End of the Road for I-Trade FX

Is it the end of the road for I-Trade FX? It appears that way, if announcements seen and a notice posted on the website mean anything.

I Trade FX notice

Forex Capital Markets LLC (www.fxcm.com) announced on May 4, 2009, it has reached an agreement to acquire the U.S. and international retail forex clients of i-Trade FX. Subject to regulatory approval, accounts are expected to be transferred from i-Trade FX to FXCM on May 8, 2009. source 

This source offers an explanation on what is happen although there could be more to this particular story.

Like several other forex firms, I-Trade FX has decided to cease offering service to US retail clients. Other firms that have decided to exit the U.S. retail business include ODL Securities, Hotspot FX, and CMC Markets. To offer retail forex trading services under NFA rules, Forex Dealer Members (FDMs) will be required to have a minimum of $20 Million in firm capital as of May 16, 2009. source 

I-Trade FX’s relationship with the David Smith/OLINT and the resulting problems with the the NFA has certainly not helped their cause. Last  month, the NFA fined I-Trade FX US $250,000.

Interestingly, the shut down appears to be affecting some non-us clients. One visitor to the blog from Australia commenting on the issue, said  that since May 8, 2009,  she has been unable to get access to her account and the lack of response from I-Trade has been a source of frustration. 

We would love to hear from I-Trade FX.  I-Trade FX customers would love to hear from you.




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  1. I understand that the NFA has new capital requirements and ItradeFX fell short, so they can no longer service US residents. They will continue to maintain and service international accounts.

  2. Fx Chief can not come up with US$20 Million? I don’t believe it! The great FX chief who ‘demonstrated’ how you could make a quick and easy US$6000 in a day?

    The Crowd roared with applause inside Island Life and growled at dissenters! They had no time for those who’s questions FX chief could not and would not answer.

    Don’t worry faithfuls…you can repeat his course again and again and again and again to your hearts content. All for FREE! yes. that magical word that keeps beating most of you.

    Surely FX Cheif could pick up a US$20 Million note from the institutional traders after all he was ‘known’ in the banking and trading circles before going out on his own.

    Just like David Smith who ‘traded international currency exchanges’ for years at JMMB…..yeah right….cambio clerk at best.

    Well surely after ‘fleecing’ sorry i mean teaching hundreds of the faithful for a smalls (US$2,400) some of the more enterprising students could by now ‘easily’ spot FX chief a smalls e.g US20 million.

    What about Smithy? He pocketed 35% of the class fees ….remember….He made that fact abundantly clear before he promoted the class…..remember? Yeah right.

    What of the ‘Kill Time’ testimonials of the local traders who came on to talk about their expertise and how Jared has helped to make them Great? Yeah Right…..back to selling clothes I suppose…..or having depositions taken from them or something.

    US $ 20 million? FX Chief? Just trade it up for yourself in a few days..you can ‘secretly’ trade in someone else’s name like what they try and sell that Smith is doing…Yeah right…or better Just pay it out of all the millions of dollars belonging to Jamaicans that you have.

    you got US$2 million when you were short to start I Trade….why not ask Smith for US20 million now?

    I suggest FX Chief that you and your faithfuls set up in Australia and/or South Africa…I believe you have some unfinished business there and some important people still want you there……to catch up on old times….anda party and drinks…I’m sure

  3. Take a look at this farce:

    It can’t be Bob

    Currency reserved for dead PMs, national heroes, BOJ says


    Bob should be on the $5000 Note! Brainiacs at large again. If Bob were on the note it would generate worldwide appeal. Millions of people would buy it as a sounenir thereby mopping up liquidity of the Jamaican dollar and strengthening (revaluing) its value against other currencies.

    Of course there is an element of farce in that too. We need ‘hard currency-ation’ (it does not have to be only dollarisation. Of course the leading argument postulated by the powerful against dollarisation is that it reduces local fiscal and monetary controls and MANIPULATION.

    But….This is precisely what Jamaica needs! We need independence from our own policy makers and central bankers….and lobbyists and political donors!

    We have NOT yet achieved Independence as popularly touted. Not until we are independent of CORRUPTION.

  4. souvenir

  5. By the way the Queen of England is on money and she is certainly alive.

  6. …His vision was that such a note would be doubly functional as legal tender and sales product. He felt there would be high demand for the note as souvenir and collector’s item. The potential benefits are obvious.


  7. I understand that pm golding has money in Olint

  8. so what if he does?

  9. With 2 million dollars into I Trade FX, LLC., Smith was basically a 100% owner according to NFA documents, Smith’s emails and bank documents.

    Now I Trade FX, LLC. is no more, that means the 15 million dollars has to go back to the owner. Is that Olint, Olint TCI, David Smith, or Olint’s investors/clients?

    The posted emails ( http://www.olintja.com ) gives some interesting clues who Smith was or is.

    The saga continues,,,

  10. It seems odd to insist that Smith is still an owner when the NFA complaint says:

    “l-Trade firm withdrew Smith as a principal on December 31 ,2007 and repaid his membership interest in the firm when it was unable to obtain Smith’s bank records.”

    That would seem to imply that he doesn’t have a stake in the company and thus, no % ownership. Since it was the NFA that included that bit of information, it would seem odd to imply that they would lie, mislead, or be unaware of his ownership status.

  11. It comes down to the 2 million dollars. Where did the money come from and what percent belonged to Smith and Martinez. Remember in the famous July 4 2008 radio interview that Smith said my broker won’t give me my money. Which broker? How much money?
    The NFA can only see the I Trade FX paperwork, not beyond it. If Smith owned 90%, his withdrawl would have put I Trade FX out of business in Jan. 08. NFA does not have the complete picture.

  12. I TRADE FX is closed down and then the pm and Smith huddle together in Turks. Big matters behind closed doors.

  13. Gabe

    “l-Trade firm withdrew Smith as a principal on December 31 ,2007 and repaid his membership interest in the firm when it was unable to obtain Smith’s bank records.”

    Smith and Martinez was contradicting themselves on this issue of bank records on the July 4 radio interview


    Has the NFA even spoken to David Smith yet?

  14. what the pm doing with David Smith?

  15. IMF still concerned about OLINT and OLINT associates.

  16. The news on Bruce goldings visit to Provo kinda stale http://www.olintja.com had that in minutes of his arrival.

  17. The man sitting beside Golding is Allan Hutchinson. Hutchinson’s wife is the employer of Tracey Smith. As owner of the Precious Treasures School she tells process servers with the summonses to go away and leave the premises.

    Undiplomatic behaviour?

    Representing Jamaica?


    emails from Allan Hutchinson and Courtenay Barnett have been on the http://www.olintja.com website for months.

    The game looking pathetic now but at least the players seem willing to show the public that they have daily concerns for their destiny with international law enforcement agencies.

  18. Cool exteriors beading a bit. So early?

  19. Pity Video and Audio are not suited for nan anti Script website. Ehh Smithy.

    Get the gym towels.

  20. when was the last public statement from the thief?

  21. Dr. Christopher Walker

    11524 Claymont Circle

    Windermere, Fl 34786

    May 19, 2009

    Re: Summit of Shame


    Dirksen Senate Office Building

    Washington, D.C. 20510-6225

    Dear Senators:

    As a Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a Florida resident, I am writing to inform you how I was solicited to make a financial contribution to a hedge fund called the Overseas Locket Corporation (OLINT). Under the auspices of a foreign exchange trading company, little did I know my investment could be tied to one of the largest international Ponzi schemes to date, resulting in millions of dollars lost for honest, hard-working Americans.

    OLINT was managed by a fraudulent individual named David Smith, a Jamaican National who now resides in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). He was arrested by the Royal Turks and Caicos Police on February 5, 2008 and charged with two counts of uttering false documents, four counts of forgery, and two counts of theft. Investigations have revealed the OLINT hedge fund was actually a Ponzi scheme.

    David Smith attracted approximately US $1 billion to his hedge fund/Ponzi scheme before it collapsed. Currently he is under criminal investigation by the Middle District of Florida and this investigation very likely will result in his indictment. The US Department of Justice, IRS- Criminal Investigation Unit and the FBI are doing a courageous job in dismantling the OLINT conspiracy, which has been a national disaster affecting the lives of the three million Jamaican-Americans who reside in the United States.

    Evidence exists that Smith engaged in money laundering and was connected to Sir Allan Stanford, who also ran a large Ponzi scheme based in Antigua. David Smith conspiratorially transferred large volumes of money into the hands of Jared and Isaac Martinez of JIJ Investments in Lake Mary Florida.

    Smith is also connected to Istrokapital, a Russian company that is strongly linked to the Russian mafia.

    Smith gave political contributions to the current governing political party in Jamaica, the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP). These contributions resulted in the JLP legally seizing control of the government in the last general election.

    Having financed the current governments’ election bid, the Jamaican police have not been allowed to objectively investigate David Smith and his family because of political interference from the ruling government.

    On Friday May 15, 2009, the Honorable Bruce Golding, Prime Minister of Jamaica, met with David Smith at a meeting that can only be described as a “Summit of Shame”.

    This meeting was orchestrated by the Jamaican Consulate Allan Hutchinson of TCI, who happens to be a personal friend of David Smith. In fact, his wife Mrs. Yvonne Hutchinson, who started Precious Treasures Primary School in the TCI, employs Tracey Ann Smith, wife of David Smith.

    This “Summit of Shame” is a breach of protocol and should not go unnoticed by American policy makers for the Caribbean. This is particularly shameful since David Smith has been charged by her Majesty’s Turks and Caicos Police Force for fraud and he is responsible for destroying the economic lives of many hard working American citizens.

    David Smith used corruption to assist the current Jamaican government to become elected and continues to corrupt the government to this day. The government of Jamaica refuses to cooperate with the US Department of Justice in the OLINT investigation because of major cash payments made by OLINT to the JLP when they were in the opposition in 2007.

    Daryl Vaz the current Jamaican Minister of Information personally received cash support from OLINT. This has resulted in David Smith receiving political favors including unofficial immunity from prosecution in Jamaica.

    Smith has bribed the Jamaican media including the prestigious daily periodical The Jamaican Gleaner to hide his corrupt financial practices from the masses, suppress the details of OLINT’s financial collapse and the illegal transfer of money from OLINT TCI to Jamaica with subsequent transfer to politicians such as Daryl Vaz. In fact, most people do not know the OLINT Ponzi scheme was paying Mr. Don Creary, (owner of Creative Marketing Ltd., former Public Relations Officer for the Golding election campaign and a senior JLP member) to bribe key Jamaican journalists to suppress the details of the US investigation into OLINT.

    I can fearlessly speak out about the dishonesty of David Smith and the corruption of the Jamaican government because I live in freedom in the greatest democracy in the world. Further, I am not subject to political violence and intimation that silences most well thinking Jamaicans.

    I call on this honorable committee to: 1) Halt ALL bilateral aid to Jamaica 2) For the International Monetary fund (IMF), not to offer any loan assistance to a Jamaican government that is strongly influenced by this OLINT Ponzi scheme conspiracy.

    Bilateral and multilateral aid should be resumed when all American citizens have received restitution upon completion of the Department of Justice investigation into OLINT.

    I invite the U.S Senate Foreign Relations Committee to probe the facts outlined above which has led to fraud being committed on American citizens. In addition, I will be willing to send exhibits to illustrate the points that I have made. Further, I am willing to testify before the honorable Senate or Grand Jury to share these and other facts I have unearthed with the assistance of two private detective agencies. Thank you in advance for any possible assistance.


    Christopher Walker, MD, FACOG, FICS, FAACS

    cc: President Barack Obama, President of the United States of America

    Senator Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State

    FBI- Central Florida Division

    IRS- Criminal Investigation Unit

    Transparency International

    International Monetary Fund (IMF)

    Reed Smith, London- Simon Hart, Partner


  22. According to Stephen J. Obie, CFTC Acting Director of Enforcement, “The CFTC continues to devote substantial enforcement resources to bring to justice Ponzi schemesters who mercilessly steal from those who oftentimes cannot afford to lose their investment. The CFTC is committed to using every means to end the Ponzi-liferation of schemes that have been detected and exposed thus far so that wrongdoers are severely punished and others are deterred from pursuing a life of criminality. We have seen an avalanche of Ponzi cases and have thus far in 2009 filed 23 such cases, and I expect more to be forthcoming.”


  23. Vaz, creary and the gleaner should be indicted with Smith.

  24. The JLP is a noble party. I think The Olint 3 should be expelled from the party: Vaz, Creary AND Robertson. People dont want the PNP, they dont want the Olint 3 either.

  25. Labourite,

    Justice Marsh also ordered Mair to pay $3 million in legal costs to Mitchell.


    So Mitchell gets $3 million from Mair. So who going to pay for the by election? The people of Jamaica?

    For what? Because some candidates can’t read the constitution the people have to pay millions?

    An to whom the blame lies…they really going to presentthemselves again?

    Just because you can’t read the rules. You cost the people tens of millions (per by-election). And after that performance you want to come back to represent Jamaica?

    Representatives have not even read or understand the constitution of Jamaica……HELP!

  26. The ONLY other cause is that these MP’s have read and do comprehend the Constitution and have chosen to disregard it and by extention the Jamaican people.

    And they still want to represent in the Parliament?

    And the Leaders of the Partie(S) endorse them?


  27. One individuals dishonesty cost the EOJ (read people of Jamaica) Tens of Millions to hold a by election?

    And such a person faces no accountability. The Jamaican people are awarded no damages? No monetary Compensation?

    What the Hell is going on/

    Is it now that as a country we are VETTING people for dishonesty before having them represent in the Parliament?

  28. Any re-run/by-election gives the individual culprit a tens of millions Value (read payout)

    What are we teaching the young people of Jamaica?

    Are we teaching that you have to be a %$* up and illiterate and a law breaker to get a seat in Gordon House?

    If you can’t follow rules and the basic constitution what business could you have in Gordon House????

    time for a full declaration of ALL Parliamentarians on the citizenship issue and the ‘Ban for Life’ of the perpetrators.

    I thought we were in dire economic times?

    Yet no accountaility for the asses that are going to cost the people of Jamaica so many HUNDREDS of millions (court/by-election and other costs)

    And not 1 iota of R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y? For the few who cost the many?

    and these few are to pass legislation upon us including taxes?

    this is a Sham.

  29. I hope the JLP does not use our Olint money for the by-election.Bustamante would be so shocked by the Olint 3!

  30. While I have no problem with Dr Walker seeking his pound of flesh in relation to the Olint case, I object to his writings that seeks to destory Jamaica and other Jamaicans in his quest for glory.

    No one forced Dr Walker to invest US$2.5M at over 10% per month.
    In its Heyday, Dr Walker was collecting in excess of US$ 250,000 OR $J20,000,000 ( @ $80:1 ), and laughing all the way to the bank, no doubt a very happy man.

    At no point during that time was he heard publicly questioning that ridiculously high return on his investment, but was instead very happy yo collect his monthly returns.

    If one should follow the Dr’s logic, it therefore means that the USA should undergo similar treatment as he is suggesting for Jamaica as they had Madoff @ over US$50B and Allan Stanford at US$8B as being the largest cases on Ponzi to date, but I hear none of that.

    Dr Walker greedily invested in a fraudulent scheme and no doubt lost heavily, but even if he just used a little common sense prior to or even during the period before the collapse he would have recognized that something was very wrong.

    Dr Walker seems to keep making a fool of himself with letters like these which serves absolutely no purspose but to show the total lack of judgement he used in his investment decision making process and ended up with some losses.

    He is not the only one that has lost money, as many thousands have lost funds due to ponzi like these over the last few years.

    I do hope that the fraudsters are made to pay by seizing and selling all their assets.
    It would also be great if those that profited could suffer the same fate.

  31. The IMF is not going to lend money to Jamaica until the Olint claimants are paid. Bryan Wynter is their adviser. The dollar is going to plummett downwards ,when the IMF tells Shaw no! My party mash up.

  32. Jay you make it sound like the THEIF Liar and manipulator David Smith is something more than a common thief.

    You also don’t account for the people who have died as a direct result of his actions.

    Anyway I not knocking you for your opinions on the Smith’s. The time is coming though and their will be no shortage of people who support what he has done especially in Jamaica.

    It is well known that people had to postpone medical treatment and are now no longer with us. Through OLINT.

    If this is a laughing matter for some who’s answer is ‘you were not forced to give Smith your money’ then you had best remember this and remember it good.

    ‘Smith never had to steal it’

  33. After Two Thousand Nine Hundred years you still choose Barabas.

    Go Ahead. You Free.

  34. floridian
    re your comments on by-election. Here here, I couldnt agree with you more.
    The sad reality is that there are ppl of integrity out there who would love to make a difference for Jamaica but because of the political landscape they, like me, do not wish to get involved because at the end of the day, if you have scruples, honour and integrity and stand up for what is right and moral, and call a spade a spade, your own party will stab you in the back. Case in point, Danny Melville.

