Rich Jamaican businessman under US probe

The observer  today reported something that we have all speculated on for some time now and has been gathering evidence to support our point.

We have always been very careful with our post and as usual we will not call any names but will simply point your nose in the right direction and you can make your own judgment.

Check out these two companies called out in the report on page 10, item # 2.4 (page 10  of the adobe file, not the report page number).

The liquidator said just over US$135M was forwarded to these companies, amongst others which where not identified. So who are the principals of those two companies.

Well you have to do a little digging, so we have decided to do it for you. Check out these legal proceedings that have been filed against Usimo, and use a little ingenuity and you will know at least one for the principals.

For those unfamiliar with the case just browse  the blog and you will find a ton of information.

See details as it appears in the Sunday Observer.

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  1. …..”US officials are said to have zoned in on the US$80-million he used to pay for a franchise, which has subsequently been broken down into several companies under one umbrella. One of the companies in particular has attracted the interest of the grand jury, necessitating the request.
    The US believes that monies from the investment organisation were laundered through that specific company.
    The purchase is said to have raised red flags in the United States, as although the fairly young businessman has access to immense cash, his personal wealth appears to be excessive.
    The businessman has also been linked to the trafficking of Eastern European women between Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The allegation is that he flew the women here, where they engaged in high-priced prostitution on the North Coast. After that, they were flown to the Turks and Caicos Islands.”……….


    You made a post sometime ago relating to the source of funds that financed that franchise acquisition. It appears now that it was right on the money!!

    Drug trafficking? That’s a new twist. I wonder if the unnamed one had anything to do with the over 1200 pounds of hash oil found in the water tanks of his father’s Yacht?

    • No, he had nothing to do with the Hash Oil, that was some else who has since been “deceased”.

      “Deceased” is in quote as the “deceased” one was said to have been spotted in Miami, months after his ash was said to have been thrown in the Caribbean Sea.

  2. We understand Mr. Joseph Issa has booked his passage to head to London to obtain the “best” legal advice that money can buy.

    Just remember, Uncle Sam has much deeper pockets and we will challenge the source of the funds that you will use to pay the retainer fee for your English lawyers.

    Are you sure you want to continue lying about giving all proceeds from OLINT to David Smith? Based on our research we know differently.
    What about your previous business partners? We have some who have come forward and are willing to cooperate with our efforts.

    I suggest you quickly give up the scam and come clean. We have been patient but as time winds down we are heading in the direction of an INDICTMENT.

    The Government of Jamaica has protected you thus far. It may not be in a position to do so for much longer!!!

  3. What a COOL story!

    I bet even the average JOE ISs Absolutely certain to be interested in this one!

  4. Good one from “the cynic” 🙂

  5. Former Shower Posse boss Vivian Blake dies
    Monday, March 22, 2010

    FORMER Shower Posse boss Vivian Blake died at the University Hospital of the West Indies yesterday after suffering a heart attack Saturday. According to a close associate, Blake had been ailing for some time.

    Jamaica Observer

  6. Gov’t’s credibility called into question
    Sunday, 21 March 2010
    The ongoing issue of the reported relationship between the government and United States law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips has brought into question the administration’s credibility.

    This according to Judith Wedderburn, social commentator, who was speaking on RJR’s weekly news review programme “That’s a Wrap” on Sunday.

    Ms Wedderburn says the Prime Minister’s initial denial of any relationship then an admittance of contact the following day raises several questions about the government’s credibility.

  7. A word of advice to the Government

    The subsequent revelation by the prime minister that after “investigations” he was told of contact between the solicitor general, Mr Douglas Leys, attorney Mr Harold Brady, and the law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips on issues relating to extradition has left the Government with a lot of egg on its face. It is an issue that could easily get worse before it gets better for the Government. As our sister publication, the Sunday Observer, pointed out yesterday, apart from other considerations, there is the puzzle of who paid whom, for what, and for what purpose.

    Then there is the allegation that the tourism ministry breached procurement rules and that the minister, Mr Edmund Bartlett, may even have misled the Cabinet on the airlift agreement with American Airlines. There is plenty of evidence that the agreement worked for the good of Jamaica’s tourism. But on the substantive allegations, Mr Golding and his Government need to recognise that they must account to the Jamaican people.

    Then there is OLINT and the ‘spending’ of people’s funds without their consent. And when does the reimbursement start?

  8. Hey all. Is it true that a certain “slippers” hotelier has had his US visa revoked?

  9. Red P is you are talking about GD then my sources tell me its not true. Rumours dem a spread.

  10. My what interesting times we are living in eeh Jay?

  11. Bwoy, nutn like a hard earned honest dollar, eatin bread by the sweat of your brow. Mek you sleep better and you dont have to fret bout investigations LOL

  12. “…plea bargaining is suddenly gaining acceptance in Britain”

    The paper explores Lord Woolf’s recent proposals that would, for the first time, formally embrace plea bargaining in England. Traditionally, it has been officially denied in England that plea bargaining occurs. What were called the Turner Rules specifically prohibited a judge from revealing to a defendant the terms on offer in exchange for a guilty plea. Yet, reputable scholarship has established that over 90 percent of all cases in the magistrates courts and approximately two-third of all cases in the higher Crown Court were resolved through a guilty plea or a finding of guilty upon failure of the defendant to appear in court.

    It considers how the practice has interplayed historically with politics, the role of the judiciary and differing approaches to sentencing.

  13. BRITISH companies will be able to admit bribery offences in return for more lenient sentences under a plea bargain-style system to be put forward by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) this week.

    While regarded as a peculiarity of American law, plea bargaining is already part of the British legal system. The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act of 2005 allows for those who are cooperating with prosecutors to be given immunity or reduced sentences.

  14. Plea bargaining is soft on crime. It means people aren’t properly punished for crimes they’ve committed. The British practice of ‘discounting’ for a guilty plea is also soft on crime. A sentence should be a sentence: the fact that the guilty admit they’re guilty doesn’t change their guilt in any way. Both approaches reward the career criminal who is happy to ‘play the system’ and it results in sentences that are far more lenient than the perpetrators deserve.

  15. Helen Garlick, former assistant director of the office, said: “The concern that I and others have is that the shake-up has been too radical and left the SFO significantly underpowered.”

  16. Think Jamaicans love to travel to the US? Check Turks and Caicos Islanders…and the expats on the islands too….stiff upper lip?

    Proceed….then learn.

  17. The truth is coming to light…..hmmmmmm…

  18. Vivian Blake dead

    Vivian Blake, Blake, who returned to Jamaica last year after being released from prison in the United States, died at the University Hospital of the West Indies Sunday evening.

    It is reported that he was ailing for sometime.

  19. I’m surprised at the young businessman that has been implicated in the aforementioned allegations mentioned by the US. Nothing that happens in Jamaica surprises me anymore. There are too many hidden things in this small country. Secrets abound. It seems like those who have been living high on the hog , and became greedy for more, may be in for some serious punishment from the US. If this story blows up, the very prominent and highly respected Jamaican family will be greatly embarassed. Such a pity that he divorced his family business and entered into business with DS.

  20. However a Justice Department document dated November 12, 2009 names the Government of Jamaica through Harold Brady as the Foreign Principal in the arrangement between Brady and Company and Mannat, Phelp, Phillips.

    INFROMATION Minister Daryl Vaz says he is hoping that an amended contract letter between attorney-at-law Harold Brady and international law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips — which the prominent lawyer claimed corrected the error on a document naming him as government consultant — will be produced soon.

    Where is the ‘clear the air document’ that was handed in LAST FRIDAY.

    Party of all parties

    Now, y’all know you have a good thing going when socialites, powerbrokers and political leaders postpone their weekend out-of-town excursions until after your party.

    Also out were…

  21. As long as corruption is seen as being clever, i.e. ”a way of getting ahead”, rather than a moral and behavioral deficiency, an illness, then there will not be the proper invoking of conscience or will by the society as a whole to choose to move away from it……….until we hit bottom.

  22. Seriously guys… lol… You ever wonder how Jcans fall for major scams like the Olint and C+ ponzis… We are about due for another one. We will believe any conspiracy theory… and if it appears in the newspaper, it must be true… especially if it is something bad about the other political party…lol.

    Now let us take a look at this article. I cannot say it is true or untrue. However given the history of this paper I am unwilling to accept something written in this way, just because it appears in the paper.

    Consider this is a newspaper, it is not a blog… Why is it writing an article making allegations against some unnamed person? Leaving readers to guess who this person is? The truth is an absolute defense against libel. As a newspaper, why are you writing gossip. If a credible newspaper does not have the evidence, it either does not write the story or gets the evidence.

    Notice that this is the same paper that allowed its columnists to write the PR for Olint… Jcans accepted it as gospel… dark folks we are…

    If the article is about JI… do you realize there is an ongoing feud between the owner and JI? Do you realize the unnamed source in the article is just repeating the same diatribe we have seen from floridian and his doc and lawyer friends? Does that not suggest the source… lol.

    The reason I don’t fall for scams is that I don’t accept info as true just because someone says it… got to have proof or credibility. If it turns out to be true so be it… another opportunity will be along.

  23. “If a credible newspaper does not have the evidence, it either does not write the story or gets the evidence.”

    You seem to be sure on selective points. You have proof that the Observer has no evidence?

    How Brady letter coming along Noncs? Manatt, Phelps, Phillips under serious problem. Diatribe? Like everything up to it reveals itself as truth in time.

  24. Government awaits Brady’s error correction not in

    Up to late last night it could not be ascertained whether attorney at law Harold Brady had produced evidence that an error regarding a reported deal with US law firm, Manatt, Phelps and Phillips had been corrected.

    The attorney has maintained that he contracted the US based law firm to work for the government is a mistake which has been corrected by the company.

    He had been given until Friday by the Bruce Golding administration to produce the evidence.

    Cabinet was yesterday expected to review the documents from Mr Brady on the matter.

    Mr Brady has been ordered to explain the aspect of the contract with Manatt claiming that he was acting on behalf of the Jamaican government.

  25. Government awaits Brady’s error correction evidence
    2010-03-23 10:32:23 | (0 Comments)

    Up to late last night it could not be ascertained whether attorney at law Harold Brady had produced evidence that an error regarding a reported deal with US law firm, Manatt, Phelps and Phillips had been corrected.

    The attorney has maintained that he contracted the US based law firm to work for the government is a mistake which has been corrected by the company.

    He had been given until Friday by the Bruce Golding administration to produce the evidence.

    Attempts to reach Mr Brady and the minister with responsibility for information, Daryl Vaz were unsuccessful.

    Cabinet was yesterday expected to review the documents from Mr Brady on the matter.

    Mr Brady has been ordered to explain the aspect of the contract with Manatt claiming that he was acting on behalf of the Jamaican government.

    The contract between Mr Brady and Mannat has been posted on the US Justice Department’s website.

    It indicates that Brady was acting on behalf of the Bruce Golding led administration in political and economic matters including treaties.

    However, Mr Brady said that aspect of the contract was a mistake, which has since been corrected.

    According to him, the contract with Manatt was a private business matter.

    The contract between Brady and Manatt provides for the US firm to be paid US$100,000 per quarter for its work on behalf of the Jamaican Government.

    Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader Portia Simpson-Miller has said that severe and immediate sanctions are required if its found that Mr Brady misrepresented the government.

  26. @floridian: You seem to be sure on selective points. You have proof that the Observer has no evidence?

    LOL… Sure on selective points?… no, I am not you. I am not stupid enough to invest in an obvious ponzi scheme and then think that one of the parties, the JLP, is responsible for my idiocy.

    It should be obvious that if the Observer had the requisite credible information, it would not resort to writing gossip. It would name the person and further state the name of its source(s) or state sources at the justice dept etc… the way serious newspapers usually do…

    The article as written is simply gossip. Sometimes gossip may even end up being true but credible newspapers should not be publishing gossip on its news pages as news … especially if it is gossip against someone the owner has a vendetta against..

  27. Awaiting the diatribe…

    • would not be suprised if brady sends the government acopy of the letter from the justice dept. website with the section referring to the GOV of JA. wiped out with correction fluid and vaz shows it on TV as proof the next day

  28. Oh there it is… Clockwork

  29. One of the oddities of this case is the fact the law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips represents many Hollywood clients that are a part of the “boycott Jamaica” campaign tinsel town initiated a year ago, through a member of the U.S. Congress and separately racist, n-word using gay blogger, Perez Hilton, due to certain dancehall artists’ anti-gay lyrics.

    Manatt, Phelps and Phillips represent Hollywood stars that have irrationally slammed the entire nation of Jamaica, for the deeds of a few anti-gay rappers. Manatt, Phelps and Phillips have also represented members of Hollywood’s “gay mafia” as they are called.

    Manatt, Phelps and Phillips does not mean Jamaica well in any measure, nor does some of its clients in Hollywood that tried to destroy the island nation last year with an international boycott they called for that failed.

    Where most sane people call for boycotts of products or companies, nasty Hollywood called for a boycott of an entire nation of men, women, children and babies, because they disliked the free speech lyrics of a few people that do not even constitute 1% of the island nation’s population. That is the definition of ignorance.

  30. Man keep it in your cabinet and leave Jamaica alone!

  31. …of course, entitled to his opinions and beliefs, but I draw the line at supporting someone
    who pretends to be one thing to us, only to learn that he has promised the opposite to
    someone else.

  32. Manatt hires a law firm to represent them on the issue. In Jamaica heads dive into the sand.

    What happens to the ostritch rear when he sinks his head into the sand?

    Noncs, go back two years and see the ‘vaseline’ blogs.

  33. Bradygate?

  34. Those of you old enough will remember this political satire produced by Anthony Gambrill and others on the Jamaican political reality.

    It was very amusing with notable Jamaican personalities being brilliantly portrayed to the delight of packed houses revelling in the political foibles.

    One memorable performance was that of Harold Brady who portrayed Rex Nettleford. Brady, dressed in black leotards, spun and danced his way around the stage as if Nettleford had indeed choreographed himself in the role. The voice and mannerisms were impeccably replicated. Brady was brilliant then with his twists and twirls. He was convincing as Rex Nettleford. The audience applauded his performance and some returned to experience the act again and again

  35. Pressed for a response on the controversial link which has been denied by the Golding administration, Martinez would not budge.

    “I understand your questions, I do, and I wish that I was in a position to help you, but we don’t have anything to add to the story.

    It is you who are in need of help. But when lobbying for a boycott of Jamaica, you never thought of that.

    Ehh Noncs, Think and Check!

  36. In the five years that he has held the the job, Mr Christie has won the respect of Jamaicans for the fearlessness with which he has pursued errant public officials for their failure to adhere to government’s procurement rules and for his hounding of those perceived to be corrupt.

    But he is frustrated at his inability to reverse Jamaica’s culture of corruption. Mr Christie doesn’t quite put it this way, but he feels that he is battling an inert prosecutorial system, represented by what he perceives as a somnolent Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and an overburdened judicial system.

  37. I wonder what the two prominent former DPP’s of Jamaica who are OLINT member’s think about that?


  38. @floridian: One memorable performance was that of Harold Brady who portrayed Rex Nettleford. Brady, dressed in black leotards, spun and danced his way around the stage as if Nettleford had indeed choreographed himself in the role.

    LOL… here is some gossip… reportedly Seaga did not like Brady or PJ for the same reasons… lol

  39. In Nocotec’s Cabinet. Or puppetmaster of the pheriphery?

  40. Yes Nonco,’ not in my Cabinet but my personal consultant behind the scenes’

    Gossip Noncs?

  41. Hear the teefing Deacon DS, “They protect me!” Bwoy Noncs. To gain certain protection you spread thin….

    What them seh …how it go again Nonco, “When a fool speaks, he thinks he’s speaking to an audience of fools….(suppen like that)

    Thou Shalt not Steal…

  42. Nonco, you always posing as a political expert. You can date the photo?

    I give you a hint (no more anagrams)

    Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill sand a tune with a line, “What a hippabambayeah when the three 7’s clash”

  43. The Bruce Golding led administration is yet to comment on reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has taken an interest in the controversial contract involving the US law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips and Harold Brady.

    RJR news has been reporting that the FBI is eyeing the case.
    Mr. Brady who crafted the arrangement with Manatt, Phelps and Phillips has refused to disclose whether payments have been made to the law firm.

    He cited client confidentiality for not disclosing any information about payments to the American firm.

    However, RJR News has obtained a copy of the latest filings with the Department of Justice which indicate that almost US$50,000 has been paid to Manatt by Mr. Brady’s firm.

  44. Mr. Wellesley told RJR News that Mr. Crooks claimed he is not returning to Jamaica, because he has no faith in the Justice system and a man of his age, if convicted will die in prison.

  45. What a corrupt nation. Sad.

  46. Dr. Phillips says government’s pronouncements on the issue so far were half truths and said it was impossible that such high level meetings happened with a law firm said to be acting on behalf of the government and the Prime Minister and the Cabinet were not aware.

    “I do not want to venture into the realm of speculation what is clear is that adequate answers have not been provided by the government, by Mr. [Harold] Brady, by Manatt Phelps and Phillips by anyone at all who is in a position to know what has happened and since it involves a fundamental matter of public interest and public policy in Jamaica, we are not going to let the government or the JLP treat it as if it were a private matter, it is not,” Dr. Phillips said.

  47. Where is the Rev Al. now that there is a need for a Bruce-Brady Bawl Out?

  48. At the start of this new century, there is a 50-year history of constitutional changes that have not bedded down into the people’s consciousness; a history of corruption amongst politicians; and, worse, examples of Ministers charged in the USA with felonies and drug trafficking, yet continuing to hold public office. We also have examples of a civil service that is blatantly embroiled in politics

  49. n his only public comment on the matter, Brady has claimed that he contracted the firm for commercial matters and any indication that it was on behalf of the Government was a mistake that has been corrected.

    However, the US Department of Justice website still lists the original documents.

  50. Although Mr Dodgson was only a peripheral member of the advisory team, he would have had access to highly sensitive information

  51. There, indeed, seems to be a nexus. For Mr Golding had cause to admit that Mr Brady had raised with Mr Leys – when both men just happened to meet on a flight – the possibility of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips acting on behalf of Jamaica.

    On the face of it, Mr Leys, as we have said before, was guilty of poor judgement – unless he can claim to have received instructions/clearance from his political superiors to invite an official of a private firm, canvassing for Jamaica’s business, to a meeting between agents of two sovereign states discussing official, and supposedly private, matters.

  52. It was, however, a fact that Mr Brady, a lawyer who has been a parliamentary

    candidate for Mr Golding’s party, did sign an agreement with the US firm, in

    which he purported to be a ‘consultant’ to the Jamaican government. Mr Brady

    said that this categorisation of himself was soon corrected. Filings to this effect

    by Manatt, Phelps & Phillips are yet to appear on the website of the US

    Justice Department.

  53. Cold Observer,

    The headline reads “Marks Set Go” and the link says “Marks-Set-No.”

    You must be in the “Marks-Set-Know”

  54. the link actually reads “Marks-Set-No_7504040”

    the “No” refers to Number , # 7504040

    Floridaian, yu too bad 🙂

  55. * On what basis did the solicitor general believe it was appropriate for private foreign citizens — in the persons of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips — to attend a meeting between the Government of Jamaica and the Government of the United States involving highly sensitive and confidential issues?

    * Was the Ambassador of Jamaica to the United States in Washington present at any of the meetings held between the solicitor general and the United States Government authorities at which private foreign citizens from Manatt, Phelps & Phillips were also present?

    * The question further arises, was the Jamaican Ambassador to the United States in Washington aware that Manatt, Phelps & Phillips were stating that they represent the Government of Jamaica and did he report this to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade or anyone else in the Government of Jamaica?

    * On what basis would Manatt, Phelps & Phillips have been convinced that they were representing the Government of Jamaica and could so declare to the Justice Department of the United States Government, which continues to report this fact on their website even up to today?

    * Did representatives of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips meet with officials of the Government of Jamaica other than the solicitor general? If so, with whom, when and where?

    * What steps has the Government of Jamaica taken to clear the record with the US Justice Department to indicate that Manatt, Phelps & Phillips is not a representative of the Government of Jamaica?

    * Who paid the US$49,892.62 that Manatt, Phelps & Phillips reports to have been paid for services rendered?

    * Is it mere coincidence that the date on which the first diplomatic note was sent from the Government of Jamaica to the United States Government requesting additional information concerning the extradition request happens to be the same date on which payment was made to Manatt, Phelps & Phillips for services rendered, which Manatt, Phelps & Phillips maintains was paid on behalf of the Government of Jamaica?

    * If it is true, as the Government of Jamaica claims, that Manatt Phelps & Phillips does not represent them, who then is the real client of Manatt Phelps & Phillips?

    With Audrey’s links to OLINT and her lobbying on OLINT’s behalf I don’t think she’s going to exhale as Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States.

    Deacon again….never far from ANY of the issues ehh Deacon?

  56. OLINT and David Smith is the center.

    How does one know this?

    The most significant issue facing the country is the one embedded media is the most silent on.

  57. Re: Violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA)

    Attorney General of the United States of America
    Honorable Eric H. Holder
    United States Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Dear Mr. Holder,

    I wish to share with you a matter that appears to be a violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) of 1938, 22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq.
    This matter has potential significant implications with regard to National Security and thus my desire to share the pertinent facts with you.

    Specifically, I am making reference to registration # 5864 filed by Manatt, Phelps and Phillips on behalf of the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) through Mr. Harold Brady, of Brady and Company, Jamaica with the National Security Division/Counter Espionage Unit of the US Department of Justice.

    The contract which is of public record was executed on Oct 1 2009 and it was filed on Nov.2 2009. The signatures were Susan Schmidt, Partner of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips and Harold Brady acting as a Consultant to the Government of Jamaica (GOJ).

    The parties mentioned appeared to have violated the FARA by not declaring the extent of their lobbying activities and also the source of the funds for their lobbying efforts.
    Based on evidenced gleaned from a private investigative service, it would appear that the lobbying effort was financed by Mr. Christopher Coke (a.k.a “Dudus”) who has been named by the US Department of Justice to a list of “consolidate priority organization targets” which includes persons the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) says are the “world’s most dangerous narcotics kingpins”. Mr. Coke is a US fugitive and he has been indicted by a Grand Jury in the Southern District of New York. (Please see Exhibit 1- Indictment of Christopher Michael Coke)
    The apparent criminal violation of the FARA is also suggestive of money laundering as the senior partner in the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips law firm, Susan Schmidt visited Jamaica in 2009, met with Mr. Christopher Coke knowing he was a US Fugitive, the Hon. Daryl Vaz- Jamaican Minister of Information and Mr. Harold Brady. The law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips then received from Mr. Coke the sum of US $49,892.62 as an installment towards their legal lobbying fee of US$400,000 per annum. This installment was given to Manatt by Mr. Harold Brady who was then promoting himself as a consultant to the GOJ.The funds originated from Incomparable Enterprises Limited a Jamaican Corporation owned by Mr. Coke and was laundered through the “Tourism Enhancement Fund”. This amount was issued on a check drawn on a Bank of Nova Scotia Account.

    Ms. Schmidt thereafter met with the Hon. Bruce Golding- Prime Minister of Jamaica at Jamaica House. The signature of Ms. Schmidt on documents filed with the US Department of Justice cross reference to the signature of a similarly named individual in the Protocol Directory at Jamaica House.
    It is apparent that Mr. Christopher Coke is very benevolent to the GOJ and its members.
    Indeed Mr. Harold Brady hosted at his home a party for the Jamaican Attorney General the Hon. Dorothy Lightbourne, with the source of funding for the celebration being Mr. Coke.

    Based on evidence gleaned to date and my enquiries with the Southern District of New York, this case may be currently subject to an “Obstruction of Justice” Investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.).

    Manatt, Phelps & Phillips is a large sophisticated “AV” law firm and is certainly aware of the intricacies of the FARA. How could they have claimed to be an agent for the “GOJ” when the so called consultant, Harold Brady is denying his association with the law firm?

    Further, the attached newspaper articles demonstrate that the Jamaican Prime Minister- the Hon. Bruce Golding was unaware of the fact that the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips law firm was representing Jamaica and lobbying on behalf of Mr. Coke.
    You will note the Observer Newspaper article of 3.18.10 that indicates the Jamaican Minister of Information- Hon. Daryl Vaz, as being perplexed about this contract between the “GOJ” and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips in which he suggested that no contractual relationship of this type exists.(Please see Exhibit 2- Jamaican Newspaper articles).

    I would like the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips law firm specifically Charles Manatt and Susan Schmidt to be sanctioned for the deliberate misstatements to the US Department of Justice and for Mr. Harold Brady to be investigated for criminal violation of the FARA.

    It is unacceptable, unethical and dangerous for a Manatt lawyer to have met with Mr. Coke in Jamaica knowing he is a US fugitive who had already been indicted by a US Grand Jury. Also, of paramount concern is the fact that the law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips did not sufficiently declare the nature and focus of its lobbying efforts on behalf of the “GOJ”.
    It would appear the law firms real client is Mr. Christopher Coke who has been charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana and conspiracy to illegally traffic in firearms.


  58. But wait you can hear the prompting of what they are to say in the background of the radio. hahahahahahahaa

  59. Under my reading of the Foreign Agent Registration Act it would be illegal for a private citizen to join with a Foreign Agent in a meeting with State Department representatives ,if the meeting addressed official matters. Manatt does not think that their conduct was illegal.

  60. Immigration records tell no lie.

  61. The principals of this blog are such liars…isn’t these the same guys that “reported” that “all the money” was “gone”?

  62. Mr. Golding admitted that the agreement was indeed signed by the Chairman of Jamaica Vacations without the approval of the Cabinet is a clear breach of government policy.

    The Prime Minister made it clear to parliament that he told the minister and the Chairman that there must be no recurrence.

    Retroactive, hahahahaa. Deacon, is that them tell you too? “mus be no recurrence?”

    Don’t believe the hype.

  63. Is there a list of authorized Government consultants registered with the Contractor General. How would a law firm like Manatt Phelps know if an attorney is a Consultant to the Government?Could a website with the names of the official Government consultants be developed?

  64. “I want to categorically state and challenge anybody to bring forward any documentation to support the claim that the Jamaican Government entered into any contract, with any party, outside of the Attorney General who is our legal advisor,” declared information minister Daryl Vaz yesterday.

    To date, the contract posted on the US Justice Department’s website still lists Manatt, Phelps and Phillips as representing the Jamaican Government in treaty matters.

    Please start by having the contract that states that consultant to the government, Harold Brady represents the people of Jamaica from the State Department of the United States of America website.

    Please that’s just a start. Every day that this signed contract is on the State Departments website is an offense to the people of the country.

    Please this is a misleading contract and an embarrassment to the country. Thoroughly out of order. Even if the govt. of Jamaica hired Harold Brady to represent us we reject that as people of Jamaica.

    Regardless of who claims authority to speak otherwise.

    Please take the contract off the website as a start to restore the country’s integrity overseas.

  65. Why do Jamaicans have to suffer every day and see a contract on the US govt. website that Harold Brady represents us?

    Every day we have to live with that?

  66. Where is the diaspora on this shame? In the senate ensuring that Jamaicans abroad don’t get a vote?


    Al Miller says Parliamentarians should weep over injustice in Jamaica
    Friday, March 26, 2010

    “They should be ashamed that an external power has to ask us to act justly,”

  68. A team of esteemed lawyers was appointed last month to help claw back cash believed to have been pilfered by the former administration.

    Top UK anti-corruption experts, Laurence Harris and James Maton of international law firm Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge (EAPD), will head the group.

    Mr Maton worked on a string of similar cases in notoriously corrupt Nigeria where state Governors amassed small fortunes while in office.

  69. Helen Garlick takes over David Smith case

    Smith, who is a Belonger (bestowed for economic contribution) of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is presently on $1million bail in respect of a number of financial crimes.

    Meantime, this writer has also been reliably informed that the Special Prosecutor and her team of 30 investigators have been investigating persons other than those mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry’s final report.
    n a recent report, liquidator Joseph Connolly, who is also a member of the Interim Government’s Advisory Council, of which the Attorney General is also a member, noted the following in relation to the David Smith case: “A further $1.8 million has been restrained by the Attorney-General of the Turks and Caicos Islands. This relates to an individual who received a transfer of approximately $2.5 million just prior to the closure of Olint TCI. I believe that we have a claim against these funds.”

  70. deacon put every single Jamaican Belongership up for scrutiny and review.

    Those blogs were almost two years ago Noncs…can I get a lol for these again as well?

  71. No mention of Tracy Smith charges? Well it is THE TCI SUN….only thing sure there is Clovis’ cartoons in it.

  72. [The] Smith[s], who is a Belonger (bestowed for economic contribution) hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha….hahahahahaahahahahaa

    In August 2006, a company associated with David Smith, i-Trade FX LLC, became registered as a futures commission merchant in the United States.

    Oh Oh…

  73. The OCG notes that irrespective of what discussions took place in the Cabinet meeting, Mr. Bartlett’s Cabinet submission, which has legal force and is still on the public record, has, to date, neither been amended nor withdrawn, nor was its content challenged or clarified by the Cabinet Secretary in his sworn written response of November 3, 2009.


    irrespective [ˌɪrɪˈspɛktɪv]
    irrespective of (preposition) without taking account of; regardless of
    Informal regardless; without due consideration he carried on with his plan irrespective
    irrespectively adv
    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 6th Edition 2003. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

  74. Olinters on the move…joining the ranks of Allan Hutchinson.

  75. From: Audrey Marks []
    Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 4:45 PM
    Subject: Better future
    Dear David, just a quick note to say; so far …. so good with the results, just waiting on the next two recounts to exhale. Regards, Audrey.

  76. Audrey Marks is the new Ambassador to the US

  77. In an interview on Friday afternoon in Montego Bay, Mr. Leys said there was nothing unethical in the move to involve the US law firm in a meeting with the US authorities.

    He claims that they were merely there to observe and familiarize themselves with issues in the event their services would have been required later.

  78. Ralph Janvey, the receiver for R Allen Stanford’s businesses, sued former Texas Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes to recover consulting and lobbying fees he got from the indicted financier during the past five years.

    Barnes “did not perform services of reasonably equivalent value in exchange for those payments, and in many instances performed services that simply furthered the Ponzi scheme,”

  79. Bartlett gets slap on the wrist for AA deal

    4NX Investment Corporation/OLINT
    16324 SW 15 St
    Pembroke Pines
    Fl 33027
    Tel: (954) 447-1405
    EDMUND OR CARMEN BARTLETT, A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27

    Saturday, March 27, 2010
    ADAM Vaz, the son of Cabinet Minister Daryl Vaz, was yesterday arrested after a small quantity of ganja was allegedly found in his hand luggage as he attempted to board a flight from the Tinson Pen Aerodrome in Kingston.
    The 18-year-old Vaz was about to board a flight to work in Montego Bay, St James in the afternoon when his hand luggage was searched and the illegal substance allegedly found.
    The younger Vaz was charged with possession of ganja and taken to the Newport West Police Station where he was later released on a $10,000-bail bond.
    The teenager, who is being represented by attorneys Tom and Chris Tavares-Finson, is scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on April 6.


    The Government has allocated a further $40 million to the commission of enquiry into the 1990s collapse of the financial sector, despite coming under fire in January last year for its spending on the commission.

    This would mean that spending on the now-stalled commission of enquiry would be in the region of $120 million – a figure which could grow based on the days allocated for the sittings

    While there was no other comment on the figure, Shaw has already made it clear that he is committed to having the commission continue as long as necessary.

  82. Paul Chang
    cheers to Minister of Tourism Bartlett for making a sound business decision … sometimes in business we just need to make bold swift decisions, and he did so and helped save our industry.

    4NX Investment Corporation/OLINT
    16324 SW 15 St
    Pembroke Pines
    Fl 33027
    Tel: (954) 447-1405
    EDMUND OR CARMEN BARTLETT, A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27

  83. We’ve heard a lot of these tales in recent years, alas. Foreign tax havens like Switzerland, Liechtenstein and some Caribbean countries thrive by keeping their clients’ money under wraps and safe from tax authorities’ reach.

    Now, Congress is attacking some of these schemes, courtesy of interesting provisions aimed at curbing tax avoidance that legislators wrote into the new jobs bill, known as the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act.

  84. @floridian


    floridian it looks like your are everyone’s sucker… Everyone just takes your money from you at will… DS and now these guys… Did your legal fees go to pay for this “investigator’s” report that you posted here?

    Looks like this may be the same guy feeding gossip to the newspaper… and as I surmised, is related to you and your friends… See how JA newspapers are… Like with MW, DR and others these papers will possible all kinds of crap by people pushing all kinds of agenda… Used to publish crap by people supporting the ponzi schemes… And now… hehe

    Wonder who is paying that guy… You and your fellow scammed money? First you gave your money to an obvious ponzi scheme and now you are giving your money to run some political agenda… lol.. you are the everyman’s sucker 🙂

    Dude you need to wake up and stop being such a patsy.

  85. Wrong again…awesome dude.

  86. First you gave your money to an obvious ponzi scheme and now you are giving your money to run some political agenda…

    Money coloured glasses…money as the driver of everything…Pityful. It’s a wide World out there Nonco. You can be better than that. You could evolve. You could be somebody…one day….

  87. Money can’t take you there…

  88. Meantime, this writer has also been reliably informed that the Special Prosecutor and her team of 30 investigators have been investigating persons other than those mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry’s final report.

  89. Nonco, you a backup singer? LOL

  90. Remember “Rob” and “Fab” at the Jazz Festival? hahahahaaha

  91. Nonco, For a Red Ferrari and a ‘cut the years off the sentence pass’ please Identify the following persons:

    Which one is Milli and which one is Vanilli?

  92. Nonco check this interview….

    This dude was like on the sailboat with gyal all bout, muscle up, hair going on and ting…

    What happen to him? how him sound so?

    Like him stay away……like…. how can I put it …like him seem ……ahh….effeminate?

    You know why Nonco? Because after him pull the scam (sucessfully) him get…..

    hold on Nonco the phone a ring

  93. I’m back, Nonco you think a dude like that can get in the Cabinet?

  94. Happily, Marks is not from electoral politics which provided Seymour Mullings and Anthony Johnson, both of whom had relatively brief tenures.

    In due course, we expect to hear how Marks plans to disengage from her private business activities to keep at bay opportunities for conflict of interest.

    From: Audrey Marks []
    Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 4:45 PM
    Subject: Better future
    Dear David, just a quick note to say; so far …. so good with the results, just waiting on the next two recounts to exhale. Regards, Audrey.

    A few things that she should know

  95. Nonco, who paid the 49,000 US to Manatt Phelps?
    Is this something that the Jamaican public has the right to know? Why would Manatt file a Registration if they were not the Government of Jamaica’s lawyers?
    Are you worried about these issues as a patriotic Jamaican?Do you believe the Solicitor General’spronouncements that Manatt lawyers went to the meetings and did not engage in representation?

  96. Are these questions that Ambassador Marks will answer for us,when she hits the ground running?

  97. No Northtech. Marks would first have to explain the association with David Smith.

  98. Floridian, Can you answer my questions? Nonco is
    in sweet repose today.

  99. was there a relationship between Ms Marks and former US Ambassador Cooper ? What are her qualifications? Is she a foreign affairs professional?

  100. “Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick and her Prosecution Team have taken over the prosecution of the case against Jamaican multi-millionaire David Smith, whose company Olint has been charged in connection with millions of dollars in financial crimes.

    Investigations by The SUN revealed that Garlick and her team have taken over the case on instructions from the Attorney General’s Chambers.
    Smith, who is a Belonger (bestowed for economic contribution) of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is presently on $1million bail in respect of a number of financial crimes.

    The SUN understands that one of the reasons why Garlick and her team were asked to take over the prosecution of the case, was because it was felt that no one in the Attorney General’s Chambers was capable of handling the many serious charges against Smith.

    Meantime, this writer has also been reliably informed that the Special Prosecutor and her team of 30 investigators have been investigating persons other than those mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry’s final report.”

    The fact that the GOJ decides to present Ms. Marks as its representative does not speak well.
    We are not impressed especially bearing in mind her previous indiscretions with a former Ambassador. The DOS has however officially approved the request to have her be Jamaica’s Ambassador to the USA.

