Olint, is it the broker’s fault?

We have in our possession a very interesting dialog between Oanda and an alleged club member.  Here are the details. We pondered whether or not to post it. We chose to post it and allow persons to draw their own conclusions rather than hiding it. 

Dear Sir/Madam

I am desperate. I need to confirm or deny whether or not

1. Does OLINT, TCI, David Smith have trading account(s) with you are not?
2. If so, are you indeed conducting due diligence on the OLINT/TCI/DAVid Smith accounts ?
3. If so, and when will this be over?

I really hope you will be able to assist, as 6 months without interest payments is not good. I have requested that my account be closed and they claim this cannot happen until the broker, release the money.

Thanks for your assistance
***** *******

Dear ***** *******

Thank you for your inquiry. You will appreciate that we cannot disclose any information about OANDA clients or their accounts. However, please be assured that OANDA initiates payment within one business day of receiving a valid withdrawal request provided the client has sufficient funds in their account.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.

Kind Regards,

OANDA FXTrade Team (KM)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your reply. So in the general the I can conclude the following

1. Once there is funds in the client’s(trader) account the funds will be
released in 1 business day

I have few follow up questions.

a) Do you carry out “due diligence” on any of your clients accounts that results
in the freezing of the clients funds?

b) If Yes, how long does this take?

c) Is there a document that I could refer or point my lawyers to so that I can
explain to them that what OLINT(DAVID SMITH) is saying is rubbish?

I hope you appreciate my questions and I hope I do not come across as being
angry but I have not been paid for 6 months and I have to be doing some
investigations on the excuses being given.

***** *******

Dear ***** *******

Thank you for your email. In regards to your follow up questions, OANDA would freeze accounts if requested by regulators, governmental or law enforcement agencies. Due to our client privacy policy, we cannot confirm to you whether the information David Smith is providing to his clients is false unless we are requested to release information by our regulators or law enforcement agencies. You can direct your lawyers to our withdrawls web page for full information on our withdrawals policy https://fxtrade.oanda.com/your_account/fxtrade/withdraw_funds.shtml

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions.

Kind Regards,

OANDA FXTrade Team (KM)

Dear Sir/Madam

Thanks for your responses & information but I have few more questions. Please bear with me

1. In General, if regulators freeze the accounts would the client still be allowed to trade? How long would they freeze it for?

2. Would the regulators, governmental or law enforcement agencies inform the client that they are being investigated?

3. Thirdly I want to clarify something that I got wrong or was not clear on.

I listened again to an interview David Smith of Olint did on a local radio station in Jamaica. In that interview, David Smith of Olint claimed that he was not under due diligence but the broker was. He said he was not the problem but that his brokers were the ones under due diligence and he was have a problem getting money from them.

Thanks for you assistance

***** *******

Dear ***** *******

To answer your follow up questions:

1) When regulators freeze an account, no trading is allowed. The account remains in frozen status until the restriction is lifted by regulators.

2) The client would be informed that their account is restricted.

3) OANDA cannot comment on David Smith’s comments. You can check if there are any pending cases involving OANDA on the NFA website (http://www.nfa.futures.org/basicnet/) and searching our NFA ID number (0325821).

Kind Regards,

OANDA FXTrade Team (KM)

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank for you responses, thank you for you time and assistance. It is appreciated.

Hopefully this situation can be resolved quickly.

 ***** *******

Dear ***** *******

We confirm that OANDA is not under due diligence. 

Kind Regards,

OANDA FXTrade Team (KM)


  1. Name has been remove to protect the identity of the person.
  2. We cannot confirm or deny that Olint has an account with Oanda.
  3. Due to legal concerns raised, some aspects of customer’s letter has been edited or removed.  The response from Oanda remain as it. 
  4. The alleged customer received confirmation via e-mail, that Oanda is not under due diligence (July 11, 2008 )


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  1. Are you guys crazy….how can you directly contact OANDA and expect them to disclose information about any of their clients? What you are doing is creating unnecessary trouble for the club and yourself. Things are rough but keep your composure and emotions in tact in order to have some self control.

    The mere fact that you would offer to send to them the broadcast with the interview knowing that you will not get any information from them speaks volumes of your intellect.

  2. If you cannot confirm or deny that Olint has an account with Oanda then have such a loaded title to the post?

    ‘Olint, Oanda, Truth’

  3. Tito:

    I’m a bit slow on picking up things but two things jump out at me as I read the dialogue:

    (1) If Olint/DS did not have an account, don’t you think Oanda would have denied it right off the bat?

    (2) Based on the flow of the conversation, isn’t obvious that Olint/DS has an active account with Oanda?

    I’m curious as to your take on what I just said.

  4. Now, I normally believe that the information posted on this site is WAY more useful than any found elsewhere. But this post comes across as one with a blatant agenda.

    For the record. I do PERSONALLY feel that Mr. Smith’s company is bordering on the edge of collapsing (if it hasnt already), and the lack of payments, transparency, clear concise and consistent communication only adds to the problem. I am willing to watch and wait (but not too much longer before being convinced one way or another) to see how this pans out.

    This article however comes across as the owners of this blog trying to PROVE without any REAL FACTS that Mr smith and Olint are frauds. Being honest with ourselves, I’m sure we can all admit that there is no PROOF to show that Olint is a scam/Ponzi, OR to prove that it is a legitimate business. Both sides can pull bits and pieces of words, articles, interviews, circumstantial evidence and then feel that yes they have the proof. But at the end of the day neither side can say that they KNOW FOR A FACT and can PROVE that its a scam or its legit.

    The article is vague at best. And only shows that the rep who replied knows the customer service script well. I’m surprised that the rep even MENTIONED David Smith in replies. All this shows me (assuming the interview is real) is that the rep must be familiar with Mr smith’s name and has probably heard it around the office. Normally i would expect a rep to simply say something along the lines of “we cannot disclose any details of any of our members”, NOT to mention a client’s name.

    Everything else the rep said could be found on Oanda’s website, or with a quick phone call to their customer service desk.

    I YEARN for truth, proof and closure…but sadly this does not give me any of those things.

  5. I agree with the Cynic, there is no proof that OLINT is a Ponzi scheme and it would be pretty difficult to have a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme last as long as OLINT has been around. Olint has been around for approx 5 years unlike Lewfam and CashPlus.

    What I have heard is that money has been transferred to Turks but they are having trouble with NCB accepting payments. Don’t know how true it is, might just be another story to keep us confused.

  6. DaveSin

    (1) Denying whether someone is an account holder in any financial institution is just as bad as confirmation. Confidentiality requirements are breached if any information realised regarding an individual can cause distress or inconvenience to that individual.
    Obviously information needs to be provided to official bodies/agencies.
    Try contacting a bank or trading platform that you are not part of and ask if ‘you’ have an account with them…

    (2)All answers given are generic (bar the last point which is a disclaimer) and one would expect the same answers if the questions were asked without mention of David Smith or Olint

  7. TheCynic:

    I think you, albeit unintentionally, concur with my conclusion that the Oanda personnel more or less, that confirm the relationship exist between Olint and Oanda.

    This might been intentional or not, but sometimes PR people will deny something, while simultaneously confirming something else. I read between the lines and saw a confirmation.

    I’m not one of the owners of this blog, but I saw the dialogue as an attempt to get at the truth or at the very least, an attempt at confirm all those double speak we constantly hear on these blogs.

    TheCynic; how is the correspondence between Oanda and the “inquirer” any different that people calling Olint’s office for confirmation of pertinent issues and then coming onto the I4L blog and relaying what was said? Could you help me understand the difference?

  8. Didn’t DS say he was not the subject of DD it was his brokers. What you should hve asked oanda if they were under DD during this time and would that have prevented clients from withdrawing money especially large sums.

  9. Who is the owner of this blog? do U work for LC, BNS, FSC OR CAPITAL BLU. i have been reading this blog for 6 months now this is the worst posting iive seen.

  10. There are real places to get factual information. Oanda has no regulatory issues. Check http://www.nfa.futures.org then type in oanda in the search field. Good luck and I hope you are not really counting on this to work out good. But my blessings are with you all.

  11. Your credibility have just been SMASHHHH your on a personal agenda.

  12. Dave,

    The difference in my mind is, one could not really expect a Bank/Financial institution, much less a customer service rep, to give away confidential information on its clients. While on the flip side, one could and SHOULD expect Olint’s offices and reps to provide clear and consistent information to ITS customers.

    If you had called BNS and asked if it is true that they have money for one of your friends, because he OWES you money but he’s telling you that he’s broke, so you want to know if its true! You wouldn’t REALLY expect the rep to answer you would you?

    And you ARE right, that in some way by mentioning David Smith by name, the rep ‘may’ have been confirming that they have at least one client by the name of david smith. But again, thats pure speculation, we don’t even know for sure if its the SAME David Smith (both David AND Smith are pretty common names eh 😉 )…

    NOW, I want to make it clear, I’m not saying that Mr. Smith could not and IS NOT possibly using Oanda, or rather ‘his broker’ as a scapegoat, in fact i believe in one of my posts i did say that to me it seems likely AT this point (much as how Carlos Hill blamed ‘the banks’). I was simply saying that posting the interaction between the questioner and the rep like that, comes across to me as having an agenda. The guys that run this blog are clearly very intelligent (dare i say even more so that myself), so they must have KNOWN that a customer service rep would not be of much use when it comes to revealing information. They must have also known that what was said in the interaction proves very little if anything at all and only seems like an attempt to discredit Mr. Smith.

    Again, whether or not Olint is a scam, and Mr. Smith will go down as one of the biggest con men in recorded history is yet to be seen…. but as of right NOW there is little proof to support either side of the debate…

  13. JAH KNOW…….OBjectivity, and real motives should be the title of this piece. Olint, Oanda, Truth? come on please. No one here can be sure without a shadow of a doubt if Olint is in trouble, if it really is a ponzi scheme, or if it is a legitimate business BUT what we all can conclude alike is that this website, and whoever runs it is on a personal agenda to Discredit Olint as a club and try to convince the whole world that it is a fraud and DS is a conman. Just look at the titles of their Columns.
    1 Olint Failing
    2. A Forex club to a Ponzi
    3.Olint Hollow Response
    4. David Smith -FIngers Crossed
    5. How Olint survived (QUESTION MARK)?

