Olint’s David Smith arrested and charged for fraud

Investforlife has received word that embattled CEO of Olint, Mr David Smith was arrested at 3pm this afternoon and charged with 5 counts of fraud. He is currently on bail which was set at US$1M.

According to the  Welcome to Turks and Caicos Net News, the charges are outlined in the quote below     

According to TCI police press officer, Sgt Chase, Smith was arrested on two counts of uttering false documents, four counts of forgery, and two counts of theft; he was subsequently released on $1 million bail and will appear in the magistrate court at a later date. 


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  1. Chickens coming home to roost

  2. At least we now know for sure that he has assets or cash of USD 1M.

  3. To Mr. Smith and his Minions…err investors…. don’t worry, have faith that the lord will provide in this great time of need!!

    Afterall the lord has promptly provided Mr. Smith with the money he needed for bail!

  4. Guys you can use money frozen by the Authority for bail?

  5. How come this brother DS assets were frozen because of money Laundering and now he is charged with fraud.

    The r Superintendent Knighton nearlly mad me with all the reasons I should file a complaint against DS . I guess he was able to convince another $4M worth of Investors.

    I love this at least we are nearer to the FACTS

  6. L&LL

    The money Laundering issue was just a cover to look at the books! Once you have access to the documents then it is very easy to uncover a Ponzi scheme.

  7. Beginning of the end?
    L&LL, get over the audit smokescreen. Dude, its about time u wake up and see the situation for what it is.

  8. FINALLY, I’m so relieved! I couldn’t stand the fact that he was living like a rock star while his investors are suffering (ie. Madoff).

    I can’t beleive though that it took them SOOO long to figure out he was a friggin TEEF!

  9. Get ready Smithy…..there is much more to come….all courtesy

  10. Sirach, on February 5th, 2009 at 8:49 pm Said:
    Get ready Smithy…..there is much more to come….all courtesy

  11. It’s about time. With all the money he stole and with all of the money that he probably has at his avail , there is no way he should be let out on bail!

    He is a flight risk!!!

  12. Nothing there has changed. That has always been a distinct possibility… A likelihood even

  13. Has a court date been set yet?

  14. Finally the truth will be told now. In these wicked and corrupt times there is still hope for justice to prevail. I am hoping all the corrupt individuals (politicians, businessmen etc) who were behind this ponzi scheme are arrested.


  16. what r u all so happy about all this means is that there will b less money and a longer wait to get anything if theres anything.

  17. Courtesy of the BUSHMASTER….

  18. What a way unno was “hiding” in the background…

  19. You are right friend of Sirach….the first breakfast club spoke of this…..long ago…..what else did the breakfast club speak of? Can you remember? You will be reminded…

  20. Thanks for Internet Protocols…..for we might otherwise have been shocked that you were all in the background like that.

  21. Gat ready.

  22. Mr. Chung, you have chosen to join the ranks of Peter and John and others…..I am thoroughly disappointed on two fronts….one is that I have known you longer than the others and two you are an advisor to the Government. Link me for time is short.

  23. Does anyone know for sure about the 200 million which was allegedly sent to NCB?

  24. Ask Wayne Smith about it.

  25. While your at it ask him about the money sent to i trade and JIJ…. he knows…

  26. Come on.. Tell me something.

  27. Patience Jr……give people a chance to consider repentance…

  28. So did the bail get meet , or is it even possible for him to pay a million dollars

  29. Mr. Jones….it seems e-mailing jokes belies the extent of your e-mailing acumen. their is a type of engineering that is relatively new…..it’s called computer engineering.

  30. Sirach, one Question, is this a Ponzi?

  31. And of course Master Teef…..met up with some sample Jamaicans before he new what real Jagans were all about…In truth Master Teef…it is you who shall draw the shortest end of the stick.

  32. Stewpeas and Rice Master TEEF????….hahahahahaaa

  33. Gifford…(smile) CHI-CHING!!!!…..Not with my money though.

  34. This is Ponzi plus stealing….plus politics…..plus brand names….plus prison…yeah

  35. Yeah…it’s all about some wicked witch too….and how dem broom lose power and dem drop inna pitbull backyard….yeah

  36. oh and it’s all about balance of power and how frail that can be….

  37. It is definitely about careers down the drain…..and the exposure of the big Yardie “Christian” Dem.

  38. Thanks.

  39. Anyway lata…..by the way the grapevine has it that the BUSHMASTER is rampant with the Rod of Correction soon…..who knows?

  40. Seminole county and sons do you see that? FRAUD… and your next, bring on the ROD OF CORRECTION

  41. One down and another to come…..I am waiting to hear World Wise Noel Straughn heading behind bars as well……………….. Hopefully some homosexual run a ponzi scheme up their ass…damn thiefs

  42. Breakfast club?

  43. Jay….unblock Harbourshark right now.

  44. Very Upset

    Martinez dem is up on the roster before Straughn..

  45. Up to press time, The Gleaner/ Power 106 News Centre was unable to make contact with any of Smith’s lawyers for a comment on his arrest.


    Mr. Barnett….I believe you are still going about it the wrong way.

  46. Wow you are a all nighter.

  47. I know that many will be concerned by the uncertainty implicit in a further extension of the time of the Commission of Inquiry. But, as I said when announcing the first extension on 21 October: “the important thing is that it (the Commission) should be allowed the time necessary to do its job properly. This will enhance the credibility of its report and, ultimately, provide the basis to ensure that the TCI’s reputation is firmly established as a jurisdiction based on the rule of law and the integrity of all who hold public office”.


  48. Sirach

    60 mil cant just disappear!!! We want answers ..NOWWWW…. And we want the money from those THIEFS… those CRIMINALS… those INFIDELS…They are up next for sure.

  49. Fee Fii Foo Fum The Final Analysis Soon Come!… Its just a matter of time, before we expose your lies!

  50. He has started filing for bankruptcy. A well thought out plan to steal people .

    He profess to be a man of God.

    God hand will be on him and his entire family will suffer, people tears will be there shoulders because some people house, cars, etc. will be lost hecause of his dishonesty.

  51. Among the original allegations against Olint were “extensive and unexplained wire activity; deposits followed by a request to transfer the funds to a third party without any apparent business reason; and unexplained, extensive wire activity with very low trading levels in the accounts”.


  52. The NFA should make a release any day now.

  53. Accessories are scrambling…..Billy Paul….”someone’s knocking at the door…..somebody’s ringing that bell……do me a favour……open the door….and let em’ innn…….”

  54. http://www.cftc.gov/newsroom/enforcementpressreleases/2009/pr5608-09.html

    Release: 5608-09
    For Release: February 5, 2009

    CFTC Charges Minnesota Resident Charles “Chuck” E. Hays and His Company, Crossfire Trading, LLC, with Running a $5.5 Million Ponzi Scheme

  55. All this time I have been reading and did not say a word. For months I believed that Sirach was just someone who wanted to see DS fall but I must say that the chickens are now coming in to roost, Sirach, Jay etc were right all along. However DS should not be the only one to take the plunge, what about Lewfam’s NL et al?? He and his family are living it up in Coopers Hill, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Lucia etc while we pay the price for their sins?? What’s ur take on that Sirach?

  56. This will all lead back to Panama and Luis Sola, DS is a patsy.

  57. Bankruptcy… Is this confirmed?

  58. It is difficult to understand that why is everyone after on David Smith’s activities related to Forex trading. We all should realize that the Forex trading was just a cover for illegal activities.

  59. dat wicked man name lee-chin..is him caauze it.

    L&LL is someone posting as you over on the other bus? your posts here and over there suggest thatyou speak from both sides of your mouth.

    wake up no man….wah happen to u? see it for what it is no rasta.

  60. cant believe that people still blaming lee-chin.
    yup, see the other bus. some there are still very disillusioned.

  61. David Smith, head of the alternative investment Scheme OLINT is to face three charges when he appears in a Turks and Çaicos Islands court on Tuesday August 5.


  62. For those people who are still wondering and asking and still trying to figure out if and when they will get their money back listen up….

    – You are f***** !

    – You are not getting your money back, not ever !

    – You can feel good about it if you like but you will never get your money back

    – David Smith is a TEEF !

    – All the other running clubs like Olint including Worldwise, Lewfam, Higgin Warner, May Daisy, etc ….they are all TEEF too

    If you want me to help you to feel good about your loss listen up :

    – Go and read what all the optimistic supporters on this blog and all the other blogs are saying

    – Keep Hope alive

    – Pray everyday

    – David Smith is a Christian and he will never lie or tief

    – David Smith has Billions of dollars in overseas account

    – He tried to send 200 million US to NCB and NCB did not want it because it was tainted by the bank that held it before. Now that money is stashed in a secret safe in TCI so that the authorities would not find it a seize it.

    – See !…he had 1 million dollar to bail himself out of jail, so he still have the 200 million (now 199) to pay everyone as soon as he get cleared from all the charges.

    – David Smith is the best trader in the world

    – There is no way he can go to jail because he is a Christian and did not do anything wrong

    – Even if his money is seized he will trade it back and give it to you in 9 months starting from today

    – You will not get your money right away but you will get a promise of payment in April

    – He is feeling really bad about not being able to make payments

    – Go to TCI and meet with David Smith, it will make you feel important

    – If he touches you when you go there, that is a sign that you will get your money with all the interest soon

    – MOST IMPORTANTLY, Don’t forget to listen out for the date when he will be giving out the Kool Aid in TCI

  63. David Smith, head of the alternative investment Scheme OLINT is to face three charges when he appears in a Turks and Çaicos Islands court on Tuesday August 5.


    Latest update

  64. People should not jump to conclusions without the facts.If you do not know then shut your mouth.
    David Smith is not a thief and has not defrauded his investors.Based on the comments it would seem as if you all want investors to loose their money.Leave the matter to the courts and let the law take its course.

