Worlds largest ponzi scheme ever

This guy ran the worlds largest ponzi scheme ever recorded.

This US$50 scheme dwarfs any other scheme on record and just shows how far reaching this type of fraudulent activity has become.

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  1. LOL… Does this sound like DS and Olint

    “And another from Whitney Tilson:

    One friend who saw this coming said Madoff had his own broker-dealer and a relative as his finance guy; another friend said he was suspicious because of the 1-2%/month returns with never a down month (much less quarter or year), combined with never showing a a down month (much less quarter or year), combined with never showing anyone his portfolio. 99% of the time, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!”–That%27s-Why-I-Invested-with-Him?tickers=%5Edji,&gspc,%5Eixic

  2. I think Madoff had money with Olint. It looks like he just gave up. Couldn’t wait any longer!

  3. maybe madoff had money in lehman, bear and goldmann

  4. he was praying for a bailout

  5. Bowy you guys keeping the train rolling…

    This one is a shocker… but I tell you … NoCotec once again… Transparency, Transparency…

  6. At lest the man final admit it… I wonder if our con men and women will do the same thing?

  7. LOL… this is funny. DS must have been pals with this guy. As I used to tell “investors” these things are an open book, they all follow similar methodologies and evolve the same way.

    Check this… Isn’t this the same kind of nonsense some spouted on this very blog about the killing DS and others were making trading FX… LOL

    “Velvel said he listened to Madoff’s employees explain how the firm made profits in good times and bad through computerized trading on blue-chip stocks and options, enabling small and steady profits on scores of trades.

    “It made all the bloody sense in the world,” he said. “The way we understood, they never went for the big hits. If you take a percent here, a half percent there, this can add up to what Makoff was saying.”

    SEC seeks control of NY financier’s assets; panicked investors, many elderly, fear worst

  8. DS was reading widely… He honed his ‘craft’ well…..

  9. Notice the same “exclusivity” some of these clubs had. You could not invest directly with Madoff… only 11 to 25 did. The money came in via feeder clubs into those guys… The exclusivity made people clamor to get in on a good thing. It creates its own demand.

    Remember how when DS claimed to stop accepting new funds after the FSC cease and desist… the feeder clubs just grew and ordinary people sold access through their accounts for a 2 % fee. People clamored right here on the blogs for invites… Alas greed coupled with stupidity.

  10. Nocotec, also notice that it is a “criminal complaint” that exposed this fraudster. So maybe the J’can investors should take a page out of this “open book” as well as and file their complaints. If no one had “complained” then Madoff would still be on a rampage “stealing” people’s money. How ironic it is that investors continue to sit back and wait out of foolish pride.

  11. Kull/Khalil

    For someone who sells me as a fool you sure seemed concerned to hear what I have to say……Yes I was called an idiot by Martinez in front of many people when I exposed him…..of course you came in and spoke for over an hour to a large group of Jamaicans telling them again and again of the virtures of the Martinezes… were right on cue…..well planned well executed….if only you could now figure out a way to get away with it..

  12. Evertbody knows you spoke to David on the PHONE and told him to pay out what little is left…….you want a walkman to borrow? Why?

  13. For the last 3 3/4 years of following Olint’s money, PuppetMaster is ready to speak. I call myself the PuppetMaster because I have my hand up the ass of the true puppetmaster of Olint. Everyone will be shock of who DS traders were, what newspapers and journalist was in DS back pocket, and what money was transfered to who and when.

    Olint had about 13 to 15 thousand payments came in after Olint was raided in March 2006.

    The PuppetMaster is in control. Sirach your full 100 is coming. Harbor Shark, lets see if I will be banded/blocked like you.

  14. Overseas Locket
    1500 World Trade Center
    Panama City, Panama 0382
    c/o 876-978-4352
    Fax 927-9175

  15. I have info on the three Forex brokers that DS was using. One of the three brokers have not been mentioned on this board yet.

  16. Trying to draw some kind ofsimilarity between your own personal roles and Sirach will not help. Go ahead…you are free to do so. Make sure it can wash. Good luck…and all the best.

  17. Don’t waste time…..make sure it can wash. Quick.

    “Citizens from the Bight who called the Premier’s office yesterday to ask about the reported sale of the Primary School to Butch Stewart and Beaches were told that the Premier is not commenting on that topic.”

    Whereabouts of Michael Misick

    We are reliably told that the Premier traveled to France to, among other things, meet with Butch Stewart of Beaches fame. When one can no longer travel to the United States for fear of being arrested, one has to find other locations where to meet associates.

    Whereabouts of Floyd Seymour

    There has been no official comment on the issues of the Farm, the Primary School or about Salt Cay from the leadership of the Official Opposition over these last few weeks. Disappointed citizens on the street report that the silence has been deafening. Police are also investigating the source of various false, electronic attacks directed at long standing contributors to the TCI Journal. We take attacks on the freedom of the press seriously. Having lived through Michael Misick’s and the PNP’s attempts to silence the press, we cannot allow others to think that the route to political power is through intimidation of the press. That is the exact opposite of the lesson we hoped had been learned from these last five years.


    Wasting time a run down Sirach? MAKE SURE IT CAN WASH.

  18. 5 years? 5 years? You all still belive that foolishness?

    Out of all who sell that two people do it the most….David Smith and you know who.

    Now there’s a similarity.

    Make sure it can wash. No matter who you think you are.

  19. Always remember the “loser” who said to you, “Make sure it can wash”

    When the crocodile tears a run don’t say I never warned you.

  20. Get a video recorder for harder talk is coming……and the details of your full hundred are coming……perhaps I will make you into stars.

  21. Don’t forget a little Glycerine cream to rub on your chest.

    Good luck to you all.

  22. Mr. Golding….your party took money from David Smith…Your party handled the Public Relations campaign of David Smith….Your officers helped him to run oversees…..Your senators provide legal services to David Smith…..Some in your cabinet tried to hire Smith to work in their associated banks …..We know all the details of your bailout….do not be a hypocrite…

    You had better be deepy moved by the plight of the people…………”For a fool and his offce are soon parted”

    In your own words and presentation to the people let me remind you lest you forget:

  23. You hear who is shouting “explotation!” in the background?

  24. Mr. Golding….you stopped at NHT….you want me to tell you how much NHT loans went into Olint?

    Mr. Golding you have a great opportunity on Sunday. The international Press and Law enforcement agencies are watching.

    This is your chance to be like Barack Obama. I would not squander it if I were you.

  25. Definition of an Alternative Investment Scheme and a Real “Patty Shop Boy.”

    Mr. Golding you seem to talk alot about Alternative Investment Schemes but are very selective and leave out a lot. Don’t worry clarity is coming to a theatre near you soon.

  26. What a sad sad sad unfolding…..people being consumed by their illusions of grandeur.
    Get a grip. Reach out again for reality. it’s there, waiting to embrace you. live up to your end of the bargain and take your meds.

  27. Record of at least 10 Onlint payments were made.
    6/1/06 for $500,000USD
    7/21/06 for $1,000,000USD

    When I am unblocked, the other payments information will be posted. The other payments are very large compared to the dollar amount above.

  28. Siriach, Is it true that you will be on BBC hardtalk?
    I heard that rumor in the Turks.

  29. Yes GBS did have money in Olint….It was in GA’s account…..satisfied jay? satisfied don’t give a damn? satisfied Harbour?

  30. Yes Misicks rape charge in the US is not over. Yes Misick asked Butch to refrain from putting anything about Olint in the Observer. Yes Smith was threatened by persons asssociated with the Observer and subsequently paid by David Smith.

    And yes Smith did confess to fradulent conversion but the lawyers can in later and told him to shut his mouth.

    Yes the lawyers are riding him out for fees…and yes one in Jmaica has told Olint investors locally that by the time he’s finished milking Smith nothing will be left.

  31. Yes Smith fears extradition….yes Smith is under investigation in the U.K. and in the U.S.A…..yes drug dealers and extortionists are all over Olint documents and have money in there….yes the foreign relations committee is aware of the links between olint and Jamaican leadership…..yes Joe Biden runs that committe and yes Obama is aware. Yes Jamaicans are hated in other islands like Grenada because of the teefing David Smith. Yes the midleman are under severe scrutiny.

    Yes the foreigners view us as a banana republic….only we can change that by demonstrating how we deal with issues like right vs wrong and crime and corruption. At the bottom of the corruption index there is not much outside banana republic status………..perhaps that is where our DELUSIONS of grandeur shortchange us.

  32. ……and yes many people who adopt a delusion that they are above the law…..are in for a reality check…many who grew up in a system where they though that their home could not be raided shall be awakened……and yes those who spent lifetimes thinking being locked up was for “others”…..will be going to prison.

  33. yes…affinity fraud is high on the agenda….and yes they want to make an example of it …and yes they hate tax havens….and facilitors and promoters…and yes they have been on it for longer than even I could have imagined.

  34. Record of at least 10 Onlint payments were made.

    I meant transfers instead of payouts.

  35. Lord have mercy !!!

    somebody who knows the whereabouts of Belcher/ Sirach PLEASE get him some Medical HELP.

    Oh NO they are going to call the fianal demise of this chap a result of the OLINT fall out


  36. Dressed up as go-go girls, pimps and hippies Ms Hutchinson?

  37. “On another subject: Premier Mike is in France? How did he get there? BA across Nassau? Puerto Plata across Frankfurt? On Butches private jet? Or..another jet charter of his own? What could possibly be so important in France during this economic crisis?”

  38. “The key concept here, developed by MIT professor and noted hedge-fund theorist Andrew Lo, is “serial correlation.” Simply put, serial correlation is the degree to which each month’s returns in a fund mirror the results of the month before. A fund that returns the exact same amount every month is perfectly serially correlated. Madoff’s returns were strikingly consistent month after month, year in and year out. That kind of performance—a nice, smooth line going up no matter what the market does—is a really good sign that you should look more closely.”

    Hedge fund gave warning signs, experts say
    Madoff case offers lesson for investors: Results may be too consistent

  39. List of potential victims grows in Madoff case
    Hundreds or even thousands of people may have lost money in scheme

  40. “Either he was crooked beyond belief or he was an evil contrapreneurial genius. Who would have have thought he was both??!!

    Some crimes are too perfect. Some facades too well-painted to be original or convincing. A good hustler knows he must lose sometimes in order to win. THAT is the reflection of reality that makes it believable, and gives confidence to the punter who will shortly be taken out. THAT was what was wrong with Bernie Madoff’s ponzi. The people who were taken – like the Family Office and many others investors who in time will go public on their fleecing – wanted badly to believe they were onto to something that was so good that they ignored the most obvious signs of bogusness. It just didn’t make sense. It just didn’t add up. Even Jim Simons earns it. There is no free lunch. ”

  41. I’ll give you a hint nocotc.

    Persons who have money inthe US are swifty coming forward and confessing. Case in point? The man who owns Braman Motors.

  42. He told them that he planned to surrender to the authorities but not before he used his last $200m-$300m to pay “selected employees, family and friends”.

  43. Yes Santander is a fool. perhaps they should reconsider the amount of money they place in Jamaica.

  44. Sirach,

    Yes, Jamaica is a Banana Republic !

    I hear DS new Strategy is that he lost the money with Madoff !!!!

  45. Hanging should be reinstated for White collar crimes , it would send a message ….

  46. BREAKING….Santander shares heading south fast by the minute since trading opened.

    Jamaican banks and financial brokerages have withheld information regarding exposure to Ponzi schemes.

  47. Hard currency under the matress is the best option for the major storm.

  48. Hedge-fund investment adviser Aksia LLC said the managers should have seen “red flags,” such as Madoff’s use of a little-known, three-person auditing firm.

    Funds of hedge funds such as Fairfield Greenwich act as middlemen, raising money from investors and farming it out to other managers that they vet. The go-betweens manage 44 percent of hedge-fund assets, according to data compiled by Hedge Fund Research Inc.

    “We are shocked and appalled by the news,” said founding partner Jeffrey Tucker in a Dec. 12 statement. Tucker was an attorney in the enforcement division of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission before starting Fairfield Greenwich

  49. You may be right watching….the biggest story aroung the World today get no mention in today’s Jamaica Gleaner and Jamaica Observer.

    People the Government of Jamaica are telling you everything is o.k (Audley Shaw up to a month ago)…now they are borrowing to through money into “certain” areas of the economy. The financial institutions exposure to the ponzi schemes is more than they want you to know.

    Go and secure your money.

  50. Watching? You have CNBC Europe? Go and secure your money!

  51. Better to have it in your hand than to hear its gone later.

  52. the dollar is sliding, I am sure you do not want to start an unnecessary panic.

    even though we have lost hard in Ponzi, it would be a grave injustice to want to injure Jamaica due to our personal folly.

    The are trying a stimulus package to try to keep the country afloat. we need all hands on deck. Jamaica is the only place I have, because I cannot say that “I am American”

  53. so what are you saying sirach? Name names den nuh?
    Or are you just talking about govt paper?

    Whom should we be wary of?

    BNS? JMMB?, NCB? First caribbean? First Global? Pan carib?

  54. Kull….if 500 million that was going to be a cash flow is out of the system then what they going to do about that? Oh sorry I forgot…the 500 million recirculated into others hands….yes and what did they do? Large amounts were invested in TCI…..Now I “am not a TCI”….so what about that?

  55. why would one want to start panic, that is counter productive. Most people are moving on from the AIS debacle… let us pursue the legal and other means to get back money. no need to try to upset the apple cart because one got burnt

  56. Kull…Is it a lie that the Government was intimately involved in a ponzi?

  57. Yes Omar Azan…tell them. Kull you shpould call me you know…Saleem can get my number.

  58. We don’t want people to loose more money. Most of the people who helped lend credibility to the criminals sitting pretty with houses on pretty little islands. We must let the people know. It’s like the Holocaust “never again” nothing wrong with people keeping their funds at home where they can see it until they know for sure its safe. All who hold the funds will always say it is safe. When lehman went down the line was “everything cool” until people saw their statements. People…..look bout the safety of your money… cost a lot to run down criminals….and deposit insurance is 300 thousand only.

  59. Secure your money…don’t make them trick you again.

  60. Moving on Kull? You would have to tell the SFO and the FBI that….that is not what they told me this morning….you must have a reason to promote moving on…..moving on? hahahahaaaa….good one Kull

  61. Kull…all the TCI commission of Inquiry….is just precisely that…..AFTER they make their recommendations THEN comes the investigations and PROSECUTIONS…then the Belongerships are recinded and other things

    Kull is you who talked about the March court date for Carlos Hill and the 5 years process….why you feed people that? Go and look for yourself….Carlos Hill parole violation case in New Jersey and other action in America not taking no 5 years….the people need not no scare tactics from a middleman…..justice is swift and soon.

    Secure your money people…the recession shall continue for at least 2 years. Throwing money at it and spending is not going to help any individual lay person. Remember what granny always told you.

  62. Granny seh…In hard times you hunker down….don’t go spending for you know not when you will see the money back. Banks dropping all around the World….you know we Jamaicans like to keep the title under the matress. Granny seh…before everybody tell you them bruck go to them that owe you money and get it now. Do not wait.

  63. its really happening

    If Santander is the biggest bank in Spain. And if their Formula One sponsorship is going down..and if the spanish hotels prevalent in Jamaica….you think Santander money is not in yard? Work out the rest for yourselves.

  64. At least they are doing something about Madoff….instead of “moving on” as some so willingly suggest.

  65. You think Madoff going go free? You think Madoff wife going to keep her 9 odd million dollar yard? You think Madoff pople going drive past you in brand new SUV?

  66. By now you have probably read about the $50 billion dollar Ponzi Scheme involving Bernard Madoff, the former Nasdaq chairman. It seems that numerous Florida investors were hurt by this fraud.

    When I’m not doing election law, my legal background focuses heavily on representing plaintiffs in large complex frauds, as you could see from the link to my bio below. If you know of any victims of this fraud that need represntation and an explanation of their rights and what typically happens in cases like this, I would appreciate it if you consider having them contact me. Thanks and Happy Holidays, Chuck

  67. Charles H Lichtman

    350 East Las Olas Boulevard
    Suite 1000
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
    Telephone: (954) 525-9900
    Fax: (954) 523-2872

    Direct Line: (954) 627-9913

  68. Sirach,

    Dollars secure , I saw the cancer 3 yrs back .. Haa, even laughed at those on the Dollar , see the euro drop 20 % and the pound 30% , now watch as the Yen Moves , in the end world powers still tied to dollars and gold….

    Madoff money concentrated in foriegn markets , you will see this will not affect local Us markets . remember US stop showing M3 numbers Since 06 , Hmmm to hide what ? Yep Dollas dat moving into euro and chinese markets ….Madoff transactions where based on the hidden M3 monies, representing the top fat cats and he is not the only one in the Sherwood Forest !

    The Dominoes will now fall ! as balance sheets modified to show wishful gains will now be affected…

  69. Mutty says there are degrees of wrong…hhaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaaha

    Good one mutty…..JLP apologist….you have the credibility of a SS officer in a synogogue.

  70. O.k watching….what is going to happen in the next three years?

  71. Settle Sirach ,

    There are 2 different scenarios that will play out as there are 3 main players going for the top spot .. At this time the balls have not settled yet and the Messiah ( BHO ) has yet to take the wheel , although his plot is very clear as he plays to the puppet
    masters , I will reserve my answer until Jan 30th ….

    Now to you , who goes Axelrod or Manuel ?

  72. I love politics but must confess that I have not had the time in the past months to be up to date. Incidentally the same goes for trading a varitey of financial instruments both passions have suffered a bit. But not to worry.

    An off the top answer to your question would be that David Axelrod could not go. Examine the status that Rove held. Remember that Rove was to go at one time but a scapegoat was quickly found (his name eludes me right now).

    Forgive me for not providing more substantive argument at this time.

    interestingly, the current state of US politics and scapegoating is not far removed from what takes place in jamaican governance and Olint…its a case that potential scapegoats can easily threaten to cross the floor.

  73. And by the way….watching…they do.

  74. Watching,

    I pay taxes and vote in three different countries so focus on any one especially under the current schedule is a bit difficult at this time.

  75. Sirach,

    Major currencies are the Euro and the dollah ! with gold and oil as the major commodities of choice … Hint Iran switched most of there countries reserved from Euros to gold , out of Europe and into Asia . THE Euro lost 20 % not long after as a few others followed suit .

    The moon and the stars are a lining , my guess is in 30 -45 days , we will have the full movement as oil prices cannot stay where they are and the rest of the balls would have fallen.
    The bailouts will not have the effect world leaders believe, as banks horde and move funds to stabilize there battered infrastructures and wishfull capital gains that are now popping like ballons, well at least initially over he next 30 -45 days. ( hence the auto CO, in detroit want in now before the drunken sailor moment is over )

    Oil countries like Venezuela and Iran for eg will start to have serious economic repercussions if oil prices do not start moving north, with leaders who have world power in mind…this is not good.

    When Bushy invaded Iraq he eliminated the Iraqi’s from joining the iranians et al , in backing the euro, with their oil , essentially killing off the euro attack against the dollah !

    Now in this economic crisis Iran has now panicked and started moving there reserves from Europe and out of Euros to Gold and the dollah strengthens against this as others feel more comfortable with the dollah than the euro in these troubled waters . Will one collapse next year ? or both ? if at all or will all this cash infusion ,( Even the PM feel the need )
    work and world harmony will be in tune by next WC !

    Hint , USA free trade is not by accident !

  76. Ohh, If BHO have to give one up it will be Axelrod, Manuel is his direct link to the puppet master and is there to keep him on his
    ” green course ”

    the puppet master sent His pick again … .

  77. Sirach !

    second post missing , i guess the web site had issues
    with the wording .

  78. sadly blocking is a common occurence.

  79. Yes, I agree with you Sirach. Olint account information is being released, but since investforlife is currently blocking this new information, go here to see uncensored postings.

  80. Thanks for the blog link AML i think that will be my new posting ground, see you over

  81. It looks like some of the Jamiacan press will be blamed for some of the Olint scam. Looks like puppetmaster has alot of damaging info on everyone.

    Sirach, it is time for your Full One Hundred. Speak.

  82. Harbor Shark, come out and speak because we all need to know the truth.

  83. Suelou , Engage warp 9 …………………………………

  84. thanks for the link AML!

  85. the more i hear about this scheme is the more i realise that a succer is realy born every 20minutes. people are not inuslated by high education or social status. you, unfortunately can be succered into believing somthing that isn’t quite easily, especially by someone close to you, or someone you instinctivley trust. see ds and the chirstina angle. i still believe that olint was a more incredible story and raised far more red flags, but the story has remarkable parrallels. people threw there all into the pot, many people who were with this fund, rooted all their assets and planted all the proverbial eggs here. wow!
    the biggest difference here is thta this guy has given up, not in a safe haven, and justice will be swift.

    much remains to be seen what will come of ds. personally i dont belive that he is being protected by political allegencies, but i could be wrong. i think that ds is more protected by the people who refused to see the light even when the sun was in their *#& laps.
    the difference is tha people bought more into ds’s cool aid, the excuses, who fighting who, how much interest is possible, the banks doing it to, all the bullcrap. note with this US scheme, people are devasted, but they have accepted far more quickly that they have been dupped. with ds, there are people, though now in the significant minority, who have yet to accept the fact that they were conned.

    much more to be seen. i dont belive for a second that the tale has ended. where are the exposures, what wiull the ripple effect be? will the ripple land on jamaica’s shores? wow. incredible stuff!

  86. interesting information..

    one wonders why would DB &G invest with Olint. the info that was being played out was that the finance houses were fighting out the unregulated AIS. So it surprising that man like Peter Bunting , who you expect to be savvy to be investing with Olint. or maye it was his savvyness that makes them pull regularly.

  87. Some people also need to pull up the handbrake, turn off the car, do not pass go.

    I see on the other blog, some people also wondering if David Smith invested with Madoff. brakes.. is it hard to understand that David Smith is a conman.. why is there still the need to find out that it was someone else fault.

    People enjoy the Christmas, but please at least open your eyes

  88. Jon:

    I agree with most of what you said above, with the exception of the “protected” issue. We can all agree that Olint was a Ponzi from day one and did nothing to achieve an average return of ~10 % per month. So, having said that, why is it that he is not in Jail? We can further agree that:

    a) It broke the Jamaica securities laws. His office was raided and computers and other documents seized, only to have been returned at a later date. Yes, he technically moved his operation offshore and the same time operating an office in Jamaica.

    b) He was using multiple feeder clubs and individuals (pigs) to funnel money into his so-call club. A majority of these Feeder Clubs were operating in the open within the confines of Jamaican shores!

    c) He has not provided any shred of evidence to anyone to prove he was legitimately making profitable trades in FX.

    d) His downfall, just like Modoff, occurred when the level of withdrawals/encashment, far exceed the inflows of “new” cash….Ponzi collapse!

    Given all of the above, to-date, DS has not spent a day in Jail or convicted of any crimes. Modoff was arrested within days and will in all likelihood, spend the rest of his useful life in Jail.

    So the question Jon is: Why is DS not in Jail and why did the two political parties accept political contribution from a Jamaica’s Ponzi king? Why was these clubs shut down immediately, without all these silly “cease-and-desist” orders, which, for all intent and purposes was ignored by these clubs?

    As far as I can see, nothing has been put in place to further deter others from pulling these types con in the future, since there are zero penalties for violating the Jamaica securities laws. I firmly think that if you commit the crime you need to do the time, regardless of the poor judgment of the individuals that elected to ignore the admonitions of the Government and invest in these schemes. The US did not choose that route when Modoff committed the Ponzi fraud….look for more charges to be laid against him, since he was also engaged in unregistered securities.

  89. What specific crime ( with evidence ) did David Smith commit ?. I think that he used the second contract to shaft those who signed … there is a part in in that says it is high risk and we could lose everything. the first agreement had something about only losing 20 %. the second one had no such guarantee..

    So basically, DS was asking us to sign before a JP that he can lose all of our money

  90. CullKull:

    The crimes was operating without the requisite license(s) and peddling unregistered securities!

  91. CullKull:

    Are you saying that if Modoff had ask his “investors” to sign a “contract” which states that he could lose all your money, then he would be free and clear to (absolved him legally) operate a Ponzi?

  92. Notwithstanding the contract it is illegal to operate a PONZI!

  93. Kull….people signed that contract undr duress….but I won’t even go there.

    Smith made a crucial mistake from which there is no escape…..he took my money.

  94. There is no such ting as a contract that allows illegal activity , if it was a Ponzi he will be charged with so. Also the kind of players involved with Madoff will guarantee prison time at the very least..

  95. Cull, that contract is not valid..not sure that its duress that makes it void, no gun to any heads as far as i’ve heard, but because its a part of a fraudulent scheme….you cant contract away your liability in a fraud, or give consent for someone to perpetuate a fraudulent sheme….just like i cant contract with you for you to take my life…at least not yet..assisted suicide not least not yet…(scary face)

  96. Sirach why the authorities in Jamaica dont seek to arrest David Smith and his brother and wife?. He was doing an illegal operation in Jamaica and committed fraud so why they dont have warrant for his arrest and apply to extradite him from Turks? Since people have lost and the Government itself gained financially from this fraud the least they could do is see to it that him spend some time in jail.

  97. The only way they will arrest the trio is when people start demonstrating in front of the prime minister’s office in massive numbers…just as they did in Columbia(?). Olint investors are too passive!

  98. Firstly I am pleasantly surprised that you have all taken a break from cussing my rass and saving your energy for criminals. I know you will soon start cuss me again but the break is refereshing.


    DaveSin is precisely right. Les Green’s actions are serious and the international athorities are aware and monitoriung the situation.

    You own question contains the answer. The Government are supporters of David Smith and they protect him. They did not just “gain” financially they engineered it purposely. And the purpose has been served.

    Ask Bruce Golding where your money is. They recieved 8 million of it. I hear there might be a march on the PM’s office soon. 5000 strong can’t be wrong. the cash plus investors showed the Olint ones up….and the Olint ones are embarrassed boo hoo …but they want to march with the placards on the Prime Minister…..they want Bruce to face Sirach one on one on TVJ and CVM prime time. Sirach is ready….can the Olint members get Bruce to the table?

  99. OBG was in Debt….the debt was paid off…who pays the debt is held in high regard by the Prime Minister.

  100. Look de now everything crash,Sirach finally hit the nail on the head Ja is governed by a Gov. of ponzi and a gov, formed by ponzi.Captain the ship is sinking,captain the seas are rough we the masses demand that u come to the table and confess to the jamaican people how you the captain(driva) sexed us all to get to Jamaica house.

  101. While the Feds and the SEC race to put Madoff into bankruptcy and receivership, scouring through records and accounts to find the best and quickest way to make duped investors whole again:
    including but not limited to:- making past investors that got paid fake dividends and interest to pay back into the fund.

    Jamaicans still sitting on their hands sucking salt waiting on the second coming of Christ – his master David Smith- to come through – because as we all know he was the only person on the face of the earth that could consistently produce a steady 7% a month. Madoff ain’t got nothin!! 10.5% a year, I have a friend that he should meet!

    …..Iif this is not evidence that DS’ whole scheme was one GIANT PONZI as well I ask:
    How many people from msnbc, bloomberg, bbc, cnbc, abc, cbs, wall street journal, washington post, SEC, SIPC, USA Today, does it take to convince you that even a steady 10% a year even for 5 years just doesn’t happen?

    If the former head of Nasdaq – that he helped create- couldn’t do it, what makes you think david smith could?

  102. @ DaveSin, on December 16th, 2008 at 11:20 am Said:


    The crimes was operating without the requisite license(s) and peddling unregistered securities!


    The FSC has taken them to court on that from March 2006. They have ceased and desist.. that matter is still before the courts. But at any rate, whether they were a private club or dealing in securities seems to be a civil matter, I do not think the outcome of it would be to cease and desist.

    which they should have done in Jamaica. Thats why they are in TCI in the first place. Apparently they are legal there.

    Missick is quoted as saying that Jamaica’s Loss is TCI’s gain

  103. @ jon, on December 16th, 2008 at 12:46 pm Said:

    Cull, that contract is not valid..not sure that its duress that makes it void, no gun to any heads as far as i’ve heard, but because its a part of a fraudulent scheme….you cant contract away your liability in a fraud, or give consent for someone to perpetuate a fraudulent sheme….just like i cant contract with you for you to take my life…at least not yet..assisted suicide not least not yet…(scary face)


    You are totally off with your comparison, a contract for a private club/ business venture can in no way be compared to killing / murdering someone. One is a normal business contract, the other is violating the law.

    The liabilities of partnership can be determined by the directors of a club. That is normal.

    There was nothing about fraud in the contract. All it did was to inform that the liability is fully on the investor.

    Which in true form, should have been there from the beginning. thats why in normal business you have risk profile. Group A , High risk, High Liability, Group B low risk low liability. nothing is wrong with this. every financial house does this.

    What David Smith has done, was move the liability from 20 % to 100 %. Is there anything magical about numbers ?

    everybody seems to think that they could only lose 20 % of their money ?. would it be OK for him to revise it to 25 % ?. by that same argument, he could revise it to 100 %.. in which he did. and Gave people the option to pull out of the club and take their money ( payout date).. or sign on to the new conditions..

    Guess which option most people took !!!

  104. A civil matter cull? (start sounding like Sirach).

    They never “cease and desist ” in Jamaica?

    What was the office still doing in Jamaica?

    They never stop taking Jamaican funds, directly or indirectly!

    Are you sure they are legal in TCI?

    You want wager a bet that LewFam won’t return from vacation? You notice they stated that they will return on the 12th of January? Why not before January 9th?

  105. @ junkunno

    precisely. this is a baby ponzi compared to ds!
    people are busy absolving themselves of taking personal responisibilty beacuse some white people get dupped to. in other words, if white people can get dupped, then wah bout we…what a sorry state. i hate that kind of reasoning. how undervalued are we? we measure our worth based on what others do to or fail to do too often.
    that aside, if you want ot make a comarison, do it on the facts not sentimnt. 10% a year is far more crdible and in line with a realistic return than the still vaunted mythical 10%/month!

  106. Sirach, on December 16th, 2008 at 11:42 am Said:

    Kull….people signed that contract undr duress….but I won’t even go there.

    Smith made a crucial mistake from which there is no escape…..he took my money.


    All the people who I know and saw dropping off the contracts, they did not look under duress.. all they were thinking of was “Grand Encashment” or the possibility that the club would be trimmed back to the ‘exclusive’ nature and get rid of all the johnny come latelys.. or still counting the paper fortunes in their heads..

    I dot not see one person sign and grumble.

  107. DaveSin, on December 16th, 2008 at 3:50 pm Said:

    A civil matter cull? (start sounding like Sirach).


    Isn’t is a civil matter that the FSC took Olint to court ?. I am sure that when Olint lost the case, there were no criminal sanctions, all that happened was that he could not operate legally in Jamaica.

    Fraud is criminal.. but whether a members club is regulated is a civil matter. let us not confuse the issues.

    The FSC case is not about fraud, it is whether they were a private club or where dealing in securities.. nothing about Ponzi or fraud. that is a separate case.

  108. ~an office barely filled with 2 dozen people to handle a 50 billion dollar account

    ~ a 3 person team in a 13×12 office including a 79 year old man, a secretary and a ‘CPA’ to handle the ‘accounting’

    ~ No proof whatsoever of any real transactions that were conducted. He ‘claimed’ he traded options on the S&P 100 – a relatively illiquid and small index that can barely handle $500mil muchless $50billion.

