment of the programme he said that he had a letter that he had received and the content was about Olint/DS but DS called and categorically deny sending that email. What I had expected Cliff to do as a responsible journalist was to take a break after DS hang up and come back and maybe take some calls but what he did he proceeded to read the letter inspite of. I believe he and his co-host was irresponsible and further compounded the problem and it would also suggest that they too are on the same mission to destroy Olint/DS. Unless Cliff was in DS presence he cannot say that DS was the author of the email.

    In trying to get to the truth we must be responsible, there are alot of club members like myself most of whom is depending on funds such as this we don’t want person like Cliff to be sending out wrong information. I will say it again Cliff was irresponsible.

    I will say this if Cliff really care about the truth then he should go and do his own investigations.

    1. Find out why the FSC raided Olint/DS in 2006.
    2. Which financial institutions were behind the reason why the FSC raided Olint/DS.
    3. Why the Turks & Caicos Islands has now radided Olint/DS and which financial institution is behind this.
    4. If Olint is broke he can find out if this is true is really true. Cliff just check Wacovia Bank.
    5. What about that 238M that was sent? Why was it not sent back? Where is it now?
    6. I heard that financial institution is now undergoing problems. Since the Cash Plus situation and now Olint persons have been withdrawing their funds.
    7. The devil can’t beat god.

    Now off you go Cliff you have alot to do.

    This is how rumors are born person don’t take the time to listen and then anaylse things for themselves they believe every little rubbish that is fed to them. Ladies and gents use the brain that god gave to you. Read and listen carefully. Persons are out there with no good intensions and we must at least able to tell who is being truthful from who isn’t.

    Rumor is a killer you all won’t understand this until you experience it.

    David god be with you my brother. If god be for you then no one can be against you. Who god bless no man curse.

  333. Truth, do you realize this is just a replay of the C+ movie. The same thing was said about the fallout for the economy etc etc… C+ took in approx US $350 million. According to some newspaper reports Olint may have taken in US $600 Million.

    If Olint is not a ponzi then the money is there in the USA or TCI etc waiting to repay investors. What you fail to realize is if Olint is a ponzi it has crashed because they ran out of money. All the money already went back to investors less what the principals took… If DS and family took US $100 million it still means US $500 million or so went back to investors.

    Of course if you are one that believes DS and Olint has the money waiting to repay investors… this discussion is moot since there will be no future fallout.

  334. I agree with you on this one Truth

  335. Let’s all pray for David, lets give him a year to trade our money and pay us back, he’s done so much for us, now its our time to help him out. He needs to pay for jet fuel for himself and his friends and family to fly around, he needs to go to the casino, he needs to go to panama soon, the strippers are starving.

    Have a heart people!

  336. I thought cliff jornalism was questionable. Hopefully in a couple hours we wil have some clarity. I hope cliff has the video that was sent with the email and an investigation was done to determine if the email was produced from smith’s computer. Cliff Hughes partically made DS look like a fool, mad man, wateva.

    He must confirm the video and the location that the email was sent from. Anything else is just gossip, slander and libel.

  337. If cliff is right…. David Smith is Done…Everybody will be convinced.

    DS cyah come back a Jamaica.

  338. Can anyone point me to a website for free movies

  339. Mia

    No journalist give up their source. He already said that he stands by the authenticity of the email. Now Supah can take him to the cleaners if he is wrong. Simple as that but I suspect that Supah D dares not

  340. Can anyone point me to a website for free movies

    I am trying to watch Wall-E

  341. Hey Janice,

    I have a unicorn to sell you. Faster than anyting dem have a Caymanas right now.Are you interested?

  342. Johny p

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  343. Johny P

    My sister’s huband’s baby mother first husband work with NASA. He told me that they have discover huge deposit of gold on mars and they are selling share to people who want to invest in it. As he is an insider he can get us shares.

    Anyone interested? We could pool funds and I will get the shares on your behalf.

