Lewfam Closing ?

We have in our possession a copy of an email which was just sent out to Lewfam clients last night (Dec 3, 2007).

Is this the end of the road for Lewfam or will the office reopen as stated in the email.


Dear Member,
As at midnight 3rd December 2008 the LewFam Investment Club website will be suspended until further notice. Our office remains open to continue answering your calls and providing you with any available updates. Please feel free to call us. Our regular numbers will be available along with three additional numbers: 305-600-4367; 954-376-3277; and 404-567-4804.
We will be closed for the Christmas Holidays as at December 12 and will re-open on January 12, 2009
Thank you very much for your continued support and patience during this continued trying time.
Please have a happy and fulfilled holiday.
Management and staff
LewFam Investment Club


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  1. Sirach if people go to the middlemen, they will probably be talking to friends and relatives. Bad relationships will develope and bad family vibes. This has occured already. All should face the facts there is NO MONEY. The final consequences for DS and WS will be devastating I am afraid. May God have mercy on their souls and all associated with them. Time is steadily running out and the patience of some will lead to some shocking events.

  2. “Kingsley stressed that it was important for Jamaica to ensure that the money being used to drive the engine of its democracy was beyond question and did not come at a cost to citizens.”


  3. “Jamaica ranks second from bottom on the 2007 World Bank Governance Index in the Caribbean, sitting only above Haiti. Accountability, political stability and absence of violence, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law and control of corruption are the indicators used in the index.”

    “Supporters of campaign-finance reform have for years argued that public financing would enhance the quality of governance and reduce the influence of dirty money in the electoral system.”

    The Gleaner Dec 4,2008

  4. “You need a strong investigative function and you need a strong prosecutorial function in order to give teeth and meaning to the law,” Kingsley said.

    Smithy buy them for rice and peas…..but the coconut milk was rancid….dem belly a go bun dem…..

  5. on the other blog, they had said how Major Lewis was an upstanding Christian man, I wonder how much of them are trying to get his home address and trying to keep a physical tab on him.

    Seems like Usain Bolt will be in for some competition, as Lewfam is getting ready to run !


    Liveandletlive from the other blog made the statment above…..now you see…..Sirach can’t answer over there because Sirach get banned. So many get banned….Harbourshark got banned so long ago its not funny……for a while I thought nocotec was banned..

    Fact: Liveandletlive can’t speak for Sirach…..not even the imposter Sirach’s can speak for Sirach.

    What I know?……I know Lewfam,Olint,Loiten,WW, Keen, Visions and the rest have money for people and refuse to pay. That is what Sirach knows……fassy

  7. You want some blessing of sorts from Sirach that everything is o.k.? NO

  8. kull, i believe him to be an upstanding christian myslef. real genuine guy. but like thta other minister morgan, naive as feck!! real smart people otherwise, but takable on any story that sounds good. perfect fodder for a slick con man who knows how to appeal to the soft underbelly of formalisd religion. that is we will suspend rationality on any issue, no matter how crucial, as long as you make a showing to us religionists that ‘god’ is some how in the mix.
    ds clearly achieved this.
    i admit though,what confuses me is that i belive that major took affirmative steps to create the impression that he was viable without olint. the link was never denied, but there was always the intimation, never expressely denied, that lewfam itself had expert traders on the level of ds that were ‘eanring’ comparable rates of return.

  9. so i guess i’m saying, it very likely that he got engulfed in the whole intoxicating high of money money money….was he a con man too? not sure. what do you all think? i think a strong argument can be made either way. i.e. he was silly and taken by a con man, or that he himself is a con man, but he just got outwitted by a surperior conman….
    disclaimer, i am(was) a personal friend of this guy, and i have a soft spot for him and his family,(rather large one). before you jump at me, i also knew ds as a teenager growing up in church and playing football with him on many occassions. i have no difficulty believing that hes a scumbag!!

  10. … (cock-a-doodle-pure:do-do) … hmm, fowl dem ah come home fe roost … or more to de point … dem a tek dem final flight(s) … (brushing off the litter) … after dem done tek JAH-JAH name an fool-fool up de greedy likkle piglets dem … (lighting up me spliff) … but, ‘member dis … all who have been using JAH name in vain … JAH don’t sleep, no time!!!

  11. Don’t jump in the water if you can’t swim.

  12. “What I know?……I know Lewfam,Olint,Loiten,WW, Keen, Visions and the rest have money for people and refuse to pay. That is what Sirach knows……fassy”

    Hmmm… so if you’re saying they have the money. pray tell what reason would they have to risk international investigation, lawsuit from all corners and the wrath of rich and poor people bad man and badder man?
    (aside from the obvious tief and run off?)

    I do hear that DS visits jamaica ever so often and was there quite recently… if people ben up bout dem money how come him come and go and nobody don’t seh nuttin’?

  13. I think when Sirach said “…have money for people and refuse to pay…” I am sure he was commenting on the fact that they ‘owe’ people and not necessarily that they actually ‘have’ the money. I mean, maybe he knows, but who knows…? Him nah tell we!

  14. Dem fi PAY! that’s what a mean..ahhahahaaa

    How Lewfam to be closing office for the lovely holidays…..WHEN CASE UPON CASE COMING EVEN THIS WEEK….

  15. ahhh. I see. hmm. wondering if this is sirach 1 or 2….

  16. If Lewis is a real Christian, then he would be familiar with the saying that ‘the love of money is the root of all evil” and do due diligence when deciding to engage in the scheme.

    Why are they closing a website, and have office that only answers phone. that seems like they are waiting on the night, to initiate a fly by.

  17. my question is, whats the point of fleeing?
    well, assuming that the destination is the us.
    there they for sure are subject to the laws of the US. dont they have fl offices, where solicitation took place? major and wife can find themselves very short on places to hide soon.
    sirach, on your propoganda theory, whats the source of major lewis’ protection? was he one of the 4 in tci?
    did he donate to gen elec camaign? lew fam folks havent been arrested, why not?

  18. well, even the best conman knows that his clients will tire of bullcrap excuses. So he has to know when to fly the coop. because a hungry man is a angry man

  19. I would stop and think that when the “boss” says who will recieve farvoratism treatment in payouts….I would stop and think…….

    Perhaps the “boss” is “boss” for you and you alone.

  20. “…….the Premier likened the TCI to Rome in its glory days…”

  21. Smithy thinks he is Pontius Pilate.

  22. I have seen the light!!!!. This bredda Doc Walker is our best friend yet.
    production is over for the week paper work then HOME

  23. sirach where did you obtain this letter ….you have to verify the source.

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with chris walker…..all the victims need to join forces with this guy. He is onto something.

    The main question why is olint(DS) proteceted while Carlos hill was not? No one can get a straight answer…noone can get a ccurate account of how much money is left…..some say about 10M max 12m…noone is sure and the courts proceedings in TCI is under lock and key.

    The only why we can get answers is if we join forces…everyone is gettin a peice here and there and not uniting to get justice.It makes no sense.

  24. jon I agree with you but that is just an excerpt we do not know what evidence he actually has. DS and his cronies have not been able to give me nything to say they have our money either. The TCI court proceedings is not public knowledge…so noone really knows. But do you not think that if DS had the money he would say point blank that he does…all of hios actions to date seems shaky. First he said he made a mistake , now he is asking for prayers.

  25. catd,
    dont get me wrong. as you said above no one knows. i dont know what evidence dr walker has, but i know that if all he has is whats written above, then he’s wasting time. whats written above looks something like a complaint. its ok to allege things you hope to prove, but come proof time you shit out of luck if all you have is what the rumour mill has been twirling around for the past year.
    he’s going to have to bring something more than conclusory allegations that seem to rely on nothing more than rumor, to get himself anything beyond sympathy. he of course could cause the ruling jlp govt to suffer favorability sure, if thats his goal then he maybe onto something. but if his goal is to get to the ‘truth’ and in the process secure some form of recovery, then he is i’m affraid making the matter worse. unfortunately not only for himself, but for many others who have somt hope and dare i say real need to see even some pennies on the dollar.

    and to a separte but related matter, dr. walker reportedly told the pm that he is protected by 1st ammndment rights as a US citezen so the PM’s caution to him on his potentially liabelous statements need not be heeded to. the good dr is in fools paradise if he thinks he’s ‘protected’ by 1st ammendment rights to say anything he so pleases to say anywhere and to anyone. tell him to consult any two bit lawyer who will point out to him that he is mistaken. best he do it before he loses some more of his hard earned cash.

