Phinn Promises again

Once again Dr Phillip Phinn is promising something but this time the magic number is not seven but nine. According to a Jamaica Observer report, repayments of prinicipals who held investments in the Faith International Investment, operated by Phinn, will begin in March 2009. The payments will be over a nine month period and end nine months later in December 2009 ‘. Here is a quote.

AT the beginning of the New Year, hundreds of Jamaicans have received joyful news that the millions of dollars they had ploughed into an alternative investment scheme – and thought lost when it crashed – will be repaid over nine months.

The Jamaica Observer’s headline, “Alternative investment Joy”, is misleading to say the most. How can you count your chickens before the hatch? how does Phinn know there is enough money to pay investors back their principals?

Reading the article further you will see just how a misleading a sick piece of journalism, if it can be call that, is being presented by the Jamaica Observer.

A direct quote attributed to a cirucular sent to members on December 23, 2008 reads,

“There is a possibility that the payment schedule could be shortened and the monthly payouts increased if a significant amount due to our trader from a foreign jurisdiction is released anytime soon,”

How does possibility equal definite which translates into Alternative Investment Joy? In appears that most of the money collected Faith International Investment was invested in with David Smith’s Olint operations.

One thing the circular apparently did make clear is that no interest will be paid.

Phinn was not the only Jamaican church leader wrapped up in the Unregulated Investment Schemes and led their flocks along. They might see just see this as cause for rejoicing but 

Prophet Phinn had prophesied the Portia Simposon Miller would have won the 2009 Jamacan general elections orginially set to be held on August 27,2007  but was delayed to the the 3rd or the ninth month of the year 2007. The official results had Portia losing but with pending dual citizen cases it possibly is not over yet.

N.B. : Interestingly in an April 2008 report, Reverend Phinn disassociates himself from unregistered investment scheme called .... It appears the report got the name wrong it should have been Phillip Phinn Ministries International Limited


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  1. Happy New Year to all bloggers, took a three week off to rest and rejuvenate myself.

    I read the headlines and thought to myself, well has someone started paying out to investors.

    Having read the piece I thought it was very cruel to investors who have been down this very road before with the likes of CashPlus, Olint, MayDaisy, Higgins Warner only to find out later it was all a cruel hoax.

    Where will Phinn get the money to pay back investors. The article seems to suggest trading which is at best very very unreliable in term of certainty.

    I do not want to pour cold water on peoples hopes so early in the new year, but I would warn you all that at best its very unlikely that Phinn will come through.

  2. Silver lining on the horizon for financially battered Jamaicans.

    Yet another company has made a promise to repay investors. This company which stopped operations 10yrs ago has said it will repay all its investors. Wow.

  3. Welcome back Jay, All the best for new year.

  4. Suit alleges Plantation firm ran $50 million Ponzi scheme, snaring 500
    MRT Holdings says money was ‘loaned’ to firm
    By Jon Burstein | South Florida Sun-Sentinel
    January 4, 2009

    “Boynton Beach widow Nyra Horowitz said she saw her comfortable retirement evaporate, along with the $140,000 she invested in a Broward County

    She said she was told MRT Holdings was a surefire moneymaker, but now the 72-year-old has to live off Social Security. Her days of going on cruises are over. Her children worry about her.”

    …..”The attorney representing MRT Holdings and its manager, James Clements, denies the allegations. She said people didn’t invest in the company but loaned it money”…….,0,3773857.story

  5. Prophet Sirach reporting…..hahahaha…….get the glycerin cream ready…..we going set some things strait in a while.

  6. Patience…repairs and new costumes for the puppets….they are anxious to perform for you…….

  7. Jay…Jamomes….is that supposed to suggest an inflation adjusted payback?

  8. Usimo– Smithy
    TCIFX traders—-John Wildish
    CoolCorp —Joey Issa

    “What a hippambambayayyyy when dem call Sirach bluff…..””

    Butch your bwoy Wignall have the girls set up in Olint….

    J. Issa encashment US $4 million….Feb 08.

    Where’s the Roll Call???………I know unno deh deh….reveal yourselves to all the others….don’t be shy now……yeah……tick tock tick tock tick tock…..

  9. “One of my good friends said… a reggae riddim….don’t jump in the water…..if you can’t …….nananananaannaaaaaawwwww……Misty Morning…..don’t see no sun…..I know your out there somewhere…having fun………

  10. A wha sweet Sirach so?….GET MOVING.

  11. Watching closely

    Is DS coming on the other blog still at 9pm?

  12. Kull where you deh? After all this you don’t want to see the glory of the coming of Sirach? Don’t be like that man… many different Kaleel’s and Kahlil’s to be revealed.