    You guys are real class acts. I can guarantee that any good news about Olint/DS would never make it to this website. No mention that DS is not under investigation after implicating he was in one of your headings.

    Someone posting interesting post about Olints June return (negative) and immediately there was a note to veryfy it with the admin. with proof. I honestly dont know if DS use to tease the owner of this website in highschool or they were childhood friends and he got rich and forgot him or something but it has to be something personal for this personal agenda/vendetta against this man.

    If you are sure it is a ponzi and it will fail then let it fail on its own. Dont go scouring the internet looking for negative things about the man and club. If it is so doomed to fail as u say let it happen and then come and report on it.

  14. One thing i have always heard about jamaican is that we are bad minded and don’t care about each other. U can see this in our driving and with huge murder rate we are having. We prefer to see people down or you are in a better position so u don’t care about the getto man. I have work in cayman for many years and it will be your own jamaican counterparts to bring you down. regarded if david is a scam i personnally thought he has good intention but things just got out of hand. This is not good for our country if we want our children and grand children to a have better life. I have a six year old grand daughter and i’m sure the next 15-20 years she is going to laugh at us. (About forex trading). Personnally i think jamaica is 10-15 years behind time, pnp came in power 18 years ago the average person did not even know or have the use of internet. We even didn’t have the use of blog, DS is keeping this blog alive. Many jamaican is just hearing about forex trading because of who, DS. So if he run in problems i only hope people will get back all or some of their money. give me a respond.

  15. Let me chip in here;.

    1. David said the broker is under due diligence, not him,
    2. David said the broker will not release his funds as the broker is under due diligence .

    Lets assume 1& 2 are true.

    If the broker cannot release Olints funds because its under due diligence( and lets assume its accounts is frozen because of this), then how under earth can Olint be trading on this platform.

    Recall that in forex trading you use leverage and I think Olint leverage is 20:1.
    Based on the above assumptions, it therefore means that ‘the broker’ CANNOT lend Olint money to trade, since it would not have access to its money.

    I know this cannot be true because I currently trade on Oanda and have zero problems completing my trades.
    Secondly if Oanda accounts were frozen then there would more than likely have been a complaint issued which would have been listed on the NFA webpage.

    So, Oanda accounts are NOT frozen.

    It therefore means than its Olint accounts that are frozen(if any accounts are frozen at all).

    Now Oanda states that ” If a clients account is frozen the client cannot trade”.
    If that is the case, then how can Olint have been posting monthly returns.


    Someone is lying and you can decide who that person is.

  16. I missed out a point in the above post.

    “It therefore means than its Olint accounts that are frozen(if any accounts are frozen at all).”

    This leads us to make the deduction that the due diligence is being conducted on Olint and not ‘the broker’ as David had said in the interview.

    This is of course if we believe than any due diligence is completed at all.

  17. Jay,

    To me and my limited knowledge you’re absolutely right. The story we’ve been given is not consistent (to say the least). Which leads me to believe that more than likely Mr. Smith either not giving us the full story, or is flat out lying. Because for some reason i find it hard to believe that Oanda, a company backed by Wachovia a pretty damn big BANK would flat out lie.

    But for some strange reason I still don’t feel this is the smoking gun… Maybe if Wachovia or Oanda would flat out make a statement saying they ARE NOT holding any funds for Mr smith and his company, he is NOT and has not been trading on their platform as opposed to us having to infer from and interview and emails ,then i would feel this is the smoking gun.

    But alas… i feel that unless there is an arrest, an audit or a confession, then it will be some time before we get the smoking gun. Until then those with money invested will continue to hope, pray (#4 bus anyone), and search for answers. While those who stayed away or got out will continue to look and laugh, pity, or just scream WE told you SO!

  18. We also published “Olint Payments to begin rolling” https://investforlife.wordpress.com/2008/06/08/olint-payments-to-begin-roll/

    If tomorrow OLINT starts paying we WILL be published that, if he does not we will publish that too.

    DS was named/implicated yes. You can’t clear someone who is not being investigated.

    We NEVER said he was being investigated, The Jamaica Observer said that. If you read “Olints hallow response” you will notice our criticism of the Observer. see the article there.

    I for one do not know DS but I know persons whose life he has affected both positively(ill-gotten as I might think) and negatively.

  19. Wha happen to di BOJ newsflash? Mi see it ah flash ina red dis evening. Now mi come home no newsflash. Ah wha di rahtid ah gwaan sah? Cho!!!!!!!

  20. forgot to add…. I think it is HIGHLY unlikely, unless there is a lawsuit against Wachovia or Oanda, that they will make ANY form of statement.

    Following this point, I still CANNOT UNDERSTAND why Mr. Smith has not filed a suit against Oanda for at LEAST loss of goodwill in his business. It seems ridiculous to think that a financial institution could cripple a business for months and the owners of that business do little, or rather APPEAR to do little to fight them. I’m sure investors (or gamblers;) ) would feel better to know that Mr. Smith was filing suit against Oanda. At the least it would show bring to he fore some hard evidence as surely any lawsuit would have to be backed by documented proof! waiting on THAT one to happen too 😉

  21. Jay

    There you go again, just like Jason, drawing conclusion without evidence. Please continue man.

    Anyway, I am truly concerned by this revelation.

    What this person wants to do is for Oanda to go on the offensive, turn against David, kick him out of their FX business, spread his name amongst all FX brokers so that David can never ever trade again, and then that will be the death of the man’s career.

    People, this is what I have been talking about. The lengths to which people go to try to bring down David/Olint. Now you understand why it is best that he keeps all club members in the dark at this time about how he does business, because the club contains individuals that have their own agenda, and does not mean David any good.

    This is my bias position, because David/Olint cannot get fair treatment from certain wicked people and they know it.


  22. I do not think that we should be so hard on this posting. I think we can all agree that DS is either hiding something or he is afraid that if we were to know the truth that his company would come crashing down. We can not make a definate judgement on the fate of DS clients. The only thing we know for sure is that something is not right. It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out. On the interview on Nationwide we heard a man at his worst, he sounded worried and afraid. And as far as I am concerned I don’t believe what DS said,what those stupid emails from Olint say or what Martinez said or even what Owanda said in the reply is this posting. All I do know is that if you are still holding on to hope that DS is a honest man then you are clearly blinded by your poor judgement. The road is long and the path is very rocky and guess what? The journey has just begun.

  23. You observations has been noted. As we desired to remain fair to all parties involved, we are have edited and removed the questionable sections

  24. Again, much thanks to you InvestForLife


  25. For all the intellectual types:

    Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: COGNITIVE DISSONANCE

    Mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The concept was introduced by the psychologist Leon Festinger (1919 – 89) in the late 1950s. He and later researchers showed that, when confronted with challenging new information, most people seek to preserve their current understanding of the world by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding the new information or by convincing themselves that no conflict really exists.

    Mr. Festinger would have LOVED to study JA over the last six months 🙂

  26. InvestForLife

    Blog statistics:
    Present – 71501
    Morning – 66400 (approx)
    Total hits today alone 5101 (approx)

    This is a one day record (so far).

    Great going InvestForLife


  27. I DO beleive DS and O were in forex.

    I DO NT beleive that they have been making the reurns they claim.

    I DONT Think they have the money to payout.

    A lawsuit is brewing in the caldron….I know people including myself who are talking to lawyers. One way or another we will get answers.

    Just waiting for July to be over.

  28. Guys in regular investing, bad news is much more important than good news. Good news means you may make more money. Bad news means that you may lose all of your investment. This is why stocks can decline so precipitously on bad news.

    Be rational; do not try to kill the messenger. It is DS that caused the problems Olint and its clients are experiencing, not anyone on a blog. He said in the interview that it was his broker(s) experiencing due diligence and not him or Olint. How can that be true? If his broker was experiencing due diligence, would not all the Broker’s clients have their money frozen? If there is due diligence going on then it must be specific to DS/Olint.

    If the broker indicates that when an account is frozen, no trading is allowed… How can DS claim he was not able to pay most of his clients for over 6 months because his account is frozen (no return of funds) but yet during this time he has been reporting trading gains?

    See Marcus’ post for the definition of cognitive dissonance, a phrase I have used several times on another blog. DS has not paid folks in over 6 months. Do you guys seriously believe that there are not investors out there doing stuff like what is in the email correspondence? Do you seriously believe that if this keeps up much longer there will not be several lawsuits filed? How do you believe attorneys, clients and their investigators get information? If you guys think not publishing this type of info means similar or the same things are not being done in preparation for possible lawsuits, think again? Didn’t F1 also include IL’s broker (I-Trade) in their lawsuit too?

    For many investors, (several congregate on the 4 blog) there is a concept called, investing only what you can afford to lose. I suppose because many feel that is what investors should have done they may think that lawsuits are not been prepared or should not be filed. There is no real concept of investing what you can afford to lose; this is why if people do not get paid many eventually file lawsuits.

    Real life is full of twists and turns. Even the person who starts out thinking that they invested only what they can afford to lose often finds out different… What if he/she or a loved one gets sick and needs an operation for the cancer? What if the car or house that was fine suddenly needs to be repaired or replaced? What if he/she or a loved one has an expensive and unexpected emergency that depletes all funds? What if there is a job loss by investor or spouse? These are the twists and turns of real life. In investing there is no such concept of investing what you can afford to lose. Unless the company told you that your high risk investment was lost, when life changes you often need your funds returned.

    If folks do not get their money back they will start looking for lawyers to sue and or start their own investigations to determine if they are being lied to and perhaps scammed. Trying to blame the messenger does not change the fact that this is going on.


    Don’t criticise people for contacting oanda. You critics have no super intellect. The amount of Demand letters and cases gathering against Smith right now…will mean soon the “hiding” for whatever selfish reasons smith has conjured will be a thing of the past.