  344. Janice, den im haffi go change im name from “Johny p” to “Johny P”.

  345. janice what are you doing with a supply of viagra to sell? Do you have someone close that needs it regularly? Sorry, could not resist 🙂

  346. Jay
    Why do you say the people on the other site are getting to you? They have been dead wrong on this issue all along and they continue to be wrong.
    LOL at letting Dave trade for a year, you dont get it. David Smith cannot trade. He only knows how to take pauls money and hand it to peter.
    I see the Con Man has hired big lawyers, and the clowns applaud. Dont they realise that Dave will be using the money he stole from them to pay this high priced attorney? and the only function of the attorney is to save his own skin because his company is broke

  347. Johny P

    If I were you I would buy the viagra and hold unto it. Once it clear that Olint buss and no more money going to run Janice will be selling something else.

  348. Janice did mr mention switch to cialis because “you choose the moment” or did he suffer vaigra blindness hence the surplus of viagra?

    Truth be told so man man poor now that the only thing comes to mind is that song “a lot man naw get no *** *** tonite” how gonna tell the girl you have to sell the range and pay back the bank and that the house a go re possess….. not even front end lifter can save you!!!

  349. Robin Irie

    Is it not the same gold that your father bought that left you in this state of delusion

  350. Janice:

    The unicorn that Johny is selling is indeed himself! He is the fastest unicorn on earth. Maybe the Viagra you have will slow him down. 🙂

    BTW, what you doing with Viagra? Does it help with diarrhea of the mouth? I hear you on Cliff
    S show yesterday and bwoy, you were, as usual, shooting off your mouth nonstop…Cliff couldn’t shut you up.

  351. Dont have to sell anything Olint mek me rich already

  352. Dave sin

    You cuss like a girl are you a drag queen

  353. Robin Irie Said: …”Johny P: If I were you I would buy the viagra and hold unto it. Once it clear that Olint buss and no more money going to run Janice will be selling something else…..” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Robin Irie:

    In that case, Robin Irie, I elect you to head the line. You can then give me a heads up if I should still stay in line!

  354. DaveSin, on July 17th, 2008 at 3:34 pm Said:
    Robin Irie Said: …”Johny P: If I were you I would buy the viagra and hold unto it. Once it clear that Olint buss and no more money going to run Janice will be selling something else…..”

    Robin Irie:

    In that case, Robin Irie, I elect you to head the line. You can then give me a heads up if I should still stay in line!

    What kinda bullshit is this..and its not getting deleted!!

  355. Janice,

    eh? consider yourself one of the lucky ones….. I wish I had reliable sources such as yourself and others to help lay my concerns to rest.

    As it stands right now, not even if Mr. Smith were to come out in public and say he did not do any such thing, and then show me a screen of his oanda account would i be satisfied that there was money, and SUFFICIENT money at that to be paid out.

    I think nothing aside from cold hard cash in hand (not even a bank draft at this point would make me feel good until it is cashed) is what counts….

    No words, no promises, no apologies, no emails, no videos, no interviews, no inside sources, no testimony from fund of fund managers, no customer service emails from feeder funds….. Mr. Smith… come good, or do not pass go, do not collect $200, go STRAIGHT to jail

  356. @Jason there are clowns on both buses.

    I have no bias towards either bus and am neither pro or against olint, but a lot of the postings here are pretty low brow. This site however is better on posting news.

  357. Tito, true di man dem pon dis thread a trace off Janice like dem manphilic.

  358. Moderator start a thread re the raid on Wachvia Securities, investors cant access their funds, i wonder if there is a Olint link re his broker

  359. I think ppl should stop and consider the repurcussions of all the negative blogging. You could just influence DS to come and say there are no funds. What will you do next.

    Pray for the guy

  360. Miachica:

    Your friend started the ball rolling with her Viagra comment. Why did you not counsel her about such a statement? Janice is our friend too…we just like poking fun at her, given her multiple post supporting the great FX trader.

    I take back everything I have said about you. Now that I know that you are RICH (thanks to Olint), I must say I find you quite appealing and all the other positive things. I apologize 😦

  361. Oh Janice,

    Oh how we welcome the likes of you to this blog. If you buy the unicorn today I will also offer you a one time opportunity to buy shares in my unicorn breeding farm. Now I cannot let you see this farm but trust me it is real and currently producing about 10 unicorns per month. Though I have not actually raced any of these unicorns at the track yet I assure you they have been inspected by world renowned unicorn scientists Mr. Higgins Warner, Carlos Hill, Ingrid Loiten, and most notably the head of the Fraternally United Council of Unicorn Breeders (F.U.C.U.B)Mr. David Smith.