    It is our sincere hope Ms. Marks did not derive any profit and did not operate or facilitate in any way the Ponzi scheme operated by David Smith known as OLINT.
    As our investigative efforts continue should such evidence become unearthed, it would be another of the now frequent Jamaican scandals.


    Jamaica deja vu: “… owes so much to a man who has used every trick in the book to keep his fortunes offshore.”

    In David Smith’s case what is owed is not his fortune… it is theft.

  102. Does the former Barbadian Prime Minister have an interest in Paymaster? Has Ms Marks slept at his private residence in Barbados?

  103. She told the NEC and delegates at Wexford Court Hotel that until the unanswered questions are addressed, the government should remove Mr. Brady from the boards of all public bodies.

    She says if Mr. Brady was not acting on behalf of the government then he would have been impersonating a government official, which is inappropriate.

    The PNP President wants the General Legal Council to investigate Mr. Brady’s actions.

  104. Responding to questions from The Sunday Gleaner, Leys said he was approached by Brady sometime in September with the suggestion that the Government should engage the services of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips.

    Golding claims that this approach was made in December when Leys and Brady were on a flight headed to Washington.

  105. What is the real Washington reaction to the appointment of Audrey Marks during a bi-lateral crisis?
    Nonco, the spin doctors win again!

  106. Why is the venerable Farquason institute quiet on the
    Brady-Manatt affair? Maybe they should close it down.
    It is old and irrelevant.

  107. J. Gary Cooper 16 hours ago
    Ms. Marks will be a great Ambassador!!!

    J. Gary Cooper, Ambassador of the United States(ret)

    LostinLubrication 2 hours ago
    J.Gary Cooper.

    Ask yourself if this is appropriate.

  108. @Northtech: Nonco, who paid the 49,000 US to Manatt Phelps?
    Is this something that the Jamaican public has the right to know? Why would Manatt file a Registration if they were not the Government of Jamaica’s lawyers? Are you worried about these issues as a patriotic Jamaican?

    Dr. Samuel Johnson told us that Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

    Folks like you, floridian, his lawyer and doc buddies with your tribal politics are why JA has become so corrupt. You are not interested in truth or are against corruption… Folks like you are against one political party… In your cases the JLP. When the PNP was engaged in massive corruption which is what got us here… you were quiet and some of you loved it because it kept them in power.

    The extradition matter and its related issues that have you guys about to orgasm has it roots in the former regime… The fact is that the indictment period covers the past gov… The fact is that JA as a cocaine trafficking point started, grew and flourished under that regime… Where were you guys then?

    Some of us are on record as not being concerned about political parties but about the country. You guys have no credibility. These are issues that need the information made public but do not pretend you guys are trying to be patriotic.

    You folks that invested acted like arrogant punks, ignoring all advice and attacking the folks who knew these schemes were ponzis. Now some of you with delusional minds think it was because of the JLP.

    Here is a dose of reality for you… This was no Madoff scheme… The regulators and numerous others warned you publicly. You chose to ignore all such warnings and cussed the knowledgeable.

    There are 2 deserving consequences because of your actions:
    1. You guys that ignored the warnings and cussed folks like me deserve to lose your money.
    2. Separately, the fraudsters like DS and CH deserve to be punished for their crimes.

    The 2 are not mutually exclusive.

  109. There are 2 deserving consequences because of your actions:
    1. You guys that ignored the warnings and cussed folks like me deserve to lose your money.

    Is that what you wish for over 10,000 victims? It is not happening dude. Sorry to be the one to break the news to you. Your warnings… thoughts on what I deserve or not or me cussing you is …well….not about me…… exactly… your point above is ……….all about……… YOU.

    “Good for you!”

  110. Warnings? One gives money to DS. One asks if the money is intact. One is told yes (whether it is true or not). One says give me my money. One does not receive it.

    What Nonco the ‘game’ stops there? Game over? Really?

    Buddy, this is not the SANDBOX at Kindergarten.

  111. Well…for Madoff and Stanford it is. Now.

  112. You warn many people Noncotec. Waste of time. It is David Smith you SHOULD have warned.

  113. Trinidadians have been placed on election alert just halfway through the current administration’s five year term in office.

    Prime Minister Patrick Manning told a rally of his People’s national Movement on the weekend that he was merely responding to opposition calls to go back to the electorate.

    The next election is not due until 2012

  114. President of CLICO Barbados pleads for more time

    The top CLICO executive said the company had not received any financial assistance from Government, and the management team was trying to fix the problems on its own.

    In a frank response, Mr. Thornhill admitted that CLICO had not properly handled its engagement with the public even months after its image took a slamming following the debacle of its parent company, CL Financial in Trinidad and Tobago.

  115. Mr. Manning announced that candidate screening would begin on April 7, two days before opposition leader Kamla Persad Bissessar is expected to file a motion of no confidence against him in parliament.

  116. Arawak Indian
    Dear America,
    Your relationship with Jamaica remains strong. Afterall, Golding fooled us too. We were hoodwinked.
    Please wait for the next election when we vote him out unceremoniously on his jackass.

  117. For despite the foreign ministry’s confirmation of Ms Audrey Marks’ appointment as Jamaica’s envoy to Washington, it is obvious that there is some amount of unease in the ties, as the Americans offered – when this newspaper queried – only that they were awaiting her credentials before giving the go-ahead.

    From: Audrey Marks []
    Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 4:45 PM
    Subject: Better future
    Dear David, just a quick note to say; so far …. so good with the results, just waiting on the next two recounts to exhale. Regards, Audrey.

  118. @floridian: Is that what you wish for over 10,000 victims? It is not happening dude. Sorry to be the one to break the news to you. Your warnings… thoughts on what I deserve or not or me cussing you is …well….not about me…… exactly… your point above is ……….all about……… YOU.<
    You warn many people Noncotec. Waste of time. It is David Smith you SHOULD have warned.

    LOL… Again I am not you… I warned about the scheme, I did not invest. You got greedy and stupid and invested, as I said, despite the warnings of the financial regulator and many others. Now YOU want yours back and YOU think the JLP is why YOU lost your money 🙂

    Warnings? One gives money to DS. One asks if the money is intact. One is told yes (whether it is true or not). One says give me my money. One does not receive it.What Nonco the ‘game’ stops there? Game over? Really?

    Here is dose of reality for you:

    1. You invest against numerous warnings.
    2. You invest in a scheme that the most basic analysis would realize is impossible.
    3. It is a ponzi scheme. Most of the money went back to pay other investors. Money used by DS for plane rides, entertainment etc is gone… It will not come back… Get it! You can only fight in court over some remnants that fell off the table… Got it! But as you said if you get any, you will give it to charity… 🙂 Hmmm, Why not give it back to the other people that lost it? 🙂 Or is it just about YOU and not the other victims.
    4. You give money to DS with no audited statements.
    5. You give DS money with no agreement as to how much or what percentage he will take for fees. You are greedy, your only concern is that he return about 10 % per month. You think he can do this with only 20 % of the money. As long as he does so he can take the other 80 %. 🙂 Now you are upset with what he did with it.
    6. You finally suspect something may be wrong, so you then go to the thief and ask him… “Hey buddy, some bad dudes are saying bad minded stuff about you… The money is alright, isn’t it? 🙂 You kill me.
    7. Asking a scammer if the money is ok… You are surprised that he said, “yes it is, don’t worry youself my yute.”… Hehe.

    And yes… If you decide to throw away your money, you deserve to lose it. I got bad news for you dude. This is exactly how real life works. Or do you forget what you guys used to say… “I am investing only what I can afford to lose” … So you effectively knew you were throwing it away… So how come now it is different. You no longer feel that you deserve to lose what was ok to lose? hmmm.

  119. You O.K Noncs? You sound perturbed….not the Nonco of old. If points 1-7 are referring to me you are ill informed…of the mark.

    can’t go through all of them right now but for example I personally never asked anyone if my money is/was safe..that was always a ‘given’ whether Smith was aware of that fact means ditto to me…in FACT it is currently safe but his antics cause a slight delay….no problem (a Jagans say).

    I gave you a general scenario and you ‘run wid it’ Good for you!

    Money gone never to come back is not my concern or problem that is the domain of the relevant others who did the spending etc.

    greedy…..who cares? That is a right of any individual. Stealing? Different. I advise against it but you free to take on those consequences…..I don’t bottle feed.

    what else in your points…

    “Hey buddy, some bad dudes are saying bad minded stuff about you…

    Should I address that Nonco…mi nuh enna people lives…that’s boring..rob and steal from mi? That is not my choice. Can’t control that.

    Upset? But for a non-investor sage…it is you who seem upset….

    One has to Observe Nonco that for a non investor, wrning sage your interest in the OLINT issue becomes pitiful. A mean why aren’t you warning people about some new and fresh scams….you yourself says OLINT scam is over and has been a success…?

    • Noco,
      floridian DOES raise a good point here. PLENTY new scams surface everyday in Jamaica, The caribbean, and the World (TVI Express?), wouldn’t it be right for the investforlife team to provide some insight into those new scams?

  120. Noncs, what you really saying? I put these people in the vip section of the arena?

    Oh I see Nonco, I caused David Smith to be political.

    Get a life Nonco, David Smith and what he does or does not do or how he lived and who he is ,,,,,that’s BS.

    He did not even interest me to the point that I would have been able to hear a warning about him.

    DS took my money. He can choose to pay it or not Simple…why your attitude? …Nonco…why did you not warn him not to? You should have…

  121. Nonco, for someone who ‘saved the world’ with warnings and benevolence you sure do seem uptight.

  122. Sometimes you sound uptight like Motty…you use the bathroom since morning?

  123. Noncs, correct me if I’m wrong. To me your argument follows a ‘logic’ basically saying

    To whom it may concern:

    1. Smith was ‘given’ money not ‘taken’

    2. Warnings were sent out across the Globe to all members.

    3. That’s the end of that.

    Nt/ In addition the ‘warners’ are to be praised blind.

    – THE END-

    Nonco it seems to me that the reality now obtains something completely different to the fairy tale above .. now the current situation upsets you.

  124. @floridian: Noncs, correct me if I’m wrong. To me your argument follows a ‘logic’ basically saying

    To whom it may concern:

    1. Smith was ‘given’ money not ‘taken’

    2. Warnings were sent out across the Globe to all members.

    3. That’s the end of that.

    I have news for you…
    1. Yes DS was given money. He did not take it. This is why there is a difference between theft and fraud statutes. You would not deserve to lose your money if he came to your house broke in and stole it. And so to 2…

    2. Yes, Warnings were sent out… And so you were foolish to give your money to scammer about whom public warnings were being sent out. If you were foolish enough to do that… I have news for you… It is real life and you learn by getting your fingers burned when you do not listen to Daddy and Mommy.

    3. As I said, DS being punished for his crimes… Needs to happen. You losing your money is your own fault and greed.

    Look the fact that you decided to pursue a lawsuit against him was commendable… Though your greed made you wait way too long. However the fact that you try to link everything back to a political party is delusional.

    Your posts have become about taking unrelated political stories and posting an email or account # that tries to draw a link between unrelated matters. Your link to tribal politics has managed to distort your view of the world. You view the entire world through this prism that distorts your reality.

  125. “Your posts have become about taking unrelated political stories and posting an email or account # that tries to draw a link between unrelated matters. Your link to tribal politics has managed to distort your view of the world. You view the entire world through this prism that distorts your reality.”

    You’re in the SANDBOX again Nonco…..

    My view through your opinion Nonco?

    Your greed…

    Your posts…

    Tries to….

    You view….

    You were foolish…

    You would not deserve…

    You try to link…

    I have news for you…

    Your reality…

    You You You You….Look in the mirror Nonco and tell the bloggers who you see….

    Nonco you should debate in Parliament….your
    debating skills are par for the course…

    Upper or Lower SANDBOX Nonco? Which do you choose?

    Careful when you get there Noncs, don’t forget your little Fiscer Price plastic shovel (for digging a hole with a gavel is strenuous).

    There is a lot of sensitivity to the’ you “DESERVE” to lose your money’ line of reasoning over in Kinder 1 & 2.

  126. “You deserve to loose you money” infering that those who have stolen money “deserve to have it”

    What an interesting value system.

    And we wonder why Jamaica became a failed state in less than two years….

    When the answer, appearing swiftly like the proverbial deer in the headlights can be found in such a rudimentary philosophy of values…

  127. The end justfies the means! Eureka Nonco! I see the light you have been trying to shed on OLINT

    Hold on…I going run go tell mi neighbah!

  128. Auntie Roachy seh, “The end justifies the means”

    Now I can understand the AA/ Bartlett system.

    Nonco, help….how does it apply in the Manatt, Phelps, Phillips/Brady affair?

  129. Nonco. I’m back. Mi neighbah cut dung my argument.

    She say, “It is contingent on the point at which, and by what the END is defined”

  130. Nonco,

    The rate of debt has increased faster than at any time in the history of Jamaica. The fiscal and economic and social statistics are at an all time low.

    The ‘explanation’ from and for the ‘thinking’ among us has been ‘world recession’.

    Yet after the coldest winter’s in both Europe and North America in over 30 years the ‘improved’ tourist arrival statistics are sold to the public as a function of policy and strategy?


  131. Why not Minister Bartlett for Minister of Finance then?

    4NX Investment Corporation/OLINT
    16324 SW 15 St
    Pembroke Pines
    Fl 33027
    Tel: (954) 447-1405
    EDMUND OR CARMEN BARTLETT, A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27

  132. The star government witness in the Cuban light bulb trial, Rodney Chin, on Tuesday admitted that he received more than $200 million in government contracts while he was an accused in the case.

    Mr. Chin agreed with suggestions from Mr. Knight that none of the contracts he received went to public tender.

    He said he was invited by the National Works Agency to submit tenders for the contract.

  133. LOL…

    Alas floridian… Let me explain real life to you. These are lessons that your parents should have helped you learn as a kid… But alas your education is sorely lacking.

    This is how life works…
    Mommy or Daddy tells the child… “Do not touch the stove or you will get burned”.

    The child does not listen and touches the stove. The child gets burned. The child learns a lesson that heat or fire is bad for you and will burn you up.

    Lesson dude…
    The child deserved to get burned. The burn teaches humans a lesson about the danger of fire. If the fire did not burn the child and the pain was felt… The child would keep his/her hand in the fire until it was burnt off.

    Olint lesson dude…
    You ignored the warnings and even cussed off those warning you. You deserve to lose your money. This is real life and the human experience. When you ignore warnings from experienced folks you are taught painful lessons. If not so, then humans would have been extinct because we all would never learn anything and would keep repeating dangerous incidents until death.

  134. Hey floridian, another lesson for you…

    You can tell a real idiot when he/she thinks that if you did not invest in Olint, you should have stay out of it… Why are you concerned… We do not need to hear from you 🙂

    Life lesson again for you… Alas at your age I should not need to teach you this stuff. This stuff is akin to Olint/C+ investors…

    Does anyone remember this incident some years ago…
    A tanker truck carrying gasoline ran off the road going down Spur Tree Mountain… Killing the driver in a fiery crash. The ‘sideman’ jumped off the truck escaping with his life.

    The ‘sideman’ related what happened. The driver was heading down the mountain… The ‘sideman’ being experienced with many trips down the mountain… thought he was going too fast. He told the driver… “Driver you need to use low gear down this hill…

    The driver akin to floridian and other olinters 🙂 … told the ‘sideman’… Yow this alright, mi know what mi doing…

    Like Olinters, thinking to himself… Mi is big driver with license… you is sideman without license… Just leave big driver alone… Me know what me doing… Left me, mek me drive truck and don’t business wid me. You don’t see me is driver and you is sideman, stay out of the driving.

    Well see what can happen when you fail to listen to experienced folks… Unfortunately for him, it was not just truck damage which he would have deserved…but he lost his life. Painful lessons are deserved for bad decisions to teach humans to avoid bad situations in the future or it may lead to more catastrophic situations up to an including loss of life.

  135. Deacon, “There have been many mis-calculations”

    How a Pilot to ply his trade without a visa?

  136. Nonco said,

    “Painful lessons are deserved for bad decisions to teach humans to avoid bad situations in the future or it may lead to more catastrophic situations up to an including loss of life”

    Exactly Noncotec.

  137. DS has a sermon to build on there.

    But I will leave ‘judgement’ and personal opinions on what people ‘deserve’ to the beholder.

  138. To jump off a ‘bus’ might impress you Nonco but I humbly suggest to guage things from your landing.

    The times demand it.

  139. You can jump in a ride and collect a visa from the Embassy….jump over to your travel agent….jump on a plane in Jamaica….. Jump off the plane at the terminal abroad.

    You don’t reach no where yet….but a lot of jumping…

  140. The policy of truth? Special request Deacon.

  141. Brady to correct documents linking himself/Gov’t & US firm together
    Friday, 19 March 2010

    The government has issued a 24 hour ultimatum on attorney Harold Brady to amend all information in his contract with the US firm which give what it says is the false impression that he is authorised to act on behalf of the State.

    The deadline expires at the close of business Friday as disclosed by Daryl Vaz, Information Minister, in an interview with RJR News Thursday night.

    Will Bradygate bring down the government? That filing is STILL on the US govt. website TODAY! Can’t it be taken down?

  142. theCynic, on March 31, 2010 at 9:46 am Said:
    floridian DOES raise a good point here. PLENTY new scams surface everyday in Jamaica, The caribbean, and the World (TVI Express?), wouldn’t it be right for the investforlife team to provide some insight into those new scams?

    No Cynic, for some “hard to figure..heh heh” reason the fixation is on OLINT.


    Another Sad indictment on the State of affairs in Jamaica….I can hear the foreigners asking, “why is he in heavy disguise?”


    Another Sad indictment on the State of affairs in Jamaica….I can hear the foreigners asking, “why is he in heavy disguise?”

  145. hahahaa…Nonco what message is he saying with his hand…Powa?

    The fist for a credit balance and for a deficit…

  146. I guess we have to live with it for Manatt, Phels, Phillips has said it “leggo” the current Jamaican government ONLY last week Thursday.

  147. But while Mr Golding continues to stick to the line that the Jamaican Government has not engaged any US firm “in relation to any extradition matter”, there is a huge credibility gap between the official statement and information in the public domain.

    Further, “The undersigned, Harold Brady, consultant to Government of Jamaica, hereby confirms that he is authorised on behalf of the Government of Jamaica to approve of the engagement of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, as set forth in this letter.”

    Since the agreement was entered into last October, the firm has listed several actions undertaken on behalf of the Government, including two meetings with a deputy assistant secretary of state and a telephone contact with a national intelligence officer. Harold Brady and Company has been billed, and paid, just under US$50,000 for these services.

  148. Manatt, Phelps and Phillips has publicised information about the termination of its contractual relationship with the Government of Jamaica through local attorney Harold Brady.

    In a filing on the Department of Justice website, the US law firm says “Manatt ceased activities on behalf of the Government of Jamaica, through Harold C Brady of Brady and Company as of February 8, 2010”.

    The filing was just two days after opposition parliamentarian Dr. Peter Phillips first raised the matter in Gordon House.

    The public notice of a termination of the contract implies that despite repeated denials by the government, there was a contract between Mr. Brady for the US firm to provide legal services on behalf of the Jamaican government.

  149. High Court ruling throws Antiguan government into a tailspin

  150. Not long now Deacon….Don’t cuss them. Dem can’t do s…. for u.

  151. You guys listen to Breakfast Club this morning?

    • The good doc was in flying form, and his every word was lapped up by the oh so neutral Prof.
      only breifly did they discuss the good doc’s conflict and all too clear motives.
      they allowed him to wrap himself in the green and gold when his alleged patriotic stance is nothing but a farcical cover for histrue motives.
      that said, the govt. of today is finding itself in a real credibility bind and i am sure that his actions are noticed and have the intended effect of turning up the heat at jamaica house.
      how it plays out will be interesting.

  152. blocking day today

  153. Manatt mystery deepens

    The Manatt, Phelps & Phillips mystery has deepened, with the American law firm contradicting claims by local officials that it has never worked for the Government of Jamaica.

  154. bobette lauriston
    more restrictions are coming; have anyone heard that a few high profile entertainers USA visas was revocate a couple of days ago: bounty, beenie, movado, aidonai and ricky trooper. God help us!!-According-to-Raga..-visa-revoke-for-top-artist

  155. I wonder if Dr. Walker has a Visa or Green Card.. the man talk about he is a patriot, how he loves Jamaica, and is crying over what is happening to our country.

    Thus he is providing evidence to the US government to save Jamaica.

    Chances are him is a citizen who only visit Jamaica to go to the north coast and Negril

  156. Motty implying that the DJ’s loose the visa’s because of bad behaviour. Like the Observer’s article. But yet some remain in Krome in Fl and thoose who give up the green card at the airport on demand have been allowed to return home.

    Sumptin nuh right.

  157. And they are not entertainers…


  158. Mr. Golding says the letter should also outline that local attorney Harold Brady is not a Government consultant, neither does he have the authority to represent the Government.

    A contract between Mr. Brady and Manatt posted on the US Justice Department’s website indicates that Manatt through Mr Brady was acting on behalf of the Government in political and economic matters including treaties.

    Mr Brady has since said that aspect of the contract was a mistake, which has been corrected.

  159. Seemed Manatt, Phelps & Phillips reconfirmed with the new filing…. when will Brady correct this?

    How can it be confirmed and denied at the same time? Interesting.

  160. This is an about turn from the position that Mr Golding had advanced 29 days ago in Parliament.

    Since then the Opposition with former national security minister Peter Phillips leading the charge, prominent attorney Lord Anthony Gifford, and the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) have insisted that the matter should go to court.

    Lord G…nuh one a Smity football team of lawyers dat? About turn? Who’s money paid the fees and with permission from whom?

  161. `Floridian,

    The Press Agent of the United States Attorney S.Bhara in the Southern District of New York says that Brady and Prime Minister Golding are targets of a Grand Jury investigation up here. What have they done? The investigation involves the Manatt law firm, the same firm who represents
    Warner Brothers. Does this have anything to do with Olint?

  162. There are some things money can buy, and one of them is a license to issue credit cards from MasterCard and Visa. Some questionable banks do just that, gaining credibility from the brands

    Hallmark Bank & Trust, headquartered in the Turks and Caicos islands, enjoys a valuable relationship with one of the best-known brands in consumer finance: the credit-card giant MasterCard (MC). Hallmark, like other banks, pays MasterCard for the right to use its name on the cards Hallmark issues to customers. MasterCard also receives a percentage of sales made with those cards.

    Hallmark, despite its homespun name, has a checkered reputation.

    MasterCard has been named as a defendant in four of the five Florida suits. In court filings, it has denied any wrongdoing. The company’s Golinsky declines to comment on the litigation. She says a bank’s being accused of wrongdoing could affect whether MasterCard continues to do business with it. Inquiries from law enforcement agencies “prompt a second review.” Mastercard, she emphasizes, monitors its licensees vigorously.


  163. manhattan

    Unlike other bloggers who I engage I have checked who they are. I’m on vacation now.

    Manatt represents many clients including the gay lobby.

    In the meantime why not ask the subjects of your query?

    Ask Harold C.W. Brady.

  164. I work for a small community radio station which focuses on minority interests
    in New York. Does Manatt represent many Jamaicans ?

  165. manhattan

    ACON might be what you need:
    The station that is always last…. the farsical news…they won’t be back till Tuesday and are basking in the reprive.

  166. What have they done?


    Most people would say an ‘about turn’ but Motty says no to that. It must be a new dance then…the “Motty Shuffle???”

    Former Junior Minister in the Ministry of Works, Joseph Hibbert, the man at the centre of the Mabey and Johnson bribery scandal, was picked up on Thursday morning by members of the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID) who questioned him for several hours.

    He said the cops were forced to go to the home of the former junior minister after he failed to honour an agreement to come in for questioning.

  167. St. Andrew businessman Rodney Chin on Thursday denied suggestions that his friends in the Jamaica Labour Party administration had vowed to help him after he was arrested and charged in the Cuban Lightbulb affair.

  168. Chris Walker is one of the absolute most dangerous and unpatriotic jamaicans to ever have lived.

    He wrote to the US govt asking for AID to b withheld from a country struggling to stay alive….he wld have tried to put in jeopardy the lives of 3m persons for his own selfish agenda!

  169. manhattan

    18 U.S.C. §§ 371 and 372–conspiracies to commit any offense against the United States, or to prevent or retaliate in response to the lawful discharge of the duties of Federal officers (overlap with 18 U.S.C. §§ 1503, 1505, 1510, 1512, and 1513). see generally United States v. Frankhauser, 80 F.3d 641, 653 (1st Cir. 1996) (conspiracy to persuade witness to destroy or conceal evidence for use in an official proceeding); United States v. Fullbright, 69 F.3d 1468, 1472 (9th Cir. 1995) (conspiracy to mail arrest warrants to a United States Bankruptcy Judge); United States v. Mullins, 22 F.3d 1365, 1367 (6th Cir. 1994) (conspiracy to alter flight log books of police officers to prevent information from reaching the grand jury); United States v. Jeter, 775 F.2d 670, 683 (5th Cir. 1985) (conspiracy to obtain secret grand jury information), cert. denied, 475 U.S. 1142 (1986).

  170. Will our PM be the first sitting Caribbean leader since Norman Saunders of the Turks and Caicos to be indicted by a Federal Grand Jury?

  171. The PM’s red passport will not help him if he is indicted for hiring Manatt on behalf of Christopher Coke. It will be a narcotics indictment which will revoke his diplomatic passport.

    Ignore what Brady is telling you Mr. PM. Do not travel to the USA!!!!

  172. 1503. Influencing or injuring officer or juror generally.

    1505. Obstruction of proceedings before departments,
    agencies, and committees.

    1510. Obstruction of criminal investigations.

  173. More than likely larry.

  174. The Grand Jury convened on Thursday. It deliberated half day on Good Friday.(not a Federal holiday)

  175. convened on?

  176. Mr.PM,
    You should take my advice and not HB whose poor advice might get you in jail.
    Imagine this man has misled you and may bring down our party.
    Go quickly and get yourself a criminal lawyer who has been qualified in the USA.
    Personally, you can expect to pay US $400-600 per hour but be rest assured it is worth every penny.
    Prepare yourself properly and surround yourself now with the brightest members of our party. You have seen what trouble a certain sect has caused us.

  177. Lying before a Grand Jury is a criminal offence. Susan Schmidt who is expected
    to testify before the Coke Grand Jury next week, is not going to lie about her trip to Jamaica.

  178. does any know if the 7 mil that was ceased from ingrid loiten in africa was ever returned to her. if so wen

  179. LOL…

    Hey larry/manhattan/Free Legal Advice… you must be back to jerking off like you and your friends were when you thought 10 % per month was going to turn your hundreds of thousands into mega-millions… LOL

    You love spreading rumors, nonsense and lies… But I guess you know Jcans… they will believe anything if it fits their agenda… plus we have a lot of really really ‘dark’ people… and I do not mean skin color…

    Worse there are some really, really unscrupulous, unethical, lazy or dishonest people in the local press… Take the story about the DJ’s losing visas… not to mention some of these JA DJ’s should never get visas in the first place… they are criminals involved with violent gangs…

    But I digress… obviously the mailing list was a April Fools hoax… The US embassy does not release lists like that but local media had it like a legitimate story…

    Take the story of pilots losing visas… rumors because one pilot had personal issues… but the media had this like a legitimate story…

    Take the story at the top… unsubstantiated rumors written like blog gossip…

    It is clear that the local press is being manipulated with the Dudus issue as background… but this is how ‘good rumors’ spread… remember how MW used to write articles and the idiots on the blogs about Olint… they would quote grains of truth about FX trading as a backdrop…

    These stories are nonsense… People with visa issues are facing personal issues which folks in JA and every country face… Check the the US DOS web site… about half of all Jcan applicants for visitor visas are denied each year… and each year there are people that routinely get their visas revoked for various personally related reasons…

    None of this is new… however agents of propaganda and who are supporters of the opposition party are liking these routine actions to the Dudus issue.

  180. How about a real patriotic Jcan response to the extradition issue… This is the real issue and tragedy of JA….

    Extradition treaties are really meant to prevent criminals committing a crime in country A and then fleeing to country B. For example someone that committed a murder in the USA is not able to flee to JA and avoid prosecution. He can be extradited or returned to the country of the crime to face prosecution.

    In other words it is meant to prevent folks from avoiding prosecution by simply fleeing to another jurisdiction.

    Extradition treaties are not meant to have another country prosecute your own criminals for crimes they commit in your own country. The extradition matter is about crimes that are criminal in JA and were committed in JA too… Every puss and dawg in JA knows that there are really big criminals running criminal organizations in JA… and most every puss and dawg knows who these people are…

    Yet we are concerned about them being extradited… We have a country where we are not prosecuting our own criminals… well known… and are now dependent on others to extradite them for the same offenses that they are committing in our country. And we do not even want to let them get prosecuted in other countries…

    A lottery winner has to have his picture taken in disguise… This is who we are… Tragic indeed.

  181. Blame Dudus for everything that happens to every Jamaican from here on.
    Just take a look at the Ricky Tropper video on youtube, the idiot was even threatening the PM with gun in hand.

    Take a look and you decide the reason he lost both visa he was boasting about in that video.

  182. Nocotec , I agree with your entry of 8.04 pm in its entirety. I am not Larry or Free Legal Advice, and I think the tone and content of your 752 pm entry is unfortunate. Why the abusive language and the reference to ” jerking off ” from one of the senior and regular contributors to this blog?

  183. @manhattan Nocotec , … I am not Larry or Free Legal Advice, and I think the tone and content of your 752 pm entry is unfortunate. Why the abusive language and the reference to ” jerking off ” from one of the senior and regular contributors to this blog?

    Because many folks are spreading lies, rumors and propaganda… just like they did when the Olint ponzi was in full swing… they are excited to the point of jerking off… when in fact, yet again the story is not as they would have us think.

    The extradition story is of course legitimate… but it is not related to the Olint ponzi scheme in any way… as some deluded folks would have us think… visa cancellations or not… are not related to the extradition issue.

    In short… there are a lot of folks spreading rumors and propaganda for political, personal and other reasons. They seek to twist the realty. If you are not larry or the other guys, you sound awfully similar…

    As Jay said… blame Dudus for everything… every Jcan that gets a visa denied or canceled will now say is Dudus and Bruce fault… lol

    The reality is the indictment will not go away… he will either be extradited eventually or killed by law enforcement or other criminals… and suppose he is still there when the PNP returns to power… how will they handle it?

  184. Nonco.

    On the visa Issue. Some visa’s have been taken away. Some are in the media therefore ‘public’ UDC Chairman, Entertainers etc.

    I read a blog (not here) that the UDC Chairman has secured a another valid visa. But nothing is made public on that alleged info. It was essentially the UDC Chairman who fueled the publicity surrounding his own cancelled visa. Letters were written to the press etc. Arguments were put forth that the publicity was necessary as his role as Chairman of UDC might be affected by the cancellation and with regard to his job requirements/mandate etc. it was necessary to state his immigration status vis a vis USA.

    So why is it that if a visa or visa’s have been replaced (as blogged) would there not be a public statement?

    It could be as simple as “I Mr/Mrs/Ms ______ do hereby categorically state that I have not had any dealings with David/Tracy Smith…no material gain…plane ride….sleepover etc..”

    Also (On visa), If persons are locked away through immigration/visa and/or have taken an option to relinquish documents at Port of Entry and voluntarily turn back yet are not public personalities and have not written to the papers about their embarrassment then how does John Public know.

    If the UDC Chairman has been issued a new visa it would ease the concerns of many if he stated so.

    So too the Entertainers.

    It would also ease the minds of many (Especially JLP supporters Noncs!) If some certified written statements from many individuals and entities stating clearly and unequivocally their association with David Smith were forthcoming. These could be published easily with no expense.

    Until such time then Nonco….

  185. Nonco, (on emails)

    When many emails became public it seemed to have coincided with a bout of widespread ‘stammering disease’. For some the emails themselves became the issue as opposed to their content. A similar pandemic resurfaced with the wiretap issue.

    Back to stammering….

    While the afflicted were contemplating many wide and varied remedies one very significant and important person confirmed that emails sent from him were authentic.

    The stammerers looked behind and saw that their erstwhile colleague had ‘run them out’ as their bails and stumps were horizontal all over the grounds.

    Long contemplative walk back to the Pavillion…..

    They had narrowed the remedy by that point….Immodium and Pepto Bismol and Phillips Milk of Magnesia started to sell.

    Many decided that times hard and money SHOULD LOOK scarce…so instead of heading to the pharmacy they used the Jamaican homeopathic remedy of choice which is called “Ostrich”.

    Other animals joined the fray like “who will bell the cat” and the “Camel who sees for the first time just how small the eye of the needle really is” and the Jamaican legend “John Crow who nuh work pon a Sunday”

    Well it is Sunday now. Give thanks and praises. How about a good book after service? I recommend “The tortoise and the hare..”

  186. Not exciting enough? then try Peter Benchleys classic, “JAWS”

  187. For those who like Comics (many adults are fans from ever since) you might get nostalgic with the likes of Captain America.

    You see….

    Wonder Woman was basking in the Sun on the beach…. radiant as ever. Well the Invisible man spotted her from his cruising altitude of 30,000 feet. He decided to descend on Wonder Woman for a quick squeeze and so he did.

    “Coincidentally” Superman had also been cruising at 30,000 feet and had the same idea. He descended with stern intent and fixity of purpose.

    After the passionate embrace Wonder Woman asked invisible man “how was it for you?” To which he replied, “It was great but my arse hurts”

  188. Nonco, the story of Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ is for another day.

  189. Some explaining to do

    The imbroglio involving JLP stalwart Harold Brady and the US law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips still smells like bad fish at Easter. Brady is yet to unequivocally explain the aspect of the contract with the US law firm claiming that he was acting on behalf of the Jamaican Government. Now the hallmark of any half-decent lawyer is attention to detail and the marshalling of facts. Brady is a lawyer who has represented, among others, Cash Plus and MiPhone, and he must be patently aware of the importance of avoiding ambiguity and obfuscation.
    The Government was declarative, indeed combative when the minister of information said: “The Government has no contractual arrangement with Mr Brady, Harold Brady & Company, or any other private law firm in relation to the current extradition matter.”
    A missive on the US Justice Department website reads: “The undersigned, Harold Brady, consultant to the Government of Jamaica, hereby confirms that he is authorised on behalf of the Government of Jamaica to approve the engagement as set forth in this letter.”
    Now, if somebody signs as being authorised by the Government of Jamaica and they subsequently make it clear that they do not represent Jamaica, then questions need to be asked and clear answers given.
    Brady has since said a mistake was made but has yet to put this matter to rest. The prime minister initially appeared to be speaking without being aquainted with all the facts thereby exacerbating matters further. All that is required is that Brady be true to his profession and outline the case in a forthright manner or, in any event, beyond a reasonable doubt.

  190. A US official speaking on the matter at the new Red Bones, which incidentally is fantastic, said: “Jamaicans have to be aware that the US Government is not obliged to publicly state why visas get revoked or cancelled, and Mr Chen missed that point.


    Never mind the broad smiles and assurances of the Americans. They know, as do we, that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    There’s no need to close down embassies or pull out of Jamaica over this issue. We are, after all, talking about one man… 33, counting Mr Golding and his team.

    The latest leak — Mr Golding’s parliamentary assertion that his Government had no relationship with the US law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips in relation to the ‘Dudus’ issue — is getting bigger and bigger as if by design.
    No undiplomatic venting, no inappropriate scenes, just a systematic unveiling of information that raises serious challenges to much of what is coming out of the Government’s mouth.

    Take the most recent notice of amendment filed by the law firm with the US Department of Justice to the effect that it “ceased activities on behalf of the Jamaican Government through Harold CW Brady of the Brady & Company law firm as of February 8, 2010”. Clearly, somebody has been lying through their teeth on this one.–2010
    1. US unseals indictment for Christopher COKE for drugs and guns (Shower Posse)—–August 28 , 2009

    2. Prime Minister Bruce Golding of Jamaica prevents Jamaica police from arresting Coke.—–September 2, 2009

    3. Golding hires US law firm Manatt Phelps with money from Christopher Coke using Jamaican attorney Harold Brady as conduit ——September 28, 2009

    4.Manatt Phelps in Washington files false Foreign Agent Registration.—–October 2, 2009

    5.Golding denies knowledge of Manatt relationship in Jamaican Parliament—– March 18, 2009

    6. Manatt terminates its contract with Jamaica dated March 15 as of February 8, 2008.

    7. Christopher Coke , not in custody 8 months after Grand Jury warrant issued and submitted to Jamaica.

    8.Golding and Brady have Obstructed Justice by using a false FARA registration. 18 USC 1509, 18 USC 1510 Chapter 73 United States Code

  192. Deacon, remember one that goes like this. “Sorry fi mawga dawg…mawga dawg tun roun bite yu?”

  193. It might be a matter for the US Attorney General’s (US AG) Office to investigate. It should want to know if MPP violated the act by not disclosing the full extent of its activities. Did any of its representatives travel to Jamaica, meet with any member of government and receive payment? Since MPP cannot do business with a criminal, the US AG should call upon them to prove that they didn’t meet or receive payment from a wanted fugitive.

  194. All I have to say is Jamaica is one interesting place.

    Jay and Nocotec hail. I am still around

    Floridan and the rest greetings… no resolution in the David Smith matter… December was 2 years, July will be 2 years.. What gives?

    What is the status with Dubai and the Cash Plus ‘money’? Is Carlos Hill is free?

    Where is Ingrid Loiten and May Daisy, no flowers yet?

    What about Noel Strachan, is his world of investors any wiser?

  195. Floridian, there is a rahtid investigation into the Manatt Phelps- Christopher Coke anancyism in New York.
    Apparently bruce hired this firm to defend Christopher Coke under the guise of lobbying for the government of jamaica. A law firm cant lobby for a fugitive, is crosses that.! the white girl dem hire turn over all the information to the feds.bruce and brady visa soon gawn!De money come from dudus himself. bruce and brady and dudus might be extradicted together! grand jury a run things now.

  196. MPP cannot do business with a criminal— de white girl has immunity.She can chat the whole story.Jamaica going mek headines again,bruce inna club fed.

  197. wayne chen’s attempts to get a new visa failed. he will never visit America legally for at least 7 years.uncle sam dont need no chiney laundry.

  198. Hail John Doe..and the rest.

    Bagjuice if Wayne Chen’s visa application has failed why would he not publicly say so?

    If he can not get a visa then why not resign from UDC etc ? It was Chen who said the visa (ability to travel) was necessary to function in the positions he is appointed to.

    What of Brady and the Hilton hotel/Cash plus deal?

    Why are some visa revocations given through press release, some informed of at the Jamaican airports …and some at the foreign airports?

    Where are the real journalists? Scrounging bun and cheese in the trough when they should be toiling through the night?

    Many pertinent questions abound…not farsical…pertinent.

  199. On February 4 , 1988 a Federal Grand Jury in the Southern District of Florida
    indicted Manuel Noriega on drug related charges. Noriega who was the chief of Panama’s military forces was charged because his associates met with Medellin Cartel associates regarding the transshipment of cocaine. Cocaine was trans-shipped through Panama to the United States without interception. Indicted Panamanian drug dealers were not extradited to the US. see US v Noriega 746 F Supp1506. There is recent precedent for the indictment in the United States of a Caribbean leader,see also the US v Norman Saunders and Stafford Missick.

  200. @JohnDoe

    Been a while… I am sure like me you get busy for spells.

  201. @floridian

    The Observer editorial you quoted…

    Did you see their quote from the US Vice Counsel.

    … about 120,000 US visas issued to Jcans each year…
    (note that as I pointed out earlier this is about half of all applicants)

    After all, Mr Stone’s explanation that the small number of visas that are cancelled on a yearly basis are done so for reasons that are personal and unique to the individuals, is perfectly plausible.

    Again what I explained previously… there has been a campaign to scare folks since the extradition issue…

  202. With the greatest of respect Nocotec, at JFK airport last week the American Airlines Jamaica flight was segregated from the other common carriers. All
    the individuals were inspected before regular ICE inspection and 6 were taken out of the line. One was immediately handcuffed and her child taken away by ICE. I do not know what happened to the other four; they were all young men and women.One of the men had dreadlocks. I personally observed this frightening occurrence. I hope, that if you respond, we can have a cogent exchange of views without you accusing me of ‘jerking off”.I took this behavior by ICE to be unusual and discriminatory. I link it to the Dudus extradition problem.
    Did GD of the JTB have his visa cancelled recently?

  203. @ Manhattan – GD visa was not canceled based on the information that has been made available.

    There has been a lot of misinformation being presented as facts, in particular as it relates to visa and the Dudus issue.
    Quite frankly a lot of it has been hogwash. Take for example the recent case of DJ’s having visa canceled.

    Immediately we here is because of the Dudus issue, not true, but that is how its being made to appear.

    Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a systematic release of information to the public, some true and some not, but no one is spending time to figure that out.

    So as usual one person say this to that person and soon it spreads like wildfire and ” if everbody a seh so den it must be true”.

    That Jamaica for you.

  204. @ Manhattan

    New rules for entering USA were introduced last week, so what you saw may have been the new rules taking effect and nothing to do with the Dudus affair.

    Ever thought of that angle, of course not – just blame Dudus.

  205. U.S. Decision Not to Extradite Confessed Mumbai Terror Suspect Angers India

  206. No those straws have no grip. For some time people have been questioned about David Smith/Olint at airports(s). That is fact.

  207. Antigua’s Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Tack has signed the order revoking the knighthood of alleged fraudster R. Allen Stanford.

    Stanford was knighted on the recommendation of the main opposition Antigua Labour Party in 2006 during Antigua and Barbuda’s Silver Jubilee Independence celebrations.

    Edith Smith got national honours in 2008 from Bruce Golding. David Smith was a major donor to the JLP giving them money that did not belong to him. Will the honours be revoked? We will see.

  208. Chuck’s Mouthful Of Nonsense

    But, perhaps it is the case that Chuck wishes not to rock the political boat to the extent that it would earn him the wrath of his compatriots

  209. “…there remain questions about Jamaica’s relationship with Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, the US legal/lobby which told the US Department of Justice that it was contracted to do work on ‘treaty matters’ for Jamaica, through Harold Brady’s law firm. The Government denied any such arrangement although it admits that its solicitor general, Mr Douglas Leys, did meet with Manatt’s officials and that they were invited to a meeting he had at the US State Department on the Coke matter.”

  210. That word “MISTAKE”

    A second fugitive, Eaton Evans, was mistakenly released from police custody three weeks ago and is on the run.

  211. Jay, Nonco, John Doe etc.

    Speaking of facts:

    If you think that Harold C.W. Brady has not, in the past advised the P.M. on OLINT cases then you are truly naive more than you are mischievous.


    This viewable evidence and the dates of original filing and any subsequent amendments leave a lot of questions unanswered:
    * Has the US law firm visited Jamaica in connection with their contract?
    * Who did they meet with in Jamaica?
    * Has the US law firm been paid any money?
    * If yes, who paid them the money?
    * If paid, was it via cash, cheques, draft or bank transfer?
    * If it was paid through a bank, which bank, and whose account?
    * Has that been properly disclosed to the relevant authorities in the USA?
    * If any of these things are so, is their law firm in “deep doo doo”

    ‘Dudus’ Grand Jury says officials blocking information
    Monday, April 05, 2010

    The investigators believe that the firm’s service was retained by officials connected to the Government, to lobby Washington not to pressure Jamaica to extradite Coke. In that regard, several influential Americans connected to the US administration were contacted by the law firm, including the administration’s nominee as Ambassador to Niger.

  214. Well-informed Observer sources said the Americans are contending that the Jamaican Government officials had conspired to prevent information from reaching the Grand Jury in the Coke case — the latest in the fallout from the Manatt Phelps and Phillips law firm controversy.

    I wonder if the three are out of the few that don’t have clear proven ties to David and Tracy Smith?

  215. I think there will be indictments and prison terms. This OLINT/TEEFING govt. was never going to work.

  216. Jay, I will research the information available on the new procedures required to enter the USA. Can you refer me to a US.Gov link?

  217. David Smith

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    The essential problem was posed by Plato in The Republic, his work on government and morality. The perfect society as described by Socrates, the main character in this Socratic dialogue, relies on laborers, slaves and tradesmen. The guardian class is to protect the city. The question is put to Socrates, “Who will guard the guardians?” or, “Who will protect us against the protectors?” Plato’s answer to this is that they will guard themselves against themselves. We must tell the guardians a “noble lie”.[1] The noble lie will assure them that they are better than those they serve and it is therefore their responsibility to guard and protect those lesser than themselves. We will instill in them a distaste for power or privilege; they will rule because they believe it right, not because they desire it.

  218. Jay , Thank you, the enhanced security may very well be explained in this connection. I appreciate an informed non-abusive dialogue.Do you think the recent Muslim cleric deported to Jamaica from Kenya has led to Jamaican flights being red-flagged by US as possible terrorist threats as discussed in the referenced briefing?Do you think the Americans consider Dudus a terrorist threat ?

    • Manhattan,
      I am not sure you have been following the cleric story properly.
      Firstly the cleric was deported from the UK to Jamaica sometime in 2007.
      He spent two years here then went to Kenya. While there he was said to have been preaching which was in violation of his visitor’s visa.
      He was later arrested and deported back to Jamaica.

      To answer your question, I do not believe that Jamaica is under any special watch as it relates to terrorism or terrorist activities because of the cleric.

      The USA can choose to flag whoever they choose due to their own internal security criteria used for selection and as such I would not want to speculate.

      As part of the new security arrangements you could be stopped simply because your name (recall many of us share the same name) appears on the USA flight listing to be checked on entry.
      Now all flights leaving Ja for example going to the USA have the flight manifest sent to the USA port of entry prior to the flight leaving Jamaica.

      The USA border patrol agents thus know before hand who is coming and will simply remove you for further screening if your name appears on that list. Once they are satisfied that you are who you say you are and not a person on interest you are free to go on your way.

      Re: Dudus – The USA has clearly said the guy is wanted for drug charges, racketeering etc so as far as I know that’s the extent of their interest.

  219. Could someone please break down in simple terms what all the fuss about the law firm being hired by the Jamaican govt. is about? Also, if possible could somebody in as unbiased terms as possible, explain the possible results of all this ‘hoopla’?

    On a sidenote, funny how the observer seems to have all these ‘inside sources’ now that provide information on everything from the actions of the U.S. Govt. behind closed doors all the way down to the plight of a few local entertainers, but yet, couldn’t find a SHRED of information into the whole OLINT/Cash Plus/May Daisy/Lewfam/F1/Higgins Warner/etc ‘conspiracy’ (and i use that word very loosely).

  220. Ja Cynic you too bad iyah. Re Lewfam etal

    Ja Cynic see this post below
    Conspiracy theory ?

    BTW the observer is acting like a blog these days providing tit bits of information and not calling out names.
    If they know all of what they claim to know then lets have the names.

    • Ahhhh….so it all becomes clear now….

      Pity my jaded Jamaican gut tells me that little if ANYTHING will come of all this.

  221. @manhattan

    If you are not trying to be an agent of mischief and propaganda maybe you should not try to post the same diatribe with differing aliases…. reading the blog for a long time one learns to detect the same folks back with the same old same old.

    Visas issues are personal issues. There are currently no US visa issues related to the Dudus affair and any attempt by anyone to make such links is simply an attempt at mischief and propaganda. Period

  222. @theCynic

    You will recall how easy it was for DS/Olint to get information in the newspaper supporting him and purporting to explain how what he was doing was legitimate and quite possible… These local newspapers should be read not with a grain of salt but a pound. If you did not and you read articles about DS you may have invested… only to find out later they were feeding you DS propaganda. I can personally attest to how easy it is to manipulate their news stories… some stories are simply plants.

    Notice how the very same folks that were against them… because they helped DS rob them… have now figured out the toilet tabloids… they are a disgrace… these same folks are now using the same papers to feed info that is being printed like gossip but appearing on the news pages… note how floridian hated them but now quotes them liberally to support his viewpoints 🙂

    Recall how CH of C+ boldly threatened to sue about his criminal record being revealed… how come they did not use innuendos to name CH. The facts are the truth is still an absolute defense against libel and slander. If this is not about mischief and propaganda then they should simply name the persons they say are being investigated.

    In the US press they name the persons but leave the source as sources with knowledge of the grand jury process. And by the way, it is illegal for anyone to disclose the secret grand jury proceedings.. so if they are, disclosure is meant for propaganda effect and to cause panic.

  223. @theCynic

    To the law firm issue… It is not unusual and in fact normal and routine for foreign governments to hire law firms which are often also lobbying firms to act on their behalf in foreign countries. These folks have expert knowledge of the foreign laws, customs and access to powerful foreign officials lacking by the local gov.

    Local gov officials often have little to no knowledge of the foreign process… In fact it is often the reverse in JA… we often bundle negotiations, sale of assets, agreements etc because we fail to hire the relevant foreign experience.

    Take the current bungling of the sale, transfer or whatever it is of Air Jamaica… at the last minute they figured out that the US Dept of Transportation gave licenses to Air J to fly the routes they do in the USA… and a new entity like Caribbean Airlines cannot simply just start flying the routes because the JA gov gave them Air J routes … LOL… clearly there was the need for folks involved in the process to have the benefit of experts familiar with the US DOT process.

    US law requires firms that are engaged by foreign govs to disclose and file information that they are working on behalf of a foreign gov. Failure to disclose such info is a violation of law… or to disclose that you’re an agent of a foreign gov when you are not…

    In gov… there are official gov acts by officials and there are personal acts by the gov officials… The relevant thing here is who is authorized to engage a foreign law firm to act on behalf of the JA gov… usually with JA law, it would be safe to assume that such authority rests with a Minister and often with such procedures he is also required to notify cabinet… but this is general info and I do not know the specifics.

    Failure to follow such procedures… recall the Tourism minister allegedly not getting cabinet approval for the American Air deal… but it did not void the deal because of the Minister and the appropriate gov officials signing the deal. Clearly if the law firm had a deal with anyone that is not authorized under Jcan law to engage or hire parties for the gov… then they were not acting on behalf of the gov but on behalf of those individuals.

    Note that because someone is connected to the gov does not mean they can or have the authority to hire firms on behalf of the gov.

    This leads to a potential issue for those folks… since their actions would be personal and thus they would not have immunity for official actions… interfering with the process to apprehend someone charged for a crime among other things may be criminal obstruction of justice under US law.

    This leaves a potential conundrum for the folks involved with the law firm process… If the gov hired the law firm to act for the JA gov then these are official actions and they would most likely not be personally liable… but if the firm was retained but not by the gov then they may be guilty of some crimes for attempting to interfere with the process… on the one hand scandal for the gov… on the other personal problems for the parties.

    See how even folks that are lawyers in one country can run afoul of laws in another country… often they just do not know the law… which is why it is usually best to hire experts at the law in the other country

  224. note how floridian hated them but now quotes them liberally to support his viewpoints

    How mi fi hate people mi pity longer than you could remember?

  225. Cynic, I have read Nonco’s post above.

    Seek the facts on the internet..the post above is full of the usual wind.

  226. Nonco is always talking about the ‘folks’ there is a time they talk about the ‘folks’ a lot. Warm and endearing to the ‘folks’ . You see ‘folks’ the noose is taught now.

  227. After the ‘folks’ stage you get like MOTTY Perkins into the “I don’t know about that”…..”I never knew” …hehehe….right Noncs?

    “I can’t remember. I send hundreds of emails and I am not denying that I am aware or have knowledge or know David,” Robertson said.

    “I am not denying that there was contact.I am denying nothing but in terms of that specific, I can’t answer that.”

  228. Coming in from the cold Nonco?

    nocotec, on April 5, 2010 at 10:45 am Said:

    I can personally attest to how easy it is to manipulate their news stories… some stories are simply plants.

    Notice how the very same folks that were against them…

    nocotec, on April 5, 2010 at 11:14 am Said:

    …usually with JA law, it would be safe to assume that such authority rests with a Minister and often with such procedures he is also required to notify cabinet… but this is general info and I do not know the specifics.

    This leads to a potential issue for those folks…

    This leaves a potential conundrum for the folks involved with the law firm process…

    See how even folks that are lawyers in one country can run afoul of laws in another country… often they just do not know the law…

    Is ‘folks’ the con Artist word of choice? or is it don’t know the specifics? hmmm

  229. @floridian Cynic, I have read Nonco’s post above. Seek the facts on the internet..the post above is full of the usual wind.

    LOL…lol… you are accusing my post of being full of wind… lol…

    Back to form… delusional ponzi scheme investor does not like to hear that 10 % per month is nonsense and that his dream investment is in a ponzi scheme… so how many times did I get accused that my posts are wind, false blah blah blah … hehe…

    Floridian, dude you have the title of the most deluded poster to have graced the blog… your continuous posting of questions in the form of riddles is you believing you have info only you have and it makes you somehow feel important that others don’t have it… in reality such folks usually have no info of any importance or consequence… but they have an illusion 🙂

  230. brady and bruce salt now! Dem just a drop in one hole after another. Why bruce wont stop tell lie? De white man ago lock up brady, bruce and dudus.Only Susan Schmidt gwine get weh.US Marshall badda than secret service bruce so dont travel to USA bruce. sealed indictment could fix yu business. word of advice ask the canadians to give yu amnesty in dem embassy in Ja.

  231. is brady an official of the govt. i hear him travel nice with first class ticket and red passport. him stay at the waldarf asstoria. is taxpayer money dat?

  232. Every decade or so we see an individual emerge who stands up on behalf of his peers for what is right. We remember Mahatma Gandhi, Rev. Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela to name a few.

    As this Manatt scandal develops most of us as members of the clergy have noted the lack of transparency and honesty of members of the government, headed by our PM.

    My good friend and fellow member of the clergy, Rev. Miller has been a loud voice demanding an end to this untenable situation, which if allowed to continue for much longer will result in the collapse of our economy affecting every Jamaican.

    We all have noted that a few people have taken a stance demanding an end to this and actually demanding a higher standard for Jamaica. I took notice of the Doctor who spoke on the radio enlightening us of the findings of his investigative team.
    What is remarkable is that this man with his resources has challenged us as Jamaicans to do better and realise more. I did note in his radio address, that he addressed the concern that his motive may be a revengeful. His answer convinced me that he is not revengeful, but rather that he has the intestinal fortitude and intellect necessary to move obstacles which are hampering the progress of Jamaica and that he has a real desire to see a better Jamaica for us all.

    No one can argue the point that losing millions in OLINT must have been painful but most would have suffered the loss in silence, looked forward and would never invest or believe enough in their country to spend their resources, vast they may be, in helping those of us who are left to the mercy of the perpetrators or a potentially corrupt government.

    He has clearly hired the best team of experts in their respective field and this should help us to unearth the truth and put us back on the path to recovery.

    Without doubt he like many other well thinking Jamaicans will be ridiculed and some will even cast aspersions on his integrity. To you Doctor and all Jamaicans, I say ponder on the words set forth below, a summary of my Easter message to my congregation:-

    “The good news of the Easter message is that Jesus can open your eyes to spiritual reality. He can forgive your sinful rebellion, dissipate your fear, protect you from your enemies and he can give you life to the fullest right now. All you need to do is turn to him as Savior and Lord.”
    Romans 10:9-10 explains that “…if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved; for with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness [being made right with God], and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.”

    It is my fervent prayer that we as Jamaicans will stand proud again and live up to the dreams of our fore fathers- Sir Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley.

    God bless Jamaica

  233. Nonco, dude!!!…how the folks… many times Carlos Hill said Folks

    Floridian, dude you have the title of the most deluded poster to have graced the blog… your continuous posting of questions in the form of riddles is you believing you have info only you have and it makes you somehow feel important that others don’t have it…

    ‘feel important’ among who? Nonco…you? Dude….Dude…such linear perspective.

    Kid you get so emotional….sticks an stones…Kindergarten…and the truth is you don’t do too badly (for your level) when the emotion is in check….come on Nonco

    The bloggers are tired of you studying me they want to hear about Smith and the gang.

    Like Jacob Martinez’s now infamous, “Congratulations JLP!” what a simpleton and an ass to boot…

  234. Look there are people who think that warning people of a con absolves them. people who right now think they are not going to jail. I warned of that Nonco…so what is your fuss?

    Why you a fret bout it? You warned the World o.k dude…want a medal?

    Let it go….move on…if you can’t take this stage. O.K. folks.

  235. @floriaian


    If you want someone to lecture… please inform your Reverend Doctor friend posting above… that he sounds deranged posting about himself and congratulating himself 🙂

    … And quoting the Bible reminds us of Ingrid Loiten and the other scammers that made a living while scamming and quoting scripture… Soon as you hear someone quoting scripture to support his personal actions… one hears a liar.

    … And floridian how do we know someone who simply keeps moving from one error to the other… he tells the folk who are right each time… You warned the World o.k dude…want a medal? Let it go….move on 🙂

    … And then he just keep making mistake after mistake… all the while confused about how smart he believes himself to be…

  236. But you are not deranged congratulating yourself. hmm

    Nonco, for a non-investor who stands to lose anything you sure do get emotional sometimes.

    How this Olint/JLP things stirs you while you claim to be immune to any consequences is truly interesting.

    I could continue two years of warning that ‘fools’ going to be locked up but my warning of it won’t stop it from happening.

    Warning that Olint was a ponzi (as opposed to a money laudering enterprise) and stating that persons were warned can not define the end. You seem to be stuck there like a record? Do you really believe that? Do you really believe that culpability can just hide under a mattress? Float away? Dave and teefing Tracy walk into the sunset?

    A best you start gathering some serious amount of money mi.

  237. Great sage Nonco,

    If Perkins is on tomorrow how many times shall he say “I don’t know about that” before the mid day news? Thrice?

  238. The longest day

    Brady has redefined the meaning of 24hrs. It has been over two weeks!

  239. Nocotec’s comments about the Doctor are extremely disparaging and negative. Dr. Walker is a patriotic Jamaican who is supported by many other Jamaicans who have wholesome christianity as their way of life. Only courage similar to the Doctor’s will destroy organized crime that obtains in Jamaica.

  240. @floridian

    LOL… Man there you go again… how many times have I seen that… When the logic gets over powering… a ponzi scheme investor says, why are you so concerned about something you did not invest in… recall my story about you as the driver of the truck going down Spur Tree… or was it too complex for you 🙂

    Here is something real easy for you… No need for you to answer with riddles…

    The PM said he was not complying with the extradition request because of illegal wiretap. Later turned the wiretaps may have been legal but a police person gave the info illegally to the US….

    Now the period of the indictment covers when your party, the PNP, was in power… So it is reasonable to assume the wiretaps were during the PNP gov…

    And so it is then logical that they had evidence of the alleged criminal activity…

    My question to you… How come he was not charged and prosecuted? We know you and your friends say they are patriotic and want to restore JA… Restore it to what? 🙂

  241. @larry

    Let us look at the facts…Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel… and this like Christianity… when that card is pulled one is supposed to defer to the person that wraps themselves in that cloak.


    The Doc is someone that:

    1. Foolishly ignored warnings about a ponzi scheme and invested huge sums… part of which he says did not belong to him but to a close relative

    2. The foolishness was further compounded by the fact that money invested for older folks should be invested conservatively in things like bonds and CDs and sparingly in high risk investments… especially if they may need it soon… since they cannot afford to lose it because their major earning days are behind them and they cannot work to earn it back… this is basic stuff.

    3. The Doc is about his personal stuff… he is trying to get his money back… nothing wrong with that but…

    4. The Doc tried to get the whole country punished by urging foreign powers to stop aid until he essentially gets his money back.

    5. The Doc thinks his money was lost because of the JLP and as a PNP supporter is engaged in activities to try and discredit or destabilize the gov.

    Nothing patriotic to be found there 🙂

    Now as to Christianity… Sorry I do not subscribe to the tyranny of the religious… If you do not believe in what religious folks do, many of them think you are a bad person… and they want to impose their beliefs on government and the society.

    Why are you a believer in Christianity? Let me clue you in… For almost everyone… it is an accident of birth location or parents. Had you been born in Saudi Arabia you would be telling me about Islam… in parts of India Hinduism … to Jewish parents, Judaism…. etc

    There is little to no crossover … born in a Indian tribe… you would have been a believer in their religion… born in JA, if religious you will be 99% likely to be Christian… etc etc. In Saudi Arabia, Islamic…

    Now given that it is accident what you happen to believe in… you are free to believe but don’t expect me to defer to you because you try to wrap yourself in it and that by so doing your motives are supposed to be pure…crap. And as I said those that like to draw that card often have the least pure motive.

  242. Noncs,

    You would not do badly in swaying the general blog BUT the constant use of false innuendo about me damages your credibility as you are going along.

    Jared may well be a Christian …you see you speak so definitively that your credibility gets thrown to the wind.

  243. “The conditions have to do with fighting corruption,” Lightbourne told Parliament last week during the sitting of the joint select committee.

    Input legislation

    She said the Jamaican government had been told to put in place legislation to fight corruption and to improve the justice system.

  244. But Daryl Vaz, Information Minister, claims the Observer report is false.

    He also cautioned the media about reporting on the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips issue.

    So there! hahaha…no comment on Brady’s 24 hours? £ week marker coming up.

  245. Visa issues?

    And the BITU is claiming that it has received information that some members of Air Jamaica’s flight crew are having difficulties renewing their work visas.

    Mr. Gayle believes this is due to the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the sale of the airline.

    “And as we speak there are some groupings that have sought to apply for crew visas and have not been able to attain such crew visas and we estimate that they have not been able to acquire such visas because of the possible closure of Air Jamaica and it is not imminent that they will be employed anywhere else not having any signed deal,” he said.

    Last week, Air Jamaica boss Bruce Nobles denied reports that a large number of Air Jamaica workers were facing problems renewing their US work visas.

  246. “If the government of Jamaica did not pay, who paid? Who was the real client of Mr. Brady, who was the real client of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips? Who was actually paying for this lobbying effort in which the Government of Jamaica collaborated,” Dr. Phillips said.

  247. Whoever paid Brady received access to John McShane at the White House. This is now out of hand.I dont know Doctor Walker but I admire him.Bruce Golding does not understand satellite surveillance or he would stop doing some of the things he does. My cousin was a military analyst in Afghanistan he says they can tell you what brand toothpaste you use.

  248. The entire Stone Love crew lost their visas today (6). Lady Saw lost her visa also.
    Bruce is this worth it , all because of your political favourites?

  249. Manhattan,

    trying to stay unbiased here….
    Manhattan, what proof do you or anyone else have that ANY visa rejection or loss is related to the actions of the JA Govt. or, related anyone but the individual who is having issues with their visa?

    Clearly I have no proof, but if i were a betting man, i would bet that each year a few high profile people either lose their visas, or are denied. The same i would assume applies to entertainers. If anything couldn’t one just as easily propose that the recent issues being faced by entertainers is related to Buju currently being held for cocaine?

    We all ‘love’ the blog for the information it provides (some useful, some not so much), but sometimes it would be great if some of the suggestions being made by members were substantiated with even a SHRED of tangible evidence…

  250. cans on asensi]

    I have no empirical data.It is obvious though that the visa cancellations are related to the poor bi-lateral relations between the US and Jamaica.

  251. Email between the Prime Minister and Smith thanking Smith for paying for he conference (s) and SHRED of evidence is still being demanded hahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahh

  252. Financial Secretary Dr Wesley Hughes has contradicted a statement from junior finance minister Arthur Williams that Jamaica has passed its first International Monetary Fund (IMF) test.

    Hughes, writing in this newspaper yesterday, said the assessment of Jamaica’s performance in meeting the March 31 target would be completed in another four to six weeks.

    Williams had declared last week that Jamaica had passed its IMF test.

  253. A wave of United Kingdom visa restrictions now looms for several Caribbean nations.

    The possibility of these restrictions comes at the same time as current immigration rules make it tougher for Caribbean and other Commonwealth nationals to work or seek residence status in Britain.

  254. The headline of the lead story yesterday, ‘Dudus will not hurt ties’, was not a quote from our interview with United States chargé d’affaires to Jamaica, Isiah Parnell.

  255. A norm is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as ‘… customary behaviour etc’.

    Those of us, who have chosen to remain in Jamaica, may find ourselves in the insidious position where we have come to accept the nine killings we record every two days as the new norm.


    The top 10 advancing stocks gained from 24.4 to 51.4 per cent over the month of March, led by Mayberry Investments, followed by GraceKennedy, up 44 per cent; Hardware & Lumber, up 41.4 per cent; Berger Paints, up 34 per cent; Radio Jamaica, up 32.9 per cent; Kingston Wharves, up 32.7 per cent; Jamaica Producers Group, up 29 per cent; Seprod, up 26.7 per cent; Pan Caribbean Financial Services, up 26.67 per cent; and Supreme Ventures, up 24.4 per cent.

    What an unbelievable set of monthly gains!…ehh Nonco? How much per MONTH?

    Nonco? Shhh… going to warn them?????

  257. OLINT Jamaican Corruption Investigation coming?

  258. n answering a question posed to him in Parliament yesterday, April 6th, Chris Bryant, Minister for the Overseas Territories appears to signal that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has heard and is acting on the advice of the Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC), as stated in the FAC report of March 31rst, for the UK to directly fund Helen Garlick’s efforts in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

  259. @theCynic

    manhattan/larry etc is most likely the Doc.

    When you have good recollection you can see the same posts, just different issue… you could the same with me if you looked… always on the side of logic 🙂

    Recall the same bold and false statements about JA not getting IMF money… and others… same false no evidence statements meant for propaganda. same trying to make it look like it is not personal issues but he is being a patriot. Now he is at it with the visa issue… hehe.

    The guy has his own personal issues caused by his own actions…

    By the way… If you take your elderly relative’s money and inappropriately squander it in a high risk ponzi scheme… Shouldn’t your relative sue you for theft, gross mismanagement, gross negligence or breach of fiduciary duty or some such… And if mentally they are not in a position to do so… shouldn’t someone ask the state to do so on his behalf? hmmmm

    This would be very appropriate especially if the relative’s money was squandered and they needed it… and if medicaid or some other gov agency had to pay out money they are entitled to go after the squanderer… are they not? States have brought cases against people for doing stuff like this to their relatives.

    See when you are busy accusing other people of stuff you miss your own issues and what you are liable for… 🙂

  260. Nonco, where is Brady’s response that he was ordered to produce in 24 hrs several weeks ago?

  261. Wednesday’s adjustment by Manatt, Phelps & Phillips confirms earlier reports that attorney Harold Brady had contracted the services of Manatt as a consultant. Brady has handed over to the Solicitor General a report explaining his actions.

    Information minister Daryl Vaz told journalists that the Solicitor General’s findings would be made public over the weekend.

  262. The visa issues are real. It is related to the Dudus affair, there is no hard proof, but it is consistent with how the US operates as a tactic for pressuring government.

    it is highly unusual for the US embassy to give press release when it is revoking visa’s unless they want to do it as a statement. Sending the letter to a wide variety of airlines officials is the same as giving it to the press.

    They could have just revoked the visa’s and them find out when them find out like anyone else.

    It is highly unusual for so many name brand persons to be losing there visa’s at the same time. A message is being sent.

    Not all visa’s been lost at this time is related to Dudus, but the higher than usual amount demonstrate that there is a correlation

  263. What is the other rationale for the revocation of the Visas of these entertainers?

    is it a result of Gay bashing? When did that become a reason to be denied a US Visa?

  264. The visa issues are real. It is related to the Dudus affair, there is no hard proof…

    That must be why who ‘recuses themselves’ from green card on the spot are back home and those who fuss are in Krome etc.

    Many problems at airports relate directly to Olint….those blogs are over 2 YEARS old. Go back and read prophesy if you think is lie.

  265. @floridian

    What an unbelievable set of monthly gains!…ehh Nonco? How much per MONTH? Nonco? Shhh… going to warn them?????

    LOL… A leopard never changes his spots and I suppose a ponzi scheme investor never does either.

    Among the first rules of investing… after you see the big gains and want to jump on the bandwagon… it is usually already too late. Slow and steady wins the race. Every study always shows that people that try to time the market end up over time worse than those that use the slow and steady method.

    Like all the other Olint investors you just cannot get it… We are not saying 10 % or greater returns are not possible in any 1 month… we are saying it is not sustainable over time.

    But as I said before… it is actually now overdue for Jcans to find the next big thing… I know you are itching to find one… hehe… I cannot believe all this time later you are still thinking nothing was wrong with DS’s claims… claims were fine… it was just the man that was bad… LOL

  266. @cullKull
    The visa issues are real. It is related to the Dudus affair, there is no hard proof, but it is consistent with how the US operates as a tactic for pressuring government.

    You are beginning like many other Jcans to buy the propaganda… same thing with Olint… spread half truths and to a conspiracy theorists it is plausible… spread something with no semblance or resemblance to anything real and even the conspiracy theorists will not believe.

    This is not how the US actually operates… the folks whose visa have been revoked all have very valid personal reasons why.

    If the US starts to deny or revoke high ranking officials and other high profile persons visa for no valid personal reason… then yes that is how they operate.

    What message is sent by taking away a visa from someone that is not eligible for or would normally have his visa denied or taken away?

  267. Nonco, “Slow and steady wins the race.,,,” yeah that’s how the feds do it but the warnings were not headed….oh well

  268. David Smith tricked many ‘fools’…so too did Carlos Hill. One love…One nill LOL

    But the ‘trick’ that now obtains is the real heights…sick

    It is in your face (pre exposed to you and yours) and you have to slowly watch it unfold knowing the outcome…

    As opposed to Smith who one had a chance to try to get out after heeding ‘warnings’…the answer back takes it a step colder…

    You get warned every day….and you can’t do anything about it..


    Levels of the con, Nonco ehehehe

    Smith con people having blindfolded them….now he will face one himself no blindfold..hahahahahaha


    But he should not feel humiliated…none of them should….I don’t


    Early days..5 ace intact.

  269. Deacon, you’re a good ‘sport’ right Sling?

  270. So why not cool dung the bawl out…? When you did a con we wid you haw haw haw lol?…we did a bawl?

  271. @ nocotec, on April 7, 2010 at 12:08 pm Said:

    No one has a right to a visa, and the US can take it at anytime, without giving a reason and you do not have the right to appeal.

    Most of the artists whose visa’s were revoked did not do anything new. what is new is the Dudus standoff..

    The artists were always singing about gangsters/anti homo/ smoking weed etc.

    we sometimes do the same behaviour we warn people about. Many people overlooked the obvious when Olint and Cash Plus began to dangle the 10 % with obscure financing.

    We would also be overlooking the obvious if we do not see the visa cancellation as a tactic by the U.S.

    quote from nocotec

    Worse there are some really, really unscrupulous, unethical, lazy or dishonest people in the local press… Take the story about the DJ’s losing visas… not to mention some of these JA DJ’s should never get visas in the first place… they are criminals involved with violent gangs…

    But I digress… obviously the mailing list was a April Fools hoax… The US embassy does not release lists like that but local media had it like a legitimate story…

    end quote

    this have proven to be false, as the mail was real and the DJ’s have lost there visa’s. but instead of admitting you are wrong, you still profer the argument that it is unrelated .

    you have also taken the behaviour of a lot of the ponzi clients, who when proved wrong do not change there thinking, but try to put a different spin.

    you have also seem condescending to determine who should/should not get visa’s. there was a thinking a while back that only brown uptown people from Jamaica should get visa. I believe the consular officer made the decision to give them visa’s like everybody else, and they are entitled to it like any other Jamaican.

    Bruce has said that he would pay the price on this Dudus affair, what he really meant was other Jamaican will pay the price !!!

    The Jailer and the Jailed are both in Jail. Floridian compass is way off, but yours might be off in trying to prove him wrong instead of judging the recent facts.

  272. Them can study mi…

  273. Compass off? So….the PM going to be indicted in the USA or not?

    Take the plunge….put credibility on the line…mine is still intact and many detractors have come and gone.

    most still read in silence though.

  274. Work permits and visa revocations were written about on this blog long (years) before the dudus indictment became public.

    Look back…it os there for all 2 see. Compass? fi wha?

