Olint Payments to begin rolling

After months of no payments from the David Smith, Overseaslocket Investments(OLINT), a few members received some money on Friday June 6. As usual nothing is very clear but according to sources, the money is flowing and should flow, at least until the end of June.  In a release sent out just before  disbursements began, the follow quote should be noted.

“The foregoing schedule of disbursements has been carefully worked out to ensure an equitable distribution as far as possible and further, to ensure that the payouts are in accordance with the inflow of funds from Olint TCI.”

Members and onlookers should read carefully. The  disbursement/encashment schedule for requests made January 1, 2008 to April 30, 2008 is shown below.

  1. January 2008 requests – June 5-13, 2008 
  2. February 2008 requests – June 16 – 26, 2008
  3. March-April 2008 requests – June 23- 27, 2008
However there are some limits to note.  In the the first period only a maximum of USD $40,000 per client will be paid. Unpaid balances from a request in the first period will be paid in the second period along with requests made in the second period.

Members and supporters will see this as a good sign and an answers to those that claim that OLINT is a SCAM and possibly a PONZI.

However, the critics will argue the following. While OLINT has not been paying it has been collecting and new members have been joining either directly or via affiliate/feeder clubs. 

It should be noted that even as the matter is still be before the Jamaican courts, all OLINT members are being converted to OLINT TCI members. Interesting times lie ahead.