    This is not some 007 plot. I asked many of you to disembark you’re spacecraft 2 days ago. But you’re still flying around. Smith took money….he owes money….people want it……he does not produce……he produces talk………then he will talk in court…..

    The 007 ting when is wire coming and us govt. and DD an conspiracy theory and druggist and bad man……this will all be at and end in very shortly….all statemen s will be made in writing and or under oath and documents will be probably ordered to be presented in court for verification etc.

    One thing the courts should ensure is CLARITY

  30. CLARITY–the single most asked for thing of the entire blogging.

    Only court orders can produce CLARITY at this time.

    What DS, WS, TS say has actually ZERO credibility. They are useless to us now.

    Only all the documents on Olint can provide us with the CLARITY

  31. WE have requested CLARITY never received it…..NOW we demand clarity simple. Olint will be reliquished of their LEAD role position…simple.

    If they resist then there resistance will be made public for the people to judge…simple

  32. You dig?

  33. Big crowd definately expected at Braemar today.

    Rumours surronding the 15%+ loss for june are gaining strength.

    Investors resident in Provo are definately in the dark as to the real runnings.

  34. BTW I have confirmed that Olint accepted US$ 1500 dollars from a new client within the Last Few days. The clients initials are VS. I am sure that Mr. Wayne Smith nshould be able to confirm this if you are interested.

  35. Not a word from the Observer or The Gleaner. On such a milestone day? SSSHHHHhhhh The calm before the storm is with us Now. Sleep tight my darlings for you shall need your strentgh for the morn.


    YOU HAVE THE FLOOR TODAY. OVER 10,000+ have waited for this day for over seven months. We have been chastised and ridiculed and shamed for supporting YOU. Now it is your turn.

    You have our undivided attention today David Smith. We emplore you to use it wisely and effectivley and with the knowlege that from Almighty God nothing can be hidden.

    People have been suffering Mr. Smith. Do unto ohters as you would have them do unto you. If you have squandered the money in concert with Lucifer, and Baal and his agents then confess your sin before God the father Almighty.

    Mr. Smith you have caused people to stutter and lie on your behalf. They have drank the wine of sorrow and have copulated with Satan the Devil himself. Blood money is in there hands (those who got paid).

    The Lord Jesus of Nazareth had sent you many ambassadors of his ministry but you rebuked them. The spirit of the belly of the snake is all around. Only you can stand down from resisting God and begin the exorcism.

    In the name of the farther I command you Satan to leave the flesh of God’s child David Smith.

    David, let go and surrender your life to Jesus

  37. Sirach the final straw is later today. If no funds in today I would not want to be Wayne or David. Lawsuits aside I would say a quiet word for them first and then all of the customers without any money.

    The tide has turned and the tsunami is upon the man they call DS.

  38. Jamwoman where you been baby? I missed you.

  39. Can’t sleep baby….I soon come over.

  40. What contingency measures are in place? Where is the government, ministry of health etc.? The banking system may not be affected as Mr. Audley Shaw had clearly stated but the pschological fallout? Are there provisions for this?

    What of the non monetary related repurcussions? Ja may well need a large cadre of psychologists, counsellors and clergy at the ready.

    Can the politicians please exit their Pra…d….I mean spaceships and take up some semblance of leadership.

    May God have mercy on us all

  41. When I say ALL I mean ALL if you think you are insulated by not being a member of Olint then you do not know what clock a strike.

  42. Sirach, thanks for the compliment, I am awake as well. There is NO protection and there is NO fallback as the fund calm from a club. NO REGULATION. The Government have NO OBLIGATION. Psychologists will have a field day. The Justice system and the police could also be looking for some songwriters “Murderer” or in the case of a female “Murder she wrote” by Chaka Demus and Pliers.

  43. The fall of Olint may more than likely mean a total run on all schemes. Many of you are aware of the fact that aside from the more well known ones like:

    F1, May Daisy, Olint, Lewfam, Wilshaw, Keen exchange, Partners, Worldwise, Azan (s), Cash Plus etc.

    THAT there are approximately 30-40 more of them! Most of these little ones do quite well because they were started with the benefit of hinsight. They administered properly and did the opposite of what Olint and others had done.

    The problem they face however is that it is the faith in DS as a person that allowed the “babycons” to spread their wings.

    They would certainly have an instant run if DS does not put SIGNIFICANT cash money on the table today.

  44. Read Collister’s column in the Business section of today’s Observer

  45. Sirach, it a nutshell what does the article say in the Observer. I haven’t got the Observer.

  46. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com

    At your service mam…..How come you only respond to some of my posts and not others?

  47. Nutshell?….Cars and houses going to lose value…economic figures going to be affected….widows and orphans going to face it hard…..single moms going to break down….people not going to get back any money…ZERO….stuff like that.

  48. Sirach, I always respond to your posts but not all of your questions. By the way I went on the website but couldn’t find the article. Advise.

  49. It’s morning all you east coasters! Wake up! Wake up! Just over 6hrs to go! If no serious breed a money drop by 12 noon dung a braemar then you know…then you know….then you know….then you know…


    Is it the redemption for Jay and Jason et al.???

    Shall Olint for life and Hermes take the title????

    Rising stars! who shall it be? Will Jamwoman send a sexy picture to all the Rampuss dem? Or is she an ugly b….whooh don’t go there…..do’nt go there

    yabbadabbado……yabbadabba do…..my dreams come true….do they come true for you too????

  50. Jamma when u get to Observer’s home page…near the top you see some bars and an ORANGE one says Business.

  51. Hiding in the wings Jay?

  52. Big day today Jay….how you feel….confident in your redemtion? Can I book the rights to the first interview when…oops I mean if you win the debate?

  53. Jay, thanks, read it. Lovely morning reading. The morning sunshine is more refreshing.

    Awake and ready for a fun filled day of DEFLATED EXPECTATIONS by a majority.

    Sirach are you saying the “Fat lady will be singing” by midday? Other lyrics come to mind: “Call it a day”

  54. Yes its over….Call it…….sorry that you did not come may……

    Too much to little too late to ever try again…..’

    ‘Just got paid…friday night …feel alright…party’s jumping…a monster jam..’

    ‘do you know…where you’re going to…do you like thethings that life is showing you …where are you going too…do you…care what your hoping for..’

    Dum Dum Dum…..another one bites the dust…anotherone bites the dust …yahhaaaaaaaaaaa’

    ‘ole pirates yes they rob I…sold i t..’

    ‘bodyguard i wounddnyt like ya jab….snakes in the grass….’

    ‘I don’t wanna talk…about things we’ve gone through…though its hurting me…now its history….THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL!…the losers standing small…beside the VICTORY!…that’s our destiny..’

    ‘ down in Jamaica they gats lats of pretty women….steel your money and they break your heart….on an on he just keeps on trying…and he smiles when he feels like dying,,on and on’

    ‘ Tradedy….when the feelins gone and you can’t go on its tradgedy..’

    ‘I’m too experienced to be taken for a stroll ….to experinced for DS to rock and rooolll..to experienced to be taken for a riiide …and i know its not my my foolish pride…

    ‘and we would cook…cornmeal porridge…of which i’ll share wid you…everyting gonna be alright…no woman nuh cry…’

    ‘heal the world….make it a better place…for u and for me an the entire human race….there are people dying….’

    ‘ General ……Genaral….Gena.penitentiary genapententiary….ahhaw ahaww…’ Big up M rose!

    ‘ this is the sound…..of silence…’

    ‘don’t leave me this wayyy…..I can’t survive …i can’t stay alive without your…..don’t leave me this waaayyy….aaahahahah BABY …I’d DIE FOR YOU….so common keep that fire burnin in my soul….’

    ‘ herba dis a herbsman ustlin’ ….bright an early in d marning….’

  55. ‘bad bays bad bays…whatcha gonna do…whacha gonna do when they come for you….’

  56. Bounty! ‘…Anytime wi hungry again you a go si mi…..yes anytime….’

  57. ‘I don’t wanna wait in vain for d’ cash…..you running and you running and yu running away…but yu ca’t runnaway fram yerself….da dat..da dat da da dat…”…..WHO FEELS IT KNOWS IT LORD…..WHO FEELS IT KNOWNS IT LOOORDDD…’

  58. ‘I need a rooof …over my head..remember garvey said….time it a go dread now…’

  59. LESS than 6 Hours and counting.

    Good luck to all.

  60. Based on new “rumours’ of money being held, and BOJ intervening etc, I can pretty much bet the house that there will be NO payments today and NO communication either.

    What we may get is an email on the weekend or monday to ‘clubmembers’ apologizing for the delay, and ensuring clubmembers that they are doing everything in their power to get the funds locally. The appreciate clubmembers’ understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

    At which point people will come on the forum and say, give them ONE MORE WEEK. Its the Carlos Hill scenario ALL over again. Except this time the ‘big boys’ have already been paid.

  61. Sirach,

    You are a piece of work, guess adding a little humour at times does no harm.

    BTW – I would like all to no that I take no pleasure in seeing anyone lose their money.
    Most detractors are not :

    1. Anti-forex
    2. Anti- Olint
    3. Anti – Alternatives (in general terms).

    We are all howvever against:

    1. Those who do not want to be regulated.
    2. Thos who do not want transparency in their operations.
    3. Fraud
    5. Trickery
    6. ALL shape and form of PONZI.

    What is so wrong with that.
    Who cannot see that all the above are wrong and are really intended to just rob the average man blind.

    The advent of the AIS in Jamaica has seen the largest transfer or wealth from the poor to the rich in the history of this country.

    We have heard (rumours) of some very rich folks in Jamaica who have said to have “flee” Olint earlier in the year with a “plane load” of cash.
    No doubt some of these are the “sophiscated” investors that Hermes spoke about, who seemed to have recongnized that Olint business model had changed and hence wanted to get out early with their cash.

    Now there are the majority who are supporting “Olint-for Life” who have ended up getting -10% per mth for the last six months.

    Olint-for Life – Supporter returns last 6 months.
    A – US$100,000 invested would have been worth approx $53,144 and the end of June – a 47% reduction (If you are lucky).