  65. BTW – the bail bond is likely Olint frozen money released for bail.

  66. I think this is another carrot in front of the horse (August 5th)
    why don’t we just let him go and call it a day! b/c really will we see any justice in this system?

  67. How come it took the FEDS barely a month to see that Madoff guy in court to bring charges either Feb/march?

    If they can unravel 50 billion dollars in a month what are those twats over in Turks doing that took them 2 years.

  68. junkunno

    There was the small matter of a confession in the Madoff case. Investigations of ponzi schemes don’t get far without complainants. They only appear when the kool-aid runs out or the perpetrators start to water it down. Are you a complainant?

  69. Have you considered the methods of diversifying, hiding and sterilizing money such as Panama or the various businesses via off shore corporations that are partnered to U.S. businesses? The triangle can get confusing to forensic accounting as well as hit various international privacy laws.

  70. OLINT’s lawyers ready to fight TCI court .
    Lawyers representing embattled OLINT boss David Smith say they intend to put up a fight against criminal charges laid against him in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). Following months of investigations, Mr. Smith was on Thursday charged with five counts of false accounting, theft and other fraud related charges.


  71. http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20090207/lead/lead5.html

    He says the local complaints have not been “of substance”.

    “We would ask if any one feels that they have been defrauded and that they invested money in Jamaica, that they contact the Fraud Squad.”

  72. Am I unblocked?

  73. You do not need cash to post bail.
    My recollection of the bail details published was that a surety (guarantor) was a part of the bail conditions.
    You will recall that DS owns real estate in TCI. The title deed along with this guarantor or surety will stand as the bond for the bail not cash.

    In any event August is ridiculously too distant a date for the first hearing , that must constitute grounds for human rights breach and should lead to a judicial review application by his attorneys.

    Based on the length of time the police has had to be investigating this matter my opinion is that the Police authorities have very little evidence to prosecute DS and they are hoping that the distant court date will allow for their continuing fishing expedition to yield more damning fruit.

  74. Hearing rumours that hitman came to turks to kill david . Really honestly if david really stole investors money could he honestly think that he will be able to live a normal life . Is it really worth it to live life on the run and hiding , puting himself and family in danger for 200 million . Come on david think logically with all your heavy investor s dont you think they have power and the assets to locate you even if you lived in space come david be smart it is not another trip to jail . The conseqences could be worst.

  75. AML & Sirach,

    Absolute Garbage, for the few that have TRIED to carry cases to them, they have been told that it is at this point pointless for a number of reasons, and basically dissuaded from given any information.

    The TCI authorities may have taken their sweet time (or they may have very well gone as fast as they could) but at the VERY LEAST they have taken SOME action! It would seem here in Jamaica, too many people that “mater” have benefited from this scam to at this stage make it possible to take any meaningful action against Mr. Smith and all the other people involved.

    I’m not sure which is more upsetting to me, the thought that my own and my family and friends’ money is gone (possibly in the COOL hands of others), or the thought that there is a very STRONG possibility that everyone involved with get away with it and continue to live in the lap of luxury.

  76. http://www.wirelessexpressions.com/olint/

    Is where its at today.
    Bushmaster is going bannanas!!!
    How credible are his postings?
    Who is bushmaster? Don’t expect his full name and address, what I mean is what is his growse? Former associate, investor, or somebody with altruistic motives?
    Plz help me understand what is going on. I admit some of what he is posting I don’t quite understand how they tie into the matters at hand.

  77. Miak,

    I was just over there and man, this guy has a lot on info. The big question is how accurate is it.

  78. Bushmaster is THE individual on this blog and yes the information is very credible. I guess you are new to this blog? Former Investor is probably a good handle, but if you read this blog you would know who he is…it is very transparent.

  79. Yeah, i think we asll know who bushmaser is.
    My guess is that his info is pretty accurate.
    he wouldnt take the chance of posting potentially liablous stuff, if it werent so. he would have to be rerlatively secure in the accuracy of his posts to put them up.
    given that a layman like myself can finger his identity, with lets be fair, 75-80% certainty, the authorities would have him in a heartbeat.

    but i would read with a pinch of salt nevertheless. not his motives are not as transparent as some imagine.

  80. I love BUSH MASTER send it on……it is more educating that a BSC

  81. The Full Hundred has commence…..finally….. 🙂

  82. look so
    run it

  83. Lets not try to expose who Bushmaster really. If you get too close the information flow may soon cease.
    Lets just sit back and soak up the information.

    I suppose that persons are now very busy moving assets around and changing ownership on paper etc.

    Keep the info flowing, yes the Full hundred is now hear after being promised for a long time

  84. If Bushmaster info is accurate, it appears that Don Creary was the one behind all those glowing articles about Olint and not Mark Wignall . It appears that Mark was just the vehicle used by Olint to perpetrate the fraud in the local press.

    Don appears to be preparing the stuff and Mark would send it in has his own article.

    If the info is true it seems that master journalist Mark Wignall has just lost any credibility that he has left.

  85. Jay are you going to release my brothers and Sisters and take the filters off? Harbourshark…..Cold as Ice…and the others?….why not jay some are close to DS right now.

  86. Don Creary was editing Mark Wignall articles or writing parts of it before the articles on Olint was published. This revelation shows us that money can buy favorable press. David Smith was also very instrumental in using Ponzi money to fund political campaigns and although he gave to both sides, the distribution of funds was heavily one-sided it would appear. I wonder if that is the reason why no charge has been brought to bear in Jamaica. I guess Misick could not protect him in TCI, despite whatever contributions he made to his “island fund”.

    I do not question motives, along as the information is valid and revealing.

  87. all eyes on wireless and this blog. the odda bus quiet no r@@tid!

    oh, Free Harbor Shark! Free Harbor Shark!! Free Harbor Shark!!!

  88. David Smith…Shalimar says he wants a word with you.

  89. Courtney you said you were the “same as me” I can’t read it Mr. Murry….the records do not show that and also you go Carder Park football field redone….I am disappointed Courtney…..and people harp about credibility and try to discredit people…..well you know inside how accurate I am…just like David smith knows….right Smithy?

  90. Mark Wignall has a lot to answer to. At the end of the day he must feel like a used condum. like a pawn in a game way bigger that he could ever fathom. i wont give him too much blame though, because to do so i would first need to credit him with a degree of intellegence not on obvious display.
    I think he has once again exposed his short comings. first it was witht the destruciton of what was bequeathed to him by the late, great Prof. Carl Stone and th emany stories attached to that saga. now this.
    what is the value of his twice weekly published op-ed peices? who in their right mind read such a disrobed individual.

    Mark Wignall, i expect you to say something in your own defense. Your credibility is in tatters. its likely that he reads this blog, everybody in kingston does. Answer for yourself Mr. Wignall. the people want to knwo what you knew, and when you knew it.
    many relied on your opinion, many were taken in by your positive spins.

  91. I don’t know who bushmaster is or what’s his agenda but I do know some of the info he posted seems credible .I can verify some banking /account details that would be difficult to make up if you didn’t have access

    The postings though bring me back to a point that I raised some mths ago and that yes absolutely individuals need to take responsibility for their decision to invest in these clubs however that does not excuse our elected officials from the role they have/are playing in this saga at the expense of the pple who elected then to lead

    Again I maintain that if the Govt. (through the FSC) declared Olint & C+ illegal entities and the then Finance Minister practically called them Ponzis then how in gods name can BOTH the PNP and JLP justify taking campaign contributions basically they are saying its Ok to take funds from illegal operations? or worse from a Ponzis (which is basically taking money from your electorate which you know they are not going to get back?)

    If DS /Olint is convicted of Fraud what next ? are fraudently obtained funds to run political campaigns ? and not be returned to the defrauded ? the only reason the normally self righteous Bruce Golding is alarmingly quiet on this is that his side of the fence is just as DIRTY as PNP if not more and if you ask me investment club “contributions to worthy causes “ is the mother of all scandal not Trafigura

  92. And another thing because I know the well repeated Mantra so well, Investors are NOT asking for a bailout but it is NOT enough for the Govt, to do a Pontius Pilate and wash their hands clean of this mess or just smugly say I told you so

    Cant anyone else not see that such a stance lacks credibility /ethics/morality when the political party that you head accepted large sums of monies from these very same entities?

    Please note in the USA No one offered Madoff investors (and other such schemes ) a bailout but the govt moved swiftly to act as best as they could in the interest of the investors (which is the least that citizens should expect from their leaders )

  93. Mark Wignall is a mercenary! He has lost all credibility.
    It seems like DC public relations acumen is hinged on Mark’s columns in the Observer. I used to remember reading his articles and he always talk about Homestyle microwave dinners and old Macdonald jerk sausages etc. I thought they were really good when in fact he must have been just paid to promote them. Very sad indeed!

  94. http://www.sunheraldja.com/article/show/2219

    Let’s bring closure Let’s bring closure

    When one looks back and analyses the performance of the Jamaican economy in 2008, the failed unregulated financial organisations, wickedly nicknamed UFOs after unidentified flying objects supposedly from outer space; when one looks back, the failed easy-money schemes stand out as the most painful experience for thousands of Jamaicans.

  95. Mi nuh get the fuss
    DS is a Jamaican operating a very successfull bussiness in the TCI . So successfull we sold our house, land and wife to put the money in Olnt.

    The politicians hear about the same money tree OLINT and beg in the nicest way as presented by bushmaster for a donation here and there. Now wi seh dem a teef. A NEVER OLINT NUMUH DEM BEG. DEM BEG EVERY BODY BIG AND LITTLE a suh democracy run!!!!!!!..
    Obviously dem like we did think DS was an honorable man.