    Peace Bro

  35. Living in a fool’s paradise?

    Some say the OLINT boss is ready to make a comeback with big money in the bank. Others are wondering if his promise is nothing but comfort to a fool.


  36. Recent Rumour (wink) has it that the beloved shall have managed accounts and generally everything will be alright.

    Still low stakes betting but I’ll take it up with the recent ‘in the know’ group.

    The other side of the bet is that many are going to be indicted.

    Let us up the ante. Ready Smithy?

  37. Sweat beading a little there…..So Early? Come on man….keep your poker face. you are at the table with the best.

  38. As you pay the twelve they will be indicted.

    You free.

  39. Jay,
    You are obviously an apologist for David Smith.
    American Citizens who have been ripped off by Smith and his co-conspirators, are going to put them behind bars for a VERY long time.
    Smith made one big mistake!!! He –cked with American citizens and got poor advise from his “dream legal team” to ignore and belittle the American Federal Law Enforcement. These Attorneys are now denying Smith!!
    He will also find that his political friends are going to drop him like hot bread.
    Jamaica is moving in the direction of Haiti. We need American intervention to keep the country stable and to offer an independent external prosecutor who can charge the politically affiliated individuals who are currently immune from prosecution in Jamaica.

    • You are a obviously new to this blog, so I would suggest you take the time out to read pervious post from me about all these ponzi schemes.

      It takes time but again, you have come to a decision without doing adequate research on the subject or poster that you are commenting on.

      American Investor, I see that you may have not learned much from your experience with the Olint Ponzi investment , in that you are making the very same error which you made when you sent your money to DS.

      Yes its called due deligence ie research research research before you act.

  40. A comfort to a fool and his money (and everything else) are soon parted.

  41. A comfort to a fool and his money are soon parted.

  42. Still seltling your ‘product’ before paying what you owe?

    Smithy as a fairly newly (however shortlived) British
    Citizen you should follow UK politics.

    David Cameron is way ahead in the polls.

    Gifford may be able to do a ting for you but at what cost? Emails concering his past cases? We will see I suppose.

    The meeting with the Jamaican leadership was a bit hasty. Why? Relax man. Relax and enjoy the ride.

  43. A sticking point has been Cash Plus’ inability to recoup downpayments on many of its real estate acquisitions. In the case of the Hilton Hotel, located in New Kingston, it reportedly made a downpayment of US$8 million.


    Who set up that Hilton Hotel Cash plus Deal? Anybody know?

    • Our good friend…..Harold Brady? The party animal!

      I have one for you. Which Carlos Hill entity did Harold Brady chaired?

  44. Jay you are the reason why it has taken so long to investigate David Smith.The man has stolen more money than any other Jamaican in history.He is being protected by politicians who you are in league with. Walker has had the courage to stand up to him. Without Walker the Olint recovery effort in the United States would be nowhere.When the US starts paying restitution I hope you do not apply! Jay you are not worthy to be in an independent Jamaica. Jay you are both greedy and cowardly.Why do you think Vaz threatened Walker?

  45. Shark:

    I visit another blog and I find you here name-calling again. What is your problem? Are you incapable of intelligent disagreement? Why is it that an yone with a different point of view has to be disrespected by you?

    Were you abused as a child?

  46. Harbourshark, I am not sure where your rantings comes from as it makes absolutely no sense.
    Where on this blog have you seen any post from me which supports DS in any way or the greedy corrupt politicians in Jamaica.

    I think you need to read my post carefully to determine the essence of what I am/have been posting on this blog.

  47. @harbourshark, @americaninvestor
    I am going to respond to that Doctor”s letter but before I do let me say I am no supporter of OLINT or DS. I believe based on the evidence in the public domain, OLINT was a grand PONZI, A PONZI with a FOREX front or at best a FOREX Trader turn PONZI.

    I also can not see how people can think that JAY is defending or supporting DS and OLINT. Person who believe so need to spend sometime reading this blog.

  48. I just read that document re: summit and shame, and I have a more than a few comments (I will break it up over a few posts)

    1. While I can barely feel the grief that Doctor feels. I do not feel it is right to be so loose and irresponsible with some of the statements contained in that document. While I can not say the doctor is right or wrong, the apparent lack of evidence, to support some of the statements, is worrying

    2. Interestingly, if people like the Doctor, had only listened and heeded the warning, of the the FSC under Brian Wynter & George Roper and the Minister of Finance, at the time, OLINT would have been a dead duck.

    Instead the Doctor and others were clear blinded and hypnotised by an average of 10% per month, i.e. 120-200% per annum, a highly improbable rate of return and a clear RED flag. The Doctor and others willingly plunged blindly into a FOREX fronted PONZI.

    Here was an entity not regulated, failing to follow the rules and not even pretending to provide audited financial statements that somehow ‘solicited’ money from the Doctor. Did DS solicit your funds for his scheme? I thought it was a members club!

  49. Comments on ‘Summit of Shame’ continued..

    3. While it appears that certain journalists where under the influence of the OLINT PR machine, to say the Gleaner or any other media body as an ENTITY was bribed is a serious allegation. Why not present the proof?
    (The bribing/influencing of a single journalist does not equal bribing the media entity).

    If Doctor believes or reasons that the Gleaner has to be bribed, following that line of reasoning, then the competitor, the Observer must have been bought, after all they in early 2007 declared David Smith, Caribbean Business Personality for 2006, the same year his office was raided by the Authorities and he moved to the TCI.

    If you have evidence, why not submit it toINVESTFORLIFE, hyipmyths@yahoo.com or Cliff Hughes of Nationwide, news@nationwidenewsnetwork.com

    Cliff has been fearless even in the latest issue that he now faces. Investforlife and Natiowide have not hesitated in being responsible and covering the topic to best of the information available to them in the context of the prevailing libel laws in Jamaica. (BTW, if we have to remove the post it not because we want to but we have to act responsibly within the law. We have no money or assets.)

    In fact, Cliff Hughes broke the most damming letter to appear on OLINT issue, the one claiming to be from DS himself, a letter denied but pretty much confirmed in a statement from DS’s Lawyer, Lord Gifford, a few days later.

    Careful doc, you might end up defending your allegations in Court. Please Note, manipulation of information fed to lazy journalist does not equal bribery.

  50. Comments on ‘Summit of Shame’ continued..

    4. On the matter of Libel Laws, that is something that needs amending in Jamaica. Doctor, I hope you take that one on.

    5. Here is another statement. “The government of Jamaica refuses to cooperate with the US Department of Justice in the OLINT investigation”. Can you provide again a report or statement from the DOJ in the USA that supports this assertion?

    6. Finally why should the honest Jamaicans who stayed far away from the PONZIs, Olint, Cash Plus, May Daisy et al, suffer from the result of the halting of bilateral AID to Jamaica and the IMF not offering assistance to Jamaicans at this time?

    Do you remember many OLINT members mocking those that questioned the heavenly returns?

    Deal with your issues Doctor but do not subject the suffering Jamaicans to the pain to correct yours and others irresponsible behaviour. Present the facts, report them and nothing else.

    6. I am not a JLP/PNP or Omar fan but if many people had refused to support the OLINT with cash or voice, the JLP would not be in power today.

    Careless actions, I have learnt in life result in sad and dangerous consequences. Doctor I hope you have learned from your irresponsible behaviour but be more responsible in your postings.

    As the FSC warned over and over, think and check before you invest. All the best in your fight to recover your lost funds, but understand well how PONZIs work.

    Like Jay, I believe that not only should the fraudster pay but those that profited should pay too.

    • I agree with you 100%. It seems as if the doctor had failed his exam. He has not learned anything.

  51. Harbourshark, Jay is not a kool aid drinker. 🙂

  52. Nerves nfraying again. The editing comes out of CW Jamaica (I not going to reveal) the account number and name.

    Check things first John Doe. No one has any obligation to Give Cliff Hughes or anyone else any proofs that the have.

    If journalists want to take up the story of the century then they must work.

    I must disagree in that the most telling letter (of those) in the public domain are from Yana Smith and the Prime Minister.

    Anyway let us cool down the nerves…why not….what is montion can not be stopped so in the end with the benefit of hindsight the accuracies and motives of all will come out.

    I give you an example some of the same people whpo say ‘move on’ are all over the websites the most. hahahahahaaaashahaaa

    The ISP’s don’t lie.

    Many of the snickerers have at times had to take a break to swallow….and their calamity is not fully upon them yet.

    Insecurities make Jamaica a real image place…..pityful.

  53. One more thing. If Dr. Walker was moved by stupidity and a promise of 10% then he is in the stellar company of many self exhalted ‘greats’ of Jamaica.

    including former Prime Ministers, doctors, lawyers, university professors, architects, engineers,journalists, entertainers, druggists, and sportsmen and women and Diplomats,accountants, financial advisors to the Government, corporate leadersand all and sundry.

    Additionally not only are some investors but they are actually David Smith’s little boys and girls.

    John Doe…..the listing is a sample. If only you knew the begging that goes on behind closed doors in the name of image.

    Looks like you want a complete listing. why? It devastates people of high ego who think they are ‘the best and brightest’

    Should a larger list with full explanations come out John Doe? Why do you want to change Jamaica in that massive way?

  54. what a lot of ‘fools’ there are in charge of so many things?


    Like the Independent in Britain it is best to stagger the revealations out over time.

    Enjoy the hiatus is about the Best you can do.

    Emails have been easy pickings long before David Smith came on the scene.

    Things flow much more efficiently when witnesses are called and asked rhetorical questions. Lies get exposed immediately.

  55. Chris Walker requesting that aid not be given to Jamaica says it all – very selfish indiviual. Using his sick and dying father’s image for his own selfish agenda.

  56. I suppose the Smith’s are not selfish?

    Right and wrong has bastardized in the current Jamaica.

    I wonder who would want the status quo to remain? hmm let me think.

  57. At least Dr. Walker’s father is still with us. There are some who are gone because of OLINT.

    And you want to defend that?

    Says a lot about who you are. Can’t hide. 6

  58. you see untils David Smith and the gang pay? Let them talk and put judgement all them want. Simple.

  59. You didn’t deny that Walker is selfish though – he is in a league of his own.

    Willing to try and place the entire Ja at risk for his own selfish gain.

    There was no problem when he was getting his 10% a month though…no letters were being written then.

  60. Tafari you have obviously abused children, you seem to relate so comfortably to the concept. If you do not wish to accept the facts about Smith and Olint you are unlikely to make any sensible contribution to this blog.Olint has destroyed the lives of children.

  61. You sure no letters were being written then?

    Is it Walker who puts Jamaica at risk?

    Is it not the Leadership Government and Corporate who sold themselves to Smith who put jamaica at risk?

    You think the cash and the aircraft and all that was not being monitored from long time? Really?

  62. want

    You think the IMF have not seen fitzalbert e-mails asking Smithy advice? You think they don’t know who took ‘rides’ to Smithy’s yard? on the jet?

    you think the IMF don’t know that the one with the ‘unbridled’ ego wanted to hire Smithy for a private bank to trade?

    You think by not declaring such things they are the ‘best’ to represent Jamaica?

    Oh..I see.

  63. Walker is not greedy to demand his money back.He appears like all of us to have a contractual right to his Olint proceeds.

  64. You think they take thier people getting ripped off lightly?

  65. I agree with Walker .This Olint Government should receive no more money from America until the US citizens are repaid for their investment.

  66. You think they don’t know what went on at the parties?

  67. U want the people of Ja to suffer because u have not received ur funds. SELFISH!!!

  68. As a doctor u have the resources to take care of ur family more than the average person yet still u used ur sick father image for ur own selfish gains….SELFISH

  69. Nerves….not answering the questions. do you not think that they were on to Smithy and the gang long before the 2006 raids?

    Just who is selfish?

    BTW Smithy tells his gang all is o.k. After all as he said , “I trade hundreds of millions of dollars!”

    So what’s the problem for this self-proclaimed mogul?

  70. If Dr. Walker or anyone else is stopping any of you from getting your money then let the ‘mogul’ Smithy put it in writing and publish it.

    Telling it to a select group of the naive is not the modus of a mogul.

  71. Want. Question for you.

    Is David Smith selfish or Not?

  72. Walker is to be congratulated.He is a decent man doing a job that most Jamaicans are scared to do.

  73. What is the Olint death toll?Mavbe 20, perhaps 30.I am surprised that the US has not acted yet.

  74. of course – but not as bad as the doctor!!! willing to put the welfare of the entire jamaica at risk!

    Question for u is that selfish???

  75. How does being able to take care of one’s own family exhonerate the Smith family of their crimes?

    They lied and one top of it want to claim people’s hard earned money as their own and get away with it?


    Ask them if their family are suffreing? The two Mercedes in Orlando look fine to me. Even today.

  76. David Smith and the posse have not put Jamaica at risk?

    Certain people putting themselves up for leadership in jamaica have not put jamaica at risk????

    They need to incorporate more logic classes in the Jamaican school system.

    People all leave UWI having never been exposed to the philosphy of logic. Pity.

    Full of accounting and statistics then void of simple logic.

  77. As long as the Olint faction in the JLP remains there will be little or no investment from the US diaspora in Jamaica.Olint has killed the country’s already bad reputation with foreign investors.Why should the World Bank or the IMF touch us
    while we rip off US citizens? Long live comrade Floridian.

  78. floridian

    u not tired?? switching from 1 personality to the next….

  79. John Doe is a pseudo-intellectual. Jamaica’s little black people do not benefit from the IMF money.The people who benefit are the big crooks who own the hotels and the banks and squeeze the life out of the masses.These are the same people who profited from Olint. Squeeze them Uncle Sam!
    Long live comrade Walker.

  80. Wantymy money you are a selfish enemy of the working classes.

  81. Jay your unrealistic approach will never get you paid. Your comments tend to be mis-directed. Are you on medication?

  82. Jay can attack me, but I am not allowed to respond. This blog is run by David Smith anyway!

  83. Floridian u not tired?? switching from 1 personality to the next….

    As a said before logic absent. Frustration setting in. Can’t manage.

    The TRUTH shall set you free.

    You can call yourselves christian you go church everyday. But honesty has nothing to do with that.

  84. sirach/harbourshark/floridian/malenkov plus ur countless other personalities

    this conversation is pointless…let me enjoy the rest of my holiday…tomorrow is work for me….

    this blog seems to b ur full time job

  85. Its funny that those advocate for funds are pressed the point home that the US Olint investors are the ones to be repaid.

    This rather vociferous group has made no mention of the thousands of Jamaicans who too have been fleeced by David Smith and his cronies.

    I guess the message is clear, the US Olint investors are more important than their Jamaican counterpart, and so deserves to be paid, while those in Jamaica continue to suffer.

    Very interesting.

  86. Is Smith going to have any of you in court? You won’t be allowed in frustration to try and switch the conversation or line of questioning in the dock.

    Or drift into schoolyard logic.

    The Porch and Veranda are simply that. The porch and the Veranda.

  87. this conversation is pointless…let me enjoy the rest of my holiday…tomorrow is work for me….

    this is an example that will not be tolerated in court. That is slip showing.

  88. Wantmymoney, Jay, JohnDoe et al…….

    Ask yourselves the simple question-
    Who is the one living large and causing Jamaicans to suffer?
    Who is selfish?
    I hope you who are so pious and pure will NOT be seen at the US Embassy when the day comes for restitution to be paid.
    The Government of Jamaica is yet to make a statement on this issue. I have noted the deathly silence. Maybe there is nothing to be said since it is true!!!
    I remember being told by Smithy himself that I would get paid in 9 months…
    That time has passed long ago. So what is the excuse now? I suppose the likes of those mentioned above would have no problem in blaming the “stupid” Doctor for Smithy’s lack of payment.
    To be honest I wish I had not listened to peer pressure and given Smithy a chance. The likes of Jay persuaded me to do my “research” and to give Smithy a chance since he was a Christian and had a good track record!!
    If I had the damm balls like Walker, Belcher, Kelly, Gordon,Blair and the many others ahead of me I would be in a better potential position today.
    Quite frankly, I am tired of hearing people make excuses for Smithy. He has disgraced our school and is an embarrassment to Jamaica. I lay ALL the blame at his feet and I support ALL efforts at getting OLINT investors repaid.

    • “The likes of Jay persuaded me to do my “research” and to give Smithy a chance since he was a Christian and had a good track record!! ”

      If you came on the blog before the collapse of Olint you would not have given your funds to this Ponzi Scheme.

      People like Davesin, JohnDoe, Nocotec, Jason have long said that Olint was a ponzi operator and DS was up to no good.
      No one listened as they were all drunk by the 10% per mth they were collecting.

      So do not come here and try to pass off blame on others for your error of judgement. You made a decision on give your money to Olint, no one held a gun to your head.

      One of the first part of any healing process is to first admit where you screwed up, and how to ensure that you learn from your mistakes. Continuing to blame others for a decision that you made does not facilitate this process.