    JAN 90,000
    FEB 81,000
    MAR 72,900
    APR 65,610
    MAY 59,049
    JUN 53,144

    We no doubt will hear what takes place later today.

    If we are wrong we no doubt will eat “crow”.

  62. Cynic

    I they try a stunt like that then I can difinitively say that their legal team are a set of skirt chasers whose spacecraft reach altitudes way beyond those of the average space cadet blogggers here.

    The local lawyers are a set of cadet and the American ones probably in all honesty not understand Jamaica, it’s culture, its people, their attitudes and their reach.

    Again, may got help us….even if we have to eat crow to access such help

  63. (munch, munch, munch) … caan leave me seat today at all, no sah … so me dun stock up on de munchies (munch, munch, munch) … cho, dis ya movie mek de script fe ‘Usual Suspects’ look like ah joke (munch, munch, munch) … it waan look like sey ‘DS’ starring as Keyser Soze … (burp) nuh tru LightDeFuseandRun??? … (munch, munch, munch) … wha’ yuh haffi sey …

  64. Good morning to you all

    You are the best in humour, keep it up, because I had a bellyful of laughter to start my day. By the way, where is my coffee? But Sirach, do try and get some sleep.

    I really appreciate your last post. Why couldn’t your other posts be written with such civility and sensitivity to all bloggers? It was much nicer reading this last one.

    As for returns, I don’t know where you get your figures; I think you are baiting me (and others) to tell you the returns, but you done know, that’s the club members private business.

    Its D-day, so we will wait to hear.

    However, I have been hearing some rumours that will certainly fuel more speculation, but they are very sensitive issues. I only ask that we all be careful about some of the things we share that may be very sensitive to this country on a whole.


  65. Olintforlife

    I think I went through this with davesin already…..shhh…I may be in a different time zone.

    In fact by the time you “do not hear” from Olint that there is no money today…I could be telling you goodnight……..Yardie deh all a Greenland you know

  66. You know what I think everyone is forgetting. Let us say that money does flow today. What happens to the requests made after May 30,2008. Do you think that those people will have to wait another 6 months LOL. All i want to tell everyone is to stop listening to the lies from DS it is time for all this to come to an end. To all those who wanted to drive Bentleys and Lambos and own multi-million dollar homes on the Florida Keys, you can hold on to that dream ok. All I know is that if that if money don’t run today, i will gladly take that 6 series bimmer that Wayne is driving and that nice jet i see parked up at NMIA and that multi million dollar house that DS allegedly owns in Europe. I will get a buyer for them and then it will be a start for DS clients to start getting some money. All I know is that these people been living like Donald Trump, very flashy! And don’t forget that DS said that it didn’t matter what would happen that you could only lose 25%of your principal. So don’t expect no interest just your 75% principal. These people are slick LOL.

  67. Olint-for-life says….”However, I have been hearing some rumours that will certainly fuel more speculation, but they are very sensitive issues. I only ask that we all be careful about some of the things we share that may be very sensitive to this country on a whole.”…

    OFL, go ahead and share the info. That’s what blogging is all about. You keep holding back on us. Fly the gate!

  68. Rob

    hahahahahaaaa Rob welcome to planet earth….how was the space station. I hear there is only one toilet up there that everybody has to share…oh yes and it was clogged the other day…did you clog it?

    1. Rob…people who get Bentleys and Lambos and then choose to live in the Florida keys are called Cubans.

    You ever heard of oxymoron? hahahaaaa I get some of the most expensive cars in the world and then live in the US? hahahahahaaa

    Rob you are a breath of fresh air. Thanks

    2. WS BMW is a left hand drive M5….Rob its kinda corny to drive LHD cars in Ja.

    3. The jet is nice but it’s not a brand new hawker or citation like what the evangalists (the florida key style ones) have.

    4. It is 20% and 50% of funds depending on account respectively…I suppose C accounts cover 100% of the risk.

    Rob I hope you really become the reciever…I think you would deal with us nice.

  69. Jamwoman:

    Where are you located…Canada? That’s a yes or no question.

  70. Davesin

    I AGREE TOTALLY..Olintforlife A WE RUN TINGS TINGS NUH RUN WE….don’t hold back any info. Jamaica a country that I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO PASS COMMENT ON ANYTIME…..is an impovrished, broke, indebted corrupt nation that is struggling for its very existence….the fact that I love JA does not change these facts.

    Unnno neva read mi BACCRA BLOGS? If not you might consider taking a look at them….they are by far my best bloggs.

  71. I have read that Observer article.

    Again, just like others, Mr Ross limited his analysis of the supposedly imminent failure of “Olint” (he didn’t say so, he said rather “blue chip schemes”) to the NFA document which speak about certain transactions with the main FX broker (implying i-TradeFX Broker).

    Now , if these are all/only the transactions that David is conducting for Olint for the past 6 months, then I certainly will be extremely uncomfortable. As Sirach would say, I would probably be at my lawyers office already, and be camping out at Braemar Avenue.

    However, wouldn’t it have been a more balance analysis if he and others had the benefit of of knowing what other transactions were being conducted on the Oanda platform? Sorry, I forgot that we won’t know about that, that’s private business.

    So, could somebody have set him up to comment on that NFA document alone, and hide from him David’s comment that most of his transactions are not conducted on that platform anyway, but elsewhere (but he didn’t name that broker). O, I forgot, it is the Observer again. They didn’t report on anything that David said to clarify and rebuff that NFA document.

    Can somebody call Mr Ross and ask him to read what the Gleaner, RJR and Nation Wide News reported afterwards. We need some balance to the reporting by the Observer. (LOL)


  72. FACT
    Oanda is NOT under due deligence

    Oanda has not frozen Olint accounts , as if it did then Olint could NOT be trading and could not possibly generate the returns that he has stated.

    But lets take this a little further.
    Lets suppose that Oanda has really had Olint under due deligence.
    Lets further suppose that as part of this DD, that Oanda has in fact frozen Olint accounts.
    If the above presumptions are true it therefore means that Olint could not have been generating the stated returns he has been posting since the start of the year, at least NOT on the Oanda Platform where most of the money appears to be held.

    Now lets suppose that Olint is still trading and is fact posting genuine returns, coupled with the following facts.

    1.He is NOT trading on the IFX platform.
    2.He is NOT trading on the Oanda platform.

    Then one can reasonably assume the following:

    1. He given someone money to trade on his behalf.
    2. He is trading on another plaform, but his trading funds there are small which does not allow him to make the required interest payment.

    Assuming Point 1 is true.
    One can reason that either
    (a) the funds that he has given a third party to trade on his behalf are very small and the % that are generated though averaging 10% cannot be clients obligation, hence the reason why there has been a trickling of funds.
    (b) The third party that he has funds with is also under DD and hence cannot trade ( MD – Maybe).

    Assuming Point 2 to be true.

    One can reason that
    (a) David is trading on another platform , something he has failed to tell his client.
    (b) The funds here are very small and the returns while averaging 10% per mth are not enough to satisfy all his clients needs, hence the small trickling of funds since the start of the year.

    Now both Points 1 and 2 could be true and if both or even if one one is true there is still a hint of deception/cover up here.

    Well if Olint is generating the returns he has posted and lets assume that they are in fact genuine then it means that they were generated on a very small amount of capital and not the full amount of trading funds that he has under management.
    Remember it was David who said the broker (Oanda) will NOT release his funds.

    If this is the case that Olint has sought to deceive its clients while it was undergoing no doubt a very stressful sitiuation.

  73. Davesin-NO. The ROCK

  74. Rob, those who have encashments prior to and after May 30 2008 will be treated equitably. They shall both get what quack-quack get.

  75. Guy u are mising a point, if the accounts were frozen,where did he get money from to start payment in early June , as persons i know got cheques ranging from 20-40000 USD

  76. Welcome Janice.

    If OLINT has been collecting money from Jan-May 2008 but not paying generally, In early June, I suspect they might be able to pay a few persons.

    What do you think?

  77. Janice…why guy are you talking to?

    BTW, the source for the payments to the very few in June could be from non-frozen funds that resides else where…maybe his personal account(s); other non-broker account(s), could be from a short term loan; etc., etc., etc. Is that a possibility Janice or its possible, but highly improbable?

  78. Tens of millions was paid in June,so it could not be that he collected from people to pay out in june,

    let me say that i have excellent sources in and out of the banks

  79. Janice,

    As much as it pains me to say this… the answer to THAT question is simple…. deposits. At NO point as Mr. Smith and Co. stopped taking deposits. So all the deposits made could have been sent to an account (iTradeFX maybe?) and then from that used to pay people with pending encashment requests. One possibility is that that pool of money has now dried up far before the encashments made were all satisfied, hence the additional delay.

    The porblem may now therefore be that very little, if ANY deposits are going in. People either want to pull their money, or are watching to see how all this pans out before making any deposits. So there’s little if ANY funds left to make any payments. (notice, none of this involved any trading platform?)

    I just got off the phone with the NFA after having checked their website. The website has NO report of any pending case against Oanda. I decided to call because I figured maybe the website wouldnt report if it was merely a due diligence exercise being conducted. Needless to say the info the guy at the NFA provided was basically that ANY action against a company would be reflected on the website.

    If you want to verify for yourself …

    Oanda’s Company ID is 0325821

  80. The funds actually came from Oanda

  81. Wow!!! We have a definite source here!! Janice is saying that given her vast network of friends at various banks in JA, Oanda shipped unfrozen funds to banks in June…cool. What Janice is saying folks, is that there is no Frozen Olint funds at Oanda. Right Janice?

    Can we quote you on that? BTW, how much millions were paid out in June (USD$10, 30, 50, 100 Million)?

    But Janice, you only know two people that got some money, so how you know that USD$10’s of millions came from Oanda? Sorry…your banking contacts…Right?

    Could you ask your contacts if money is available for disbursement today… please?

  82. In the next couple of days we are going to take a jouney into the land of money laundering concerning Olint’s money.
    To understand the basics, read the below article.


