David Smith pleads GUILTY !!!

The former head of the failed Olint investment club, today pleaded guilty to fraud-related charges in the Supreme Court in the Turks and Caicos Islands and has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison.


Does this effectively bring this sordid affair to an end ?

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  1. 6 years in Turks or 25 years in the Us???? Do the time in a turks jail while your family enjoys the spoils of your crimes, or do the time in the US and leave your family with nothing? Come out of a turks Jail to millions stashed away or come out of a US Jail with nothing….. Given the charges most I suspect would have pleaded guilty to the Turks charges too!


    Why I ask would MASTERCARD use their MASTERCARD brand and Compass Card in a conspiracy to defraud with David Smith/OLINT?
    MASTERCARD gave the thing an air of confidence. Can we trust organizations that associate with MASTERCARD again? Will the MASTERCARD sticker on the bank’s front door scare us away?

  3. Vaz goes for General Secretary of the JLP

    That I therefore took the decision to make and thereafter made contact with Mr. Darryl Vaz, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, to see whether there was any basis on which the government would intervene in relation to what was happening including NCB’s imminent decision to close the Claimant’s accounts. To the best of my recollection, at that time I was awaiting the decision of the Court in the claim that the Claimant and I brought against the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

    7. That after outlining the matters to Mr. Vaz, Mr. Vaz arranged a meeting with the Minister of Finance Mr. Audley Shaw, and we spoke, and the Minister recommended that I have discussions with Mr. Michael Hylton Q. C., who was the then Chairman of the FSC.

    8. That all the meetings including the meeting with Mr. Daryl Vaz and Minister Audley Shaw were extremely confidential and without prejudice, because I continued to maintain that I was not carrying on a regulated activity and the suit against the FSC was on that very basis and I did not want these discussions to prejudice the claim that was in court against the FSC.

  4. Longfellow
    What about Lewfam Investments that Smith operated out of St. Lucia? can anyone give me some information about it for I lost my life savings with that Company.I am a retired person,and if it was’nt for the help of God I would be living on the streets.Does anyone know anything about Lewfam,and can pass on some information about it,and I would be very thankful.I heard that he has a luxury house in Jamaica,and I would like to engage the services of an Attorney to take away the house so that I can get back my money.


  5. David Smith convicted in the TCI

    His Attorney Oliver Smith told RJR News on Thursday afternoon that the guilty plea was a way to ease HIS family’s hardship…


  6. A coalition of civic groups has insisted that it will not let up on getting the Prime Minister to fulfill promises he made in the midst of the Dudus Extradition matter and the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips affair.

    Meanwhile, the coalition still wants full disclosure about how US law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, came to be hired.


  7. It still shocks me.

    MASTERCARD…MASTERCARD! Part of a conspiracy to defraud hundreds of millions worldwide with a politically connected Jamaican named David Smith


  8. Jamaican authorities have not brought criminal charges against the Olint boss despite the foreign-exchange club being started locally before it was shut down by the Financial Services Commission in 2006.

    Yesterday, Smith’s attorney said a statement addressing funds outstanding for club members would be issued shortly.


  9. Vaz Eyes Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) General-Secretary Post

    Contacted last night, Vaz declined to comment on his challenge but said he would speak on the issue at the appropriate time.

    There have been whispers coming out of the JLP that Samuda might be sidelined for failing to rush to the defence of Prime Minister Bruce Golding in the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips saga.


  10. The Shame Remains

    I appreciate the response (September 19) of Professor Miller, chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ), to my column (September 10) titled ‘Shame, Professor Miller’

    He discloses that “Disagreement on public disclosure of the names of contributors was the rock on which the efforts of the commission broke, in seeking to have legislation in place for the 2007 cycle of elections.”

    As I said at the beginning, I appreciate Professor Miller’s response, because it provides us with the inside information that it was the independent members who caved in to the wishes of the politicians not to have full disclosure of the sources of all campaign contributions – all to avoid another general election without agreement in this very important area. Failure to have an agreement because of the unwillingness of the politicians to agree to a transparency measure necessary (if not sufficient) to substantially reduce corruption would have surely resulted in public shame being cried on the politicians.

    I am still of the view that to have caved in to the wishes of the politicians to avoid transparency cries shame on the independent members, including the chairman. If they did their best, their best was not good enough.


  11. Shahine Style

    “According to the attorney, David Smith had decided to plead guilty from February this year…”

    At the time, Oliver Smith said his client would not fight any extradition request submitted by American authorities.

    Yesterday, the attorney told the Observer that while the charges in the US are different he may have to reassess how he proceeds in that jurisdiction.

    “The Turks and Caicos situation is now resolved… ????? while the US can wait until he (David Smith) completes his sentence I don’t expect that they will,” said Smith.

    “He addressed the court and expressed remorse. He apologised to the court for his actions and apologised to his family and the investors,” the attorney said.

  12. David Smith is one smart cookie, take your bet in TCI where he will only serve about 4 yrs vs running the risk of a long prison sentence in USA.

    Plus now he does not have to state who worked with him to rip off thousands of folks, and he even gets to keep the loot..

    • Jay, do you think that Uncle Sam’s interest will wane and simply go away now that DS is in a TCI prison cell?
      I don’t know, what do you all think? My hunch is that it won’t make a darn difference. they will still seek to prosecute him and have him extradited even before he completes his sentence and if not then after he is released from prison in the TCI.
      I see this as the beginning of the end in a long sordid attempt to get away with his many misdeeds.
      When he touches the shores of Florida that is when the real sh^t will hit the fan in my opinion. That’s where the real threat of very long incarceration for DS, his wife and brother will induce some real bean spilling.
      Let me tell you, i think a lot of people are gonna get locked up behind this.
      Again, we have to say our respect to people like Belcher, Walker (that letter notwithstanding), Rowe et al.
      Many, myself included, disagreed with some of their tactics. But lest face it, without their pressure David would still be putting his finger up to the hapless “investors” tricking and fooling them with one unbelievable story after another.

    • Crime does pay…..it would SEEM

  13. The Bruce, Brady, Manatt debacle is in a primal twist –the don, JLP hacks, suborned writers and civil servants, now a heavyweight! Bruce disowns Brady! Adopt him, Portia! The man “gie weh ‘im fren Dudus an now ‘im fren Harold”. Who next? Brady is credible in and out of the JLP and knows if we follow the money we find truth. No lawyer goes abroad with US$50k, no contacts, no client and no brief. Bruce is playing “business as usual” but is seen by many as damaged goods, a weak heir, disloyal, indecisive, power-hungry, he “sang sankey” and many in the JLP rejoice at his misery! Revenge is better cold! It is as Seaga left it; autocratic, arthritic, no one dares open his mouth! Bruce is no match for Brady; can he buy him off by retraction, apology or rewards? The executive must regret not taking his resignation and they will not fight Brady as he can exhume bodies and make the Dudus episode seem a tea party. I fear for his safety. The spotlight moves to donors, so watch things escalate. What can good JLP donors do now? The donor of the US$50k is the key. If he comes out freely, he clears his name and sanitises all honest donors! He runs a private firm; gets legal permits, contracts and deposits; is an old friend of the JLP; affects the Abe Issa mantra and donates to both parties as “business must always be in power”. He has nothing to fear. He is the “game changer” we must pray for. He is the catalyst to make it OK for all of us to support a party openly, if we so wish! This donor is not tribal or criminal and to be a pioneer in our twisted nation is a hard decision to make. He may begin an avalanche of openness; a catalyst to a Parliamentary vote for disclosure! Sir, you can change the tone of our politics! In the sweep of history Bruce is nothing, but our country we can count in history if we defeat the Goliath of ignorance and secrecy and prosper. Please help us. Stay conscious, my friend!


  14. Miak….you are correct. Uncle Sam will press on with their investigations. There will be no reprieve for DS or his conspirators. DS is now securely held in the British system.
    There are currently investigations into the feeder clubs, and the roaches are scampering. DS will never be released before the Feds take him into custody. He will never enjoy another dollar of this stolen money. His cronies and partners will now try to rid themselves of the evidence (eg. aircrafts, Range Rovers…lol), but forensic accountants will find it. Trust that. Please be aware that DS was simply the front man and fall guy for this scheme. The real big man is yet to be charged, but have faith as he is under a microscope and he knows it.

  15. …new material will soon put OLINT front page. Buju, burn bus everything second.

    Jamaicans love pictures…even more than Digi and Lime and Blackberry.

    So do not worry your intention Jay. You are off the Mark but teacher is here…

  16. Patience…

  17. David Smith was allowed to plead guilty in exchange for 6 1/2 years without any disclosure of where the money went/is?



    I knew there was a reason why he was holding out. He never intended to give back any money. Now his wife is free to travel and (one would assume) spend what ever they have hidden still.


  18. It would seem it is the beginning of the end for DS and the operators of olint etc. I really believe many people will be suprised to find out the real people behind the front man. It’ll all come out in the wash. Hopefully this signals the end to his supporters – yes, you can really give it a rest now. His innocence is no longer a question.

  19. What a coincidence its really happening

    In a message to endorse the day, Golding said “much of what is wrong in the society is of our own making and own transgression.”
    “There are too many ways in which we have lost our way, too many scores we have to settle, too much hatred in our hearts and too many schemes in our minds,” he added.


  20. LOL @ floridian … they’ll do all they can. Hope you got back something.

  21. Which one of the “they?” 🙂

  22. Quite a few “they’s” Can’t you see them?

  23. Everald Warmington — unless he can prove that he has relinquished his US citizenship, he could find himself on the similar path of a number of his colleagues who lost their seats because they held dual citizenship when they were nominated.
    Based on Sunday Herald findings Warmington was issued with a certificate of naturalization number 20747853 on January 25 1994. His alien registration card is number 39072347.

    “Go ahead and write what you want to write. If you libel me I will sue you,” Warmington said in response to questions from the Sunday Herald.


  24. Blame the IMF, says financial secretary

    While Patrick Wong, head of the National Works Agency (NWA) told journalists that spending money to launch the programme in every parish is none of their damn business, although it is the taxpayers of the country who will repay the loan through the RMF or the Ministry of Finance, if the government’s guarantee has to be called on.


  25. Reggae Sumfest promoter Robert Russell, who said he has contributed to both major political parties over the years, did point to the negative effects of political polarisation but said he didn’t “see anything wrong with disclosing”.

    Former chief corporate affairs officer of GraceKennedy James Moss-Solomon said persons who refuse to disclose their contribution are those ashamed of their giving.
    “If somebody wants to give some money and you don’t want to tell, then how would that be transparent? You must be ashamed about your giving,” he said.
    Referencing his past donations, Azan said he gave an equal amount to each party.

    “And I’m not afraid to say how much I give either,” he said, revealing that he donated $30,000 each to the JLP and the PNP during the last campaign season.

    “I don’t have a problem disclosing,” principal of Bashco and MegaMart Gassan Azan told the Sunday Observer. “I think it would put less burden on people. Most business people are already giving to both sides anyway, so they wouldn’t have a problem disclosing.”

    The parties should start with the DS “donations” Hope the figures reconcile with mine. Good Luck..

  26. n his book titled My Story, Wildish claims that under an arrangement, hammered out with the Bank Of Jamaica, he and others in the system worked tirelessly to provide as much foreign exchange to the central bank as possible without moving the exchange rate dramatically.

    He said it had reached a stage where the company he operated with two others was supplying the BOJ with between US$350 thousand and US$500 thousand each day.

    This attracted the usual political excitement as the then Opposition excitedly jumped into the fray.


  27. Businessmen support full disclosure of political party financing

  28. Tourism Blow

    The JHTA president charged that in the midst of this situation, the industry is experiencing the worst September since the terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001.
    Closure better option

    He argued that the closure of some resorts has turned out to be a far better option than continued high losses. “Cash flow has all but dried up and is affecting tourism payables.”

    The JHTA president is of the opinion that people preparing to send children back to school worldwide, amplified by the ‘Dudus’ matter, severely damaged the excellent momentum the country enjoyed up to May.


  29. Blame the IMF, says financial secretary

    Responding to questions from members of the Public Accounts Committee as to why the government was borrowing the US$400 million from the Chinese government through the RMF, although he knew that the fund would not have the capacity to service the loan, come March next year because of the funding shortfall, Dr Hughes embarrassingly stated that the government would provide a guarantee.

    He however gave an even more embarrassing non-response when Dr. Omar Davies, chairman of the PAC asked him why the government did not just borrow the money directly through the Ministry of Finance, rather than give a guarantee to an entity fully knowing that it cannot service the loan.

    The financial secretary finally told the PAC after almost two minutes of embarrassing silence that it was the IMF, which told the government to keep its contribution to the RMF at 20 per cent of the fuel tax over the medium term, while using the balance to shore up the fiscal accounts. Hughes however, failed to address the auditor general’s claim that the government breached section 3, subsection 2 of the RMF Act by reducing the projected payments from 35 per cent or $2.63 per litre without the approval of parliament.

    The financial secretary also did not say how and if the shortfall in the fund would be made up to prevent the government’s guarantee from being called on. Under the IMF agreement the government’s direct and guaranteed debt must be kept at $1.3 trillion, excluding the money borrowed for balance of payments support. The public debt is currently running at $1.5 trillion or $555,555 per capita, compared with the $980 billion or $362,962 per capita recorded in 2007.


  30. Ms Eaton also contends that a break down in the moral fiber of the country is evident in the return of these ousted MPs to Parliament in by-elections.

    “What I’m also not comprehending is the fact that these individuals, who are chucked out of Parliament by the courts, have the audacity to put up themselves for public office gain and the people voted for them again. It raises the question about certain norms and whole moral fiber our society,” Ms Eaton said.

    “Mrs. Robinson was well aware of her status. There was judgement against her, she went an applied for the judgment to be set aside and there was a belief that she did have a case … it was only when there was a discovery about the facts surrounding her citizenship that she threw in the towel,” he said.

    “It is my view that indemnity cost which is to cover and compensate the losing party is well justified here because she used the process of the court and abused it. Others have been calling for her to refund her salary that she’s been paid and others have looked at the legal position that she voted on laws when she was not qualified to sit … it has brought to much havoc in the system for there not to be a lesson made out to her in punitive costs,” said Samuels, who was also speaking on That’s a Rap!.


  31. Unless he can prove that he has relinquished his US citizenship, southwest St Catherine Member of Parliament Everald Warmington could find himself on the similar path of his colleagues Daryl Vaz, Michael Stern, Gregory Mair and Shahine Robinson, all of whom lost their seats because they held dual citizenship when they were nominated. Based on Sunday Herald findings Warmington was issued with a certificate of naturalization number 20747853 on January 25 1994. His alien registration card is number 39072347


  32. Based on Sunday Herald findings Warmington was issued with a certificate of naturalization number 20747853 on January 25 1994. His alien registration card is number 39072347.

    Parliament To Force MPs To Declare Allegiances

    NOW that the hide-and-seek game seems to be over, at least on the part of the Government, it appears that parliamentarians may finally be forced to declare their hands in relation to possible dual allegiances.

    The debate was scheduled to be taken last week, but Holness reneged on that commitment.

    Until last week, we did not get the impression that the Government considered it important. Holness’ response on the issue also begs the question: Where was Prime Minister Gol-ding all these months, if he thought it to be an important motion?

    For us, it is encouraging news that the motions will finally be taken. But we cannot help but think that the Government’s approach to dealing with this constitutional crisis is politically flavoured. It is clear that the Government delayed accommodating debate on the matter of dual citizens in the Parliament until the known infractions on its side have been addressed.


    Good to know that green card holders are included…(wink)

  33. Crocodile tears are a false or insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief. The expression comes from an ancient anecdote that crocodiles weep in order to lure their prey, or that they cry for the victims they are eating. This tale was first spread widely in the stories of the travels of Sir John Mandeville in the 14th century.



  34. look who a buy wharf….tan deh..

  35. So this is the end of the Olint blog? Or at least change it from Olint to the Gol-dingy blog.

    I dont know if you are reading this blog anymore Noco, but since David is going up the river for 6 1/2 years in TC, will he now takes a vacation to Florida, to receive his room number for the state pen, in good ol US of A? Or once he does his time, come out and THEN take that well deserve vacation to Florida for probably at least another 6 yrs.

  36. My prediction. I think that the US will press on, it wont forget about David. The people will move on, being distracted by lifes daily musings. If there is a bigger fish to catch in this DS (David’s Sunk) puzzle, we will never know.

  37. According to the BBC, and as is being reported today by the Independent newspaper and the Guardian newspaper of London, the longest running investigative program in Britain, Panorama, will be broadcasting a report today titled: Lord Ashcroft’s Millions. It will be broadcast at 08:30 p.m. B.S.T. on BBC1.

    According to news reports the program will deal with Lord Ashcroft’s activities in Belize, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and in the UK.

    During the corrupt administration of Michael Misick, neither Michael Misick of the PNP, nor Floyd Seymour, Doug Parnell or Arthur Robinson, the three main leadership team of the PDM, were ever heard to criticize the activities of Lord Ashcroft in the TCI. (Neither did they ever criticize Cem Kinay, Mario Hoffmann, or Richard Padgett).

    All four of the above developers, 2 billionaires and 2 millionaires, gave significant amounts of financial contributions to both the PDM and PNP and essentially had their way with the people of the TCI.


  38. From: Joseph Manley jmanley@cwjamaica.com
    To: Wayne Smith
    Cc: Drum Manley-Drummond
    wed 9/19/2007 10:49AM
    Sunject: Belize Bank
    Just a reminder to ask David if he is interested in exploring the possibility of using Belize Bank. If he is, he should contact Drum directly. the President of the offshore bank was Drum’s college room mate.
    Briefly, Belize Bank has a full commercial branch network, including a full commercial branch in TCI, and has an offshore bank. They also offer prepaid and debit visa card services, along with the typical suite of commercial and offshore services.
    All the best


  39. ter, you ever hear “certain people” talk about the horrors of the Olint theft?

    “Niether….were ever heard to criticize the activities…”


    Anyway, congrats to Olinters cleared in other matters today.


  40. “I didn’t think it was it was good for Trinidad and Tobago but captain [JFF President Captain Horace Burrell] called and I said fine, he asked for help and he put his Prime Minister on and I went back and reviewed it with my tactical people and they said it could work…to the betterment of both countries,” Mr. Warner said.


  41. Clovis can be hard on Burrell sometimes.

  42. Tourism Minister to consider possible stimulus for hoteliers


    Yippee..Yap Yap

  43. “he asked for help and he put his Prime Minister on ”

    “Never make a politician grant you a favor????”

  44. Dealing In Pork In Secret

    We have always known that politicians are averse to transparency, especially when it comes to being held accountable over their management of the public resources.


  45. But as soon as the DPP released her findings, Christie shot back.

    “In her conclusion, the learned DPP has misguided herself on the clear provisions of the Contractor General Act,” Christie said.

    He also said the DPP had failed to “properly acquaint herself with the provisions of the Contractor General Act”.


  46. The Obama administration is proposing that banks report all electronic money transfers in and out of the United States (US), expanding its antiterrorism requirements for financial institutions.

    Officials at the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforce-ment Network said Monday that the new requirement would boost their ability to track the source of funding for terrorists.


  47. Agree 1 hour ago in reply to Peter
    I agree with your statement. Compare the energy that she exudes in with the bulb scandal, no action on Mabey and Johnson, plus many more that the OCG has reported that suggests corruption with the present Government.


  48. Foreign exchange trading club OLINT last Tuesday announced that it had established a foundation to help needy Jamaicans, especially children with special needs, and poured in a whopping US$1 million to demonstrate its commitment.
    Smith’s appeal was quickly answered by Jared Martinez of Market Traders Institute out of the United States who pledged J$10 million to the foundation during his address at the well-attended function at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge on the University of the West Indies campus in Kingston.
    The OLINT Foundation board will be headed by Betty Gordon and will include Edith Smith, Rev Dave Spence, Dr Paul Gordon, Nicole McLaren, Mary Dixon, Paulette Kirkland and Francis Hill.
    Guest speaker Michael Missick, premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, said that the foundation had his and his government’s support.
    “We appreciate the efforts of David and Tracy and how greatly they have contributed to the economy of Turks and Caicos in the short time they have been there. Jamaica’s misfortune is indeed the good fortune of Turks and Caicos ..”


  49. From:Lauren Brinati
    To: David Smith
    Thu 5/10/2007
    Mr. Smith,

    I am currently in the process of conducting an audit of I-Trade FX LLC, a FCM located in Lake Mary, FL, for which you are listed as a principal in registration records due to a material piece of ownership in the firm. I have a few questions that I would like to ask you and though that emailing would be the best way to get representation rather than using Isaac Martinez as the middle-man.

    1) Who’s money is being used to fund the multiple Olint Corp accounts held at I-Trade FX?

    2) While reviewing account statements for these accounts, it was noted that a lot of money had been wired in (there was over $20 million at some points). Why chose to invest this money at I-Trade FX in an unregulated account, in which funds are not protected as segregated nor provided protection under US bankruptcy law?

    Thanks very much for your time and response. I may have some additional follow-up questions based on your answers.

    Lauren Brinati
    Field Supervisor
    200 W. Madison, Suite 1600
    Chicago, IL 60606
    P (312) 658-6585
    F (312) 658-4122

  50. From: doncreary@gmail.com
    ToDavid Smith
    Hi Dave
    Tried getting you yesterday. I am having fun with the news out of Trinidad about Lee-Chin. Apart from getting all the electronic media houses to carry damning reports based on the Trinidad Express article, I got his station (CVM- TV) to do the lost damning of all! (LOL) His Editor has resigned and is in his last week and was only too glad to oblige me and rip Mike. It’s called PAYBACK for his comments about you. Wi nuh play.
    Secondly, the same editor has carried very positive stories, 2 days running, about FX Trading and used footage of Ralston Hyman, Our latest media convert, Jared and economist John Jackson declaring FX Trading to be sustainable. PR wise, the last few days have been great. I will send you tapes.
    Al and Mark have big pieces this weekend as well. Remember the Court Judgment document that I need.
    One love

  51. Norman Bingham edward4@cwjamaica.com
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Fri 2/16/2007 10:07 AM
    Dear Mr. Smith

    My name is Norman Bingham, Retired president and CEO of First Life Insurance Company in Jamaica.
    I currently reside in Jamaica but I am also a US citizen and seek membership in your club as a US citizen as I understand that you are no longer allowed to admit Jamaicans residing in Jamaica – pending a ruling from the courts.

    I was recommended by Allan Eden-Hutchinson a friend of my nephew Courtenay Barnett who is an attorney-at-law residing in TCI.

    If I am accepted I would be using my US address of course.

    I look forward to your response

    Norman Bingham

    PS. My nephew would like to Contact Patrick Cameron who spoke to him in Jamaica about your organisation. Do you know where or how to contact him in Jamaica?

  52. DS had better get his dream team back together for the US side of the onslaught that IS coming his way.
    Tracy….Jamaica hot. Head to the oasis for shelter, but that won’t last too long. Hope the hubby can keep you and Gilly from the free hotel stay the Feds will have reserved for you both. Think DS can get off without a L—O—N—G stretch. I’ll take any bet below ten years.
    Ask Rothstein…prosecutors asked for forty years, the judge gave him fifty….and that was with Rothstein’s full co-operation.
    If DS don’t give up EVERYBODY, he won’t see the land of his birth again.
    btw DS…your belongership will be invalid soon. You and yours will have no status in TCI when your 6.5 are over…not that you will have any further use for it anyway

  53. On Sunday, September 19, I acted foolishly.Believing that the Philadelphia Eagles, leading 35-17, had done enough to defeat the toothless Detroit Lions, I clicked away from that critical NFL game to watch live coverage of Portia Simpson Miller’s speech to the People’s National Party (PNP) annual conference.
    I paid the penalty for breaking Kenny Rogers’ cardinal rule:
    You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table.
    There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.”
    I was dealt a double whammy. While I watched Portia, the Lions staged an unlikely rally good enough to cover the “spread”, and my significant investment disappeared quicker than an Olint deposit.

