The Story of Financial Plus Investments

In a story all to family, hundreds of people invested their life savings in a company that offered “big returns”. The result is they stood to lose it all as the company, Financial Plus Investments, seemingly disappeared.

The investors in this scheme wasted no time and reported the matter to the local authorities and the FBI. The FBI responded quickly action, caught up with the firm’s owner.

Once again a community of persons are targeted. In this case it is the spanish  community in California and Neighboring Mexico. 

Fox reporter Gina Silva follows up with this video report.


3 Responses

  1. My husband thought it would be a great idea to invest the money that we were saving to buy our home. While we took our time and found our dream home now we are left with no money or dream home.

  2. we had 50,000 dallor with this man and he robed us[sad]

  3. My mom thought that it would be a good idea to invest all of her saving and now we are losing are house because of that man how has no heart I hope he get the justice that he earned.For take all those people’s dream of being rich and happy and now they are not even dreaming of buy a new house or buying something that they always wanted.They now have to worry about how to fight to make a living work more then they even have to but they do now all because of that man who killed my mom’s dream.

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