  96. Again L& LL we see things differently. I agree with you to the extent that you are correct in you assumptionthat they were fooled. i have said before that i do not fault people who got word of the collapse of olint, for taking steps to protect themselves. i would not wait on receivers to come divie up money before, i would take my money out of ncb tomorrow if i got word of trouble there.

    however, if it can be shown that they were complicit in the ‘con’, i.e. realised the con and sought to perpetuate it while they fed themselves, see don crearys alleged role, knowing that a collapse was inevitable, then when the collapse was imminent, withdrew in time, then different story.

    let te truth come out. it can be a fine line between ignorance and down right criminal conduct. let us see what the light exposes.

    writting in a haste….tell me if i am making sense L&LL..another time i’ll put more into my point if it is unclear.

  97. Jon
    I am with you I want the truth to come out.

    who said Don Creary pulled out when the collapse was emminent????? I am going to call him in the morning. I do not know him to be that sort of guy . but who knows ……..He has a big mouth and trust me if he believed an OLINT crash was eminent he would tell the world!!!!! he loves to have a good name. but again who knows???

    The money is what I want and if I cannot get it I will take the whole truth …..LOL

  98. All of you are squabbling about Garbage! Who cares about Don Creary,JLP or PNP?! None of these people or entities has Clubmembers money. David transfered money to be managed by JIJ, Itrade and others. This is where the money is…this is the whole truth!

  99. icfraud, oh no one has lost sight of the real criminal in this. but we would be foolish if we fail to see the bigger picture if there is one.
    this will no absolve ds, it will implicate others.
    if what is coming out is true, then a indicting picture is being painted. lets see. DS is a crook, we havent lost sight of that.

  100. Re Live & let
    I agree with Jon No one is taking the heat off Ds the point is that unfortunately individual actions can be viewed somewhat different from those of Public bodies such as Political parties which have a fiduciary responsibility to the Jamaican people

    Now if an individual even if an MP decides to go against the advice of the govt and invest in an unregistered, illegal scheme that their own finance minister called a Ponzis ( in case of PNP ) I guess that’s their personal decision even if they not setting any leadership example BUT a political party taking money from the same entities is another thing completely especially when some of these so called contributions may be seen as just thinly veiled extortion for “ yeh man we u a go leave alone to do your things an in the end defraud more of the public )

    Additionally if an MP though the media helps to paint a favourable and misleading impression of a club that would lead to more investors for ultimately his own benefit that again is something else
    And yes like Jon if I hear NCB going under Ill be there first thing Monday morning but not while telling everybody else yeh man everything criss

    And finally lets just say like the rest of us they were just plain naive about dear old Dave , shouldn’t they have some moral obligation to return those ill gotten funds because if they don’t pay it back then I don’t see why anyone else who got back more than his principal should either .

    I guess what really irks me is the hypocrisy of the whole thing, the smug I told you see and deafening silence of our so called Leader when he Knows some of the stuff that went down

    You see naivety is not a sin but greed and corruption sure are
    That my dear Sirs are why No investigations are ever going to take place in Jamaica

  101. I appreciate your comments. However, Investigations in Jamaica are not going to get our money back. Instead We need to investigate where David transfered Clubmembers money… where did he invest, whom did he invest with and what was done with that money!

  102. Yes ICfraud but since mutiple territories are involved govt to govt coperation is more effective than individuals to govt
    it would be agreat help if the Ja govt were interceding coperating with Turks, london Usa etc on out behalf rahther than ignoring the 600lb gorilla in the room

  103. good point, i hear you loud and clear. The govts need to step in and help clubemembers find out the truth, and find the money even if we only get back a percentage of our investment, WE WANT IT BACK. Agreed

  104. Court rejects request to freeze Olint money
    Published: Sunday | February 8, 2009

    AN INVESTOR in the troubled David Smith-led foreign-exchange trading club, Olint, has failed in his bid to have the Supreme Court bar the National Commercial Bank (NCB) from paying over money which it holds in accounts opened by Olint.

    Dr Christopher Walker, who lives and practises in Florida, claimed that he had US$2.4 million invested with Olint and for the past 17 months, he has not received any money from his account……….
    The Jamaican Court of Appeal is to hear legal arguments tomorrow in an appeal which Olint has brought against a Supreme Court ruling in December 2007.


  105. ‘I believed in David’ – Olint investors losing hope
    Published: Sunday | February 8, 2009

    Tyrone Reid, Staff Reporter
    THE RECENT arrest of Olint boss David Smith has shaken the faith of some investors who remained faithful to the faltering investment scheme and their embattled financial ‘messiah’.

    Last Thursday, Smith was arrested and charged in the Turks and Caicos Islands following a probe into fraud allegations against him.

    An investor, who requested anonymity, told The Sunday Gleaner that he really thought the charismatic Smith could take them to the financial Promised Land. “I believed in David,” he said.

    The investor, who is a prominent businessman, said Smith was like the Pied Piper of the financial world. ………………………………..


  106. YES blogkiller !!!! YES icfraud !!!!

    but which government would step in at this point when they are not sure of the outcome. If they get the money back we will say we knew DS was an honest man and Lee Chin Dave Garcia Sirach Mark knighton etc etc were nasty Liars.
    If they do not get it back we will say the the person who refered us the Government the Church the Queen all worked together to teeef our money.
    This will expose the politicians career.
    YUH notice how dem silent.
    With the family fight in the TCI they do not have who to prips under the table right now

    1.If DS have the money we have to find a way to help him to get it back to us.

    After trying that if we see or if he admits like Maddof that he does not have the money

    2.If he does not have the money we will have to kill him simple!!!!

    We cannot do #2 before #1 or ask government intervention to do #2 before #1

  107. Now if an individual even if an MP decides to go against the advice of the govt and invest in an unregistered, illegal scheme that their own finance minister called a Ponzis ( in case of PNP ) I guess that’s their personal decision even if they not setting any leadership example BUT a political party taking money from the same entities is another thing completely especially when some of these so called contributions may be seen as just thinly veiled extortion for “ yeh man we u a go leave alone to do your things an in the end defraud more of the public
    Blogkiller said

    When the Politicians took the money from DS he was a legal and registered entity in the TCI called OLINT TCI. Olint Corp was unregisterd in Jamaica but no one said he was ILLEGAL that is what the court case tomorrow is about. They took no money from OLINT coorp

    If Omar Davis said your mother is a whore wouldnt you ask him for proof before you believed it. Even as an MP??? Omar Davis saying Olint was a PONZIE was his opinion. Operating a Ponzie is illegal. If Omar Davis knew olint was a ponzie for a fact why wasnt DS arrested & charged????

    Which leaders know what stuff that went down.
    No Blogkiller Mama does not know everything GROW UP!!!.
    the leaders do not know shit. nuff a dem a wait fi the Olint nightmare done just like you and I

    You guys were all hype about DS Laudering money NOW SILENCE

    Mark Knighton told hundreds of us on the phone that OLINT was a ponzie You noticed he forgot to put that in the charges or to say that in the Nationwide interview????.

    I am going home to cook my wife and pickney dem breakfast and listen to them over Sunday Breakfast. This night work is rufff

  108. I have a friend that jumped on the bandwagon of Olint in February 2008 and mortgaged her condo that was paid off that she was going to leave to her grandson. Now she is living off all her credit cards which also were paid off. She was getting ready to retire as a massage therapist as she is 67 years old. Now she is having to work as hard as she can just to try and keep up and is killing herself and her hands every day. It will now be long before she loses her condo and all her credit will be ruined. How many people will David Smith let suffer like this? It is so sad to watch.
    We do love our families and our friends. So sad.

  109. The Smith’s have millions of dollars that they have no intention of paying to Jamaicans. They have long felt they paid anyone who was important for their exit strategy. They were wrong. They are naive and gullible.

    The Martineze’s i.e. Jared, Jacob and Issac have millions of dollars for Jamaicans and have NO intention of paying it.

    People have been paid money to block justice from reaching the Smith’s…..they include leaders, lawyers, journalists, police and pastors and others.

    People post bail for David Smith with the intention to recieve money and favor from the Smith family.

    I suggest to the many Smith guardians only once……leave and return the payola to the people.

    Huntley Watson has left the camp…..Samuels-Brown and Finson seem to have left the camp. Harold Brady seems to have left the camp….even Eleanor Brown seems to have left……follow the example of the wise.

    Conrad George…..follow the example of the wise…..

  110. Sirach,

    You are right on!! Think about it, investors gave David hundred’s of millions! I don’t care how many times he flyes around the world on the jet, or how many parties he has, He couldn’t have spent it all! We know he invested money, transfered money and made deals. There is money left and Jamaica will be in shambles if we don’t uncover where it is,and get it back. Thankfully Bushmaster, AML, Sirach and others including myself are chipping away to solve the puzzle. All people want is there money back, we care about nothing else. But woe be on to those selfish people who perpetuated the ponzi, lied to people about David’s returns, conspired to rape Jamaicans and helped in the cover up. You will be exposed and imprisoned so enjoy the high life while it lasts!

  111. Furthermore, Olint Clubmembers gave David money to trade on the FX Market. In their contract with David 70% of their funds would be guaranteed. Clubmembers certainly didn’t give David the money to invest with Jared Martinez, JIJ or Itrade FX or any other of these parasites…to buy real estate in Florida or Panama etc.. to give to politicians or politcal campaigns, to sponsor Jazz festivals or reggae bands, to gamble or get drunk everynight or to pay attorney’s to defend him when he mucks up! Clubmembers money was to be traded by David, NOT to be invested, spent or siphoned to other people or entities. These individuals or entities i.e. The Martinezes, politicians, political parties, JIJ, Itrade FX who accepted Olint clubmembers money for their own benefit are just as guilty in perpetuating the fraud as is David Smith because they knowingly and wontonly accepted money that was certainly not David’s to give away!

