Worldwise Issue new payment plan

We have in our possession a new email said to have been sent by WW chairman Mr Noel Strachan earlier this afternoon.

This new email also makes allegation about a certain business man who has sued WW and who has allegedly collected back all his principal but appears to have filed a suit for interest.

Here is the email allegedly sent to some WW investors :

Dear Partner,

I send this deliberate and forthright message to update and level with you, our partners, about the current situation. Our huge investments in upgrading our accounting system, call centre, and state-of-the-art Online Portal for greater client partner convenience – were designed to achieve more timely responses to our large body of partners, the numbers of which had grown and outstripped the response capabilities of the manual systems we previously had in place. To our regret however, it seems every time we take one step forward, something happens – which has nothing to do with World Wise – but which impacts World Wise in a way that negates our best efforts. No sooner had we put the above service upgrades in place, than news broke about another well-known high-yield investment entity, which was raided and investigated in another territory – causing investors to get jittery – and causing a run on World Wise.

Our new Online Portal which was supposed to have resulted in the fast-tracking of normal partner requests, consequently became clogged and tremendously slowed by the abnormally numerous (though thankfully not total) requests for withdrawals. But the suddenness and scope of this run prompted us to re-focus our time and efforts more on managing the run, than on communicating with you. We had to hurriedly, without notice, evolve a special payout plan and put in place huge administrative resources to deal with this run – while handling it in the best interest of our partners.

In the face of the current run, which has resulted NOT from World Wise`s own actions (which have always been above board), but unfortunately from the questionable actions of other investment entities which have no connection to World Wise, we have taken a conscientious decision to execute payouts in two stages. Stage 1 – Principal, and Stage 2 – Profits. This way we make sure that:

(a) everybody gets his/her principal back first, while we temporarily retain funds to allow for continued trading – as a way of funding the immense administrative costs of paying out a run.

(b) profits will be paid next – these funds will incidentally continue to accumulate more profits while with us. Let us be honest with ourselves. Which financial institution – even the big banks of the nineties – were able to survive a run without an unusual action plan? Truth is … a run (justified or not – in our case unjustified) hurts an institution because it rapidly depletes the institution of it`s income-generating tool of trade (cash) – while massively increasing the institution`s administrative overheads costs. In the event of a run, enormous admin resources have to be brought to bear, simply to execute the large numbers of payouts that have to be executed within a highly compressed time frame.

Notwithstanding, we understand you must be anxious, and are making every effort to put together a practical payment schedule which will take us to no further than February 2009. With this in mind we will commence the first set of payouts on Friday, September 5, 2008 and will keep you apprised of subsequent payouts as soon as we have put a schedule in place, subject to the completion of the audit process which has been slowed because of the overwhelming number of requests in the Online Portal. As a result, we will be closing the Online Portal effective Friday, September 5, 2008. The Portal will reopen on October 6, 2008 for partners to continue making their requests.
Please bear with us while we work in your best interest.

Again, to be forthright, and instead of sweeping it under the carpet, we have to level with you, and bring it to your attention that a certain business man has just sued World Wise – technically for profits. We want all our partners to know that it is a fact that by an unintended process of default, this business man has already received more than his principal. While we do not know if he can win his case, it is important for client partners to be alerted, that such a move is obviously designed to gain one partner an unfair advantage over all other partners. Such a selfish law suit clearly jeopardizes our 2-stage payout plan.

As we are partners together, this being a time of frankness, we would also like you to know that the officers of World Wise are being subjected to various threats. This is truly disheartening, since of all the high-yield entities that came before, we at World Wise are the ones who are actually paying out money. While the authorities compile information on the identities of the perpetrators, we do question the perpetrators logic as clearly, if any harm should come to any officer of World Wise, it would for obvious reasons have a negative rather than positive effect on the payout process.

In light of all this, we appeal to you our partners, to please think of others, to not follow selfish examples, and please be patient while we execute our well thought out 2-stage payout plan. It is the fairest, most honest and conscientious way to safeguard all partners investments – and to demonstrate World Wise s integrity – while we continue to pursue FSC approval.It must be highlighted that In Stage 1 partners who are already at a 0% risk exposure, i.e. their principal amounts have already been collected by them, will not be paid until we are at Stage 2. Please note also that when a partner has taken his full principal back, his or her risk exposure is zero.

As you are aware, WWP has already survived the onslaught of two major runs – again caused by shock-waves from other investment entities UNCONNECTED to World Wise. In this respect, World Wise has weathered the storm even better than those big banks which succumbed to runs during the nineties. A testament to World Wise`s good business practices, sound management decisions, and last but not least – World Wise`s tested and proven INTEGRITY.

We are PARTNERS. We urge you to please work with us. Let`s work in each others best interest – and exercise patience for the good and success of all.

Noel Strachan

September 3, 2008

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  1. Sound like DS,TS,WS

    Principal & interest?

    every statement you issue at the end of the month……..THAT IS THE NEW PRINCIPAL FOR THE UPCOMING MONTH


    Check sirach earlier postings about the principal and interest stupidness.

  2. Next thing you going hear WW has hired Gifford and paid out a bag of people money to them……hhhhahaahahahaaha

  3. Blame investors for suing for not getting their money. you lock office. do not respond to email. and then blame your client and call them selfish for trying to get the money that you owe them.

    you also make them look greedy for trying to make profits…

    what is most astounding, is why can they not pay everybody if they have not made any losses ?. it may take time to close trade ( which they should have done for the last two months )

    how is the argument that it is difficult to pay people from one of the most liquid market in the world ?. you are trading cash… there is no real estate, or hotels to sell or be tied up…

    more audit crap.. they are now auditing the backlog that is caused by their new improved portal . they will audit everything under the sun

  4. R@@@s da one ya tek di cake.
    they’ve stolen a play from the ds playbook. this ‘we’ are a ‘family’ type vibe is stuff of jim jones legend. who the hell are they to be labeling people ‘selfish’, people who are in all liklihood are simply trying to recover what youve taken from them and so far been unable to return….this is a classic…this is better than the letter ds purportedly sent to his wife!

