Olint bankrupt, only US$3m in local accounts.

It has been confirmed that the local accounts which Olint held at NCB and which they were told could be closed by the UK based privy council only contained US$3M.

Given this new piece of information and what we have already received from TCI , it can now be confirmed that Olint investors will most likely remain as broke as they are today, as no “payout” is likely now or in the future.

I guess most of us already had come to that conclusion based on information that has been slowing leaking out.



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  1. Yeah, the defenders will say, so what. The money in the NCB account was to facilitate payments. The real stash of money is with the trading platform, or the third party fund managers, itrade, jij etc.

    This info does not deliver a knockout blow to those who still insist on DS’s innocence.
    So don’t suppose that this ‘revelation’ will cause olintforlife, mrs, et al to retreat.

  2. Mr. Smith is the greatest trader in the world! He can trade his way out of this whole with the $3-10m USD that is left!
    personally I think quench aid has a better taste that Kool Aid

  3. Jon

    Some money could be with the trading platform as Olint hasn’t got much in the bank. But the attention has shifted to the $ 60 + mil that was siphoned out to JIJ directors…perpetuators of the ponzi…the masterminds….

  4. “It would be unfair to and inaccurate to say that Jamaicans are being targeted,” she said. “But given the track record of many Jamaicans who come to St Maarten, many are either involved in crime or are constantly on the run for residing here illegally. hence, there is a level of hostility that always surfaces, not only from the police, but from some locals,” Brown added.


  5. The first and most obvious similarity is that all these men operated pyramid schemes, that is, investment schemes that pay abnormally high returns to early investors, paid from money put into the scheme by subsequent investors, rather than from real profits generated by the operation itself


  6. The ostentatious and prestigious lives enjoyed from the money received from their investors also characterised these scammers


  7. Why omit DS from the analysis? is it that the author of the gleaner article has not yet accepted that olint was a ponzi?
    I find the conspicuous omission interesting. I’ll leave it at that.

  8. DS’s fraud dwarf’s that of CH if not only in terms of the money they took in, but also the hold that each had on the minds of their followers.
    Olint followers had a disdain for those poor working class C+ people who were being conned by an ex-felon.
    DS craftily sought the kind of clientele that would gain him a foothold not just in the minds of individuals, but in their hearts. He found a useful nexus between the church and his scheme.
    The very learned upper middle class followers of OLint were conned hook line and sinker, so much so that even in spite of the almost conclusory evidence to the effect that DS was a fraudster, there are still many conversations to be heard on the verandas of norbrook about the so called legitimacy of the O and DS’s astronomical claims of consistent 10%/month returns.
    Whereas I believe most C+ people have accepted and given up the ghost on their leader, the so called more intelligent followers of DS, by and large, are still bedazzled by the mastery of his fraud.
    Who was the biggest fraudster in your opinion?

  9. from the #4 bus

    Live&Letlive said
    February 1, 2009 at 4:28 am
    No MV

    DS can continue the club with INVESTORS not waggonists. An Investor has a portfolio with some stocks, some real estate, some bonds ome mutual funds sand if they have the stomach for risk some on the FOREX market trading for themself or using a broker.

    I lost more on the US stock market last year than I did on the ForeX market (That even includes what I have or HAD in OLINT ha Ha Ha …)

    If DS opened an office in the heart of New Kingston today, only for ‘investors’ to make ‘deposits’, there would be thousands.
    there are many who are just like L&L, they will not accept that they were conned.
    Need I say more?

  10. What you are hearing from L&LL is nervous chatter. He is PIG, and will be in deep trouble when Olint is officially declared bankrupt. His piglets will be hounding him for their money. What do you have to say L&LL?

  11. I think FXTrader and L&L is what’s left of Olint’s PR machine. $20,000USD/month can provide plenty of public relation services.

  12. Just of interest in difference between us Jamaicans and other.

    Billionaire industrialist Lawrence Duprey stepped out of his not-so-shiny green Honda Civic car on Wednesday evening, a ready smile on his face and a new business mantra in his pocket: “Good Governance”.