      Next step is to seek redress via the courts, as its obvious that David Smith was running a ponzi, and as in the case wth most Ponzi scheme it collapses when the money inflows have dried up.

      The sad fact is investors will not get back more than 10-15 cents on the dollar if they are lucky.

      Lawyers fees, auditors and receiver/liquidators fee will eat into the little assets that may be found as part of the investigative process leaving precious for weary “investors”.

      At least in the Cashplus case there seems to be some headway being made, I cant say the same for the other now defunct Ponzi schemes.

  89. Jay

    I agree – the selfishness is clear its all abt US olint investors – no one else.

    Walker is an example of a dis- loyal selfish jamaican(?) willing to go to any lengths to pursue his agenda.

  90. I’ve always told you Jay that nothing stops any Jamaican from mseeking redress in the US courts.

    Now running and hiding from the law and evading service of process is something you must do on your own.

    that minor hiccup is a result of the calculated efforts of the criminals. they claim to have done nothing wrong but run. Good topic to discuss in logic class.

    Or maybe it’s just an OJ strategy. Running and shouting back “I’ve done nothing wroooonnnggg”

  91. By the way the very first set of cases were in Jamaica so the Judiciary has a chance to outshine America….and guess what? THEY GO A HEAD START!

    And so many in the Judiciary are experts on OLINT why? Because they are members!

    i remember all to well Smithy having a good laugh about this long ago as well as the bragging of the members he controlled in the Jamaican FSC.

    A heartier laugh than David Smith’s is hard to find.

  92. Surely the Jamaican judiciary and law enforcement agencies are going to take up this opportunity with gusto.

    We can show our mighty neighbours to the North that we are truly World Class.

    The investigations and cases and quick decisive action to protect Jamaican investors is on the international screen….and we shall lead.

  93. And we will beat the Americans to it! For we are better and prouder.

  94. Our Leaders will Lead by example. They have the emails of the personal correspondence with David Smith while they were doing their ‘investigations’ into Smith on behalf of the Jamaican people.

    As eye witnesses they will lead by example and come forward with details of the close eyewitness reports they have on Smith. They shall turn over all details of their private meetings with Smith to investigators.

    Jamaica will stand tall on that day.

  95. Our leaders have shown great undercover skills in the investigations. Oh they are great when working for the people.

    They thanked Smith politely for his hospitality while they went to Provo.

    They thanked him for all the donations he gave them.

    They let him into the inner circle and gave him a copy of the manifesto to peruse even while Mr. Golding embargoed it.

    They are good…really good. Smithy had no idea they were working undercover.

  96. They fooled him minto thinking everything was o.k. they promised to return with their families.

    Undercover work is never easy. Sometimes an agent must do things against the law in order not to blow cover. The Jamaican agents faced this and participated in illicit behaviour as if it was second nature to them. No one could have been the wiser.

    Our leadership was well trained in this and in the presence of Smith and Missick one could not have thought they worked for law enforcement at all.


  97. Their full report must be coming any day now.

  98. ******Ask them if their family is suffering? The two Mercedes in Orlando look fine to me. Even today.

    Floridian any one with a job in the states can drive a Benz; it’s no longer a Rich thing. You have monthly payments or you lease. So really that means nothing.
    I think this is where we are still very backward at home. My mother had a friend for years she drove an E Class Mercedes Benz and lived in Jack Hill very nice home but she could never even put gas in the dam car, do you know whom she asked for money?? We lived a much more conservative middle class life driving a 1989 Corolla, but guess what we could do all the things the rich could not, because they were to busy watching the Jones.
    This is a general rule not just for the Smiths.

  99. Want and anyone else.

    When examining the american question ask yourself this.

    Would you lend money to someone who owes your brother and has laughing about not paying him?

    the american government has the obligation and the moral authority to defend the interests of its people.

    The Jamaican government also has obligations to its citizens.



  102. I hear you feedback so nthe two homes in Weston Florida could not help to repay a ‘sufferer’ who’s Mercedes in jamaica has been uncerimoniously repossesed?

    Are you saying The gordon’s cars are leased?

    BTW let me tell you how things work. they very wealthy do usually lease their cars even when they can afford to by them cash. They claim the lease against taxes.

    don’t forget that wealth is a relative thing. the availabilty of credit for jagans in the states to drive a Bently or a Benz in the USA does not change their relative wealth or status.

  103. And Sadly, Having nannies and drivers and Range Rovers in Providenciales is a very different level of spending than having those thigs in Jamaica.

    People in Jamaica struggling to by medication and have surgical proceedures by food and pay School

  104. We lived a much more conservative middle class life driving a 1989 Corolla, but guess what we could do all the things the rich could not,

    kind of “oxymoronish” there FEEDBACK.

  105. Yes I am new to this blog but I certainly have followed the OLINT case closely.

    I will accept full personal blame for investing in OLINT. However, it is NOT impossible to make 10% per month trading. My good friend trades for himself and makes 3-12% monthly. Of course he has had losses but when he places his margins and stops appropriately he limits his losses.
    I am the first to say I do not have that level of financial prowess and therefore I invested in OLINT, where thanks to Martinez and Creary I believed Smithy was truly capable of posting those returns.
    If those self proclaimed “old timer bloggers” were following the case they would realize that the Floridian is correct.
    A lot of cases were first filed in Jamaica. In fact, after waiting 11 months for Smithy to repay me and getting nowhere I filed my case in Jamaica. No surprise the lawyer took my money and has not done one thing since then. Am I surprised? No, but disappointed since he is one of the partners in a large law firm in Jamaica. He is a scamp and I will deal with him soon.

    So to be quite frank, I see nothing wrong with US Citizens requesting the help of the US Federal Government because the Jamaican authorities and the legal bureaucracy are not ready to play ball. In fact, after the Jamaican authorities complete their “research” into OLINT we will all be mummified.

    I really hope those persons who are claiming to be civil minded and are denouncing any US Federal Government involvement will NOT turn up if restitution to the OLINT victims (co-operative Jamaicans and Americans) occurs. Instead you should stay home and continue to “research” the case alongside the Jamaican Authorities.

  106. Floridian,
    You are obviously very intelligent with a wealth of information on OLINT.
    Tell me more about the houses in Weston Florida.

  107. I’ll tell you this. If you have a lawyer in Jamaica that is suspect you must collect their emails and store the evidence. When the time is right (or wrong) depending you release the solid evidence.

    Just before you do that (few hours) you let go the evidence to their parents first for their review.

  108. the houses in weston are in Betty Ann Gordons name but is OLINT investors money buy dem.

  109. Never go into a lawyers office without a tape recorder.

  110. Mi a simpleton. Smithy usually laugh after me sah.
    even that deh pon tape.


  111. floridian….why bother change your name? ….your style is unmistakable.

  112. The Olint Scandal has exposed Jamaican society and its current values. If you are close to the brown men and the clique that benefitted from Olint, which includes Creary, Wignall, Robertson, Vaz, Bovell, and
    Issa you will run the JLP and therefore the Government. The JLP was a party for the sugar workers.Shearer and Bustamante must be turning in their graves.The JLP is now the party of theft and corruption.The US is the only standard of stability for
    The narco-democracies of the Caribbean

  113. Haboushark you are an idiot

  114. Other names get blocked Rabbit.. Use that thing in between your big ears.

    (It always astonishes me that even veteran bloggers can’t see or understand what’s going on in this case)

    I not going to spelll it out someone else do it.

  115. floridian:

    keep posting. I am trying to read between the lines……I am sure everyone here appreciates the info. Everyone seems to think you are sirach though. Care to comment?

  116. Labourite, i wonder if the JLP guys who benefited from OLINT really knew what was going on? Or do you think that they were just caught up in the greed like the rest of us?
    If the latter is true, I would hardly say they are thieves because they received money from DS because that would make other investors thieves as well. Possible they are thieves for other reasons……

  117. Does anyone know why Lord Anthony Gifford is no onger a member of the Smith defense team?

  118. Rabbit you must read one of those Peer reviwed science Journals..I don’t know Inc or Popular mechanics or something.

    Do you know that most up to date eavesdropping technology is through the power lines. not through the phone or DSL line…THE POWER LINE!

    There is no hiding in this one Rabbit. All antivirus and Internet Security suite come like foolishness. I glad I learnt though cause I don’t even nuy that stuff again.

    I used to write as Sirach Rabbit. If you can hide from (you don’t seems to know who) then you sure do a good job of trying.

    You don’t even have to comment. you can just be looking at the site(s).

    Welcome to the future.

  119. this is brand new game in town especially for the Jamaican Judiciary set. This is not a “I know how its done” Bullshit.

    This is high tech, high speed. Once you raise your head you’re tagged.

    Believe me i am impressed by the new tools and gadgets.

    Welcome to the Hotel California (not Comfort Suites) You can check out any time you want…..but you can never leave.

  120. floridian, on May 25th, 2009 at 3:50 pm Said:

    Never go into a lawyers office without a tape recorder.

  121. Sometimes I really wonder. Go talk to your nephew and cousin auntie freind who ‘know computers’ all you want. you off the Mark.

    This is 2009 test extrodinaire. Like when people say “i only lost what i could afford” and the computer just spit up an healthy balance in account and ..yes and a tape of your own voice bickering about what you lost and what it means to you.

    Go down to Provo and grovel with Smith and try to cut your ‘special’ arrangement…..cause your ‘so special” “so special” “so special” and tell certain people you’re on the side of the law and the computer just spit up a tape vidoeo audio of you a grovel….middlestump bowled.

    If i tell you boat come along side you in Daylight and you never saw it you call me a liar.

    If I tell you helicopter flying high and all you hear is the blade as it pass air you seh mi a lie.


    Guess what. I still pity you.

  122. Gifford got 2 million pounds and left town as soon as the grand jury investigation became intense, leaving David in the lurch

  123. You plan to come to court and claim you knew nothing about it? Really?

    Better you send the money. No lie.

  124. All the other day wildish just get a baptism as to how it goes. all the big talk gone to the wind.

    Every person is a suspect until proven otherwise.

  125. Anyway go on watching the unfolding Rabbit. you’ve been on the site from long time so nothing for you can’t be hidden. Good Luck.

  126. badman

    truth i can’t blame the many run away lawyers of Smith’s team. Maybe some of them were shown only glimpses of the technology and resources in use. That can be distubing and lawyers are not some special set.

  127. Ok. Lets try this one for size. Chris Walker. Successful (?) medical practice. Invests his own money in Olint without pressure. Received monthly returns. Olint stop paying. Him crying foul now and run to the US Authorities. Cost of Olint failure: est. US$700million.

    Leslie Lewis. Started Jamaica Transformer Company. Invests his hard earned time and money to develop the business. Borrows from Workers Bank to expand his company. Workers Bank fails and his then 10 million loan bloats to over 100 million despite paying back close to 40 Million. His company is seized by the JRF and Dennis Joslin. Two of his children die due to stress related issues. Leslie Lewis is now bankrupt. Cost of Finsac and JRF. est. JA$140 billion.

    Maybe Leslie Lewis needs to run to the US authorities and cry foul and tarnish Jamaica’s name.

  128. Good point Chucks.

    Lindsay (workers) and Chen young (original workers) are in the USA good place to start the legal proceedings.

    No need to cry foul. the foul is blatant and visible. Some linsay emails to Smith and they had private meetings together. Go figure.

    Bring cases on the finsac issue.

    It’s a real pity the Gleaner editorial today throws cold water on the enquiry. Why/

    listen 10 millions don’t make one right. Enquiry for Finsac, Enquiry for OLINT, Cash plus etc.

  129. Don’t forget Don Crawford he tells Mutty Perkins he’s coming home till his throat is dry….he must have trained under Smithy.

    The Finsac thing was terrible so is OLINT.

    Both are contrary to free market principles and the RULE OF LAW.

  130. Just like listening to Crawford Wildish sounds like an Angel on earth….UNTIL YOU READ THE PRIVY COUNCIL JUDGEMENT.

  131. Chucks, this is what Editorial space is worth


    Why? Why? why not support a Finsac enquiry? Ask yourself why?

    Now ask yourself why OLINT was set on a proper foundation for immediate remedy.

  132. Notice the enquiry (finsac) has Charles Ross a major suspect in the OLINT matter.

    Too many Why’s? Chucks? alright i’ll let you digest these few first.

  133. So Charles Ross is on a panel to examine dishonesty surrounding the Finsac debacle. Why is he there? Why was he appointed to the position?

    Because of his ‘experience’ in such matters?


  134. CFTC Charges Las Vegas Resident Gordon Driver and His Companies in $13.5 Million Ponzi Fraud

    California Federal Court Freezes Defendants’ Assets

    “Defendants allegedly misrepresented to prospective pool participants that Driver’s trading generated monthly profits of around 20 percent and issued false account statements to give credibility to these misrepresentations.”

    Reads like Olint, Worldwise, Higgins Warner. These guys must have been taking lessons from each other.


  135. Jay what is going to happen to “Driver” now?

  136. What a document there Jay reads like a Smithy Martinez Mastercard playbook. look like “Driver” crash.

  137. Before it was revealed (www.olintja.com) did David smith ever tell that he had a losing trading record?

  138. Middle district not playing. I wonder what they think of those who spread rumours that they no interest in David Smith and OLINT?

  139. Re
    “Other names get blocked Rabbit.. Use that thing in between your big ears.”

    …nice one floridian. Thanks for the laugh.

  140. The above two documents simply demonstrates the willingness of those who are charged to manage investors money to steal those funds.

    In this case the CFTC stepped in and was able to issue enforcement orders to seize the assets of these crooks so as to get some form of restitution for the fleeced investors.

    In the case of Gordon Driver, these guys were promising between 10 – 20% per month in their ponzi scheme.
    This figure of 10% per mth seems to be some sort of a magical number as almost every scheme in Jamaica was promising that figure to its investors. Now we see that same rate being used in the Ponzi schemes being run in the USA.

    Some folks may question why the FSC (Jamaica) has not taken similar actions action Olint, Worldwise etal.

    The fact is the FSC tried without luck to get these guys registered, however they fought tooth and nail to avoid registration, and was fully supported by their clients.

    Now that the brown stuff has hit the fan their appears to be very little recourse for those investors , some of whom lost their life savings, when the schemes went bust.

  141. floridian,

    The U.S. Govt. really has THAT much interest in Mr. Smith to use those advance surveillance techniques?
    I would be LYING if I said I wasn’t glad to see you back on the blog.

    I have 2 questions of you though, pretty straight forward. If Mr. Smith found a way to pay YOU back your money,

    1. would you accept it?
    2. would you still move forward with your legal battles against Mr. Smith (assuming you have any)?
    3. would you abandon the blog?Or would you let people know you got paid?

  142. Good Questions Cynic.

    Problem is they are based on the premise of as you say, “If Mr. Smith found a way to pay YOU back your money, …”

    So they can not answered at this time. Suffice to say I have recaptured money from theives in past. Some with more Cash than Smith will ever see in a lifetime.

    So you find legal ‘wranglings’ that come into play that are called ‘priveleged.’

    From from your own line of questioning Cynic. how you know he has not paid me already?


    Best to put the ball in his court and let him make up his mind. He ‘s not very experienced and neither are his advisors. He charts his own course. The problem is the course of so many are tied with his.

    BTW I don’t negotiate with thieves.

  143. Cynic,

    Enough dignity has been spilt down the drain by the grovelors already.

    I put demands to the fraudster. i don’t change his nappies.

  144. floridian,

    EXCELLENT point, I/WE don’t know if you’ve been paid already!

    I suppose most will just have to wait and see, and those that took action will wait and be paid…. and hopefully those that have it coming will wait and “not pass go”

  145. Re: Stellar company
    I could not care less what stellar company the Doctor finds himself in. He was downright silly along with others, politicians included, to have been swallowed up by OLINT and the nonsense.

    Indeed I prepared to go further. Those who got involved in OLINT either fell victim to peer pressure, as image is a big deal in Jamaica, blindly greedy, thought wrongly this was an opportunity of a lifetime(no think and check) or knew very well that OLINT was a fraud and milked for all its worth.

    I am sure there is a lot of ‘begging’ going on. That is probably why many do not want to believe that OLINT is FRAUD very likely in my opinion a PONZI.

    People need to give the police the information but I guess the problem is the information they would give would be possibly self-incriminating given all the mini-feeder clubs and feeder clubs of feeder clubs around. Some they do not want OLINT declared a PONZI as their ill-gotten gains might be swept from under their feet.

    I must commend those big enough to admit the folly of their ways as we all make mistakes.

    Re: emails
    Maybe for you, the Yana Smith and Bruce Golding e-mails are revealing and they are, but to me the alleged David Smith denied letter and Lord Gifford’s Statement were classics.

  146. Forget the emails John Doe Well the (trading away jamaica’s foriegn debt one is a real classic)

    What about round the clock nappy changes who fly in private round the clock.

    The Yana smith email is more significant in that it also has Lee Oackley on it. Smithy’s closest nappy changer of all.