    Gordon Robinson…yuh too wicked…LMAO

  54. Dream team has always been working in the background. They never went anywhere, just that the masses can’t see them.

    Remember the Ambassador “waiting to exhale” ??

    The dream team movements are watched always.

  55. THERE are early indications that the ambitious US$400 million Jamaica Road Improvement and Rehabilitation Project could be cut.
    Financial Secretary Dr Wesley Hughes this morning told a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament that this option was not being ruled out following indications that funding for the project cannot be sustained beyond April next year.


    Warmington accused the committee chairman of going on a fishing expedition, after Dr. Davies quizzed Financial Secretary Dr Wesley Hughes about the Fund’s ability to repay the loan from the Chinese Export Import Bank.

    The Ministry has provided a guarantee for the multi billion-dollar loan.


  56. Backpedalling ….the management always the same as “Olint” …what a coincidence…same PR same Dream Team etc.

  57. Same failures…

  58. Lord Ashcroft investigation pulled by BBC Panorama over legal problems


    See? A Brady type strategy dat!

  59. The 64-year-old businessman, whose commercial interests are centred on Belize, is estimated to have given at least £11m to the party, with some of the funds focused on key Conservative target seats. He has fought several legal battles to defend himself against allegations about his business practices.

    Sound familiar Smithy?

  60. “Key” target seats…

  61. Money stolen from the Jamaican people…

  62. No truth

    Meanwhile, the former North-East St. Ann Member of Parliament, has staunchly

    dismissed the accusations levelled against her.

    Speaking on RJR’s Hotline, on Tuesday morning, Mrs. Robinson says there is no truth to Mr. Bowen’s assertions, that she has been making decisions about the awarding of road works contracts, in the constituency.

    Mrs. Robinson says her conduct is above board, and that she is open to scrutiny.

    “I would never do that, I would never be disrespectful to the court or to anyone else, I was raised that way and I just want to let you know that I wasn’t even in the constituency yesterday, I spent the entire day in New Kingston doing my own personal business so I am shocked when I hear these accusations,”


    The Boy Who Cried Wolf, also known as The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf, is a fable attributed to Aesop (210 in Perry’s numbering system.[1]) The protagonist of the fable is a bored shepherd boy who entertained himself by tricking nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his flock of sheep. When they came to his rescue, they found that the alarms were false and that they had wasted their time. When the boy was actually confronted by a wolf, the villagers did not believe his cries for help and the wolf ate the flock (and in some versions the boy). The moral is stated at the end of the fable as:
    Even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed. The liar will lie once, twice, and then perish when he tells the truth.


  63. Reveal Yourselves, Says Samuda

    Re-elected president of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Milton Samuda, yesterday urged his members to subject themselves to full disclosure as it relates to party financing.

    “Specifically, in relation to party funding, we cannot expect the reform we wish if we ourselves are unwilling to participate in full disclosure, choosing instead to cower in secrecy, claiming fear of political victimisation,” he said while addressing the JCC’s annual general meeting at the Knutsford Court Hotel in St Andrew.

  64. Jamaica’s Poor Economic Performance – Blame It On Corruption
    Published: Wednesday | September 29, 2010

    In fact, Budhan suggested that corruption in Jamaica contributes substantially to the country’s uncompetitiveness and its poor economic performance.

    It is a complaint that government ministers have, for years, claimed to understand and which the current prime minister, Bruce Golding, has promised to fundamentally address.

    ‘Government can do more’

    The JCC’s Samuda, however, believes Government can do more … and quickly.

    For instance, Samuda would immediately implement a recommendation by the contractor general for a single anti-corruption agency with investigative and prosecutorial powers.


  65. Iceland Ex-PM Faces Possible Charges In Meltdown

    Iceland’s former Prime Minister Geir Haarde has been referred to a special court in a move that could make him the first world leader to be charged in connection with the global financial crisis.


  66. While the possible cutback in the project is being attributed to the inability of the Road Maintenance Fund (RMF) to service huge interest costs that will arise from the US$340-million loan, there are new concerns about an additional US$30 million for management fees.

    Clement Watson, executive director of the RMF, said five per cent and two and a half per cent management fees would be paid to the NWA and the RMF, respectively, from the special consumption tax. This increases the total sum of the JDIP programme to US$430 million.

    However, asked about the additional US$30 million in management fees, Hughes said he would seek clarification on the matter.


    Story come to bump Mr. Wong.

  67. THE head of an association representing Olint creditors is refusing to put a “criminal” label on principal of the failed investment club, David Smith, despite the financier pleading guilty to conspiracy to money launder and defraud charges and sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison in the Turks and Caicos Islands last week.

    Godfrey McAllister, chairman of the Association of Concerned OLINT Members (ACOM), who is hoping to recover money from the defunct outfit, believes that the prosecution in the case was a weak one which settled on a plea bargain with Smith because it had no valid evidence against the defendant.


    Shows how idiotic some of these “educated” people really are.
    If the prosecution’s case was so “weak” as u claim, why not go to trial and clear your name then? why did HE settle for 6 1/2 years?

    Dam FOOLS!

  68. Jamaica Flooded by Corruption

    19th-century church flattened by freak storm

    The historic Savanna-la-Mar Baptist Church, Westmoreland, Jamaica built in 1829 was on Tuesday evening flattened by a freak storm, which hit the town at about 7p.m.

    Eyewitnesses who were downtown Sav-la Mar, close to the waterfront, told The Gleaner that they saw what appeared to be a waterspout, which came ashore with bright flashes of light and fire.

    Numerous buildings including homes were damaged or destroyed; and trees and utility poles downed. Several roadways have been rendered impassable by rainfall associated with the tropical depression that has blanketed the island since Sunday.

    The entire town is now out of electricity.


  69. Let the courts decide. Don’t be a Dor.

    Country Boy 2 hours ago
    I did not realize that ignorance, or to say I made a mistake, is a defence against a criminal act. We all say Jamaica is very corrupt but we can never find out who the corrupt persons are. If the Contractor General thinks he has a case against someone, then the DPP, as a courtesy to the another Public servant who was appointed to serve Jamaica and for the good of the individuals involve, for the good name of the individual to be restore and for Justice to be done and to be seen to be done, take the case to court. Let justice be done. Let the good name of the individual be restored. Ms. Llewellyn it seems to me that you are standing in the way of Justice and helping to giving Jamaica a bad name.


  70. Tufton has such a “brand” to protect which is why he clamours hand over foot for three years to clearly explain the stolen Olint money he used to campaign.

    At least the accountantlyst confessed he made money from OLINT and was positive.

  71. “I am happy that the matter has been brought to a speedy conclusion and I hope the process can now begin in terms of restoring my name, which has been adversely impacted because of the publicity around the issue,” Tufton told The Gleaner yesterday.

    “The direct recipients will be Andrew Holness, Andrew Gallimore, Chris Tufton and one to be named.”

  72. Come a long way from selling rasta belts.

  73. Synenergy 15 hours ago
    “However, Llewellyn said the men’s attempt to correct their initial statement suggested, as they claim, an error was made in the original submission to the contractor general.”

    Or it could be that they try to get their story straight once they were caught contradicting each other and giving conflicting stories. The question, therefore, is how did this…………………………………………….woman, Paula Llewellyn, arrives at the conclusion that Tufton and his cohorts made an error and did not lie? Worst still, is how did she arrives at the conclusion that no one was criminally culpable in the award of contracts by the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) to companies in which its late executive director, Douglas Chambers, had active interests?

    Paula Lle.wel.lyn………………………….needs to be remove from office. Unfortunately I guess we have to wait when the PNP or some third party is in power to remove her……………..


  74. prommo 13 hours ago in reply to Onejamaicandis
    How about some due process for the jamaican people. I would be much more comfortable with a judge dismissing these cases on a no case submission than have some government bureaucrat corrupt or otherwise making that decision. IT JUS NUH SEEM RITE.

    Peter 20 hours ago
    Hahaha..I predicted the outcome of the DPP actions even before she handed down her decision. She is so predictable. If she should type up one report and whenever the OCG sends over their recommendation, she should fax the form letter. Why give the impression that the CG reports are being look at careful to see if crimes were committed.

    I hate to say this, but I think it is time to shutdown the OCG. Wasted resources to investigate and generate 100+ page reports only to have them died at the DPP office, is truly a waste of limited resources. Let us call it a day until someone can figure out a way to get the road blocker out of the process. We support you Mr. Christie, but it is clear that the current DPP and yourself are not on the same page as far as rooted out corruption.

    I’m not at all surprise by her recent findings, since she essentially set the tone with respect to the MP and the issue of awarding contracts to a company that build structure that spans rivers/streams. The issue that was whether he was compensated for expenses or funds deposited into his account for……………………………………(possible edited comments; save the editor some time)

  75. Olinter rejects contract

    According to a release, “the WICB has written to Gayle, Bravo and Pollard seeking details of the issues which caused them not to take up the offer, in an attempt to understand same and so that the issues can be addressed for future contract offers.”


  76. have explained previously why this is an expensive investigation. The Commission of
    Inquiry found indications of criminality on a huge scale and since we have begun to
    investigate, we have discovered additional serious matters that must be examined.


  77. Documents uncovered by the BBC in the Caribbean revealed that Philip Osborne, a long-time associate of the Tory donor, held undisclosed directorships in several companies in the Turks and Caicos Islands, where BCB controls the biggest bank.

    The BBC pulled the broadcast hours before it was due to air on Monday, after Lord Ashcroft’s lawyers challenged one of the main allegations in the programme. The BBC said it was examining new information and would consider a future broadcast.


  78. Efforts to recover Olint cash continue

    VICTIMS of the Olint investment scam – many of whom lost their life savings – have been told that efforts to recoup their cash will continue.

    Six thousand people in the TCI alone are said to have entrusted more than $220m to confidence trickster David Smith, last week jailed for six and a half years.


    “confidence trickster David Smith” hahahahahaah how cute…hahahaha “confidence trickster”

    Is pure launderedDRUG money in Olint…ponzi?…ahahahaaaaaa.


    Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick said that since Sir Robin Auld’s Commission of Inquiry she and her team have discovered more serious matters which must be investigated.
    In a carefully-worded press release issued on Wednesday September 29th, Garlick said: “The Commission of Inquiry found indications of criminality on a huge scale and since we have begun to investigate, we have discovered additional serious matters that must be examined.”


  80. this is madness….why let the man go to jail pleading guilty to a conspiracy when he has not told anybody where the money is that he was planning to defraud ……these people take us for more than fools

  81. Please advise whether David Smith, the Jamaican banker of Olient Corps. who it was reported in the Orlando Sentenial of Sept. 24, 2010, as having been sentenced to 6 1/2 years in jail in the Turks and Caicos Islands for fraud, and money laundering had listed as one of his affiliates,- SGL Holdings of GRenada, one of the O.E.C.S. island states in the Windward Islands?

  82. n the mean time, ACOM has agreed with the Victim Coordinator in the US Attorney General’s office to co-ordinate the registration of all Olint Members who are Members of ACOM. We are still fine-tuning the logistics of this exercise and will shortly inform our members. In the mean time, for any Olint member who is not as yet a Member of ACOM, now is a good time to become a Member.

    Signed ACOM Executive


    ACOM a confession of guilt is guilt even as you try to spin it. In fact one of the first things Smith did 3 years ago was confess but changed this after advice from Jamaican lawyers who were by the way being paid with Olint members money. FACT.

    So for three years he continued along with Tracy to ride Land Rover and nanny for the children and Chaulk Sound residence etc.

    The Smith’s were aided by people at ACOM who came on the radio and were proven liars by their own contradictions.


    I have now perused a document shows in writing that the claim by ACOM made on the prosecutors is FALSE.

    “Whereas ACOM is relieved to have this protracted chapter of our crisis closed, we are in no better position to determine whether or not Mr. Smith was operating a Ponzi Scheme.”

    ACOM said they would let the courts decide. Now that the courts have decided they start to backpedal.

    Total rubbish is spewed from ACOM. They have been defenders of the criminals DS and TS and …and OTHERS.

    Again, If you gave money to Kingdom Investments or any other “feeder” of the Drug money and Arms money laundering scam get a lawyer to contact the principals of these “feeders” and demand your money.

    “Time wait on no man” Many of the feeders are planning to split of have recently split town. FACT.

    Don’t let “pastor” a “Phd.” and bad grammar fool unno.

    Let the lawyer write them!

    Don’t say mi neva tell unno. You all know who has always told truth here and all who run away as busted liars.

    Red PPeeeee? Whey you deh? Nonco? Nonco? Olint for life? Live and let live?…Hello? Hello?…

  83. Listen, Jamaica is not in a recession. It is in a DEPRESSION. The World Unemployment is catastrophic.

    See http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/cartoon/

    Sorry See
    EDITORIAL: Unemployment Jitters Around The World


    Look about your Olint money. Unless you are “connected” and receiving it backhanded through contracts etc. you must help yourselves.

    Flood and teefing and dispair that may well be longstanding. Look about your Olint money. Smith has now confessed PUBLICLY (although he did so privately to his “friends” while he was paying them out).

    When granny was sending the bicycles from Miami-Providenciales to the “kids” at Christmas where was YOUR money?

    Many tell you they got burnt but got their money.

    Look about your money. In many instances it drives past you every day in a shinny new Kris Ride.

    “Pip pip”


  84. BTW

    Be CAREFUL or “Chuch Criminal” be careful.

  85. No statement from OLINT’s CEO?

  86. ACOM have you spoken to the Prime Minister concerning David Smith’s Conviction and incarceration?

    If not, why not?


  87. Sign of the End Times

    In 2008 and 2009 as revelations about his criminal activities became more and more a part of the public record, it became obvious to all that former Premier Michael Misick was approaching the end of his viability as an elected official. As he approached the end he was more and more shrill in his statements. He also tried as hard as he could to pretend that he was a very pious and holy man by attempting more often to shroud himself more and more under the cloak of the Church.

    We are once again seeing the signs of the end times. The two leaders of the political parties, as well the handful of followers, are starting to become very shrill in their speech. They are also now trying to use certain church pastors (in the presence of television cameras) in an attempt to project an image of being pious and holy, in an attempt to make people think that they have God’s blessing for their personal political positions and ambitions!

    How to view this? Alas, if viewing their words and activities through the prism of ethics we fear we may need to remind the politicos that the Ten Commandments are not a math quiz where 6 out of 10 is a passing grade. Even with a lowered bar, a critical examination would find certain leaders not even achieving a grade of six out of ten.

    However, attendance is to be encouraged if it is comfort they are seeking from the Church. We understand that as word of the announcement of the Supreme Court writ for flipping land against Richy Arthur has spread, that it has caused a number of those in the inner circle of the political parties to have panic attacks and become slightly unhinged .

    If the pattern from the end of Michael Misick’s tenure continues to unfold with the present leaders, we suggest that they try to make good use of the increasing time they will undoubtedly attempt to spend in Church.

    Repentance and asking for forgiveness from one’s maker for ethical breaches is always a good thing and perhaps where they should best focus their attention.




  88. “I knew all along that we should have taken action against Brady – from he placed us in the Manatt mess – but others in the party were protecting him,” said the JLP senior member who requested that he not be named.

    Other JLP members expressed similar sentiments even as they, too, requested anonymity.

    They pointed to three occasions in the 1990s on which criminal charges were laid against Brady to buffer their argument that he could not be trusted.

    A defiant Brady has scoffed at all the allegations against him, and his decision to file a lawsuit has certainly moved the dispute to another level.


    Dear John, Lobbying the White house is not just fishing for garbage, It does not just go away. Serious issue…

  89. “The defendant has sought to influence and rely on the public statements of members of the JLP as well as artifice, sleight of hand, and disingenuity, particularly an irrelevant assertion that the claimant’s outstanding party dues were unpaid for three years, in his attempts to avoid offering amends to the claimant,” said Brady’s lawyers.

  90. My Gosh, Parental discretion advised

  91. The rain has forced a postponement of a planned session of the party’s powerful Central Executive, during which it was expected that Golding would have delivered an ultimatum to its members to either give him their full backing, or watch him walk away.

    Gleaner sources say Golding continues to be enraged and disappointed that many influential members within the party have not sided with him in the aftermath of the brouhaha which was precipitated by his comment that Brady had been ditched from the party.

    Speaking as Milli or Vanilli?

  92. We’re On The Right Path
    Delano Seiveright, Contributor

    No one can doubt that the Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke extradition and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips issues are newsworthy stories but the almost constant rehashing of these dead issues is not only boring, but also unnecessary.


    I see, so the media filed suit against Golding as a rehash of a dead issue. Perhaps, this is Nobel Prize material by the writers standards? For a whole NEW Nobel category? I wonder what it should be called?

    “It is yet to be determined if the governing party – struggling to maintain its focus on the nation’s business – will be able to withstand additional pressure by the lawsuit involving two influential figures in the JLP, as well as the likelihood of a bitter internal election.”


  93. What a timely article! In the Gleaner to boot!

  94. Looking back to 2007

  95. Harold Brady to sue the Prime Minister

    Mr. Golding also said the attorney had been axed from all government boards.

    However, immediately after the Prime Minister’s revelation, Mr. Brady fired back, claiming that he was still in good standing with the party, as well as being part of the party’s Central Executive.

    He also said he had voluntarily quit the public sector boards.


  96. Looking back…white rum sponsored by the convicted Dave Smith.

    Lawsuit Angers Party Members

    Published: Sunday | October 3, 201017 Comments and 0 Reactions
    Some senior members of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) are livid over the decision by attorney-at-law Harold Brady to file a lawsuit against the party leader, Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

    “Better late than never?”

  97. Brady’s free kick?

  98. MSME Alliance baffled at Cabinet’s US$10 decision to tourism sector

    The MSME Alliance is baffled at the Cabinet’s recent decision to provide US$10 million for the tourism sector, according to the CVM News report on Wednesday.

    According to a MSME Alliance release, since June 2010, the US$10 million was earmarked to give Jamaica a “face lift” by repairing tourism’s image in the aftermath of the Dudus affair and the State of Emergency.

    The reports of damage to MSMEs in The MSME Alliance from Tropical Storm Nicole are just coming in. Farmers, especially those who suffered from the tornado in St. Elizabeth, are devastated, noted the release.

  99. Latin Movement Nightclub on Dunrobin Avenue…


    Nuh Deacon Smitty one time club dat?

  100. Remember this Motty. Robert Lightbourne’s people got badly hurt in OLINT.

    What you have to say about that Motty?

  101. Shahine Robinson asks court to replace her with JLP Councillor

    Mrs. Robinson’s lawyers Monday morning filed a notice before the court asking that she be replaced as the respondent by Neville Williams, one of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Councillors in the constituency.

    Mr. Williams’ attorney, Kent Gammon said with Mrs. Robinson stepping aside, they were forced to apply for admission of a new respondent based on the position taken by the other side.


    One can only say shameless. They use their minions now like how Hitler Youth were sent to the outskirts of Berlin while the boss was in the bunker.

    Kent Gammon what about the carvings in Fern Gully?

  102. Once in America your benefactor Deacon will tell you about them.

  103. You don’t see one of the “not in my cabinet” suing the PM?

  104. Kevin O’Brien Chang, “ok Harold take one for the team”

    “As they say in England, you supposed to fall on your own sword”


  105. Attorney-at-law Abe Dabdoub in applying for indemnity costs against Robinson today submitted that Justice Jones in striking out the MPs defence had found that she abused the process of the court.

    Dabdoub said Robinson wasted valuable judicial time because the matter could have been disposed of from 2008.

    He said Robinson’s explanation that she thought she had renounced her citizenship was lame.

    Dabdoub also said Robinson was in contempt of the court’s intelligence.

    According to him there was evidence of Robinson’s deceit and her failure to come to court with clean hands and so indemnity costs should be awarded against her.

    The lawyer said Bowen was put to great expense to obtain information from a Florida court in relation to Robinson’s dual citizenship.


  106. Floridian…..a nuff “not in my cabinet” in the party….and they are in powerful positions too. Driva soon see how they unite when the going gets rough.
    Brady did dun warn dem nuh fi romp wid him. Vaz heeded. Seems like Driva miss di memo. Now im inna prablem. Im betta pray Brady don’t leggo di full pon di MPP drama.

  107. Brady not dropping suit against PM

    Attorney-at-law Harold Brady has dismissed speculation that a deal is in the works to get him to drop the defamation suit against Prime Minister Bruce Golding after the issue involving the United States-based law firm Mannatt, Phelps, and Phillips drama took another convoluted turn on the weekend.


  108. Lawsuit On Hold

    A Gleaner probe has unearthed information that attendees at an emergency meeting have succeeded in hammering out a tenuous deal that would keep the court battle at bay for the time being.


  109. Jamaicans are depending on Errol Miller to be proactive and not to take on the role of a sort of mollycoddling mediator concerned only with the amelioration of opposing political views.


    From: Joseph Smith (ja.smith@cwjamica.com)
    To: David Smith
    Contributions to “WORTHY CAUSES”
    I had detailed discussions with the four persons mentioned in my previous email and representatives of their management teams. They are all well organized but they have not budgetted adequetley in my opinion based on my experience. Being out in rural Jamaica they are so woefully uderfunded. Our two St. elizabeth persons have smaller populations than out Westmoreland and Manchester people. The two in St. elizabeth have budgets of J$6,000,000.00 each with 4 mil for the special big day alone. Each of the others are at just over $8 mil. they do not get money support from their head office. Each team has recieved some amount of contributions but they are no where close to where they should be. Knowing what we know, we would be particularly interested in the Mandeville person’s cause. The westmoreland person is in a similar position (see spread sheet that i emailed some time ago).
    From what I know, the persons from the other side, are working with bigger budgets. Congtributions of: Westmoreland and Manchester US75,000.00 each and the two from St. elizabeth US$50,000.00 each would take them a far way. But Dave I would leave it up to your good judgement to decide what is affordable. If you can do more it would be great towards achieving the goal. the greater overall goal cannot be achieved if these four fail. But I know that you want to contribute to other similar cases as well. Bottom line is whatever you can do will e greatly appreciated by them and of course by us.


  110. “This is the second time in two years we a repair it wi self”

    The only tools they have are spades and the material with which they work are of two kinds – old tyres and sand.

  111. However, the politician’s principal loyalty is to his or her party. His or her chief preoccupation is to get re-elected. His or her good deeds are really by-products of the pressure and activities to get re-elected. He/she is accountable to the party for this and answerable in the same way that a CEO is to a corporation’s major shareholders.

    And, there is widespread expectation that donors want government favours in return.

  112. Lord Anthony Gifford, one of Jamaica’s leading defense attorneys, welcomed a review and said he was open to some changes — judges, not juries, should determine damages, he said.
    But in a nation of just 2.9 million people, he added, existing libel law protects people from having their names dragged through the mud by irresponsible journalism.
    “In a small society like Jamaica’s, a false statement about someone can be devastating,” Gifford said. “When people are ostracised, they are really and truly cut off.”


