Worlds largest ponzi scheme ever

This guy ran the worlds largest ponzi scheme ever recorded.

This US$50 scheme dwarfs any other scheme on record and just shows how far reaching this type of fraudulent activity has become.

Lewfam Closing ?

We have in our possession a copy of an email which was just sent out to Lewfam clients last night (Dec 3, 2007).

Is this the end of the road for Lewfam or will the office reopen as stated in the email.


Dear Member,
As at midnight 3rd December 2008 the LewFam Investment Club website will be suspended until further notice. Our office remains open to continue answering your calls and providing you with any available updates. Please feel free to call us. Our regular numbers will be available along with three additional numbers: 305-600-4367; 954-376-3277; and 404-567-4804.
We will be closed for the Christmas Holidays as at December 12 and will re-open on January 12, 2009
Thank you very much for your continued support and patience during this continued trying time.
Please have a happy and fulfilled holiday.
Management and staff
LewFam Investment Club