    – Hand made statements that came directly from him

    – “investment firms” piggy-backing and dumping investors’ money into the scheme without telling investors that they weren’t the ones managing the money (Lewfam, Worldwise, Fairbank)

    …..hmmm does this sound familiar?

    The bigger question is how come I could find all this information within 4 days of the story busting and yet practically a year later after the DS debacle still NO ONE has any clear ideas of what the shit is going on with him?

    Obviously the friends, government, lawmakers and big man got theirs, no one with any real clout has the power to do anything. People can sue out their ass but since the judicial system is about as just as the Zimbabwe govt then people can expect nothing.

  109. junkunno, on December 16th, 2008 at 4:08 pm Said:

    …….”Obviously the friends, government, lawmakers and big man got theirs, no one with any real clout has the power to do anything. People can sue out their ass but since the judicial system is about as just as the Zimbabwe govt then people can expect nothing.”

    You hit the nail on the head!! Only in Jamaica (according to cullkull) do you violate the securities laws, operating with out a valid securities license, pushing unregistered securities and it is a “civil matter” lol. (BTW, it’s not a civil matter!!!!!).

    Hey Cull, if you get caught in Jamaica driving without a valid driver’s license, is it a civil matter?

    Only in Jamaica do you (a known criminal/gangster) get caught with an unlicensed/illegal firearm and you get probation. Only in Jamaica, you are given bail for triple murder, only to abscond and flee the country and then get deported, re-arrested, only to be given bail again. Then get off the triple murder charge, only to be facing a quadruple murder charge and apply for bail gain after violting all previous bail conditions, etc., etc.

    What’s wrong with this picture? What countries do Judges and Lawyers practicing before the same, openly and secretively fraternize and are drinking buddies?

  110. Sorry… but as Jcans we sometimes fool fool nuh raas…

    Everything needs to be blamed on some ulterior force… never on own stupidity. The fact that DS is not yet arrested has to do with the ineptitude of our justice system and not on which Political Party is in power. Notice how with exception of CH the rest, DS, IL, Azan, NS, the Major etc located themselves offshore… That is a very significant difference.

    When the one arm of the legal system that was trying to function, the FSC, warned idiotic investors… the damn fools dem did nuthen but cuss dem. Now the same investors are cussing that government nah duh nuthen… some even saying that is because is JLP in power, implying if PNP was still in power it woulda different… Bwoy people can fool fool. Dem was in power when the thing was a grow and spread.

    The justice system is inept and it is inept under either party. Check this out… Me know of one case where a policeman was shot and killed in blatant daylight on a public street in front of people… someone called the police immediately and they took over half hour to come. In the mean time the criminal cohorts even ride back to the scene on bike to check out the witnesses…

    Now if the police respond like that to a murder of one of their own… the government of JA (PNP or JLP) cannot protect the citizens from any number of murders and other violent crimes… And fool fool investor expect that this same law enforcement system would protect them from scammers and then in a timely manner prosecute the scammer. These same investors that no one forced to part with their money and who willing did part with it while the government was warning them…

    Is it not about time investor wake and get some sense?

  111. This is one difference in the first world as opposed to our banana republic and illustrates the importance of at least dealing only with registered investment advisers… In the USA there is at least an insurance fund to get back some money…

    “SIPC, which was created by Congress and funded by the securities industry, can give customers up to $500,000 if it is determined their money was stolen. Harbeck said SIPC will sort through the claims, with some investors losing into “the hundreds of millions of dollars,” and begin making settlements.”

    SIPC chief: Madoff falsified books to hide losses
    Madoff kept two separate books to hide losses in $50 billion fraud, says SIPC chief Harbeck

  112. Jeremy Warner: Investors should have looked at Madoff’s golf scores

    Tuesday, 16 December 2008

    Jeremy Warner: Investors should have looked at Madoff’s golf scores

    When in a mess, blame it on the regulators. Nicola Horlick and others who trusted clients’ money to Bernard Madoff’s giant “Ponzi” scheme have taken to portraying themselves as hapless “victims” of massive regulatory failure.

    Nice try, but unfortunately for their reputations, the failure is entirely their own. If you invest in a hedge fund, you cannot expect anything other than the principle of “caveat emptor” to protect you from rogues and mismanagement. Ms Horlick and her co-investors were victims, but only of their own stupidity, greed and carelessness.

    The hedge fund industry, with the active connivance of those who invest in it, has spent years fighting greater oversight, and indeed has long trumpeted the fact that it is largely unregulated as one of its main attractions.

    The US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) was no doubt at fault in failing to recognise the warning signs, which were legion. Unusually for such an investment manager, Mr Madoff was also his own broker dealer, so tangentially the SEC was responsible for monitoring his activities. His securities operation alone should have set alarm bells ringing……………

  113. NEW YORK – A prominent Manhattan law firm scandalized by charges that its founder masterminded a massive fraud will seek bankruptcy protection, according to a receiver appointed to run the firm.

    In a letter to a federal judge, the receiver also predicted founder Marc Dreier will soon seek protection too.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission has been notified “of my intention to seek bankruptcy protection, and I believe Mr. Dreier will file a personal petition for bankruptcy in the future,” the receiver, Mark Pomerantz, said in the letter dated Dec. 11.

    The mid-size firm, Dreier LLP, has represented celebrities including retired football star Michael Strahan and former News Corp. publishing executive Judith Regan.

    Dreier’s lawyer has said his client would cooperate fully with the court-appointed receiver overseeing his assets.

    The 58-year-old defendant was jailed without bail last week after being charged in a criminal complaint and by the SEC in the alleged sale of fraudulent promissory notes.

    Prosecutors accused Dreier of posing as if he were peddling heavily discounted investments in a New York City real estate development company because original investors, damaged by the world’s financial crisis, were backing out.

    The SEC said Dreier created an elaborate charade to convince three hedge funds that the investments were real. One hedge fund sent $13.5 million to Dreier while another wired $100 million, authorities said

    Prosecutors have estimated total loses could top $380 million.

    The defendant also is charged in Toronto with impersonation in connection with the attempted sale of $45 million of notes to a hedge fund.

  114. RSI:

    Is it safe to say that these hedge fund managers are not as savvy as once believed? Cumulatively, they have lost about 67% (excluding modoff) of their value to date. In a few months, there will be only a few left standing!

  115. @ DaveSin : “Is it safe to say that these hedge fund managers are not as savvy as once believed?”

    This explanation is long and most people will not read it… they will be doomed to always suffer investment under performance because they never understand the forces acting against them.

    Only investment novices and fools have thought they were. Many of them use illegal things like insider trading and collusion etc…

    But the more important fact for a savvy investor to understand is that the most successful investor ever (Buffet) did it by longevity with average annual returns above the norm but not dramatically so.

    In investing such as in the stock market, the total rate of return at any time is subject to random forces. The shorter the term the more random… no one can accurately predict the price of a stock in the next 15 minutes… they can only make guesses.

    Random outcomes such as this for those familiar with Statistical Mathematics can usually be approximated by the Normal Distribution Curve, the so called Bell Curve. The graph of all possible rates of returns over time are shaped like a church bell.

    This means that most returns will cluster around the Mean Value (some understand this as the Average value). We can measure the chances or odds that someone will be able to generate values greater or small than this mean value.

    We can then state our results very simply in ways people can understand. As you move away from the mean, the odds of achieving this in a sustained way over time very quickly become ASTRONOMICAL. As the hedge funds are illustrating there will eventually be Regression back to the Mean Value.

    Put another way… If you believe Olint, C- or any of the others could legitimately generate 10 % per month over an extended period… It is the same as believing that you can buy the lottery and win multiple times in a row. That is just how astronomical the odds of that are. It is possible to win the lottery 6 times in a row but would you bet on it with hard earned money?

    Out performance by Hedge funds or others eventually regress to the mean. For others like Olint the odds of such out performance is so astronomical it is always fraud.

  116. well some will fold while the rest will merge. Well as Buffet would say ‘ when the tide is low you will see who has been swimming naked’. Certainly now we are seeing the guys who are leveraged to their teeth and or who have lost most of their clients funds very clearly. I understand most remaining hedge funds have suspended redemptions.

  117. junkunno

    Are you interested in a march on Jamaica House….Kull you contact the people with your address yet? It seems you have a lot of eye witness information.

    Taking responsibility for trusting David Smith does not mean accepting responsibility for the money to be stolen. And it certainly will not absolve other players.

    What you say to that Kull?

    Kull are you going to lead the march on Jamaica house?


    Olint i nvestors call for Bruce Golding to resign

  119. David Smith to be called before the Inquiry. Jamaican government Ministers on the roster too.

  120. Now do you see how they operate? Not having a replacement is more important that the man being in a criminal probe. This is what our culture finds acceptable. Any comment Junkanno?

  121. “One cannot legislate morality where there is no concept of it. Government, and by extension the general populace, has lost its moral compass. That is clear.”

  122. “Suffice it to say that Jamaica seems to have veered off the road of moral rectitude on to the soft shoulder of ethical relativism, which adopts the position that there is no one universal standard or set of standards by which to judge an action’s morality, and in particular the consequentialist perspective which holds that the consequences of an action are the sole factors to be taken into account in determining whether that action is right or wrong. In other words, when in Rome do as the Romans do. The one who plays by the rules gets shafted. “Is so we run things here, man.”

    Those who subscribe to that philosophy may have got away with it at one time. For decades we have heard of gullies, schools, bridges and roads built with government and even multilateral funds, but no one has been able to locate them and yet hardly a person has gone to jail.”

    Henley Morgan

  123. “At one of those meetings, the Premier reportedly told the MPs that he will resign but he also begged them for time to exit the leadership in a “dignified” manner.”

    Sun TCI

  124. Please If you can not take very very disturbing revelations about Government and Olint Please just leave it alone because the revelations are horrible and shocking! And yes consequences are serious.

    We do not want to see the weaker one’s get sick so just leave it and do not get heated up about it especially if you are parroting others opinion and do not understand what is going on.

    We wish Ms Sangster a speedy recovery.

  125. ‘The web Madoff spun took in some of the most sophisticated investors in the world, including DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and famed director Steven Spielberg.’ says Jeff Cox CNBC

  126. Hedge fund managers generally are a joke with a few exceptions… LOL

    The performance fees generally have a high water mark, when performance drops below the high water mark the fees do not start again until the performance goes back above that mark. Now that they are down 50 % and more, they simply close the fund rather than wait for the fund to get above the high water mark… They can just start another fund and start getting new performance fees immediately. LOL…

    As I have said generally the reason people fall for these scams is not about “smarts or lack thereof”, it is an issue with their personality. The willingness to believe that they are on to the one in a Billion person or scheme that can defy the laws of Mathematics and re-write all prior rules.

  127. nocotec, on December 16th, 2008 at 7:45 pm Said: ………..”Random outcomes such as this for those familiar with Statistical Mathematics can usually be approximated by the Normal Distribution Curve, the so called Bell Curve. The graph of all possible rates of returns over time are shaped like a church bell.

    This means that most returns will cluster around the Mean Value (some understand this as the Average value). We can measure the chances or odds that someone will be able to generate values greater or small than this mean value”……..

    The problem though is during sustain periods of high levels of volatility, the distribution does not follow the bell curve…the distribution is more like a rectangle, i.e., there are large standard deviations…..flatten bell curve! In other words, the “mean” is no longer a measure of any kind of central tenancies!

    I think the one good thing that this Madoff calamity (and the financial meltdown) have exposed, is that most of these hedge fund managers were simply riding the crest of a “good” market and in most cases, reckless in how they managed their client’s funds. It further shows that a lot of these funds were simply feeder groups to other hedge funds. I wouldn’t be surprise, when the dust settles, that a lot of hedge funds that have prevented client-withdrawals from their funds, were quasi-ponzi in nature!

  128. DaveSin: “The problem though is during sustain periods of high levels of volatility, the distribution does not follow the bell curve…the distribution is more like a rectangle, i.e., there are large standard deviations…..flatten bell curve! In other words, the “mean” is no longer a measure of any kind of central tenancies!”

    You help to further illustrate the point I am trying to make… I refer to the graph of returns over time… or over the long term is maybe a better way of saying it. People often think that what they did in the short term is indicative of what they will do in the long term… They think Short term performance can be replicated over the long term.

    When the market is a a tizzy, or a bull market or a bear market etc… they extrapolate this performance to the long term. But in the long term the curve will revert back to be bell shaped. Translation trying to replicate that short term performance will cause you to get burned because of regression to the mean. Short term the curve can be distorted but in time it reverts.

    How often do you see folks on the blogs say something like this… in FX all you have to do is get a few pips off each trade… keep trying this tactic and over the long term the losses will revert you back to the mean.

  129. Does anybody know why OANDA suspended DS trading account in July/August?

    If the people inside OLINT talk up then things will roll much faster. Note it was Madoff sons that called the cops.

    It was also an insider from cashplus that brought everthing to a head
    For now time will do the work………

  130. @
    Sirach, on December 16th, 2008 at 11:20 pm Said:

    Taking responsibility for trusting David Smith does not mean accepting responsibility for the money to be stolen. And it certainly will not absolve other players.


    Where does trust came in. it was not a trust relationship, it was a wanting to make 10 % per month relationship. Take responsibility for yout own greed. Thats all I am saying.

    you say that you were fooled. you say that you were trusting..

    At no point do you say, I fell in love with the idea of making 10 % per month, in spite of all the flags and forewarning.

    Having your money stolen ( if it was stolen) is a crime. You can win or lose in investing. if you win, you attribute it to FX trading etc, if you lose, you said it was stolen.

  131. @ Sirach

    1 Do you accept your paper gains as being valid ( approx 9 % per month for the 2 years you have been a member) ?

    2 or do you think that only the money that you put into the scheme is valid ?

    in case of point 1, you actually believe he was trading at 9 % per month

    in case 2 , he was not, and is just a scam/ponzi so all you could really expect is the money you put in

  132. Honest question Kull How many brokerages have you worked for? What is your background in finance? How long have you known David Smith?

    What does David smith have to do with 10% per month?

    Do you think David Smith introduced ME to currency trading?

    Oh if life was a simple and broad brushed as Kull states. But it is not… do noe know everything….but in time.

    We are not all as homogenous as you would believe Kull.

  133. he was not, and is just a scam/ponzi so all you could really expect is the money you put in

    Kull you have no authority to speak to someone elses legitimate expectations. Sorry to be the one to tell you.

  134. Sirach, an expectation is not legitimate just because someone says it is. A legitimate expectation is based on a legitimate realities, not fantasies like consistent high returns from someone with NO TRACK RECORD.

    Kull is right on one thing….no one invested with DS because of trust….they did so because they heard/saw other people making money out of it and wanted some of the action.

  135. For all your self-proclaimed intelligence and learning, you are just a sucker like everyone, as naive as the little old lady who put all her pension into the scheme….you were no different fromanyone else who was conned, so stop bragging about your degrees and how much you profess to know.

    If you knew anything you would not have found yourself in this predicament talking about being ‘tricked’. So lame.

  136. @ Sirach, on December 18th, 2008 at 8:56 am Said:

    Honest question Kull How many brokerages have you worked for? What is your background in finance? How long have you known David Smith? etc..


    This is a blog. information is shared. whether I work for brokerage firms, knows David Smith from the devil was a boy, have how many MBA’s does not change the nature or truth of the question or answer.

    you have completely sideswiped the question, which is your right.. but when one starts to duck questions, it gives them credibility 🙂

  137. Sirach, on December 18th, 2008 at 8:58 am Said:

    he was not, and is just a scam/ponzi so all you could really expect is the money you put in

    Kull you have no authority to speak to someone elses legitimate expectations. Sorry to be the one to tell you.


    That was just a question on a blog. I am not a grand jury… just trying to get your opinion.

    but then again, taking responsibility was never one of your strong points

  138. @ Sirach

    Do you think David Smith introduced ME to currency trading?


    This implies that you have some knowledge of currency trading . I am asking again, do you think that there exists persons who trade regularly on the FX markets with a base of > $ 1 million USD , who can make returns of 10 % per month for approx 2 years ?

  139. @ DaveSin, on December 16th, 2008 at 4:44 pm Said:

    in response to your question.. I am not a lawyer, but the reason why I think the FSC case was civil was
    Law involving non-criminal cases. Personal injury claims, family law disputes, and contract disputes are civil law matters.

    Civil Law – Civil law differs from criminal law in that:

    * Accusations are brought forward by victims instead of the state or federal government.
    * Guilt is punishable by fines and/or loss of property or freedom instead of imprisonment.
    * The issues it handles are non-criminal in nature.


    A lawyer can better give their opinion.

    We are talking about whether he was dealing in securities.. not wether they were dealing in fraud.. which is criminal.

    THe FSC carried them to court, because it felt they were delaing in securities.. period !!

    We do not have laws that speak to private members club, unlike the US. so the court system was trying to find out whether they were dealing in securities or operating a private club… which is still before the courts. my contention is that is a Civil matter !!!

    we have the tendency to change what is before the courts…

    Carlos Hill is before the court on a criminal matter.. changing 4 cheques.. fraud ,essentially, that is criminal.

    I am not saying that he has not done fraud, I am just saying what is before the courts w.r.t FSC

  140. Obama also tapped Gary Gensler to chair the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, which regulates the futures and options markets and ensures fair trading practices.

    The days of corrupt FCM’s and IB’s might be coming to an end. We know who these two organizations are at the top of the list.

    Money laundering should never be tolerated. Fraud on a massive scale should never be tolerated.

  141. Tell dem Cally

    Dem know everthing !!!!

    if DShe turns out to be a Con man tricked ALL OF THE PEOPLE who trusted him and GAVE HIM me..ediat

    Those people who did not trust him followed ‘ the give your money to DS and become a millionaire crowd ” now DS have dem money and they cannot forgive themselves for being an ass.

    untill we get back the money we are either asses OR EDIOTS


  142. There is precedent in law that says the benefficiaries of a PONZI can be sued to recover principal so guys suit the JLP,PNP and PB etc

  143. What about other members who got withdrawal ?. because if it is a Ponzi, and other members had gotten withdrawal, then they were getting it from other members.

    this would be Cannibalism. Thus we would want to sue the man who build his house , Send his kid to school or buy car out of Olint ?

  144. I know this is totally unrelated, but I found this so strange and didn’t know where to post it – Just released documents on foreign countries that donated to Clinton’s non-profit organization. I understand the first few, but the last one totally confused me…

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave $10 million to $25 million to the William J. Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit created by the former president to finance his library in Little Rock, Ark., and charitable efforts to reduce poverty and treat AIDS. Other foreign government givers include Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy and Jamaica.

  145. cullKull,


  146. To add,

    If it is proven that he/she took out more than was put in, then yes.

    (clearly i know this is something that will never happen in Jamaica), but YES, i believe that the people that bought 10 bedroom mansions in the hills, exotic sports and luxury cars, jet skis, yachts, limited edition jewelry and watches, apartments that still sit idle gathering dust but were bought “because i could” should all give back the excess money….

    call me naive, but you asked….

  147. David Smith can get away free if he causes cannibalism among the members. This can usually cause any Coalition against Olint to disintegrate.

    No one will want to come clean, if they fear than they can lose what they have already got, and the wealth re-distributed.

  148. the coalition against olint? hhsahahaa first I ever hear you talk bout that K…..wait true you know I let the FBI and others know bout unno and how it go?

    Cally knows everything….yeah man them a run from service of process…dem know why dem don’t run from mine…ask dem….bwoy if was me you see how fast the service get ram down dem throat.

    Yes Kull the coalition president that tells people not to bother seek legal action..coalition…hhahahaa…so when is the next public meeting of the coalition? In Provo I hope…otherwise I won’t be able to attend

  149. Even big “christian” can run from due process.

    A Kull as a newly leading figure in bringing the Smith’s to justice how come is only law enforcement bring up your name to me?:

    Does Gifford try to cover your tracks with the gusto that he tries to cover mine?

    Let us hear what the coalition has to say.

  150. Sirach, I see your guy ACP Green is in bed with the criminals:

  151. don’t need Green anymore…He served his purpose.

  152. Served his purpose.. ha ha ha

    Shows that you don’t give a rats ass about the crime etc in this country, the only thing that consumes you is your money

  153. CullKull…I think you have a point there, or is that the thug is PNP criminal?

  154. Green has his own troubles to deal with.

  155. I don’t think that guns in the hands of criminals have any allegiance

  156. There are many other lower ranked police who still can’t get their Olint money from the Minister.

  157. Green tries to say he seks evidence…so that he can pass on what people know to his benefactors…I knew this long time…I’m an expert on ex pats of sorts.

    But some motions had to be played out as a matter of course and record….so Green took some bait.

    I think it was a mistake he made because of his lack of experience….so he exposed his hand….likeable enough guy though….The process I have set for him is bitter though and he will suffer….i kinda feel a little sorry for him.

    But his problems will pale in comparison to others.

  158. In America loies the evidence Green and others drool for. There is a time and a place for everything. They know they need not fret….the evidence they seek to fingd out about is in the right hands….they have NO influence there.

  159. @ Sirach

    I think it was a mistake he made because of his lack of experience….so he exposed his hand….likeable enough guy though….The process I have set for him is bitter though and he will suffer….i kinda feel a little sorry for him.


    you kinda sound deranged. I hope they do not have you on meds because of you losing your money ( if you were not on it before)

  160. I shit you not Khalil

  161. Why do you come on the blog? or is that another question you will choose o ingnore.

    Listen there are no similarities between me and you at all. But I will tell you something. You see under oath in the right forum…you can’t choose to ignore questions posed to you. So is just help I man a help you to practice.

    Anyway Kull lata.

  162. “She plans to sue Madoff but that could take years to work through the courts and yield little in the end. Her best hope to recoup some of her money is from the Securities Investor Protection Corp., an industry-funded organization set up by the government to protect investors from fraud.”

    Madoff investors may be out in the cold
    Time is running out for many who lost money in the alleged Ponzi scheme

  163. If anyone wants to ask DAVID SMITH a question, please go over to this blog and ask him yourself.

  164. I hope that you were able to follow the exchange with David live. Please don’t blame anyone if you did not ask a question, because you were invited to do so.

  165. Hmmm,

    Interesting at the very least , Sirach , cheque is in the mail !

  166. Olint, NCB reverse roles in court battle over accounts

    Friday, December 19, 2008

    IN a surprising reversal of roles, the embattled alternative investment outfit Olint Corporation Limited is now seeking the court’s permission to close an account with the National Commercial Bank (NCB), while the bank is fighting for the US currency account to remain open.

    Olint, which had last year taken court action to prevent the bank from shuttering its three accounts, yesterday asked the Supreme Court permission to drop the action, noting that it was now ready to close all its accounts.

  167. “I am here. My name has been called. I have NEVER mentioned David Smiths name in human trafficking. I have dealt with more serious issues than that.

    David Smith Let us go one on one. I believe the people want that. We can do the verification easily from things at Cecelio Avenue 34 years ago.

    Let’s go. I give you only one chance.”

    The above statement was published by me M. Sean Belcher on the other blog with that puppetmaster person. Smith is allowed to lie about me…lies that I can PROVE are lies to you all (no gag here)…yet my comment is not posted. I can ask very simple questions from 34 years ago to verify if it is Smith and he and I can go one on one for all to see.

    Take it as you see it.

  168. Olint for life.

    I am not allowed there. Smith knows why. He is caught in his own lies there. I have the verification questions that are irrefutable. He has called names and lied. Lies that can be proven on the blog for all to see. So to date that over there is a farce. Being invited and being blocked are two different things.

    Let us not be silly Olint For Life. Blocking me means there is no credibility just as the number 4 bus has none for the very same reason.

  169. Ask yourselves why Smith does not face me. Ask yourselve why? Then if that is him over there go and ask him.

  170. He says he can’t spell and then when you ask hin about your money he says you must read your contract. He’s almost a convincing liar as his brother at times.

  171. No case existed in TCI before the summer. Now you are being sold the argument that the TCI case is the main point why you could not get paid in January. They must be psychic…..and you know I think they are because they run thier mouths on certain people (always seeking scapegoats)….maybe because they really are psychic and they know what is inevitable for them.

  172. “Please don’t blame anyone if you did not ask a question, because you were invited to do so.”


  173. Davesin

    They want money for more legal fees and to run.

  174. Can you not see he is lining you all up for a fall? After claiming to be so quiet when the sufferers get close to the court date he starts to line you up and talk about scapegoats. I will go on national t.v. in Jamaica for all you Olint investors….David Smith is invited Olint for life…David Smith is invited.

    What say you there Olint for Life? hahahahahaaaaaaaa

  175. He can even bring his lawyers while i am there by myself….what you say to that Bloggers?

  176. I notice he scapegoating john wildish as usaul. i saw Wildish on the T.V. upfront defending it for his members…one of his members was standing right beside him. He looks out for his people that is obvious.

    I see he calls Belcher’s name. Belcher has been so lenient to date it’s not funny.

    As far as i know Smith laughed a hesrty laugh and told Belcher that his lawyers laugh at Belcher’s own saying they are idiots and that the efoorts to get money would take five years to no end. So how come the change?

    Is it now because Misick has said if Belcher testifies he will step down immediately?

    I don’t know the Smithy fans should be able to answer better. Ask them? For they claim to be experts.

  177. hmm…he wont be the only person stepping down….some will be stepping down and in…

  178. what a far way Smith seems to have come from the days when he bragged about not getting a customs check when he flew on a private jet?

  179. “Asked yesterday why Olint’s principal, David Smith, is at this stage seeking to close the accounts, attorney Huntley Watson of the law firm Watson and Watson told the Observer that Smith is currently “involved in several expensive litigation and has to prioritise as anybody would” and that Smith wanted to get back to his regular business of trading.”


    Smithy used to boast, ” I trade hundreds of millions of dollars!” so why should legal fees for Huntley Watson, lord Anthony Gifford,Tom Tavares Finson, Jaqueline Samules Brown, Courtney Barnett and Nunes Schofield Deleon and the American lawyers for the upcoming trial upcoming trial faze the great hundreds of millions trader? He wants to go back to trasding? BUT HE HAS NEVER BEEN STOPPED.

  180. One more little thing for today. Smith told you all he was living on US$1000 a week. “Can you imagine!” was the refrain….so how water lock off? He has every light on a chaulk sound so he’s not worried about burning current. Well he does not face JPS like the rest of us.

    He never got alowed no US$1000 that was just another lie.

  181. The only expensive litigation is what the lawyers rape off from money that does not even belong to Smith. they laugh at him and they laugh at you. They have your money.

  182. God sees and knows that F…. er SIRACH is a madmind LOOSER. Everybody who uses the private jet terminal comments on the NO customs check. Why are you jeering DS about that.

    You are grudgefull and bad mind and was following behind DS like a Hyena.

    You cannot afford OLINT to come back up because half of the money that you have for people was NEVER given to DS

  183. “Meanwhile, the British have already put our country into financial receivership: having dispatched administrators a few weeks ago to “oversee all financial operations”. And I have no doubt that the Commission’s final report will compel them to put us into political receivership: by imposing an Interim Government while they help us sort out the economic and political mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.”

  184. Gary said,

    i am an olint investor and though i would love to hear what is going on with my funds at this time i would prefer if mr smith would just keep quiet til things are sorted out. we all know how people can twist things and the fighters are still out there and waiting to pounce on anything. all we need at this time is confirmation from mr smith that our funds are safe. can you say that mr smith without implicating yourself or jeopardizing the court case?

    Smith leaves you in the cold Gary.

    But here is a selection for you from the champion sound cause love is a bring…

  185. sirach – you never really sleep do you? 🙂

  186. Sure I do….on my time zone.

  187. Sun setting already IRH

  188. it’s really happening

    you know Sirach has to stay ahead…hahhaahahaaahaahaaaa

  189. IT HAS NOT


    Davis Smith is using the Higgins Warner playbook on this one. Have members blame other members..

    Remember, it will never be David Smith fault. Just like it will never be Sirach Fault.. or anyone who invests in these schemes, there first try to show that it is never there fault.

    Massive amounts of money are being lost, yet nobody will ever say, this is my responsibility.

  190. I have pointed ouit by the goodly Dr. by making the human trafficking charges put the thing in a different realm. that is very serious charges. that is not white collar ponzi/ fraud.

    It rank up there with terrorism etc, so most police investigations will give that line precedence, over fraud allegations. Also to know of human trafficking and not tell law enforcement is to be a part of it. The goodly Dr, is a part of Human trafficking also. maybe in good times when all were friends David sent some of the girls his way.. I wonder how the Dr. get his evidence on this ?

  191. just reading over there. People should realize that David Smith did not just decide to be open, he only did so when he realized that important info was going to be leaked.

    He did not care for our suffering, he only cared when he thinks that his own case was being jeopardized.

    Why people cannot get him for so long, but now they can get him, in order to keep quiet.

    I see some people with the messiah complex so glad to hear his voice.. oh it is really him, all is well, we will start back the prayer bus. etc

    Sam Playbook Higgins Warner used.

    Disappear for a while , string people along for them to be more quiet, then scam them again. there is a bag of persons with Higgins Warner checks in hand

  192. thank God I’ve had the opportunity to show my children the grovelling to the wicked is not the way of life. The wicked shall never have any dominion over we. To see big grown jamaiican adults grovel for crumbs has disturbed me. It’s a shame. for if they grovel so shall thier seed. check the Bible you so called “christians.”

  193. Sirach:

    Do you think that was the real David Smith or one of our regular blogger pulling a stunt?

    Also, why were you ban from that new site? Did you make any post on the site? In order for them to ban you, “they” must first have your IP address. Explain the process by which they ban you. Are you sure you were not the David Smith posting on that site?

  194. David Smith is taking people for a fool , when he talks about not know court case would last so long. A short court case is 2 years, 5 years is norm.

    Tony Abrahams on breakfast club always talk about his court case of > 10 years to get some resolution.

    Anybody who even have a passing knowledge of courts cases knows that they take years

  195. CullKull: The same way he is trying to convince us all it’s the same way you are trying to convince us too with the playbook theory. Lets just wait until the case is heard on the 9th them we can make a decision. Because we certainly are not getting any better information from anyone else. At least most people knew it was Mr. Smith and not just a Phantom, as you would normally say. Not taking sides here.

  196. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, I am just giving my opinion.

    I saw the similarities in the way Higgin Warner used.. I just pointed that out.

    The last time Sean Belcher was on breakfast club, another person called in and said, wait until Nov 17, then all will be known … Nov 19 then they said Jan. 9 ( plus all the other shifting dates).

    it is basically a carrot on a stick, the starving donkey will always run it down.

    you may not change the situation, but the donkey can save some of his energy when he realise the carrot is on a stick.. perhaps try a different strategy, or just wait it out..

    We have history of our Justice system to guide us.. Olint case with FSC is from March 2006, that has not been resolved.

    So a Similar case by TCI FSC would be expected to have a similar duration.

    you do not have to take my word, ask anybody who is familiar with law cases what would be the average duration for a case like that.

    The beauty about this blog, is that you do not have to take anything anyone says as gospel, but you cannot say that you were not privy to the differing opinions

  197. posted by gary 12/19/2008 2:07:27 AM
    i am an olint investor and though i would love to hear what is going on with my funds at this time i would prefer if mr smith would just keep quiet til things are sorted out. we all know how people can twist things and the fighters are still out there and waiting to pounce on anything. all we need at this time is confirmation from mr smith that our funds are safe. can you say that mr smith without implicating yourself or jeopardizing the court case?