    Now don’t bother listening to those naysayers over there from the the likes of the FSC, NCB or those blogs that will try to tell you that what I am selling is rubbish and that unicorns do not exist. I assure you my farm is real. Think of the command you will have on the racing circuit as your team of unicorns decimate the competition at Caymanas.

    Just send me your email address and i will send you wire instructions for where to send your hard earned money(or Olint riches) to purchase your very own unicorn.

  362. lol at these posts…i found this blog somewhat accidentally, i spent the last 2 hours going through some of the threads.
    one thing is clear, there are come really deluded people out there.
    Hail DS, long may he live.
    people, dont worry our money is safe. tune into tvj news tonight, they’ve got a scoop. i’m so excited and relieved.

  363. Mia

    Chill out nu star. Wi affi tek bad sinting mek laugh sometime. Mi sure Janice can handle it.

  364. LOL…you guys are a trip. Any laughter right now is good. I have already written off my $$.

  365. jon – welcome to earth. What tidings do you bring from your distant gallexy? TVJ? We’ll know alot sooner than that I suspect.

  366. … “breaking news” … (munch, munch, munch) … local movie industry sources are apparently reporting that David Soze’s gross tekings from “Sinking of the Big O” … may yet break the record tekings of P J Depp’s 18+ year running saga “Pirate of the Caribbean” … (munch, munch, munch) … but, Puncie nuh bother surprise, ’cause … as Henry Morgan dense-end-dat … dem de role ah nuh nuthin fe we … (munch, munch, munch) …

  367. Yow JohnnyP

    You know the first girl I ever love did name Janice. A pretty dark skin girl; I was in first form at Edwin Allen.

  368. This is unfolding like Dallas and who shot JR?

  369. Whats with all the “cyarding”. We know say j’can love fi draw card but this is ridiculous. If this blog is about who can gang up on who with the best cayardist then mek it go so then. Mek the other round up some cyardist and then we can all sit back like ay this blog is an episode of def comedy jam.

  370. Get a new computer today.

    Drivah cant stop my from squeechy pon him Krissas now.

  371. Robin Irie:

    Mi nuh want no more Janice joke. O.K.? Janice is a very nice person with a slight problem; she is EASY to be miss-leg. Let’s show empathy; give her a group hug (without any inappropriate touching).

    Janice, yu see how mi a defend yu? When yu get some time, give mi a link! Maybe we can gu hava drink or two?

  372. DaveSin and others…janice dont want no lean bwoy LOL

  373. DaveSin, rasta, mi gone fi a couple hrs and deh habour shark dem emerge… Deh ol nagaz just a gang up pon the likkle lady… Fi unu pride sake, yuh better hope seh she wrong… lol


    One stop drivah….

  374. DreamDashWeh:

    Weh you mean my ..”janice dont want no lean bwoy”..?

    lean =???

    What you think I can say to get back on Janice good side. She call me Jack**s, Dragqueen, etc. Now she run gwaan.

    Wait, she gone cook dinner, she soon come, after Cliff program.

  375. Its time for “Money Trails and tribulation ”

    staring; David Smith, Cliff Hughes and the angry mob.




  377. TCI police claims investigation started by local people. DCP Hughes says the complaints originated in the TCI and NOT from Jamaica.

  378. NCB denies that any wire transfer was sent to NCB. NCB says no $200 M was sent and it was not reported. NCB is saying that it is under a court order to maintain Olint;s accounts.

  379. NCB says it would be a violation of the court order to refuse any deposit into Olints accounts

  380. Where the video?

    Where the email come from?

    I wonder why cliff cyah talK?

    Yuh neva check yuh sources?

    Him did sound so big and baasy?

  381. Let me listen to the interview again..mi swear mi hear cliff say him will have more tmw…which is today so why the sudden silence?

    Jamaican Journalism at its Finest!