  112. They want to appear in control and calm nerves. That’s good. But they also need to place the country in a mood to handle the inevitable hardships and to find the will, energy and resources to work our way out of the crisis.
    From my perspective, there is a crisis of confidence. People with some wealth, however small, are not confident that it will retain its value over time. People who have lost their jobs or fear they will soon become unemployed are fearful about the future. People, already in poverty or on the brink of that abyss, are not confident that they will not fall over.
    The prime minister must take the people of Jamaica into his confidence and explain what is happening, what it means, and how he intends to lead the country to a safer and more secure future.

    The prime minister has to point a credible way forward, despite the uncertainties of the times. This must begin with a clear strategy of full and coherent communication with the Jamaican people so there can be broad understanding of how priorities are determined

    One of the ministers in the Office of the Prime Minister should be given the task of monitoring implementation and reporting to the people on a monthly basis.


  113. Yes icfraud….your points are salient. It was not his to give away…or to pay legal fees to defend thieves….Lord Anthony Gifford Knows this well. The BUSHMASTER will show you how well aware Courtney Barnett and Gifford are of certain things.

  114. I wonder who is “positive” and who is “negative” and how this affects “opinions” on David, Tracey and Wayne Smith. What is or was in Edith Smith’s account? So many interesting answers you have all been waiting for. How did they get Belongership status so fast? Can they loose it? Will they be repatriated home? Why is Wayne so touchy about his property in Ridge? Where is they money hidden? Andora? Panama? Bearer shares? At Joey’s? At Peter’s?….so many questions…..you have really been patient.

    how does Les Green fit in? What about Knighton? What about ALL the Gordon House list?…..so many questions……you have been well patient..

  115. Will it be the BBC’s HARDTALK that reveals the “full hundred” or will we get it before that?

    How does Sybil Goffe fit in…..who really knew the con from the start…..why wpuld they do this to so many innocent Jamaicans?

    Who do law enforcement watch at MIA going on the AA to Provo and back? Why? Whose phones are really tapped? Why?…..so many questions……

  116. Sirach, HARD TALK IT IS! And what you say is true. There is money out there, they can run but they can’t hide.

  117. Yies Sirach
    The prime minister has to point a credible way forward, despite the uncertainties of the times. This must begin with a clear strategy of full and coherent communication with the Jamaican people so there can be broad understanding of how priorities are determined

    Follow the jamaican dollars and you will see the clear communication from the Prime ministetr ha ha ha
    There are no uncertainties fo us in Ja . No bauxite NoSugar No tourism No remittance. Coffee price a drop

    jamaicans put on your condoms. Things a guh rough

  118. Now, at times, say 2:30 in the morning, when sleep decides to elude me, I disable the sound on the device and play the game. In these times of super-stress, the game allows you to enter its world and dwell there for a while.

    It’s a simple game for those with IQs to match my pay grade. There is a stack of ‘bricks’ above and a sliding paddle below. The trackball on the BBerry is used to slide the paddle to the left or right so that a ‘ball’ can be struck and directed to ‘destroy’ the bricks. The game takes you through many levels just as long as you do not allow the ball, which can move quite fast at times, to slip past the paddle.


  119. Less than two weeks ago, I was in conversation with a government minister. The subject was general elections…..

    …. How do you know when a lawyer is lying? Answer: When his lips are moving.

    Well, we have our political equivalent of it….

    The only history we know is one of a politics which has bared more of its destructive side than it has revealed to us its ability to lead us to peace and economic betterment. And now we get this?

    I know the prime minister is fully aware….

    Mark Wignall


  120. Jamaica continues to experience a slide into bitter cynicism about the lack of integrity, transparency and accountability in our governmental system. If this is to be halted, the leaders of our political parties must deal with the impurities in Parliament that are now threatening to undermine governance.


  121. Apply some Transparency this evening Bushmaster.

  122. It also helps if the perpetrator suffers some setback, embarrassment or pain, such as trips on his shoe lace, have his ill-gotten gain confiscated, or does jail time.

    It doesn’t help when a leading newspaper uses a headline which gives false hope to investors in a particular scheme, that they will recover their funds.

    That was unfortunately the case with the January 4, 2009 edition of the Sunday Observer, in its report of a story that a foreign exchange trading scheme operated by Phillip Phinn will commence making returns in March of this year.

    How long will it be before our local Bernard Madoffs who have “made off” with people’s money are brought before the courts; tried and if found guilty, sentenced to serious jail time for the injury they have caused to the country’s economy and to those who entrusted them with their hard-earned resources?


  123. BUSHMASTER….show the sheep that Phillip Phinn’s money is all in OLINT.

  124. As that cock crowed, no doubt awed by the pathos, hear James Robertson: “(Ian) Hayles, I warned you last week…!” So now we know — source, content, medium, set-up questions… it is all clear.


  125. This is an open letter to columnist Mark Wignall regarding his column of February 1.

    Thank you for the article. Please continue to point out the ills in society and those who do them.

    Rev Joan Porteous


    Reverend……where the people money that David Smith teef and give you deh?


  127. Smith should be executed

  128. Jamaican society has become a minefield of political, social and economic backwardness over the last 40 years.

    About three years ago when (now state minister) Daryl Vaz invited me to a huge birthday bash at a Waterloo Avenue address, it was the first time that I was meeting Adams.

    One online response summed up exactly how I assimilated MacMillan’s presentation:
    “Until MacMillan starts to show some visible signs of performance, I think he should keep his mouth quiet. Jamaica does not need any more lectures on what needs to be done to solve crime. It needs actions on the part of its leadership, including MacMillan.”


  129. Mark Wignall will have another very interesting piece on Sunday bashing Bunting for a letter he wrote under a jumbled name on Friday last.


  130. None of us actually believed that the JLP was having its own painful Sarah Palin moment.

    Apart from some jitters in the relationship between the PSOJ and the new JLP government last year, it appears that the 16-month-old administration and the private sector boys are on the same page.

    More good corporate citizens like Joey Issa needed
    Some years ago I wrote a piece criticising those who were creating too much flak over a nude wedding which had taken place in one of the Issas’ all-inclusive hotels. I eventually received an invitation from them (as did over 100 people) to wine and dine at the top of the Pegasus.
    I actually thought that I had been invited because I was, well, “smaddy”. It was while I was at the function that John Issa spoke and graciously and honestly informed us that we were invited there because we had supported him in the nude wedding noises.

    With 35 per cent of the market share in petrol and cooking gas sales, Joey Issa is a significant employer in Jamaica. He has a more pressing mission to juggle business activity while holding down unemployment levels in 2009 rather than wasting his energies facing those who would do better tilting at windmills or accepting the consequences of their folly.


    I believe the term is “singing for your supper???”

  131. “wasting his energies”…….”a more pressing mission”…I wonder what exactly what such “missions” entail?……..we await your next article Mark and energies might well be expended explaining USIMO and JABEZ.

  132. I’m sure you would rather explain such things that have me do it Mark.

  133. Get back to some solid investigative Journalism Mark. A piece on Wisdom Investments would be appreciated. I can’t help you right now for I am working on my own piece at the moment……It’s about Lawyers and their Banking around the World…..but good luck anyway….I’m sure your next AIS/UFO piece will be just as accurate as mine.

  134. Mark, while your at it researching USIMO, Jabez Capital etc we should also explore the JIJ (Martinez connection) to Olint..this you will find is the lynchpin to understanding how this mess started in the first place. Understand that connection and I guarantee eveything else falls into place quiet nicely.

  135. Sirach, Don’t you have anything better to do? My god how many blogs are you going to post with your ramblings. Wait till you have something concrete with facts nuh man.

  136. Unknown
    Why should sirach not ‘reveal’ stuff that may prove pertinent? How do u know what is fact from fiction without letting stuff air out. Draw your own conclusion based on what is being said and who is saying it. Draw your conclusions on the motives and how they may or may not affect what is being said. But plz, don’t come now after 2 years of lies and deception and try to censor or censure anybody putting stuff out there.

  137. Wow, U people r crazy! I have been reading comments on this blog for the past year and I dare say I read ’cause it’s such great entertainment! I’m obviously not sure of the bloggers who have lost or gained in Olint , or simply just badgering for the “I told u so” impact. To let everyone aware, there is a show on CNBS every Sunday night (check the time) called “American Greed”. Very insightful for all who would like to know just maybe where this Olint thing is all going.

  138. That should be CNBC. American Greed. Quite interesting. After a few of those shows, u would be quite likely not to invest in “get rich quick, unaccountable for tax evasion purpose schemes”.
    I learnt from that show Ponzi Formula 101.
    1. Attract investors by yielding High Dividends
    2. Use initial investors to get “Friends” to invest
    3. All of a sudden “Make it an Exclusive CLUB” (create mystique).
    4.Buy Chips at a Casino Worth millionsof Dollars so it becomes untraceable money (to be cashed in at a later date).
    So simple, so easy, so not right.

  139. “American Greed”, shows u many ways on how to lose your money by fraud. It shows that even many a celebrity, genius or savvy Jew has lost their lifes savings. It will make u understand that David Smith used the kindergarten fraud method. The oldest and simplest in the book…Peter to Pay Paul. Ask the question? Is Micheal Lee-Chin to blame? If so why is he not being charged with 3-5 counts of FRAUD?
    Obviously, everyone who can blog, has IT access…plz check how fraud is handled in the US. If u have participated in a get rich scheme and u were first in & made profit well, if it all goes belly up, my dears they will be coming to you for you will be held as a particpant in “the scheme of fraudlence” ie: Made profit? pay it back and pay it forward!

  140. Here is the thing. We Jamaicans don’t ever do anything quite simply do we? Conversations abound.
    Was David Smith the patsy who now must take the fall for the entitled uptowners??? U know the wh…te ones!