    Thinking like this, will keep the David Smiths and Ponzi’s in business for a long time. the man has not been trading, cannot pay his water and light bill, cannot pay his lawyers for some cases. Is not registered anywhere to trade.. Has no money in any account that can be seen.. yet we await him to come out like a messiah, with most of our funds intact.

    he would put a person like this first on his ‘invitation only’ next club

  198. posted by DAVID SMITH 12/18/2008 8:48:46 PM
    I dont have a clue who you are and i dont care
    I am just want the rumors to stop , if you want the truth just ask me
    I am right here

    ha ha ha ha

    David Smith says he wants the rumors to stop. Rumours have been going for months.. yet no word. even his closest friends are not in contact. gag order etc.

    yet when certain ‘Rumors’ account information is being posted, he rushes in and wants to answer questions, because he wants rumours to stop !!!

    something tell me he fears that the list of accounts will be posted. it seems like if certain man name get publish, some serious sh!t going go down

  199. Wow…Feedback Kull Davesin IRH

    Let me say this. Even my posts here have been nremoved. I can in no way post onm the other thing.

    Someone did mention human trafficking and it was not Belcher….so that’s lie number 1.

    Wayne Smith is right there in Jamaica playing like he knows nothing……lie number 2

    Peter Bovell saw the trading account…..lie number three…Peter has never seen the trading screen while logged in…what Peter saw at that time was a piece of paper. The man himself told me one more person other than Peter had seen it. I always thought it was Tracey or Lee Oackley but needed to go no futhur once I confirmed Peter had never seen it.

    He is preparing to try and run now. thank God I never listened to you guys from as early as June so that I could make arrangements for them to run right into me when they flee.

    What other lies…hmmm

    the verification question was some shit about Turks…..why not let Sirach ask him the verification question…like from the days when Manley was PM first time? Ehhh Kull? then you would be convinced…..and if his water is off well we all lived through water shortage in the eighties in Ja so that’s not so bad.

    He is a liar….i well set for him at EVERY turn. Keep on cussing me bloggers. Sirach have him under pressure….and I don’t even release the goods on his team…they must know.

  200. Sirach ,

    Smitty say “dah Cek ” is in the mail ……………………………..

    Sorry about mi spelling , butt a meee mon !

    1. January 9th is deliverance day
    2. No water , cell phone and light only !
    3. Say’s Sirach is a cry , cry baby !
    4. Club memebers cause dis !
    5. Smitty in a so much strip club , dem tink seh him in a human trafficking

    6. Still friends with em amigo !
    7. Say wildish , well gone wild !!!!
    8. Now if only uhhhno stop the crap talking !!
    9. Rumors dem spreading pon deh dread
    10 .. Olint money safe , will pay balance as of march , still need 9 month belly …

    Sirach lay off the Ruhmors ……………LOL…..

  201. Hey Cull,
    The Prayer Bus has never stopped. Care to join up? All are welcome, even Sirach!

    Love and Peace

    olintdude @ gmail . com

  202. Kull i know you long time…if you would sit down and realise that Sirach has told you the truth (FBI included and SFO) rass….you?……you wouls be in a different mood.

    One thing you must realise along with your little crew out by the clays there…..I know unno longer than David Smith ever know unno and I know David Smith longer than unn ever know David Smith……nuh true Kull?

    If Kull don’t want to confirm that then ask all Snapper…or Billy rass….ask any one a dem.

  203. lets say it was David Smith.. we have no way of knowing… but it gives the blog some new energy.

    We have the benefit of some of the other conmen.

    Higgins Warner, gave out his personal numbers, and people could talk to him , and he returned calls ..and verified that it was him..

    Spin the other yarn, even wrote checks.. while promoting the other scam, which people still run to. collects again.. people left holding checks and promises.. number no longer works…

    the Ponzi game is kind of maturing, most plays now have a precedent, so we can always look there for reference

  204. Sirach..

    you like most people , even David Smith… will see a line of argument as belonging to some individual they know.
    David Smith thought thecynic was John Wioldish,,

    the point is, a lot of person may have similar ideas, that does not mean they are the same person.

    I will not waste time denying your baseless allegations, I will let you see for yourself, as you will observe by my posts that things will agree or disagree with who you think I am. over time, you will realize yourself that you are mistaken.

    But just like a person , who is drunk on a ponzi, you cannot convince him otherwise, you just have to let him come to the realization himself.

    so continue throw out people private business out there… maybe ‘snapper’ will not take kindly to being steamed by you

  205. Newsflash ,

    Smitty meeting with Madoff , as both work out 9 month repayment plans for members ! Both apologize , both blame Sirach for spread deh rumors …

    LOL… Truth is better than fiction , what a world dis is , hanging should now apply to these bastards …….

  206. Kull striat…you ever know me and my people not to have money? But unno want to group me as greedy….me and my people? you mussi mad. We have money from before unno ever come pon the radar in jamaica…and you know that to….and nuff of unno know that.

    You think David Smith is the first teef I have to run down fi money? You think is the wealthiest or most influential I’ve had to do it to? You think any of them in the past get away? Alright feed pon dat?

    You think people can’t loose them visa fi go all over? You think if I don’t want them can’t come here come gamble again and go dung Hyde Park go teck in speakers corner when they want a break from the gambling? Stay there in the dark if oit is what unno want.

  207. by the way. David Smith has said the nine months has not started yet !!!

    the only question of relevance that was said, is that he does not know when anybody will get back their money.

    anything else is just a mechanism of shifting the blame.

    Any one taking bets that David Smith will now blame the blog for releasing secret information to the media.

    you cannot post on a blog and call it secret… you cannot send mass emails and call it confidential.

    David Smith his just looking for more people to blame when no money is to be paid.

  208. All braemar Ave…..A musgrave and Comlin bank corner wi come come from….and over here we come from hundreds of years before Empire Windrush…and don’t even talk bout the States….a long time wi a help governments…long rass time.

  209. Interesting that Sirach is backing away from the Human Trafficking allegation… and kind of referring going to go go clubs..

    ha ha ha.. go go clubs and Human Trafficking is a different level..

    But Human Trafficking also puts the blame on a wide net of people. It was the Dr. who mention about the Human Trafficking. It remains to see how the Dr. knows about the Russian girls. He may soon find himself to be an accomplice in the crime.

    Maybe you too Sirach, knew that David Smith was trafficking Russian girls …. very serious crime that !!

    if you knew and you did not report it, you are guilty too !!!

  210. Sirach..

    saying how many Degree’s you have, and how much money you have, and from how long you have money, does not really change the perception that most people have of you..

    even your friends “David Smith” . and the general populace think that you are a loser..

    money can’t change that.. is how you carry yourself

  211. If Cambridge educated Chris Bovell could have a case anganist Smith then the rest of us must all be idiots right?

  212. loser on whose relativity? Khalil..jus cool man. Settle.

    Who thinks I’m a loser is free….but maybe I just choose to be polite and not judge them for what they are.

    You call SFO yet?

  213. Kull the fact that he did is business with Donna for US$1000 instead of US$300 shows the kind of trader he is. The trafficking is there different. All i tried to show you was that saying bBelcher was the one about the trafficking was another lie.

    Khalil…why is it you still work for David Smith?

    Bwoy Kull is like you thick ….you thick bredda.

    Listen..Kull I’m sure you don’t owe anyone money and you have probably not done anything wrong…i hope you are able to clear your name…good luck

  214. LOL… I missed “David Smith” last night… LOL

    It is probably news to some of the devoted followers that the guy obviously knows how to use a computer and get on the internet… He reads these blogs probably every day. And certainly anything critical that is posted is immediately brought to his attention by his friends and sympathizers.

    LOL … Notice how quickly posting of account info smoke him out. If you have anything to say to him you can post it on the blog… Dude and his cohorts read it every day.

    Anyone remember Hermes HERMES the great Olympian God of animal husbandry… Remember his arguments that were being celebrated by fools. How smart does he look now?

    What is amazing is that there are actually people still stupid enough to believe the dude was generating these returns FX trading and that he will be back to make back the money.
    People most of the money gone, there are only pennies on the dollar left. Madoff was man enough to say it was just a giant ponzi scheme, it was all a lie…

    David Smith is a liar, thief and a crook. He is attempting to string fools along… Do not be one of these fools and get your hope up. Before you get your hopes up read the end part of the Higgins Warner blog from mid November on.

  215. Now you know the real name of Nocotec … LOL… There are a few of us that can spot this stuff a mile off. See the same use of Statistics that I like to cite…

    “No major league baseball hitter bats .960, no NFL team has ever gone 96 wins and only 4 losses over a 100 game span, and you can bet everything you own that no money manager is up 96% of the months either,” he said.

    Mass. investor saw inside Madoff scam
    Massachusetts investor saw inside Madoff scam 9 years ago, but few listened

  216. One more thing 2.5 million house purchased from Rex Messam….so 2.5 million is not multi million? That guy on the other blog must be Smith….the lies tell no lie.

  217. This is a really, really excellent article. Please read it all the way through. It does a great job explaining the human condition that leads to investing in ponzi schemes, how to cope with losses and strategies to avoid them in the first place.

    “What strikes one about the investors in the Ponzi scheme is desperation — and not necessarily desperation to become rich, but to earn status, honor, and esteem,” Botton wrote me in an email. “If our position on the ladder is a matter of such concern, it is because how we feel about ourselves depends to an unfortunate degree on what others think of us.

    “Except in societies where status is fixed at birth, our position on the ladder hangs upon what we achieve — and success is uncertain,” he continues. “And from failure will flow humiliation: a corroding awareness that we have failed to convince the world of our value and are henceforth condemned to consider the successful with bitterness and ourselves with shame. That’s where Madoff came in: he promised an instant and painless release from these status anxieties.”

    Laura Rowley Money & Happiness
    Avoiding Instant-Status Traps and the Bernie Madoffs Who Set Them

  218. “The government of Jamaica and Italy’s Ministry for Environment and Territory gave $50,000 to $100,000 each.”

    Foreigners gave millions to Clinton foundation
    Donor list heavy with international business leaders and billionaires

  219. Nocotec

    You also spot the similarities between Higgins Warner and Olint..

    we have the benefit of the Playbook of Cash Plus and Higgins Warner..

    Cash Plus draw out the people to court.. draw out the case and then drop the case and go into receivership.

    Olint has drawn out the case against NCB and then suddenly drop the case.

    let us examine that.

    there must be a reason why Olint now wants the NCB accounts closed. he would not spend millions to keep them open, then just want to keep them closed ..

    Could it be, that in those accounts lies the amounts and names that monies were transferred to ?

    Could that be a source of an electronic audit, that might come to haunt David Smith.

    Could it be that the account information is compromised ?

  220. posted by DAVID SMITH 12/18/2008 11:09:38 PM


    Seems like he is going to refer to the contract, when his back is against the wall.

    The new contract says he that none of your money is secure… not 80 % as people were led to believe in the earlier contract.

    David Smith is saying, if worse come to worse, and he claims a trading loss and he stick by the contract, then investors will get…

  221. Boy them handle the mo Bay guy in a harsh manner boy. You see David Smith does not deal with his issues in a mature way. He is very green. He whirlwind up with a certain set of people and thought that he was at the top. That is obvious. But he is green as they come. He allowed who he thought was tappa naris to help themselves to some of the people’s money and then leave him in the cold. He must have heard “its going to be o.k” so many times. Him green as dem come.

    Someone mentioned to me the other day that you have to understand that the first time he ever lived outside Jamaica in in TCI. Him green as them come not TCI or no Eastern European or no Panamanian carry no weight in certain circles….everything relative Smithy…you charged out the gate but forgot caution. You are green. And the time shall come where you shall fully realise that things and people relative.

    i wonder if who counts in the end will have mercy on someone so naive.

  222. David Smith is now answering questions again, cull why dont you ask him a few?

  223. Cull, Sirach David is now answering questions again

  224. Smithy, come over here. Everbody knows they block over there because you can not step to the plate.

    Come nuh Smithy..I dare you

  225. Bloggers…call him out tell him to come and discredit Sirach….call him out nuh bloggers?…..You don’t want to see Sirach and Smithy one on one?

  226. the only question I want answer, is when will I be getting my money..

    Answer.. nine months after some start date that depends on how the court case go

  227. DreamDashWhe or anyone else over there ask why I am blocked from there?

    Tell him to come over. ….before I pull the plug

  228. Can you get on the other blog Kull.?….why dem always a run from Sirach? Dem don’t know seh soon dem going to run out of road?

  229. Too late Sirach, Smithy already left before I could ask him one more question.

  230. so he is still saying.. that people will get the update AFTER the court case.. notice he did not say in January.. or people will get paid after the court case.

    Most people will read this to mean January..

    but anyone with any passing knowledge of the court system will know that next year this time this case will still be before the court, after ‘more investigation’ , “time to examine documentation” , prosecution/defense not ready etc..

    The slowness of the court system is not David Smiths fault.. which I totally agree.. but I think it is misleading not to make the persons have a correct time frame in mind

  231. LATER

    That’s what you get from a teef when Sirach says to come in front of the people for all to see.

    Don’t you backers want Smithy to deal with Sirach’s case? Where you boss deh? Fassy. Time shall come that he will face Sirach… think your Hero will show ME who is boss? You better think good before you answer……….

  232. I suppose he will scapegoat that true me deh bout he not speaking to you the followers…..sick a dat.

  233. I can’t even get on the number 4 blog. I was kicked off there. But you seem to can still post over there.

    I am interested in meaningful information.. and sifting between them.

    David Smith is just doing the meet and greet without saying anything new

  234. Sirach ,
    Check in the mail , 9 mth delivery time , relax …………………….

  235. Kull I can not blog on the Number 4 longtime. Even my other names in the beginning used on different computers with different access point were blocked.

    I wonder why you got kicked off Kull..that has some positives you can tell the authorities you are one of the detention persons.

  236. Well relax bredda….well relax trust me.

  237. Sirach ,

    The man have no water , just light and cell phone .. LOL…

  238. He is fighting for the people ! bad man don’t bathe !

  239. Sorry Dream you see from I come bout….you understand right?. His mother’s case is no joke so he don’t want to toy with me. Days of running his beak on me are over. He will try a little thing here and there but he knows it is much I have the handle on and he has the blade.

  240. I was not into the praying for David Smith to give us back our money.

    I did not join a church. I made a investment decision.. and I win or lose by that..

    They are intolerant to people who call David Smith a crook on that bus, they just want people who pray for him or chase carrots on sticks

    I pretty much said that David Smith may take my money, but not my dignity,,, I will never kiss ass or sell out my dignity to get back my money.

    Thats why I am particularly peeved at Dr. Walker for selling out his father for his bad investment decisions.

    I may make or lose money in investing, but I hold on to my dignity

  241. Judy Jones will pay his light and water bill for him…ask him.

  242. Why you worry bout Walker for? In your opinion it is not dignified but not in everypersons……Smith was really pissed about Walker’s father’s picture…..there seems to be a similarity there…..worse coming bredda…I told you all and I shall tell you again what you have seen to date is leniency and opportunity allowed to Smith that he does not take up…..what a wailing and a bawling to come………the stance he took over a year ago as some “above” creature was always laughable to us……

  243. TCI FX money is not smitty’s nor is it going to help olint investors ,,,,,, DS is using this to buy time ……. well we know rope longer ..

  244. Bad investments !!! LOL…

    Smitty perpetrated fraud , where is the bad investment decisions …… There is no shame in asking deh man fi yuh monies ……THe shame is smitty’s

  245. cullKull:

    He could be closing the NCB account for one of several reasons. To conserve funds. He has legal battles on multiple fronts and so he may be looking to use the funds to fight the more serious and potentially criminal one.

    He also likely needs funds for his lifestyle as “investors” funds are frozen all over… he was living the good life from people sending free money to his ponzi scam… that has dried up and the remaining money is frozen. Closing the account and ending the case would allow him to get that money unless someone goes to court and orders it frozen pending the outcome of their lawsuit.

    As you suggest he may think that someone with access to the account is leaking very damaging info (probably not) or with the leak of info he may be thinking he can shut off potential leaks down the road.

  246. You are right watching hey,….who is kimbo and Richard Khouri that Smith speaks to over there?

    Anyway many saw Wildish say “the money is there” and thought it meant Olint…it’s a shame Olint investors have nothing to gain from the TCI FX actions. Reciever etc is not being sought to help Olint investors.

  247. Dream can i as a favour? Blog for that person and say why don’t you confront Sirach……BELIEVE me Dream if Smith wants to go one on one with me that will be the show of the Christmas…I promise.


  248. These are the basic and simple questions to ask David Smith. Bet he will not answer them…

    1. how did you earn the returns that were paid?
    2. Was it by trading FX on the forex markets?
    3. If you did earn it by trading FX and since you reported positive returns every month… did you actually make positive returns every month?
    4. When did you start trading FX for Olint?

  249. For what person Sirach? I dont think Smith wants to engage in any arguments. His plan seems to be more of the same “dont worry all is well & money is there, you will hear the 100 after court. pray for OLINT”

  250. Bloggers…tell Smithy to give the people what they want…..Sirach and Smithy one on one….even Wayne Smith would like to see it happen.

  251. Well I have questions that won’t come out until it is me and him….i thought you might find it interesting….for when we are in court John Public will not be privy.

    Arguments are good…fights are not…..We put forth argument…..with dignity. in Jamaica we have misused the word argument. Sad again.

  252. take him at face value then Dream….it was more for his suffering die hards I thought it might help.

  253. i am going to put forth some arguments on T.V. soon.

  254. Sirach I doubt he will come to this blog. Email me the questions to ask him.

  255. 2Will clients who wish not to wait the 9 months be given a chance to remove funds even if it’s a percentage of what they have?2
    this is the statement of a real true believer Dream and Kull

    “oh…Smithy is my hero..”..hhhahahaaaaaahhahaaaa

  256. hhahaaha…wait on the T.V for now Dream….thanks for the offer….hahhahaaa….Dream it is people like you who make this world less mundane…,keep it up…hahahaha

  257. watching closely, on December 19th, 2008 at 3:04 pm Said:

    Bad investments !!! LOL…

    Smitty perpetrated fraud , where is the bad investment decisions …… There is no shame in asking deh man fi yuh monies ……THe shame is smitty’s


    it was a bad investment. the truth is.. 10 % per month for 4 years is just fiction !!!

    if we cannot agree on that. then there is no use in discussing it any further.

    A person comes with a plan for 10 % per month, It appealed to me ( against common sense) and I made the decision, my greed got the better of my common sense.

    I did not sign on for fraud, and all must take whatever legal means to get back their money.

    but the simple fact remains … investing for 10 % per month for years is just a bad investment decision. The economy just does not work like that

  258. nocotec, on December 19th, 2008 at 3:14 pm Said:

    These are the basic and simple questions to ask David Smith. Bet he will not answer them…

    1. how did you earn the returns that were paid?
    2. Was it by trading FX on the forex markets?
    3. If you did earn it by trading FX and since you reported positive returns every month… did you actually make positive returns every month?
    4. When did you start trading FX for Olint?


    I would not bother to ask these… even the most naive should have moved past this stage. 10 % per month has no legal explanation, unless you believe in hitting the lotto or other bullcrap.

    we were conned.. but at some point, we have to move on to the next stage..

    better question is.. how much money is left.. how soon can it be divided.. how soon can people get back what is left

  259. Smithy remember when i appealed to you fo those who were suffering? Seems so long ago. Remember how you were laughing? Remeber how your kids and nanny and Tracey were driving the go-karts? Remember? that was JUNE 08 what I fun and laughing was happening Remember?

    Well i took my kids skating and too the fair the other day….we had a great time and much more to come for the Christmas….I have light and water cause I work hard for what I have…..

    We going to church and it’s very uplifting…our skin don’t peel when we go church. Amen.

    Anyway, I have to go now Tracey…you see it’s homework time…..but of course you have childre too so you should understand.

  260. Oh yes and then and there you said ALL the money was there….so this other guy since June must be an imposter Smithy.

  261. Sirach you not taking on Smith? He is waiting for you.

  262. DS (imposter) is talking to your next door!!!!! NOW

  263. it seems a lot of person are still at the 10 % per month is possible stage..
    because xxx told them so,
    they know of xxx trading/ doing this venture..
    they know that it is possible by doing xxx.
    as long as people think like this..

    the PONZI will forever be alive

  264. Hhahahahaha …i love it impersonating Sirach and drawing out Smithy…hahahahaah…Smithy you have to come here to get the real deal

    lionHeart go dung a maxfield and let abba counsel you.

  265. lol Sirach has won this round….DS has signed off till Jan 9

  266. posted by DAVID SMITH 12/19/2008 4:03:34 PM

  267. LOL…. LOL

    5 minutes after Sirach posed my questions DS decided to disappear from the blogs forever. LOL. Check the sequence…

    posted by Sirach 12/19/2008 3:58:19 PM

    These are the basic and simple questions to ask David Smith. Bet he will not answer them…
    1. how did you earn the returns that were paid?
    2. Was it by trading FX on the forex markets?
    3. If you did earn it by trading FX and since you reported positive returns every month… did you actually make positive returns every month?
    4. When did you start trading FX for Olint?


    posted by DAVID SMITH 12/19/2008 4:03:34 PM


  268. Oh he used to kick my ass mhmmm..hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

    It wasn’t even really me and he ran!


    The next thing you you hear is that his two years playing Alberga cup football has grown to four years….ahahahahahaaaa….

    Oh boy and the crowd could not even get my first verification question…you know Sirach verification question alone is a show.

    Smithy me deh a Provo again soon…..come kick my ass if you tink you bad.

  269. LOL…

    5 minutes after Sirach posted my questions he signed off for good…. LOL

  270. Straight from the playbook of Higgins Warner..

    Do a meet and greet.. do not answer anything of substance..

    Give the prayer / carrot on a stick something to hold on ..

    buy time till January 9th..

    People … no way a court case this complex can even think of being wrapped up in a day…

    only thing that can happen on January 9th is a continuance till about March/April..

    at some point even the most naive will realize this… this realization cannot be forced… but over time it will come to pass.

    We ave the Playbook of Carlos Hill and Higgins Warner and Ricky Azan to guide us…

    Has Ricky Azan paid back a dime since he asked for 1.5 year ?

  271. Smithy those questions were not mine…just look over here and see proof….Princville days like when youmand Stephen Bruce miller a par? Like when yoyu used to go to peoples offices and pick up money that you had solicited…like early memebers Like Dr. Hamilton at the seaview office?

    So i am bandwagonist? True Me and the bredrin helped you start the Disco when you never had Shit?

    Come on this blog Smithy cause you make them have you on a merrygo round over there.

  272. LOL…

    5 minutes after Sirach posed my questions DS signed off for good. If that does not confirm to everyone he was running a ponzi and not FX trading I do not know what will… LOL

  273. You confident Sean’s was being posted …so confident…so if you look over here you see that the questions were asked by Kull.

    Smithy My questions harder than that…..hahhahhaaaaa…you must have been kicking my ass in Ms Richardsons class as well as on the field..hahahahahahahaaaaahhaaaa

  274. nocotec, on December 19th, 2008 at 4:17 pm Said:


    5 minutes after Sirach posed my questions DS signed off for good. If that does not confirm to everyone he was running a ponzi and not FX trading I do not know what will… LOL


    Did you need proof that David Smith was running a Ponzi ?

    isn’t 10 % per month for 4 years in and of itself proof ?

  275. Ricky Azan never ran a Ponzi scheme … not fair to include him in the same sentence as dave smith …

    You invest , you win/lose, that is the game ,,, The word is invest , no one invest in a Ponzi scheme and yes , DS returns where too good to be true , but there in itself is the honey , too good for tooo long make believers , ask Madoff clients richer and more savvy than any of Olints and they got caught too .

    You can’t blame the girl about the short dress , the problem is the rapist , wake up mon! blaming the victims for being stupid and greedy , what about the reprobate that inflicted the crime …

  276. or nocotec but it was not even the real Sirach…thanks nocotec,…for making it clear…..He will deal with Sirach after i deal with some close to him first.

    You want to know about Wayne? Wayne is a ginal but Wayne has one main point he is trying to reconcile and that is how i demonstrably tried to help them and how it was i later confirmed David Smith to be a liar and a teef.

    It was Wayne who advised me to start the ball rolling…I will give that to Wayne.

  277. @ watching closely

    try and reason..

    Ricky Azan ran a Ponzi, by his own admission. he said he traded and lost, and falsified report and was paying out by using new money to pay old to cover up the fact that he had lost.
    that is a Ponzi. so Ricky Azan ran a ponzi.. whether that was his original intention, that does not matter, the reality is that he ran a Ponzi

    The girl must take responsibly for wearing a short dress in her community if predators are there . we live in a real world, that exist real predators. Does it make it right that one is violated.. no it does not, but we live in a real world, so we must make smart decisions.

    Does that give the rapist any rights.. absolutely not.. they should be hanged by the balls… but we must all take responsibility for out actions.

    I will not be walking and talking on a Iphone with a wad of cash in my hand in parade , downtown kingston.. that is just not a wise decision.

    Does anyone have the right to rob me. no they don’t. but I still have to take responsibility for my own actions.

  278. hhahahaa ..this is so funny…comic break…..the only thing i ever beg Smithy was to keep some football out of the St Andrew prep school net…..after that I realised it is a waste of time to ask Smithy for something and that was 78′ Ask Salla, or Scope or Ricky foster (Wolmers)hahahahaaaa…Ask duj(Mona)….ask earle Moore any one a dem..Stephen Jones ask Courtney Murry or Capo (they were on the sidelines)…or better yet Brandon because Brandon was on the field…….

    Man can’t not score goals as fast as Smithy let them in the other side.

    Not much has changed..hhahaahahahaaahahaaaahahaaaaa

  279. Sirach, do you think that is the real DS over the other blog?

  280. Anyway…No more childs play, why dont you people start asking serious questions while DS is here? Lets try to get some answers please!

  281. cullKull I do not need confirmation that he ran a ponzi… others will tell you that I am one of the original bloggers saying that… long before your nick appeared 🙂

    The questions were aimed at showing others that he dared not answer them because he knows it was a ponzi. Notice his only response was


    The 4 questions are different and is how they would be asked in a Grand Jury. Notice he does not answer, the answer is not specific which is why we ask specific questions in front of the grand jury so at a minimum he can commit perjury.

    I know he dares not answer them as he correctly, he knows it was a ponzi and correct answer as he says will expose him to legal jeopardy.

  282. maybe but i have the best question to make sure. one yorker…only one sirach needs.

  283. @ Nocotec

    So why waste time in asking him, do you expect to blog him into admitting that he was running a Ponzi ?

    Do you think that it was his emotions/ conscience that allowed him to start post… or do you think that he somehow had to try and stop very damaging account information from being posted.

    Some man will not play if certain info comes to light. It is said that people are moved by Greed and Fear

    David Smith came on the blog because he feared the info that was being leaked on the blog

  284. He fears for his Belonger status…as well he should. Gifford’s approaching the commission is impotent.

    And more to come…all courtesy Sirach Mr. Smith. maybe you should not havekicked my ass back then…hahahahahahaahahaaaa

  285. cullKull asking the questions is not a waste of time. The response tells volumes. I can state what I know but unless the perpetrator pleads guilty or is proven guilty by his responses or lack thereof many simply will not accept he is guilty.

    And yes the reason he is on the blog means the account info posted on the blog is true. Nothing scares cockroaches like DS more than exposing them in the light. Shine light on the wrongdoing and dem ketch dem fraid and panic. LOL

  286. What can I do. i have never been able to blog over there. And they are having an argument about all kinds of things..hahahahahhaahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  287. posted by DAVID SMITH 12/19/2008 5:03:49 PM


    Sirach how do you answer that one?

  288. If Sirach was running a feeder club what DS says does make some sense and is possible… the absolute figures might be off but the “Pig” clubs collected one figure then took their fees…

    Some also took more than the 2 % or whatever fee they charged and placed the rest with Olint expecting that the high but impossible rate of return would regenerate what they took.

  289. Sean stop your crap, you are busted on this blog as well!

  290. I have tried to blog there again….I have tried many times…so it go….he can come here


    This here is just another in an infinae number of lies David smith can create.

    I will tell the people where the money is Smithy…It is buried at chaulk sound. hahahahahahaahaahaa

  291. If Sirach was running a feeder club what DS says does make some sense and is possible… the absolute figures might be off but the “Pig” clubs collected one figure then took their fees… This was the “normal” behavior of feeders like Lewfam etc or the feeders in the Funds of Funds into Madoff.

    Some also took more than the 2 % or whatever fee they charged and placed the rest with Olint expecting that the high but impossible rate of return would regenerate what they took.

  292. So after running away with all that money Belcher decided to come upfront and run down the 1 million that Smithy has for him hahahahahahahaaaaaa

    Smithy whoever that is talking over there they are going to put the real run on you and your sham…..mercy and they used to say Sirach was horrible…

  293. His last blog there is MORE THAN JUST SUSPECT

    Ask him the verification question and Sirach will tell you. If he gets it right I will then ask one more so that I can endorse him for the blog. Agree?

    Question: Who did you urinate on in the St Andrew boys bathroom?

    He must remember that right?

  294. Nocotec, If I am not mistaken, I saw on TV were one guy took a 20 % cut before passing on the funds to Madoff. He made in excess of $24 Million in fees in one year! 2 % is chicken feed to what some of these feeder clubs were extracting upfront.

  295. He must answer quickly as well. We nuh fool.

    His statements about kicking my ass are totally false…there are many who can swear to that…Brandon and Courtney for sure and many others.

    The shit about England is beyond drawing for straws.

    The Judy Jones question goes unanswered…..simple question like that….nothing to do with no case…..what a nasty trick soeone is playing on the weak.

  296. As the question come…that person is gone.

    All my assets and liabilities have been scrutinised by law enforcement around the world. The authorities can get in and out of my olint account at will.

    I know Lee Chin from before I know smith that was 76′

    So many things…I blogged them all for you…what you see now is the panic of criminals…..but there is even more to come…many shall go down.

  297. @ Nocotec

    at this stage, one would want to advance the discussion. We know he runs a ponzi, he knows he runs a ponzi.. he cannot admit that, we also know he cannot admit that.

    He will not want to go to jail, unless a plea deal or something can be cut..

    I would think that asking specifics on repayment is more fruitful.

    his answer is 9 months after some court date has completed.. he did not say nine months after January….

    most people who follow the carrot will believe that it is nine months after January !!!

    I was fooled, I thought that the nine months had begun when he had sent the email…

    i try to learn from my mistakes, so when i make them, I look out for the bullcrap.

    a lot of other person will always chase the carrot on a stick

    fool me once .. shame on you

    fool me twice .. shame on me

  298. i am going to ask them if i can let you all see my account. Maybe I will be allowed who knows. that won’t be until monday though.

    Would the bloggers be interested in seeing my account? Let me know i don’t want to waste time.

  299. Yes kull I was conned because I put faith in someone I had known in more than one arena for a long time. Once I new for sure he was a teef I took action….but i had to prod through a lot of you like reeds in the jungle to get at him. now i have done so and I going to get wicked pon him now…..early days. All those who blocked me must clear with police….i told you all early…If you can’t swim nuh badda come inna di WATER! yow mi nuh rate people yu know.

  300. DaveSin even hedge funds have a structure like this… 2 % of money under management plus 20 % of profits generated. So yes some of the feeders probably took way more expecting 130 % per year to get it back.

    cullKull there is no question you can ask him that can get more than platitudes. Accounts are frozen all over so money is not available. Ponzi schemes all crash like C+ or Madoff.

    Think Madoff… $50 Billion only $200 Million left. When you ask him how much is left or when to expect payments… What answer can he give there are only pennies left on the dollar and the lawyers and accountants have first dibs on what is left.

  301. Sirach, why would the authorities care if you share your account information?

    Also, are you now saying that you are Sean B?