  5. what runs in the nieties? Could not be Jamaica him a talk. run neva kill jamaican banks.

  6. sirach,
    im tink im a talk to quashie??
    i’d love to hear the perspective of someone who has sums tied up with ww.

    calling anyone, ww partner please respond….what is the mood like among your fellow partners?

  7. Kull

    you a tappa tap….the reason they can’t pay from a liquid cash operation is because the money is in fixed assets like the office on Ruthven..oh wait that’s leased….you know wht I mean like Braemar…oh wait…that’s leased……well…well like the plane…..oh wait that’s leased…..ah……ah……ah

    yes the run on the banks…oh ah…oh it was high interest rates bad loans and teefing highlifers who screwed that ……….ahhh

    Ahh…ok well…if you bring case an ask fi you money you going get pay last……Ah….but outside the badmen and politician everybody else a get pay last……..ah…..ok….if you bring a case yu naw get pay……ah….but nobady a get pay…..ahh….well …….If tings neva get freeze in tci mi woulda pay…..ahh but a month and a half ago without the freeze people nuh get them pay……..ah…………I going get some lawyer dat plea nuff druggist case and sen denm go jail….ahh…an i going pay dem One million pounds plus more….ahhh………nobody a get pay except the lawyers……..ah……people a threaten wi…..but your phones benn off…..ahhh

    man…..unno pray!….you don’t see we a try save the club…..ah but we always kept the stuff a secret …..ah …..anyway…ah…ah

  8. biggest bullcrap.. immense administrative expense of paying you back your money…


    banks process salary deductions and salary payments of thousands … what huge expense is that ?.

    typically the may attract a service charge of $ JA 30 per transaction.

  9. Unno get the prescription? Dem aprepare fiddem own.

  10. you can’t ask me fi money! I gave it to someone else who gave it to someone else who gave it to someone else and so on……what’s the matter with you?

    Wait…a wha dat …..a new deposit check?…yes gimmie….you ..wait…a wha dat? Grandma….get grandma check fast

  11. I hate the schemers

  12. Hahahahahahahaha!

    Noel is a criminal minded individual, period!!!!!!!

    “I send this deliberate and forthright message to update and level with you, our partners, about the current situation.”

    If only this was truly “leveling” with u members, I feel sorry 4 all u WW partners this Fuc#er just blowing sunshine up u ass.

    Him obviously feel that talk about priciple going mek people feel @ ease. I bet even if dem manage to payout principle any gains going get Fu#k. This plan is soooo transparent. In the end NS going be the benefactor of Other Peoples Money.

    I said it b4, I know this low life long time & I know some of the shady crap he has been up to. Is only cause people start find out what dem a do wid the “partners” $$ why they issuing this statement.

    The alphabet boys better look at u hard and good. Nuff bones up inna dat closet.

  13. Rob.. talk the thing straight.. not every body can decipher the code.. people invest.. they do not necessarily know the principals

  14. The man is criminal minded. Him will rob u if him can get away with it. It dont get no straighter than that.

    Brother u should of gotten to know this rat b4 u gave him u money. My opinion is u have about a 5% chance of seeing u money again. I certainly hope that I am wrong regarding that deduction.

  15. All u can do now is just watch and see if him do what him say him going do.

  16. well, he seems to promise an earlier payout than Olint..

    then again.. promises is a common denominator for all of them.. payments is another thing

  17. Note it wasnt “selfish ” For him and his peeps to be buying Million dollar properties (some for cash ) as recently as july when people a ded fi dem money

    But it is is So Selfish for people to sue for thier and contactually owed funds
    What a load of Crap!

  18. I also note this dangerous thread in all these clubs communications about “principal”
    How exactly does one define Principal ? Is this an admission that gains posted were not real ?(which by the way constitutes fraud )

    Are they aware that through thier contract a perception of propert y was created and people making withdrawals may have rightly assumed they were taking thier gains which has nothing to do with thier Principal?
    And what loopholes are both DS & NS trying to create by alluding to members who may have gotten back more than thier principal / been overpaid .
    How is that the other members concern ?

    Bwoy This is definately criminal history in the Making

  19. And there off…..Azan gais a quick lead and looking good (his trainer is wildish)……Noel coming up on the outside …and oh…yvonne coke making a move as we past the first furlong……Carlos Hill still at the gate tangled……but berttram hill ….is free to go……now…girvan has trained more than one starter today…..Bovells moving forward as they are shown the whip now……Robertson and Vaz waiting inside the winners enclosure…..and …and here he comes the favorite…making a move now is david smith … he goes past the mile marker …and it’s smith all the way….the field is outclassed………..creary and golding …estatic …they have won the patterson cup…at caymannas today…new track record….

  20. Some waiting for the athletes to come home so as to try distract with four days of bashment…..but a pure bangarang a fall pon dem since dem win……BANGARANG…..

    Yeah man, In Jamaica we are poised for an economic take off…yeah man……sure…right….poised for a quack-quack…

    Nightmare……ehh… nightmare…..just strait quack-quack…

    Can we make the world cup…….Asafa…Usain…Veronica…come home quick… depend on it…

  21. Although he participated in a radio broadcast on Monday, according to local reports, he clearly had no clue as to the details of the critical situation in the TCI.

    The government is reportedly not functioning well, leaving the people of the Turks and Caicos to do the best they can under current conditions.–37-37—breaknews.html

  22. NOTE: I am reliably informed that members of the Commission of Inquiry into government corruption in the TCI are currently conducting extensive forensic investigations into the business and banking activities of government officials and other suspect individuals. Furthermore, that this phase of the Inquiry will continue for several more weeks – at which time select individuals will be invited to give oral testimony.

    But bear in mind that this Commission will have access to all of the evidence TCIslanders submitted to the UK Foreign Affairs Committee a few months ago

  23. DS

    You need to read Proverbs 1:24-29 in case you are too busy for that let me just quote it here and now for you. “Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would heed none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD”

  24. lata

  25. Read this and ask who the facilitator set up to meet the jagan…ehh…

    Backers..I await your fury. At your service.