  147. Why did the bank(Hallmark) keep track of OlintTCI and TCI FX Traders investments as one? The key is David Smith.

    It is basically fraud.

    Unless you can audit the payouts and find the rest of the money, it is not a PONZI yet.

    According to documents and emails, it looks like JIJ and I Trade FX failed to notify TCI FX Traders status of their current investments that was requested by Star Management.

    Then there are documents of money possibly being funnelled to USIMO from JIJ on the TCI FX Traders money/fund.

    It is basically the washing and/or money make machine broke down on the wash or rinse cycle.

  148. The emails are too memeorable.

    like the one that says sorry your not feeling well…hope you get well…now urgent about the money..hhaahahaa

    The ones from jacob about JIJ are serious in the rankings.

    What about the one from Wayne Smith where he fancies himself the Lawyer? hahahaahaa

    But the one where shaw gives Smith the manifesto when it clearly states as forwarded from Bruce Golding that it is embargoed and not to be forwarded?

    The one from Andrew Chang is very graphic. People don’t send xrated emails you can get in a lot of trouble.

    What about the one where tracey says she and David will choose an influential person ‘after elections’ for the foundation board.

    And what about Courtenay Barnett’s own asking for membership and explaining the linkages with Allan Hutchinson.

    What about the “Ralston Hyman is our newest convert” hahahaa

    The lord G ones and the Huntley Watson bank deal in 2009 are telling as well. Something tells me Smithy is about to release more.

  149. Why was LewFam funnelling through Liechtenstein?

  150. You guys are sensitive on that one.

  151. the emails that hughes reported on were largely designed to make it seem that Tracey Smith was in the dark.

    The file on Tracey Smith is irrefutable and safe sound and secure. That file is like a very rare and expensive diamond.

  152. Night.

  153. The IRS(US) targeted UBS(swiss). Is Liechtenstein next? If you value wealth(money and property), the IRS is not the one agency you want to mess with. Add a little drug money and the DEA will have a field day(They like confiscating also).

  154. Interesting discussion

  155. Hey Floridan, not saying the other e-mails where not revealing at all they are. They show the sick state of OLINT and the Jamaican leadership.

    Jay the discussions is indeed interesting… we scratching the surface, but basically one fact remains OLINT was a SCAM.

  156. It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of so many.

    If someone goes on RJR and claims that Dr. Christopher Walker is ‘stopping’ David Smith from paying people only a stupid person could believe that.

    Are you one of them?

    For logic would suggest that Smith could simply pay Dr. Walker and therefore the thing that stops him from paying (Dr. Walker) would no longer exist in the equation.

    Then Smith could begin to pay.

    Dr. Walker is a memeber like anyone else. What could be different about these other ‘members’ why they seek to scapegoat people?

    What could it be?

    John Doe, Jay do you know?

  157. Finance Professor in the Department of Finance at Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School among group charged for forex trading fraud.
    (Yes FX Trading once again !!!).

    Below is the release from the CFTC which was just posted. (Yes folks we monitor the breaking news).


    For the actual court documents select the relevant links from the website, these are located to the top right hand corner of the screen under ” related links”.

    The message is very clear, scam, ponzi, fraud etc in the retail forex markets are not limited to the “ordinary Joe” as here we have a professor in finance, a lawyer and a Certified Public Accountant involved in the same thing.

    No doubt these guys by the nature of there jobs titles(well maybe with the exception of the lawyer), would have been able to convince people to invest in their scheme which was paying in the order of 1.5 to 3% per mth.

    ” Buzz words –
    ” Consistent monthly returns.”
    “Properiety trading /robot software”
    “Never a losing month.”
    “Highly skilled forex traders.”

    For those still considering forex trading to be a viable option please think again, worst if its being managed by someone else.

  158. AML, on May 25th, 2009 at 11:56 pm Said:

    Why did the bank(Hallmark) keep track of OlintTCI and TCI FX Traders investments as one? The key is David Smith.

    It is basically fraud.

    AML, you are onto something. The latest contract was between the various individual investors and the bank. Money deposited and investment checks were subsequently made out to the bank. It appears that at least some of the money were held in accounts that does not bear the name OLINT or David Smith.
    Is it known how much of the funds previously held by DS was transferred to these accounts?
    There is no way that DS would allow the money (500 million US?) to dwindle to 10 million without stealing some (if he was a thief). If he wasn’t a thief, some of that money could still be sitting in accounts that do not bear the name of OLINT or David Smith.
    Let’s find it people!

  159. Word from a sometimes reiable source is that the then premier of the TCI tipped off DS about the police raid and assisted with the movement and concealment of money. Promises to provide documents…To date I have been unable to substantiate this information and the TCI FCU will not comment.
    If that is true however, will DS not have to disclose the location of these funds if he is not to be convicted of theft and fraud?
    Anyone here know about the wire transfers in January,, February and March of 08 from Hallmark Bank?

  160. Update of the Finance Professor forex fraud.

    Note both the SEC and CFTC brought charges against these guys, but in the interest of the fleeced investors they have decided to consolidate the cases and hence there will be only one filing.

    The idea is to reduce cost in terms of the prosecution of the case and ensure less money get into the hands of lawyers, auditors, receiver and or liquidator.

    In the cash plus case we have a receiver appointed, and was paid a tidy sum and we have yet to see his report, and he has left.
    Auditors(high priced) have been called in and they have a hefty bill still outstanding.
    Now we have a liquidator, who seems to be more focused on ensuring fleeced investors at least get back something.

    Case filings can be found here,

    The motion to consolidate was filed today and is the last hyperlink at the bottom of the page.

    How long has the C+ case been out there ?

  161. Addition to the above post.

    Click on court filings to get the access to the court documents located at the top of the website.
    The latest filing is the last hyperlink on that page.

    You can go to statements at the top of the webpage to see latest statements on this case.

    In these cases time is of essence, delays means assets hidden, transfered, gone …

  162. Kandekore cut a deal with Brady. Brady gets real estate for fees in Cash Plus before any investors (victims) get a cent?

    When them see how it goes with David Smith you will see how quick them come to order/.

  163. Damn listen this http://www.newstalk93fm.com

  164. Floridan. I don’t know what to say except what a web of deceit. Right now any excuse will do. I guess its time to use blame the doctor excuse.

  165. John Doe

    David and Tracey Smith (and cronies) still have many millions hidden aside from millions frozen.

    When some people read this they will say yes he has millions for us to pay. Wrong.

    The word hidden means there was never any intention for it to paid back to its rightful owners.

    The nine day wonder and defeat of the lackeys by wearing them out in their own sorrow was always the plan. And to a large extent things were going to plan.

    Problem was Smithy forgot to mention that he and people have no ratings in certain circles.

    the fact that so many believe that their own money was hidden from them to protect them from the law is not even laughable. It’s sad. A sad reflection on so many thousands of people.

    The OLINT server was never compromised but an excuse was quickly used to tell you why your accounts were no longer available.

    Hope you all have copies of the documents and got photos of the OLINT screens that have your names on it.

    The time is coming very short.

    Smithy blames everyone but NEVER himself or hois co conspirator wife and the extended family.

    That’s how people of their kind are John Doe.

  166. i’m going to protect you from your own money…hahahahaa…so i’m going to hide it for your own protection going on two years.

    Yes massa…hahahahahaaa

    Even Leaders he has making ‘secret’ promises to.


    Not me sah

    Sick a dat.

  167. John Doe I agree with you.David Smith has stolen and put away about 150 million dollars for himself.This is in Europe or the Persian gulf.He is using this money to continue to buy influence in Turks and Jamaica.Smith is funding both the JLPone-order gang in Jamaica through Robertson and the blood stain posse out of New York.

  168. Floridian,

    I would have to agree with you. The old lady who keeps calling all the radio programs is obviously reading from a script as I have heard her now on three radio programs with the same message.
    She is an obvious OLINT PR agent.

    What is interesting is that she is trying to blame the Doctor who is like all of us (a mere investor who got swindled) for David Smith not wanting to pay people back.
    Old lady, I do not care about what the doctor is doing. That is his business. I want to hear from you, Creary and David Smith about my money.
    Your PR stunts are not following any logic.

    I could care less if the Doctor is a real estate mogul. In fact, I am glad he has the funds to take down these thieves. If I had the financial resources I would do the same thing and sue them for what is contractually mine.

    Old lady, I want you to ask David Smith a few things:-
    1) How many more lies and excuses is he going to make before admitting the TRUTH about our money?
    2) Why has he or his legal team not made any press statement to the OLINT investors?
    The nine months have come and gone and not a word!!!! Disrespectful!!
    3) What does David Smith want us the investors to do? Sit and wait for another nine months and not wonder about our investments?
    4) If the tables were turned and David Smith invested $8500 of his life savings and was treated the way he has the OLINT investors, what action would he take?
    – A: Sit down like a lame duck and pray
    – B: Try and find out information on the blogs and amongst friends with the intent to file a police report
    -C: Fight for his legal rights in the court of law and support any law enforcement action
    -D: Walk away and chalk up the ordeal to be one of life’s experiences

    I am tired of the excuses and lies. The time has come for us ALL to hear “how it truly guh”!!!
    David ,Old Lady, Creary, Lord Gifford we are all waiting ………

  169. Harbourshark:

    How did you trace those funds? I have the resources to go after whater money he has hidden so lets do that…or are you just talking out of the shit end of your body again?

  170. How about you John Doe? Any facts to back up that pretty story? I want my money..I need my money. And I would love to hear from someone with some FACTS instead of the same old baseless speculation such as “DS will pay us all he is a good man” or “DS has stolen all our money and has it hidden in Tortola”…Facts people. If you are saying things of which you have no proof, you are a liar..that makes you no better than DS.

  171. Someone care to list all the reasons given by DS why he couldn’t pay out? I’ll try a few:

    Problems with the banks
    Due diligence
    Problems with the brokerage firm

    As far as I know, FOREX is one of (if not the most) liquid investment. Why was DS not able to pay since January 2008? Why would he need 9 months to pay out when the cops are breathing down his neck? Who will allow themselves to be arrested and charged rather than just say, here it is..I didn’t steal it?

    Well, to hear it told, he is waiting for it to be over so he can pay out. But “IT” can’t be over until he pays out…so that point is mute.

    Or I’ve heard that “his lawyers advised him to not pay out”…well, why will lawyers allow you to get arrested and charged for murder instead of just showing them the alleged victim alive?

    You sharper minds here like AML and floridian any suggestions? Let’s think outside the box…No more of the unsubstantiated “he has the money in X or Y” or “it is a ponzi”. FACTS people…anyone got anything concrete? How about the OLINT workers? I know you are reading…you have to know something…do something in the public interest for once in your life…

    Anyone know for sure that some money is still at Hallmark bank? Anyone?

    How about the money referenced in the famous email that was transferred to the middle east? Bank account number? Routing number anyone?

    Someone out there has to know something……Comeon FBI…give us a pinch and the public will return the favor. As long as investors think that you are not acting in their best interest they will continue to protect David Smith..

    Or maybe I should get off the soap box now?

    Answers? Anyone?

  172. And for you guys who are blogging from Jamaica, you seem sure of a few things such as:

    1, DS is a thief
    2. Your polititians are corrupt
    3. DS gave stolen money to the corrupt polititians

    Well, is all you do is blog (gossip really), whay will that accomplish? How about becoming proactive and force these polititians to return people’s money to whatever authorities can be trusted to disburse such funds?

  173. Tafari,
    You have constantly being saying(and rightly so), ” I want my money”.

    Honestly speaking,are you aware how a ponzi operation works, and here I am making the assumption(rightly so) that Olint was/is a ponzi scheme.

    If that assumption is correct( and by all accounts it is), do you really believe that there is a large amount of cash still lying around.

    In a Ponzi the money goes like this.

    1. 55-65 % goes to older members of the scheme.

    2. The ponzi operators steals another 25% for himself,. The money is usually in cash, real estate, motor vehicle and boats/private jet.

    3. His close friends, families, cronies takes off another 5%, or sometimes this 5% is tied to the figure in 2.

    4. Around 1-2 % usually ends up in some charitable organization or some type of high profile sponsorship deals. (Jazz Festival, Premier League, Ms Jamaica World)

    4. By the time the authories get a foot hold in the ponzi, which is usually when it stops paying and after complaints have been made, there maybe only around 3-4% of the money available in the companies account.

    These assets are usually frozen along with the ponzi operator personal a/c but the fact is that this guys usually ensure that probably no more than 5% of the stolen loot remains in his accounts, while the remainder is usually very carefully hidden.

    To find these hidden funds it would take an enormous amount of time for the investigators or auditors, which in most cases the liquidator/receiever may not be willing to spend as the cost associated with this process, usually eats into the funds located, thus reduces the amount that would be available for fleeced investors.

    The ponzi operator is well aware of this fact, and knows thats how the receiver/liquidator typically operators.

    He therefore declare those personal assets which are under his direct ownership which are usually siezed, along with the token amount of funds left in the company accounts along with the small company assets that are available.

    When all this is tallied, it usually represents no more than 10-15% of the money tha was being “managed” as part of the ponzi operations, and once the relevant fees etc are taken, investors are now left with $0.08 – $0.10 on the dollar.

    If the investigator is very dogged and goes after those who profited, this could rise to $0.16 on the dollar.

    So when all is said and done, the outcome does not look very good here.

  174. Jay:

    I understand that. Except, you have to remember here that this was no regular ponzi.. David Smith was, afterall, a “man of God” LOL

    So I guess I am hoping against hope that somehow some news will break that DS has a little money hidden somewhere, or that he really is this good christian boy with, say, 2/3 of the money sitting in Hallmark bank for us to recover……

    Call it optimism, call it folly…but I am going after whatever money can be had. I am asking all these questions here because I have to do so “on the cheap” or I may just be throwing good money after bad money….and that would be foolish.

  175. Tafari

    Money is not your problem. Nuh you a money changer?

  176. You must know the World before you try and conquer it. One and two local area is just that. One and two locality.

  177. floridian, on May 27th, 2009 at 7:34 am Said:


    Money is not your problem. Nuh you a money changer?
    floridian, on May 27th, 2009 at 7:35 am Said:

    You must know the World before you try and conquer it. One and two local area is just that. One and two locality.

    Say in english please? You give me too much credit..I don’t get what you are saying…..

  178. Money is not your problem. Nuh you a money changer?

    No really…I am doing a second and third take. Still don’t get it…..

  179. @jay, Thanks for the summary.

    Just to add, for Tafari’s sake, many PONZI’s have been liked to persons claim to be ‘men of God’. Have you heard about Prophet Phinn, or seen May Daisy’s past communications?

  180. JohnDoe: I get that..hence the LOL….It is the “man of God” line that gets me with those who believe wholeheartedly in David Smith. Never heard of the prophet Phinn but I have heard of many a “man of God” stealing people’s money. I remember that guy Jimmy Swaggart (hope I spelt that correctly. He was on TV crying and saying that God ordered him to gather millions of dollars and people would just send their money to him.

  181. Taffari, Here is a post on this blog…

    It is alleged, that Phinn was involved in a feeder club that has money in OLINT… Phinn also prophesied Portia victory in the General Election 2007

    Interestingly, given what has come out, some of his money or at least money his ministries or affiliate had interest in, help to make is prophesy not come through.

    I think Investforlife will soon start running some re-runs. June is next week!

  182. instead, it is an
    account owned by an unrelated entity and unelated individuals, located in Kingston, Jamaica.
    The account has been closed since February 2008, with a zero balance. The last trade in that
    account occurred in November 2007.

    What’s up with that one Jay?


  183. @JohnDoe

    I agree with you last post, there are many new bloggers here who are not aware of the many post which addresses many of the issues that they are now raising.

  184. Defendants engaged in the acts and practices described above knowingly or with
    reckless disregard for the truth.


  185. order directing Defendants and any successors thereof, to rescind, pursuant to
    such procedures as the Court may order, all contracts and agreements, whether implied or
    express, entered into between them and any of the investors whose funds were received by them
    as a result of the acts and practices which constituted violations of the Act, as described herein;
    f) An order directing each Defendant to pay a civil monetary penalty in the amount
    of the higher of (1) trple the monetary gain to Defendant for each violation of the Act…

  186. The financial problems of the Clico insurance and financial services group have gained a first political scalp in Trinidad and tobago.


  187. That Final Report is now expected in less than a 100 hours


  188. Any coincidence that the raid was conducted immediately after the release of the first report?

  189. floridian:
    I have been looking at a few blogs where you have multiple postings.
    At first, it appeared to me that you must be highly sophisticated, way above my capacity to understand. I started looking at your writings as a novice looks at a painting – wondering why I couldn’t see what others are seeing.
    For a while, it appeared that you were onto something far beyond my reach. Then bit by bit, I couldn’t tell if you were someone who knew more than you were letting on, or letting on all you know while trying to make it appear that you know more than you do.
    But the more I read, the more your ramblings, yes ramblings, seem to be that of a mentally deranged individual. Did losing your money drive you crazy?