  26. jon….you seem to be very smart.

    What do you think the Prime Minister would say under oath about the Olint/DS “donation” to the election campaign?

  27. One more question. Why did Carlos Hill and David Smith see a need to make political donations with the people’s money?

  28. bare with me jon…one more..for now

    Why did the JLP accept money from an entity the FSC was warning people about?

    and….might as well…

    How are David and Tracey Smith granted belonger status in TCI while facing court cases and also investigation?

  29. Well thank you dr. walker, err belcher, sorry, so sorry, err… sirach
    Just kidding, had to get that one out. I don’t know what the pm would say under oath, and I don’t know for sure that that would be relevant. You intimate that it would be, but more has to be shown to get him in that position.
    Why did Carlos hill outbid Wray and nephew and sponsor the local premiere league? Why did they accept the funds? Why did DS sponsor air Jamaica jazz and blues? Why did they take the funds? Why did DS give money to the political parties? Based on what I know, which is not much; I can only allow myself to conclude that it was a part of the MO of these ponzi schemes. they bought legitimacy not by bribing people it would seem to me, but by creating a profile of success and philanthropy that sucked a lot of innocents and a great many more fools in. (not sure where you fit).
    Why did DS start a million dollar Olint foundation? Is everyone who participated in the receipt of those donated funds guilty of misconduct? Most certainly not! That’s what con men do.
    Now, with regards to the FSC warnings, I’m glad you brought that up. Why did you give DS your money despite the repeated and voluminous warnings? That to me is more relevant than what the pm would say under oath.
    I think it’s already been acknowledged that he gave money to both political parties. So we can dispense with that matter. That’s not in dispute.
    You dr. walker, there I go again, you sirach want to attach some motive to the ruling administration for the seeming lack of investigation of DS. Dr Walker is on a political hunt. Now if he thinks that serves his purpose well, power to him. But I think that it is selfish and obnoxious of him. Follow the link. Bovell ‘facilitates’ ds’s transition to TCI. Bovells father, himself a successful personality in Jamaica happens to be a jlp functionary, therefore, in your limited logic, the jlp is culpable.
    I wonder if my father or my son had to answer for all my indiscretions…it’s a specious conclusion, a silly contention to implicate the jlp as a political organization for what the wayward son of a party functionary did. Preposterous. But it signals the level of desperation on your part, and unfortunately it sullies everyone else who maintains hope of compensation. You are selfish and that is why I detest what you are doing.
    Imbedded in dr. walker’s scurrilous attack is the ‘fact’ that his Belonger status in the TCI limited the reach of the Jamaican investigators. If that is true, den what you want dem to do? Mobilize the JDF and go get di man in the TCI?
    I gone, likkle more walker

  30. not as smart as you though eh sirach

  31. Guys
    can you imagine the belly laughing Ms
    Dunn carried on with after DOC had left.?

  32. I think his belonger status argument is meant for the TCI immigration and questions their due dilligence…..how you make it a Jamaican matter…I don’t know…..must be my “limited logic” working through you there.

    …anyway jon in time you will see how it pans out….I’m sure you’ve done nothing wrong and you have expressed your alligiance to the “innocents” and the “fools” who have lost and I’m sure they appreciate your unwavering help.

    I rest assured that all “truths” shall come out in the open for all to see. Smith’s exhoneration was rendered immpossible long ago….he simply lied too much……but I still hope the others involved have detailed and valid reasons for the actions they have taken and I’m sure when summoned they shall have the adequete forum to explain.

    Thankfully there is one thing we now know for sure. There will be no cover up of the Olint saga on the international front.

  33. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/html/20081206T210000-0500_143441_OBS_OFFICIALS_DENY_PM_ABOUT_TO_SHUFFLE_CABINET__BUT_.asp

    Get a move on because I ambored of moving in damage control mode. I have a timeline.

  34. We agree with Jean Pierre Kingsley, who used to be the boss of Canada’s electoral process.
    Money is important to politics, Mr Kingsley reminded a seminar on political party financing in Kingston last week. But, if you don’t regulate the money, the money will regulate the process.

    Or, put another way, special interests, or, as Mr Edward Seaga once famously warned, “tainted money”, may buy its way into Gordon House and Jamaica House.

    This newspaper, therefore, is in favour of regulating the financing of elections in Jamaica, including state funding for political parties. Indeed, this is a matter under consi-deration by the Electoral Commission (EC) of Jamaica, which has promised to release soon its recommendations on how such a system should be fashioned. In exchange for public money, parties, to some degree, will have to open their books, making public their list of private contributors and operate in a manner reflective of basic corporate governance.

    As is the convention with proposals from the Electoral Commission, it is expected that Parliament will endorse the recommendations. While we understand the historical reason for this approach to recommendations from the EC – including its contribution in transforming Jamaica’s formerly deeply corrupt and turbulent electoral process – it is unfortunate that the proposals have not yet been open to vigorous public debate. This is an element of its operational system that the EC needs to fix: how to get a broader range of opinion, beyond the political parties, during policy formulation.

    Election-financing proposals

    It seems likely, however, that the Electoral Commission will recommend a phased implementation of whatever party and election-financing proposals it tables, on the grounds of the inability of the Government at this time to meet the entire obligation. Indeed, elections in Jamaica are not, in the context of a relatively poor country, cheap affairs. It is estimated, for instance, that the two major political parties, between them, spent J$1.5 billion on the September 2007 general election, or $25 million per constituency. The Government allocated twice that amount for the management of elections, although that budget has dipped by more than two-thirds now that the country is past the election season.

    But, whatever the initial requirements of the EC, we believe that it is in the interest of political parties that they move even faster than the demands of the EC in displaying public accountability.

    As we have argued before, political parties are not private clubs, structured to serve the interests of their members only. They ask the wider population to trust them with state power and the command of vast resources, to govern in the interest of all the people.


    This demands, in our view, greater transparency at the organisational level than the parties hitherto have been willing to provide. It should not have to be forced on them.

    If the parties are serious about good governance and the right of the people to scrutinise the basis on which leaders offer themselves to ser-vice, the parties would voluntarily agree – even ahead of the commission’s report and the introduction of its auditing arrangements – to publish annual accounts and lists of their contributors. It would help, we believe, in lifting dwindling public confidence in political organisations


  35. “The time is ripe, but like the fruit that ripens, or the flower that blooms, it can pass without a taste of the flavour or enjoyment of the scent, if delayed.”



  36. • David Smith and his family obtained a “Rapid” Belongers immigration status for the TCI (<1 year) with the assistance of the Premier and used the legal firm: Missick and Stanbrook as legal counsel. The speed of Belongers status granted to David and Tracey Smith is highly suspicious, especially since it limits there exposure to the reaches of the Jamaican judicial system where the majority of the fraud occurred.


    “…especially since it limits there exposure to the reaches of the Jamaican judicial system where the majority of the fraud occurred.”

    Thats how YOU made the belonger status a jamaican matter.

  37. and to add, i am concerned for the innocent people who lost money to the con man ds.
    i think you are concerned with your own losses and your actions to date make that patently obvious.

  38. you seem pretty sophisticated, i begrudgingly pay that complement to you :-), so if i were to guess, you were suckered in less by the con and more by your own bloody greed!
    i make no apology for feeling less sympathy for persons of your ilk than i feel for miss matty dung di road who pastor tell her seh manner a fall from heaven and because of dat she put in her pardener money amounting to peanuts in the grand scheme, but the world to her.

  39. Why do you think I am not concerned with other people’s losses?

  40. It might be those who do nothing who do miss matty a diservice. Anyone who wants the status quo does matty a diservice.