    Did anyone catch that – ok, if you did not. This billionaire is driving a “Honda Civic”.
    Hell would freeze over before some of our ” CEO” drive such a car in Jamaica.


  13. Breaking News.

    Investforlife has received reports that two Jamaican living in the USA , in including USA based lawyer Michael Samuda, recently went on a trip to TCI to meet with David Smith. There were however detained by immigration officials.

    We cannot however at this time confirm speculations that they were there to collect money promised to them by David Smith.

    As soon as more information becomes available you will be advised. If persons do however have additional details we welcome such disclosures.

  14. Mike D

    Look at my past postings an tell me if I am a pig. I encouraged my mom to put US$5000 in OLIINT she had her own account because she was inadvertenly a member from 2005 because her name was on my account. IN July when all the excitment came to a head Because I had handled the tranfer of funds and because mome was a pensioner I felt badly so in early August I encashed a US$GOJ bond paid off my car loan. Loan some to a few friend who was swimming in the OLINT whirlpool and paid my mother US$6000.00 That was less than her may 31st statement but more than she had invested in early 2007. THAT WAS THE END OF MY FINANCIAL & MORAL OBLIGATION TO everybody!!!!!

    I cannot say I do not sound nervous but trust me I am NO PIG . I WILL SINK ON MY OWN RAFT IN THE MONEY BUSINESS I TAKE NO RIDERS!!!!!

    Lewfam was always taking new people so I would suggest to people who approached me about being a pig to check out Lewfam.

    OLINT was taking new account from Feb 2008 People had ooogles of time to get their own account. Why the hell were people holding other peoples money in their account.

    The money I invested or ‘gave’ to DS gave me a high enough return plus I trade and I am employed FULL time plus I hang arround the residential rental market which can be very time consuming. I thought being apig was more headache than it was worth.

    Did you pigs notice that a lot of the piglets loved being a piglet because they were too lazy to bother to wire off their own money etc etc . Let sombody else take care of bussiness mentality. I keep far away from it…….

  15. Jon Jon

    a very important question
    Which if any of the many scheme did you invest in?????

  16. Within the last 1 1/2 hours, google has indexed this website. Google is on the ball.

  17. Lisa Raye also revealed that the Premier has been thinking of retiring to the Dominican Republic.

    “…we had had a conversation about a year and a half ago. He told me that he was ready to retire. He was tired of being scrutinised. I asked him at that point, I said: do we have enough money for you to retire; and he said yes; and I said: for us to live the way that we are living now; and he said yes,” she said.


  18. L&L
    why would you call peeple who piggy backed lazy? the truth is, that was the only way for people to access the mana falling from heaven. incidentally at the same time, it gave DS the feather in his cap, loudly proclaimed by mark wignall, that O is not a ponzi becuase the fund was taking no new money.
    we all now know that was a lie, for while Olint stopped adding accounts or names, unles u had good contacts, they never stopped taking money.

    what scheme was i a part of? i take it that you mean which of the schemes did i put money in. i’ve stated that on the blog before. but how relevant is that to the current discussion?

  19. my point is, people should get over the hump. try to get back your money. stop saying stupid things like you said on the bus i.e. when ds start back he should start back with only true investors and not the waggonsists.
    you imply that its the waggonsists, if they were any such folks, who destroyed a viable entitiy. you have failed to accept that ds con yu!

    get over it!

  20. It’s great what you guys are doing, but you mustn’t, cannot, just hamper on DS alone. Frankly, I would love to see more positive action at getting the ‘me too’s’ like
    Tony Williamson of UWIN brought to justice. My blood boils to know that this guy could buy a condo in Florida for almost US$ half a million, while I am being told crap about the FX business, even trying to blame DS for some of the problem. The Gleaner nor the Observer writers are of no help neither; now I know why. But I don’t intend to stop until some people wear short pants or orange suit over this debacle. This country stinks to high heavens with corruption everywhere.

  21. get over what?

