Rich Jamaican businessman under US probe

The observer  today reported something that we have all speculated on for some time now and has been gathering evidence to support our point.

We have always been very careful with our post and as usual we will not call any names but will simply point your nose in the right direction and you can make your own judgment.

Check out these two companies called out in the report on page 10, item # 2.4 (page 10  of the adobe file, not the report page number).

The liquidator said just over US$135M was forwarded to these companies, amongst others which where not identified. So who are the principals of those two companies.

Well you have to do a little digging, so we have decided to do it for you. Check out these legal proceedings that have been filed against Usimo, and use a little ingenuity and you will know at least one for the principals.

For those unfamiliar with the case just browse  the blog and you will find a ton of information.

See details as it appears in the Sunday Observer.