  41. Many of you may feel you know me. And I hope many do come to know me. However if you do not know that I have spent a lifetime defending the “miss Matties” of Jamaica.

    jon….sometimes (as many so called “christians”) here will never do……we must remove the mote from our own eyes and then take another look.

  42. Luckily for Miss Mattie and others many will come to know me out of this saga…..and many will be upset and they will be revealed for what they are.

    There was a time when I was for the umpteenth time defending miss mattie to “the boss” and there were those in attendance who made it known to me that miss mattie was less important than the boss…..they laughed at the time….I was scorned jon…yes….for ACTIONABLY…..ACTIONABLY taking a stance that you now seemingy…..seemingly….take today.


    Now here how it IS going to go down. I do not think miss Mattie or anyone else…..note: Regardless….of status is due their disrespect right now……so whine as they may…..their calamity shall increase.

  43. I suppose that no one here see’s how much leniency has been on offer. Just in case they should seek to change their ways……just in case they could see the light. No I guess not.

  44. No need for apology jon…..I never asked for one.

  45. Middlemen begin offering settlements…..FACT…so all who think the dissemination of info here has been in vain think again…..some miss matties going to get some food in them pot.

  46. You’re welcome miss matties…(smile)

  47. Only thing I ask:

    Don’t forget where you are coming from….remember all the other miss matties who want to cross the river Jordan.

  48. Look investors simply dug themselves a hole too deep… tried to build a bridge too far…

    They chose to and even celebrated “investing” in illegal unregulated schemes. Trouble is, while they were blinded by greed and the possibilities of a quick improvement in their fortunes… they forgot this basic principle…

    Illegal activity is best left to hardened criminals… not to white or blue collar people who don’t regularly prowl the underworld. In that underworld, if DS did not return your money or stole it… you proverbially break his knee caps or worse. That is the “law” in the underworld.

    When you willingly engage in illegal activity the courts and law enforcement are not how you normally get redress… this is why investors are finding this route is like trying to break down a brick wall.

    When the returns looked great investors did not stop to think that if the guy is doing illegal stuff and I do not get my money back, my only recourse will be to break his legs. Welcome to the real world.

  49. “When you willingly engage in illegal activity the courts and law enforcement are not how you normally get redress… this is why investors are finding this route is like trying to break down a brick wall.”

    But nocotec….I just told the blog the BREAKING NEWS!

    People are being offered settlements through regular legal challenges……HOORAY!

  50. The NFA has cracked down on IB’s and Lewfam is an IB. There are new requirements on IBs where you need to be finger printed, $45,000 deposit, and obtain there Series 3 license. I doubt Lewfam is willing to go through it.

  51. They had a new case recently and have closed their office. They have things to do AML.

  52. In the first half of of Nov. 2008, two important money laundering documents has dissapeared from public view where I Trade FX, LLC, David Smith, and the Martinezes were fingered for money laundering and where I Trade FX and the Martinezes replyed to the facts of money movement which indicated money laundering involving themselves.

    Are the Martinezs’ using the 40 million USD that I Trade FX, Martinezes, and David Smith scammed out of Jamaica being used to clean up or hide their involvement in money laundering? The 2 NFA documents are now not publically availiable.
    Are charges coming out soon to where the U.S. government want to hide the money laundering evidence to give the criminals a fair trial?
    Are some people going to receive a lump of black coal for their christmas?

    Harbor Shark, are you still out there and listening?

  53. HarbourShark is still reading but I have been told Harbourshark is unable to blog.

  54. lol…you enjoyed that one didn’t you harbourshark

  55. since harbour is unable to respond for himself, feel free to answer for him sirach.

  56. How can there be enjoyment while so much robbery is around? Ehh jon?….answer that….I am unable to laugh like most of the victims. you seem to be o.k. with the situation….is that true?

  57. ooh no…now is too late for you to get all self righteous. you know precisely what i was getting at in my two previous posts.
    trying to flip the script huh…try again sometime when you have rescued a bit more of your credibility.
    you have been unmasked in so many ways and the ugly side of you is bare for all to see.

  58. Well keep watching …..all?…whose all? yours?

    What about the robbers jon? Are you one?

  59. BTW….I do have an ugly side…It has not been revealed yet.

  60. jon?…I’m sure you share in the happiness of the majority of the bloggers that settlements are being devised and people will be paid.

    Is it so hard to say you are happy for the people jon?

  61. “I have more sympathy for one person who has been robbed over another person who has been robbed…..because one is well off and one is not.”…….”greed means people should be robbed….but the greed of the scamists is not greed at all”…..for those and other symptoms of what ills our society I can only laugh because if people steadfastly defend such rubbish the only other thing is to pity them…..so let’s laugh. Cause many well of Jagans would be horrified to know that we feel they need pity.

  62. well off Jagans

  63. Image is nothing….it is transparent at best……substance is everything….

    Even DS should realise this by now.

  64. David Smith is a liar and a theif….Sirach is here have no fear.

  65. You hear that niney? Good because your whole world of image is in for a big dose of reality courtesy Sirach.

  66. DS send fi the plane to take yardies out of TCI for hurricane? Sick a dat. So why him wasn’t coming over too?

    We check every part of their BS. Nutten no go so.

    Can’t you see is a team of despots?

    And pressure don’t even reach them yet.

  67. Sean

    Which middlemen/ clubs r paying out?

  68. Probably not yours mk or you would have known.

  69. And BTW…I did not say they were “paying out” they are arranging settlement for those with cases. We have to be careful there mk…..the devil has intent to make people believe that by doing nothing people going to get something……careful…the devil strong…especially in certain circles…..remember Hitler called himself a christian and went to church….

  70. When the few told the people about what Hitler meant to the crowd they were lambasted and subsequently villified.

  71. Advice to Dr. Walker

    he is free to go for his money, which was scammed of, basically because a fool and his money will be parted.

    her has made his case.. but some points in which he may have omitted.

    The Bullcrap about DS causing his fathers illness.. it damages his credibility as a Dr. Lack of money does not cause or cure Alzheimer’s.


    • David Smith has engaged in human trafficking from Russia, Ukraine and Jamaica. Women were shuttled into the TCI on David Smith’s private jets for immoral sexual acts involving the Premier Michael Missick.


    This point, even if it is true, can put your legal case into a whole different realm. Human Trafficking and terrorism trumps fraud/ponzi. you may find effort be directed at this very serious crime than recovering money.

    If the ‘goodly’ doctor also knows this for a fact, it would be reasonable to assume that the doctor was also a participant in the spoils.. or maybe the doctor will only admit to getting a lap dance.

    from this which he swears

  72. KullCull,

    I was wondering if I was the only one who spotted that Dr. Walker seemingly knew and participated in a string of illegal activities.

    As one of those persons with a lot of money in Olint he would have been privy to quite a bit of stuff.

    My would would say ” If fish come from river bottom and seh it dutty dung deh, believe him”.
    Or something close to that.

  73. if fish come from river bottom and tell yu seh SHARK dung deh, believe him.
    the good doctor seems to have been in a position of privilige relative to the average ‘investor’. i hope for his sake, for all his wranglings and machinations, when all is said and done his hands do not come out with any mud or even residue on it.
    when yu a dig grave fi a man, more time yu fi dig 2 caa yu might drop dung to.
    hey-haya…what a hata-claps!!

  74. The Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Government of Jamaica have both demonstrably supported David Smith while thousands of innocent investors endure horrid consequences


    Also, there is a difference between the Government and Ministers in their individual capacities.

    No government in Jamaica to date has supported Olint or AIS. . They have run them out of Jamaica. FSC has implemented a cease and desist.

    They have caused them to lock shop and run from Jamaica, so it is incorrect to say that any government in Jamaica has supported Olint.

    Individual Ministers may have invested and in their capacity as investors had dealing with Olint, but I am not aware of ANY government position that supports any AIS, it is quite contrary, as most if not all have a extremely difficult time in getting registered.

    I believe the same cannot be said for TCi, as they had no difficulty getting registered there.

    I believe the TCI premier said that Jamaica misfortune in not dealing with AIS /David Smith is TCI fortune.