  13. Iseefraud,

    r u there?

  14. Smith need not appear. The information is new to him. He knows. Only new to the rest of you.

  15. Hey Sirach, puppetmaster says we are starting too much trouble.


    Bushmaster is posting numbers.

  17. F*&$! the Puppetmaster and this Busmaster!!!…..and all the rest…..wagonist dem….prentice dem…. want to come at the end and ride for free. I will show you who run tings. Play popular to the crowd ehhh?

    Why are you raising up the info… this time? No undersgtanding of timing……play to the crowd….you think it’s a joke thing?.

    You think is you alone can play crowd? Watch….

  18. Sirach

    give the blog a chance and exit right of stage!!!!!


  19. “I have no problem. I should be knighted. A man would be dead with lies told on him,” Robertson told The Gleaner yesterday.”

    “(Les) Green also said that police were aware that Robertson was leaving Kingston to retrieve a wounded man. He told The Gleaner that once Robertson contacted the police, “we made sure that nothing untoward came to him or the person he was picking up”.

    However, In a strage twist when Walker contacted Les Green about the severity and depth of The Olint Fraud he immediately alerted by e-mail State Minister Vaz who is a person of interest in an international investigation. The SFO and others continue to watch keenly as events unfold.

  20. Bushmaster is that the same James Robertson of OLINT?

    Was he driving an Ambulance? Does Green condone sending civilians to pick up wounded people?

  21. Simpson was hit in the leg during the alleged shoot-out with the police but managed to elude the lawmen until Robertson arrived and assisted him to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

    Which Simpson? The Olint Simpson? He was just helping a fellow thief.

  22. live&LetLive

    Isn’t it a bit past your bedtime? I will decide when I shall exit. Not you. My decision is dependent on whether Mr. Smith can get smart real fast and avail himself of the knowlege of the difference of “image” and “substance.”

    Perhaps you might spend your energy on helping him understand the concept.

  23. It he wants to learn by trial and error that’s his choice.

  24. He has a lot of learning to do and VERY VERY little time.

  25. Sirach,

    You been saying “time running out for David Smith” and “Smith you only have a few more days…” for bout six months now. I think by now he probably called your bluff and continues “business as usual”

  26. There is a Conman playbook, which all seem to go by. Maybe Jared Martinez teach it in the Forex Advanced Class.

    Now Ricky Azan has promised to pay back the people. I am sure nobody has received a dime of that money… and it is over a year now.

    The conman have to give people hope, and then hope that with time, people will move on.

    thus the strategy of the carrot on a stick…

    Saying you will get paid in 5 years ( or maybe 10 years which would be a more realistic timeframe) would cause mayhem with the masses.

    So, it is easier to extend the 3 month carrot, and at every 3 month interval , just use a excuse ( bank, FSC, Lee Chin, JlP, PNP, BoJ,NCB, BNS, Economy, etc) and extend it 3 more months. with this strategy, people who are desperate will get fooled by this for 2 – 5 years .

  27. Sirach continues to be unbalanced. investforlife please ban this puta.

  28. You aren’t David Smith..that is for sure.

  29. Smithy, All now you nuh tell dem foreign bwoy how it go? A so you leave them out fi learn bout the Jagan by themself?… cold Smithy…..them mussi did do you something meck you wicked to them so.

  30. A little soft spot been very quiet…..remember musical chairs? When I instruct the DJ to start the music the house of gordon going to be a party. When the needle is lifted from the record you know you have to find a seat cause one at a time seats going to be short.

    Remember musical chairs Smithy?

  31. lata

  32. Ha…it might be the first time that there is true bipartisan spirit! Everyody scrambling for the same thing. ALL start from a level footing hahaaha…..I wonder how the count will look after….

    Yes indeed.

  33. Smithy, should we invite the FSC people to the game? Oh yes….how could I forget I know who can ask if they want to play…

  34. Smithy my God man!

    What was in your head? You make the people use all them pickney name, wife madda, bredda, in laws…oh God man…..Is you steer them to that??

    Mercy Smithy..the children? All Snapper dem people? Nuh Snapper call you every day?

    Anyway… are their King David…I must be just the messenger who reveals.

  35. Is a lucky ting is a Jagan like me have mi hand pon the matter.

  36. Man mi di first …..let me simmer lest mi start get wicked.

    All Min of Finace people think they can hide from Sirach? A what dem a teach Jagans up at the UWI nowadays?

    Lata …a true unno don’t know

  37. Very good article on why folks fall for scams. Also helps explain why so many religious people often fall for them. Here is something for RedP and others of like ilk.

