Investforlife & HYIP Programs one year later

May 2009 marks  roughly one year since this blog started, and it is interesting the turn of events.  It has been a most interesting year as the details of the Alternative Investment Schemes(AIS)/Un-regulated Financial ORganisations(UFO)  came out. It was however sad to see and hear the stories of persons deceived and deluded, some even to this day.

While there were others, the following persons, Jason, Nocotec, Jay, Robin Irie,  JohnDoe, DaveSin  were particular targets of harsh criticism for the daring to call the HYIPs Scams. So reviled was this group that were driven from a site (blog) that will remain nameless but it is now known as the #4 bus.  Interestingly, it was the suggestions of some of the posters on that blog that resulted in the formation of this blog. 

Their suggestion was taken and was born. One year later, having been featured on NationWide, CVM TV, mentioned indirectly by Observer writers, and over 950,000 page views, Investforlife remains while may UFOs have died along with many supporting websites.

Here is the list of the some ‘programs’ or ‘clubs’ and their prognosis.

  1. Cash Plus – Dead. CEO arrested and charged.
  2. WorldWise  – Dead.
  3. May Daisy – Dead. Anyone knows where the CEO is?
  4. Olint – Dead. CEO arrested and charged.
  5. Capital Blu – Dead  CEO arrested and charged.
  6. TCI FX – Dead.
  7. CARIEF – Bedridden.
  8. Higgins Warner – Dead.

Feeder Clubs – Dead

  1. Lewfam (Jamaica) – Dead
  2. SGL Holdings(Grenada) – Dead 
  3. KUI(Jamaica) – Dead
  4. Wealthbuilders(Jamaica) – Dead
  5. UWIN(Antigua) – Dead
  6. Vision Increase(Panama) – Dead
  7. Regency International(Florida) – Dead. CEO arrested
  8. F1 Investments(Florida) – Dead. Filed lawsuit against May Daisy
  9. Willshaw(St. Lucia) – Dead
  10. RKR Funds – Dead.

Some sites where the predominate theme appeared  to be the defense of the UFOs have also died or changed focus. We congratulate those that allowed the contrary fews to posted.

  1. (dead)
  2. (refocussed)
  3. (in need of cleaning up, controlled by spammers)
  4. – remains for the record.

Thanks to all the contributors that have kept this blog going, despite the challenges. May this experience be a lesson to us. Think and check before you invest.

Higgins Warner announces new payment dates

Max Higgins Warner has announce “new” payment dates on his website.

I suppose by now all Max investors would have recongnized that this man is either really stupid  or just does not know when he has won.

This is what he wrote to his ” investors”.

As of Tuesday, March 10, 2009 loan payments will be paid by bank wire. Bank wire details we don’t have, we will ask for. Please don’t submit your bank wire details unless we ask for it. Also the order of payment will be controled only by Higgins Warner. Do not send us any request for they will not be honoured. Creditors and Lenders will have to wait until they recieve their bank wire. These are hard times through the world, however Higgins Warner will pull through for 2009.

Sign. Emile Maxim St. Patrick Higgins, President/CEO/Chairman
Higgins Warner Group International

I guess he will be the next one in jail, guess we will have to wait and see.

Higgins Warner payments, real or a hoax

Higgins Warner has posted on its website names and “checks” that have been allegedly being sent to its “investors” as payments for monies owed.

They have listed names and amounts send via Fedex, but are these checks for real or are the checks not worth the paper they are written on.

Higgins Warner website

We also decided to track the packages to see if they were actually sent and picked up, see tracking information here.

So is it for real, are these checks good, or just another grand fraud being setup by Max.

You decide

OLINT: Human Tragedy

Roy Walker lies stricken by prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease on his bed in Miami, USA. The Sunday Herald reports, that Roy Walker is a long time childhood friend of David Smith’s mother-in-law, while his son, Christopher Walker, is schoolmate of Tracy Smith. The story reveals that Roy Walker invested his life savings in OLINT, and now he is joins the many investors that have not been paid for months. Dr. Christopher Walker, has already filed a lawsuit against David Smith to recover US $2.5 Million. The money is now needed to care for his dying father but when and if any money will be recovered, no one knows.

Many Hurting
This is human side of the tragedy called OLINT. His case is not the only one, there are many other stories. It includes stories of those hiding from bailiffs, others struggling to pay mortgages and others whose education of their children is now in jeopardy. The stories of pain just keep rolling in. Friendships are strained, marriages are hurting. Many misguided and ill-advised persons mortgaged their houses are not struggling under the weight of loan payments. There are those that placed money set apart University tuition that are now having headaches.

Those that opted to get bigger ‘ride’ are not as bad. Though their egos are bruised, it might be time to trade in for a smaller ‘ride’ and cut the losses.

Christian Duty
The ‘Christian Investors’ you made back more than their principal amount invested, now need to step forward and help those that are suffering. If the Walkers have not recouped their principal, how can some investors sleep knowing that the ‘Roy Walkers’ of this world money might have helped finance their new ‘ride’ or fatten their bank accounts? The ill-gotten gains from PONZIs will need to be refunded. The  ‘Walkers’ must also realize that they are owed just the principal and nothing more.