  275. Minutes of the Unsecured Creditors Meeting ofOlint TCI Corporation Limited (‘Glint
    TCI) held on February 25 at the offices ofPwC.
    Those in attendance were the creditors committee comprising:
    • Dean Shaw
    • Trevor W. Stines
    • Rachael Eaton
    • George Wilson
    And the liquidation team comprising:
    • lP.Connollly-Official Liquidator
    • Caydion Campbell-Senior Manager
    The meeting began with a review of the status ofthe liquidation:
    The Official Liquidator confirmed that he had taken legal advice on the funds held by
    Hallmark Bank and Trust Company Limited (Hallmark) and this had confirmed that these
    funds are held on trust for those individuals or entities that had deposited money with
    The effect of this advice is that Olint TCI has no liquid assets to fund the liquidation. The
    work that had been done up-to-date, which had assisted both unsecured creditors and
    potential trust beneficiaries (PTBs), confirmed that Olint TCI was a ponzi scheme. A
    significant number of the unsecured claims came from the transfer of the Overseas
    Locket/Olint Corp.Ltd. liabilities to Olint TCI. Although there was a transfer of the
    liabilities there was no corresponding transfer of assets which is one reason why there are
    no assets available for the unsecured creditors of Olint TCI.
    There is a claim by Olint TCI that has been filed against Glint Corp. Ltd, but our
    preliminary investigation indicates that Glint Corp Ltd. has no available assets. It is
    possible that a detailed investigation of the Olint Corp. Ltd. operations would reveal
    contingent assets, but that would require the appointment of a liquidator (or similar
    officer) in Jamaica to investigate the actions of Olint Corp.Ltd. There is no indication
    that such an appointment will be made.
    There are potential claims against those organizations that facilitated the ponzi scheme,
    however such claims are far from certain and likely to be costly.
    The continuation of the liquidation is dependent upon the PTBs continuing to fund
    activities which serve the interests of both sets of claimants. The recently elected PTB
    committee has restricted our work until the beneficiaries have been clearly identified.
    The net effect of the above is that we have no funds to continue our investigation of
    potential Olint TCI assets and that once the beneficiaries have been identified it will be
    their decision what further monies, if any, can be expended on activities which will serve
    both groups of claimants.
    Without additional monies being made available the assessment from the Liquidator is
    that there will be no distribution to the unsecured creditors. It seems clear that the
    majority of these funds were lost prior to the transfer ofliabilities to Olint TCI by
    Overseas Locket/Olint Corp. Ltd.
    The Liquidator indicated that he would arrange a further meeting once the PTBs have
    indicated what further steps, ifany, they wish to take.

  276. Report of the Potential Trust Beneficiaries Committee – April 6, 2010
    As your duly appointed representatives, we recognise the importance of communicating to you the
    information received and also informing you of further developments with the Official Liquidation Team
    at PricewaterhouseCoopers TCI.
    We therefore apologize that this communication is coming almost two month’s since our appointment.
    This is due to the time it took to organize our first meeting with the Liquidator Mr. Connolly and other
    members of his team, receive information that was requested and subsequently meet again to discuss and
    arrive at a decision.
    Now that we have received more details as to the status of existing funds as well as other funds that may
    possibly be recovered, there are a few very important decisions to be made regarding how we proceed.
    The Official Liquidation Team has submitted an invoice for approximately USD$250,000.00 which
    represents both legal and accounting fees for work carried out between November 1st 2009 and January
    31st 2010.
    In the best interest of time and after evaluating the alternatives, it is our opinion that this payment should
    be approved in order for further work to be done and to maintain the progress already made. However,
    consequent on negotiations which we had with the Official Liquidation Team they agreed that a discount
    rate of 15% should be applied to all future invoices. Additionally they have agreed to assign a relatively
    junior but capable member of staff to conduct the majority of t he remaining clerical work to ascertain the
    quantum of claims and then determine each members “net” claim..
    Additionally you need to be aware that whereas there is a degree of certainty regarding the funds in the
    Hallmark account, there is another sizeable amount of approximately US$4.5 million that appears to have
    a relatively high chance of being recovered if proceedings are instituted by the Liquidator to recover the
    same. The Liquidator estimates that it should cost approximately US$1.5 million for such litigation if
    Due to the sensitivity of such information in relation to the potential action we will not be able to provide
    you with full details of all that has been discussed on the Website. However, we took the view that you the
    members should have an opportunity to participate in the decision making process as far as is possible.
    Therefore we have asked that the Liquidator provide you with that opportunity by the following method:
    Please reply send an email to the liquidation team’s email responding to their request for payment and
    whether to initiate and pursue the potential act ions to recover the additional US$4.5M with a YES or NO
    Based on the number of emails that have been received by the due date, the vote will be counted for a
    majority decision.
    If your majority votes are YES, in respect of both questions then the payment will be approved and the
    actions will be filed.
    If your majority votes are NO in relation to payment, then the liquidator will file an application to court in
    order to have the payment approved.
    Submitted by:
    Denise Kitson Dr Lloyd Goldson David Lee Doreen Forbes Alastair Macbeath

  277. ACON? ……. Pap Dung?

  278. I agree with Cullkull there is a connection with Dudus. Nocotec and the other pro-young turks JLP spin doctors are going to have a severe awakening soon.
    The Feds send messages before they act. When politicians with a shady background like Bruce Golding confront the US openly they are asking for trouble.
    A few years ago Golding was running a poorly managed bakery.He renounced garrison politics. Now he is befriending and embracing indicted cocaine traffickers in his capacity as Prime Minister.This is a catastrophe which has destroyed his administration. Rampant crime threatens tourism while Bruce facilitates Dudus’ contact with John McShane at the White House.
    What next? A Grand Jury indictment? Maybe already sealed?

  279. I invite Nocotec to review the indictment of JLP supporter Fitzroy Salesman who described himself to the Feds as a “close friend” of senior members of the Jamaican Government. See Miami Herald International edition April 5. It gives an idea of how the Feds operate.(Salesman was not allowed to call Jamaica on the day of his arrest for bribery.) How close was he to Bruce?He dropped Bruce Goldings name several times to the arresting agents and police officers. Why?
    Maybe after his sentencing Saleman will tell the Feds in Ft Lauderdale more.Was David Smith a friend of Saleman too……..?Did Salesman have an Olint account ?Research gentlefolks, research.

  280. @cullKull

    Yow you need to emancipate yourself…
    you have also seem condescending to determine who should/should not get visa’s. there was a thinking a while back that only brown uptown people from Jamaica should get visa. I believe the consular officer made the decision to give them visa’s like everybody else, and they are entitled to it like any other Jamaican.

    We used to see the blog full of that crap… holding down small man… uptown holding down downtown…

    And yes black people used to be slaves too… and yes only white people had privileges… so what. We know racism still occurs… And so you read into what I said that somehow I am implying only brown skin DJ should get visa. Wake up and get rid of the inferiority complex.

    I said these DJ’s should not have visas in the first place because under US law they should not based on their personal behaviors… anyone engaging in those behaviors is not eligible for visas under US law and policy. And didn’t Barbados recently cancel a show with 2 of them… is Dudus cause that too I suppose.

    If these visas have been canceled… it is more likely related to the DJ that was arrested in Miami and that he is probably giving up info on the others… and why did the US set him up… is it not obvious they had info on him before the setup… and on whom else from their sources? Why do you think that every adverse visa action is now related to Dudus… they happened all the time… you just did not have propaganda pushing it.

    And by the way… Recall the VB guy that headed the notorious posse… how come he was released after only 8 years… they said he was responsible for over a 1000 murders… think back on the period of the indictment… obviously he cooperated 100 % and gave up a lot of West Kingston folks… that is how the Feds work… and there is another one up there giving up more recent stuff… But we try to find a conspiracy behind every thing 🙂

  281. @manhattan
    I agree with Cullkull there is a connection with Dudus. Nocotec and the other pro-young turks JLP spin doctors are going to have a severe awakening soon.

    LOL… hey doc now I have a new angle… this stuff is really hilarious… Pro JLP… hehe… I am not partial I do not like JLP idiots just as much as I do not like PNP idiots… Don’t worry, If some JLP idiots start frequenting the blog… I will soon be anointed as a PNP supporter …. you guys kill me. LOL

    Whenever you don’t like my message I am a supporter of the other side… anti olint first then pro Olint hehehe…

    And yes doc has been spreading propaganda from the start and continues to do so… hmmm… Did doc not report we would not be getting an IMF loan? hehe

  282. SURPRISE!

    Attorney-at-law Harold Brady has failed to convince Solicitor General Douglas Leys that the American law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips had corrected the “false claim” that it had been contracted to represent the Jamaican Government.

    But the Bruce Golding administration is yet to decide if it will exercise its option of taking action against the attorney.

    “I can’t tell you what action is being considered … but I’m sure that you will hear after everything is perused as to what the actions are, if any,” Daryl Vaz, the minister with responsibility for information, told a post-Cabinet media briefing yesterday.

    After going through the documents submitted by Brady, the solicitor general returned them to the Cabinet indicating that he was not convinced.

    “Because, obviously, this matter has implications both ways,” Vaz said.

  283. In the Trafigura scandal, confidential information was illegally passed on to Mr Golding and the person who did that was seen as a heroine. Why is Doe not a hero?

    Mr Golding, you cannot eat your cake and have it.

  284. The Trinidad government has fired the board of a state agency that oversees billions of dollars in public construction and is the subject of a corruption probe.

    Attorney General John Jeremie said the four-member board and senior staff at the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago, or UDECOTT, could face criminal investigations.

  285. THE United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has failed to grant a desperate request from Air Jamaica by April 5, 2010, that would have allowed the airline an easier transition to ownership by Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL).

  286. Phensic Nonco….take a Phensic

  287. In addition, Senator Dorothy Lightbourne, Attorney General, has been instructed to write the US law firm once again.

    She is to make it clear that attorney-at-law Harold Brady was not acting on the government’s behalf when he contracted its services.

    “In addition”…hahahahaha…yes massa…right awasy massa..hehehe..hawhawhaw haw

  288. Put or shut up says Vaz

    Harold Brady.
    When asked if Harold Brady will be made the fall guy for the scandal in order to protect others, the information Minister could not say.

    He was also asked directly about allegations of his own involvement and that of other government officials in meetings with the US law firm.

    “Absolutely not. After people make accusations such as that, it’s time to come with the evidence and I challenge anybody to furnish any evidence to implicate either myself or the Prime Minister at any of these meetings,” Mr. Vaz replied.

    AGAIN???? Deja vu? The last time it was Put Up that prevailed. Brady got his knickers in a twist and then scurried away…fast.

    ‘Strategy need a change now..’

  289. Record needle stuck Nonco… re-calibrate the old compass Nonco. Try find ‘True North’

  290. Put up or Shut Up?

    Financial analyst Dennis Chung says Shaw can ill afford not to address the issue surrounding whether Jamaica has passed the IMF test.

    Junior finance minister Arthur Williams had declared a pass last week but Dr Wesley Hughes, the permanent secretary in the finance ministry, says the result may not be known for weeks.

  291. Air Jamaica’s visa?

    Failed agreement

    Airline insiders yesterday told The Gleaner that the delay in finalising the deal was linked to the Government’s failure to secure an agreement with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) for Air Jamaica to continue flying to that country during the transition period.

  292. The Attorney General confirmed that Helen Galrick’s team has taken over the prosecutions of the David Smith and Olint criminal cases because, as he stated, they overlapped into her areas of investigation.

  293. ‘The proof is in the pudding’

    The Attorney General

    At the end of the press conference the Attorney General, Kurt da Freitas, answered a question about how his department and tenure had come in for such strong criticism in the recent FAC report by making a short statement bemoaning what he said was his unfair treatment since he said that he had not been approached by the FAC to answer any questions before they produced their report. He also said he felt he had been unfairly maligned by the media over the last two years.

  294. Members of the FAC, Commissioner of Inquiry, Sir Robin Auld and Special Prosecutor Ms. Helen Garlick, have all indicated in no uncertain terms that holding elections in the TCI next year would not make sense.

  295. David Smith case linked to corruption probe

    A well placed source in the Attorney General’s Chambers says the David Smith financial crimes case is linked to Helen Garlick’s corruption probe and that’s why the Attorney General Mr. Kurt De Freitas, QC, agreed for the Special Prosecutor to take over the matter.

    Reliable sources had told The SUN that one of the reasons why Garlick and her team were asked to take over the prosecution of the case, was because it was felt that no one in the Attorney General’s Chambers was capable of handling the many serious charges against Smith. The SUN has now learned from the source that this information was incorrect.

    Meantime, The SUN understands that Garlick’s probe has extended beyond the former ministers of Government who were recommended for prosecution by Sir Robin Auld.

  296. After going through the documents submitted by Brady, the solicitor general returned them to the Cabinet indicating that he was not convinced.


    At 30,000 feet it may look different Douglas Leys..hahahahahahaahaa

  297. @ nocotec, on April 8, 2010 at 1:36 am Said:

    although this may be a side issue you .. you seems to imply that I must be a black person with an inferiority complex to show up the flaws in your argument… look at the substance

    the U.S has freedom of speech as one of there hallmarks, so DJ’s and Rap artists , Rock and other popular music sing about drugs,sex,gangsters and a whole litany of topics.. somehow you feel that only our DJ’s should be refused visa as they would go and pollute the U.S. airwaves.

    A lot of our DJ’s are Studio badman , Just like how Rambo is only a movie badman and the Terminator is a Governor of California.

    you still have ignored the obvious and still offer that maybe is Buju and Vivian Blake and others maybe the ones who are causing the DJ’s to lose there visa’s . Sometimes we fall into the same behavior we warn people of.

    Do not ignore the obvious .

    your words

    But I digress… obviously the mailing list was a April Fools hoax… The US embassy does not release lists like that but local media had it like a legitimate story…


    end quote

    you have been prove incorrect, but you still find an alternative explanation !!!!

    The same way in which people said Carlos Hill was a crook and was jailed for fraud, the people said they need proof to believe that, when proof was supplied they said that he has changed and mean people well.

    Being on the Blog too long makes people become dogmatic and polarized..objectivity seems to be a casualty of zealots.

    my simple point is that you may be right on a lot of issues, but you are wrong on the visa cancellation issue, it is related to Dudus … you do not lose points, your erudition is not being questioned..

    Do not be like Bruce, who is sacrificing his integrity by defending a wrong position with this whole Brady/Dudus affair

  298. Lobbying Pact Puts Manatt at Center of Jamaican Political Storm

    The three Manatt partners identified in the FARA filings as playing a role in the Jamaican lobbying effort–Manatt, Schmidt, and litigation partner Kevin DiGregory–either declined to comment or did not return calls when contacted by The Am Law Daily.

    Mukasey adds that in his experience it would be highly unusual for an outside firm to get involved in an extradition case on behalf of a foreign government.
    “I’ve never heard of a foreign firm being hired by a private government to fight a U.S. extradition,” says Mukasey, the son of former U.S. attorney general Michael Mukasey. “U.S. firms fight extradition all the time on behalf of individual defendants..

  299. Nationwide- “Brady han di hextradition matta”

    Harold Brady, “Now, let me start at the.. the… last statement made by the Minister of Information. My Position is, knowing what he knows…. knowing that I know what he knows… and having proceeded to make those statements after post cabinet briefing…..he is either daft or he needs to have his head examined..”

    Brady you sound like a defendant! hawhawhawhaw… you want the tape of the first breakfast club? For what? Sick a dat!

  300. Brady you sound like David Smith…hmm Deacon?

  301. Brady, “…I dealt with Samuda for a long period of time.. Karl has been around… so have I for that matter…”

  302. Hugh Cliff

    Brady says your Nationwide News Network needs to get to your research… what a dis

    The Disapora abroad is very concerned about what is currently happening in Jamaica. The PM needs to go to Florida and address the diaspora.

    Some business leaders of society should go to address the concerns of the Jamaicans overseas. Maybe Leeeching, John Issa , Butch Stewart could go with the PM and reassure the diaspora in Florida that things o.k

  303. @cullKull
    my simple point is that you may be right on a lot of issues, but you are wrong on the visa cancellation issue, it is related to Dudus … you do not lose points, your erudition is not being questioned..

    Ok… you should know that as I stated way back… there are some people that really really hate people that are ‘always right’… they are always trying to dissect what you said to find some perceived error and then they latch on it like a pitbull … you should know I have always had this problem since school… and I do not care 🙂

    But to the issue… you on the one hand quote me in saying some of these DJ’s should not have had a visa in the first place… and implying brown skin v black spin babble… In other words, I am saying I am not surprised if their visa got canceled cause they should not have had them in the first place… you made hay out of that.

    The 2nd thing you are all over was my mailing list/April fools hoax and the embassy does not release mailing lists like that… This was taken from the context of a rjr story on the website that implied their was a ‘mailing list’ going around that the reporter had seen… A mailing list which was apparently in the hands of a reporter. I stand by my statement that the embassy does not release mailing lists like that…

    Obviously when visas are revoked as in the case of UDC chair… the embassy must notify the airlines… this is how he found out at the airport. Apparently someone at an airline converted this normally confidential group of people whose visas were revoked to a mailing list and forwarded it on to various folks… the list that the reporter came from somewhere but not sent to them by the embassy… so pick at it all you want.

    You then state I am wrong on the visa issue and that it is related to dudus and I will not lose points… Ok… so where is your evidence for your statement… you previously said you had none but it was your belief… but now it is to be accepted as fact with no evidence offered… reminds you of the ponzi schemes?

    Incidentally on the DJs… My statement is not about their lyrics… it is about actions… I know… you do not have to accept that I know or how I know that many of these DJs are involved in really bad stuff… you can continue to compare it to Rambo… you should do some investigation… not hard in JA.

  304. Winner media byte of the month

    “Because, obviously, this matter has implications both ways,” Vaz said.

    Very quick wit!


  305. The source noted that a senior lawyer Patrick Patterson, who has worked in the Attorney General’s Chambers on ocassion and who has dealt with several civil litigation matters on behalf of the AG’s Chambers, had been handling the Smith Case as the lead counsel.

  306. Nonco, At school your language teacher would have told you that your whole paragraph:

    “Ok… you should know that as I stated way back… there are some people that really really hate people that are ‘always right’… they are always trying to dissect what you said to find some perceived error and then they latch on it like a pitbull … you should know I have always had this problem since school… and I do not care”

    could have been abbreviated with, “I’m Noncs and I’m insecure”

    You could even spice it up by adding “Jamaica is largely where it is today because of people like me” or some more interesting path for the reader like “my insecurity though dear to my heart….finds its source in history”

    Spice up the writing Nonco…The boasting is fine…but spruce up the writing for your fans.

    Live&Let Live? Meetings?…..

  307. US Press Highlights Manatt Saga

    The continuing saga involving the Government of Jamaica and the American law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips has attracted the attention of one of the most respected legal publications in the United States (US).

  308. Good to be reminded that the source of choice is right here on this blog. Keep reading Gleaner!

  309. EDITORIAL – Speaker Chuck Should Recalibrate

    Recalibrate the Compass? Keep reading the blogs Gleaner!

  310. “Over and again, as we sat on the tarmac waiting for our flight to get to the top of the take-off line, he kissed teet, switched back and forth between the three BlackBerrys clipped on to the seat pocket in front of him and swore that he intended to buy his own plane so that he wouldn’t have to wait “pon dis eff-ry”. He was way down the line from the top-ranking but he was big enough in his own mind.”—Entertainers-life_7524416

    Deaco? hahahaha

  311. We would like to place for consideration before the public, what we feel is one of the most important steps we can take in order to eliminate corruption and create a better life for all citizens and residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    As long as success during an election is determined by the money that a candidate or party raises in order to buy the favour of the voters, there will always be a strong incentive for corruption. Thus, in a minor or major way, we will be doomed to repeat some of the more embarrassing events of the last 30 years.

    Olint stolen money paying for election campaign?

  312. Furthermore who could argue against the need to revise the whole political and administrative system?

    Answer; perhaps those who wish to exploit that very system?

  313. Christie argued that while the procurement process used to select Brooks appeared to be impartial and transparent, the country’s security officials
    fell asleep at the wheel when it was time to do background checks.

    ‘fell asleep at the wheel’….that’s why the bus constantly in the body shop

  314. [I]test [/I]

  315. @ nocotec

    Ok… you should know that as I stated way back… there are some people that really really hate people that are ‘always right’… they are always trying to dissect what you said to find some perceived error and then they latch on it like a pitbull … you should know I have always had this problem since school… and I do not care 🙂


    I learn as I have gotten older. you make assumptions. same false assumptions that the ponzi clients make, showing that we are not much different from those who we oppose. You assume that somehow I/(any others who find fault with your logic) are lurking to find fault and prove you wrong.. ha ha ha.. well that may be true of Floridian as he is always here posting everyday.. I tune in every couple of months to see what is new/catch up

    I was a person who was looked on as being ‘always right’. it served me well at first, but that I learned that it becomes harder and makes thing a bit drawn out , especially when I am on shaky grounds. It is sometimes better to acknowledge the correction and effect it.

    it makes one good at being a spin doctor, but it may alienate you from people who then start regards you as being somewhat disingenuous

    for example . Harold Brady said one thing ON RECORD.. he was not dealing with any extradition matter/ has nothing to do with Dudus issue in relation to Manatt Phelps. The Solicitor General said the opposite and said how Harold Brady engaged him about extradition matter and how to deal with the Dudus affair via Manatt Phelps.

    When confronted with the evidence, Harold Brady then said,

    1.we are focusing on the trivial, but we should be focusing on the more substantive issue.
    2. He is not saying the Solicitor General is wrong and Harold Brady is not wrong either , and even if the position are direct opposite, he will not reconcile them because of lawyer/client privilege.

    he then dances around the issues, that is how people who think that they are always right operate.. after a while, people who start question their integrity.

    WE ALL MAY BE GUILTY of putting what we think as the truth, because you posited that you know the DJ and there nefarious activities.. without proof and that others should investigate it. That is spurious logic at best. We could use that to malign anybody.. I know XXX is drug runner / gunman and if you do not know you have not done your homework as good as I .. which is wasteful boasts..

    you and others have posited that we should always check the facts .. not what someone claims. ask them to back it up .. remember “David Smith is a top 5 trader ?”.. and if you do not know that, somehow you have not done proper research.

    I could address a lot of your other points, but I always wonder what would happen when two people who are always right get into a battle on the internet…. answer a lot of heat but very little light.

  316. “I tune in every couple of months to see what is new/catch up”

    Same diagnosis as Noncs here Kull. Rampant Pandemic in Jamaica.

  317. Thanx for all the info Floridian, I logged on from 6 this morning and i must say i am enlightened, keep on doing what u doing

  318. You don’t need to explain why you ‘tune in’ and meticulous reporting of the frequency with which you do or don’t can only be some personal guise.

    Fawning does not really work on this blog. There are many who have learnt that…too many to mention. But they know themselves.

    Anyway How about that Brady interview on JLP radio? The man backpedalled faster than those bloggers we no longer here from this long time….albeit clumsy bar none he did it fast.

    Washington Post want talk to him…’busy singnal’ hahahahaa… Duke of Jester need to seek an exclusive interview for Brady scarcer than Deqacon David Smith. The management style shows the ever predictable similarity.

    Well Brady is Cash Plus and Bertram Hill iii is on the Olint list nothing unexpected there.

    Noncs/Kull why them asking their fans thoughts on calling an election?

  319. I listened to the interview yesterday morning too, and knowing how some of these guys operate its not gonna be long before people start “deading”

    Friday, April 09, 2010
    BBC Caribbean is reporting today that the US extradition request for “alleged drug lord” Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke has provided the JLP Government with its biggest foreign relations test in office.
    The article quoted an editorial in Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper on Monday, which said that the Coke case had “caused a rift in the relationship with Washington”.
    Coke is wanted in the US on drugs and gun charges. The Bruce Golding government has so far refused the US’ request for his extradition, stating that the evidence used to indict Coke was obtained illegally.—BBC

    OLINT has been their biggest ‘problem’. It will continue to be. The big elephant of Belmont Road is OLINT. They will comment on Manatt and all kind of things. They never speak OLINT out them mouth. With good reason.

    It is not what is spoken of….it is the unspoken that is screamingly obvious.


    Nonco takes it up but alas Nonco…love alone is not enough.

  321. The incident threatens to expose political corruption in the government of Prime Minister Bruce Golding…


  322. “The case places Mr Golding in an extremely difficult situation with both domestic and international political implications,” said the Economist Intelligent Unit in an assessment.”

  323. Golding administration silent on latest Manatt revelation

    There has been a deafening silence from the Bruce Golding administration nearly 24 hours after a revelation concerning the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips Affair.

    The attorney at the centre of the deepening saga, Harold Brady, suggested on Thursday that he and Information Minister Daryl Vaz knew more than they were letting on.

    Our news centre has been trying unsuccessfully to reach both Mr. Vaz and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) General Secretary Karl Samuda who has been assigned to speak on issues relating to the Manatt Affair.

    No statement has been issued by any of the parties in response to Mr. Brady’s pronouncement.

    On Wednesday, Mr. Vaz suggested that Mr. Brady would be punished at the party level because he had not adequately cleared up the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips mess.

    The attorney was supposed to submit documents making it clear that he was not acting on the government’s behalf when he hired the law firm.

    Talk of punishment saw the attorney fighting back when he was interviewed on a radio programme on Thursday.

    He issued a veiled threat to Daryl Vaz, which seemed to suggest that both he and Mr. Vaz knew more about the issue than has been revealed to the public.

    His comment also seemed to suggest that the information, if revealed, would be damaging to Mr. Vaz.

  324. In attempting to stem reports of Mr. Vaz coming under fire from inside the party, Mr. Samuda said the controversial Manatt, Phelps and Phillips matter is being aggressively examined by the party.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? is a Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal, which is literally translated as “Who will guard the guards themselves?” Also sometimes rendered as “Who watches the watchmen?”

  325. Mrs. Simpson-Miller says there is considerable confusion in the minds of members of the government about their party political interests, affiliation and loyalty and their public duties.

    According to her, given this level of confusion and the continued failure of Prime Minister Golding and his government to provide the necessary answers to the numerous questions posed an unimpeded commission must be established.

    “I really think the Prime Minister should, because if this issue continues with this kind of confusion that is currently taking place, both Jamaica and Jamaicans in the Diaspora will be affected. I believe it’s time the government takes a serious stand on this particular issue,” Mrs. Simpson-Miller said.

    She added that the decision to refer the matter to the JLP General Secretary will only add to the confusion.

    JCC, PNP want independent probe into controversial US law firm issue
    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    The JCC also urged the Government to deal with the matter “in a manner which removes it from the centre of the controversy and which allows the findings to be regarded as credible”.
    Noting that the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips controversy has become a matter of real concern for the Government, business sector and the nation, the JCC urged that the independent investigation be carried out expeditiously.

  327. A Cabal Within The Government?

    But this is, sadly, Jamaica. Nobody resigns from anywhere or anything. Not even where co-conspirators/defendants have confessed or been convicted in other jurisdictions. Not even when an elected member of parliament has been charged and is facing trial in the courts of the land.

  328. FSC Announces the Closing of TCI Bank

    “Obviously, we must await the conclusions of the provisional liquidators’ work; but I am afraid that depositors must expect that they might not be able to recover all of their savings.”

  329. There is nothing in the law authorizing immigration officers to grant Belonger status. Only the Governor has that authority. The Governor then has to follow the procedure authorized by law which is to issue a Certificate of Belonger Status with his seal and signature on it.

    This process can even amount to a criminal offence (Tampering with an Official Document, or Defacing an Official Document).

  330. THE EMBATTLED Attorney General has broken his silence after months of attacks questioning his integrity, dubbing the allegations “grossly unfair”.
    Kurt de Freitas – who is shortly to exit the post – has often come under fire in the media for apparent ineptitude.

    Tensions reached a pinnacle following the damning Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) report released last week which claimed Mr de Freitas “turned a blind eye” to Government corruption for five years.

  331. If 1,250 acres were sold for $12.5m the land must have been sold for a pitiful $10,000 per acre.

    Sold at its real value – estimated by locals to be around $200,000 an acre – the Government could have received up to a whopping $250m, enough to settle national debt.

    The issue is now in the hands of special prosecutor Helen Garlick who is investigating a wealth of potentially corrupt transactions.

  332. DEA has played a tape of Walker radio interview with D’Aguillar to senior State department staffer together with corroborative evidence.Schmidt silent at lawyers instructions. PM ‘s report to Embassy makes Brady the scapegoat.
    Brady visa under pressure.

  333. Nonotec I am not the doctor.You have reduced the blog to personality assassination rather than free exchange of views within a logical
    and respectful framework. Let us keep the discussion polite and civil.Even if you are not well bred, pretend.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    In the meantime, the controversy has deepened with the latest utterance by Mr Harold Brady, the attorney-at-law accused of taking it upon himself to hire US law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips on the Government’s behalf without the Government’s knowledge.
    According to Mr Brady, the Government knows more than it is letting on.
    We think the entire country has known, for some time now, that the Government has not been coming straight on this issue, which seems inextricably linked to the ‘Dudus’ issue, from the get-go.–2010

    ‘Surprise!” hmm where have I seen that before? Good to know Observer that like the Gleaner and RJR you are on the blogs regularly. The IP addresses tell no tales. 🙂

  335. Far more telling are the hours that have passed since Mr Brady’s rather damning hints during a radio interview on April 8, that Information Minister Daryl Vaz is hiding information.

    Who? Shalimar?

  336. According to yesterday’s edition of our sister newspaper, JCC President Milton Samuda said the matter has now reached the stage where it warrants independent investigation.
    We submit that the matter has been begging an independent investigation for some time now.

    What next?

    Sunday Observer.

    What next Observer? Ans: OLINT strap on you seat belts.

  337. But Horace Levy, the outspoken peace advocate who frequents volatile communities, has refused to give significance to the graffiti.

    He described them as a calculated move orchestrated by a worried JLP to slander Phillips.

    “The JLP is pretty desperate,” declared Levy

  338. Another Jamaican who is also a US resident was willing to comment but was stopped in his tracks by his female companion, who was not travelling. While he was unpacking his overweight suitcase laden with bun and cheese, the man said he was not concerned for himself, as he was a green-card holder, but he was concerned about the possibility that more Jamaicans could have their visitor’s visa revoked. But before he could speak another word, the woman who was helping him offload the bun and cheese into smaller bags, leapt into the conversation and said, “we don’t want to say anything.”

    hhahahahaa…your name on the OLINT list baby? …or is IRS you thinking of?

  339. Manatt Mystery, It’s a conspiracy!

    The matter was abruptly taken out of the hands of Information Minister Daryl Vaz following heated public exchanges with Brady late last week and placed under Samuda’s responsibility.

    Samuda also declined to outline his terms of reference when pressed by The Sunday Gleaner. “I am not going to comment on either the process or progress being made on what we are engaged in at this time,” he asserted.

    ‘Conspiracy theory’ Nonco! hahahahahahaa..hh

  340. Perplexing situation

    This is a most perplexing situation. Our Government is denying that it had a contract with MPP. The US lawyers say they had a contract with the Government and reported that they were paid a part of the amount of money contracted. Citizens ought to believe the word of their government without demur. Integrity and transparency require that our leaders tell us the truth and not lie to us. They may chose not to tell us something at a particular point in time, but when they talk to us, we must be able to trust their word.

    Mr Brady has further whetted our appetite for truth with his recent comments about what he knows that Minister Daryl Vaz knows but seemingly the rest of us are yet to know. The reputation of our country has been seriously damaged by what appears to be a scandalous and dastardly attempt to mislead senior officials of a friendly foreign government. The damage is being compounded by the incredible cowardice, if not complicity, on the part of our government in abandoning its responsibility to always protect and preserve the best interests of Jamaica. Outsourcing that function to a political party, as the Cabinet is attempting to do, is tantamount to an abject betrayal of the nation. The Government should resign and save Jamaica further shame and disgrace. O what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.

  341. What if one of those ministers, who are being, or who might at some time be investigated, is the prime minister (PM)?


    The prime minister disdainfully dismissed the questions, saying he had to deny the former national security minister the headlines he was seeking.
    No one was engaged to represent Jamaica and lobby the US government, the prime minister affirmed. And Mr Brady, identified in the documents as a government consultant authorised to engage Manatt to provide the services described, was a ‘mistake’ which was corrected “last year”, presumably some time after the arrangement began in October.
    But as the weeks passed the headlines and editorial comments have not been going as Mr Golding appeared to expect when he spoke March 17. The Opposition has kept up the pressure and a sceptical civil society keeps demanding more and better information to close the gaping holes in the official stories.
    To ease the pressure, the Government instructed Mr Brady to submit proof of the correction of the ‘error’ to the solicitor general.
    Now, if Mr Vaz is to be believed, the solicitor general does not believe Mr Brady’s story. “What the Government is saying is that, based on what documentation has been provided to the solicitor general, it shows nowhere that (MPP’s claim that it was representing the Government) has been corrected.” So the plot thickens.
    Clear the air, prime minister
    Mr Golding owes the country a full and clear explanation of the events. Like the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the room, it cannot be ignored. It’s too big and the implications are too grave, especially at a time when the Government needs to focus on the daunting task of guiding the economy and the society through an extremely difficult period, which requires fixity of purpose by the state and unprecedented cooperation by all of us as citizens.

  343. Jay Brown
    Bruce cannot wiggle his way out of this one.
    This is what happens when you cannot manage the people under your charge.
    This is what happens when private money is used to fund elections and those who provide the funding believe they are “bigger” than the country itself.
    I wont call any names but the emails are their for everyone to see, you just have to look with your eyes wide open.

    —Private money or stolen money Jay?

  344. There also needs to be some mechanism to provide temporary credit to individuals so that they can buy food and other necessities in the immediate days ahead. Some depositors find themselves with no cash in their pockets and with no way to buy food, having to rely on the generosity of already stressed family and friends.

    Insiders were telling the public their money was safe, while at the same time removing their own funds from the bank. (Shareholders and politically connected individuals.) There should be a commitment by the authorities to examine all large withdrawals over the last six weeks.

    Many politically connected individuals, as well as NIB executives, have received sweetheart deals by way of massive unsecured loans from the bank.

  345. Senate Judiciary Committee contacts FARA office re “What is going with this Manatt-Jamaica crap?” We want a report now!

  346. Nonco…I found yu neighbour…voting for…

    gary lee
    I may be naive but what is wrong with hiring a US law firm to advise on US govt. matters, the matter of the extradition treaty as it applies to US laws and vice versa. If Dudus was indirectly benefited by the hiring of this law firm to advise the govt. I see no harm or wrong on the part of govt. He is innocent until proven guilty, and a Jamaican citizen whose rights the govt. are trying to protect. He is not required to appear before a US court without ample and legal evidence. The US govt. must tread carefully as their laws do not supersede ours.

    Gary, even leaving the GOJ alone for the moment….this could totally destroy Manatt, Phelps, Phillips ..for starters. You know how many employees they have and what is the mean salary? Do some research Gary. This is not no “my parents were veranda labourites with veranda and a waters time…old time thing dat…the 80’s have passed.


    gary lee
    It is too early to pass judgement on the JLP as caretakers in govt.. Let them simmer two more years, then vote in a third party if things do not improve, meaning crime and inflation.

    Talk about ‘boxed in’ is begging them turn to now? Can’t blame them. For there could be nothing else but begging.

    Deacon, Dem a beg you a ting.

    • It will be VERY interesting to see what the JLP will tout as its major accomplishments during its time as the ruling party.

  348. Mr Golding owes the country a full and clear explanation of the events. Like the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the room, it cannot be ignored. It’s too big and the implications are too grave, especially at a time when the Government needs to focus on the daunting task of guiding the economy and the society through an extremely difficult period, which requires fixity of purpose by the state and unprecedented cooperation by all of us as citizens.

  349. I wonder if the ‘nayba dem’ understand what happens after a clear explanation?

    They think that means bruce will still be there!


  350. Lloyd Scott
    It is apparent that Mark Wignall would go to any length to circumvent the real issues at hand.Jamaica is being administered by the most incompetent regime ever in our fifty-plus years of becoming an independent nation! Yet Mr.Wignall would do anything to equate this clueless JLP government with the PNP.
    And,yes, Mark, what about the present impasse between the GOJ and Washington? Not a single whisper from you,yet you write this nonsense about the PNP being broke.Is this of national interest? FIY, Mr.Wignall, the way it stands now, the PNP does not need to campaign to win an election if it is called now because the people have realized their mistake in voting the JLP into office.Bear in mind that they were doubtful,and hence, the meager majority.