    So, it is very incorrect to say that the Jamaican government supports David Smith

  75. dr walker is not concerned with correctnes. leveling these conclusory allegations and trying to pass them of as ‘fact’ or evidence is consistent with what he has displayed to the public thus far. he has displayed a level of deception not much different from ds. birds of a feather…

  76. Thanks Jon you got it.

    Dr Walker has placed himself in a position where he now appears to be dirty.
    He would have “run” with all that was going on if he had not gotten his hands burned.

    The Dr had better be very careful with his accusation as he is doing a good job of implicating himself in fraud, money laundering and prostitution.

  77. I wonder if the smart Dr. knows that it is a crime to participate in international human trafficking…

    why did he decide only to report it when he is NOT getting his money, since he is so concerned ?

    David Smith was having his lavish parties and everything was going great and people were getting money, didn’t the goodly Dr. realize that the Russians girls flown in for the party was human trafficking then…

    to know a crime is being committed like human trafficking and not report it, is to be a part of the crime against the person too. So it would seem like the Dr. is also guilty of aiding and abetting Human trafficking ?

  78. AML

    The NFA thing is tired now

    Charges were CR2 – 9(c)
    Antimoney Laudering Program

    There is a different code for money Laudering THEY WERE NOT Charged with that

    CR2 – 36(E) Supervision of employee.

    STOP THE SCARE MONGERING everybody with sense has called the NFA and the excitment is over


  79. Here is some street reality; if the accusations the Doc has made against Dudus, true or not, if he visits Jamaica, it will not be a pretty thing. That’s just facts…

  80. cullKull,

    I am amused when I hear people talking about “innocent investors’ who got scammed in these illegal schemes. Most of you were well aware that these schemes were operating outside of the law. You all took an informed decision not to be too concerned about that as long as money was running.

    Now that the inevitable has happened we hear all of this moaning and groaning about ‘innocent investors’ Guys, my aunt used to tell me when I got myself in trouble and ran to her….”you make your bed, you lie in it.”

  81. In fact, if DS came out tomorrow and proved that he actually lost all of the money in trades do you think you have any legal recourse to anything?

    Why do you expect the government to help you all when you guys never paid a cent in taxes on your earnings?

  82. When you watch a soccer game take note of how often this scenario happens. Player makes a bad mistake and loses the ball… just watch how often he compounds the mistake by immediately going back for the ball and fowl tackling the opponent in the process.

    This is what the doc is doing. I can actually understand why the PM and others responded the way they did. Not he most appropriate response but I can understand.

    In the context of the way Jcans operate where politics get mixed into just about everything, it appears the doc is PNP sympathizer. These schemes developed and “prospered” under the PNP. The JLP regime inherited them. There is ample blame to go around but the doc seems focused on elements of the JLP. Both parties have admitted that they received money from the Olint.

    The doc invested huge sums with an obvious ponzi scheme. Now he is demonstrating he not only does not understanding basic investing principles but also basic legal principles.

    First doc, being an American citizen does not give you immunity to violate the laws (civil and criminal) in another country. Ja civil laws regarding libel against public officials is considerably different from US law. If you libel a JA person in JA you can be sued and you will lose if it is proven.

    The statements in the affidavit is not evidence that can be used in a court, they are allegations… unsupported… unless there is actual admissible evidence to support them. E.g. Months before it was admitted by the parties that they received money from Olint I wrote same on another blog. I knew this because I got the info from people that were in positions to know this info…

    That was not evidence… Evidence would be like if I had the checks or other proof of the payment… or the person who received the money testified to its receipt. In lieu of such proof, though true, it is an allegation and if sued for libel unless one can get evidence like that above odds are one might lose.

    Further the allegations are at best merely leads for a criminal investigator to follow to obtain the actual evidence. Most investigators would need more specific info than such recitals before they embarked on potentially time wasting wild goose chases.

    In the future the doc really needs to enlighten himself on these matters or seek competent legal or investment advice before proceeding.

  83. cally, on December 8th, 2008 at 2:55 pm Said:
    In fact, if DS came out tomorrow and proved that he actually lost all of the money in trades do you think you have any legal recourse to anything?

    Why do you expect the government to help you all when you guys never paid a cent in taxes on your earnings?

    AMEN mi bredda!!!

  84. It is about time the persons who lost money in these schemes stop calling themselves ‘investors.’

    They all knew the risks they were taking in a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ , illegal scam, but they all thought that they could come out ahead of the other suckers when it eventually crashed.

    Real investors investigate, look at the track record of the persons involved, the history of such previous schemes all over the world and importantly, listen to the regulators.

  85. preach cally, preach

  86. i have been blogging wiit investor in inverted comma’s
    i.e ‘investor’.

  87. Is it true that Dr. walker’s initial investment in Olint was under 100k and he, over time withdrew over 1 mil in gains??
    Jus wonderin.

  88. For Immediate Release
    For More Information Contact:
    Larry Dyekman (312) 781-1372, ldyekman@nfa.futures.org
    Karen Wuertz (312) 781-1335, kwuertz@nfa.futures.org
    National Futures Association issues Investor Alert to help individuals protect themselves from affinity fraud
    December 8, Chicago – National Futures Association (NFA) has issued an Investor Alert to help individuals avoid becoming victims of fraudulent investment offers targeted to specific ethnic communities, religious organizations and social clubs. This particular type of fraud, called affinity fraud, is becoming more prevalent as individuals become more fearful of the volatile stock market and look for more “safe” investments.
    “Recently, NFA has seen a rise in affinity fraud, especially within immigrant communities,” says Karen Wuertz, NFA’s senior vice-president of strategic planning and communications. “These communities are particularly vulnerable to con artists who speak their native language and know their social customs.”
    In many cases, affinity fraud is conducted as a classic Ponzi scheme. The fraudster pays out high dividends to early investors using funds received from customers who sign up later in the process. Flush with success, these early investors then promote the investment offer to their friends and family, allowing the con artist to continue his scheme right up until the moment he skips town.

  89. So Cally you never have no money in any of the scemes? None at all????

  90. Olint boss breaks silence

    Written by Sonia Morgan
    Sunday, 30 November 2008

    After remaining mum to his members for over six months, David Smith, head of Olint, the embattled Jamaican foreign exchange investment club, released a statement to investors last Thursday (Nov. 20).

    ……Smith and Olint are also facing legal suits from Yvonne Coke, head of the not-for-profit group Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness for US $11 million; from businessman Michael Sean Belcher for US $ $800,000 plus profits and doctor Christopher Walker US $2.5 million plus interest……….

    Who is Yvonne Coke??????????


  91. Many of you have engaged in cursing some of us who have shown a very large brainwashed crew the truth. Were we brainwashed too. Sure if that helps..sure. The fact is that we had been up against a very corrupt set of con artists and associates. Many of you may never understand certain methodologies used and to come in order to help people. In your frustration many of you will try to lay blame at the feet of some who have nothing to do with your calamity. It is just the nature of the con. Some of us have the experience of bringing justice to bear long before any schemes came about in Jamaica. The work to do so is never easy or easy for many to grasp.

    We make no apology. We have brougt them to justice before….and we will surely do it again after justice is served on this bunch.

    Some of you reasonably ask why the task was not done earlier but you must remember that their are certain protocols and certainj proofs that we had to obtain solid in our posession to move forward. That task is now complete. That takes time and there was and even continues to be many accomplices ti the con. As pressure mounts they lash out at those who bring them to justice…..this is self evident to all here. This is not ome new phenomenon. It has always been the same.

    Finally we would like to set the record straght. There is some money left. There is an opportunity for some of you to get your money back. Do not be swayed by the accomplices….their time will come. All their files are now complete.

    If not all the people’s considerations can be satisfied then their remains after that the matter of justice. In short order that too will come to pass.

    I wish those of you who have been genuine all the best. Though the circumstances have not been pleasant it has been a pleasure to assist in a very worthy cause. Remember….If you have INNOCENTLY INVESTED in a scheme you have done nothing wrong. It is the con artists and their well known associates who will….yes will…be made to face their crimes. Do not let their bickering now on judgement day bother you….such behaviour is well documented in the criminology literature and follows accordingly to the letter.. Pray for them. they are in need.