  302. I question if it is him on the other blog. Why? Becuase he vindicates me to easily.

    i know he plans to run before the 9yh of Jan but this is strange….perhaps someone else knows of this too and is trying some kind of stunt. Who cares.

    Whe him run unno going start again “Sirach…where im run to?….”




  304. I am right here in England. Mi own fleshy dem is Scotland Yard. If I ripped off somebody here i would have to answer to my family both here and in Ja. Shit for those of you in the know I prefer strait police than face that.

    David Smith does not answer to his family because they are all intimately involved in the scam.

  305. Even with time the verification question can not be answered… want to give it a go Friend of Sirach? You were there.

    Surely a man who can’t remember urinating on another can remember which night he actually gambled away each one of your own personal investments.

  306. The authorities have been doing a long ivestgation….I do not trouble thier business for i do not expect them to trouble mine.

    I am who I am.

  307. Sirach..

    ha ha ha ..

    you joined Olint because of faith !!!.. ha ha ha

    not because of the large $$$ you thought you could make !!!.. almost as laughable as David Smith saying he made the money off FX trading

    anyway.. I am out for the weekend. there are other stuff in life to do.

    see you all on Monday

  308. Yeah like meet with people all over kingston to take their money….the police were right at the Courleigh Hotel and Marketplace ….in the Prado like Yana Smith’s own yeah yeah kull get to it ..hahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

  309. Good luck Kull I going read bedtime stories…who you have tonight? Foriegners coming in again.

    hahahahaahahah…I really get some joke this friday here.

  310. One more thing before I go……Smithy’s spelling would not be so blatantly off….i mean we all type fast and make keyboard mistakes but that spelling is off the consistent T in Belcher is suspect. Smithy is not a nice person but he would have been schooled by Richardson, Milner and others….those of you who have been there would know exactly what i am talking about. This ass sounds More american or like a yardie who went to Hillel or something..

    Anyway…it was the reaction from the hopefuls who seem to show again and again that they will disregard all historical fact just to hear or think they hear Smithy’s voice…amazing


  311. Ready to run ehh?….good time to choose with the distraction of Christmas and all. I can’t wish you luck though. You two are a discgrace to your children….I feel it for them so.

    Then all you learn from church is to tell people they going to burn in hell. too many like unno fill up Jamaica too.

  312. Yes chucks Olint will be more manageable and your membership is safe. As long as you do not take any payouts you will be allowed to stay..hhahaahahahahahahahhaahaaahhaa

  313. Sirach,

    Many of us have sat here and watched you post over and over and over and over until we just got sick of you and your madness. First of all, I did not direct the question to you. Therefore, I didnt ask for your opinion. If I did, with the amount of times you have been yapping, I would have sifted through to look for your answer there. We all know what your agenda is. And we know how you like to slant things to suit your selfish and overrated ego. You chat nonsense about full hundred from day one and cant even back it up. Now you talking about yorker! I know you wont stop yapping and chatting your nonsense but we will continue to sift through and ignore your garbage. So continue to have your fun cause its obvious that this is your way of maintaining your often questioned sanity.

    When you answer questions posed to you, then you will be taken serious. Until then, you will still be the ‘joker’ and we know what happened to him in the end. All fluff and hot air!

    And yes Sirach, there are obviously varying degrees of wrong. If you listened for once and stop praising yourself you would have realised that. From that email was read, it was obvious it was coming from you.

  314. hey wassup guys, there is a tottally uncensored open blog available for you to post whatever information you have available that you may have been TRYING to post but have been blocked (yes you too Sirach). The owner guarantees that NO comments will be blocked or censored. So have at it

  315. MRS who is the ass? I have never posted over there you run come late and quick to call my name. If you only took the time to see that the real Sirach is not allowed to blog there you would see for sure who is the real ass….anyway just look in the mirror and catch up.

    Christmas is not supposed to be about money ….leave David Smith alone you all look patheyic over there grovelling as you are ….begging for a smalls while condoning criminal and un christian behaviour……shut your damn mouth …yes it is ypou whop empower David Smith and then turn around to beg….and someof you have the gall to speak about dignity……unno common…not because it is Friday before Christmas….go work for a living!

  316. Unno common bad…you see soeone us ethe name Sirach and in your haste to jump on to something to say and in between BEGGING your master for a smalls you show youselves up for being what to are…common as dirt.

  317. JUDGE and MRS and all the rest. YOU SEE ME GO ON THAT BLOG? Answetr that.

    I try to show you the light from JUNE and in your calamity you thow stones…but me nuh live in no glass not the three little pigs this. you show yourselves as COMMON

    Let me hel you with some numbers that you are begging from your Lord on Earth David Smith

    David smith:


    Edith Smith

    Wayne Smith

    Tracey Smith

    Lap up that you badmind bastards….don’t say Sirach never gave you something… boy having a drink and left you out in the cold.

  318. MRS once I ask the verification question that was posted there by another blogger with aditinal embellishments whoever that was he ran. You oh yeah you going to verify that its Smith…well baby my question not even Wayne, Tracey, Edith, Betty Ann, Yana or jonothan simpson coiuld have anserwed.

    But you out of the gate to talk bourt Sirach before anything else….come off a mi fenda…common hourse never win Darby yet.

  319. MRS if you are who i think you are don’t worry enjoy the holidays the US government is watching you. How your people tax declarations…they can stand the test like Sirach’s

    British Government also has all my banking info originals ans my taxes. you get through on any of the numbers yet? You feel like a fool? No whose fault you think that is?

  320. Head of Governments and others of high standing say i am doing the right and honorable thing so if I am considered an ass in your circles you must understand why I can not say sorry but only be sorry for you and yes pray…not for David Smith bbut for Jamaica because this saga has shown one thing more than any other. Independent Jamaican society is broken and at the top is no cream …rather rancid and unworthy.

  321. Unno finally get the full international busted for all of the ?World to see.

  322. Can’t hide again so you get hot under collar!

  323. On the eve of Barack Obama’s inaugaration the Jamaican concept of morals and right an wrong are revealed to the World…..and a vst majority have made us not only the murder capital and the laughing stock of the World but also demonstrated that corruption is endemic.

  324. for nthose who intereste over the weekend i tell you all a little story about how I came to put funds in olint….its not a banal as Kull might have you believe and will show some of you yourger ones on the blog just how Jamaica is…and why things there are often not as they seem.

  325. Yes man I grow a Jamaica and like most was taught to respect elders almost unconditional…..until i found out as a youngster jus twhat the elders were really up to…so I will teach the youths and let them know….cause some grow very respectful and that is good biut some also end up naive….and pastor and politician hole dem out of sight and oh God man…is a sin.

  326. And the vicious circle never ends….anything that can gain(not neccessarily earn) but gain money becomes acceptable…..and what do you get? Jamaica today and all its subsequent ills……you reading Mutty Perkins? that is the root cause of the problems. olint is but one example.

  327. Sirach, on December 19th, 2008 at 8:44 pm Said:

    Head of Governments and others of high standing say i am doing the right and honorable thing so if I am considered an ass in your circles you must understand why I can not say sorry but only be sorry for you and yes pray…not for David Smith bbut for Jamaica because this saga has shown one thing more than any other. Independent Jamaican society is broken and at the top is no cream …rather rancid and unworthy.

    Jamaica society has been broken for a long time Sirach , started in 62 , modified and put in full gear in 72, turbocharged in 88……..

    Years gone buy money was for the successful , it did not make you rich, parents invested in relationships culture and education , now they buy rims, drugs and concubines !

    Jamaica is paradise lost , a society and a country so wrapped up in it’s narcissism and ignorance it is doomed to fail and will continue to do so ..

    Hence Mr smith’s disposition ……….Business as usual , welcome to Jamaica …………..

  328. David,
    Stop trying to appease the poor ignorant souls by trying to blog and communicate via telephone. What you are doing by lying and continuing the spate of lies is causing more pain.
    Next week is a Holy week and I want you to use this opportunity to be with your wife and girls. It will be your last for a while!! That is a promise.
    The gloves are off in 2 weeks.
    Please tell Bernard to send the Range Rover for me at the airport. Tell Tracey to begin packing. I have tried to be civil about the current circumstances but your attempts to perpetuate the deception are rubbing me the wrong way.
    I noted you did not try to address my questions.
    Wayne is livid with you for having such a lose tongue. Those of us who know about the “little stash” are not willing to wait for 9 months.
    David only farmers wait 9 months for Cassava- and you know I am no damm farmer!!!
    Pardy, remember this- anything done in the dark will come to light one day. Your day is fast approaching.
    Merry Christmas David and a Happy New Year for OLINTERS.

  329. Our report on the court case between NCB and Olint in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Observer erroneously said that Olint was seeking the Supreme Court’s permission to close an account with NCB and that the bank was fighting to keep one of the accounts open.

    In fact, Olint’s application is only to discontinue its claim against NCB. NCB’s contention is that the application should await next month’s Privy Council hearing. NCB is not contending, and has never contended, that it wishes to keep any of Olint’s accounts open. NCB’s position is that Olint can close the accounts at any time. We apologise to NCB for the error and for any inconvenience caused.


    Observer continues to be months late. This was news in Caribbean Today (FL) long ago. Vivian Blake must have an excellent lawyer. I wonder if it is L…never mind.

  331. Watching

    “How come? Living in Jamaica is becoming unbearable. Who speaks for the suffering masses? The decades of the 80s and 90s were associated with the failure of politics and the consequence of the disenchantment with politics; a sort of apathy in a world of an increasing erosion of moral values. The political parties may have “divested” the masses of their expressions to resist. Who will lead change in the PNP and Jamaica?”

  332. (Sirach)

    Why would you be posting some ones private telephone numbers on a Blog? Whoever is moderating this blog should take full responsibility for that and the legal issues that might arise. To ensure that things like that are not being posted.
    Sirach how low of you to go, just leave everyone in peace and start your own blog man. Why don’t you post your numbers, your mother numbers, your brother numbers and all your family’s as well and see how that feels.

    I can ‘t really understand what you get out of being that way sometimes, you speak about people not having a heart but you seem to not care about any one else but yourself here.
    Moderator I think you should review that post, even though it might be to

    (Sirach) : Allot of people are trying to improve their lives by dealing with the external aspects. They are attempting to rectify their bad habits, bad attitudes, bad tempers, or negative and sour personalities. Trying to change the fruit of their lives is noble, but unless they get to the root, they will never change the fruit. As long as bitter internal root is growing, the problems will persist. You may be able to control your behavior or keep a good attitude for a while, but you can’t be free.

    If you are harboring anger, ask yourself why. If you have trouble getting along with other people, if you’re always negative-about yourself, about others, about life in general-dare to ask yourself why this is. When you get to the root, you’ll be able to deal with the problem, overcome it, and can truly begin to change.

  333. I wonder why the ASS (Sirach) did not respond to me on the ither blog but rather come vent out here.
    I am watching you S.O.B.
    You have always been full of shit.
    Instead of verifying whether it was D.S. for real,you start go on with your same idiat self.
    I think you prove it was D.S. for real by your actions.Also,D.S. expose you.Now we know the real tief.
    You collect big money and never invest it.Maybe you are the one trafficking Russian girls and falsely accuse others.
    I think D.S. expose you a tief that’s why you vex and post all the numbers you know for D.S and family.
    Why bring his family into this?
    As I said before,you full of SHIT.


  334. I am Sirach…I am blocked from number four blog and the new one. Never been on it.

  335. Sean/Sirach/Smithy/Harbourshark

    I hear u have been busted! taking money from persons in England and only putting a small portion of it in Olint….

  336. Sirach

    DS shld pay u last if at all….

  337. Sirach

    I hear that you are running math classes over here to educate me. I will not need any maths class untill I have my money in hand to count.

    Right now I want to hang with some OLINT investors on the blog who were not in the game to exploit DS.

    I have looked at most of your blog and everthing is NEGATIVE from your view of Obama to the jamaicans in the OLYMPICS to the Ja government. Have’nt your pastor or mother or therapist told you that all the self hate and anger is going to destroy you.

    you sank to a new low when you posted DS mothers #


  338. tell him to don’t pay me then mk….you are a Smithy apologist….you a part of the scam to?

  339. BTW…the authorities have all documents for me…..even those that have nothing to do with olint…I suggest you do the same….whether police , laywer, judge, politician….I advise you to all turn yourself into the police as soon as possible.

  340. Console yourself with some rubbish you make up about Sirach as much as you want but Sirach and Law enforvcement warn you that it is at your own peril.

    Make sure you have made a complete declaration about all dealings with with Smith nand associates to the FBI and other interested parties.

  341. Oh don’t forget let law enforcement have access to get into your Olint account. don’t forget…you see that is the fastest way to kill any rumour that should come around now that the end is near.

  342. re: the other blog sirach/ds sparring match.

    The way I see it no one can be taken at their word – people pretend to be others and you are never sure at any time who is really who.

    Everybody vex and everybody want dem money back.
    It is our personal choice whether to
    1. chalk it up as a loss.
    2. Sit back and wait for a return if any
    3. Pursue legal action
    4. Pursue some other means to get back your money.

    Why vex if sirach choose 4?

    What if every action he’s taken up to this point actually works? The methodology might not be to your liking but we’ll see if the ends justify the means.

    And on another note:
    Has anyone else seen the letter that the doc wrote to the us senate committee on foreign relations?

  343. Yes for demanding truth and justice and accountability I must somehow “come last” yeah man typiclal…hahahaaa

  344. posted by DAVID SMITH 12/19/2008 5:03:49 PM

    WOW! a very interesting twist to the plot, this definately explains a whole lot…. Let the battle royal begin……


    WOLF Vs. PIG







    Just watch those low blows SIRACH.


    Retribution is sweet 2 watch when it is delivered 2 those most deserving of her.

  345. Wait…let me check the other blog….I sense them on mi fenda again…and trying to be me….i feat they can not manage.

  346. Red P you missed the mark again. If you do not know the full story odf David Smith then why not just say so and politely step back.

  347. Wow I nerve was hit sometime in the past few days….we have moved from months of arrogance and no information about the people’s money to well……something different…..but it is different…..something must have touched them up….they have changed…..BUT not for the better yet….soon…

  348. Et tu Red P? if you knew the “ethics” of D Smith you would understand that is still a lot of leniency he has experienced.

  349. Yes

    But sirach does not want any money back. The money he collected from people is SHOOORT BY NUF NUF NUF. (let us say it without the maths $XX.XXX.00

    He wants DS in jail. He is trying to screw all of us. IF DS pays a cent SIRACH would be DONE FOREVER.

    go back trough his blogs and look at them again.

    MI havi BEX is my hard earn money DS has not other peoples money like PARASITE SIRACH

  350. ROB


  351. sirach

    did you run out of medication???

  352. Sirach, if nobody nuh want tell you, mek me tell you.
    You are a pu$$yhole.


    posted by florida investor 12/21/2008 9:00:22 AM

    Hello Mr. Smith,
    I did something very very dumb and pray every day that god will have mercy on me. I invested money with Olint I did not physically have. I took out a $150,000 home equity line of credit and invested it with Olint by way of a piggy backer in October 2007.
    I was later able to open my own Olint TCI account in March 2008. All my money was transferred ($258,000) to this account and I was no longer under my piggy backer’s account.
    Throughout all your trials and tribulations I decided to keep my money with you and not request an encashment because I wanted to faith in you and did not want to negatively effect Olint’s operations.
    My question to you is this: Do I have to request an encashment to recieve my money back? Am I going to be punished for sticking by you? Should I request an encashment now? If you plan on paying everyone off do we have to even request an encashment? Are you closing the club after you pay everyone of? Am I just that dumb to think I am even going to get my money back?
    May god bless you and give you the strength to make it through this period. and may god please forgive me and have mercy on me for such a bad decision I have made.
    I have learned my lesson dearly….never ever invest money you don’t even have.
    Thank you and Ilook forward to your reply mr. smith


    posted by Smithy 12/21/2008 12:24:36 PM

    Florida Investor:
    Let me see if I understand your specific situation and similar Olint Investors:
    You see your house value increased in value at an astronomical rate during the housing boom in Florida. Lets’ call that Paper Gain A. You being greedy, decided to tap this “paper gain” by way of a Home Equity Loan of the order of US$150K. You took this loan amount and gave it to some “Honest Little Piggy”, who supposedly invested the sum into Olint (lucky you did give it to Sirach). How am I doing so far?
    The little piggy realized a gain of $108K (Paper Gain B) in five (5) months, with your initial $150K investment….not bad! You being so greedy decide that you could make even more money if you invest all this money directly with Olint TCI, that way you maximize your gains and cut out the middleman name “Little Piggy”. Supposedly, you went to “Little Piggy” and say, “I was very lucky and got into Olint TCI by myself, so I don’t need you anymore, so give me back my money with the gains”. I wasn’t there, so I’m guessing that “Little Piggy” was too please with you and probably said, “Et tu? Typical Jamaican woman, when them nuh deh pan nothing then gwaan nice and when them get what them want them left you high and dry”. Anyway, he being a Christian man (like RedP), he gave you the $258K and you quickly deposit the sum into Olint TCI or did he go some kind of behind the scene transfer from his account to your account at Olint TCI (it wasn’t clear from your post if he (Piggy) gave you the whole $258k in your hand). Now, you did this back in March of 2008, when very few were able to get a dime from Olint….Right? Way to go Florida Investor!!!!
    Now, Olint during this time was posting exceptional gains up to June, 2008, so you were very happy watching you Olint “Paper Gain B” hit the stratosphere. You, without realizing what was going on with Olint, saw your property value all of sudden dropping precipitously, to the point now where you are for all we know, now part of the unlucky American where their mortgage far exceed the value of their property…call that “paper Gain C-“ I’m assuming you are still current with your mortgage, you hear that DS was on some Blog answering investor’s questions and you choose to come on the blog to let him know how dumb you were to invest you “Paper Gain B+ Original Principal” into his highly touted club call Olint TCI. But DS, being the nice Christian man that he is (“wanted to have faith in you and did not want to negatively effect Olint’s operations”), you are asking him…WHAT? I will answer the questions for you!
    Do I have to request an encashment to receive my money back? (See similar answer below)
    Am I going to be punished for sticking by you? (What do you think, money left over after I use new money to pay old investors?)
    Should I request an encashment now? (No he has your account information and when the freeze is lifted in TCI and after the 9-months, he will send you a check in Florida for original principal and all gains up to some point into the future).
    If you plan on paying everyone off do we have to even request an encashment? (Answer that question before).
    Are you closing the club after you pay everyone of? (Oh you don’t think you were dumb to put the money in the first time, you want to know if you can still put more in sometime in the future?)
    ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Am I just that dumb to think I am even going to get my money back? (Yes!!)
    Did I capture the core of your concerns? Please let me know.


  354. JonI wasn’t there, so I’m guessing that “Little Piggy” was too please with you and probably said, “Et tu? Typical Jamaican woman, when them nuh deh pan nothing then gwaan nice and when them get what them want them left you high and dry”. Anyway, he being a Christian man (like RedP), he gave you the $258K and you quickly deposit the sum into Olint TCI or did he go some kind of behind the scene transfer from his account to your account at Olint TCI (it wasn’t clear from your post if he (Piggy) gave you the whole $258k in your hand). Now, you did this back in March of 2008, when very few were able to get a dime from Olint….Right? Way to go Florida Investor!!!!

    Mi like yuh vibes from the blog.
    but yuh let me down this time

    look at how unkind you are being you know it must have been an internal transfer of sorts and the investor said he did not want to add to the mayhem that is why he did not request a withdrawal.

    Plus i put about $500,000.00 in OLINT and was only able to withdraw about $20,000.00 in 2008. You really believe this person was able to get $200,000.00 in March!!!!!!. as cash in hand

    Jon wi a depend on level headed questioning bloggers like you to hold the bus together.

    We all have money in OLINT but only those who quote the figures are GREEDY. I am not apologising to anybody for wanting to leave something apart from hospital bills fi mi one bway and one gal .Call that greedy!!!!!!!

    The man said he IS NOT INVESTING ANY MONEY HE DOES NOT HAVE AGAIN over and over again and you are calling him a fool to want to put back money in OLINT

    Be kind

    I thought it was your response


    only sean/ smithy/sirach could come up with that


  356. Breaking News

    Major of Lewfam —-running

    Wayne Smith——running

    David Smith —-preparing to run

    Huntly Watson—-trying to backtrack….no escape

    JLP…..who cares

    PNP….heeding warnings

    What a lot of running? It used to be a lot of laughing…what happened? Pupprt Master coming with more…time runs very short.

  357. Libel suits being prepared…you think it’s calamity yet? NO …..more coming fast and furious.

    you think he can get away? What about his helpers? All are covered by the radar…….Headline: Uptowners Go To Jail!

  358. Rudolf with your nose so bright…come inside my jail tonight……

  359. Sirach
    You are doing much better now that you have taken your Meds. Still a little demented but nothing the blog cannot handle

  360. the “Smithy” person has them riled up. What a farce the whole thing is. they won’t let me post over there but they are calling certain names……what blog is that? they have balls though….like most seem to have on our first encounters. they seem to hate Belcher and with very good resson cause more a come….they hate the Sirach imposter and Sirach….the courts for them….running them beaks and blocking….. cowards.

    Anyway the case a deal wid. time for World Class whether they want it or not. Smithy will help them pay legal fees for they and Smithy work the teefing together.

  361. What a lot of running? The hills are alive with the sound of music.

  362. Sean/Sirach

    They r not running…WS has been facing the music right here in Ja. Major Lewis here in Ja. facing the music ….DS still in turks – certainly not hiding.

  363. “It is hard to remember a drama, in the theatres, in the movies, in comic books, or in real life, where the vampires thank those shedding light on their actions. Usually there are curses, insults, and threats to completely destroy the ones shedding light.”

  364. As the awareness WILL continue to dawn that the real power to effect change lies with us; frustration can soon be replaced by hope.

    It is possible for us to change and grow. As we change and grow, we become less tolerant of selfishness, greed and temper tantrums from ourselves and thus also from our leaders. We start to demand more from ourselves, and thus more from our leaders.

    This is why we feel the Country is on the cusp of a promising era. We are growing in the awareness of what is occurring all around us. The need now is for us to recognize that the power to effect change REALLY lies with us, the public as a whole, and not with a handful of self-defined leaders.

    Let us appeal to the higher angels of our family and friends and now work consciously to build a better future. The wounds will soon be healed and the Vampires soon vanquished by the morning light.

    tci journal

  365. Sean/Sirarch

    Did Walker also have a club?

  366. Mk
    Yes man remember his father was the # 1 member of the club ha ha

    This chris walker is not new commer to OLINT see he was sending money via NCB as early as 2006 in the heart of the cease and desit order.

    Now the clown wants Jamaican govt to take responsibility. In Sept 2006 the man was wiring of his money to OLINT TCI
    from the other blog
    09/15/2006 Christopher Walker – Montego Bay Holdings 449,995.00

  367. I never had one…why you don’t do some research for yourself…..any one shielding DS from justice shall be removed. …you dig?

  368. Sirach,
    How much did you have with Olint or DS?

  369. Why you ask AML?

  370. i will tell you this. The most recent deposit was in March for quarter million.

  371. To which entity: Olint, Olint TCI, or TCI FX TRADERS LTD. Is there a new one that we do not know about?
    You are talking about March 08?

  372. Is this part of the gag order in TCI?

  373. AML

    I think Sirach said he had about $1 Million Total in Olint. Why he won’t divulge the exact figure I don’t know.

    AML, are you the administrator for the

    blog? If so, why are you blocking Sirach or is it that Sirach does understand the login scheme?

  374. I know the administator. The administrator said in the past said there is a mechanism that is you do not post from a real browser, it will not be posted. This stops spam posting and brute force attacks. The administrator jokely says this has been made Israeli hacker proof/tested and automated hack proof.

  375. Plus someone using my name….you sure you can fill Sirach shoes? You better think good before you anwer…..many big people career is hanging in the balance and Sirach have the scissors.


  376. First come and server over there. Post under a different and rant over there and they will recognize it is you.

  377. Post at the time at the 2 places and then they will recognize you.

  378. The student is smarter than the teacher.

  379. But the teacher knows more.

  380. Don’t sweat the Christmas Smithy…why so bummy? Just cool man…..listen to Lord G ..he has your best interest at heart…..don’t flutter and look insecure at this stage……..Sirach is harmless… hahhahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahaaaa

    Just sit down and wait…..Lord G says don’t worry bout Sirach….you trust him don’t you? Sirach’s crew is laughable…..just have a good laugh Smithy….and remember….he who laughs last….laughs best..


  381. Do not fret early about what is to come……enjoy the moment when it arrives…hhahahahaa

    Your Christmas “gift” coming to you from Sirach….it’s on its way. Patience Smithy.

  382. AML…you setoff Sirach now. What is this teacher -student thing. I think that was the trigger.

  383. Remember to hold your emotions Smithy…..I won’t even bother tell you not to scream and bawl out my name because that is fruitless…..instead I shall just wait for my ears to ring when you do.


    Get Ready.

  384. Sirach,
    Read us the exact writing of the gag order.
    He has never stopped ranting. He does sometimes gives clues. This (T-S) goes back a couple of months ago.

    Paragraph 29, MIA.

  385. Coming to a theatre near you AML.

    It’s simple all you have to do is Get Ready.

    Happy Christmas to you all…..hope you been good.

  386. Sirach,
    Read us the actual charges, only the details should be gag ordered.

  387. AML, how did you get a copy of the case/gag order and could you provide a link or copy?

  388. I do not have it. Based on the rants and months of information and Sirach failure to provide everything, Harbor shark blockage, NFA documents being edited, Sirach knows.
    Harbor Shark use to mention NCB and it money laundering investigation in Canada.
    As I have said before that DS had connections in NCB.
    The bank community talks.

  389. We now that three things power the jamaican economy.
    Tourism, drug trade, and aluminum.
    The J government might be ignoring Olint and it money laundering problem because it will expose their drug profits/operation(it sucks(smoke) the money out of USA).

    A week after Olint’s money was frozen in the US, J government with J bankers began looking for Olint’s money in the US. The J bankers indicated Olint has collected around $400 Million USD.
    Remember this is third hand info.

    As indicated by puppetmaster from the one Olint account $200 Million USD was collected. In NCB court documents, it shows Olint’s money flow of the 3 NCB accounts which matches pretty close to money being transferred out.

    Can someone post the NCB document again?

  390. AML,

    You forgot remittances. If my poor memory serves me, we get a substantial portion of money from remittances. A minor correction, and one which I’m sure has no relation to the point you’re making.

  391. If Sirach has taken your money. If Sirach owes you money.


    He has money. Do not hesitate. Many middlemen have the money to pay. Make an example of Sirach.

    P.S Make sure it is the right Sirach.

  392. It is indicating you had pigs and piglets. Or leeches.

  393. Sirach will pay people who send a letter from a lawyer. It is not expensive. Many middleman have paid out when they recieved a letter from lawyers.

    Did you give your money to DS?… or did you give it to Sirach?…..go get money from Sirach if you gave him your money.

    Did you give your money to DS?.. or did you gove it to someone else?….Get a lawyer to write a demand letter to that person….it works….Sirach should know.

    It is not expensive to have the lawyer draft the demand letter for you.

    Remember….keep some $$ under the matress….the Madoff thing hit all over…even The IOC…check the Gleaner if you think its not true.


  394. You think those bankers and fund managers posing as “Carlos Hills” are going to tell you what is really happening? Really? Why? Ask yourself why they would do that?

    There is little time..the Holidays going to eat up many days…after which it might be too late.

    Secure at least one third of your portfolio in Cash on your person…get a safe and put it in. After the storm you can put it in. Do not get caught with pants down again… more crocodile tears.


  395. AML is right in suggesting immediatre legal action against anyone who has taken your money and placed it in Olint. Do not wait. not everyone can be satisfied but many can.

    Isn’t that right AML?

  396. AML is for justice…AML is for getting people’s money back in the rightful owners hands. AML would never try and shaft people’s money for any selfish reason. AML shall continue to work assidiously in really helping the people get their money.

    Isn’t that right AML?

  397. Yes, teacher.
    Keep your money is the best advise.

  398. Puppetmaster has shown you all that Jamaican financial institutions banked money in Olint….Puppetmaster show them the Jamaican institutions investment levels in Madoff.

  399. I still want the reading of the gag order.

  400. Aren’t you all tired of the middlemen saying to you they have spoken to Smithy? Howw long shall they go on. Many of them are planning to run away. Give them a letter froma lawyer concerning your money that you gave to THEM. Tired of the Lip Service and hiding behind the elusive and arrogant David Smith.

  401. Sirach,

    a bit confused I am….. if you took money from people… why would they need to get a letter from a lawyer sent to you in order to get it back. Surely you being a good, honesty and just person, would make best effort to make payments without the need for lawyers?

    Or are you trying to encourage people on a whole get legal assistance in order to get their money back from the piggies?

  402. I would always encourage people to try and get their money from anyone.

    Sirach has ben accused by people who have no concern for justice

    So I prove to the people that they are liars

    If Sirach owes you money or has ever taken your money then report him to the Police and take leagal action immediately. It is your Duty to do so.

    your operative word is “IF” Cynic.

    Many here have said they are like Sirach…they have fought tooth and nail to say Sirach is like the rest of them. If Kull/KA or anyone else has taken your money then have the lawyers approach him so you can get it back.

  403. 01/30/2007 Douglas Reid – Dehring Bunting Golding – reversal of deposit for US$9,980 on 1/22/07 (9,980.00

    01/19/2007 Restaurants of Jamaica Ltd – Capital & Credit Merchant Bank 999,995.00

    08/14/2006 Donald Rainford – Capital & Credit Merchant Bank 599,995.00

    The people and company named above we in Ja know them personally. Becaouse they are moving the money from a merchant bank through a commercial bank NCB that means puppet master has shown that the merchant bank and NOT their customers sent money to OLINT

    please mr MBA sirach explain this to me??????

  404. Point taken and understood as clear as the waters of blue moutain

  405. Sirach,–5-5—.html

    I just found your TCI Inquery.
    It seems that puppetmaster is backing your evidence of controlling the press.

  406. Don’t forget to take out a portion of the money in cash and put it up in a safe….they not going to tell you the exposure to Madoff..and in some cases they dp not know the extent of the exposure themselves.

  407. I don’t think Puppetmster or Sirach in need of any backing. Puppetmaster set the crowd on fire over the other blog. Puppetmaster heavy a way yes. If Puppetmaster ever revealed how much leverage Jamaican institutions have to the Madoff scheme there would be some massive lines at the banks tomorrow morning…that’s for sure.

  408. Its clearer that Sirach aka Sean Belcher, has mutiple personality, and trying very ard to disgise it.
    He is puppetmaster, smithy, sean, harbourchark, 120 percent.
    And don’t tell me im not working closely with Davesin, aml, cynic and probly others. its like him hav a number of computers and blog on all of them at the sam time.
    him and them is the cause why we cant get our money.
    Jus look at how all a dem a go gang up on me now, very predictable

  409. Puff, Pufff,, cough , cough .. telll dem Sirach !

    Smitty had money with madoff ,, Puff, puff, this is the unexpected delay , he was counting on , Puff, Puff ……………….

    soon it will be Christmas day ………………………………………………..


    The washing machines at work. This is probably why there is a gag order in TCI.

    TCI FX TRADERS LTD. was churning.

    JIJ Investments was washing.

  411. “Its clearer that Sirach aka Sean Belcher, has mutiple personality, and trying very ard to disgise it.
    He is puppetmaster, smithy, sean, harbourchark, 120 percent.”

    curious blogger (from Nnext door)……looks like curious blogger is our next potentilal Nobel winner from that side of the World.