    Monday 1/5/2009
    Dear Lord Gifford,
    We are indeed acting on the presumption but needed to impress upon the client that we require instructions urgently and as you know I do not like to leave matters open to interpretation so I do not like to leave these matters to the last minute as indeed this is where we are now. I called our client this morning and he indicated that his e-mail address is out odf service again hence he has not been recieving my reminders. By copy to his new address (dsmith@yahoo.com) i am urging him to advise us immediately of any future changes in contact information particularly as his telephone contact is unreliable and we are at a critical stage of proceedings. We are instructed that our client is now putting funds $1,500,000.00 in place at Sterling for Security for costs of the Appeal. I do not have the actual order but have told him to have them make the cheque out to Nicole Foster-Pusey/Watson & Watson and we can attend to any details thereafter.

    BTW that was NOT David Smith’s money to spend.

  113. Hide Govt’s involvement in Manatt – says Brady defamation affidavit

    Startling new information is emerging about the Government’s relationship with US law firm, Manatt Phelps, Phillips.

    As the controversy over the hiring of the firm to lobby about the extradition of then fugitive Christopher “Dudus” Coke continues to gather momentum, RJR News has obtained the Affidavit of centre figure attorney-at-law Harold Brady.

    RJR News has obtained a copy of documents filed by Mr. Brady in the libel suit against Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

    In a letter attached as an appendix to documents submitted to the Supreme Court last Friday, Mr. Brady’s lawyers clearly outlined the process which led to the engagement of the American law firm.


  114. Hide Govt’s involvement in Manatt – says Brady defamation affidavit

  115. To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.


  116. To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

  117. Floridian

    you musa mek nough corn off DS or have nough corn from before fi still a spend all dis time pon dis ha blog an no get back to work. Dat devil DS musa still owe you plenty corn fi you to rile up so much dat you a blog like dis.

    DS lock up and him no drive bout him range rover no more, him cann read dis blog mo more, him a listen to donkey bray, cow bawl and chicken cluck cluck out side di jail down a Grand Turk.

    me see unoo pain and mi feel fi you, let it go boss as Longfellow said:

    Though the mills of God grind slowly
    yet they grind exceeding small
    Though with patience He stands waiting
    with exactness grinds He all.

    DS put it off, and put it off and put it off BUT as Him sey, ‘as a man sow so too shall he reap.’

    A nough sufferation DS cause wi and him never come straight with wi, and look where him is now.

    But mi feel fi unoo, this a burden pon you soul, boss man let it go and may di God of Heaven bless you and prosper you.

    cool runnings me blogging friend!
    God’s blessing pon you and mi encourage you fi let it go!

  118. So why are you even one the blog?

    “DS put it off, and put it off and put it off BUT as Him sey, ‘as a man sow so too shall he reap.’”

    I read from this that you want to portray DS as having been “in charge” making the decisions. If he had been he would still be laughing at the poor victims.

    “DS lock up and him no drive bout him range rover no more, him cann read dis blog mo more, him a listen to donkey bray, cow bawl and chicken cluck cluck out side di jail down a Grand Turk.”

    You are naive here..or make mischief purposely?

    “you musa mek nough corn off DS or have nough corn from before fi still a spend all dis time pon dis ha blog an no get back to work”

    Ironically DS and his cronies slip ups on the con have indeed made some wealthy beyond 20% per month. However one can still have compassion for the thousands of suffering victims.

    Give it a try Jedidiah.

    BTW, I have been working….hope you buy the book my blogging friend 🙂

  119. If you don’t like reading you can see pictures. Do you know that most hotels there are completely wired?

  120. That one shocked even me.

  121. Don’t surf the blogs Jedidiah, take it easy.

  122. Golding administration yet to respond to Manatt exposé

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding is yet to respond to the RJR News exposé about the government’s relationship with the US law firm, Manatt Phelps, Phillips.

    “I believe that the country deserves to get the truth and that truth cannot come from people who have an interest in the matter one way or the other and that is why we need an independent Commission of Inquiry,” Dr. Phillips said on RJR 94fm’s Beyond the Headlines.


  123. Don’t hide Motty! Chuh Just show him some photos and the case close.

    Motty we need to hear from the number 1 apologist. Kevin O’Brien Chang can’t do it like you.

    Come back Motty!

  124. In the latest allegation, local attorney Harold Brady has reportedly indicated that the Jamaican Government had entered a deal with the US law-firm Manatt to lobby against the extradition request for alleged crime lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

    Mr Brady reportedly made the claim in a letter which forms part of an affidavit in a lawsuit filed against Mr Golding claiming damages for libel arising from statements made by the Prime Minister.


  125. Jaye Stone
    Why is Celta Kirkland’s column with bible verses “protected” by not having a comments column? That is so silly. It is such a profound statement on the backwardness of the Observer. You choose to tell us what we can comment on, and if the comment is not in your favor, you trash it. But you pat your own back and call yourself the “beloved” newspaper. Pure comedy.

    Jaye Stone
    And to Brother Henley Morgan I have but one question: I warched you like a hawk during the reign of the PNP when the government was busy mangling the job and making fools of themselves. You steered clear of criticism then, when incalculable damage was being done. Yet now your eyes are opened. Cen you see that the damge done to our society has been accumulative?


  126. JLP fm what happened to Carol and Dennis?


  127. Asked why the party had failed to bring the curtain down on the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips affair, Samuda echoed the claims of other party officials that the matter had been laid to rest, but persons in the public [Who ? Harold Brady? The United States? Always some ghost to blame] kept attempting to resurrect the issue.

    At the weekly Standing Committee meeting of the party on Monday night, he confirmed that he would bow out of any internal election.

    But by Tuesday night Samuda recanted. [big word for flip flop….Brady is a proven flip flopper too. Need a vaccine]

    At the same time, the embattled General Secretary is declaring that he has Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s back.


  128. September 15, 2010

    Hon. Bruce Golding M.P.
    Prime Minister of Jamaica,
    Jamaica House
    1 Devon Road
    Kingston 10

    Dear Sir:

    Re: Claim of Defamation against you by Harold Brady

    We act on behalf of Attorney-at-law Harold Brady whose instructions to us make it clear that he has been defamed by certain statements published by you of him at a press briefing at which you spoke yesterday.

    You have been reported as alleging that our client acted contrary to your instructions in the manner in which he handled the retention and instructing of the lobby firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips (MPP) as a result of which the Government of Jamaica has been embarrassed. You are also reported to have used the following words: “Mr Brady was asked to resign from all government boards. Mr Brady is no longer a member of the party” which is clear innuendo that Mr Brady’s actions in the entire MPP affair was somehow unethical, improper and in breach of instructions to the extent to which severe disciplinary action is merited and that his resignation from government boards is the resulting sanction.

    Our client denies having been fired from any government board. Over the past two years, due to various reasons, he had gradually resigned from all government boards but not one single such resignation has been as a result of any disciplinary penalty arising out of this affair.

    You have also been reported as saying as follows: “There is a question that has been raised as to whether or not a complaint should be filed with the General Legal Council (but) that is a matter that we have not decided on yet because of certain technicalities involved.”

    These words, in their natural and ordinary meaning and taken together with past pronouncements by you and your political party on this issue, could only mean that Mr Brady’s conduct is in breach of the canons of ethics of the General Legal Council and that, subject only to “certain technicalities” our client should face professional disciplinary penalty.

    Our instructions make it clear that you are fully aware that these imputations, allegationis and innuendoes against our client are completely false. Our client’s instructions are that he took instructions on this matter only from you and has no other client in the affair. His further instructions are that he was introduced to the entire episode by way of a call made on your behalf to attend a meeting with you which was also attended by Dr. Ronald Robinson – a fact our client only discovered when he attended that first meeting at your request.

    He was instructed by you to use his international contacts to try to resolve the political issues raised by the extradition request for Christopher Coke which you asserted was flawed evidentially but which you anticipated would result in adverse political pressure were the Government to be forced to refuse the request on that ground. Our client used his international political contacts who unanimously referred him to the firm of MPP who agreed to take on the matter of the treaty issues but pointed out to our client that this could only be done as a Government representative and under a paid retainer. Our client reported in full to you, at a meeting at which Ministery Daryl Vaz was present, and you instructed him to agree to MPP’s terms but to ensure, as best as possible, that the Government did not appear to be involved. At that meeting, you delegated all the financial implications to be handled by Minister Vaz. Consequently, our client is unaware of the mechanics of the payment of the MPP retainer WHICH WAS NOT HANDLED either BY HIS LAW OFFICE or by him personally. Thereafter, all expenses relating the conduct of the MPP matters were dealt with by Minister Vaz and our client was not asked to pay any of his own expenses save and except for hotel accommodation abroad. Our client does not know the source of the funding for any or all of these expenses.

    Our client denies that he has breached a single instruction he received from you. On the contrary, every single action taken by him was in furtherance of your specific instructions and he has never received any instruction from anyone else. MPP, on your instructions, delivered by our client, facilitated (both in person and in writing) discussions between the State Department and the Government of Jamaica which greatly assisted in trying to resolve the treaty dispute but the initiative became untenable once these activities were made public and you took a hands-off public stance.

    Accordingly, this letter is written to invite you to take the opportunity to publish a retraction of the offensive words used at yesterday’s press briefing and to offer a fulsome and unreserved apology to our client for the damage you have done to his considerable local and international prestige. Our client is an attorney-at-law of over 30 years standing and his reputation is not restricted to the shores of Jamaica. As a member of the Jamaica Labour Party, he has always done his best to assist that institution when he can but not at the expense of the country and certainly not at the expense of his own reputation. Failure to respond positively to this letter within seven (7) days will leave our client with no alternative but to file legal proceedings against you for defamation of character without any further reference to you.

    Yours faithfully,


  129. !!!!!!
    At that meeting, you delegated all the financial implications to be handled by Minister Vaz. Consequently, our client is unaware of the mechanics of the payment of the MPP retainer WHICH WAS NOT HANDLED either BY HIS LAW OFFICE or by him personally. Thereafter, all expenses relating the conduct of the MPP matters were dealt with by Minister Vaz and our client was not asked to pay any of his own expenses save and except for hotel accommodation abroad. Our client does not know the source of the funding for any or all of these expenses.

    From: Shalimar (shalimar@kasnet.com)
    To: David Smith CC Wayne Doope
    Further to our meeting last night, I need the following:-
    1) On announcement , need the balance for party central.
    2) Complete breakdown of candidate support list and amounts proposed.
    3) Helicopter (estimated to be US15,000 to 20,000
    4) Requesting US$50,000 for Portland East and West and reminding you to speak to man in Negril in relation to information regarding candidate support and possible meeting.
    Once again, thanks again for everything and look forward to hearing from you on the above mentioned matters.

    From: Shalimar (shalimar@kasnet.com)
    To : Peter Bovell
    Peter, further to our conversation, i am trying to make arrangements to be back in Jamaica Thursday May 24, 2007 by 11:00 am. In order to make a Teachers Day function which i am hosting at Beaches Boscobel St. Mary. Kindly let me know if you can asist me on the availability of the plane. Thanks. Daryl.


  130. Our instructions make it clear that you are fully aware that these imputations, allegationis and innuendoes against our client are completely false.

    He was instructed by you to use his international contacts to try to resolve the political issues raised by the extradition request for Christopher Coke…

    Our client used his international political contacts who unanimously referred him to the firm of MPP who agreed to take on the matter of the treaty issues but pointed out to our client that this could ONLY be done as a Government representative and under a paid retainer.

  131. From: Shalimar (shalimar@kasnet.com)
    To: David Smith
    David, Heard you were not feeling well. hope you feeling has passed, just spoke to the leader and our situation is as follows. We will be having a Mass meeting on Sunday in Mandeville presenting 60 candidates. We are mobilizing just as we did for the conference in 2006. We intend to make a statement in terms of the numbers. The cost for mobilizing the entire Island is expensive and as such we are requesting an advance on election commitment. this is due to the fact that most of the traditional corporate entity will not release funding until election has been announced. Please call me so we can disciss in details as time is of the essence. Thanks. Daryl.

  132. Our client reported in full to you, at a meeting at which Ministery Daryl Vaz was present, and you instructed him to agree to MPP’s terms but to ensure, as best as possible, that the Government did not appear to be involved.

  133. The Bruce Golding administration went mostly silent yesterday in the wake of more damning allegations about its role in the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips fiasco.

    Court matter

    “As much as I would love to respond in relation to where I am implicated, I am bound by the fact that it is a court matter and I will have to follow the procedures and respond through the proper channels,” Vaz said.

  134. Update: Tremor felt in Jamaica
    2010-10-07 16:39:05 | (3 Comments)

    The Earthquake Unit at the University of the West Indies has confirmed that an earthquake this afternoon rocked sections of Jamaica.

    The Earthquake Unit says the tremor measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale.

    The epicentre was St Margaret’s Bay in Portland.


  135. The essence of the conspiracy ought not to be missed in arguments surrounding defamation. It speaks to the political credibilty of PM Bruce Golding.
    The conspiracy of deceit was” to ensure,as best as possible, that the Government did not appear to be involved”.It has been alleged that MP&P laid down pre-conditions of its engagement, namely a Government initiative and a paid retainer.
    Is this what Party Leader Bruce Golding “sanctioned”; or did Prime Minister Golding officially approved ( and issued instructions accordingly)?
    JA Cynic

    Viewer123 8 hours ago
    1. “MPP .. agreed to take on the matter of the treaty issues but pointed out to our client that this could only be done as a Government rep-resentative”
    2. “Our client reported in full to you, at a meeting at which Minister Daryl Vaz was present, and you instructed him to agree to MPP’s terms but to ensure, as best as possible, that the Government did not appear to be involved.”
    3. “Our client denies that he has breached a single instruction he received from you. On the contrary, every single action taken by him was in furtherance of your specific instructions…”

    If the above is true then it is damning indeed. Golding’s version would have us believe that the JLP was the client and that he knew nothing of the requirements that it would have to be done as the govt’s representative. Brady’s however squares fully with MPP’s version and it makes sense based on what we now know of the US rules.

    One has to wonder too about the notion that the party was involved at all. The man said Golding was his client; did Golding just decide that he was wearing the JLP leader’s hat when Phillips posed the question? This has to be taken to its logical conclusion and that just isn’t favourable to the Prime Minister.

    Maybe the JLP was indeed involved in the funding of the retainer. We heard of friends and then we heard of a long standing member and then we heard of his refusal to permit disclosure. This was repeated by Vaz who we now know played a critical role. Two govt. ministers (Vaz and the PM) were involved in this unseemly exercise. Then Vaz as info minister proceeded to protect and support Golding. In light of that can we really trust that the money was not dug out of the govt. coffers and then the trail covered up?

    The whole thing carries an unpleasant odour of untruths, deception and betrayal.

    As a nation we deserve better than this.

  136. Tax Department raids the Sunday Herald

    The Tax Administration Services Department on Thursday seized assets at the Sunday Herald as it seeks to collect unpaid taxes.


  137. Shaw off to seek more money

    In the road show, the Finance Minister is expected to seek to gauge the investors’ appetite to lend Jamaica US$400 million needed to meet a debt payment next May.


  138. With the $2 billion payment, financial institutions now owe the BoJ just over $10 billion.


  139. Been there…
    Seems the host of ancient times just can’t resist the temptation of an aged trick or two. Thing is, as with age, even tricks like the concerned callers become obsolete.


    Can’t take your own medicine? You’ll grow out of it.

  140. The issue of disclosure had resulted in a legal dispute between the DPP and Pusey, as well as the stalling of the corruption trial of former junior energy minister in Jamaica, Kern Spencer, and his personal assistant Colleen Wright.

    However, Senior RM Pusey maintained that the DPP should make the disclosure about her meeting with Rodney Chin in a letter to her and the defence attorneys.

    Pusey also warned the DPP to consider the full implications of the substance of the disclosure.


  141. Baugh Stays As Chairman

    This is determined by the financiers of the JLP. The JLP is completely focussed on the elections. Golding appears today to be badly damaged in the eyes of the electorate.If the public perception is not reversed within say 6 months, then the JLP will have to find a new leader.

    The so-called challenges are put on hold until the dynamics of a likely post-Golding era work themselves out.Will the financiers warm to the new arrangements?

    JA Cynic

    Edited by moderator


    From: Joseph Smith (ja.smith@cwjamica.com)
    To: David Smith
    Contributions to “WORTHY CAUSES”
    I had detailed discussions with the four persons mentioned in my previous email and representatives of their management teams. They are all well organized but they have not budgetted adequetley in my opinion based on my experience. Being out in rural Jamaica they are so woefully uderfunded. Our two St. elizabeth persons have smaller populations than out Westmoreland and Manchester people. The two in St. elizabeth have budgets of J$6,000,000.00 each with 4 mil for the special big day alone. Each of the others are at just over $8 mil. they do not get money support from their head office. Each team has recieved some amount of contributions but they are no where close to where they should be. Knowing what we know, we would be particularly interested in the Mandeville person’s cause. The westmoreland person is in a similar position (see spread sheet that i emailed some time ago).
    From what I know, the persons from the other side, are working with bigger budgets. Congtributions of: Westmoreland and Manchester US75,000.00 each and the two from St. elizabeth US$50,000.00 each would take them a far way. But Dave I would leave it up to your good judgement to decide what is affordable. If you can do more it would be great towards achieving the goal. the greater overall goal cannot be achieved if these four fail. But I know that you want to contribute to other similar cases as well. Bottom line is whatever you can do will e greatly appreciated by them and of course by us.


  142. “I have spoken to my client and she has indicated to me that she will offer herself as a candidate in the by-election,” Mrs. Smith-Hunter added.

  143. October 8, 2010 3:03 PM
    Jamaican Lawyer’s Suit Against Prime Minister Raises More Manatt Questions

    Brady’s lawyers, who insist their client only took instructions from Golding, claim in their to the prime minister that Brady is “unaware of the mechanics of the payment of the MPP retainer WHICH WAS NOT HANDLED either BY HIS LAW OFFICE or by him personally.”

    Manatt has been paid $65,000 from a now-cancelled $400,000 lobbying contract, at least $15,000 of which the firm has stated it received from Brady in filings under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

    When Golding refused to withdraw his statements and issue an apology, Brady filed a nine-page civil complaint against the prime minister earlier this month. The suit seeks damages for libel, costs, and other relief. Golding has called the suit “frivolous and vexatious” but has yet to respond to the complaint, and Jamaican government officials have remained silent when asked about its particulars.


  144. Frank Fahrenkopf is a party person with long, friendly relations with the Jamaica Labour Party. That is what we had hoped would have been the extent of the involvement.


  145. The Defendant spoke and published or caused to be published the said words knowing they were false or reckless as to the truth or otherwise of the said words having calculated to portray the Claimant in a false light and to cast blame on him in order to advance and protect the Defendant in his political career which objective the Defendant has calculated would profit him in excess of any award of compensatory damages that this Honourable Court could award;

    The said words are calculated to, have the potential to and have in fact adversely affected the Claimant in the practice of his profession in that clients already having retained the Claimant are encouraged to terminate that relationship and new clients have been discouraged from retaining the Claimant’s legal services;

    “Two fools and their “reputation” are soon parted?”

  146. “Dis is not small bwoy game”

    Karl Samuda.

  147. “The wicked flee when no man pursueth”


  148. PNP calls for probe into Manatt affair
    Says Office of the Prime Minister being brought into disrepute

    Simpson Miller described the Government’s handling of the matter as shoddy and criticised JLP members of parliament and senators for voting to support the Government despite a no confidence motion which was filed by opposition Members of Parliament in March.

    “This matter has now gone beyond Mr Bruce Golding alone, that of the Jamaica Labour Party and indeed the political fray. It has reached a situation where the very institution of the Office of the Prime Minister of Jamaica is at risk of being brought into permanent and irreparable disrepute,” she said.


  149. No relaxation of IMF conditionalities in light of TS Nicole


    It will be decades before the country tells the IMF “ta – ta” again. ” New and Different IMF? ” “It will be OUR plan”

  150. Vaz heading up Shahine Robinson’s campaign

    Shahine Robinson’s campaign in any by-election in North East Sr. Ann is being led by Daryl Vaz, Jamaica Labour Party Deputy Treasurer.

    Mr. Vaz confirmed with RJR News Friday afternoon that he was approached by Shahine Robinson to oversee her campaign in a bid to return her to the House of Representatives.

    “Shahine asked me if I would take that position which I have accepted based on the fact that she worked tirelessly with me in West Portland and actually lived down there for weeks and saw the execution of the template that gave (the Jamaica Labour Party) that massive victory in (the 2008 West Portland by-election) and as such, I would be more than happy and proud to return the favour,” he said.


    From: Shalimar (shalimar@kasnet.com)
    To: David Smith CC Wayne Doope
    Further to our meeting last night, I need the following:-
    1) On announcement , need the balance for party central.
    2) Complete breakdown of candidate support list and amounts proposed.
    3) Helicopter (estimated to be US15,000 to 20,000
    4) Requesting US$50,000 for Portland East and West and reminding you to speak to man in Negril in relation to information regarding candidate support and possible meeting.
    Once again, thanks again for everything and look forward to hearing from you on the above mentioned matters.

  151. No by-election – Dabdoub

    Mr. Dabdoub said he will be challenging the decision of Justice Roy Jones not to award the seat to Mr. Senior Smith after Mrs. Robinson admitted that she was an American citizen and decided not to contest the election petition brought against her.

    “Now that we have appealed, there can be no by-election,” he said.


  152. From: Shalimar (shalimar@kasnet.com)
    To: David Smith
    David, Heard you were not feeling well. hope you feeling has passed, [HOW PRISON A TREAT YOU?] just spoke to the leader and our situation is as follows. We will be having a Mass meeting on Sunday in Mandeville presenting 60 candidates. We are mobilizing just as we did for the conference in 2006. We intend to make a statement in terms of the numbers. The cost for mobilizing the entire Island is expensive and as such we are requesting an advance on election commitment. this is due to the fact that most of the traditional corporate entity will not release funding until election has been announced. Please call me so we can disciss in details as time is of the essence. Thanks. Daryl.

  153. Robinson to be hitwith $19.1M bill

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Robinson’s decision to fight the election petition could result in her paying out millions of dollars in legal costs to her opponent.

    Mr. Justice Jones has ordered that she pay all Mr. Bowen’s legal costs.


  154. Brady

    1. Damages for Libel;
    Page 8 of 9
    2. Exemplary or Aggravated Damages
    3. Interest at 1% above the commercial bank’s lending rate pursuant to Section 3 of the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act;
    4. Costs; 5. Further or other relief the Honourable Court deems fit.

  155. Despite the Defendant’s receipt of a letter of demand, dated September 15, 2010 delivered by hand on that day which said letter set out all the relevant facts, the

    Defendant has ignored the said letter; neglected or refused to apologize, retract or to offer any amends whatsoever.

    The Defendant’s behavior subsequent to his being informed of the Claimant’s claim against him is high handed and contumelious; has aggravated the damage to the Claimant; and has established that the Defendant acted with express malice when he spoke the words of the Claimant at the said Press Conference

  156. DM: In announcing you had sanctioned the Manatt initiative you said you had given specific instructions for the matter to be kept within the Party. However, your instructions were not honoured. Who disobeyed the P.M.?

    GOLDING: Mr Brady

    DM: What actions, if any, have been taken against the individual who has disobeyed you?