  26. (munch, munch, munch) … yow AML … Dark (i.e. tief-inna-de) Knight’s … Joker surfaces … from de family flim sets inna Florida … FBI gonna star inna dis one 4 sure … nuh tru …

  27. anyone notice that they also keep putting out schedule that you do not know when you will get paid ?. like May Daisy with their A-Z schedule, but you can never know when is your time.

    Why put only the start date.. everybody will feel like is somebody else getting paid, when in reality, it may be nobody !!!

  28. Kull

    friday is tomorow so the “wait” is not long.

    Pop Quiz:

    How does the government pay American Airlines millions of US dollars to stay around while at the same time get its technocrats to say we are poised for economic takeoff.

    This rubbish is the same as the former government year in year out.


    PNP: 13 Scorers: Morrison

    JLP: 1 Scorer: Jackson

  29. hhaaaaha nyaming how yu duh? likky likky nuh choke yu yet?

  30. Alright serious business now

    Look any one who talks about principal/interest principal/profit etc is not to be trusted. They do not know about money. them claiming to know what is principal and what is some other thing should scare you all. Now if they speak about such things as “what a member Deposited” or “put in” that is something different….and impossible to equate with anything like principal……careful of the ginal ship car salesman ting members…..sirach warn unno.

    Also the distancing and the blame? If you confident just move on to your work. the one goal is simple….PAY!….leave the conspiracy to the bloggers hheh heh…

    Oh the “please think of others”….part….Noel that stinks of the arrogance of those who have come before…try follow your own advice before lecturing the members.

    …”acumulate more profits while with us”……recall ..”in nine months..” This is classic dawg and bone….Carlos
    Hill relied on likky likky with this strategy……when the people said no to the dawg and bone proposal they walked with the cash plus money….the ones who did not regert it every day.

    One other operation used the term “blacklisting” to drive fear into people….they NEVER acted on it. Some members were wanting it! They even strarted a list. Their own “promise” backfired on them and people want to be blacklisted out of this world right now and can not be satisfied. Cock mouth kill cock?

    “….naturally you must be anxious…” huh yeah…bloggers do I have to draw on the similarly condescending statements of other arrogant bastards….I thought so..let’s move on.

    “..this being a time of frankness…” When was it ever not a time of frankness?

    “..instead of sweeping it under the carpet…” God give wi hand fi lift up carpet and a unno alone underneath dat. Yeah….you going to sweep up under the carpet only after you relise unno under it. We never need to see the newspaper reports…..we a little sharper than that.

    “good business practices…” Like what? When? unno lock up the front door inna you ac whey we pay fa and hundreds a wi a wait outside.

    Look Noel it is obvious in all the schemes that the big talk and the communication only comes when unno under pressure……and guess what …..we a wait pon pay….so guess what? More pressha…………….pon all a unno……is early days still….so don’t waste time…..go towards OUR….not your…but OUR goals.


    To all schemes: Close you schemes down (in other words PAY). If you want to star again then get registered properly before you start. Then ….if you want to select your “members” to a different specification that YOU did before…then go ahead.

  31. why are they sad.. wern’t they planning to drastically reduce their membership by cutting out the small accounts under 5000.. so how are they complaining about a run, when they planned on a major shakeup.

    How can they plan to trade profits ( implying making money) when they are under a cease and desist.. also trading means that you can lose money, and they are complaining that the climate is bad, thats why low or no returns was given in recent months.

    how about just giving back the people the profits.. that would make more sense…

  32. climate is bad? But there are two sides to every trade…oh yes…sorry I forgot Mr. Martinez …fundamentals are not so important…trade on trend, fibbonacci and candelstick memeorisation….yes 10 years to a Phd in economics is not important.

    Any housewife can wake up one morning and start to trade.

    “thoose other guys are idiots”….yes chief

  33. Privy counsel case in November between NCB/Olint should not affect the members goals. As smith has stated he will pay everyone who wants to be paid (except thoose with cases of course) once he is unfrozen in TCI. He said that the unfreezing should occur sometime in September although no specific date was given.

  34. *rubbing hands together in anticipation of payment*

  35. can’t rub hands together for what is mine. I guess they rubbed hands together when they took the money.

    Soon the money might be of no concern. Mboney can’t buy certain things.

    Bwoy WW you must be confident cause to bost people for a friday payday takes guts.

  36. If you hear some excuse bout the hurricane you will know that politicians involved. That is the favourite excuse for the Jamaican leaders orange or green irrespective.

  37. sirach, on September 4th, 2008 at 2:40 pm Said:
    If you hear some excuse bout the hurricane you will know that politicians involved. That is the favourite excuse for the Jamaican leaders …..


  38. FBI? Turks Judge? Privy Counsel? ????

    If the list of members is not a secret then what?


  39. boy it’s like JA got conned on a massive scale, all these schemes, all these people that get salt. I feel so bad for everyone.

    as for that WW letter, so basically hardly ANYONE gets paid b/c if you want to say that principal would be returned first they could then argue that EVERYONE got that back b/c that wasn’t really interest people were getting it was principal.

  40. I wonder if all these big shot investors who bought all this snake oil while telling sensible people about cutting edge this, and putting square peg into round hole realise how ”~#’; stupid they are.

    Not even one of these scheme have proven genuine so far. where are all the supporters who are always cussing off the detractors? iidiat dem!

  41. damn fool and stupid.

  42. None of them can’t talk to mi! Notice dat dem tek weh dem renking self?

  43. Side note – WS is back in JA.

  44. Wayne Smith back in Ja? Him brave to rahtid!

    Maybe someone should ‘pay him a visit’. I have no doubt he did not lose a cent in all of this. Money safe while everybody bawling.

  45. I think Mr and Ms stra…. need to find somwhere to hide and fast.

  46. the athourity moved in on cp because they failed to make payments, what are they waiting on to do the same with ww.

