Higgins Warner payments, real or a hoax

Higgins Warner has posted on its website names and “checks” that have been allegedly being sent to its “investors” as payments for monies owed.

They have listed names and amounts send via Fedex, but are these checks for real or are the checks not worth the paper they are written on.

Higgins Warner website


We also decided to track the packages to see if they were actually sent and picked up, see tracking information here.


So is it for real, are these checks good, or just another grand fraud being setup by Max.

You decide

35 Responses

  1. The Higgins Warner Blog has sprung to life once again as word spread that checks are being mailed out.
    The problem is all checks seem to be post dated to the end of he month at the earliest.


  2. … (munch munch munch) … were the issued / mailed from Colombia???

  3. Hey money losing peeps. What do you all know about these guys?

    Gerald Puey and Partners Financial join the ‘hoodwinking gang’


    If the above is true. Jamaica really gone bad. Then again all investors may have deserved it.

  4. If the checks are post-dated,then he is only buying time.Also,are they manager’s checks or personal check?Personal checks in U.S.$ take 30 days to clear in the bank’s in JA.
    Actually,I think even bank drafts take 30 days in JA if it is drawn on a bank outside JA.
    Seems to me they only buying time and want to look good for their next scam.
    This way,they can say they paid everyone,do their sting before people get to cash their checks and then disappear.
    Once Ricky Azan had said Jamaican people are so f#$king gullible that once you announce a good return,they all come running.


  5. I would like to know if interest is been payed on the money for all those months we havent get anything.

  6. Mrs,
    Please watch your language on the blog, we can express ourselves without the foul language.

  7. Jay
    I’m sorry about that.
    I was quoting Ricky Azan.
    I’ll be more careful in future.


  8. Does anyone have an update on w/w?

  9. Skip,

    Small investors with balances of US$300 are being paid by WW, that is the latest that I have on that one.

  10. There are only a few names fromm HW on the list published at their website. What about the others and how do they know that addressess on file is still valid? I did not see my name on the site .

  11. Skip

    WW under case and has offered some “percentage” settlements to select persons who bring cases. NS denies his own identity. Them watch him every day.

  12. I will be able to verify soon as the person who introduced me to HW is on the list. I have asked her to let me know as soon as she receives her check.

  13. anybody yet able to confirm the authenticity of the higgins paybacks? i dont know but the figures seem too round to me,$11,000.00,$22,000.00,$ 10,000.00.

  14. This was taken from the HW Blog. I wonder if its really true

    Wally said,
    November 24, 2008 at 9:04 am

    Someone was able to recovery their money through the check? or is it another scam of Sir Higgins!!!

  15. Taken from HW Blog

    A G said,
    November 27, 2008 at 9:02 am

    Guys, the following is posted on the Higgins Warner site.

    AS OF NOV 28, NEWS FROM THE PRESIDENT. All Cheques must be deposited, due to the fact this is a $54 Million US dollars settlement from Bank of America for allowing Kenrick Gilpin to illegal remove Millions of dollars from Higgins Warner Bank of America account. 002290163535

    (01) Any problems please contact Mr. Ken Lewis, President, CEO, and Chairman of Bank of America. Read More

    Tj said,

  16. Such is Life said,
    This was taken from the HW blog today

    November 28, 2008 at 11:37 am

    It’s Confirmed, no money in the account and there wasnt any settlement. Max been lying all along. Who get cheques already, dont waste ur precious time going to lodge it. IT IS GOING TO BOUNCE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    as I said, this has been confirmed !!!!

  17. To date. No money in Higginswarner bank. Checks are no good and the bank is calling in the fraud department for these tons of checks.

  18. Does anyone know where Max is at this time

  19. That”s true the man is a real thief

  20. Well i know some who got there chq cleared and has there money back with interest

  21. higginswarner really need to come clean i invested my money only 2weeks before their untimely departure .To the Jamaican who were employed by them you were very much aware of their criminal intention and you will be as confused and uncomfortable as Kenrick Gilpin ,Max Higgins and the rest in the name of JESUS. The blood that he shed will never loose it’s power. Really hope Max sees this .Pay me back me money!!~!

  22. I recevied a check from Higgins….and the bank returned it saying I should talk to the Higgins about it. Any other update??

  23. Max did it again, took off with thousands of investors money. Plus left people in more distress, as cheques he sent out are bounced and they have to pay the bank for the transaction.


  24. Web-site also down……..wonder what has happened to his flight schedule? Why would he send out cheques that he knows would bounce? Makes no sense.

  25. That what i think too… Why send out bounce cheques..And basically set up yourself for a lawsuit as now there is tangible evidence..to prove fraud on his part which I intend to pursue..

  26. I have heard thru the grapevine that Kenrick Gilpin has been seen in Panama and is now the proud owner of a 5 star hotel over there………….and also that he has a new beau

  27. No grapevine that is true … GILPIN AND HIGGINS are getting away….

  28. My Aunt got a cheque only for it to returned ..What a disgusting, awful liar. My aunt needs back her hard earned cash she invested. Someone please help!!!Our situation is urgent ..Please please help us get this man to return our monies and the other persons also.

  29. Natalie,

    I am sorry but its all gone, there is NO money left.
    Max indeed was a scammer and has duped thousands of folks out of their hard earned cash.

  30. Everyone, face the music we will not get back any money. Just move on and learn from the experience

  31. I emailed max higgins and ask him he said i should mind my own business and it’s free world.

  32. max said he is gay and i should mind my own business it’s a free world

  33. Max Higgins will eventually learn that what goes around comes around

  34. Does anyone know how to earn legitimately online? If so please help me to do so…!!!!!!!!!

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