    The Drake scheme became a social movement, known as “the Drakers” (later changed to “the Donators”) and whole churches and groups of friends — some of whom planned to found a utopian commune with the expected proceeds — would gather to read the latest Hartzell letters from London. Mr. Hartzell was eventually indicted for fraud and brought to trial in Iowa, over great protest by his thousands of loyal investors. In a story about Mr. Hartzell in the New Yorker in 2002, Richard Rayner noted that what “had begun as a speculation had turned into a holy cause.”

    Why We Keep Falling for Financial Scams
    Intelligent people have long been ruined by frauds. Psychologist Stephen Greenspan, who specializes in gullibility, explores why investors continue to be swindled — and how he came to lose part of his savings to Bernard Madoff.

  38. This evening we going to put some names to the the people of Jamaica. I would like the Prime Minister to read them and then consider retracting his statements labeling some poeple as fools. For how can a man appoint people to important positions in Jamaica while simultaneously branding them as fools?

    Let’s just leave it there for the moment.

    Immigration laws being broken in the presence of the people’s representatives is no laughing matter. Hiding behid God to steal from people is an issue I would have hoped that The Honourable Prime minister would have spoken to the other day. It is rampant and a currently very relevant to Jamaica.

  39. Sirach hav to agree with u on that if a fool and his money is easily parted how can we hav fools running the country
    U know we just used to that anyway.

  40. Great post Noctec.

    It seems like 2008 was just that full of hate.

    It appears that 2008 may after all become that yr that ” investors” worldwide lost the most money ever lost in a single year to :
    1. Financial Market collapse/Housing Crises
    2. .Fraudulent/Ponzi Schemes.
    3. Crooked financial advisers/managers.

    All told investors lost in the trillions last year, it was indeed a “bloody” year.

  41. maybe them not soo fool bcause most get them money and lef wi in it lol!!!!!!!!!

  42. Nocotec Great article.. I don’t why you keep hitting out at Religious people. Some religious people believe in being content and working hard and playing by the rules.

    Good to see you around.

  43. Reading the article again Jay and NoCotec is again shows why we need to support regulations, regulators and most of all transparency.

    Fighting regulators, regulations and transparency puts all of us at risk of being conned.

  44. Bull I would not be so sure about all the leaders being paid….early days …the encashments is what unno waiting on……I know… Although I fired him longtime hahahaha….I leave him some room to decide if and when he wants encashments to rope eeeenn.

    I don’t want to crowd him too much at this present time…..he has a crucial decision to make before daybreak. Give him some space. What he faces is not easy.

  45. It is not Yet the 9th ………………………………………………..

    Sirach will have to drink a pint…………………………….

    all is not what it seems ………………………………………

    Smitty and his bwoys have dreams …………………..

  46. Sirach ,

    Smitty don’t fret ……………………………………………………………….
    as rude bwoy nuh fraid fi test ………………………………………..
    SO come with your legal briefs ……………………………………..
    and look into the eyes of a jagan thief …………………………..
    Bad man don’t cry ………………………………………………………….

    game over ?

  47. David,
    You are concerned about the consequences of your actions. Start making some more phone calls. This time to the right people!!!! Hurry, Hurry- time is of the essence (smls).
    Alas, when you were given the option to be decent you laughed!!!
    You were warned and so was Wayne.
    Continue to trust in Gifford. After all- 2 million Pounds is a lot of money to keep people like me at bay and so it “SHOULD” have worked.
    But you underestimated my determination. I will NEVER stop until the wrong you committed is addressed.
    Tomorrow you will see who is laughing…….
    I hear the sound of shackles clanking; I see three children without a father; an elderly mother- shamed; a wife- deported and living in shame.

    You asked for it- no in fact with your arrogance you BEGGED for it.

  48. “However, since February 2008, Wisdom Investments Holdings Jamaica Limited had ceased making returns – calculated at US$337,343.63 – nor had he received his principal, despite repeated demands.”

    He also claims that since February last year he has not received any returns on his investment and contends further that despite repeated demands, he has not received the principal.

    So strange because Issa recieved an encashment for US$4,000,000.00 in February 08 for his house near Smithy there. the closing was on the 11th of February if i recall.

  49. Yes Kull you simmer down. that is good. i told you months ago but you doubted Sirach….talk bout madman and Prozac…..feisty (smile)…..ok I told everyone that when the Red Sea part for me and the boss ALONE I don’t want anyone in the lane.

    Yes proud of you Kull…..suppose I did really touch you up Kull? worse the way you love cuss badword?Anyway follow Kull. people…Kull has gained wisdom….nobody move nobody get hurt. Me and the boss time now…..i won’t be long….so don’t worry abou me taking up people’s time o.k.?