    All the best….God Bless.


  92. Allow me and my group of 10 former OLINT investors to formally use this forum to offer the good Doctor and his excellent private detective, the offer for us as a group of ten investors to join and pool our resources.

    The above facts clearly could not be imagined and if so, it would be an excellent fictional story- one that would be a New York best seller!!

    We noted Sirach’s comments and we agree some persons are still in a delusional state of mind, expecting DS to come through with his promises.

    Our Lawyers findings and also our groups due dilligence has found many of the statements made in the media by individuals to be true.

    I again urge members of this blog to do their own research and pool your resources.

    People DO NOT forget- DS is the one who has placed us ALL in dire financial problems.

    Personally, I would never call another man foolish,dirty or greedy- simply because I too knew this was a high risk scheme and so with Jamaica having very few opportunities for upward mobility, I invested in OLINT as well as EVERY participant of this blog. Does this make us ALL greedy and foolish?

    As 2009 draws nigh, I pray for our country that we will be rid of these financial con artist who prey on the fact that there are limited options for upward mobility and that we will be finally blessed to have an economy and a financial sector that will enable us to offer our children a better future.

  93. Kevin,

    First and foremost i did not invest in Olint
    We all seem to forget the old adage which holds true no matter the investment, business or opportunity that may present itself.

    ” If its sounds too good to be true, its probably is”.

    That one sentence sums it all up.
    Upward mobilty is NEVER usual accomplish by some “get rich quick scheme”, but for the most part a comprehensive and detailed investment plan which looks at your age, risk and the investment opportunities that matches those factors.

    Investment opportunities here are not only in the country of residence but more looking at the global village.

    Despite repeated warnings about the illegality of the schemes people still poured billions into the scheme.
    Despite the overwhelming facts that FX Trading could not produce those superior results, people still threw billions at Olint, not wanting to hear sound reasoning.

    It has been show in the past that in a ponzi scheme, that when it collapses most of the money is gone and hence not recoverable.

    The best one can hope for is that the ponzi operator illgotten gains are siezed and sold, and the “change” left after lawyer expenses are split up across all investors.

    In the end its the lawyers who will take the most of whatever is left of Olint assets and investors left with crumbs.

    Sad but true.

  94. self centered, self obsessed *@&#!!!

  95. i would love to hear more about those ‘certain methodologies’.
    thats why i call you out as being a devious person. you seem willing to crush and trample anyone’s good name or reputation to recover from your own shortcomings. anyone that you could attach to the scandal no matter how remote, you were willing to sling mud in their faces. that to me is why i dislike whoever you are and what ever you stand for. now you stand up trying to take credit. credit for what i ask.
    you say in time we will all see. boy im loking forward to that time because i dont think that you are taking complete stock of all thats happening buddy. be careful you may be outflanked.
    if you take money from this guy and even one person fails to get their money back, how does that make you different from those you trhew mud at?
    they used the means at their disposal, strong arm badmanism, (if you are to be believed, i have no evidence of that), and you claim that you used ‘certain methodologies’….whats the difference?
    if you get money out of there and others don’t why should they not look at you as a seflish prick?
    one positive that may come out of your ‘settlement’ is that you may feck off and not post here anymore.

  96. @ Kevin

    we are smart, we took the risk, we must face the consequences. Were we greedy. yes !!!. but being greedy is NOT a crime.

    SO we must use the legal remedies to get back our money. So I have no problem with that.
    Because conning people is a crime.

    but, what still bothers me, is that , Ponzi, etc is white collar crime.. but being involved in Human trafficking is serious capital like crime, to which the Dr. seems to be a tacit participant.

    Are we top overlook this , for the only thing of interest is us getting back ourt money.

    The Dr. really presents a pathetic case, because he seems like one who will parade his own father, robbing him of his dignity. Tacit participant to Money laundering and international prostitution… while still trying to say that he is an innocent investor.. yet he doesn’t want the label of a fool, yet he wants the label of being innocent ? .

    I will join the fight to get back my money, but I would never want to be in any coalition with the goodly Dr. He seems like one who would sell out anybody to get back his money. He sold out his father , his country (” I am American”) , and probably his soul ( Probably him take a piece of the Russians)

  97. my thoughts too cull…i want nothing to do with this fellow…what a prick he seems to be….you said it, he would sell his soul (he sold his pops dignity, and his country….foolishly telling the pm that he has some mythical 1st ammendment rights to sling mud…dam fool!!)
    sick of him, belcher and sirach..who may be one of those two if not both.

  98. My friends Kevin & cullKull,

    it is about time you guys, including Sirach, move on from the first stage of the grief process which is denial. You all should be well on the path of being healed by now but apparently you are all slow learners.

    There are no innocent victims in this scam. I regard all of you so-called investors the same as those suckers who get caught in the lottery schemes.

  99. It shows the same lack of intelligence, good sense and honesty. If you didn’t participate in a lottery, why would you believe that you legitimately won millions of dollars?

    Clearly your intention was to participate in a scam but you got scammed. Another victimless crime that I do not believe police should waste their time investigating.

  100. All any sensible person had to do was just to take a minute and google ‘ponzi schemes’ and they would see the exact description of what was happening here.

    DS did not rip you guys off. You willingly gave him your money, most of it borrowed. You were not interested in asking any of the questions you are now asking; you all played in a game where there were no rules, no referree and then want to cry foul when things go wrong. There is no foul if there was no rule.

  101. All this excuse about the banks paying low interest and ripping off savers, tell me which banking system in the world pays high interest?

    While there is no doubt that there may be a few persons who were genuinely misled about the nature of the schemes, by people like SIRACH and others who were acting as middlemen for DS, those same middlemen who are no bawling cannot claim ignorance of the fundamentally unsustainable and flawed nature of these schemes.

  102. While these middlemen are cursing DS and calling him all manner of names which he rightfully deserves, they themselves have made a killing, buying houses and cars from their ‘clubmemebers’ earnings which they were pulling off every month while telling the members to keep rolling over their money.

    That is where the investigations should focus. Many middlemen were actually taking new deposits up to June when it was clear to them that the schemes were in trouble. There should be an enquiry into people who gave money to middlemen between May and even July without being advised that there was a problem.
    The light must not only shine on DS but on the middlemen and their assets while their memebers got ripped off.

  103. The pastors and church elders! Now that would shake up the religous movement in Jamaica if the investigations started there.

    Many of them deserve to lose their power and influence they have abused over their faithful flock.

  104. Very few of them would be spared. Time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Get the wolves from among the sheep.

  105. Many of them were not giving to Caesar what was his.

    They were not breaking their own moral code but also the law of the land.

  106. That’s it from me.

    Any response….Sirach? Kevin? Harbour? Invest?

  107. sirach is off celebrating his own ‘settlement’ which he said he achieved through the employment of ‘certain methodologies’ while many of those ripped off by the middlemen (like him? not sure that he was a middle man,….if you know that for sure plz let us know…thatway we can confirm the hypocracy of this snake) will never see the light of day.
    he is no differnet form those he and his cronies sought to draw into the mess.

  108. where’s rob? sirach’s nemesis on this blog….where are u rob? whats your take on the ‘settlement’ achived through sirach/walker/belcher’s ‘certain methodologies’?

  109. Cally,

    I would have to agree with you that many “middlemen”/ informal brokers established themselves to reap potential gains from investors. After getting justice from DS our group plans to go after an informal broker, who happened to convince one of our members that OLINT was safe etc.

    Again, we were ALL “greedy” and he too is responsible for his actions. But, the broker is now attempting to evade him and in spite of making a bundle in the past, is not willing to assist with his financial burdens.

    Personally, I have long got over the grief. With my friends we are making every attempt to get closure to this financial tragedy.

    I would suggest other Bloggers who love to ponder, judge and name call follow your good advice Cally- it is time to move on and do something to bring closure to this disaster.