    GOLDING: Well, Mr. Brady was asked to resign from all government boards. Mr. Brady is no longer a member of the party.

    There is a question that has been raised as to whether or not a complaint should be filed with the General Legal Council but that is a matter that we have not decided on yet because there are certain technicalities involved.

    One of which for example has to with the question as to in what capacity was Mr Brady acting in his relationship with the Party. Was he acting as a lawyer or was he acting as a party supporter and a former member of the party.

  157. The Claimant has had a long and distinguished legal career characterised by excellence, social responsibility and service to the citizens of Jamaica.

    Social Responsibility
    The Claimant believes in giving back to his country as such, between 1978 and 1989 he was a lecturer in Commercial Law at the University of the West Indies (Department of Business Studies) and in Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica.

  158. How many cents to the dollar we getting back?

    • I believe that figure would be zero. The bank that the receiver placed the funds recovered went belly up and was placed into receivership.

      So the receiver was “received”.

  159. “From Mr Brady went and engaged the services of Manatt that is where it went off in directions we didn’t intend, and directions which, in some respects, I was learning about only after the matter was reported in Parliament.”
    In their natural and ordinary meaning and in the context of previous public statements made by the Defendant and by senior officials of the Government of Jamaica and the JLP the words and images referred to the Claimant or were referable to him and meant and were understood to mean that:
    (a)The Claimant actions were unethical, improper and inappropriate.
    (b)The Claimant acted contrary to specific and detailed instructions given to him by the Prime Minister of Jamaica.
    (c) The Claimant misrepresented himself as acting on behalf of the Jamaican government.
    (d) The Claimant’s conduct has embarrassed and humiliated the Jamaican government.
    (e) The Claimant has unilaterally misled a senior official of the Jamaican Government namely the Solicitor General to interact with Manatt, Phelps and Phillips (MPP) in a manner as to assist the Claimant and MPP to unethically and incorrectly assert that MPP acted on behalf of the Jamaican Government;
    (f) That as a result of the Claimant’s conduct severe disciplinary action has been meted out against him.
    (g)The Claimant has been asked to resign from various government boards as a disciplinary consequence of his actions.
    (h) The Claimant was expelled from the Jamaica Labour Party as a disciplinary consequence of his actions.
    (i) The Claimant’s conduct is in breach of the canon of ethics of the legal profession.

    (j) The Claimant’s conduct warrants disciplinary action to be
    taken by the General Legal Council.
    (k) The Claimant is not a fit and proper person to be an Attorney- at-law.
    (l) The Claimant cannot be trusted to follow instructions from clients or anyone else.
    (m)The Claimant is an untrustworthy person.

  160. In the circumstance, the words were calculated to disparage the Claimant in his profession as an Attorney-at-law as set out herein. The intended effect of the publication was to lower the Claimant in the estimation of right thinking members of society generally or to expose him to hatred, contempt or ridicule.

  161. FILED BY HENLIN GIBSON HENLIN Attorneys-at-Law of Suites 3 & 4, 24 Cargill Avenue, Kingston 10, Attorneys-at-Law for and on behalf of the Claimant herein whose address for service is that of its said Attorneys-at-Law.


  162. A multi-million dollar trust company that is based in the Turks and Caicos Islands is at the centre of two separate major legal disputes here and in Jamaica.

    The major players in the two court cases are Jamaican businessman Delroy Howell, the former owner and chairman of the controversial Southern Health Network (SHN) which once managed overseas medical referrals for residents of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Judith Wilchcombe, the sister of former Bahamian Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe.

    Howell, who was represented by attorney Oliver Smith, brought the action against Wilchombe, seeking rectification of the company register.

    Investigations by The SUN revealed that the court case in the TCI is a part of a much larger legal set of legal proceedings in Jamaica which allege that Howell has to account for US$14million.

    First Financial Caribbean Trust Co. Ltd. is a trust company in the TCI in which Delroy Howell was the Chairman and director for many years. There was an audit of the Trust Company which showed that US$14 million was unaccounted for and that millions in US dollars were allegedly transferred to Delroy Howell personally and several companies which he controlled. Allegedly, when the beneficiaries of the trust company demanded payment of their funds, requests to Delroy Howell and his companies to account for the funds went unanswered. When it was discovered that the companies to which the trust funds had been transferred intended to sell all their assets in a transaction in Jamaica, the trust company filed a claim against Howell and the companies for the repayment of the funds. The claim was filed on August 19 and on the same date the trust company was granted a worldwide freezing order against Howell and the other companies under his control.

    a) Transferring the Trust Funds to persons and entities who had no entitlement to them;
    b) Converting the Trust Funds to their own use and to the use of entities controlled by them.


    Hanoi Hilton

  163. Letter – Violent Crime
    Dear Editors,

    Things are getting exciting down here in Turks and Caicos, last week was rather adventurous, and to tell you the truth our once peaceful little nation seems to be anything but peaceful. Over the last week four of my friends all residents or visitors to our island have suffered at the hands of violent criminals. One was shot, there was a armed home invasion with one, the others suffered robbery at the hands of violent men. This reminds me of what occurred under the management of that old socialist Michael Manley in the 1970’s in Jamaica, where we saw Jamaica go from being the jewel of the Caribbean to a mashed up dysfunctional state, but even living through that I never experienced a week were four of my friends suffered at the hands of violent men. Who is accountable to the general population for this disgraceful situation?

    Furthermore at dinner tonight I was told by a well connected friend that come December our leaders are going to levy some serious taxes on the population and the advice I was given was that one should consider moving ones money out this nation before this time. This is the gospel truth and I hope that this is not true, and would hope that our leaders would stand up and nip this vicious rumor in the bud by explaining to the investing public what exactly is being planned. I would like to point to out that we have just seen the tax burden of this nation raised substantially with the NHIP tax, and capital tends to be attracted to areas with stability & low overall taxes and this is magnified in times such as these where the whole world is going through a economic slowdown. A wise leader would be reducing the nation’s tax burden by finding inefficiencies in the public sector and cutting them out. This nation is already one of the most expensive in the area to reside in.

    It is clear to me that our economy has suffered a massive decline, in that many of my friends have left, many businesses have closed, and many offices, apartments, and retail stores are empty, one must see that our nation is in a serious economic situation. I saw this same matter occur in Jamaica under Michael Manley who instead of cutting the public service to match the declining private sector did the exact opposite, he hired massive amounts of staff for the government, he hired crash program workers and the government size ballooned, at a time when the private sector collapsed, further more Mr. Manley levied new tax after new tax upon the shrinking private sector at the same time. This put Jamaica into massive debt and financial stress which she to this day has not recovered from. You see the public sector exists to serve the private sector and when the private sector slows & shrinks in a massive way the public sector which serves the private sector should also contract.

    If you were running a company with 1,000 workers and 50 management and the product you were selling slowed down so that 450 workers could produce all that was needed then one would also only need maybe 23 managers to keep the production up and running. If the owner was to retain 50 managers and only have 450 workers, his factory would no longer be competitive and he would have to look for an outside source of capital to fund his inefficiency, or he would go into debt and face bankruptcy. Our leaders must be wise and realize that the public sector exists to serve the private sector and if the public sector becomes too big and in relation to the private sector disaster awaits a little bit down the road, this is a proven fact of history.

    With these thoughts in mind I would encourage or leaders to take bold and decisive action in these areas so that we can see peace restored, and stability with confidence established in our economy so it can start to grow once again.

    God Bless


    John Wildish


    What about Golding the 2000’s and the money stolens from the Jamaican people in front of their faces?

    The sad truth is that a return to the crime levels of the 70’s would be seen as a monumental success.

  164. “Who is accountable to the general population for this disgraceful situation?”

    John Wildish



  165. “The Conductor”
    Dear Editors,

    We have certain people In the TCI who do not want the British Interim Government to resolve the alleged wrongs committed by the last Administration. Let’s look at the “OPTIONS” if Sir Robin had not conducted the Commission of Inquiry; if parts of the TCI Constitution were not suspended, can anyone tell me where the last administration was taking us with the $150 -$200 million debt and the deficit that the treasury was hiding or conveniently had lost in their desk drawers?

    They had mortgaged most of the “CROWN ” prime beach front property to the “CONDUCTOR”, which was The Master Plan/The Final Solution; mortgage the Country’s deficit to the “CONDUCTOR” and let him hand pick the remainder of crown prime beach property.


    Harry Clark

  166. Damning disclosures

    With their credibility battered and bruised over the handling of the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair, Prime Minister Golding and his information minister Daryl Vaz received more body blows last week after their point man attorney Harold Brady made some damming disclosures.

    In the letter Brady disclosed that at that meeting Golding delegatedn“all the final implicationsbto be handled by Minister Vaz.”Brady made it clear that it was Vaz and not him who handled payments to Manatt.

    “Our client is unaware of the mechanics of the payment of the MPP retainer, which was not handled either by his law office or by him personally,” the letter to Golding stated.

    It was pointed out in the letter that after that meeting all expenses relating the conduct of MPP matters were dealt with by Minister Vaz.


  167. Without explanation, the House of Representatives failed to meet last Tuesday. We have been on a long summer break, resumed just two weeks ago, face a crowded agenda, a mix of heightened public expectation and desperation, been promised additional sittings but now a hurried cancellation. Why?

    With the Prime Minister abroad (a known fact long ago), Mrs. Robinson out and the other gentleman shaky and who knows else abroad, the majority would not exist. Easy to be scared, better to run. Remember this was the sitting when all members were scheduled to declare their national allegiances and debate the constitutional change regarding qualification to serve in Parliament. Couldn’t take chances.

    So then we will know. But it is like pulling teeth. The way the Government has chosen to operate is the very opposite of open and transparent administration. Could we hear from the Coalition of Civil Organisations and even, mirabile dictu, the private sector, on this one?


  168. The arguments advanced by the Observer are entirely selfserving. They are self-serving because at other times with other people in Government other arguments have been advanced about the same matter of making personal overseas investments and acquisitions. In fact, in an earlier dispensation, such acquisitions would have been against Jamaican law. More profoundly all that the Observer is saying is to make the point that Audley Shaw is their man on the bridge in light of what they see as the early and inevitable demise of Bruce Golding stewardship as PM and that they cannot afford for Audley Shaw to be damaged by the truth.


    It is also self-serving because these leaders, by their recent acquisitions, have simply joined the habits of Jamaica’s plutocrats, the very group for which the Observer is positioning self as mouthpiece.


  169. Golding begs for JLP unity

    There have been rumours of problems in the governing Jamaica Labour Party especially in the aftermath of the controversial Manatt affair.


  170. Associated Press AP

    KINGSTON, Jamaica — A prominent backer of Jamaica’s ruling party has sued the prime minister for libel amid a lingering dispute over who hired lobbyists to try to persuade the U.S. to drop its extradition request for an alleged drug lord, officials said Sunday.

    The U.S. firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips was hired to try to persuade the U.S. government to drop its extradition request for alleged drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke, the alleged boss of the notorious Shower Posse gang.

    Golding initially denied any role in the lobbying contract, but he later acknowledged approving it.


  171. BBC transmits Panorama programme….

    Documentary ran two weeks after Conservative peer objected to broadcast

    The BBC spokesman added: “Panorama has been carrying out this investigation for 12 months. It is detailed and forensic and for legal reasons has to be exact in its findings.

    “It had been intended originally for the programme to go out earlier, but it was decided that it was not yet ready and more time gathering more evidence would make it stronger. It was a decision taken on purely editorial grounds and was in no way political.”

    The rest of the programme scrutinised his business activities in Belize and Turks and Caicos Islands where he has substantial commercial interests.


  172. DPP Paula Llewellyn, who was not present in court on Monday because of other commitments, was hammered in her absence by defence attorneys.

    No witness statement

    Lord Gifford QC represented her office in court on Monday and argued that the DPP had complied with presiding Magistrate Judith Pusey’s order for full disclosure of a meeting last year involving Mr. Chin.

    Lord Gifford pointed out that the DPP had submitted a letter outlining her meetings with Mr. Chin, and statements from two investigators, who were reportedly in the meetings.

    However, defence attorneys criticised the DPP saying her latest letter contradicted earlier statements made about the meeting that prompted Mr. Chin to turn state witness.

    Attorney-at-law KD Knight pointed out that in her latest letter, the DPP said when she met with Mr. Chin she did not have a witness statement from him before her.

    Prosecutorial misconduct

    However, Mr. Knight said that was in direct contradiction to earlier statements by the DPP that she was aware of the nature and content of Mr. Chin’s statement.

    Mr. Knight also questioned the basis on which Ms Llewellyn decided to meet with Mr. Chin if she did not have a statement from him.

    The contradictions led Mr. Knight to declare “this has to be put into a specially programmed computer to decipher the sequence of events, the human brain cannot comprehend.”

    In summarising the contradictions, Mr. Knight said “if that is not prosecutorial misconduct I don’t know what it is.”

    For her part, Senior Magistrate Pusey said the DPP needed to explain who approached Mr. Chin and the basis on which she met with him, if there was no witness statement at the time.


  173. Sunday, August 1st, 2010

    Two weeks ago, the Director of Public Prosecutions, acting on behalf of the United States government, obtained a court order giving local investigators the power to dig into Smith’s accounts and those of a long list of individuals and companies.

    The application, which was made under the Mutual Legal Assistance (Criminal Matters) Act, requested the sharing of all documents, records and articles relating to the accounts of the individuals named and their companies. The Bank of Jamaica has been instructed to disclose the information.


  174. Enquiry to be established into “Dudus” extradition & Manatt engagement

    Christopher “Dudus” Coke.
    The government has decided to establish a Commission of Enquiry into the Christopher “Dudus” Coke extradition matter and the engagement of the United States law firm Manatt Phelps and Phillips affair.

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding made the announcement in a brief statement at the start of this week’s sitting of parliament Tuesday afternoon.


    Anything but an Olint Enquiry.

  175. Is an Enquiry into Manatt Phelps Phillips/ JLP necessary?

  176. Can the PM speak to anything including the commissioning of an enquiry?

    Very similar to DS. DS ACTED as if in charge but was/is he?

    That is still to be seen.

  177. Gov’t approves ‘Dudus’, Manatt commission of enquiry


    Gov’t “approves”…”approves”

    hahaha same PR ..uncanny similarity….

  178. Shalmon Scott says too much money for Enquiry. Don’t bother wid it.

  179. Lucius Thomas

    A ruse to complicate the lawsuit brought against the PM by Harold Brady.

  180. Has Dudus got back his OLINT account money?

  181. “…get a little nearer to the truth in the civil action…”

  182. O.K I don’t have a thing doing in the morning so I’ll pass through….it was on the flight to Washington that the thing was firmed up.

    Mr. Brady calls very frequently…as things come out in the press he would call regularly to find out what’s going on…

    He invited me the year before and the following year…

    Did Mr. Brady declare any contract with MPP? …..DL….no no no I’m learning all of this as it unfolds

    When I came back I told her [Dor] Mr. Brady had introduced me to a law firm….

    Why not one of “US” accompany you to the State Department…

    I told them yes I would not object to them coming along…

    The Chap came late…[but he was in the meeting]…

    Would you have reported back to the attorney general? Yes I would have reported Tuesday/Wednesday [In December] to her….

    Mr. Douglas Leys…How do you feel now….I was very surprised…

    You feel now you have been “set up” Sol Gen?

    I mean I know they are Friends [Dor and Brady]….

    I’m not aware of any retainer paid by the government.

    Was there any meeting in Jamaica? No Never.

    I have never met with them in Jamaica!

    (as far as my office is concerned) Nobody ever authorized Mr Brady to make that sort of a representation.

    Douglas Leys. Busted… flat Busted lying on the radio..on tape…contradicted by emails….

    Suppose he will resign?

  183. Bwoy Sol Gen…you get ****….consolation? You not alone..

  184. Churches welcome Manatt Commission of Enquiry, but want details


  185. Shares in Lasco Financial Services jumped to $2.87 after it opened at $2.50 per share on Tuesday.

    That is a gain of 15%


    15% in one day Nonco? Something must be wrong 🙂

  186. “Today’s announcement by the prime minister is therefore a significant first step on the long road to reposition Jamaica in the eyes of the world as a country where the rule of law is paramount.”


    Yap Yap Yap…

  187. Former Olint head could walk out of prison a millionaire
    — say legal minds

    Christine Chambers former director of Financial Investigation Division (FID) also at the launch in her capacity as one of the book’s contributors reasoned that Smith may have gotten a harsher sentence in Jamaica than in Turks and Caicos. The reason is that Jamaica enacted stronger legislation than the British law to which the territory is governed.


    hmmm….context…it’s not Guyana Mrs. Ali.

  188. “The IMF is saying that they don’t foresee Jamaica changing its growth patterns in the near future,” stated Charles Ross, financial analyst and principal of Sterling Asset Management, a non-aligned investment and securities outfit.


    “a non-aligned investment and securities outfit.” ??????

  189. Professor Tim Bale, the author of The Conservative Party: From Thatcher to Cameron: “He’s one of the most important unelected figures in the Conservative Party.”

    Dean Burrow, the Prime Minister of Belize: “There will be no more suffering of this one man’s campaign to subjugate an entire nation to his will.”

    Shaun Malcolm, former Chairman People’s Democratic Movement: “Why was Belize Bank giving millions of dollars to our political leaders” ………………………. “We have been through a dark period here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Corruption has literally destroyed everything we have worked for; our parents have worked for.”

    “…gave the public the impression he was doing one thing, but did the opposite. An allegation we’ve discovered has repeatedly been made about him.”



  190. Could be? Sounds like a Jamaican template…

  191. “And Panorama now understands that the British detectives in the Turks and Caicos have asked the Electoral Commission [in Britain] here to share information gathered during its investigation into Lord Ashcroft’s political donations.”

    From: Shalimar (shalimar@kasnet.com)
    To: David Smith CC Wayne Doope
    Further to our meeting last night, I need the following:-
    1) On announcement , need the balance for party central.
    2) Complete breakdown of candidate support list and amounts proposed.
    3) Helicopter (estimated to be US15,000 to 20,000
    4) Requesting US$50,000 for Portland East and West and reminding you to speak to man in Negril in relation to information regarding candidate support and possible meeting.
    Once again, thanks again for everything and look forward to hearing from you on the above mentioned matters.


  192. R u the only one left Florida? Your voice should be echoing in this empy room.

  193. What brought you back? Any particular post. BTW the room not empty. You are here. The computer ID’s also tell no lie…

    Many are here.

    But I’ll pretend I’m the only one here for you Ter. Knock yourself out…

  194. Have you seen the Panorama? Stanford, Bird, Propps, Ashcroft….you know who next? Take…one hundred guesses. The idiots fool…they go TCI even after they were told it was all “in camera?”

    hahahaaaaaa….patience Ter your emptiness soon fill…overflow…

  195. To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

  196. “Not unexpectedly, the level of poverty has risen both in 2008 and in 2009. In 2008, the poverty level rose to 12.3 per cent and in 2009 it rose further to 16.5 per cent,” Golding said.


  197. DPP accused of prosecutorial misconduct in Cuban light bulb trial

    The DPP further argued that even if there is faulty recollection of what happened with Chin, this does not rise to the level of prosecutorial misconduct.


    Just a little “mistake” no problem mon.

  198. Stanford Denied Insurance Money For Legal Fees


  199. Brady Should Discontinue Suit … For Now
    The Editor, Sir:

    Now that the Government has committed itself to a commission of enquiry into the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair, attorney-at-law Harold Brady should discontinue proceedings against Prime Minister Bruce Golding so that no reliance can be placed on the sub judice rule.


    And what happens to his professional reputation during that time? It just hangs? Every day there is no clear up the reputation falters. Every day.

  200. Justice Carey challenges removal from FINSAC Commission

    Mr. Ross and Mr. Bogle have appealed the decision of the court to award costs to former Finance Minister Dr. Omar Davies and a group which had challenged the right of Justice Carey and Mr. Henriques to remain on the Commission.


  201. David Smith receives “prison holiday”?

    Smith, who the British-appointed Special Prosecutor, Helen Garlick, said had operated the second larges ponzi scheme in history, behind Mernie Madoff, was facing approximately 30 charges ranging from money laundering, theft, false accounting, uttering forged documents and conspiracy to defraud. The majority of the charges were however dismissed, after the deal was struck.
    In September, Godfrey McAllister, chairman of the Jamaican-based group – the Association of Concerned OLINT Members – said he believed the prosecution in the case was weak, which settled on a plea bargain with Smith because it had no valid evidence against the defendant.


  202. TCI Bank sale suffers setback
    EFFORTS to rescue TCI Bank have suffered a setback after favoured buyers ECIC were barred from investing the millions needed to save the collapsed institution.

    It’s frustrating news for the country’s 4,500 account holders, many of whom had life savings tied up in the bank and have been on tenterhooks since its demise six months ago.


  203. “Golding Brave and Righteous” says former David Smith Partner-

    “While Mr. Golding and his team after being pushed by their big neighbor to the north have really done their best to be brave and righteous and stamp out the presence of the bigger crime dons in Jamaica, since doing this the murder rate has fallen quite a bit.”


  204. The pastor – a member of the All Party Constitution Commission – told the committee the Islands were being “recolonised” by the UK and its people “systematically maligned, marginalised and disenfranchised”.

    The pastor – a member of the All Party Constitution Commission – told the committee the Islands were being “recolonised” by the UK and its people “systematically maligned, marginalised and disenfranchised”.

    Rev Howell, a former Public Service Commissioner, said he believes the UN will turn up the pressure on London in light of criticism by both Caricom and Bermuda’s Premier Ewart Brown over the election delay.


    Note: Caricom leaders have benefitted from stolen OLINT funds.

  205. The alarming rate of armed robberies in recent weeks has triggered panic across Providenciales while threatening to sound a death knell for tourism as the high season approaches.

  206. Yet almost until the moment Countrywide was taken over, Mr. Mozilo was publicly buoyant about its ability to ride out the mortgage crisis. Privately, however, he occasionally offered a gloomier assessment of Countrywide’s prospects and practices, according to e-mail and interviews.

    What Mr. Mozilo, now 71, knew about Countrywide’s problems, and precisely when he knew it, was what eventually led the Securities and Exchange Commission to file civil securities fraud charges against him last year.
    And on Friday, in the Los Angeles courtroom of John F. Walter, a federal District Court judge, representatives for Mr. Mozilo and for two of his top lieutenants — David Sambol, Countrywide’s former president, and Eric Sieracki, the company’s former chief financial officer — settled those charges.

    As part of the settlement, Mr. Mozilo and his co-defendants didn’t admit to any wrongdoing. But Mr. Mozilo agreed to pay $67.5 million in a penalty and reparations to investors and is permanently banned from serving as an officer or a director of a public company.


  207. “Golding is taking a gamble. But I reject the view that he is a purely Machiavellian politician”

    Ian Boyne

    You put up the view that he is Machiavellian. So you reject your own view. The appropriate adjectives are less flashy Mr. Boyne. One is a derivative of simple and the other is quite simple in and of itself. It starts with L and ends with R. It has two letters in between.

  208. “I will be abused for saying anything complimentary about him, of course, and will, no doubt, be slandered for my sin of holding a senior executive position at his information agency. The same position I held, incidentally, under the PNP! (Same darn point, John Blake must be saying at this juncture!)”

    Precisely Boyne! Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  209. For the record, and for those who care about facts rather than propaganda – just to get this out of the way – I am no recent convert to Golding’s virtues.