    But Horace Levy, the outspoken peace advocate who frequents volatile communities, has refused to give significance to the graffiti.

    He described them as a calculated move orchestrated by a worried JLP to slander Phillips.

    “The JLP is pretty desperate,” declared Levy.

    He suggested that Phillips was being targeted because he seems to be the point man in the Opposition in relation to both the extradition and the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips-Harold Brady affair in which the JLP administration is embroiled.

    Means nothing

    Levy argued that the presence of the graffiti in PNP strongholds does not mean anything. “Men could have gone into PNP communities into the night, sprayed them on the walls, and got away with it.”

    But there are others in West Kingston who are of the view that Matthews Lane has been estranged from Phillips since Donald ‘Zekes’ Phipps, the leader of that section of West Kingston, was placed behind bars two years ago on a double-murder conviction.

    They claim that Phillips turned his back on Zekes, who supported him in the 2006 presidential election.

    Phillips, who maintains that he will not support any form of criminality, was depicted in graffiti painted in other communities as being an informant to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

  351. In an editorial printed last week, one of Canada’s largest Newspapers, The Globe and Mail has weighed in.

    It adds that the incident threatens to expose political corruption in the government of Prime Minister Bruce Golding, underscoring the reality that criminal gangs and politics are still linked in Jamaica, as the two main political parties rely on garrison dons to produce votes during elections.


  352. EDITORIAL – Karl Samuda’s Disingenuous Observation
    Published: Monday | April 12, 20100

    It is the habit of Jamaican governments to view criticism and critique purely in personal terms and to impute narrowly partisan, political motives to those who do not agree with their policies and positions. The trait is increasingly obvious in the current lot.

    Clearly, Karl Samuda, who has been given the assignment to clean up the Manatt mess, is inventing a political spectre with the probable intent of corralling the JLP base. For, he knows better.

  353. Senate Judiciary Committee has subpoenad Vaz and Brady’s travel records
    together in November of 2009 on American Airlines from Jamaica to Washington DC. This info comes from Manatt. Vaz did not tell us that he travelled to Washington in November of 2009 and saw Manatt with Brady. Airline tickets dont lie. Manatt is spilling the beans……Obstruction of Justice, messenger for Dudus…….?

  354. Manatt affair to dominate JLP meeting

    The Party has been left in an uncomfortable position as the saga surrounding the hiring of the US firm to act on behalf of the Government in treaty matters continues to deepen.

    Uncomfortable? People a get indicted!

  355. The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) is moving to dissociate itself from statements reportedly attributed to Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) General Secretary Karl Samuda which suggest that the private sector group is acting in collusion with the Opposition against the Government.

    “I am not surprised although I am a bit disappointed in the reaction of the honourable minister, it reminds me of the reaction of the former government when we issued the statement on Trafigura. People will see conspiracies where none exists and I ask him to accept that it is purely a coincidence. I would suggest to the Minister to listen to the message and ignore the form of the messenger,” Mr. Samuda said.

    Always in the news ehh Jay? Loiten Lawyer, Cash Plus lawyer, Prime minister lawyer and the many David Smith lawyers…

  356. Trafigura concerned campaign finance. Trafigura is more akin to David Smith taking money stolen from the people of Jamaica and others around the World and buying influence and ‘protection’.

    • Seems like that money was WELL spent by Mr. Smith. Up to now not a SINGLE charge, mention, note, ANYTHING reached him from Jamaican authorities.

  357. All is not as it SEEMS Cynic.

  358. The Cuban light bulb trial resumed Monday morning with star prosecution witness, Rodney Chin, testifying that he received more than $371 million in government contracts while he was an accused in the Cuban light bulb affair.

    Under cross examination by defence attorneys, Mr. Chin said he received 10 government contracts when he was charged in the matter and an additional eight after the criminal charges were dropped.

  359. Levy, known for his relentless activism for sustainable peace in volatile communities, stressed yesterday that his comments in The Sunday Gleaner were not intended to impugn the leadership of the JLP.

    “The JLP is pretty desperate,” declared Levy.

  360. Bankers Association Statement Regarding TCI Bank

    The Banks licensed in the TCI, represented by the Bankers Association, regret the failure of TCI Bank and extend our sentiments to staff, depositors and investors. We will act sympathetically towards customers of TCI Bank requiring access to banking services in the coming days, weeks and months, wherever practical and reasonable.

    The failure of TCI Bank, while an isolated incident, is truly regrettable. It is a challenge to the reputation of the country and the sector that the remaining banks will need to face.

    Email Article Print Article
    April 13, 2010 – Press Statement from Bankers Association of Turks & Caicos
    Bankers Association of Turks & Caicos

    Press Statement

    12 April 2010

    Bankers Association Statement Regarding TCI Bank

    The Banks licensed in the TCI, represented by the Bankers Association, regret the failure of TCI Bank and extend our sentiments to staff, depositors and investors. We will act sympathetically towards customers of TCI Bank requiring access to banking services in the coming days, weeks and months, wherever practical and reasonable.

    The failure of TCI Bank, while an isolated incident, is truly regrettable. It is a challenge to the reputation of the country and the sector that the remaining banks will need to face.

    We would like to take this opportunity to reassure the public that the remaining licensed banks in the TCI are strong, stable and well capitalised.

    Banks in the TCI are in a strong position due to a number of reasons: conservative lending policies and security-backed lending; international parents or majority shareholders; years of experience and a proven track record.

    All of the retail banks currently licensed in the TCI benefit from significant shareholding or complete ownership by international or foreign institutions including CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and Cayman National. In the case of the private banks which are generally not in the lending market their capital ratios far exceed the required international standards, e.g. TCBC (Turks & Caicos Banking Company), Hallmark Bank and Bordier International Bank. Most banks operating in the TCI have built a strong and successful track record over many years.

    All the banks in the TCI are well capitalised and respect lending limits set by national legislation which do not allow one lender to borrow more than 25% of capital and ensure assigned capital to risk weighted assets is not less than 11%.

    Despite over a year of unparalleled turmoil in the financial markets, world economy, national economy and national politics, existing licensed banks in the territory remain in a strong position. This is testament to our conservative business models, and strong lending practices.

    – Ends –

    Notes to editors:

    About the Bankers Association of the Turks & Caicos

    The Bankers Association was incorporated in December 1999 to represent the banking industry in the TCI and promote and protect a successful banking sector through the use of information, representation and collaboration. The association represents 8 licensed banks holding over $1billion in assets.

    Current members of the Bankers Association are: Bordier International Bank & Trust; Turks & Caicos Banking Corporation; Scotiabank; FirstCaribbean International Bank; Hallmark Bank & Trust; British Caribbean Bank; Royal Bank of Canada, and International Banking Group.

  361. mi hear seh dudus jury charge bruce, brady and vaz and dem seal it down. Dem a wait to see whether bruce gwine sen dudus.what a preke! bruce gawn a jail. obama nu like bruce, him say bruce is a liad.dem have ten thousand jacan visa fe cancel. Mi glad mi have mi blue passport from last year. afta bruce dem gwine start on de syrian dem.Dem want to know how
    saleem get him american papers wen him down a tivoli everyday.

  362. dem know bout LIVITY also and which bike Lawyer Tom give him to ride. all kinda picture abeam up from Tg nowadays.Dem know Tom give Vaz the check, and dem know where de check came from. Dem need to know how a shady car dealer tun Minista?Dem know what agwan inna standing committee an who dudus plan to kill next up a brooklyn.

  363. brady trying to cut a deal with the feds to chat the truth.

  364. HB has got an immunity agreement from the Southern District of New York, to speak fluently and clearly about dear DV and our beloved PM, the Hon BG’s involvement in lobbying for Dudus,
    Of course, this was done behind the backs of the above mentioned with the help of Manatt lawyers- true Brady style!!

  365. @ Harry,

    If you have the facts to back up what you have said then fine, post the link.
    There has been a lot of misinformation being spread in this case, and your comments above seems to suggest that may once again be the case.

  366. @ Bagjuice,

    Big man ease up off the rumours dem.
    Lets keep the conversation as close as possible to the truth, to much ” mi hear dis and mi hear dat”.

  367. BG will not speak on OLINT and will not speak on Bradygate/Manatt.

    For Obvious reasons.

  368. I have been reading these blogs, and am really puzzled at the basic dishonesty of many who have written up here.

    For the record I am totally uninvolved as either an ‘investor’ or ‘participant’ in any of the Olint saga. Therefore I have no ax to grind other than to help in getting to the truth – not the nonsense that I have read up here.

    I have been sitting on the sidelines listening to many of the those involved directly in this so-called investment scheme.

    The “Rich Businessman’ story is NOT about Joe Issa, but somebody else. This was put in the cowardly Butch Stewart rag, as he is losing his case with John Issa and just being spiteful.

    Sure, Joe is got too close to the head thief who ran this Ponzi scheme, and was just as greedy and naive as the rest of you who believed there was some magic in getting 10% a month.

    Remember high risk = high rewards. This is pretty basic isn’t it?

    Oh please!

    Most of the comments up here sound like somebody who went to the casino and lost their money and bawled for it back after wards.

    Remember the old mantra from Goldman Sacks? For those who don’t know, it is this:

    Bulls make money – Bears make money – and PIGS get slaughtered.

    This is the whole story isn’t it?

    And the Shell story – well the coward who is spreading that rumour should recognize that the source of the money is in the public record. He/She is staying anonymous as they know the repercussions of being honest enough to stand up and be seen.

    And finally……………our friend Nesbeth who thinks he can throw stones. Isn’t he the same guy who was caught stealing J$30m from Shell and had to bargain his sorry ass from jail in the Resolutions Disputes Agency. He is the last person to bawl – he is a thief and liar – but underneath knows it, too.

    Hey Nesbeth, bet you would love to know who gave you up so you got caught by the cops as you tried to run to the airport and escape justice…………well you can continue wondering. Just remember everything you get up is known. It will be even more interesting when the truth about you gets out…….

    Otherwise, carry on writing, but all should understand that Smith had your cash, wasted it on high living and a big Ponzi scheme – and his crew of cronies got any. spare cash before the pyramid crashed down.

    • Heh heh heh, you sound like an Issa supporter or the man himself. Aren’t you guilty of the very same thing you are accusing others of? You are quick to point out the follies of others as it relates to the subject of the article, yet went on your own tirade about “Nesbeth”, someone I can’t remember being a target of any discussion on this blog. Don’t you see that on the surface, it DOES appear that you DO have an axe to grind….maybe you should take your “grinding” somewhere else….silly you!!!

      • Mike D. I admit to knowing Joe Issa, but it does not make me blind to his folly either. What stung me into writing was the blatant abuse of the free press by Butch Stewart. The hinted ‘young businessman, etc’, was in the fact somebody else. But Stewart tried to hint otherwise for his own ends. Hence the comments I made.

        The reason I mentioned Nesbeth, is that he has been kicking up a storm in the USA, claiming to be a US citizen and not the same crook, who stole from Shell. I suspect the money he stole is the money he invested in OLINT. I also know he has contributed to these blogs under a false ID.

        My issue, which was my intention, was to point out the hypocrisy behind some of the postings up here. Not to defend anybody in particular. The one common denominator is the general failure to acknowledge that all confidence tricks are based on playing on greed of the ‘investor.’

        The sad truth is that everybody has been screwed by Smith, who did not trade for over two years before the scheme crashed. (This information came directly from somebody from King Fish). Yet most of those who lost their money, did so, when he was actually running the Ponzi scheme. I also understand that Smith was actually trading before but offering much lower interest payments. It was the advent of Cash Plus, which took away the income that drove him into the 10% a month syndrome.

        Is this justified? Of course not! But getting the truth out there does matter, as well.

        There are also those who invested in Cash Plus. I read about how Carlos had recently come out of jail in the USA before coming down here to do the same thing, yet folk here decided he was ‘a man of the people’ and still gave him their cash.

        My interest is to discourage the ‘crabs in a barrel’ syndrome and focus on getting the crook and his cronies into jail for their fraud on innocent (but still greedy and gullible) people. Beating up each other only distracts everybody from salvaging what they can.

        I suggest strongly you read the liquidator’s report (if you have not already and apologise), as this confirms a lot of what I am saying.

        Take care..

  369. Consumer and business confidence in the economy have plunged to their lowest levels since 2003.

    The drop in the confidence levels come despite the government inking a deal with the International Monetary Fund.

    The agreement is billed as a means of getting Jamaica out of the economic downturn.

    But a recent survey has shown that the confidence in both sectors is woefully down.

    Head of Survey at the University of Michigan Professor Richard Curtin presented the findings at press conference Monday morning.

  370. The survey also found that job availability remained the bleakest ever recorded for the second consecutive quarter.

    A record 93 per cent of consumers surveyed reported that jobs were scarce while only 17 per cent anticipated better job prospects in coming months.

    ‘You and yu nayba…voted fi layba’


    “What must not be forgotten is that the stock of debt has increased by 55% under this Administration.

  372. …not the nonsense that I have read up here.

    Which (if any) email is untrue?

    The “Rich Businessman’ story is NOT about Joe Issa, but somebody else. This was put in the cowardly Butch Stewart rag…

    So who is the story about? Who is Butch being cowardly against if not Issa?

    “Sure, Joe is got too close to the head thief who ran this Ponzi scheme…”

    Joe can speak for himself. A confident public statement like Brady’s own can set everything straight.

    “…and was just as greedy and naive as the rest of you who believed there was some magic in getting 10% a month.”

    Problem (for you it seems) is that ‘greed and naivete’ don’t carry a sentence when taken in isolation. Nor do they inhibit people seeking restitution.

    “And finally……………our friend Nesbeth who thinks he can throw stones. Isn’t he the same guy who was caught stealing”

    This logic is a prevalent disease…it permeates society a lot. Especially recently. Because someone is corrupt that is my defense for being corrupt. come on. David Smith robbed me…and others….if I rob him then the same horrid fate that he can never escape won’t reach me?

    Because you were at a funeral was why I led one….

    “Otherwise, carry on writing, but all should understand that Smith had your cash, wasted it on high living and a big Ponzi scheme – and his crew of cronies got any. spare cash before the pyramid crashed down.”

    And while he did these things I never bawled. So why the bawling that he faces the music? I’m not even face no pressure yet!

    Squealing like a what? …ehh a what? a P….I…G??????

  373. Anyway thanks for therhetoric. “Non Olint ‘investors’ and ‘participants’ take the time to read the blogs.”

    The Internet Protocol Addresses and the providers accounts have never lied but thanks for the ‘reminder’

    What a lot of ‘non-participants’ read so regular….

  374. Was David Smith greedy? Who cares???

    Is David Smith naive? Certainly.

    Is he alone there? No.

    Bwoy pull a antics and don’t know which way is up…..a nuh mock exam.

  375. @larry: Nonotec I am not the doctor.You have reduced the blog to personality assassination rather than free exchange of views within a logical and respectful framework. Let us keep the discussion polite and civil.Even if you are not well bred, pretend.

    I know you are not the doc… just his alter ego or twin 🙂

    Lets see now… I am not well bred… hmmm… I guess unlike you, my parents did not get around to that… they were too busy with teaching me how to avoid the following:
    1. Lie and worse do so continuously

    2. Spread rumors, lies and propaganda.

    3. Posting on one blog under several pseudonyms continuously… attempting to convey that it is several persons saying the same thing, thus attempting to give credence to the lies, rumors and propaganda

    4. Greed chokes puppy

    5. How to not get greedy and how to spot ponzi schemes
    Shall I go on?

  376. The facts are that there has been no evidence presented that any visa cancellations to date are related to the dudus affair. Interestingly the Observer had an article recently about the cost to the DJ’s bottomline of visa cancellations. The persons quoted in the article that know the DJ’s, such as managers etc referred to speculation about personal issues such as taxes… none of them were quoted referring to the cause as the dudus extradition matter.

    In other words, if you know people that know many DJ’s, their managers etc… one knows that many are involved in bad activities. I believe it was the Herald that wrote recently about a supposed paid informer on one DJ… it is far more likely this person would also give info on other DJ’s too… After luring that DJ into a trap, it is unlikely that others would be that dumb… it is more likely visa cancellations followed. This is a far more likely scenario than the dudus matter.

    The US method is readily apparent in the process with Iran… Officials, company heads, law enforcement personnel etc are the ones targeted for visa cancellations or denials. These are not persons that would otherwise not get visas.

    Go figure… let us say the relationship had deteriorated to the point of visa cancellations… so you go about canceling the visas of people that otherwise would not get a visa… hmmm. So if the relationship thaws… what will they do to show the thaw, give these people back their visa… lol

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    THE Finance Ministry confirmed yesterday that the Government failed to meet the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) debt target, but declined to say whether the multilateral agency will overlook the missed target.–misses-IMF-debt-target-by–17-billion_7528844

  378. Primary responsibility

    As the chief executive of the state, the primary responsibility clearly rests with Prime Minister Golding, who must show that his executives, the Cabinet, are clean and uncompromised.

    Mr Golding might start by personally interviewing each member of the Cabinet, minister of state and parliamentary secretary about his or her connection, affiliation or relationship with gangs, gang leaders or their proxies and/or other criminal elements. Ministers and parliamentary secretaries must also declare whether they are, or have been, engaged in acts of public corruption or other illegalities, and these declarations should be legally binding.

    Further, the sworn declarations should be buttressed by polygraph tests, which prime ministers should make mandatory for membership in their Cabinets, but which, preferably, should be written into the Constitution.

  379. More importantly, we can assure you that all of the principals involved in this crisis have given assurances that they will appear as soon as it is appropriate to do so to give a full public accounting of their respective roles in this matter.

    All the same, we are extremely concerned about what failures not only in the management but also in the FSC’s supervision of this bank may have contributed to its closing.

  380. Nocotec, Do you think that a Cabinet Minister who has lied to Parliament and the public about the Manatt affair should attract US sanction?Should this be a criminal sanction if it affects US National Security, leading to a mis-statement to the daily White House briefing? Should it matter if the mis-statement also obstructs the Grand Jury as Floridian and the Observer seem to suggest?There may be big news on this soon, so your humble opinion is craved?Perhaps visa cancellations are enough?Has this Jamaican Cabinet shown any respect to the Grand Jury in the Southern District of New York ?

  381. The Gleaner’s article on the use of polygraph tests is an excellent piece of journalism, to be commended to both political parties.It may be too late for this Government but if promptly adopted might avert US-Jamaica bi-lateral catastrophe.

  382. BOTH PRIME Minister Bruce Golding and Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller are aware of the widespread perception that Jamaican politicians are linked to gangs and criminals and are, therefore, complicit in the criminality that has contributed to more than 460 murders so far this year.

    Yet, these leaders of the Government and the Opposition do nothing, or little, to purge these apparent links to criminality.

  383. @manhattan: Nocotec, Do you think that a Cabinet Minister who has lied to Parliament and the public about the Manatt affair should attract US sanction?…

    Ok doc or twin…

    What is your fascination with the US while claiming to be patriotic… your entire goal seems to be to get the US to do our job and or to punish the country. If a minister has done what you allege, he should face sanctions in JA. What the US does depends on breaches of US law and is up to the US.

    The extradition of Dudus should occur to honor our treaty as long as he first has due process in JA under the treaty. However any idea that this will somehow make us a better country is an illusion at best.

    His father had his role before him… faced extradition and died in jail… he took over the role. Crime has only gotten orders of magnitude worse since then… and we did get rid of that one person.

    Thinking somehow that the US punishing the occasional person, while successive govs do nothing to rein in the problem, is not going to help us and has not. Your clamoring for the US to intervene is nothing but your political partisanship at work. The 2 political parties have the same relationship with criminal elements and that is our major problem.

  384. “What is your fascination with the US while claiming to be patriotic…”

    Nonco is that question directed to dual citizenship MP’s? Or is it directed to a dual citizen Director of Elections?

    Because both the MP’s and the Director were in breach of the rules then it’s all o.k?

    Really green there Nonco.

    The ‘both’ argument has been on the rise (as predicted) recently. With indictments the ‘both’ argument will be screamed..I’m sure. The thinking show will be officially changed to the “both argument” show.

  385. A lot of “both argument” on the horizon. Boring….but what else can they do?

  386. @floridian

    It is partisan idiots that help to make the country so bad. These idiots think that the problems are limited to the other party when in reality the problem is entrenched to both parties.

    When I asked you the specific question that if the wiretap of dudus occurred during the PNP gov, how come he was not arrested and charged in JA. As usual your one track brain ignored the question since it challenged your partisan agenda.

    With regards to dual citizenship… This is just you devoted to the former colonial masters. The dual citizenship matter arose because the former colonial masters wrote this into the constitution. Nothing great about it… they wanted the ability to retain their positions after independence and so commonwealth citizens are allowed to be MPs.

    This means that for example a white Australian is deemed to be a more patriotic ‘citizen’ and can become an MP than a retuning Jamaican that became a citizen of the US and returns with the goal of helping his/her country.

    However partisans like you see it as a JLP problem. The entire dual citizenship thing in the constitution is crap and a vestige of the colonial masters. It should be amended to simply require that all candidates declare their citizenship and residences at nomination. Voters are then free to elect whom they think can best represent them.

    All you do is scour papers to find something that seems to agree with or support your warped views and ignore all else.

  387. See…same ting..the “both argument” (which by the way is a cop out. Full stop)

    LASHING out at the rampant level of corruption in the country, Reverend Dr Roderick Hewitt, senior clergy of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, said he has lost all confidence in any of the two major political parties to solve the country’s desperate crime situation.

    “People are losing confidence in our political parties and also other leaders who are constantly getting themselves involved in corrupt activities,” the clergyman said.–says-reverend

    OLINT pastors and feeders have NO immunity.

  388. Wha happen to The sing for supper network?

  389. The singing get loud recently and voices cracking and shaky…..wha a gwan ? Supper look short for the team? Only eight dinner for the first eleven? What happen when only half a dinner in front a yu?

    Don’t turn on each other like Brady!…..learn fi share di bikkle wi unno one an odder.


    A major shake-up at the senior management level of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) has been ordered by the board of directors, the Observer learnt last night.
    According to a highly-placed source, the decision was taken after a review of a forensic audit of the PCJ that was ordered some time ago.
    The source did not give details, offering only that the measure will likely result in the separation of at least two of the PCJ’s top executives.
    A statement is expected today from the board.

  391. Of Bradygate…

    Outright Lies And Half-Truths

  392. “Both Argument” on the rise (as predicted)

    The following press statement by McAllister Hanchell “Piper”, who was Minister of Natural Resources in the Michael Misick administration, and thus oversaw crown lands, is quite fascinating. At the heart of his “defense” is to say that he did nothing different than what others did.

  393. @floridian: “Both Argument” on the rise (as predicted)


    Typical ponzi scheme investor brain… The argument is correct… it is both. However the one track brain focuses on only one side of an issue and cannot see the other side…

    Sort of like… there is going to be lots of gold at the end of the Olint rainbow… cannot see the other arguments… so loses shirt…

    By the way… It is interesting how you and the doc are patriotic Jcans…. the pseudonym you chose for your blog identity is interesting. No longer consider yourself Jcan? 🙂

  394. Man Jcans can believe in conspiracy theory… People like the doc’s lawyer, doc & floridian have manged to confuse the confused… 🙂

    This quote from the embassy in the Observer yesterday is their actual position on the visa issue. Of course you will not see those quotes from floridian, doc or his alter ego, it goes against the propaganda they are trying to spread…

    Visa validity

    In recent weeks, the US Embassy has received numerous queries from individuals, who want to “check on the status” of their visas. The Embassy Consular Section usually issues 10-year tourist visas, which are valid until the date of expiration, unless they are misused or the visa holder takes an action that changes his or her qualifications. The Consular Section must provide cancellation notice to visa holders who are no longer considered eligible for visas or have misused them. In many cases, consular officials are able to make appointments with the visa holder to discuss the cancellation and to ensure that they have the correct information and that the visa holder understands the reasons for the decision. Because consular officers follow this process, they do not respond to queries about current visas. Unless a visa holder has abused his or her visa, there is no need to verify its validity.

  395. THE United States White House and State Department declined yesterday to confirm or deny reports out of Washington that a career diplomat has been identified as ambassador-designate to Kingston.

    “A career diplomat has the requisite skill to manoeuvre in a situation where there is disagreement with a foreign government. They are almost always deployed to trouble spots,” the Observer source said.

    And Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding has found a detractor in the influential Canadian newspaper, the Globe and Mail, which described Golding as “unwise” in a recent editorial on the issue.

    • “impeccable source” …. once again, very strange how the observer has the BEST sources now, but a relatively short while ago, not a PEEP on Olint and what was REALLY happening. To this day, not a PEEP on what if anything IS happening.

      Observer, your “impeccable” sources not even able to find out what’s going on with Mr. SMith? Mr. Strachan (Haven’t heard from HIM in a while), Mrs. Loiten? Max Higgins? Ok, easy one…. Carlos Hill? He’s right here in Jamaica!! (Not implying that the other’s aren’t here pretty regularly themselves. Who knows?)

  396. Nonco di man still deh a Krome! Mi naw go tell u him name…who fi know know already… (Hhahaha sound like Brady Noncs haha)

    Di odder one take the deal cut up the green card a turn back! Dem nuh tell him no reason….Him nuh ask neither…smart

    Sometimes the time short and a quick decision and goodbye to the emotional ties of a green card is best.

  397. Stop mislead people Nonco…leave the lobbying to Manatt….they are large and that is what they get paid to do. 🙂

  398. How about the leadership and a select set of corporate giants from Jamaica keep a press conference at Disney in Orlando to show the sheep…I mean public that everything cool….

    Is that 2 much 2 ask? A few yet to be sold private aircraft could ferry the gang up and back in a few hours…

    or…they could fly ‘commercial’ hahahaha…ehh Deacon? Deacon when last you fly commercial?


    So it’s PERSONAL then?

  400. Hmmm…. If we follow floridian the doc and their lawyer the French will soon have their visas canceled 🙂

    Surely the non-proliferation of nukes is higher on the US agenda than Dudus… after all he just had 47 head of states to Washington to discuss it… largest such gathering of heads of states since world war 2…

    France Goes Against U.S. on Iran Less Than 24 Hours After Nuke Summit Ends

    Only 24 hours after an Obama-led summit won solemn pledges from world leaders to crack down on proliferation of loose nuclear material and know-how, prosecutors in France signaled that they were backing away from supporting a U.S. attempt to extradite an Iranian businessman accused of acting as a clandestine purchasing agent for Iran’s nuclear and missile programs.

    In March 2009, Iranian citizen and resident Majid Kakavand was arrested by French authorities after the U.S. lodged a request for his extradition in connection with an investigation of alleged smuggling of U.S. technology to Iranian military entities. An indictment from April 7, 2009, issued by federal prosecutors in Northern California, charged Kakavand and two codefendants with running an international network that allegedly purchased thousands of military and commercial products from American companies.

  401. Anybody who confuses a cocaine trafficker with a military merchant is not worth
    debating with.

  402. Noncs, Plant some cassava. If you ‘loose’ in OLINT and you are family to the right Minister and/or the ‘right’ political analyst you can collect back the Olint loss through contract if you keep quiet.

    Constrction contract a reach people who never work in construction yet…have mercy

    “Put your X beside the head!” ..memorable…unforgettable…Fortuitous.

  403. Run wi it. Take the money yes. Don’t spend it one place though. Take it to Canada all you want.

    One thing…when the *^% hit the fan? DO NOT BAWL SEH YOU WERE NOT WARNED.

  404. Phd in marketing rasta belt? No shame? Just teef.

  405. US on the verge of blocking levy on international calls

    There are revelations that the US Government is on the verge of blocking the Bruce Golding administration from continuing to access millions of dollars through a special levy on international calls terminating in Jamaica.

    The fund was set up in the wake of the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector to provide a special pool of resources to outfit Jamaican primary schools with computers and to provide access to broadband internet under the e-learning initiative.

    The former Minister said that to date $7 billion has been collected and placed in the consolidated fund but many intended projects under the e-learning programme have stalled because the government is using the money to finance other activities.

  406. Fire trucks running out of fuel

    The response mechanism of the Jamaica Fire Brigade could grind to a halt Thursday in the wake of reports that the Department’s trucks are close to running out of fuel due to the non-payment of the gas bill.

    t is reported that Advance cards which are used to purchase fuel for the trucks have not been topped up by the Department of Local Government and service stations are refusing to provide petrol on credit.

    General Secretary of JALGO, Helene Davis-White, says the fuel shortage facing the Fire Brigade has reached crisis proportion.

    “It seems like everything is grinding to a slow halt in the Fire Brigade at this time. There is no petrol and we understand that in some instances vehicles are parked because tyres are not available. The fire fighters are concerned because the public may not be aware of what is happening and there may be a perception that they do not want to carry out their duties but they are prepared to carry out their duties, they just don’t have the wherewithal,” Mrs. Davis White said.

    Advance card? Done like the Trowbridge/Smith Compass MASTERCARD?

    He explained that the delay was due to issues concerning the new Budget.

    “As you know this is the end of a financial year and the beginning of another one, we’re in the middle of the Budget Debate….

    Is you craft that answer Nonco?

  407. Unusual lobbying case strains U.S.- Jamaica ties
    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    But now, the unusual arrangement has fallen apart amid a flurry of charges and countercharges that have reverberated from Kingston to Washington.

    And above it all hangs a question: If the government of Jamaica didn’t pay Manatt, who did?

    The dispute highlights the opaque and sometimes risky world of international lobbying, in which governments, political parties and foreign companies hire well-connected U.S. lobbyists in an attempt to sway Washington policies to their advantage.

    “It was unusual, but this whole case is unusual,” said one administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

    The agreement — worth $100,000 per quarter to Manatt — was co-signed by lawyer Harold C.W. Brady of Kingston, a ruling party member who was “authorized on behalf of the government of Jamaica” to make the deal, according to the contract. Brady had already paid just under $50,000 to the U.S. law firm two weeks earlier, records show.

    The records filed by Manatt under FARA regulations say only that “treaty issues” were discussed. But administration officials confirmed that the conversations were primarily focused on the Jamaican government’s opposition to extraditing Coke.

    Brady, who did not respond to telephone messages left at his office in Kingston, has said in radio interviews that the contract he signed was “a mistake” and that he was actually representing an unidentified private client.

    State Department spokesman Charles Luoma-Overstreet said that “any question of the retention of counsel by the government of Jamaica should be directed to them.”

    The Jamaican Embassy in Washington referred questions about the case to the Ministry of Information in Kingston; officials there did not respond to a request for comment.


    Dispute involving Manatt law firm, accused drug kingpin strains U.S.-Jamaica relations

    By Dan Eggen
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, April 15, 2010; 4:43 PM

    Last fall, the blue-chip law firm of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips signed a $400,000 contract to lobby on behalf of the government of Jamaica, spending the next several months talking with the White House and other administration officials about why the United States should not extradite an accused Kingston drug kingpin.

    But now, the unusual arrangement has fallen apart amid a flurry of charges and countercharges that have reverberated from Kingston to Washington. The government of Jamaica claims it never hired Manatt; the attorney who arranged the deal says it was all a big misunderstanding; and opposition leaders allege that Jamaica’s prime minister was doing the bidding of a fugitive the United States wants to arrest.

    And above it all hangs a question: If the government of Jamaica didn’t pay Manatt, who did?

    The controversy has rocked Jamaican politics and further strained the Caribbean nation’s relations with the Obama administration, which has grown increasingly frustrated in its attempts to bring the alleged drug dealer, Christopher “Dudus” Coke, to New York for trial. The country’s prime minister, Bruce Golding, has led efforts to resist Coke’s extradition, arguing that the efforts to bring him to this country are based on illegal drug and gun charges.

    The dispute highlights the opaque and sometimes risky world of international lobbying, in which governments, political parties and foreign companies hire well-connected U.S. lobbyists in an attempt to sway Washington policies to their advantage. The law firm at the center of the Jamaican case is headed by Charles T. Manatt, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee who also represents the Dominican Republic, where he served as ambassador a decade ago.

    It is not illegal for a foreign government to hire a private law firm to lobby in an extradition case, but it is highly unusual, according to U.S. officials and lobbying experts. Such diplomatic negotiations are usually handled through embassies, government ministries or other official channels, officials said.

    “It was unusual, but this whole case is unusual,” said one administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case.

    Administration officials said they had no reason to believe that Manatt was representing anyone other than the Jamaican government. The Manatt firm, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, declined to comment, citing client confidentiality.

    Coke, 41, has been labeled one of the world’s most dangerous narcotics traffickers by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and is suspected of playing a major role in supplying marijuana, cocaine and weapons to the East Coast of the United States, according to U.S. officials and court documents. Prosecutors say Coke’s organization, called the “Shower Posse,” operates from an impoverished area of west Kingston called Tivoli Gardens, which is a stronghold of the ruling Jamaica Labor Party and is represented by Golding, the prime minister.

    A sharply worded State Department report on global narcotics trafficking released last month said that Jamaica “remains the Caribbean’s largest source of marijuana for the United States” and that delays in extraditing Coke and other drug suspects “have called into question Kingston’s commitment to law enforcement cooperation with the U.S.”

    Some Jamaican officials and celebrities have accused the United States of retaliating for Kingston’s lack of cooperation by denying U.S. visas to a series of reggae performers and student track athletes; U.S. officials say politics played no role in the refusals.

    According to Justice Department records filed under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), Manatt signed the contract to represent the government of Jamaica on Oct. 1, about a month after Coke’s indictment was unsealed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

    The agreement — worth $100,000 per quarter to Manatt — was co-signed by lawyer Harold C.W. Brady of Kingston, a ruling party member who was “authorized on behalf of the government of Jamaica” to make the deal, according to the contract. Brady had already paid just under $50,000 to the U.S. law firm two weeks earlier, records show.

    Attorneys from Manatt had at least six contacts with Obama administration officials over the next three months, including one meeting in mid-December that included a Jamaican minister and officials from the State and Justice departments, according to U.S. officials and documents. Those contacted by the law firm included John McShane, the White House’s intelligence officer for the Western Hemisphere, and Bisa Williams, a deputy assistant secretary of state who has since been nominated as ambassador to Niger, documents show.

    The records filed by Manatt under FARA regulations say only that “treaty issues” were discussed. But administration officials confirmed that the conversations were primarily focused on the Jamaican government’s opposition to extraditing Coke.

    The Jamaican Embassy in Washington referred questions about the case to the Ministry of Information in Kingston; officials there did not respond to a request for comment.

    The Manatt contract became a public issue in Jamaica on March 16, when Peter Phillips, a leading member of the opposition People’s National Party, confronted Golding about the arrangement in the Jamaican parliament. Golding denied any knowledge of the agreement, kicking off weeks of back-and-forth allegations between political factions in Kingston.

    Phillips said in an interview last week that “at the very least, it appears that the imprimatur of the government of Jamaica was lent to an exercise that was dedicated to serving the interests of Mr. Coke.” He also questioned where the money paid to Manatt came from if not the government, suggesting the funds could have come from Coke or his associates.

    “Coke is a big figure, a notorious figure, who is very influential in the constituency of the prime minister,” Phillips said. “It looks like they cooked up this entire harebrained scheme so they could get the U.S. to stand down, which obviously was not going to work.”

    Two days after the parliamentary confrontation, a senior Manatt partner, Susan M. Schmidt, filed papers with the Justice Department announcing that the firm had “ceased activities on behalf of the Government of Jamaica” as of Feb. 8. The firm has not reported receiving any payment from Brady beyond the $49,000 retainer on Sept. 18.

    Brady, who did not respond to telephone messages left at his office in Kingston, has said in radio interviews that the contract he signed was “a mistake” and that he was actually representing an unidentified private client.

    Tom Tavares-Finson, a Labor Party senator who also serves as Coke’s defense attorney, said in an interview that “we don’t know anything about” the contract with Manatt.

    State Department spokesman Charles Luoma-Overstreet said that “any question of the retention of counsel by the government of Jamaica should be directed to them.”

    “We are hopeful that we will be able to reach a resolution with the government of Jamaica with respect to the extradition request, in keeping with our solid record of law enforcement cooperation,” Luoma-Overstreet said.

    Thanks Bruce for bringing shame to every Jamaican.
    Imagine, the Newspaper that the US President, US Senators and Congress read has written an article like this!!!!
    What’s next for poor Jamaica?