  382. Is there anyone here who believes that David will be able to pay out everyone there principle in a years time?

  383. Olint-For-Life is now saying on the # 4 bus that the wire is now being held at BOJ. LOL. I didn’t know that BOJ is a commercial bank. LOL

  384. Where the email orginate from..where the video??

  385. what I dont understand is Cliff said that the email ended at David saying “I have”
    What words come after those words?
    Everything is so strange indeed

  386. Mia

    You don’t get it do you?

    Di man done talk and said that he his sticking by the email and his source.

    If he his wrong then that is easy money for DS. All he has to do is sue and he will have seed capital to start trade to pay you back.

    The ball is in Supah D court now. Let him come out and play.

  387. Everybody talk excep DSaviour. But its everyone else who is lying.

    let him take Cliff and nationwide to court.

    Does he dare?

  388. The man nuh have no evidence fi back up NOTHING..that was the must reckless journalism ever.

  389. Olint-for-life lives!!!!

    Olint-for-life Says:
    July 17, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Guys, I am still here.
    Try to be strong, trust me, we all need it.
    I too am doing my investigation, so thanks to all who has shared useful info.

    Just got this info from my banker friend.

    Did you know that when money is wired into Jamaica, it first goes to BOJ (central bank). BOJ would then notify the commercial bank that a wire is there for them.

    However, the commercial bank can reject it for “plausible reasons”, which can result in it being held by the BOJ until clarification is received, or the WT returned to sending bank.

    Thought you would like to know.


    Oh OFL, why have you forsaken us in this our time of need?

  390. Robin Irie,

    I am not saying he is lying stop out words in people mouth….but why didnt they check where the email come from..Why nobody cyah leak the video.

    TVJ and CVM TV should have the video?

  391. Robin Irie,

    You obviously have an agenda. anybody with common sense would ask the questions that I am asking.

    I just wanna make sure when people broadcast stuff like that, that its factual and not just hearsay.

  392. Cliff should have confirmed the authenticity of the email prior to broadcast. He should stated that the email was authenticated by so and so. Otherwise he should have said “allegedly wriiten by david smith” which he did not do. Hence cliff has downgraded his journalism to tabloid stuff in my opinion

  393. cliff is no different than chester francis jackson

  394. Johnny P, You are talking stupidness. Commercial Bank wire transfers do not come in to BOJ. When you are sending a wire transfer all that the oversees bank neeed to know are the particulars of the receiving bank, most importantly the ABA / routing #.
    NUH mek nobody tell you foolishness

  395. No video today…..strange Cliff promised more breaking news today..is he back tracking ?

  396. RSI,

    he stated that DAVID SMITH admitted that the club was broke…But the orgination of the email was investigated. What about the infamous video?

    Robin Irie

    Get the video with david smith and Nail the bastard for good!

    hopefully t.v or somebody WILL gwt the video and put an end to this crap.

  397. Johnny P,

    I see Olint 4 life on the other blog continuing to make a fool of himself with his silly stories. Since NCb shot down his story about 200 miil he moves on to BOJ. When will they understand there was NO 200 MILL sent. Super Con Artist Dave as lying just like how he has been lying all these years.

  398. Well you hear it from the horses mouth, they read these blogs!!! Cliff knows everyone wants more info on the email, but did not touch the subject.

  399. cliff was reading the email in the first person then he swithched to the third person. It just does not make sense

  400. if the email is not authenticated by an IT expert then faget it! It is not admissible . Argument done. Next witness

  401. ramacan.. a you dat fram east?

  402. For Cliff to have stated/read the email as if it was facts is highly irresponsible…

  403. It is an unwise thing to invest your money just because of the personality, or perception of prowesss of one man. Whether good intentioned or not, that one man has limitations which may prove detrimental to those who hold him in high esteem.

    I guess that’s the lesson plenty people are learning now.

    Long time we a warn dem but dem neva waan fi listen.
    #4 bus block di truth post dem, now dem a bawl ’cause dem money missin’

  404. Could you believe cliff won an emmy. Nationwide has become tabloid even though he wants to be reuters. He is the new chester

  405. Mia

    i have no agenda but the truth. Cliff has said his peice. You or anyone have no evidence that he didn’t check the source. He is saying that he is standing by the email and his source.

    No sue him!

  406. RSI,

    What would you say David Smith has become ?