    Now you want to take Ralston’s “recent convert” title?

    To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

  210. “I have absolutely no doubt that Bruce Golding is the best possible leader of the JLP at this time.”

    Sadly, I must agree with you there Mr. Boyne. Horrible ehh?

  211. Bruce Golding has conceded to a commission of enquiry into the Golding-Coke-Brady-Manatt affair, now over a year old. We are yet to see how independent that enquiry will be. We might also wonder who he is conceding to, and why. He might be using the longstanding People’s National Party (PNP) demand for a commission of enquiry to conceal the real motive.


  212. Class leadership

    The JLP was strongest under its labour leaders, Bustamante and Shearer. They were closer to the working people. They fought alongside those people through their trade unions. But the party’s middle- and upper-class leadership since has shown a sorry lack of leadership ability. They have not been democratic in their leadership. They have lacked discipline. They have failed to subject themselves to the same laws and standards of politics they expect citizens to respect. The Carl Stone poll of May 1990 showed that Hugh Shearer was the person Jamaicans most preferred to take over from Seaga, followed by Pearnel Charles.

    Class-based indiscipline

    But the upper classes did not accept this and class-based indiscipline has continued to haunt the party since. It is not just Golding’s indiscipline. It is an entire class that overlaps with the party. This is a class that likes to chasten the lower class for lack of discipline and for immorality. It is not just political indiscipline, because none of the local governments, PNP or JLP, which represent the less-wealthy and connected politicians, have demonstrated the indiscipline towards law and morality the way those with power and privilege from the middle and upper classes at the top levels of party and government have.


  213. Manatt fined, banned from NY pension fund

    MANATT Phelps and Phillips, the law firm at the heart of a scandal involving the Bruce Golding-led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), has been fined US$550,000 to settle its peripheral role in a corruption scandal at New York’s state pension fund.

    The state attorney general’s office said Tuesday last that the licensing violation was discovered during an investigation of kickbacks paid to state officials. It said some of the firm’s lawyers were involved in selling securities without registering as brokers.


  214. All members of the Parliament will be required to declare whether they are citizens or hold permanent resident status in any county other than Jamaica when the House meets this Tuesday.


  215. The ‘awful darkness and silence’ in which the JLP government has hid the statistics on the national poverty level has been shattered by the stunning revelation that the number of people below the poverty line increased by 180,000 in just two years after it came to power.

    The slothfulness in publishing the poverty statistics is uncharacteristic of the Planning Institute (PIOJ) and Statistical Institute (STATIN), which have developed decades-long reputations of excellence. We are left to conclude that political dictates are what have stood in the way of the publishing of the poverty survey since 2007.


  216. But how can this Government have any hand in appointing a Commission to enquire into issues about which they themselves are implicated?



    In a time when heroes are few…
    Monday, October 18, 2010

    TODAY should really be all about the contribution that our heroes, past and present, have made to the success of our beloved country.
    Ideally, we should be toasting the great men and women who have sacrificed so much, and celebrating the progress of those in possession of the mantle of leadership.
    But, unfortunately, such sentiments have need to be tempered with what for us is a very sad reality.
    We are talking about Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s latest political manoeuvre, which in our view has put him on par with the hapless ‘waiverer’ in the biblical book of James.
    It’s not that his 11th-hour decision to authorise a Commission of Enquiry into the scandal that still is Mr Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke and the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair is wrong per se. But once again his timing — true to the pattern that has evolved since this unfortunate saga began last year — is off and smacks of insincerity.
    And we are forced, as a responsible newspaper, to ask: Why now?
    Could it have anything to do with the defamation suit filed by Mr Harold Brady, the attorney-at-law who, according to Mr Golding’s allegations, is responsible for the rough ride that the country has been subjected to over the past year?
    Could it have anything to do with the need to dispel the stubborn public perception of what too many Jamaicans believe to be downright corruption within his administration?
    Let’s face it.
    The pictures of his administration that have emerged in recent months are, to put it delicately, putrid, notwithstanding the successes that have been attributed to the Jamaica Debt Exchange programme, the divestment of Air Jamaica and the Sugar Company of Jamaica and the State of Emergency occasioned, ironically, by the explosion of the “Dudus” scandal.
    And it has become increasingly hard for the public to swallow the stark contradictions of the messages that urge poor people to hold strain and tighten their belts.
    The truth is that a Commission of Enquiry into the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair at this point may well be illustrative of the maxim ‘too little, too late’.
    For it has become painfully obvious that any attempt to cover up the truth now is not only vain, but foolish.
    As things stand presently, the duppies of ‘Dudusgate’ are pounding on the closet doors of Mr Golding’s administration. Far better to lose them now while some modicum of dignity remains, than risk the inevitable embarrassment of a startling ‘boo’.
    We are obviously very disappointed by the Dudus-related events because we, like the rest of the nation, had been so hopeful that in the new leadership would come a clean spirit conducive to building a clean country.
    That indeed would have given us something expansive on which to celebrate Jamaican heroism in a time when heroes are few.


  218. Mine may still be a lonely position, but I remain unrepentant and consistent in declaring that nothing short of Mr Golding’s resignation will be acceptable to me. He could announce the ascension of a new King David until kingdom come – I shall remain unpersuaded. Call me an eternal sceptic, that’s all fine with me. But how can we so gladly beat tambourines and sing sankeys without knowing the details of how the proposed commission will operate?
    Though entirely unconnected, what are the political calculations that informed the prime minister’s notice of his intention, given his staunch reluctance to consider a commission prior to Brady’s lawsuit? Is this commission being empanelled to divert public attention from the grim news about the 6.6 per cent increase in the number of Jamaicans classified as poor since 2007? Is the intention to divert attention from the $3.6 billion deficit in the National Insurance Fund, or the US$51.4 million deterioration in the Balance of Payments deficit since May? What will be the terms of reference and scope of this inquiry? Who will be chosen to be commissioners and what role will the prime minister play in their empanelment? Did the Opposition PNP miscalculate in its insistence on a commission of inquiry, thus affording the prime minister enough time to wiggle his way out of this mess? Can we depend on the witnesses to be truthful? Will the prime minister himself be called as a witness?


  219. Jamaica PM outlines terms of Manatt Commission of Enquiry

    The Commission of Enquiry is to be chaired by attorney- at-law Emil George and will examine the manner in which the extradition request was handled by the Jamaican Government, and the circumstances under which the law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips was retained.


    Dr. Marshall McGowan Hall will be among the 136 Jamaicans who will be recognised for their contribution to nation building, at the 2010 National Honours and Awards Ceremony at King’s House on Heroes Day (October 18).

    The following are the boards named by Vaz:

    Conrad George, atty-at-law


  220. The two defendants appealed the ruling on the ground that the judge erred in law when he granted summary judgment to the company because the suit involved fraud and as such was outside the judge’s scope of matters in respect of which summary judgment was obtained. Attorneys Donald Scharschmidt, Q.C. and G. Anthony Levy who represented the appellants, argued that the judge erred in allowing numerous affidavits to be referred to by the lawyers for the company.

    He said he was not indebted to the company. He contended that the company with the approval of the directors made regular contributions to a certain political party.


  221. ‘An incestuous affair!’
    Attorney accuses Finsac of insider dealing

    ANTHONY Levy, the attorney-at-law representing Thermo-Plastics, yesterday charged that the Financial Sector Adjustment Company (FINSAC) undervalued and sold the assets of the company to connected parties in an incestuous affair after the 1990s financial meltdown.
    Levy was posing questions to FINSAC general manager Errol Campbell in the ongoing enquiry at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston.


  222. Jamaica’s press freedom worsens- report

    “The Jamaican government consulted press representatives in 2008 with a view to developing press legislation but the legal reforms have yet to be seen,” the report said.


  223. Several boards appointed

    The appointments to Clarendon Alumina Productions are Chairman Peter Millingen, Winston Hayden, Milton Brown, Mayor of May Pen, Conrad George and Joseph Cox.


  224. ‘Dudus’, Manatt enquiry team named

    The commission will be chaired by attorney-at-law Emil George QC. He will be assisted by retired permanent secretary Anthony Irons and attorney-at-law Donald Scharschmidt QC.


  225. Gov’t hides figures as poverty gallops

    The Government of Jamaica (GoJ) has been tardy in releasing information showing that close to 450,000 Jamaicans are living below the poverty line. Speaking in Parliament last week, Prime Minister Bruce Golding did not offer a credible reason why the 2008 and 2009 Survey of Living Conditions has not been published although they were completed months ago.

  226. Could it have anything to do with the defamation suit filed by Mr Harold Brady, the attorney-at-law who, according to Mr Golding’s allegations, is responsible for the rough ride that the country has been subjected to over the past year?
    Could it have anything to do with the need to dispel the stubborn public perception of what too many Jamaicans believe to be downright corruption within his administration?

    To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

    David Smith won’t fight extradition
    Olint boss’ attorney says client will face US court

    EMBATTLED Olint boss David Smith is not expected to fight his extradition to the US where he has been indicted in a Florida court on 23 charges including wire fraud and conspiracy to defraud investors in his forex trading ventures.


  227. The honest truth is that I have never experienced a time so hard for me personally, as well as for the countless numbers of other Jamaicans I talk to everywhere I go. Perhaps the most reliable place to gauge popular sentiment is the supermarket, and every single week I hear the grumblings and I see the distress on the faces of people shopping for food. The reality is that the gap between the cost of basic food items and people’s incomes keeps widening with no relief in sight.

    I have noticed that there are more and more homeless people on our streets these days, many who are elderly, but also growing numbers of young males walking aimlessly and begging.

    The financial meltdown of the 90s must be viewed as a signal period in what would result in a downward spiral for the Jamaican middle class, to be followed more recently by the twin catastrophe of Cash Plus and Olint.

    Many may not be captured in the poverty statistics, but they are definitely living on the edge of destitution.


  228. The descent into indiscipline

    Yes, in Jamaica these days you are a damn fool if you are a disciplined, law-abiding citizen that believes in the rule of law and seeks to follow assiduously the tenets of good discipline.

    Some years ago, a distressed young woman on Perkins On Line, told the iconoclastic talk-show host Mutty Perkins that in Jamaica it is good to be bad. In other words, when you are bad you are admired, you go places, doors open for you and in short you can become king of the hill or queen of the ball.

    An elderly woman beckoned to me the other day in order to share with me something significant. She bemoaned the fact that Jamaica had descended into so much indiscipline and she declared that she was ashamed to be a Jamaican. Then she dropped a bombshell. She had recently reprimanded her gardener cum handyman for telling her a lie, and his terse response was, “Den Miss, if bigger than me can tell lie and get away wid it, a nuh nutten!”

    “O my God, Mr Smith,” she lamented, “where is this country heading?”

    “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.” — Psalm 12, verse 8


  229. Mr. Seaga, who is being represented by the law firm Dunn Cox did not file his defence on time and on January 14. Lawyers from the firm wrote to attorney-at-law Bert Samuels, of the law firm Knight Pickersgill Dowding and Samuels, explaining that Emil George, Q.C., who is handling the matter, was off the island. The lawyers requested a further 10 days in which to file the defence.


  230. Former senator, Emil George, has again been catapulted into the political glare by Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

    George, well known for his long association with the Jamaica Labour Party, has been appointed chairman of a three-man commission of enquiry to examine the issues related to the extradition request for former west Kingston strongman Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, and the circumstances under which United States law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips was retained.


  231. Over the last number of months various writers and contributors to the Journal have offered substantive, considered recommendations for needed reform. Two of their recommendations are essential if we are to get beyond this period of helter-skelter:

    1. A new and heavily experienced Commissioner of Police

    2. A Civilian Review Board for the Police

    We would ask that the FCO act on these two matters as a matter of urgency. They are both long, long overdue.

    Also, please, PLEASE, spare the country from the debilitating agony of another psycho-drama similar to the one we all endured as the entire nation awaited the long protracted departure of our narcoleptic former Attorney General. The Country deserves better; it deserves swift action on these matters.


  232. Several MPs insisted that they would not be comfortable in adopting the ECJ report before being made fully aware of its contents.


    From: Shalimar (shalimar@kasnet.com)
    To: David Smith CC Wayne Doope
    Further to our meeting last night, I need the following:-
    1) On announcement , need the balance for party central.
    2) Complete breakdown of candidate support list and amounts proposed.
    3) Helicopter (estimated to be US15,000 to 20,000
    4) Requesting US$50,000 for Portland East and West and reminding you to speak to man in Negril in relation to information regarding candidate support and possible meeting.
    Once again, thanks again for everything and look forward to hearing from you on the above mentioned matters.

  233. hmm..you can tell when bakkra throne going down. You know how? He tightens his grip on it harder and harder.

    But ” I hear the words of the higher man saaayyyyyy….bakkra yu throne gone…”

  234. Even some who want to step down can’t. Their masters demand they follow instructions to the letter.

    Defcom 10.

  235. Our main concern, however, is with the implied threat to return to the dark days when the media was barred from covering the proceedings of this most important Committee,” the statement continued.

    The PAJ also said that the business of a democratically elected Parliament is the people’s business and that the suggestion by Warmington that a resolution from any Member of Parliament could lead to the barring of the media from meetings of the CDF must be seen as a “veiled threat in the current context.”

    The PAJ also called on Prime Minister Bruce Golding to re-affirm his administration’s stated commitment to a Free Press in Jamaica and specifically to ensure that nothing is done by his administration to bar or in any way limit the freedom of the media to cover activities of all Parliamentary Committees.


    Lock it down Bakkra. What else you going to do? Their is no life outside your own very system? Stop at nothing. The Throne can never be held again ever after “hataclaps” Defend it Bakkra!

  236. The prime minister is obviously under severe stress and even though the job of being prime minister is an extremely stressful one, many are sensing that Golding wants out. Of course, the matter is not all that simple. As a political party the JLP relies on the power it holds for everything else which flows; that is, its own survival, its continued relevance to the nation, and yes, somewhere in there is that matter of the people’s business – the nation’s business.
    If key party people believe that a resignation from Golding in, say, the middle of next year, will severely hurt the party’s chance more than it already has, the prime minister may find that he will have to “toe the line” and remain on autopilot much longer than he wants or is comfortable with.
    It is useful to remember that he “ascended to the throne” as an unwilling leader. At seemingly every important step of his recent political life, he has been prodded and impelled by those who needed him to do what they were incapable of doing. Now that he has had it and obviously wants to just go home and smell the coffee again, he is forced to announce an enquiry which many believe will trigger a heavy downpour on his fast dispersing parade.


  237. Mauricejam 15 hours ago
    This is just another occasion where Bruce gets the opportunity to payout millions of tax payers money to his cohorts. This commission is a farce and its only mandate is to disguise the blatant attempt by the JLP to carry out the greatest miscarriage of justice this country has ever seen.


    The greatest miscarriage of justice this country has ever seen is the use of money stolen through OLINT (the people’s money) to buy power in 2007 over the very same ones the money was stolen from (the people of Jamaica).

  238. Warmington called for Bartlett to withdraw the comment.

    “No, I am not going to withdraw it,” Bartlett insisted.

    “I not going to recognise you then,” Warmington retorted.

    Amid the banging gavel of the chairman, as he sought to silence Bartlett, the Eastern St Andrew MP stated: “But the only reason why the press is going on the way they are going on is because what they are talking about, some of it look quite obvious.”



  239. ACTING GROUP managing director of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), Nigel Logan, says the Financial Investigations Division (FID) and the Fraud Squad have intensified their probe into irregularities at the organisation.

    At the same time, Andrew Gallimore, a member of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC), on Tuesday called the misappropriation of funds at the PCJ “blatant corruption”.



  240. Manatt/Dudus Enquiry a farce – NNC Leader

    “Quiet frankly, I think this is an insult to the Jamaican people. I don’t know if the Government thinks that all of us are either fools or supporters of the JLP, that we don’t question theses things. So we’re asking how is it that this Commission can be chaired by somebody who has had such a long association with the JLP, how can we be assured that his not going to be a waste of taxpayers money and as far as we’re concerned, the Prime minister simply needs to speak the truth,” Mrs. Blaine said.

    The NNC leader also brought to the fore the (defamation) suit brought against the Prime Minister.



  241. The new poor

    2. Signs of the times: The ‘Olint’ and ‘Cash Plus’ new rich, with their conspicuous consumption and in-your-face attitude, are the new poor. Their tales of woe continue to mount as more high-end vehicles have been repossessed, and real estate acquired during the boom period is now up for sale.

    Time to scapegoat

    5. Some political pundits are saying, historically, when members of the Government start criticising the media, it is a sign of their impending political demise. They posit: sensing the loss of faith of the general populace in its ability to steady the ship of state, members of the Government start scapegoating the media in an attempt to deflect from their transgressions and/or ineptitude!

    Keeping up with the Joneses

    6. Some say as the recession sinks its teeth and tentacles deeper into the pockets of those who once flaunted their new money, they have taken some creative measures to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. Some say while the inner-city communities get a bashing for electricity theft, more and more in their upper St Andrew abodes have resorted to this practice.


    o: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.


  242. JA Cynic
    PM Golding has admitted, under no pressure at all, that he had prolonged intense discussions with the proposed chairman about the other members of the Commission.That by itself further tarnishes the credibilty of Golding appointing a Commission to enquire into the conduct of a Government in which Golding himself played a central role.
    Something has started to smell already!!
    JA Cynic

  243. Mr Murdoch, whose News Corporation owns the Times, the Sun and Sky News, among other media outlets, also said a free society needed an independent press, adding it would “serve the interests of the powerful if professional journalists were muted, or replaced as navigators in our society by bloggers and bloviators”


  244. The WikiLeaks exposé

    As usual, the Arabs knew.

    Only we could pretend we did not know.

    Of course, we all knew they always did have something.

    It’s always tempting to avoid a story by saying “nothing new”.

    This is material that can be used by lawyers in courts.

    The quotation comes from Israel’s 1983 Kahan commission report – heaven knows what we could read if WikiLeaks got its hands on the barrels of military files in the Israeli defence ministry (or the Syrian version, for that matter). But, of course, back in those days, we didn’t know how to use a computer, let alone how to write on it. And that, of course, is one of the important lessons of the whole WikiLeaks phenomenon.

    Back in the First World War or the Second World War or Vietnam, you wrote your military reports on paper. They may have been typed in triplicate but you could number your copies, trace any spy and prevent the leaks. The Pentagon Papers was actually written on paper. You needed to find a mole to get them. But paper could always be destroyed, weeded, trashed, all copies destroyed.


    “Almost” pulled it off ehh Deacon?

  245. The New Gang

    The forces seem to be gathering to remove Karl Samuda as general secretary at the coming party conference. Some are apparently trying to make out that Samuda is to be blamed for the failings that were exposed in the Golding-Coke-Brady-Manatt scandal.

    Daryl Vaz seems to have used his very powerful position as deputy treasurer of the party to muscle his way up very quickly.

    But to show how quickly fortunes rise and fall in the turbulent JLP, Vaz might now have enough control of the machinery and the nod of the people who really matter. Just last week, Mark Wignall wrote, “At times he has been the de facto deputy PM and probably the person in the Cabinet closest to the prime minister.” My information is similar.

    Vaz might have emerged as a kind of chief of staff controlling movement in and out of Golding’s office. We know from Brady’s lawsuit that he has been in the thick of the Manatt affair. He would have an interest in how the matter is handled, what information is released and how. He seems to have that power. He is minister of information. Maybe that power extends to naming the rules for the farcical commission of enquiry into the Manatt affair just announced. It has that ‘in-your-face’ quality that fits his style. Can the matador hold his ground?

    Robert Buddan


  246. The big men of this country had promised a whopping $100 million if Golding were brought back to help win the elections – and to position him to take over the party.

    It was at a central committee meeting on September 16, 2002, that Seaga got an urgent call to leave the meeting and go to a nearby office in New Kingston to speak to two wealthy contributors who pledged to raise $100 million to boost the election campaign. “I was flabbergasted!” Seaga exclaims in the book.

    “Golding was their choice because of my reputation of maintaining principled positions in Government negotiation and not compromising with deals …”

    But he allowed the coterie of political and some wealthy friends around him, whose prime motivation was self-interest, to persuade him that the time was right for him to act, rather than wait on the limited period I had left in politics. That, in my own opinion, was one of Golding’s chief weaknesses: he allowed himself to be easily swayed, hence his inability to make up his mind.”


  247. Admiral Lewin slaps down PM Golding

    His remarks sharply contradicted prime minister Bruce Golding’s assertion that wiretap evidence was illegally passed to the United States, in breach of Coke’s constitutional rights.

    “Nothing nuh go so,” he said. ”


  248. ENTERTAINMENT: Jazz And Blues Festival, Jazzing It Up

    Air Jamaica is no longer principal sponsor and there have been five venue changes, but Elmore says the primary focus of the show – attracting tourists to Jamaica – is intact.

    “It is held to help fill hotel rooms and stimulate the economy and I think we’ve accomplished that,” Elmore said.

    “Businesses get a decided boost, with as much as US$3 million in circulation over the three days.”

    “Of course, once their money is sure that makes things even easier.”

    [In 2009] The government stepped in with a US$500,000 injection from the Tourism Enhancement Fund and the show was saved.

  249. Last week, Judith Wilchombe attempted to place a freezing order on the assets of Delroy Howell and a director of his companies Kenarthur Mitchell, claiming that both men misappropriated or have failed to account for US$13.9 million in assets that was under their management.

    Wilchombe was represented by Attorneys Michael Hylton & Associates and Howell byRichard Small QC, Lord Anthony Gifford QC and Conrad George. Howell owns a number of businesses in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and the Turks& Caicos. Earlier this year he completed the sale of Quick Cash to Jamaica National and acquired the former Kingston Hilton Hotel now rebounded as the Wyndham Hotel. None of those deals are affected by this imbroglio.


  250. Feisty independent Emil George heads Coke’s extradition probe
    By Ken Chaplin
    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Emil Calvin George, a feisty and fearlessly independent Jamaican, has been appointed chairman of a three-man commission of enquiry to probe the handling of the extradition request for Christopher Coke by the United States Government, the manner and procedure in which the extradition request was handled by the Government of Jamaica, and the circumstances in which the services of the law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips were engaged in relation to any or all of the matters involved, by whom they were engaged and on whose behalf they were
    authorised to act.

    [Yes Ken Chaplin so fiercely independent that his son just got a board appointment from the govt.]

    I do not know much about Scharschmidt, but sources close to him have told me that he is highly thought of in the legal profession, both for the quality of his work and his character.

    He is currently appearing for Finsac in the Court of Appeal against Eagle Merchant Bank Limited.

    [Ken Chaplin you mean the Eagle Bank? The same Eagle bank that was owned by Oswald Harding and Chen Young? Two stuck in the mud labourites there ehh Ken Chaplin?]

    As far as this column is concerned there is no need for anyone or any newspaper to caution the commission about its work and conclusions. Fortunately, the commissioners are not the kind of men who are going to be influenced by outsiders.

    It was a pity that Prime Minister Bruce Golding was unable to consult with Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller, as he said he would. Nothing should have stopped him, even if it meant holding the announcement of the composition of the commission for another day. This threw a cloud over what was a sensible choice of commissioners.

    [Ken, when you going to pack it in. Vaz have George ticket….does he have yours too?]


  251. Ken Chaplin, remember this: Not so long ago any idiot might have written that Harold Brady was “independent” and “unbiased”

    Ken you ever stayed at Silver Sands?