  409. Titled, ‘De pon di line’, the advertisement has a drawing of Golding in a business suit walking a tight rope between the bell of the Jamaica Labour Party and the lighthouse of the National Democratic Move-ment (NDM), which he founded before walking away to return to the JLP ahead of the 2002 election, in the process disrespecting one of the greatest leaders of Jamaica- Edward Seaga.

    His attire is completed by a striped tie, in the colours of the JLP and the NDM and, for footwear, he has chosen loose-fitting rubber flip-flops.

    From one side of his mouth, Golding is affirming his passion for the NDM, and from the other side, he is saying he has no desire, or yearning, or appetite to go back to the JLP. The tag line at the bottom of the page asks the questions, ‘Can You Trust this Man?’


    a) Yes because he will sacrifice himself for one man based solely on principle

    b) No- he is a scamp who has received political and personal contributions from Mr. Coke and therefore he does not want to send Coke to the USA.
    Who else would Coke incriminate- most likely many members of the JLP cabinet.
    Rattid- that would cause the government to collapse and they would not be in a position to tief peoples homes like the Hamilton family home in Cherry Gardens.

    So which is it: A or B ?

  410. Is there a court case still going on, with the david smith case.What the latest

  411. @garth: Imagine, the Newspaper that the US President, US Senators and Congress read has written an article like this!!!!
    What’s next for poor Jamaica?


    LOL.. Dude here you go again… different name again doc? larry/garth hehe. Note the same fake crap the doc has in his letters and on the air… supposed concern for JA while working to sabotage the country… LOL… nice try

    These political nuts… lost their money, idiots they were… and then set out on a campaign to destabilize the country… most likely writing/contacting the newspapers etc that are publishing these articles …

    Do you recall the destabilization of the country when their socialist heroes were in power in the 70’s… his supposed hero Seaga (yeah right) did the same type of thing… helping to get negative articles in the foreign press… leading to major declines in tourist arrivals… panic etc.

    Does this remind anyone of the same political partisans of a different era… visa panic by spreading lies as I showed above… possible affect on the tourist trade by negative foreign press articles… and calling for sanctions against the JA people.

  412. Nonco, why are you so uptight? Why Why Why

    The great sage Nonco…the hero who warned and saved the ‘fools?’ The legendary Nonco who lost nothing and made no material gains through fraud or Ponzie?

    Why Nonco? Why? Writing in Caps and Bold and all that..

    Why Nonco? WHY are you so UPTIGHT?

    Even I am worried for you now.

    Nonco? You use the toilet since mawnin?

  413. Nonco, I think you should give the blog a rest for what is coming in the OLINT case might be too much for your blood pressure.

  414. Mr Golding had claimed that the Government would not be swayed by concerns that Jamaica’s relationship with the United States could deteriorate…

  415. August 16, 2009
    Ian Boyne

    Did the Government wait too long to acknowledge the global crisis, and would an earlier acknowledgement and preparation put the country in a better position today? Was the Government wrong or dishonest in brushing aside earlier suggestions that they were gong to the IMF? Would an earlier approach to the IMf have put the economy on a better footing, and would it not certainly have prevented this disastrous Standard and Poor’s rating, which puts us in league with basket cases like Ecuador, Pakistan and Ukraine?

    Is the present management of the finance ministry amateurish, incompetent, and is the job proving too big for Audley Shaw? What’s the issue with our primary surplus which was so strong under Omar Davies but which has plummeted under Man a Yard?

    Journalists have been asking him questions in some exclusive interviews, but he needs questions to be put to him by the Opposition and government-in-waiting. How well is the Government really managing? We hear global crisis, global crisis every time we seek to assess Bruce Golding’s almost two-year tenure. He told Garfield Burford on CVM’s ‘Direct’, in answer to a question about his pre-election promises, that every leader elected since 2007 has had to adjust promises made. Is Golding hiding behind the global crisis, using it as a shield against legitimate criticisms of his Government’s economic stewardship?

    And of Olint Ian Boyne?

  416. The records filed by Manatt under FARA regulations say only that “treaty issues” were discussed. But administration officials confirmed that the conversations were primarily focused on the Jamaican government’s opposition to extraditing Coke.

    Brady, who did not respond to telephone messages left at his office in Kingston, has said in radio interviews that the contract he signed was “a mistake” and that he was actually representing an unidentified private client.

    Was it not Harold Brady who spoke on farcical about us all being educated by public funds?

    My God.

    “Many rivers to cross….”

  417. Shaw did not expect any immediate negative impact from the financial sector fallout on remittances.

    Direct impact

    “Persons who send remittances are not normally typical employees of companies like Lehman Brothers, so we won’t necessary see a direct impact on remittances,” he said.

  418. On Bradygate and the 24hrs

    Ethics is first and foremost about character.

    Lying involves a kind of meditation. Consider a poorly constructed lie: “I couldn’t return your urgent call because I was out all weekend, hunting elephants.” Easy to see through the lie, for not much thought went into it. But a more carefully crafted lie requires more thought and meditation.

    Lying is the very antithesis of prayer…

    On OLINT

    “A thief is preferable to an inveterate liar, but both are heading for ruin.”

  419. Furthermore, the newspaper reports that one of these meetings in mid-December was attended by a minister of the Jamaican government.

    The Bruce Golding Administration has strenuously denied that any member of the political directorate was involved in any such meeting, and has acknowledged only a meeting involving Solicitor General Douglas Leys.

  420. The Golding administration has challenged anyone to provide proof that it contracted the law firm but has presented no evidence to the contrary.

  421. However, Prime Minister Golding denied that the Government had retained the law firm, and Brady has since said he signed the contract in error.

    Farmer joe you place your X in error! Cassava going run yu belly!

    Yesterday, Minister of Labour and Social Security Pearnel Charles quipped that Farmer Joe would not be calling Simpson Miller because he can no longer afford to buy phonecards.

  422. Farmer Joe? No credit? No wata? Can’t offer nayba a drink of belly wash?


    A University of the West Indies graduate, Seiveright played a lead role in the JLP’s election public relations and communication and earned kudos from many party stalwarts for his hard work.

  424. Delano Seiveright, president, Generation 2000

    “There is no doubt that Jamaica is in a tight spot economically but I’m relieved that the minister of finance, Audley Shaw, has his hands on the steering wheel and it shows that Jamaica is headed in the right direction.”

  425. April 16, 2010
    Again the local population and investing world is watching, & taking note, of the handling of these matters by our leaders.

  426. lbvanhoy wrote:
    Telemachus wrote:
    “This is a story I would like to hear more about and if there are any others like it. Drug dealers hiring lobbying firms with the cover of a national government. Now that’s Hollywood material! Any real reporters left out there? Pulitzer anyone? Anyone? No?”
    I’d like to learn more about this also. I have a feeling Barry is already working on this issue. He will issue a short statement soon and win a Pulitzer.
    demtse wrote:

    hogsmile wrote:
    The K. St. (Gucci Gulch) tarts strike again!

    Nothing is too sacred or important enough to prevent them from corrupting it, or at least trying:

    – no moral standard;
    – no administrative process of government;
    – no American political institution;
    – no statute of law.

    “Pay my fat fee I’ll fix it for you, forget everything else …”, seems to be their motto; might as well be printed on the back of our dollar bills.

    Oh, “it’s just a misunderstanding …”, they claim. It might as well be, “I was just obeying orders”, what every captured war criminal mutters, down through the ages.

    How vile they are.

    How disgusting they are.

  427. Motty,

    “Mr Golding can’t just leave it so….he has a moral responsibility to do something”

    hahahahahahahahaha….Motty Road to Damascus? Empty? You alone deh pon it?


  428. Motty, don’t exclusively hang out Harold Brady to dry. Who else you going to bum a ride from on your way to Damascus?

  429. Hold on Motty, Alright, I have to go for a break….Thank you very much.


  430. What a lot of Conch and Lobster today Motty?hawhawhawhawhawhaw…

    Dr. Bryan’s interview on Betty Ann Blaine was very informative…. farcical might one day grow to be something in the future.

  431. I have to join this forum now. Enough reading. So wha this bout Delano Seiveright Floridian? When next you sneaking into Jamaica again? We hear u on Breakfast Club… fighting the cause… but him mek u loose your cool

  432. Well done Motty…second hour of Conch/lobster drabble….well done Motty two of the gang’s ‘Setters’ -water woes and JPS/RGD etc. calls and it could be home and dry for the weekend….hawhawhaw…till Sunday at least….

    Only a few more hours Today Motty….hold…hold… plus News, JIS and selective emails….you gone clear this shaky Friday….Kris …ginger biscuit.

  433. kenarmy wrote:
    It is immoral for the U.S. Government to engage in any conversations about a criminal extradition order with a lobbying firm. A legitimate interest by the Government of Jamaica wiould not be served by hiring a lobbying firm, that’s why they have an ambassador! Only an idiot would have spoken with that lobbying firm. And the logical upshoot. The Government of Jamaica denys any connection with this lobbyist, raising the logical suspicion that U.S. Government officials were having conversations with a lobbyiest (well connected to the Democratic Party) representing a criminal organization. Nice going. I predict that you will see this incident in Republican ads come this fall!

    connerabr wrote:
    First, the actions of the firm constitute further proof that some members of the bar have no ethical fiber, and are simply legal prostitutes of sorts with white House access! (Is that PC enough WaPost thought police?)

    But moreover, the fact that some government wants to keep an alleged drug kingpin from being brought to the U.S. for trial, is just a clue that the DEA would be removing some politician’s cash cow and that would hurt – financially!

    As for the country – Jamacia – in the region it’s second only to Haiti for corruption and violence. An no doubt the U.S. sees fit to send them an aid check to keep them on friendly terms with our government, but that is also anything but taxpayers’ money well spent…

  434. US gathering evidence on Manatt affair

    And the Parliamentary Opposition is describing as extremely disturbing the Golding administration’s deafening silence since a damning statement made a week ago by one of the players in the Manatt Affair.

    The Government has said nothing since attorney Harold Brady hinted that there was more to the deepening saga than had been made public.

  435. SISSD1 wrote:
    whenever you see the word LOBBYIST CORRUPTION is not far behind.
    4/16/2010 11:33:39 AM

    mokey1 wrote:
    Totally reasonable for a country that worships pot and that is generally lawless.

    Why do we need Jamaica? What does Jamaica do for us?

    Cut them off.
    4/15/2010 3:33:36 PM

  436. “Sorry about that we seem to have lost him….”


    Motty, the road to Damascus is long….but you will have plenty company!


  437. When Davis Smith said he was protected by Bruce Golding and Audley Shaw what did he mean exactly?

    Motty Perkins, that statement has not been refuted by the persons mentioned. Are we then, as you claim on your program, reasonable in assuming the statement by David Smith to be true?

  438. Motty yu Backward.

  439. 25 D?

  440. You know something Sling? You hard ears bad….

  441. I’ve been reading this blog for a few months and it seems that “Floridian” is a staunch PNP supporter and that he really doesn’t have a life. Every post from 6:05PM yesterday was submitted by him. I thought the purpose of a blog was to exchange ideas.

  442. In many months you have not figured the purpose of this blog. Since yesterday Nonco not been commenting…busy you see Subie.

    What comment on Olint Subie? Exchange some ideas.

  443. How come you grace us with your comments at this final stage?

  444. The subject of this blog is an undisputed JLP supporter. He’s about to sell them to hell. What you going to do? Turn on a dime and label him a PNP Supporter?

    A little over simplistic…nuh true Subie? Does Smith have no life? Or is it that he has a life when he’s accepted JLP and has none when labelled PNP.

    Want to bet Smith will be labelled PNP in the near future?

  445. Been reading this blog for 2 weeks now. I too lost money in OLINT but i have moved on. You guys shouls move on too. And So why this about Delano Seiveright Floridian. U clearly on a mission big man.

  446. Warren let me ask you this. When innocent elder folk (Jamaican or otherwise) had their money stolen and hidden away can no longer purchase medication and sell their hard earned retirement homes or pay for their own burials or children and grandchildren’s education…. a who yu fi talk bout move on.

    Big man, you move on…good for you. Remember this all who move on….a little tip. Hope it don’t burst yu bubble. The decision to move on was never your own.

    If you are deemed necessary to report them dictate how when where ….If so I suppose you could ‘move on’ running but again, that would be moving on on terms you do not dictate.

    If your ego wants to see it differently then ‘good for you’ proceed as you would. I only just hint the reality for the record.

    Best Wishes.

  447. I will say this

    Over the period of the OLINT crimes I have been shocked at the low level or lack of understanding (particularly among Jamaicans) of how things work.

    With license I will tell you that I did not expect the exclusively UWI trained element to grasp the material. Why? Because UWI is a great in educating the ‘technical’ as are many British universities.

    What has boggled me is that so many people in Jamaica are educated in the more liberal institutions in the US. Yet the intuition and predictive capabilities of how the system works was just not evident in significant quantity.

    There is no 9 day wonder in the US.

    What was evident and always in excess on the rock was speculation based on insecurity, emotion and the ‘know it all’ syndrome….in a nutshell what we are all too familiar with and I have chosen to name ‘schoolyard logic’

    look back on these blogs and see that all that has come to pass and more than likely what will come to pass was spoken about over 2 years ago right here.

    Some things were shocking… outrageous they said..LOL LOL…(notice LOL is on hiatus). Many of the ‘adamants’ are long gone…remember ‘Olint for Life?’

    At UWI you study say Accounting. UWI produce some of the best accountants. But how do you grasp the World you live in if it is not mandatory that you must take a broad range of courses in the humanities, arts, social sciences etc.? So you’re a doctor, lawyer (best and cat)and don’t understand the wider World [outside the 4,244 sq mi (10,991 sq km).] and how things work?

    You have this coveted visa and don’t understand the system and regime of Uncle Sam and cousin Fica when you land? Interesting.. I find it amazing.

    We can watch Usain dominate the track Worldwide yet not put our minds around the World we live in.

    Veranda geniuses? They are wrong 99.99% of the time. That’s a socializing thing not intellectual rigor and substance.

    Look I not knocking UWI….just suggesting a more liberal experience. People leave American colleges to immediately conquer the World….not get articled to some traditionalist who realizes not, that the Globe turns all the while.

    Just some food for thought.

    I will ted.ll you this. The Prime Minister is a UWI grad and he knows (I promise you) The Scope of Things. I won’t take that away from him. He knows how things work beyond his formal training in Economics. He knows it well. He knows that those who speak of ‘move on’ need some work in the continuing studies module. You could wish ‘move on’ but are you in control to do so?

    That is why today (Fri) he zipped it tight.

    Many of his supporters seek of him a dismissal of the swarming flies using only the ‘magic wand of oratory’ I’m sure.

    Many loyalists put forth their best ideas (some even genuine) for him to ‘borrow’ and ‘use at his will’ with confidence!

    I’m sure such love does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.


    The times of flawed logic born of blind faith are no more.

    He knows that this is not an undergraduate exam. The paper has been graded already.

    See Nonco…I give credit where credit is due.

    He should have known better than to take consul from Brady though.

  448. “But there is no law against David Smith giving the people’s money to campaign financing!”

    “But he gave dialysis machines to the hospital”

    “The Olint Foundation was for Autistic Children!”

    “But I enjoyed the Jazz Festival!”

    “They are there!”

    Folks (CH favorite)…Folks…Folks… Your efforts have been noted.

  449. mikecinaz wrote:
    YaMon – as if it makes any difference – I don’t see how the U.S. can do anything when it comes to Jamaica. This is a tiny island who has dealt with U.S. bs before. What you gonna do to this 3rd world country that you haven’t tried in the past.
    4/16/2010 8:51:14 PM

    This reinforces my points above.

  450. AS THE CRISIS deepens, have you thought of “bathing at the office”? Already, workers are bringing containers to the workplace to collect water for domestic duties when they get home. Why not speed up the process by bringing the housework to the office instead? For this, I here submit the following useful hints:
    Use the restrooms as laundry centres after closing time. Clotheslines could be strung between departments. Ironing can be done on top of the desks. The multi-jet designer shower stall, recently acquired by the CEO to create a fresher approach to management, could be taken over by the union and made available to the staff in a well-calibrated system of rewards for performance. In that spirit, we could all aspire to bathe on the job. The privilege of who showers with the CEO would be carefully negotiated, of course, and included in the next Memorandum of Understanding.
    A press release would be issued with a power-point presentation to follow, in keeping with the forward-looking policy of the company which will be diversifying shortly from Ponzi schemes to sparkling mineral water. This will be marketed for washing very expensive vehicles and maintain lawns whereon only the best dressed socialites will be photographed for That Certain Page…KEEP THE FAITH.—Do-your-laundry-at-the-office_7530677

    Cee Dubya
    Enjoyed your article, Ms. G.
    Btw, do you know/remember the story of the rural church where most of its members were farmers? They held a special service to pray for rain. Well, after the service, as that version of the story goes, they had a downpour. But, alas 🙂 no one, except one little girl, could venture out. For, you see, everyone had come to pray for rain, but only the little girl had believed enough to bring an umbrella.
    Every time drought hits (literally and metaphorically), I remember that story. We pray and hope (and probably do the dance) for rain. But, when the rains come, are the dams ready? If it’s even to remove what must be around 50% mud?
    As the saying goes, we learn from history that we do not learn from history.

  451. IT’S ONLY MONEY! /(the move on principle)

    My money is my labour. My saving or property is the portion I store for a rainy day – I did not win a lotto or get “dead-lef”. Did you? Feel no guilt about holding on to your money. It’s your labour! Would you work three months for that person for free? If not, is he worth the equivalent of three months’ labour. No, siree!

    hhahahahahahahahaa….great article.

    If you don’t ‘get’ the Gloudon Article the first time then try again and again…interesting

  452. Thousands count losses after bank collapse
    DISTRAUGHT Islanders have been counting their potential losses following the collapse of the country’s first and only indigenous bank – taking with it life savings, livelihoods, hopes and dreams.

    The country suffered one of the most devastating financial blows in its history as news spread like wildfire that TCI Bank had gone into temporary liquidation.

    Many people have been left with little more than the cash in their pockets.


  453. Tears flow from depositors outside TCI Bank

    A number of depositors wailed openly in front of the failed TCI Bank at Butterfield Square, Providenciales, on learning of the financial institution’s closure, some telling The SUN that the embattled bank has sunken carrying all of their lifesavings with it.
    Scores of the bank’s customers who gathered outside the institution, some from last weekend, said they were caught by surprise, as they were even unsuspectingly allowed to make depositions hours before the bank changed hands on Friday, April 9. According to them, such funds could now be used to offset the ever growing monthly expenses, and as a result they were now flat broke and having nowhere to turn for support.

  454. What was the motive for closing TCI Bank?

    Did someone have prior knowledge of the events?
    The FSC indicate that major depositors had lost confidence in the bank and were trying to withdraw. Major depositors I think are NIB, Eastern Caribbean Banks, the liquidator of Olint in liquidation and myself and my companies in fourth place.

  455. @ Floridian

    After all that babble it is clear to me that you are losing it.

    YOU and I invested in a scheme that many warned was irregular.

    The warnings were loud and clear. We ignored the warnings and went along with the ride and got burnt. FULLSTOP.

    Now you guys have gone on a tangent that is focused on destroying Jamaica. That is all you are about DESTROYING JAMAICA. NOTHING ELSE.

    Just relax yourself and move on. Hundreds maybe thousands of us got burnt and have moved on

  456. Yes Warren you are in charge o.k. Good good.

    Olint was not focused on destroying Jamaica. Only ‘us’ apparently. Or some ‘tangent’ or something (but Warren is not losing it).

    “You and I invested in a scheme” ….and Warren also pays my bills and orders for me at the restaurant, dresses me and tells me what I should and should not do.

    “Just relax yourself and move on” Warren gives advice and one day he will eventually follow his own…one day

    But for now…not heeding his own advice he concerns himself with “That is all YOU are about..”

    move on Warren…or is it “NOTHING else?”

    The best way to lead is by example. If anyone advocates ‘moving on’ as thousands are alleged to have done and you feel you want to encourage that then ‘move on’ off the blogs.

    You have accepted your losses…. many claim to have a life…. many claim not to be ‘losing it’ …..move on

    So why live on the blogs?

  457. Warren, I suppose the next thing is going to be that ‘WE” should stay on the blogs because ‘WE’ have ‘gotten burnt” and “WE” have ‘moved on’?

    Warren there is a Warren on the lists with an interesting last name? A you dat?

  458. On ‘burnt’

    Warren I can look on the computer and see my money. I cab also see yours. You have made it clear that you don’t want to seek yours.

    This is aside from any Connelly Liquidator ACOM, Secured Unsecured lalala.

    When you do not want yours (no problem) then by default you are giving it to those who have it and they will be grateful I’m CERTAIN.

    They will surely fulfill their hearts desires with the money. I do not consent for them to have it. They will only use the funds to investigate you and yours anyway. Your own money working against you.

    Move on…I challenge you. They can see when you’re on reading by the way so ‘hide and read’ and ‘hide and move on won’t impress…

  459. @ Floridian




  460. U busy mashing up jamaica!

    U busy with your 1 or 2 or 3 colleagues spreading lies to everyone under the sun

    U guys are all about sensationalism

    It is amazing how you make money mess up your head

    Get a life!

    MOVE ON!

    • Just out of curiosity Warren…. When you say move on your suggestion is to forget about the money Mr. Smith, Mr Lewis, and the rest fleeced from people and are currently living life off? People who have lost money should simply ‘move on’ and go back to work and try to recoup the millions they lost while the people who are responsible live lavishly?

  461. @Floridian

    You guys will fall on your own sword soon soon

    U make OLINT losses turn you into vicious Jamaicans bent on mashing up your own country

    Busy in media spreading straight up lies

    Straight up contrived crap

    And sadly some in media give you time

  462. @ Floridian

    And you a COWARD

    You hide behind a “no name”


    Faceless punk!

    Computer PUNK

  463. @ Floridian,




    You will never get back your money


    Everybody got burnt!!!

    We all did!!!

  464. Dude



    losing it dude? Your emotion is off the chain like Nonco.

    “You will never get back your money” that is itself a lie. The balance came back long time…..BUT THAT IS NOT ALL THAT IS DUE Lol lol lol…Dig?

    You call me OLINT ‘fool’ etc then spin me as a powerful government destroyer…then spin again and call me a coward…

    You sound like Smithy….no consistent line. He laughed with his peanut followers first…they thought it was cool lol….then him try use badness…..spin it again wid the wife bold as ever….now he spins plea deal to sell out the likes of warren etc. tail between legs….a jus spin spin sugar.

    His reps follow the same profile…big talk..spin … spin reduce to babble and emotion…How the lawyers got burnt by collecting fees from Smith…money that was not his….Damocles?

  465. You can believe your own PR all you want but that;s why there are lings like focus groups and blind testing,

    If you can’t pass a blind test then that is different can of worms. That deals with being a certified failure and how to deal with failure without becoming emotional.

    Media? You have so many of them the blog could not hold the list….

    Look there comes a time when believing your own salesmen and women must take a stock and examine the results of the blind test. Then realize that the problem is not your own belief and enthusiasm… but rather your PRODUCT (itself) Perhaps?

  466. “You will never get back your money”

    Glad you know who’s money it is.

  467. According to the PTV report, Hanchell went on to say that Governor Tauwhare knew about the deal and signed off on it.

    The transfers of large block(s) of land had to be signed by then Governor Tauwhare. Many now question if he knew what he was signing.–2-2—.html

    Same Tauwhare that signed Belongerships?

  468. You want to believe a bank is a safe place to put your money. As the years wore away we heard of loans based on political affiliations. Later, as the politics of the country became unhinged, the repro man got busy.

    Now I learn that the National Insurance Board decided to invest and buy stock in the bank. Also, I read reports that over $20 million of NIB funds were on deposit. A nice bit of unsecured money in float for the bank to operate with. All of this may now be lost.

    The whitewash bucket is waiting to blame the failure on the world economy.

    The one monetary entity, NIB, which was flush with dough and which provides the widow’s mite, has been tampered with.–4-4—.html

  469. Come clean now, Prime Minister

    Surely he must realise that when the Washington Post, the same news outfit that brought down US President Richard Nixon in the early 1970s, begins to discredit him, the gig is up.

    Coming as it did on the heels of multiple denials by the Jamaican Government concerning their involvement with the American firm, the report is damning.

    Could this really be true?

    Or are we to believe that the oldest and largest newspaper in Washington, DC has gone crazy?

    More importantly, how does Mr Golding plan to respond to the Washington Post’s story? Will he continue to stiffen his neck, to the detriment of the country? Or will he come clean, confess before further information is exposed and let the chips fall where they may?

    As things stand now, all graceful exits out of this one have been closed off.

    There’s no more room for claiming ignorance or sprouting bravado. Whatever other information is out there is going to come out, bit by bit, in the most public and humiliating way.

    We are going to find out who paid that US$50,000 to whom and for what.

    We are going to find out what Mr Harold Brady, the attorney-at-law who — if Mr Golding is to be believed — took it upon himself to engage Manatt at his own expense, was talking about when he intimated that the Government is hiding damning information.

    We are going to find out why Mr Golding is taking such a personal interest in Mr Coke, an interest that he has yet to demonstrate in the countless young girls who are being forced to spread their legs for the sexual entertainment of the dons who rule garrisons.

    And when we do, he can rest assured that the response will not go the way of the nine-day wonders to which we are so accustomed.

    For this sort of hubris is simply intolerable.–2010

  470. Writing to MPP to protest Brady’s lack of authority months after MPP’s involvement was permitted by the Government’s own SG only makes this government appear more inept than ever and in danger of becoming an international laughing stock.

  471. I’m no lawyer and much of the media commentary on the matter has been straight orange and green propaganda, so I’ve been as confused as the next man as to what really is going on.

    Take the utter confusion surrounding the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips matter. So far, we have no evidence of wrongdoing or money being illegally paid but, as with the Trafigura Affair, it seems pretty apparent that somebody is desperately trying to hide something.

    Washington Post has been Red, White and Blue for 133 years. I don’t think they plan a color change any time soon.

    A lot of “confusion” professed in the media these days Warren. I don’t think the Washington Post plans to subscribe to that either…

  472. Be it “utter” or otherwise Mr. O’Brien Chang.

  473. Or are we to believe that the oldest and largest newspaper in Washington, DC has gone crazy?–2010

  474. ‘Birthday cards not enough, Mr Smith’

    Belated Birthday wishes Deacon…The 15th I believe?

  475. Birthday Trip? They say Disney nice this time of year.

  476. Brooklyn Jamaican
    You have put it succinctly Mr Observer.
    “As things stand now, all graceful exits out of this one have been closed off..
    In other words, “Story come to bump”
    If the Observer says a man is a reckless failure, then he is a reckless failure indeed.
    Other Prime Minister’s were hounded by innuendo and anecdotal evidence, however this one has been indicted in the hearts and minds of the people in Jamaican and various “forins”, and maybe soon in a court of law. Not in Jamaica though, where instructions for investigations are from the hand that feeds.

  477. Still, there’s nothing like being in the right place at the right time.

    ..Let’s hope his and Jamaica’s economic luck hold and that some of it rubs off soon on Senator Nelson and his crime plan.

    “Jamaica’s economic luck hold?????” ????? I suppose its integrity resume should hold as well?

    “Still, there’s nothing like being in the right place at the right time.” Like at the Provo party?

    Not everyone receives contracts to offset their Olint losses in turn for ‘holding it down”

    Chang is a budding comedian.

  478. @floridian

    Dude difficult as it is for you to get… writing in bold and caps is for emphasis. Nothing emotional about it. It was to explain to copyright violators, of which you have also being one in the past… that posting entire articles is a violation of copyright and theft. As I explained to you before you can see what is acceptable by looking at how Google news refers to articles… You are allowed to post an excerpt along with the link… not entire articles.

    I usually do not engage you on the blog because you are often delusional and incoherent and you have a political agenda. I usually only engage you when you are spreading deliberate lies and propaganda… such as recently about the visa issue.

    It is interesting how the ponzi investor brain always reverts to the same belief in rumor and propaganda and statements with no proof.

    Recall how I kept stating that there was no proof that the US was revoking and denying visas based on the Dudus matter… you among others such as cullKull chose to believe or spread the rumors… then I posted where the embassy itself stated revocations were personal matters.

    Like when the FSC and other reputable people stated the facts about about OLint, C+ and others I suppose there are still some that will say they are lying and prefer to believe the rumors instead 🙂

  479. Nonco,up to last Thursday, Ft Lauderdale Airport Noncs….greencard holder.

    What happens Noncs is that you say no to it but the fambily dem back home either don’t see the return to Jam Dung at the Airport on the scheduled date …or the call to come pick up is only hours after they have left.

    Those ‘families’ read me and then read you…no big deal.

    But Noncs I will say this on the visa…when I wrote here Krome Det Center a ‘strange’ new thing then started…them start move move them to a different place…making it hard for loved ones to find them.

    Not all are visas..some are greencards.

  480. But I am glad to know that you recomposed yourself Nonco (you were ‘out’ for a while) under what are clearly severe circumstances.


  481. Noncs, maybe you had insight into this Editorial today and decided to practice your outburst on Garth early.

    FRONT-PAGE EDITORIAL: We Must All Get Angry!
    Published: Sunday | April 18, 2010\

    So, the Government seemingly feigns ignorance.

  482. Did the FSC seemingly feign ignorance too?

  483. Nonco, you sure people who put up entire articles don’t have pemission to do so?

    You sound so sure…I just seek a conformation that it’s your stance.

  484. Once BW gets the contract settled off I’m sure he’ll speak about FSC Re:OLINT.

    It’s in public interest. I’m sure you agree Nonco.

  485. ‘Cost of living get so high…dubbie doop…rich and poor they strat to cry…now the weak…must get stong..I seh ..oh what a tribulation…nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah…

    What a love ehh Deacon?….spend the likkle time wid har yes. Mr. Muzzick…

  486. I leave you some space ya now….much to ponder..I know. Girl..that bwoy deh love you.

    Deacon, turn up that one yah so loud Jeezibel can hear it over the golf course.

  487. Nonco, can’t get much more coherent tha Reggie Carter here..LOL

  488. What a proud History we have Nonco. We must cherish it.

  489. The Conquering Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah.

  490. The Bible tells us the destination of thieves, homosexuals and liars!

  491. C. Pinnock, Jamaican national taken off the Air Jamaica flight, green card revoked. In custody.

    • Please stop the mis-communications.

      Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agents arrested two more individuals Friday who authorities say were involved in a marijuana trafficking and money laundering operation.

      Their arrests followed two conducted Wednesday when Carlton Wayne Smith, 43, of Rancho Dominguez, Ca. and Christopher Lee Pinnock, 36, of Avon Park, Fl. were apprehended for their role in the operation.

  492. Nonco, you have to see this. Look at Jaws flapping with no parachute…private plane and all…At the end Nonco check the part when it is said, “that’s the official version” Then dial the embassy again Monday.

    But Jaws flapping…money can’t buy it.

    All credit to United Artists.

  493. Bwoy Jaws, never let your self esteem fool you that a teacher or humble cassava planter are not livelihoods to be admired.

  494. The Need for Regular Updates on the TCI Bank situation

    The provisional liquidators, having given a status report to the Supreme Court on Thursday, would have been well advised to issue a press release to the public as well, summarizing in as appropriate a way that confidentially may have required, what it reported to the Court.

    Déjà vu?

    “Et tu, Brute?”

  495. Academics since the 1970s have questioned the existence of “Blitzkrieg” as a coherent military doctrine or strategy. Many academic historians hold “Blitzkrieg” itself to be a myth.—Apri-19_7535038

  496. You are a lost cause Floridian

  497. Mashing up your country because you lose a little money

  498. Don’t give Foridian too much credit. he is not mashing up the country. he is mashing up the blog.. because outside of this blog, I don’t think anybody could tolerate him.. but here, he can post ad nauseam, but we can scroll !!!

  499. And I suppose people who steal money are the builders of the nation?

  500. Are people who steal and those who conspire to steal with them positive for Jamaica?

    Yes or No.

  501. @floridian


    Aint NOBODY stole your money. You were a damn fool and GAVE your money to Olint… despite the numerous warnings and red flags. Aint nobody put a gun to your head or broke into your house and stole any money from you.

    DS committed fraudulent misrepresentation to get your money… and you and others were damn fools to give it to him when it was obvious to the deaf, dumb and blind that his claims were ridiculous.

    DS stole money from Olint the company but not from you. You were only too happy to voluntarily give it to him to satisfy your greed.

  502. Calm Nonco the above comment was about stealing as general concept not meant to hit a nerve.

  503. I’ll leave all space on the blog….run wid it.

  504. Man free fi greedy… man free fi steal.

    One thing we do have in common Nonco is that neither you nor I can change that.

  505. Jay, John Doe, Olint for life….larry garry barry harry L&LL? AML, Nyaming, watching fretting and all the rest etc.


  506. Yeah, Yeah Nonco. O.k ATB 2 u 2

    Gainsville Haedlines Examiner
    Monday, April 19, 2010

  507. No ATB for you Deacon. You knew betta. Make u bed u lay in it.

  508. Duppy story vs Reality?

    Check the flight lists Mr. Computer. Greencards entrails growing in the shredder almost DAILY.

    You know why I leaving the blog for a time.

    Self centered they will still try screechy and test the Airports with their spouse and children. I’ve seen that live years ago traveling flights. The spouse always knows…many time the children but not always. The horrified glares of the kids faces when their heroes and heroines are defrocked in a crowd.


    But you see selfishness and cousin self -centeredness? And the overdose of arrogance…

    gwan go run blog

  509. Someone said here on this blog that according to Goldman Sachs …pigs get slaughtered. Something like that nuh.

    Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street powerhouse, has been accused of defrauding investors by America’s financial regulator.
    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleges that Goldman failed to disclose conflicts of interest.

    The firm said that, rather than make money from the deal, it lost $90m

    [where have we heard that kind of defense before?]

    “It undermines their brand,” said Simon Johnson, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Goldman critic. “It undermines their political clout.”

    I suppose next we’ll hear one day pigs will fly…on this blog at least.

  510. Now that the woes of MGM have forced producers to put the next James Bond movie on hold, what the studio really needs is assistance from the secret agent’s former nemesis Goldfinger.

    Like its rivals, MGM produced 50 films a year, including seminal titles such as The Wizard of Oz, Northwest Passage and Gone With the Wind.

  511. Work on the latest film was still in the early stages, Ms O’Hara added.

    “I’m not sure they were very far on,” she said. “The Bond machine is always in motion and it felt like it was just beginning to heat up.

    “You were beginning to have the inevitable and endless casting rumours – Rachel Weisz had been mentioned – because the British press goes nuts for it.”

    EON productions holds the rights to Ian Fleming’s works – including the Bond series and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang…

  512. Ultimate Bond girl, Jamaican, “MAY DAY” Grace Jones

  513. Where unno deh? Oh Parliament.

    Dialysis Machines (St. Joseph’s?)….even Turks and Caicos get mention.

  514. No Manatt?

  515. 6 green cards seized on abandonment doctrine today at Ft Lauderdale. All 6 are in custody at the Broward Transitional Center. 2 have agreed to return home tomorrow.

  516. Paulwell linked to several scandals – Seiveright

    Delano Seiveright, G2K President

    “But G2K says in light of the recently disclosed forensic audit report, Mr. Paulwell should keep quiet, especially because at the time he was Minister of energy responsible for the PCJ.”

    Delano Seiveright is that what your parents taught you? To keep quiet? Do wrong and ‘move on?’

    Let us check the reasoning again :- “because at the time he was Minister of energy responsible for the PCJ.”

    Is he a UWI scholarship recipient or something?

    “Frankly we need to clean up or country (as) corruption is a big problem in the public sector and otherwise and our leaders have to set an example and as such, we believe that the Opposition Leader should call on Phillip Paulwell to resign his position as a spokesperson for the party with immediate effect,” Mr. Seiveright said.”

    Mr. Seiveright everything is set for a clean sweep … ready? You have your overalls and wata boot?

  517. Advocate that for something in the past one must be quiet and not seek investigation into wrongdoing?

    That is the message for youth?

    Budding Kofi Annan or Ban Ki Moon in our midst….

  518. Hhahahahahaha…farcical

    It is not that there is nothing to say. There is nothing ‘adequate’ to say. Promise.