  190. Tafari

    Hahahaah…..Ask Smithy if I’ve ‘lost my money”



    Your slip a show and it’s to a royal Ethiopian one either.

  191. Tafari who appointed you a pscho-analyst.?David Smith the biggest crook in Christendom?

  192. tafari you are uneducated.Most of your limited information comes from the Gleaner.A second degree and some internationaL exposure would help.

  193. floridian…no psycho-analyst here. Just a poor uneducated guy who reads the gleaner without a second degree and no international exposure. Laughing my tail off.

    floridian, you know that was an attempt to get you to riled up…to get you to clarify….
    Harbourshark is the village idiot so no comment on his foolish statements.
    larry, you are funny. I wish I could get my hands on David Smith right now….you would surely read about that in the gleaner.
    So floridian, why you got me here trying to figure out what the hell you are saying? I am not that smart, you give me too much credit. You have to clarify a bit.

  194. floridian you wrote “Tafari

    Your slip a show and it’s to a royal Ethiopian one either”.

    You got me again…..

    What does that mean?

  195. And this one
    floridian, on May 27th, 2009 at 7:34 am Said:


    Money is not your problem. Nuh you a money changer?

  196. Is that a Jamaican dialect?

  197. Tafari!

    Flo-rida thinks ur an olint insider who has made a freudian slip by using the word “lost’.

  198. RSI…Oh! Nothing like that. I invested a small sum through a Jamaican feeder club. Well, small compared to the millions of which I now hear. No Olint insider here just someone who “lost” more than he could afford to lose. I wouldn’t consider that a slip either. If someone has my money and wouldn’t return it for whatever, that money is lost. It could have been “frozen” or “stolen” or misplaced” or “ponzied” (is that a word?), but to me it is still lost.

  199. Would I be more popular here if I just came on and said gentlefolk, David Smith is a thief. He was running a ponzi…without a shred of verifyable proof? It is quite likely (based on everything we know) that the guy was running a ponzi.
    My point is and has always been, guys who run ponzies are thiefs. A thief has to have some of the stolen goods stashed womewhere. I don’t know how much money he has stashed but I would bet that it is more than 10 million dollars.
    I want to find that money. Idiots like Harbourshark whose only contribution is “David Smith is a thief and you fool because he was running a ponzi duh duh duh” does not help me to recover a single dime.

  200. I still think there is someone out there who may have worked for Hallmark bank, or the OLINT corporation, or NCB who knows where he moved the money to. Someone has to know. The TCI police apears to be inept. They are still asking the most simple questions. They seem to know less than our good friend harbourshark.

    • Tafari,

      I appreciate your search for information that will help you recover your money one way or another..

      But, do you really think you’re going to find any such information here on a blog? At the end of the day, a lot of information has been posted on these blogs, but much of it has very little use in helping people get back their money. To get back your money I suspect you will have to spend more money (lawyers, investigators etc….assuming its not too late) and do some digging yourself as well.

  201. harbourshark = floridian =?

  202. Habourshark, it would be nice to keep the conversation civil rather get into the name calling stuff which only serves to lower the quality of the post.

    Thank you.

  203. Tafari

    Good luck all the best. i hope you don’t see David Smith face to face if that means no one will get any money. Better me see him face to face instead. That can be anytime soon. I’m sure he’s looking forward to it.

  204. The OLINT Trust/Foundation seems to to have been a part of the Public Relations and fraud of the Smith’s.

    Remember the Observer’s report and Missick and Martinez (and the black paper posing as a check) the ‘surprised’ look on Tracey’s face?

    in order to continue stealing they said they were going to deal with Autistic Children in need.

    Sick. I have the remedy. !00% effective on all patients no matter ‘who’ they think they are.

  205. To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    From: shalimar

    Hi David, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you get better Anyway money business now.

    I ran as a candidate in the last general election knowing i was not qualified. The cost to the Jamaican people is $40 million for a by election.

    I am being sued for court costs. Please pay this bill for me and you can be as close to the big man as you want.

    Wayne is fine.

    Thanks. Come and stay by the house anytime. My house is your house.

  206. Two Jamaicans extradited – Alleged Shower Posse members caught, sent back to US to face drug charges


  207. thecynic, you are so right. The concern is that it is very possible that it is too late. If DS was running a ponzi, it might be too late to recover anything. If he wasn’t, then why waste money trying to find the money that he is just going to repay anyway? Wow! what a quandary…….again I ask the question, why would DS allow himself to be convicted for stealing the money if he has it somewhere “protected” for us? Well, unless 1. He doesn’t have any money because he ponzied all of it
    2. He loves us so much that he wouldn’t let the cops get their filthy hands on our money.
    3. He has the money somewhere and is trading to recover losses so that he can one day pay up..
    4. He loves us so much that he is protecting us from our money
    5. He loves our money so much that he is protecting our money from us
    6. He is truly honest but lost all the money trading
    7. He has the money hidden in foreign banks and can’t access it because of the TCI court order
    8. He really did steal it all and has it buried in his backyard in garbage bags.
    9. A bird stole the garbage bags
    10. The dog ate the garbage bags…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  208. Tafari Francis

    Some of your answers lie in http://www.olintja.com

  209. “…wouldn’t let the cops get their filthy hands on our money.”

    TAFARI …S L I P A Shoooooow Tafari

    Shhh….sometimes is better you shut u mout even though David Smith is your Hero and you are his boy.

  210. Undermining the reputation of political authorities, regulators, and law enforcers for
    failing to prevent open frauds and to address money laundering or support of other
    illegal enterprises by schemes’ operators.

    Causing socio-economic strife if a sufficiently large number of households are
    suddenly exposed to losses;

  211. Interestingly, many scheme operators have managed to extend their operations by
    ostentatious charitable contributions, significant political contributions, and pretentious
    demonstrations of their own or their scheme’s wealth. Prior to collapse, operators may be
    regarded as pillars of their communities.

  212. In December 2007, OLINT claimed to have donated US$1 million to its charitable
    foundation to help needy Jamaicans, especially deprived children. It also sponsored
    the 2008 Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

    See “OLINT starts foundation with US$1m to help needy Jamaicans,” The Jamaica Observer ,
    December 4, 2007, and “Hotshot Traders,” The Jamaica Observer, January 25, 2008.

  213. The UIS succeeded in obtaining support from prominent individuals in Jamaica as well as the
    media to the point that in January 2007, a business newspaper named David Smith, OLINT’s
    founder, business personality of the year.

  214. Jamaicans:

    Your government has sold you for rice and peas. And pocketed a lot of money and made arrangements to leave the island with their families for a comfort life while you are left in the dirt back in a financially ravished Jamaica.

  215. Belongerships have been secured in TCI for them and their families along with other foriegn clearances for the ‘escape.’

  216. In some cases the lack of support can be attributed to
    direct or indirect contributions by the schemes to governmental or social causes—sports,
    beauty contests, charities, political campaigns—that make them popular with politicians and
    the public. In this type of environment, it is critical that the financial regulators have
    sufficient independence to be able to carry out their mandate without the need for any
    additional approval from the government and even in circumstances where the schemes may
    have the tacit support of members of the government.

    The political ‘protectors’ (Bruce Golding and Audley Shaw as Smith openly and boastfully contend) are a major cause of the devastation of tens of thousands of citizens.

  217. Experience also shows the pervasive effects that such schemes can have if left undetected,
    from lack of trust in financial institutions to large-scale economic, social, and political

    Who mashed up Jamaica along with the Smith family?

  218. Americans sent more than US$30 million to Jamaica last year to claim winnings in a Jamaican lottery. The trouble is, there was no such contest.

    Despite pressure from the police, scam artists are consolidating Jamaica’s status as a new centre for transnational lottery schemes, aiding a network of violent gangs that authorities say are putting the money into drug and gun trafficking.


  219. Indeed, most of us sat on the sidelines and allowed the few to dictate the destiny of the many. Undoubtedly, most of us stood by idly, consumed by self-interest. However, what each of us failed to realize is that our failure to act would have far-reaching consequences, not only for our nation as a whole, but in turn for us as individuals. Cognisant of what is at stake, we, as individuals, must beckon that national pride and come together to restore our nation’s economic well-being, and more importantly its integrity and its morale.


  220. The Country still awaits and hopes that it may someday know how or why he so willingly acquiesced to Mr. Misick and turned a blind eye, at best, to so much.

    Uhh oh….The Big guy is in &%$^

  221. All “Jamaican” Belongerships TCI coming up for strict review. Thanks Smithy.

  222. The Government Information System

    The whole department requires a redefinition of purpose and new leadership. There is a real need for real information on the functioning of government.

    The current avenues of disseminating information are Print, Radio, TV, Telephone Text and Internet. A new sophistication and a non-political approach are essential.

    The executives responsible for press releases to the public as well as for the main elements of the government’s media, Radio Turks and Cacios, and The New Media (TV) Network have functioned up to this point mainly as active creators of propaganda for the current government.

  223. 1. …active creators of propaganda for the current government.
    active creators of propaganda for the current govactive creators of propaganda for the current government.

    active creators of propaganda for the current government.
    active creators of propaganda for the current government.
    activeactive creators of propaganda for the current government.
    creators of propaganda for the current government.
    active creators of propaganda for the current government.
    active creators of propaganda for the current government.
    active creators of propaganda for the current government.active creators of propaganda for the current government.
    active creators of propaganda for the current government.
    active creators of propaganda for the current government.

    active creators of propaganda for the current government.

  224. If Betty Ann Gordon claims that the OLINT Foundation was never funded then she is admitting that it was fraudulent.

    The Jamaica Observer states that it was funded and Jared Martinez claimed at UWI in PUBLIC that he was giving David Smith 10 million dollars for the foundation.

    The picture was carried by the Observer and is on http://www.olintja.com for all to see.

    If as Betty Ann gordon claims the foundation was not funded then who payed for the Chinese food at the meeting that the directors ate up?

    Must have been the victims of the OLINT criminals.

    What about the billable hours for the ‘work’ that the consultant was to do? US$400 per hour?

    Perhaps olint foundation Director might want to shed some light on this confession of Betty Ann Godon (nee Smith) that the Foundation is fraudulent.

    We expect no less from a recipient of National Honors recommended by the Prime Minister in 2008.

  225. If Olint Foundation director Edith Smith was on board private jets to Orlando and Panama and if the foundation was a front then why was Edith travelling extensively on the private jet. For some other reason?


  226. Looking forward to the Trial.

    Everything will be out in the open.

  227. the physics of stealing and greed and ‘entitlement’ for what you have not worked for.

  228. @floridan:
    You know, aside from the schemer or promotor and partners, just like the Unregulated Financial Schemes, the Lotto scam depends on gullible, greedy and downright irresponsible individuals.

    Personal and leadership responsibility:

    While evidence shows that the current government was very ‘close’ to one the schemes, the biggest open show of support came from a man that was strangely also in the finance ministry as a state minister. Credit however goes to the Former Finance Minister Davis for speaking out against the schemes.

    So lets not turn this into a PNP/JLP thing the issue deeper than that. Big men who should be leaders and professionals blinded by greed (and power), gullible and downright irresponsible.

    I will keep saying it. People were warned, told to think and check but they most refused to heed the warning…

  229. In January 2007, Finance Minister Omar Davies warned that people
    who put money in the schemes did so without the protection of the government. According to
    a February 2007 FSC press release, the junior minister’s comments described above were
    condemned by the Cabinet as not expressing the position of the government. Later in 2007,
    the tax administration indicated that all income, including illegal income from UIS, was

    From the IMF Report.

    John Doe

    I notice that there is a consistent line from ‘certain corners’ about responsibility.

    The arguments shine for their their childishness.

    The Smith family did not have to cash the cheques or put money into their accounts. No one forced them.

    Beneficiaries be they singers, politicians or churches did not have to take money from a man the was stolen property.

    So ‘grand standing’ and setting onself apart is simple asinine at this late stage.

    The list shown publicly (not complete) shows this.

    And when ALL the info is in the courts we shall see.

    John Doe

    How all those cases in jamaica going? Must be advanced seeing as this are about to get rolling in the USA and Jamaica had a head start.

    Maybe they are on extended holiday from a hectic Michelmas session.

  230. David and Wayne Smith’s influence over the Government of the Jamaican people is not wise.

  231. No matter how many MILLIONS of stolen US dollars it cost.

  232. Floridan, We have declared the schemes scams and parties behind them scam artistes, not denying that. Before the scams visibly fell it was not a popular position to taking, but that was my position then and remains so now.

    However, whether you like it or not this not the case of a gunman pointing a gun at someone and demanding they hand over the money or is it?

    In summary: The Players

    1. Schemers and their cronies: wicked
    2. Promotors & PR of the schemes & schemers: wicked
    3. Participants (varying categories):
    a) Knew it was a scam but got in early made a killing (or tried to) and are ‘feeling’ ok… that might change: wicked
    b) Figured it was shady but it was opportunity of a life time too good to be true but not to be missed. : wicked
    c) Gullible, succumbed to peer pressure.
    d) Greedy. blinded by 10%

    In addition some used it as an opportunity to scam other persons (feeder clubs and pigs)

    n.b. The former minister of state comments were condemned yet both parties admitted to accepting funds from the scam.

  233. The parties may have admitted to something but not the truth.

    A thief is a theif because he or she has ‘candidates@ from a to d to do the teifing does not make teifing right and more importantly NEVER means the thieves can get away ireguardless AGE, Gender, Religion etc.

    What’s done is done only consequences now. Tough love just like your a-d list John Doe.

    So don’t bother with the bawling now that the table is turned. Just as the a-d list must understand consequeces now the d-z must understand that they now must face the same issues they chose to laugh at.

    Jack Mandora?

  234. Sending a-d crowd to negotiate with the IMF on behalf of Jamaicais not appropriate for the Nation.

  235. Premier wants independence for Turks and Caicos


    After Justice then you can get Independence. If that is what your people want.

    Calling for Independence right as Justice has come? Strange.

    Williams, who led a two-member delegation to the United Kingdom earlier this month in the hope of getting Britain to change its plans, said “their minds had been made up and they do not want to hear from the people.

    They heard the people. They also heard the 2 man delegation.

    Once again in case it’s not clear, THEY HEARD THE PEOPLE.

  236. “We have associated, in the last five years or so, roughly 200 homicides or so connected to the lotto scam when deals go bad, or other activities. Not only that, but we have seen the corrupting influence on our own law-enforcement officers.”


  237. “OLINT starts foundation with US$1m to help needy Jamaicans,” The Jamaica Observer

  238. Upset over no-show

    1. The absence from the high-priced events is causing quite a few eyebrows to be raised in consternation. Some who patronised the events are still expressing their dismay over the no-show and are even more upset that they were not given a satisfactory explanation for the absence!


  239. ‘Don’t rejoin the IMF’


    Mr. Howard Hamilton suggests the long (too long) vaulted ‘Diaspora Bond’ idea. It is a good one.

    However, the bond must be manged by the diaspora itself (It’s their money).

    The Diaspora must have proportional representation in the Government through a right to vote.

    Our leaders must speak to the Diaspora and show them respect (they have made it mostly in
    first World conditions while those at home have made it in closed and sometimes ‘strange’ environments)

    If a Minister of Finance fails to show for Diaspora meetings in the area with the largest number of members then a rescheduling should be in order.

    To proceed with selling the bond and not be able to answer very pertinent questions the diaspora is asking relating to the country’s financial management is not appropriate.

    It is unwise for us to think that because we live on Jamaica that our wisdom and prowess are greater than the diaspora’s.

  240. If a member of parliament did not know that he or she is ineligible to be a legislator then God help us. That we have legislators who do not know the eligibility rules, is ludicrous. What hope concerning more complex legislation? And if a legislator knew that he or she was ineligible and deliberately broke the law then God save us from persons who deliberately break the law who should be upholding the law.


  241. in Jamaica the court system required over a year to resolve the legal challenges
    to actions taken by the FSC to stop the schemes. Moreover the courts granted stays of
    execution, which would probably not have been the case in jurisdictions where a body of
    jurisprudence regarding the fraudulent nature of Ponzi schemes had already been developed.
    Thus we believe addressing challenges of adequate expertise and speedy disposition of
    financial matters by courts requires special attention by governments since it is not easily
    achieved in the context of the overstretched and under-funded judicial systems commonly
    found in developing countries. As indicated above training and specialization of judges is
    key, as well as the development of expedited procedures for these types of actions.

  242. Many regulators in developing countries lack the necessary tools, resources and
    sometimes political independence to cope with financial misconduct, including the operation
    of Ponzi schemes.

  243. floridian, on May 28th, 2009 at 5:32 pm Said:

    “…wouldn’t let the cops get their filthy hands on our money.”