  407. whats happening to MAYDAISY, ANY ONE WITH GOOD INFO, NOT RUMOUR.

  408. whats happening to MAYDAISY, ANY ONE WITH GOOD INFO, NOT RUMOUR.,,,

  409. Godson stay tuned on MD,
    There is breaking news coming soon!!!

    I shudder !!

  410. rsi why dave dont sue him?

    In a court of law the accuser has to provide the proof. If DSaviour sue him Cliff will have to prove his case of else pay about J$50m.

    Like I said no journalist reveal their source. Remember that a woman in the US went to Jail rather than naming Scooter Libby?

    It simple Sue Cliff.

  411. dave is caught up in saving his tail in turks

  412. i hold no brief for david. He needs to show me the money!

  413. MD needs to start paying some money….i hear she is loaded

  414. I am not asking cliff to reveal his source. I am asking him to aithenticate the document as having been sent from davids email client and also written by him. That is two things to authenticate.

  415. RSI


  416. I a try to get financially secure based on the Master Plan; and dem a tell me me broke. And me money done…….What the RASSS is this. Keep hope ALIVE. OMG wha me mus do now…….me broke heartless.

  417. Robin Irie,

    When did you HEAR him authenticate the email?

    I didnt
    Nobody is supporting DS
    Certainly not ME!

    But why did cliff huges read that email without authenticating the source..and where is this video.

    Why the silence from cliff today, he promised a follow up?

    That email rocked the whole a Jamaica and as such it shouldnt have been read without being verified.

    If DS is guilty justice will be served, but broadcasting crap like this over the AIR is very irresponsible.

  418. If the man tief the money…. which it look highly possible…. but know body knows yet for sure….. he will get WHATS COMING TO HIM.

  419. is it possible david smith could start a bank and have profits paid out from that bank? It may be a stupid question but i just wanted to ask…

  420. u people are so bad minded.
    i benefited tremendously from DS and his brainchild OLINT. not until, fsc, ncb leechin, super+ et al entered the pic did any probs arise.
    i used to earn $750k jamaican dollars at a local fin inst. with a wife earning less than half of my earnings, and 2 toddlers, one of whom was about to enter prep school in kgn, i thought that ruination was my destiny! but alas, along came the saving grace, many prayers answered. OLINT, all be it via Lewfam.
    my story, well its long but a quick summary follows.
    started with a principal of us$5k dec ’05
    i got 3 mths interest b4 fsc raid in march 06. panic led me to retrieve my money in may of 06. things settled and the dream, short lived @ the time seemed over. then i was contacted with instructions, if interested, on how to restart my account.
    so, in aug 06 i re”invested” $10 k US. i made several deposits over the next few months. as my confidence grew, i closed my omni, scotia mint, and most of my other small eggs scattered all over the place. by summer of 07 i had well in excess of 75k us!! in my account. i then started to cream my interest payments.

    i mved out of my rented apt in hwt, up into a more upt residence(rented). i’ve now bought my self a car, a v. nice one too. i now take my wife to work and kids to school in ac comfort.
    why would leechin who flies in a helicopter to go nxt door want to stop me from a ttaining a life of comfort?
    it is beyond me why u people rejoice in my/our despair.
    i dont know ds personally, but from what i hear hes and upstanding member of the christian community who would not set out to deliberately set out to defraud us. not like c+.
    but the prssures from all the bad minders created panic and he has clearly reacted bu tking more risks to ensure that poor folk like myself could continue to climb the socioecon ladder in ja where the odds are heaviely stacked against persons like myself who were not born with silverspoons.
    i say let us wait. tvj just said that ds has retained the services of top lawyers, reputable folk who would not rush to the defense of a nasty con man hustler as some would make ds to be.
    lets wait and see, in the mean time quit being so nasty to us invetors, we know how we’ve benefitted and we know that it can continue as long as it gets a chance. leechin, super+,fsc, backoff!

  421. jon

    I know it is hard to take, but if Olint is a Ponzi scheme, DS only helped you by taking money from someone else. If it is not a Ponzi scheme, then you are right. Unfortunately for you, every aspect of his operation that is visible makes it look like a Ponzi scheme that has failed. It’s not a question of DS and Olint prevailing. The truth, when it comes to money, is very easy to see provided you are willing to show it. DS has been holding all the cards. All he has to do is show one or two of them.

