Wild accusations and Olint

“I am sure you are well aware of the crime situation in Jamaica. I am responsible for managing all the crime investigations – the police resources for over 1,500 murders each year plus all the other crimes, etc. As such, my time is very limited.

“There is absolutely no Government influence in this investigation and we will follow up the allegations made, although it is essential that we have the full facts and details, including the relevant documents to show that a fraud has been committed!!!”

So wrote Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green to Dr Christopher Walker who describes himself as ‘a concerned Olint investor’.

The communication, an e-mail, copied to about 10 different addresses, including me, was dated October 7, 2008.


Walker has decided to step up the heat on Olint in a bid to recover the US$2.4M that he invested in the company, but will he be successful , only time will tell.

Read the full article by Mark Wignall here:



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  1. Walker went out too early. He should wait like all the other members while David Smith spends out the money.

    Walker should follow us and wait around. We are smart. We don’t have the money but to appear to be smart in our little circle is better than us having our money.

    When it is proven that the figures don’t add up we will be vindicated and pat ourselves on the back and say “I told you so.”

    How can having my own money in my own hands compare to that?

  2. but what are the little guys to do… the people with under 100K USD….

  3. Find Unity

  4. Good advise Sean/sirarch…why did u and DS fall out ?…

    Do u think it was appropraite for ur friend Walker to use his sick father on the front of a newspaper for his personal advantage?

    Also Sean do u have a club linked to Olint?

  5. Sirach : you were wrong OBAMA has become the 44th President. wowowowowowoowowowowowowowoowowowowowowoowowo

  6. Yes Feedback….I was wrong. I voted for Barack today. And my prediction was wrong. I have been discredited.

    Yes mk I have a club with DS and I am in trouble. They will probably dust me out before the cases crush me.

    I tried my best. It is time for me to leave for good. I know that feedback and mk and others know that I tried my best.

    I know that the blog will be a better place without me. I tried.

    Better than me is here already and others will have more to share. I was wrong on so many things. Good riddance to Sirach. The time has come.

    Good luck to you all.


  7. One last thing mk….I promise….

    You use the term “personal advantage”…..it seems the man and his father want the money that has been stolen from them……how could that ever be misconstrued as seeking “personal advantage?”

    Stealing people’s money is not some game. Make no mistake about it.

    Peace out.

  8. Please … Sirach …Jay …Jason… whoever Can any of you obtain the Breakfast Club Olint Interviews and post them for your readers to listen…..

    Thanks They would be reallyenlightening to ALL

  9. Wiggle wiggle….o.k. then more squeeze.

  10. The Olint site is back up and running again. Maybe this is good.

  11. yeah, that would be nice.. some people here in farin would love to hear it sean’s comments.

  12. Mek wi hear di tape. Who got it?
    Sirach? Do you have the tape with Belcher & Walker?
    Harbourshark? Mek wi hear it!

  13. I don’t have no tape. Bad news on the way. Sorry.

  14. Harboushark let the news out.

  15. chk this out people http://www.suntci.com/liquidation.asp

  16. John Wildish and the Lawyers meet with investors. Face to face. What about Olint and David Smith. Sit back and cuss badword after yu….ohhhhh…I see.

  17. All some other schemers deny their own identity when the process server come to their home..hahahahahahaahahahahaaaaa


    John Wildish told reporters that the entire sums invested by its clients were intact and individual members would get back their full amount as soon as the company’s request for liquidation was granted by the High Court.

    Even though David Smith, principal of OLINT Corporation is the director in charge of all trading at TCI FX Traders, that company and OLINT were separate entities, a source close to TCI FX Trader told The SUN.

    Go Here: http://www.suntci.com/liquidation.asp

  19. Hi guys, long time. Seems like nothing has changed. The money is gone and chances of getting any back seem to fade with each passing day.


    Lost money in Worldwise? Keen Exchange? Visions Increase? Lewfam etc?

    Live in Florida?

    Contact: Georgia East
    Sun Sentinel


  21. Welcome back Nocotec, you have been missing in action for sometime now.

    Yes its the same ole same, nothing new right now. Some hope from TCIFX ? We shall see

  22. Thanks for the update Sean/Sirarch/Harbourshark

  23. Thanks for yours too.

  24. mk

    Should I pass on your number to Ms East at the Sentinel?

  25. Hope you are fine. Give my regards to LG.

  26. Harbourshark,

    Long time no see.

    The U.S. press will now have a field day investigating this fraud from Jamaica to TCI to Orlando, FL. Let the criminals be exposed.

  27. Antics again. Don’t worry. We note all antics. Ready to go higher up the food chain?

  28. Suspended again. Teacher….why unno teck a set pon mi so? A nuh mi reveal unno malfeasance. A going to defend the innocent all the way. Unno too $^$**(” irasible like Smithy.

    A people pickney wi a defend…..zealous…..like it or not…both unno too a unno side frenetic….without accomplishment…..choose convivial instead of contrite….yeah

    Rastafari……..a people pickney wi a defend……unno think unno bigger than that!

    Up the food chain we go…..welcome.

  29. I like how how unno follow….not bad so far…C+…….get ready….take a breath now……we going to go up steep and sustained. No mariculation…..the real coursework …..as you asked for.

  30. I forgot…One thing I will give to both of you and your crews is this…..you have excellent listening skills……detached as you pretend to certain circles….you listen very keenly. Yeah….A-.

    Now….you see the rung that you went to and locked off a switch? Yeah you know the one. Well I emplore you to check again because I turned it back on. Yeah me.

    I know you think I’m jestering on this one. No. I turned it back on. Titles and shiney pins have hierarchies too you know…of course you know.

    Well call them….they are ahead…check for yourselves….truth be told I have not pondered which one of you two sides did it…..but suffice to say…that switch is back on……all you have to do is check……that is of course if you doubt me.

    Good Morning to you both.

  31. Sir
    Sirach is posing as harbour shark

  32. Sirach, stop give away yourself by posting as Harbourshark. guess you used the wrong PC or login.

    always check when you use multiple accounts.

  33. What a looser!!!!!!!!!!!

    As I stated months ago, the more you talk is the more you reveal uself. Now everybody here know who you are.

    Sean/Sirach/Harbourshark why u dont go back to the UK. You been in JA 4 the past 5-6 months and u still cant accomplish anything but increasing your clown status.

    You were a wannabe Rasta looser b4 OLINT and u still are. You put on you best uptown speak when you on the radio tho. To try mek people tink seh u a upstanding citizen Hahahahahahah.


    You are nothing but a POSER!!!!!!!!

    Rastafari dont like fraudsters, u just as bad as those u always tryin to accuse. Aint no half steppin BIATCH……..

    Go get some of dem meds dat other people close 2 u haffi tek, cause it certainly look like u cross dat line long time. Poor yute, u mek DS mad u. U not only loose u $$ but him tek u sanity as well.

    Look like judgement a reach u, so ck uself b4 its certain destruction for u. Only ting is that u dont realize that u doing it all to uself.

    You only upset because DS tek weh u dream of elevating uself from working inna di patty shop. That wasn’t not so long ago.

    Get a JOB and stop whining!

  34. Calm down Rob. It is you who reveal yourself. Don’t take the bait so quick. Follow the lead of the other bloggers and don’t drop in the trap.

    Let me repeat…..I owe you nothing. Let off your frustrations where it belongs. Instead of pansering to your boss.

    Sean Belcher does not carry no uptown/downtown division….no…. that insecurity is left for the crowd. You show you do not know the man once you went there.

    Ask who had to get the Glasses out of the dirt when another DS used to terrorize you…..you forget quick ehh


  35. You know when I think about it. Sean Belcher and David Smith do have one thing in common for certain…..we view Rob in the same way…..ask Smithy if you think is lie.

  36. What’s your name Rob? My name is SEAN BELCHER.

    What’s yours Rob?

    Even mk is upfront.

  37. What a pity. This blog has deteriorated to frustrated guys comparing the size of their egos…..and their d..ks.

    A royal waste of time….see you all when there really is something to talk about. I long ago diagnosed Sirach as psychotic but didn’t know he had multiple personality

  38. Hahahahahahah!

    Touchy, Touchy. Go tek a MIDOL while u at it.


    “Ask who had to get the Glasses out of the dirt when another DS used to terrorize you…..you forget quick ehh”

    Dont know what u reffering to, however u WRONG AGAIN!

    I know u secrets bwoy. Rob is the name u fool.

  39. Sean/HS/Sirarch

    How long have u been living in turks? why have u and ds fallen out sooo bad that u would go on the air to tear dwn his name like that (yes i know its already in the dirt for most). Making wild wild accusations on Breakfast Club.

    Something happened…whatever it is…it has had more than an economic impact on u…… it seems u need help.

  40. You sure it’s wild accusations? Then why do so many evade service of process if they have nothing to hide?

    Do you know how many people are evading service? I mean most schemer’s and middlemen.

