Carlos Hill Declares and avoids Jail

FORMER Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill today made full disclosure of his global assets in the Supreme Court and as a result was spared jail time. He had been ordered to declare his assets from as far back as April 2008 as a result of an application brought to the courts by Cash Plus investor Haber.

The original order expired but was extended on at least 2 occasions. Today, Justice Brooks was satisfied with Mr. Hill’s declaration, however that Mr. Haber was not happy and filed an application with the Court of Appeal.


12 Responses

  1. regardless of what kind of scheme mr hill was running , everyone got paid on time everytime until all the people who cared showed how much they really did.

  2. your response is so true. We must fight for Mr. Hill
    no matter what, cause he open our eyes through
    God who lead him to do so, just to show us how this
    Jamaica that we live in , the people who have monies, and who run certain establishments/organizations, all they do is rip off poor people. I want to tell all people out there, rich, poor inbetween, God is alive and well, and in His own time will appoint and remove who/what as the need arises. Give God the glory honor and praise, and all continue to pray for Carlos Hill. He is worthy in God book. (not selfish). Thanks be to God. Amen.

  3. Lol he’s no poor ppl saviour so I dunno y ppl keep having him as some high and mighty figure. Yes he gave us an opportunity to gain more and we willingly went into the agreement which says he can do whatever business venture with our loan and yes he does have the money to pay us back…well I neva get none cuz i jump on the bandwagon late 😐 and don’t get a cent ova a year now 😦 all him do free up quick so mi can move on with my life…from nov to august c’mon man this man need to hurry up and no mek it reach a year .
    BTW the alleged extra 4.5% still apply for all these outstanding months? I’ll just be happy with my principal.
    Mi sorry fi d olint and WW ppl dem cuz they have a much longer wait and it is known that the real money ppl inna dem 2 deh…I may or may not be included :$

  4. How much does Carlos Hill have.

    BTW where is the receiver report, it was due Aug 8, 2008

  5. I only hope after September 30th, is payout time,people have waited long, and people are hurting, and I just hope that the powers that be, let Hill pay back all his lenders their monies in the name of Jesus, who sits high and looks low. I put my faith and trust in the Almighty God.

  6. Carlos has the money and is going to pay everybody.DS is going to jail in Turks.

  7. Carlos Hill declares that he has personal assets of $111M but is that correct.
    Did the police get it that wrong and where are they in there investigation.

    Cash Plus boss, Carlos Obrian Hill, has declared J$111 million as his personal worldwide assets, which is far below the $4 billion outstanding to clients of the collapsed financial entity.

  8. This only proves how misleading the authorities can be, they don’t know one …………….k.

  9. Face the facts…

    I think we all are hoping to get back some of the money we invested in Mr. Hills well planned scheme.

    However, we must realize that Mr. Carlos Hill is an experienced well educated thief.

    We do not know that he has the money to pay us back he may have squandered the money or just hid it well from authorities.

    Face the facts, Mr. Hill did Federal time for a similar crime, which means he had no intentions or has no future intentions of paying any so called investors.

    He must be imprisoned for life.

  10. Jay….I’ve seen you on a lot of the Cash Plus blogs, seems like u loose a fortune. Hush! We all in this doo doooo! And it seems like we stuck! Cause there is nothing coming from nobody, not even friends of Cash Plus saying anything. But on a serious note, Do you think the world financial crisis wwill affect any of Carlos’ money overseas? Next thing him cry out sey him loose him money in the banks overseas. This seem like more deep doooooo dooooo! Waieeeeeeeeee. HELP WE BRUCE!!!!!!!!

  11. Is Carlos back to his old tricks with his latest announcement ?

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