World Wise restructures – No Payments for 60 Days

World Wise will be restructuring its operations starting June 2, 2008. In a correspondence recently released, the following should be noted.

  • Problems encountered blamed on the banks and software

During the 60 days 

  • World Wise says it is moving to a new location, 130 Old Hope Road
  • No payments during the 60 days. Accounts will be credited with interest earned.
  • No new members will be accepted during the 60 days.
  • Audit of client partner accounts will take place 
  • Testing and implementation of new software

Here is the alleged correspondence .

Dear Partner,

We appreciate the confidence and support received from all our Partners in recent months. It is very important that you continue to believe in accomplishing all of your goals through Partnership with World Wise.

As you know in recent months the alternative investment market has come under pressure from Banks, with regards to the provision of basic banking services, necessary for any private company doing business in Jamaica.

With all these distractions, the accomplishments that you have considered are still attainable in the time you have envisioned.

In light of the large influx of business, growth and developments World Wise is implementing the following Restructuring exercise which will be in effect as of Monday June 2, 2008. This restructuring period will last an estimated Sixty(60) days. During this time World Wise will operate as follows:

1. World Wise will move from Ruthven Road to 130 Old Hope Road. This new location will allow the company to provide better accommodations to its Partners and allow the company to properly expand.

2. World Wise is currently seeking additional staff to compliment our expansion plans. Interested parties will be advised in the next few weeks as to how they may apply.

3. Effective immediately all Partners / Clients will have to make appointments to visit our offices. All Partner requests for appointments will only be received via email or call centre. No client appointments will be issued in June as our current office staff will be operating within the call centre and preparing to relocate to our new Hope Road offices.

4. World Wise has contracted an auditing firm to audit all Client Partner accounts and hence we will accept no new partners nor will funds be remitted during the restructuring period. World Wise is approaching the time when we must prepare for our end of year independent financial Audit. During this restructuring period Partner accounts will however; be credited with the usual periodic gains.

5. During this period World Wise will fully implement and test our new software systems, which will improve our customer service facilities. World Wise will continue to provide higher than normal returns on your money. We thank you in advance for your patience, confidence and Faith in us and we look forward to seeing you soon at our new location.


Noel Strachan
WorldWise Partners Limited

World Wise Partner…..Where Partnership Pays!!!


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