    Poor ting dem..and Smithy would not even help them…that is the real unbelievable part. Those people really ybelieve that Sirach needs or wants to “trick” them or that they can change the price of rice for Sirach….You want to know bout in the dark? Just check the new blog….sad though no lie they really think they have a bearing on Sirach.

  412. Yes, I like talking to myself.
    now I am like you

  413. Never!

  414. Are you waiting for the smoke to rise this morning?
    I know some people will be burning down this morning.

  415. “like him hav a number of computers and blog on all of them at the sam time.”

    curious blogger

    Jesus David Smith have you no shame using simple people like that in that way? Can’t you see what you have done to them…Smithy your a real BASTARD….(All that shock them yu know) He can’t speak to our God like that…that’s how brainwashed the people are.

  416. One computer curious….When Sirach is on many you would not even be able to follow and comprehend as well as you have..o.k? Walk good you hear?

    Smithy your use of simple people shows the worthless bastard that you are.

  417. We not going to gang on you curious…we only pity you…if you think that Sirach stops you getting money then your calamity is upon you and you are not feeling well and need to go to Dacta..o.k.?

    Smithy was not what he seemed o.k? There is nothing christian about him or his people o.k. They worse than the Devil because the Devil is upfront while they hide and try tpo pretend they are something they are not.

    Curious…he was not making that money o.k….he had no permission to pay ou the money to you because it was not his…..try go a good Dacta fi mi soon o.k. good….walk good you hear.

  418. Curious

    Is kinda like the JPS ad on T.V, when the father a teef the light and put people in dander but the little daughter oh how she love im so. Try to calm and watch the pressure.

    Walk you hear curious and try to keep well. Smithy says it will be five years before im talk. Nuh badda fret bout it rioght know…yuh hear..alright.

  419. Curious

    Belcher has never posted there and you are writing the name and making false allegations when you do not know him and he can also not respond to you because that is the way it is set up.

    Belcher is represented by the worlds largest law firm and many other lawyers. Careful curious law suit will reach you and Smithy not going to pay tpo help you. Curious try go talk to one lawyer and let them explain to you.

  420. Curious and others…

    David Smith went through stages. He always had someone else to blame. Especially when a payday that he set was coming close. He has set Jan 9th and it is soon upon him. He used to blame Michael Lee-Chin…he used to blame Brian wynter…he used to blame John Wildish…he used to blame Dr. Walker… he blames Sean Belcher. It is unlikely he will add to the list. the charade is coming to an end. Belcher will deal wid dem case…it is one of the last acts of a desparate man.

    you ever hear dem seh time longer than rope? Well the rope done.

    The reason many feel he is getting ready to run is the fact that he now tries to blame Belcher having blamed everybody else in the year he has not been paying.

    By using Belcher’s name he has brought on the beginning of his end. Belcher don’t like teefing nirther teef. If them include lawyer Belcher will deal wid dem too.

    Smithy might be a big man to many but he knows that to Belcher he is a boy…and a teef..and an unworthy opponent. Him nuh ready fo dis yet.

  421. Curious on Sirach:

    “And don’t tell me im not working closely with Davesin, aml, cynic and probly others over the other blog. its like him hav a number of computers and blog on all of them at the sam time”

    I will let AML answer this one.

  422. Sean , Sirach Stop hiding behind the IP address. We all know it’s you your IP has been Pinging all day from the same location. Be a man and just say hello to everyone.

  423. Are you ready feedback…the present for Smithy integrally involves you…hahahahaaaaa

    Anyway you always show that what I do does not affest you.

    Which Sirach you talking to? The Sirach/Smithy/Belcher/Harbour..”chark” puppetmaster ..hahahahahahaaa……bwoy studiyng IP addresses and all..hahahahaha…somew nerve has been touched…better not to show it has been toched…..because what comes soon is no joke.

  424. IP has been “Pinging” hahahahahahaaa..why don’t you just beam up Scotty? hahhaahaaaa….them teck David Smith turn poppy show….i can’t sorry fpor him though…..he thinks he’s the greatest and he has them to how for it.

  425. Obi one Kanobi…sorry..i mean feedback..the real force have requested words with mee again this fine Monday morning….they know who Sirach is….WELL….why you don’t reveal yourself…i will be sure to tell them you are anxious and willing.

  426. Feedback I wonder if you can help? You seem to be a diehard Smithy’s team. The authorities have a keen interest in funds used to pay his lawyers. Some of them have pretty bad reputations as it is already….taking people’s money as fee for representing Smith is not Kosher with the authorities…not only is it another black mark on Jamaica it can reaveal more of a Banana Republic in our legal circles. We will be the laughing stock of the World again with this and our legal system and its many shortcomings would come out in the international press. Laughing last…not Jamaica…our legal framework is in a precarious position of low Worldwide standing as it is already….if it endorses and sanctions lawyers who take funds like that? I don’t know Feedback……YOU SEEM TO KNOW MORE THAN THE REST OF US…any comment?

  427. But wait? Isn’t the head of the Jamaica Bar Association one of Smithy’s lawyers? The extradition one….yes protecting the victims of the scam who might want to run left Jamaica I suppose….Anyway I am sure she would have ensured that funds used to Defend and Represent Smith do NOT belong to other people………(Kull what you think?)…..especially when there are so many American and British victims…..

    Can you imagine if their ,money is used to Defend The individual called David Dmith? While we are inviting them to spend on our tourism product in Jamaica?……..all with so very hardtalk coming….

    Anyway these people would not piut their right to practice in jeapardy…..the stench when seeking work anywhere else would be deterent from breaking the law due to sevuring part of the stole money………..Well……some of these lawyers are in Government surely the Prime Minister would….well ….let’s leave it for the proper authorities and governments abroad…unless of course you want to give your info on that feedback…..

  428. I myself know a lawyer who had all kinds of clients with lots of money……yes….he sells cars on US1 in Florida for years now. He has his law degrees hanging in his cubicle….when the other salemen come on shift he has to take the degrees down an place them in a desk drawer.

    The letters the man had to get from his former association just to get a gig selling cars!….Man Alive!

  429. “The parallels between Jamaica and America are striking. Madoff was a pillar of the community. He shrouded the operation of his scheme in mystery. You actually had to ask to be allowed to invest in the American scheme and Madoff often turned potential investors down.”

  430. “Apparently he has admitted to his sons, who worked with him in the company, that his asset management company was “a big lie”, “basically a giant Ponzi scheme”. His sons promptly turned him over to the police and Madoff is now under house arrest.”

    “There may be some investors who are clinging to the belief that the scheme in which they put their funds was a genuine money management operation. However…”


  431. Sirach..

    I would suggest you take a break from the Olint saga, as it can drive you crazy..

    but I think I am too late

    lose you money.. but not your mind..

    because you can get back your money… but you cannot get back your mind..

  432. One thing that DS.. has done.. the divide and conquer.. A la Carlos Hill and Higgins Warner..

    over there man want draw them ‘matic on man with them one pop etc..

    yet nobody seems to want to blame David Smith, they think that other investors are behind them not getting their money..

    David Smith did not just appear , because he felt emotional or wanted people to clear up rumours !!! He would have done so with an email to the general membership..

    he finds an obscure blog to respond to..

    who was on that Blog..

    the Puppet Master..

    It seems that the Puppet Master has the cattle prod for David Smith !!!

  433. KA the second post here is about the best youhave ever made. But then again I have probably “lost my mind” so it is probably no better than your first post.

    But good post Kull….you know who may start to consider you co operativeness!

  434. Sirach..

    you have to know how to cominicate with people

    you cannot force anything down anybody’s thoat..

    Somehow people want to believe that 10 % per month for 4 years is possible..

    that is was just an accounting error .. some overpayment.

    Some audit that is going on, that has no beginning and no end.. and has no name of auditors.

    People will only see when they do not get their money… and the promises start to wear thin.

    it baffles me as to how they expect a complex case like this to wind up on January 9th..

    But such is desperation… January 9th will be nothing but another mention date.. anyone want to bet on that


    Davidson et al v. Loiten et al

    Plaintiffs: Barrington Davidson and Angella J. Green
    Defendants: Ingrid Loiten, May Daisy Corporation, I Trade FX, LLC, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas and Turks & Caicos Banking Co. Ltd.

    Case Number: 6:2008cv01641
    Filed: September 24, 2008

    Jury Demanded By: 28:1332 Diversity-Breach of Contract

    I Trade FX is really racking up the lawsuits.

  436. Survivor,

    I must endorse your sentiments.

    David has NOT to date answered any legitimate question posed and instead continues to deceive those poor ignorant souls who are clinging unto the belief that he will come through for them in January.

    Sad to say, David continues to make attempts to make people sympathetic for him and his family. Indeed he had the nerve to say he did not know how he was going to pay his water bill for the month!!!

    For those sympathetic souls who are hanging on to the belief that David Smith cares about anyone but himself, and has any intention of paying back people there money come Jan. 9th 2009, when he knows full well he does not have more than $2.5 million dollars in his TCI account, ask David Smith these questions:-

    “Where were you Mr. Smith two nights ago?”
    “Did you feel on top of the world when you went to the Casino on December 20 and spent over $70,000 in one night?”
    “Did you think about people like me, survivor, the Florida Investor and the many others who continue to suffer because of your actions?”
    “Where have you stashed your money to afford you the opportunity to continue your lavish lifestyle?”
    “Do you intend to settle your debts with people?”

    Stop blaming others for your misdeeds- In fact the nerve to come on this blog and engage in a verbal dispute with another blogger bring up issues related to your mutual school days, when people can’t even pay their mortgage.

    I hope for your sake, you will stop the drinking, gambling etc. and stand up for once like a man and accept your mistakes and address them accordingly.

    Stop deceiving people into believing that the freeze order in the TCI is preventing you from accessing enough money to pay investors back. STOP THE DAMM LYING !!!



    I-Trade Fx LLC v. UBS AG

    Plaintiff: I-Trade Fx LLC
    Defendant: UBS AG

    Case Number: 1:2008cv06370
    Filed: November 5, 2008

    Court: Illinois Northern District Court
    Office: Contract: Other Office [ Court Info ]
    County: XX US, Outside the State of IL
    Presiding Judge: Honorable Marvin E. Aspen

    Nature of Suit: Contract – Other Contract
    Cause: Diversity
    Jurisdiction: Diversity
    Jury Demanded By: 28:1441 Petition for Removal- Contract Dispute

    What, 40 million USD can’t buy your way out.

  438. Even in U.S. Federal court, I Trade FX and their lawyers don’t even use or know how to use their correct legal business name.

  439. posted by K.T. 12/22/2008 11:25:17 AM
    D.S. just in case you read this, I have heard indirectly from sources close to you (friends who have visited you in the Turks)that most of the money is just not there. I have heard that you will need time to make back the money and the earliest payout will be in a year. I hope this is not true. If this is the case, then several of us who anxiously await the January 9th day do so in futlity. If true, then perhaps the earlier we know that, the better.
    People are getting angrier as they lose their cars, homes and cannot travel to see their loved ones for the holidays etc. If it is not true, then I wonder why those who have spoken to you directly are consistently saying we will have to wait about a year?? Why is that so??
    My request is that as soon as you are legally able, you come clean and tell us how much money you have. Wasn’t this a club? As members who have invested, we need to know.
    Also, many of us would take 50 cents on the dollar early next year rather than wait another year or a gradual payout over a period.
    I do beleive you want to make good on your promise to repay all and more but another year for several of us will render us homeless and starving. If you are able to respond to this in any way, please do do.

  440. Some people basically ignore all the signs till somebody they know and trust tell them

    it is very obvious that the money is not there

    Why would you want David Smith to trade back the money, when he never was trading at 10 % per month in the first place ?

    Why do people still want him to trade his way out of this ? if he could trade even at half the results that he had posted, we would never even be in this predicament in the first place

  441. Man of the round table…..drop a line mate I’m inviting you for a roast at mine.

  442. Kull man is Christmas….If I was there you know you and I would go have a drink….I not bad with the clays myself you know. Chow man its Christmas now. All the best.

  443. Have a drink of Prozac/ Zoloft on me. you need something to calm your nerves

  444. Kull…when the visa’s are removed (yes Sirach works on that too)then the anxiety of finding the money to travel will be alleviated.

  445. I’ve never heard of that liquor yet Kull is that your fancy…I more simple the fancy uptown bars not for me….better just a sorrel and “whites”…the high tech uptown scene a little to superficial to me. That sound like an eastern European liquor…is Smithy send you it?

  446. Kull..someone telling me the cocktail you suggest is a money man thing. But no moneynaw run Kull! It’s tighten the belt time! No one wanted to listen to me in JUNE! Just get an Imperial Quart of Wray and Nephew Whites and nice up the Christmas.

  447. Kull i have some nice ROOTS you see. I wish you were here. You know I was to carry 2 bokkle a it to your Bredrin and left it on the kitchen counter the morning? Just as well because if your heart is not pure and you go drink them congo roots (13 Roots blend) you heart will burst. Just as well.

  448. Throughout the weekend we have been sending to our clients a Berger Singerman Alert specifying some actions they should be considering to deal with this tragedy that is impacting so many in our community. Because we undoubtedly have mutual clients and because we are advising our clients to consult with a broad array of professionals, we thought it important that you have a copy of what we have sent out.

    We view this as a tragedy for our community and believe that it is a time where, more than ever, professionals need to come together to serve impacted parties with the very best thinking on ways to deal with the myriad of issues confronting those involved, directly or indirectly, with Madoff.

    Any member of our firm can answer general questions raised by the Alert, or direct you to one of the members of our Task Force on this issue.

  449. no thanks Kull…I will stay with the whites


    FBI begins calling individual Olint investors at their homes today.

  451. what for ?

    Does the FBI have jurisdiction outside of the US ?. Don’t they have to work with Interpol or get the local police / court order to question anybody.

    FBI is not the world Police

  452. Do you guys realize that it looks like Olint-for-Life may be Wayne Smith. David Smith clearly is familiar with and had a relationship with Sean Belcher. SB appears to be really under the skin of DS. DS gets upset with Sean and apologizes to Wayne. Apparently Wayne asked him to come on the blog and he is sorry he blew his top.. Olint-for-Life said he was the one that asked DS to come on… hmmm

    Remember the day the shit hit the fan… Olint-for-Life and Hermes appeared to have knowledge of the impending events and disappeared. With Hermes knowledge of trading and his bull shit justifications, was he one of the I-Trade or MTI principals… a Martinez? Looks very likely.

    It is clear as it should be to anyone that these scammers pay close attention to the blogosphere.

  453. Wrong Kull

  454. Dea, FBI and others call people in Jamaica and0or anywhere else all day long. Kull other than Prozac what do you know? You have been wrong time and again and switch back and forth like a gig.

  455. The SFO just raid the minister yard and the house of a businessman. If you rob Americans and /british their law enforcement move to protect theri citizens….you think they don’t know who and who infiltrates Jamaican police?

    Don’t fret too much I see you used the word “interrogation” just call them a call…early days….you hasty for your interrogation?

  456. Plus many victims are in the US….Jamaica is not the center of nothing…well maybe some things but they are not impressive things.

  457. You guys know the reason why so many in these schemes turn to religion like the prayer bus and the likes? Actually it is a good therapy if you are religious.

    Religion says everything is controlled by a supernatural being or force… Ultimately this means that it is not your fault that you allowed greed to trump common sense. It is part of the greater plan for the universe. And David Smith should be prayed for because like Judas he was just the instrument sent to carry out this purpose of separating the scammed from their money.

    Believing this can give inner peace since it removes ultimate blame from one’s self. See why these schemes always have people calling for prayer after they collapse. Keep up the prayer bus RedP you are doing good for some. It will not get anyone back a dime but it will give some inner peace.

  458. Wayne is the CEO of Olint…but the cases are against David Smith not Olint..hmmm..I see….so no gag order on the CEO…hmm wha you say nocotec….Wayne Should be able to explain everything in detail….as the CEO of course.

  459. Directors of a foundation should know where the funds they have come from…..what about thank you notes to the “donors”…that’s what diresctors are for?….Can directors tell you they don’t know? So what are they being directors for? Over to you nocotec….

  460. “posted by theCynic 12/20/2008 11:22:24 AM
    ….hmmmm.. i hear carrots are good for your eyesight”

    Hey TheCynic you have to be even more cynical 🙂

    Do you see how easy it is for people to readily believe without question what they are told or read? Not to mention 10 to 20 % per month. 🙂

    Carrots are not really good for your eyes… at least no more so than a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. This was a myth spread by US and British Intelligence during World war 2. The invention of Radar was allowing allied planes to zero in on German planes with great accuracy.

    To throw the Germans off the trail of of Radar as the reason, the intelligence services spread the propaganda that the pilots were being fed a diet high in carrots and this was giving them eagle like eyesight… allowing them to spot German planes.

    Now see how things can be become accepted as truth when one does not question its origin or how it works and how is it possible 🙂

  461. Sirach there are obviously at least a few people in Olint and elsewhere like I-Trade that know exactly what went on and that the thing was just a big ponzi scam.

  462. nocotec you should not speak of the Martinez’s like that…do you know what they mean to Kull?

  463. Who else think that Deacon RedP should be able to start his own church instead of just just being a deacon in the church of Olint and elsewhere… Maybe he is just a follower type that lacks confidence to step out on his own.

    RedP if you can get so many people to join your prayer bus you have talent dude. You know many churches are just Olint without the FX trading scam. If you leading so many down the path of faith in your Messiah David (did the name fool you up?)… you can start your own shit with or without the building and scam for yourself.

    You don’t have to stop at encouraging others to get scammed and just take it with inaction, you have demonstrated you are good at that… start scamming for yourself instead of of for DS and others…. LOL

    This hypocrisy about prayer wears thin… if you were righteous and not just some greedy bastard looking to get rich quick you would not have been scammed so that you now have to seek inner peace from religion… which your actions demonstrate that you are like the Pharisees and Sadducees that loudly and publicly proclaim their religion but are nothing but hypocritical SOBs out to fool people for their personal gain.

  464. While the teef bus tries to ridicle me while not allowing me topost I shall put their post here while it “awaits moderation” hahahaaaaa

    Prayer bus! You got the breaking news? The FBI coming to a “christian” near you. You have tried hard to stop people getting their money….your game is up. post I shall put their post here while it “awaits moderation” hahahaaaaa

    Nocotec..tell them in court they can not block Sirachand their backward logic holds no creedence……It will only bring justice on them faster…

    nocotec…I never see so many “christians” run from truth and simple service of process in my life. They run from the courts and talk about prayers…why you running like O.J.? Have you done something wrong?

  465. Olint for life is such an appropriate name..hahahahahahahahahahahaa olint for life gets life! hahahahahahahahaaa…damned Theives.

  466. Wayne Smith is a big time con man. I hear the M5 park and the Prado park. Damn theef Sirach going bring the wrath of justice on you all.

  467. you wou;ld be surprised who teach them to run from a simple service of process…..upstanding citizen…where?

  468. nocotec, on December 22nd, 2008 at 5:37 pm Said…………”RedP if you can get so many people to join your prayer bus you have talent dude. You know many churches are just Olint without the FX trading scam. If you leading so many down the path of faith in your Messiah David (did the name fool you up?)… you can start your own shit with or without the building and scam for yourself. “…….

    YOU ARE RIGHT, but you are late!!! We had a big the debate about this exact thing on this blog a few months ago (when you were on sabbatical) and I made the same observations and recommendation(s)! CullKull can tell you about it. RedP did not take too kindly to my recommendation about the taking advantages of multiple wives as pastor of his own crew. I did remind him that the returns are much higher than Olint. Instead of 10% a month, its 10 % per week! 🙂

  469. Che Cowan and his church a back these people? I can’t believe it. Che would have to tell me that to my face. And Che’s cousin is in Atlanta struggleing to keep two children head above water? And the cousin never draw a dime yet? Che…where is the christianity in your endorsement?

  470. LOL…

    DaveSin I did miss it… Yow, yet again we are right… Independently we arrived at a similar conclusion… LOL
    That cracked me up. hahaha

  471. Make sure you can swim….I don’t like bluffing….you and Brady bunch bring it on…..I not talking no prisoners…2009 is serious business.

  472. You seeking the medicine form Sirach? Your wish is m command. You begging for me to tell the people about Minister DW and Smithy?

    If is so you want it.

    But wait…what about the Hilton hotel money? You think Sirach simple? Let’s go….bring it on….I know all details. You sure you can swim? Cause you looking shakey….Sir….

  473. I had some business to deal with Turks and London. Sorry that I left you out. First thing of 2009 we going to put spome spotlight on you.

  474. ….in the pool….see how well you can tread.

  475. You choose your stance months ago. You similar to Smith in that way…..I not holding no punces come New Year. Enjoy the holidays.

  476. Check this trailer…..Here’s a little story……about a guy named Brady…..and his deal with the Hilton was quite shady…….Here comes Carlos…..walking freely…owing peoples money…that he gave others freely…..

    Coming to a theatre near you by special request of The Prime Minister of Jamaica.

  477. To the Brady Bunch riddim…

    Caimpaign finacing …Audley was dancing…but when Ja nu ary came….. there was no prancing…..rather lots of running ….dirty laundry sunning……do do do do do do do dod od do…..There’s much more story….but it is gory……..

    All you Smithy….get READY

  478. Run the brady Bunch riddim my select…….’for such a small sum of money’…..’they rather upset tummy.’……..’and only Sirach can stop them feeling bummy’…….’must be a dummy’……’governance is crummy’….

  479. Post from forexpeacearmy
    Withheld, Jamaica

    Date of Post: 2008-10-25

    Review: MTI is a scam, plain and simple. It is quite obvious that surrogates of the Martinez’s have come to this forum to defend Jared Martinez instead of just stating their trading success. They have gone through great lengths to nullify points made by people who have found Martinez’s system to be extremely flawed, when all they have to do is state what their experience with Martinez’s system is. Frankly, some of the expressions used by these ‘people’ seem to come directly from Martinez’s own mouth.

    But I’m NOT here to bash those people. I am here to state that Market Traders is a SCAM. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE !!!

    Firstly, they came to our country on the back of a club called OLINT, started by a person named David Smith. As we all know, Market Traders and I-TradeFX and sister companies run by the Martinez family. With the perceived success of David Smith, Market Traders started advertising classes to attract people based on this perceived success. These same students would usually sign up with their brokerage firm I-TradeFX. Their initial ads usually said things like “Learn from the person who taught David Smith” or “Become a successful trader like David Smith” (maybe not word for word but in this general context).

    Recent events have proven OLINT not to be as successful as it was perceived and people are going to lose millions of dollars. Since this revelation, Market Traders have distanced itself from OLINT and started placing ad that says “Let us teach you about the FOREX and how to avoid scams” (again not word for word but in that general context).

    My questions to JARED MARTINEZ is this, and I am asking these questions in this forum because it’s obvious that he and/or his surrogates monitor this forum. You own I-TradeFX, right ? You have privileged access to performance on your accounts, don’t you ? So how could you initially advertise on OLINT’s success without ensuring that he was successfully trading the FOREX?

    Court documents that were made public has proven that he was NOT trading successfully. Please read the link below when you have the time.

    Another point is this. Any FOREX brokerage house with integrity will NOT allow traders to take peoples’ funds in the manner that OLINT did, but insist that the accounts are opened with the brokerage by the clients and are segregated, and that clients can view ALL trades on their funds individually. How do I know this ? I trade with another brokerage house that educated me on this point. IT IS A REQUIREMENT BY THE U.S. REGULATORY BODIES. Brokerage houses can and will get into problems if this is NOT the case. I-TradeFX made a very serious breach on this point.

    Finally, is will state that the FOREX industry as a whole is NOT a scam but there are scammers out there that prey on peoples’ ignorance and I would say that MTI and I-TradeFX are in this category. Trading the FOREX not a simple and is a skill that requires time and commitment and a ton of research and practice. IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, but I wish anyone who wishes to try it great success. It has taken people as many as 3 years to master it, but once they do, they sky is the limit.


    reposted and reedit NFA complaint found at:

  480. Sirach, on December 22nd, 2008 at 3:46 pm Said:

    FBI begins calling individual Olint investors at their homes today.


    the FBI called me today but i was at work. my daughter told them to call back after 7.00pm. I M STILL WAITING


  481. Mr. Audley Shaw
    Minister of Finance

    We the people of Jamaica are putting forth our serious concerns to you.

    You had a meeting in Turks and Caiscos Islands. those present were David Smith, Michael Misick, James Robertson and yourself.

    David Smith is under investigation in multiple jurisdictions around the World. The FBI is investigating his role in defrauding American Citizens. David Smith has cause severe financial Hardship for folks in Jamaica. It is a crisis.

    Your party recieved funds to the tune of several million United States Dollars to fund an election campaign. To date your party has stated that the amoiunt was less than US$250,000. The country knows that is a lie.

    Funds recieved from Smith went toward some of the most cruel and inhumane acts on behalf of your party and your “full speed ahead” thirst for the keys to the country’s own cookie jar.

    A Minister in your ministry had asked to hire David Smith for a well known reputable local Bank where Jamaicans put their hard earned money.

    Michael Misick who does not have the confidence of his own party and who is still facing charges of rape in the TCI was at the meeting as well. Misick’s defense for the allegations against him are that the incident was a coinsentual manage au trois.

    The Government of Britain and the united States have deep concerns about these people and their associates es[pecially at the government level. The TCI Commission of Inquiry is aware of your clandestine meeting with these men since your appointment as Minister of Finance. the Government coffers in TCI are mysteriously empty.

    In light of threse facts we the people of Jamaica are seriously concerned and demand that you tell the country of what business you represent on outr behalf to David Smith and /or Michael Misick. Now! Minister.

    With the facts stated clearly you must understand that we have reason to question our own confidence and security of Jamaica’s finaces.

    We await your prompt response to our concerns.

    Citizenry of Jamaica.

  482. nocotec,

    I think for some, this blog (and all the others) are little more than entertainment. I mean let’s face it…. nobody could REALLY believe that anything meaningful will happen january 9th…. could they?

    Nobody could REALLY believe that by the time lawyers are done and Mr. Smith and family has had time to spread and spend the money, that ANY money will be left behind to be split up among club members/gamblers.

    nobody could STILL really believe that Mr. Smith has been successfully trading and returning 10% per month for 4-6 years, despite the fact that EVERY SINGLE trader/fund manager/banker/poker player/lotto winner/etc has said that they have NEVER been able to do what he claimed to do consistently.

    nobody could still, after Madoff declared that his measly 10-20% per YEAR was impossible and nothing more than a scam, still believe that Mr. Smith did the impossible.

    nobody could still REALLY want Mr smith to “trade his way to profit” after all the lies and deceit… come on, nobody could really believe that he COULD trade his way out of this hole.

    Surely everybody must know that at this point Mr. Smith and family are about saving their asses (and by family, i include all the pigs that were close to him that had their feeder clubs) and doing no jail time while still holding on to their fortunes (which means investors get screwed). Surely even those devoted christians must now realize when they’ve been scammed, SURELY they can put the pieces together and realize that while they were praying, and thanking God for giving them David Smith, he was living a lavish life, cars, parties, socializing with the ‘elite’, i HEAR gambling and go go clubs, throwing money at political parties to gain power, and all while keeping them in the dark. SURELY these people must realize that Mr. Smith is STILL taking them for a loop. He has now rediscovered his true love and is back on the path to righteousness? The why continue to live in a house that could be sold and help to alleviate the pains of the christian lives he destroyed (during the time her was straying), why hire the most expensive lawyer’s people’s money can buy? Why continue to lie about so much?

    Come on…… with all this..SURELY everybody must just be reading this whole saga for entertainment, and doesnt really beleive that a Miracle will happen on January 9th?

  483. Mr. Shaw we are waiting.

  484. Sirach,

    what do you, or the original author of that letter REALLY expect as a response?

    IF Mr. Shaw even sees that letter, he will probably laugh a hearty laugh, with his double chin flopping in the air, thinking to himself, or bellowing out loud what an ass “that person is, him cyah touch me!”

    Or do you know otherwise?

  485. I know otherwise.

    Minister Shaw we are waiting for your response.

    BTW I wrote that very quick can’t you see the typo’s ….in time you to will see what i am made of in public. But right now

    We all await the response of the Minister of Finance. We don’t want no hanky panky with the Jamaican governments coffers.

  486. Cynic…Smithy used to laugh..then he went to bawling…with me….but simple as Shaw is him not going to laugh…..not at me.

  487. the hardtalk is on…..who want to laugh go right ahead and laugh….while you can I suppose.

  488. You see in January…you will realise that David Smith has made two governments fall.

  489. they only gathering money to bolt now. sirach told you to go secure the cash in the safes and under the matress. Sirach ever ..ever tell you something here and it nuh go so?

    Only that Obama would not win. Here i am i voted for him too.

  490. minister Shaw we await your response. We could never be comfortable with you in charge of the coffers of Jamaica while being a known crony of Michael misick and David Smith. Explain yourself now.

  491. “Caught up of the corruption claims is Premier Michael Misick, who is alleged to have built up a multi-million dollar fortune since he was elected in 2003 when he declared assets of only $50,000 (£25,000). The committee’s report concentrates on claims that Mr Misick and fellow government ministers have subsequently enriched themselves by selling off Crown land to fund current investment. ”

    Minister Shaw we wish for you to clear yourself of unjust erichment for yourself from Jamaica’s coffers. you have a know close relationship with these types and we are not fools. You wined and dined David Smith as the guest of honor at the vale royal party.

    Clear your self Minister Shaw….opportunity knocks only once sometimes.

  492. IN 1996 and 1997 when rumours were making the rounds that Seaga had a FINSAC problem, it was Audley Shaw who promised me that he would ‘soon clarify the matter’. The matter was eventually clarified years later, but it did not come through Shaw.

    During those years, Shaw and myself would have regular telephone conversations and, as is common with most politicians, I had a difficult time ending the calls. Some time after, I criticised Shaw in a column tiled, You’re barking up the wrong tree, Audley Shaw.

    I never again heard from him.
    He is a JLP MP for North Eastern Manchester, one of the four deputy leaders for his party, opposition spokesman on finance and chairman of the very important Public Accounts Committee (PAC). A lot is expected from a man like Shaw. At all times he should be trustworthy, and at no time should his integrity be called into question.

  493. I am calling Shaw’s integrity into question. I shall do it on British Television. He has little time left to come to the table with the people of Jamaica. He knows not the hour.

  494. BTW..there is no quick replacement for Shaw as Minister…..I have that ticket as well.

  495. Ask for your daily bread if you doubt.

  496. Why do people think that the money is in TCI. As what David Smith said a long time ago is broker has my money.

    $100 million was transfered to I Trade FX.
    Then $61 million was transfer from I Trade FX to JIJ Investments, Inc.
    In the JIJ Investments, Inc. documents, JIJ Management controlled the money (not David Smith) to be used in FOREX and real estate. David Smith had no say over the money. To withdrawl would take over 1 week to 1 month.

    It looks like Jared Martinez scammed David Smith.

  497. All scammers going to get their daily bread.

  498. I wonder if it’s time for a roll call?…what you think AML?

    or wait til Christmas Eve?

  499. David Smith is guilty of money laundering.

    Jared Martinez and David Smith needs to say where is the money now.

