Investors to furnish records for World Wise Audit.

In an almost un-believable e-mail, World Wise Partners calls for investors to tell them how much money they have deposited and withdrawn from World Wise. This is shocking as the an alleged e-mail shown below reveals.

Here is the alleged email which was sent to World Wise partners yesterday regarding the upcoming audit.

Dear Partner,

As you are aware, World Wise Partner is conducting an internal audit of all our accounts. To facilitate this exercise, we ask for your cooperation in furnishing us with your individual deposits and withdrawals from inception and up to May 31, 2008.

Kindly forward this information to

Thank you your assistance.

Your World Wise Audit Team

World Wise Partner…..Where Partnership Pays!!!

Now I wonder if the Tax Department is sitting in on this ‘audit’. Given the lack of transparency and disclosure the World Wise Partners would never know.

Now, if this is true, we are indeed shocked as this is the heights of ineptitude for an organisation that claims it is involved in trading foreign exchange, one of the most volatile markets in the world.  Persons involved in FOREX trading have to pay attention to details. This latest e-mail cast even more and serious doubts on the credibility of World Wise Partners.


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