    Kull I going to drop a good word to you know who the all seeing eye people. Yes man. Others might not be so lucky for them misbehave and call sirach all kind a name…..Lifeboouy soap for their mouths…..hmmm….while their spouse watch….what you think Kull?


    You know this one too…”Steady as she goes” hahahahahahaahahaha


  50. What if Michael could be persuaded to tell the truth under oath during the Commission of Inquiry hearings? The Commission transcripts of Michael Misick acknowledging under oath that he took bribes from American investors, developers, contractors and businessmen to arrange and insure business in the TCI might be sufficient probable cause for the United States Attorney General to bring criminal charges under the FCPA against those individuals and company’s who paid the bribes

    jurisdiction talk Kull

  51. Mr. Premier, Christmas and New Year’s gifts are secrets anyway! So we hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s Mr. outgoing Premier, we hope you are enjoying your gift. Please don’t forget that it was 2003 around Christmas and New Year’s when you allowed your buddy Mr. Butch Stewart to throw 14 Belongers off their jobs like garbage calling them terrorist. (What goes around Mr. Premier, comes around)

  52. JohnDoe, Said: I don’t why you keep hitting out at Religious people. Some religious people believe in being content and working hard and playing by the rules.

    I am not hitting out at all Religious people. But there are lots of fraudsters and misguided among them. If you search back on the Observer etc you will see that very early on several of the prominent religious leaders were enticing their flock to invest in Olint and these other schemes. They gave legitimacy to these schemes to their flock. This is a big reason why so many religious folks got conned and also explains why one sees so many religious postings on some of these blogs.

    I don’t know about any of you guys but if you are ever ‘unfortunate’ to see the accounting books of some of these churches and what the pastor makes and does with the money… and who the money comes from… alas, just be sure you have a strong stomach.

    The big problem with why so many religious folks keep getting scammed in these schemes is illustrated by some of the postings on the blogs. If you surround abject and complete nonsense in an envelope of religion it somehow is supposed to make it correct and not subject to challenge. It is to be accepted by the flock without question and so if the pastor endorses a scam and something that makes no sense then the flock accepts it without question.

    This begs the question… if the Creator wanted us to be like that then why the heck did he give all of us brains and not just the pastors and deacons?

  53. Ukrainians to testify…..want visit with Edith Smith….Commission of Inquiry testimonies expected soon.

    Goalpost moving to May……perpetrators of this new edict going to be revealed on the blogs.

    Federales in position……….Sirach sees BANGARANG on the horizon!!!! Cheer up naim aiz we will help you.

  54. Call me private if you are interested in help……you alone.

  55. Sirach,

    Friday is the 9th ……………………………………………………

    Did you drink your pint ?…………………………………………

    DS will walk …………………………………………………………

    as the rest talk …. ………………………………………………..

    and he continue his lies …………………………………………..

  56. Friday is of no consequence to me.

  57. Madoff Chasers Dug for Years, to No Avail
    Regulators Probed at Least 8 Times Over 16 Years; Congress Starts Review of SEC Today

  58. sirach
    Goalpost moving to May……perpetrators of this new edict going to be revealed on the blogs.

    which goalpost will you be moving to may?

  59. One question…One Answer..No riddles, No gimmicks, No jokers. Just a simple yes or no. Did Olint accept cash deposits from its investors?

  60. That report in the link provided by Nocotec is very interesting indeed.

    See the attached report which concluded that Madoff hedge fun was a fraud.

  61. The short answer is YES. Which person/business/bank do you know that doesn’t accept cash? Even NCB accept cash way over the US$50K reporting limit 🙂

    Yuh still calling yourself investor?

  62. Nocotec… I follow you. Just had to pull that out of you ….

  63. Thanks Dave Sin. I am trying to understand the money laundering accusations made by the witch doctor. I know a blogger made a comment that the witch doctor was a part of human trafficking. All was good while he was reaping the benefits. Different business now since benefits tree dry up. The AML regulations are pretty stringent when it comes to cash deposits. Yes there are ways around it. Ask the high risk businesses such as Used Car Dealers. The banks are required to report on suspicious transactions. Unless this particular bank was very negligent, should the bank be charged also?

  64. Chucks:

    See the NCB case were they accepted cash in excess of US$25 Million from one individual. NCB said it was a much lower number, but the Observer reports states the higher number. The case, I think is in the final stages.

    You do not have to be dealing in CASH to be involve in Money Laundering (concealment). It takes many forms. For example I, can export very high end “units” (>US$150k) to Jamaica as a means of repatriating “dirty” funds to Jamaica. Once the “units” are in Jamaica, they are then sold (in US). You can also launder clean money also.