  22. No No Jon

    No investor or Wagonist destroyed OLINT.

    many of us made bad choices mainly

    To leverage our investment portfolio to 100% OLINT

    This is true for many whether DS conned me or not.

    Jon some of us had money before OLINT that is how he was able to con us and the truth is a lot of us will have money after OLINT. Watch and see us survive!!!!!

  23. Sirach
    I said: do we have enough money for you to retire; and he said yes; and I said: for US to live the way that we are living now; and he said yes,” she said.

    This woman has shit for brains

    WHO IS US????? MILDRED HER TWO PICKNEY DEM THE PRIMER and of course LISA RAYE. Is this woman for real???????

  24. Jon

    I just did not want to expend the energy to talk with you on the blog if you were not conned by one of the conmen LOL,. I do not understand people who have never invested a cent in OLINT etc etc but spend hours on the blog talking about it. I do not understand tham So I keep out of their way.

  25. Responding to Jay, concerning Lawrence Duprey of T& T who now lives in South Florida

    “New River Top 5: In the fifth-highest price a Broward County residence has ever fetched, Sylvia Baldini (Lawrence Duprey’s wife) paid $77 million for an 8,588-square foot house overlooking the New River in July 2002. That comes to $897 per square foot. The home, at 3 Harborage Isle, last sold for $5.68 million in January 2001.”
    Driving a Honda Civic in Trinidad is just in order to fit in…. fooling people

  26. Actually, that’s $US7.7 million, still a tidy chunk of $$$$

  27. don’t worry intention.

  28. http://www.tcijournal.com/index.php?idsub=902&id=8

    Feb. 2, 2009 – What next? Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 2007 – By John Hartley

    Proceedings can start with the charge (NB not the conviction). Everyone who has had the slightest benefit at all from the alleged proceeds is caught by the Ordinance.

    It grabs buyers, sellers, advisers, brokers, lawyers, accountants, bankers, priests, everybody. Sentences of 5 and 10 years are mentioned. All property can be confiscated, not just money, and not just wholly owned property. Absconders face harsh treatment.

    Those being hunted will develop a new, full time and deep relationship with their attorneys, if they are not themselves being pursued.

  29. Live&Letlive:

    So in your world… Only the ‘smart’ people who were smart enough to get conned are worth listening to and only the input of the conned is valuable. Those who were ‘stupid’ enough to see the con for what it was from the beginning are just stupid and should be ignored?

    By the way I notice you did not answer DaveSin questions about the proof that DS had any real experience trading FX? That claim is untrue and was part of the con used to lure victims.

  30. @ Sirach
    i said in the post “try to get back your money”
    the get over it portion is in reference to L&LL’s continued belief that the O was viable, and once ds has his frozen money back and starts to trade, all can be well as long as ‘waggonists’ are not allowed to participate.
    get over it means, open your eyes and accept that this weas a scheme, a fraud, of massive proportions and people were conned…of a whole lot more than money, conned of dignity as well.

  31. Nocotec

    Sorry it is not about smart or stupid. It is about using all that emotional energy to get involved with people who have nothing to loose or gain.

    When playing football I have no problem with listening to the cheers or the boos from the grand stand to guage the approval of my performance. BUT GOOD HEAVENS MAN I WOULD NOT JUMP OF THE FOOTBALL FIELD TO TACKLE A MAN IN THE GRAND STAND. For a moment there I thought jon was ini the field then I started to think he was in the grand stand and I just wanted to be sure to know where I put my energy as far as his blogs go. That is simply why I asked him if he invested in any of the schemes.
    Instead of answering he told me to check his blog…..

    I have no proof that DS can trade apart from the fact that I watched him trade in a few sessions He taught me a few tricks that I still use. His coworker at JMMB said she rated him as a trader but his brain is a bit scattered.