    TAFARI …S L I P A Shoooooow Tafari

    Shhh….sometimes is better you shut u mout even though David Smith is your Hero and you are his boy.

    floridian, was that the only line you got from all that I wrote? That is odd. I give both sides yet you get that my “S L I P A Shooooooow”. It appears to me you are Jamaican…unable to have an open mind, unable to even recognize that there is another side to the coin. You are no better that those who, even in the face of all that is happening, are still saying that DS is a “man of God”. That is the other side of the coin and those people are idiots too.
    So keep cutting and pasting and keep your mind of rational thought.
    Really thought there was some info here to be got..but nah….no such thing.

  244. That should be void of rational thought

  245. You stalling Tafari. Reboot/Restart.

  246. @ Tafari Francis, on May 29th, 2009 at 6:36 am Said: It appears to me you are Jamaican…unable to have an open mind, unable to even recognize that there is another side to the coin.

    very stupid statement . mucho stupido

  247. Tafari

    ‘their filthy hands’ ???

    I suppose Smithy’s hands are clean. We hear you Tafari.

  248. Damn floridian, your mind is warped….did you see the lines about DS wanting to steal the money? Oh no you didn’t. DS is probably a damn thief, you are probably a thief…I don’t know DS and I don’t know you…I just want my money.

    His hands are clean or dirty I don’t give a hoot. If you are offended because you are a cop, you can go to hell. There are dirty cops everywhere so you are probably offended because you are one of those dirty cops.
    I thought I was poking fun at DS but you read everything I wrote and you get stuck on the line about the filthy hands of the cops.

    You guys give me the laughs…..Is that a general jamaican attitude? Seems so……

  249. Cullkull….not stupid at all…..if I may say so myself….

  250. It seems that anyone who says anything positive about DS, even while rediculing him and calling him is a thief, is attacked by this blog. My quest is to find info to get my money. Someone suggested that I may be able to inject some positive thought here but I see that is not going to happen. There seem to be no useful info to be had…….Just floridian cutting and pasting things that I read months ago….and attacking anyone who is not wearing a DS is a thief logo.

  251. floridian, try reading the post again with an open mind…..

    Tafari Francis, on May 28th, 2009 at 2:22 pm Said:

    thecynic, you are so right. The concern is that it is very possible that it is too late. If DS was running a ponzi, it might be too late to recover anything. If he wasn’t, then why waste money trying to find the money that he is just going to repay anyway? Wow! what a quandary…….again I ask the question, why would DS allow himself to be convicted for stealing the money if he has it somewhere “protected” for us? Well, unless 1. He doesn’t have any money because he ponzied all of it
    2. He loves us so much that he wouldn’t let the cops get their filthy hands on our money.
    3. He has the money somewhere and is trading to recover losses so that he can one day pay up..
    4. He loves us so much that he is protecting us from our money
    5. He loves our money so much that he is protecting our money from us
    6. He is truly honest but lost all the money trading
    7. He has the money hidden in foreign banks and can’t access it because of the TCI court order
    8. He really did steal it all and has it buried in his backyard in garbage bags.
    9. A bird stole the garbage bags
    10. The dog ate the garbage bags……………………

    If you can’t see that for what it is oops!
    And no, I don’t like cops especially stupid ones like the TCI guys who discusses the case with anyone that calls, seemingly to make a case on the phone to me ……

  252. Tafari, I was supporting your statements until you made that comment about Jamaicans. You sounding like Floridian now…PIty..You had such strong points and a genuine concern. Or maybe I was fooled. Sad!

  253. Ok guys let’s cool it.. Let’s keep the discussion civil.

  254. Tafari,

    Why u mek Floridian/Sirach get the better of you. Do not descend down to his level.

  255. Wow….

  256. So, moving along, has any one heard anything about DS coming clean at his court date in Aug? If he doesn’t, something is wrong. There is no way a man would allow himself to go on trial when he could just come clean and say, here is the money you are charging me for stealing…case dismissed. Otherwise, folks, it would be quite likely that the money is gone………………But where?
    Was there a run on the fund in late 2007? I see deposits coming in through May 2008…no major run on the fund so the money has to be somewhere……In his family’s name maybe? In Hallmark bank under the name of the feeder club guys who signed contracts with hallmark Bank?

  257. How about Hallmark bank employees? You could do it here anonymously..Is there OLINT -related money there? Trading platforms? Any one?

  258. Tafari

    You want to research and find your money? Serious?

    Look into a name called Harold Brady and Cash PLUS. That’s a start.

    Chucks can assist you.

  259. Not this time Floridian. But honored that you feel that I am someone in the know. If you were talking about FINSAC, then I am here to help!

  260. Tafari

    Your feedback always gives first class tips as to where money is hidden.

    Check with them Tafari. They have been the most helpful in getting justice for the victims.

    Ask them about the Hylton Hotel Deal.

    Ask about who set up Ingrid Loiten in business?

    Chucks has a wealth of information to share with you Tafari.

  261. Chucks

    As an expert on FINSAC do you know what the connection between Delroy lindsay and David Smith is?

    Why did Paul East and Delroy Lindsay fly to Provo on a private jet from Miami?

  262. floridian, I have heard about cash plus. The name Harold Brady I haven’t heard before but I am on it. My guy will be searching…any clue as to where I should start? JA or TCI?

  263. floridian, why don’t you just tell us about the Hylton deal? How about the Loiten thing? Just tell…why is it necessary to just hint? Are you protecting someone?

  264. What about FINSAC?

  265. How is this financial sector adjustment company affected by the OLINT fiasco? Throw me a bone….

  266. I am just seeking information. I have no research guy. But you will share I’m sure. It’s a demand you always make of others King so you won’t display any double standards in sharing information.


    especially fro feedback, chucks and all else who are working for justice.

  267. Tafari

    I think you need to read the emails on http://www.olintja.com to get up to speed.

    while there read the IMF report as well.

  268. Not much on the google search….

  269. Found out about Brady. floridian, what is the connection?

  270. Ok floridian, now that you mention it, saw the emails on Olintja….But being out of the know regarding much of Jamaican politics, I can be a little slow.

    Thanks..I’ll doublecheck the emails to bring myself up to speed. They should make more sense to me now….

  271. Hey Chusk, care to lend some info? I am starved for info here….

  272. I am told that the mood in JA is rather calm regarding this Olint thing. I am surprised that folks are not busy filing lawsuits against these feeder club lords and olint. Why is that? How is that?

  273. What do we know about the contracts between the feeder clubs and the banks? Is DS’s name mentioned in these contracts. If not, and the money is in accounts not bearing the name of OLINT or DS, can the feeder clubs get the money back now?

  274. Email Article Print Article
    May 29, 2009 – Justifiably Proud
    Recent efforts by Gilley Williams and Michael Misick to rally Turks and Caicos Islanders to rise up, confront the British, and attempt to stop the necessary steps needed to return the Country to sound governance, have failed miserably.

    Last ditch efforts by Michael Misick to create street protests have also failed miserably.

    Other than receiving some minor support from a couple of leaders in the Caribbean who are themselves fighting accusations of significant corruption within their own Country, such as Dr. Brown of Bermuda, and possibly a few officials in CARICOM trying to justify their existence, Williams and Misick’s attempts to rally the Caribbean to their cause have also failed.

    Jamaican media has given their cause perhaps the most air time, but that is mainly due to the political connections of prominent Jamaicans such as Delroy Howell, David Smith, and Butch Stewart. All who directly or through various family members of theirs, have been shown to have been intimately involved with Misick and his ministers in numerous private, some allegedly corrupt, financial dealings.

    Why have all these attempts to rally the people against the British failed? Because the public realizes that Williams and Misick’s criticism of the British and their sudden clamouring for Independence is nothing more than the desire of criminals to find a way, any way, to evade responsibility for what they have done. Luckily for the Turks and Caicos, the average Islander understands this.

    Trying to associate the law enforcement actions unfolding in the Turks and Caicos with colonialism is recognized by the majority of people as nothing more than a cynical attempt to try and use the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands, one final time.

    Their intensity of effort is a sign of their recognition of the gravity of the present moment. It takes only a moment of conversation in private with the members of this government to realize that they understand the gravity of their personal situation. One finds in private that the Ministers and their spouses are confiding with close friends that they are coming to terms with the fact that they probably will be spending a number of years in prison. Interestingly, they ALL seem to end their comments about spending time in jail with the expression “but not as long as Mike”.

    In the days ahead, the start of the Interim Government will be a bittersweet moment. Its presence will mark the end of a sad period in the life of this Country, but it will also signal a great success.

    The citizens and residents of the Turks and Caicos should feel extremely and justifiably proud for having successful recovered their Country from the clutches of a gang of criminals before it was too late.


  275. floridian is sirach again….Wonder why

  276. Chameleon floridian………….

  277. Just his deceptive nature coming back into play.

  278. Slip showing again Tafari.

  279. sirach, floridian, cut and paste…changing skins again?
    Tell us, you claim you did not invest in OLINT so what is your motive here? Why does the OLINT debacle bother you so much?
    I have stated my motive and to that end my postings here have been consistent.
    You, on the other hand, is so eager to attack anyone who is not on your band-wagon…but why?

  280. Tafari

    Congrats you are a consistent poster.

  281. Tafari

    You can lend me US$200,000.00? I need a Belongership like what David Smith has.

  282. floridian, not consistent as in consistently posting, but consistent with my stated purpose of getting my money. Now, in the interest of transparency, please answer the question. What is your purpose/motive here? It has to be something, come on, humor me….

  283. Yes massa. Anything you say boss. Just hold your breath while you wait for me to carry out your instruction. When was our coronation again?

  284. belongership…..like David Smith…US$200,000.00. Is that something I am supposed to care about one way or another? Are you saying something I do not understand?
    Can we get to some substantive discussions? Anyone care to share something new and interesting?
    Anyone with a question that can stimulate some useful chatter…..
    Enough of the DS is a thief……Where do we go from there? Where did the thief hide the stolen loot?
    DS is a good man? Well, why does this “good man” not want to pay me my money? Why will he allow himself to get tried and (possibly) convicted for a crime not committed?
    All questions that need answers.
    If the purpose of this blog is to post outdated news articles and commentaries, or th be rude at each other for having a different opinion, let us so state. I will then elect to move on.
    I must say this though, it is a very good thing that we are here keeping this issue alive. We must not drop the ball…If DS really stole all that money, I bet you he is wishing we stop blogging and stop talking, and stop searching. We should not stop…but while we keep this alive, please let us do so with reapect and without the accusations ans useless provocations.
    Let us keep hope alive….my hope is to one day get my money. What is yours?

  285. David Smith’s wish is to pay a selected few. The kin of his ‘protectors’.

  286. …is nothing more than the desire of criminals to find a way, any way, to evade responsibility for what they have done.


  287. Tafari,

    There are different agendas on this blog. Like you mine is to get back my money (full stop)- there r others who “harbour” deep and very personal hate for “Sir”DS the “arch” rival and will stop at nothing to try and get him to “walk”into prison. Persons who were once close friends of his.

    The problem is that as they pursue their goal it does not necessarily support our goal it only complicates things .They are very selfish…they would put their personal interest over the well being of the club and the country.

    Simply read Walker’s letter copying the president again….he wants the US to stop AID to 2.8 million Jamaicans!….selfish and dangerous!!!

  288. Wantmymoney

    “They are very selfish…they would put their personal interest over the well being of the club and the country.”

    When did the Club members ever authorise David Smith to donate millions of US$ of our money to politicians?

    Why does David Smith boast of HIS political and corporate ‘protection’ that is animical to memebers getting their own money back?

    Who ‘complicates’ things? David Smith et al or the members?

    Who is selfish? David Smith who had nannies and Range Rovers and was gambling and travelling and laughing while NOT paying out? While people wanted their own money for their own circumstances not limited to surgery and medication?

    David Smith will not ‘walk’ into prison he will shuffle in behind a mighty large line of name brand.

    • Floridian, if there is/was ANYTHING I could do to make sure this happens I WIL/WOULD do it!

  289. Have you not seen David Smith’s trading record on http://www.olintja.com?

    You think David smith ‘EARNED’ any money?

    You think there’s some ‘gag order’? Really?

  290. Anytime you ready Smithy.

    If you want to release the priveleged info between us on the forum I will too.

    Anytime you ready Smithy.

    Wantmymoney his invitation is there. Don’t hold your breath.

  291. Very soon it will all be a bit less ‘complicated’ for you

  292. Anyway let us not get all frayed and nervy right now. No need to travel down there last minute and so on.

    The British are taking over and have vowed to make things right and promote decency.

    Surely no one on the forum would be against Transparency, Responsibility, and Accountabilty.

    You have all been patient with DS for over a year. A few more weeks won’t be a problem.

    Everything will be in the open and if he is as clean and honest and Christian as proported then he shall have no problem showing it.

  293. The World is watching.

  294. The victims in the United States have asked DS for their money. Apparently it has not been forthcoming. They ask their Government to pay on their behalf and Smithy can reimburse Jamaica.

    He’s good for it right Wantmymoney?

    So what’s the problem?

    The top leadership of Jamaica met with Smithy recently so i’m sure arrangements are being made for ALL the members money to be paid back.

    The portion due to the Americans can just be held back and kept by David Smith.

    See….everybody happy. Let’s move on.

  295. DS can then use the money he would have paid us investors and give it to Jamaica. Turnkey. In fact DS would then earn the interest the would have accrued to the US Goverment and he could add this interest to the accounts of loyal members who wish to remain with OLINT.

    The blacklisted members would not get such a benefit.


  296. Jamaicans earning interest off of the same loans that benefit them. Instead of the imperialist Americans earning the interest!

  297. Now that would be the ‘mother’ of all diaspora bonds!

  298. The IMF report seems to be in ‘demand’ from ‘those in the know.’

  299. Tafari

    Have you seen the interview with Lester Bird on the BBC’s Panorama Documentary on Allan Stanford?

    I’m told that the documentary has been so popular that another may well be in the pipeline about guess who?

    David Smith.

  300. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00kfrtv

    You got to make it simple for them.

  301. floridian, here are your words:

    When did the Club members ever authorise David Smith to donate millions of US$ of our money to politicians?

    Our money? Thought you were not an investor? Telling childlike lies now?

    still no answer from you I see…What is your motive here? Was that your answer? You are, after all an investor?

  302. floridian is finally exposed…an imposter, you are floridian…changing skins daily,,,one minute you are not an investor, the next you are….and that is why you won’t tell what your true purpose is…..ha h ah ha ha ha ha ha h a

  303. I didn’t ask you that….nor do I care…answer the q I asked…what is your motive? Rhetoric question really nut is will cleanse your soul (if you have one) to come clean…..what is up dude?

  304. oridian, on May 30th, 2009 at 6:52 pm Said:


    Have you seen the interview with Lester Bird on the BBC’s Panorama Documentary on Allan Stanford?

    I’m told that the documentary has been so popular that another may well be in the pipeline about guess who?

    David Smith.

  305. Dis I ask you that? Nah, I didn’t!

  306. floridian…….Now, in the interest of transparency, please answer the question. What is your purpose/motive here? It has to be something, come on, humor me…

    Are you going to answer? Well, if you are not, you are usless to me ( and many reading this blog) So keep cutting and pasting things that everyone read a thousand times……I will no longer read your posts…any one with some useful info?.

  307. Tafari

    your Sliiiipp a shooow. again. get some elastic and hold it up gyal.

    Listen there are no investors in olint on victims and criminals and the Smith’s Martinezes, greg Hurd etc.

    and of course tafari who for someone who wants so bad to find the money makes no comment on damning evidence shown here and wants to talk about me.

    Settle down Tafari you getting nervy and hot under collar. Those emotions will have theri time for many but don’t flutter so early. i will let you know when it is the time for you to run.

  308. Pity you use the name “Tafari” and use the American slang “Dude” You do diservice to the Emperor, Ethiopia, the Rastafarian movement (recent recipent of a Musgrave medal) and Oxford University.

    Anyway in some strange way your panic is understandable. Behind many cool exteriors right now are many wiretaps of certain meetings where there is much discord.

  309. Oh you thought is police alone set wiretap. What you think Tafari?

  310. You think Tafari Mckonnen respect criminal?

    I notice that while you are ‘desparately’ seeking information you pass no comment on this:

    ” …is nothing more than the desire of criminals to find a way, any way, to evade responsibility for what they have done.”


    Tafari ask somebody to read it to you then nuh.

  311. The BUSHMASTER classics are now searchable. You will find your favorite OLINT TCI bank contracts, your favorite politicians, or your friends. Some of the 383 posting/emails all now searchable.


    Come while the supplies last.

  312. floridian…….Now, in the interest of transparency, please answer the question. What is your purpose/motive here? It has to be something, come on, humor me…

    Are you going to answer? Well, if you are not, you are usless to me ( and many reading this blog) So keep cutting and pasting things that everyone read a thousand times……I will no longer read your posts…any one with some useful info?.