  500. Don’t worry AML we have all Mexican Barrio crew and their pharmacuetical connections under lock.

  501. You forget Audley Shaw AML? and the rest?

  502. Pupa the Focus is misplaced. That is a fact.

  503. Christmas Eve. Santa(FSC, FBI, NFA, DEA, TCU, UK operations) can leave them a nice present.

  504. David did NOT say everything will be OK on Jan 9th. He said a positive outcome will be vital to get things on track.
    His pre frozen assets in TCI and the subseqent suspension of his trading account with OANDA problems still exist.

    “If the outcome in TCI is not good especially the money laudering charges the DWAG NYAM WI SUPPA. that is why we are focussing there for now”

    Pre frozen assets….and his? What say you to that AML?

  505. His …assets….Dog nyam Sirach supper? Where? When?…..ask Smithy how that go.

  506. If he had an OANDA account, I would have heard now.

    You have me thinking now.

    There might be an OANDA account but not with his name on it.

  507. Bet you it contains 100% Olint money in the past. It might be mixed with other money now.

  508. The vomumes never passed through OANDA’s wholesaler….no matter any name on account.

    Are we going to go through this again?

  509. $750 million is fiction, but an account with millions in it.

  510. 08/17/2006 tfr to Itrade FX, Florida (14,900,100.00)
    09/18/2006 tfr to Itrade FX (12,000,100.00)

  511. NFA did say they were investigating the startup capital.

  512. Sirach:

    Let us cut through the chase here Sirach. Given your omniscience and your know-how, the following issues keep jumping out at me:

    (1) Apparently you have a two business degrees (BBA & MBA). Yet you took US$1 Million and invest with a con artist, who, from what I can ascertain, has only a high school education.

    (2) Now, without the benefit of any level of transparency, you invested this significant amount of “YOUR” funds with DS and Olint. DS, what I can see, has no track record of successfully trading FX. Worst, this guy does not have a history of handling US$1 million, much less hundreds of million.

    (3) You, by your own admission, professed to have known about all these activities that DS was involved in outside of Forex Trading (go-go clubbing, Russian girls, gambling, etc., etc.).

    (4) When did you become aware of the fact that DS was NOT involved in FX, and was simply running a Ponzi scheme? You acknowledge that you invested close to US$250k with Olint as recent as March of 2008, despite the fact he, for all intent and purpose, was experiencing difficulty meeting redemptions as far back as November 2007.

    (5) During the period that you were with Olint, what was the total amount that you withdrew from your account? I guess I am trying to understand if over time, you are one of the major benefactors of the Olint scam. That is, got more out than you put in.

    The question Sirach is; were YOU a party to the scam? Are you equally and severally as guilty as DS and his confederates of scamming thousands of Jamaicans? Do you want to use this Forum to admit that you were one of the chosen few that had the ear of DS? When did you realize that you were scam by DS?

    I find it unbelievable that, with all the breath of so call evidence that you claim you have on all these players, politician and otherwise, you have yet to admit or at least, shed some light on the extent of your participation in this whole ordeal. Or, are we to believe that you came by all this information by some process of osmosis? I do not know what you do for a living, but I view your involvement with Olint with a certain degree of suspicion! I think the time has come Sirach, to use the words of Vaz, to put up or shut up! What say you Sirach?

  513. Supreme Court vetos OLINT’s application to drop suit against NCB

    Monday, 22 December 2008

    There is a new development in the legal battle between the National Commercial Bank (NCB) and embattled foreign exchange trader, OLINT.

    The Supreme Court on Monday prevented OLINT from withdrawing its lawsuit against NCB.

  514. Sirach,
    Did you work for the U.S. Congress for about 4 months in 06?

  515. NCB wants damages. They will take what is left of the account.

    If Olint wants to play in the courts, they better be prepared than making it into a PR event.

    There is no more PR and threats, only legal actions now.

    I think puppetmaster blew Olint’s PR event out of the water.

  516. When you lie to everyone, it will come down hard.

  517. Who said anything is left in the account. I think that US$600K+ is gone by now.

    AML, why do you think they decided to stop all legal games………..

  518. Sirach,
    Are you trying to prep yourself to be the next Minister or Prime Minister

  519. No money, PR stunts don’t work now, too much evidence coming down now, the politicians are not protecting him now, or more crap he stirs now will only come down harder on him.

  520. Sirach,
    Read us the gag order.

  521. David Smith,
    Who are your PR people? Corrupt lawyer?

  522. DavidSin,
    He put the money into TCI FX TRADERS LTD. since it was pretty will insulated legally except for the owner/trader(DS).
    Sirach was the first one to break the news that TCI FX TRADERS LTD. was no longer legally functioning/closed down.

  523. The money laundering investigation probably revolves around TCI FX TRADERS LTD. and Hallmark Bank. I heard on 07 that DS was part owner of Hallmark Bank and puppetmaster says NFA says DS is principal.

    In Hallmark, there should be at least 2 accounts, one for Olint TCI and the other TCI FX TRADERS LTD.

    As DS being owner of Hallmark, he did not warn of suspicious money movement of Olint in JA to Olint TCI and TCI FX TRADERS LTD. in TCI.

    Now with Jared Martinez in bed with DS, I Trade FX did not file suspicious money movement with FinCEN when the money came in from Olint TCI and TCI FX TRADERS LTD. as noted by the NFA.

    Now with Jared Martinez as his trader at MTI, DS relied in Jared Martinez to produce DS profits. Since JM had problems finding decent traders to produce 10 to 15 percent per month, another plan was hatched to hide the money and work it outside of the FOREX market.

    JIJ Investments, Inc. and JIJ Management, Inc. was born. JIJ Investments, Inc. had a subscription model and the Fund will be traded in the FOREX and play in the real estate which in Florida turned from hot to bad.

    JIJ Management, Inc. controlled the funds in JIJ Investments, Inc.. Only the Martinezes controlled JIJ Management, Inc.. In the real estate model Jared Martinez skimmed 2 to 5 percent of the money coming in and another 2 to 5 percent of the money going out. There was only one problem with real estate, it just got worse and worse.

    JIJ Management, Inc. did not do too good on the FOREX side either since they had no decent traders.

  524. Breed Har Again….

    A 17 year-old Jamaican girl tells her Mom that she has missed her period for the last two months. Very worried, the mother goes to the pharmacy and buys a pregnancy test.

    Confirming her worst fears, the test result is positive. Shouting, swearing and crying, the Mother says, ‘Which rass man do dis to you? Mi need fi know now!’

    The girl picks up the phone and makes a call. Half an hour later, a BMW X5 pulls up in front of their house; a dapper looking man dressed in an Armani suit steps out and walks to the house.

    He sits in the living room with the father, the mother, & the girl and tells them: ‘Good morning, your daughter has informed me of the situation. I can’t marry her because of my personal family situation, but I’ll take charge. I will pay all costs & provide for your daughter for the rest of her life.

    Additionally, if a girl is born I will bequeath her 2 retail stores, a townhouse, a beachfront villa and a $2,000,000 bank account. He continues: ‘If a boy is born, my legacy will be a factory and a $4,000,000 bank account. If twins, they will receive a factory and $2,000,000 each. However, if there is a miscarriage, what do you suggest I do?’

    At this point, the father, who had remained silent, places a hand firmly on the man’s shoulder and very decisively tells him, ‘You can breed har again …’

  525. Soon come to you Davesin. I am realising a lot of people do not understand what is really going on.

  526. T”he party followed up in a statement later, expressing further dissatisfaction at the response given by Finance Minister Audley Shaw in Parliament. It quoted Opposition Spokesman on Local Government, Colin Fagan as saying: “I was stunned that the minister of finance could not answer in detail the questions posed to him in Parliament. It is unheard of in our system of governance for such an incentive to be paid.”

    Attempts to contact Shaw as well as minister with responsibility for the public service in the ministry, Senator Dwight Nelson were unsuccessful. Nelson’s office would only say that he was “formulating a response”.

  527. The fireworks display for downtown Kingston smacks of David Smith. Let us cal a spade a spade. The fireworks are to the government akin to the lavish birthday party that was held for Smith earlier this year to the tune of US$200,000.00+. All while not paying investors.

    Here the governmet seeks to pay $12 million for fireworks while they can not pay.


    Do you believe me now that the same PR people who work for Smith work for the government of Jamaica?

  528. “Who are your PR people? Corrupt lawyer?”


    When David Smith was confronted (this happened many times) and was informed that he seemed to have NO Public Relations at all and Communication was disrespectful he replied “What do you mean…I HAVE THE BEST PR MAN IN THE WORLD….his name is DC from St.Mary!”

    Yes his laegal team does include a JLP Senator.

    US$18,000.00-20,000.00 was peeled off to DC per month all while people could not recoup their money.

    The plan to pull the wool over peole’s eyes was very clear. The idiots actually thought that Walking around Jazz and Blues with misick and security was champion PR. That’s Jamaica.

  529. …I coming to you DaveSin…

  530. AML and Davesin

    should we have a roll call today?

    Seems like many victims still remain very much in the dark?

  531. Davesin your time now;

    1) David Smith has a degree from an American unicersity operating in Jamaica. Nova if i remember. Graduation photo published in Jamaican press in 1998.

    2) I am not sure exactly what you ask here. I had a one o one two hour meeting with Smith before I invested. We worked at a brokerage together. Trust is or was part of it. i have never done a complete Due Dilligence on a bank like NCB/BNS before opening a savings account there. I might skim through the balance sheets in the papers…but ultimately it is down to trust….even for the banks.

    3) Such knowledge only began to come in in 2008. I began to take action immediately once certain things came to my attention.

    4) I asked him as a long time friend if he was telling the truth and he swore he was. I told him people were suffering (by that time i was helping some from my own money) Smith said it would only be a few more DAYS t5o get corrected. I told him I would help by placing the money in in March. Things were only coming to the forefront then. Recall i spent most of 07′ outside rhe country…that was when the sh…t was coming down. election and all and a big wagonist crew the DAVID SMITH let in.

    5.) Drew some money in 06’……Most in my account is “principal” although that term has been bastardised in the Olint sags….it’s not as simple as many would like to believe. The SFO,FBI,RTCIP, and others internationally have all info on me including non olint stuff. I urge everyone else to come in “naked” as they say.

    Note: Early on Smith made mention of cases against him from people who were not getting paid….this was later proven to nbe a lie..just a ploy to stop concerned people from takin action…by believing “others” who be checking out Smith from that angle so they would be smart to sit and pay nothing….Jamaica agian…freeness mentality.

    Well i am going to put up so SIDDUNG if you can’t swim..and stop bawl….if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.

    The police and FBI view attempts on the internet to paint me as party to the scam as a joke..they laugh at it with me in my presence…I told Smith he who laughs last laughs best.

    Davesin…When I encourage anyone who is owed money by Sirach to report me to the Police and take legal action to recover any money you alledge Sirach to have……what you think about that?

    They hate it. Why……don’t you know why Davesin?


    Davesin ..i have responded to you and expect the courtesy of a response from you…especially concerning my advice at the end here.

  532. BTW…can’t you see Sirach’ s role in the NCB case?

    Look bright and early January is the real deal you know….so maybe some need to …”put up or shut up yes…..some going have to run to.

  533. Look Smithy green you know?…and I give him ample chance already….early January is the bigtime…..he can’t keep bawling that him green…I going to turn it on full.

  534. Smithy said to my face all my money is there moths ago..noew the release is about contrat an rey rey. On the eve of his 40th birthday he must understand that he is a grown man. January is days away.

    If anyone wants to step in front of me and David Smith and the application of justice that is your own choice.

  535. investigations take time….Sirach’s investigation is now complete.


    You see that post by Davesin? Let the people see. cock mouth kill cock. Back in the day when you wnet to see Wayne Smith you were told no. no problem but…no one thought to schedule an appointment at some later date…you were supposed to just walk out of Braemar and love up that..hahahahaaa…He is the CEO.

    David Smith nuh bragg say him trade “hundreds of million of dollars”

    He was offered a proper introduction to a law firm that represents 28 of the 30 largest banks in the World….no then he announced a team..when? In July of 08′ long after he was not honoring his obligations for months…while partying all the time.

    Look at Smith’s legal team Finson et al…you know who Smith takes advice from? Smith you are a damn joke. Reality coming long before the 9th of January 2009 and long before the 26th of January 2009… meck them turn you in a poppy show. you think they can defend you from ME? Check yourself Smithy. You lose touch with realityulong time.

  537. Smithy, you see the new talk Watson and Watson start give you? I am Glad to know that my message reached. They will be taking a lot more to you in the days to come.

    “Your case will take 5 years!,,,hahahahaaa” Smithy…when, where and how did you get so naive?

    Prepare yourself for more to come from Watson and Watson. Coming from yours truly.

  538. …And Brady Bunch….you see when I sentddown my Cash plus Army on you with the Hilton/Cash Plus details…..make sure you wearing you “Depends.”

  539. “In retrospect, it has to be admitted that the Bruce Golding-led administration handled that tricky matter of the investment clubs in an awkward, clumsy, inept and foolish way.”

    “Just think if Cash Plus, Olint and all the other investment clubs were paying out dividends at this time. It would truly begin to look like Christmas! Instead, for many people, Christmas will have been postponed, indefinitely.”

  540. “To fool up the people that this too shall pass in the twinkling of an eye could turn out to be the greatest scam of all.”

  541. typical myopia from from the columnist from the west.
    to have delayed the thud of the ais collapse would only create a greater kabooom later on. silly reasoning. if not this year then it would have been next, only with a much further reacvhing effect.

  542. Noco, DaveSin and Sirach,
    You guys are funny!! I appreciate a good laugh myself!! Who knows? Maybe one day I will open a church, but one has to creep b4 they run.
    So tell me supm. When I open up my church, are you guys willing to “invest”?? 🙂

    Love and Peace guys,
    All the best for the Christmas

  543. Sirach,
    Did you work for the U.S. Congress for about 4 months?

  544. NO.AML

    I was not in Yard for almost all 07′ When I landed I hit the ground running on Cash Plus and Olint. But others were there in all of 07′ And some took US8,000,000.00 as a “donation?????” Really now.

    Thank God we have the proof of what was going on.

  545. Sirach, now you telling us that Carlos Hill con you also? Is that why you calling Harold Brady’s name so much?

    Bwoy, please do not go near any three-card-man for Christmas!

  546. theCynic,
    Most of the Olint investors now realize deep down that they were scammed but many are letting hope trump logic. There is a vociferous minority that still believe that DS was trading FX and there messiah was producing messianic like returns.

    Many of these people acted like drug addicts. Even columnists in the newspapers were in this group. A person addicted to prescription drugs like Oxycontin will usually think he is way better than and in no way like a person addicted to powder cocaine. The person on powder cocaine similarly thinks he is way better than the person on crack cocaine…

    These Olint investors often ridiculed the Cash Plus and Higgins Warner etc “investors”… That business model made no sense to generate such returns. But our business model, the one with DS trading FX is the lick.

    In reality none of them made any sense and they were all nonsensical. Like the dude that was consistently warning the SEC since 1999 about Madoff… when I posted how mathematically impossible Olint and the other schemes were… I recall terms like… everytime mi check the blog all mi can see is just maths… tek weh youself. LOL. What a bunch of idiots.

    They did not want to hear the equivalent of if you believe in DS then you should buy the lottery because you have a better chance of winning 6 times in a row than DS making those returns.

  547. PARIS – A French investment fund manager badly hit by the multi-billion-dollar Madoff scandal committed suicide in his New York office on Tuesday, a French newspaper reported.

  548. Will the pigs follow suit?

  549. Carlos had sense…..Smithy got the benefit of the doubt as a longtime little school friend…..hindsight is 20/20 they say…but no Carlos saw me once..that was all…. you remember the thick neck bodyguard that Carlos had that looked kinda like Mike Tyson….hahahaa

    I hear one of the Russian one dem get him neck “sprained” every week…..

  550. Why these guys think they can teef so…and laugh when them doing it…suopose you hear when them a squeal like pigs. All wet up themselves you know. What on earth get’s into their heads to make them lose touch with reality so? Any ideas nocotec?

  551. the Cash Plus money was divied up to domestic workers helper garderner etc. Some go more than J$200,000.00 I can hear the uptown woman dem a cuss me already…”What he gave helper that type of money” Yeah them Christmas did nice

    They had put money in Cash
    plus without me knowing and asked me to go get for them…..this was after they saw me come back…so that December I just did not feel to go back….so I divied up a bonus….all more than their Cash plus accounts… they still have full recourse to them own Cash Plus account.

    With Smith now…during the year I end up a help so many of his victims for medicine, school fee, Surgery etc. People used to leave braemar bawling and all a check me fi help….

    you think Smithy owes me that money too?

  552. DaveSin, on December 23rd, 2008 at 12:40 pm Said:

    Sirach, now you telling us that Carlos Hill con you also? Is that why you calling Harold Brady’s name so much?

    Bwoy, please do not go near any three-card-man for Christmas!



    You sound like a numbnut ! what kind of response is dat !

  553. i turned a literal expert on Cash Plus trying to help people that is of NO material benefit to me…from Wong Ken through Von’s, Brady, Mainland all a dem Price, Kankadore…nuh Sirach tell the bolog ages ago the lawyer man was disbarred for stricking a police in?NY and then was caught practising in FL illegally….

    But right now is SMITHY me a deal wid and his little friend in High Office who rather than get sensible and sober quickly seems to now want to obstruct justice…..them not advising him about me properly..them telling him what him want to hear and collecting money from him…..sad mistake

    Same thing them do Smithy…sweet him up with what he wants to hear…..them well and know me.

  554. davesin,

    Anything pertinent , a lot was said and claimed by Sirach ,
    or yuh still focused on the 3 card man !

    Sirach get DS to sign over the movie rights … yuh wil mek back yuh money .

  555. Yuh can always breed him again if miscarriage before 9 months ….

  556. Nocotec,

    Certain people won the lottery more than 6 times in a row with

  557. Sirach, people shouldn’t be praying to …err FOR Mr. Smith, they should be praying for YOU! 😉

  558. oh my the Betancourt family in France owner of L’Oreal cosmetics invested 1.4 Billion US with Madoff feeder. Oh boy thats why the fellow kill himself.

  559. Will DS do the same !

  560. “These are very clever and resourceful people,” said the investor, claiming that they associated themselves with the TCI government, using the country as a breeding ground for deceit and corruption.–2-2—.html

  561. We know that since coming here to the islands, Smith has befriended many, has given to many and many have benefitted from his presence.

    “The people who have contributed include Mrs Yvonne Hutchinson who started Precious Treasures Primary School some 20 plus years ago and has developed a school with high international standards”

    WHAT! Last week she had the students dress up as go-go’s and pimps…..FACT..It was on TV! The wife of Jamaica’s Consul General Dresses children as young as 6 years old as go’go’s and pimps…….You see where the right and wrong concepts of Jamaicans are at!

    Dirty and U N B E L I E V A B L E

    I that not an embarrassment to Jamaica?…or some of you going to defend it in some way…sick

  562. “Is it David Smith, the much talked-about man for his financial wizardry in Jamaica and TCI? You, Mr Editor, have reported extensively about Mr Smith’s dealings. And those dealings have TCI on the brink of financial collapse as the contingent liability exposure to the Turks and Caicos Islands government and people is in the billions, and that is US billions not Jamaican billions. Investors are lined up from Grenada to New York to sue the local banks and the Turks and Caicos Islands government over their losses. We know from letters written to Turks and Caicos Net News that his dealings with the Premier is at the Commission of Inquiry.”

    ” when you go back to Jamaica, tell your Jamaican government to send us some money back. It will be the first real contribution made by Jamaica without expectation of profit or greater returns.”

    “Is it Butch Stewart, the hotelier? Mr Stewart is famous for under-paying Turks Islanders and promoting only Jamaicans to coveted positions in his local hotel. His latest trick is the Italian Village, which was built by Chinese workers. We all have come to know that Chinese workers are used as slaves in this country and the practice of cheap Chinese labour will have serious ramifications on our international reputation.”

  563. watching closely Said: Certain people won the lottery more than 6 times in a row with DS…

    This is not quite the same thing though.

    As we know, early “investors” in a ponzi scheme can get back more than they put in though most choose to roll over. So if you are a friend or insider OR if you are not and know it is a ponzi and are hoping to get out early, then yes you have a shot of making a “gain”. In the US and elsewhere you may have to pay it back.

    This is not the same as my statement which was/is applicable to most Olint investors. They believed that DS was actually averaging about 10 % per month. This belief is what has about the same chance of winning the lottery multiple times. This why so many lost money. If you know it is ponzi you take your “gains” each month. If you think he is defying the laws of mathematics then you let it roll.

  564. The Jamaican Consul General Allan Hutchinson Banks money with David Smith,,,heehhehehhheee……….hold on…hhehehe…..just like the FSC people in Jamaica…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA..

    wait….phew…how they think they goingto get out of that one?…HHAAHAHAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  565. Some god info on what happens to the money in these ponzi schemes

    Where did all of Bernard Madoff’s money go?
    Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme raises questions about where all that money went

  566. …good…

  567. “There is also speculation that the money could show up in other spots — maybe in offshore bank accounts, in family members’ names or elsewhere.”

    “A lot of people have doubts about the family,” said Jerry Reisman, a Garden City, N.Y., attorney representing 10 Madoff investors. “We don’t know to what extent his wife benefited. She certainly benefited. She lived a Gatsby-style life.”

  568. Any of you out there want to take the kids and nanny Go-Karting? How about some minature Golf for Dad?

    US$45 per cart.

    How about a driver and a Range Rover to take everybody home?

    Hey…let’s throw in a party for US$250,000.00….and while we’re at it why not send the Plane to pick up the Minister and close cronies in Jamaica and taxi them back and forth?

  569. Sirach,

    what about blues festival,, yeah , throw simting so we can see it’ is for real ……………………..

  570. How about a birthday cruise while people were leaving Braemar Avenue literally crying?

  571. You better watch out….you better not cry… better not lie I’m telling you why….Santa Clause is coming to town.

  572. Look what happen to the churches after they went on building boom and hard times tek the congregation.

    In Hard Times, Houses of God Turn to Chapter 11 in Book of Bankruptcy
    Strapped Churches Can’t Pay the Mortgage After Borrowing Binge; St. Andrew at Auction

  573. My sincere well wishes to all OLINT investors for the holiday season.

    If we all had a crystal ball 1 year ago we would not be in this predicament.
    Alas, the reality is that we invested in a Ponzi scheme and David Smith continues to try and deceive us with his continued lies and false promises.

    It makes me particularly angry when he decides to use the blog to enter into a dispute that extends back to his school days with another investor.
    He has absolutely no regard for those of us who have to work two jobs and make new sacrifices just to weather this storm.

    To date, David Smith has NOT taken ownership for any of the problems that have resulted in the collapse of OLINT. Instead, he points blame in the direction of others, calling them names and disgracing himself in the public forum. Sad to say, he has the nerve to call himself a Christian. He does not know the definition of a Christian.
    If he did, he would not be so presumptuous to call himself one!!

    Mr. Smith, please recall our dear lord was the king of kings and opted instead to lead by example. Thus, he never lived a lavish lifestyle at the expense of others or told lies to get his way. He rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey not in a gold chariot.
    Thus I say to you and your close allies; the parties, private jet, range rovers, casino gambling, alcohol drinking and carousing done at the expense of others will NOT take place for much longer.

    I have followed this blog extensively and I have no doubt those of us who are blessed to see 2009 will see the “light of day” shed on this OLINT scandal/cover-up.
    We are going to see who has been protecting this demon and why to date he has not been brought to justice.

    The issue of Ponzi schemes is hot right now, especially with regard to our northern neighbors who are dealing with the fallout from the Madoff Ponzi scheme.
    No doubt in 2009, Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean will finally address David Smith and his scheme which defrauded thousands of investors.

    Mr. Smith, as powerful as Madoff was with all his so called connections and high powered lawyers he fell. I suggest you spend quality time this holiday season with your family because 2009 will certainly be your year of reckoning.
    You have to date evaded the inevitable but your wagon of lawyers cannot persist in shielding you from Justice.

    God’s blessings to those amongst us who are suffering. May God’s strength and ever present love guide, shield and provide for us all.

  574. Gavin:

    Well said!!! You should post more often.

  575. Well said Gavin. Recall that the father has given some of us the strength to help others…..he has much to do and can do all….but he is also pleased to see us try in a quest for truth and justice

  576. Let it clap , Dave , let it clap ! Sirach is coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  577. Let me use this opportunity to invite DS to come on this blog to answer questions like he did on the other one- there are still some who hold some hope for Jan 9th and beyond.

  578. Sirach,
    Keith anti-man LOL…. dis-information program at best !

    Corruption everywhere , politicians are out of control at all levels and nationality . time for the public to step and put the civil back in civil servant …. the bastards


    Barack Obama aide demanded Senate seat for President-elect’s friend…

    Barack Obama’s chief of staff pushed the Governor of Illinois to appoint one of the President-elect’s closest friends to his vacant Senate seat, it has emerged.

    The leaked details of an internal transition team review of contacts with Gov Rod Blagojevich, who is accused of – but denies – trying to “sell” the seat, will open Mr Obama up to accusations of hypocrisy and cronyism because he had indicated he would not intervene in filling the vacancy.

    According to ABC News, the internal review shows that the President-elect’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel had one phone conversation with the governor and several more with his aides.

    full story :…ts-friend.html

  579. Madoff Found Dead.

  580. another one of his investors


    Ponzi thing fraud thing deception thing is no laughing matter

  582. Sirach,

    Enzo !

    Death posted earlier , killed by a French Letter LOL………

    Now , dem man yah must know sumting , yet they put up the cash , same as Olint , too good to be true , yet people get in ….

  583. Well said Gavin !!!

    You are amongst the many OLINT investors who are now realising David Smith has been telling his investors a lie and is trying to use his lawyers to protect him from being dragged before the courts and eventually into a prison cell.

    You should ask David Smith the following questions:-

    1) Where was he on the night of December 20th?

    Answer: Gambling at a Casino in the TCI

    2) How much did Mr. Smith spend in one night at the Casino table, whilst OLINT investors each day face reposession of their cars and houses; work two- three jobs to attempt a recovery….?

    Answer: US $70,000

    3) How is Mr. Smith paying his team of lawyers but per his own words he is unable to pay his water bill?

    Answer: He has money stashed in Panama and other jurisdictions

    Fellow OLINTERS fear not we shall prevail in the war against one of the most cruel human beings God blew breath into.
    As Gavin said, he rubs me the wrong way by bringing religion into his corrupt ,devious financial scheme aimed at defrauding people who have worked so hard for their money.

    David Smith have you seen what has happened to Madoff? Your time is soon coming.

    Let me say this- If I were you, I would have Tracey start packing and tell Bernard I will retain his services when I get your backside locked behind bars.

    I hope you will think of us OLINT investors as you “RING” in the new year at your lavish New Year’s Eve ball. Send Missick my warm regards.

  584. Well said Gavin !!!

    You are amongst the many OLINT investors who are now realising David Smith has been telling his investors a lie and is trying to use his lawyers to protect him from being dragged before the courts and eventually into a prison cell.

    You should ask David Smith the following questions:-

    1) Where was he on the night of December 20th?

    Answer: Gambling at a Casino in the TCI

    2) How much did Mr. Smith spend in one night at the Casino table, whilst OLINT investors each day face reposession of their cars and houses; work two- three jobs to attempt a recovery….?

    Answer: US $70,000

    3) How is Mr. Smith paying his team of lawyers but per his own words he is unable to pay his water bill?

    Answer: He has money stashed in Panama and other jurisdictions

    Fellow OLINTERS fear not we shall prevail in the war against one of the most cruel human beings God blew breath into.
    As Gavin said, he rubs me the wrong way by bringing religion into his corrupt ,devious financial scheme aimed at defrauding people who have worked so hard for their money.

    David Smith have you seen what has happened to Madoff? Your time is soon coming.

    Let me say this- If I were you, I would have Tracey start packing and tell Bernard I will retain his services when I get your backside locked behind bars.

    I hope you will think of us OLINT investors as you “RING” in the new year at your lavish New Year’s Eve ball. Send Missick my warm regards.

  585. I am sure that the overwhelming majority of law-abiding Jamaican citizens did not expect a handful of UK senior police officers to wave a magic wand and bring about a dramatic reduction in these statistics in such a short space of time. What they did expect was honesty, integrity and commitment together with a programme of modernisation.

    One current issue clearly is the question of corruption within the JCF and the lack of trust that this engenders.

    Whatever the reasons for the imminent departure of Mark Shields, and I have no idea what they are, this surely is not the best time for Jamaica. Much has been made of rising crime figures but perhaps a more pertinent question might be: “How much worse could it have been had Mark Shields and Les Green not been in post?”

  586. Jamaican police personnel are exactly the way Bruce Golding, Edward Seaga, PJ Patterson, Norman and Michael Manley, Alexander Bustamante, Hugh Shearer and Portia Simpson Miller want them to be.

  587. “This decision by the BOJ now means that the cost of money in Jamaica is going to go up, which will undoubtedly impact interest rates in the short term,” CEO of Jamaica Money Market Brokers Group (JMMB) Keith Duncan told the Observer last night.

    “With reduced liquidity, people will now be scrambling to hold on to their cash, particularly US dollars and other assets,” added Duncan. “JMMB and other institutions will now have to pay a higher cost for their funds. With limited options, the governor of the BOJ now feels it necessary to take money out of the system to reduce the demand for the US dollar.”

  588. Sirach did tell you to hold your cash on hand in the safe.

  589. With the new NFA edited complaint on the Martinezes’, it looks like they will receive the electric chair for not reporting money laudering.

  590. I wonder if I Trade FX ever filed a SAR on JIJ Investements and JIJ Management. But they can’t because they will incriminate themselves. This means your AML officer failed to report more suspicious activity.

  591. AML, on September 10th, 2008 at 11:18 am Said:

    bad boys

  592. Gavin that was a good post. Some times the blogs are filled with the vocal but stupid subset of the “investors”. Investing with Olint, C+, MayDaisy etc was a very, very bad financial decision that ignored all the basic common sense tenets of good investing.

    However because one makes a very bad decision does not mean that one is stupid. Stupidity comes from failing to understand it was a bad decision and that DS is nothing more than a common crook. Continuing to think he will come through and that he can somehow make back the money in 9 months is the zenith of stupidity.

    For the rest, life goes on and apart from doing your part to see justice is brought and to make sure that whatever is left is recovered from this scumbag and given back to investors… at this point all sensible folks can do is to pick up the pieces, learn from the mistake and rebuild your lives and portfolio.

  593. bad boys

  594. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRAUD ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just in case you guys in Jamaica come across this outfit call:


    Web site:

    promising monthly returns of up to 15 % per month!!!

    The guy behind this scam is Carl Green, who is wanted by the FBI and others for multiple fruad in South Florida. I think he is in the Montego Bay area and happens to be one of the best Con Artist to ever come out of Jamaica.

    If you look at the Company he claims is incorporated in Florida and his associated companies, you will realize they are all inactive companies and technically does not exist.

    He has committed so many fraud in Florida and rip-off so many people, he had to flee the US when south by the FBI. He is also a ex-cop in Jamaica.

    The piece about…”which both have a portfolio of in excess of four hundred million U.S. Dollars (US $400,000,000.00) in real estate”, is just a figment of his imagination.

    He said he has placed “many” in their own home. Yes, a few, until he secretely secure multiple second mortgages against those same properties, without the owners knowledge and let them go into foreclosure. One of many scams. He also con the County of Palm Beach out of Millions of dollars relating to the renovation of Apartment buildings in Belle Grade, FL. If you see or talk to him, to let him know the FBI is hot on his tail!!