    Jon said
    said in the post “try to get back your money”
    the get over it portion is in reference to L&LL’s continued belief that the O was viable, and once ds has his frozen money back and starts to trade, all can be well as long as ‘waggonists’ are not allowed to participate




  32. no L& L thats not all you said. may i remind you

    Live&Letlive said
    February 1, 2009 at 4:28 am
    No MV

    DS can continue the club with INVESTORS not waggonists. An Investor has a portfolio with some stocks, some real estate, some bonds ome mutual funds sand if they have the stomach for risk some on the FOREX market trading for themself or using a broker.

    I lost more on the US stock market last year than I did on the ForeX market (That even includes what I have or HAD in OLINT ha Ha Ha …)


    your first line makes reference to DS continuing the O.
    that is what my posts have been about. you continue to suggest that once all this is behind us, then DS will re-enter the world of trading, expert as he is, and the days of super super super profits will return 9linmited to non waggonsists of course)
    the remaining portion of your post as far as i am concerned is irrelvant.
    to me the same lack of forsight, putting heart before brain, that lead somebody to put all there eggs in one basket, wheter in bank X, under the matress, or in olint, is no better or worse than beliving that DS will like a phoenix rise from the ashes.
    u cant council me on how to invest or diversify, if you havent yet accpeted that ds was a never to return con man.
    kip u advice!

  33. I mean that in a nice way of course:)

  34. Jon Sorry for the misunderstading.

    I spoke with DS in December
    and the last thing I said to him is what I have been saying on this blog

    DS come up and center with or without the money ASAP
    .Nuff people said Madoff was a ponzie however it was when Madoff said it was we all believed.

    When DS or Oanda or a set of receivers says he has no money then I will believe.

    Mi caan start shine up mi tool before I am sure. untill then DS can do what he has to do. He knows that he either has the money or he is dead . TRUST ME THE DATE OF HIS DEATH WILL BE REMEMDERED for a long long time National holiday style. ha ha ha

    In the mean time mi a run pon some other money making bussiness

    If DS is in ashes now he will not rise like phoenix or roast dumpling HE WILL STAY THERE!!!!

    I am not a believer in DS I am a believer in What is THE FACTS. The problem is I do not have them now.

  35. I have been keenly following this blog for sometime now and find it quite interesting.

    To be honest I dont think at this point that speculating on whether DS has the money or not should be even the point of discussion.

    Rather I think that we need to break free from the very reason why so many Jamaicans (notice I said many and not ALL) have found themself in this position:


    We have set up an economic system that places a disproportionate amount of wealth in the hands of a few (OLINT and its demise only made this even worse)while the masses are left to take the little that’s left. Couple this with the excessive thirst and consumption for the American Dream it is inevitable that many of us will want to have a caviar lifestyle on a saltfish budget. I am not saying that we should not strive for better but it is hard to strive for better when the wealthy few have the earning power that places so much of those things out of the reach of many. WHAT YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN??!!! When slave look inna buckra masta house and see wha did in de you no tink him a go want it to?!

    I dont care what anybody wants to say but it still boggles my mind that people were asking and getting up to US$2,500 per month in rent for a likkle squeeze up place in Jamaica. Unplanned and unsustainable consumption was the order of the day…..WE FLOSS TOO RASS MUCH. A Jamaican will have the best car money can buy and no live no where…..and guess what the car no even pay for….and the sad part is that the easy money falling like manna from heaven courtesy of OLINT, CASH PLUS etc… just made that so much easier…

    BUT it is also clear that the gradual financial disempowerment of the middle class and the continued financial starvation of the poorer classes at the expense of the extremely wealthy has created a minefield. There is no longer a sense in Jamaica that if you work hard that you will “get there”. So guess what you must do: LIE, THIEF, STEAL, PUT YU MONEY INNA OLINT…..

    Jamaica’s economy is like a deck of cards….elaborate and easy fi blow down…..what is the basis of our economy???!!! Not one god damn ting and the fabulous returns by the banks (legal thiefs if you ask me) is one bag a paper shuffling….oh and dont forget that the more money you give the bank is the better interest rate you get….WHEN WAS THE POOR EVER GOING TO UPLIFT THEMSELVES IN A SYSTEM LIKE THIS…..THE RICH WILL ALWAYS GET RICHER AND THE POOR WILL ALWAYS JUST BE POOR…..