    To understand where some of Olint’s money is stuck in, read


    in paragraph 23. Please note that JIJ Investments, Inc. is not a broker.

    I will go over in detail the MTI group of companies(Market Traders, I Trade, JIJ, and others) of who they are and what they do.

  83. Can we conclude then that since the NFA has not reported any regulatory issues with Oanda then they have not undergone a due diligence exercise in the past 6 months? So then, who is O’s broker that currently has the funds and can we look them up on the NFA site?

  84. Janice

    20-40,000? people seeking encashments of 2-4 million and more.

    Question: Can anybody verify that payments are being made now?

  85. AML,

    Bravo! If it is proven that Mr. Smith was in fact involved in money laundering i beleive that would in effect ‘save’ his ass. As well as the collective asses of all the other club owners (LewFam & F1 come to mind).

    David get slocked away safely for a while (while im sure still having a few million stashed away somewhere safely), and the other club owners get to claim they honestly did not know! They were merely pawns in the who affair. As a result THEY get to keep the millions they ‘earned’.

    The churches who so feverently supported Mr. Smith would claim they had no clue, and like many others had simply fallen victim to one of the devil’s tricks, and NOW is the time to join together in prayer, and give generously to help the families that were ruined by this horrible scheme. Matter of fact, the church might even be STRONGER after this affair.

    My imagination is running wild. But this scenario of Mr. Smith and company being involved in money laundering does seem to be the best possible outcome for him and his associates.

  86. Sirach,

    have you called the office? Give them a call.. you’ll get your answer 😉

  87. Guys great news is abound cant tell u much as i have been sworn to secrecy, but i will assure u that all is well with Olint, u will see soon

  88. Janice:

    Do you go by the name of PEI on the other site?

  89. AML
    Thanks for that post. I know you are just laying it on the table for us to be informed. I am reading, and it gets very interesting by the minute.

    I read with particular interest, the following extract

    “The beneficiaries of such money laundering scams and syndicates are often high net-worth individuals and entities, and in turn they become highly sought after as private banking clients. They then tend to gain access to legitimate investment opportunities and privileged high-end investment funds, making apprehending them even harder. ”

    While I know people immediately start to speculate about David/Olint, my mind start to wonder “bout di odder rest a people whose name mi can’t even whisper in a dem ya blog”, so they shall remain nameless. (LOL)

    By the way, wasn’t it Buju Banton who once sang:
    “Tief neva luv fi see tief wid long bag”


  90. If anyone want to know if ave have an account with OANDA
    contact Charles at the information below and he will let you check for you.
    If Charles can’t help you try Reene at National Futures Association

    Charles Ricci

    Information Officer

    Division of Enforcement

    U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

    Three Lafayette Centre

    1155 21st St., N.W.

    Washington, DC 20581

    (866) 366-2382Toll Free

    (202) 418-5391

    (202) 418-5519Fax


    MAYBE Rene can help also
    Rene Diaz Jr.

    National Futures Association

    Compliance Department

    300 S. Riverside Plaza #1800

    Chicago, IL 60606

    Phone: 312-781-1207

    Fax: 312-559-3570

  91. Janice, I have info that I also cannot tell and it is not good. The F1 runnings with the may daisy gal has started in the innitial stages and it nuh good.

  92. I agree with cynic that David getting embroiled in a money laundering charge by the feds as an ironic way to “save his ass”,

    see my earlier post this week under “Martinez, I-trade, NFA….etc”, where I summarize the 4 only logical moves that I think OLINT/David has next

    Hermes, on July 7th, 2008 at 5:15 pm Said:

    At this point, I think there are only 4 options for David Smith.

    1) By next week start paying out money. If he is able to do this, he will barely avert disaster. [By disaster I mean, lawsuits, criminal/fraud complaints in Jamaica (arrestable here) and elsewhere, threats of all kind, untold financial misery for clubmembers, irreparable damage to the reputation of DS and Olint, a complete roasting in the local & intl press, and a puncturing of the many hopes and dreams and faith of the people including many churches]

    2) If there are still delays by next week, then he has to produce to the club members financial records to show the $750M plus in his accounts. [the same records he showed the big investors last week privately in JA]. This might hold off the disaster for a little more or little while longer. There is no more reason to not be forthcoming with these records. If he can show the big investors, then he can show the small club member. At this point, by next week, this whole approach has to come to an end…..that is this whole savvy offshore, I want to keep my privacy, I dont want to reveal my trading strategy, I dont want to pay taxes or I dont show that I am making 40% per month which will irritate members etc, attitiude now has to give way to “I dont want to go jail”, or I dont want to die because some angry clubmembers take things into their own hand, or I dont want my name irreprarably damaged etc etc

    3) If he doesnt do either of the above, the only possible scenario where he can come out of this somewhat vindicated but ironically so, is for David to announce that the Feds (Fincen, USDOJ, etc) have frozen the $750M plus dollars in his accounts (along with some documentation that proves it since few will take his word for it) and that he is facing charges of being an accessory to money laundering because he unknowingly accepted questionable money in the early part of OLINT’s history when administrative procedures were not streamlined

    4) Buy a one way ticket to somewhere hard to reach or track down like Brazil, and live in the amazon jungle with primitive tribes, or go to some place like Zimbabwe and seek a hiding place from badman Mugabe. this will be his only option if indeed he turns out to be lying, or a fraud, or lost the money or whatever.

  93. InvestForLife

    Blog statistics continue to do well.

    Blog hits todate (Just now) – 74407
    About midnight (last night) – 72300 (approx)
    Blog hits today (so far) – 2107 (approx)

    Yesterday’s (Jul 10) record was a minimum of 5900 hits.
    Sorry I wasn’t keeping accurate score.

    CONGRATULATIONS, you are doing well.


  94. Cynic

    No one (of significance)is isin office in TCI. Of course all phones are full of messages.

    The stupid threat (tool)of blacklisting is being used….can u believe that?

    Bramar is telling you that the money has come. (Kerri Ann I think?) When asked from where-no answer

    When exactly-No answer
    From where- The broker I suppose

    How much – no answer

    When is payouts—no answer

    Let me speak to a manager-no answer

    Do you work at Olint -yes

    Is there any documentation sent to members to share this good news?–no answer

    When I going t get mi money? No answer

    So the fairy money is there and its all political and the BOJ is involved and a million man constantly watching the accounts at NCB and the Smith’s are now the most accessible people around…and friday is here and you just know……you just know….you just know….that you’re going to get what quack-quack get.

    You are supposed to turn into 007 and start wispering on some secretive belief that “the money is here….everything is alright”

    Lets go to what is known for sure:


    The imaturity and arrogance of these people is UNFORGIVABLE.

  95. Hermes,

    I’m going to take a wild guess and bet, that next week, none of the above would have happened, the week after none of the above would have happened. Maybe, just MAYBE sometime in August we see some shakeups and lawsuits being thrown about.

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of lawsuit could one file against these clubs & expect to win?

  96. Hermes
    Just giving you a shout out.

    I just wanted you to know that I have read elsewhere where your contributions to these blog discussions is getting rave reviews, has been warmly received, and that people have been tremendously impress with your presentations given your vast knowledge, sharp mind, a willingnessto share, and your ability to reason logically .

    Regardless of how things turn out, on behalf of the many bloggers who have been reading these past days, I thank you most sincerely.


  97. Hermes

    What was shown in the teleconference meeting was not proof.

  98. Not saying Olint is Higgins Warner…

    But this repeated promise of payments next month… wire sent… banks caused delays or rejected wires… followed by new promise of new date for wire and new payment schedule…

    Alas it all reads exactly like the HW script. There are so many more investors and so much more money at stake that let us hope it has a better ending.

  99. Janice…you run gone? How come you have not answer my question?

    Are PEI or SnB?

  100. Nocotec,

    To date has ANYBODY found, charged, sued, even shouted at Max Higgins for his actions?

    This is what concerns me. The very REAL possibility that if (and it is looking like when) this thing crashes, ALL the parties involved, who have benefited tremendously, the guys who bought boats, mansions, jets, world tours, shopping sprees, extravagant parties and events, will NEVER see the inside of a jail, much less a prison. Instead they will walk around scott free and continue enjoying their life.

    I must be in the wrong profession….

  101. theCynic
    The best approach is have a US Resident file felony one complaint with there local police dept, if the amount of money invested is more than $200,000 the local police will hand the case over to the FBI. The FBI will investigate and could charge DS with Class felony, wire fraud (if money was sent by transfer or even mail fraud, the 2 last charges are actual Federal charges. There are several ways to skin a CAT in this case.

  102. they catch me too

    A Resident of almost anywhere could confess that they have not declared their earnings with Olint and that Olint has (obviously) aided with tax evasion.

    Even if you are resident in JA you are required to declare your earnings wherever they may be in the world. IDespite of “tax haven” panama, mugabeland or the space station.

  103. Sirach
    You are correct re tax, but one can go back 3 years and amend their taxes, IRS allows that.

  104. The Cynic, There are several ways that these pompous idiots will get what is due to them as a result of their fraudulent actions and deceitful attitudes.. The federal government has their names and theses events take considerable time to unfold. The persons who have been deceived need to (a) keep good records (b) file complaints with the local police and regulatory bodies (c) be prepared to take action when they are advised on this blog of what has to be done. Stay tuned. The party is almost over. The assestts and their locations will be found.
    The sums of money and the money laundering that has taken place is significant. The Embassy will talk some sense into one of those brilliant politicians.

  105. Cynic it is quite clear that you have your agenda to destroy DS,what if DS is telling the truth.

  106. Big Respects, OlintForLife

    Thanks for the shout out!

    My understanding is that there are people who claimed to have seen these financial records (purportedly showing 750M plus in trading accounts) in a physical meeting in JA 2 weeks ago. I personally don’t know what they saw or if what they saw proves anything, but my basic point is that whatever was shown should also be shown to the rest of the clubmembers. The rest of the clubmembers can then ascertain for themselves if these document prove anything. If it does, then it buy David some more time. If not, then it is back to the disaster scenario.