  47. I heard that CP boss is having big parties and living big life.

  48. What about may daisy. Is is said that her lawyers are in the states working to release her funds

  49. Try calm…WS cannot help so lef im. Mrs s can not help so lef ar. The FBI, CIA FSC, JBC, CVM and the prime minister can not help.

    There are only two ways in which any member of ANY scheme can be helped:

    1. Recieve FULL pay.

    2. Have the head of the scheme come to the members in total unreserved honesty with presentation of certified documentation.


    Any other arrogant suggestion will be fraught with dishonesty and deception.


  50. jon….jon….whey u deh?

    PRIME Minister Bruce Golding has hinted at a possible upward adjustment to the $489.5-billion budget his administration presented in March, because of the significant damage caused by Tropical Storm Gustav.


    Said Shaw, “”Quite likely, there will have to be an upward adjustment to the budget, we didn’t budget for a storm, so whatever it is (the final cost) that is going to be an additional requirement,” he said.

    Oh is not the fall of the schemes…… hurricane…and MP’s get extra to spend (election coming)…….hahahahahahahahaaaaa

    A bailout for the schemes?…”In the mix?”

    I don’t hear the no bailout shouting for a while…..wonder if we ago hear it again at all?


    them stop and wonder how it naw go nuh where? Yeah man and sirach get critisise fi put on the pressure….yeah…right on this blog….wonder who dem whey want try pressha…..ever wonder?…gwan wonder… know the answer but unno goin haffi wait …just like di full hundred.

    A nuh sit back and tink you smart get things moving…memba…..unno good as all set fi deny like Judas…..unno too likky likky…..soon piesin….

  51. why am i being called out? i’m affraid that i dont understand your post sirach. not a strange occurence, but i wish it happend less often though.

  52. siriach, Your Caymanas Park blog contribution was extremely funny.

  53. Feds visited Jamaica reviewing a list of rogue brokers.they want to lock up, primarily Carlos and ds. FSC selling out Jamaicans to Feds.Vaz and Robertson nervous.Feds say make sure Carlos gets a long sentence if he will not pay
    “restitution.” ( or we will have to get invoved)Feds ask about Loiten and Harris and ds. Feds shocked at size of olint. Trouble is. coming, Feds want to know if Lord G is a real Lord etc etc.Feds position very similar to Gleaner editorial position. Black people sold out by colonial faction again.

  54. Sirach said:

    A nuh sit back and tink you smart get things moving…memba…..unno good as all set fi deny like Judas…..unno too likky likky…..soon piesin….

    Lawd Sirach…mi well waan back mi money, but yu well funny!

  55. jon

    You werre the one who laughed out louad at my hurricane excuse blog….I thought it funny that it was a story in the onbserver only a matter of hours later…..

  56. And it;s Audley Shaw….haahhahaaaa…..I love how he says “we never expected the storm”…….never expected it before or after the meeting minister? hahhaahahhaahahhahaaha

  57. BTW What ever happened to the Knight of his very own personal round table?…….His money in Cash plus could help Jamaica rebuild after the storm the way it is/was so much?……or was there a meeting for him too…….i’m get a draw?…..wha bout the one who back him gun tru a man box off him glasses?…….rass I wonder what him would do if Carlos mess wid im money!


    WS and family must be preparing for a move back.

  59. Fear Ike or fear Olint customers, which is worst?

  60. The roosters comes home.

  61. Harbour Shark

    Ridddle mi dis: How come feds have the list of members? i thought this was a guarded secret…a who gi dem.

    The official feeders a one ting …..but how dem know bout who inna di pigs accounts?

    Rob…how di backside dem know so much?

  62. Pressha dem, pressha…
    Watch out, hurricane might hit PROVO.
    More excuses coming soon…

  63. Of all the things I’ve “called” and been right the Audley Shaw use of the hurricane excuse is the most heartbreaking. no lie.

    Them asses the damage with such precision and speed….(even when road still block dem new SuV’s from pass through)haha…..then them ready fi throw money right away….and the MP’s will pay for lawyer…I mean… disperse it to constituents…(sorry for the typo)…

    Lord have mercy

    Nothing for the victims of the schemes except “we drew out our money lang trime”….

    When shall the people of Jamaica be free from these vagabons!…where is the justice? They stand for everything that is not truth….I bet is govt. give the farina the list……oh Lord hear us….and them pay American Airlines millions…..can Jagans get a lunch pon the plane now Mr. Wehby?…..seeing as like the schemes you use our money to do things ONLY YOU see fit?

  64. sirach, i laughed because it was funny, not because i disagreed or anything.
    quit being so sensitive man. be big and bold as you make your self out to be, not some poor defensive puppy prepared to fight for any percieved attack, no matter how punny and inconsequential.

  65. Friend (and I use u name wid caution)

    Provo have generator so dem can’t seh dem nuh have no light. Only TCI’s version of the hapless “street niggers” out of current.

  66. jon

    If it was not you I would have thought your new blog was crafted for the ministers and young turks themselves….well said.

  67. jon

    memba when airplane had real cutlery and all that jazz? The govt. has just paid for Jamaicans to get that kid of kickba…I mean service. Even your overweight luggage is now “all inclusive.”

  68. DS, you should take a flight to Miami, the US will give you first class accomadations where you will be residing neighbors with the ex-president of Panama and the ex-CEO of Cali cartel. They are good neighbors. You will like them. If you go to Jared Martinez condo in central florida, you will receive 2 for 1 accomodations. Free from the US government.

  69. The news networks are so colonial here in Jamaica. they can be interesting sometimes but mostly boring.

    Why not have a program with seven to 10 headsof the schemes on televison? I bet we all would watch. Give them their day on t.v.

    Thursday talk coctail circuit live on T.V.
    Ii bet they would have interesting things to say to each other.

    Rising stars could not tpuch that for ratings.

    TVJ/CVM….send check in the mail.

  70. RETV have that on lock. See the schedule of the Heads airing next week…

  71. sirach:
    I would think the feds got that list during their investigations of money laundering/unfreezing of funds due diligence etc.

  72. its really happening

    That is when. Reasonable but from who?