    Com[ulsory pass hahaha

    no the other analogy is more appropriate

    Go up a stony hill big house (wink) and drink some ‘red stripes’

  519. The Washington Post sideswipes the JAMAICAN PEOPLE on their FRONT PAGE 5 DAYS AGO…..and you get NOTHING from the leader of the Jamaican people.

    Live with it farcical.

  520. Would you want the Reggae Boyz to walk out on the pitch at the ‘office’ without a goalkeeper?

    Or would you travel to scrape up reasons from Shangri-La to defend the team coach for such a decision?….in less than 90 minutes? …ok take half time as well…

  521. You would support a West Indies opener who out for duck on EVERY BALL!!!!

  522. Look at who we have as MIDDLE ORDER!!!

  523. farcical…Tending to zero? in relation to YOUR Tangent.

  524. Still..I can understand. Some desperately want to here from the PM. For without a reference point how can you craft your spin?

    Can’t start the spin without his wind direction indicator. Must be frustrating. Going into day 6 since Jamaica was on the FRONT PAGE of the oldest newspaper in the American Capital.

    Troops ready but they can’t even guess a direction so everyone huddled at base camp in limbo. Bad weather predicted at Mt. Everest Peak.

    Sherpa will tell us the direction one fine day. In the meantime embedded media always have the trusty ipod to pass the time..and skipping rope to exercise their talents on ONE SPOT.

  525. You ‘hear’ that? Brady must have taken an unexpected break from the wheels of steel.

  526. Noco, several Border Patrol agents from Brooklyn are now following the blog. I introduced them to your theory of the limitations of their power.

  527. TCI Bank Liquidated….

    Check this out…..

    The Olint liquidator now says he has no access to the 6 million dollars he intended to pay out to the secured creditors of Olint in December. That puts him in the same situation that Olint creditors are in with Olint TCI.

    This is the bank where Hallmark kept the Olint funds……This is also the bank that first reported DS for suspicious activity.

    The million dollar question is: Why would connolleyyee leave the frozen Olint funds in a failing institution?

    What is going on in the TCI?

    It is becoming clear that the corruption in the TCI runs far deeper than anything seen in Jamaica or Haiti to date….

    Maybe Nonco could explain…he knows all about corruption.

  528. I think manhattan and floridian’s connection is now laid bare for all to see. Unhinged and psychotic does not begin to describe this idiot (split personality disorder maybe?). Border Patrol agents have much more important things to do than to listen to the rantings of a mad man doctor who got scammed.

  529. David Smith just imported a new Range Rover into Turks. He has agreed to plead guilty to Fraud in the Middle District Of Florida in exchange for a 25 year
    term and the on-going duty to implicate all of his co-conspirators, 36 in all.

    • @Larry:

      Can you enlighten us as to the exact criminal case that was filed against David Smith in “Middle District Of Florida” that would attract 25-year jail time? My basic research came up empty. Can you post the relevant link?

  530. @manhattan: Noco, several Border Patrol agents from Brooklyn are now following the blog. I introduced them to your theory of the limitations of their power.

    LOL… They are following the blog to see just how idiotic you and others were? To see how the ponzi scheme investors cussed out and ignored the few folks like me that tried to warn you guys… hehe… you are funny dude.

    You and floridian will soon need long term therapy… actually you already need it 🙂 You guys are like the folks that 30, 40 years later cannot let go of what happened to them in childhood… they blame the mess their lives are in because of what happened 30 years before. At some point you have to let stuff go and deal with it in a positive fashion…

    Ten, 15, 20 years from now, are you guys still going to be blaming others for your folly of giving money to a scammer when others warned you?

  531. Nonco, you talk to this lulz person. Tell them is only nonco can detract from the crime itself and spend a lifetime studying floridian and reading floridaian’s post keenly. 🙂

    Nonco the manhatten is floridian is Tafari is OFL is etc etc is pathetic. Why such defensiveness is needed by the bloggers is not a mystery.

    Paro business…tommorow you hear all donald duck and mickey mouse a tun dem down.

    straighten them out for mi Nonco…mi nuh really deh with the blog as before.


  532. Noncs, whether Deacon is police or not nuh matter mi.

  533. Noncs, let’s take a guess at the ‘potential’ 36 through pictorials on the weekend nuh?

  534. Maybe weekday is better Nonco, what you think? Monday 3:47 a,m? 🙂

  535. Golding Blames US For Guns

    jah wood 8 hours ago
    What the PM needs to do now, is to send investigators to the U.S to find out who are sending the guns, extradite and prosecute them.

  536. Even the greenest comrade would have to agree that the above comment (taken from The Gleaner) is worthy of a ‘blog of the day’ award.

    I mean that comment is simply, “CAUGHT AND BOWLED”

    Couple interesting ‘thoughts’ are stirred:

    Is it possible that high ranking government officials of the US could be involved?

    Can we not name an Ambassador to Washington as a sign of displeasure?

    Do we have another golden opportunity to test the reciprocity of the extradition treaty on a World wise basis?

    But we have so many like the scammers of the ‘other’ schemes who are in the USA so we surely have been on to it.

    The DPP has not hesitated to say that her offices have been vamped up. I think a surprise is coming. The background work has been done quietly over these many months. Soon she will STRIKE.

    Take NOTES.

  537. Today’s Grand Jury witness testified that Bruce has a green card which he has not disclosed to the nation. Several Cabinet visas will go in the next few weeks if the money to Manatt issue is not clarified properly.

  538. Would Jamaican diplomatic representatives overseas aid these gun manufacturers in evading service of process?

    If so would they face sanctions?

  539. manhattan, some blogger named Lulz (I think) has claimed I am you and vice versa.

    By counting the number of words in your post and the time of your post I think that would make me the fastest typer Mavis Beacon has ever seen.

    Not that I care but sometimes it’s helpful to other readers to defrock a liar and those who (for some ‘strange’ reason recently) are talking sh….

  540. Anyway, I think if the Prime Minister can follow up and indict these gun manufacturers to face our champion DPP it would be good for Jamaica.

  541. @manhattan

    Today’s Grand Jury witness testified that Bruce has a green card which he has not disclosed to the nation. Several Cabinet visas will go in the next few weeks if the money to Manatt issue is not clarified properly.

    Green Card? Orrett B. Golding is a common name maybe it is not the same person. Anyway, I will apply ‘think and check’ and be back promptly.

    Not disclosed to the nation? Shall I enlighten manhattan here Noncs? Space might not permit the list.

    Visas Revoked in weeks? WHO CARES! You going on a trip to Disney with them or something manhattan?

  542. @manhattan

    “if the money to Manatt issue is not clarified properly.”

    Noncs, you think I should help manhattan on this one? Explain that one to manhattan please Noncs.


  543. Is one seriously expected to believe that Hallmark Bank issued Mastercard Compass cards behind Mastercard’s back?

    Everyone acting funny…. ‘pleading 5th’ come in vogue all of a sudden. LOL was last season’s fashion.

  544. Keep the wardrobe simple. I orange overall. Accessorize with 2 silver bangle. And one pair black ‘cute’ ba…man ballet.

    No ‘match every day’ polo cap deacon.

  545. @ Manhattan

    Could you indicate how you know these things, a grand jury supposed to be in secret and the testimony should be in secret, yet you seem to know every word that happens in there.

  546. In an interview with The Sunday Gleaner on Thursday, Mr. Shaw, the Member of Parliament for North East Manchester, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and a leading contender to take over the reins of the JLP after Edward Seaga, said the only thing thaat keeps him awake at nights is the “burning desire” to rid the country of what he called “the most corrupt …

  547. America, Italy, Ireland Haiti,Liquor company and Japanese Car Manufacturer Implicated!

    Superintendent Morgan McNab, says a team intercepted a white Toyota Hiace bus traveling to Kingston.

    “Three of the firearms are Smith and Wesson pistols and one is an Italian weapon. Items of clothing, identification for both men and over US$1200 and some liquour from Haiti as well as a cell phone with a Haitian Digicel phone SIM card,” said Superintendent McNab.

    It has not yet been ascertained if the Hiace came from Toyota’s factory in Melbourne Australia.

  548. The clothing is thought to be from Canada but under NAFTA seemingly enters from Mexico.

  549. The Shoes: One pair Reebok U.K out of:

    Hwa Cheng Shoes, Co., Ltd.
    Shi Fang Industrial, Shatow
    Changan Town
    Dongguan City, Guangdong

    And an imitation Clarkes ‘Bankrobber” from Panama.

  550. Motty, last night Minister Shaw spoke about suspending some ‘RiGHTS’ to deal with the crime. It was on Nationwide. They played the clip this morning.

    Sorry it seems you missed it Motty for I know you would have strong opinion there. You must have been listening to another station at the time. 🙂

  551. JLP Standing Committee meetings are supposed to be secret too. Do you want Bruce’s green card number?

    • Yes please. One has to wonder. If it got out in the public, and could be proven (which should be fairly easy to prove) that the PM were a US Resident or even citizen then the potential problems it could pose for our PM.

      Would he renounce the citizenship and apologize? Would he lie and say it was false?

      Would the potential lose of his citizenship motivate him to send Mr. Coke packing?

      one has to wonder… manhattan.. let us know

  552. The SEC investigation that began in 2005 was hampered by jurisdictional limits, a government official in Antigua and Stanford’s refusal to co-operate, Kotz’s July report said.

  553. Here from the complaint at paragraph 18, are quotes of an email from Goldman’s Tourre to a friend on January 23, 2007:

    “More and more leverage in the system, the whole building is about to collapse anytime now … . Only potential survivor, the fabulous Fab[rice Tourre] … standing in the middle of all these complex, highly leveraged, exotic trades he created without necessarily understanding all of the implications of those monstrosities!!!”

    Juvenile, morbid joke

    Evidently, this is funny – the juvenile, morbid joke of an irresponsible adolescent holed up in Goldman’s fraternity house. Another email, February 11, 2007 to Tourre “from the head of the GS&Co structured product correlation trading desk stated in part, “the cdo biz is dead we don’t have a lot of time left.”

    In the face of these, Goldman’s claim of no ‘foundation in fact’ may be difficult to sustain!

    Home in Jamaica we, apparently forgetful of their pervasive destructive impact, still hurt from our mid-1990s meltdown, Cash Plus, OLINT and other schemes.

  554. the Cynic
    bruce is a green card holder
    the investigation probing his Obstruction of Justice in the Coke extradition matter
    is looking at his failure to file income tax returns while holding a green card;
    this is a felony also, the Grand Jury can only act in one way, which is to indict.
    Bruce did not travel through US on his way to Brazil, smartest thing he has done for along time; Theoretically he could apologize and return the green card and file a treaty return(US-Jamaica tax treaty), that would not absolve him off his prior tax evasion.I suppose the moral of the story is do not commit felonies in the US if you are going to defy the United States.Vaz has a surprise waiting for him here as well! David Smith is co-operating now with U.S
    and naming names.US has extended immunity to his wife Tracey.

    • Cliff,
      you think you can run with this story and find out if Mr. Golding really IS a greencard holder? Should be pretty easy for a good investigate agency to confirm or prove incorrect?

      all good info, but you know how it goes. A lot of the info one finds on the blog(s) and internet in general has to be taken with caution. You never know who might be adding a little spin to the truth, who may be out right lying, and who simply be telling it as it is…

      But, never the less, keep the info flowing…

  555. Obstruction of Justice
    Delaying, or hindering information to a Grand Jury
    Tax Evasion
    Improper application for A Visa
    Moneylaundering—(Turks and Caicos)

    Aristide, Saunders , Noriega and now Golding. Federal Defendants.
    Brits taped him in Turks gave tape to Feds. Ask GARLICK.GARLICK leaves a bad tatse in Golding’s mouth.

  556. @theCynic

    One problem with JA is that people cannot seem to ever get their politics out of their thinking. The manhattan dude consistently posts outright lies, half truths, propaganda and wishful thinking… he sprinkles this with grains of truth so that some of the unwary seek to give him credibility… and he does frequently under different nicks in an attempt to make it seem it is not just one person making the posts… read some of the posts and you can detect it is the same person flogging the same dead horse.

    Interestingly they all seem to have the same attorney with a political agenda… when someone is frequently wrong on multiple topics, it is puzzling why some continue to see him as credible on these issues… how come he has not written another article admitting his newspaper articles in support of the ponzi schemes was a grave error that may have helped to mislead others into investing…

    Was not someone all over radio and the newspapers with… I told you so… in regards to the visa issue… the embassy has said revocations are about personal issues… how come he is not now back all over radio and the papers apologizing… given the above why would anyone give him credibility on these issues.

    • Noco
      One could infer from your last post that you believe that the person posting under the Manhattan moniker is none other than “_ _ _ your boat gently down the stream” the law professor/criminal defense attorney(turned civil plaintiff’s attorney)/newspaper columnist.
      you seem to be adding propaganda specialist to his impressive CV.
      am i reading you correctly? inquiring minds want to know.

  557. @Miak

    No, I have already said manhattan and his other aliases is doc or his twin 🙂

    However if someone did make accusations all over radio and newspapers with what later turned out to be incorrect one could reasonably assume that this person may have done it for its propaganda effect…

    Also note that a frequent blogger on here seems only to be upset that DS gave some of Olint’s money to Labourites 🙂 Also note that one of doc’s primary goals seems to be a crusade against Labourites… And note that such people usually will only spend their money with Comrades… And thus you see a small group form that has as one of its major goals spreading propaganda against the people and party they dislike intensely…

    The record in the press and letters display the facts… Got it now 🙂

  558. Not Changing Course … For Now

    In the meantime, Dr. Williams contends that Jamaica’s entanglement with the illegal narcotics and gun trade does not bode well for the country internationally.

    “If we do not comply with international standards then they’re going to punish you whether through the economy, through international trade, or there are going to be direct punishment through travel. When you’re punished, you’re locked off form the rest of the world and a small economy like Jamaica cannot produce everything that we want or consume everything we produce, so we have to engage in international trade

  559. The prime minister would also know that the said Washington Post article of April 15 reported that US officials had no reason to believe that Manatt was representing anyone other than the Government of Jamaica.

    In the absence of hard evidence to the contrary it is impossible for any rational human being to believe that Manatt lawyers could provide written evidence to the US Justice Department that they represented the Government of Jamaica if that was not so.

    The prime minister must clear the air because it stands in the way of progress with the United States on law enforcement matters crucial to the survival of Jamaica as a democracy based on the rule of law.

    Finally, the prime minister still needs to clear the air because, as this newspaper said in a powerful editorial last Sunday, “As things stand now, all graceful exits out of this one have been closed off.

  560. A grand jury investigation must move forward, of both Mr Coke and those involved in the lobbying matter. And as for officials potentially involved, US action would not be without precedent. One must only look to United States v. Saunders, where DEA agents arrested three officials of the government of The Turks and Caicos on charges of conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine.

  561. Saunders said he had no intention of keeping $50,000 given him by a convicted drug smuggler and government informant in exchange for safe harbor in a cocaine smuggling operation. Instead, Saunders said he was stringing the informant along, hoping he would make a legitimate investment in the country. Missick said he was conducting his own investigation.

    “Everybody turn police to R**S”


    Now that the money at the TCI Bank is lost, the only beneficiary of the entire Olint fiasco is the Liquidator and David Smith himself.

    I wonder how much of the liquidator fees made it back to the judge and the TCI police in the form of a kickback


    No money for unsecured creditors..No money for secured creditors – nuff money for liquidator expenses.

    First 13 million
    then 10 million
    then 4 to 10 million
    then the bank failed and the money gone
    These guys make David Smith look like an altar boy…Who is the molesting priest in this arrangement?

  564. @Tafari

    In JA there is a saying for what has happened to Olint investors…

    You guys must have sh*t in church 🙂 Or maybe since you guys did not use your intelligence (talents) before investing… you are like the guy in the Bible that buried his talents… and when the master returned he took it away and gave it to the one that put it to good use. Even the little that he has shall be taken away…

  565. The decision, the officials pointed out, is made on a case-by-case basis, following an assessment of each applicant and the applying of the Immigration and Nationality Act (1952) to their circumstance.

    “No visa is issued or declined for political reasons and there is no daily quota [for visa approvals]. If a thousand people turn up and they qualify, they all will get visas,” said Consul General David L Stone.
    ‘Dudus’ issue not a factor in granting visas, says US

    Hmmm… Notice how the folks spreading propaganda or who were just plain wrong never apologize for spreading misinformation. Too many Jcans like to ignore logic and believe in rumors.

    Each time I present logic to analyze an issue, there are always those that challenge me stridently… how long will it be before before they realize that when I defend an issue vigorously it is because of the logic in my arguments. It is just the brain I was born with, my brain cannot accept illogical arguments.

  566. Yesterdays New York times article reflects US opinion. Why dont you spin that Nocotec?

  567. Last fall, a politically influential Jamaican lawyer, Harold Brady, hired on behalf of the Jamaican government the American law firm of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips to discuss “political and economic matters” with members of the Obama administration, according to documents filed with the Justice Department. Meetings were held with top White House and State Department officials.

    But after the controversy over the Coke extradition exploded, the Jamaican government said it had been involved in the hiring of Manatt. The firm quickly canceled the contract. “The firm was never employed by or did work for Christopher Coke,” Monte M. Lemann, Manatt’s general counsel, said in a statement.

  568. @manhattan:Yesterdays New York times article reflects US opinion. Why dont you spin that Nocotec?

    LOL… So you are finally admitting that what you and you friends are about is “spin”. You “spin” information to suit the propaganda you are pushing. Sorry to disappoint but I am about logic, not spin.

  569. Nocotec et al….

    It would behoove you to perform some amount of due diligence before spreading inaccurate rumors and erroneously attempting to identify contributors to the blog.

    Because a large group of people have taken a stance against the Government’s inappropriate behavior, which to date is yet to be formally denied, they per typical Jamaican politics have to be working on behalf of the “other side”.

    I urge you since you claim to be so erudite, verify your facts before you make rash impulsive outbursts such as your friend BG in Parliament.
    Do not allow your own political loyalty to skew your ability to be impartial.

    Believe it or not, if a historical review was done, it will be found that your analysis is DEAD wrong re the political persuasion of a particular family to which I belong, as they played a significant role in Jamaican politics in the 1970’s and 1980’s, both financial and otherwise.

    Remember this: Do not kill the messenger! Those parties who by their own action are being questioned should not blame others for their indiscretions. It is now time for their self reflection.

    Please attempt to always be open minded and willing to listen.

    Allow me to refresh you of this appropriate phrase:-

    Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people

  570. The Scorpion, developed by Lockheed Martin, is intended for a precision attack using a small, lethal warhead against targets in areas requiring low collateral damage.
    It is a 21-inch Small Smart weapon weighing 35 pounds and having roughly the diameter of a coffee cup and was designed to be launched from the Predator.
    It causes far less destruction than a Hellfire, and it can be fitted with four different guidance systems that allow it to home in on targets as small as a single person, in complete darkness, according to U.S. officials familiar with the missile.


  571. U are a nutcase Floridian

  572. And you are ‘Warren’.

    Your focus on me might be telling you something then.

    Not to mention the jealousy that might be stirred in Nonco, manhattan,Tafari and others.

  573. @manhattan:

    Here is the problem; you continually try to muddle the water with issues that has NO bearing on the more issues at hand. If you stick to the facts that are available to the average Jamaican then you will find yourself on solid footing…one that is irrefutable and not subject to debate!

    As it relates to the Dudus matter, these are the facts as we know it:

    1. We have a Thug, a Drug Overlord and Miscreant (Mr. Christopher Coke) that has been indicted by the US for exporting narcotics (cocaine and marijuana) TO the US and importing guns INTO Jamaica from the US.
    2. These indictments were based on both wiretapping and confidential informants in both Jamaica and the US.
    3. The Wiretapping was legally authorized by the then Attorney General of the Jamaica and signed off by a Jamaican Judge.
    4. Based on these indictments, an extradition request was forwarded to Jamaica for Mr. Christopher Coke.
    5. The Prime Minister and his cohorts have ceased on a loophole in the law to block this extradition of a know thug, by hinting at the fact that information obtained from legal wiretapping was illegally turnover to the US authorities without approval from unnamed Jamaican authorities.
    6. The central charges of the indictment has been TOTALLY ignored by the Prime Minister, suggesting that these charges are irrelevant to the Jamaican people, obviously oblivious to the high murder rate in Jamaican of which GUNS account for more than 80 % of these deaths. Not to mention the staggering 2009 murder statistics where in excess of 1,600 Jamaicans were killed and only 20 % of those murder cases were ever solved.
    7. The PM went even further to insult the intelligence of the Jamaican people by proclaiming that it is his duty to protect the rights of Jamaican Citizens from the “corrupt” practices of the US.
    8. It has also come to light that one Harold Brady (of Cash Plus Fame and former JLP MP-designate) signed a contract with a US law firm to help lobby senior US officials to abort the extradition process. Money has changed hands between Mr. Brady and the US lobby firm and it is yet to be revealed who paid for this service. Mr. Brady, realizing that he was about to be made a sacrificial lamb, hinted at Mr. Vaz knows more than he is letting on. We have also come to find out that at least one sitting Minister of the present administration was present in overseas meeting with Manatt and US officials. This has somehow put the brakes on any further utterances from the ruling administration as it pertains to Mr. Brady’s role in the whole “Manatt, Phelps & Phillips” matter…no more attacks launch against Mr. Brady since such declarations …Hmmmmm
    9. The Prime Minister has now turn to the Jamaican Courts to rule on a narrowly focused set of issues relating to whether the Attorney General has the “right” to denied the extradition of Mr. Coke. The issue of whether the Jamaican Courts should be the appropriate body to determine the legality of the forwarding of the wiretapping evidence to an external agency/country has been render moot!

    Based on the foregoing FACTS, a logical set of questions emerges:

    a. Irrespective of the outcome of the US indictments/extradition request against Mr. Coke, why has the previous and/or current administration brought charges against Mr. Coke based on the wiretapping evidence? I would also like to know WHO requested the original Wiretapping of Mr. Coke’s phone(s) and what was the basis for wiretapping in the first place? What were the intended purposes of the wiretapping of the thug’s phone?
    b. Who is the source of the ~US$50k paid by Mr. Brady to Manatt and ultimate would have paid the US$100,000 per quarter in fees?
    c. It is clear to any person with any reasonable cognitive abilities, that the Prime Minister is protecting someone in this whole matter. Is it himself? Mr. Coke? Other Members of his party? Other well-connected parties (big financial donors…remember the sacking of the minister of Energy due to his decision to fire one of the major fundraiser/financier of the JLP) associated with his administration?
    d. Is the Prime Minister prepare to release the wiretapping recordings to the general public so we can understand the WHO, when and where associations?
    e. Does the period when these recordings were made have any relevance to the issue of the guilt/innocence of the thug? Should the fact that Mr. Coke has never travelled outside of Jamaica be a factor in deciding his suitability to be extradited?
    f. What message is the Prime Minister sending to the Jamaican people and the world, when he seeks to protect a known criminal?
    g. Are we sure that it was a low level constable/sergeant who took it up on himself to turnover this information to the US? Could this transfer have been sanctioned by the Commissioner of Police?
    The above questions is what I think we need to be debating…not some tangential issues about revocation of visas, which on the surface, appears insignificant in comparison to the major issues of a Prime Minister’s campaign to protect a Drug Lord.

    • Good post & great summary. Reminds me though that the initial intent of this blog, i.e. to provide information on investments, good or bad, has long since faded.

      But still, good post, and I look forward to seeing the answers to the questions posed.

  574. Go to hell Foridian. U are a lunatic. U are a solid PNP supporter withthe sole objectives being to bring down the government on a series of lies and half-truths

    • @Warren said…”U are a solid PNP supporter withthe sole objectives being to bring down the government on a series of lies and half-truths”…..

      Shows how much you know! How long have you been reading this blog? Couldn’t be that long. Floridian is not a PNP supporter, but a guy who is mad as hell that he was conned by DS and that some of his misappropriated funds went to finance the JLP 2007 election. Furthermore, some of the major JLP Ministers/MP/financiers played an integral part of the con. So he and “others” are simply lashing out at the present administration due to close association between the JLP and David Smith (Ask Floridian to show you the “emails”).

      I can assure you, if the PNP had received the lion share of election funds, his vitriolic attacks would be aimed squarely at the PNP. Trust me on this one….Floridian is no more a PNP supporter than I am anti-JLP 🙂

      As Cullkull as stated before, you are ascribing powers to Floridian that he will ever achieved in this lifetime. Please desist for any further utterances of this nature, as this will only empower Floridian to continue on his quest to “prove” (hopelessly of course) he is smart and powerful. If he was so knowledgeable / influential, why was he hoodwinked by David Smith to invest hundreds of thousands in a Ponzi Scheme with the expectation that the “Great” FX Trader would deliver consistent returns in excess of 10 % per month?

      Finally Warren, it would appear that your own hands are not clean. Are you a “SOLID” JLP / Bruce Golding Supporter? You certainly come across that way!!!

  575. MikeD hit it on the head. Enough bitching from the madman floridian. Thems the questions we want answered.

  576. @MikeD Good questions….. No single Constable or Sergeant would take it upon himself to hand over this kinda information to the Americans. The two previous Commissioner resigned suddenly after falling outa favor with the administration………….

  577. Excellent stuff MikeD.


    ST JOHN’S, Antigua — Chief Magistrate Ivan Walters has ordered the extradition of the former head of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSCR), Leroy King, to the United States on charges that he helped disgraced Texan financier Allen Stanford conceal a US$7 billion dollar fraud scheme.–aide–ordered-extradited

  579. Mike D, I wish to congratulate you for a thorough analysis.I am proud to be from a country which produces individuals with your level of education.From my quiet perspective as a New York based investigative editor I try to expand the information on the blog.The area that I am most interested in is the use of US visa policy in its foreign policy formulation.I have published many pieces in both the New York Times and Foreign Affairs Magazine. I can assure you that not all Jamaican Ministers can travel to the United States directly as a result of the Manatt Brady scandal. Manatt may not survive this scandal.Neither may the Government of Jamaica. Mike D send me a letter with your direct E mail at Manhattan c/o the political editor New York Times.

  580. @Retort: Do not allow your own political loyalty to skew your ability to be impartial.

    LOL… I am used to that… every time I post factual info that discredits folks they respond with this nonsense. It is actually hilarious to me now… first I was against CH, DS and the small man… later in the game I was for DS and in league with the co-conspirators blah blah…

    Doc, the first thing to do to establish credibility on a blog is to use the same nick consistently.

    Note that sensible persons do not debate facts… one can debate or present opinions on what the facts mean…

    So for example one may quibble around the edges on what MikeD posted but you cannot debate the facts but may form opinions and debate those.

    You have consistently posted nothing but innuendo, outright lies, propaganda and incorrect info and then expect to be taken seriously.

  581. @manhattan: I can assure you that not all Jamaican Ministers can travel to the United States directly as a result of the Manatt Brady scandal. Manatt may not survive this scandal.Neither may the Government of Jamaica.

    See… this is outright propaganda. Do you have any evidence that any Jcan minister’s visa, diplomatic or otherwise, has been denied or revoked as a result of the Dudus or Manatt matter?

    Is it anything more than wishful thinking or propaganda that Manatt may collapse because of this affair… especially given that prosecutors usually go after individuals rather than firms since going after a firm hurts many innocent individuals…

    There are many factors including economic and the Dudus matter that could potentially cause the current regime to lose the next election but to imply the gov may not survive is nothing but propaganda.

    A long standing problem with Jcans is that they can only apply negative analysis to the other political party… they turn a blind eye to the sins of the party they support while they are in power… JLP supporters can only see the sins of the JLP and PNP supporters only the sins of the JLP.

    Take the current Dudus matter that has PNP supporters giddy… As I have stated before it is quite clear that the treaty should be honored and he should be extradited after due process…

    However this will not change the crime situation in JA one bit, in fact to the contrary it is likely to cause a short term spike. The facts are that he is being charged in the US with crimes that were also crimes in JA. His father before him was the Tivoli ‘don’ and also faced extradition… he was simply replaced after he died in prison and nothing changed.

    By the way, go back a bit and recall… was not Dudus one of the persons on the list of ‘bad persons in his constituency’ that Seaga had turned over to the police many years ago…

    The facts are that the political directorate in the 2 parties, the police and citizens in the communities all know who the ‘dons’ are… when one commits or is responsible for a heinous crime affecting the police or the ‘wrong persons’, the police carry out operations to kill them extra-judicially… such as Bulbie or a local ‘area don’ recently in the Portmore are, after the killing of a policeman… later that same morning the police simply executed him in an ‘operation.

    Until the people develop the will to stop supporting the politicians that support, protect and have these alliances with these nefarious characters… nothing will change. Until the police force is reformed of widespread corruption, nothing will change.

    Until they stop voting for politicians that at election time come around and give them a few crumbs to buy their votes… nothing will change… Recall the by-election in St Ann… the PNP candidate said it did not make sense contesting because the election had already effectively been bought…

    Recall Omar’s, run wid it, comment… effectively admitting that the regime used the resources of the state to run up the deficit and buy the election… PJ did not keep getting re-elected because of competence… but simply because he mastered the art of buying elections. If the JLP master the art, they too will keep getting re-elected. They will only lose if the opposition (like the JLP) can raise enough private funding to overcome the funding gap.

    The reality here is that until we can prosecute and bring to justice our criminals, nothing will change… the fact that the US occasionally extradites one will not matter one iota. We will continue to have gov ministers beholden to these really bad guys, trying to prevent them being brought to justice or attending their funerals… some of these guys get the equivalent of state funerals.

    I my mind this release made by Mr. Karl Samuda through the G2K President Mr. Delano Seiveright whilst the PM Mr. Golding is away preempting an article by the Wall Street Journal, raises more questions than answers

  583. So called Police the matter is no doubt shameful but the government has been doing a good job so far despite this extradition issue

    and the alternative is frankly terrible.

    • errm….i beg to differ.
      well, with half of your statement at least
      i agree that the alternative is terrible. but that should not of itself lead to the conclusion that this administration is doing a good job. that is an independent issue requiring independent valuation.

      the constant bundling and fumbling of issues of national importance does not inspire confidence in this govt.

      For example, is this administration getting a handle on crime? Public sector wage issues(size of the public sector being critical to this)? are they getting a handle on issues of govt secrecy and corruption? economic stability? jobs?

      Warren, if you don’t mind, help the blog understand. What is the basis for your assertion that this government has been doing a “good job”?

  584. One would have hoped that when the JLP came to power that we would see a positive change after the 18 years of mismanagement under the PNP. However it just seems to be same s**t, different day.
    Little integrity, nuff corruption, no transparency, no accountability. The two parties should just join together and mek one. Very little difference as far as I can see.


  585. @Warren
    “So called Police the matter is no doubt shameful but the government has been doing a good job so far despite this extradition issue and the alternative is frankly terrible”

    All I want is the truth, I can Honestly say that one of the main reasons i voted against the PNP in the 2007 Elections(General and Local Government) was due to Trafigura and the money they “contributed” to the PNP.
    I thought that was a Scandal……. but this one takes the cake for me.
    Denial first then what……..veil attempt at a confession.

    For me this is not about “the alternative” this is about Men whom I put a lot of my trust in and thought they were better than the previous bunch, trampling on that trust, whats the real motive behind all of this, i think there will be more revelations and confessions of sorts…. more anon.

    By the way Warren….. I am a proud Police Officer not a so called one

  586. Well said police. On this matter we are at one.

    I too optimistically casted my septemebr 2007 ballot with the hope that change was around the corner.
    I man no fool, i know that driva was not necessarily to steer jamdown to immediate prosperity.

    But, i thought driva was going steady the ship.
    I thought driva was going to use his political capital to help stop the rot. halt the decline. restore dignity. a sense of civic pride, civic duty and responsibility.
    take a real and meaningful stand to reverse the corruption of consciousness in our society.

    but kiss mi neck, driva spend 2 and a half year now squandering that capital dodging bouncers of his own making. come out of the nets now driva. this is real sh*t. this is lords, or sabina park. the deliveries all aiming at your middle stump are real!! an early walk back to the pavillion is doom and gloom. is only walshie [sista p??] lef to pad up!

    it is truly pitiful what we are witnessing. I am deeply saddened by the performance of the JLP to date.

    A simple definition of corruption is the misuse of
    public office for private gain for the benefit of the
    holder of the office or some third party.


  589. Read on… If you really want to know why JA is in the shape it is… one needs to do no more than read the blog posts on the hot topic or the newspapers and radio…

    Sorry, but most of these comments are nothing but hypocrisy or feigned outrage.

    Who are we kidding? Depending on one’s mood it is either hilarious or makes one want to throw up…

    Is there a Jcan above the age of reason, who lives in JA, pays attention to JA news or was not asleep longer than Rip Van Winkle… that did not know who ran West Kingston? Or that persons association or affiliation with the ruling party?

    So what is the supposed outrage about… that the JLP bungled their efforts to help him so badly? Surely it is not surprise that they like the PNP have deep associations with such characters… Is there for example any Jcan not in the above categories that is not aware which party the 2 extremely violent gangs in Spanish town are affiliated with?

    And folks expect that you are to be taken seriously that you are disappointed or outraged… I suppose you are because it has become so public… not because you did not know the reality.

    I recall years ago I said I did not believe in attending passa passa because of who were direct beneficiaries and I was looked at strangely… this fact did not stop all the uptowners from making their weekly trek.

    What? Do you guys want me to believe you did not know he was deeply connected with the JLP… and in many constituencies the same applies with similar persons? And I suppose you believed that these guys are boys scouts helping old ladies cross the street on their way to church…

    You had no idea why you could go to dangerous areas of the inner city to party all night and not be robbed, killed raped, have your car broken into or stolen or otherwise pillaged… or why you can go downtown and not routinely be robbed by gunmen or pickpockets… or why generally the only store owners downtown being robbed or killed are those reputed to refuse payment of extortion…

    I suppose you think there is a boys scout down there talking nicely to the thugs… You guys knew all of this so stop pretending…

    Remember when a Spanish town MP/caretaker quit because she had no stomach for the associations with violent gangs and individuals that she had to endure… were you outraged that such individuals were the ones being forced from public service? Where were you then?

    Recall when a politician stated that his constituents expected to be paid to vote for him and if they expect him to pay them they can vote for his opponent… and they did… where was your outrage then?

    Forgive me if I see nothing strange here… Jcans have known about this since before Rip Van Winkle went to sleep. And have dutifully voted for these politicians PNP and JLP while folks were burned out, killed terrorized and driven out of communities because of their party affiliations… We have known who the perpetrators in these communities are… and we have accepted it…

    There is a saying… a people get the government they deserve…

  590. So applying your superior logic Sir Noco, the voters of Jamaica “know” of these associations so it it is foolish to expect change?
    its foolish to expect that we can be rescued from the abyss?
    Because we as a people are so incapable of governing ourselves out of corruption?

    Ironically, it is that apathetic view that leads to the destructive cycle.
    because we choose to excuse so much in ja as, di next side do it to, or the next side cyaan do better, there is a complete absence of accountability.

    We have lost our moral compass as a result. The pnp was able to stay in power for 18 1/2 years in spite of the fact that it was undoubtedly the worst and most corrupt administration in the history of this country. Why? They were able to play on the exact apathetic stance you spout in your last post. No betta herring, no betta barrel nonesense.
    Jamaica be damned! How dare we expect someone to rise above the morass? This is jamaica afterall.

  591. Uncle Sam wants lottery scammers
    Wednesday, 28 April 2010
    Clearly unhappy with the Jamaican government’s handling of the lottery racket in which scores of Americans have been fleeced, the US government has apparently decided try Jamaican citizens involved in the multi-million dollar racket on their own turf.

    In court Wednesday, it was revealed that the US authorities have expressed an interest in Mr. Haughton and Mr. Andrews and will be seeking their extradition to America to stand trial.

    As a result, the two men who appeared in court on bail were taken back into custody.

    Four other accused reportedly connected to their operation are now on trial in the US.