  252. The media have a duty to pursue the truth. The truth does not lie in innuendoes, hearsay, suggestions, and the rush for a headline on slow news days. The truth lies in investigations and double-checking the source of information.

    I am, etc.,




  253. Gov’t mum

    In the meantime, the Government has remained silent on claims that two members of the Manatt/Dudus Commission of Enquiry have ties to the administration.


  254. It had always been regarded as Nazi Germany’s only “decent” government ministry and one which shunned the persecution of the Jews, but a new and shocking study to be published this week exposes the Third Reich’s foreign office as a “criminal organisation” which backed the Holocaust to the hilt.

    The extent of German foreign diplomats’ active involvement in the Holocaust is graphically outlined by Eckhart Conze, one of the four historians who compiled the 880-page report. In an interview with Der Spiegel magazine conducted in advance of the study’s publication on Thursday he described the foreign ministry as a “criminal organisation”

    It was actively involved in every operation to persecute, expel and exterminate the Jews from the very beginning,” he said.

    “It functioned as an institution of the Nazi regime from day one and backed its policies of violence throughout.”

    Even after 1945, the ministry of the democratic West Germany continued to employ hundreds of heavily implicated Nazi-era diplomats, he added, and furthermore intervened to prevent their being brought to justice for their involvement in the Holocaust.

    Scores of other German diplomats with a Nazi record were dispatched to countries in Latin America and the Arab world after the war to prevent them from being exposed. The report says that many used an official body called “The Central Office” that was set up to aid former prisoners to warn fugitive Nazis of impending arrest warrants. One of them was Klaus Barbie, the infamous “Butcher of Lyon,” who remained on the run until 1983.

    Even German prosecutors who helped initiate the capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in the early 1960s had to ask Israel to track him down because they feared that Germany’s diplomats might tip him off.

    Yesterday, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was German foreign minister until last year, said it was “incredible” that it had taken more than 60 years to launch such an inquiry.

    Among the revelations in the study is an expenses slip submitted by Franz Rademacher, the ministry’s official responsible for Jewish affairs, following a wartime visit to Nazi-occupied Serbia. Rademacher unashamedly writes that the reason for his visit was “liquidation of the Jews in Belgrade”.

    Post-war whitewashing of the foreign ministry’s role under Hitler led many to assume that the organisation was staffed largely by aristocrats who privately despised the Nazi party and helped in the failed 1944 attempt to assassinate its leader.

    Far from being concerned about the plight of the Jews, the report shows that most of the diplomats were wholly anti-Semitic. “There was the typical aristocratic anti-Semitism that prevailed in top diplomatic circles.


  255. It was at a central committee meeting on September 16, 2002, that Seaga got an urgent call to leave the meeting and go to a nearby office in New Kingston to speak to two wealthy contributors who pledged to raise $100 million to boost the election campaign. “I was flabbergasted!” Seaga exclaims in the book.

    The generous offer was to make the legendarily obstinate party leader melt to the recommendation to bring back Golding.

  256. “Golding was their choice because of my reputation of maintaining principled positions in Government negotiation and not compromising with deals …”

  257. Feisty independent Emil George heads Coke’s extradition probe
    By Ken Chaplin
    Tuesday, October 26, 2010


  258. Warren Buffet taps likely successor.

    Billionaire Warren Buffett renewed speculation about his successor Monday by hiring a new investment manager to handle “a significant portion” of Berkshire Hathaway Inc’s investment portfolio.
    Rahtid….di big man finally hear ’bout Jamaica’s God sen, the greatest trader ever….Mr. David Smith.
    David…when Warren sen fi yuh dem haffi release yuh my yout. Just mek di easy 10% per month fi Mr. Buffet and Tracy, Edith, Gilly and yuh entire gingeration will neva haffi wuk ever again.
    Good luck with that.

  259. Jamaican fund manager sentenced for fraud in the Cayman Islands

    Girvan, the former director, trader and fund manager of a collection of four Cayman Islands based hedge funds from which he stole more than $19 million, had pleaded guilty to over 21 counts of theft, fraud and money laundering.

    The judge made a deportation order for Girvan to be returned to Jamaica at the end of his sentence.


    Official “WELCOME” at NMIA

  260. The Senate can take my two cents worth at their leisure…discard it if you will….

    First A factoid: Do you know that the human eye is a remarkable part of your body? For many reasons but one which stands out in my mind is that the lens of the eye never stops growing. Any other parts of the body with such a trait would perhaps be deemed cancerous. But the leans grows sometimes even in the first few minutes after the body has recently expired. This unending growth is what causes all to be in need of corrective spectacles at some time in our lives (usually at or around age 40)

    Enough of factoids.

    On Whistleblower (BTW it is physical numbers and the sacrifices of the many and constant support and monitoring of his vitals that keep Assange away from far more remote and desolate places than Guantanamo). Make no mistake there.

    In Jamaica often the “Whistleblower” meets a fate far less desirable than the day to day pressures of Assange. Often when one is instructed to do an audit in the confines of the air conditioned office such a steadfast professional does not even know the magnificence of the human eye. The eye can also hear you know? Even through telephony?

    That theory will not be published in the Popular Science journal just yet. But if you are around when it does call them and insist I be given the credit. No need for the O.J.

    So when whistleblowing keep a smile on your face and cheery demeanor. For even a knit brow, a face expressing disillusionment, “But John Tom could not have missed something like that?…..I’ve known him for years….highly professional!”

    For many a loyalist to crown and country never made the full rank of Whistleblower.

    And as far as I know there have been no posthumous O.J’s for any whistleblower…

    Senator, Think on these things.

  261. Your Olint taxes? Check you know who for procedural orders. Ticky Ticky seh “shark dung deh!”

  262. Di Shubble mout wan tu.

  263. Don’t try falla Ticky Ticky him have a large speargun fi dat…..Call that one the rod of “Kareccktion”

  264. How the yellowman tune go again? “If a did riddim I going mend it….first mi patch it….then mi set it”..(something like that)

  265. In a statement yesterday, the private-sector representatives said the latest action by the Government “substantively satisfies” demands it made for full disclosure on the matter in May.

    Meanwhile, the group says the establishment of the commission of enquiry “paves the way for resumption of our participation in the Partnership for Transformation immediately and without further precondition”.


    So they can’t keep to their word. Without full disclosure they press ahead. So their words are their bond? Amusing but also sad. Sad for the country.

    If they said they were not going ahead until they had given a pay raise or provided better working conditions, would you believe them?

    Will you believe any thing else they spew?

    It must be a powerful force that let’s them take that decision, Perhaps hunger?

  266. Maybe love..

  267. Emil George denies being partisan

    He stated that he would prefer if persons treated the Commission like a court and comment as little as possible on the matter.

    On the issue of the Prime Minister’s failure to consult ahead of the appointment, Mr. George said that was none of his business saying that is for Mr. Golding to deal with.


    Your son, the one who got the board appointment recently is a labourite. Can’t deny that…

  268. Perhaps some evidence is lurking but is waiting to be revealed after Emil George’s enquiry. Like a true test. If the enquiry’s findings don’t match then the onus is on??…

  269. This is history for the country.

  270. Misick investigated over Leeward Marina scheme

    It has now emerged that investigators scrutinising disgraced erstwhile Government Ministers could soon lay official charges.
    A BBC Panorama documentary screened in the UK this month revealed that the matter is now under the steely eyes of prosecutor Helen Garlick and her team.

    In September last year, Nikki Beach closed its doors to business for good, blaming the worldwide recession.


  271. * Politicians are allowed to collect money from citizens; give no receipt, not even a promise – police would lock down Cash Plus or a Ponzi man! They take our money and do not account to us. Is this a matter for the FSA? Fair trading? Consumer protection?
    * No politician wants to be held accountable. They fight us down to keep donations secret. How much goes to his bank account? The campaign? Idlers? To buy votes?


  272. The Liquidation of the TCI Bank: Need now for an Independent Criminal Investigation and Legal Action by Depositors, Citizens and Residents

    The TCI Journal received additional documents over the weekend that further confirm for us that the liquidators, Deloitte Touche (Bahamas), have not been acting in line with their fiduciary responsibilities to be impartial managers of the provisional liquidation.” ………..TCI Journal, July 26, 2010.

    “The Financial Services Commission, FSC, will need to be examined for their conflicts of interest going into this sad affair and their role in selecting and supervising Deloitte Touche, along with their supervision of the accounting industry in the Islands.

    It is essential, ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL, that Helen Garlick and the Special Investigations and Prosecution Team, SIPT, include an investigation into the goings on and the failure of the TCI Bank as part of their remit.

    Nothing less is acceptable.

    Critical questions that require answers must include how could one entity properly and in good conscience have accepted the role of auditor of the TCI Bank, auditor of the NIB, and the receivership of OLINT – which had millions on deposit at the bank, all at the same time.

    Corruption and crony capitalism were central factors leading to the failure of the bank.


  273. Sentenced Reduced to 4 years Deacon?

  274. Floridian…don’t worry your little head about that reduction…Uncle Sam eagerly awaits the coming of the “God sen”
    Then we will see how the dream team handles conspiracy.

  275. Lawyer disbarred
    …following a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council.

  276. “The National Insurance Board is a complete sham, run by criminal incompetents, that is guaranteed to lose the funds you contribute, to insure you DO NOT have a pension or other benefits in old age. Whilst we, the arrogant and incompetent mismanagement, who have zero leadership skills, run up huge undisclosed expense bills and gamble with your money in a dodgy ponzi scheme sponsored by nepotism, cronyism and corruption”!


  277. PM Golding’s Administration is boxed-in on Dudus/Manatt Enquiry

    The PM’s best outcome could be for the Commission to pronounce on whether or not the Party General Secretary, the country’s Solicitor General and the country’s Attorney General all failed in their roles, gave the PM bad information and advice and should be retired in the public interest.


  278. “So everything that them know them would do with it, them try to think is what we going to do it with it,” Henry added to howls of laughter.

    “And that is where we have to outginnal them with honesty and with integrity,” said the JLP member of parliament for Central Clarendon.


  279. From: Audley Shaw fitzalbert_2@yahoo.com
    To: David Smith
    Saturday January 1 2007 4:43PM
    David, happy new year to you, your dear wife and family. I am still hoping to get the info on the fx trading by Australia in dealing with their debt problems. Also, I had given Daryl the necessary information to have the thing activated, and he advised me that he had sent you an email in that regard. I’m told you might be here next week. I would like to see you as I have two persons who would like to meet with you. Please let me know. Regards. Audley.

  280. Lavish spending on ministers’ offices continues

    The question may well be asked: is the compulsive refurbishing of properties to which they are to occupy driven only by the desire to have flashy environment or does extensive refurbishing create an avenue for the provision of “a food” for somebody?


  281. Now looking at the selection of the commissioners has confirmed the view that the exercise will provide food for some people and waste other people’s time and the public’s funds.

    Perception of possible bias The Sunday Herald has revealed that proposed Commissioner Donald Scharschmidt has represented the Prime Minister in a suit against that newspaper some time in the past. Did the Prime Minister forget that Mr. Scharschmidt at one time acted as his Mr. Golding’s attorney?


  282. Letter – Re: Six Planes to Miami
    Dear Editors,

    There won’t be many who would disagree with Mr. Wildish’s painting of TCI’s blight.

    He might, however, have better served TCI some years back by advocating and actually augmenting the employment of TI’s in the construction industry in which he has been involved for some time. Turquoise Construction (Ashtrom) in my opinion are the very best example of the very worst in the industry and Mr. Wildish has been a part of the very process that got us to the situation that he is now complaining about.

    What hypocrisy.

    Perhaps Mr. Wildish may like to take one of those six planes to Miami, he mentions, whilst the rest of us clean up his contribution to the mess.




  283. Fraud Cover-Up

    While not indicating the level of positions held by perpetrators behind the fraud, Berry said forced resignations were the order of the day at organisations affected by financial crimes, thus posing a challenge to his unit.


  284. Letter – TCI Bank: Full Investigation Required

    I again call for a full investigation and criminal and civil charges on the few persons whose objective was to liquidate the TCI Bank. The investigation must not be conducted by the FSC as this is again a conflict of interest. What has happened is a form of corruption and highway robbery. I am asking the various stakeholders not to lose hope in taking such actions against Higgins of the FSC and possibly the liquidators for breaching their fiduciary duty and responsibility. We need to get away from the belief “this is just a one month talk and by next month all is history” . This is not so because these guys have created hardship and the loss of all our monies in the bank and someone must be held responsible.


  285. OUTSPOKEN Parliamentarian Everald Warmington has vehemently objected to a proposal from the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) for taxpayers to help finance political parties.

    He added: “It is a privilege of members or people who seek to be elected to Parliament, and if one wants to enjoy the privilege or the prestige or whatever it is, you must finance your own campaign. We should not call on the taxpayers of Jamaica to finance campaign, political parties or whatever. It is wrong!”

    “I don’t want the taxpayers to be paying for any campaign that I am involved in. Taxpayers should not pay for any of us. We must find our own way here,” Warmington said.


  286. BREAKING NEWS – Nov. 4, 2010 – [14:00 hrs – Nov. 3, 2010] – Chairman of Consultative Forum in negotiations with Governor and AG’s office for Special Hearings into TCI Bank Failure.


  287. Long delay before FINSAC Enquiry resumes

    The enquiry into operations of the Financial Sector Adjustment Company (FINSAC) during the 1990s financial sector meltdown could resume its hearings as late as the middle of next year.

    Justice Carey is appealing the decision of the Supreme Court to oust him as Chairman.


  288. TCI Bank in liquidation

    Jamaicans will remember that TCI Bank was one of the financial entities which held monies from OLINT, which means the liquiduation will stifle efforts to recover those funds.


  289. Bridgewater, who presented her credentials to Sir Patrick at King’s House yesterday, commended Jamaica’s improvement on the Corruption Perception Index, but made it clear that she has “always been a very strong proponent of working to fight corruption.

    “I have a history of that in other countries that I have worked in, so Jamaica will be no different,” she warned during her first press conference at the US Embassy in St Andrew yesterday.


  290. At the Crossroads

    Transparency cannot be a “gift” bestowed on the people at the whim or time of choosing of FCO functionaries. It must begin to be embedded in law.


  291. Mongolia’s spy chief: invited to Number 10, detained in Wandsworth

    When Mongolia’s spy chief stepped off an Aeroflot flight into Heathrow a few weeks ago, he expected a welcome befitting a foreign dignitary arriving for high-level talks with the British government on a new era of intelligence co-operation.

    But rather than being ushered through Heathrow’s VIP lounge for talks in Whitehall’s inner sanctum, the chief executive of Mongolia’s National Security Council and the one-time head of its security service was met by Scotland Yard detectives armed with an international warrant for his arrest.


  292. Perception And Reality

    But what do Jamaicans think? Prior to 2008, corruption did not even appear as a significant issue of concern in public opinion polls (you would have to say that before 2008 ‘perception of corruption’ was quite low among the Jamaican public; corruption was definitely present, but was not perceived to be a major problem). But in a 2008 Don Anderson Poll, which asked what was the main thing wrong with Jamaica, 57 per cent replied “Too much crime and violence”, and 21 per cent said “Too much corruption”. After many hours of talk shows and hundreds of newspaper columns, corruption had finally appeared on the public radar (as the second-ranked major issue of concern).

    But watch this: in a 2010 Don Anderson Poll, which asked what was the most negative thing about Jamaica, 53 per cent replied “corruption”, and 40 per cent said “breakdown of law and order”. This year, for the first time at last, corruption, as a major problem, has moved to the number one spot! We would have to conclude that for Jamaicans, the perception of corruption is increasing rapidly. Does this mean that corruption itself is also increasing rapidly?

    Let me ask a facetious question: Is the CPI suggesting that public corruption is declining, while the Don Anderson Poll suggests that corruption is increasing?

    There are all sorts of factors which create perceptions, one of which is reality itself.


  293. Lottery scammers becoming more sophisticated

    The police have received three mobile phone numbers which have been traced to Jamaica.

    They have advised residents to be aware of the scam.


  294. Electoral slurs declared foul play as Woolas loses seat for personal attacks
    Former immigration minister in three-year ban from Commons

  295. Leading article: When victory is won by deceit

    Ed Miliband was very ill advised to allocate a place on his frontbench to Phil Woolas, the MP who was found yesterday to have broken electoral law when he defended his seat at the general election.

    Perhaps the new Labour leader wanted to show his confidence in a colleague under attack, or perhaps he believed this ruling to be so unlikely as to be a risk he could ignore. It is, after all, the first time in 99 years that a parliamentary election result has been overturned on the grounds that the campaign waged by the victor was deceitful.

    It would have been bad enough if this judgment had been delivered against a backbench Labour MP.


  296. Our advice to Mr. George is that he treads carefully, lest he be viewed as self-serving. To appear to be a judge in his own cause would expose him to the same criticism levelled at Mr. Golding for his handling of the appointment of the commission.

    Mr. George’s scolding manner would suggest a lack of appreciation of the fact that his own appointment is made in the name of the Jamaican people and we are his masters. Any impression on his part that he holds authority superior to that of the people is delusional. The days of ‘backra’ master are long gone and Jamaicans are not about to obey orders to shut up, even from those who still believe that they are sitting in the great house.


  297. Edward Seaga, in his upcoming biography two, has given a preview in which he indicated his intention to tell how the private sector spent J$100 million to get the Jamaica Labour Party to replace him with Golding as the head of the party. Multiples of that sum were spent to help Golding defeat the People’s National Party. The private sector is heavily leveraged; Golding is their boy.


  298. Election financing As I write, embarrassment covers the House as seldom before.

    The Speaker has ruled against the screamers but his very own colleagues show him utter contempt once again. They tell him that his standards are low.

    The issue is about electoral reform. Montague is calling all the Opposition members hypocrites and Vaz is completing a screed regarding Trafigura and the accusation that the PNP benefited from the same Ponzi schemes as the JLP. This is the fullness of their wit and intelligence. It is their style. Rebut nothing — just point to the other side and allege infamy.

    Then the Speaker, who up to Tuesday had no strength for his party colleagues, gets to speak about members misbehaving on both sides of the House.


  299. In the midst of the rumpus, Energy Minister James Robertson took it upon himself to unplug Bunting’s microphone. When a harassed looking orderly tried to reconnect the instrument, he was instructed to sit. The young man retreated, but moments later returned to carry out the task.


  300. Why has the Jamaican Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) not charged the OLINT CEO and others?

    David Smith unabashedly says he is “protected.”
    by whom Deacon Smith? The Judiciary?

  301. Don’t look good on the Judiciary at all….World Class?

  302. Ambassador Bridgewater shied away from Sunday Herald question on the latest developments on the US decision to increase extradition requests for Jamaicans wanted for several crimes.

    “We don’t discuss these issues in public. What I can say is that we are discussing a wide range of issues including extradition requests,” Ambassador Bridgewater responded.


  303. Warmington, we believe, has done enough to rock that boat and it now requires the maturity of all members to ensure our electoral process does not return to the days when skullduggery was king.

    To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.


    That should not have happened, because Vaz sits in the Parliament in two capacities only – MP for West Portland and minister with responsibility for information.

    Freddy Hickling? Who shall we be today? And in what capacity?

    “It is not surprising, therefore, that Professor Hickling, a psychiatrist, sees our basic problem as madness. His prescription is for the authorities to regard the country as a large lunatic asylum, modelled on Bellevue, and so treat and transform the populace accordingly.”

  304. Gavel..who will you be in your absence? hehe

  305. Leading that bunch was James Robertson, the mining and energy minister who, when closing the debate on the national energy policy, read every word of his speech as if he were in kindergarten.


    “I can’t remember. I send hundreds of emails and I am not denying that I am aware or have knowledge or know David,” Robertson said.


  306. David Smith convicted in the TCI

    Head of the collapsed Olint Group, David Smith on Thursday pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the Turks and Caicos Islands, leading to him being slapped with a 6 and a half year prison term.


  307. Australian Model time Now!

    Faced with the prospect of more massive pay outs to ALCOA (Aluminum Company Of America), the Government is looking at various options which could result in it exiting the controversial agreement.


  308. Dozens conned over ‘Olympic’ land in east London

    It was a “boiler-room” scam, he added, which meant it was carried out by “an organised crime group who use pressurised selling techniques to cold-call victims to try and get them to part with funds”.

    Their promotional material included quotes purporting to be from London 2012 chief Lord Coe talking about opportunities for development in east London.


  309. We alerted the powers that be months ago that there were forces trying to drive the TCI bank into liquidation, that the provisional liquidators were lying to people, and they didn’t want to hear it or look at it or investigate it. We showed them where millions of dollars are continuing to be stolen by corrupt managers even as we sit here today, and for months and months they do nothing about it. It is enough to make a grown man weep”.

    “Don’t worry”, he said, “Most of the corruption and stealing you are talking about has an American angle. It’s not being ignored by us.”

    “Any time frame?” we asked.

    “Much sooner than you think”, he said. ”Hey, cheer up! Let me get you another cup of coffee.”


  310. Former Olint boss to be flown to America


  311. The association says it has been formally granted representational status by the US District Attorney to act on behalf of Olint Depositors.


    After supporting efforts to thwart justice? hahaha

    Formally granted ….feeder club Eli. Show it in writing. Feeder club operator and David Smith buddies….you will soon see you actually have a big bill to pay for your efforts to thwart…..

  312. Bruce Golding puzzled by graffiti campaign in West Kingston


  313. From: Drum Manley-Drummond
    To: Peter Bovell
    Wed 12/20/2006
    There is a concern that phones may be tapped. Be careful what you say over the phone – you should tell David and Wayne and Joe as well.
    48 Constant Spring Road,
    Kingston 10
    Tel. (876)920-1002, Fax (876)920-1008

  314. “No formal representational status has been granted.”

    Confirmed again as a public service.

  315. After David Smith had been uprooted by the tactics of the local authorities, he relocated to the Turks and Caicos Islands. In the January 5 article Wynter suggests that Smith may not chosen not to become licensed in Jamaica because of ;
    • ‘OLINT is not doing foreign exchange trading only. Perhaps they are engaged in real estate or other risky ventures.
    • ‘OLINT is doing foreign exchange trading. Smith is sensationally successful and soon to be on Time Magazine.’

    Information supplied to me by OLINT is that it does not invest members’ funds in real estate as it is not a liquid asset. Based on the fact that OLINT survived the run on its operations following the sudden intervention by the FID in March 2006 and a loss of 70% of its funds but with all investors who wanted their money being accommodated, Mr. Wynter has been handed a proof of sorts that OLINT is very liquid.

    Brian Wynter was quoted in the January 5 column as saying, “The regulators of Turks & Caicos, where Smith is supposed to be working from don’t care as long as Turks & Caicos citizens are not involved. It is my understanding that only Jamaican citizens are involved, therefore as far as I am concerned, he is not in Turks & Caicos even though he is sitting there. Smith is still in Jamaica. What I see is that it is a bad sign that OLINT doesn’t even have a physical presence in Jamaica.”

    I find this statement to be most incredible and not befitting of a highly educated and intelligent man. After the action generated by the FSC had brought about the raid by armed men from the FID, which person operating as Smith had been doing would stay in Jamaica.

    Mr. Wynter must be aware that many of the investors who had responded negatively (but expected) to the FID raid and withdrew their funds, reinvested once Smith has settled the dust and relocated to Turks & Caicos. But where Wynter has failed miserably in gleaning information is in the area of Smith’s operations overseas.
    What are the facts?

