WorldWise Paying ?

The Noel Strachan lead Worldwise appears to have made good on it’s promise to pay investors, as investors have began receiving small principal payments.

They appeared to have started off paying investors with small sums ie balances as low as US$300 and now is stepping up to larger sums.

I have it from an impeccable and a verifiable source that additional payments were made last week, which according to the source, the largest sum paid out  US$1000, while there were other payments between US$500 AND us$1000.

I can also confirm that the some checks were cash out and were good.

I was also made to understand that sums up to US$2000 will be paid out this coming week.

So where is this money coming from to pay WW investors, when one was asked the response was a terse” I really don’t care as long as I get paid”.

So are WW investors the lucky ones, and will everyone get paid, only time will tell.


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  1. Do you know why this is happening? Do you know why it is done in this manner? Let us see if you can think.

  2. Who cares Sirach. Alot of people are just thankful for the little $500 or $1000. Hell I would be happy if DS was doing the same thing and paying out even a smalls for the XMas. People are suffering badly.

  3. okay – I’ll bite. Why is this happening?

  4. While we sit and figure this out, the WW clients will be cashing cheques. Which side would I prefer to be on now? I agree with you DreamDashWeh. People just want their money now.

  5. I hear you DreamDashWeh…..

    Its really happening…..(you people have some long names)..

    Yeah…before cases came and he was served with summons to come to court you were getting nothing…right? So a smalls start come so that in court the argument going to be “but he is actually paying”

    You dig? Now it is a temporary setbcak for those with cases….note the word temporary…

    Now Dream…let me ask you something….who you going to thank for the smalls?……WW or the people that have pressured them and caused them to hire and expensive law firm? Think good before you answer…..

    When he denied his own identity to the process server who went to his house in Davie….calling himself Michael Harris……remmber at that time you wern’t getting %$&$&……well he was served and the lawyers he hired could give you more than the smalls…..anyway….I hope you don’t have to wait to long for the balance….

  6. Personally….i wouldn’t accept no smalls because te acceotance shows that you and the scamist are honky dorry as of a very current date……Most will accept…and you are free but don’t say Sirach never warned you….300 dollars for 3 million…..jack mandora….mi nuh choose none.

  7. Dream…DS is a little different he and his people know I know who have money in there and how they got it. That is a lifeline for him. If he takes too long I bring the dolly house down. Its up to him.

  8. It’s interesting that he has money to pay the Broward County Property Appraiser the following sums by November 30, 2008, yet he is only paying smalls:

    $40,429.90 – Residence in Davie:

    $23,765.52 – Commercial Property in Weston

    $19,302.03 – Commercial Property in Davie

    $8,225.29 – Single Family House in Weston

    $8,286.67 – Single Family House in Weston

    Total Paid = $100,008.92

  9. Sirach for his sake I hope he honours his word and make the payments. Lets see come January. Otherwise I hope he goes to jail along with his family.

  10. Hey guys

    Who did DS promise money in January?

    Which words will he be honoring ?

    I have not seen this in any of the communication on any of the web sites.

    Please tell us more!!!!


  11. o.k. dream

  12. Sirach… using irh is fine. News to me that mr. man got served. I’d heard that he was still making intrest payments to the big investors though. Funny, denying identity to the process server. Somehow that only works in the movies.

  13. irh….I watched the whole thing from a distance. He got served eventually. i don’t know about the big investors….the strategic favouritism is a common tool for the scamists.

  14. Warren Buffet’s investment strategy of buying stocks to hold for a number of years is no longer viable due to the extreme levels of volatility, Marc Faber, editor & publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, told CNBC.

    “The Warren Buffett approach is dead and it’s been dead for ten years and it’s going to be dead for another ten years,” Faber said Monday.

  15. Investing in stocks in still a longterm venture.

    1. Stock historically has appreciated over the long term, yes there has been ups and down but the longterm trend as been up.

    2. Warren Buffet is also one of those person who said by stocks below its book value ie the art of value investing. Here you are buying stocks of a company which is solid but has probably a victim of the overall economic downturn.

    3. Buy a stock/company that has a history of paying dividend at least 10yrs of payments.

    Now there are companies that may even may make a loss but still pay a dividend from retained earnings.
    So a stock price could be falling but you are still making money from dividend.

    So its not only stock price appreciation you can profit from but also dividend yields.

    One thing that investors should note is the idea of dollar cost averaging, which in these leans time can allow you to pickup significant amounts of stocks of a company that you already own, at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT.

    Its like stocks are right now on sale 🙂

    Remember however not to buy on price, but value as well as a solid company that if you had the money you would purchase the entire company.