  73. That used to be a guarded secret because of who and who is on the list. Tappa tap don’t teck embarrassment well pon di rock. Even though egg all over them face already dem fret pon if the frying pan a come next.

    Them can’t cover up an international exposure, disgrace and reprimand. Them only control local media.

    This one not going away….they never expected this….and the info pon dem lock. Wha dem a go do? We’ll see….so far is some madants scrambling.

  74. Time is ticking for the rogue list. Will The US extradict ds from Turks.
    Has Carlos run out of time?
    What will Vaz say this time?
    Which Jamaican Minister did Lisa Ray tell the Commission about?
    Will Lewfam get a pass?
    Is Strachan next?

  75. Dem seh partial payment soon come….likky likky waiting for ecstasy. WW what’s up? It’s Friday!

  76. Hi everyone,

    As you all know hurricane Ike is projected to hit the Turks and Caicos Islands as a strong category 4 system. The impacy is likely to be devastating. A group of persons who have been monitoring the progress being made with OLINT, and who have been assisting with overcoming the obstacles that will result on the return of members funds, are putting together an initiative to keep David safe during the passage of the system so that the original target date for repayment will not be delayed. Our plan is to rent a chartered plane to fly him out of Turks to Jamaica on Sunday or Monday latest(a regular commercial flight is not the best option at this time). We will house him at a secured location with comfortable facilities in Jamaica, and then fly him back to Turks after the system has passed. Safeguarding his residence and other important items in Turks also has to be done. However, to accomplish all of this, we need additional assistance. This assistance doesnt have to be in the form of cash. If anyone has access to a plane, secured property etc., that would be happily welcomed. Those who can assist we are asking you to e-mail us at or respond to this post outlining how you can assist and how we may access the offerred assistance. This is a very important initaitive as we do not want David to have any further delays at this point as the plans for repayment are about to materialize. Those of you who can help should as thewre are people who are suffering now who needs releif as soon as possible and anything we can do to keep David safe and advance the progress of his plans should not be withheld. We already have commitments from a few people of influence but there are some items that are not yet covered. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  77. harbourshark, on September 5th, 2008 at 11:12 am Said:
    Time is ticking for the rogue list. Will The US extradict ds from Turks.
    Has Carlos run out of time?
    What will Vaz say this time?
    Which Jamaican Minister did Lisa Ray tell the Commission about?
    Will Lewfam get a pass?
    Is Strachan next?

    shark what would justify the lewfam pass?
    very interesting list of questions…the lewfam one puzzles me just a bit.

  78. planefordavid,

    You joking right…I know some people that would gladly get a plane for him but not for the reason you want lol. Thsi mus be a joke..why dont these people of influence just put him up in a hotel? all of them savings gone? ASK PB or JI. Them have all the money.

    This must be a prank LOL!!

  79. planefordavid

    PB, JI, JM, DV, JR(Jamaican paris hilton). The man mek him rich..dem must cyah foot a hotel bill for him. Them get them money so they dont care lol.

    That was a good laugh it made my day

  80. Yes they want to fly David to the bermuda triangle and to be never to be seen again. The columbians have plenty of planes. They might give him a submarine for a million or 2 and then have the US navy or Coast Guard sink it. Or is David going to room with CH. They can exchange stories of how to make millions in Jamaica.

  81. Its really unfortunate that people are making light of a genuine plea for asistance. I hope there are bloggers out there who are willing to assist.

  82. good try planefordavid.
    i did snicker, but no one, not even ds kool aid drinkers, dyed in the wool olinters not even di blind occultists could be into it that deep.
    lol though, good try.

  83. Call the FXThief. I AM SERIOUS. Call him. He has made millions off DS. If FXThief is truely a caring man, he will help but I doubt that will happen. Greed rules FXThief. Why ask people on this blog who has no money or are waiting for their money?

  84. WW?????

  85. Ask the FSC, I bet you they are willing to give him a first class one way ticket.

  86. sirach

    You are being quiet on Lewfam. Too much military connections or is the military part of the drug trade in Jamaica. Tourism and drugs, I think that powers the Jamaican economy.

  87. yeah, i asked harhourshark earlier why would lefam get a pass?
    they were the pioneering pigs. perhaps taking money from the largest number of persons, many of them humble, working class folk who had ‘faith’ in the ‘sure knowledge’ of a church leader. and the church leader here is not ds, but the major himself.

  88. Did anyone get paid today? 🙂

  89. Air J returning J’cans home from TCI ahead of Hurricane Ike.

    Is DS on one of these flights??

  90. AML:

    It is not only the military, but the police…at the highest ranks. Police and soldier are buddies, especially in the protection business.

    BTW, THEY make frequent visits to Florida, for what I do not know 🙂

  91. Mnay thanks to those persons who have contacted us and pledged their assistance to our efforts to make sure David IS safe during the impending hurricane. It is very heartening to see that there are still people out there who are willing to stick to the truth and who want to see the commencement of the payment. Remember, if you want to help with this initiative, please contact us at

  92. Planefor david

    How do i get my contribution to you? pls email me at

    Please make sure you give DS the list with all the names of those who supported him. I least this will ensure that i get my money very early when he pays out in late September.

  93. planefordavid

    Are you recuiting olint zombies?

    Since you probably have direct connection to DS, ask him what happened to his business partners(Lewfam, Jared Martinez, and so). Did DS screw his business partners? Did his business partners screw DS, or both? Was there so much criminal activities involved that none of them talk to each other now? Are you WS?

  94. planefordavid

    Next time use “”.

    I am taking over sirach spot this evening.

  95. Since DS is a Belonger, he should be asking his friend Michael Misick. Did that relationship also go sour? He can ask for help from the UK. They can give him a cell on the frigate.

  96. planefordavid is a big joke. Must be thecynic up to his old tricks again, since his first post was held for a while.

    I will assist though. I will host DS and I will get the full hundred in no time.

