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About Us

Real Investments for life  looks at what is happening on the investments scene in Jamaica and the World

We are also

1. Interested in showing up investment scams for what they are

2. Encouraging people to do careful due diligence before investing

3. Providing useful information on how to make wise investment decisions.

John Doe  (Investforlife)
I am investor with interests in Stocks, Mutual Funds. I do not trade forex..
I know money can be made in Forex but you can just as easily lose money.
I am not associated with the FSC, BOJ, A Bank or in the financial sector.

I am not associated with any company in the financial sector.
I am investor who has interest in real estate, the stock market and I do trade forex.


This is all posters.

Please stick to the issues and note the following. We might disagree but we all need to be civil and respectful.

  1. Please try and keep your posts short and to the point.
  2. Please avoid the excessive use of FULL CAPS as it is extremely difficult to read.
  3. Please do not copy and paste entire articles to the blog. Please post snippet(s) or summary and the link to the article or source.
  4. Please, please desist from the name calling, the swearing and the vulgar behaviour.
  5. Please do not badger people to respond to a post. People have a right to NOT to respond or to respond.
  6. Please do spam the blog with the same posts. Duplicate posts will be removed.
  7. Please avoid calling the names of persons that have no public position relevant to issues. Initials will do.
  8. Please do not post persons’ personal information. Those posts will not be allowed and will be removed.
We generally avoid censoring posts. However we might edit/hold posts in cases were legal concerns are involved.


  1. Posts with multiple links will be automatically held for moderation
  2. Absolutely no links with adult related material will be accepted.


What was the motivation in starting this blog? 
Believe it or not the motivation is simply that we do not like seeing our fellow Jamaicans getting scammed and or headed for certain losses. We posted and tried to provide what at the time was contrarian opinions, trying to avert the impending disaster. I have been doing the same thing offline from the day I first heard about these UFO’s. The blog is really a result of this attitude. It is not any more complicated than that and there is nothing sinister or nefarious about the blog and its formation.
This blog started because we were prevented from posting on another blog where our opinions where not welcomed. One by one they deleted some of our posts and soon all of us were blocked. Somewhere along the line, they suggested to us start our own blog and leave them alone. We listened and took up their suggestions and started this one. The ‘we’ are Nocotec, Jay, DaveSin, Robin Irie, JohnDoe and Jason.
The motivation is simple. We STRONGLY believe based on available evidence that 99.9% if not 100% of all UFOs are SCAMs of one sort or another. We believe that people have been lied to, tricked, simply scammed and that somebody has to say so and tell people that is what happened.
We have family and friends that against or without our advice opted to invest in these SCAMS and we hurt when we see their and others suffering and in pain.  Therefore we believe people must know what we think about the SCAMs and we also want to know the TRUTH of exactly what happened.
We also hope that by presenting as much information we can people will embrace the need for a) Regulation b) Transparency and c) Disclosure.
Has any interest group provided any sort of financial support to the blog?
  1. No interest group or any group has offered or provided financial support for this blog. In any case, we are NOT interested.
  2. This blog is hosted for FREE by wordpress.com
  3. This blog is AD free as far as we know. We get NO revenue from it. Please Note WordPress might include Google Adsense where they see fit and the revenue goes to WORDPRESS, not us.
Why does by post take so long to be approved?
Contrary to what some suggest… it is not a job for the moderator(s). We have separate lives so sometimes a new blogger is approved very quickly and sometimes it may take several hours before a moderator sees his/her post and approves it.
Last updated: August 13, 2008
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