Higgins Warner announces new payment dates

Max Higgins Warner has announce “new” payment dates on his website.

I suppose by now all Max investors would have recongnized that this man is either really stupid  or just does not know when he has won.

This is what he wrote to his ” investors”.

As of Tuesday, March 10, 2009 loan payments will be paid by bank wire. Bank wire details we don’t have, we will ask for. Please don’t submit your bank wire details unless we ask for it. Also the order of payment will be controled only by Higgins Warner. Do not send us any request for they will not be honoured. Creditors and Lenders will have to wait until they recieve their bank wire. These are hard times through the world, however Higgins Warner will pull through for 2009.

Sign. Emile Maxim St. Patrick Higgins, President/CEO/Chairman
Higgins Warner Group International

I guess he will be the next one in jail, guess we will have to wait and see.

27 Responses

  1. Smithy, looks like you pissed off BUSHMASTER.

  2. Snapper…was unwise to go fishing with DS and rex Messam last April…unwise Snapper…..

  3. Wha happen Smithy? You tell Tracey that I’m a Snapper of Drum or Richard Lee or so?..or Peter Bovell or so?….or John wildish or so?….? You lie to even her…..pity..maybe FALKEN can explain….pity Smithy…..pity

  4. Mr. Moore yu need fi link I. the lay lay thing with Smith’s finish now.

  5. “Local police investigators say they are yet to receive any formal complaints from Jamaica against Olint boss, David Smith.”

    “Head of the Major Investigation Task Force, Assistant Commissioner Les Green, says investigators have received complaints from investors outside the Jamaican jurisdiction.

    He says the local complaints have not been “of substance”.

    “We would ask if any one feels that they have been defrauded and that they invested money in Jamaica, that they contact the Fraud Squad.”


    Very interesting statement Mr. Green. As a citizen of Jamaica I lodged a formal complaint with Cordel Edwards of the fraud squad. I spoke with Corwall Ford at his office and he reffered me to you….after he referred me to the State Minister…of course. i made formal complaints in three other jurisdictions outside Jamaica and of course the Jamaican case was on the front page of the Observer in July 2008. I attended to your office at the towers on Oxford Road…..and of course we spoke on the phone more than once.

    I then received some interesting correspondence from a doctor in Olando showing some “unusual” policing to say the least……I believe the phrase was “put up or shut up”

    The Public Defender in Jamaica Earl Witter Q.C. was well aware of the happenings…..his son has had his money stolen by David Smith….both went to school together.

    There was of course the meeting to discuss I believe “jurisdictional” issues…what the hell ehhh?

    Alas..Mr. Green..why bother now? The documents concerning Olint and one Joe Hibbert seem to out in public……was that the Joe Hibbert who the FSO in England raided locally?

    Mr. Green I speak only for myself….and you know….It’s going to be PUT UP.

    The FBI and SFO aside from being Lorded into “Moral Suasion” if you will are still very much active and more arrests are to come.

    Truth be told Mr. Green I did not write my MP in Jamaica as I had done with my English MP…….I’m sure you will understand…..you see My constituency is East Rural St. Andrew…..and the MP is Joe Hibbert…..

    Good day to you Mr. Green.

  6. If I may Commissioner Green….I recall attending to the Office of the Fraud Squad in Kingston 3 times to see Supt. Cordell Edwards. On two occasions I was accompanied by lawyers…..not very formal I suppose….about as formal as a 15 page typed statement…..with supporting documents……hmmm….If only I did not know my hometown better than most ehhh Mr. Green?

    You should see what law enforcement in the first world let me participate in …..well for instance I saw A Jamaican named Noel actually disown himself to a process server while being taped….oh If only the resources at your disposal were up to par with Scotland Yard and Federales ehh Commissioner?

    What a dream it would be to be able to sit down 5000 miles away and watch David Smith live in the Provo Casino gambling away granny’s money…..One day Jamaica’s law enforcement will get there….I’m sure you would agree Mr. Green.

  7. Some clear support from the political directorate could help Commissioner Green I am sure.

    BUSHMASTER….see to it that Mr. Green gets all the help he needs!

  8. Although hardly a formal complaint and more like what we call in the vernacular “bowing” Mr. Green I do believe that Drum Manley-Drummond may be trying to reach out to you Sir. Perhaps his office might be a good place to “restart?”

  9. I believe also that the State Minister may be ready now to hand in some kind of statement to you also Commissioner.

    If you visit the office you could as they say “Kill two birds….or even three…with one stone.”

  10. Smithy, I will be with you shortly.


    I would like to respectfully request two things of you at this time.