    You are probably correct that most will wait till end of July/ beginning August, but in my opinion, I think some will start a little sooner than that.

  107. I have proof that the funds are here , will advise further

  108. Janice
    Do you work for DS.
    Do you have money invested with DS and if so does the invested amount represent a substantial % of your saving, your risk seem to very low based on your level of concern expressed in your writing . I know these questions are some what personal. But your support for DS is overwhelming. I know you might be trying to be positive, but be real also. Something is just not right.

  109. Janice he needs to provbide proof….Then people would wait and not complain.

  110. janice when you mean here what do you mean….tCI , jamaica or the US

  111. Janice (and any others who may think the same),

    I have NO agenda. I HOPE Mr. Smith is being honest and that he is running an honest organization (albeit very sloppily). I HOPE the money has arrived, and it is in fact enough to satisfy all the demand. I HOPE my friends and family who have taken a huge gamble with much of their savings (and in some cases all) will recover at the very least their principal.

    But this this is the problem, I should not have to HOPE. I don’t feel that when dealing with a COMPANY, much less a financial insitution with whom i have entrusted my money based on certain gurantees (i.e. i can only lose 20% of my money) that i should have to HOPE.

    I would LOVE to believe that Mr. smith is telling the truth, but he has given me such little reason to believe. He has not shown ME any proof that money exists now, he has not shown ME any proof that he, his dealer, his bank WHOEVER is under due diligence. In fact it is quite the opposite. I have seen a printed email from supposedly from Oanda at their local office which states that 250mln would be sent on July 2nd, because the due diligence exercise has been completed. My personal belief is that this email is not real. But without proof i cannot be certain.

    Mr. Smith has stated that he doesnt know why the money is being held…. This i CANNOT accept and do NOT beleive. Like i said before, it is not possible for me to believe that a company could be holding ANYBODY’s company at ransom, and you not take any legal action against them.

    Mr. Smith has also said the reason for the hold up is “due Diligence” however in my limited research i have not been able to find ANY proof of ANY due diligence being conducted againt Oanda or Wachovia. The logic also does not follow. IF his money were frozen, then he could not trade, if he could not trade he could not report profits. he DID report profits from trading, which imply that the money is NOT frozen, which further implies that the funds should be available.

    So.. the chips are stacking AGAINST Mr. Smith, and thuogh I myself, my friends, my family, my country, stands to lose a lot, I’m not going to just blindly sit and pray and HOPE that “what if David is telling the truth”

    what if Carlos Hill is tellnig the truth and he CAN and WANTS TO pay back people?

    What if Max Higgins is telling the truth and HE will pay back people?

    What if Ingrid is telling the truth and all yuo need to do is pray and your money wil be returned to you some day….

  112. We have now reached the point of rumours/ excuses for non payment.
    These things are so predictable. We have seen this general movie script before.

  113. If the funds are there, who is holding up the process? Lee-Chin?

  114. janice come on give us the proof if you know that the funds are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. There is a better chance of it snowing in the city of Kingston tommorow than people getting there full encashments. Mr Smith may have some funds but it will be distributed to friends and people who have been badding him up.

  116. Hey guys, we all need to calm down a bit before running off to start filing lawsuits or complaints. One thing is for sure, if lawsuits start filing by clubmembers, then the whole thing could get tied up and we wont get a chance to quickly get to the bottom of this non-payment issue and quickly find out if David was lying, one way or the other. If lawsuits are filed and injunctions are issued, then there is strong chance that nobody will get paid and David will have that as another reason for delays. If you want to get to the bottom of this, let it fall on its own over the next week or so.

    Filing complaints with police is also counterproductive.
    All these moves are only logical if and only if you are sure David WILL NOT PAY OUT ANY MONEY AT ANY TIME. It is not logical for someone who has money involved to take these actions right now . Only the naysayers and those want harm to come to David, would have a motive to do this right now since they could use this as a way to slow down the process and create more panic. But the catch 22 is that the naysayers cant file complaints or lawsuits if they are not clubmembers. So only clubmembers can do this. But as I said, it is in the best interest of all clubmembers to hang on a bit more and see what Davids next move is,

    Just my insignificant opinion!

  117. maybe thats what ds wants someone to file a lawsuit so then he can claim he cannot pay….

  118. ok

  119. maybe that what ds wants…then he can use that as an excuse

  120. They catch me too

    But when you pay the back taxes where you going to get the money from ? OLINT?

  121. Let time elapse until 4pm and then contact OLINT and ask if the funds are there. Simple. If not request the local representative Wayne to answer questions as to why. Then if the answer is not up to scratch I am afraid that for DS and W, judgement old testament style could be vetted out to them.

    As a woman with children I pray for their wives and children, because Jamaica lives in the old testament style “eye for an eye”. May the lord have mercy on their souls, they will never be able to hide worldwide.

    Good luck to you all.

  122. The Martinez’s do hold people’s money for ransom.


    Date of Post: 2007-06-28

    Review: Dear Felix,

    From one President of a company to another, I am appalled at your “quick to judge tactics”. There are always 2 sides to every story and clearly you have taken the side of the lies and misnomers. To set the record straight: I Trade FX has never held commissions that were due to our IB’s. You are more than happy to speak with some of our IB’s and I am sure they will tell you the same. Due to our extremely high business ethics, when we purchased CFGTraders assets we decided not to move forward with many of their IB’s. Several of there IB’s where managing money and lost over 40% of their clients funds and we would not allow them to continue trading with us. Further there where a number of IB’s that I would classify as dirty in the industry that we wouldn’t conduct business with. Like, SPOTFX http://www.nfa.futures.org/basicnet/CaseDocument.aspx?seqnum=1097 (SHUT DOWN THIS MONTH); TREND COMMODITIES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP http://www.nfa.futures.org/basicnet/CaseDocument.aspx?seqnum=1224 ( SHUT DOWN THIS MONTH). That is just to name a few of the type of companies that CFGTrader sold their sole for a few bucks, which I Trade FX would not have anything to do with. I think that speaks volumes for our level of integrity and business ethics.

    As for client funds, we have never way played hostage with clients hard earned money. We honored all withdrawal request from CFTrader clients, however did make decisions that we felt were in the best interest of the clients. We would not wire client funds directly to any offshore unregulated firms, but we would and did send back the funds directly back to the clients. We also didn’t send funds directly to a few brokers that we suspected of having some regulatory issues, like the ones above. We did send all the funds back to the clients. With several million dollars and thousands of clients withdrawing their funds from CFGTrader, there was a small time delay in processing everything, but to date all legitimate withdrawals have been processed. With several firms being shut down in the past 30 days, we have received several phone calls for clients thanking us for looking out for them, and keeping their funds form being frozen again by another negligent Forex Broker. In acquiring CFGTrader as quickly as we did we save thousands of client’s millions of dollars from their funds being frozen over a year, and only getting $0.17 on the dollar like RefcoFX. This was a risk that no other firm would stepped up and do, other than I Trade FX

    If you think looking out for the best interest of our customers, the integrity of our company and the forex industry is a bad thing. Then I guess you can take your chances at another firm and maybe you will have a few more warrior stories of your own. Next time you want to hear the real side of the story please fills free to contact me directly.


    Isaac Martinez
    I Trade FX, LLC

  123. Janice

    don’t be disturbed by requests to provide proof. Proof of funds “being here” has ZERO relevance at this time. Yes you all heard me ZERO relevance.

    Until the funds are “here” in my hands then nothing has effectively changed.

  124. Jamwoman

    WS is not to be found.

  125. cookie

    No lawsuit is needed I think DS has made it adequetely clear that he cannot pay already. how hope and despair is altering simple human comprehension is amazing!

    Jason…talk to them nuh?

  126. Jason you are correct. The problem is that hope is going to cause people like cookie to buy a winter Jacket tonight.

    Is only one type of jacket prevalent in JA and DS seems to have given all of us one.

  127. Sirach, WS is not answering any messages and either is DS. If Janice has info that states there are funds then that’s good for all. But not being around for contact i.e. WS is a little bit off putting.

  128. Sirach
    You can only pay taxes if you receive interest meaning total investment plus interest. If DS doesn’t pay out then there is no interest to claim on your tax.

  129. must contact mr smith directly and find out whats going on

  130. It appears that Janice is the only person around that have definite proof…I wonder why. Maybe she can be a little more upfront about the “quality” of the proof. Otherwise, Janice is a trouble maker. You are right, she works for DS!

  131. catd
    with all due respect. ..what DS wants so he can use it as an excuse……hahhaaaaa

    After all of this you think DS needs anybodys help to find an excuse…hahahahahaa

    What excuse is he using currently?……yes….yes…yes….think about it….yes ….yes ….yes

    Ready? N O N E!

    he has already said he doesn’t know why the funds are being held up…that’s not an excuse…..that is bareface….in your face….no respect…..bareface!

    So the man who according to Hermes proves he has all of your 750 million within almost the same week says he does not no why it is being held up…….after 7 months…..7 months! J E S U S!


    can’t you see your in total desperation that you are clinging on to hope….that adrenaline and other chemical changes in your body brought upon by stress and fear have clouded any reasonable judgement capabilities you may have had?

    For those of you experiencing this be careful because if you loose the money it is likely you will need professional help to get you through.

  132. Sirach, you and I have been talking from early morning, there is no need to be so over dramatic. The question is where is WS?????

  133. Sirach you start sound like Jason 🙂

  134. Invest-For-Life:

    Could you start a new thread label something like:

    Olint Payment Watch? This thread has stray from the original topic…I think.

  135. Anybody, where is WS?????????

  136. Interesting that DS has not bothered to post gains yet when he is usually so prompt… hmmm

    He is clearly on the horns of dilemma. Positive gains during this crisis of confidence will do little to instill confidence and cause significant new funds to flow to Olint. Only resumed payment of redemption requests will renew confidence.

    On the other hand it does appear that the continued delays is probably related to a lack of sufficient funds to meet demands for payments. In other words liabilities exceed assets. The way out is to start reporting monthly losses of 20 or 25 % per month until liabilities (money owed to investors) come in line with actual assets.