  97. Findings
    1. Gains posted by Olint, May Daisy, Keen Exchange, World Wise were fraudulent based on the evidence produced by ITrade and the admissions of Garret Harris and David Smith.
    2. Investors were induced into these clubs b/c of the gains offered. Under the Larceny Act this is a clear case of obtaining money by false pretence. Investors should make reports to the fraud squad. These schemes will then have to produce trading records which will show substantial loses for MD and Keen Exchange while in the case of Olint small amount of trading and minimal loses in comparison portfolio.
    It is full time that we investors in these schemes TAKE ACTION.
    For too long we have been
    lied to
    scolded (for demanding our money)
    taken for a ride
    given false hope
    ask to endure a pregnancy(and it’s not our wives)
    It is full time to straighten our backs up and as Martin Luther King Jr once said “a man cant ride your back unless it’s bent”.
    Full time for these fraud perpetrators see the inside of a jail cell.

  98. Wayne Smith is being sought by Asst Commissioner Les Green.If you see him tell him that Mr Green wants to talk to him ASAP about pending matters.

  99. You know this blog is for dialogue and information. the bad language and hate talk is not acceptable. Please be more polite on the blog. Sometimes the comments about all the technical legal and financial jargon are so good. It is very informative and gives us an idea to think about how we don’t have our money.


    I have spoken extensively on Lewfam. The military and police are involved in the drug trade (davesin has alluded to this)….many others are too. Like lawyers, schemers, church people…….and yes politicians and cabinet members and of course a large number of drug dealers are members of the schemes.

    It is a pity we did not know this before. However it is not me who set the membership rules. The owner/managers did.

    Yes the good are suffering for the bad…and yes the good fall at the bottom in the minds of the schemers.

    After at time not too long from now some members are going to give the list of drug dealers to relevant authorities along with supporting evidence. Yes cabinet people will be on the list.

  100. AML

    I am honored that you would stand in for me. But you did so without asking my permission first. AML I realise it may have been an overthought on your part…but be careful….such action reminds us of people like DS and WS who make decisions without asking.

    But, I am still flattered AML. A had in mind (starting Midnight tonight) to reveal the full names of Olint members 10 at a time every Midnight.

    AML has volunterred to do the first night. Thanks.

  101. harbourshark:

    You should “start” get serious. You keep saying things that are so far out of left field I have to start wonder what you up to. As a big former DS supporter, you have a lot of us questioning your motives.

    You went as far as to insult the blog admin by saying this site is a mouth piece for Olint. That was the point at which you lost all credibility with the other detractors and myself, since that is the biggest disrespect to all of us!

  102. AML

    Do you think we should start the list of “members” with the doctors and corporate and statutory big “tappa tap” them? or should we start with the clean as whistle wives of “tappa tap ” dem? Nuff “tappa tap” critics don’t even know seh wife and mate have $$$ in the ting behind dem back.

    What you think Davesin?

  103. AML

    Remember it is open secret that the “you know who” banks get rid of employees who deal with the schemes. Should we start with the ones left who hiding? There might be severe shortage of bank staff next week.

  104. sirach

    You should start with the churches. They might reform first before everyone else. I can verify if you are correct.

  105. Then politians, and then officials.

  106. With that order the church will tell you to burn in hell, then the politians will deny it and say it is all lies, and then the officials will be knocking at you door.

  107. In 2006 the list has 2000 names. You should be able to find some interesting names.

  108. Ten lessons from Keith Duncan

    1. Champion a shared team culture. Lead by example. Where my behaviour may be counterculture, be the first to clean it up.

    2. Ensure that there is full team alignment and where there are breakdowns move as quickly as possible to realign.

    3. Shared Strategic Vision/Plan – making sure that everyone gets the big picture and their role in making it happen.

    4. Team always being in the world of the client and that there is a clear value proposition that we all believe, stand for and can stand behind.

    5. As a leader be open to criticisms, suggestions, change, new ideas. Be clear that I am far from perfect and I make mistakes as anyone else does. However, I must be willing to own up to my mistakes and accept responsibility where the organisation may underperform or fail. This example will foster an open environment.

    6. Strive to ensure honesty, transparency and openness with all stakeholders, team members, clients, shareholders and the investing and wider public.

    7. Ensuring that all team members are accountable and take responsibility. Also, acknowledging team leaders/members for their successes and their efforts in moving our company forward.

    8. Ensure that there is an understanding by all stakeholders of the market environment, the stage of development of the organisation in relationship to competitors and to the industry, both locally and in the markets that we target for expansion. In ensuring a clear understanding, the expectations off all stakeholders can be managed.

    9.Do not have unrealistic expectations of team leaders. Understand that people will be at different stages of development, emotionally and professionally. However, do your best in supporting people to move forward for their personal benefit and that of the organisation.

    10. Circumstances and conditions will never be ideal; in fact in most situations they will be far from ideal. However, a leader has to remain steadfast and keep moving forward with the full confidence that we have made the right choice and are moving in the right direction and there is always room for improvement along the way

  109. sirach one of your better post. DS and his cronies do not meet one of those edicts. Interesting, yet I gave them my money blindly.

  110. It is full time that we investors in these schemes TAKE ACTION.
    For too long we have been
    lied to
    scolded (for demanding our money)
    taken for a ride
    given false hope
    ask to endure a pregnancy(and it’s not our wives)
    It is full time to straighten our backs up and as Martin Luther King Jr once said “a man cant ride your back unless it’s bent”.
    Full time for these fraud perpetrators see the inside of a jail cell.

  111. Isee Fraud

    with that said “what yu going to duh?”

  112. Why Jamaicans cannot trust the Police:

    …”Allegations are that about 3:00 pm on September 2, the two cops intercepted a car along Manchester Street in May Pen. The police said the car was being driven by a “businesswoman”, whom they declined to name. The two cops allegedly searched the vehicle and found two kilos of cocaine neatly packaged. However, instead of arresting her for the illegal drug, the cops allegedly seized the cocaine and sent her on her way.”……

    Bwoy, the “business woman” do not sound too bright…a wonder if she is Xxxxxx on this blog….an Olint supporter.