    Barack 2009.

  141. So let me now end my commentary on this blog forever! If Making money was so simple like the way David Smith made it look so easy and simple, ask yourselves. why didn’t M Lee-Chin or R. Chang do it Ds’s way? I’ts a time to face yourselves and look inward, many have no choice but to do so.
    But, lend me end my blog entry forever on this site by saying.
    T-bills, Gov bonds??? Dem Bruk?
    It’s always common sense…U buy t-bills and gov bonds? U friends buy into T-bill and Gov Bonds? Think About it???

    BNS 7.5% Check it out…despite Mr. Clarke, BNS will survive…(not an employee of BNS, but a conservative investor I am)

    Good night and Good Luck!!!

  142. I have recieved word of the mumblings about Husband/Wife accounts and Mate/Wife and Mate/Husband Accounts….and who get more than who and what was not to come out till after death had done us part and all that.

    Those are concerns to be put to David, Tracey and Wayne Smith.

    When I last checked Caledonia and other lab databases the outlook is that some of you must prepare to face daunting news.

    The suss thing of Mate 1,2,3,4 and 5 is for the Gleaner Tabloid publication and the cocktail circuit.

  143. Another Monday is here. I told the blog “readers” to secure some money under the mattress for “certain” finance houses are not telling you the whole truth. Unno free. Just a Hint.

  144. Sirach,

    Why? Bredrin’, why?
    Are you so intent on helping everyone?
    Bredrin’, lef’ out a dis.

    He who no one should speak of…

  145. Smithy, call me
    You have the number!

  146. There is chaos over there now on the #4 bus. I think some persons have finally seen the light.

    The moderator is nowhere to be seen and most of the diehard “Olinters” are just reading but not posting.

    I think that action taken by the TCI was the final nail in the coffin.

    It is disturbing that through all this, there has been little or no reports filed by our locals at the Fraud squad.

  147. @Jay

    Some finally see the light, but some still believe, It is interested where MV started his rethink.

    You remember when some believed that David Smith had nothing to do with TCT FX?

  148. I wonder where Jason is…. Jason give us a shout. You were one of the first on the blogs to point out the dangerous ‘Kool-Aid’ people were drinking…. Respect Due…

    A lot of persons who put money in OLINT after September 2007 could have avoided that lost if the had only listen to “Detractor” Jason and others that followed.

  149. I am still banned from the eediat blog…Had not been there in months….

    Eddiat blog….this is what I had to say to you:

    “Am I still banned here? Let us see….calm down because I have only just begun and it way more advanced than you think.”

    I should stop blogging until that blog packs up and leaves.

  150. Bwoy mi have a blog fi gi unno today but Friend of Sirach basically saying that unno do not deserve it…..not even Jason know the real nitty gritty….And I known Jason Longer than even much of his own family…..Smithy don’t know what I really want to tell unno……I will consult FOS and see because I love Jamaica. I hate to see Jagans get robbed.

  151. But Unno must STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS and stop worshiping material and teaching you pickney fi worship Material! Lef the Slavery ALONE!

  152. Disappointed in most of you….yes….If unno lve worship the teef so much and you love material over morals so much ….then why you don’t try keep up with the “Joneses” and go bail out you God….(Bailing him is a good way not to be blacklisted you know…stupid sheep)…..giigle and whisper all you ^$$(*& want…..If you knew near the full hundred something would run down you pants hem…..and I know even more than the full hundred…trust mi.

  153. Mi naw talk bout nuh past now mi atalk bout how to get your money NOW after that you can all deal with the past all you want.

    Tell me when unno ready fi finally listen keenly…..all of you.

  154. Who wan Lax the blog is not for you..Who want David, Tracey and Wayne Smith Lavish unno with chat ..the blog is not for you…who want get them money let me know.

    Cease BUSMASTER dem fi come off dem high horse now …no more mocking obeisance towards those who help them for free….

  155. Money Deh Deh….unno nuh want it?

  156. Sirach, how ou mean IF me want it?!

    SEN ON!!!

  157. Call the roll call Cynic.

  158. Sirach,

    Who fi present, will be present.

    I have a feeling more people watching than some of us “regulars” even know about!

  159. Sirach:

    Do you know why these deposits into the Olint account do not have “round” numbers? Why $49,995 versus $50,000?

  160. Wire transfer fees.

  161. MikeD- Its probably due to bank transfer charges.

    Sirach- Sen on nuh man, we is all ears. We are all big ppl and hopefully can manage not to wee wee up wi pants!! Let the chips fall where they may. Is a longtime yuh seh you goin buss the full hundred and more, what yuh waitin on, Christ fi come back?? Sen on man.

    Bless up

  162. Well don’t you thing is time for investors to learn the full hundred. Mr sirach sen on the info

  163. Have you all been checking what is happening here:

    It is getting wild. Smithy why haven’t this ended?
    When will you be able to stop it?

  164. Have the blogs been shut done?
    There is complete silence since BUSHMASTER’s bomb this morning.
    Sirach, can’t you somehow control these things?
    How can the people get back their money?

    Help some? help all?

  165. it seems no one knows the answers will be forever left in vain.

  166. i tried to post on the next bus, kiss mi neck back….why have i been blocked dirva? what has poor jon done?
    i just wanted to participate in the highly intelligent discourse taking place on that bus…come on guys. i wasn’t trying to be disruptive, scout’s honour.

    i won’t go where i am not welcomed. So while i willing welcome redp and l&ll here, i will accept that the double standard works against me.

    redp, big up yuourself.
    l&ll, talk from one side of your mouth no boss.

  167. Jon, it look like Drivah get busy sometimes, at times the posts take long to go through, couldnt tell you why really, Sirachs own went through. Patience bro.

    I can understand why a lot a people are angry and resentful, therefore I can understand Bushmaster posting private emails, although I wonder about the motive. But the question I have is if it is legal to do so. If i email someone privately does it become public property once it leaves my putah and shoots off into internet never never land?? Jus wondering.


  168. Who or what is SGL Holdings?

  169. Is Dwight A Tony Williamson the journalist piggy guy that you guys and some on the #4 have been mentioning?

  170. RedP:

    I’m shock!!! Why you reading the people them private email? You should read the other comments but cover your eyes when you see the email and the other private account information….that is not christain-like of you 🙂

    The question is how did Bushmaster get the private email and the account information? My guess is that someone downloaded all this information from Olint’s computer system….a pissed-off ex-employee maybe? Hacking into someone computer system and downloading the information is of course against the law (in Jamaica?).

  171. Seems unno might finally be ready to listen to truths and rights and justice…..but I am nor sure…..the minute I work with unno then David Smith opens his mouth and talks BS to you you jump back to his team…..yes you know it is you mi a talk…..fickle…….You think DS carries the reputation I do? FOS …..are they really ready?……mi no know…..what say you BUSHMSTER?

  172. Journalist form the East…..Now you want me to make you famous ehh? and sell newspaper that normally can’t sell……..sick a dat……you and Smithy IQ is on the same level…..LOW

  173. L&LL:

    What do you do for a living? Whatever it is, you show switch careers and go into the Public Relations end of things and draw down US$20,000 per month per client like Creary. I tell you this, if and when I start my own Ponzi, I would definitely want you on my side to handle the PR angle.

    Categorically, would not want Sirach as part of the Scheme…..He would give me hell when it collapse. AML….I wouldn’t wish you on my worst enemy…or maybe I would! Maybe I would hire you and make sure you are well paid and on my side. If I have to fire you, I would make sure you leave with your dignity and a fat settlement check!

  174. DaveSin,

    why you talking bout my plan?! 😉

  175. run track bushmaster…

  176. Red P Still defending the criminals no matter what ehh? hahahaha…you must be positive….I not going to reveal to the blogs who you are yet…..however idiotic you continue to be.

    BUSMASTER I hear you. If I send Smithy back to Jamaica minus a Belongership and with bangles on his hands most of his followers would still bawl out, “There is Smithy my God and my King!”

    Sad reflection on Jamaica but true. The people have been led astray by the “Christians”

    I know my Bibile more than most…..the name Sirach is from it.

    “I’ll never forget no way…..they turned their backs on Paul Bogle… I’ll never forget no way they sold Marcus Garvey for rice…….but when the rain falls it don’t fall on one man’s house top….”

    Bob……I know you are disappointed in them.

    Yes everytime Moses was away working for the people them start party and worship fleash and gold and silver……Smithy and Tracey type a Chriostianity that…….don’t bring it to Sirach you flesh will start bun you….fire!

    FOS I don’t even hear one person hear say sorry……can you believe that?….Here is the what I will do……You see because The Legendary FOS is on of the few intellectual Masters of this World and because I have such high respect for him…..I will wait and ask him to tell me if I should bother to help…..Notice how he never wavered …..from the beginning he named himself Friend of Sirach on the blog…..and guess what? He has known David Smith…..just as long as Wayne or Betty Ann….I will consult with him because I respect his wisdom……make no mistake…..he respects mine too.

  177. Friend of Sirach….respect Don. The name alone.hahhaaha..ay mi bredda…..Never questioned my integrity EVER…….and the same to you Sir.


    I lot of us have been let astray by you sir. You are a con man of the lowest form. You and your wife were able to led thousand of God;s children astray. I said lowest form because as a christian you should know that the LORD said WOE BE UNTO THOSE THAT LED MY PEOPLE ASTRAY.

    When the wrath of God fall on you, your wife, and your children I won’t want to be any where near you.

    Sir: you will be punished one way or the next. rest assured.

    The sins of the father and mother falls on their children.

    Please make restitution to the people whom you have conned.

  179. DS used to trade in the beginning but he stop some time later becasue the money was coming in and it get to his head.