    DS can just use another excuse, say that an audit of accounts revealed that prior gains were miscalculated. This way after a few months he can decrease each investor’s account to about 10 % of what it is currently. He can continue to not make payouts and say that payouts will be resumed after the continuing due diligence and ongoing audit is completed. With this method liabilities will be brought into equilibrium with assets.

  137. Guys

    I was able to speak to Wayne on Monday July 7. The summary of what we spoke about then, that he gave me the okay to share with bloggers is set out below.

    I had posted this on the other blog.


    Their (himself/David) families and background are firmly grounded in christianity and it is these christian principles that they live by daily. On that basis, they would never seek to mislead anybody, especially as it relates to their financial status.

    There are significant amounts of administrative difficulties/hurdles that are being constantly put in their way. Nevertheless, they are holding strong and dealing with them as they arise.

    David spoke with Oanda today and has gotten assurances that requested funds are being processed. They should be getting confirmation of this soon.

    Returns for June will not be released until they are given the go ahead by their auditors. So at this time, don’t believe any rate that is not officially given.

    Olint will continue into the foreseeable future until it is not financially feasible to do, which is not any time soon.

    Trading will continue regardless of any difficulties you hear about.

    Olint was formed with a mandate to help “poor” people and christian minded individuals. These are the persons that have been the club’s most loyal supporters (not the “big man”), and it is these persons why Olint will continue to provide them with the opportunities that they never had before.

    At the end of the day, David’s name will be cleared and it will be embarrassing to those persons who wanted him to fail.


    I am just being the messenger, so don’t start “nyam off my head”.
    As you were in the discussion.


  138. (munch, munch, munch) latest yarn apparently being spun is that … ‘funds with / at NCB … but Leaching has warned that any NCB employee found assisting with payout process will be dismissed’ … (burp) … bwoy, de ‘BS’ seems to be getting deeper and smelling worse … (munch, munch, munch) … couldn’t the big ‘O’ dem come up with a better excuse … hmm, plot going to ‘hell’ …

  139. Olint for Life, I could give you the benefit of the doubt, but “Actions speak louder than words”. Lets see the cash now.

  140. Olint for life

    Question: then why was “the big man” allowed to come in and mess things up for us? We never let in the big man but we a feel the pressure.

    And the big man get invited to private meeting. And we don’t.

    Wayne must come better than that.

    Christianity: Wayne recall “suffer me the little children” not the big man.

    “christian minded individuls” as opposed to demonstrable chridtianity through action?

    “Loyalty” examine who a feel the most pressure? The most loyal.

    “administrative hurdles” if you know that their are christians and there are “others” then you know that these others are always going to set fi yu. So in mangement of a business you send for some more grounded secular type leader of high morals who in anticipating the bad mind business does not wait for the next attack but rather acts proactively to defer potential attack upon one’s loyal members.

    “onward christian soldiers marching as to war..with the cross of Jesus going on BEFORE. BEFORE. BEFORE”

    The returns for June argument is very decent and credible……THEN WHY DON’T THEY SIMPLY STATE IT VERBATIM ON THE WEBSITE.

    Christianity is about “into the light” not withholding information.

    Most important: Life is “Change” and the same methods and approach to new and developing problems can not work. You must be self assured enough to know when to take adcvice and/or change your perspective and approach.

    Telling member’s to go fend fi demselves is the opposite of this.

  141. Wayne and Olint for life

    Recall too that LCn is a major proponent of some “superhuman” christianity that is different from the rest of ours.

    Yet it is fact that NCB employees with Olint/Cash Plus etc. accounts were summarily dismissed.

    Also workers at NCB who were trading currencies and options for themselves privately also got what quack quack got.

    Lcn also talks alot about family…and closeness as if there is some monopoly on that…rubbish….

    SOME THINGS $$$ cyan buy

  142. Sirach, the issue about the “big man” is wearing thin. Money is money, whether from di “big man” or the little man it all adds up to US$750 Million. If pressure was put on DS to pay them out first, I can attest (big word for you) to the fact that the “big men” dem only got their principal and was told interest to follow.

    If the “big man” or di “bad man” dem race yu up first then I would pay them first to release a little heat. The littleman dem is “one one coco fill basket”, therefore all de littleman dem have to come together and act like the big man dem.

  143. If you are a US person, the FBI has jurisdiction if he used the US banking system to defraud a US person. I think that will be his downfall that he allowed US persons to join Olint.

    The lack of information today of all day is a ringing indictment.
    Now they are not even answering the phones.

  144. Sirach on a lighter note, you look good or you ugly?

  145. I pray I live to see the day Olint starts really empowering the poor and the big man is excluded. That talk been going on from when payouts were being made regularly and we were double crossed with that talk…

    Just after the talk iswhen the big man them did start appear like ants

    Check my BACCRA/history of JA blogs again.

  146. CJ, the question I ask, has he defrauded anybody? he operates as a club and didn’t promise any results. You took a chance. If you give me money to bet on a horse and it run like a donkey, a you loose.

  147. Guys

    This thing is getting to me.
    Not for my sake, but for the sake of others here and elsewhere.

    I have confidently heard from my source that funds have been wired to Ja and they are just waiting for them to be posted to the account. It is strongly felt that the funds are being held at the bank’s International center which is why it is not being reflected in the account.

    I just got off the phone with a very good bank friend of mine, who confirmed that funds are not yet in the account. But hear this, when I ask why you don’t call the International bank center, they ask me if I am mad. They said that if they do that, then it is trouble for them, or anybody else who calls. Now if they can’t help me with more info, what else can I do?

    I cannot share anything more about this than what I have just said.


  148. Sirach, BACCRA,BACCRA,BACCRA, you too young fi know how dat go.

  149. Olint for Life: Hallelujah

  150. From as early as last week i was told by a relative who went to a bankers association meeting, LCN & Hylton has told the other banks that the must not accept any wires from them.

    For once he start paying out it will look bad for the banks.

    Lets be clear that if the money is sent the banks are trying to sabotage Olint

  151. Jamwoman

    Why, does it matter? you deal with good looking and ugly already so why you going get partial now.

  152. Jamwoman, Said: “CJ, the question I ask, has he defrauded anybody? he operates as a club and didn’t promise any results…”

    It is called fraudulent conversion among other things. If he took money and did something else than he indicated… for example if little or no trading occurred… or returns were not real… or he used the money for improper purposes etc…

  153. About 6 week ago their was a meeting that was held at BOJ the Minister of Finance Lee Chin, Bill Clarke Hylton , and other bankers were all conspiring as to ways to prevent Cash Plus & Olint from paying their members.

    This is a fact

  154. Anyway…my time on the blog must end. I may read unno from time to time still.

    Remember try don’t wagaon out your morals and who you are as aperson true money.

  155. Sirach, you have a good sense of humour. I am not ugly, an mi no deal wid no ugly man

  156. Janice,

    I keep hearing folks making these statements which I refuse to believe are true.
    I am not saying you are lying , as you have just picked up the information from someone else.

  157. Janice you are correct, along with leeching and Bill Clark also in attendance was Santa Clause, batman and the cookie monster from Sesame Street. Its all one gran conspiracy against the honest Super Dave.

    When will you people ever learn. I also wondered what excuse he would use probably a little of Carlos Hill mixed in with Higgins Warner. Blame the banks then blame the authorities who are not releasing the fund. LOL

  158. Olint can just use a overseas bank.!!!!
    Janice stop telling us stories.
    That is just a new story which Olint put in place to keep us calm.
    The game is over.

  159. Janice. Woman to woman, a very valid view and could be possible. The only account still open is NCB, isn’t it. HMMMM.

  160. BTW nobody took the challenge and deciphered the name SIRACH…

    ironic….with all the “Christians” about…

    It comes from the Apocrypha….

  161. nyamingpopcorn&watching:
    I love it!!!, gonna go and buy recliner (on credit till i get my cash plus money) and start watching too….the fuse is slow burning but the explosion is imminent. Send me some popcorn nuh, too bruk to buy any (refer to cash plus waiting above). This is the greatest movie ever made, Drama, Suspense, Action, Sex (hoping to get the cash plus money to buy the X5 so i can get some) and unbridled greed…… 6 years in the making a sure box office hit….
    God help us all!!

  162. I contacted the NFA to voice a complaint on olint. I was told that the US does not have jurisdiction over O since they are not registered but they gave me several contacts which I will pass on.

  163. Rodger you are correct they would use a foreign bank. Jason turn off the disney channel when you are blogging.

  164. While I hardly read the other blog, because of the sheer nonsense and bafoonery over there. I couldn;t help but read that Super Dave has now posted updatedwire instructions to send to him. LOL lol lol lol lol lol lol lol…. you cant make this stuff up.
    Maybe Hermes and his band of sophisticated fools can fly to Turks, watch the ConMan trade, hear tales of great profitability at JMMB, look at some pictures of his good family, attend church with him and then make a ‘sophisticated’ decision and invest some more money into the scam. lol

  165. 1.Panama comm.; 3507 501 1700 for Panama
    2.Oanda; Michael stumm Toronto ca 416 593 6767
    3.Federal trade commission: 904 399 4486
    4.Lawyer with commodity experience and offshore exp
    5.Fsa uk 442070661000 for TCI

    My present lawyer has no commodity experience so I am on the hunt

  166. Tell the Oanda guy that NFA refered him.

  167. sirach is chairs

  168. Real Investment for life is clearly a website designated to cause the investors in Olint to become nervous. It is quite clear that whoever is behind this website is trying its best to ensure that Olint fails by giving only negative comments.

    Go manage the wealth you already have instead of using your money to keep this website going.

    I am an investor but i hope that you will realize that there is a god and the fact that you are behind the hold up of the funds will come to light.

    Not all of us are blind and the letters you have fabricated above should be used for something else.

    I pray to god that you loose all the money you have used to create this website to bash Olint and more.