    Help? I graciously decline. I tried to give you what you all asked for….the hundred…..but it is blocked.

    For every 5 blogs or so at least two are blocked for me.

    Let me ask all of you. Do you get your blogs blocked?

    So you spit fire bout me but nothing about the blockers. Then you blame me for not getting your money for you. Let me give you a tip. I not geting money for you so if it is your money you want or your role protected you need to do something for yourselves.

    Don’t waste time being distracted by me on the blog.

    I tried to give you the hundred. I was blocked. Even recently i was sending unno some hints and it was blocked.

    The investigators have their stance….why? Guess? Because they have no money in UFO’s …..what about the perpetrators? Do they have your money or do you have theirs?

  41. Remember this old post

    Sirach, on July 8th, 2008 at 12:02 pm Said:
    All you scardy pants backers of DS

    Get a job, get your hair did, go a school …..lazy life off DS and buy house and car set……join the game of Merit…..if you have any…..SLACKERS…..Olint done! You money GONE! and you get #%^&

    hahahahahaaa…..even you Rob had some good posts back then.

    Hindsight is really 20/20 check some of the old posts from the likes of Davesin, needy, Jay, Jason and others.

  42. hahahahaaaaa

    Olint-for-life, on July 11th, 2008 at 7:29 pm Said:

    Dem say in any group situation, you always have one person that behaves so silly, that dem keep distracting everybody else.

    Dat person is good fi one job and one job only, and dat is to provide “Comic Relief”. Jason, these blogs just can’t do widout yuh and yuh comic relief.

    However, a Sirach you could neva be.


    I miss you Olint for life….that one is a classic.

  43. Classic CJ…..

    CJ, on July 11th, 2008 at 9:33 pm Said:
    Samson, David Smith cast aspersions on his own integrity by his contradictory stories, (going all the way back to January), failed promises, and missed deadlines, and now the arrogant silence out of OLINT.

    His is doing a fine job destroying his own integrity all by himself, he does not need any help from the rest of us.

  44. Who could forget Winston Niney

    winston niney, on August 26th, 2008 at 12:51 pm Said:

    Sirach..you have been unfrocked,you are JDW from Turks and Cacois,the former partner.

  45. the screwed up thing, is the only thing that has been uncovered is the bloggers identity.. not the full 100

    I have suggested to all who want, that there are other blogs in which the full 100 can easily be posted.. the old Cash Plus/ Higgin Warner blog for example. once the word is out, that it is posted, then it will be for all to see.

    Now Sean.. no offense but you do not sound too righted. like the stress get to you. Unless you is a rich man, if you had anybody money piggybacking with, I would be very concerned,.

    Things looking very sh!tty. .there is no money… Court appointed liquidators are being fired ( in case of Cash Plus). JLP seems to be also firing the head of FSC and replace with someone new. George Roper gone.

    THe cover up seems to be in full swing

  46. Me being wealthy has nothing to do with it. It is not any scheme that caused that. People say they could afford to loose what they put in. But when asked why they call then there is always that eerie pause.

    The Kankadore situation is not just about firing a liquidator. Would you want a disbarred lawyer to handle the concerns of the money for the people? The man changed state and was busted.

    Would you want a gambler to tell you that they need time to recoup the money you lent them?

    George Roper is not GONE he just is not the head of the FSC in Jamaica.

    It was always upfront that he would not get the position.

    I wish the new head all the best.

    The FSC has always faced problems with the scamers as they and associated persons tend to be members.

    The cover up speaks for itself.

    Of many mistakes David Smith’s biggest was probably his lack of understanding of how the World works. He dealt with who in his perception run tings. I think he has learnt that all is not as it seems. There is a big difference between thoose who push themselves up in small ponds and who has substance.

    His premptory stance was always days and years late.

    The ostentatious lifestyle and non payment do not mix well.

    Members of Olint are again days away from the promised land. This time D-Day has been defined by the man himself. He has expressed the confidence of his attorney’s publicly. He has expressed his confidence privately as well.

    Let us hope for the masses that payouts are forthcoming. He has said long ago that I will be paid last. The statement implies that everyone will be paid. Be careful. He knows who he paid first and he knows I know how when where and why.

    Someone said to me recently that the impact on the economy is minimal because with Ponzi’s the money circulates back …just changes hands….we must ask then…did the money come back into our economy?

    What is for certain is that without the people who stood up to David Smith in public and in private the rest of you would be strung along for much longer.

    Yes cull many ask why I have taken the stance I have while being independently wealthy without Olint.

    One reason is that I have helped suffering members pay mortages,school fees, medical and living expenses and food from my own pocket.

    That is now over and the beneficiaries must look to Olint.

    In March of this year as one of the biggest supporters of Smith and in light of the “pressure” and because he told me it was a conspiracy I gave Smith a quarter million US dollars. In late May as I watched him play golf I thought of thoose I had left in Jamaica who because of my longstanding friendship with him begged me to interceed on their behalf for medical expenses.

    “No more business now Sean….no more lawyers…..let’s go in the casino now..”

    “David, granny inna St. Mary want some flour fi rub and some sardine….”

    I will never forget that.

    Wagonists have sold Smithy for rice and peas…..he has not empowered the weak but rather the opposite.

    Ultimately, he has no one to blame but himself.

  47. Sirach – You really had a lot to say in the last post. Very revealing indeed.

  48. Max Higgins is at it again – http://www.higginswarner.com/

    He claims to have come into a LOT of money and is scheduled to “tour” Jamaica Dec. 1-12.

    Word here is that all payments will be made BEFORE he arrives, perhaps to ensure he is not strung up 🙂

    He is also taking new deposits, though he has taken this out of the website today. Been replaced with a list of “payouts”.

    Here we go again ????

  49. “Rumours of Bailout Coming to the Rescue”

    Nov 13th Latest.


  50. Hurry….we get ready to reveal more associations…….we are in the mood.

  51. OK who was that posing as Sirach @ 3.15 pm ???
    Im confused
    Anyways after much denial pple are now coming to the harsh realistion that Ds is cruel cold and callous
    I know of a young lady diagnosed with a debilitating illness that has her barely hanging on at work

    She always had moderate sums in olint but due to her illness decided to take a home equity loan late last yr just to see if she could rustle up some money for treatment
    a risk yes but one she took based on the purported performance of the fund ( all indicators now however suggest false gains/fund performance )

    Well we all know what happened next
    Not everyone suffering is from greed and it pains my heart that Ds is gambling , whoring ,sporting
    Golfing ?? through these peoples pain !

  52. @ Sean

    would you say that you should bear the consequence of your actions.

    most people here do not know DS personally, so only could go by his reputation., which to the general public was a Christian man from a good family with good family values and a great trader

    you seems to have known him personally, and know of his sporting, gambling , girls and had more insight that most that all that he projected was not so.

    you still put more money into the scheme AFTER seeing the signs on the wall, I would suggest that you did so because you were greedy.

    while being greedy is not a crime, we must also take the consequence of being greedy, which is reckless investment, which can cause massive losses.

    we are all in the same boat, because David conned us, but he conned some of us because we do not know him, and others because inspite of knowing his ways, were greedy.

  53. “you still put more money into the scheme AFTER seeing the signs on the wall, I would suggest that you did so because you were greedy.”



    “Yes cull many ask why I have taken the stance I have while being independently wealthy without Olint.”




  54. Rob let me tell you something. I do not need to look good to anyone. You speak as if you know me so well that you know all bout my money and me. You are way off the mark. Perhaps people feed you info to set you up.

    It is evident that Ihave touched some nerve. Well I have stated my name for all to see Rob….and the bloggers know who is coward and who is not. Perhaps that is the nerve that has been touched.

    Maybe…jusy maybe people who deal with “making themselves look good” are the one’s who don’t like to be revealed as cowards. i wouldn’t know.

    A word on people putting money in Olint this year. People did that up untils June. The names and the relations to the names are boggling. To know that people would sell out there own family like that is unbelievable.

    Anyway if as needy claims it was all a hoax then those who recieved money are in reciept of other people’s own…….oh dear…..

  55. Rob why don’t you take a page from most of the very intelligent bloggers who sit back and read only and do not run into traps set by sirach?

  56. Needy I do agree with bearing the consequences of one’s own actions. I think my stance on that is obvious for all to see.

    But some don’t like that stance because they can’t stomach that advice themselves.

    It is obvious that some are very uptight about the consequences coming.

    Do you agree needy?

  57. i dont business with the reasons why or why not should hav could hav if i dont get back my tings read my name.

  58. Needy

    Are we all in the same boat? You sure?

    I am sending frustrated people to prison.

    You sure we are all in the same boat?

  59. Bloggers…..If I get the go ahead I will give you ALL my account details. Then you won’t have to show that you lack comprehension skills concerning the $70,000.

    Talking about the interveiw and listening keenly are two different things.