The Christian Principals of these clubs need to confess, no more games, no more lies. Those Church Leaders that have led the flock astray also need to confess, repent, seek forgiveness and begin the healing process. There is no point defending what was done.  The Bible does warn, as Dr. Walker says in the Sunday Herald, that there will be false prophets.

The Love of Money
Quoting a poster, “nothing is wrong with money”, It is a gift from God and the reality is it is needed to pay the bills, buy food, and acquire health care and so on. We all need to heed the relevant words of 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” 

Further, the scriptures cautions us tells in the tenth commandment flee covetousness, indeed warning us not to focus on what more ‘rich’ man has that we don’t. Paul writing in Philippians 4, tells Christians to be content, trust in God, and that with God is everything is possible and that God is able and that He (GOD) will supply all needs.

Back to God
In times like these we indeed need to be our brother’s keepers. Another sad thing about this is how these SCAMs have once again given Christianity an undeserved bad name. Christianity calls us to be reminded that God, not the FX trader, is the provider, God, not 10% per month, is the saviour and in God, not Man, must we put our complete trust.

Despite the tragedy, there are still those never failing promises that those that are prepare to believe in God can cling to.  One such promise is found in Philippians 4:19, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. Mr. Walker and family, hang on, God cares.



In the comments for this blog we ask that persons share their stories or stories of love ones who are hurting. Please no un-related posts, those can be posted elsewhere. Just post about the suffering and the heartaches caused by the collapse of OLINT or other UFOs.

Sage One: In Vision

And it came to pass that after buning a chalice full of calli weed The Sage One fell into deep meditation and a vision was revealed.

And beheld a small group of denizens who with gnashing of teeth called for brimstones and fire to rain down on he who used to be the Worshipped of The Day. For by now many months had passed since the great consolidation and manna (lint) still had not fallen from “O”enven.

And I speak unto them say “why art thou angry and not of good cheer?”

And they replied as one saying “yu no si di man tek wi moni and gawn?” I enquire of them why their numbers were so small to which they replied “Bwai a nuf piipl get rab but dem shame fi come public, dem no waan piipl si se dem fool fool”.

I enquired of their well being and was “bwai yu waan si di bank tek back di kyaar and wi affi a hide fram di bailiff”.

I the ask them “why did you not heed the warning of the Sage One who prophesied pain and suffering?”

To which they answered: “Yu waan si di money did yuu sweet when it did a run”.


Sage One: Troubled Times

And so it was that the 7th month of the eight year of the third millennia became know as the Great Consolidation. For after all had been said, done, and debated, multitude did divideth into the Anti-linter and the Pro-linters and proceedeth to wait for what must be to be. It was a time when much preaching was done to the converted.

Dearly beloved I say unto thee, it was in the first year of the reign of Bruce the Prodigal aka Bruce the Ditherer that the Plus became Minus, Higgins disappeared without a Warner, paper Daisies failed to bloom, and there were no Lint to remove.

And in the camp of the Pro-linters the faithful gathered for a great prayer meeting. Verily I say unto thee, they sangeth sankeys and reciteth from the good book. The High Priestess “describe potion” and spake unto the faithful saying “Be still” to which her assistants chorused “Tek it easy nuh man”. And so it was that having strengthened their faith they proceeedeth on an indefinite bus ride.

From the back seat of the bus there came grumbling of bills to be paid and bailiffs to be eluded. Dearly beloved, did the Sage One not warn about great pain before he was banished from the bus and his saying deleted by the Guardian of Unreality?

Dearly beloved, it came to pass that the Worshipped of The Day did speak. After he had “hemmed” and “haamed” and said a lot without saying a thing, the future was no clearer. Verily some heard what was to be heard while others heard what they wanted to hear.

Mi gawn bun a chalice and meditate some more


Man, Mother and a Ponzi

Thirteen (13) months before a PONZI offering 10% crashed, a man invested $100,000. Each month he logged on an showed his mother his returns. Every day he pressured his mother to put in  $100,000, telling her that she should only invest what she could lose.

Tired of the pressure, she relented and 3 months before it crashed she invested $100,000. She opted to compound it too as her son had shown her “his big pay day” in a couple months. One (1) month before the PONZI crashed, the man encashed his interest ($213,842.84) and redeemed his principal of $100,000. The next month the the PONZI crashed.

Then he was heard telling his mother “don’t worry, things happen, you win some you lose some”. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Pity he did not know that his mother’s $100,000 investment helped to pay for his interest payment.


Time Line illustrated:

  • Month 01 – Man invests $100,000
  • Month 10 – Mother invests $100,000
  • Month 12 – Man collects $100,000 + $213,842.84 
  • Month 13 – Crash:  No – Payments,  Excuses: Banks, FSC, Due Diligence, Media and Bad Mind
After a few months of excuses the truth is told: PONZI crashed in Month 13
  • Month 16 – Scheme declared Dead- We are unable to pay, Receiver steps in
  • Month 17 – Receiver finds that payments to investors  were being made by money taken from other investors. (see What Happens to the Money in a Ponzi Scheme? )