  313. floridian…….Now, in the interest of transparency, please answer the question. What is your purpose/motive here? It has to be something, come on, humor me…
    You are an investor after all………LMAO

    Are you going to answer? Well, if you are not, you are usless to me ( and many reading this blog) So keep cutting and pasting things that everyone read a thousand times……I will no longer read your posts…any one with some useful info?.

  314. Gentlefolk:

    “I hate DS he is a thief” is not evidence……

  315. floridian…….Now, in the interest of transparency, please answer the question. What is your purpose/motive here? It has to be something, come on, humor me…

  316. A media commentary is not admissable as evidence….I said I wouldn’t read them but floridian, people here are beginning to see you for what you are….That is actually the name given to me at birth…born to an Ethiopian mother and father from Zaire…..I have lived in Europe, USA, Canada, Nigeria, Panama, Colombia and St. Kittts….I was educated at Princeton, married a woman of mixed race (african and latin). I lectured at a major US university for sis years before leaving the US to live in Central America with my wife….That’s me exposed…who are you?

    That is me all exposed. Who are you? What is your motive?

    I see you know not the difference between commentary and “evidence”…To date, I have seen not one bit of evidence proving OLINT’s guilt or proving Olint’s evidence…and I am wondering whether the TCI FCU has seen any…
    I have my hunch…DS was up to something….It appears from everything I have gathered to date, and from my interview with TCI FCU, that there was a mixture of trading and ponzi (no facts, just a gut feeling)…..
    That said, the idea is to get the answers that TCI FCU does not have. They still have no info from Hallmark regarding the contracts (between feeder clubs and the bank). It appears that the name OLINT was incorporated by reference in the contracts but the contracts do not say that the money was being held for or on behalf of OLINT. But it appears there is a secondary contract between OLINT and the bank and I am searching to see if there was a secondary contract between Olint and the feeder clubs (and individuals) that would give Olint the right to move the money from the various accounts. If not, the money could still be there and since it is not in olint’s name, the bank/s have no legal obligation to pony up the info to the police.
    I have advised the TCI FCU to get another court order/warrant to get the bank records but I guess the court won’t be willing to do that without a copy of one of these “secondary” contracts if they exist.

    floridian, while you blog, cut and paste and point people to news clippings that was read by everyone a million times, and while you hold the info on olintja as your bible (AML you too), people are actually taking action to get their money….

    there is “evidence” to folks who gossip on a blog, and there is pertinent admissable evidence when it comes to a court of law….

    So for your information, none of this “evidence” was used so far for as basis for the charges filed against David Smith to date. The “forged” documments, the theft charge, none of these documents are available on olintja….Do you not think that Mark Knighton (his accent might be difficult to understand but he can read) has seen olintja? Well, he has…he just couldn’t find any useful “evidence” there.

    Should I go on? Do you want to know what “evidence is being used to charge DS to date?

    There is a saying that a little bit of knowlege is a dangerous thing…floridian, with you, a little bit of knowlege (the ability to cut and paste) is catastrophic….

  317. Harbourshark, do I satisfy your “international exposure” criteria?

  318. Tafari Francis

    Maybe someone forgot to post it.

    Acc’t # 11011378 – SGL Holdings Inc.

    Documents to be posted.

  319. The bank account is the contract.

  320. The ship start leaking again!

    Wonder if more rats going to try and bail out!

  321. Good guy. AML……SGL Holdings is that Piere entity in Grenada. If you found an account in SGL’s name at Hallmark, that is good…what is the account balance?

  322. SGL is bankrupt. Tafari is not an accurate reflection of what Inspector Knighton thinks. Tafari is an idiot and Inspector Knighton would not give him/her valuable information.

  323. Tafari is an idiot..even I may be inclined to believe you EDdd…where is the evidence? TCI FCU was in Grenada seeking to interview Pierre. SGL is bankrupt? Really? Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 (LOL).

    I know that SGL hasn’t paid out since January 2008…but bankrupt? Did someone say that SGL was NOT bankrupt?

    Tafari is an idiot because AML says somethng and Tafari ask for evidence…Wow, is this Mr. Edd the talking horse?

  324. Tafari you should acquire a brain.Too much consumption of that green vegetable matter destoys brain cells. Do you need evidence for the proposition that the sun will come up tomorrow? Do you need evidence that Xenon exists?Have you ever observed pure chlorophyll in plants? You would not argue against any of these propositions would you?SGl has no money therefore it is bankrupt. Horses do not talk they neigh. Donkeys bray however and your writings remind me of them

  325. And regarding Inspector Knighton, what does he think? Tafari is not an accurate reflection bla bla bla? What does he think? I will tell you what he told me he thinks, that ” was running a ponzi.”..that “he (david smmith) was taking money from Peter to pay Paul”…that “SGL is not cooperating” with TCI FCU…that “the 100 million (that Olint had with Martinez) was transferred to Jamaica to pay out encashments” I recorded it you idiot Edd, so I can play it back in court….what does Knighton think if not what Tafari reports? Edd, I take it you are TCI FCU..you stupid cop,…..you jumped the gun by raiding DS…or did you? Were you too late and did DS (thief or conman he might be) elude you by moving the money before you got there?…Was he tipped off about the raid? Well, I heard that he was….All you got was a computer, some papers and 10 million, right? AML just showed that until Aug 08 (if those records are actual bank records) Olint had access to at least US$129,000,000. I don’t think there was a run on the fund between mid 07 and Jan 08…So where is the money? I think that DS is hiding it. I want to find it…and neither your sloppy police work nor floridian’s stupidity will stop me.
    I will leave no stone unturned….And when I find it guys, I will speak to my lawyers and if they have no objection, I will report it here.
    David Smith is not getting away with my money.
    I have also advised my lawyer to file an injunction to prevent DS from using any of his funds in his defense…..as long as he is owing people so much money, any dime he tries to access will be siezed….
    TCI FCU, where did DS get the million for his bail? Was it a cash bail? How many sureties were there? Who were they?
    Dumb cop Edd, what is the word?
    I have a hunch that DS is a thief..I have a hunch that he may be thinking now to ride it out now and wait until he is out of jail..then he will be sitting high with the millions of people’s money….I will make sure that that doesn’t happen.
    The TCI FCI is inept…They lack the sophistication to conduct a proper investigation. Guys get the help you need from London. Because if you mess this thing up, and you don’t recover the stolen money, you will make folks very unhappy. And stop discussing the case with strangers…..Isn’t there a court order? Maybe I should send a copy of the recording to the Judge. See how the court feels about you discussing the case that way…

  326. Did someone say that SGL was NOT bankrupt? Edd, go away!

  327. Edd the talking horse..Mr EDD as hE was callEd was the star of a very popular TV sitcom…FYI…..Mr. EDD, the difference with you is that you think with the other end of your body….You waste my time….

  328. Jay,what is your definition of name calling? I notice that tafari is permitted to call
    Ed a horse.Isn’t that name calling?Jay I know that you are one of the founding
    fathers of the blog but I think you should be fair to all contributors. People have lost real money here,no matter that people like Tafari write.

  329. And I think that was ASP Knighton….need to double check….

  330. Edd, on May 31st, 2009 at 11:52 am Said:

    SGL is bankrupt. Tafari is not an accurate reflection of what Inspector Knighton thinks. Tafari is an idiot and Inspector Knighton would not give him/her valuable information.

    Mr. Edd, how do you know what ASP Knighton would and wouldn’t do? Are you his boyfriend?

  331. How did DS outsmart TCI FCU and hide the money? Not because he is a smart thief…it is because they are idiots….

  332. Which accounts, there are multiple. Ask Piere, then ask the bank, then ask OlintTCI/David Smith. The above account should be the first or primary.

    Sylvene T. Blissett – SGL Holdings Inc.
    Acc’t # 11011378 – SGL Holdings Inc.
    Lester O. Clyne – SGL Holdings Inc.

    11011378 is clearly defined has or did have money in it.

    The other one or 2 accounts does not show the exact money trail but deposits were being applied to “SGL Holdings ” name.

    Money stopped being identified/coming in on 04/23/2007.

    In document 5/14/2007
    Lester O. Clyne ID was never received,
    Sylvene T. Blissett cannot be found if he existed,
    before 5/14/2007

    9/12/07 document says Lester O. Clyne ID was never received.

    9/12/07 document says Sylvene T. Blissett ID was received.

    “what is the account balance?” There is not enough information to determine the exact account balance.

    This is a maze of fraud or bad accounting or information added after the fact.

    I have to send more time on it to give you a rough answer.

  333. AML you are a genius….that is exactly the type of info tha needs to be out there….

    I am looking at something here as well…

    It is beginning to appear that Hallmark Bank was doing some not-too-above-board stuff here.

  334. Harbourshark, people has lost real money here….I agree with you (for the first time?)….Look people, DS has money hidden somewhere….Any one of you a direct contributor to OLINT? Please don’t say here but on Monday you should contact Hallmark bank (if that is where you sent your money) and ask for your money back…..
    Harbourshark, get on board and lets keep talking about this….DS should not be allowed to get away with a penny….
    If his intentions are honourable, let him pay up. Quite frankly, I will not-so-gladly accept 70% of my principal if that is all he can pay back.

  335. Green vegetable matter…..Is tha what the feed the idiots in TCI FCU?

  336. AML..the Clyne account, what is the latest date you have for that acc being active?

  337. Just for giggles, how many folks here thought that DS would start paying in 9 months?

    I noticed that with all the releases from OLINT since this thing started, not once did he say that he has the money to pay…..why do you think that is?

  338. Only Clyne or the bank knows or someone with the account information. There is no information to associate Clyne with an account(exact bank account) except to the SGL name based on Client_List_9-12-07.xls

  339. Is Clyne real or added after the fact so Clyne could retrieve the money?

  340. Clyne and his wife were in Germany on “vacation” recently…how are these guys taking vacations to europe while people are suffering? They lack the decency to at least pretend they are broke……These guys have nerve….

  341. Clyne is the pr\incipal of SGL….he also has a security company in Grenada I think….

    I am wondering what his deal (contract) with olint was…I know that his statements to his investors were consistently 3% lower than the other feeder clubs….when olint paid 5.4% he paid 2.4, when olint paid 16% he paid 13 and so on….So he made a killing by skimming the additional 3%.

  342. A contract specifying OlintTCI as a trader. I know but do not have the contract. I remember the outline but not the details. I have seen many things come my way. Way too much infomation to remember all.

  343. That might have been Potsdam or is this how the feeders are inticed?

  344. Hallmark bank has been sued in the United States by Christopher Walker and
    F-1 investments. Hallmark Bank is at the centre of the OLINT crisis.Hallmark bank’s agents in Jamaica is Stirling Assets run by Charles Ross. Ross has both Olint accounts and David Smith Accounts.

  345. The contract is between the individual and the bank with “the funds traded by ” olint…that could be why we are hearing that olint has only 10 million…these guys do not care one way or another if you or I get our money…as a matter of fact, it will do them a lot better if they could “prove” that DS had no money left..that would prove their case and justify this fiasco of an investigation they are running…..and that my friends will allow DS to get away with the money…all he has to say is, TCI FCU say I have no money, do his two years in a Turks prison, then he is a filthy rich man with over 200 million US dollars at his disposal…..
    So they may be helping him with his little plan.Who knows, TCI is so corrupt, the police are probably in it with DS for a cut. How many of them did he already have in his posket when he and the premier were buddy-buddy? They are all crooks there….Any coincidence why DS chose TCI when he got pressure in Jamaica? TCI government and police were corrupt. They are no better than the Jamaican officials….actually they are worse, and a little more stupid.

  346. Clyne, David Smith and Don Creary are Buddies. Smith is using the time given to him by the US investigation to hide all the money . Creary is spreading the time to convince the Jamaican public that all is OK, while the JLP gets money from david Smith to run the bye-elections.

  347. So Knighton and your little sergeant boy, what’s his name…..are you in on it with David Smith? Seems logical enough…..Why do you try so hard to prove there is NO money left? We all know that a guy runs a ponzi to steal.
    We all know that there was money there in late 07.
    We all know that he did NOT pay out for months.
    We all know that you can’t find the money.
    We all know that TCI is world corruption headquarters.
    We all know that your investigators are infighting about the evidence against DS.
    We all know that you waited 7 months to charge him.
    We all know that DS and the premier were boys.
    We all know that the premier has a buddy still at TCI FCU.
    Knighton, what of it? You in on this? How much is DS paying your guys? Where is the money.
    And yes you pissed me off this morning, TCI FCU……so now you know who I am……
    I will expose every smell of corruption….Knighton, should I reveal here what you know I know?

  348. Edd, any evidence of money transferred from Olint to JLP for the elections? Post it, that would be cool. I hope you have something substantive and that you are not speculating again……right buddy?

  349. DS gave money to the parties before, but is there any proff that this is happening again? DS should not be allowed to have a penny to buy toilet paper much less bribe a polititian….

  350. What is the connection between Missick and Smith’s belongership status ?.Were you at the Prime Minister of Jamaica’s diaspora briefing arranged by Hutchinson and David Smith? Who went to Smith’s house for dinner with the Prime Minister later that night?

  351. Edd, are these rhetoric? Give the answers if you have them….

  352. As soon as the PM returned to Jamaica he anounced the by-election. The money is sent to the JLP by Bette Gordon David Smith’s sister. She has quietly played a major money-laundering role in this case without being detected.
    She was the brainchild of the phoney Olint trust. A Don Creary creation.I have
    chapter and verse on this one.

  353. tafari follow up these leads.

  354. Well these bloggers take it to another level.

  355. Ok guys, enough of the name calling stuff. Lets not take the level of the discussions down into the gutters.

  356. Edd, I get you….It will not be until Monday though. My guy is in the country with his new wife..Hey King, hope you are reading all this…..

  357. Harbourshark, someone just confirmed to me that your information is correct. Now we are “cooking with gas” as they say…..

  358. Jay you are right and I am guilty of that as well but I think we all come around eventually. I guess we all have the same desire…..but some of us take our eye off the ball sometimes. After all, people are really hurting…

    Now if OLINT has money to give to JLP, where is my money?

    If the JLP accepts money from DS while Jamaicans are hurting, they should not get a single vote EVER AGAIN……..

  359. Jamaica has no campaign finance statutes. The JLP continues to accept large amounts of money from David Smith’s agents Bette Gordon and Stirling bank. This is direct money laundering. I wonder how long the FBI will allow this
    type of activity under their nose. Ross of Stirling is a bagman for David. The Jamaica FSC has no power to stop him. Stirling has a fictitious BVI entity which launders money for David Smith. Smith uses the money to bribe law enforcement and bribe journalists. Some of it was used to start a street riot in Turks against the British,the riots did not come off.

  360. Do we have any verifyable evidence? Or is this more speculation? If you are posting info to make the blog interesting, please say so…

  361. Tafari you can confirm what I am saying by reviewing the Stirling invoices on Olintja.com, Call Stirling to confirm BVI corporation, Call BVI Corporate registry,review Senate Foreign Relations Committee records using the Freedom of Information Act. All of this information is in the public domain for public records research.It is common knowlege among PAJ journalists that Creary
    pays /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


    These facts are verifiable through the FSC Jamaica,BVI Corporate Registry,
    Senate Foreign Relations Committee through the Freedom of Information Act,
    Laws of Jamaica etc.

  362. Ok, now that’s very good. If your information regarding Sterling and Hallmark is correct, and if David Smith is still giving money away (bribes whatever) then he has access to money, our money.
    That seems to contradict the TCI FCU and floridian and all the other bloggers who have been preaching for a year now that all the money is gone.

    Now that said, if DS is still using our money, would it be safe to assume that he is still trading? If he has access to the money to give to the JLP then he has access to it to trade; the court order must not be affecting him.

    Therefore, would it be safe to assume that there is a chance he will make good on his promise to pay? Or will he give it all away?

    I will follow up in the BVI, my brother-in-law works with the government there.

    • Tafari,

      As part of the quest for HARD, VERIFIABLE evidence, maybe you dig up some evidence to support the claim that Mr. Smith was EVER trading successfully?

      (you said “still trading”, so I assume you believe that at some point he was doing so)

  363. Does anyone have the language of the court order in TCI which, I was told, prevents DS from dealing in the company’s assets? If he is still giving away money, then he would be in violation of the court’s order.

    I think that the way around that would be that the monies is not in Olint’s (or DS’s) name……

    I’ll get to the bottom of this….

    I need bank records showing DS still touching Olint’s funds….I need something from Sterling and Hallmark….Help anyone?

  364. Tafari, when you check with BVI, do a check with FSC Jamaica to determine if Ross and Stirling have disclosed to FSC Jamaica the BVI affiliate. Then find out if the BVI Sterling is just on paper or is it a fraud.You could also look up a lawsuit filed against Sterling by their minority shareholders in Jamaica and another lawsuit filed in St Lucia. The Jamaica lawsuit was filed by Minette Palmer Esq.Then check the Federal Reserve about complaints against Sterling. You will find that Sterling is a licensed launderer of money that could be shut down any time.Olint ja blog has info,ie invoices on Olint paid through Sterling.Sterling pays all the Smith family expenses in Jamaica.No smoke without fire.