  65. Chucks

    I cannot explain in details but money Laudering is not limited to CASH transactions. Once the chain of the money is broken then monery laudering is supected and the burden is on the accused to remove the suspicion. A bit stange!!!. The money Lauderers are too clever so the authorities say if you smell it look for it.

  66. Agree with you both. I am quite familiar with the AML legislation for Jamaica and the US. What I am querying is whether there is a case against the bank also. Assuming that they were not the ones who reported the incident in the first case.

    Dave Sin, whats the status of that case against NCB?

    The Madoff case is just mind boggling. How long would it have continued if the economy stayed on top? Maybe we need to send Sirach after him. A German Billionaire committed suicide due to debt his group of companies incurred! Toyota shutting down for 11 days!!!

  67. dave will come thru……have a little faith……

  68. Sirach ,

    It ‘s time to take care of the scratch ………………………………..
    and show Jagans DS is a Prat ……………………………………….

    Friday draws near …………………………………………………………..

    Do i smell fear ?………………………………………………………………

  69. Madoff Chasers Dug for Years, to No Avail

    Ahhh , Ha ,Haaaaa

    The barbarians are at the gate : Let them in ………………

    Regulators Probed at Least 8 Times Over 16 Years; Congress Starts Review of SEC Today

    The failure to stop Mr. Madoff also is an embarrassment for Mary Schapiro, the Finra chief who has been nominated by President-elect Barack Obama as the next SEC chairman. Finra was involved in several investigations of Mr. Madoff’s firm, concluding in 2007 that it violated technical rules and failed to report certain transactions in a timely way.

    May the games Begin , Mary !

  70. hahahahahaaa…..You are most certainly welcome puppets…..enjoy a little sunshine….you learn my patois talk now…..”Backative Unlimited”…. practice and soon I will take you up on your patois/creole…hahaha

    Now you want a full release. I know. Patience. Let him make the moves.

    I told you what happens in the latter stages….ancyness as their true position soaks in on them. Isn’t it play by play how I told you it would be?

    Let him think. He knows how to reach me.

  71. nite nite puppets.

    Know one can know the future for sure. He should have realised that LAG does not give a damn. Pity I can’t put the soundbite of LR Bawling like a girlchild. I have heard it. Sad. not know fake crying the real thing like a baby. Regret the man had for Giffords representation. Sad.

    Maybe Huntley Watson might talk some sense into this one.


  72. BTW

    Some have said you have a style similar to mine. I told this blog time and again not to go in the water if your swimming not too good.

    Mi go a riva battam han come back hareddy…..Shark deh deh.

  73. Pupaguaz deh dung deh to.

  74. With new rumours of soon come and March and May and 10% I think a second look at this blog is relevant.

    For investment, Higgins used a scam known as Ponzi Scheme: taking money promised an interest rate of 10% would pay soon, while she stayed with the initial capital. . That attracted new investors, which allowed him to use the new money to pay people who had given him before.

    Also looked into allegations of domestic violence, infidelity and abandonment of her newborn daughter, his ex-wife in Argentina, Sandra Zapata. En una entrevista exclusiva para la revista Noticias , la mujer contó cómo conoció a Higgins y dijo que el jamaiquino “nos vendió a todos un buzón”. In an exclusive interview for the magazine News, the woman recounted how she met and Higgins said that the Jamaican “sold us all a mailbox.”

    Phinn, Warner, Loiten, Donovan Visions, WW, OLINT….Hill…….and it goes on and on

  75. Yesterday, calls to Hibbert’s cellphone went unanswered. Efforts to reach attorney-at-law Ernest Smith, who is one of the lawyers representing Hibbert, were also unsuccessful.
    In December, Hibbert’s lawyers had pleaded for more time when presented with “certain undisclosed documents by officers of the British Serious Fraud Office”.

    “Given this new information, it is imperative that the prime minister acts now to remove Mr Hibbert from the ministry, especially bearing in mind his portfolio assignment,” said Opposition spokesman on transport & works, Robert Pickersgill. “While a determination of Mr Hibbert’s guilt or innocence is ultimately the responsibility of the courts, he should be relieved of his ministerial responsibilities to remove any appearance or perception of interference.”


    Nice piece of investigative journalism Mr. Wignall. When the Olint piece id finished and out. I thinks you will like it. Similar types of characters and so on.

  77. With the Commission of Inquiry as well as the US and UK police investigations well underway, the bringing to account has started.

    We need to now also start focusing upon the next phase of our experience in order to correct the effects of the last six years; and that is the recovery of stolen and illegally gained assets.

    With no malice in our hearts but as a critical necessity for our and our children’s future, we need our money back!