  60. Sirach,

    you should start your own blog… you really should, uncensored and totally free to say what you want when you want.

    In any case I’d love to get more details from you, if you care to mail me at.

    virustrap at hotmail.

  61. Ur story has change course soo many times. You have lied and twisted the truth. You have blogged under 2 seperate names and actually had conversations with yourself. You have promised things which u cannot deliver. You have accused people of things that you cannot substantiate, but of which you yourself are certainly guilty of.

    If all that is not the true sign of a coward then I do not know what is!

    Yes u have touched a nerve! I tired of u bullshit man. I know both who and what u really are. You left Jamaica a ZERO and come back a ZERO. Now u just a negative.

    Its funny, obviously you do not understand the term INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY. That you are definately not!!!!

    The only individual feeding me info is yours truly…..Guess you running some big propaganda move now, how deep down the rabbit hole does SIRACH’s intelligence and strategy go?

    PATTY BWOY you are a joke, only you have come on this board to make claims about yourself and what you know with some twisted SELF PROMOTIONAL objective.

    LITTLE PIG u strategy was 2 try to get people so pissed off that they would rise up with you to try pressure your BREDGRIN DS. Another of your many failures in life you cant even do that.

    Some advise, you need a little more substance to be a real man and not a bwoy.

    “Needy I do agree with bearing the consequences of one’s own actions. I think my stance on that is obvious for all to see.”

    I hope u ready to back dat talk up LITTLE PIG. Cause now u relying on DS to tek u ass out of the pot.

    “It is obvious that some are very uptight about the consequences coming.”

    It was qite obvious to me that u were very uptight on the radio, u probably neva even shit da morning.

    “Rob why don’t you take a page from most of the very intelligent bloggers who sit back and read only and do not run into traps set by sirach?”

    Beacuse they need people like me, I provide them a very valuable service. Unfortuanately I have assumed the job of cleaning the FULL 100 pieces of shit like u out of this pit toilet.

  62. Calm Rob….hold on to your bonnet.

    Bloggers…Rob says you need people like him. Any comments?

  63. Rob….BTW….we still waiting on your name. Surely after doing so much for the people they deserve to know who you are. Who?….not what…..we know that already.

  64. Sirach,I think u full of shit and I told u so so many times.
    When u siad u will not post here no more, I was so happy.
    Look, we all lost a lot of money,some more than others.Each of us for our own reasons had money with D.S,whether GREED,NEED,ILLNESS,SCHOOL FEES,whatever.This is not reason for us to ridicule one another or mislead each other.
    Whenever I posted in the past,I made sure it was something I felt strongly about,whether,my reasoning or rumors from people I think are reliable sources.
    What I do not tolerate is when people like you come on board and feed us a lot of Bullshit.
    The other one was the doctor who put a picture of his dying father on the newspaper and blame D.S.
    I’m sorry,but a doctor who probably has a practice and earning money?That is also CRAP.D.S. IS not killing your father.The father is sick,and though that is sad,it is no one’s fault.
    Instead of using media and playing games on blogs,we should be helping one another,either by way of information or consolation or any other beneficial way.
    Sirach,I really do hope for your sake,either stop posting or change your ways.If u not careful,u will end up in the mad house.Careful, don’t take anyone else with you.


  65. Sirach,stop trying to find out people ID on this blog.That is not what the blog was created for.There has to be anonymity for people to voice out their opinion freely.
    Just because you got exposed due to your own stupidity.Give it up man!!!
    You sounding like a whining old BITCH who don’t get screwed in ages.Stop it man!!


  66. “You have accused people of things that you cannot substantiate…”

    You sure?

  67. The last time I was asked to substantiate some things and produced the hardcopy evidence a never heard a peep out of them rass again.

  68. Hahahahahah!

    U still trying to mobilize the masses?

    Dat strategy neva work 4 against DS so do uself a favor an pack it up nuh.

    However I would love to play some poker with you, so I could tap into some of that INDEPENDENT WEALTH. Your moves are sooo very transparent.

  69. Sirach,
    If you can substantiate go ahead and stop the games.IF YOU CANNOT,……SHUT UP AND EAT SHIT.

  70. Everybody touchy…….What has to be substantiated is in the right hands. If you are not implicated then why so touchy?

  71. Transparency is a good thing….so is accountability.

  72. Let me tell you something MRS…..you may have and understanding that my identity was only recently reavealed to the masses….you are free to believe.

    Call the major law enforcement authorities around the world and ask them if the many names I have used were EVER a secret.

    You must think. If you do not understand that’s fine too.

    I made no one sick and have no money for no one….I’m sorry others have done something to make you upset. Perhaps you may want to speak with them directly. I’m not trying to sway you in any way. You are free.

    However, telling me to eat shit while my mouth is closed is a little silly……don’t you agree?

    I do not have your money.

    I do not owe you a thing.

    I empathise about somone having done something wrong to you as you suggest.

    Your responsibility is not mine and vice versa.

    I wish you all the best in your success.

  73. Mrs

    I agree with u. That Doctor took things to a real low to bring his very sick father on the front of a newspaper for his own personal gain – trying to seek public sympathy. as a doctor he wld have certainly been in a position to care for his father…..so what else did he use his image for?


    He really agree with ur friend?

  74. Sean/Sirach/HS

    Why did u turn on ur big friend Smithy?

  75. “I made no one sick and have no money for no one….”


    “I do not have your money.”

    SOUND LIKE A PIG!!!!!!

    “I do not owe you a thing’

    LOOK LIKE A PIG!!!!!!!

    Sirach, on November 13th, 2008 at 7:02 pm Said:
    Transparency is a good thing….so is accountability.



    Sirach, on October 29th, 2008 at 9:42 am Said:
    Fool..hahaha….Belcher is Harbour Shark. Seems everybody but you knows that. Harbour Shark got banned long time.


    U WANT MORE?????

    Sirach, on July 9th, 2008 at 11:55 pm Said:
    Olintforlife, Oneil all

    Sirach sets the record strait.
    I do not think DS is a conman. I also do not think Olint is a Ponzi. But I also do know the obvious that a manager he is not.


    The documented list of your deciet and lies exists here on the board and can be presented against u.
    U are such a hypocryte Sean, u life and the vibes it is projecting is just turning into a sad comedy.
    Sirach, on July 11th, 2008 at 12:51 am Said:
    WE have requested CLARITY never received it…..NOW we demand clarity simple. Olint will be reliquished of their LEAD role position…simple.
    If they resist then there resistance will be made public for the people to judge…simple


  76. r@@@@s
    the blog get life again……sirach u have lost it buddy.
    i dont know wha you are lik ein real life, didnt even get to hear the bfstclb interview. (dam!!)
    but dude, get a grip of yourself. you are coming across as someone who is not entirely in control of yourself.
    its been sad sitting back and watching your slow deterioration from a somewhat rational person with more or less interesting if not always informative posts, to what now seems linke uncontroallable rants from a raving lunatic.
    sorry dude, i’m not trying to pile on here, but u are a sad picture!

  77. ^
    my first post in quite awhile. i had to comment on sirach’s continued abuse of the blog

  78. “Doctor took things to a real low to bring his very sick father on the front of a newspaper for his own personal gain – trying to seek public sympathy”

    You people nhave really become jaded. Your “big ???” friend Smithy can’t pay the Doctor 50 cents…….He is a debtor.

    Yet you attack his creditor….you are jaded bad.

    Anyway…good luck to those who will have to answer.

  79. Sirach

    Just giving a shout out to the man.
    I can see you are having a hard time with the other bloggers; such is life.

    I don’t believe you are this Sean Belcher, but I can understand everybody’s frustration with you because they (me included) want their money now, and we all know you can’t help. Only DS can (or cannot), I don’t know. But we wait (in vain or not).

    My take on you is that you deliberately get under everybody skin (I think for the fun of it when people start to respond negatively to your postings), but I don’t let that bother me, and I encourage all other bloggers not to let Sirach provoke your sanity.

    Whether you know the “full 100” or not is irrelevant at this time, because I cannot see where this is helping any of us get our money quicker or not.

    I come to the blogs mostly to read and to see what is going on with people and their frustrations, not to laugh or cuss, but to emphasize with them. I see Sirach as just one person who in his own unique way, is doing just that, just like everybody else (some people cuss, some people pray, some people encourage).

    Sirach, I enjoyed reading your past “philosphical” commentaries, because I see that as you expressing yourself in your own unique way, providing some amount of humour to allow us to pass the time while we wait on what we may be told in the future, good or bad.

    So guys, I know that you are all mad as hell with Sirach, but cut him some slack, or at best, ignore him if you can. Why, if we all didn’t want our money from DS, none of us would be here blogging.

    So take care now and goodnight.

    PS. I gone back into reading mode.

  80. Unno getting real ancy now. Hmm…some movement must be taking place.

    Well fro the blogs i see you are well prepared to provide answers in another forum. Also you do not seem to be implicated in any wrongdoing. Good for you.