    It drunk him.

    He thinks it would always be there for him to dip him sticky fingers in. So he started taking from peter to pay paul.

    sad very sad.


  180. Man,

    Dare I say, I’m not sure which word people use more on this blog, God or Money

  181. Dave Sin yuh well funny haha.
    Sirach, mi cool, I dont have nutn to hide mi friend. I am like an open book!!


  182. David Smith the great trader…..really?….when? …where? Oh I forgot…..gag orders for years now so trading activities can’t be revealed…..yes that is a legitimate reason. Yeah right.

  183. Unno want to see the trading records…..but you don’t want to tell the Smith’s to return the money to the people of Jamaica.

  184. Oh Dear…Belongership hangs on tha thread Smithy……Cayman? Panama?

  185. Finding investment opportunities in a falling market can be quite a challenge and the difficulties are made even greater when the investor is facing conditions which have not been experienced for three quarters of a century.


    Yes Mr. Sterling….blame it on the rain. You are an insider of OLINT why not write about that for the people……or does someone write for you too.

  186. No one is as yet certain if, or to what extent, there has been an intermingling of CL group assets and/or inter-company lending that might have placed at risk entities in Jamaica,


  187. I you had the people’s money…you wouldn’t pay them? If you had so called “unwavering faith” in David and Tracey Smith why would you not sell the assets you hide in other people’s name…..like the real estate in Jamaica and pay sufferers them money? The masses must have your “faith” while your assets remain with you and your cronies. So why not sell them and take a IOU in return from your brother Wayne?

  188. Doope just take an IOU from Sling and pay the people some money man.

  189. If Gifford can get so …so…so much money that belongs to the people….and the football team of lawyers can already collect so….so..so much money and start split and if “Certain” people can get paid when “payments have ceased” then why ……why….why can’t the sufferer dem get a payment?

    That is what unno meant about “Empowerment??” Empower who?

    Prepare a payout list BUSHMASTER.

  190. Sirach it never take me too long to put 2 & 2 together to see the con. You have been very informative and I always look forward to your comments. How can we get the money? Im ready to hear the 100.

  191. Cynic, and DreamDashWeh say they are ready…..where are the rest of you? the IP’s and the Flow and C&W bills have always been visible to us…..but should we call you out? Come of your own volition……

  192. Lord Gifford said although Olint had a wide membership, it did not offer any financial service to the public.


    You are seeing the Exit Strategy being prepared for fruition. This is not even the bigger problem…..that is a talent that rivals mine known as the PUPPETMASTER. Time is short people. I got to go. Will explain more later.

    Don’t give up the fight.

  193. Sirach myself and others have been patient…Your constantly running in and out, lets just settle this.

  194. Wireless Expression has made TVJ headlines.
    Daryl Vaz has confirmed that the email attributed to him are authentic. Yes they are real, this has added to BushMaster credibility.

    Guess the full hundred is now here.

    Bushmaster please protect yourself

  195. Samuda and Roberton were asked about the contributions has listed on wireless expression. Samuda was not aware, Daryl admitted that both parties did receive.

    Story cum to bump. !!

  196. oh boy… things are going to become very interesting… Bushmaster, please protect yourself…..


    SGL holdings is a grenadian feeder club

  197. Jay, on February 9th, 2009 at 7:14 pm Said:
    Bushmaster please protect yourself

    true word.
    the full hunderd slowly coming out, some how i fell dat we only deh bout 10-15 so far. run it, but protec u neck. cant help but think that there are those who would believe it in their interest to have silence.

    can’t offer you anything but moral support Bush. tek care a yu self.

  198. @Redp

    Yes. Williamson was the journalist… his clubs was the Wealthbuilders club…

    You see Redp all of those things are written on this blog from last year June….


    Olint was a Ponzi like Madoff… lots of feeder clubs in Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica, Florida… not to mention the numerous ‘pigs’ i.e. single investors turn agents…

    Is long time we were trying to tell you…

  199. I’ll be back. Jamaica…it is time to rise. If you do not then you will NEVER see one Red Cent of your OLINT money…EVER.

    I will try to do some quick abridged explanations but time is short. They move full speed ahead with their plans.

  200. They will not come back this time.


  202. Dave,
    Williamson was indeed Wealthbuilders clubs, however the name the club was subsequently changed to UWIN.

    That is the information I have.

  203. Sirach,

    My faith in Jamaicans is WEAK…. After talking to a few people that have read the blogs and heard the “news, after waiting 1-2 years for payouts, it still seems faith in David is strong. Yes some are seeing glimpses of the light, but they are too far from the light to take any meaningful action!

    And unfortunately it takes more than one ant to move a mountain of sugar!

    If only people would get unite and do what needs to be done!


    I believe they were posted by Bushmaster

  205. @Dave and Jay
    interesting… and it makes sense….

  206. Sirach . i Really think you dont know anything. Because you have been here talking about the truth and you have the answer . Big man if you know something let it go , we nah watch a movie this a nah 007 we nah need no suspense we need action not a bag a mouth.

  207. Does anyone know who owns a few buildings in New Kingston Including the INDIES PIZZA place building? Take a guess Starts with O and ends with T.

    We need to start looking into the names on some of these properties. I bet you would find allot of hidden assets around in Jamaica bearing that name.

  208. mmmm- full hundred time is surely arriving. Tun it up sirach, but mind yuhself – be careful now, is big man toes yuh ah step pon.

  209. oh, and if you could kindly indicate whe di money deh? that would be greatly appreciated.

  210. OLINT starts Appeal Court challenge of FSC ruling

    Lawyers representing embattled OLINT boss, David Smith on Monday began their challenge in the Appeal Court to a decision by the Jamaican authorities to shut down OLINT’s operations


    These lawyers are making sure that they take everything they can take from whats left of Olint.

    There will absolutely be zero left in the accounts of Olint when all these high powered lawyers are down.

    Are they ensuring they take back most if not all of what they had lost.
    Btw some of Olint laywers are the same ones who milked CashPlus ensuring that not much was left for its “investors”.

    They are having a field day.

  211. Sirach said:
    You are seeing the Exit Strategy being prepared for fruition. This is not even the bigger problem…..that is a talent that rivals mine known as the PUPPETMASTER. Time is short people. I got to go. Will explain more later.

    As Friend, I say:
    Don’t let them move away the $$$ Sirach. I know that there is enough info for them to move the money from Smith’s accounts to hide it from him. Slow them down. Stop them if you can.

  212. It is hard to stop the PUPPETMASTER he/she knows serious code….2 of my machines are dead courtesy PUPPETMASTER just for kicks. Once PUPPETMASTER unlocks the few remaining codes the “World Fund” and spots of money will be raided. David…nor Tracey nor God and wife will know where its gone.

    The people must ask for their money now…..they must ask the Smith’s and the Nation and the media. Good luck to you all.

  213. We?…we who?

  214. Sirach,
    why yuh cant talk straight bredren?? Why the parables?? Yuh a Puppageezas?? 🙂 Jus let it rip nuh star?? Or yuh tekkin the whole a we fi a ride like Missa D??
    Come iyah, if you seh yuh know so much is time fi fess up. Help out di likkle fool fool ppl like me weh dont know what a clock a strike if you are in a position to do so. I done mek peace wid my loss already but needless to say I wouldnt mind see the story come to bump. As I say, let the chips fall where they may.


  215. Are the figures on the other site, deposits or withdrawl?

  216. Case of the missing pouch

    4. The businessman is still hoping that the pouch which went missing at Sabina Park during the recent Test match will turn up pretty soon. He insists that he had vital documents in it, but would not say whether there was a weapon, also. From all reports, the hustlers and petty thieves had a bountiful harvest over the four days.


  217. At the end of the first over from Lance Gibbs there seems to be a bowling change and the new bowler from the Southern end looks like ……..Malcolm Marshall. However, the Captain is huddled with Holding, Garner, Ambrose and Walsh it seems as if there shall be no more spin seen for some time.

  218. The Braemar property is/has being sold off.
    I wonder what other assets are being hastely sold of transfered.

    Olint investors has sat patiently by, waiting, waiting while those who are guilty have been try to get rid of or at least hide the loot.

    I am sure when all is said and done, the “loot” will never be found as our local jurisdiction does not have the time or other resources to go chase after the “loot”.

    Too much time has already been lost.

  219. Boy some really big names a show up in emails.
    eg CB (wireless expression) who is/was reponsible for all Hilo Stores and before was General Manager for a Grace subsidary.

    I will leave it there for now.

  220. Screen shots popping up on wireless…..

    Middle class.. MOBILIZE!

  221. Bushmaster worked overtime last night it seems.
    this story continues to mistify. did all these supposedly bright intellectuals get conned, or where they a part of the con?
    was major lewis being conned? or part of the con?
    the church leaders, same question.
    the big wig politicians?

    answers plz.
    i suppose when we see the payouts we can get one step closer to a relaible conclusion. at this satge at least to me its still a fine line on most…a few obvious individuals excepted.

  222. Look at picture 5. Working night and Day on the Audit??? Compliance, Due Dilligence. Now you know why he is so accessible by phone. Lord have Mercy.

  223. Can’t take the blog no more. Mutty Perkins on Power 106 is better. lata.

  224. The Reflection in the plexiglass of the boat seems to reveal Courtney Barnett as the cameraman. Look close.

  225. Hahaha..all now I can’t get over it…..the “Backers” get a free screensaver to ra..hahahahaha. Lord Jesus. More PR from OLINT.

  226. dont see a reflection, but who is sitting on the front of the boat?

  227. or is it, who is sittin on the front of the boat.

  228. Call Smithy and ask him.hahahahahahahahahahaaahaahaaa. Joke it looks like Rex Messam and John Wildish to me. Look down at the bottom of the plexiglass near the Rothmans cigarettes to see the reflection.