  365. Tafari,
    From all the available and verifiable information that we have seen, there has been nothing yet to support the view that DS was ever trading any large amount of money.

    In fact what we have seen is what I would consider a feeble attempt by DS to pretend that he was in fact trading forex.
    Now is if assume that there is very little other data to contradict what I stated above, then answer the following questions.

    1. What then was DS doing with all the money?
    2. How could he have been paying 10% per mth for x yrs
    3. Why did he stop paying.

    If you can find answers to those questions, your answer to where the money is will get answered at least in part.

  366. I agree with Jay. Although I believe that whatever he did with it was funneled through the Martinez’ and Hallmark Bank

  367. Jay, the questions are elementary, as in, first asked.

    Be it that you may be one of the investigators looking at the information, I will say that there was some trading going on….

    What was he doing with all the money? Answer: Living a lavish lifestyle, bribing polititians, trading with leverage.

    Why did he stop paying? Answer: That is what we are here to find out. It is not yeta foregone conclusion and I don’t know why you and others are trying so hard to convince people that all the money is gone. As I asked before, why would anyone try so hard to let people turn their backs on the possibility (however remote) that they can recover some money? Are you in it with David Smith? Is he going to give you a cut?
    That is not a personal attack just a curious position, Jay.
    How could he have been paying 10% per month? Easy…Answer: If you are really that good at forex, and you have good months, then you can pay high returns in your months with losses by being a combination trader and ponzi….
    Why, though are some bloggers trying so hard to convince folks that all the money is gone? They even get angry and start attacking anyone who suggest that OLINT is hiding money somewhere….What is in it for these folks? If you call TCI FCU, they will try so hard to convince you tha the money is gone…why is that?
    Are they getting a cut too?
    I get it that it is quite possible that the guy is a bloody thief…well, he has stolen money somewhere…Let’s say I am running a ponzi…and my output requests starts to exceed my intake, at which point do I say, hey man, I need to stop paying out and be broke. Let me stash some money here or there, or in my mom’s name, or in my brother’s name, or in my wife’s name.
    It is strange that the same folks who are claiming that the guy was a smart ponzi thief is angry when you ask where the money is.

    There has to be a motive……

  368. If he didn’t steal it or ponzi it, it is somewhere.

    If he was running a ponzi, he would not give it all back…he therefore stole some….it has to be somewhere.

    Jay, you can’t have it both ways……Or maybe you can……LMAO

  369. So if Olint was indeed a Ponzi, DS wasn’t running a ponzi simply to redistribute wealth. He was doing it to have access to money to steal.

    I am hearing this morning that there are a few properties in Broward county Florida (13 to be exact) that were bought with OLINT funds. That is the sort of thing that we need the FBI to look at. Stolen money financing real estate in Florida….I know that Florida is a homestead state and I wonder if the law has an avenue to sell these homsteaded properties to recover stolen money.

  370. Documents updated on Olintja website.


  371. Tafari,

    Download and save this IMF working document on Ponzi in the Caribbean. Read in your own time


  372. Jay:

    Can you read? I have read everything ever published on ponzis….I am not saying that OLINT was not a ponzi….Show me the money.

    What is your motive Jay?

  373. What is your purpose? Why try so hard? What is in it for you? WHo are you? Are you TCI FCU?

    Why try so hard? Everyone on here has access to the computer like you do and can google all this info…why are you posting these links? What do they prove?

    You point to some bank records from March 07….What bank? I guarantee you I can create an equally impressive spread sheet in ten minutes…
    Why try so hard Jay? What is in it for you?

    So you know where to find commentary about ponzis….what does that prove? Really, guy…..

  374. I have been reading the older blogs a least from July 08 and bloggers like sirach has one consistent theme…The money is gone guys, go home and forget about it.
    Well, I am not going to forget about it…..and since you try so hard to get me to forget about it, I must know why…..

  375. Once the potential links can be shown, e.g like the WorldWise link was shown, can you post the information on those properties in question,

  376. SOme of the owner’s names can be found on these blogs and on olintja….Go to the broward county property appraiser’s website. Search by name….
    enter the last name first…..

  377. I am not yet ready to post people’s name here until I can prove that the money came form Olint

  378. Tafari… PONZI operaters are thieves but they have expenses.

    1. Staff Salaries & Benefits ( if you run a business you will know how much this can consume)
    2. Legal fees (Recently you would have been reminded of the fees these lawyers charge. Ask Uncle Abe!)
    3. Office Rent
    4. Office Utilities (JPSCo we do care, Digicel, Miphone and LIME(CW), NWC water is life)
    5. Political Donations ( Political Parties, and individual Politicians)
    6. Charity Donations
    7. Sponsorships (i.e. Ms. Universe, Premier League, Jazz and Blue Festivals)
    8. Transportation( Airline fees, Jet fees etc, Gas for the SUVs, plus Vehicle Maintenance)
    9. Marketing and Advertising (includes PR)
    10. Entertainment expenses (including parties, accommodation, cruises, gambling etc)
    11. Security
    12. Miscellaneous

    In addition to the expenses, there are ‘investments’ some that will fail.

    Take the time to re-read:

    1. Man Mother and his Ponzi

    2. What happens to the Money in a Ponzi Scheme

    In the second article above, ‘compounding was ignored, while both ignored expenses form there you will see the dire situation.

    So there MIGHT be a little money left, maybe 0-20 cents in the dollar for investors to get BUT certainly not 60-80 cents in the dollar, that would be big big surprise. Sadly that is the reality.

  379. Tafari,
    You do read but yet you still does not get the message, regarding the money, ie where is the loot?

    The fact is my friend is that whatever can be traced, found or confiscated will be no more than pennies on the dollar.
    That has been the history with Ponzi scheme worldwide, even in the big bad USA.

    You seem to think Olint is different, and I am saying Olint investors should never believe that the outcome of this case is going to be any different.

    I say yes pursue the case to its fullest, but as you seem to not realize there is a “carrying” cost for this action and it has to be funded from somewhere.

    There is auditing fees, investigative cost, liquidator/receiver fees, his workers fees, and legal cost.

    Where do you think this money will come from, and the longer the process the greater the cost.

    David knows this, some Olint investors know this.

    My motive is Olint investors try to refocus, re-organized and try to make sure you NEVER become the victim of another ponzi.

    Use the time wisely to try and recover from the losses and while doing so, try to educate as much persons as possible about the dangers of super high returns on investment.

  380. OK Jay. Your wise words are readily accepted.

    Lets find the pennies on the dollar now. Quite frankly I on’t care if it is half a penny..David Smith must be left penniless…..He should not have a piece of paper to wipe his ass…..

    So he was running a ponzi, so what? Saying that over and over does not help recover whatever money is left…

    Now on the other hand, there are those who believe that DS is still giving money to polititians (JLP)……Is that really so?

    Jay, what do you think?

  381. Also duly noted is the insightful words of johndoe…..Great work guys…..Now show me the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. Let us go ahead with a simple model. It iss long but follow the money trail.

    FOREX10 starts a ponzi. 10 persons invest 1000 per month, getting returns of 10% per month. Assuming no new members for the first 8 months as its silent movement.

    Month 1..
    Opening Balance: 10,000
    Interest payments : 1,000 (10 x 100)
    Closing balance:: 9,000
    Principal Owed: 10,000

    Month 2..
    Opening Balance: 9,000
    Interest payments 1,000
    Closing balance: 8,000
    Principal Owed: 10,000

    Month 3 – 7 Summarised. No new members, no members leaving
    Month 3 Interest Paid 1,000, Closing Balance: 7,000, Principal Owed: 10,000
    Month 4 Interest Paid 1,000, Closing balance: 6,000, Principal Owed: 10,000
    Month 5 Interest Paid 1,000, Closing balance: 5,000, Principal Owed: 10,000
    Month 6 Interest Paid 1,000, Closing balance: 4,000, Principal Owed: 10,000
    Month 7 Interest Paid 1,000, Closing balance: 3,000, Principal Owed: 10,000
    oh know, need some new members. Things not looking good.

    Month 8 ..
    Opening Balance: 3,000
    Interest payments 1,000
    Closing balance: 2,000
    Principal Owed: 10,000

    Crisis: Can’t pay back principal. unless new funds come in no way interest payments can be made soon.

    Month 9 ..
    Note: Gets 10 new members at the beginning of this month. membership doubles, What a relief!
    Opening Balance: 12,000 (i.e. 2,000 + 10,000)
    Interest payments 2,000 ( interest payments doubles 10% of 20,000)
    Closing balance: 10,000
    Principal Owed: 20,000

    It gets messy so we start posting ‘projection’ and ‘actual’ for the months.

    Month 10 .. Projection
    Note: 12 members decided is time to leave at the end of the month.( 10 because their money double 2 not sure about this thing)
    Opening Balance: 10,000
    Interest payments*: 2,000
    Principal Repayments**: 12,000
    Closing balance: -4,000 ( 10,000 – 2,000* – 12,000**)
    Principal Owed: 8,000 ( 20,000 – 12,000)

    Crisis!: 12 members are owed 12 x 10,000 = 12,000. Only 8,000 available . Time for excuses. Pay 8, delay payments for 4. So only eight was paid.

    Month 10 actual restated
    Note: 12 members decided is time to leave at the end of the month a) 8 members paid. b) 4 to be repaid
    Opening Balance: 10,000
    Interest payments*: 2,000
    Principal Repayments**: 8,000
    Closing balance: 0 ( 10,000 – 2,000* – 8,000**)
    Principal Owed: 12,000 ( 20,000 – 8,000)

    Crisis!: Club broke! Time to get some new members!!!. No Principal repayment.

    Month 11 Projection
    1. four (4) to be repaid principal from month 10. 12 members still in the club. Club broke.
    Opening Balance: 0
    Interest payments*: 1200 (12 x 100)
    Principal Repayments**: 4,000
    Closing balance: -5,200 ( 0 – 1,200* – 4,000**)
    Principal Owed: 8,000

    Month 11 Actual
    Note: luckily 6 new members join. They heard about the good returns. 18 members at start of month. 4 members leaving. 14 members to be left at end of month.
    Opening Balance: 6,000 (0 + 6,000)
    Interest payments*: 1800 (18 x 100)
    Principal Repayments**: 4,000
    Closing balance: 200 ( 6000 – 1,800* – 4,000**)
    Principal Owed: 14,000 (18,000 – 4,000)

    Crisis!: Problems remains. Due Diligence. New Policy.Only members with source of funds submitted gets paid? or oh let them sign a new agree 6-26 weeks before withdrawal? which one ?

    Month 12 Projection
    Note: 14 members in the club. 4 members want to leave
    Opening Balance: 200
    Interest payments*: 1400 (i.e 14 members remain)
    Principal Repayments**: 4000
    Closing balance: -5,200 (i.e. 200 – 1,400* – 4,000**)
    Principal Owed: 10,000 (14,000 – 4,000)


    Crisis!!: Excuses. The banks holding up the payments. Due diligence… Due to circumstances beyond or control.. no payments will be made this month.

    I hope everyone gets the picture…. It gets messy.
    a) expenses not factored, other underhand activities not factored
    b) if compounding was involved that principal figure would be growing at times.

    Read carefully the articles. You lose your money in a PONZI. Protect yourself, friends and family!

    As Jay said. pursue the case to the fullest but face the reality 0-20 cents on the dollar, certainly not 70,80,90 cents of the dollar. That would be a surprise.

    Alright Tafari, time to find the pennies

  383. Olint TCI investors could be left penniless
    THE WINDING-UP of a TCI firm at the centre of a multi-million dollar fraud is set to begin on Tuesday with the appointment of a liquidator.

    Smith was described by former Premier Michael Misick in December 2007 as a “model citizen” who had made an enormous contribution to the local economy.


    Speaking in Jamaica following Olint’s establishment of a foundation to help children with special needs in that country, Mr Misick said: “Good people matter and I am happy that this foundation has been established.

    “We appreciate the efforts of David and Tracy and how greatly they have contributed to the economy of Turks & Caicos in the short time they have been there.

    “Jamaica’s misfortune is indeed the good fortune of Turks & Caicos having gained these model citizens.”

  384. Ok johndoe, why try so hard…what is your interest in ensuring that tafari understands a ponzi?

    Your elaborate example tells me that you know quite a bit about ponzies…are you in it with DS? Now you want me to lose interest in what is left? WHAT IS YOUR INTEREST IN TRYING TO GET TAFARI TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE MONEY IS GONE?



  385. Fighting Mr Misick’s corner is renowned British QC Edward Fitzgerald who represented the former Premier during the Commission of Inquiry hearings.

    Mr Fitzgerald has worked on a multitude of infamous cases.

    Previous clients include Bahamian drug kingpin Samuel ‘Ninety’ Knowles, English serial child killer Myra Hindley and several members of the IRA.


  386. When the Order in Council is enforced, the House of Assembly and the Ministerial form of Government will be suspended for at least two years and the UK Government will assume direct rule through the Governor


  387. JohnDoe: your accounting makes for interesting reading.. esp. month 9, where the interest payment doubles and the principal owed doubles…thats the killer. Kind of what everybody thinks they know but if you ask them they couldnt tell you quite like that.

    That’s one of the best analysis posts on this site. Makes me want to run a more comprehensive spreadsheet ting, where he is actually doing a likkle trading in the beginning.

    Anybody noticed that overseaslocket.com is completely gone, no yellow warning, no excuse about hackers…nothing but an error message….some of us downloaded our statements about 8 months ago as warned on this site..but what to do with them now….kindling.


  388. Good news! Olint to be would up. Now a liquidator is appointed and hopefully this liquidator will not be associated with the idiots at TCI FCU….
    The liquidator must go after every asset that Olint and David and Tracy Smith has….I want the mud on the tires of their car, I want her panties, I want every penny…
    I get it that I may recover only pennies on the dollar…well, I will have pevvies and DS and Tracy must be left with NOTHING…NOTHING!
    I want his clothes, I want his toothbrush, I want his future earnings….I want him found and strip searched…I want his pants…..

  389. I want his garbage, I want his socks with the holes in them, I want him in jail, I want him crucified…whatever it takes to get my money…..I will only be satisfied to get “pennies on the dollar” if I know that he and his wife and his family and his friends are all in jail and without a penny.

    DS, if you know what is good for you, you will elect to pay every penny you have. I will find you, the law will find you…I will not rest as long as you are able to buy a bread…and as soon as you give the shop-keeper a dollar, theye I will be to snatch away your bread…

    So where did you send the money? Belize? I hope so…cause I will find you there…How about the middle east? Well, sorry David, cause I have contacts throughout that region…So Mr. Premier, and you JLP folks, you forever have to watch your backs…or you can get DS to pay up and we will all just get along.

    My only wish now is that the TCI FCU didn’t F up the investigation like they did…These guys are complete idiots..some of the bloggers on here could have done a better job….

    And Mr. Sergeant, I have someone watching the jointnt you have with your girlfriend. If the amount goes up, I will snatch you up……You know who you are…

  390. that should be joint account…he knew what I meant

  391. @ Tafari: My post was not for you alone, it was for anyone and everyone you wants an objective understanding of the workings of a Ponzi.

    @Mr. Söze: Glad you appreciated the post. A spreadsheet would make it more interesting .Your print out might just prove useful so keep it close.

    I am happy to hear of the appointment of the liquidator. I now hope that persons will be able to get at least something back.

    Once the liquidator is in place REMEMBER to file your claim even if you have a lawsuit before the Courts. The liquidator will be court appointed. Olint TCI will basically cease to exist it will now be OLINT TCI (in liquidation)

  392. johndoe, so you are not an investor? Who are you?

  393. Eh johndoe? What motivates yo to post so eloquently here?

  394. In summary

    “The motivation is simple. We STRONGLY believe based on available evidence that 99.9% if not 100% of all UFOs are SCAMs of one sort or another.

    We believe that people have been lied to, tricked, simply scammed and that somebody has to say so and tell people that is what happened.

    We have family and friends that against or without our advice opted to invest in these SCAMS and we hurt when we see their and others suffering and in pain. Therefore we believe people must know what we think about the SCAMs and we also want to know the TRUTH of exactly what happened.

    We also hope that by presenting as much information we can people will embrace the need for a) Regulation b) Transparency and c) Disclosure.”

  395. johndoe, who is “we”?

  396. The quote was take from

    We.. represents the team behind Investforlife, myself included.

  397. Johndoe, I would like to thank you guys for providing the forum where we cuold have this discourse. It was quite a pleasure exchanging ideas with all….

    Now it is time to move on to the next stage…recovery. I have instructed my attorney to file liens against all known assets of David and Tracy Smith. I, however, will be in contact with the court-appointed liquidators as soon as their information is made available.

    So thank you guys again…….

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