  81. correction, empathise, not “emphasize”

  82. It’s a pleasure Olint for Life.

    Remember that although most come to the blogs because Smith has their money and is not giving it to them there are also others who come to the blog.

    Lawyers…..authorities etc. In fact if you are as astute as I think you are you will note that whenever I use the term authority…or law enforcement or words to such effect a particular blogger can’t hold back and jumps in.

    Have you noticed that Olint for life?

    I want people to be paid. Rob wants to threaten with blogs being used agaqinst me. So logic you want to be against the one who wants people tonbe paid….I see. You want to use stuff?…..so you mean court?……You run from court and then run your mouth on court same time.

    Have some respect for the bloggers.

  83. Night-night. Try don’t let me rile you up.

    I leave you with one thought.

    If Smithy says people’s lawyers are idiots…..and if Smithy says he will drag any Civil case out for 5+ years…and if his own people say privy counsel…..that sounds like a long time to me…….do you agree bloggers?

    Then I ask you how milk and honey is promised to you as early as next week Monday the17th of November with such alacrity.


  84. Sirach

    Hold on a minute.
    I think bloggers are underestimating your knowledge of current happenings. I told my friends privately that I don’t wish to post on these blogs anymore because I don’t want to put anybody on an emotional roller coaster.

    So I will say this much:
    Sirach, if you know what I think you know, please do not comment any further. Just allow things to play itself out naturally for all to see.

  85. O.K. Olint for life. That is sound judgement. You are a resonable person and a scholar.

    The blog has been an interesting pastime exploring our society.

    It is of course unofficial. At TRIAL we will see who is who.

    Good talk Olint for Life.

  86. Sirach….Link up north florida…..you know…..asap

  87. Hahahahah!

    What a joke the both of u really are. Get a room.

    BTW Sirach u really give me way 2 much credit. Now once again u teking public information which was fed 2 u, and presenting it as if you are somehow “in the know”. The November date is old news clown boy.

    After the 17th I going repost some of you chatter regarding what u claim was going happen 2 u bredgrin DS and him crew as a result of their current situation. But as usual based on what u hear, u trying to step back from u previous stance.

    No matter what elementary propoganda tactic u employ u still transparent. so tek u Mummy/Sista advice and hold u comment. U shoulda read some books when u was a sit behind the counter a sell patty & Cola Champagne.

    U were always a looser from u was a yute, and I can see that u grow up to be a master in that arena. Maybe is all dat weed u smoke tun u inna clown.

    GO GET A JOB!!!

  88. *rubbing hand together* hmm fiya again!

  89. Hey money losing peeps. What do you all know about these guys?

    Gerald Puey and Partners Financial join the ‘hoodwinking gang’


    If the above is true. Jamaica really gone bad. Then again all investors may have deserved it.

  90. If DS gave me back all my money right now I would only have one thing to say about him…..He is an arrogant,selfish, Ignorant a$$ _ol_…Arrogant to really think beacuase he has paid off certain people that he is in the clear..haha funny..selfish,to be quite relaxed and comfortable while people and their families are suffering in every sence while he says “my lawyers say I shouldn’t talk”,yea sure bro you really care about the wickedness reaching families that you think your silence really helps…so whether you give back money or not ,take you”%10″ and put it where the sun dont shine…But you never ever forget God dont sleep so gwaan think say you scotch free…….

  91. If DS give me back my funds i hail him as a hero….

  92. reality..

    if money was to be given back, it would have happened already.

    DS, is in self preservation mode ( not Olint or Olint Clients preservation)

    Sean ranting is an annoyance, but, he does not owe us money ( maybe he owes his piggybackers, but thats his problem).

    We need to focus on how to get the money from David Smith..

    we are easy to blame one another, but the real guy who has our money and knows how it went is David Smith. we are quick to blame NCB ( who made record profits this year) FSC, Banks, Auditors, JLP, Police, etc.

    But why not ask DS why him not even have the decency to give us regular updates, we have to be at blogs to decipher the crumbs of information that is being presented.

    People who says that we must await the trial are either naive at how thing works.

    you are saying wait two years ( which is a speedy trial) or at least 5 years if the defendant wants to stretch it out .. typically defendants do that before they pay out money.

    thus who wants to see the outcome of the trial are really saying that we must WAIT 5 YEARs !!!

  93. Kiss teet….bout news November 17th, where is it? Unu love chat foolishness the only news you goin hear is wait 9 more months.

  94. lol@dream dash weh…
    dem always seh ‘all that is done in the dark must come to light’
    One day we will all know di full hundred.

  95. From the other blog:

    RedP Says:
    November 17, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    Hey folks, happy b’day to all you November ppl. I’ll keep it brief.

    Court case adjourned to Jan 9, understand that Judge is getting p-oed and ready to dismiss.

    Also heard that payments scheduled to start March 09. As you know, dont take it for gospel cuz

    anything right now is hearsay. 😦

    Love unnu, hang tight ppl!!


    If this is true we are in for a rougher time. I literally wont have any money in my name come Xmas. Im getting desperate.

  96. Dreamdashweh

    which is the other blog??

  97. How can a judge “get ready” to dismiss? That does not sound like a position of a jurist. Something does not add up in that statement.

  98. How can a judge “get ready” to dismiss? That does not sound like a position of a jurist. Something does not add up in that statement.

    A cas that does not take place on November 17th and does not take place on November 18th is “adjourned” until Jan 9th.

    And……the judge has been lucid enough to “want to dismiss”

    Naturally this a propitous time for the backers to placate another goalpost movement.

    Get ready for the usual suspects to take my comments as a precusor to spew their myopic adulteration about me while painstakingly avioding the subject of the Olint debacle.

  99. Where the news about court case come from? Is who start it ? cause me cant get no confirmation that anything go so. People stop stir up foolishness and create false hope. people in misery and that cant help them, worse in a time like this.

  100. It was David Smith who said the court case was to be on November 17th. He called me and told me personally. CM mentioned it as the 18th on the Breakfast Club. Many others heard it from the man himself. I knew there was no such thing but I waited cause certain bloggers need to see through the blinkers for themselves.

    To them nothing DS does is reprehensible. If he happened to pay them tomorrow they would not consider Smith a rogue. Unbelievable!….and largely harmless…but….they teach their offspring this inanity and the poor kids grow up to impugn all things that are outside the scope of the parents. Sometimes with much gusto as well!

    ….and we wonder what is wrong with our society…

  101. This crap need to stop. Sirach which part him deh?? Him call from Dubai, Canada or TCI ? where him hiding? You dont tell him say the monkey business not fooling people anymore.

  102. DS is not hiding. In his limited World he believes that he has paid who is significant to his agenda. Not a bad strategy except for one fatal flaw. To embark on such a program one MUST be sure where the hegemony really lies. I do not know which officious fool (or fools) gave him advice on this but the selections he choose were all nominal.

    The total deapth of the thing is so recondite that Smith can not comprehend.

    From who we know he paid we can see a clear pattern of the “advisors” lack of depth. Amazing how far you can get in Jamaica with less than rudimentary skills. The repercussions emanating from their false assuredness are more than they can manage at this time. Surprised they shall surely be as the more virulent consequences are yet to come.

    Resignations abound and offers are refused but the powers that be are moving too slow.

    They are NOT Hermetic. Change the advisors is the most I could help them with. The foundering is not impressive.

  103. So Sirach, whe him deh??? Gimme a place and number cause me need to conversate wid him

  104. To what end? Many conversate with him and visit too. Some of them are on the blog now. Ask them dontgiveadamn because I am sure you can appreciate that I will not.

  105. So what was the overall agenda of DS Sirach? Was it the same as CH?…to just milk as much money out of people and live lavishly? We keep hearing who has been paid off to keep things covered up and on the quiet. Let me tell you it is working. All the people want to hear is when we can get back the money. Trust me even 10% would help me out alot.

  106. People.. I say… time pass easier when you tell a person next week, or couple of weeks..

    fact is any court case, even speedily will be 2 years… 5 years would be typical..

    if they tell people that, it will cause more discomfort.. so we operate on a carrot on a stick basis.

    so January seems near… then March.. then June.. then December..

    Any body here a peep from Ricky Azan.. his time to pay would be almost up..


    we would be foolish to think that the court case was the hold up

  107. I always told the guru himself that to build alliances from the “top”was fatuous. When they are built from the “bottom” up they are formidable. The facetious are a plenty in our land but have only an ephemeral stamina.

    To say you have money with Olint but told people not to join borders on tautological. We are truly an image society. This is borne out of a sad history we have yet to transend. Unbelievable! We are almost in 2009!

    We postulate the titles of the colonial masters like “Sir” and “Lord” and “honorable” and “Premier” in such high esteem as if we are better than the bredrin pon di gully bank. Egocentric….and when you learn that your perception of yourself is only accepted by the few on your stratum you get all uptight.