    So is Buy, Hold and Prosper dead !, Well its certainly leans times ,now but I would not say its dead.

    There are certainly opportunities out there “where if you knew ahead a time where the market was headed, you could buy, hold for high price of the cycle” then sell.

    Very few of us however, can tell where the market is headed.

  16. RSI,
    If you read careful just the small portion of what you wrote above, I would say that “trading is dead due to high market volatility”.

    Is Faber advocating trading vs buying and hold in times of high volatilty. There is a reason why a person like Warren Buffet remains one of the richest men in the world today and other who claim to know more than he does aren’t.

    There is a reason why Berkshire Hathaway remains the most expensive stock traded at over US$100,000 per share. Even this stock has become a victim of the downturn and as reached this level from its 52wk high of US$151,650 per share.

  17. RSI, every time something new and significant in the market happens, some idiots get a press/air time to make a fool of themselves. Dude is an idiot.

    Very, very few people have the patience to wait to get rich. Check this…If I had told the ponzi scheme investors that I have 2 investment options for them… One you can invest in a scheme that will pay you 10 to 20 % per month. Or 2 you can invest and get a return of 15% per year. Almost everyone would choose the first. Buffet became the world’s richest man by choosing the 2nd… Every $1000 invested and held for 40 years in the 2nd option becomes about $270,000 with nothing else added to it.

    For those of us at this for a while I very vividly remember idiotic statements like this during the tech boom. New economy… blah blah… Buffet had lost it blah blah. It is to be noted Buffet avoided the tech boom and bust.

    The NASDAQ (proxy for tech) closed above 5000 in March 2000, ask those fools how close has it come back to those highs and when will it approach them again. When some idiot makes these statements, the relevant question to them is… AND how much are you worth? AND Buffet?

    The Buffet method is totally simple but few have the patience to implement it and almost certainly not likely by the folks who want quick riches and would invest in a ponzi.

    What he does is to research solid companies… he keeps a list of about 30 on his radar… when the market such as in times like this punishes these solid companies by way underpricing their stock due to general investor panic… he buys and holds for very long periods… or he buys entire companies. This method will continue to work until the value of money is someday redefined.

  18. KullCull

    The email was sent to Green and Green alone….after the response from Vaz it was then sent out to a wider audience.

    Sorry I took so long Kull I have been busy.

    Buy Hold and Prosper in Olint has now reached the stage where any gains fictitious or not have been wiped out.

    So we have to step up some options trading again.

  19. Another person losing a house before Christmas due to Olint debacle…..I can’t help any more….

    We should start a blog fund to help the retires and the indigent who are suffering.

  20. Kull?

  21. Darn JAY….
    It’s good to see that at least someone on this boad has some knowledge on the approach one can adopt when trading in the stock market. Your advice on Warren Buffet is accurate….unlike the diatribe spewed forth by the ignorant like Sirach….Nocotec and others… I just wish David comes through in the end….It would make a lot of dumbos eat their words


  22. Higgins Warner are the checks real or fake? Have anyone cash theirs?

  23. “A Fool and his money are soon parted” What an endorsement!

    While the country suffers….

    Don’t fret to much bout JUTC….Much better is to come because the timeframe runs out fast….

  24. “the law is not a shakle”……thanks….. PJ… generations of Jamaicans will reap the bread of sorrow for that statement.

  25. thanks….. PJ… generations of Jamaicans will reap the bread of sorrow for that statement.

    “the law is not a shakle”

  26. hahahah…yeah man a waiting to get the service……depositions going cost you nuff for me…..and a just love it…..because as I can go in the dock… shall you……and I have all the proofs….hurry up man…..let us get to it……no lay lay….READY


    “A fool and his money are soon parted”

  28. gradually closing office. People get online an print unu staement and all the pages on the website.

    These people teck man fi fool. dem think demma ago just fade away…..Below is a letter from lewfam sent out tonight….Not even a days notice…they finally figure out seh nuh money nuh deh to get from the big O….lol

    Dear Member,
    As at midnight 3rd December 2008 the LewFam Investment Club website will be suspended until further notice. Our office remains open to continue answering your calls and providing you with any available updates. Please feel free to call us. Our regular numbers will be available along with three additional numbers: 305-600-4367; 954-376-3277; and 404-567-4804.
    We will be closed for the Christmas Holidays as at December 12 and will re-open on January 12, 2009
    Thank you very much for your continued support and patience during this continued trying time.
    Please have a happy and fulfilled holiday.
    Management and staff
    LewFam Investment Club

  29. Aristotle – “Man is by nature a political animal

    Good thing mi start right of the losses from O on mi taxes thats the only money mi get back… People lewfam is registered in the US….contact the FBI…..O is not.