  422. I just spoke to a friend who returned from the Turks and Caicos, he was with DS during the raid etc. He has assured me that DS has a large amount of the funds still.

  423. foryoureyesonly, on July 17th, 2008 at 7:47 pm Said:
    I just spoke to a friend who returned from the Turks and Caicos, he was with DS during the raid etc. He has assured me that DS has a large amount of the funds still.

    i heard similar reports from v. close source to ds. i am confident. i am happy as a lark!

  424. Jon

    David Smith simply took money from your pairs and paid it to you, in financial musical cheers. DS was not generating any income from forex trading because he CANT TRADE.
    He however is a master ConMan who gambled away peoples money.

    I am sure DS is grateful to folks however because
    The house he lives his “investors” bought it
    His cars, condos, rum, beers, boats, Jet,lap dances, go go’s was all paid for by “investors” and then when he has stolen most of the investors money he turns around and hires lawyers with the same money he stole from the investors.
    This guy is the biggest genius ever. All Hail Super Dave

  425. Jason,

    what u people repeat ad nausea is that ds is a crook, hes a theif etc. tell me why was ds able to do this with such regularity over such a long period of time until the whole world ganged up against him, including memebrs of the local and international media?
    me thinks something fishy about dis one.
    i know where i stand. i have a balance in olint that when i retrieve it will be equal to several years at my current pay. i have accessed interest pay,menets over the last 6mtths on 07 that was equivalent of many many many many mths pay for me. i believe becuase i felt the impact in a real way. my beneifts were genuine not faked.

  426. Jon,

    Read the post again, what you believe is irrelivant, you cant change the facts. DS is the worst thing to ever happen to the Jamaican economy

  427. jason,
    thanks but ive already read the post. Several times!! all over the blog. u guys keep repeating yourselves! bringing little new to the table.
    how could he have been bad to the economy when several persons like me were able to attain many things that previously where only the subject of our dreams. my car, fully paid for, my savngs accounthas more money now tham i could save previously after 10 years of work!
    whats bad to the economy is the wreck that has resulted from the cabal of detractors, like yourself, who have bought into the machinations of the power brokers of our plantation style society.
    all i’m sayin, if ds is such a crook why is he sippin crystal in tropical paradise and not rotting in gp?

    nuff said. peace.

  428. DS is not a crook, he is just a person who got caught up in the hype. He needs to be protected from himself

  429. Jon are you that daft thyink about the thousands that have lost there money, life4 savings. But I will not prolong this with you, you remind me of the air heads like Olint 4 life and Hermes.
    Enjoy your riches

  430. jason
    didnt take u long to hurl your juvenile insults. i havent resorted to calling you daft just because i disagree with you. people have now ‘lost’ )and we are not sure of that yet) their monies because of the interfernce. DS left on his own we would all me drinking milk and honey.
    i too am not interested in prolonging this with you. i say to you respectfully, i disagreee with your perspectiveand i think that in time i’ll be shown to be right. even then i wont calll you names.
    take care fellow j.

  431. Jason,

    Sorry Jason but I think the “world class finance minister” claims that title.

  432. the arogance of those who believe that they are correct, even when they fail to show evidence of their supposed correctness galls me. i’m prepared to wait. if i am shown to be wrong, i will lap my tail and walk off into the dusk of financial ruin.9dont despair, i’d rebound should thaty happen).
    but just imagine if you naysayers turn out to be wrong. what will happen of your pride?, your arrogance? your self righteousness? all the naysayers bewhare. i’m preparde to absob my losses. are you?

  433. You know what I dont understand with you people you are all wasting time questioning the validity of the email. Isnt it clear to u all DAVID IS BROKE. Dont you all realise that for months you have not received any interest. Also hop of Cliff’s back cause we are the same ones who want him and Nationwide to track the story for us. If David knew he did not write the email why him never stay and defend his position. Also to the persons who are talking about Cliff needs to tell his sources you are all MAD. How the man must give his sources, how u think nationwide get info. We the public call them and in confidence we tell them things expecting that they will not let the public know that we tell them.