    Smithy fell in to this trap for sure and truth is I could not have believed he would in a 100 years! But he did.

    They are definately cupable although the man himself must hold responsibility.

    Sad….very sad indeed. In retrospect I should have taken a more proactive approach on Stratharin Ave that day….the next thing the man was surrounded by the “Vampires of the Vanity”……mercy…..the rest was history. The unbelievable part is that as the guard was changed the replacements come from the same ilk.

  108. Hmmm…Carlos Hill is a hard read sometimes. What we do know is that people like them historically feed on the attention and “love” and “admiration” from the crowd. They may even believe that their own scheme is viable. In a corrupt kind of way. Understand?

    The thing they hate the most is jail. In jail they loose all the false sense of identity that they crave when they are free. Nothing makes them pay money fast like jail….not even other threats….because they can still show an image. Locked up they cannot. Remember Hill’s statement on TV? “Once I am out everybody will be paid” Well he’s been out. Right?

    Not even a gun in their mouth and having urinated on themselves can halt their kind of mania. All when them bodyguards get damage the next day you would not know. They would dine others at a fine resturant right after.

    People say of these types “I don’t undertand he looks so confident and calm” but those close in their camps are drawn and emotionally on the edge.

    I’m no psycologist perhaps one could come on the blog….but I suppose they would want $$$….nothing wrong with that.

  109. One thing is certain. If you think CH and these guys should make decisions conserning your money you are wrong. I blogged the info about gamblers who seek to make back and all I got for that was ridicule. the stories will be much sadder 9 months or 90 months from now.

  110. U come in like the ENERGIZER blogger 2 rass. If only you were not guilty of some of the very same things. U finger must b tired of pointing by now.

  111. And on the Olint matter?……

  112. What things are they guilty of? Please elaborate.

  113. Friend of Sirach

    I apologise to you unreservedly. You were right again. You call me naive and I defend. I will contemplate again. The victory is yours today enjoy it..you had it down almost to the exact date. Tell us what you know friend….are you a prophet?

  114. MRS

    What happen…in court today?

  115. Sean/Sirach

    are u still in contact with DS since ur radio interview?

  116. I am in contact through filings and requests for production but we have not spoken since October.

  117. Rabbit has kindly given the RJR link to us.


  118. Prior to October we spoke last in late May/Early June in person. In July he asked a mutual friend to have me contact him….I tried a couple times to no avail. In September I was asked not to go and see him while on Provo. Who knows what I will be “asked” this time when I go.

  119. If you have some PROOF that it is some bad mind conspiracy then forward such substantiable works to Sirach. All you need after that is to sit back, relax and watch.

  120. We nuh cater to adult…a pickney we defend and we have no rival there.

  121. No mercy…..Sirach going to start paying out soon. Middlemen going to get ancy. No olint money either. Sirach own money.

  122. People who gave money to Sirach will have a Christmas (smile)……what about the others? They are in our prayers.

  123. Say this again.

    what hope must we have on January 9.

    Olint was not paying even when there was no freeze on his assets. the freeze occurred in June.

    most people waiting on the money from last January and was getting all kind of excuse.

    even if David Smith won his court case, we would only be back at the same place we were last January

  124. Sirach help me out if you gonna pay out.

  125. Sirach that is the best news I have heard in a long time.
    Bless you!

  126. Will my last post make it? Is it in pergutory?

  127. Sirach? I attempted to thank you for your generosity and it has been slow to show up on the blog.

    Thank you again for what you are doing to fight for justice, your money and OUR money.

    Please set up my little Christmas much.

    Maybe some of the other “middles” will also follow and pay out a little Christmas to the suffering.


  128. A lot of blocking going on today.


    Sorry I response for my people only. I recommend you check whoever you gave your money to. Maybe my example will let them give you the proper consideration you deserve.

  129. is Sirach santa claus.. how come him a get money fi a pay out people . what gives

  130. Sirach what ur email?

  131. All my people know the e-mail. Something tells me DreamDashWeh that you have been bad this year and are not on Sirach’s list.

  132. No Sirach I am a small fries who is just struggling. I just need a little help to get through December

  133. Friend of Sirach….you are very welcome…..Atlanta…..you are welcome…..you should see unno crew cross the water hahahaa Jumping up and down…literally….i never see them so happy yet. All yard crew seh is session time now.

    Hey….unno don’t stop watch the show yu nuh…..o.k. just that is all I ask. bless up.

  134. Bwoy Dream….who you gave your money to?

  135. Money a gi weh?!

  136. Hahahahahahah!

    U still perpetrating u fraud ways?

    If anyone here believe this new and convenient story, then I have a bridge I want to sell u……..Cheap, Cheap.

    Oh I forget…..U independently wealthy. RIIIIIIGHT!

    For the person who still dont deliver on his FULL 100 promises (yes plural) and denied that he was in fact SB, and has blogged under numerous blog identities, while carrying on entire conversations with himself, and cannot substantiate one thing he has claimed outside of hearsay. And changed his position on numerous occasion……..etc……etc…..etc. I think you catching my drift……..Right?

    And by my count tell more lie dan DS himself. Unfortunately 4 u your chat is documented 4 all 2 see.

    If anyone here is fool enuff 2 believe dat u going pay anybody out of your own (bruk) pocket, from the pure goodness of your heart, then dem need 2 have dem frontal lobe removed jus like u. How much of u little frien dem u recruit 2 help u on u new strategy?

    Cause if you dont think 4 one second that u once again not transparent u truly delusional. U miscalculate u plan once again….U think you know but yute u dont have no idea. Keep trying.

    BTW how much of you own $$ u had invested with OLINT, and for how long? Remember now all this can and will be backed up in due time.

    Dem a play u like a fiddle cause dem get u hype @ every turn. Hush!

  137. A lot of focus has continually being shifted.. is not Sirach have most people money.. is not FSC, is not NCB, is not JLP, is not Auditors , etc..

    A David Smith have me money, and me would a want some a it back… even if a nuh everything ( which I know I will never get back)

  138. Rob

    And on the Olint matter?……..

  139. Come now Rob….don’t call DS a liar like that. I’m sure he would not like it.

  140. Breaking News

    After a year Wachovia has completed the due dilligence exercise on Olint.


  141. Look Rob and others of similar intent….

    If you are a part of the intimidatory machinery that the Commission of Inquiry investigates then that is your free choice. The terms of reference now cover a wider geography. Sirach cautions you against such a role. You can not say I did not advise you on this matter.

  142. Olint is what it is.

    Dem tek people money….People want dem money….People still a try get dem money…People want to know if it even possible to get dem money..

    What people do not need is others adding insult to injury by manipulating their emotions and warping the truth. Especially when it is motivated via a selfish agenda, and then presented under the guise of some charitable benevolence….

    Look nobody cant wrong u for trying to go get what is yours. However when u start use innocent victims as a tool in your own personal drama that is just plain wrong. Den when u get exposed u dont just cool off and try step correctly, but instead escalate the level of u fraud thinking it will add life to ur charade.

    Ask uself how much positive returns u get from you public life on the blog and radio? See if you book dem balance, just do the accounting cause im sure those numbers dont lie….

  143. First of all I am sorry to hear that you are intimidated by me.

    Secondly I have absolutely nothing to fear from any Commission out of any jurisdiction.

    Thanks for your advise, however I am a bit more particular regarding the character of my chosen advisors, unfortunately u come up waaaaaaaay short.

    The hypocrite always blames those for the very things they themselves are guilty of.

  144. Rob you seem more reasonable to dialouge now.

    Let us be clear. I have no issues with being exposed. The authorities asked me to identify myself and my blogging names months ago and I did.

    The Commission has less to do with nany individual but is significant in terms of exposing how Jamaica chooses to govern itself. What integrity and morals the country may or may not be lead. So the issue is bigger in scope and depth.

    I have defrauded no one. I do not legally represent anyone and I do not tell people that no money is there as some other legal advisors have done.

    I have never sought positive returns. Certainly not from home….why? If that is worth something i would be interested to hear..serious.

    Most of the money in Olint for me is principal. That’s just a fact. When I pay those who are in my trust then an even higher percentage will be mine.

    Now Rob….and I say this with all respect because I feel you might be ready to be reasonable:

    Many things have hapened positively in terms of the schemer’s getting their act together and more importantly moving. As far as I am concerned their pace is way below the respect that their investors deserve. Now this is my opinion…. sure.

    But one thing I am sure of is that without the sufferers being empowered and encouraged to stop fearing the scamers then we all would not have progressed to even where we are.

    I ask you Rob with all respect what is your feeling on the above suggestion pout forward by me.

    I have written proof of their movement that in the beginning they told even their client and crony would not become necessary.

    Now I am not satisfied in the least David Smith et al. As such I am clearly demonstrate that he is out of the league. Notwithstanding his own assesment of himself in his sheltered existence he has lived in all his life.

    The payments that I make shortly are the last poayments I shall make on David Smith’s behalf.

    One thing again Rob…..He owes me. Full Stop. I deo owe him about a matter of something he said but that is personal between he and I and I will give him what is owed in person in due course.

  145. Bloggers…..do you share the view that Sirach caqn be intimidated?

    Story of fact:

    A very ethnocetric and insecure jusrist approached me fairly recently and with him he brought a security blanket. I opted to be very cordial as this is the way i was raised. He then proceeded to bring an intimidatory argument to me (the kind lawyers like…becuase they no not the strret). So i answered with a very tame one liner because I wanted to acertain exactly where he wanted to go with his train of thought. He scampered off…with the security blanket and all….even I was surprised as well as the other witness who was there.

    A little after I notice a bredda come fi watch me…..in YARD! Clearly the character of his advisors is as lacking their knowledge….so….I walk to him and look inna in him face….(mi detail was not there) and before I could say anything…he too scampered off……so I watch him jump into a ride and pulling out so fast he had to stamp on his brake because he almost struck a poor old lady passing by in another car. Now….
    we run the plate and wi sight the rake and the matter has been dealt with.

    But I just don’t think the bloggers here have ever viewed me as being someone who is intimidated.

    I don’t read you on that one Rob…just being totally honest. Do they send people for you too Rob? Or maybe not yet?

  146. Goodnight.

  147. I remember when the “club” had its official solicitors. Yes I remember when the people went out directly soliciting on behalf of Olint. Smithy’s 5% was halved and the solicitors got 2.5% of each person they brought in. Even Smithy did not account for that well….but some solicitors were on his back to keep him in line. Anyone else remember? I’ll give you a hint. We have the list of all who were solicited.

  148. Oh….solicited for what was said to be a private members club of course.

  149. Turks and Caicos court to rule on assets of Olint’s boss

    THE Turks and Caicos Islands High Court is to rule next January on whether or not to lift the order freezing the assets of embattled Olint Corporation Limited boss David Smith.


  150. Jay I ask you. What is wrong with the Olint team saying if the judgement goes this way this is what will happen or if it goes that way this is what will happen.

    By saying nothing they set themselves and others up for a fall. This is because the masses are led to believe that any unfreezing that might occur means that payments will start on Jan 10. Again their modus operandi remains in the “as usual” mode.

  151. I agree with sirach. Received the ‘november announcement’ bright and early this morning.. more of the same.. mo is as usual. Letter comes across as if he was forced to write it – and tossed it off with little thought -the same tired rhetoric, invoking god and prayer. Granted I do not have the same interest as many others do, but it seems rather trite to me.

  152. Yeah….I am not to recieve the two new messages from DS…..fine….I understand the hypocrisy.

  153. Let us examine the truth as we have been advised. Let us separate facts from fiction. Let us make the bloggers aware of who the players are so that no one can say Sirach is riddleing anything.

    This is not a Full Hundred and is not intended to be. The full hundred problem encompasses life and death issues for some so I will not go there. Besides even the more mundane parts of any full hundred would be blocked. I have proven this to Olint investors time and again as they sat in front of my own computer.

    Let us give it some time for the masses to read the latest letters apparently sent from David Smith. Then i will get to the business at hand.

  154. The only one here who seems to have become more resonable here is u. So keep it up, and try to refrain from u regular stream of crap. Even tho u still not 100% cured yet.

    Look like peoples prayers 4 u finally beginning to work.

  155. Dear Club Members,

    Let me start by sincerely apologizing to each one of you for the absolute lack of communication on my part with you the members of the club. This has definitely not been my desire but due to the money laundering allegations in the Turks and Cacios Islands directed at me, Olint TCI and TCI FXTraders it has been impossible for me to communicate with you.

    I want you all to know that I am aware of the extreme hardship that every single OLINT club member is experiencing due to the position the club is in at the moment. I am aware and deeply sadden by this for as most of you are aware my intentions have always been good and about creating a better standard of life for all involved directly in Olint along with Jamaicans as a whole. I am devastated at the moment that anything that I am involved in can be causing this hardship to so many and I remain one hundred percent committed to not resting until this extreme situation is resolved.

    Further I want you all to know that I truly understand what each and every one of you is going through because my family and I are experiencing it also. I know that there are many rumors out there that would contradict my last statement and that is exactly what they are vicious rumors. I urge each and every one of you not to be blinded by the rumors and to weigh in your own minds the things you hear and see them for how farfetched they are.

    Once again I stress that I am doing everything in my power to rectify the situation that we are all tied up in and I am not alone, this situation has brought me back to my first love as I have had to go to my knees and seek Gods face.

    Remember ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS and I sincerely believe with all my heart that with the Lords’ help all will be resolved. I also believe that this is a time of reflection for us all and that we should listen to see what it is the Lord is trying to tell each of us as we endure this situation.

    My wife and I (yes we are still very much together despite the rumors) from the bottom of our hearts want to thank all you club members who have been patient and supportive during this terrible period. And for those club members who have not been, I just want you to know that I understand fully why, and I once again stress that I feel your pain and am doing all that I can to resolve things as quickly as is legally and humanly possible.

    I pray for all club members that the lord will give you his peace that passes all understanding, and that the Holy Spirit will bless us all with patience. May the Lord keep each and every one of us as we stand on his promise not to give us more than we can endure .


    David Smith

  156. when all else fails, turn to the load.

    Did I join an investment club or a church..

    basically he is saying that our money is gone..

    why trust in the lord for riches.. best we do so to reach heaven..

    Do not pray for money, pray for health and salvation

  157. Oh before we begin….

    A fool who takes money for his political party towards an election campaign and fetes the “donor” at Vale Royal in victorious spirit must learn that the consequences of such actions are not ephemeral. Regrets.

  158. Why thank you Rob. You not going to want to miss this one. Trust me.

    Kull do not give up hope that your money is gone. That trap does not catch Rob nor Sirach.

  159. If what Rob says is true that their are prayers for me then it is heartening to be made aware of that.

    I make it abundantly clear that my people getting paid is business of a secular nature.

    Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and unto God what is God’s.

  160. I have seen this before on TV. there was a ‘pastor’ in Florida whjo took people money to build churches. he got a lot of black churches to come and board, and made a great show of some of the payments.

    then he collect and payments stop. people began to rumble.. he made more promise of paying. more rumblings.

    then he announced the big payout at the churches convention in Florida.

    everybody was happy, their prayers would be answered.

    the day of the convention.. the pastor tell them that he had no money to pay them.. but God was showing that they strawed from the path and was focusing on material things, that they should use this as a sign to mend their ways and focus on God.

    they all left disappointed, but some feeling that this was the lesson learned.

    the FBI lock up the pastor for several years for Fraud.

    it is always a good thing when the church and the state is separated.

    because church people can use religion as an escape mechanism for their wrongs

  161. Amen Kull. Pity this one runs deeper than just the church. Platitudes don’t impress Sirach. Letters of opprobrious lecture from leadership show a dearth of true understanding. Even an attempt at more convincing polemic might have represented my alma mater better. Temporize if you must. Vacillate then. My testimony will be sworn and divulge the players who achieve solvency and who does not.

    Sick of the BS now.

  162. translation for this quote


    I also believe that this is a time of reflection for us all and that we should listen to see what it is the Lord is trying to tell each of us as we endure this situation.


    translation, we must forget about money and material things and change our focus to serving the Lord.

    I wonder how would we react if all the banks, and all our debtors pulled a stunt like that…

    the more religious amongst us will say that he is going back to the lord, but why does it take a lawsuit / jail time for him to choose that route …

    Also, if he believes in the lord so much, why not dismiss his EXPENSIVE LAWYERS and trust in the lord and the justice system.

    he is spending our money on the most expensive lawyers to save HIMSELF from jail time, while the rest of of must trust in the lord and not focus on material things

  163. As for DS and TS are we not yet tired of their sanctimonious boreing, repetitive and feeble attempts to sound deeply offended?

    Note the pious disregard for his own sins.

    Trying to sound penitent…….D-

    Is that what you deserve? Note: none of the reps signed any of the two letters….so take them at face value.

    Rob? Have those letters mollified anyone? Just who is playing on members emotions? Sirach?

  164. Everything is rumor to them. How they don’t deny the super ostentatious lifestyle (while payments were not made and have yet to be paid). Coming clean about certain things has nothing to do with any case.

    Who in all creation thought that the most propitious time to go criusing and have a birthday bashment was when people could not get their funds???

    You know how dehumanised are the folks (who attended and traveled private) feel about begging for their own money at the party? Only to be told No when other passengers had the spoils.

    And the leadership wants to suggest we be more scrupulous? Sure…at the next election.

    How dare DS and TS compare their current situation to that of the indigent who face the double jeapordy of inferior representation at home!

    Prodigals with other people’s money!

    Sick a dat.

  165. I like the style Kull

    “l Further I want you all to know that I truly understand what each and every one of you is going through because my family and I are experiencing it also.”


    If you knew what Sirach has seen with his own eyes….in Feb 08 and again in May/June 08′ at the mini golf…at the casino….being told “no more business” ….aksing for mercy… not for me….but for a man scheduled to do a surgery.!…a man unrelated to me!!!…..trust me. Pickney shut might a fit them now but who the cap fit…let them wear it.

    “It’s homework time now I have to go.” you remember that TS???…….Is you alone have pickney?

  166. Experiencing It? What is it? If you know what is it how come you don’t take a little time to elaborate on it? Feed the poeple “it”

    Early days yet.

    IT as Sirach shall define for you later going reach you like the plague…..and not unno alone…..you will have company of your colleagues.

  167. DD Calling my name not getting you anywhere. In fact it might be a yoke. I tried to reach you recently anyway just to see how you were. No answer.

    Look if one has not heard the tape then one can only say they are misquoted from some third party hearsay. Now I do not know what any third party has said about the interview. Have you heard the genuine thing? If you have you would note that even the moderator had to be corrected more than once by me concerning statements attributed to me that I never said. This was during the interview. One moderator even had to correct the other moderator about claims to statements I never made (of course they came under scrutiny)

    Bottom Line:


    What people said I said is another matter. The transcript tells no lie.

    Remember the good book….”many will come in my name” so check (research) because the sample and the genuine thing can not be the same….If I could help with listening skills or reading comprehension I would surely try and help……Sadly I do not have the cure for the afliction known as Chinese Telephone.

  168. Yes…of the three moderators two are distiguished Rhodes scholars. And yes corrections were made during the first interview. One’s history in any sphere not limited to …but including for example…. integrity….is not a guarantee of consistent behaviour in the future. A prediliction perhaps but no guarantee.

    Anyone can be corrected…strarting with me. Jamaica has a problem with this.

    Acolades, Rank, Age, Gender, Military, Civillian,Pastor etc. None are above reproach.

    Past performance does not give anybody some blanket immunity for present or future actions.

    People would hold Bill clinton in a different light if that were the case.

  169. I said what I said. I stand by it. What others claim I said is beyond outside my contol. With the emotions and histrionics displayed by the perpetrators I wouldn’t attempt to correct them even if I could.

    likkle more..

  170. So David Smith has abandoned any attempt at a time line, or telling us anything that has to do with us getting his money.

    he is facing money laundering charges.. simple thing.. either you are guilty or you are not.

    Have you been trading the $ USD 1/2 billion in your portfolio, or not..

    very simple

  171. The responses have now come from all the corners. Now if we can stop being mendacious and respond correctly from all corners we might cease squadering precious time and be on our way. No rush. I thought you might be eager to stipulate conditions for a change. Perhaps I am mistaken.

  172. @ Sirach

    if you are talking to the board ( world) then do so, but the time for riddles is over.

    most people are too frustrated to try to figure out who are the players in the shadows.

    we basically figure out that we get the the duck get when you see the religion card being played

    even those on the invert4life site who usually give the prayer bus for DS are saying this current email is bullsheet

  173. I told both blogs many months ago to get the prescription…..don’t you remember Kull? Did you not heed Sirach and secure the prescription Kull?


    Some of the big christian teef dem still strong on number 4. Hahahaha they even read the new letters as a secret proof that should only be shared by special cult members. Yet the senders had spread it to the world.

    I have always said be careful of the self righteous flaming christian types…..careful of your pickney roun dem……you see dem?? awoah! When dem head teck dem them do all kind of evil because in their warped minds is a little secret…..shhhh…….”God will forgive me for anything …no matter what..”

    Dem cyan come roun my pickney dem.

    What you seh to that Kull?

  174. me say me want mi money..

    that looking like a dream..

    after him blame FSC, NCB,JLP, Authorities, Auditors, Accountant, Employees for overpayment, Police..

    him finally turn around and blame his INVESTORS for being greedy. saying that we should look to God to see if getting our money from him is the Christian thing to do.

    him take us for idiots. how come David Smith is blaming us for wanting our money from him.

    I am not looking into myself. I just want what is owed me, or my share of what is left ( if anything)

  175. Bwoy Kull at least is better to know so we can all start the new year just knowing and moving on.

  176. Sirach: you take this thing for joke man! I hope you are watching you machine and bank account because it might be getting a little lighter for the Christmas. When they are passwords and codes there are de-coders and hackers. So how much money did you “Take from Olint’s cookie jar when they fired you! In the old days you would loose a hand or an eye for treason now you just go and frustrate people on the blog, be careful.

  177. Rah… (chuckle)… homework time sirach? yuh nuh easy. Dat one rough.
    Him have a nerve fi true. Cyan get fi hear di interview though – you can’t post a link to a transcript or something?

  178. “Bwoy Kull at least is better to know so we can all start the new year just knowing and moving on.”



  179. “Everything you have could be sold to help save lives. Do you think I have a right to demand you sell everythig you have to donate to the poor? Is this not a matter of personal stewardship between a man and his God? There is a verse in scripture that states, “You shall not muzzle the ox that treaded the corn”. Considering the kind of money that DS has made for others, I have no issue with him enjoying the fruits of his labor. If he misuses what God has entrusted to him, he will pay the price.”

    Rob, this comment by Chilly on (number 4) has felled Sirach to the ground. Speechless and catatonic. No other comment so far could do it. Rob you and Feedback can now bask in a victory. Mi haffi go a doctor now. lata.

  180. Dont forget to tell your mental health caretaker to up u meds today. Look like u getting a tad manic lately. You nah sleep, U up @ all hours a blog. I dont know if dem have wi-fi inna ward 21.

  181. Rob you know my time zone? Or you just pretending to look a certain way. (smile).

  182. Look @ u posting times fool. I think time zone is irrelevant. U post all day and night according to my timezone.

    Hmmmm… let me see now!

    Unless ur Doctor in Europe open from before 8:30AM which I seriously doubt, that would mean that u now located somewhere between the Middle East to Asia during this time…

    OHHHHHH forgive me!!!! I forget u INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY so dat probably mean that u somewhere in DUBAI visiting u money as well. That would make sense because u cutting all your clients dem checks just in time for Christmas.

    Let us get one thing straight right now between u and me BWOY WONDER. Unlike you I do not pretend to be something that I am not, nor do I come here to make any claims. However I do reserve the right to call u out on u bullsh#t when it start getting too thick. The only fool here playing charades is u.

    Didn’t u also at some point in you blog past claim to be a professor who had lectured @ an Ivy League School? I might be wrong about that one but one day when I have as much time on my hands as you do I will confirm that fact….It is all here on the blog to see.

  183. Rob,

    I remember that ivy league claim… was trying to remember the exact thread, but didn’t think it was worth the effort to look it up.

    all the same,

    why the hostility… just like with Olint/Mr Smith, if Sirach/Sean/whoever is a fraud and making false claims, eventually it will come out by the hook or the crook.

    A wise person told me once, sometimes you have to give a person enough rope to hang themselves with…

  184. Rob….you get ancy again….study my blogs Rob….study them the bloggers are impressed with how much you are captivated by them but do….calm I don’t want to see you burst a blood vessel.

    Well Cynic a long long piece of rope is comming on the blog this morning….hhahaaa….oops i mean tonight. It’s worth waiting up for……have a nice weekend.

  185. Rob I’m serious. I know2 you get very emotional very easy. Please Rob I am asking you not to read tonights set of letters concerning the Prime Minister and Olint.

  186. Who knows maybe there will be some blogs about the Brady Bunch.

    Yeah Cynic why the hostility? Cynic, You would have to tell me bout hook and crook but I invite you all for a swim if you can.

    Please Rob. I do not want to cause you a stroke. Do not read tonights scheduled blog.

  187. Cynic, It would seem to me that there is only one rope….either for Sirach or for Olint….

    Well a lot of others tangling themselves in ropes but you get my drift.

  188. Sean

    You are a much bigger looser than I could ever imagine!

    Why have u not ever addressed any of the many blatant lies that you have perpetrated?

    All you do is act as if you never said all these things.


  189. Rob why don’t you reveal to the people who you are and let us do the reasoning for them to see.

  190. You had your choice and you made it. Sirach said a lot of things. Sirach’s log is there. That is why you study it.

    What makes you bawl about it now? Cry fi di youths.

    I have money for you?

    Look I want to know if you want to come clean Rob….I can still postpone tonights major blog.

  191. BTW…check the facts…I guest lectured at University up to very very recently….check the facts and let us reason…..I will hold just a little on the blog tonight….I get the feeling you want to tell the bloggers why you use this forum to speak to me only and do not really want to touch on the Olint matter.

  192. Yes……A lot of repsponse recently……get the practice yes…..because you will have to produce more….and of a better quality also. Someone said to me that one must always be cordial and sweet. Yes we did that long ago…to no response. Now manners and sweetness must NEVER be misconstrued as weakness.