  110. Closure thru the courts will be approx 5 years.. Be prepared for the long haul

  111. Rob wont be back…..you have the floor jon

  112. Why is someone that is trying to get his money back viewed as selfish? All the “investors” were/are selfish. This is the nature of investing. Were any “investors” planning to share their fantastic gains with other investors?

    In pursuing recovery why does any “investor” have an obligation to recover for others? He/she individually or as part of a group he/she joined has an obligation only to him/herself or the group.

    Come on, wake up. The idea and the greed behind these ponzi schemes was not communism… rather out of control capitalism.

  113. nocotec, you are not putting the selfish comments in perspective.
    i said before many times that if i had info that ncb was closing down, i would feel no obligation to wait until a reciever came to divy up the salvagable portions…i would go for my 2 cents quietly and without a fuss. thats not selfish, thats prudent self preservation. big difference.
    thats not the basis on which i persoanlly have called people selfish.
    there are persons who were able to get ‘their’ money out early, and those people were pounced upon by a group of persons one or some of whom post here regularly.
    they were eqaully interested in covering their own asses, no prob with that, but to do so they willingly slung mud and scurilously attacked all no matter how tenuous or slim their connection to ds. it irked me personally because what sympathy and resulting inclination some harboured to truly helping, evaporated with bambastic arrogance of people who acted as though the tax payers of the ocuntry owed them something.
    this is why i personally called some personalities in this debacle selfish hypocrits.

  114. The lewfamclub.com website is now down. I’m glad they can enjoy a month off with all of our money. A$$holes.

  115. @jon

    I got you.

  116. You notice almost universally these guys and or their supporters all talked about how these scammers were “Christians”. What the heck does that imply. There are only a very small percentage of people that profess to be Christians that do good.

    And what is a Christian anyway? There are scores of denominations and churches that all believe and interpret the bible in different ways… heck the Anglican (Episcopalian) church in the USA just split into 2… even they cannot agree on the definition.

    Any time someone brings up Christianity in a business transaction to elicit trust… it is a warning sign to hold your wallet and run the other way as fast as you can. Here comes another interpretation to justify transferring your money to him/her.

  117. Those who use the Christian line in business, usually use it as a one way street. to ellicit credit, or a bly.. but if you should tell the same Christian , that you are also one, you would not get the bly from them

  118. NoCotec
    How are you navigating the current market conditions? Neva mind Olint. That dun an gone.
    I just love the volatile conditions right now. Knowing that you are a Buffettite, I’d be interested what you are buying?

  119. Jahbilly,

    Lee Chin was on nationwide this morning and he was saying buy when others are fearful.
    He went unto say (local market) that there are some undervalued stocks on the market right now and its probably a good time to buy.

    I am not sure if he had any stock picks but if you are interested in Jamaican stocks you can check out the following sites which have analysis on stock on the jse.



  120. mmhmm – I too would be interested to hear if you are following warren’s lead (although where he is going i am not sure) all this talk about buy and hold markets being dead – is this rubbish or what?

  121. still worth a chuckle

    PipUNIT Says:
    December 9, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    Like most i was deceived into trusting people. My friend was close friends with the Major and i trusted him. Probably shouldn’t have done that. But NO LIVE&LETLIVE i didn’t set out to give my money to a bunch of thieves, it just developed into this mess that we’re all in now. So thanks for the sarcasim.


    you were not deceived, you wanted to make EASY MONEY, like the rest of us.

    a lot of people still thinking that people con them, even though the con was very easy to see. but the lure of EASY MONEY will make us ignore the obvious…

    wake up, smell the coffee and step out of denial

  122. buy hold and pray is the new mantra!

  123. @jahbilly

    I am still adhering to the Buffet philosophy. Like him and many others my portfolio has taken a severe spanking. I have never been one that bought many individual stocks, I own only a few. I primarily only Mutual Funds and ETFs.

    Buy and hold is alive now more than it has been in a generation and maybe back to the great depression. I am buying diversified low cost funds. In 3 to 5 years we will look back on this period as the greatest buying opportunity in a generation.

    Unless you have the time to research and follow individual stocks buying them is fraught with risk… like the legendary Bill Miller you could have thought AIG, Bear Stearns and Lehman were bargains.

    It is really simple… if you are buying the broad market now you are betting on the future of the US economy. You are saying that I believe that the market may go even lower in the short term but in the long term I believe there will be economic growth and these prices are going to be cheap when I look back.

    Notice that though no one can be sure, it is possible that it has already bottomed back in Nov. It will likely trade mainly sideways for the duration of the recession and remember that the maximum length of any recession since the great depression is 16 months and we are 12 months in already. This is likely to be longer than 16 months but it gives perspective.

    P.S. Any money you are likely to need in the next 5 years should definitely not be moved into the market at this time.

  124. “wake up, smell the coffee and step out of denial”

    KA SFO wants your address

  125. professor nocotec the market whip you like a borrowed mule??? It seem none of us immune to financial losses.
    many who preach buy and hold quietly sell off their stocks or cash in their mutual funds. Jahbilly be very careful we walking in dangerous times.


    You continue to display your ignorance 🙂 . I have been at investing consistently with generally a dollar cost averaging approach for so long that my portfolio in Quicken still shows me with a positive gain above my cost basis. What has evaporated for me is my paper gains which I expect to return over the long term.

    Selling now only locks in the paper loss to real losses…. If you are a long term investor the only reason to cash out is if you believe you can time the bottom and get back in before it gets back above your sell point when taxes are factored in. I do not expect to need the bulk of my funds for at least 20 years.

    After the ponzi schemes crashed… What evaporated for you and the other ponzi scheme investors were the paper gains plus Real Money. I am sorry to burst your bubble but I am not in the same situation you found yourself in.

    The market whipped my paper gains but my original investment is still there and I expect the paper gains to return before I need the bulk of the money in 20 years plus.

    But hey you belong to the same silly crowd that challenged all I said consistently for more than a year… so I am not surprised you are still doing same… as usual the future will show you that I am right 🙂

  127. this is the basic indication why anyone who is waiting on the courts should have about 5 years in mind. this has nothing to do with investors getting back any money. Just four counts of bounced cheque. this is the only concrete evidence they have against them

    March court date for Carlos Hill and brother

    Cash Plus boss, Carlos Hill and his brother Bertram, will have to wait until March 14 for the case against them to be mentioned again in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.

    When the matter was mentioned in court yesterday, defence attorney Valerie Neita-Robertson, told the court that she had been informed that the representative from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions was ill and would not be attending.

    The brothers are facing several counts of fraud after investors in the failed investment scheme made complaints against them. Both were arrested earlier this year and were granted bail with very strict conditions after a few appearances before Senior Resident Magistrate Glen Brown.

    Hill, founder of Cash Plus Limited, his brother, a director of Cash Plus Developments Ltd, and Peter Wilson, chief financial officer for Cash Plus, were all charged by investigators on April 15.

    Hill was charged under the Larceny Act with four counts of fraudulent conversion and four counts of obtaining money by false pretence. Bertram and Wilson are both charged with one count of conspiracy to defraud.

  128. Thanks to all for their opinions, this is one of my favorites sites on the net. Where else can you get humor,drama,badaration, and all kinds of excitement. I’m even learning to figure out what Sirach is saying.
    Keep posting, Peace.

  129. KA, I hear the SFO is looking for your address…

  130. There is one other item that needs to be addressed urgently, and cannot wait until next week’s column. The Governor needs to place a moratorium on the issuing of any new Belongships or Permanent Residency Certificates (PRCs), for the next two months.

    I speak on behalf of every single person who I have encountered over the last week, that our stomachs turned when we saw in the paper that a Belongership was in the process of being issued to Ms. Candace Propps by Michael Misick. The wife of the controversial, and many feel criminal, developer of Star Island, Rodney Propps, has not earned a Belongership.

    In these last days before the Inquiry reports, Michael is rushing through unacceptable approvals and actions. The Governor is our only last line of defense. Governor, if you do not exercise some discretion and control over Michael Misick, we will be truly lost. Surely you do not expect the people of this Country to lie down and take humiliation after humiliation. First by Michael’s actions and secondarily by British inaction.