    1. Please release the following freedom fighters back to the blog….Harbourshark, Cold as Ice, Chimp and the others (you know who).

    2. Please remove all your filters.

    Serious work now.

  11. Think of it Smithy….she could be back flying her broom before the ink has even dried.

  12. A facebook account with photos and videos is being set up for you King…..any of unno ever seen Wayne and Jigsy Live at the roulette table? We wi talk “mi bredrin” but not right now….I want you to see a proper presentation of the work..before you comment………for it seems you were not so impressed earlier.

  13. Word of thanks to Mr. Basil Williams Jr. of Platinum.


  14. Sirach,

    Please use the Olint page for Olint stuff.
    This is the Higgins Warner thread.


  15. Anyone has any update on what is going on with Max Higgins? Why he has suddenly appeared again?

  16. TO STEAL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Well, let us wait to see what the end of March will bring. Hope no one is holding their breath!


  19. I have been authorized by the federal government to disclose the names of these
    Federal officers of the United States Department of Justice.
    Currently these agents are actively investigating the financial conduct of OLINT and
    can assist Olint claimants with American connections (green card holders or US citizens) and
    also Jamaican citizens who may have been defrauded by Olint.
    I encourage all Jamaican attorneys and accountants to co-operate with these officers.

    Below is the contact information:-

    1. Special Agent Kelly Pennington (DEA)- 407-333-7000 ; 407-509-4680
    2. Special Agent Kim Pennington (IRS)- 321-441-2669
    3. Special Agent Ronald Ramos (IRS)- 321-441-2685 ; 407-575-5735


  20. Well, March 31 has come and gone. I have heard of persons going to Miami to get back their funds. Has anyone received their funds by wire as yet?

  21. @ Sue…….Miami….LOL….Where in Miami ? What location ? I wonder when will this comedy end ? First it should have been wired from Argentina, then from Dubai, then HW dispatched rubber cheques, now funds are being given out in Miami ? lol

  22. Sue, If people have to go and get back money where are they going and who is saying that! You really think that makes sense. You might be going to Miami to come back into a body bag and a bounce check! Be careful I think this is all a trap.

  23. Hey Guys ,
    He has a site up and promoting world football idol/fashion shows/ etc. and an album …This man is a A TEEF!!!!!!!!!!!!WE NEED TO GET HIM ARRESTED!!!!

  24. 😦

  25. I think this may be a trap by the US government to penalize and further investigate all US resident and citizens who were involved with the “investment”.

    Why would any government want to give back money to anyone when that money may have been involved with illegal activities (knowing or unknowingly by Olints clients/group members).
    Really now…….when has that heroic scenario on part of any government ever taken place.
    Oh and by the way…..the U.S. government and all world governments are “out of money”, broke and on their face heading for disaster very fast, yet we think they want to give us money back…..hmmmm….lets all get real and wake up. The US needs all the money it can get to pay the bonuses for criminal bank executives………..PEOPLE….THE MONEY IS GONE.
    Furthermore, funds confiscated from illegal activities belong to the government whom convicted the criminal…so…..some may belong to Turk and Cacois, and some may belong to Uncle Sam.
    If we’re not careful, we may lose more than what we lost with olint…………..we may have pay BACK TAXES to uncle sam for any interest earned…..talk about getting shafted with a big one from both ends.

    Jamaica is no safe haven for offshore accounts.
    Jamaican officials will sell you out for a “patty and coco bread” and a bag juice.

    If they are giving “any” back…Im sure that this news would have spread like wild fire and there would be lines at the Norman Manley airport headed to the USA.
    Hold on tight to those visas and passports while your at it..

  26. I personally think, that all these people who speaks of investments( e.g schemes) they are all a sets of lyers and thief. Higgings Warner, whoever is the president/organizer is wicked. He came into Jamaica with is agents (devels), and took away the people monies (he and his devels) no better than the gunman. I personally missed the downfall,if is was not for the creator, I would fall. He took my mother, and sisters us 39,000.00 and run off with it.
    He caused my mother’s death, and many other peoples death, and other sicknesses. She died from strokes, (high blood pressure), which she did not have, (only because she went and invest in his wicknesses). satan advoccate he and his followers are. But i say to him – God says vengance is mine and I will repay thus says the Lord. Blood is on his shoulders. I prayed many days, nights etc that he would send back the Jamaican people monies, and all we here is new payment dates are being announced and never come to fruit. (I see his day coming, if he dont turned from his wickness, and all the others who are in the same boat with him, God his going to reward them for their evil deads (I rest my case and wait of the Good Lord of Heaven).

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