    • Since moving to Turks & Caicos Smith has received a license from the Turks & Caicos FSC and deemed as a fit and proper person to conduct the business he operates. This required him being fingerprinted and investigated by various agencies including the Jamaican police.
    • OLINT has Indemnity Insurance as it is one of the criteria for obtaining a license in Turks & Caicos.
    • Because of Smith’s involvement with in a U.S. entity, U.S. regulators had to be provided with his fingerprints as he was investigated to determine if he was a fit and proper person for the specific operation he is involved in.
    • David Smith is also licensed in Panama. Again, another country has seen him to be fit and proper but not his own.
    • Where Wynter has stated that, “The Securities Act speaks to the issuance of investment contracts and certificates of participation as actions of a securities dealer,” the fact is, an OLINT membership contract is of no value to anyone but the club member and is not transferable, therefore it cannot be traded as a financial instrument such as stocks or bonds.
    • Contrary to what Wynter said that Turks & Caicos citizens are not involved I have been informed by Smith that the citizens there are VERY involved with Smith and OLINT.

    Wynter also blundered horribly when he was quoted in the January 5 article as saying, “Also nobody is paying taxes. Is it possible that people are building up a large tax liability? Does OLINT pay taxes?

    Smith informs me that at the time OLINT ceased its physical operations in Jamaica ALL tax liabilities were fully paid. And of course I am certain that Mr. Brian Wynter, executive director of the FSC knows that the Turks & Caicos is a tax free jurisdiction.


  316. Smith informs me that at the time OLINT ceased its physical operations in Jamaica ALL tax liabilities were fully paid.

  317. he big difference is when everybody 70% pulled their money from OLINT after the FSC fiasco, Smith had the liquidity to cash everyone out even with no money coming in, where would Cash Plus get the money from if all their “lenders” cashed in at the same time since precious little of their assets are liquid or generating cash? Short term money buying long term assets is what led to the meltdown of the financial sector in the 90’s and led to FINSAC. See todays paper where they just bought KES building for a bag from Hugh Scott and you will see my point. this is who the FSC should be targeting.
    Another big difference is the fact that earnings from Cash Plus is interest on a loan which is taxable yet depite their efforts to close down OLINT, no attempt has been made to regulate Cash Plus and collect the taxes from their “bankers.” On the other hand, capital gains on FX trading is currently not taxable under our laws.


  318. Pointing out that the US District Attorney’s Office has granted ACOM representational status, the group’s chairman, Godfrey McAllister, said this marks the start of “the final leg of the financial-recovery process”.


    “the final leg” Gleaner, you and this Godfrey McAllister cat.


  319. When the reporter asked McAllister to articulate the “first leg” he had this to say, ” “.

  320. The US District Attorney’s Office does not charge for the registration of Victims. However, ACOM’s current projection of the approximate cost to oversee the remaining phases of the recovery operation is between US$125 to US$150 per Olint Depositor. Of this amount, US$60 is needed immediately and the balance will be requested as the need arises. Expenses to be covered will include:

    a. the staffing of a temporary Secretariat;

    b. Attorney’s and related legal fees;

    c. maintaining a physical presence of no more than two (2) ACOM Executive Members on important trial dates;

    d. general administration expenses

    Send evidence of payment of the initially required US$60, CAD$62, 39Pounds, 45Euros, JM$5040, or other currency equivalent to ACOM’s bank account. ACOM’s bank account details are as follows:
    vi. When Wiring US Currency: Correspondent Bank – JP Morgan Chase Bank = SWIFT code CHASUS33; Routing number 021000021 – For Further Credit – BNS Jamaica Swift Code NOSCJMKN – Branch Transit number = 50575 – For Final Credit to ACOMAction Group Limited – Account # 803219 Please send an additional US$36 if this method is used. This is the local BNS flat fee service charge for wires.

    vii. When Wiring Canadian Currency: Correspondent Bank: BNS Toronto SWIFT CODE NOSCCATT; (No Routing #); For Further Credit – BNS Jamaica Swift Code NOSCJMKN – Branch Transit number = 50575 – For Final Credit to ACOMAction Group Limited – Account # 803219. Please send an additional CAD$36 if this method is used. This is the local BNS flat fee service charge for wires.

    viii. When Wiring British Pounds: Correspondent Bank – HSBC London – SWIFT code MIDLGB22; Sort Code 400515; For Further Credit – BNS Jamaica Swift Code NOSCJMKN – Branch Transit number = 50575 – For Final Credit to ACOMAction Group Limited – Account # 803219 Please send an additional 18 Pounds if this method is used. This is the local BNS flat fee service charge for wires.

    ix. When Wiring Euros: Correspondent Bank: Deutsche Bank – Swift Code DEUTDEFF (No routing #) For Further Credit – Iban: DE67500700100953055110 – BNS Jamaica Swift Code NOSCJMKN – Branch Transit number = 50575 – For Final Credit to ACOMAction Group Limited – Account # 803219 – Please send an additional 18 Euros if this method is used. This is the local BNS flat fee service charge for wires.

    x. Checks or Drafts or Money orders may be mailed to ACOM’s Account at the bank at no additional Charge. For ease of identification, when making a deposit by check, money order, draft or cash, please include an additional number of cents after the standard dollar amount for ease of identification. This arbitrary number of cents could be any number between “01” and “99”. For example a remittance of JM$5000 can be increased to any figure between JM$5000.01 and JM$5000.99. The exact figure remitted plus the name of the Olint Member would assist ACOM to identify the deposit on our account and expedite the process of crediting the fee to the Depositor’s ACOM account.


    Kingdom Investments star the ANTICS AGAIN????

  321. Jamaica’s FSC have a “post dated” bulletin on them but this looks like one for the General Legal Council or the DPP ZZZZzzzzz….zzzzzz

    1. No documented proof of claim to represent.

    2. To date still proclaiming innocence of Smith even after his own confession (the second confession that is)

    3. Known political elements as founders of the group.

    4. Beneficiaries of contracts from Smith paid for by funds that were not his and that no authorization to pay for.

    5. Referral to “final phase” without the ability to articulate the previous phases ???

    6. Self appointed delusions of grandeur and moral standing akin to David Smith.

    Jamaicans THINK AND CHECK before you….

    Ask your local MP what they think you should do.

  322. Most all local MP’s and Caretakers are fully versed in OLINT matters and always accommodating of the constituents who seek information regarding the stolen money and where it has gone.

    Some may even be able to render assistance to “victims” through the Constituency Development Funds. Some are also “lawyers” and can render professional legal advice as to the best way to proceed.

    Some even know Smith personally and have enjoyed his personal hospitality at home and abroad and keep in touch with the “family” on a regular basis.

    Remember your MP and your Caretaker are there to serve you…

  323. I am an invester, now that David smith is in prison, will we even got back a potion of our money, and what about those middle men who was acting on Smith behalf, do they remain free? Who do we talk to about getting our money back..I was rob of my life saving…crying out from Florida

  324. “ACOM has been formally granted representational status by the USDA to act on behalf of Olint Depositors in this critical operation,” said the release signed by Dr Godfrey E McAllister.

    “In a documented commitment to ACOM, Mr Ambrose (the US assistant district attorney) has given the assurance that all identified funds will be made
    available to Olint Depositors who have registered with the Victims’ Co-ordinator in the District Attorney’s Office.”


  325. Wynter backtracks on growth forecast

    The Governor of the Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) says growth in the economy will not return this year as previously forecasted.

    Projections were for the economy to grow by about half a percent this fiscal year.

    However, Brian Wynter, BoJ Governor, said at his quarterly briefing on Wednesday that the expectation now is for the economy to contract by up to 1% this fiscal year.


  326. More price increases coming


    What of the revalued Jamaican dollar!!

  327. Gasoline prices are to rise to a five and a half month high at the pumps on Thursday…


  328. TCIB customers face huge losses

    TCI Bank customers are being warned they risk losing up to 90 per cent of their money – and that it could be years before any cash at all is recovered.

    An investigation has already been launched into the Financial Services Commission’s (FSC) oversight of the bank and the circumstances which prompted its fall.
    Whether the fact that the FSC has been tasked with conducting its own inquiry will be met with scepticism remains to be seen.

    Meanwhile, current estimates on when people may recoup their money range from 12 months to seven years.

    Les Clarke, a local expert in restructuring banks, told the Weekly News he believed most depositors could expect an 85 per cent loss.

    Economics expert and Weekly News columnist, John Hartley, predicted depositors would receive 10c to 15c on the dollar, “in years, if ever”.

    “More importantly, it will now be extremely difficult for another indigenous bank to start. It will undermine confidence in the jurisdiction.”

    “At first things didn’t seem so bad but as the economy got worse that’s when reality set in.

    “There should be a criminal investigation into what happened at that bank. It should have been shut down a long time ago,” he added.



    Investigations by The SUN revealed that Malcolm, a former police officer who joined the Immigration Department in the early 1990s, was sent on leave after he allegedly failed to carry out a directive from Acting Governor Mr. Mark Capes. There were also reports about pending investigation into “other allegations”, but this newspaper was unable to ascertain precisely what was the nature of those allegations.


    Deacon, first the bank you brought to Jazz and Blues festival now your immigration man.

  330. Judge wound up TCI Bank with ‘great sadness’

    I make this decision with a heavy heart, understanding how it may affect the creditors and community as whole and Mr. (Wendell) Swann’s wise caution has been at the forefront of my mind throughout.




  332. Those persons in the know, or who may have been put in the know about the Bank’s circumstances, would have been able to secure their position, as they could get to be first in the queue to withdraw, but then inevitably the small depositor, the hard working man of the street, being left to scramble for likely non-existent scraps left over. At the hearing, I was also made aware that an application to the Court for the release of about $6.1 million was also being considered by another entity.

  333. “The Company had a serious liquidity problem from as early as February 2008”

    When David Smith lured many to open accounts with TCI bank implying that it would secure access to funds in their OLINT accounts…


  334. Trinidad gov’t spied on PM Persad-Bissessar
    Cops find wiretap evidence; firearms and TT$5.9 in cash


  335. Foridian

    What is going on with Smith’s relocation to the US ????

  336. ???


    Some observers have said there is so much tension in the party that no one wants to tell Mr. Foote that it is a bad idea for him to be in the contest. Foote is known nationally as Christopher Coke’s lawyer who did not seem to distinguish himself at a time when everyone wanted to hear anything he had to say. The JLP does not need this memory to be brought back into people’s consciousness. If the party is to be on top of its image –someone should whisper this to Mr. Foote and ask him to give his Party one less thing to worry about.

    Or is it better for Mr. Golding to just seek to get the party reunited, not make any cabinet changes at this point and try to get all hands on deck for the next two years to work as hard as possible to get ready for General Elections?


  338. You tube: The Art of Corporate Mind Control HQ by aenfroy87

  339. Here is the full table of the worst economic crashes in 2010:

    1. Ireland -3.0%


    “The downgrade reflects our view that the deterioration of Ireland’s public finances is likely to require a number of years of sustained effort to repair, on a scale greater than factored into the government’s current plans,” S&P said.

    It is important that there is a coherent plan.”


  340. Dublin has vowed to arrest the melt-down in its fiscal standing in a supplementary budget on April 7 and yesterday reiterated that new measures would include a medium-term strategy for getting the budget deficit below an EU limit of 3 per cent of GDP.

    “…talks to vendors over a loudspeaker…”


  341. The case of Irish cheese is instructive. Ireland is giving all citizens a free block of cheese to boost morale and nutrition, given the awful taxes, job losses and poverty.

    We destroyed our dairy industry with subsidised imports. Ireland is the sixth most indebted nation but it produces food.

    The JLP grows our debt mountain, but Minister Tufton has no local food to give each citizen a Christmas hamper in this hard time.


  342. Olinter is “man of the yard.”

    The minister then gave Clarke, fellow honourees and a host of special guests at yesterday’s luncheon, held at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel in St Andrew, a demonstration of how to plant tomato by inserting a seedling into pre-prepared soil.

    “There you are. We have a nice tomato seedling in place,” Tufton said after planting the tomato. Clarke had challenged the minister to demonstrate that he could put a practical application to agriculture.

    There were no rice or cassava plants physically on demonstration but it was clear the Gleaner’s selection committee, chaired by Professor Gerald Lalor, was impressed by the minister’s desire to stimulate rice production locally.


  343. Critics in Ireland and the U.K. accuse O’Brien of playing cell-phone populist — “acting the saint in stricken Haiti,” as a London Daily Mail article suggested — to deflect attention from a tribunal looking into his financial relationship with the Irish minister who awarded Esat’s license in 1996. O’Brien denies any impropriety; he is suing the Daily Mail for libel.


  344. The Turks and Caicos Islands appear closer to allowing trial without a jury as recommended by an inquiry into allegations of corruption that led the UK to restore direct rule to the territory. A local advisory committee to the British governor has backed adoption of the change.

    The findings pointed to a high probability of systemic corruption or other serious dishonesty among the then ruling elite. Among the recommendations of sole commission Sir Robin Auld was trial without a jury of any former ministers and officials who may be charged with criminal offenses.


  345. Finance Minister Audley Shaw has announced he will be replacing the current head of the Financial Investigations Division (FID) in the coming weeks.

    The Finance Minister sought to underline why the decision was taken.

    He said in the current environment civilians are more susceptible to intimidation and fear than people who are trained to deal with criminals and therefore expect intimidation and threats.


    “…in the current environment…” ??????

    What “environment” is that exactly?

  346. “..are more susceptible to intimidation and fear..”

    hehee. Most police are the biggest coward. Close second behind politician.

  347. Rodney Chin gone?

    As the cloud over the Kern Spencer corruption trial continues, RJR News understands that the star witness, Rodney Chin, has left the country because of alleged threats on his life.

    It is understood that Mr. Chin and his family migrated following the threats.

    Gunmen allegedly went to his home on two occasions.


  348. The chairman of the TCI All Party Parliamentary Group, who visited the TCI in August, said the entire public sector should be rebuilt from scratch amid “endemic corruption and malpractice”.


  349. Trials Without Jury Bill gets green light

    She said party politics were so firmly embedded in TCI life that it could sway a jury’s decision.
    “We are not in the United States where, in order to get an impartial jury, a party can request a change of venue.”


  350. Paula Llewellyn, Director of Public Prosecutions, also declined to comment on whether or not Mr. Chin has migrated.

  351. Gleaner’s choice is Tufton


    Similar choice to David Smith Gleaner?

  352. Activist makes damning charges

    Informed authorities

    The activist/asylum seeker told the US authorities that he has given all the information available to him to top ranking police officers Glenmore Hinds, former deputy Mark Shields and assistant commissioner Les Green and also to Prime Minister Bruce Golding via a letter, which he said was delivered to the PM personally. The activist said he would like copies of his statement to be sent to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, FBI, investigators probing Olint, Homeland Security and those investigating the activities of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

    He alleged that while awaiting extradition, the accused minister tried to get Coke out to Venezuela. The plan flopped because Coke wanted to take more than five persons who could be accommodated on the trip and the plan fell apart.


  353. The combination of apparent misconduct and what appears to be incompetence, which is overtaking the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, if not arrested could inflict fatal damage to our justice system.


  354. Tufton has performed well!

  355. GDP falls below 2004 levels
    “…the steepest economic decline in 30 years”

  356. Parliament is ineffectual through its own fault.

    Delroy Chuck promises a full report next week.

    Dr. Baugh was anxious to keep his feet clear of any imputed connection with Brady and Manatt. I want to believe him but there remains the question of whether Dr. Robinson and the Jamaican mission in the US were alone in their involvement.

    Who used the phrase about “changing course” again?


  357. Really?…

  358. Britain holding the handle, Jamaica the blade

    So foreigners found guilty of offences involving official documents — including possessing a fake passport or destroying a passport — may be given “conditional caution” rather than jail sentences, barring them from returning to the UK. So they would be thrown out of the country, without ever setting foot in a British jail.

    Yet Jamaican politicians seemed shocked by the reports in British tabloids. They said that they had already had discussions about this with Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

    Unfortunately for Jamaica, this is a brand new government led by David Cameron which may not feel bound by any discussions Bruce Golding had with Gordon Brown.

    Jamaican politicians also seem to set great store by the idea that Jamaica cannot legally lock up people who have committed crimes overseas. They seem to think that this will deter the British from deporting anyone.

    Even British people, who are normally friends of the Caribbean, will not have much sympathy with Jamaica on this matter.


  359. G2K congratulates Tufton on deputy leader win

    “His ascension is a major step in the right direction for the JLP as the winds for renewal, transformation and change blows across the party and the country,” G2K said in a news release.

    G2K described Tufton as a “transformative leader with the essential traits and skills required to effectively lead the party’s machinery in Western Jamaica”.

  360. Commentators criticize decision to postpone Local Government Elections

    Speaking on Sunday afternoon on RJR News review programme, That’s a Rap, Mr. Henry says the law should be changed to accommodate fixed dates for local elections.

    “I am looking forward to the day in the short term future where the call will not be a Central Government call at all….”

    “I am looking forward to the day in the short term future where the call will not be a Central Government call at all….”


    “I am looking forward to the day in the short term future where the call will not be a Central Government call at all….”

    This is not 1963…this is not Washington Mall…but then again…perhaps it is

    No it’s 2010! Gimmickry..“I am looking forward to the day..” its TODAY Mr. Henry and any suggestion that it should be otherwise has to be suspect.

  361. We really have been going on and on, the whole thing is a sham,” Ms. Eaton said.


  362. Sticking to his guns

    Yesterday, Golding stuck to his initial defence, telling supporters that the way Coke’s extradition request was presented amounted to an encroachment on Jamaican law.

    “I try to demonstrate and explain that there were issues involved that cannot be swept away. There are serious legal issues involved,” said Golding, who has established a commission of enquiry to probe the drama, which climaxed in a shock-and-awe military raid on Coke’s Tivoli Gardens fortress in May, resulting in the slaying of one soldier and 73 civilians, as loyalist thugs tried to protect the strongman.


  363. Olinters could receive back money from Parties.

    Horne, a businessman and construction systems mogul, who represented the PNP in the 2007 general election as a losing candidate in South East St Elizabeth, paid back the money to Trafigura from his own funds, the Observer source said.

    Horne agreed to put up the money because the party had already used up the gift in its 2007 election campaign.


  364. FirstCaribbean settled the matter out of court and reportedly paid Campbell in the region of $30 million.

  365. Deidre-Ann Donaldson, unemployed
    Crime is not just from the bottom up, it’s from the top come down. Everybody, especially government ministers, needs to be honest and open about what they do in and for our country.


  366. Hughcliffe must be having a fit!

  367. Take a suppligen Hughcliffe…no wait Supligen have milk…ahh..Cerasee tea..yes…

  368. Nationwide server blow….probably just a surge. …

  369. “Wow well…” Ehe ..what a R^%5 interview. Anyway yours truly don’t play that…that cover…Interesting. Wonder what Hinds will say….Interesting…

  370. What the .. Puppet check that …pronto.

  371. The Gleaner/Power 106 newscentre has learnt that George Knight, a director for a government agency has been arrested and charged.


  372. During the exchanges, Senior Magistrate Pusey pointed out to Mrs. Haye that no documents have been served on her to stop the trial.

    Mrs. Haye shot back that she has been trying to serve the documents on her since last week without success.

    According to the Deputy DPP she cannot find anybody in the court building willing to serve the documents on the Senior Magistrate.


  373. Debt Tensions Flare Up As Ireland Denies Bailout

    Europe’s debt crisis spread widening ripples Monday, with Irish officials denying that their talks with other eurozone governments were aimed at getting a bailout, while the Greek prime minister accused Germany of making things worse with talk of forcing creditors to take losses. [Like what was done in Jamaica].


  374. floridian, you have any idea what the accusations are against robertson that sparked the investigation?

    • Activist makes damning charges
      Article Published: Sunday, November 14th, 2010

      Charges of gun running, murder and political violence allegedly perpetrated by a government minister form the basis of sworn statements supporting a request for asylum in the United States by a top-ranking Jamaica Labour Party activist. The allegations, by the activist, a survivor of three attempts on his life, were made in a 67-page sworn statement to the Southern District Court in Miami last Tuesday. A copy of the statement wych wa obtained by the Sunday Herald, was also delivered to the US Embassy in Jamaica.
      …”The activist said he would like copies of his statement to be sent to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, FBI, investigators probing Olint, Homeland Security and those investigating the activities of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.”…


      I cannot understand the relevance of the Olint connection.
      I’m sure Floridian have a link to the original sworn Statement. Floridian, if you have a copy, why not upload to your site?

      • …”The activist said he would like copies of his statement to be sent to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, FBI, investigators probing Olint, Homeland Security and those investigating the activities of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.”…

        Oh, when I read this section I thought the Activist (Ian Johnson) was the Doctor or Floridian. 🙂

  375. Bwoy, we love the scheming eehn?

    “The US District Attorney’s Office has questioned ACOM’s right to collect money from concerned Olint Members,…”

    “It is obvious that Mr. Ambrose’s objection to our receiving monies from our Members is based on the assumption that ACOM is charging its Members and Olint Victims in general for access to his Office. ”


    People, beware of wolves baaing and dressing up as sheep!

  376. Miak, I told you ACOM was stating falsehoods on that matter months ago. You know Miak. Some of the ACOM’s have more serious problems than collecting money to represent “victims”

    its really happening,

    “I’ll have to check….oh…I can’t remember…I mean I’m not saying…but I can’y be that specific….I’m not saying I don’t know David…”

  377. Miak, people need to think. former feeders and big time acgive backers of David Smith (that alone demonstrates their lack of understanding of things) get together form ACOM continue to back Smith…pervert the course of justice…sing of his innocence EVEN after Smith confessed (the most recent court confession).

    Its really happening. I have to check some “drives”

    I hear Motty saying that because the allegation is that the customer received 4 gunshot and 4 went wide that the accusers credibility is in question. How is that for logic? Motty speaks little if at all about OLINT but much of “Bob” Lightbourne. But Bob’s family took a hit there.

    For such undying love and respect for Lightbourne I find it fully CLEAR that Motty does not mention OLINT and victims like that.

  378. Carlos Hill, former Cash Plus boss, was offered $15 million bail in the Home Circuit court Tuesday morning.

    Among those out, were Prime Minister Bruce Golding; Mayor Desmond McKenzie and his wife, Marcia, Justice Minister, Senator Dorothy Lightbourne; Industry Minister, The Hon. Karl Samuda; Minister James Robertson; Junior ministers, Daryl Vaz and Senator Dr. Ronald Robinson; St. Aubyn Bartlett and Joseph Hibbert; Kenny Benjamin; Ian and Cecilia Levy; Cash Plus Carlos Hill


  379. PNP wants PM to answer several questions about OLINT

    The PNP says Mr. Bunting will ask the Prime Minister what action is being taken against OLINT whether regulatory, investigative, or prosecutorial.

    The Prime Minister will also be asked to confirm that Mr. Smith attended a function of appreciation for contributors to the Jamaica Labour Party at Vale Royal after the 2007 elections.

    The PNP also wants to know whether any Cabinet member traveled on any airplane leased or controlled by Mr. Smith or any of his companies.


  380. Q –fromwhatIunderstand,thatyouwere present at that meeting with Mr. Robertson where there was a discussion between Mr. Robertson and yourself about Olint; is that correct?
    A Yes, sir. Yes.