  595. A Money Story

    Finally, I want to share a story told by Sister Maria Jose Hobday, a Franciscan nun and author who has written and lectured internationally for 30 years on Native American spirituality, prayer, and simplicity. In the 1930s, her family was living on the edge of poverty:

    “One Saturday evening I was working late on my homework. I was in the living room, my brothers were outside with their friends, and my parents were in the kitchen, discussing our financial situation. It was very quiet, and I found myself more and more following the kitchen conversation rather than attending to my homework. Mama and Daddy were talking about what had to be paid for during the week, and there was very little money — a few dollars.

    “As I listened, I became more and more anxious, realizing there was not enough to go around. They spoke of school needs, of fuel bills, of food. Suddenly the conversation stopped, and my mother came into the room where I was studying. She put the money — a couple of bills and a handful of change — on the desk. ‘Here,’ she said, ‘go find two or three of your brothers and run to the drugstore before it closes. Use this money to buy strawberry ice cream.’ I was astonished! I was a smart little girl, I knew we needed this money for essentials. So I objected. ‘What? We have to use this to pay bills, Mama, to buy school things. We can’t spend this on ice cream!’ Then I added, ‘I’m going to ask Daddy.’ So I went to my father, telling him what Mother had asked me to do. Daddy looked at me for a moment, then threw back his head and laughed. ‘You mother is right, honey,’ he said. ‘When we get this worried and upset about a few dollars, we are better off having nothing at all. We can’t solve all the problems, so maybe we should celebrate instead. Do as your mother says.’

    “So I collected my brothers and went to the drugstore. In those days, you could get a lot of ice cream for a few dollars, and we came home with our arms full of packages. My mother had set the table, made fresh coffee, put out what cookies we had and invited the neighbors. It was a great party! I do not remember what happened concerning other needs, but I remember the freedom and fun of that evening. I thought about that evening many times, and came to realize that spending a little money for pleasure was not irresponsible. It was a matter of survival of the spirit. The bills must have been paid; we made it through the weeks and months that followed. I learned my parents were not going to allow money to dominate them. I learned something of the value of money, of its use. I saw that of itself it was not important but that my attitude toward it affected my own spirit, could reduce me to powerlessness or give me power of soul.”

    Wishing you power of soul in abundance in the New Year.

    Some Financial Cheer for the Holidays


    South of France, Turks and Caicos, Hamptons, Mayfair etc……Laughing all the way…….Just like the Fresh Prince, Butch Stewart, and Lawrence of Jamica.

  597. Smithy you are so selfish that you would disgrace lawayers from Jamaica on the international scene have them revealed,embarrased, dis barred and dispose of their years of work building their careers.

    You are really cold. What about in January when the whole shape of the Jamaican parliament shall be changed……I still can’t believe it myself….David Smith brings down goverments! I hope you tell your friends in Gordon house to save the ham bone to make some soup.

    Unbelievable how many fools shall be parted with any dignity they might have left….all because of one family.

  598. The artwork is priceless on cnweeklynews.

  599. Dear Mr. Watson,

    Olint TCI Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”) and Olint Corporation Ltd (“Olint Panama”) – (collectively “Olint”)

    Thank you for your further email of 9 December 2008, responding to our letter of 28 November 2008.

    There are a number of comments made in your email, both in respect of the conduct of our clients and of this firm, which we propose to address before turning to your responses to the questions which were legitimately raised with you on behalf of our clients in our prior communications.

    Your assertion that “it is improper and an abuse of professional courtesy” to raise matters regarding your representation of Olint and Mr Smith with you is misplaced. Our clients have a real concern about the management of the Olint entities by David Smith and the apparent loss of their respective investments. In such circumstances, where your firm appears to be representing the interest of the fund and the person responsible for managing it (and who, our clients understand, has previously blocked our clients’ withdrawal of funds yet concurrently withdrawn his own), propriety, professional courtesy and the interest of justice dictate not that questions are either not raised or not answered, but that they are both raised and answered. Thus, the purpose of our correspondence to date has been to ask specific and legitimate questions and the absence of a reasoned response to those questions has required that the correspondence be pursued.

    The interests of justice are, of course, also served by Olint or Mr Smith’s having legal representation. We said in our letter of 18 November that “Our clients take no objection to Mr Smith having legal representation”. Thus for you to assert that we dispute such entitlement is a mere diversion. However, the entitlement of your clients to legal representation is, of course, no answer to our clients’ concerns regarding an apparent conflict of interest. A party is only entitled to legal advisors of choice if the choice does not give rise to a conflict of interest for those advisors. Your repeated reference, in the second paragraph of your email, to your client being Mr Smith (see reference to “his” personal arrangements) only exacerbates the concerns that our clients have about your firm’s dual representation of Olint and Mr Smith.

    Again contrary to your assertion, our clients have never made any application to the courts in the TCI whether by way of “fishing expeditions: or otherwise. Whilst our clients have shared their concerns about the apparent loss of their investments, and the lack of communication by Mr Smith, with other investors and the wider public in Jamaica, such comments have been made in response to the extensive media coverage and public interest in Olint and David Smith, and parties associated with them, which exists both in TCI and Jamaica. Our clients are, however, pursuing legal proceedings in Jamaica and the United States in connection with the loss of investment in Olint, and the conduct of Mr Smith, and those proceedings are progressing.

    In your email you assert that, in our prior correspondence, we have asked you to confirm discussions that you have had with Queen’s Counsel regarding his representation of Olint and Mr Smith. We have made no such request. So, your characterization of such a request being improper is neither apt nor relevant.

    You suggest in your email that your only connection with matters in the TCI was your briefing of Mr Smith’s Counsel in that jurisdiction on matters arising out of your representation of Mr Smith and Olint in Jamaica. Yet your email of 19 November 2008 indicated that you are assisting in the preparation of Mr Smith’s Defence. Whilst you may to be on the record as acting for Mr Smith and/or Olint in TCI in having any involvement whatsoever, you must clearly have had regard to the conflicts of interest which may exist in the context of offering your advice and support in relation to the preparation of his defence. The fact you are not on the record in TCI does not in any way extinguish the duties you owe not to put your firm in a position of conflict.

    Turning to the questions raised in our letter, and your responses, and adopting the numbering our letter:

    1.(a) Whilst it is not expressly stated in your email, we infer from your comments that you are now confirming that Lord Gifford is representing both Mr Smith and Olint in Jamaica. We take this from the sentence in your email which states “it is a matter of very public record that we have briefed Queen’s Counsel in this matter and there is no basis for you to disbelieve him”. Our letter of 28 November did not, in any way, suggest that the information Lord Gifford had previously provided to our clients was incorrect. On the contrary, we believed it to be correct. What we highlighted was the absence of such confirmation from your own correspondence when asked a direct question. If it is not the case that Lord Gifford represents both Mr Smith and Olint in Jamaica then please say so.

    (b)/(c) You do not address our primary point made in sub-paragraphs (b) and (c) of our letter that issues in the Jamaican proceedings, and the issues in TCI, are bound closely together, contrary to your suggestion that they are somehow discrete and unrelated issues. The very fact that you are providing information and support to proceedings in the TCI in connection with the Jamaican regulatory proceedings tends to highlight the interconnection between the issues being litigated.

    (d)(i) As noted above, you confirm that the counsel identified as representing Mr Smith in TCI are also representing him and Olint in the Jamaican regulatory proceedings;

    (d)(ii) We note your silence on this issue and await hearing from you;

    1(e) Please provide the document requested;

    2. Your confirmation concerning the fees position provides no comfort. It is clear from the penultimate sentence of the sixth paragraph of your email that you are being funded by monies belonging to Olint (or where appropriate Mr Smith). You will of course appreciate that all of the funds held by Olint belong to its investors and it is not for Olint to deploy those funds, whether in Jamaica or TCI, without reporting such fact to the investors and without firm safeguards in place to ensure that monies from Olint do not in any way assist Mr Smith in his personal legal endeavours, especially where they run contrary to the interests of the fund. You have provided no such comfort in relation to this issue raised in the final sentence of our paragraph 2. Where a conflict exists, it would be inappropriate to be taking funding from two parties when issues exist as to whether there has been and continues malpractice by one party in connection with the funds belonging to the other.

    3. Contrary to your assertion that we have advanced a “speculative example of a potential conflict of interest”, the example we gave in paragraph 3 of our letter was a very real situation. Nothing in your email addresses the question of why you do not consider that Olint may have a legal claim against Mr Smith in connection with his management of the investment funds. None of your correspondence to date has acknowledged in any way, the significant losses suffered by Olint investors whilst the funds were under the stewardship of Mr Smith. Your dismissal of such matters is regrettable. We would therefore ask you, on behalf of Mr Smith and Olint, being your respective clients to provide a full explanation to us as the why both Dr Walker and Mr Belcher have been unable to access any of their funds held with Olint entities since January 2008 and disclose when such funds will become available.

    We await hearing from you on the outstanding issues.

    Yours faithfully














    The Plaintiff demands a jury trial in this action.

    The undersigned certifies that a copy hereof has been furnished to Edith Smith by mail on

    December 23, 2008.

  601. The issue of a lawyer representing both Olint and David Smith carries a very valid concern about conflict of interest. The fund is not the property of David Smith but that of the investors.

    David Smith had a fiduciary duty to the fund which he certainly appears to have breached. David smith was an employee of the fund (Olint). Think about in in this way…

    When you invest in a Mutual Fund the fund has a Board which retains the services of an investment adviser, in this case it would hire David Smith to trade the funds and in return he would be paid a fee by the fund for his services.

    Now consider that David Smith has breached his duty to the fund and likely also stolen from the fund. He now faces investigations for issues of fraud, money laundering etc.

    This is like stealing from your employer’s account … And then further stealing from your employer to pay for the legal fees after being caught. Would your employer be paying your legal fees for your defense? Would you be allowed to use his money without its permission? Could a lawyer defend the thief and also represent the employer without a conflict of interest? If the lawyer knowingly accepts funds from the employer’s account to pay his fees, wouldn’t this be grounds for disbarment?


  602. Merry Christmas nocotec. The new year will show what Sirach is capable of.

  603. US’s long arm of the law.

    Did you give to Olint Foundation?

  604. Heh..Red P post when im want and block when im want….transparent “christian” you are.

    I wonder if Red P shares the view that the theives at the Portland crash need to be brought to justice? I wonder if people think that is idealistic? They cut out the peoples pockets while they were dying under the pretense of helping.

    When one was confronted for the stealing he took a rock stone and burst his accusers head with a rock. What could cause such violent emotion in a human being?

    Ehh Red P? Is this kind of behaviour any different from the Olint affair? The emotions of the backers and those in the positive has been fierce….true what? teefing? Them say no Sirach FBI not calling anybody! Why so emotional? There are many here who read and check that everything Sirach has said has been true…..why would I lie? If you were cutting out people’s pockets while they were dying and stealing their money i woulod confront you same like Mr Palmer….just that is your head that would buss….damn teef

    Merry Christmas to all the honest and truthful among us.

  605. To: People who lost money with Ingrid Loiten and Gareth Harris may recover their money directly with the NFA/CFTC faster with almost no cost.

    If Ingrid Loiten took your money to trade between August 2006 to March 2007, you may be able to recover it.
    Approx. 2.7 to 7 million USD or more lost.

    Case of Fraud:
    1. I Trade FX and MTI knew Loiten(May Daisy) was trading other peoples money.
    2. Loiten(May Daisy) complained that their trader was being penalized(if you are a good trader, they will withhold trades and stop you out) at the broker.
    3. Most loses of the trader are broker profits.

    If Gareth Harris took your money to trade between December 2006 to mid or late 2007, you may be able to recover it.
    Approx. 10 million USD lost.

    Case of Fraud:
    1. I Trade FX and MTI knew Gareth Harris was trading other peoples money and was trying to be another David Smith.
    2. Most loses of the trader are broker profits.

    Contact the NFA to see if you have a case(CFTC Reparations Cases).

    National Futures Association (NFA)
    300 South Riverside Plaza
    Suite 1800
    Chicago, IL 60606
    (800) 621-3570
    (312) 781-1410

    Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
    Three Lafayette Centre
    1155 21st Street, NW
    Washington DC 20581
    (202) 418-5000

  606. Merry Christmas to all.

    Except for

    and the three heads of dragon(Martinezes)

  607. I have a question this Christmas Eve. How can one be exhonerated for not paying on demand an encashment request made say 1 year ago? By turning back the clock?

    Why is responsibilty suddenly selective? If the authorities freeze money in your trust….how does that become someone elses responsibility?

    If a case is brought against you by FSC, NCB etc. Who’s responsibility is that?

    Oh…the Buck never stops anywhere around us..ever.

    Responsibility to the wind….Accountability? Red P dem seh “A wha Dat?”.. hahahahahahahaaaahahahahahahaahaa

    Happy Christmas,Kwanzaa,Hannuka etc.

  608. Sirach,

    Explain Olint Foundation, did you give?

  609. AML

    Can they prove that the brokers were shutting out the traders? I have heard this before…..that is highly unethical if that is proven to be so.

  610. AML

    If a trader saw that they were being shut out on particular trades why wld he/she continue on that platform for over a year?

  611. If a trader saw that they were being shut out on particular trades why wld he/she continue on that platform for over a year?

    If you use a broker that does not adhere AML laws, you can get your money in and out easily without too many questions or filing out hundreds of forms.

    Called ease of use without questions.

  612. You might have customers who themselves can’t pass an AML check.

  613. Comprende…..

  614. “Can they prove that the brokers were shutting out the traders? I have heard this before…..that is highly unethical if that is proven to be so”

    This one the NFA needs to investigate or make a rule auditing or showing all PIP offset adjustments. As the platform itself might or might have the capability to log all adjustment, then the fraud will really decrease in the FCM/FCM industry based on evidence.

  615. Offsets are general used around announcements, but FCM/FDM will use them to knock out someone’s stop if they are good or they have money behind the trade.

  616. They will delay a start of a trade if the trade is large(above 100,000) so they can offset the trade with a bigger broker just incase the trader wins because he might break the house(casino).

    When they delay it, it definitely wo’t be the price you wanted to get in at.

  617. Lance, where are you?

    Aren’t you going to defend the dirty dark secrets of the industry.

  618. The big brokers really don’t hold trades anymore.

    If you are trading with millions, these are special accounts and the accounts trades automatically with the banks. The trading requirements are very large on this accounts, but they will give you the best spreads.

  619. You will see some traders and brokers call the small FCM/FDM(like I Trade FX) bucket shops. Most of the time they do not trade with bigger broker or banks. They are basically casinos.
    Bucket shops are illegal in the stockmarket world because it is considered gambling.

  620. AML

    Do u think any of the jamaican traders were genuinely good traders – DS, Ingrid, Gareth, F1 etc.?

  621. There are professional ones and good ones out there.

    The FCM/FDM do not like the scalpers because they will break the house. Once they are found to be one, their trades will become penalized. They will move onto the next broker.

    Professional ones analyz the maket and trade for a longer term.

  622. Diplomatic…

    were any of the main ones great at trading in ur opinion?

    Was DS a good trader?

  623. Ingrid had her people. She said her people was being penalized.

  624. DS. Never head his record. LIGHTTHENFUSEANDRUN said he was so so at JMMB.

  625. AML

    So Ingrid people were good? Not laboring the pt but trying to establish if there were any genuine jamaican trading stars in ur opinion.

    U seem cagey on this

  626. I think someone was threatening someone for being penalized and loses.
    Good, don’t know.

  627. The trader must show the full account to really determine if they are good. No demo account either.

  628. Fair enough

  629. I am gone now….Merry Christmas to all….

  630. So, DS

    Let us see your trading record, your trading record, not Martinez trading record, and not one of their good customer trading record that only shows 2 or 3 months.

    A year trading would be the bare minimum. Can they still perform after market conditions changes. Requires years of real records.

  631. World class fund manager turn out to be a con artist, DS my idol is looking the same as the days go by. As a trader and upstart Fund Manager my self I can not help but to feel like a member of the Nation Of Islam felt once hearing from Malcom upon his return from Mecca that the white man is not the devil that there , he met white fellow muslim who sat ,ate and prey with him. Lot of those guys ended up in the madhouse. DS I read your blog session the other day I couldnt help but to detect a little bit of arrogance in you when you stated you are the best thing to ever happen to Ja. I guess
    Bill Lipschutz the greatest FX trader got nothing on you your monthly ROI knock him out the box, were they real?The question I have for you is how come you were trading at an institutional level using retail platforms ?any fool with an over 100k account worthy of calling him self a trader know better that.

  632. Trader
    very good question wondered that myself

  633. Isn’t it amazing that the supposedly smart ones here amongst us the Banker, the Jays,

    the Jasons, the Catds, Sirachs, nocotec etc. that profess to have known all along not

    to invest neither a red nor an aluminum cent with Olint et al, because of their

    intelligence and superior knowledge of financial matters, and yet they seem not to be

    able to find something better to do, than spend their days slapping their chests (in

    the case of Sirach both days and nights)as they tout their superior knowledge instead

    of perusing their investment porfolios for more opportunities …. son-of-a-guns what

    would they do without a computer and this bulletin board….think about it thats Food

    for Thought !!!

  634. The big boys won’t touch the money if it looks or smells dirty. Ahhh the smell of money.

    In March/April 06, DS money almost put an IB of FXCM out of business because the money came in too dirty.

  635. Olint’s money does not meet AML standards.

  636. AML

    Please explain how did the money come in dirty. An FBI agent went through a lot of trouble to explain their different approaches to sus out dirty money. I want to hear how OLINT money enters the system dirty

    Thanks l&LL

  637. It is common knowledge within the Turks and Caicos Islands that while the Commission of Inquiry is doing its work, there are also investigations well underway within the Country by United Kingdom police authorities in concert with United States police authorities. I am confident that most everyone who has significantly wronged our country will be held to account. Especially if we, the public, stay on top of this issue and not let focus on it lapse.

    Others are now stepping up and slowly becoming less afraid of questioning those in authority. The power of a postive example can not be under-estimated. The recent stirrings within both political parties, where the members are starting to demand accountability from their leaders, is a hopeful sign.

  638. Smithy, $100,000 loss in the casino last night? Just Christmas Eve fun ehh?

    Advice: Prepare to pay Sirach.

  639. Wayne Smith? huh.

  640. Sirach,
    Explain Olint Foundation.
    Did you give money to the foundation?

  641. AML

    You know where to go to get the answers you seek.

  642. AML:

    Maybe a more pertinent question is: was the Olint Foundation used as a conduit?


    I guess you don’t want to answer my question about the reason why the case you cited was filed in Broward County (as oppose to Jamaica and/or TCI)?

  643. Why not all three places.

    Is the foundation part of the scam?

  644. AML

    You think Butch Stewart is going to be able to stand after all the others go down?

  645. It seems it going to be frightful for the families of the politicians in yard. There will be indictments.

  646. But why Broward County? I can understand the other two, but fail to see the reason for the third location? I fail to see the link?

    Oh, now I understand why you knew so much about the process server issue with Noel Strachan….when he (NS) profess to be someone else when the server try to serve him. I could not understand how you knew all this until I saw the LINK! 🙂

  647. Sirach:

    Is it true that the audit on Olint is complete?

    …”It is plain that business activity has been flat this Christmas. Some of those we refer to as “middle class” have been burned royally in what has been seen as the end of the great explosion in “alternative investment” schemes. Information coming to me is that one such scheme has already covered an auditors’ bill for $150 million and has invoiced the liquidators for an additional $300 million. And that covers only 4,500 claims.

    On another, I am told that the auditing has been completed and that “people are going to be surprised at what has been found”. I will leave that alone on Christmas Day.”………

  648. Is it not there are 3 Olints.

    Overseas Locket Corporation: Panama
    Olint Corp Limited: Jamaica
    Olint TCI: TCI

    Olint Foundation: Jamaica charity
    OLINT INVESTMENTS LIMITED: Jamaica purpose unknown maybe another shell

  649. Correction:

    Overseas Locket International Corporation: Panama

  650. DaveSin,
    That might be cash plus not olint.

  651. DaveSin,
    That might be cash plus not olint.

  652. AML:

    The first part is cash Plus. The part I was asking Sirach about is the second part.

    …”On another, I am told that the auditing has been completed and that “people are going to be surprised at what has been found”. I will leave that alone on Christmas Day.”………

  653. Isn’t he a mouth piece for DS. Hard to believe him if he is reporting on Olint.

  654. He might got a christmas bonus from DS.

  655. Sirach,

    Yours faithfully

    “REED SMITH” the internation law firm of ? The same one Sirach?

  656. Sirach,

    Olint TCI Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”) and Olint Corporation Ltd (“Olint Panama”) – (collectively “Olint”)

    I think you need smarter lawyers. They do write good. Make sure you know who you are suing.

    Overseas Locket International Corporation: Panama
    Olint Corp Limited: Jamaica
    Olint TCI ??: TCI

  657. Post from:


    Edward Harmon, Davie, Florida
    Rating: No Rating

    Date of Post: 2008-10-22

    Review: Beware of I-TradeFX. I deposited $10,000 into I-TradeFX’s managed account. I-TradeFX touts that its managed accounts as being one that have constantly provided their customers with a positive monthly return. Within 2 months, I-TradeFX managed to lose over 50% of my investment! I called to complain and was told that my account had been handled by a “NEW” trader! This corporation is a total SCAM! I am sure that I-TradeFX will probably challenge this posting. I surely hope that someone from their corporation does. If you have any questions about my integrity…I have documentation that can prove everything that I have posted. STAY AWAY from this company!!!

    bob c, tampa, fl

    Date of Post: 2008-10-09

    Review: after starting at itradefx, i was down from $15k to about $1k. once i figured out my strategies, i got back up to over $13k-then all at once, they let my HIGHEST LEVERAGE trade blow past my stopping point by a whopping 110 pips for a loss of over $9500!they refused to credit my account (after making more than $40k in commissions off of me) and let me walk away from the company without helping me at all-even after i told them i had 4 people with demo accts there already that were going to take their business elsewhere, too.


    100% dissatisfaction guaranteed.

  658. Post from:


    truthbetold, jamaica

    Date of Post: 2008-12-23

    Review: Jared Martinez is on of the most affable, charismatic and truly charming persons in the business world. He is a great motivator and has the god given talent of making people feel good about themselves, and giving them a sense of hope and purpose. He most be given credit where credit is due!
    However, the facts are that less than 1% of people ever make money trading with his FX education long term. There is really no lifesytle change for the better when you get involved with MTI. You pay thousands for education, charting and the hope of making money and yet still after years of trading how many of MTI’s students make money consistently? You would honestly be better off putting the money under your mattress, at least in several months you’ll still have the money you sacrificed to pay for the MTI course because you surely won’t make any from trading!


    Sound like you Sirach


    Date of Post: 2007-10-02

    Review: Six months ago I had positive things to say about this broker. Fixed spreads, fast responses, transfers your money quickly to your account. Now I am sure that they are the worse. I had an account and found that they were manually holding my entries and exits. When I called they admitted it and limited what i could trade to 3 standard lots. After becoming frustrated at being limited, I closed the account and opened another. After they saw that I traded larger amounts during fundamentals, they are holding me again. Now they are lying about it. At least before they admitted it. I hate liars!!

    The Peoples Champion, None of your business.

    Date of Post: 2007-10-01

    Review: To all former and prospective clients of I, as a GENUINE former employee of this wretched regime, will give you the real deal Holyfield about this shameless house of cards.
    Before I commence with my rant, I would like to say that you, “QPX”, are nothing but an apologist for a rogue band of snake oil salesman, pure and simple.
    For starters, the workplace environment alone was enough to make every women’s rights advocacy group, trial lawyer, and governmental regulatory body sharpen their fangs. I’ve seen sexual harassment, favoritism, and chauvinism to the highest degree go unchallenged out of fear. Bottom line: If the authoritarian figure’s who behave in this manner treat their own in this way, what makes you think they would care about you and your money?
    Second, instead of helping people, I was encouraged to withhold, over blow, and distort the truth about the high risk of Forex to credulous novices with stars in their eyes. It would be fair to say that those clients were the main source of our income; For this reason, is it any surprise that they concentrate their marketing efforts in third world carribean islands? Connect the dots.
    Also, for the President of a business to even acknowledge and post a retort on a website called “” should give you some indication of how petty this hayseed organization really is.
    In conclusion, I do not mind bearing the cross of being dubbed a disgrutled employee, smear artist, or what have you. This diatribe about this organization is not about me. It is a message to those who are oblivious, sitting on a pile of money, and itching to do something with it. I say this to you: Speculative investments, be it stock options or currency trading, is just that, speculation. In other words, Forex is a shot in the dark. “What should I invest in.” you ask? I don’t know. However, one thing I do know, is that we all have inherent talents instilled within us that can bring wealth into fruition. It’s just a matter of how creative you are willing to be. How is that for advice instead of looking for answers about what to do with your money from some huckster guru who has his own plans for it.

  660. You are slipping Sirach,

    Bill Clarke’s challenges

    William ‘Bill’ Clarke

    William “Bill’ Clarke is fighting for compensation for alleged wrongful dismissal after he was reportedly forced out of his job after 40 years of service, 14 of which was spent at the helm at Scotia Bank Jamaica Limited.

    After removing his personal security, sources said the bank’s management has threatened to evict the former managing director, under whose tenure the bank earned nearly $55 billion in 11 years, from a company house.

    The Sunday Herald understands that the bank offered Clarke Can$1.8 million as a separation package, but he refused the offer and is asking for a larger slice of the cake.

    Is puppetmaster causing bank turmoil?

  661. FInally someone is making money out of all these losses !

  662. When are you idiots going to unblock me

  663. AML/Rob

    Thanks for the feedback. BTW U did well when u were there.

  664. Everyone will know in the end of who did what and who lied.

  665. Puppetmaster is having a personality disorder on the other blog. He is now calling himself GH.

  666. AML That would be they write well.

  667. David Smith,
    You have repeatedly lied in multiple public forums including on this blog regarding your financial state.
    Recently, you stated you were unable to pay your water bill !!!
    I suppose, since you are the messiah himself you are capable of creating money, since you do not work but continue to live a lavish lifestyle- sex parties, casino gambling, alcohol drinking, world travel etc….

    Enough lies !!!

    You were on December 24th at a casino in the TCI wearing a blue shirt and you had a Russian girl in your presence as your companion. In addition, you had stacks of US $100 bills and at the end of the night you lost over US $100,000.
    I challenge you to deny this- who knows I may have a picture!!!!

    1) Why can’t you settle down and stop the womanising and indecent sexual behaviour?
    You are a MARRIED man with 3 children.
    We all know you have no care in the world about OLINT investors, but at least have some respect for your wife and family.

    2) Stop losing more money at the casino table. You clearly fancy yourself to be an avid gambler, but seeing you lose more often than win, if I were you I would call it quits with casino gambling.

    3) Do not forget yourself !!!! You were just the other day collecting a cheque from your employer Donna Duncan at JMMB every 2 weeks, like the rest of us “oridinary people”. Therefore, the money you are spending belongs to US the OLINT investors, not you since 6 years ago you were on the bone of your ASS.
    Therefore, keep yourself quiet and remember the lies are going to catch up with you in 2009.

    You apparently think most people are stupid. Alas, the tide is fast changing and people are now realising ALL YOUR LIES make no sense.

    Your high profile friends are trying to save themselves from their own day of redemption. They are soon to be out of the picture. What then ?
    You better use your time wisely since 2009 fast approaches.
    I hope at midnight 2009 you will think of us OLINT investors who you deceived and intentionally continue to hurt financially. We will have our day of salvation. That is a promise!!!!

  668. Ha HA Ha !!!!
    blogkiller do you really believe that the money was returned to Trafigura? I once believed that the moon was made of blue cheese. Ha Ha Ha!!! When Claude Dauphine the guy from Trafigura who meet with Portia Simpson Miller the then PM at Jamaica House to cook up the deal to license Glencore/Trafigura to mine bauxite in the Cockpit Country -despite the objections of our environmental watchdogs- that money was a downpayment (under the table) for the mining license and non-refundable.

    Why do you think our political parties hire thugs to burn out and kill their opponents come election time? The answer -the idea is if they are elected, they can hire International Companies such as Trafigura, Glencore, Bouyages (Highway 2000), and the Belgian Company that built the HWT Transportation Center to do our infrastructural work. These projects worth $$Millions of Dollars$$ are also worth millions to our politicians in BRIBES and KICKBACKS. They are also NON-REFUNDABLE. So if you think the PNP returned the money to Trafigura, in the words of another former Prime Minister “FORGET IT”. Why deal strictly with foreign firms you may ask? Too many local eyes watching.

    The real disgrace is that the Dutch Government sent a team of prosecutors down here to investigate whether Trafigura a company registered in the Netherlands, had tried to corrupt the officials of a foreign country namely, Jamaica. You would think that our counterpart the pussyfooting Director of Public Prosecutions at the time Mr. Ken panty…oops! Pantry would have been interested to know if Prime Minister Simpson Miller had made arrangements with Mr. Dauphine to accept a bribe of JA$30,000,000. To this day he has uttered not a word on the topic. That is why Jamaica continues to slide into a morass of corruption and decay which is unstoppable. Our appointed public officials such as our DPP are only capable of prosecuting a case of burglary or for possesion of a ganja spliff. We will continue to pay a heavy price in crime etc. as sucessive governments sell us down the drain as they continue to grease their palms at our expense. That is until we all wake up and say enough is enough.

    more anon

  669. not really a mouthpiece for ds per say…..he is for bs of course and he will speak with dc and so.

  670. Hey everyone, David Smith has a middle name even though it was not listed on the NFA profile.

    Puppetmaster/GH is dropping more atomic bombs.

    Looks like Olint was in the loan or loan shark business.

    Puppetmaster is saying DS and Duhaney Smith was owner of Hallmark Bank.

    Did you go to school with Duhaney Smith. Looks like everything revolves around JMMB and you three. Is it that why that the FBI likes to visit you?

    Duhaney A. Smith, FCA, FCCA, MBA
    Financial Controller /Corporate Secretary JMMB 2004
    Mr. Smith was appointed to the Board of Directors as Corporate Secretary on May 25, 1999. He also held the post of Assistant Audit Manager at PriceWaterhouse (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers), where he worked for 11 years. He obtained the designation of Chartered Accountant and was subsequently awarded an MBA in Finance from the University of Wales and Manchester Business School in England.

  671. David A. Smith

    Sirach, what does the A stand for?

  672. Sirach, is this part of the gag order or is it your lawsuit that is causing the gag order.


    What more can come out?

    DS, I thought you said you were only doing FOREX.

  674. Entrenched inequality
    The third issue relates to Olint versus Cash Plus. It is a matter of record that Cash Plus, which was a remarkably popular Ponzi scheme, failed spectacularly, and its principal, Carlos Hill and his brother, were unceremoniously taken from their homes and locked away in jail for several days. Whatever the future of that matter which is before the courts, it is clear that firm and resolute measures were taken against Carlos Hill and Cash Plus. On the other hand, Olint has expired, seemingly without any attempt to prosecute its alleged crimes.

    Some have argued that the reason for inaction against Olint is the lack of documentation. They argue that whereas Carlos Hill was silly enough to give people a piece of paper when they gave Cash Plus their money, David Smith made no such mistake. There is therefore no documentary evidence of any Olint account being opened. They argue on the other hand that those who have been swindled are to be divided into two categories – the gullible who still believe that one day they will get back their money (So now we know how some believe that reindeers know how to fly); and the other group who are embarrassed, and who are afraid that what Prime Minister Bruce Golding wrote to a disgruntled Olint investor would be said of them also: “…a fool and his money are soon parted”. So between the unwillingness to prosecute and the unable to prosecute, Olint and its principal are about to get away not only without prosecution, but also without protest.

