WorldWise Paying ?

The Noel Strachan lead Worldwise appears to have made good on it’s promise to pay investors, as investors have began receiving small principal payments.

They appeared to have started off paying investors with small sums ie balances as low as US$300 and now is stepping up to larger sums.

I have it from an impeccable and a verifiable source that additional payments were made last week, which according to the source, the largest sum paid out  US$1000, while there were other payments between US$500 AND us$1000.

I can also confirm that the some checks were cash out and were good.

I was also made to understand that sums up to US$2000 will be paid out this coming week.

So where is this money coming from to pay WW investors, when one was asked the response was a terse” I really don’t care as long as I get paid”.

So are WW investors the lucky ones, and will everyone get paid, only time will tell.

Olint’s, David Smith issues new email to his clients

This is a copy of the email that was allegedly sent to Olint members this morning.

Dear Club Members,

Let me start by sincerely apologizing to each one of you for the absolute lack of communication on my part with you the members of the club. This has definitely not been my desire but due to the money laundering allegations in the Turks and Cacios Islands directed at me, Olint TCI and TCI FXTraders it has been impossible for me to communicate with you.

I want you all to know that I am aware of the extreme hardship that every single OLINT club member is experiencing due to the position the club is in at the moment. I am aware and deeply sadden by this for as most of you are aware my intentions have always been good and about creating a better standard of life for all involved directly in Olint along with Jamaicans as a whole. I am devastated at the moment that anything that I am involved in can be causing this hardship to so many and I remain one hundred percent committed to not resting until this extreme situation is resolved.

Further I want you all to know that I truly understand what each and every one of you is going through because my family and I are experiencing it also. I know that there are many rumors out there that would contradict my last statement and that is exactly what they are vicious rumors. I urge each and every one of you not to be blinded by the rumors and to weigh in your own minds the things you hear and see them for how farfetched they are.

Once again I stress that I am doing everything in my power to rectify the situation that we are all tied up in and I am not alone, this situation has brought me back to my first love as I have had to go to my knees and seek Gods face.

Remember ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS and I sincerely believe with all my heart that with the Lords’ help all will be resolved. I also believe that this is a time of reflection for us all and that we should listen to see what it is the Lord is trying to tell each of us as we endure this situation.

My wife and I (yes we are still very much together despite the rumors) from the bottom of our hearts want to thank all you club members who have been patient and supportive during this terrible period. And for those club members who have not been, I just want you to know that I understand fully why, and I once again stress that I feel your pain and am doing all that I can to resolve things as quickly as is legally and humanly possible.

I pray for all club members that the lord will give you his peace that passes all understanding, and that the Holy Spirit will bless us all with patience. May the Lord keep each and every one of us as we stand on his promise not to give us more than we can endure .


David Smith

Higgins Warner payments, real or a hoax

Higgins Warner has posted on its website names and “checks” that have been allegedly being sent to its “investors” as payments for monies owed.

They have listed names and amounts send via Fedex, but are these checks for real or are the checks not worth the paper they are written on.

Higgins Warner website

We also decided to track the packages to see if they were actually sent and picked up, see tracking information here.

So is it for real, are these checks good, or just another grand fraud being setup by Max.

You decide

Wild accusations and Olint

“I am sure you are well aware of the crime situation in Jamaica. I am responsible for managing all the crime investigations – the police resources for over 1,500 murders each year plus all the other crimes, etc. As such, my time is very limited.

“There is absolutely no Government influence in this investigation and we will follow up the allegations made, although it is essential that we have the full facts and details, including the relevant documents to show that a fraud has been committed!!!”

So wrote Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green to Dr Christopher Walker who describes himself as ‘a concerned Olint investor’.

The communication, an e-mail, copied to about 10 different addresses, including me, was dated October 7, 2008.


Walker has decided to step up the heat on Olint in a bid to recover the US$2.4M that he invested in the company, but will he be successful , only time will tell.

Read the full article by Mark Wignall here: