Olint’s, David Smith issues new email to his clients

This is a copy of the email that was allegedly sent to Olint members this morning.

Dear Club Members,

Let me start by sincerely apologizing to each one of you for the absolute lack of communication on my part with you the members of the club. This has definitely not been my desire but due to the money laundering allegations in the Turks and Cacios Islands directed at me, Olint TCI and TCI FXTraders it has been impossible for me to communicate with you.

I want you all to know that I am aware of the extreme hardship that every single OLINT club member is experiencing due to the position the club is in at the moment. I am aware and deeply sadden by this for as most of you are aware my intentions have always been good and about creating a better standard of life for all involved directly in Olint along with Jamaicans as a whole. I am devastated at the moment that anything that I am involved in can be causing this hardship to so many and I remain one hundred percent committed to not resting until this extreme situation is resolved.

Further I want you all to know that I truly understand what each and every one of you is going through because my family and I are experiencing it also. I know that there are many rumors out there that would contradict my last statement and that is exactly what they are vicious rumors. I urge each and every one of you not to be blinded by the rumors and to weigh in your own minds the things you hear and see them for how farfetched they are.

Once again I stress that I am doing everything in my power to rectify the situation that we are all tied up in and I am not alone, this situation has brought me back to my first love as I have had to go to my knees and seek Gods face.

Remember ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS and I sincerely believe with all my heart that with the Lords’ help all will be resolved. I also believe that this is a time of reflection for us all and that we should listen to see what it is the Lord is trying to tell each of us as we endure this situation.

My wife and I (yes we are still very much together despite the rumors) from the bottom of our hearts want to thank all you club members who have been patient and supportive during this terrible period. And for those club members who have not been, I just want you to know that I understand fully why, and I once again stress that I feel your pain and am doing all that I can to resolve things as quickly as is legally and humanly possible.

I pray for all club members that the lord will give you his peace that passes all understanding, and that the Holy Spirit will bless us all with patience. May the Lord keep each and every one of us as we stand on his promise not to give us more than we can endure .


David Smith


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  1. Where are the comments?

  2. I guess the gag order is still in effect but let me just slip you this one letter about my faith. How about addressing everyone’s #1 concern since you’re breaking the silence?

    All the bloggers, let the fun begin.

  3. What are investors are to make of this new email.
    Nothing about when payout if any can be expected.

    So here we go again, another email which says “nothing”.

  4. Sounds like a ‘Dear Diary’ letter.

  5. posted on invest4life


    chilly Says:
    November 21, 2008 at 11:14 am

    Patricia @164,

    There are many sad stories, and I can add my own bankruptcy story to the list. In what other investment, anywhere else in the world, could you invest what you could not afford to lose, and then expect to turn around and blame the trader for not being able to pay your bills. The risk was ours, the only complaint we should have about DS, is whether or not he defrauded us. Many of us refused to pull monthly in the hopes of getting a bigger pay day. Who is to blame for that?


    that is a good point, that we have some personal accountabilty to take care for, thus I would never bring my sick father, ailing mother, child, or granny in this, because one should never gamble their family on risky investments.

    but what shows that David Smith has defrauded us, is that he has said he was making gains. for all the 4 + years he has never posted a loss. thus, is either he has that money, or he has been fraudulent.

    if he was fradulent and was decieving us, then he deserves the punishment. He can be a Christian in jail, there is nothing wrong with that.

    if you do the crime, the Christian thing is to do the time

  6. @CullKull
    That’s funny!! I agree he can be a christian in jail, nuff there already, he’ll have a platform and people to worship him there.

  7. heh haaayyy !


    Yes sah ,,, mi waiting ……………………………………………..LOL….

    apparently the money frozen might not even be Olint’s ….


  8. Watching if you had heard the Breakfast Club interviews then you would have understood how the money allocation goes.

  9. Tips on sueing people:

    When intending to sue one must always be prepared to go into the dock yourself to be cross examined.

  10. MTI Jamaica closed down, after their triple JIJ investments, it’s MTI turn, they run way to Trinidad, them thief nuff money from Jamaica now it’s Trinidad turn, be careful Trinidad the thieving wale is coming to you…
    Those Martinez are a fraud!!!

  11. The MTI Jamaica team went and set up the operation for them in Trinidad and they fired them and closed down MTI Jamaica can you imaging, what a nasty family those Martinez are!

  12. Anybody want 2 play Dandy Shandy?

  13. Rob i do not think you can handle tonights blog. honest. Harbourshark says he might blog. Chimp and others. But I don’t think you can handle it tonight. Tonight is not a night to wiggle Rob.

  14. You know. You had your choice and you choose your stance so what’s with the bickering?

  15. I have been reading the other blog and this blog. I am amazed at how people are not outraged at the emails

    Christianity, god etc…are these people for real. This is purely business DS….religion is personal and sholud not be used in this manner. All well thinking christians hsould be mad.

    Still all the club members are not getting the answers from DS ………Are the percentage gains that was being posted on a monthly basis correct? This is independent of the audit…the audit would reveal if people were being overpaid and this is separate from whether the gains were true or not.

    Ds seems to be hiding behind lawyers and his religion and not addressing the real issue.

  16. “Ds seems to be hiding behind lawyers and his religion and not addressing the real issue”

    Catd,you seem to have arrived at where most of us have been for a year.


  17. DS need fi go get a Notarized letter from him platform telling us how much $$$ if any is there….then we can gwaan hustle bustle and struggle until the $$$ free up..but all them fool fool letter there cmon mr. Smith keep it real,stop taking us for fool,remember Jah Jah dont sleep mi frend it must come back round if not to you it will …….

  18. 21 November 2008

    The Honourable Bruce Golding
    Prime Minister of Jamaica
    Jamaica House

    Kingston 6

    Dear Prime Minister

    We are instructed by a number of investors in the private investment club known as Olint, including Mr. Sean Belcher and Dr. Christopher Walker, in connection with the loss of their respective personal investments in that fund. We write further to Dr Walker’s letter to you of 17 October, 2008 and your response of the 3 November 2008.

    Dr. Walker’s letter raised two serious issues for your response. The first was the lack of substantive engagement by the Jamaican police officers in response to the concerns raised by our clients. Our clients, in common with many other Olint investors, are suffering as a result of their inability to access the funds that they have invested in Olint and the refusal of Mr Smith to facilitate repayments. Although the Attorney General’s office in the Turks and Caicos Islands has taken steps to freeze the assets of Mr. Smith in that jurisdiction and the National Futures Association in the USA has been looking at the conduct of Olint and related parties, no substantive steps to investigate Olint or those associated with item including Mr. Smith, have yet been taken in Jamaica (other than litigation relating to its regulatory position).

    Secondly, the disclosure, without consent, of Dr Walker’s communications with the Assistant Commission of Police, Les Green, to Member of Parliament Mr. Daryl Vazwhich then resulted in a wholly inappropriate email being sent by Mr. Vaz to Dr Walker (a copy of which is enclosed for reference) is a matter of concern.
    Your reply of 3 November did not deal with either of Dr Walker’s concerns. Instead, you sought to characterize Dr Walker’s concerns as ‘innuendo’. (As you can see from the attached email, the communication from Mr Vas referred to by Dr Walker evidently took place and so we are at a loss to understand how you could dismiss thisissue.) Rather than indicating what the Jamaican Government has done in response to the Olint crisis, and responding to Dr Walker’s concerns (which are no doubt shared by other investors, your letter simply criticizes Dr Walker’s investment decisions, decisions which have no bearing upon the matters Dr Walker is raising with you.

    In so responding, your letter contained defamatory language. You end you letter with the words:

    ‘It is said that a fool and his money are soon parted. My regrets’.

    Quite apart from the fact that you make clear by this that Dr Walker, and his fellow investors, have only themselves to blame and thus that the Government of Jamaica had and has no responsibility in the matter, the natural and ordinary meaning of those words is that Dr Walker is “a fool”. This is plainly defamatory of a man of Dr Walker’s distinction. Dr Walker is minded to sue for libel in respect of the publication of any such comments to third parties, should you have made or in future make them.

    Our clients look to you, as Prime Minister of Jamaica, to engage properly on this important matter. They urge you not to respond by insults, but to deal properly with points and questions raised.
    Our clients urgently seek:

    1. your assurance that an investigation into the potential fraud perpetrated on Olint investors will be commissioned by the Government and conducted on an expedited basis;

    2. a full explanation from the Jamaican Government and/or Jamaican Parliament as to how it will deal with the unprofessional conduct of one of the Members of Parliament; and

    3. an apology for and a retraction of the defamatory statement contained in your letter 4November coupled with an undertaking not to repeat it.
    We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Yours faithfully,


  19. Bwoy,

    Mi a tell yuh , considering all current world happenings, OLint and DS behavior is systemic , as now shown by the above…
    From wall St. to Duke St. Nobody wants to be made accountable .

    People money get juck and judas is not talking !

    People money get Juck and Caesar is not talking !

    People !

    does dis include returns ?

  20. Many of you are in detention and are not allowed on Hush. We hear you don’t need all of you to call. We hear you.

  21. Jamaica…..Remember the great man and he said, “I have a dream that oneday…”

  22. For us in Jamaica is like that day still can’t come…..

  23. Meh,

    Remember , all investors will get back their monies !


    well, the ones the cap fit ……………………………
    For all others?


  24. Printed in the Sunday Herald – Nov 24, 2008

    PM Golding and Olint investor clash

    (Vaz — reportedly told Dr. Walker to hand over to ACP Green all information relating to his involvement with Olint.)

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding has sought legal advice regarding alleged defamatory remarks made by Olint investor, Dr. Christopher Walker, during a radio programme on NewsTalk 93 a fortnight ago.

    Golding made his intentions known in a letter responding to Dr. Walker’s letter complaining about police tardiness in probing Olint and State Minister Daryl Vaz’s alleged misconduct in the matter.

    “I am advised that you were one of the discussants on a radio programme aired on NewsTalk 93 last week, in the course of which you made defamatory remarks in reference to me. In response to a formal request to the radio station for a recording of the programme that was aired, we were advised that the recording equipment ‘failed’ and therefore no recording can be produced.

    “We have, however, secured a recording of the programme from an independent source and it has been referred to my attorneys for them to advise me on the appropriate action to be taken,” Golding said in his letter.
    In a swift response, Dr. Walker said: “As an American citizen, I make my comments to you with the protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Thus, I do not require your permission to air my points of view.”

    Dr. Walker, who along with his ailing father, invested over US$2 million in the collapsed Olint scheme, told the Prime Minister that he “completely ignored the obvious role of your Cabinet colleague Mr. Daryl Vaz as a facilitator of the Overseas Locket Corporation (Olint) and a party who threatened me personally via an e-mail sent from his personal Digicel cellular telephone on October 7, after I had reported in confidence, facts surrounding the Olint case to a senior police officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Les Green.” Vaz, it should be noted, is not a member of the Jamaican Cabinet.

    In his letter to the Prime Minister, Dr. Walker complained that Minister Vaz threatened him via e-mail after he complained to Assistant Commissioner Green. In that email, Vaz reportedly told Dr. Walker to hand over to ACP Green all information relating to his involvement with Olint or he should put up or shut up.

    “I repudiate your innuendoes directed at Mr. Daryl Vaz. The government and the courts of Jamaica took effective action to require Olint to cease operations in Jamaica, as they were found to be in breach of the law. This action has been challenged and is still before the courts,” Golding said.

    The Prime Minister said he was advised that Dr. Walker made allegations of fraud on the part of the Overseas Locket Corporation (Olint) and the police were investigating them.

    “The outcome of these investigations will, of course, be dependent on the information provided and the quality of the evidence gathered. Your assistance in this regard is expected” the PM indicated.

    Gov’t warnings
    Prime Minister Golding reminded Dr. Walker that the government “made strenuous efforts to warn the public that these alternative investment schemes were unregulated, extremely risky and that they were likely to lose money.”

    Continuing, the PM said he would have expected that “someone of your stature would have considered these warnings carefully.”

    Prime Minister Golding added that, “Security of investments depends largely on transparency and availability of information so that investors can make informed decisions.” He said, as so many persons had learned painfully, investors must at all times be able to know where their money is, what it is doing and how it is doing.

    According to the Prime Minister, “Investors in these schemes chose not to concern themselves with these matters, mesmerised, no doubt, by the incredible returns they thought they were receiving, which were precisely that — incredible, unreal and unsustainable. It is said that a fool and his money are soon parted,” the Prime Minister indicated.

  25. This is typical JLP crap.After they all had money with D.S ,milk him,now they are calling us fools.Typical JLP GANGSTA ways.
    I saw J.R. more than once at OLINT office in Jamaica,before the elections sitting down like a P@#&@ HOLE waiting to be called in.
    They are the same ones that named D.S King David,at his birthday party,citing the story of David and Goliath,Goliath being the PNP at the time.
    Now after they milk OLINT they drop D.S like a bad habit and call investors fool and now saying the government (PNP) warned us.
    This is why Jamaica will never get ahead.
    Look at D.V picture in the Herald.Just like a Mafia bandit.
    Which respectable Government Minister or even Party member in a civilised country will dress and look that way?
    Jamaice has animals running it and therefore we shall be treated no better than animals.


  26. Observer Sunday 23 november

    “Obviously the airline issue is key but its just one of the cogs in the wheel to get the economy moving. There are so many issues that he (Wehby) is not even addressing or talking about and that if this is his thinking now, then where is this going to lead us in five years time? In the exact same state where we are now, where growth is running at about 1 per cent and really the economy is not going anywhere and Jamaica is in long need of a real boom time of between five and 10 per cent growth over a period of years to try and bring it back to where it was!” said Robbie, a former intern with Digicel, the Jamaican-based Irish-owned telecommunica-tions company.

    He said that as an island economy both telecommunica-tions and airlift would prove critical for future economic growth in Jamaica. He also criticised the Government’s plans to establish an international financial services centre (IFSC) as unrealistic and likely to prove un-competitive against more established competition from the likes of the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.


  27. “The people behind one scheme disappeared, leaving a note stuck to the doors taunting the investors for having been duped. It said: “Now for being stupid and believing in witchcraft you will have to work much harder to recoup the money you gave us.”The office of another scheme had a greeting card stuck on the door which read: “We wish you a sad Christmas and a shameful New Year.”

    The Colombian ‘scheme’ catastrophe</b?

  28. “Fellow countrymen. Collecting money, illegally and on a grand scale, however it is done, whatever the fiction is behind it, is a crime, a crime against the economic and social order,”

    “…police caught two men hurrying out the back door of a scheme’s office with suitcases of cash. They offered one of the cases to the police to let them go.”


  29. Didn’t I hear a while back that Bruce warned jamaicans to be wary of the alternative investment schemes – in essence saying that if it all crashed the govt would not be stepping in to assist them?

    I’m guessing he probably meant… suck salt through wooden spoon – yuh deh pon yuh own wid olint/ww/keane etc.

    So, why the expectation that he would take mr. vaz to task for his involvement with olint?

    I’m not saying its the responsible or right thing to do – to ignore what has happened, but I think Bruce made himself pretty clear from the get go.

    Is kinda like a man tell him mistress “mi nah lef mi wife” from day one… 10 years later the mistress is dismayed that he hasn’t left his wife yet. Why? He told you from day one he wasn’t leaving her.

    As for Air One – sounds like a great opportunity; But who knows whats in the back of the Air Jamaica closet? 30+ years later all kinds of things might fall out if a deal doesn’t proceed according the current Govt plan. We better get ready for no national airline.

  30. its really happening

    “So, why the expectation that he would take mr. vaz to task for his involvement with olint?”

    It would seem to me that the Green/Vaz issue goes beyond Olint.

    Parties taking donations from Olint and Police forwarding investigation material are related but yet two different provocations.

  31. BOTH issues are of National Importance.

  32. How leaders respond to the Jamaicans that they serve is the third and most embarassing travesty.

    We as diaspora already have a tortuous path of letting the World know who we are as a people. We strive to tell foreigners our ills are not pandemic.

    To have this opprobrium brought on us by leadership is a slap in the face.

  33. A latent wind blows and the machinations of the mendacious will come out in the open.

  34. ….before Christmas.

  35. Police and thief in the streets ,, ahhh yeah !

  36. Tell dem Jr….

  37. .watching….. dem rob Hall Mark Trust in Provo….

    Watching check out Junie!

  38. tried to post link and info, site block my attempts …………

  39. Anyway as more info leak ….tings a go get ridonculous………..

  40. Questions people want answered:

    1.How much money is actually in the Olint trading accounts.?

    2.Were the monthly gains correct?

    3.Was Olint trading/purely a ponzi/ or a combi?

    4. why DS and TS not removed as the head of Olint and some auditor or independent person take over the elm?

  41. Interesting. Check out the latest post on possible failed financial firms here: http://kingstonchronicle.wordpress.com/

  42. @ catd

    if David Smith and TS are removed from the head, then all the last traces of the money will be gone.

    Auditors can only audit based on the information they have. If they do not know of the money buried in the backyard then they cannot audit it.

    What the auditors have discovered so far is not very encouraging. the auditors show that Olint has very little money

  43. @ Sirach

    A few questions ..

    Was the email to ACP Les Green confidential ( i.e. one sender and ONE RECIPIENT ) or was many other person copied on the email.

    Dr. Walker spoke of a breach, yet Les Green said that the breach did not occur with him , because the letter was copied to almost a dozen other persons. Mark Wignall himself admitted to forwarding the email to Daryl Vaz after reading it.

    Sirach, what is your understanding of it, was it sent to one person ?

  44. @ Dr. Walker

    you are truly a sad ( and probably sick fellow).

    you have let your parents down. you are parading your sick father as an excuse to be at the front of the line. you were greedy ( like a lot of us) and invested in a get rich quick scheme.

    truth be told, we all knew it was a get rich quick scheme, FSC, Govm’t et al was warning, but nothing can compare with the the allure of 10 % per month.

    So we all took our changes, that we would get our before it crash because we all had our inside ‘sources’ who would prips us before anything happened.

    you are being very low now parading your sick father who I believe has no cure . David Smith never made your father got sick, nor can he cure him.

    you risked your fathers money on a get rich quick venture, instead of being prudent with it. you are a Dr. you should know better, you took advantage of your father, you should hang your head in shame.

  45. I never sent the letter Kull.

    BTW..what line?

    Anyway after tomorrow everthing will sort out. DS will learn that what is perception and what is reality are often not one and the same.

  46. @ Sirach.

    I was speaking of your understanding. never said you sent the letter, but you may have gotten to see a copy.

    was it sent to one person, or was the letter sent to Les Green and copied to others ?

  47. @ Sirach

    What do you think happened to the breakfast club tapes ?

    I heard it at least twice live. do you think that the recorder failed ?. or was it in the best interest of the hosts to have it ‘fail’

  48. Sirach I have sat here and posted on this blog many times and I really cannot see your purpose here! Are you with investors or against investors? Please answer that question. Simply (YES) (NO).

    I see that they are calling for you to stop posting on the other bus I wonder why, could it be that you are a deceitful little piggy just waiting to stuff yourself. As they say a pig never knows when to stop stuffing themselves. It would seem strange that someone as educated as yourself would be waiting around for a hand out from DS. Sounds like even you don’t have answers to your own decisions.

  49. Dr Walker is behaving as if the GOJ owes him something.
    When he was making millions in this scheme we did not even hear from him, as no doubt he was a very happy man.
    He now comes across as championing a cause, when he is really looking after his own skin.

    It really shows that financial prudence has little to do with one’s educational status as one would have expected that a man such as this would have not get caught up in another get rich scheme.

    Now I am not saying that DS was right to steal his money, but he was not the only one that lost, and he at least is in a position to continue earning.

    There are many out there who may never recover

  50. Dr. Walker does not know how to deal with people.

    As a Dr, one would have thought that he would have learned that by now. Jamaicans are generally a proud people , and are especially irate when he was heard to quote that he is ‘an American” and covered by the US constitution.

    then what the hell he is doing pandering to our honorable PM who is just ‘a Jamaican’

  51. @ Sirach
    “Anyway after tomorrow everthing will sort out. DS will learn that what is perception and what is reality are often not one and the same.”

    I have lost touch it seems. What happens tomorrow?

  52. I will check if i get a chance Kull.

    Feedback- Yes
    Feedback—a handout? It is my money. We seem to have a cultural split about integrity. A handout….It’s my money?……2 things…..Give me my money…..or…..deal with the consequences.

    Take my money and move on? No.

    Kull….yes we are a proud people and there are more of us in the diaspora than in yard. Those in the diaspora usually hold dual citizenship….legal..by the Jamaican Constitution. The diaspora do a lot for Jamaica as I am sure the PM would agree. Recently many voted for Obama (the overwhelming choice of Jamaicans…see poll)…even while being domiciled in Jamaica at their own expense…some voting through absentee ballouts and some by flying in on election day.

    Additionally whether on is Jamaican or not….their are universal issues here….like truth and honesty and justice. I would not give those up for any national or cultural boundary.

    There are things some of us know and some don’t…..do not be bothered by Sirach’s comments if they do not sit well with you. The senior management of Olint itself suggested that I take the course of action that suits me. I took their advice. Now as we have barely begun our course of action….there is this bawling element spitting fire on Sirach?

    What is up? You set the rules of the engagement and then you bawl? A you set the tempo….a you set the rules…..now you want to change the “game?”

    It is like you want to gloat when people take pity and let you have your way…(your chicanery)….then you expouse your comfortable situation (to your backers) steadfastly on your own merit or reputation…..(aloof you may have seemed)….amazing!

    I suggest that the space you were given in comfort is more a function of the leniency of others(who you have not the scope to recognize) and your taunting of those who seek justice has you crying like a baby after the fact.

    The most outrageous part is that the “game” according to your rules has but barely started.

  53. Sirach….. man… I hope u not just spouting rubbish…. but u can actually come through on some of your promises of helping justice be delivered.

    I good friend of mine have a friendly bet running that NOBODY who should, will ever be brought to justice…..not now, not next year, not the year after…

    If only there were a way for the smaller guys to help…. IF ONLY 😉

  54. cullkull,

    1.waht you are saying makles no sense. DS says he is auditing accounts for overpayment. etc…but we the members do not know who this auditing team is….are they licenced or his auditors is employees. You see what I am saying? How do we know the credibility of what he is saying.
    2. There should be a laison person who have not dealings with olint who can represent the interest of the members. this person should be embedded into the auditing process and have access to documents to verify how credible what DS is feeding is the truth. Anything else cannot be trusted as no one can check the verosity of what DS, TS WS and the lawyers are saying.

  55. @ Sirach

    truth, honesty is what we would all like.

    I have no doubt that David Smith is a conman

    Also, that Politicians, will make party promises, and then do not follow thru. but that is the nature of politicians.

    we are all big people, we know the rules of the game.

    but Dr. Walker credibility, and high handeness just rubs me the wrong way… he presuposes that Jamaica owes him something , even though he proclaims that he is ‘an American’. Or that his sick father , which in some twisted way he makes it seems like DS causes Alzheimer’s, makes him need to move to the front of the line.

    So Les Green who is ACP in charge of crime should refocus from the amount of murders/rapes/abduction that is happening to ensure that the private agreement than ‘an American’ entered with a company in Turks and Caicos is given prominence over the other issues that affect the ‘Jamaicans’

    we Jamaicans don’t like when some hurry come up Gladiss who feel like him Doctorate and him ‘American’ citizenship suppose to put them on a pedestal.

    if anything one should learn from the ordinary Jamaican is that ‘nubody nuh more than we !!!”

  56. @ Catd

    No matter who the auditing team is ( KPMG/PWC), one can only give an informed opinion based on what information is available. The inputs greatly determine the output.

    e.g no one really knows how many members are in most of the clubs. because that information may only be stored in the principals head. if there is no documentation that speaks to it, then one can only make an educated guess.

  57. You know i just spoke to one of the brightest Jamaicans on the planet ….and he lives in the diaspora. And you know what he said when I asked him about this saga and Jamaicans?

    He said that the country is so corrupt that many have actually grown up in the corruption for their entire lives…such that….their very concept of what is right and what is wrong has been shaped by the fact that they have never been exposed to right and wrong in a benign environment.

    Mercy. It is like how so many in Jamaica today think hanging should come back even when they know that it means that innocent persons will be hung.

    So my friend said to this….there is what you call a “brown” / “uptown” system that says that we will be immune from the hangman so go ahead and start hanging because the innocents who end up being hanged won’t come from our stables…….Utter rubbish?….its true in Jamaica.

    May god help us. When a man puts his retirement money in Olint and his son tries to get it back from a THEIF…then a host of people who cannot escape the chains of corruption try to find a way to malign such a person and glorify a theif………. a theif by the way who laughs at me and says my money is nothing….”I trade hundreds of millions of dollars” WELL YOU CAN’T PAY ME 10 CENTS and that is how you are defined.

    So…in conclusion….I am leaning toward my learned freinds evaluation of Jamaicans…..yes….they can’t even realise that they have lost their souls because they just don’t know better……decades of systemic corruption have made our concept of right vs wrong sll mixed up.

    He did not have to take MY money…….not the other way around as many of you feel…

    He will know this…..I promise.

  58. @Jay

    Getting scammed is not much about traditional smarts or lack thereof. It is a function of a personality trait. I am very hard to scam because I am always looking for the other person’s angle. And most important I will readily pass up an opportunity that carries irrational risk and be very comfortable with myself even if it turned out I was wrong and missed out. People who get scammed usually lack that last trait.

    Here is an example of my personality… a friend recently asked me if I thought buying General Motors stock was a good idea. My response was you have to make your own decision. It is very risky but you could turn out to be right if you buy and make a lot of money. However a bankruptcy or gov bailout like AIG could wipe out all or most shareholders.

    I would not buy and even if he buys and makes a killing, it would not bother me in the least. Should I want to make an auto play, I would buy a basket of all the auto (GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda etc). Much less risky and I would stand to make less than him if he is right but my risk of losing everything is close to zero.

    If you examine the above you will see that getting scammed in schemes like Olint and C- is not a function of “traditional smarts” but clearly a function of personality.

  59. @ Sirach..

    Maybe your friend is one of the brightest Jamaican that you know.. a lot of Jamaicans are smart, but choose not to blow their own trumpet.

    my granny tell me that

    there is educated

    there is fools

    and there are educated fools

    guess which one I think Dr. Walker falls in.

    Most Jamaican are law abiding citizens and know right from wrong. Most are decent and extend common courtesy to each other.

    there are others who commits dastardly acts and give the rest of us a bad name. We are a melting pot with all sorts, but the majority of Jamaicans are decent law abiding people, which I can say so unwavering.

    David Smith is a Conman. he has also conned me, so I have no regards for him. you do not have to convince me that he is a thief. you would be singing to the choir.

    but for a man to put his retirement money in a get rich quick scheme is being greedy in my opinion, and risk and reward go hand in hand. it went belly up. so one should face the consequences of bad investments, as it was a ‘private contract ‘ that was signed.

    There is nothing wrong in trying to get back your money when you have been conned, but to make it seen that somehow you should get preferential treatment because iy was your ‘retirement money/ sick father’ etc is an insult to all the other investors who have put in their money and not pushing their tale of woe to get to the front of the line, as they know that they have to take the consequence of their actions and are left to take whatever legal recourse.

    I am sure that the Dr. Walkers father, as most older Jamaicans regard their dignity in the highest manner, and I would think that he hates the fact that he is made to seem as a charity case for his son reckless investment abilities

    Old people love when young people have manners and treat them with dignity, thats how most Jamaicans are grown, that takes precedence.

    manners maketh the man

  60. The corruption is so embeded ineven most mudane things in Jamaican life. From the tax office to the traffic stop….from how you get a contract to how you get ino a certain school…..everything is “I have a contact”…Even those who consider themselves “non corrupt” still beat the system because the regular system would take too long and you would loose competitive advantage….this is well documented at customs….

    It permeates our minds..it prevents us from simple discernment…..we have no problem with big unemployed illiterate adult males badgering a schoolboy goalkeeper at a football match….these things are expected…

    And we have the gall to wonder why foriegn people’s view us as corrupt?…..and inferior????

    We become indignant at any reprimand…..we never resign. (even when we see people resign abroad for things they did not directly do but that occured under their watch)……..we never accept responsibility (broken families become the norm)….we full of excuse…..and most of all…we likky-likky

    May God have mercy on us.

  61. Respect Kull i hear you but this part here

    “I am sure that the Dr. Walkers father, as most older Jamaicans regard their dignity in the highest manner, and I would think that he hates the fact that he is made to seem as a charity case for his son reckless investment abilities”

    that is more a pride part of our society that comes from a deep rooted insecrity that derives from the experience of slavery.

    There is nothing wrong with asking for your money back….front page or back page. You see in slavery we were not allowed to ask for what was fair and just and rightfully due to us……so the modern day manifestation of that is “sshhhh….nuh talk yu business” just like how the slaves had to whisper around the corners…..and you wpould not be allowed to disturm “massa” the manifestation of that one is clear……”no that is the big man there you can’t talk to him”…yes as if he is something more than the humans (slaves) we are.

    “Maybe your friend is one of the brightest Jamaican that you know.. a lot of Jamaicans are smart, but choose not to blow their own trumpet.”

    Kull …..I have said alot of things on these blogs…..I said my friend is one of the brightest JAGANS on the planet…..he would never say that but ….I said it. Respectfully, your comment above seems to taint what I said and meant.

    For me I will say to you that I have an impressive knowledge of Jamaica, Jamaicans and how the system works; even the more esoteric aspects as well.

  62. @ Sirach

    I cannot speak for your own inferiority complex, or how foreign people view of you and Jamaica.

    but most Jamaicans don’t take disrespect, we know that we are worlds champions , there is the best and worst here in Jamaica, there is no need to sugar coat anything, as we all know the deal.

    most people I know are not likky likky, even if them beg you money, you have to hand it to them with respect, you cannot throw it at them, or they will not take it.

  63. @ Sirach

    try not to fall in the same trap that was set by others when they said that David Smith was one of the top 5 traders in the Planet

    ( point is, just saying someone is something does not make it so)

  64. Kull and others….

    Early one inthe “saga” an argument (not fight) was put forth very quickly that the money DS was and had spent was his and different from that of the investors.

    Do nyou think in developed countries like Japan or Finland or the US etc. that such view could be put forth so unabashedly?


    Can anyone show me such an example?…outside of a nation historically rooted in the physical and mental slavery?

  65. @ Sirach

    you seem full of information on our antecedents ( slavery) and other related and unrelated information.

    yet you seem to take a ‘pass’ at a very basic question.

    I listened the breakfast club twice, when you had promised to send all the information to be verified by the hosts. ( I assume that you and Dr. Walker share information)

    and the hosts said that they were in reciept of the information and would agree to its veracity.

    yet you cannot tell whether the email was sent to Les Green alone ?.

    this speaks to Les Green’s crediblity as one of our crime chief., if he breach it, then he should follow Mark Shields. He has denied it, and said it was sent to multiple persons..

    I am sure you would be privy to the information..

    who is lying .. Les Green or Dr. Walker ?

    maybe Uncle Tony still have a copy of the emails 🙂

  66. I hear you Kull…..reasonable….but my friend is vetted with some outstanding academic credentials and has been honoured for work that is tangible and without remuneration.

  67. Kull I shall see if i can get a copy of the email. Reasonable response to a reasonable question?

  68. I somehow think that email will go the way of the breakfast club tapes 🙂

  69. If he is in breach and should follow Mark Sheilds are we to assume thay mark Sheilds was in some breach.

    hhahahaa…..just playing devils advocate Kull…you catch me in a fine mood…..probably because I am going to bring this whole farce to an end tomorrow.

    Careful how you you answer though because I know more about the cops than you think.

  70. Kull!…what happened to the breakfast club tapes!

  71. Kull…what happened to the tapes of the meeting of the fantastic four…..remember? DS,MM,AS,JR

    I have them.

  72. you cannot bring it to an end..

    unless you will be issuing out money to all investors tomorrow, which I doubt.

    Apart from on the blogs, the reasons and why and how we have been conned is only of academic interest.

    People just want cold hard cash. that is the only true end for them.

  73. Kull…if it were up to me the breakfast club tapes and the case and everthing would go through…..especially the cross examinations.

  74. Since you have all the tapes.. maybe you can also locate the Peter King tapes

    then have one big triple bill , free admission, and run all tapes for all of Jamaica to see what is really going on

  75. Time flies. It has been a year or almost a year since all these scams stopped paying. Hope springs eternal in the human breast said Alexander Pope. The money is gone… there will be little, if any found. Only those able to successfully bring a lawsuit and then track any hidden assets… and or successfully argue that the principals assets should be liquidated… only these folks may ever see a dime. This is never a cheap and or easy feat to accomplish.

    When these criminals were fleeing the island… the investors said … see, because of FSC and bad mind these brilliant traders have to leave the rock. As some were aware these guys were simply fleeing the jurisdiction. It is much harder to inflict any and all kinds of pain on these scum bags if they are off the rock.

    It appears that even criminal proceedings… the few brought so far… may do little to recover any money. Whether JA, Algeria, Colombia or elsewhere… the outcome of investing in ponzi scheme is always the same. Major loss with little to no recovery.

  76. Mine you give Uncle Tony a coranary.. bout you have the breakfast club tapes. His station is hanging on for dear life..

    Such tapes surfacing after the recorder failed might prove disastrous. Uncle Tony would not be happy

  77. Well by end I mean like a sabbatical for me of sorts. A parting shot…….. reciprocal if you will…..and well deserved…….something they won’t forget.

    Kull…let me ask you.

    “People just want cold hard cash. that is the only true end for them.”

    How do they think they are going to get that? By just going along with the status quo?

    If he was unfrozen in Jan,Feb,March,April,May,June then what makes it propituous that unfreezing in Jan (09) is going to make everything alright?

    And if for so long he was bound to secrecy …sorry…I mean silence and non communication…did they go through such pains to communicate that they wanted more deposits?

    Why predispose existing clients deeper into such a turbid situation?

  78. You see Kull….they used their most loyal clients for the pupose of satisfiying the most nefarious.

  79. Kull…the misinterpretation thing is geting out of hand.

    I did NOT say I had the breakfast club tapes. I said i had the tapes of the meeting of the four amigos in TCI.

  80. Simple maths..

    if no money is there, there is no money to get.

    the end

    if there is some money there


    money – lawyer fee

    spread over time to draw out court case

    divide by number of litigants

    the end

  81. Simple maths..

    if no money is there, there is no money to get.

    the end

    if there is some money there


    money – lawyer fee

    spread over time to draw out court case

    divide by number of litigants

    the end

  82. Kull you must be Trevor Munroe he switched and got corrected all day. The random caller tried to put words in people’s mouths and then made a quick exit. I believe the last thing he said was “Det. Supt. Knighton of the TCI FSC”…..then he fled.

    You listened Kull?

  83. The four amigos tape will definately give people MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION. You see how caring I can be by not releasing them………………..yet?

  84. The four amigos tape will definately give people MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION. You see how caring I can be by not releasing them………………..yet?

  85. And the perpertrators kull?

  86. I listened.

    Since a few callers had said that one should not be allowed on the program to spread wild and false allegations.

    Then found it rather interesting that the tapes have now disappeared.

    I guess Uncle Tony would love to keep his license intact.

    I wonder if you will get another chance to do another interview on the breakfast club. ( I have an old walkman ready )

  87. Soething happening again Kull…the blog doubling up the comments…..they are very sensitive about the four amigos meeting……..and they have good reason to be.

  88. Sirach just put the tape information on the other blog…it should go through

  89. I suppose there are others who want all kind of things to be left intact.

    You got a hat trick…greedy Kull

    I interview on different and more powerful forums nowadays. With much more vivid content.

    We use very tiny micro devices nowadays but a walkman could work.

  90. Sirach….if all you have said and claim to know is true, it would be reasonable to conclude that there is no money left in olint. It only makes sense. If DS could not pay money from Jan to June when it was unfrozen, why now?

  91. “Since a few callers had said that one should not be allowed on the program to spread wild and false allegations.”

    Was that outside of the interviews? Only one person called in on air on the interviews. Cross examination especially when the witness is a big wig is a delight to watch.

  92. There was another person online.. who basically was not in agreement with your approach. he talked about speaking to Knighton and gag order etc, and said you were spreading false accusation, since Knighton was under gag order.

    He basically said he wanted back the money, as he was hurting , like others, but felt that the method you were using would not make money come to them, as they had faith in the November court date and court system

    I cannot quote verbatim, thats what tape and transcript are for.

  93. @ Sirach,

    I am out for Today. talk to you tomorrow… hopefully by then you will have an answer about the email to Les Green 🙂

  94. Well the November court date has spoken for itself. The letters from DS have spoken to the gag order.

    “..and said you were spreading false accusation, since Knighton was under gag order.”

    I am not under a gag order…..check what your trying tpo say with the above quote there….the logic greying a bit there.

    Note: I never stopped anyone who did not get their money from David Smith earlier this year(You like that diction and grammar..hahaa)..

    In fact i did the opposite in early March after he told me everything was o.k. and i said I would help. It is patently obvious that he lied (I feel it so I can tell you) and it seems the “faith” took the same flight that CM’s faith did after November 17.

  95. Maybe Wednesday Kull (the email)…..Tomorrow is a very very busy day.

    Best blogging sor far.


  96. Kull..Wednesday (after the e-mail of course) we can analyse this one.


  97. Sirach,

    Dem talking or dem stalking ?

    Yuh buddy cullkull say this and yet he does not understand !

    Most Jamaican are law abiding citizens and know right from wrong. Most are decent and extend common courtesy to each other.

    1. DS did extend common courtesy !
    2. DS did not appear to be decent ..
    3. DS was not Law abiding
    4. DS is now not even Jamaican as he hides in TCI

    YUH see cull yuh grow with a limited and revised view on the above , aberrant behavior is not understood as it takes to a different meaning by modern day Jacans , Seeen !

    The money is with TCI, FX , if yuh a wait on Olint and DS ,
    this is what he said :


    I couldn’t find that platform ………………………………………………

  98. Thanks watching…..I am glad to see that we still have some people with sanity. There is much abberation with us when it comes to behaviour. You are certainly correct. Itis a catastophe for the nation in that it is a generational thing….pervasive…rotten…..passed down.

  99. Money, wealth and power are expected to trump all else.

    Outside of this these the rest are simply deemed hapless.

    ..as if some kind of perogative…

    The prodigal one is a glaring example of this in how he carried himself and how he deals with ordinary folk.

  100. Sirach – you certainly have hit the nail on the head with your observations of human nature/jamaican nature.

    So, your method of recouping your losses is one way to go forward. Many have commented about what the ordinary folk should do, but if smitty’s disdain for the ordinary is as you’ve described, following traditional channels seems an unlilkely route to get your $$ back.

    Where does that leave the ordinary folk? the people with $10K, and $80K etc? I guess suck it up as a lesson learned and become introspective as smitty’s suggested.

    It doesn’t seem there is any reality in which this will come to a satisfactory close. As you say, the rest are deemed hapless. Sad, but quite accurate (the hapless remark).

  101. I guess no Sirach today.

    but Tommorow when you come back, I guess these questions can be added.

    How come you were discussing an email that you have not seen on live radio

    Party to a letter from a lawyer accusing an ACP Les Green about breaching confidence for an email that you have never seen.

    Sending info to the media that you yourself had never even seen 🙂

  102. What’s up kull!……Guess you wondered where I was. I tied up Spiderman and cliped the wings of Batman, Robin, Superman and Wonderwoman all in one. Not even Anancy was spared.

    If I discussed an email on live radio then you have me mixed up with someone else. Did Les Green breach confidence? hmmm.

    Green Goblin was also tied up today….anyway…Kull I am going to search out the email that you speak of and give you all the comments you want upfront…..Sirach always upfront.

    I am party to such goodies as the meetings with Shaw….party to nuff things…….is the Myocardial Infarction you want to give the people? Have mercy Kull.

  103. “Where does that leave the ordinary folk? the people with $10K, and $80K etc? I guess suck it up as a lesson learned and become introspective as smitty’s suggested.”

    its really happening…

    I could never my people that. The trepidation is there for some but all is not lost…..get up stand up….stand up for your rights….get up stand up….stand up for your rights…

  104. Jacan Integrity ?

    Man with integrity don’t hide behind lawyers
    Man with integrity walk tall
    Man with integrity have friends
    Man with integrity and have people monies get on TV ,as the other TCI fx director did and say “we good ” People …

    If life is a bridge , that one have to cross, I say :


  105. On another note: Yo9u think George W going to pardon Bernie Evers and dem?

  106. (yawn) … sirach / belcher … in ye good ol’ Jamdown parlance … (and wid nuff respec’ to all the other bloggers’ sensibilities) … you’re backing your proverbial fist over the whole of this sordid tale … oink, oink missa piggy …

  107. Who cares?

  108. Even a wanker needs to get paid if he is owed money !

    OK , we are heading towards December , anyone paid yet ?


  109. Sirach..

    waiting on tomorrow to get your response about the email, thats why I don’t even bother post today..

    Just a reminder

  110. I hear you kull …..I have to look for it…..sometimes other work must be done the blog is just a pastime.

    I will check to see if I have a copy of the said mail. It should be there. We can pass some time on it on Wednesday…remember that’s not very far away.

    I have a response now (I always have) Kull but for posterity I want to peruse the document. i think you deserve a good blog on this …..remember most of the blogs are a pastime….what goes on in private is very official and non-emotive.

  111. Boy…. if is ONE thing Olint / World Wise / May Daisy / Cash Plus / Higgins Warner / Lewfam / F1 /The Rapture teach people….. PATIENCE….

    seem like everybody waiting on sumting!

  112. Of this I can tell you for certain right now Kull…..I saw that email after the fact….but i want to check something else first…..patience…..remember I don’t work for anyone here as much as I don’t work for DS.

  113. I am sure, you did not wait for it to come up on a blog, before you read the email. I am sure that since you guys had consulted a lawyer, you must have given the email more than a passing glance.

    maybe you would have asked, was this sent in confidence, and the trust betrayed by the recipient

  114. Kull put in the question marks please.

    You are very right about what is a blog. i find it pathetic that the various scammers and con artists let a blog be the place that people scronge for information about their money. Really I do. The emotions and more specifically the frustrations of some have caused bloggers to embarrassingly attempt to malign other bloggers who have and want nothing to do with them.

    Sad….The scammers don’t call…they treat people with disdain…they laugh….they act aloof…(when they aren’t bawling)….then some people who think very highly of themselves scour a BLOG…a BLOG….to gain information about money that belongs to them. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

    And the great majority of disenfrachised have no problem with this. They would pass time here with Sirach while their money evaporates. Amazing.

    Kull….Arsenal 1 Dynamo 0….

    I will say this before tomorrows analogy of the e-mail…

    I believe the issue at hand is that when you go to the police in Jamaica and communicate confidentially or not or by telepathy or love letter then that communication with police will be passed on immediately to persons who have pictures with DS and persons who have flown in DS’s private jet and persons who DS claim offer him defacto immunity from the concerns of all…sorry MOST of these hapless bloggers.

    Again…there are first World standards and third world standards….Jamaica can not hide. We must choose.

    Usually when one recieves a e-mail of a serious nature at work one would not hesitate to forward it immediately to one’s superior….one’s boss….

    Do you or do you not agree Kull?

    It would seem to me that the e-mail was not sent to the commissioner first…or the minister of national security…..or interpol…..or to mickey mouse.

    Now as i have said I need to check these facts as i like to give the benefit of the doubt…..that’s important because if you loose it …..it can be hard to get back if at all.

  115. Sirach..

    keep is simple. I will await your result.

    the basic question… almost a yes no answer..

    was the email sent to ACP Les Green alone ?

    Therefore by inference only the sender or the recipient could release it to a third party.

    I am out until tomorrow

  116. Kull let me see if i can help on the Jamaica “system”

    Sometimes try as you may to e-mail someone they never reply….they stick head in the ground like ostritch.

    Sometimes you need to fingd out who spanks whom.

    All kind of numbers can play.

    Now if you e-mail one a den likke fowls….you are then sure that the message reaches the intended recipient.

    Call it insecurity, nepotism, ….in the venacluar “Suss” whatever…it works…and in the case of the emailyou are concerned about I think you might agree.

  117. “Therefore by inference only the sender or the recipient could release it to a third party”

    Absolutely not Kull…..maybe we in Jamaica could see such inference but nowhere else that has any standards of reasoning or logic.

    Such a stance speaks to my blogs on how Jamaicans have wallowed in a system that has blurred universal concept of what is right and wrong.


    Watching closely can elaborate.


    Would you believe in Jamaica there are even jusists who believe in that %$**&!

  119. If we choose to continue to teach our children that then we shall continue to reap what we sow…as per usual.

    We can fool ourselves that we are World Class but we shall have nothing to defend when the World say we have nutting bout wi.

  120. One thing about truth..it always comes out…..false pride can not change that.

  121. 10 million gold medals can not counterbalance the fact that we have a thing called a “garrison” in our land….or that people enter our university barely functionally litterate….or that our people line up at embassies for hours while we let in foreigners with driver’s licences……..and we accept donations from people who have fleeced Jamaicans themselves…..the list goes on….

    Jamaicans….let us resolve to stop fooling ourselves….if not least….for our children.

  122. Kull…that’s about as simple as it gets….night.

  123. If you are a member of Lewfam whose money has been frozen and want to do something about it, Contact me, Mariana at mariposse@gmail.com. I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS! I believe we are about 5,000 members; if we get together we DO something about it. This has been misunderstood. It IS NOT ABOUT OLINT OR DAVID SMITH! This is about small innocent investors, US, whose money has been frozen for the benefit of the banks…are they going to pay us interests after they unfreeze OUR MONEY? It has been almost 6 months of this circus. Let’s get together and do something about it!!! WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!!! David Smith, in my own personal experience has done nothing but work to give ordinary Jamaicans the opportunity at returns that only banks, huge corporations and the billionaires of the world have access to. That is the reason they want to destroy him; he didn’t want to play with the big guys with their big schemes.

  124. “Every Turks and Caicos Islander should be assured that your government will do what it takes to protect your interests and ensure that all of the hard work that has gone into empowering our people and providing progress for our country will be maintained and excel.

    Let the Progress Continue.”

  125. Exceprt from


    Remember “Don’t stop the progres?”

    “Captain Shaw”…..”yes first mate”…..”Captain we are upon an iceberg dead ahead”…….”full speed ahead first mate”….”no Captain we need to change course”……”First mate”…..”yes Captain?”…..”you speak the truth but because it was not my original idea I will will continue as before……not changing no course”……”Goodbye Captain…”

  126. Sirach..

    any update ?. I assume you have made your checks

  127. i have not made the checks yet. But I will. In and out today with the Slovacks. Pateince Kull….do not worry your intention…..your request is concrete.

  128. I take responsibility.

    the lack of transparency and unregulated nature of the schemes and the countries in which they operate, works great for you when things are going good and works against you when things are going bad.

    We were glad for Turks and the support of their premier when Olint was kicked out of Jamaica and NCB and other banks were shunning him and asking for transparency.

    So it would be foolish to now pretend that Turks was the bastion of transparency and financial fidelity.

    we have to take responsibility for the actions that we make

  129. please pay attention to the annual return over the last 15years of the top currency trader ever


    any questions ?

  130. You all seem to speak in riddles? No one comes out and just tells what the situation is. Will anyone get their money back?

  131. We were never glad about the Turks move. At least i wasn’t…..neither the Panama thing….myself and others (I might add) made approaches for transparency in law binding countries (eg. Not Yard not TCI not Panama etc)…..only to be shunned….so we then asked for our money….no money….no problem….but do not bawl for anything unless you pay the money. Simple.

    BTW…..do not lay lay to pay.

  132. The Colombian story proves that whether it is JA, Albania or Colombia… PT Barnum’s old adage remains as true today as it ever was… there is a sucker born every minute.

    It seems amazing that about a year later there are some that still think that DS will still come through. Dude is a crook. Unlike JA , the Colombian gov at least brought one of their crooks back (from Panama) to face charges.

    This email espousing some “christian” values and calling for prayer are among the oldest scam artists tricks. Just stop and think about the horrendous crimes that have been inflicted on humanity in the name of Christianity and other religions.

    If one reads the bible in a secular manner one will understand why. Start at the beginning… the secular interpretation is that a group of folks got together and wanted to steal or capture their neighbors property… they then said the creator told them to do this… amazingly the creator of all creatures somehow did not tell his other creatures that he was making some of his creatures the chosen ones and that they were now to capture their property and they should just give it up willingly 🙂

    Now can you not see that crooks like DS are just using the secular interpretation to steal? The creator told him to “capture” all this money from his fellow Jcans but the creator did not tell his victims that their money was designated for capture. The money is gone and any little left will only go to those that may be successful in some kind of legal proceedings. No amount of prayer can get your money back, it is gone… prayer would have to bring new money as the original is gone.

  133. @ Sirach

    Hopefully tomorrow you will give the update.

    I have some other comments to make, but I do not like having multiple conversations, and leaving them open ended.

    Out for today

  134. O.K. Kull no rush…thanks for the patience….big things are happening so I have to pause the chit chat for a while.

  135. Anyway Kull Sirach comes to the World in PUBLIC again soon….as per the obvious request of DS.

    It’s going to be a hold on to your seats affair……figuratively and LITERALLY.

  136. Suck blood from a sociopath? Blood don’t run in them viens…..

    “Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless. You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience that they seldom even guess at your condition”

  137. “they selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret”.

    that is until…….

  138. @ Sirach

    you want to give a date for the response.. So I can just follow up re the email on that date, and save you, me and the blog wasted energies.

  139. sirach – when you launch your next public attack – y not give us a hint or 2? that way someone can set a recorder (if necessary) so we all can hear/see what was said/discussed?

  140. this analogy, while not relating exactly to the Olint case, may give an indication under the principle of what happened. Olint may have made it more sophisticated.. but the game is always the same

    There is the three card man.. as a schoolers you are warned to stay away from them. you go to the bus stop at Half Way Tree as a schoolers, and the police see you looking on at the three card man.
    He warns you that gambling is illegal, and you will lose your money. he cannot patrol one spot in the whole park, so he has to move on during his rounds.

    you figure you are smarter that being conned by a three card man, but you have some time to wait until your bus comes.

    So you see the excitement happening , and creep closer to see . you see a person in a Yellow shirt putting his money and quite simply choosing the card that you would have chosen.

    Yellow shirt wins, and collects a tidy sum. you are intrigued.

    you say maybe it is just luck, so you see another person also joining in and doing the same thing . ands alas they also chose the same card that you would have chosen if you were playing, and they also win…

    by this time , some excitement has been created and the policeman comes around. the three card man quickly saying it was just playing for fun, to which everybody agrees, the Police still looks and warns that gambling is illegal and you will mostly lose you money.

    the other persons who have won, now tells you that babylon wants to keep down the small man, and is fighting out poor people from making money. they then move to a small private shop in the bus park, outside of the eyes of the Police, to which they claim that people can make money in peace.

    you then see this and say, yes, all these people are really fighting down the poor man, telling lies on the three card man, who was just helping poor people to make money.

    but you are still hesitant.. because you deep down know that money does not come from nowhere, but the fact is , people are winning money from the three card man.

    you say, no harm in putting some spare change on it. to your surprise, you put in and you win…

    you double your spare change, just like that. you are ecstatic, you have found the way to make money, all others were fighting you down.

    you then put your lunch money on the game, you win again, paid promptly and is smiling. your friend ask if you want to quit, you say no way, you now see the friend as bad mind and want to hold you down.

    So you put your lunch money, school fee and bus fare , plus what you have won before.. and you win again..

    you are smiling to the moon… you see the Policeman nearby, you wonder why he does no go and chase real crooks and leave hardworking people alone. you also smirk that you are on a private place in the bus park, so the policeman has no jurisdiction there.

    you then, put your spare change, lunch money, bus fare, winnings and then dip in your socks and put your school fee and mothers grocery money that she asked you to buy from the supermarket on the three card man.. who you have figured out, have never failed you, you have also seen him enrich others..

    and he does the same shuffle..

    you choose the same card that made you win..

    he turns it over


    you LOSE !!!


    it hits you,, you have lost all your money, plus your bus fare and mothers grocery money..

    quickly you ask your friend to loan you some spare change.. he refuses.. you then look to the other person who have won to borrow a small loan, they have also disappeared…

    you then begin to tell all and sundry, how the three card man has cheated you.. every one you meet in the bus park, you start to tell.. the three card man starts to move on. you run to the policeman..

    I have been cheated.. he stole my money… the Police ask if you have any evidence.. you say no.. you had no receipts etc… plus you were in a private shop, which the police need some justification to enter…

    The Police tells you, bring me the evidence, I have to stop the muggers and pickpockets etc that roam the bus park, I cannot drop everything as you would want, and give it precedence..

    you then start curse the Police, saying that he has not gone to the good school like yourself and thats why he was behaving so.

    on the long walk home, you start to blame everybody but yourself for your predicament.. how you are now without tuition and your family has no food.

    you pass a bar, you see the three card man , the peron in the Yellow shirt and other persons who won and the three card man is buying them drinks… the Police also comes in, and the three card man offers them a round of drink.

    you blame the system, you say this would not happen anywhere else. you blame everybody.. except yourself

  141. No Kull ….we beat the three card man. A done the bar. If the three card man sets the rules he must be prepared to play by them. He may start the game but that does not mean he can end it. Time out is an American concept.

    My testimony will be in public. No need for recorders. It will be public. Once it takes place then do not bicker and blame police or the system for the consequesnces that befall you. After all… that seems to be the very advice you are giving the people.

  142. Again the three card man thinks Jamaica is homogenous…..wrong three card man. i spoke about this already….what you seem to want to say is that because the three card man gets away with it then a so it go……maybe in the majority of Jamaicans norms and customs…………but not in mine. You shall see.

  143. One more thing….who we choose to blame whether it be ourselves or others….one thing remains static…..the money belongs to who it belongs to. Full Stop.

  144. All will take whatever from the story..

    as with any story ( even with the bible) people usually takes what they like from it, and disregard what they do not like.

    but my intention is to take the story as a whole. As no two situations will ever be the same.

    As I said, I can discuss things, but I hate when things get to a point and are left open ended.

    And as you said Sirach, you are very busy and have little time for chit chat..

    So I will just wait for your update re the email.. whenever it may come

  145. Evidence? hahahahaa….if higher than the police and higher than the government of Jamaica are satisfied with evidence then where lies the major malfunction?

  146. If you have done nothing wrong then you have no need to stress. IF…big IF.

  147. Don’t get insecure about the school thing. Leave that to Courtney Barnett.

  148. Nice one Kullcull. :
    Three Card Men:

    Carlos Hill
    Max Higgins
    David Smith

  149. @ cullkull

    Well said , your analogy is right on point.

  150. @cullKull

    Good analogy. Illustrates why when folks were willing to invest with unregulated schemes why they are now stuck up the creek with no paddle. Folks just go mad at the thought of Rapid, Easy Money as the Colombians put it.

    Folks did not stop to think about why drug dealers usually settle disputes by killing each other. When you engage in or invest in illegal activity usually you are left to settle it on your own.

    In some countries they have the resources and the will to aggressively prosecute these criminals. JA is not one… we generally do not great respect for laws. Consider that in our system the PM is supposed to be chief protector of the laws and constitution… not in ours though.

    PJ said the law is not a shackle. Bruce enters into a tracing match with a “scamee” and tells him that a fool and his money are soon parted… instead of simply stating the obvious…. that the police will use available resources to investigate and if any crime was committed, will prosecute to the full extent of the law.

    What a country 🙂 But as the Colombian story illustrates, we are not alone. Stupidity is not a respecter of national boundaries.

  151. Sirach …Do you think the recent happenings in Mumbai India by some very Hispanic looking terrorists might be connected to the financial woes in Columbia … What is puzzling is the targeting of the Financial district and its citizenry with a woe and wanton similar to that of one who has been swindled, via a scheme, out of a lot of money…

  152. The fact is people WILL always fall lure to the prospect of easy money.
    What the law needs to ensure is that not only the scam artist gets prosecuted, but also that the participants also gets prosecuted for participating in an unregulated entity accepting funds.

    It means you cannot offer the excuse ” I did not know”. You can find out this information on the company by checking with the FTC & BOJ.

  153. As it is said, A fool and is money will be parted.

    Losing your money is painful enough. I do not think that one can legislate against stupidity.

    One should put in the legal provision for the recovery of monies which has been scammed.

    but unfortunately, the scam artist usually has the tendency of disposing of such monies before the recovery is effected.

    One can only hope that long sentences can be the deterrent for those who want to engage in scamming other persons.

  154. let us also not lose sight of the environment in which we are operating in.

    Regulated industries ( the biggest and most tight) are also failing, so regulation alone will not solve everything.

    In Jamaica, many people exists and send their children from primary school to university by virtue of the informal unregulated ‘pardna’ system.

    because many ordinary persons cannot come up with the tuition one time, cannot qualify for loans ( no collateral) and have to rely on their pardna draw to meet those obligations.

    thus there is room for both the formal and informal financial entities.

    there is no room for conmen

  155. CullKull

    The problem is the “conmen” use the “informal” system to carry out their wicked act on the unsuspecting, greedy, or ignorant persons.

    If there is failures in the formal system, there is sometime some redress ie JDIC for bank and FDIC in the USA.

    In investment however we, are well aware that if the instituition fails you are more or less on your own.

    BTW – Where is CH today, notice how as voilent as Jamaica is he is still “roaming” free.

  156. cullKull, pardner is informal but it is not illegal. There is no investment advice offered and no return ON investment promised… only return OF investment. In a pardner all you get back is the money you put in.

    Prosecuting folks for participating in illegal schemes would go a very long way to stop these from growing out of control to suck in so many 10’s of thousands. There is nothing unusual in that concept and it is well accepted and enforced.

    For example, if you invested in an illegal drug scheme… where say you gave the drug dealer $10,000 for him to buy the drugs and then double your money in 3 months after he sold the drugs… you would definitely be guilty of a criminal conspiracy… even though you never bought or sold the drugs. You participated in and supported an illegal activity.

    However your general point is well taken… one can never completely use legislation to protect people from their own stupidity.

  157. I guess this is the crux of the money laundering charges being faced by David Smith.

    Either he has traded the 500 Million as promised , Done nothing with it, or basically Laundered it under the guise of FX trading.

    the reports that has been available indicates that very little trading took place in all the platforms that he is known to have traded.

    we are not sure how much trading was done on the OANDA platform.

    the moving money on the platform and removing it without trading does not help his image either

  158. cull,

    you forgot.. you could also have been mixing all those other activities with a plain old pyramid scheme….

  159. I have read this site a lot and have never commented. This site sucks and is obviously not moderated. Why would moderaters allow an obviously dilusional man like jayjay (and other like him) who have now interest in any forex club to be posting confidential messages to members only to a public board?

    If jayjay is out there and actually has an account in a forex club, you should be ashamed. the memos are for clients only, not the 6 billion people in the world the see.

    If you have to much time on your hands, can i suggest golf.

    This goes for the rest of you who can’t keep what god gave you confidential.

    He could have just wrote “There is a new message from david, check the website.” Members would then check their individual accounts. Bwoy i never knew people could be so stupid.

  160. CS I hear you. But understand this. There are members of Olint and Olint TCI that never recieved any communication. Favoratism again? No….we are tired of their favoratism $%^^*&!

  161. Does anyone have any info on UWIN Antigua. They have gone belly up.

  162. Does anyone have any info on UWIN Antigua. They have gone belly up also.

  163. The OECD has been spearheading a decade-long campaign against tax havens and has engaged with offshore centres to ensure those countries implement transparency standards and exchange information with other jurisdictions.

    Only Liechtenstein, Andorra and Monaco are on its “black list” of uncooperative financial centres that have failed to make the political commitment to new standards.

    But Owens said another group had not yet fully implemented the standards they had signed up for, including Cayman Islands, Samoa, Panama, and the Bahamas.

    Only seven centres — Aruba, the Dutch Antilles, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey — were fully compliant with OECD transparency standards.

    And other centres, notably Singapore, had made no political commitment of any sort and were benefiting from being outside the reach of a European Union bill for the taxation of interest from non-resident savings Switzerland has signed up to, he said.

    All offshore centres are likely to face more pressure from industrialised nations as the growing financial crisis forces governments to seek more sources of cash.

    From: http://www.caribbeannetnews.com/news-12548–14-14–.html

  164. CS unfortunately you are displaying cult like behavior. DS has stolen, lied and in the process damaged many lives. Your concern is that emails from the bad guy are made public.

    This is how the devoted followers in cults behave. When the cult leader’s abuses and illegal activity is exposed… the devoted followers blame the ones that left the cult and made cult business public. If not for those disloyal followers everything would have been ok. Some people have to go through cult deprogramming before they become sensible.

  165. Could not have said it better nocotec.

  166. Soon nocotec……soon all them hotels going to melt with their egos….have faith nocotec.

  167. Where is “old master” Kull?

  168. A man gets accused of doing something illegal in awarding a contract. Then the man says he will look into it later and then decide WHETHER OR NOT to respond.

    This is the problem i have been talking about…..World Class this….World Class that….World Class trader with invisible volumes…..

    A Jagan gets caught stealing light in his yard….and It has to be pointed out to her that she can not teach her Sunday School class 40 miles away as a result. She see’s no correlation of the two responsibilities…

    Jamaica….We pray..

    A CEO banker can not remit your own money that never belonged to him on demand and says ,”I can not see you now”….o.k then makes no effort for an assistant or administrative person to make an appointment! So in effect they are saying you must just try willy nilly to speak to them….

    Jamaica….We pray…..

    You get on a board and is the same people on almost all the boards….

    Jamaica…We pray

    Tell me a board that has NEVER issued a contract in Jamaica to a company asociated in some way to a board member…..

    Jamaica…we pray….

    But prayer is not all we do…..

  169. Let us not go too far with “vindicated”

    A product is on the local aqnd international market way before you were Min of Agriculture…..and that “vindicates” something YOU suggested since you were Minister? hahahahahaaaa

    Now really….it could not be to intelligent people you make such a remark. Especially the ones who have been supporting the product at home and abroad for years.

    Does it not seem silly to a man of your calibre?

  170. http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20081130/focus/focus4.html

    How we view right from wrong….new topical issue?

  171. The minister is purported to have extended an exemption given to the JRF in 2002 from the provisions of the Money Lending Act.

    That exemption allows the bad-debt collector to apply interest of 50 per cent or more against loans.

    ….Levy says in court documents that he wrote to the minister in February this year outlining his plight, but so far, he has not received a response. Nooooo


  172. Sirach..

    There is a whole lot of topics that can always be debated.

    any update for me yet ?

    it would also be ironic that some people here also complain that a confidential email ( David Smith’s) is posted here.

    but the fact of the matter is that once an email is sent to a wide group of persons, the confidentiality of it decreases exponentially with each additional person included.

    The same thing is being said of the current contractor general report. it has made it way to the press, and it should be a confidential report. but that report was submitted to several persons, so it is hard to blame the Contractor General for it.

    Sirach, have you verified if the email was sent to Les Green only ???

  173. cullKull,

    I think you are completely missing the point and instead you are casting judgement on others for their active pursuit for justice.

    The points on the OLINT matter are simple:

    1) We all have not been paid for almost 1 yr

    2) Some persons with polictical influence got their money before the rest of the OLINT investors

    3) There is no plausible reason for investors to wait for 9 months before they can receive a refund of THEIR money

    4) David Smith and his family are NOT suffering as they would want investors to think. If so, would DS not be gainfully occupied and working hard
    like the rest of us to re-coup his funds?

    5) Why has Carlos Hill been put before the court system but OLINT/DS has not? What is the difference?

    6) No court order exist preventing disclosure of the facts surrounding OLINT in Jamaica, where the majority of investors reside.
    Why can’t we hear which audit firm is doing the financial analysis of OLINT.? If there was a true audit, like what was done by Worldwise, then would it not finally yield results? Some people would owe OLINT money ( according the DS). Others would be owed by OLINT and then a disbursement system could be established.

    I am a member of a group of investors and we have found the FACTS surrounding the case to concur with what has been published by the media.

    My advice to you is to do your own research before casting judgement on others and quickly get yourself a good lawyer.

  174. @ Kevin

    there are several discussions and several valid points in any discussion.

    For it to be meaningfull one can carry a point to it end and then move on to the next.

    or it can become like some talk shows where people just make there opposing points ad nauseam without trying to resolve any which can be.

    Case in point… in a response to your points


    1) We all have not been paid for almost 1 yr

    TRUE *****

    2) Some persons with polictical influence got their money before the rest of the OLINT investors


    3) There is no plausible reason for investors to wait for 9 months before they can receive a refund of THEIR money


    4) David Smith and his family are NOT suffering as they would want investors to think. If so, would DS not be gainfully occupied and working hard
    like the rest of us to re-coup his funds?


    5) Why has Carlos Hill been put before the court system but OLINT/DS has not? What is the difference?


    6) No court order exist preventing disclosure of the facts surrounding OLINT in Jamaica, where the majority of investors reside.
    Why can’t we hear which audit firm is doing the financial analysis of OLINT.? If there was a true audit, like what was done by Worldwise, then would it not finally yield results? Some people would owe OLINT money ( according the DS). Others would be owed by OLINT and then a disbursement system could be established.

    I am a member of a group of investors and we have found the FACTS surrounding the case to concur with what has been published by the media.


    My advice to you is to do your own research before casting judgement on others and quickly get yourself a good lawyer.



  175. @ Kevin

    I just illustrated direct answers to the questions you posted to the best of my abilities, thus the argument can be moved on to the next step or a different perspective.

    Sirach and others who just keep repeating the same things over and when called out to verify the veracity, either ignore or move to something else, will serve no useful purpose after a while. All it will do it turn off people and result in a monologue, as all it is doing is generating heat but very little light.

    my question still remains. the lack of a direct answer is one in itself…

  176. @ Kevin..

    In our quest to get our money, I am sure that you would not like any unfounded allegations to go as facts.

    I am sure that you value your reputation.

    Don’t you think that Les Green ( or anybody else) reputation is of equal value ?

  177. @ Kevin

    also question 5 was VERY inaccurate. Olint was one of the first to be put before the Jamaican courts. . this is on record .. FSC put them before the court in 2006 for trading in securities ( argument then was they were fighting out the small man from making a money).

    they are still before the court on that.

    NCB has also took them to court, on suspicion of not knowing there source of funds and record transparency.

    Still before the court on that

    They may have a lot of other court cases from government and private persons which has not gotten the public attention.

    I hope you will acknowledge this fact and amend your allegations accordingly.

  178. Kevin: In response to your point 5.

    You will notice that with the exception of CH most of the high profile scammers or principals of these club fled the island… while they were fleeing investors were generally blaming the FSC and bad minded people for crimping these folks entrepreneurial drive. CH probably had limited options because of his prior criminal conviction.

    When someone flees the jurisdiction it takes really dedicated law enforcement to go after him and have him extradited back. Lawsuits become harder and are more expensive because they cross multiple jurisdictions.

    Interesting I was banned on another site after I posted that investors in MayDaisy should secure lawyers and attempt to have the US$7 million frozen. They chose to believe the “christian” ramblings of a crook. In these matters time is of the essence as these criminals will use or hide the money really quickly.

    Notice how NS is apparently paying back small sums… he fled to the US where the legal process is very good and he had no idea how to hide… a swindler acquiring property in his own name in the USA is quite funny. In the US Investors can move really quickly to freeze such investments.

  179. @ Nocotec

    not clear if you are agreeing/ are not agree with point 5 with Kevin. i.e was Olint/David Smith put before the courts.

    Sometimes we give answers without answering the question.

  180. @ cullKull

    I thought his reference to CH being put before the court system was referring to criminal charges in JA. You broadly included civil court. That was the reason for direction of my answer… DS fled the island and so to bring criminal charges he would need to be extradited from TCI.

    This is one major possibility why criminal charges may not have been brought… among many others such as lack of will. As the PM implied, investors had ample warning… and so it appears there is a lack of will to use law enforcement resources to “bail” them out. That was my reading of the statement that a fool and his money are soon parted.

    Further the Doc bringing the complaint to the PM appears not to be too bright, not surprising for someone that invested so much money with an obvious ponzi scheme….

    In JA, politics drives everything so to ask for the PM’s help when you appear to be trying to embarrass members of his party… in JA to expect his cooperation in those circumstances is just nuts. To have any chance of getting help it need to be phrased in a very neutral non-accusatory manner and you certainly cannot get into a tracing match with him.

  181. Is Money Laundering civil or criminal ? NCB brought case to determine source of funds etc/ I believe that would also flesh out any money laundering activities.

    referencing him fleeing the island would indicate that he was being pursued.

    That was far from the case.. He was at Jazz Festival and profiling with the big wigs.

    I am not sure if there is direct evidence of fraud.. as his second contract basically was saying that he has the right to lose all of the money ( not just 20 % ).. and most persons sign the second contract. As they were only focusing on grand encashments.

    the Police are waiting I guess on evidence of fraud, because even in TCI, he has not been charged for fraud

  182. Only the government can bring criminal charges.

    Fleeing can be changed to Strategic Relocation in order to preempt the need to flee quickly at a later date.

    There is no direct evidence of fraud yet as I am not sure anyone is looking for it… maybe that is included in the TCI mandate. If he was not trading as he indicated then he would be guilty of fraudulent conversion. Broadly, that is taking money for an express purpose and then with the intent to mislead for fraudulent purposes, using the money for another purpose.

    In most jurisdictions there is no direct charge for operating a ponzi scheme… thee are several related fraud statues they fall under.

  183. Kull I answered you on the Worldwise payout section. I’ll post it over here.

  184. In JA, politics drives everything so to ask for the PM’s help when you appear to be trying to embarrass members of his party… in JA to expect his cooperation in those circumstances is just nuts. To have any chance of getting help it need to be phrased in a very neutral non-accusatory manner and you certainly cannot get into a tracing match with him.

    The Prime Minister will have to answer for the 8 million his party accepted from David Smith. i will make him answer. I will put the question out for the World. The Doc need not do anthing there.

    The meeting took place with James Robertson, Audley Shaw, Michael Missick and David Smith. They will answer when the time is right. We nuh beg nobody nutten.

    David Smith have drug money in the fund and extortianist money in the fund. The master list is known the criminals are known….the names they hide behind are known.

    Big moguls who have reason to friend and work with Missick are known….We know who get paid since this year and why….time will tell who is stupid and who is not.

    It was claimed the audit was being done by Duhaney….then that was proven false.

    David Smith lives in a 2.5 Million home that he purschased from Jamaican’s Rex and Jen Messam….and Jen worked in the chief ministers office hence the path to belonger Status.

    Look…Kull you read my answer about the email?….Hear dis….we don’t play. Notime. a report comjg about the names of the criminaqls in DS fund and the police in the fund and the politicians in short order…..we don’t come fi fren nobody….

    Patience a get thin and time a run short…..th ebossman must decide…..we don’t force decisions…only act on them

  185. BTW They need no help in being embarrassed..that they do on their own quite well.

    Kull….the email was sent in confidence….the breach was then sent around after the fact.

  186. Did the people on the breakfast club verify the timelines . I gather they would have been privy to the details. Since the evidence was sent to them .

    Les Green is saying that the email was sent and copied. I heard him say that on Radio.

    Mark Wignal has said he was the one who sent it to Daryl Vaz.

    the plot thickens

  187. I can’t speak for the breakfast club or for Green or for Wignal. It was originally sent private.

    If Wignall did send it to Vaz then t was not him alone who got it. Big Daddy must have gotten it before Vaz.

    Reguardless…of whatever the response as far as iIsee it was inapropriate and embarrasing to us internationally. As I see it of course. some journalists in Jamaica and others seem to defend it. I could never because I simply do not operate in one small jurisdiction as Jamaica alone.

  188. Why would a journalist send it to a politician? Why would a police officer send it to a politician?

    Obviously someone in Jamaica does not want people to come forward for the betterment of the nation….Sad….Very Sad and narrow….and abspolutely embarrassing to us as a people on the World stage.

  189. Sirach/Sean

    Did u have a club linked to DS?

  190. mk…Never.

    Why you ask? I thought I answered you already in person on that.

  191. No sorry …wrong person.

  192. look in court it won’t be a blog….you can get crazy and talk about “uptown voice” and other insecurities you carry all you want…..it will be the real deal…so …

    Best advice…practice

  193. so why do you ask mk? I never had a club with DS.

  194. Neither did I solict for that matter….remember mk….their are different yet similar players…..feeders…solicitors…and facilitators….and others…

  195. mk..or anyone else…why do you think the media has so blatantly doged the Olint debacle?

  196. Bwoy Kull as far as I saw it Green sent it to Vaz. But there are computer people who can do all kinds of things so I guess I must leave it open….after all more than one person writes as Sirach..

  197. the other side, according to Mark Wignall

    “I am sure you are well aware of the crime situation in Jamaica. I am responsible for managing all the crime investigations – the police resources for over 1,500 murders each year plus all the other crimes, etc. As such, my time is very limited.

    “There is absolutely no Government influence in this investigation and we will follow up the allegations made, although it is essential that we have the full facts and details, including the relevant documents to show that a fraud has been committed!!!”

    So wrote Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green to Dr Christopher Walker who describes himself as ‘a concerned Olint investor’.

    The communication, an e-mail, copied to about 10 different addresses, including me, was dated October 7, 2008.

    On two days last week The Breakfast Club had as its focus Olint, a much- publicised lawsuit brought against it by Dr Walker and wild allegations made in a series of e-mails sent to Les Green. Dr Walker also wrote to the prime minister on October 17, in which he made a recap of events, namely, “Of note, since January 2008, I have made multiple requests to recover the money I invested, this being as of May 2008 US$2.4 million. Based on the unwillingness to refund the outstanding amounts owed, I have asked the Jamaican police to investigate Olint in order to protect the Olint stakeholders from losing everything.

    “It has become obvious to me that despite several attempts to have senior law enforcement officials interview and arrest David Smith and his brother Wayne Smith, CEO of Olint, the response has been lethargic to say the least.”

    I too would be interested in any third party information which would shed new light on the demise of Olint beyond the plethora of rumours and wild allegations of who got what, when, how much and by what route.

    That said, during the series of communication between Walker and Green which was copied to various media houses/journalists, I got the distinct impression that not only was Dr Walker interested in keeping certain media persons informed of his actions, he also wanted to convey to us, to sell us his untrammelled allegations as nothing but ‘facts’ just as how he was ‘directing’ the police to ‘interview and arrest David Smith and his brother Wayne Smith.’

    I have no doubt that there are many Olint investors who would like to see someone behind bars for the Olint debacle. But, although we are no fans of the snail’s pace of police investigations in this country, Walker in his communication came across as pushy and imperious in trying to tell the police what it should do in light of what he saw as ‘government influence’ in the investigations.

    In his letter to the prime minister he wrote, “Recently, I communicated in confidence my concerns to Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green and shockingly I received an intimidatory e-mail from Mr Daryl Vaz, a Minister of State in your Cabinet.”

    This is not entirely true even as much was made of it by the hosts of The Breakfast Club, Trevor Munroe and Tony Abrahams, very definitely no friends of the JLP in a time when the ruling administration is fast running out of friends.

    It is not true to say that Walker ‘communicated in confidence’ his concerns to ACP Leslie Green. As said before, many persons were also copied and at no stage was there any request for any of us copied to ‘see and blind, hear and deaf’.

    On seeing the communication which involved Vaz, I immediately sought clarification from him (Vaz) on the wild speculations and suggested that he should respond in a matter which to me no attempt was being made to keep in confidence. Indeed, I got the impression that Walker wanted the very opposite – the press to run with all the hearsay, wild speculation and undocumented ‘chat’ that was adding nothing new to what the rumour mill had already produced months ago.
    So, what was this dangerous, ‘intimidatory’ e-mail from Daryl Vaz? “Since u have so much info on my association with olint I advise u to do as ACP Green has suggested. Give him all details. Put up or shut up.

    The e-mail advises Walker to, one, do as ACP Green suggested, present all details. While I would not have recommended the ‘put up or shut up’ bit, Vaz was in essence saying to Walker, assist in leading the police towards the facts (put up) or cease the wild speculations (shut up).

    Tony Abrahams has made much of what was said to be a ‘string of bad words’ which he alleges Vaz reeled off to him on the phone after he had called Vaz for a response. When I called Vaz he told me that Abrahams and company on The Breakfast Club were playing political games and revelling in propagating the wild accusations. According to Vaz, he told Abrahams, “You are a despicable character and on behalf of the many who would like to tell you that, I am telling you so. I would also like to add one other thing. Something I am certain that the many would like to tell you too. Go #@ yourself.”

  198. Questions which jump out.

    it seems like it was not one email, but a series of emails to Les Green ?

    These emails were also copied to the media and others.

    These emails in my opinion were not forwarded to others, but copied?. ( I could be wrong) but were the same one sent to Les Green. Reason for my deducing that is that Les Green responded to all the persons. He would not know that if it was forwarded behind his back.

  199. Well Kull…i answered the part you asked me. Perhaps others could help you out in answering some questions.

    Notice Kull their is not even an attempt at denying the meeting of the four amigos.

    How come you not asking any of the four for some clarification?.

  200. Mutty people do not have to be directly involed in some corrupt activity to resign. In fact many resignations in decent places take place precisely for the reason that the person at the helm was not aware of a situation.

  201. Hard for anyone outside the meeting of the four, to tell what happened in the meeting.

    unless , it was a set up.. and was being taped …

  202. What was being discussed in the meeting of the four? Give us a hint Sirach.

  203. I don’t think they would be discussing paying back the other investors, since it was not a general meeting

  204. I don’t think they would be discussing paying back the other investors, since it was not a general meeting

  205. cullKull,

    I have been reading all the correspondence regarding this OLINT case.
    My only bit of advice to you is not to lose focus on who has committed a grave offense to thousands of people- that being DS.
    My group of investor friends and myself are in no position to caste judgment on the Doctor or Mr. Belcher for trying to get back their money. After all, that is exactly what we ALL want. Our hard earned money back from a fraudulent individual.

    I heard the radio broadcast as well as many other Jamaicans. One thing that I took from that is that there is a “big rat” in the house of OLINT. Clearly, attempts have been made to keep the OLINT scandal below the radar in Jamaica.

    Our Attorney is confident that ALL will be revealed in due course. Not only the Doctor and Belcher can afford lawyers. My group of 10 investors have pooled our resources and we will get our day in court to hear the truth from DS.

    I am amongst many Jamaicans who are very proud of our great country. So for our Prime Minister to write a letter which is condescending is not the best representation of his high office. Instead, I would expect him to clearly state he supports law enforcement efforts and awaits their findings.
    As the leader of our Government, he cannot get involved in a bickering match with an individual!!! He is the Prime Minister!!!

    Anyway, with all of the above said, quite frankly I do not want to waste any more time on hear say and the efforts of others. I WANT BACK MY MONEY FROM DS.

    I hope you and others on this blog will support in an effective way efforts to bring DS to justice and stop wasting time focusing on trivial issues.

  206. Apart from having your lawyers go through the process with the usual discovery and so on there is not much that can be done.

    Note that winning a judgment against someone who is unwilling to pay is just the start. Assets will have to be located and seized/sold etc by court order.

    With a defendant unable to pay because of lack of assets… in this case where the assets have already being dissipated… not much can be done to recover.

    The best effect of a judgment for the plaintiffs is that like the cases where Omar sold off the debt of the banks… you can hound DS for a very long time while interest continues to accrue.

    This is why often the best result is via criminal prosecution… the scammed at least get to see the guy punished. However there does not seem to be high priority assigned to these cases in JA.

  207. Kevin

    If we could end the cover up we might get a little closer to getting back our money. The Prime Minister can not skirt the issue. People’s money has not been forthcoming and that occured shortly after the fact that DS funded the election campaign of the Prime Minister.

  208. It is good that he even got a response from the PM.

    The PM would be responsible for overall governance, not for things at the individual level, unless it is of national importance.

    Imagine if everyone who ran into financial difficulties, had their light lock off, water lock off, school fee not paid, etc had got the ear of the PM and he had to respond at an individual level.

    The PM would also owe a personal response to persons who had been FinSac

    Do you think that any body, who claims that they are ‘an American’ would get a personal response from George Bush, if they outlined their personal financial problems ?.

    While I do not agree with all things, I hold the PM office in high esteem.

    I do not want to view our PM, as the TCI premier who seems to be on the golfing/ partying scene who goes around only concerned with the aims of powerful individuals/ friends.

  209. Kull

    Careful….higher than the Jamaican PM have responded swiftly. Also this case is not about problems people are asking the PM to address….it is asking for him to speak to HIS problems as it relates to the people he is put there to serve.

    We don’t care about Monica Lewinski…..niether about Bill……but if Bill is to be in charge we are concerned that Lewinski has a close influence….over matters that are of national importance to us.

    Bruce could go fly a kite for all we are concerned …but taking money from and fetting DS and having his people take DS’s plane like taxi and not having DS brought to justice……that is different.

    Outside our concerns the lives of the major players are of no significance and do not spur our interest.

  210. Sirach,
    I do agree- attempts have obviously been made to keep us all in the dark. It would appear Mr. Belcher and the Doctor are trying to point this out to us all. While I commend them for revealing those facts, I live in Jamaica where I cannot dare take such a bold action, especially involving Politicians, because my life would in danger.
    So, my focus and that of friends is to press ahead with legal action.

    We refuse to lose focus of who is at fault and so our anger is towards DS who just 6 years ago was collecting his cheque from his employer- Donna Duncan at JMMB and today is living a very relaxed lavish lifestyle at the expense of HARD WORKING Jamaicans.
    This man is living in a US $2.5 Million dollar home, he is NOT working and he continues to travel!!!
    DS has clearly something to hide when instead of calling a meeting of ALL his investors to discuss the problems/issues related to payment; he surrounds himself with a team of EXPENSIVE lawyers. In fact the letter sent to us all in July was from Lord Gifford. Why? How about being a man and owning up to whatever mistakes were committed and being truthful about it? I and most investors would much prefer this versus having to pursue him in court.
    It is important for us to remember he was born to two honest hard working Jamaican parents who were teachers. He was not born into wealth!!! So, ALL the assets he has accrued within the last 5-6 yrs. are from HARD working HONEST people, and these will have to be divided amongst his investors by court order.
    Therefore, he needs to be brought before the courts and hopefully a criminal investigation will be also be done into his investment fund.
    Has any one heard about the status of the criminal investigation in Jamaica? cullKull said Les Green was on the radio. Did he give any clue about the current state of the investigation?

  211. It gnaws at my very soul, it galls me to see it. a group of people perhaps too kindly referred to as investors, but who are in fact no more than fools in pursuit of the proverbial pie in the sky, ignored copiously sufficient warnings and plowed their monies into the hands of a conman. Instead of realizing their own follies and taking personal responsibility for their own actions, they’re now displaying the most selfish of intents. They are will to sacrifice the baby with the bath water. Bring down the whole house of cards so that I can satisfy my blinded goal. How sickening! Walker’s disdain for the (imperfect) processes of justice in Jamaica displays precisely the same character flaw that landed him short of $2.4m. Overbearing pomposity with an unmistakable stain of ignorance and stupidity.
    Who the hell is he to be giving directives to the investigative powers, tell him to attempt that where he resides in the mighty USA and see where that lands him. Tell him to write GWB demanding an investigation of someone who targeted American citizens and may well on that basis be subject to jurisdiction in the USA. Send a letter to the FBI telling them what to do.
    Tired of the dam ignorance now! DS’s scheme was not self sustaining and was always in imminent danger of crashing without warning. Some knew it and decided to play the greater fool game. Some won and some crashed and burned.
    To foolishly suggest that the crash was in consequence of his funding of a political party or parties, (the evidence, not speculation, suggests that he funded both parties) betrays the real level of intellect of the people yapping on the periphery of this debacle.
    As a poster here recently pointed out, persons on this board are generating much heart, but in retreading the rumors and unfounded innuendo, they fall well short of generating any light.

  212. Ok folks here is the million dollar question to you all.If DS comes out and admit that he lost must of his fund thru bad trades and prove it by releasing his P/L to his investors than what ? are you willing to accept that as the risk you took” when you decided to invest you capital in this type of investment,or will you still cry foul, simply because you did not properly understood the risks involved in this market.

  213. @ Kevin

    What you may deem trivialities are what makes or breaks cases.

    take care of the details and the big stuff will take care of themselves.

    Beenie Man tax case was thrown out of court, just because the high paying lawyers forgot to use a current address on the notice served to him.

    So please do not take another’s person query as delving into trivialities..

    Do you want a blog where all we say is David Smith stole our money.

    Pay us back David Smith, and chant that all day ?

    or do you want one where ALL issues are discussed, whether you deem them trivial or not.


    Where does Olint exist ?. is it a Jamaican company ?. have the investors signed to be members of a Jamaican company. does the laws of Jamaica govern how Olint is operated ?

    What protects Olint from the government in times of plenty also protects them from their clients in time of Famine.

    As Jamaicans know “same knife that stick goat, stick sheep”

  214. hmhmhm..jon

    The GWB and FBI anology is not fitting. The accusation is that the currnet government was in leagues with the scamist. It is less of a cry for help than it is an indictment.

    0.786 Trader

    Yes truth is always desired. But if DS were to claim he lost the funds somehow ….let us say pre May 31…..then aside from the money argument that would make him a liar and such a lie itself would have caused serious damage to “investors”…..you follow?

    Being in a high risk investment and being lied to ….are NOT related.

    Kull…..Cash plus was also a cross border scheme and for that (and other reasons) I can only take the assertions hear about Green with a grain of salt.

    If I rob you of money in Jamaica then all I have to do is go to Barbados?……..not feeling it Kull…..furthermore…the first thing that the very senior police officer did was to send the information from the public to an accomplice of a crime.

    That is a serious matter because with the cornucopia of crimes in Jamaica that are in need of people coming forward…such action taken by the ACP can only ensure crime in Jamaica remains ineradicable.

  215. Sirach

    Being in a high risk investment and being lied to ….are NOT related.

    think about the statement above… examine the conclusion.. when you are about to answer, stop and think some more..

    then think about why it is said that a fool and his money are soon parted.

    if you cannot figure it out, then sleep on it

  216. Cash Plus is before the courts basically for cheque fraud… four counts of tendering bad cheques.

    they are on specific charges

    they are not before the courts for being a ponzi , or conning people

  217. That is a serious matter because with the cornucopia of crimes in Jamaica that are in need of people coming forward…such action taken by the ACP can only ensure crime in Jamaica remains ineradicable.


    if you think the above is true

    I suggest you send the evidence to the Commissioner of Police and the Police Public Complaints Committee .

  218. By the way Kull

    When it is a fact that a Minister of Government holds money in Olint in trust for police personell it is only fitting that ACP Green declare whether the Minister has funds in Olint that belong to him.

    Can anyone here disagree with that? I’m interested to hear.

    Does the Prime Minister know that people operating right beside him have money for civil servants tied up in Olint? Does he know these funds were solicited?Does he care to know? Or does he want to lecture people in do as i say and not as I do?

    It is not only Peter Phillips and Bruce Golding who can go on Hardtalk.

  219. Perhaps it is now time to deliver a touchstone by which the fitness of some can be judged.

  220. Kull i wonder how much you really know. You make me wonder if it’s some other “Kull”

    Cash plus/ch is under cases for parole violation and more…..hmmm….I think it might be a fake Kull today.

  221. Sirach..

    Just curious as to how you know so much about Olint books and investors balances. maybe you should offer to help him straighten out his books that he seemingly cannot get right from 2006

  222. I go by memory… I know that his wife is suing him for millions and probably have other cases in the US ( thats why he has not fled there , I think) .. but thats not what the government charge him with.

    As far as I know it is in relation to some cheques

  223. Both parties admitted they received contributions from these schemes so the JLP is not alone. Now let me ask you guys this VERY VERY BASIC question. Did you ask DS or any of these sammers what his/her fee was before you invested? What if he now says his management fee was 99 % of funds received? What would investors say? Investors created the mess for themselves so they will have to figure the fix for themselves.

    With regards to a criminal investigation as investors here is the problem you face…

    With the world leading or near extremely high rate of violent crime in JA… most of which is unsolved… the fact that the police seem not to be giving much effort to this crime… how much sympathy do investors expect from others?

    Do you really expect that with the limited resources of JA law enforcement and the backlog of unsolved violent crime that this should somehow be pushed up the line? The investors were warned from many many sources that these schemes were operating illegally but they chose to plow straight ahead while cussing gov, FSC and other detractors.

  224. Kull…why would you not want o encourage me to send the evidence to Scotland Yard, Interpol and the FBI?

    Anyway, that’s been done already.

  225. Kull…DS recieved more offers for help than one could even imagine…..but….he thought he had the top levels of advice from some very prosaic dum dums. DS was always moved by the superficial.

    He just did not know any better.

    “You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink”….(hhahaaaa…. incedentally that is the answer to the Prime Minister’s, “a fool and his money are soon parted” hahahaaa

    Take a drink PM. Don’t be like Smithy.

    Nocotec….when I asked the question to which you refer the answer DS gave me was 5 dollars of every hundred made.

    Most of the solicitors struck deals of splitting the five in two. 2.5 dollars for Smithy and 2.5 dollarsfor the agent.

  226. You missed the CIA 🙂

    call them International Money Laundering fugitives

  227. Nocotec….Once the investigation is handled as swiftly as the Tafigura matter where co-operation came in quickly from outside Jamaica….and monies were paid back promptly….then ….I believe the investors would be made happy in a very short time.

    I think that with the track record of the Trafigura matter under their belts the present Government of Jamaica can sort this thing out before Christmas Day…

    Does anyone agree? If not? Why not?

  228. “Jamaica’s misfortune is indeed the good fortune of Turks & Caicos having gained these model citizens.”

    Michael Missick.

    I guess that sums it up.

  229. Smith has strongly denied any wrongdoing.

    TCI Weekly News.

    Then we should get all our money on demand then….right or wrong?

  230. “Jamaica’s misfortune is indeed the good fortune of Turks & Caicos having gained these model citizens.”

    Michael Missick.


    Three cheers was said, MM was said to be forward thinking, while our PM backward Thinking..

    why not solicit the help of MM ?

  231. Hahahaha…i like it Kull….the problem is the MM contract belongs to GS.

  232. He also owns the PM contract as well..hahahahahaaahaha……

    Yes Kull …I know you going to ask me for all the details of the bailout and everything……not in the mood today.

    BTW…..Is your answer to the Green letter satisfied? It was sent to Green and green alone….not even I had seen it before a response (if you can call it that) was made.

  233. Who needs the help of whom?

  234. Statistics on Forex trading shows that currency trading is a high risk venture.

    90 % of traders loose , 5 % break even and 5% are successfull.

    High interest rate is compensation for high risk.

    Traders in past months prior to April 2008 were getting good successes as a result of the easy prediction of falling USA Dollars.

    The value of the Dollars is now rising at an unpredictable rate making it more difficult to invest successfull.

    The investors looses when the currency trader looses on the trade investment and the trader is liable only in case of fraudent dealings .

    What are the facts in the Case Of Olint currency tradings. Olint should admit to the fact he made losses on those trades.

    Many of his investers had the myth that he was a superman invester that guaranteed succees on his tradings and invested base on that faith in DS

    Are Olint going to spend part of the remaining fortune with attorneys on court trials to enable us to know the extent of his foreign currency trading failures

  235. Someone has started to write the book.


    Copy and paste in your brower if the link does not work

  236. Sirach..

    I think you said that you think the FX trading is legitimate and viable on the Breakfast Club, as you had seen it work.

    Do you believe that it is viable in making high returns > 5 % per month for a sustainable period ( > 12 months). I am not talking about theoretically possible, but possible from a practical perspective ( people are doing it) ?

  237. You think i said what where and when.

    “From a practical perspective”….please explain.

    What Sirach does know:

    One must consider volume of trades as well. Kull….soon the game will not be worth your while….you will see.

  238. For the sake of the argument.

    the volume is U.S. > $100, 000 .. this volume will separate the persons who just trying a thing, from those who are serious.

    practical, as opposed to theoretical.

    theoretically I can go to the Casino and win at the roulette machine 10 times in a row, practically, this will not happen.

    Do you think that an individual can trade > $ US 100 K and give > 5 % per month for 24 months.

    ( almost anything in this world is possible, I am talking practical)

  239. in other words , do you believe the wonderkid trader who can give phenomenal returns per year trading FX exists.

  240. Wow. What a load of ROT. Is David implying that he is suffering? I cant quite figure out why he continues the pretense? Does he think that people still believe him? DO people still believe him?
    If so amazing!!!

    Very saddened and embarrased by the Jamaican Govts failure to act. Jamaicans lost millions in this scheme and the Govt has a duty to pursue an investigation in concert with all the other law enforcement agencies involved. If DS had murdered someone and then flown to TC, or ordered someone killed from TC does that mean that the Jamaican govt has no duty to investigate?

    I recognise that his political contributions may prove embarrasing but if Jamaica is ever to have a hope of being considered a law abiding society then this must be pursued.

    Meantime – I am reminded why I left Jamaica.

  241. Cull Kull- In answer to your question. NO

    It is possible of course but in 15 years of dealing with portfolio managers (and being one) I have never met or heard of one that provided CONSISTENT positive returns anywhere near the order of magnitude being claimed by DS.
    It was always a scam and I am sorry so many fell for it. The news in the US today shows that even the very sophisicated can get caught.

  242. As for Mr Mark Wignall. I once remember reading his byline which had embedded in it a picture of David Smith with the title “Smith rated as one of the best FX traders in the world”

    In the body of his article Wignall asserted that Olint “trades in FX and does nothing else with the money of its club members” One wonders on what basis Mr Wignall made this assertion? Does he still believe this to be true?

    Wignall spoke in glowing terms glowing terms of the 70% redemptions in Olint and how no one lost money. He never said how he knew that the number was 70% or if indeed he verified that number. Thats what a good journalist would do.

    He lamented the unfair persecution of the genius.

    At the time he wrote this article (Feb 4, 2007) I wrote to the editor of the Observer and also to Wignall and asked what they would say to the people that would eventually lose their life savings because mark Wignall said that Olint could provide these awesome returns because “David Smith is good at what he does, and rated one of the best FX traders in the world”

    He is right about one thing though. David IS very good at what he does.

    Mark Wignall is an embarrasment to his profession. His job is to seek and report the truth. All he did was tell Jamaica what DS wanted us to hear.

    Now Wignall has championed DV. If I were DV , I’d look for a new champion. One with at least a few shards of credibility left.

  243. No money to get back! Forget about it.

  244. The “Perfect Crime” Kiss your money goodbuy, I have kissed mine. There is NO hope in recovering any money from Olint, after all we handed it to a “con man ”
    who fooled us all by holding up GOD and and we made him into Jesus Christ and worshipped the “interest “we were makeing while Mr Smith went on gambleing sprees on his private jet, and lied to us all. So, we are all paying for our greed, trust in a someone we never met,, and are all suffering for our stupidity.

  245. Very serious allegations, that border on libelous. Do yo have evidence Malenkov?

  246. Sirach, floridian, how did you propose to help DS? (your words)….

  247. Intended for another blog…ha

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