  78. For the sake of our children and our future, we now need to come together and work to recover our monies. Be they in the hidden bank accounts of Michael Misick, his family and friends, or in the accounts of corrupt developers and bankers, our focus MUST now turn to the recovery of our stolen assets.

    tci journal

  79. Comprehensive review of all foreign worker’s Resumes, holding top positions. (in the event it is discovered that the individual lied on their work permit/ resume he/she should be deported within two working days, and black listed.
    Work permits should only be approved for persons with degrees in their field of work. (Meaning that if your degree is in psychology, and you want to work in the hospitality industry that the work permit will be refused).

  80. Can Jamaica avert the major crisis that is about to descend on the populace courtesy David Smith?

    Trickery and gimickery as last minute strategy will backfire on you David Smith.

  81. January 9th is basically upon us..

    my bet is that the carrot will move to about March/April..

    so I guess a lot more prayer vigil will keep etc.. but by time March/April come, there will be some new excuse and the carrot on the stick will move to around Aug/Sept.

    What do you bloggers think will happen tomorrow ?

  82. Youre probably right cull, hopefully wrong, but anything can roll, lets see what happens.


  83. Wow my post went through!! Cool!!

  84. So RedP.. why you join the exile’s over here. y’all do your best to run us off that bus, then you come over here.

    Anyway, over here is where free speech should rain supreme..

  85. Kull you always used to say I chatting you know what in the early days…remember? Well few doors get kicked off since week and you know who I thought of most? You same one.

    Good luck to you Kull.

    What about the texas crew who always been around on the blogs? By the debt? Cents on the dollar? WW kind of offer?

    One of the many things that for certain is that The magic fairy is not going to just change DS into some honest, truthful person in a flash.

    Certainly…if certain people do not feel fairly dealt with then a flury of information going to come out. So much so that Jamaica socially will never be the same again ….here’s hoping it might be for the better

  86. Sirach,
    One thing about Jamaica that always seems to happen is that no matter how bad or shocking the scandal or crime, it always turns into a nine day wonder and nothing ever comes of it but more and more talk on the talkshows by ministers / J FJ / Cliff / mutty / Betty et al.
    Its almost as if as a society we have become completely desensitized to everything. Sensory overload almost it seems, and we pay it no mind cuz we know that nothing will ever come out of it. Sad nuh true.
    Anyway, I have to admit that I am waiting with baited breath to see how this whole olint thing plays out.
    How yuh deal with me so?? I never run or exile anyone nor have I ever denied anyone free speech. I will always defend ones right to free speech.

    BTW I’ve been the but of a few jokes on this blog and I must say I appreciate the humour, I love a good laugh myself!! As per you guys suggestion of me starting a church seeing as the rate of return is 10% a week, I think its a great idea!! Alas one must have a calling for such a thing. However should the time ever come that I do open a church would you guys be willing to invest?? haha
    As to havin more then one wife, well, one is more than enough for me, I’ll leave that one to the Sunni muslim dudes!!

    Love and Peace guys

  87. Hail up RedP!! We like how you come on the train and didn’t hail up Nocotec or myself? Nice….

    Anyhow, now that you are on the train, I guess we cannot run anymore jokes about you. Sad…..

    I’m sure I speak for Nocotec and myself when I say that it just a little joke we did a run still….no hard feels!

    Yes, the two of us will be heading-up the investor line to throw money at you when you do start at church…we know our monthly returns are more than guarantee.

  88. Sorry di manners dave sin and noco!! Please forgive.

    No probs, no harm done or any hard feelings, yuh can still run your jokes, as I say, I love a good laugh and levity is good for the soul!!


  89. Welcome RedP. Interesting to have you on the Train. You must also remember to greet other outcasts among Jason, Jay and Myself John Doe.

    Welcome again and all the best for the new year

  90. Note that the general viewpoints (with few exceptions) have coalesced to a mean. It is now quietly accepted by most that the so called ‘detractors’ were right all along and that these were ponzi scams. ‘Detractors’ were really interested in serving the common good by warning all those who cared to listen., though others may have sometimes vehemently disagreed. ‘Detractors were not “just bad minded people trying to prevent others from getting rich”.

    There is no good outcome left for any of this. Notice today how prosecutors revealed that Madoff was trying to send $173 million to friends and family but the FBI arrested him before he could mail the checks. What are the chances you think that DS did not do same as funds ran out?

    Madoff said to have stashed $173 million
    Investigators say cache of signed checks was found in desk

  91. check the recent comments on the other bus

    there is vile talk of doing David Smith harm.. and that bus was the one who run off people for being ‘negative’

    I guess, after a while, people true colours begin to show…. whether I get back my money or not, I do not wish harm to him or his family… he has taken my money, not my morality

  92. What, RedP has seen the light and has come on the train.
    Welcome RedP, its free speech here, we only ask for it to be clean and we know you are clean so your cool.

