World Wise Partners case put off

World Wise’s case requesting that the courts bar RBTT from closing its  accounts has been put off and will be heard on June 10, 2008.  

More details are emerging. It appears that RBTT informed World Wise Partners from November 6, 2007 of its intention to close their accounts. It then appears that in April 2008, RBTT moved to closed the accounts and it was at that point that World Wise Partners went to the court asking that RBTT be barred.

World Wise Partners is currently closed for restructuring leaving most partners nervous and upset while some are trying put on a brave face and are “keeping the faith”. 

Interestingly their continues to be silence in the OLINT NCB matter, where OLINT has an injunction barring NCB from closing its accounts.



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  1. I opened my account in December 2007 I live in Columbia SC The amount was $2,000.00US

  2. Once again World Wise have issued another promise and their ‘partners’ wait to see what will happen. On Wednesday September 3, 2008, World Wise notified their ‘partners’ of payments to begin this Friday. It is Friday and for many partners is either put up or shut up.
    A few weeks ago information surfaced about certain property transactions involving the persons having the lastname Strachan made through a company called JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC. It is not clear were the money came from to buy these properties but given the current situation it raises some concerns.
    The address, 12608 S Stonebrook Cir, Davie, FL 33330, is the address of the Manager(s) of Jullee Propertios LLC, see Florida Records. The Managers names are Noel Strachan and Judy Strachan.
    What is the relevance? Is it a case of coincidence?
    Property Purchases
    Two companies, JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC and STRACHAN-AZIZE INVESTMENTS, LLC were registered April 7, 2008 and effectively began operating on April 9, 2008. There is another company registered in August 2007 called JADE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, LLC the same time as WORLDWISE PARTNER, LLC.
    This company, JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC, then purchases the following properties:

    Apr 11, 2008, Folio#: 503911074990, 617 PIGEON PLUM WAY , WESTON, Value: $380,000
    Apr 21, 2008, Folio#: 503902034070, 1554 CANARY ISLAND DRIVE , WESTON Value: $360,000
    Apr 28, 2008, Folio#:504016070010, DAVIE, Value: $3,650,000
    Jul 11, 2008, Folio#: 504017020253, 1655 N COMMERCE PARKWAY , WESTON, Value: $7,850,000
    Total Purchases: US$12,240,000 or J$881,280,000 @ 72:1.
    You can search for these properties at by using JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC as the search phrase.
    It does not end there. On June 10, 2008, NOEL R. & JUDY R. STRACHAN purchased 12608 S STONEBROOK CIRCLE , DAVIE for US$1,800,000. Again a key link is made.
    On the public documents, the mailing address is given as 8 UPPER MARK WAY #14 KINGSTON JM, the Jamaican address for another company, Jade Property Development & Const, apparently owned by a Noel Strachan (see Carib Cement Distributer list.)
    Total Purchases: US$14,040,000 or J$1,010,880,000 i.e. over $1 billion Jamaican dollars.
    It should be noted that on June 2, 2008. World Wise suddenly shut their doors promised to re-open in two months time. When that time came, they announced a ticket system where members would have to submit request for payments that would be made on a first come first service basis.
    No payments apparently have yet been made. The FSC also issued a Cease and Desist on August 5, 2008 preventing World Wise form taking any new money or members. On August 31, 2008, the offices in Liguanea St. Andrew, should have open but that did not occur. On Wednesday September 3, 2008 they annouced that the portal would close and that payments of principals would begin on September 5, 2008 instead.
    The question now is, has anyone been or will be paid? It is D-Day for World Wise as any more disappointments or fooling around will certainly leave their partners feeling foolish.

  3. I opened my account with US@15,000 .00 in November 2007, and to date I have received nothing! The Jamaica Observer says that the authorities have released the funds so what is the cause of the delay?

  4. The case is…we have been defrauded!!! Get intouch with Paula Llewlyn (DPP) in Jamaica. Noel and Judy are still in Florida conducting business under Worldwise Partners LLC and Jade Property. In January 2012 they sent out an email to partners that they will be paying out. to date, no such thing.

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