    Q What do you know about this?
    What transpired at that meeting?
    About when did that meeting occur?

    A I can’t exactly remember,except to say
    it was before the general election of 2008. I would say approximately six or so months before, approximately.

    Q What was the purpose of the meeting?
    A Oh,well,we had went there to talk about a contract that was in issue in our area, upcoming work contract and general campaign strategies.

    Q Goahead.

    A Yes. Wetalkedaboutbasically contracts and the following activities, these were the basis of the conversations we had that day.

    Q How did Olint come up?

    A Okay. He had specifically asked me ifI had invested in Olint.

    I said to him that every single time I taken out money to invest in Olint, I never had any
    money with in them, at all. He specifically told me that Olint is something I should trust, something I can have confidence in, because he, himself, is someone very close to the man on top of Olint, Mr. David Smith, and also relayed to me that he had millions in Olint.

    Q Where did he say he got the millions

    A Well,did he not say. He did not say.
    He said two things to me that day, one of which I did turn over to the United States Embassy
    in Jamaica.

    He did mention to me that he had millions in Olint.
    That information I did not turn over to the US Government, but I told the US Government he did
    say to me, during that same meeting, that on a good week, he makes as much as 250,000 US dollars.


    Several politicians are named in the emails. Some are said to have received funding, while others allegedly asked for financial assistance.

    James Robertson, minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, is one of them.

    Detailed email

    However, Robertson yesterday categorically denied receiving funding from Smith or Olint.

    “The St Thomas Education Development Foundation and my campaign in West St Thomas did not receive any funding directly from David Smith,” Robertson told The Gleaner last night.

    In one correspondence, purportedly from Robertson and sent from a close relative’s email account, a request was made for Smith to provide “support” that would “make a meaningful difference to the Jamaica Labour Party’s success”. The email included a local bank account number.

    “I can’t remember. I send hundreds of emails and I am not denying that I am aware or have knowledge or know David,” Robertson said.

    “I am not denying that there was contact.I am denying nothing but in terms of that specific, I can’t answer that.”

    Robertson added that it was quite possible that a request was made, but he would have to check his records.

    Robertson suggested that the person behind the recent spate of emails should come forward.

    “I cannot speak to something that I don’t know the source of it. It is being sent around the world, but nobody is claiming it, nobody is stan-ding up and saying this is a fact,” Robertson added.

    Another government minister named in the emails said he would not comment because it was a rumour.

    Efforts to contact the other ministers and MPs named in the email were unsucces-sful. Messages were left with personal assistants and on voicemail, but the calls were not returned.


    To: David Smith
    From: Charlene Robertson (cer@mail.infochan.com)
    It was a pleasure meeting with you. I look forward to returning with my family for a weekend. The folowing is my banking information:-
    National Commercial Bank
    Swift Code: JNCBJMKX
    54, Second Street
    Newport West
    Kingston 13
    Beneficiary: St. Thomas Education & “Development” Foundation 126 Third Street, Newport West, kingston 13. Beneficiary account number 396482711. YOUR SUPPORT WILL MAKE A MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE TO THE JAMAICA LABOUR PARTY’S SUCCESS, Regards, James.

    “I can’t remember”

    From: Charlene Robertson (cer@mail.infochan.com) – “I cannot speak to something that I don’t know the source of it”

    “I am not denying that there was contact.I am denying nothing but in terms of that specific, I can’t answer that.”


  381. JLP wants Jamaicans to pray for Robertson

    In an interview with Cliff Hughes, an emotional David Smith of Olint says he hopes and pray to God that come Friday July 11, 2008 the funds will be in Jamaica.


  382. Jamaica Observer
    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    THE Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington, has directed that Assistant Commissioner of Police, Leslie Green, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) investigate the reported media material concerning serious allegations against energy minister James Robertson, the police said in a release a short while ago.

    Q You have also mentioned a number of
    other officials that you have brought the information to their attention in Jamaica?

    A Yes,I did bring this information to Jamaica for justice: Deputy Commissioner of Police, mark Shields; Deputy Commissioner of Police, Glenford Hinds; Assistant Commissioner of Police, Les Green.


    (wink wink)

    Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green told The Gleaner yesterday it was unlikely that Smith would be indicted locally…

    He said although the question as to whether Smith had committed a fraud while in Jamaica had to be considered…

    Meanwhile, Green has argued that if Smith had been convicted of fraud in Jamaica, he was likely to receive a very small sentence …

    He said no one had made reports on Olint hahahahaaaaaaa

  383. All hands on deck.

    Jay, Johndoe..fresh audio, pics an vid…why you back off???

  384. “This does go back a number of years” ACP Les Green.

  385. “Eluded journalists and ducked questions about the matter”


  386. Commiseration’s Nationwide?

  387. Q –have you made all of these facts available to the Jamaican police in the past?

    A Most definitely.

    Q And you have made those facts also available to the Prime Minister through a letter that you gave him?

    A Definitely,yes,sir.

  388. Floridian:

    I knew you had the document. Can you provide a link to the full document? Who is the person asking the questions?

  389. Media-savvy minister silent

    However, on Tuesday morning, the usually media-savvy Minister Robertson was insistent that he would not be saying anything further on the explosive allegations.

    Mr. Robertson’s Cabinet colleague, National Security Minister, Dwight Nelson, who was also at a function to present a cheque to the Security Forces, also adopted a similar stance refusing to allow any questions on the matter to be asked during the function.


    “National Security Minister, Dwight Nelson…efusing to allow any questions on the matter to be asked” ?????????

    Extending your remit?

  390. “The rumors that Hallmark was about to close are totally without foundation. Hallmark has a strong balance sheet and will continue to operate its credit card and trust business as it has in the past,” Trowbridge said.

    Wayne Smith/ David Smith
    No more new business. This means breach and in jeopardy of being “offside” with FSC and TCI Bank. It in effect means that there is no Know Your Customer being done by Hallmark. this could lead to a number of very serious issues.
    David we need you to get together ASAP.
    I will call you
    Brian Towbridge
    From: Brian Trowbridge

    To; David Smith
    Attached are Consolidated Audited accounts for fiscal 2005 and management account consolidated and broken down between Hallmark (the trust business) and Lochaven (the card business). Some things about 2006. we recieved a one time payment from MasterCard of $235,000.00 and I paid myself a bonus of $335,000.00. Let us get together on Monday or Tuesday. I would prefer if you did not share with Misick’s office for now but no issue with Jenny Douglas.


  391. I am also attaching a draft of a letter I propose to send to Misick’s office. This letter explains a bit about how Olint operates and limits the role of Misick’s involvement in the Operating Agreement (a copy of which is also attached). I think we are agreed we do not want them or need them to raise the issue of whether or not Olint should be licensed.


  392. G2K’s President, Delano Seivwright, says the organization finds it troubling that the apparent smear campaign has come to light one week prior to the JLP annual conference, scheduled for this Sunday, November 21.

    “To us this whole thing is unbelievable and there is no doubt in our minds that there is some sinister plot at play here by persons possibly in the PNP [People’s National Party] or persons supportive of the PNP. Let’s call a spade a spade and let’s not stick our heads in the sand like an ostrich,”


    Q Youindicatedtomethatyouwere present with Mr. Robertson and Mr. Seawright on one occasion; is that correct?
    A Yes,Iwas.
    Q Explainthecircumstancesofthat meeting to me.
    A Okay. Mr.JamesRobertsonwascalledby then Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mark Shields, to say that they have evidence or intelligence showing that he is perpetrating crimes against me.
    Q Whatyearwasthis?
    A ThisisinJanuaryof2009. …..[ ]

    Q Whoelsewaspresentatthatmeeting? A Mr.Seawright,whichisnowtheChairmanof the Jamaica Labour Party. Q WhatisMr.Seawright’sfirstname? A Ican’trememberhisfirstname. I
    can’t remember his first name, but I was introduced to him by James Robertson that specific day at a meeting. Hecameintotheoffice. Asamatteroffact,hewas working directly for Mr. Robertson at that specific time. Hewasnever–HewasnottheChairman,hewas not the Chairman, but a member of the Jamaica Labour Partyatthatspecifictime. HewaspresentinJames Robertson’soffice,andthat’showImethim. Hewas working directly for his office, because I had asked himtomakeseveralphonecalls. Hewassittingthere briefly in the meeting, at one point.
    Q SowhatwasMr.Seawright’sroleatthe
    A Pardonme?
    Q WhatwasMr.Seawright’sroleatthe
    A Well, he was there briefly. He had listenedinonthemeetingforaboutfiveminutes. I don’t specifically know or for what reason he was there, except to say that he was specifically working for Mr. Robertson as Secretary – for what – because he was there again doing a different task, another task,atthemoment. Hewastheredoingseveraldifferent things, at the time.
    Q Sohewastherewhenthediscussion occurred about the attempts – the conversation between Mr. Robertson and Mr. Mark Shields?
    A Well,whenIwenttothatmeeting,he wasbackandforthintheoffice. Hewasn’tdirectly sitting in on the meeting, but he was back and forth during the conversations with Robertson and myself. He had not sat directly and was never a part of the meeting, but was in occasionally during the one hour or so I was sitting there talking to him.


    Why would Delano Seivwright not refute this information immediately?

    Does Sievwright know the accuser?

    If it is as has been alleged then did Seivwright know about this long before the week of the JLP conference?

    All pundits seem to agree these are serious allegations. Would a G2k Patriot not see any urgency in getting to the bottom of these allegations.

    In the press release by Mr. Seivwright why has he not said if he has ever met the accuser…is familiar with him etc.

    Why would Mr. Seivwright not state clearly that the main accused person in the matter is his boss before making a G2K statement on the matter.

    Why not have one of the new G2K members speak on this one seeing as Mr. Seivwright is mentioned in the affidavit?

    Is it the split personality thing again? Shall Mr. Seivwright speak on the issue tomorrow as the Mr. Seivwright mentioned in the affidavit…separate and different from head of G2K?

    “…has come to light one week prior to the JLP annual conference…’

    For me and I assume the wider public the statement above is true. However from the allegations above it had come to light for Mr. Seivwright way before.

    Exactly how long before the rest of us mere citizens?

    Now that’s a question there.

  393. In light of the fact that the allegations involve my boss (or former boss) and in light on the fact that my name appears on the affidavit and with the G2K desirous of making a statement on the matter I recuse myself as pertaining this particular issue and now hand the microphone to G2K colleague XXX XXXXX who will make a statement.


  394. It’s a country with living breathing human beings not some personal Rodeo.

  395. BTW What is G2K’s position on David Smith/OLINT?

  396. BTW the Ides of November has passed. How the Commission of Enquiry a go? Long time I don’t watch a comedy.

  397. Beyond that, the government has displayed ingenuity in financial regulation. For the last several years, they assumed a deregulatory stance with regard to investment vehicles. This position resulted in two such investment entities, Cash Plus and Olint, experiencing astronomical growth. Less innovative governments would have labeled these entities as Ponzi schemes and shut them down accordingly, but our Government is unapologetically deferential to free enterprise – regardless of risk or legality.


  398. “We are not being as effective with the powers that we have. We are not getting the results that we should be getting,” Green said.

    One of the reasons, he noted, was that Jamaica does not utilise the various bilateral agreements to gather vital evidence from law enforcement agencies overseas to assist investigations here, adding that he was unable to explain why this is not being done.

    “I don’t know, it still defies me. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it,” he said when pressed as to why this was not being done.

    “Basically, we have to re-educate the judges and re-educate the clerks (of the courts) that they are dealing with a different standard of proof, and I don’t think we’ve quite got that message across sufficiently,” Green said.


  399. No Exhale for Charlie Rangel

    The ethics panel began the hearing Monday. Rangel walked out because he had run out of money — that wasn’t his to begin with — to pay his exceedingly expensive ($1.6 million) lawyers.

    The committee then found him guilty on 11 counts.

    He roared, and protested. Then he dumped the whole thing in the lap of a team of very expensive lawyers, whose fees he paid out of campaign funds.

    Then he moved on to a series of public scenes, in which he made incoherent professions of innocence and outrage.

    But somewhere along the line, he began believing his own press. He was too important to bother with details like taxes or rent laws or the House rules. When something got in his way, he tossed it to an aide. And when that didn’t work, he roared.

    His stubborn vanity lost him the chairmanship – and he lost it for us, too.


  400. alright got it.

  401. Q Your statement refers to Inspector
    14 Carlos Bell; is that correct?
    15 A Yes, yes.
    16 Q What does he have to do with James
    17 Robertson?
    18 A Inspector Carlos Bell was the person in
    19 charge of crimes in the Parish of Saint Thomas. He
    20 was alleged by James Robertson to be an opponent,
    21 which is a member of the People’s National Party. He
    22 was a cop that dedicated himself to root out these
    23 criminals that were aligned to James Robertson.
    24 James Robertson thought he could say it
    25 was more of a political thing, more than a cop trying
    1 to do his job. James Robertson had tried on several
    2 occasions to have this man transferred or fired from
    3 the Jamaica police force.
    4 Mr. Bell, at one point, came to me and
    5 told me that the Commissioner of Police in Jamaica
    6 called him to inform him that there were allegations
    7 about him involved in criminal activities. It was
    8 specifically pointed out to Mr. Bell that James
    9 Robertson was his accuser.
    10 I met with James Robertson two days
    11 after Mr. Bell came to me with the statement and I
    12 specifically asked James Robertson what was happening.
    13 He told me that Mr. Bell did not have
    14 even half a clue as to what was really happening or
    15 what he had said about him, because not only did he
    16 say Mr. Bell was a criminal, he also told the
    17 Commissioner of Police that Mr. Bell was the biggest
    18 drug dealer this side of the country.
    19 All along, when he was making the
    20 statement, he was smiling and specifically told me
    21 that he told the Commissioner of Police that James
    22 Robertson was also a drug dealer; something that
    23 Mr. Bell did not relay to me, only that he was
    24 involved in criminal activity. But James was the one
    25 who specifically told me that he not only told the
    1 commissioner that Mr. Bell is a criminal, but he was
    2 also the biggest drug dealer this side of the country.
    3 Q Mr. Bell told you that James Robertson
    4 was the biggest drug dealer in the country; is that
    5 correct?
    6 A No. James told me that he told the
    7 commissioner that Mr. Bell was the biggest —
    8 Q I see, I’m sorry.
    Now I know who was the person asking the question and Olint connection 🙂

  402. Be careful if you visit the Sun Herald site (http://www.sunheraldja.com). Google is currently listing it as hosting malware. If you visited it recently it is possible that your computer may have been infected, you would need to check. This type of malware can infect your computer just by visiting a site and some can do really nasty stuff.

    • I have not been there since this story broke as my browser showed it up as an attack site.
      Guess I will have to find the document elsewhere.

      • Which document? If it is the 67-page Affidavit, I have a copy and can send it to “hyipmyths[at]yahoo[dot]com” if you need a copy.

  403. PNP also benefited from Olint money……this is clearly an oulet for the floridian lawyer and former banker now poliican

  404. Nocotec….good looking out. That Sun Herald site has been red flagged by most security software. My computer was infected there as I bypassed my security warning to read the paper. Took me five pieces of Spyware-Malware cleaners to find the trojan. I concluded the trojan is being used to accomodate SPAM-ware.

  405. Former Olint boss to appear in US court

    Convicted former Olint Boss David Smith could appear in the US Middle District Court of Florida as early as tomorrow on 23 fraud-related indictments.

    Two months ago Jamaica born Smith was convicted in the Turks and Caicos Islands on fraud-related charges.

    American authorities are also seeking to seize US$128 million which they claim the former Olint head gained through wire fraud.

    Last Tuesday The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre reported that the United States was closer to having the convicted former Olint boss David Smith flown to America to prosecute him.

    This afternoon David Smith’s lawyer Oliver Smith told us that his preparations are now being made to have his client face the US Middle District Court of Florida as early as tomorrow or as late as next week.

    On September 23, Smith was sentenced to six and half years in prison in the Turks and Caicos after he pleaded guilty to two counts of money laundering and two counts of conspiracy to defraud.


  406. US marshals take David Smith into custody

    Olint boss David Smith is reported to be en route to the United States to face a raft of criminal charges stemming from operations surrounding his failed ponzi scheme empire.
    David Smith as well as co-defendants have been charged with violating the US Securities Act, the Investor Advice Act.


    Where is Floridian? No post since (early) yesterday; must be on his way to the US to stare down David Smith when he is led into court room for his first appearance and to say….. I told you so!!!

  407. This is really breaking news.
    I guess David is ready to speak and did not feel he could be adequately protected in the TCI.

    More worries now for the ruling party and many other in Jamaica which benefited from David Smith’s exploits.
    This is going to be interesting.

  408. Thursday Talk

    6. Some say former Jamaica Labour Party leader Edward Seaga is grinning from ear to ear, and it’s not due to rising sales from his autobiography! Others say it is he who is being proven the real prophet, as he enjoys the last laugh!

  409. @Jay

    Those script exploits can get real nasty. They can often be gateways to download even more nasty stuff to your computer like rootkit viruses which can be really nasty and hard to remove. Like deblackguy above some people ignore the warnings from their browser or are running old software.

    I had not checked in for several months. There was nothing really going on with this saga… DS pleaded guilty, finally acknowledging what a handful of us had said from the beginning about Olint and the other schemes.

    Combine that with floridian… he is a case study of why it is almost impossible to have a blog or forum without some form of censorship… the nuts also come out to play too… I had to skip through hundreds of posts by one guy with nothing but re-posts from elsewhere and no intelligent dialogue.

    I checked in because of the story about JR when I saw that DR dude’s name… lol… I have no idea if any of the allegations are true but once DR is mixed up with it and the dude is seeking asylum I dismissed it …lol. It also figured that doc, floridian etc would be mixed up with it too.

    That dude was supporting the UFO’s in the papers and invested 10’s of thousand with C+ which he said he lost and said he sued CH/C+… Now what ever happened to his case and did he recover any money… lol. Notice we have not heard anything else about his case… however some folks like fl and doc choose to believe that he can recover money for them 🙂

    I hope they hired him on a contingency fee basis… you know… recover the money take a third because I will not put up any … like I was scammed once and cannot afford to lose or be scammed again. Did you see where the Madoff trustee spent somewhere like close to US $30 million or so and has only recovered like a few hundred thousand?

    Like some of these dudes have some kind of anti JLP fetish … lol… now that would have been not so bad if the PNP was not as bad or worse. The funny part is that guys like these are usually PNP/JLP because of the community where they grew up or there family… it is not like they chose sides because of some intelligent analysis… yet they become fanatical about their parties and color everything with it… they seem to be convinced that Olint and everything else bad that happened to them is because of the JLP… and not their own idiocy. lol.

    Anyway Jay, MikeD … nice to see you guys again… I have been busy on several projects plus sifting through hundreds of moronic posts by fl is not an engaging use of my time.

    Isn’t anyone else feeling like Mr. Smith is ready to do anything to save his skin? I can’t see it any other way with this current move. He and his lawyer must know the Feds will be looking at all his investors, partners, wire transfers, enablers. He must also know the US will be looking for his FULL cooperation in their investigations, and there are many tied to Olint. He must know the ignorance he has spewed in the past and the “I can’t recall” will not go over well with US authorities. He must know the Feds have been provided the list of his investors which contains Christopher Coke as a depositor. He must know they will be looking at all properties and businesses he and his family have accumulated. He must know the Feds have multiple videos and pictures of his lavish lifestyle. He must know there are lines of investors ready to testify against him. Only way to ever see the light of day again is a dream team of attorneys and a drunk prosecutor suffering from ADD. Don’t see that happening. DS, your “big” friends will be abandoning you before I am done typing this.
    All the money you “pay” Don C. for PR and advise…. and this still happen? He should have told you about Brazil. Too late now…..but a good place to vacation when you know the Feds might come knocking.
    btw D….mi like yuh commitment to the Rover brand. Gilly Sr. had his and you and Gilly Jr. tun big man and still a drive Rover (even though it’s a crappy vehicle, with shitty engineering)….Nice….
    But, from now on you will have your own private transport (jet, bus, minivan, etc.)and security (marshal, sheriff,police, warder, etc) at no cost….Good Luck….don’t exclude nuh baddy from yu tune….sing,sing, sing,….

  411. Good to see all you guys…. Waiting to see what happens with the Cash Plus and Worldwise bosses…

  412. Here is the link to these allegations.

  413. In the document above here is an interesting quote.

    ” I have millions invested in Olint, in a good week I could make as much as US$250,000 per week”.

    Now that David Smith has been flown to the USA , I guess he will sing like a bird since he now feels he can get protection.

  414. R we finally gonna get the full 100??

  415. Welcome back Red P…..its time for us to hear the full 100

  416. It was David Smith that took this to politics. Not me. Now you call your game just like Smith does.

    Son, I always let the opponent call the game. That Smith and others run to politics is common. But if he called some other game I would have no problem with it.

    You call the game. I beat you at it.

    Noncs good to see you “out” but I knew you were always around. If it’s not your game you can leave. If it is, welcome. Your play.

  417. As you would recall Noncs David Smith suggested a change of game midstream. Now he is under police frock.

    Noncs although not formidable your emotional input has been appreciated.

    January 3?

  418. When the Smith thing has been dealt with I going to have released the floridian full full hundred on Jamaican politics.

    You will learn much more than you think you know with some of the deepest insights on the subject ever written.

    Dedicate it to Nonco? Perhaps.

  419. OLINT boss David Smith was handed over to US authorities on Thursday where he is facing a staggering 460 years behind bars.

    “Authorities in the TCI handed Smith over to US authorities pursuant to an official request by the US Government,” he said.

    Special prosecutor Helen Garlick – who is heading the probe into TCI government corruption – assumed responsibility for his prosecution earlier this year.


  420. http: //wiv4.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/1118-us-marshall-takes-olint-boss/

  421. Please someone help me, I invested in Lewfam how can I make sure I get justice for my money invested. I didn’t get back a dime.

    • Time

      if you take a look you will see that David was locked up in TCI, he has now been sent to the USA to face further justice.

      Please realize nothing has been done in Jamaica, furthermore please realize that Carlos Hill is on 16 million dollars bail, that is about 160,000US$, and is running around Jamaica.

      so you can see, the when it comes to justice Jamaica is lagging behind the TCI, who is lagging behind the USA, who as the record shows have dealt with the ponzie guys in their country quickly and harshley.

      In terms of getting back your money from lewfam i would have thought that Major Neil Lewis would have appointed a liquidator for his fund by this time, who would be able to provide the investors with full accounts of all monies dealt with by that firm.

      • I live in Ontario, Canada and invested with LewFam July 2007. Requested encashments Spring 2008. Received nothing. Met Neil Lewis July 1 2008 on 10-day trip with Neil’s cousin who invited me into the Club. Neil and cousin, Andrew McNamee, presented themselves as devout Christians of the highest integrity. I no longer trust either–they are great actors and addicted to scams and scamming, which leads to lying and stealing. Andrew (aka Gary) and wife Denise made me feel guilty if I didn’t give them all my savings ($76,000US) plus $4000US out of my line of credit. I am 71 with small pension and can barely afford food and gas. DON’T TRUST NEIL as a LIQUIDATOR. I believe he is trying to make his ACOM group his liquidator. He will collect any recovered funds from the USA and keep it all (or a large percentage) for himself. My claim is filed with Bruce Ambrose, US Attorney (Federal, not District Attny) in Orlando, FL. No Liquidator fees against recovered funds. Call me at 613-539-2802. Dan

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