    Sirach could you come up with the dialogue between the business woman and the police, when she went to the police station to report to the SAME police that two policemen just stole two kilo of my cocaine 😀

  113. This is what the commanding officer has to say:
    “”You cannot charge a person criminally for stealing anything that is prescribed in the statutes as being illegal,” said Henry. “Therefore, when the investigations are completed – and that will be very early – we will be asking the commissioner of police to convene a special panel of officers to promptly deal with the matter so that he can take a decision on the fate of these allegedly corrupt police constables”.

    Question, where the policemen caught with the drugs, if yes, then I can tell the commanding officer what to charge them for. How about:

    1. Possession of an illegal substance.
    2. Dealing in an illegal substance.

    Why weren’t suspended.
    Were they given desk jobs so that they can spend more time at the station to make sure the entry in the log and the evidence against them disappear?

    How else do you explain retaining them ion the same office that the reports were logged.

    Lets watch this one

  114. jon, Do not give lewfam a pass. I researched him. Lewis is dangerous and he wants to be military dictator of Jamaica one day.He has stolen a great deal of money and hides behind the Christian church and Olint.

  115. Dave Sin, I am a supporter of the right of an unregistered scheme to exist.In Jamaica, I should be free to invest in what I want. However the promoter should not be a defiant fraudster, like ds.I turned against ds when I realised he was
    betting hundreds of thousands of dollars a night at the Casino in Turks and engaging in lavish politically oriented parties.Smith is a well-healed ginnall with JLP -business partners.

  116. Sirach

    “In 2006 the list has 2000 names.”

    After 2 years, the memory goes bad, it was around 5,800 names.

  117. Harbourshark,

    In an unregistered scheme, what is to prevent another fraudster like DS from ripping you off again? Unregistered schemes attract fraudsters like how the Catholic priesthood attract pedophiles.
    Finally, the Lewfam man might be a crook, but that is a big leap to wanting to be a dictator.
    Sometimes you make such sense, and then you chat such nonsense. Be consistent one way or the other.

  118. While some of us on this blog are spewing nonsense and others making statements bordering on racial stereotypes, we all seem to have forgotten the purpose of this blog. So I will ask the question and hopefully get a straight answer and not some ‘riddle me this’ answer. Has anyone in WW gotten paid as yet based on this new payment schedule? Any updates on this matter?

    I am not an investor in WW.

  119. @ Michael…..Some people have gotten an email from them stating their a/c balance. This is not looking good at all.

  120. Thanks Gemini for the info. Any more info on the email let us know. This is the info that we want to know. Not guess work like we are in the espionage business.

  121. @ Michael….Just read on a member said his good friend actually got paid recently.

  122. Thats a very positive step. I am interested to know if this person has under 5k invested or is one of the larger investors. I hope the Blog Administrators on this site do some research and update the info for everyone.

    Quite a few persons on this site need this info so that they can see that something positive is happening. It is just a matter of patience.

  123. @ Michael


  124. Small depositors at Worldwise have begun receiving payments as promised. I noticed that this blog was quick to advertise properties purchased by Worldwise, but did not report that members are being paid as scheduled. I would appreciate some neutrality and unbiased commentary. Thanks.

  125. Jon, I am glad that you found it quite funny. This is serious business impacting people and their way of lives. Some of us had the foresight and ability to weather this storm, but not all of us are that capable. Therefore, I will continue to press the administrators of this site and anyone else to provide information for those of us who really dont find this a laughing matter and are really seeking information. Whether positive or not.

  126. Can we get a new thread on Capital blu ?

    Capital Blu Investors Suffer 90% Losses

    Dear Capital Blu Clients,

    …In Mid-July we commenced trading at Saxo Bank and began running parallel programs with PFG. While both programs were utilizing the same exact strategy and held essentially the same positions; our trading team began noticing significant differences in the platforms. Some of the key differences were:

    * Quoted Rates with inflated spreads on both platforms.

    * PFG required margin on net position; Saxo Bank required margin on gross positions.

    * PFG portfolio could be managed through a single master account; Saxo Bank’s portfolio had to be managed by each individual account.

    What appeared to be manageable challenges on both platforms unfortunately were exaggerated on August 8th when the market made a dramatic trend reversal.

    On the Saxo platform margin calculations which were averaging around 20% rose to over 100+% (extremely abnormal). Our trading team immediately began rebalancing the portfolio to reduce margin, however, due our inability to rebalance the entire group of managed accounts at one time we had a few clients get stopped out resulting in catastrophic losses. The accounts that were still below the 150% threshold had to be managed independently which ultimately compromised the trading strategy. Over the course of the next several weeks our trading team worked to rebalance each individual portfolio, however, since we were forced to unload positions based on necessity we were left with very few favorable positions and ultimately saw the entire managed account portfolio stopped out for approximately an 80-90% lose in every account.

    We truly understand the frustration of each and every customer and wish there were something more that we could have done prior. In hindsight there were several actions we would do differently; however, this isn’t a time for what ifs as you deserve a plan for how we are going to move forward.

    So the question many of you are asking of Capital Blu is where we go from here. Well first and foremost, you have our commitment that we will do everything commercially, legally and ethically possible to rebuild each and every client’s account.

    Internally, we have taken the following actions:

    * Blayne Davis, Director of Portfolio Management is no longer a member of the Capital Blu.

    * Implementation of formal risk management procedures to ensure a client’s max drawdown is 15% regardless of trader, platform, strategy, etc.

    * Indefinite suspension of the BluFX Options Benchmark Managed Account Program.

    Proposed Reparation:

    While we understand that many of you are looking for us to simply cut a check to reimburse the losses, we have been advised by our legal team that we cannot commercially offer this type of reparation. As per the program disclosure, Capital Blu Management will honor the high watermark of the August 1, 2008 balance for all clients in the BluFX Options Program. In essence, we will rebuild each and every account free of any commissions or performance fees until we have brought the account balance back to the August 1, 2008 balance.

