World Wise confirms Cawley’s resignation

In a letter allegedly sent out the World Wise Partners chairman Noel Strachan confirmed that Patrick Cawley resigned and that in the interim he would be acting as Managing Director. In the letter he once again tries to assure investors that all is well. World Wise Partnerse suspended payments to investors for 60 days beginning on June 2, 2008. The letter is available below. 

Dear Partner,

World Wise confirms the resignation of Patrick Cawley. This resignation is as a result of our ongoing restructuring process, which is meant to improve the performance of the. company and also ensure the updating and verification of the accuracy of all client accounts. As Mr. Cawley stated in his interview, the Chairman had lost confidence in his abilities. This confidence lost is as a result of his constant inability in achieving the goals and objectives set out. All these tasks will now be completed with a view to improving operational efficiencies.

In the short time that we have been restructuring, the call centre is now relating to clients more readily. Emails are being answered and the internal auditing has begun.

We have taken possession of the new location which will soon be outfitted to suit our needs and the growing needs of our partners.

We understand your concerns regarding Mr. Cawley’s resignation; however this was an absolute necessity as a prelude to accomplishing the goals of the Company and ensuring the success of our Partners and the companies’ profitability. I, Noel Strachan am the acting Managing Director of the company; and in the interim will ensure that all tasks that have been set out are accomplished with the utmost urgency. We are currently interviewing applicants for the post of Managing Director as well as several other positions.

We thank you for your patience as we continue the restructuring process.

Noel Strachan
WorldWise Partners Limited

It has been rumoured that World Wise has bought the property that house Photo Express on Old Hope Road.

In the meanwhile World Wise Partners returns to court to do battle with RBTT. World Wise Partners  is trying to have the court prevent RBTT from closing its banking accounts. The case was put off last week when no Judge was available. World Wise Partners is an un-regulated, unlicensed high yield investment scheme that allegedly paid(pays) 12% per month trading on Foreign Exchange. 


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5 Responses

  1. Worldwise Audit !!

    This is an alleged email which was sent to WW partners today regarding the upcoming audit.

    I understand that this was sent earlier this afternoon.

    Dear Partner,

    As you are aware, World Wise Partner is conducting an internal audit of all our accounts. To facilitate this exercise, we ask for your cooperation in furnishing us with your individual deposits and withdrawals from inception and up to May 31, 2008.

    Kindly forward this information to
    Thank you your assistance.

    Your World Wise Audit Team

    World Wise Partner…..Where Partnership Pays!!!

  2. I want to now how i will recive my money in my bank and when because i dont now

  3. end of july payments SHOULD flow an they SHOULD wire from abroad to ur AC

  4. i made my deposit in nov.2007 with the sum of 5000.00 and i have never made a withdrawal.

  5. can anyone say what is the present situation with the case in Jamaica’s courts?

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