  229. Mutty Perkins can tell tell you who everyone is.

  230. hahahahahha…FOS says Wildish is mumbling to Messam, “How come I’ve been here for 15 years and no Belongership for me?….Smithy has not been here 2 years and he got it….Oh Lord why have you forsaken me? ….He gets Belongership….catches fish….. all the money….Buys Rex’s Real Estate…..And is supported by the same people who have me out as a criminal back home!”……..(Rex), “One day when you grow up you can be like Smithy John.” hahahahahaaaahha.

  231. you guys like Sirach and Bushmaster. Know exactly what is going on and are more than capable of telling whats going to happen so whats the cause for the delay.

  232. Giving the others a chance to confess and declare…..redemption…good for the soul.

  233. You don’t demand an answer from the Smith’s yet you want to demand it from others…mi look like mi have money fi you? hahahaha….

  234. Mr Golding is insisting that the Government did everything it could to prevent the operation of unregulated schemes.


    Mr Golding said the Government has knowledge that Olint continued to accept money through a private account after the court ruled that the club should not accept further deposits. Then… ?????

    Review this claim BUSHMASTER. Keep them honest.

  235. Trinidad and Tobago nationals travelling to the United Kingdom for a period of up to six months will need no entry visa, Foreign Affairs Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon said Monday.
    At the same time, Jamaicans now have to obtain transit visas when passing through the UK for less than 24 hours en route to another destination.


  236. huh…three wedding rings Smithy. You are a madman. Ay PUPPETMASTER can we see a picture of who provided bail for this madman?

  237. Daddy, what you doing? But daddy that’s not mommy?

  238. Smithy you see like how you are such good friends with Lester Woolery? the next time you talk to him ask him who paid for him to go to University. Smithy, you horrible. But that comment does not take away from the business at hand with me. You Dig?

  239. Smithy, outside the Trial is set…flashing camera lights Madeoff style……you must think becuase I do not bluff!

  240. It is quite amazing that you blood suckers can be so trifling. When the going was good, you wretches were good at reaping the benefit; and praising the man as if he was the local Jesus. Now that there is a bum in the road, you are ready to throw him to the wolves. Losing money is always devastating, but the same way you trusted him to give him your life savings, give the man some credit and stop writing a bunch of garbage. This case is bigger than some of your shillings and dimes, this is a political maneuver. Dum asses

  241. Good morning BUSHMASTER. tomorrow I expect Harbour to get a call. If not then I would like you to place Courtney Walsh in for a spell.

    Sleep Well.

  242. huhh…bwoy a nuff here on the blogs want a likke material fi build on a one extra room……we will see mi “bredrin”

  243. Jagans haha…..Smithy …’took the show off the road’………left you standing in the shadows…..’

    Still Lord Gifford is in chambers in Kingston perhaps he may allay your concerns if you ask him to in person.

  244. Tell her to come down off the broom mi bredrin…….quickly

  245. Smithy mi would a be there aready but some Federales seek my attention…don’t worry though mi a come dat seal and lock. Mi a go deh ova Kingston (you know mi love di gully bank ting) private plane and Nikki beach is not me …not even Leeward..you know Smithy…anyway I have some appointments there and I would go check the man of the round table and say hi for certain…..but I want you come check mi …long time Smithy…too long.

    Oh yes…I did promise the lifebouy soap but I short Cake soap can work just as well.

  246. Smithy, maybe you could introduce me to John….there is enough cake soap to go around. And it does not taste as strong as the lifebouy.

  247. What you an the friends were talking about on the boat that day Smithy? You ever go North Caicos?

  248. Mr. King Lalau you want get Dredfull Nuh?

  249. Rutte Ginpebn might want it too. Ay bwoy.

  250. Sorry Mr. King Lalaw that time of the morning….Dredfull Nuh?

  251. Smithy you wan run your mouth bout mi some more….go ahead…make my day….I can bring cake soap by the carton.

  252. Interesting article Gavin Goffe. No mention in it though about a lot of significant points on the subject. When I am free one day I’ll be happy to forward some salient points on the subject matter.

  253. http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20090211/news/news6.html

    Olint gave loans, bought real estate had a PR campaign going to sell it’s products with clearly identified targets to compete for market share….such targets did not even claim to trade forex……they recieved 35% of bringing that Jared Martinez course to Jamaica…I mean Gleaner where’s the reporting….why do the people of Jamaica have to wait on publications like The Times etc to find out truth in their own Land.

    Who condones this and why?

  254. David Smith give the people their money. It does not belong to you. You did not earn it it was placed in your trust. You do not have the permission of the people to use their money to defend yourself against the consequences of your misdeeds or anyone else’s. you have almost destroyed a country and many lives. You hate the light and love the darkness.

    You have aided the corrupt and drawn the weak into corruption. You have shamed the people who put their trust in you in good faith. You laughed at those who fight for justice. that smile will be removed. Promise.

    you have stained and embarrassed a proud nation on the eve of a proud feeling of hope that Mr. Obama has brought to the World.

    You laughed and pranced and boasted of your invincible power over the weak and helpless. Take a moment to reflect on what I say to you now. do it alone. your advisors have proven themselves.

    I await your response.



    I agree with you 100%.

    The Smith and his family has shame this nation on the eve on Obama helping USA.

    Smith you have embarrased the country and its people.



    (did your mother never teach you not to steel from poor people. its nit good)


    The doctor never embarassed this country. He is only trying to get back his money. He has a right to do that..


  257. Im behind the doctor 100% . Anything you deh pon , mi deh pon . u see it

  258. I agree that we all took a chance and we have to pay for our mistake . Even if we were told that our ‘chance ‘was 20% of our deposit . All i want is that whatever is left be distributed amongst the club members and the guilty parties be exposed and prosecuted , whoever they are . Somebody have to tek it to them . I respect Dr Walker for being that person .

  259. Check out collective2.com for independently audited forex trading systems.

  260. When i read the emails Bushmaster has posted it makes you realise why we as a country cant move forward . Corruption is so rampant . We still have untouchables . The politicians , media , businessmen , police … goes on and on . Funny how we watch the news and we see petty thieves recieving lengthy jail times for crimes they commit out of desperation and hunger whilst these ‘untouchables’ rob a country out of greed , selfishness and what happens …. they go fishing on there yachts, fly to france on there jets . Now that i think about it , not that funny after all . makes me sick .

  261. I could not agree with you better *dread*. What I really need to know is where the hell are they keeping the loot. You cannot tell me that all that money is just gone, it’s sitting somewhere in hopes that we all will just forget about this ever happening and close the books. Smith never stated that he lost any money trading, he never stated that the money was frozen by F…DS. So this just leaves me to think that something else is going on. I spoke to some one that even suggested why cant they even pay a weekly stipend to those in dire need.

    Sometime you have to look at the blogs and try to read between the lines and see why some are quick to say the loot is gone and just move on with your life. This could all be a part of a well-orchestrated plan mimicking the real intentions.

  262. martinez / joey issa has the money . my 2 cents

  263. You got it dread, I think so too

  264. I just watched the FOX NEWS NETWORK and they mentioned that Madoff’s wife was caught trying to wire $15 million 1 day after he was arrested to a private account. This has prompted investigators into thinking she knows something about the fraud. We can learn a few things from how this case is going as it relates to “O”. In this day and age of Technology the wire’s should not be too hard to trace once resources are in place.

  265. If anybody is counting on receiving monies back, let me be the first to say, “Don’t hold your breath” Money gone. This is a Madoff scandal.

  266. Bwoy, I will admit, it nuh look pretty. Bwoy what a pity.

  267. gonna put another twist to it … heard that people are getting calls from the income tax department . they have a list of wire transfers made through rbtt and ncb . prepare to pay the government for the loss you made . not to mention bushmaster on the other blog assisting them with his own list . yes people , it actually can get worse .

  268. Be realistic. You do not pay taxes on your lost(consult your tax guy). If you have not declared all your income, then you have problems. These problems normally do not affect the poor. Look at this way for who try to evade taxes. Your taxes pay for the police. If you are rich and powerful, you are already paying for your own protection. Clean up the corruption, then your tax money can be better spent to protect all.

  269. Belcher reported on the Breakfast Club this morning that…

    David Smith said that he was protected in certain circles and that he had the media “on lock.”

    Wow! Sirach, have you collected anything as yet?
    Belcher, by his knowledge, will clearly be paid by Smith very soon. Will he collect for all of us as well?

  270. here we go again propoganda circulating trying to shut up bushmaster. jsut another propoganda like the one about ncb holding 300m for DS. if that was true why wasn’t DS paying out all this time. there was never ever any freeze on any of his funds in jamaica. the court challenge with ncb had DS IN THE DRIVER SEAT ALL ALONG until the privy coucil said ncb can close the account. so, DS had full access to those ncb all along and could make deposit and withdrawal from the time the jamaican courts said ncb cannot close the accounts. so all the pr and sabbotage not working any more. if DS had money of any consequence at ncb then he is going to be hard pressed to explain why for more than a year we have had no payouts since during all this time he could access these accounts like any other person with a bank account. DS cannot pull the wool over my eye with that one and you should not take any spin on that one. the tci says they are holding about 7m and the US is holding about 6m so tell DS to speak up. until then bushmaster keep posting. a nuh fi wi likkle money a get posted so wi nuh have nutten fi hide from di tax man. in fact mi want the tax man come so mi can show him all mi documents and goh tun state witness against DS

  271. posted by Speno 2/12/2009 1:02:14 PM
    I am aware of two people who have got substantial payouts from Olint this week past gone (me being one of them). There is money to get, there is money in NCB and there are ways to get it.


    Wonder which 2 that is…
    Who is Speno?
    Did they file suit against OLINT?
    Did they file Police reports?