  30. Closed for the Holidays? I thought that was what was happening for almost a year!

  31. The people who went through middlemen have the best chance to recover their money. There are some cases on this.

    If you did not give your money to DS but rather someone else you can demand your money from them and lay claim to assets they own.

  32. Many of these people also took money without the relevant licences to do so. And they were mostly skimming from the top so although they too hide funds they are there….for those who move early.

  33. (RSI, on December 1st, 2008 at 9:41 am Said:

    Warren Buffet’s investment strategy ….., Marc Faber, told CNBC.
    “The Warren Buffett approach is dead and it’s been dead for ten years and it’s going to be dead for another ten years,” Faber said Monday.)))

    Folks, Faber is a dime a dozen journalist who makes his income from broadcasting and has been around a long time feeding info to the 90% of Americans, (and obviously some yardees) that are too lazy to do any research for themselves. If they looked at his previous AH!AH! moments, they would realise that his statements are there only to get prime time coverage and personal exposure, with the hope that not too much sensible people actually analyse what is being said. Thank you Nocotec and Jay to bring a bit of perspective to Faber’s wild pronouncements.
    ‘im a eediot’


    Not one, not two….but three on accountability and transparency from the Gleaner? I’m impressed…..has their been some kind of ‘shake up’ ??……..What brings the media to be changing?….anyway like I said kudos.

  35. Yes, you are right. WW is really and truly paying. My relative works there and told me what’s happening.

  36. NS?? is that you?!!?!?

  37. Gungupeas,
    Based on what you know, what is the plan to repay all investors ie when can one expect all payments to be made.

    I am told that US$2000 folks would start getting paid today, is that correct?

  38. If you accept a partial payment you are agreeing that everything with you and them is o.k. You will have a hard time expessing your disappointment to a judge in the future.

    Olint for life…where are you? Tell them how it goes.


  39. Sirach

    Why are you calling me out?
    I can’t help you much less mi self.

    Seeing that you and others all have so much time on hand to blog 24 hours per day, which is the same time that the currency market is open, wouldn’t it be better to use that same time to trade FX for yourself.

    I was told that the best way to do it is to take a little pips per trade (target 20 pips), so you can build your account over time. At least if we don’t get back any money, we will have something to fall back on.

  40. I am just waiting to see what is going to happen next , my husband and I have around us$18k invested with world wise. I have never received a dime, as soon as they received my money they closed the office for auditing and it has been downhill since then

  41. Coreg, please send the info to hyipmyths[at]yahoo[dot]com

    We will take care if it from there.

  42. Do not see it now !!

  43. hello can you email me all the info you have on NOEL AT GIODEA@AOL.COM

  44. Did anyone hear any new info from World Wise if anyone got paid or is going to get paid or if he will be going to jail for fraud or is he hust going to get away with this. He should go to jail

  45. Very Upset, he will get away with it as all investors have just sat by, while noel is buying up over J$1B worth of property in florida.
    We also heard he just acquired a brand new Bentley and has quite a bit of Range Rovers.

    Up to Dec 2008, he was paying back small accounts up to US$1500, but I have not heard of anyone being paid since the start of the year.

  46. Since WW dude has located to the the USA investors can get back at him. Contact the IRS and be prepared to provide them with details of what the scum bag did. Let them know that he was running a ponzi scheme under the guise of an investment scheme. And that he laundered money and evading taxes that he fled JA, purchasing expensive property in the USA. Let them know the addresses of the properties and that he has also purchased expensive cars and give them the list.

    Contact the US District attorney’s office in Florida and provide them with the same information. The high profile nature of ponzi schemes after Madoff will make it very likely you will get quick action. Notice how these claims are now being taken seriously and new people keep getting arrested regularly.

  47. Property # 1 Purchased by Noel Strachan, WW.
    Note here is Jamaican address, but the property address is also listed.

  48. This is another list of properties purchased by Noel under Juelle Properties of which he is the owner.

  49. 12608 S Stone Brook Circle is a big rahtid house when you check it out on google earth. Mercy me!!

  50. @RedP
    You becoming a regular poster.. Good to see.

    I hope they are able to track down the world wise principals… should not be too hard….