    Capitalism as it practised in Jamaica only ensures the upward mobility of a few to give the appearance of opportunity and equity…FOOLISHNESS…its not designed to create mass wealth…and we all know this

    It does not matter what DS promised because really what he offered was no different from what banks do, which by the way are just legally sanctioned PONZI schemes. David Smith promised a return on an investment. It was just too good to be true…. In my estimation if people no get back them money from DS it will be the FINAL IN THE COFFIN FOR THE JAMAICAN MIDDLE CLASS….

    If you took the risk, then that is all on you.

    Should Davis be punished? If he is guilty of course!! But will it make much of a difference….DEFINITELY NOT…..DS NEVER convince me that he was acting atruistically

    Until the unscrupulous and the corrupt who are claiming to be for the people (e.g. Politcians) are brought to book David Smith can stay as far as I am concerned….

    Remember him neva hold nobody down and tek way dem money outta dem pocket…..everybody in OLINT willingly gave it to him….can we say the same for how our TAX dollars are spent or even in some cases collected…..DEFINITELY NOT

    This blog has the opportunity and the power to show how our so-called leaders are stifling the potential of Jamaica….DS is a cog NOT the entire picture….you guys have the power to educate and inform…..DO IT…..


  36. Live & letLive

    Your last post speaks to the contradiction that exist within Ds many followers, On the one hand you are encouraging DS to “come up and center with or without the money ASAP” on the other hand you are also saying “Mi caan start shine up mi tool before I am sure and admit that DS knows that he either has the money or he is dead.

    That my dear sirs is the essence of why Ds continues to play this charade for so long, he is hoping to delay the inevitable for as long as as he can as he knows that the same faithful followers will have him killed if they really have to accept the harsh cold fact that the money is gone and they were duped

  37. And another thing that people fail to understand whilst a lot of people were somewhat sceptical about Cash plus, Swiss cash etc a some took a chance anyway and could willingly accept their losses and move on
    the Ds thing is more personal , many had great faith in him and they feel very betrayed like when a man come home and find him wife in bed with him best friend

    After a all anuff “bright uptown” people did in a this thing not like the “bhutto” dem in cash plus (or so they thought) it’s a hard pill to swallow and for that reason DS will never have the decency to come clean
    A just so it Go

  38. also blog killer..L&L and others refuse to accept the con, until DS himself says so. DS knows this and so what will his motivation be to come out and incriminate himself?
    people need to go after the con man and stop waiting on him to fess up.
    as you point out so clearly, and i have tried to do so as well, the bright brownskin uppermiddle class people who have been decieved cant bring themselves to accepting that they, inspite of their b.sc.’s and mba’s got taken in hook line and sinker.
    the uptown ego is at work here.

    so l&l, your strategy i fear plays right into the hands of ds, as you appear to be protecting your ego by delaying acceptance of the obvious, while at the same time giving ds all the room he needs to plot his next series of moves.
    good luck to u. me know weh me stand.

  39. Blog Killer
    I can see very clearly what you are saying and I agree with you.

    I do not know what the uptown ego is doing but in my corner of the woods we love to be sure when we strike.WE DO NOT DO THE COURT THING. jon and blogkiller can put on the ties and go after DS there

    Money is money Ego is Ego DS is not my wife or child brother or sister SO IF HE IS A CON MAN WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MY EGO
    Nuff well educated people that I know have called their OLINT money LOST and nuff says they will get back some.

    . The other day my lawyer was telling me that he is use to winning and losing and OLINT is like a loss.

    I asked him what made him say that he said he did not have any proof but it was easier to deal with that way.

    DS does not need uptown or downtown to play in his hand he needs to up and centre with or wihout the money WE HAVE TIME WE ARE WAITING so tell DS the game if he is playing is over.
    Once an eediat farmer man sold me $250,000.00 of bad ackee you think the fact that I was conned by an illiterate farmer affected my ego. NOOOOOO mi guh back deh and made him plan his own funeral. After which he returned some of the money. A suh life guh

  40. I do not Know anthing about Cashplus or Carlos Hill or his investors so cannot compare or contrast him wth DS

  41. L&LL,

    you only made the farmer return SOME?