    Kind Regards,

    Joe Mills | Director of Sales & Marketing

    Capital Blu Management LLC

  127. To: Blog Administrator (InvestForLife)

    From: A Soon-to-Be-World Wise Investor

    My wife run off with another man and took all the money from our joint accounts. Could you find her for me. I’m “pressing” you for your help. I really do not want her back, just the money.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  128. I am interested to understand why Noel Strachan has gone into hiding in the in the USA since June 2008. I am one of those persons whose funds are tied up with Worlwise. I have written to Noel on more than one occasion without getting a response. At the moment my respect for Noel’s honesty is seriously reduced. He has made it seem like he will only respond to what has become Jamaica’s worse nightmere.

  129. Chris:

    I few people were able to get back part or all their funds by claiming some form of hardship. I don’t know if you have utilized that approach.

    BTW, rest assure that he monitors these blogs on a consistent basis, especially after the news broke on this site about all his Florida Holdings.

    Have you try calling him on one of the Florida numbers? Or, write to him at his house in Davie, Florida.




  133. Can anyone provide Noel’s address and phone number. We need to have him face the music live and direct. He has proven to be a crook. He is hiding with people’s money. I want mine and I am prepared to do whatever I must do to get mine. I worked for mine. So Noel by all means necessary I will pursue you and all who enjoys the fruit of my labour. For peace sake refund my money. Your call centre is unable to say when my money will be repaid and that was not what I contracted for.

  134. This was taken from another blog, it was posted today.


    Re: Worldwise Restructuring !!
    « Reply #353 on: Today at 02:31:13 PM »
    Reply with quoteQuote
    Yesterday my wife got a call that our check was ready and we did not even submit a refund request!!, We promptly went and collected same at Ruthven Road. What interesting is that they were several people outside trying to gain access to no avail, they had submitted online requests several months ago with no success to date.

  135. Mike,

    The answers to your questions on how to find NS are all under the previous thread titled

    “World Wise could leave more investors holding the bag”

    you have a list of public information which is current. This is where you should look.

    Happy hunting!!!!

  136. Dem a come 4 u Strange!!!!!!!!!!

  137. It would be too funny if all the other clubs made efforts to pay back customers except Olint lol.

  138. Look like the badness work….I tell you say olint membas a some real punks…Nobody know where DS live a turks or have him phone number…nobody have ws phone number a JA….obviously that approach work best.

  139. Miachica: I think finding DS is the least of the problem right now. All of us in Olint might be implicated in something bigger than we ever knew existed. So I would keep praying that whatever you enchased in the past you still have a backup plan to return funds and have proof if your personal accounts become frozen as well by……… Think and check.


    Didnt you hear about the “LIST”

    Where you been…dem have the list of persons of interest lol!!!

    WHere you been…yuh never hear bout the druggist dem taking banana boat from haiti back home to jamaica go hide because them money dirty lol!!

    Nuff so call respectable people who appear in the social of the gleaner a fret like hell…

    Why you thing there isnt a major backlash against Olint…so many people in Jamaica have been exposed.

    The last time I went to Jamaica, I say so much Range Rover, BMW 5series and Porsche Cayenne, Corvette I thought I was Boca Raton Florida or Parkland lol!!!

    BMW 5series and lexus a taxi in Jamaica lol!!

    WHere do these people get their money from…because they buying them cars CASH!!

    In parkland and boca is LEASE them lease the vechicle.

    If you not engage in illegal activity, dont get your panties up in a bunch…relax…is not you dem want.. trust me.

  141. I hear you with that info.

  142. hey Noel Strachan my patience is wearing thin. You are asking people to work as partners when you dont even respond to mails sent to you. I want my money and I am serious about that. I am gonna write one more time…..only once more.

  143. Chris,

    Stop wasting your time, NS has taken your money and has bought over J$1B of properties in Florida where he now resides.

    Lawsuit is the only way, sue Worldwise offices located in Florida before they close it down.

  144. Jay give the Florida details I have four other persons who are willing to work with me on filing the suit. Let me have address etc.

  145. Noel I spoke to you while you were in Jamaica and you promised to let me have my funds and yet you are now dodging. Why dont you arrange with your friend to pay me or should I hold a part of your aviation deal. Enough said.

  146. Chris:

    This is primary residence in florida:

    12608 S STONEBROOK CIRCLE , DAVIE , FL 33330

  147. Chris:

    These are the two numbers that shows up for Noel R. Strachan in South Florida (Public Listings):

    Noel R. Strachan
    12608 S Stonebrook Cir
    Davie, FL 33330-1276
    (954) 916-4105


    1597 SW 194th Ter
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33029-6161
    (954) 602-5573

    Call him at his house and let us know if he answers 🙂

  148. Chris, on September 28th, 2008 at 9:27 am Said: …”
    or should I hold a part of your aviation deal. Enough said.”….

    What is this aviation deal? We do share information on this site…its not a one way “deal” as far as this site is concern. You have to give something to get something….yuh know what I mean?

  149. Guys read carefully this report. Look closely at page 7 and point 24 .
    Does that remind you of a certain alternative investment company that said they very same thing.
    Rather interesting isn’t it ?

    Click to access enfmeisnercomplaint092308.pdf

  150. This was taken from another blog.

    Re: Worldwise Restructuring !!
    « Reply #353 on: September 26, 2008, 02:31:13 PM »
    Reply with quoteQuote
    Yesterday my wife got a call that our check was ready and we did not even submit a refund request!!, We promptly went and collected same at Ruthven Road. What interesting is that they were several people outside trying to gain access to no avail, they had submitted online requests several months ago with no success to date.

    This is the follow-up post on the above.

    Re: Worldwise Restructuring !!
    « Reply #359 on: Today at 04:44:07 PM »
    Reply with quoteQuote
    The check was a First Global made out for principal only just under 5,000 US. They stated we would get the “profit” later (yea right).

    So some people are getting paid ?

  151. Look like Chris or is it Mike made his move 🙂

    ….”A well-known Kingston businessman is facing possible criminal charges after he allegedly seized a $100 million property owned by Noel Strachan, the Chief Executive Officer of the troubled alternative investment scheme, World Wise Partners.”…..

  152. Desprerate times calls for desperate measures!

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