    Does anyone know?
    Can anyone else but Sirach uncover such details?

    Come on BLOGGERS, provide some detail while Sirach is on his break from the Blog.

  272. AML….I wouldn’t wish you on my worst enemy…or maybe I would! Maybe I would hire you and make sure you are well paid and on my side. If I have to fire you, I would make sure you leave with your dignity and a fat settlement check!

    Are you serious?

  273. Just finishing listening to the Breakfast Club interview(s) and one as to now question who the TRUE Bushmaster is? I think we got a glimpse of how individuals got access to certain information.

  274. @ davesin
    Don’t quite read you on that one.
    Come again if you don’t mind.

  275. @Friend of Sirach
    Speno apparently went through a feeder club/pig or intermediary as he put it. See below exchange:

    AML: When did you invest? You had to directly invest into Olint, not the feeder clubs.

    Speno: ok I see. I did go through an intermediary.

    unless they want to change 3million into 300 Million or is it that Olint owes 300 Million dollars to depositers around the world?
    see: https://investforlife.wordpress.com/2009/01/31/olint-bankrupt-only-us3m-in-local-accounts/

  276. Dave,

    The identify of Bushmaster is not in my opinion very important at this time.

    I would rather continue to see the information, rather spend time trying to find out who he is , which could compromise his safety.

  277. Judgement reserved in FSC/OLINT case

    The Appeal Court has reserved judgement in the legal battle between the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and embattled alternative investment scheme, OLINT


  278. A whole new meaning to “life more abundant” ee’ Smithy?

  279. Olint investors must now look to God – Smith

    Anxious Olint investors looking to recoup their principal and interest payments from the foreign currency trading scheme must now pray to God in hope that Olint can make good on its obligations says David Smith.



    Tell your son david to pay back people’s money. else all will suffer including you

  281. Word.

  282. Pam How will she suffer?

  283. john doe, they are trying to make it seem as if a whole lot of funds are sitting in frozen accounts. Did you catch Al edwards article in today’s observer. Of course he is one of them on the receiving end of pr work by don creary.

    Edwards wrote: “It is estimated that Olint has anywhere between US$100 million to US$500 million of investors’ money in a number of accounts which have been frozen since July of last year, begging the question if and when will clients of the unregulated organisation get their money back.”

    Check with the TCI Supreme court who released the total funds in thier jurisdiction that were frozen. It comes to US$7.73 million. The US has already said they have frozen US$6M. That is just a little under $14M so where does Al Edwards get the facts of the estimated funds frozen. Just his propoganda at work to have investors believe that David cant pay because funds are frozen. LIE. Frozen funds amount to only US$14M and if he had money in NCB all this time HE COULD HAVE PAID IT. GO TO WIRELESSEXPRESSIONS AND SEE WHERE HIS ATTORNEY HUNTLEY WATSON WRITING THAT DAVID COULD MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO PAY COMPLY WITH THE COURT ORDER TO DEPOSIT $1.5m (AND THIS IS JAMAIICAN DOLLARS) FROM THE NCB ACCOUNT AND HE IS WONDERING WHY HE HAS NOT DONE SO. THIS J$1.5M was ordered by the court to be deposited to cover the cost of the appeal they brought against the FSC so that in the event the FSC won adn cost is awarded to the FSC thier fees would be paid. this was in January 2009 so if the funds in the NCB account could not be touched AS SMITH AND HIS BAND OF THIEVES WOULD LIKE YOU TO BELIEVE how comes Huntley Watson wrote to Gifford saying the funds to comply with the court order could be taken from the NCB account? People, don’t be fooled. If Smith have moeny to pay it is certainly not tied up in any of the funds frozen. he owes far more than the funds frozen so where is that money … certainly not frozen, so tell him to access those fund and pay the people.

  284. Do the us still have funds frozen? Anyone?

  285. Guys, the court has frozen the funds so as to protect the victims. The money is best kept in the courts jurisdiction. Do you really think that left in the hands of DS it would be paid out????

  286. According to TCI police press officer, Sgt Chase, Smith was arrested on two counts of uttering false documents, four counts of forgery, and two counts of theft; he was subsequently released on $1 million bail and will apear in the magistrate court at a later date

    legallites which one of these charges is the same as fraud heellllp

  287. twicebittenonceshy

    You clown!!!!
    your assets are frozen with no charges only hints of money Laudering and you are going to access other money and pay. the people. That is like dragging down your baggy infront of a serial rapist!!!

    Didnt you notice from the same emails you quoted that the man was russling up money from elsewhere to pay the securities for cost and that he did not touch the OLINT money in NCB.

    WHY ????Think nuh man think!!!!!

  288. LAW SUIT

    Jamaicans are coming together to file suit against may daisy i was told

  289. Live&Letlive, there is a clown in the house and it certainly isn’t me! When people are in denial everything seems possible. YUH NUH HAVE NUH MONEY FI GET BACK!!!! It was OLINT who made it appear from their PR campaign that NCB was holding onto funds in their account – go back and check cast eye lisa mae email. No matter what you say, DS DOES NOT HAVE EVEN A FRACTION OF THE FUNDS AVAILABLE TO REPAY HIS INVESTORS. He cannot even pay back the principal alone (which would mean you gave him an interest free loan) let alone to repay the fraudulent amount he has on the ficticuous statements he produced to investors. Same way he produced the fiticious email from OandA. He never knew that would have caught up with him. So, my friend, I am not a clown as I know I have nothing to get back so all I have to do is cooperate to see that the fraud DS get what is coming to him by way of prosecution. That is my only interest right now.

  290. Hi twicebittenonceshy

    Before we start to talk at cross purposes please quote the blog # of that specific lisa mae email.hat you mentioned

    l love your steadfastness in your belief

    I have cast eyes too so the next time I upset you on the blog you can call me cast eye L&LL.

    You might never know we might all be on the same team cooperating sooner or later lol

  291. twicebittenonceshy

    Did you see that “Oanda” email ???
    I saw it but did not take it in the right way. can you remember what it said

  292. Anybody know if the OLINT case is set for Tomorrow 3/11/09? any insider info?

  293. Did anyone see the E-mail that was sent by a man named Lee Oakley? It was posted on http://www.Olintja.com. The E-mail was dated sept.20,2007. The e-mail was first proof that Olint was a ponzi.

  294. BE SMART!!
    There was a better way to determine if OLINT had the sustainability.
    Sustainability being the difference between a SCAM and a need to re-evaluate and restructure something that was working for all of “US”.
    Just like all the Banks that we are now “Bailing-out”
    With no words of “SCAM” just “LIQIDITY” isues.
    But for us to respect this approach we first have to respect ourselves.

    Does anybody remember that payments stopped coming when the “Authorities” whoever “They” are descended on OLINT backed by a gleefully irresponsible media.
    The immature and irresponsible (or sinister) way in which the whole matter has been handled and reported, reveals how naive we are.
    First: No Financial institution can withstand a panic “run” against it. And if one manages to do so they are immediate suspects of some kind.
    I was under the impression that that is what all institutions strive to ensure.

    So why not gentle curiosity instead of hostile doubt and accusations?
    Maybe it was creating a serious imbalance in the Forex Market or the Savings and Loan business?

    2nd: If protecting the members of OLINT was really the priority, the payouts could have continued while the discrete investigation/Audit continued.
    If during or as a result of the audit, something concrete was found then and only then should “the fear of God” be put in the heart of the investors.
    You see, in this business, scaring members can cause us to self-destruct.
    For who?
    That is the question a mature group of investors should be asking themselves.

    Instead of convincing ourselves that one of our own is a “thief as usual”. Maybe we could recognize that this is a familiar pattern repeating itself.
    And we are not the pirates and never have been. David was paying out!

    I insist, there was a better way to determine if OLINT had the sustainability.
    Sustainability being the difference between a SCAM and a need to re-evaluate and restructure.

    It appears to me that many organizations/institutions had a lot to gain with the demise of Clubs like OLINT.
    We should try smelling out rats instead of assuming we are one.
    I smell a few rats.
    And it’s not coming from OLINT.
    Ps By the time we discover if the evidence against David is substantial OLINT will be no more save the scavengers and the roumors.
    Maybe we could recognize that this is a familiar pattern repeating itself.

  295. Just a small foot note:
    We are so busy wanting the Authorities (Boss Man…whoever) to put DS in punishment (Like High School) that we have neglected to come together and save our money.
    It is not the Boss Man money, and don’t you ever believe that it was not there.

    If DS was not BIG no one would have paid him any mind.

    Gentlemen/ ladies… is BIG we did get BIG weh mek de com fe we tings.
    New investments could not have exceeded the large steady MONTHLY payouts being made by OLINT.
    “Stay focused”, OLINT not DS was more liquid than a lot of Banks and could have been fixed just like the other financial institutions.
    Instead it was defamed and dismantled.
    Get it?

    Mi se, dem a go tek wi tings an se a DS.
    And we with or educated intellectual selves are going to believe it again.
    Maybe by now, we should recognize a familiar pattern repeating itself.

    • The situation is clear… David is a thief and a liar.There are club members who still choose to fool themselves and not accept that there is really nothing special about David…he is simply a con man who deserves to spend at least fifty years in prision for all the ruin, grief and pain he has caused so many families. There are others, including family members, who also failed miserably in upholding thier fudiciary responsibility…they, too, should be held criminally liable.

  296. The situation is clear… David is a thief and a liar.There are club members who still choose to fool themselves and not accept that there is really nothing special about David…he is simply a con man who deserves to spend at least fifty years in prision for all the ruin, grief and pain he has caused so many families. There are others, including family members, who also failed miserably in upholding thier fudiciary responsibility…they, too, should be held criminally liable.

  297. how will those who invested get their money back? or will they even get it back?

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