Gleaner: David lived it up

The Jamaica Gleaner is presenting a side of the man behind OLINT. In a Gleaner artcle of Sunday July 20, 2008, a reporter now in the Turks and Caicos tells a few stories. Here are some quotes:

Smith is a popular figure in corporate circles here and is known to throw down as much as US$100,000 ($7.2 million) a night at the Players Club and Casablanca casinos, two of his favourite spots.

No one is prepared to give their name when talking about Smith, but they speak highly of his boundless benevolence, which includes sponsoring many sports competitions and social events. “David helps a lotta people here man. He’s good for this country,” says a man who claims to be Smith’s friend.

Two weeks ago, he celebrated his birthday with a massive party at his mansion in the upscale Chalk Sound area. It was reportedly attended by several Jamaican members of Parliament.

It is interesting that these friends are not prepared to have their names called and stand up for their friend, especially when their friend based on what we hear is happening clearly needs help.

It should also be noted that OLINT sponsored the Jazz and Blues festival in January 2008 , for a significant amount we have been unable to ascertain, and had launched a US$1 million Olint foundation in December 2007.

If we are to believe these stories, David Smith was living the life in the Turks and Caicos while his club members for at least the last 7 months have been scouring blogs to get information on what was happening to their money. It has been torturous to say the least,  for members as they have shifted through speculation, conspiracies theories and the facts, only to be stunned by the contents of the now famous ‘e-mail’ that only confirmed what many(detractors) have believed and available evidence has suggested for a long long time. Things at Olint were not what they seemed.

Prayers for OLINT

Interesting in a letter to the Gleaner, a Bishop Peter Morgan,  appears to believe that OLINT is just having technical difficulties and soon return to regular programming.

It is apparent that they do not lack the funds to disburse gains to their club members, but are hampered by the proper mechanisms to do so.

Bishop Peter Morgan, it is time to wake up and smell the roses. Persons need pray for those that are suffering and pray that the same mistakes are never made again.

Source:Smith, man of ‘boundless benevolence’ (Gleaner) and Prayers for Olint (Gleaner)


Let’s hope this information is right this time. The last time the Gleaner reporting was sloppy and the sources got many things wrong. There is and was no OLINT office in Miami, there no raids in Miami and no joint raid in the Turks Caicos involving USA agents and not to mention no evidence to support the missing/blocked/returned USD $200M dollar wire. Congrats to Gleaner for having the courage and integrity, to admit they got it wrong on some issues.


Reflections by ‘Leminotep Jr’

When it was first published elsewhere it was promptly deleted. It was later & published in the Jamaica Gleaner of April 26, 2008.

I have often wondered how the dear departed Leminotep would have addressed events. Please permit me space to make a feeble attempt in his style.

And it came to pass that in the third month of the eighth year of the third millennium, and in the first year of the reign of Bruce the Prodigal, story did come to bump in the land of the Jamdowners. Verily I say unto thee, multitudes were confounded when what could not have happened did happen.

Hear me oh Jamdowners

E’en in the great and mighty kingdom to the north did the plague spread when the purveyors of false hope and even the sellers of snake oil were captured following dawn operations at affluent addresses. Hear me oh Jamdowners at home and in the diaspora, many were they who experienced an epiphany akin to that of Saul on that Damascus road. Some, having repented of their transgressions against the laws of mathematics and economics, proceedeth to speak from both sides of their mouth.

Verily, in the days following the great calamity there were those who did confess to knowing known unknown, unknown unknowns and not knowing that they knew not. But among the multitudes were those who prophesied of certain destruction. Verily I say unto thee, it was written that those that have eyes should see and those that have ears should hear. Wise men went about the land, e’en in cyberspace warning the multitudes of the impending disaster.

Bad mind and collusion

Dearly beloved, I say unto thee, when story did come to bump, present were members of the drunken multitude. Armed with placards extolling the virtues of the chief purveyor of hope, they proceedeth to direct their wrath against agent of the state alleging bad mind and collusion with the keepers of deposits.

Hear me oh Jamdowners and Jamrockers, dreadlocks and baldheads, blower of trumpets and ringers of bells, get not thee complacent because more financial plague will befall the land. Was it not written that the fool and his riches shall soon part? Take thee heed of the laws of mathematics and economics and heed the words of their prophets. Listen not to the wolves wrapped in sheep garments ‘profit-sying’ of great returns to come. Great shall be the pain of the transgressors. Selah.

Truth can never be suppressed.