    Michael done steal enough man!

  131. “Lewin also told Golding “it is clear that insufficient due diligence was carried out on Mr Lance Brooks or his company, Taylor and Associates”


    “”Every effort is being made to recover the money paid and, from the lessons learnt, controls instituted to prevent a recurrence of this nature,” said Lewin in the closing paragraph of his missive to the prime minister.”

    but…I thought…that “A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED”..OBG…

    so why bother? Do as I say not as I do……We will see…..time runs very short.

    “However, the commissioner noted that the JCF entered into transactions with Taylor and Associates prior to the date that the first indictment was levelled against Brooks.”


    And the people’s money? Managed by a ……. i suppose.

  132. Some very interesting reading…

    “We think the more profound lesson is to look at Bill’s experience alongside that of many other legendary fund managers who have eventually destroyed themselves and their records. Once you do this, it’s hard not to come to the following conclusion: No strategy works in all markets, no strategy works forever, and no strategy can prevent the eventual onslaught of mean-regression.

    Put differently, outsmarting the vast majority of other traders year after year is a tough business, especially when you’ve got to cover 200+ basis points worth of fees and transaction costs while you’re at it (And outsmarting the vast majority of other traders is the only way to beat the market — this is a zero sum game).”

    ‘Broken Strategy’: The Fall of Legendary Investor Bill Miller

    The Stock Picker’s Defeat

  133. To follow up take a look at the graph in the following article.
    The graph maps the performance of stock market over its 183 history. If you know a little about mathematics and statistics the thing that jumps out immediately is how the graph approximates to that of the classic bell curve… indicating a major degree of randomness… thereby indicating most that try to beat the mark will eventually fail.

    The thing to note with a Bell Curve is that most results are clustered near to the Mean value. About 2/3 are within + or – 1 standard deviation, 95 % within 2 and 99 % within 3 standard deviations.

    In short there is regression to to the mean over the long term… you may beat it in spurts but your long term performance will cluster around the mean.

    If you did a similar analysis with the kind of performance that DS (Olint) and the other ponzi schemes were claiming, my guess is it would probably be something like 15 Standard Deviations from the mean… I would have go back to my graduate school maths to figure…

    To put in perspective 15 Standard Deviations away from the mean would mean something like playing the lottery and winning 6 weeks in a row. Those that believed DS should have been buying the lottery instead 🙂

    How bad is 2008 vs. S&P’s 183-year history? Here’s a graph.

  134. ‘Broken Strategy’: The Fall of Legendary Investor Bill Miller


  135. Snapper….FSO wants your address…

  136. Oh dear……time for most of you to run……don’t say I never warned you.

  137. BTW…TS will NEVER touch a cent of the 13 Million.

  138. The Biggest Ponzi EVER?

    Madoff Charged in $50 Billion Fraud at Advisory Firm

    By David Glovin and David Scheer

    Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) — Bernard Madoff, founder and president of a New York firm that invested funds for wealthy individuals, hedge funds and other institutions, was charged with operating what he told employees was a long-running $50 billion Ponzi scheme in what may be one of the largest frauds in history.


  139. Sirach
    could u giv me an email address i can contact u on thanks.

  140. Sirach

    You would want Mike to be in Paris with a no name crook like LOOSER SEAN or a high profile crook like BUTCH.

    Like Mike I would choose Butch.

    What the hell does this have to do with Lewfam closing???

  141. Hey, Sirach

    me never tell you that the next time you a go on the radio, you must announce, so I can get the old Walkman ready fi tape you ?

    So Sirach was on radio yesterday Newstalk 5:30 with Garnet Roper and Prudence, a give the tale, the host them listen and so on.. we all know the story.

    Said he joined from early 2006

    So after him tell the tale, Prudence ask him ask him, so you do you not take any responsibility,

    Sirach answered that he was fooled. He said he has a Degree in international relations or whatever and MBA in something and was fooled.

    even to this day Sirach will not take responsibility for his actions. And most people will never move forward until they admit the truth. They wanted to make money and was greedy. which is not a crime.

    but it is the first stage of healing , taking responsibility.

    being fooled is when the Chinese cloned a DVD and you did not know the difference and bought it, because it looked the same.

    you cannot claim you were fooled, when the FSC was trying to shut it down, the banking sector wanted nothing to do with it, it moved to havens where they are loose laws, they have resisted any attempts at any audits. Olint displayed all the standard Ponzi characteristics.. all of which you knew.

    I got caught, like others, I ignored the warning signs , because I was getting 10 % on paper and occasionally if I wanted a draw, I would get cash.

    So when all the news that was showing it to be a Ponzi, I looked passed it, and was content to see my balance go up by 10 %.

    I would be a liar to say I was fooled, because I just did not want to see the truth, which was right before me.

    the evidence did not change, the only thing that happened was people stopped getting paid, then they opened their eyes which was clouded by greed.

    Sirach, maybe one day you will take responsibility for your actions… it gives having an MBA a bad name if you do not know how to manage processes.

    you have to first identify the problem. you still think that you were fooled by David Smith.

    What great magic did he do that could stand up to scrutiny ?. some PDF documents 🙂

  142. Hey, Sirach

    me never tell you that the next time you a go on the radio, you must announce, so I can get the old Walkman ready fi tape you ?

    So Sirach was on radio yesterday Newstalk 5:30 with Garnet Roper and Prudence, a give the tale, the host them listen and so on.. we all know the story.

    Said he joined from early 2006

    So after him tell the tale, Prudence ask him ask him, so you do you not take any responsibility,

    Sirach answered that he was fooled. He said he has a Degree in international relations or whatever and MBA in something and was fooled.

    even to this day Sirach will not take responsibility for his actions. And most people will never move forward until they admit the truth. They wanted to make money and was greedy. which is not a crime.

    but it is the first stage of healing , taking responsibility.

    being fooled is when the Chinese cloned a DVD and you did not know the difference and bought it, because it looked the same.

    you cannot claim you were fooled, when the FSC was trying to shut it down, the banking sector wanted nothing to do with it, it moved to havens where they are loose laws, they have resisted any attempts at any audits. Olint displayed all the standard Ponzi characteristics.. all of which you knew.

    I got caught, like others, I ignored the warning signs , because I was getting 10 % on paper and occasionally if I wanted a draw, I would get cash.

    So when all the news that was showing it to be a Ponzi, I looked passed it, and was content to see my balance go up by 10 %.

    I would be a liar to say I was fooled, because I just did not want to see the truth, which was right before me.

    the evidence did not change, the only thing that happened was people stopped getting paid, then they opened their eyes which was clouded by greed.

    Sirach, maybe one day you will take responsibility for your actions… it gives having an MBA a bad name if you do not know how to manage processes.

    you have to first identify the problem. you still think that you were fooled by David Smith.

    What great magic did he do that could stand up to scrutiny ?. some PDF documents 🙂

  143. hey cull, tell us some more about the conversation. i know garnett roper to be a cynic of the highest order who has consistently spoken out against his fellow members of the flock and their participatory role in the ponzi schemes. then again he is said to be ‘more pnp than the pnp’ so i could see him giving some play to the accusatory stuff that this poor bloke has been peddling for the last 3 months.
    how did it play out. and on the off chance did your walkman record it?

  144. Frankly, listening to Sirach yesterday, no one could ever tell that this man has all those degrees he claims to have. I guess it it the same way he has been promising the ‘full hundred’ for the last several months, but can’t come up with ’20’ out of the ‘100.’

    It was a pitiful performance, and explains the long unintellegable ramblings and ravings he posts on the blog daily.

    He lies big time when he tells the public that DS fooled him. There is none so blind as he who refuses to see. He wasn’t fooled…..he played along with the con and is now embarrassed that he was taken by a bigger con.

  145. I think his biggest disappointment with DS is that he wasn’t personally called and paid his money like the politicians he is ranting about.

    Them seh ‘tief nuh like see another ‘tief carry long bag.

  146. I believe the only way these ponzi schemes will be destroyed is to make those who participate in them, the so-called ‘investors’ also criminally liable for engaging in fraud, money laundering and tax evasion and anything else that can be found to charge them with.