    Wappn, your gun neva big enough? 🙂

  42. No Cynic, he turn around a sold the bad batch to BlogKiller….for a big profit!!!! I wouldn’t trust L&LL. 🙂

  43. Never doubt my knowledge. Few posses my expertise.

  44. You guys are really funny
    Th at truck man , the pickers the money for drinks at the rum bar WAS LOST FOR EVER. Yuh nuh know how it guh YUH CAAN RECOVER 100% FROM A CON man

  45. the saddest thing that David Smith has robbed people of, is there Dignity.

    Whether I get back money or not, I would never wish harm to him.. a long jail time.. but the loss of money will not let me lower my standards.

    thats just how my parents grow me

  46. No Culkull

    Wi would havi mek an EXAMPLE out of him. We will be doing it for the next generation!!!!!

  47. Although many middlemen may have had their ego’s bruised and may also owe a lot of money to people I would not say they lost their dignity. The Chester’s and the Bert’s and the John Doe’s and the Lewfam’s and the Visionses have not really lost dignity…..to early to tell…right now they have top concentrate on finding some money to pay. The schoolyard Law talk is just that…schoolyard Law…..you take money from people you must pay them back.

    By the way…..sorry for the delay on Ch 2,3,4,5 and 6….soon…promise.

  48. BTW Dignity rests in the individual only….

  49. Taken from #4 bus

    PEI said
    February 4, 2009 at 11:10 am

    January 31, 2009

    Dear Club Member:

    We had hoped that by now we would have been in a position to provide you with the date for the start-up of our schedule of payments. Unfortunately, we are still unable to do so as we continue to be adversely affected by the financial fallout in the United States.

    We have also been experiencing a severe strain on our operating expenses and so have now had to suspend the services of our Member Care Centre.

    Our communication with you will continue through the internet. Please feel free to contact us at supportuwinantigua.com.

    Be assured that as soon as normalcy is restored you will be informed. In the meantime, please continue to keep the faith.

    Club Management
    UWIN Antigua

  50. Has anyone communicated with DS recently? If so what has he said? How does he sound?

    Another thing… Did anyone call the TCI authority? If so what didi they say? I called them but they would not release any information to because i am not an account holder, my friend is and she refuse to call saying they are trying to build a case on him.

  51. Last night on CNN Donald Trump think that Madoff should be in jail and not sitting at home. Just like our Ponzi people should be in jail and not be left to enjoy life after what they have done to so many people. They can use dem time inna jail fi trade and ge back ppl dem money. DS Lewfam and all a dem need fi bun inna hell fire.

  52. Rob Rawson/ AML was arrested by Seminole County Sherrif’s office on criminal feloney charges. Rob Rawson has been under investigation for providing false information and making false statements against Martinez’s, ItradeFX and MTI to US Government regulators and officials. He has also been under investigation for posting False information in various Blogs and providing False information to various newspapers. At no time did Rob Rawson have access to any inside corporate or finacial information at ItradeFX, MTI, or Martinez. All Information passed off by AML / Rob Rawson should be looked at as false. the Arrest speaks for itself.
    have a look yourselves.

  53. Just stumbled on a blogsite that listed a who’s who of DS investors’ list. The hypocrazy that pervades this society is mind boggling because, trust me, we’re all in the same boat. And all the ‘holier than thou’s, who preache down to DS’ and others’ investors have all already cashed in pre-2007. I’ll borrow the PM quote and say ‘mek dem tek way demselves’..

    On a more serious note, UWIN of Antigua have to come more upfront than just stating that club mmbers must continue to check the website. I have been requesting for my money from way back when and long before the bubble burst, and all I got was that it wouldn’t be possible until September 08, by which time the fancy office in Jamaica had disappeared with all the local numbers.
    Then just recently I learnt that Dwight and Jean bought an Ocean front condo in Florida for almost half a million USD. Can somebody please tell me if this isn’t a cause to report the matter as fraudulent conversion of club members’ funds? DCP Les Green’s office is quite accessible.