  169. Be carefull about some of us agenda, some are not members and is only here to create fear

  170. ver and jan seems like both you on O list or church brothers. We do not need god ……this is strictly a financial matter….I nebver spoke about god when I invested my money. Now I want my money yu tlaking both GOd. unnu kiss mi ass….the law will do the talking

  171. Veronica Clark

    If Olint was paying money no one would care what the site says. You invested money with a Con artist. It is not the fault of the authors why Olint cant pay. Check DS. Olint stopped paying long before this site existed.
    Typical airheads blame the banks, regulators, the site, yor dog, cat, lee chin, bill clark blah blah blah

  172. Any word on the payment situation from Braemar?

  173. Jason, turned off the disney channel have you. Veronica and Janice have valid points about the “cow down” of O and DS, but in fairness to Jason: Whe di money de.

  174. No I did not. The cookie monster told me about the ‘meeting’ himself. Actually he told me that Big bird is the one holding onto the wires.

  175. Mux , no more light, water,telephone at Braemar, dem move. Song time again “One (7) more Jamaicans gone abroad”.

  176. DS took this muslin money and cannot pay why???him nuh know so how mi fi know……

    Did he discriminate against the muslin, atheist, jew or gentile. He took all our money….Now him and him suporters now a invoke “the name of the lord.”…

  177. Veronica, people like you amaze me! If Olint was paying members like they were supposed or even if there are having problems, they were effectively communicating with their members, then these blogs would not even exist.

    The problem is not the blog, people are smart enough to detect a bias when there is one.

    The problem is David Smith and his organization and the piss-poor job they are doing managing their operations.

    You are telling me that these ‘evil shadows’ have been behind Olint’s inability to pay for 6 MONTHS?!?!?!

    If I have money in my bank account, how can you prevent me from accessing it for OVER 6 MONTHS?!?!?

    Why isn’t Olint in court battling these sinister forces who is causing David Smith’s name to be dragged through the mud?

    The silence from Olint today speaks volumes of their callous, indifferent attitude to their members.

  178. Jamwoman.

    If David Smith has lost my money doing bonafide foreign exchange trading and can prove that, then I am willing to accept my loss and move on.

    If he has stolen my money by misrepresenting the purpose for which I gave it to him, that is a completely different matter.

  179. I guess the people in Cash Plus didn’t pray hard enough, that’s why they lost everything.

  180. All of sudden this stream is looking and sounding like the #4 bus. It’s getting funnier by the minute!

    Sirach, I would watch out for them JAMaican WOMAN. Since no Olint money is not forthcoming, even the ugly man start look quite handsome. :-). I know, I have first hand knowledge!

  181. The NFA compliant departments says they have gotten several complaint on DS and OLint but because Olint is not registered with them or is not a US company they cannot investigate.

  182. CJ you can see from my responses that I am fair and I agree with you wholeheartedly with your view. Everybody only wants to know hwats going on and as I always said. Whe di money de. Also on this site, Breaking news about a Olint saying how investors can deposit more money. I must be watching the Disney Channel with Jason.

  183. Davesin, I can’t believe you are UGLY. With such eloquence, but hey smart buoy a school usually ugly.

  184. Assalamu Alikum catd, the fact is that the only way to silence Jason and company is for us all the get our money. It not about debating the issue or who is more intellegent. Until the money is in our a/c’s, I cannot argue with the anti-olinters.

  185. The best bet I was advised is to file a civil suit and have the oanda accounts frozen and fxcm.

  186. catd interesting how you said the nfa can’t investigate DS, but in the martinez investigation he was mentioned. Your thoughts?

  187. Jamwoman

    he was mentioned but technically they cannot investigate him with the view to charge him since he is not a USco or registered in the US.

  188. Or the jamaican governement can issue a court order to freeze his accounts but that can be tricky.. Thats why he set up the offshore accounts he was really advised well in his early days..

    Does anyone know if lewfam is registered in the US.

  189. catd, don’t forget that the names of the persons in the civil suit will be announced by the media. Mine you cause some disgruntled olint member to come after you. Saying is you a cause the money to be held up!!!

  190. Jamaica – Capitalism In The Raw.

    why we like to F**k each other over so much

    if he lost it through trading, shit happens, if he is lying……shit will likely happen.

    DS do the right thing man, hey i might just keep my account…..

  191. catd got away to !!!!!!!!!!!!!! another day. Well I have to go and cook, mi done clean already. Feed the offspring and then wait pon di man who will say ” sorry darling for being late, been with the boys having a one drink”. Feed him then go to bed for him to say “beg you a peice”, of what me don’t know.

    OLINT, think long and hard about the next move. People a wait.

  192. i llive in the us and i carry a gun….suh mi nuh fraid…..wi affi stand up for what is right.

  193. Nationwide on OLINT at 5:30 !!

  194. http://www.nationwidenewsnetwork.com for those who want to listem from afar

  195. Invest-For-Life has started a new thread (No Money No Deh), use that thread to continue this discussion:

    News Flash>>>>> the Drug KingPin Extradited!!!!!!

  196. InvestForLife

    Blog statistics continue to do well.

    Blog hits todate (Just now) – 78658
    About midnight (last night) – 72300 (approx)
    Blog hits today (so far) – 6358 (approx)
    This is a new record for today (Jul 11).

    Yesterday’s (Jul 10) record was a minimum of 5900 hits. (Sorry I wasn’t keeping accurate score.)

    CONGRATULATIONS, you are doing well.


  197. For the record Jason and Jamwoman Sesame street is on PBS not the Disney Channel. Lawd did ting is hilarious.

  198. a pure spinning a gwaan….lewfam said on monday that olint was in possesion of the cash …now to wire it off….now naTIONWide is saying dd is over since this wednesday….and o waiting on brokers to wire mony….whats that all about.

  199. I remember being accused on the ‘buttuh’ blog of spreading fear uncertainty and doubt because I had the nerve to call for transparency into OLINTs operations.

    It now seems as if it was David Smith et al spreading stories about wires on the way. What were they doing this if not to buy time? What were they buying time for?

    Last week David Smith claims he don’t know why his funds were being held up. This week they can’t tell whether or not a simple wire was sent?

    These are the actions a this financial whiz? Puhlease!

  200. CJ, you need to post over the other thread…most people have abandon this one!

  201. ATACLAPSE come monday morning . Yuh know there was an email from Oanda that they showed me when I went to the Office, That said the money should be wired by July 2nd . I get the feeling they probably manufactured that email to buy time.

  202. The money is wired to the local bank in Jamaica.


  204. NCB/MLC banks with Wachovia, and if given a choice of customers (DS or MLC), who would Wachovia keep, and how would they justify their decision? Just a thought……

  205. man unnu ***** David Smith sehn unnu a get unnu money a morning

  206. oneil yuh chat too much stop spread negative news bout the man unnu too bad mind


  208. has david smith just been arrested?

  209. the word is spreading like wildfire here in miami,fl.

  210. i here that his offices in TCI have been raided. what have u heard

  211. Like the money, DS is gooooone!

  212. the tears…mmm…they’re so yummy..

    David Smith > Carlos Hill

    David Smith> Ocean’s 11, 12 or 13

  213. We all do this:

    Pray : Many bulls surround DS and Olint;
    strong bulls of Bashan encircle DS and Olint.
    Roaring lions tearing their prey
    open their mouths wide against DS and Olint.

    DS is poured out like water,
    and all DS bones are out of joint.
    Ds heart has turned to wax;
    it has melted away within him.

    DS strength is dried up like a potsherd,
    and his tongue sticks to the roof of his mouth;
    you lay him [b] in the dust of death.

    Dogs have surrounded DS;
    a band of evil men has encircled DS,
    they have pierced [c] his hands and his feet.

    DS can count all his bones;
    people stare and gloat over DS.
    They divide DS garments among them
    and cast lots for his clothing.
    But you, O LORD, be not far off;

    O DS Strength, come quickly to help DS
    Deliver DS life and his Forex Trading from the sword, banks , Medias, and All spirits of Jealously ALL who want to uphold poverty in high places and DS precious life from the power of the dogs.

    Rescue DS and Olint from the mouth of the lions;
    save [d] DS and Olint from the horns of the wild oxen.

  214. I am sure prayer does work and the Creator of universe still answers prayers. Further God words says,

    “Behold, they shall surely gather together against Cash Plus, Olint DS and associates but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.”

    Yes, alot has been said about the investment schemes, but what about the accusers”, including the local Banks and those pushing the corruption mills because of who is now involved?

    Where do the investors get the Bank Drafts or Managers’ cheques from to invest in these schemes?
    Did the financial institutions conduct their due diligence checks at the point of issuing these?
    Why do we have one mentality for the rich investors as against the small scale investors?

    One thing I do know is that God still answers prayers daily, minutely and hourly; so God can deliver Cash Plus, DS and Olint, and all others who are trying to wipe out the Spirit of Poverty through Forex trading. Yes; the same FOREX trading that the banks do to rake in their BIG Bucks.

    GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL; irrespective of the fact that we may not get the truth form the Money Makers right now.

  215. im sorry but god cannot help us now. we are f…ed. money gone. DS was obviously changed by his fortunes. let me tell u i am close to someone who helped to start DS and even he has been left holding the bag. he requested USD$15,000 6 wks ago and still has not gotten it

  216. he began as a trader but unfortunately ended up as a PONZI due to his inability to manage the growth

  217. Karl

    Everyone claims to no someone who was close to DS. If was really close and helped him to start up he would have known this thing was in trouble 7 months ago. He would have also asked for much more than $15K, would have been more like $1.5M.

    Trust me, his close friends cashed in long time ago. They all knew this thing was crashing from December.

  218. I still don’t believe it was a Ponzi.

    Trading is a real business conducted by thousands of persons around the world. Many financial corporates have a trading floor where they target making 1-2% per month (albeite mainly in commodities), which is safe and does not put a lot of capital at risk.

    This new kind of aggressive highly leveraged trading, where one can make from 1 to 25% per month is not sustainable, though it is possible (i.e. if you can make 1% unleveraged, you similarily make 20% on a leveraged basis).

    However, you will find traders making 3-5% per month though they will be risking 10-20% of their capital to make this return.

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