    Big Big problem especially in Jamaica….ay boy.

  193. Yes I was at one of the alma maters less than 2 weeks ago. yes man….come again.

    Now as I have blogged before when you have a faulty channel (like when you testing the sound) you have to sometimes feed the channel see how the feedback comes in and then you can identify the channel and things can then be nmade clearer.

    Nothing comes back faster than the information you know a certain set dying to report…….How the tune go again….”who the cap fit…let them wear it….”

  194. You know bloggers who are not lazy and who do not look for a free ride “go do the work”…..that’s what you will get from me in class

    Week before last Wednesday….Law School on the evolution of Caribbean Business: Colony through independence.

    Two Wednesdays before we did a particular Jamaican company’s history. (I am not going to spell stuff out and spoon feed you if you’re interested)

    After the first I did one for a group of undergrads on library usage….Library of congress Catalogue system…periodicals…databases etc.

    Spoon feed from Sirach? NO. If you want to do the research and check me out. Then do the WORK.

    One still has to earn a buck in these times. After all I am going to pay out…..not lip service like some people I know. (smile)

  195. U and ur conspiracy theories again. Stop talking out the side of you mouth and just say whatever it is u want…….

    The primary reason why I speak to u only is because as I see it you are the most blatant LIAR to visit this blog, I have witnessed u try to use ur information to deceive, torment and manipulate the bloggers here. Before I even knew who u were I could tell that u were trying to incite a riot in the community while trying to direct its wrath towards your self proclamed friend DS. Your motives are clearly self serving and without any good faith, and you have been rude, condesending and vulgar to anyone who has decided to say anything to you about your negative words and actions..Every person who has visited this site has come here because they probably already feel that they have been decieved, insulted and left out in the cold, this situation alone is bad enuff. Your behavior towards them has only added furthur insult to injury.

    I dont use this forum for any personal ambition unlike yours truly. I only posted here because I smelled your bullshit a mile away, and decided I would root you out. I was better than I thought because as I told you some time ago the more u talked the more u would reveal yourself. Then u did the radio show and the math was easy to figure. The great Sirach was in fact little Sean Belcher.

    That is as clean as it gets kid. If u accusing me of some dark motive just say what is on your mind so we can move past your empty insinuations.

    So dont try to use me as one of ur pawns against the public and DS to pump up your status. Just give the people what it is u promise dem, without excuse or riddle code chat. Try dont dallie 2 long.

    Quid pro quo NOW!!!!!



  196. Try dont get distracted by the least important question..

  197. Well actually the way i see it. Sirach really didn’t PROMISE anybody anything. He didnt sign any papers saying he would “tell us how to get our money back” or “tell us what the full story is with olint”. At the end of the day in my humble opinion, Sirach/Sean/Obama is just another blogger saying whatever is on his mind at the time based on what he has heard/suspect/knows. If all he knows is true or not, we really won’t know anytime soon.

    In the mean time I, much like others, just read and enjoy the back and forth between sirach and others. Without him, this blog really would be non existent. there would be NOTHING at all to discuss on this blog. He is the only person i see offering anything even remotely entertaining on this blog.

    For the people that look to this blog for direction and instructions as to what to do… lets be real, you already know what you need to do… you already know what your options are, you already know what the deal is… but you choose a certain path for whatever reason, be it TRUST in Mr. Smith, be it FEAR that others will think you a FOOL to invest in olint, be it the realization that the lawyer fees will be more than you stand to gain….at the end of the day, you know what your options are, and you choose a path… you simply read this blog for entertainment purposes.

    The people that are suffering i feel are NOT reading this blog, they are more concerned with matters of REAL LIFE, and are dealing with the immediate isssues at hand….

    Mr Smith, Mr Lewis and others…. you seem to have much faith in the lord that the lord will do what is right…. I, unfortunately do NOT have so much faith in the “lord” … i have seen too many criminals go free, too many peopel suffer, and too many people escape scott free while their grand children enjoy the spoils of their crimes….

    Life is not fair, you make your own future and you make your own luck given a certain set of circumstances….

    sirach/Sean… carrry on with your riddles/banter….. Rob, tone down the anger….let the man speak his mind and vent… i have a strong feeling that the people on this blog have already chosen a path…and NOTHING he says will alter that at this point.

  198. I don’t want to send Rob mental. Remember Rob must have the time a n energy to do all the serving of the people that he has said he does. Again nothing about Olint and the people’s money….so familiar.

    Rob……pay the people back the money….you know it is inevitable….why prolong it?

  199. If you can’t help in paying the people………then leave.

  200. Cynic,

    Is it fair to ask her if like Sirach she wants to see people get thier money back? If so why? If not why?

  201. in honor of Rob we are going to do dme blogging and expand on the players.

    Tell Rob thanks nuh bloggers?

  202. 21 November 2008

    The Honourable Bruce Golding
    Prime Minister of Jamaica
    Jamaica House

    Kingston 6

    Dear Prime Minister

    We are instructed by a number of investors in the private investment club known as Olint, including Mr. Sean Belcher and Dr. Christopher Walker, in connection with the loss of their respective personal investments in that fund. We write further to Dr Walker’s letter to you of 17 October, 2008 and your response of the 3 November 2008.

    Dr. Walker’s letter raised two serious issues for your response. The first was the lack of substantive engagement by the Jamaican police officers in response to the concerns raised by our clients. Our clients, in common with many other Olint investors, are suffering as a result of their inability to access the funds that they have invested in Olint and the refusal of Mr Smith to facilitate repayments. Although the Attorney General’s office in the Turks and Caicos Islands has taken steps to freeze the assets of Mr. Smith in that jurisdiction and the National Futures Association in the USA has been looking at the conduct of Olint and related parties, no substantive steps to investigate Olint or those associated with item including Mr. Smith, have yet been taken in Jamaica (other than litigation relating to its regulatory position).

    Secondly, the disclosure, without consent, of Dr Walker’s communications with the Assistant Commission of Police, Les Green, to Member of Parliament Mr. Daryl Vazwhich then resulted in a wholly inappropriate email being sent by Mr. Vaz to Dr Walker (a copy of which is enclosed for reference) is a matter of concern.
    Your reply of 3 November did not deal with either of Dr Walker’s concerns. Instead, you sought to characterize Dr Walker’s concerns as ‘innuendo’. (As you can see from the attached email, the communication from Mr Vaz referred to by Dr Walker evidently took place and so we are at a loss to understand how you could dismiss thisissue.) Rather than indicating what the Jamaican Government has done in response to the Olint crisis, and responding to Dr Walker’s concerns (which are no doubt shared by other investors, your letter simply criticizes Dr Walker’s investment decisions, decisions which have no bearing upon the matters Dr Walker is raising with you.

    In so responding, your letter contained defamatory language. You end you letter with the words:

    ‘It is said that a fool and his money are soon parted. My regrets’.

    Quite apart from the fact that you make clear by this that Dr Walker, and his fellow investors, have only themselves to blame and thus that the Government of Jamaica had and has no responsibility in the matter, the natural and ordinary meaning of those words is that Dr Walker is “a fool”. This is plainly defamatory of a man of Dr Walker’s distinction. Dr Walker is minded to sue for libel in respect of the publication of any such comments to third parties, should you have made or in future make them.

    Our clients look to you, as Prime Minister of Jamaica, to engage properly on this important matter. They urge you not to respond by insults, but to deal properly with points and questions raised.

    Our clients urgently seek:

    1. your assurance that an investigation into the potential fraud perpetrated on Olint investors will be commissioned by the Government and conducted on an expedited basis;

    2. a full explanation from the Jamaican Government and/or Jamaican Parliament as to how it will deal with the unprofessional conduct of one of the Members of Parliament; and

    3. an apology for and a retraction of the defamatory statement contained in your letter 4November coupled with an undertaking not to repeat it.

    We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Yours faithfully,


  203. You have a very quality and fancy blog.It was a lovely reading.Thanks for the post.

  204. I want to say that i agree with the original posters comments.Ca someone else make a better point?

  205. I really liked your blog!

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  207. I accidently stumbled across your blog but I liked it a lot. Keep up the good work.

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  209. Wow – I found this through google and read several of your other posts – added ya to my G Reader, Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading more each day. Mark

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  212. Well, you have the idea and info..sharing information if good will always benefit others. 🙂

  213. Why has the Gleaner refused to publish Reed Smith’s letter to the Prime Minister
    Of Jamaica.This letter is one of the most important letters ever written to Jamaican Prime Minister. Yet the deafening silence from the paper that
    once had prestige, but now has nothing but Clarke’s commercialism. Without this blog the public would never know of this letter.The Gleaner was a better paper during Bustamante’s time.

  214. Hard to beleive, but true it is LOL…. Thanks Again

  215. I learn something everyday. Keep up the good work.

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