  93. Oh this is so bad or good … be good for goodness sake…yay! ……you better not pout…..”


  94. some people accept Jesus on their deathbed….after living a hedonistic life for decades. Notwithstanding, welcome Red P. You see how forgiving we are here? We live it you know……not only preach it.

    Over number 4 they seem to live lonely in theoi pious stupor.

  95. My God! The blog over number 4 is pure vitriol!…Isn’t that the christian one….Red P I see why you run come over here now. And they used to cuss many of us here and do you see the comments over there?

    That’s why we just try live it through action and setting example. Ay….do not take them “christian” deh easy you know? I know them all too well. We nuh teck no check fram dem…..because once they claim God tell them something you know….yeah… how dem seh pray for teefing money to just appear……pray and fast and live with satan inside to rhatid.

    Kull… mi witness I told dem to go get Dr. Semaj or whatever……I told them Kull.

  96. Sirach, on January 8th, 2009 at 7:23 pm Said: ….”My God! The blog over number 4 is pure vitriol!…Isn’t that the christian one….RedP I see why you run come over here now. “…..


    That one is a classic….funny……

  97. I just read the posts on the #4 bus and ” the man dem a gwan bad” over there.

  98. Sean, you are your own big man and can do as you wish. I have nutn to hide and sleep very well at night. So basically I really dont care if you post my info here or not, it’s neither here nor there with me, it matters not. You see my friend, in the scheme of things this is all BS really.
    What matters most is the state of ones soul guy. On that most important day of ones life, will one be able to stand blameless before the throne of God. That my friend is what matters to me. Aside from that Sean, all else is vanity.

    Amen…Amen…Ayy ayy men Amen ….Amen…..Ayyyymen…Ayyyymen.

    Red P some people forget to put the letter “e” after the TRU….on the other blog…..mabe its that….

    Red P I don’t know if Sirach, Belcher or anyone else can stand blameless on that day…..but its not bad to say with all sincerity…I tried

  99. Now that day with God is not here yet….so we proceed with the fallen homo sapiens…as per usual.

  100. Red P the postings to come will be EQUITABLE. 🙂

  101. BUSHMASTER deh deh a sleep…..huh..whoooy……I have a feeling that whatever time BUSHMASTER wakes…..whoooy…..mi a go a did bar go have a drink….join me Kull? I don’t really want to see them mammoth blog deh….even Sirach is apprehensive…..When shall the BUSHMASTER wake?

    Whoooooy…..What’s your fancy Kull? Let’s have a “whites” man….Whoooy

    If I am awake I will try talk to him…..but you see when him pull out all the CD Rom’s and ting…..whooy….once he says go it hard fi beg im you know……Red P you want to lead us in a little prayer?

  102. Bwoy I hope BUSHMASTER wakes up on the right side of the bed as they say…….My leverage for begging BUSHMASTER is very low……now.

    And I have seen some of the trading and “it nuh pretty.”

    And BUSHMASTER … see when time him start reveal Sirach transactions……that time you know how the list proceeds from there….Him always a tell me seh my time a come……..good ting my record strait…..ehhh Red P?

  103. Sirach !

    yuh tap dancing on this one!………………………………………

    what yuh thought dis was fun ……………………………………..

    Bredah have deh Pint !………………………………………………

    DS a Jagan Ponzi Don ………………………………………………

    mek lawyer bwoy run up and down ……………………………

    dem know seh Tomorrow a deh 9th ………………………….

    Well tomorrow DS story tun round ………………………………

    blaming some other Clown …………………………………………

    Money in a 9 months time ……………………………………………

    Bernie Madoff Wish !!!!!!!!!.

  104. Yuh see when him layout all him computer tings……and den now when you seh, “everyting cool Bush?” and im all seh like somting like “LEAVE ME ALONE I’M WORKING!” huh that time even Sirach jus go creep back in the “corners” and quiet like mouse.

    You si when all the BUSHMASTER seh like all a line like seh yu wouldda seh… him quiet you know…then the utterance…..”THAY BOY LOOK LIKE HIM A SET FI ENTRAP ME YOU KNOW!”…..then you just hear Sirach…hahahaha….hear Sirach to BUSH now…….”arm…ahh….BUSH I going step out a little you hear…..” whhooooy……

  105. I day to go…

  106. watching….I think your poetry will not be able to take you to Sweeden next year.

  107. Sirach,

    A nuh sweden mi a worry bout !

    a dis damn drought

    and the promise yuh mek fi punch DS in a him eye

    Ahhh haaa DS a ponzi Don …….