    However, the gullibility or demur of Olint investors is only a small part of the story. What is fundamentally at issue is the entrenchment of inequality in the Jamaican society. The difference in action taken has to do with the class of people involved in Olint. The police at the insistence of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), raided the offices of Olint in Kingston in March 2006.

    One of the things recovered in that raid was the list of investors in Olint at that time. That list has remained sealed since then, and cannot be retrieved according to law, but it was opened long enough to betray, I am made to understand, that among the investors was a person connected to a top figure at the very place from which strong, firm and resolute action should have been expected. In time, the list was to be extended to include judges, Cabinet ministers, people from the highest echelons of the society, and members of the clergy, ostensibly, vanguards of the values of equity and equality.

    David Smith has not only proved himself shrewd, so much so that despite the number of persons whom Olint has caused to lose their money, he is still a high roller while many of his investors have been brought to financial ruin. He has proven to be an astute reader of the Jamaican people. He not only got people to part with their money without document or record, but also he has demonstrated why ‘Bredda Anancy’ is a national folklore hero in Jamaica. But perhaps the thing for which Smith deserves the greatest credit was his astute reading of the political situation in Jamaica, which is perhaps why he has been so much more fortunate than Carlos Hill

    Don Creary’s big 4-0!
    published: Sunday | January 7, 2007

    (Left)Don Creary with Paul Hoo of Supreme Ventures. (Right)Daryl Vaz, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart and Mayor of Port Maria Bobby Montague seem to have a lot to talk about at Don Creary’s 40th birthday party.- Contributed

    For many people this was just another year but for St. Mary politician, Don Creary, it marked his monumental 40th. Thrown for him by his close friends and family, the party is still being talked about. The event was held in Cooper’s Hill, St. Andrew, on Friday, December 29 and attracted many of the friends, colleagues and family the ebullient politician had gathered along the way.

    ST. MARY

    So Sirarch, are you hinting that Olint/DS might be financing Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart?

    We do know that Jared Martinez did use Olint’s money in properties in Florida.

  676. Among those enjoying the fun were: Karl and Pauline Samuda, Derrick Smith, Senator Trevor MacMillan and his wife Peaches, Gregory and Michelle Mayne, Paul and Sue Hoo, Adam Harris and Lise-Anne Hoo, Donovan and Michelle Perkins, Saleem Lazarus, James and Charlene Robertson, Asha Issa, Brian George, Brian and Shelagh Jardim, Ian Dear, Garth and Kimiesha Walker, Leighton and Aida Davis, Errol and Diana Singh, Chandu Maragh, former WI cricket team captain Jimmy Adams, Justice Billy Walker, Peter and Donnia Bovell, Brian ‘Ribby’ Chung and Danielle Kavanaugh, Al Edwards, Janet Silvera, Daryl and Annmarie Vaz, Bobby Montague, Harold Brady, Dean and Kim Lee, Mark Shields and Keneea Linton, Gassan Azan, Wilver and Saveeta Castro, Royland and Leela Rosales, Metry Seaga, Anthony Boyd, Barry Chisholm, Michael Creary and Marcia McDonnough, Richard and Andrea Creary, Solomon Sharpe, Senator Arthur Williams, Stephen Steele and a host of others.

  677. Opposition Leader Bruce Golding and chairman of the Sandals group, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart also toasted the birthday boy and touted him as a loyal friend.

    January coming….

  678. Think seh mi done?…..mi jus a come….

    The guest list reads the same as Smithy’s “private” meeting that “proved” the funds were there.

    Selective PR…….payola?

  679. 12/29/2006 James Rudolph Robertson 399,980.00

    Same day as the party. Was that the cover charge?

  680. Hey Brady…we going correct your shady….and in the cell you’ll be a lady…here’s a story…

  681. So what does the A stand for?

  682. Cover charge at some places is your soul….and your freedom.

  683. The Guests of the Premier and First Lady have an attitude of blatant disrespect for front line officials in the Turks and Caicos Islands. These guests need to be informed that they should treat our people with the same level of respect they have to show to their officials in the United States, they are not exempt from Border Controls in their Country and it should be no different in our Country.

  684. When items of this importance are so grossly misrepresented it should alert the public that there is fear within the government, of the public being properly informed.

    The Oberver? The Gleaner?

  685. Sirach,
    Looks like you are going to TCI than UK.

    As indicated in the Commission’s Press Statement of 10th December 2008, the Commissioner, Sir Robin Auld, will open the Inquiry hearings on Tuesday, 13th January, in the Conference Room of the Regent Palms Hotel, at 10.30 a.m. He will continue them throughout January and, as necessary, into February, normally sitting from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 2 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. A provisional programme for the first two weeks is annexed. It will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary, and details of any changes will be published as they arise – as will subsequent programmes.


    People believed, but some people have just stolen. Go higher than DS to find the real thieves.

    Police question Sandals CEO about gunplay

  688. Hallmark Bank & Trust Limited

    North American mailing address:
    Hallmark Bank & Trust Ltd.
    PO Box 325 Station ‘A’
    Etobicoke Ontario
    Canada M9C 4V3

    TCI mailing address:
    Hallmark Bank & Trust Ltd.
    PO Box 656, Tropicana Plaza
    Turks & Caicos Islands
    British West Indies

    Why a mailing address in Canada?

    Before Harbor Shark got banded, he mentioned a bank money laundering investigation in Toronto, CA. Basically the same city as Etobicoke.

  689. Major Neil Lewis must handle the cases against him before speaking to empowering anyone. Advice: Clear your name the only way tou can Sir. Pay what you owe.

  690. Major Neil Lewis believed in David Smith.
    David Smith believed in Jared Martinez.

    With all of them taking their cuts/profits/kickback.

  691. THE COUNTRY looks set to have a new leader within weeks – after nine of Premier Michael Misick’s fellow elected PNPs hatched a plot to oust him.

    Deputy Premier Floyd Hall and Health Minister Lillian Boyce were among those who signed a letter delivered to Governor Gordon Wetherell demanding the Premier stand down.

    Read the rest here…

  692. Will the Jamaican Prime Minister and the “crew” wait for the Olint details to be released? We shall see.

  693. Puppetmaster has been unblock along with part of the #4 bus.

    Interesting post from the casino

  694. Looks like all the junk has been unblocked also.

  695. @Everyone….
    Seasons Greetings to all…

    Can I appeal to all to keep the discussions dignify. Refrain from indecent language, avoid calling names immaterial and irrelevant to the discussion. Please refrain from posting, telephone numbers of persons..

    In the coming days, I will be trying to clean up where possible. If you see offending comments please e-mail

    I apologise for my long absence due to other commitments.

    All the best for 2009 with the resolve to conquer all the difficulties that lie ahead.

    With God all things are possible. He will supply all your needs.

  696. shooting at the coast guard vessel? coke and rum? Them nuh easy…..

  697. Delete this one investforlife.

    He is the one who allowed puppetmaster to post info on the real Olint and started the house fire. It is basically lies.

    Tony Hardy. The CFO or ex-CFO of I Trade FX. I think he might be FxGuy.

    Yes everyone is being exposed. RR and TH might be the most hated guys at I Trade FX because of the Martinezes fraud that has been exposed.

  698. I heard TraderDave was fired last year.

    Bad PR will only expose yourself even more.

  699. I Trade FX/MTI, feeding your new employees garbage.

  700. Investforlife

    You missed the chance of a lifetime to have David Smith speak here, but this blog will stand for a lifetime to show the evolution of a scam or the end of life for one.

    Credit to Sirach for suing, wanting justice and exposing details of the players. Credit for AML for trying to show where the money is at and where it is hidden. Only the guilty ones know where the money is at and hopefully the government knows also.

  701. Thanks Investforlife,

    Happy New Year to you and Sirach.

    Don’t pollute my corner of the world. You have been mentioned twice in there about your lawsuit and
    July 11, 2008 – TCI FX TRADERS LTD. DOA

    “…board of directors closed that down on July 11th 2008.”

    Source: sirach

  702. Rob,

    you were so dedicated and close to the martinezs while u were at ITrade Fx what happened?

  703. You must be a new employee at I Trade FX/MTI because you do not have the correct company/person. You are fishing.

    So who are you?

  704. You are someone who do not know.

  705. AML

    Are u saying u r not Rob?

    I was being serious though….Rob did a good job at I Trade…

    Some of the new employess at I Trade can barely speak english….

  706. Jared Martinez had multiple companies. You only know Rob from his reputation. Not him directly.

  707. So with company do you work for?

  708. I am serious. You are fishing. I will be like I Trade FX in that I do not admit nor deny the allegation.

  709. Done the Martinez way. Play stupid.

  710. Thats what Rob would say – not denying/lying.

  711. So answer my question, are you a investor, trader, or employee. You only know Rob from his reputation.

  712. Are you the Mr. Martinez himself?

  713. No i am an investor – waiting to get back my funds from Olint.

    Did u invest with Olint?

  714. Read my name, AML.

    I am here trying to protect your money. Olint money should have never came into the US. Olint was raided because it was more than a club. Everyone has dreams of making it big in the FOREX. As an Olint member, did you know your money was being used in real estate and where your money is being traded at? No you did not.

  715. From the small investors, it is most likely their hard earned money. From the big investors, it probably had drug money mixed with it.

  716. Back in the ’80 in Mexico, a drug lord in Sonora invested his profits back into the territory he controlled and into businesses that helped the people.
    Your money, is it being used to help Jamaica? It seems to be helping TCI, DS, and the Martinez pockets. Has DS given any proof of profits?

  717. It is businesses that generate money for the greater good, not quick cash.

    Sirach teach them business since you have business degrees.

    No I am not an investor.

    Fraud and stealing is not tolerated in the U.S. but I see it being done with Olint’s money.

  718. But when the thief steals from me and I receive other abuse from it, it become personal.

  719. Sirach wants justice.
    AML wants justice. AML does not like being threatened.

  720. AML, you starting to sound a LOT like sirach recently….

    must be something in the air, but keep any and all info coming, its greatly appreciated.

  721. David Smith,

    You have repeatedly lied in multiple public forums including on this blog regarding your financial state.
    Recently, you stated you were unable to pay your water bill !!!
    I suppose, since you are the messiah himself you are capable of creating money, since you do not work but continue to live a lavish lifestyle- sex parties, casino gambling, alcohol drinking, world travel etc….
    Enough lies !!!
    You were on December 24th at a casino in the TCI wearing a blue shirt and you had a Russian girl in your presence as your companion. In addition, you had stacks of US $100 bills and at the end of the night you lost over US $100,000.
    I challenge you to deny this- who knows I may have a picture!!!!
    1) Why can’t you settle down and stop the womanising and indecent sexual behaviour?
    You are a MARRIED man with 3 children.
    We all know you have no care in the world about OLINT investors, but at least have some respect for your wife and family.
    2) Stop losing more money at the casino table. You clearly fancy yourself to be an avid gambler, but seeing you lose more often than win, if I were you I would call it quits with casino gambling.
    3) Do not forget yourself !!!! You were just the other day collecting a cheque from your employer Donna Duncan at JMMB every 2 weeks, like the rest of us “oridinary people”. Therefore, the money you are spending belongs to US the OLINT investors, not you since 6 years ago you were on the bone of your ASS.
    Therefore, keep yourself quiet and remember the lies are going to catch up with you in 2009.
    You apparently think most people are stupid. Alas, the tide is fast changing and people are now realising ALL YOUR LIES make no sense.
    Your high profile friends are trying to save themselves from their own day of redemption. They are soon to be out of the picture. What then ?
    You better use your time wisely since 2009 fast approaches.
    I hope at midnight 2009 you will think of us OLINT investors who you deceived and intentionally continue to hurt financially. We will have our day of salvation. That is a promise!!!!

  722. K Says:
    December 25, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    Oh one last thing I’d like to add.
    Some folks here would like us to believe it’s a pie in the sky dream to make consistent money at trading/investing.
    That’s clearly nonsense. A few scammers (Madoff, etc) cannot in any way suggest or imply it is impossible. So let’s focus on the possible and turn the blog around to some useful educational value for bloggers and members.

  723. I took a holiday break. It will be a long road for recovery. so no need to spoil the holidays on this..

    but just to see that K and others will make the Ponzi’s be king.

    They quote probabilities, but there is no real evidence to back it up.

    They will say, it is possible to make high returns ( it is also possible to win the lotto three times in a row) but they can not cite real examples.

    Every person who says they can obtain 10 % per month for at least 2 years when trading over 1 million has turned out to be a fraud.

    the evidence is that people who say that make high returns ( approx 5 – 10 % per month) are fraudsters.

    if you want to dispel that, then provide evidence of the opposite.

    everybody knows a friend who is doing great, when you check them out, they are not

  724. Next time before you invest in an unregulated scheme or put all your trust in one person consider who gets the little remaining money after it crashes.

    Irving Picard, Madoff Trustee, Wants $28 Million For Costs

  725. Attempting to beat the market (stocks or via FX etc) is a futile task for most everyone with few notable exceptions. Consider that some years ago I gave serious thought to investing with the ‘legendary’ Bill Miller’s Legg Mason Value Trust. I declined because I thought that it was too late once he became ‘legendary’… He had already being doing so well for so long that reversion to the mean was more likely than not.

    There is the catch. It is like deciding to get in on an unknown ponzi early with the hope of catching the early returns. Early is often the bleeding edge. Getting in late in a ponzi is a disaster, while in a Fund you will catch it when it is reverting to the mean.

    It is very important to consider that studies have shown that it takes an average of about 10,000 hours of study or work to become an expert at anything. That is about 10 years. Buffet has been at it for 40 +.

    Trying to beat the market instead of joining it is usually futile. High fees, excessive trading costs, taxes, getting in on the boom too late (at the top) etc will doom you to under perform the person who concentrates his portfolio among low cost index funds and just waits for the long term.

    But that is not ‘sexy’… It is like the girl who will choose the dude with the flashy BMW over the one with a Camry. The BMW is more sexy but the dude is often over extended and setup for a crash… plus she will be competing for his attention with a lot more girls many who look prettier than her. At the end of the day it is usually much less reward for more headache.

  726. I guess it’s over then. My last two blogs were not going to get to the World. I know the game….i know it is not only DS who wants to have the last word as regards Sirach. We will see. Good luck to you liquidators.

  727. M, B. W,……atty Gen…..If you are fair you shall be praised…..if not then infamous……

    God Bless America.

  728. invest….you can take down true three names. I need take down nothing. It is better they have their names on the blog… blocking just means I’m going to tell the people through outlets with more subscription.

    I sympathise to some extent though… many guys take their spanking from the likes of those.

  729. People, i’ll be on the other blog. My short version of the full hundred is not going to get on here and never will.

  730. Sirach:

    Are you saying that someone is blocking your post in real-time? Check to make sure you do not have more than 2 links in the post, etc., etc. Why is it that some of your post go thru?

  731. What other blog ?

  732. Davesin i gave three blogs with no links about the general story of the full hundred then it came off. Early days in July when i promised you the full unabridged hundred large parts were blocked.

  733. Many many “big” guys and gals eat your food already and Smith paid them off….the next thing you are likely to here is that Olint is in liquidation in TCI…this will allow Smith to tell the suckers that “everything is in liquidation” but will it be everything? No but they all must have an exit plan.

    Their lives,careers and wives depend on it.

    Smith bought people across borders..police, politician, mogul and all. (I wonder if this one will reach you)

  734. The other blog is the one the other guy invited me too….blog uncensored has the address.

  735. Sirach:

    I think you are talking about:

  736. We need a safer blog and I will give you the full hundred.

  737. Maybe if i only use initials?

  738. Who threatened you AML?

  739. Sirach:

    I can not understand why you cannot sign on to the “Blog Uncensored “? What browser are you using and could that be the problem?

  740. I’ll try but someone has also used my name there already.

  741. nope…no good.

  742. Ask a question.

  743. I would like to meet puppetmaster, AML and Davesin….in private….any ideas how we can do it?

  744. Sirach:

    Use initial dummy emails and them switch to “other” emails. Or use some sort of IM system. Or use “friends”.

  745. I am back…

  746. Bwoy me would a settle fe fidity , if not the undred !

  747. Sirach,
    If you come to florida, I will see you.

    Finding puppetmaster might be harder. Some people said to me build the blog and he will come. I was built and look who else came, DS.

  748. It was built and look who else came, DS.

  749. AML tell the people that it’s going to be liquidation and then…..”there’s a liquidator you have to speak with them”

    What the people think? On the 9th the gag is lifted and some full explanation is coming?

    Drop a number on the e-mail.

  750. hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  751. I hope the police and dem let him go and unfreeze…..but they are not paid to do that.

  752. I hope the police and dem let him go and unfreeze…..but they are not paid to do that.

    I wonder if this comment will make it.

  753. Subject: AML
    about threat

  754. Liquidation/recievership perfect Olint story…right up the alley….smooth transition from….can’t talk “gag” order to “the liquidator in charge”…we trying to don’t know what is happening……while sailing off into the sunset leaving sufferers big and small (but obviously not well enough connected) in the dust…….hahahahaha


  755. you are there…..drop a No. on the email.

  756. I guess no one is interested. Must be a DS backer.

  757. Khalil

    “I took a holiday break. It will be a long road for recovery. so no need to spoil the holidays on this..”

    You won’t be short of holiday breaks. Long road to rehabi…..oh don’t worry.

  758. Chucks

    “When you answer questions posed to you, then you will be taken serious.”

    Seems the time for me to be taken serious has dawned on you. You won’t be posing the questions though.

  759. AML

    Looks like you are going to TCI than UK.”

    AML Sirach goes wherever he %^&*” feels like.

  760. Chimp,

    “How ironic it is that investors continue to sit back and wait out of foolish pride.”

    Chimp no one here was ever too old to learn.

  761. Cull

    “What specific crime ( with evidence ) did David Smith commit ?.”

    Do not worry your intention Kull…..your request is concrete.

  762. Cull

    “I am sure you do not want to start an unnecessary panic.”

    Panic Kull? Now that’s an understatement if I ever heard. Any clays over the holidays?

  763. What a boredom..lata.

  764. we are still in the season of good cheer, so there must be something you can do with your life, than be up at 3:33 in the morning blogging away.

    they can take your money, but do not let them take your family and social life.

    if you focus singularly on Olint, and don’t think you can recover if you do not get back your money, you will find that it can drive you crazy

  765. Investors say Haitian bilked them out of millions
    South Florida Haitian Americans said they are victims of a massive scheme that bilked hundreds of investors of millions.


    Federal and state regulators are investigating a self-styled investment guru who recruited hundreds of Haitian Americans and others to pour their savings into his ventures through a network of South Florida investment clubs

    …”He used his Haitian background to reach Haitians,” said Horace-Manasse, 30. “He read the Bible, prayed with people. Cried with them. He made us believe he was going to help us.”….

  766. I tried posting on

    works, didn’t require any validation or anything…try it, it might work for you too

  767. DaveSin, Said: Investors say Haitian bilked them out of millions South Florida Haitian Americans said they are victims of a massive scheme that bilked hundreds of investors of millions.

    I suppose there will always be a sucker born every ‘second’. People just keep falling for these get rich quick schemes. If you believe you can double your money every 90 days as in this case… why not just spend a dollar each week on the lottery. The chances of winning the lottery several weeks in a row is more likely and a lot cheaper. Geez.

  768. This is how they do it in the first world when you have a known or suspected ponzi scheme. A civil suit is filed to freeze takeover the scheme while a criminal investigation simultaneously proceeds against the crook… Compare to the ineptness in JA.

    “U.S. securities regulators obtained an emergency court order to stop an alleged Ponzi scheme that collected more than $23 million from thousands of investors in Florida’s Haitian-American community, the Securities and Exchange Commission said on Tuesday”

    SEC halts alleged $23 million Ponzi scheme

  769. Kull

    “we are still in the season of good cheer”

    I am always in that season Kull. Look I do not think I can save you from prison. Get a good lawyer Kull. Serious.

  770. Kull

    Do not make the mistake like Smith and pay your lawyers with other people’s money. Remember Kull I know you and your son from morning. Things had to be a bit rough until I knew every single thing. That time is passed. The advice I give you and Sean is real and genuine. There have always been things people here could never have understood. All the best Kull.

  771. you know what madmen have in common ?

    “There have always been things people here could never have understood. All the best Kull.”

    they have certain concepts which the rest of the world do not understand. thus we deem them mad !!!

  772. O.K. Khalil. You know best.

  773. Kull,

    Your Prozac and Zoloft are not your problem…..the Jared Martinez Cool Aid was your downfall…as all the bloggers shall soon see.

  774. to something more progressive. how much cents on the dollar do you think that Olint still have

  775. different cents for different people Kull. No across the board. those with the power to send people to rpison have a different rating. He does not even have all the info himself to do a legally binding audit. He’s simply not in possesion of the information.

    You distance as much as you can from Jared yet? that Mexican going to jail Kull…no joke.

  776. waiting on….angry…frustrated…vex

  777. Kull….honest question.

    After months of work on my part. With exclusive information to bring down governments. And with intricate details not even the authorities have that would make David Smith faint when he understands what is in my possesion.

    With sokme fairly impressive lawyers careers hanging in the balance of my knowlege.

    With jus even that in mind Kull why do people here …and with all due respect…..feel that they should just have the information handed over to them?

    I mean…no disrespect but is it that the home encouragement and being told “you are special” again and again has perhaps leaked out outside the homes and into wider society like a spoilt battery?

  778. DS and the crew is already moving the goalposts AGAIN talking about “doing something in March.”

    Most of you backed him up unconditionally without even a slight respect to facts. You hurled your crap at people who led you to water and then you refused to drink.

    The ones who drew more than they put in quiet like mouse….the tax dodgers quiet like mouse.

    Most who kept up antics here and attacks on the helpful have been revealed tpo be mainly people who are on the B line to wukhouse….that is a fact.

    You reap what you sow children…..and as adults in this thing now you must take responsibility for your past folly….that goes for everyone.

  779. We want information, because we may not have the resource to do it on our own.

    And it is also the nature of things, for some to be the Lion and others the Jackals.

    The Jackals wait for the Lion to bring down the beast, and then they move in packs and run off the Lion and deal with the food.

    So it is in the Jungle, so it is in the corporate Jungle

  780. Also, if you are looking for some praise for your hard work, then you do not know how people stay


  781. I hear you Kull. But you should know that you don’t have the ability to run off this Lion. Heartbreaking as that might be…and hard for a Jackal to is just reality. I don’t come bout fi play.

  782. Not looking no praise. People who think that would only out to stroke their own ego. But a lot of idiots blocked the progress which is why it took as long as it did.

  783. Kull it is an open secret that most of you never knew the name David Smith until the smell of money was around. Now i am not saying is so all of you stay….but most. So many sought to say a whole lot of humbug just because money….they don’t even know the man.

    When i revealed that he had urinated on another person all now many of unno think it is some lie on my part. Why? For what? i never was interested in any business for none of unno. that is obvoius. Teefing my money is different.

  784. you know Kull..hahaha…the thing is the no matter what the Jackal will never experience the wonderful livity that is nthe Lion.


  785. Let me use this forum to wish DS all the very best for the season. Looking fwd to positive outcomes for 2009.

  786. Sirach!

    Madoff must be glad him never tek fi your money …….BC……..

  787. The Madoff Case Could Reel in Former Investors
    Even those who pulled out of Madoff’s funds before the blowup could be forced to return their proceeds and principal

    By Matthew Goldstein

    ….”The Fort Worth plan and other Madoff investors who got out before the operation imploded may yet be snared by the bankruptcy proceedings. Under federal law, the trustee in the case can sue former investors to force them to return their profits and principal, a process known as a clawback. The legal theory is that investors who stick around to the bitter end shouldn’t bear all the pain.”

  788. dave sin

    the satutes of limitation for that is 6 yrs. So if they pulled funds more than 6yrs ago they are safe.

  789. the bigger question, if there is no Money, then how shall the investors get paid ?

  790. Happy new year to everybody. enjoy

    take Olint off your minds, and put your family first and foremost.

    see you Next Year

  791. Happy new year to all when it comes…..i have a good feeling abt the new yr. i must say….

    Chris Walker the same person who put his sick father on the front of the Sunday herald for his own personal and selfish gain… much money did u make from Olint Chris? Also if this is a pyramid scheme as u claim then u shld return those funds ( as they wld belong to others).

  792. Did higgins warner checks got cashed?

  793. I found higgins warner website. its, he is asking fir $50,000 dollars, is anyone going to give it to him… I welcome your comments….Happy new year one and all. Let the countdown begins

  794. Happy new year

  795. I think the good Dr. left out the part about the involvement with the Princess Diana tragedy and more importantly the elementary school urinating incident on Sean’s leg that he constantly rants about which has caused him lifelong trials and tribulations about his own sexuality.

    A Learjet can not make it across the Atlantic.

  796. Happy New Year Azan. I agree you need to take your mind off Olint. So maybe you just stop reading and posting on the blog. All the best.

  797. MK
    Cant say i share your optimism….hope springs eternal..the quicker we realize that we were conned and that the money has taken wings the better it will be for our mental and physical well being. The chattering will continue for a thousand years…however, not a dime will be paid out to us. Wake up was a fraud from the start and still is..DS lies and scheming will catch up with him in due course..Carlye is correct..”No lie can live forever”. Take care MK see you on the tennis court..We can take out our frustration there.

  798. Mr. Azan a.k.a. Cullkull, MK, The Judge etc……

    All will be revealed in 2009 and without doubt the person who is a culprit at large will face “D-day” very soon.
    Alas, the wonders of a paper trail- real estate purchased, money transfers done in other criminals names- it has been revealed (smls).
    If everyone on this blog had spent the time to get the facts surrounding David Smith and his scheme instead of tearing down each other, it would have been time well spent!!!
    I support the constant vigilance of Sirach, AML, Puppetmaster, John Harris, The Doctor, Dave Sin, Gavin, Barracuda, HarborShark, Lisa, Kentucky and the many others who have consistently focused on the source of our problem- David Smith and his allies.
    For those who either because of psychological denial or down right ignorance continue to support Smith, prepare yourselves for the final chapter- “The truth “.
    David, keep all the leftover stacks of $100 bills you used on Christmas Eve at the Casino in your home vault. You will need to give this money to Tracey for the kids because where you are going soon, money is not traded. Only other services!!!

  799. Welcome to January. From Sirach.

  800. The Haitians (haitien)seem to have things under control. Only the Jamaicans are passive and waiting for January 9th. Read the Haitian blog on their David Smith (George Louis Theodule )……funny stuff!!!

  801. Sirach, on January 1st, 2009 at 1:34 pm Said:

    Welcome to January. From Sirach.


    Heh ! 9 days to go , Sirach , 9 days …………………….

  802. Jamaicans shoot , Haitians Chop , Chop with deh Machete

  803. FS
    MK is MK the original…i have never blogged as anyone else…


    i hear u….my question to u…will u be collecting funds if and when they r paid out after the 9th?

  804. Yeah yeah watching…..lifebouy soap going to wash out the mouth of a liar who knows not about the World or who truly has ranking in it. You don’t see Smith is a eediat….all who him think have power start drown….Smithy learn some things about life too late…oh well…….never to late to learn……Sirach will wash out his mouth with soap. you think Him or Wayne will ever face me here?

    Mi a go to dem…..face to face……looking forward to it Smithy.

  805. Roll call…..Kull and Snapper and Kimbo and BK and the all the rest (you and i know yourselves so no need to list you all) you are students of David Smith and belong in his class so don’t bother come fass over in this class here. It look bad man. Allegience to Smith and peeking over here….it look mbad man….stinks….you look unsure of yourselves…..Sirach and his class are for those who sure.

    Roll call….

  806. ediat run dem mouth pon lee Chin and then beg the bank tocome off the case NO. Long time Sirach explain that David Smith has been fired for money laundering and almshouse. the arrogance is unending. A could a 10,000 of uno alongside David Smith…..laughable…Ediats. Even stubborn Kull come to realise how the hierarchy works….even the man of the round table……Sirach does not forget for everything is written…detail…..don’t try run now……too late.

    Them cuss hell pon Lee Chin and deh with flow to come on this and defend David Smith. Fool ediat dem. Simple as you see them…NO ESCAPE…read it and weep.

    Mi lock C&W and nuff tings from before the start….;.mi lock Comcast from morning hhahaahah…..yeah man Sirach a madman…..madman fi unno? Dreamland unno deh….Sirach always said unno won’t be the first neither the last….wukhouse….and he who laughs last laughs best…….as Gifford run close a door mi just open it back…….hereditary peer you bring for me Smithy…sick a dat……you nuh think the man like live in Jamaica Smithy…..youe protectors are a joke…..come again Smithy….You claim to be competitive and in the next few days I am going to show you and your teefing brother why teefing Sirach was the most stupid of all the stupid things you have ever done… one is immune….se fe.

  807. I know who is here from who is not… your presence to David Smith…..let him know that Sirach is ready……ROLL CALL 2009…..Final term…..yes the exam is external. Can’t buy it out nothing is local about it.

    P.S. BNS Head office Canada and other institutional learners DO NOT SHOW UP LATE and answer to the role call. Direct questions may be posed to you.

    NO BREIFINGS NO Special SEATING NO Honorary titles allowed or recognised. 2009 is here.

  808. You have the responsibilty to provide for your own medical needs…glycerin cream, panadol, Prozac(KULL), smelling salts (wives and children), tissue.

    No makeup allowed…makeup runs when bawling starts.

    provide your own food….Kibi, falafel whatever.

  809. I watch for the ROLL now. No hiding in the back….for I will draw you out to the front.

    and the ROLL is as follows:…..

  810. From the other bus

    an Olint related action

    Court freezes Issa’s assets – Cool Oasis boss says fraud allegations are lies

    The Jamaican Supreme Court has ordered a freeze of the assets of businessman Joseph ‘Joey’ Issa, following a US million-dollar fraud/negligence suit slapped on the Cool Group of Companies boss by his close friend of 14 years.



  811. Nuff things been going on behind the scenes. Open secret: Misisk asked Butch to cool the coverage in the Observer… other directors know why they don’t talk bout Olint.

    If is Issa it must make front page.

    Gleaner and Oberver are a joke. It took me a while to gather all the full hundred on them. Butch and Smithy are similar….they hate a beeating…..get ready……Sirach loves to win….if the game is inticing….and the stakes get real high…..highe rthan Butch and Smithy are used to.

    Get ready….i feel it….ROLL CALL.

    i have the money laundering lock….so what you think i have about the fraud? hahahahaahahaaa…

    They chose…..led them to water…the call… problem…ROLL CALL early….proper ROLL CALL so we can get an early evening start…..night school to ra…….

  812. Sirach going meck them talk…..quick to….like lightening….2009 dis……Full a chat with them followers……we been there done that….when the gate a lock…the big thick iron gate….nuff squealing and talking……we been there done that…..the early stages are not homogenous due to personality…..but when the iron gate a turn…, lawyer,idian chief….all the same response everytime……bangarang.

    Sirach told you.

    BTW my bredrin fret not about the Martian with the badge..the renewal is just a stubborness and a call at the poker table for Sirach. When the big iron gate shut on police a then you hear the squealing…chill through your sp0ine when you hear it……been there done that already…

    Sirach told you….Sirach told you all.

  813. Start send the wife dem and pickney to Miami right away cause unno know that shame is a thing kill them from the hairdresing parlors all the way pon the drive to Norman Manley Airport.

    Sirach time now. I come for what is mine. i accomadate NO ONE. Dig?

    I expect record turnout later in the evening……no one but Sirach knows the precise time….NO ONE.