  147. @ Jon

    he said the usual song and dance… report to FBI, SFO in UK.

    He is Privy to the Master List.

    Complained that Bruce Golding called them a fool. Then he himself went and said the reason why he is in the predicament was that he was fooled !!!..

    he was specifically ask if he took any responsibility. his response. He was fooled by David Smith.

    to save some credibility, he injected that he has a first degree and MBA.. So we could say he is an educated fool.

  148. Oprah is finally on the right track. She is taking responsibility for her weight.

    if one does not start taking responsibility, then the problem will never be fully solved.

  149. the higher monkey climb the more him r@@s deh a door.
    its better to be thought a fool than o open your mouth and confimr it.
    these old sage’s words must have never been heard by blog spammer sirach!

    the more he exposes himself is the clearer it becomes that he is a raving fool, to foolish to realise that he is a fool!
    he doesnt even realise that people are laughing at him, because of the patent inconsistencies in his argument. dishonest to boot.

  150. let it be clear, I want ( and encourage ) all to try to get back their money, and use the channels that are available, but just acknowledge there role in how things get to this stage.

  151. for those naive persons who jump on the victim bandwagon and say ‘I was fooled, I didn’t know it was a scam’ I say look for 3 red flags before you put down your money:-

    1. the promised returns are unusually high.
    2. the ‘investment’ is not being sold through either traditional sources or by firms/individuals with established track record
    3. the attitude of the regulators

  152. @ cullKull

    There is merit to both sides. DS, CH, IL et. al. are liars, thieves and all around scumbags. They did lie and thus deceive the “investors”. So from that perspective “investors” were fooled. They should have known better but they were deliberately misled to believe they were investing in something completely different from the reality.

    On the other hand “investors” fooled up themselves into believing that the explanation for the high returns was plausible. As I pointed out yesterday if you do an analysis of what DS and these guys claimed… if you believed it was likely then you also believe something like this… you can buy the Lottery and win 6 times in a row. Only a fool would think either possibility is likely.

  153. nocotec,

    in what way were investors fooled? They may have been fooled by those monthly statement showing ‘gains’ even after the schemes collapsed, but that was after the fact.

    Thse schemes always end like that because they are unsustainable in the way they are sold to the public. People can only say they fooled by DS and others, if there were no other voices warning them of the certain end. They were all told of the risks but calculated that the returns were worth it.

    Again, they were told “only invest what you can afford to lose” but greed got the better of them.

    At what point and in what way were people fooled?

  154. @ cally

    Take Olint for example… They were obviously fooled or lied to by DS. DS stated that Olint was making phenomenal gains from currency trading. This was implausible and investors ignored numerous warnings and warning signs. To say the least, hey acted most imprudently.

    However all of these scammers like DS can be charged for among others… obtaining money under false pretenses… in other words lying or fooling up others to obtain money (CH is so charged). And fraudulent conversion… converting money obtained for a stated but false purpose to another use. Further he obviously fooled up people as to the actual gains.

    This is what ponzi scheme con artists do… they, lie, “fool up” people to obtain money for the scheme. Victims ignore all warning signs thereby also fooling up themselves while succumbing to their greed.

    The 2 things are integral to the scam. If DS stated I am running a ponzi scam (not fool up people) to get these returns, few would “invest”… and if the returns were 5 % a year few would “invest”. He has to fool them and people have to fool themselves.

  155. When I talk to investors in Cash Plus and Higgins Warner.. and was debating how could they make their money.. the answer they gave was, I don’t care, as long as I am getting my money, I am OK.

    when money stop get, suddenly investors claim that they were fooled

  156. cullKull, cally

    Those who have been around on the blogs for a long time will tell you that I am one of the original and most hated “detractors” of these schemes. Jason and I get the most cussing and vilification from idiotic “investors”… of anyone on these blogs 🙂

    However these people were fooled by the scammers though the scammers did need willing fools. Again the test is simple… If DS etc had said I am running a ponzi scheme, there is no real trading… I am taking from Peter to pay Paul. How many of these “fools” would still have invested?

  157. Nocotec,

    nobody has to come out and say “I am running a ponzi” for people to look at it and say it is one. When will people learn? It is true that a fool and his money are soon parted.

    In fact, I would not be surprised if the middlemen comprising the church and others, were not guilty of bringing in more people to the scheme than any direct action of DS.

    Actually, even when DS was not directly marketing the scheme, these middlemen were actively looking recruits and they were the ones telling people what a great man DS was…..the church leaders said it was a blessing from God.

    They are just as or more guilty than DS of scamminf people because they knew the sandy foundation of these schemes.

  158. I am not defending DS but he was not the only one selling the benefits of the scheme to naive persons. In fact, many ‘investors’ thought that these clubs were doing their own trading when they were just acting as agents for their own enrichment.

  159. A fair amount would still do it. I remember when it came to light that Carlos Hill went to jail for doing fraud , basically the same thing. I told some friends that this person was a convicted conman.. they promptly told me that people can change, look at Malcolm X. Just fighting out man who a try help poor people

    I just drop the case…

  160. cullKull, cally

    I know some still would have “invested” but only a small percentage of the total. I have had numerous arguments with these “investors” on and off line. I must have been their most hated person… it was between Jason and myself -:)

    My point is that it generally required people who had taken leave of their senses or had non to invest with these schemes. But if the scammers had said exactly what was going on (we are ponzis)… most of these people would not have invested. Given that scenario I cannot see how its is accurate to say they were not also fooled… by DS and yes prominent church people and feeder clubs.

  161. Kullcull or Jon let me ask you this..do you think that DS was running a ponzi from start or the operations turn into a ponzi at some later point.?

    I feel he start out doing fx and then it turn into a ponzi. Thats my feeling. Looking back, I think the ponzi ops started around summmer or so last year. Also with all the members money he give away to the politicians, sponsor jazz fest, and big pay outs to the big boys I think he then rachet up the ponzi further. I notice that in May 2007 all sort of fx clubs spring up in Ja, States and caribbean and i think that was to bring in more money.

    back in January a friend of mine was waiting on a payment and someone at Bramer said bwoy is just likkle money a trickle in so is just likkle smalls can payout. At that time people who live abroad couldn’t get pay and by March most couldnt get money even off the HallMark card and me couldn’t understand how NCB could be causing that problem since if money was available it should come straight from TCI.

    What get me is why the hell the man never just close the club in January . If him did say him lose the money then it would be different but to continue and post them returns and talk bout due diligence then next thing all hell bruk loose just dont make no sense.

  162. Kahlil….why you so worried about it….the trial is coming way before 5 years as you tell people…..why don’t you just call me if you want to find out how it is going to go.

    You missed the most important thing ands I notice you don’t want to tell the people….it is that your boss confessed but the lawyers told him to shut his mouth afterward….

    Are yuo for the people? Really? Those who read you do not feel that way. Who are you for? Anyway everybody will get their chance in court.

    Isn’t that the best thing?

    All crinies of the Martinez’s are up for special mention.

  163. nocotec, on December 12th, 2008 at 3:52 pm Said:
    Those who have been around on the blogs for a long time will tell you that I am one of the original and most hated “detractors” of these schemes. Jason and I get the most cussing and vilification from idiotic “investors”…

    nocotec, I agree with you. Some people are too willing to call themselves investors without deciding what the meaning is. When others in the know, as I believe yourself to be, try even to bring forth a definition, they are trounced as: “not being aware of the new trend of investing, and not being aware that DS is one of the foremost traders in the world. I have even seen comments on this and similar blogs, ( #4 Bus) where depositors/contributors/victims in these scams call themselves ” WE TRADERS”. “Sorry fi dem if dem no do due diligence”. Not the kind DS claimed started this debacle more than a year ago.

  164. You ask the right people don’t give a damn.

  165. Wake up people! Lewfam was and is a Pyramid Scam.

  166. has there been any word from lewfam?
    dont think there is much that they can say, just want to know if they are responding to queries or trying to BS their ways out of liability.

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