    Sirach can you get this job done or is this another pie in the sky …

  108. You have all a time now when BUSH seh “a you…a you meck mi have faith in DS you know?”……..that time now you know is a different level now…like when Butch a talk to Wignall…….Sirach just reply “Bush……mi a go walk you out likke yah now…” den BUSH just seh “one a unno reach mi files deh fi mi an bring dem come.”

  109. Sirach ,

    Dis is not the time for fun ,

    yuh say DS a plan fi run and a pay lawyer with a who fi dime ,

    Can yuh handle the Don or yuh a drink too much rum , save the pleasantries for another time ….

    The Bushmaster a come , but can you get the job done or are we just wasting our time ?

  110. Watching…..the poetry is improving all be it slowly..


  111. Look like them shut down the other blog.

  112. Seems there is a “battle” for supremacy brewing between PM and BM … the posturing slowing down the presentations? Good Question.

  113. BUSHMASTER sleeps……awaking only to ask “is Puppetmater on yet…..” No BUSH… o’clock and alls well..” “Wake me if he shgows his face on the blog..”


  114. Not only has Mr Golding declared his antipathy to corruption in any form and pledged his commitment to battling it in public life in Jamaica, he has been insistent on the need to run his government in a fashion that inspires public confidence. Indeed, it used to be his maxim that justice must not only be delivered, but must manifestly be seen to have been. Or, put another way, Mr Golding built confidence in Jamaicans that a government run by him would be operated at a higher moral bar than that to which the country had been accustomed.

    Something tells me PM and BM getting a little tired of things.

  115. The days of marinas, penthouses, go-go dancers and casinos are indeed numbered.

  116. “It was as if he was the only person who mattered and if it was all and only about him. There is only so much and no more that one can take.”

    Sound like somebody I know. If Misick can send text then he can recieve text too.

  117. Guests of the Premier & First Lady – The Guests of the Premier and First Lady have an attitude of blatant disrespect for front line officials in the Turks and Caicos Islands. These guests need to be informed that they should treat our people with the same level of respect they have to show to their officials in the United States, they are not exempt from Border Controls in their Country and it should be no different in our Country.

  118. “John Wildish, a director for TCI FX Traders told reporters outside the Providenciales Court early November, that his company had nothing to do with Olint…”

  119. From a prospectus….

    “The Fund TCI FX TRADERS LTD (“the Fund” or “the Company”) is an open ended investment company incorporated in the Turks and Caicos Islands on August 16th 2006 and subject to the laws of the TCI. It is established for the purpose of investing through OLINT TCI which is a FX Trading entity, with the object of obtaining constant above average absolute return through a disciplined investment approach. No person has been authorized to make any representation concerning the Fund which are inconsistentwith or in addition to those contained in the Prospectus and the Directors accept no responsibility for anyrepresentations so made. The Fund will only accept investments which have been applied for on the Fund Agreement Form accompanying this Prospectus.”

  120. Good Morning all,
    Thank you for the warm welcome, again I apologize for not acknowledging some of you.

    The peeps on the #4 bus not so bad you know and I have formed some lasting friendships there, if you dont mind, I’d like to ride the train and the bus!! Can we all agree to disagree peaceably?

    I agree cull, it is unfortunate that some are wishing bodily harm to another, I guess ppl are just stressed and exasperated and just need to vent.

    On saturday at 8pm, cnn will be airing a programme on the Madoff affair. Should be interesting.

    Sirach, mi dun pray already!! NUFF!!

    Its nice to see that you guys have wit and a sense of humour, maybe your not as negative AS I once thought. A likkle more positivity would be nice though.

    Question for you guys.
    Concerning some of the posts on wireless expressions, I agree that the truth must come to light and if there is wrong doing or fraud then we must know. So i dont have a problem with posts that show a money trail with MTI etc. but my question is that what purpose does it serve in posting peoples private account balance info?? What does that prove?? can anyone answer that?


    Lets hope for the best today!!

  121. This is a different prospectus than what was downloaded from the TCI FX website from April 08.
    It made no mention of “OLINT TCI which is a FX Trading entity”.

  122. @AML, I never said it was from the TCI prospectus. It is from the a prospectus… that was subsequently changed.

  123. Final decision by court reserved until Monday Jan 12

  124. Let me clear up this misunderstanding contained in Sunday’s Observer. Pastor Phinn did not give any undertaking about repayment for Forex in nine months. That Letter that the observer received came from Gareth Harris of Keen Exchange.
    Again the Sunday Observer is practicing irresponsible journalism. They must check the facts before they sen-sationalize the news. That article was totally misleading.

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