  592. Excellent comments!!!

    We have a tendency in Jamaica to blame politicians for the untenable position we now find ourselves in as a country. The truth be told is that “Jamaicans” as a people are as equally as corrupt and bankrupt as the politicians we so loaf. The vicious cycle of corruption extends to ALL reaches of the society. I was oblivious of this fact until I went into business for myself and had to deal with Jamaicans as employees and customers. This was an eye opener. You had employees who were running their own mini business within my wider business, who would steal what wasn’t bolted to the floor and Jamaican customers who expect something for nothing, refusing to pay for services delivered. Basically, we as a people have engrained in our culture one of freeness, the unenviable rights to receive items of value in return for nothing. …a culture devoid of hard work and sacrifice and where “short cut” is the order of the day.

    The situation as it stand now is one where:

    1) Inside and outside of Jamaica, we have legitimate businesses that goes to great lengths to avoid paying custom duty.
    2) We have a number of Jamaica self-employed professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, etc.) who pay no income taxes.
    3) Large number of very profitable companies that pay no corporate taxes.
    4) A few large corporate entities that incorporate their companies in other jurisdictions and using tax loopholes to pay little or no Jamaican corporate taxes.
    5) We have airline pilots and flight attendant that bring in goods into the country without paying customs or are used my legitimate businesses as conduits for evading custom duties.
    6) We have Jamaican erecting structures without the requisite building permits/government approval.
    7) We have Jamaicans (including high ranking police officers) bringing drug proceeds (cash) daily from overseas.
    8) Jamaicans bringing (VERY) high end vehicles paying little or no custom duties. Some, using this mechanism to repatriate drug proceeds!
    9) Jamaicans using all manner of cons to undermine the legitimate business and the entire system as a whole.
    10) The many Jamaicans women who make their annual pilgrimage to the US to have their babies at the expense US tax payers (Medicaid), even though they have the resources to pay for the services. The same is true for other Jamaicans who “stick it to” the Americans for other acute ailments.
    11) Jamaicans overseas that extract untold amount of phantom “home Equity loans” to finance lavish lifestyle (both within and outside the US) they can’t afford and is now looking for the US Government to bail them out of the dilemma they now find themselves in (now that the phantom equity has all but evaporated before their own eyes.)
    12) A Jamaican society where we basically have a free-for-all-mentality, operating with very little oversight from the people we elect to maintain law and order.
    I could go on ad nauseam, but I think you get the picture.

    How do we expect Politicians, a very small subset of a wider group, to behave any differently? What we have here is a Jamaican culture that behave in a manner that somehow, someone owes them “something”….. a culture of entitlement. A society where a small group of employed individuals are carry the burden for a large pool of unemployed people, enjoying free education and healthcare without ever contributing a single cent in taxes. Why then should we as a people expect different outcomes given the fore mention dilemma that we find now find ourselves in.

    Extortionist (something for nothing) and Drug dealers (short cut artists) are the order of the day and supported by a large segment of our population. Getting a decent education, hard Work and sacrifice has taken a back seat to the need for quick fixes and the quickest way to the top. No wonder that at one of our main tertiary institutions, women account for over 80% of the student population!!

    Are we surprise at the level of penetration that the UFO had in our society after taking into account what was said above? A lot of people that participated in the High yield “investment” vehicles were in essence saying I want something for nothing? So why blame “only” the politicians? I am of the firm belief that ALL JAMAICANS share equally in the blame for the state of the country. It is so ironic that these same Jamaicans migrate with this same sense of entitlement and will stop at nothing to extract the pound of flesh at the expense of others. We are equally culpable….enough said!!

  593. Very interesting comments.

  594. MikeD
    Sure we are all deserving of blame.
    However, is it expecting too much to ask of those who aspire to, and then attain positions of leadership (with the power and authority that goes along with it) to be LEADERS?
    Why should i hold the leaders to the same standard as farmer joe who tried overpricing me on some benup squeeze up banana di other day because him hear a ‘town’ accent?
    We cant have leaders who are content with blending in with the lowest common denominator. Societies that progress demonstrate the exact opposite of that.
    We have to start demanding better. Jamaica has become a society where mediocrity is golden. Some call it “Jamaican Exceptionalism.”
    We are good simply because we are Jamaican. nothing else is required.
    Look, we heading down a serious walk to ruin if we don’t shape up.
    I could go on, but i must head out for lunch. i’m starving.

  595. @miak: So applying your superior logic Sir Noco, the voters of Jamaica “know” of these associations so it it is foolish to expect change? its foolish to expect that we can be rescued from the abyss? Because we as a people are so incapable of governing ourselves out of corruption? Ironically, it is that apathetic view that leads to the destructive cycle.

    My viewpoint is quite the opposite of apathetic. I guess if you are in business as a Jcan you have the same experiences… I have made many of the same points as MikeD before…

    You missed my point entirely… You ask if we are capable of governing ourselves out of corruption. The answer is NO… not if we keep electing politicians on both side of the aisles that everyone in the communities and nationwide knows are involved with nefarious characters.

    Let me get this straight… you think we can elect such people and then you expect them to be different? On what planet do you expect this?

    As MIkeD also points out… we get what we deserve. To add to what he said… consider this… When Jcans get stopped by the police for speeding… how many do the dance and pay off the police? Then that same person will complain how corrupt the police are because they are in league with criminals. And you think it can get better because we wish it or hope it so…

  596. Here is a pertinent article on JA.

    Island of music and murder

  597. noco,
    my planet is earth to be sure. 🙂
    I do believe that we can elect people who at the time represent the better altenative, the lesser of two evils so to speak, and hold them accountable to their promises. Yes.
    otherwise, LOGIC (your favorite word:)) would lead to the conclusion that we are doomed, their is no hope, we are merely passengers on a train called destiny.
    As a premise i reject that view.

    it is apathetic because an extension of your line of reasoning is that we cannot , nor should not expect leadership from our leaders.

    i agree, the whole dam system is corrupt and there are no easy solutions.

    that is why when a man like BG comes along an articulates a vision for change, a plausible vision, from someone who seemingly grasps the realities of our predicament we must hold him accountable when he fails to deliver.

    its not good enough to say, cho what else you did expect. that is merely a continuation of the very cycle you detest.
    we have a very popular line of reasoning in jamaica that i disagree with whole heatedly. and that is what i believe you are articulating. that is, its all our fault (which is partly correct), so why you cussing the politician for (which is nonsense).
    paying a policeman at a traffic stop, while wrong and deserving of your castigation, pales in comparison with what our politicians are up to. not just in thse sense of the measure of the wrong, but the impact of the wrong and the message the wrong sends.
    we had 19 years of scandal under the pnp regime. and every election the pnp won on the platform that betta no deh. if u tink we bad, look ova desso.
    now the jlp is in power fumbling and bumbling and we starting to hear the same nonesense.

    and yes, we elect them (by commission and omission…those who stay away from the polls play as important a role as those who cast their votes, whether the accept it or not).
    And yes has to be up to the people to hold them accountable. perhaps starting with people like you, i.e. ledership of the intelligentsia, a body whcih is made up of people like u noco!
    if you throw your hands in the air, what about the man who hasnt had the benefit of your experience, education and exposure?

    Forgive me, but i have voted in every election since 1997. And perhaps foolishly, i expect leadership to lead the followers, not follow the way of the masses.
    I believe that holding people accountable to their words and promises is where WE as a people have to start.
    no excuses.

  598. Finally some really good dialogue. Keep it up guys. Very interesting.

  599. Does anyone know whether or not the administration has filed for the extradition of the police officer who allegedly handed over the taped conversation to the americans, if they havent i am daring them to do so………

    • According to this source:

      GOJ would seek the identity of the Police “Constable” and if in the US, his extradition back to Jamaica for prosecution. Of course that will never happen.

      …”Under the Interception of Communications Act the information gathered by this means was to be disclosed only to the Commissioner of Police, a Superintendent of Police and the Head of the Military Intelligence Unit of the Jamaica Defence Force”…

      I’m curious though as to what will be the GOJ position if it turns out that the information was legally transferred to the US? Can of of the three persons name above legally disclose to “others” the information from the Wiretapping exercise?

  600. MikeD, I dont know who some of these ppl are trying to fool, what evidence do they have that a “Constable” handed over this information to the US as u rightly pointed out.
    If “Constable John Doe” is to be extradited and prosecuted for a crime where would the evidence come from that he committed a crime? The Americans…. Digicel…. or a co-conspirator? Why is all of this unfolding whilst Mr. Golding is away?
    In the history of his call in program Mr. Golding has been absent from this program only once… this was the same day Mr. Karl Samuda “confessed” on behalf of the JLP…..
    This is not about politics this is about FACTS

  601. hmmmmmmm

    • Odd how this article conveniently sidesteps the dudus/mannat issues. Thats JA politics for you. Back your party to the death and tow the line. Dont dare speak truth, 1/2 truths are allowed though sometimes. Jus like I said, same old same old, no difference tween the two a dem as far as I can see.
      It would appear to me that very few enter politics here for honourable reasons. The majority enter to seek after the few spoils that are left and you cant tell me any different cuz its supm Ive seen for myself. The day a ‘tician doesnt tow the line and dares to speak out, well, dawg nyam dem supper, dem same pardy dem stab dem up. As Muta seh- The system is a fraud.

  602. Noted Red P. But believe your views are just too fatalistic.

    For God sakes man nobody is perfect ad frankly Brue Golding is no messiah but i have to give him and his people a chance.

  603. No problem there Warren, and I do believe he has some straight up peeps there with him, just a few snakes in the grass need to be weeded. But I have a question for you. Would you not applaud and respect our Prime Minister more if he shot straight, bit the bullet, dealt wid duddus and just do the right thing? Start wid duddus and clean out the whole rest of them, every orange and green garrison cleaned out of these malefactors. Put yourself in the PM’s shoes and just imagine this.
    The PM is now standing before the judgement throne and God seh to him, “My yute, I gave you an opportunity to do the right thing and start something fresh and new that may have changed the political landscape and set a precedence towards ridding your country of dons and tribal politics and yet you did not do it. What do you have to say for yourself?”

    And I cant help but wonder, would the PM be so hasty to defend my rights as a Jamaican citizen as he has Duddus?

    Come on Warren, admit it, the whole thing stinks. I am not saying that the whole govt stinks and I do agree with SOME of what was in the article. But I guess thats why I am not in politics, I cherish being able to call a spade a spade and being able to sleep soundly.
    Peace bro

  604. And another thing and this is one of the few things I agree with floridian on. Certain party stalwarts were intrinsic in keeping the lie of Olint going and damn well knew that it was a sham. But of course has anything ever been done to bring anyone to justice? May God have mercy on them.

  605. @ RedP

    A big yes to your questions.
    The Dudus matter stinks as hell

    However i suspect the PM is tredding very carefully on this one and may very well be putting up appearances….

    Don’t want to say too much but i am sure you get my point

    This is not a 1-2-3 situation son

    This is a very complex and corrupted society in every sense of the word

    And to seriously clean it up will lead to some very awful happenings in my mind

    PM has his plate and some full

  606. Warren I gave Bruce and his ppl 2 chances in 2007 and what do i get? Lies, Dishonesty, trying to protect a gunrunner and illegal drugs exporter. I’m sorry but i’m not so forgiving.

  607. For Manatt, New Twist in Extradition Controversy

    Samuda’s statement is at odds with the official record as reflected by Manatt’s FARA filings. Those documents state clearly under the heading “name of foreign principal” that the firm’s client during the four months the $400,000 agreement was in effect was the “Government of Jamaica through Harold C.W. Brady of Brady and Co.”
    Manatt general counsel Monte Lemann II reiterated that position this week in the following statement to The Am Law Daily: “As stated in the FARA filing, Manatt was employed by the Government of Jamaica, through Harold C.W. Brady to assist with existing political and economic matters including existing treaty agreements between Jamaica and the U.S.” Lemann and Manatt declined to elaborate.


    In addition to the conflicting accounts about who exactly hired Manatt, there is another unusual aspect to the firm’s Jamaica pact: it is the only one of 11 Manatt has registered with Justice over the past 20 years in which a private individual is named as the point of contact for the foreign government being represented. So who is Harold Brady?

  608. The Dudus tapes
    A convicted drug dealer has revealed to US authorities how he allegedly purchased firearms in the United States for Jamaica Labour Party strongman, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke in 2007. This is in addition to running a drug trafficking operation, in which Coke was allegedly a major player

  609. inquiring minds want to kno, how many (if any) of those recorded conversations have politicians and other prominent people in Jamaican society talking to ‘Presi”…

  610. @theCynic.. trust me when I say a lot of ppl are in for the shock of their lives, The Observer and Mark Wignal knows more than they are writing …….
    By the way where is our chief servant? I’ve seen a lot in this country and trust me after seeing the PNP in power for over 18 years I thought I had seen the worst in terms of corruption and political interferance but this DUDUS affair wipe out all that I have seen before

  611. @Police

    … the prime minister was off bird-shooting in Paraguay.

  612. Right to jury trial “likely” to be axed

    CONTENTIOUS proposals to axe the automatic right to jury trial – which whipped up a hornet’s nest in the aftermath of the corruption probe – look set to be enacted.

    Prosecutor Helen Garlick said it would be “very, very difficult” to empanel an impartial jury given the volume of publicity generated by the Commission of Inquiry.

  613. We are of course acutely conscious of the extra need for focus and speed with this investigation, because we know that we are only one part of a larger process to restore confidence and good governance to this country which ahs been through a very turbulent and difficult time.”

  614. A new low for Jamaica on the international scene ?

    Skip the bail hearing and them back home.

    if Jamaica’s prime minister wants the leader of a gang that is alleged responsible for 1,500 deaths in the U.S., maybe he’ll take back the Toronto’s Shower Posse members too?

    Why even ask him? Send these alleged dirt bags packing

  615. French court refuses extradition. Interesting article.




    Olint falls victim to TCI Bank collapse
    By Al Edwards
    Friday, May 07, 2010

    The decision by the courts to close down Turks and Caicos Bank (TCI Bank) means that funds from investors in the foreign currency trading outfit Olint are entombed in that bankrupt entity and now subject to the process of liquidation, adding further drama to this protracted affair.

    …”A supporter of Smith, speaking from Turks and Caicos this week, added: “It was said that David was trafficking girls from Russia, flying them in on his jet for high-ranking members of the previous administration. That was not the case. Then you have a doctor who had US$750,000 in Olint and got back US$1.05 million, writing to the Obama administration telling it not to give aid to Jamaica because of Olint’s activities and people connected to it. Then you have the retailer who, every opportunity he gets bad mouths David, yet he had money in Olint and flew to Bahamas where David settled with him. The smell of mendacity is pungent and many people have already painted stripes on the guy. If David says the funds are available he should be given the opportunity to make things right with Olint members in a lawful manner.”……….

  618. Well, now that sordid saga has come to an end.
    The liquidator has been the only one paid, and a new liquidator will now seek to liquidate the assets of TCI.

    Meaning Olint investors will not even get one cent on the dollars.

    Sad indeed !!

  619. That statement about the doc getting nearly 50% more than he put in surely cannot be correct.
    I’m sure that he will challenge that here and set that straight. for surely, that must be false information.

  620. Hey Floridian, how come you flew to the Bahamas and settle with DS and never update your Blog mates of the finer details of your encounter with the FX God?

    What I find interesting is that a “Supporter of Smith” would have at his disposal all these financial details of Olint Investors and in a position to disprove the veracity of claims that DS was engaging in human trafficking. I guess the supporter is DS himself.

    Now that there is no more money available, does that mean the Liquidator will close shop (immediately)? Or does he become the liquidator for TCI Bank?

  621. Hey Floridian, how come you flew to the Bahamas and settle with DS and never update your Blog mates of the finer details of your encounter with the FX God?


    Don’t carry “mates” blog or otherwise…

  622. @Jay

    What about the new thread? I promised a pictorial.

  623. Don’t get distracted by former phone scammers etc Jay. Stay with floridian. Stay with the tried and tested.

    New thread…call it the fantastic 36

  624. Having read Horatio Williams emails on the www I think he should recuse himself from ACON. But what would I care. (floridian is read intently but heard? …that’s another matter.)

    New thread Jay. I’ll even throw in pictorials of some of these “sources” you read and Al’s emails that are on the World Wide Web.

  625. Fly to bahamas to get paid? Deacon’s special treatment again? Mike D Smithy dis you!


  626. Why would anyone spend money on assembling a formidable legal team if they were not owed money?

    Why would two of the largest law firms in the world take on the case if the claim was not valid?

    Again, David Smith and his PR people skillfully try to sway people away from reviewing the facts.

    Truth be told:

    1)David and Tracey Smith had a wonderful Easter weekend party at their lavish Chalk Sound home in the TCI

    2)David recently smashed his Ranger Rover and within 2 weeks acquired a new one.

    The $10+ million in the TCI Bank is a drop in the bucket. He has stashed away a nice little sum for the “family”. Are we to believe the $20 million transferred by CR of Sterling was for a Church contribution deacon?

    Deacon, time is not on your side as it ticks your days of freedom drift away.

    Private Detectives are expensive but worth every penny. Soon we will have them review the spending habits of your family members- all of whom are on the “OLINT Welfare” system and do not work, but live extravagant lifestyles. What is wrong with that picture?

    You thought you were so smart. You made one big mistake and f—ked with the wrong family. ANYONE who f—ks with me or my family will feel the ROD OF CORRECTION.
    At least you were man enough to admit you owed me money but that darling wife of yours flicked me off.

    I hear I will see you soon on my turf. I will be waiting with open arms. Tracey do you plan to stay with Bette Ann or Fort Myers? Let me know before hand so that I can make the necessary arrangements.

  627. WASHINGTON, CMC – Two United States legislators have written President Barack Obama urging him to instruct US representatives at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) not to approve a “substantial loan” to Antigua and Barbuda.
    Mississippi Republican senators Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran have also called on the Antigua and Barbuda government to release “several hundred million dollars” that it allegedly seized from indicted Texas billionaire Allen Stanford.
    “In light of Antigua’s failure to assist and cooperate in the ongoing investigation of Stanford Financial or to assist defrauded investors in their efforts to recover their losses, we ask that you urge the US representatives to the IMF to vote against this loan,” they wrote to Obama.

  628. The doc is going to fix ds’s business.DS is lying to the public about many things and Doc has found him out ! Ds’s days are over.Ds pay Doc the money that you owe him now!

  629. Noco,How would you compare BG with Sir Alexander Bustamante?

  630. DS is hiding from the DOCTOR!

  631. ************************************************************************************

    In fact, it is well established that Smith is a philanthropist and has established a multi-million dollar Olint
    Foundation in Jamaica, the country of his birth, and both present and past Governments in addition to
    private entities have been significant beneficiaries of his philanthropy.


  632. The social, economic, medical and
    psychological disruption and dislocation of hundreds have been documented and the consequential death
    of several has been alleged.

    We cannot responsibly demand that the matter be resolved
    on May 11, but we do request that the process be expedited, bearing in mind the fact that the true owners of
    the frozen funds are being subjected to severe trauma as a direct consequence of their funds is frozen.

    However we are highly persuaded that the far-reaching impact that our case has on thousands of lives is not likely to be duplicated by too
    many other cases now before the Court. Already 22 months have elapsed, and the Attorney General of the
    Turks and Caicos Islands does not seem to be in a hurry to bring closure to this matter, possibly because no
    citizens of the TCI are involved.

    However, the lives of thousands of citizens outside your jurisdiction have been precariously hanging
    in the balance since July 2008. We are demanding closure.

  633. To: ACOM, Godfrey and all who read here.

    The gist of the ACOM letter is clear. “Justice delayed is justice denied.” And I first and foremost agree there.

    You have mentioned the formidable “Olint Foundation” in your letter to the British Foreign Minister (best wishes to him in these uncertain times). From the musings on the “Foundation” one might be swayed to believe it is the star of all philanthropic efforts emanating from Jamaica. I shall not challenge that.

    However in light of the theme, “justice delayed is justice denied” and your warm feelings towards the foundation and your commitment to the courts as the best medium to clear ones name, I ask you thus:

    1. Would the foundation not move swiftly to clear themselves in court?

    2.. Was the foundation not given the opportunity to have its day in court in a most expeditious manner?

    3. Is it true that an unfavorable judgement has already been passed against members of the Smith family and the foundation et al? IN THE COURT?

    4. Has the foundation made any public statement to such effect?

    5. Has it been explained to members why they (the foundation) have lost?

    6. Have you wondered why David and Tracy Smith evade service of process? To delay their day in court?

    Their Day In Court Has Gone and they have LOST. Is there something that you don’t understand?

    I don’t think it can be made any clearer.

    BTW let us hope a coalition govt. in the U.K. makes the addressee relevant.

  634. …If not ACOM can resend a copy to LMA….

  635. Backpedal and wheelie in one,

    “Therefore, without prejudice to the
    facts to which we do not have access, it would be reasonable to expect that the same Smith who has donated
    multiple millions of dollars to both present and former Jamaican Governments or to their respective
    Political Parties, and without any identifiable „strings‟ attached,”

    A dead stamp a yu…don’t disown the pickeney!

    Legal back-pedal
    The lawyer knows his number is up. So he is busy back-pedalling. Problem is that it may already be too late. She knows too much and he can’t keep her quiet. Brace for it. This one is going to be bad.

    ‘one wheel wheelie …meck wi wheelie one wheel’ Early B.

  636. Napoleon and Snowball again…

    “We need not fool ourselves into believing that we can have our cake and eat it.”

  637. My how the Observer has come to analogy of Animal farm ..and the use of the term Back-pedal….???… Jay what say you?

    Virginia Slims? “You have come a long way baby?”

    Jay you think they got the Back-pedal and the Animal Farm stuff from here? Those blogs here are over a year old.

    Better late than never?

  638. TCI Islanders fought tooth and nail to help the Jamaicans…

    North, Middle Caicos elderly hurt by TCI Bank’s closure

    One of the elderly residents that this newspaper spoke with had this to say: “It is just one blow after the other. Every time you think what’s next, something worst comes up. The way things going, we are bracing ourselves for something else. And you don’t know how long, you don’t know where to go from here, and how do you pick up the pieces, that’s the problem.”

  639. Calling all Belongers, PRC Holders… illegitimate Belongership holders…

    There is a saying in Jamaica that goes like this:

    “Time langa dan rope”

  640. LOL?

  641. Manatt briefs Obama
    Article Published: Sunday, May 9th, 2010

  642. The tempo of the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips controversy – in which the United States law firm was asked to help resolve an extradition matter between Jamaica and the US – is set to increase this week, even as the Government maintains it has not received any official statement from the Obama administration.

  643. Harold Brady needs to explain this one, for it is he who retained the law firm, Manatt. As a Jamaican, I am extremely embarrassed to see the extent of deceit and misrepresentation that my country has carried out against a friendly state.

  644. The Manatt, Phelps and Phillips matter is of grave importance since it provides the clearest picture yet of the intellectual and managerial capabilities of those who lead.

  645. Published: Monday | May 10, 2010

    Golding, baugh to speak

    Samuda told The Gleaner yesterday that Golding and Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Ken Baugh are expected to speak on the issue tomorrow in Parliament.

  646. Olint Boss returns to court
    2010-05-11 08:52:17

    The fraud case against David Smith, the former boss of the failed Olint investment scheme, is to be heard in the Turks and Caicos Court today.

    The TCI Supreme Court will determine whether Mr Smith has a criminal case to answer.

    When David Smith last appeared in court in the TCI on March 3, 2010, another four fraud-related charges were laid against him, pushing the total to 30.

  647. Court releases Simpson Miller, Matalon from extradition row

    The minister has the option of having her application be heard ex parte — that is, without anybody else being heard but her.–Matalon-from-extradition-row

  648. Attorneys for the government are also taking instructions as to whether they should appeal this morning’s ruling.

    No order was made regarding legal costs at the hearing.

    Pay the costs from some private source… beg Brady a ‘change’ don’t pay with taxpayer money!

  649. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Bruce Golding this afternoon revealed that he knew about the deal between the US law firm Manatt Phelps and Phillips and attorney at law Harold Brady.

    Mr Golding said he had sanctioned the partnership between Mr Brady and the US law firm.

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding said Mr Brady was engaged to lobby the US on behalf of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the treaty dispute and NOT the Government of Jamaica.

    He also said the fee of US$49,000 was paid to the US law firm with funds from the financial contributors of the JLP and NOT Mr Coke.


  650. Prime Minister Bruce Golding on Tuesday afternoon admitted that he sanctioned the engagement of US Law Firm Manatt Phelps and Phillips.

  651. Mr. Harold Brady was and is not a consultant to the government and was never authorized to act on behalf of the government or to engage the services of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips to so act;
    · Manatt, Phelps & Phillips registered the government of Jamaica as its client without the knowledge or appropriate authorization of the government;
    · The Solicitor-General was not aware that Manatt, Phelps & Phillips had already been retained by Mr. Brady when he met with their representatives, only that their services were available should the government wish to retain them. Had he been so aware, he would not have entertained any such meeting;
    · The engagement by Mr. Brady of the services of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips has been terminated.

    Next week…..Brady, PM, OLINT….

  652. It is a sad day for me and I am sure it probably is for many Jamaicans who may have voted for the Jamaica Labour Party. I guess I can publicly declare here that my days of voting in Jamaica done because you can’t trust what any politician says and it doesn’t matter what side of the fence. I weep for Jamaica as my heart bleeds for the hopelessness that has gripped this country that I call home. The JLP must be made to declare who the donors of the US$49,000 are. Our teachers and nurses are fighting to get what is theirs and they are being spat upon by newly arrived ‘slave masters’. I am disappointed in Mr. Golding because by not coming forward with this latest news weeks earlier, he succeeded in drawing in otherwise respectable members of his party and the society. How can I tell my teenage son that telling a lie doesn’t pay in the long run when our Political leaders deviate from the truth left, right and centre all the time?

  653. FLIP-FLOP: Golding Admits Sanctioning Contract With Manatt

    “Yuh too lie, man. Yuh tek sensible people fi idiot,” remarked a seemingly annoyed Dean Peart, member of parliament for North West Manchester.

    When Deacon Smith deh pon di tape Deacon seh….or it was Auntie Roachy…let wi check…

  654. Summer Travel Reminders

    A common summer activity for some children is travelling overseas. From time to time, however, failure to ensure that all is in place for travel can put a damper on the occasion. It is advisable. therefore, that both parents and their children create a checklist to minimise anxiety and help ensure all is well for their trip.

  655. EDITORIAL – Shape Up, Mr Prime Minister

  656. “These funds were sourced from financial contributions to the party.”

  657. ‘It was me’ — Golding confesses

    Golding confessed that he had “sanctioned” persons in the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) to approach Manatt Phelps and Phillips to lobby the United States administration to drop its extradition request for Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke to face drug and gun-running charges there.

  658. PNP calls for Golding’s resignation

    In the meantime, the National Democratic Movement (NDM), the political party formerly led by Mr. Golding, is calling on the Prime Minister to immediately tender his resignation.

    In a statement, the NDM said Mr. Golding’s actions have compromised the integrity of his government and deceived the people of Jamaica.

    farsical and Motty need to practice deep breathing and yoga relaxation techniques. OLINT is the way bigger gorilla (you heard it here first as usual).

    By September a place in Hillel and a place in the house of Gordon will be the easiest thing for aspirants to get. Several free spaces.

  659. Kevin O’Brien Chang on Wheelie, U Turn, Yoga, Visa and Indictment …and Olinters construction contracts…

    Golding a grave disappointment – O’Brien Chang

    Kevin O’Brien Chang.
    And one political analyst believes Mr. Golding’s credibility as Prime Minister will take a nose dive following the latest revelation in the Manatt saga.

    Kevin O’Brien Chang says the Prime Minister’s handling of crucial information on the dealings with the US law firm also raises serious questions about transparency in the JLP administration.

  660. Don’t jump ship… you signed on for the full tour…your registration documented on the manifest….yes yu. You can check out any time you want….but you can NEVER leave.

  661. Welcome to the Hotel Olint….plenty of room at the hotel Olint…

  662. There are indications that attorney-at-law Harold Brady could have more trouble coming his way over his role in the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips saga.

    When contacted Tuesday night, the attorney would only say that Mr. Golding’s address was “full and comprehensive” and he had nothing further to say on the matter.

    “full and comprehensive?” Second rate dimwit.

  663. Floridian,
    Man, I been tryin to follow you and i just cannot see how all this is in any way shape or form related to olint? been waiting to see the connection for a long time now and i just can’t see it…… so beg you, you or somebody else who definitely knows more than I, please show me, tell me how any of this is related to the olint saga?

    and, how comes no news on dave’s appearance yesterday in court? another postponement? or the court decide to just not bother?

  664. Olint fraud case for TCI Supreme Court
    2010-05-12 10:10:18

    The fraud case against David Smith, the former head of the failed Olint investment club, is to head to the Supreme Court in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    Yesterday, a preliminary hearing was held in a Magistrate’s Court.

    The head of the Financial Crimes Unit in the TCI, Assistant Superintendent Mark Knighton, could not provide details on the hearing.

    He says based on the arguments, the magistrate ruled that the evidence presented should go the Supreme Court next month for further examination.

    David Smith is on a total of 30 fraud-related charges.

    He is alleged to have lost billions of dollars in investments by club members in his unregulated scheme.

  665. Work it out tortis… take it at your own pace.


    Statement by the Leader of the Opposition

    Portia Simpson Miller

    No Confidence in the Prime Minister

    May 12, 2010, Kingston, Jamaica : I have reviewed the Prime Minister’s statement to Parliament on Tuesday May 11, and his subsequent behaviour. The Opposition has lost confidence in the Government and its ability to provide Jamaica with credible, trustworthy and ethical leadership. The Prime Minister’s failure to provide the whole truth to Parliament and his persistent arrogance and abuse are characteristic of his dealings with almost every sector of Jamaica.

    The totality of the Prime Minister’s statement in Parliament on March 16, 2010, his news release two days later and utterances by the Ministers of Information, Industry and Justice as well as attorney, Mr. Harold Brady, have put the government in an untenable position. From here on, there can only be a further erosion of Jamaica’s reputation and the government’s ability to advance the good and welfare of the Jamaican people at home and abroad.

    By his own explicit admission, the Prime Minister is now at the epicenter of this the ‘Mother of all Scandals’ and cannot therefore be expected to point the way out of this conundrum. The Prime Minister cannot be expected to provide the nation with a resolution to this scandalous situation

    The Opposition has not arrived at this position lightly. The Prime Minister’s admission that he sanctioned a scheme to circumvent the role of the Government of Jamaica to resolve a treaty dispute with the government of the United States of America and normal diplomatic channels has brought the government into disrepute. From any perspective , the Prime Minister’s behavior is disgraceful, outrageous, and out of step with the norms of Prime Ministerial behavior and decorum in any democracy in general and the Westminster system in particular.

    In this scenario, the Opposition has lost confidence in the government and cannot trust anything that the Prime Minister and his government say. The government has lost all credibility, because its Prime Minister has been caught involved in a scheme to mislead the public and cover up questionable activities. The attempt to stonewall and impugn the character of the Opposition in Parliament on Tuesday has contributed to a breakdown of the parliamentary environment. At a minimum, the Prime Minister must withdraw his statement regarding the Opposition’s “strength of character”.

    The Prime Minister has left the Opposition with no alternative but declare to the people of Jamaica that we have no confidence in his ability to lead the country with honesty, integrity and an adherence to the rule of law.

  667. ‘I’ve nothing more to say’
    PM evades questions re ‘Dudus’ affair

    “I have spoken intensively on the issue in Parliament. I have no further comment,” he told members of the Western Jamaica press corps who turned up for his tour of the $7.5 billion Cruise Shipping Pier under construction in Falmouth.

    Journalists. Why Flog them. Is it not obvious that the PM, Brady et al are trying to exercise Miranda Rights?

    You don’t see everyone of them “reserving rights to remain silent” you think it’s political power they worry about at this point!

  668. Why you think Deacon goes to Supreme Court? To ask his travel agent where he should vacation this summer???

  669. “There’s an attempt to differentiate between a Minister of Government and that same person who is the acting Treasurer of the People’s National Party. We can’t just jump out of one skin and into another. We have to understand that given the nature of our political. Whenever we act as a minister, whatever extent we carry party responsibilities, that you are not going to be able to simply separate them,” Mr. Golding said on October 17, 2006 when he was Leader of the Opposition.

    And Prime Minister Bruce Golding has gone back to his original stance of being mum on the Manatt Phelps and Phillips issue.

  670. He claimed, however, that he did this, not in his prime ministerial capacity, but as Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

    While Mr. Golding was at pains to claim he acted as JLP Leader and not Prime Minister, Chairman of the PNP’s Communications Commission, Dr. Peter Phillips, who spoke on RJR’s Hotline on Wednesday, said the choices open to him should be quite clear.

    “He either has to make amends and it depends on the Jamaican people whether he is at some point prepared to just come clean or resign as Prime Minister. He has the power to call an election but he also has the power to say that his honour has been breached I have not been faithful, will another member of my party [NON OLINT] step forward because I have breached the canons of good governance,” Dr. Phillips said.

  671. “In highly established democracies, no prime minister could act in such a manner and still retain his or her position. In this regard, I believe Bruce Golding should resign,” said Johnson.

  672. With the airwaves bombarded with criticisms of the prime minister over his belated admission of his role in contracting the United States law firm, government ministers ducked and pointed questions to the party.

    “The prime minister has been forthright. He has been 100 per cent honest and he has put the matter clearly and squarely out in the open,” Vaz said.

  673. “He decided to tell the truth now because people are finding out the truth, so he had to come out and say it. It is obvious that he was trying to cover up from the start. He tried to fool the nation but it did not work. He needs to step aside now.”

  674. Attorney-at-law Harold Brady under pressure:

    “It was an error through a footnote which was corrected last year.”

    Jamaica’s Nobel Hopeful “Bag a Wind”

    “Now is not a time to create smokescreens, to make mountains out of molehills and to try and derail, to detract from the economic success of this Government,”

  675. But Ernest Smith, the South West St Ann MP, was unimpressed by Bunting’s presentation.

    …while arguing that Jamaicans should be focused on propelling themselves out of the clutches of the recession.


    Some make it easy for us to identify themselves ” in Earnest” through their own utterances.

  676. EDITORIAL – Does Mr Golding Have Themoral Authority To Lead?

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding, we conclude, knowingly and deliberately, misled Jamaica about his, and his government’s involvement in the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair.

    Of course, the prime minister has not overtly, or frankly, conceded his lies in his parliamentary statement on Tuesday, preferring, even at this late stage, to hide behind obfuscation and semantics.

  677. GOVERNMENT’S key spokesman Daryl Vaz insisted yesterday that the administration’s handling of the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips affair was “honest and forthright”, while strongly rejecting calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

  678. Jamaica PM admits role against US drug extradition
    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico

  679. LETTER OF THE DAY – Golding’s Dubious Distinction
    Published: Thursday | May 13, 20100 Comments and 0 Reactions
    The Editor, Sir:

    On Tuesday, the country listened as our prime minister, Bruce Golding, attempted to make a most duplicitous, disingenuous and dubious distinction between his administration and his party.

    According to Mr Golding, “What we have, therefore, is a dispute regarding the application of the Treaty.” The parties to this dispute – to my knowledge – are the United States government, represented by that country’s Department of Justice, and the Jamaican Government, represented by our own Ministry of Justice.

    This issue is no clearer and the waters surrounding it no less murky for the prime minister’s statement. What is clear, however, is that when Mr Golding told Parliament that “the Government of Jamaica has not engaged any legal firm, any consultant, any entity whatsoever in relation to any extradition matter other than deploying the resources that are available within the Attorney General’s Department”, his words did not meet the highest standards of truth and accountability that we should expect from our leaders.

  680. The Jamaican people deserve nothing short of a full independent Commission of Inquiry into this “Bradygate.”

    No credible answers are forthcoming from the Jamaicans and Manatt has zipped it. This is actually understandable as speaking with John McShane has brought the matter right up to the highest seat of power in the world. Legal issues abound and understandably the cast members are nervous.

    The Jamaican people need an independent investigation into this.

    Charles Ross need not apply.

  681. From 11:50PM up until 5:24AM you posted 16 comments!

    Do you not sleep? Or is your hatred for the JLP or Olint so deep that it does not allow you to sleep. This blogs seems to be your private daily, sorry hourly sermon.

    You cut and paste articles that seem to support your argument. How come you did not post this one, that seems to somewhat differ from your agenda –

    The PNP is demanding Golding resig