  51. I recently was contacted by the FBI guys they are now looking into Noel Strachan, I called several times and made a report so I was told they have a file and is investigating him so guys please call or submit via
    The Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) can be contacted at (202) 324-3000 or…..Let them know its World Wise…I cant wait for them to arrest this ass who thinks he can rob people and get away.. Ohhhh I am so happy , now we will see him get locked up, thrash needs to be thrown out or in jail for not paying people back there money

  52. Good Job… Hope this one goes somewhere 🙂

    apparently all the others arent?

    Maximillian Higgins or Ingrid Loiten anyone?

  53. Very Upset AWW:

    Good for you. Great job for following up with that. Too many times J’cans just sit down with a lot big chat and just take it from crook. Folks should follow your example along with some of the ideas in my post above

    Do same for all these guys. If you are a US Resident or Citizen. US law enforcement has jurisdiction if you have been scammed and especially if the crook has residence or property in the US. Madoff has raised the profile of these guys (thank him 🙂 ) and law enforcement is now much more likely to pay attention to your claims.

    Next time though (and for others), just post to encourage others to talk to the specific law enforcement agency as you are getting action. Do not be too specific as these guys and their cronies read the blogs.

  54. cvmtv is reporting that Uncle Noel is promising clients not to worry, they will be paid.

  55. World Wise to stay put at Ruthven Road

    Promises payouts at the end of the year 🙂

    Speaking with Caribbean Business Report from an undisclosed location ( Florida)in the United States earlier this week, Stachan said: “Contrary to television reports we are not moving out of our building on Ruthven Road. We will remain there for the foreseeable future but we are giving up one section of the building and will be occupying another section.

  56. Him a seh dat long time nothing more than delay tactics. i know alot a persons would love to find a location for him would he be at any of those addreses ?.

  57. Well let him try to delay him ass a go behind bars if someone no catch before than…See the fed a crack down pon ponzi schemes and scam artists like him now see another one gone ……R. Allen Stanford…Noel…they are coming for you………….there is no where you can hide

  58. Worldwise to pay client $50mil in damages
    Monday, 23 February 2009
    The Supreme Court has handed down a $50 million default judgement against Noel Strachan, embattled Chief Executive Officer of the alternative investment scheme Worldwise Partners Limited.

    The judgement was handed down last week after Mr. Strachan reportedly failed to submit a defence to a lawsuit filed by businessman, Hurshel Cyrus, an investor in Worldwise.

  59. Well, here we have an investor who has sued for his money and has won a judgement.
    The question is will Mr Strachan pay.
    If he does not will his assets be siezed (legally) and sold so as to pay Mr Cyrus.

    This man decided to use the law of the land to try and re-coop his invesment, while 11,999 investors have sat back waiting fo Noel to pay them back.

    One took action 11,999 took no action.
    One got a $50M judgement.
    11,999 has yet to get a dime and more than likely will not get a dime.

    Jamaica is indeed an amazing place.

    Strachan stole Billions and is free – No forfieture
    Smith stole billions – no siezure in Jamaica
    Hill stole billions and no siezure of his “worldwide” fortune.

    In the meantime thousands of investors has simply sat by with jaws in hand, waiting, hoping and praying for a miracle.

    But will it happen?

  60. Head of Worldwise Partners, Noel Strachan, is to challenge the Supreme Court judgement which ordered him to pay $50 million to one of the investors in the alternative investment scheme.

    The multi-million dollar default judgement was handed down last week after Mr. Strachan reportedly failed to submit a defence to a lawsuit filed by businessman, Hurshel Cyrus, an investor in Worldwise.

  61. FSC allows World Wise to pay investors !

    THE Financial Services Commission (FSC) said today that it has altered its cease and desist order against World Wise Partners Limited (WWPL), allowing the alternative investment scheme to make payments to investors in order to settle and close all accounts, which it says are in breach of the Securities Ac

    But will he pay 🙂

  62. Open letter to World Wise
    Dear World Wise Partners:

    Can you please give us an update on the situation as it now stands with our investment?

    There was a time when there was a glimmer of hope. Our optimism sprang from the newsletters you emailed and your appearance in the media, but since July last year when you appeared on CVM we have heard absolutely nothing.

  63. Jay & Anyone else interested in going after Noel Strachan
    There is a FBI agent talking to ppl whom has lost money with World wise would you know. His name is Timothy Wright you can reach him by calling the main number in miami listed below
    “The main number for the FBI here in Miami is 305-944-9101. Oftentimes individuals feel more secure by contacting the main FBI phone number so I understand if you choose to go this route. If I am not at my desk, please leave a number I can contact you on and I will return the message.

  64. He is looking for INVESTERS, trying to start up an airline to Jamaica out of NYC, ATL, and FLA.


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