    THis other rubbish about David saying that he did not write the email SO WHAT why is it that David is so honest. This is the same man who says that people would get their money from lastweek, this was the same man who told us couple months ago that all is well with olint. So why should we beleive him

    when Audley got up in Parliament and said that Peter Bunting through his company got “sweet heart deal” Peter got up and deny it. Did u see Audley tell who his source was? Peter was the same man who had to come back and withdraw his statements and admit that they did infact got a deal from government. If David is so confident that him never write it then fine there is a place to deal with it. Its called COURT HOUSE.

    Listen you all hop off Cliff Hughes back some of you are just bitter that uno money gone and you all cant get it back. Why you all never listen to FSC when them tell uno fi THINK BEFORE YOU INVEST dont blame Cliff, blame urself. Mi big up CLIFF everytime for bringing the info to the fore. If it wasnt for Cliff and Nationwide we would not know that Olint’s asset were frozen in Turks and Caicos. You know in this country we are one back of hypocrites

  434. Jon

    You are doing well

  435. After reading through the opinions by most persons on this board, I have come to one conclusion. Most of the doomsayer are relieved that Olint is now in under investigation.
    How would they explain their children years from now as to why they did not take advantage of such an opportunity? In your minds, you missed the boat and you were all praying for it to sink. Forex is real and now that it has been exposed to the masses, neither Lee Chin nor all the obiah men in Jamaica can make it go away. There are currently a slew of legitimate forex funds available and just as doomsayer thought the internet would crash and go away, forex is here to stay.

  436. Forex is real and is exposed to the masses
    Scams are real and rip off the masses

  437. Jermaine no worry Cliff Hughes safe. The mail genuine……

  438. Cliff Hughes will be sued for sure

    Email is fake

  439. Kensimmo,

    All countries have currencies. Many use the same currency, most have their own. Forex (foreign exchange) is just the buying and selling of different currencies- of course it is here to stay.

    Olint is and was a Ponzi scheme. No FX trader in the known universe has ever generated 10% a month conssitently without posting a loss. Of course it is possible David was the first, but oddly enough he never bothered to have his claims of FX omnipotence audited.Funny that……..

    I was one of those that warned people to stay away and yes I was praying for it to sink before it took down too many people. All ponzis sink, thats the only universal truth of Ponzio schemes- its only a question of when. The longer they last t the more people they ultimately hurt.
    There are a slew of legitimate FX funds available, would caution that they are not for those that do not understand the very real risks they face.


  440. So Janice,

    How many unicorns you want?

  441. This is the end for Nationwide/Cliff Hughes

    Cliff u brok for life after David finish with u

    DS will soon own Nationwide

    The only way Cliff survive is if David sorry fe him

  442. I think you can only be sued for libel if there is willful intent (can a lawyer comment on this?). CH and most of us would probably believe the email.

    HOWEVER, his professional rep may take a massive hit if it turns out to be bogus.

  443. Johny P

    Are u so shallow thats the only thing u know

  444. Janice – CH did not do anything to diminish DS reputation. It’s only wort about .5c right now 🙂

  445. In this situation Cliff will end up a poper

    Libel and slander dont have to be intentional

    Once it causes damages to the person business or reputation

    In DS case it can put his life in danger

    Can u imagine how many people got mad when they heard this so call email

  446. I’m currently in South Florida. It is amazing how many Jamaicans here are in O.

    NUFF stress, is not just Kingston in depression right now 😦

  447. If DS sue Cliff Hughes him dun for

    DS i implore u Sue Cliff /Nationwide

  448. Cliff Hughes u turn rux

  449. On this email thing, I have one thing to say:

    Dan Rather lost his job a few years during the 2004 elections back when he reported that he received an official document that proved that George Bush went Awol and was a no-show for reserve guard duty. The document was not authenticated and turned out to be manufactured. Dan Rather was criticized for not doing his job to authenticate the document before presenting such damaging evidence against Bush as new reporting.

    Dan Rather eventually was ask to resign.

    Now I am not saying that the above is exactly like the Cliff Hughs situation but it is sure close enough.