  54. Wireless Expression down again !!

    Will it come back up, here is what was in todays gleaner.

    Cyberspace mystery

    2 Some Olint investors, politicians and journalists saw red when they discovered that private emails were circulating in cyberspace for all and sundry to see.


  55. Jay:

    AML addition to the UFO-Timeline would suggest the end of Wireless Expressions. AML, do you know the reason?

  56. The expression has been major source of embrassment for those who had been involved in the big “O” and who were chastising them on the public airways.
    It has also been a time of great unease for politicians who suddenly found that their “business” was suddenly out in the open.

    This highlights the point that emails or any other form of electronic communication is far from being secure.

    So if you have something that you would like to say and would not want your “fingerprints” left all over it, say it in person while in water(preferably sea water).

  57. The Olint investors just never fail to not get it. Look you folks chose to invest in an unregulated illegal scheme. The guy kept running away from becoming regulated in Ja where he was accepting lots of money from JA investors. You folks blasted and bad mouthed and generally cussed the FSC and everyone else that tried to warn of the folly. You only listened to the PR guys and their echos.

    When you choose to invest in an illegal scheme you have chosen to give up your right to privacy. Got it? It is not complicated. The guys who invest with a drug dealer in order to make quick riches does not have a right to privacy of his account. That example makes it clear, right? Bushmaster revealed it but normally this would be public via court records.

    For example in the Madoff case the trustee has provided the court with the records of all investors. Unless the court rules to keep it secret it will become public record and it did. We do not know how Bushmaster came into the info but that is separate. You guys knowingly chose to invest with an illegal entity and now you think you have a right to privacy. That is not the way it works.

  58. Nocotec

    This illegal entity argument goes for those who signed contracts with halmark bank and OLINT as the trader.?

  59. Trust me you folks are more embarrased for the ” “brand name people than they are for themselves”
    It is funny to see how we are vomiting here on the blog and when I listen to them at the Yatch club or at the mayfair Pub they are not even spitting.
    Those people seem to be looking at the whole thing diferently

  60. Live&Letlive, Said: This illegal entity argument goes for those who signed contracts with halmark bank and OLINT as the trader.?

    By the time people signed agreements with Hallmark with Olint as trader everyone knew or should have known that DS and Olint had fled JA and were refusing to be licensed.

    If the regulatory authorities take the position that the activities are covered by the regulatory statute and thus entity needs to be licensed and registered…

    If that is there position and the entity and principals then flee the jurisdiction to setup shop somewhere else… And you choose to continue or start investing with them…

    Should you be surprised that the principal and entity are engaged in some form of illegal activity? And if they are, you should know that such activity will eventually lead to your information becoming public. This is what usually happens when criminal enterprises are exposed.

    It just seems that the people complaining about Bushmaster exposing private info of account holders and private emails do not get those concepts. The only info not normally exposed is privileged info between client and attorney(s).

  61. Maybe L&LL can explain, Why despite the emergence of Hallmark:

    (a) the on-line account tracking/maintenance was done on Olint

    (b) why investors haven’t gotten any form of communication from Hallmark since the apparent meltdown

    (c) why hasn’t the principals of Hallmark haven’t been arrested from fraud, etc.

    L&LL, are you saying that investors gave their funds to hallmark and should be looking to them for their money? I’m also curious why there is a distinction being made between Hallmark and Olint (DS). Are you suggesting that Hallmark is the TCI licensed entity (for “securities” purposes)?

    It would appear on the surface that the TCI police got it wrong and should have raided the offices of Hallmark Bank & Trust and not the office/home of the TRADER.

  62. Does David Smith own or have an interest in Hallmark Bank & Trust?

  63. I understand that DS is one of the Principals of Hallmark Bank and Trust. Originally given his contact from the bank and thus opened my Olinttci account.

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