  450. Janice – as I said before, the email can’t do much more damage to DS than he has already done himself. He himself blames his own failure to communicate for the loss of confidence in the Club and the death and bomb threats closed his office BEFORE the email issue arose.

    It’s only Cliff’s credibility that’s on the line.

    You don’t think people were already mad ?

  451. Well Janice,

    I do know about real investing and trading as I have been doing it successfully for close to ten years. I also know how to spot a scam from miles away. But forget about that. How about investing in my unicorn farm. I am also teaming up with a group of Leprechauns to start marketing pots of gold. I think you also have awesome opportunity to get in on the ground floor of that business.

  452. Janice – see Truth’s post.

    CH can only lose his work and guess what – him a de boss.

    Forget CH and lets see if Lord Gifford can help DS find our money. The little bit you MIGHT get from CH can’t help us !!

  453. On another note. David has told a number of people (thta went to Turks to see him this week) the very same story that is contained in the alleged email. I.E losses were due to accounting errors.

    I suspect we will discover that there was little or no trading done in Olint. Knew David in his JMMB days and while a decent trader he was no master.

  454. Johny p

    While u have to work 9-5 DS have made me very comfortable with a house and a new 318 i BMW,

    If all u can talk about is unicorns your boyfreinds gave u then then go right ahead

  455. I am not defending DS but cliff could have came with an IP address or somin kinda info that the email is legit.

    Ever heard of Email Spoofing…thats what spammers use to send out information. It dosent take a genius to do it either.

    E-mail spoofing is a term used to describe fraudulent e-mail activity in which the sender address and other parts of the e-mail header are altered to appear as though the e-mail originated from a different source. E-mail spoofing is a technique commonly used for spam e-mail and phishing to hide the origin of an e-mail message.

    What crack me up is poor little cliff was soo sure DS made that email.

    He didnt even bother to use terms like “alleged” or “suposedly”.

    Bottom line is he wrong for that one.

    The nail in the COFFIN will come for DS
    But they have to do better than that.

  456. OK – truth out. Janice a one of the “Top Level” investors that get all a wi money !!

    You can help out any of the little old people who lose everything ?? Would be the “Christian” thing to do (in keeping with the fundamental principles of O.)

  457. Now you are going to need a stable for your unicorn. Do you think you will have space?

  458. Marcus,

    The coffin ready but dem cyah fine the right nail fi seal it

    Dem soon catch him nuh ready bout that.

  459. *worry

  460. Cliff Hughes will soon have to join Johny P in breeding Unicorns for a living

    the funny thing is that he has no male Unicorn so he has to do the breeding HIMSELF

    So we should call them Johnycorns


  461. Janice u need to focus on David and leave Cliff alone. Ask David how he is going to pay you back. And so what if DS sue Cliff is he wins (and trust me HIM CAAN WIN CLIFF cause Cliff source GOOD) him still not going to make enough money to pay u back ur money. The money he would have made off Cliff can hardly pay one client. You know what I dont understand with you Jamaicans you spend more time focusing on the minor things. Focus on DS paying back the money, you all were defending Carlos the other day and cuss NCB, Super Plus ETAL where is Carlos Hill.

    Jance come off Cliff name and focus on David paying back the money. Opps he has no money to pay. Dont expect Cliff to give his sources the man would not buss the storyif him never sure. How you know say the man never have the email from Monday and took two days to ensure that he is right.

    The fact of the matter is this we listen to Nationwide to provide us with information, they are credible. Cliff is number one and also Janice answer this question WHY DAVID NEVER DEFEND HIMSELF YESTERDAY? Answer that

  462. Jermaine – You on the ball. Seems like Janice get enough from O to business with anyone else.

    You see how DS have Lord Gifford fighting his battle in JA and TCI and we have what ?? Just this blog to post our frustrations !

  463. Johny p

    Your boyfreind just call me so bye

  464. all of carlos hill property and cars where seized.

    SOme lied calim them see the man inna car a drive x5…LMAO

    THe man cannot say anything because have legal reason..did somebody drop you on your head.

    DS is a crock but come on, thats STANDARD procedure when your in a legal battle.

  465. New Post:
    Was the Email fake or genuine? what is your thoughts?

    n.b. – We trying to keep the bus tuned and running…

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