Another Jamaican ‘Investment’ Manager charged

The Gleaner Power 106 news is reporting that a Jamaican Investment Manager has been charged. Quoting a Associated Press source the Power 106 newsroom is say that the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services have charged 48 year old Robert Christopher Girvan  obtaining a money transfer by deception and producing a false document. 

The following hedge funds have said to collapased and have been closed by the authorities in Cayman Islands and the subseuqent 

  • The Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund I,
  • Grand Island Commodity Trading Fund II and
  • the Grand Island Income Fund

These were registered by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority in 2006.

  • Grand Island Master Fund, was not registered in the Cayman Islands

Officials say the fourth, the Grand Island Master Fund, was not registered with regulators in the British territory

It is understood that the funds allegedly under management ranged from $20-30 Million Cayman Island Dollars


40 Responses

  1. Another one who kept up the antics in Jamaica without even a slap on the wrist (wondering why? Then this is not the blog for you)

    In Jamaica it seems you can buy a get out of jail free card then leave to some other island. But once a fraud always a fraud they can’t resist and their nature takes over even the farce of the God fearing veneer they use.

    Why do they always get a pass in Jamaica?

    Smith Left, Girvan Left, Wildish left..the …..voches the Crawfords, the Chen-Youngs, the linsay’s….Lawrence of Jamaica and on and on and on.

    Jamaica has become so cheap and people are bought and sold with such ease. The Law abiding who play by the rules suffer as a result of the collusion.

    These overseas investigations are going to wake up Jamaica and Jamaicans who through decades of acclimatisation have lost the ability to differentiate right from wrong.

    • It’s allowed to happen due to crooked Politicians, Lawyers and Judges. I have always said that if you want to win a case in Jamaica, you just have to hire the RIGHT lawyer. Where else can you find where Judges and Lawyers fraternized in the open with impunity on a daily basis?

  2. ure very right floridian dont forget fullerton of caldon finance in the ninties and also royden kyle riettie RKR fund is a style dem hav rob people with the bag a fancy talk and BS pay off the right people then disappear, then mayb they resurface 10 years time and think all is fogotton, mayb when one of them really pays for it and an example is made of one of them thats when the cycle goin stop.

  3. Riettie is on the chain gang call up list. He has fled Jamaica but his fate will be the same as the others. In fact the Feds were on him early and he retreated from the Jacks Hill house down to “the flats” but shortly after left. Riettie had a nice Charcoal Mini. I wonder what happened to it.

    The one to watch is Smith for there is one who knows everything even the stuff Smith himself does not know. I don’t believe that is even 10% of the story. There must be more shocking evidence. Maybe someone is holding back cards to play with.

  4. floridian, MikeD and Bull,
    Another reason why this happens also is that the MASONIC LODGE runs things in JA. A family member of mine made absolutely NO headway in his suit against Fullerton until the Judge was changed to a female judge. Fullerton is a big Lodge man and so was the first judge. And guess who took the fall for Fullerton in this case?? His daughter.
    If you have a case against a Lodge man in court u might as well as pack your bags and go home.
    U dont believe me? Check it out, the Lodge run JA.


    • RedP, I hear alot about the lodges here in Jamaica but I always wonder if they had that much power and influence. The Masons in America and Europe basically control all the world banks and ultimately they are the rulers of this world. So are you saying that lodgemen here in Jamaica are interconnected and basically are calling all the shots? You think all our prime ministers are lodgemen?

  5. Hey Rob.
    The Lodge is a very secretive society, it is said that once u are in, you cannot come out. It is also claimed that the higher up you advance in the Lodge you start to participate in occult practices. This was confirmed to me by a former employee whose father and brother were very high up in the lodge. He claimed he had to leave the home in fear for his life due to “strange” happenings that he said were demonic in nature whenever his father and brother were behind closed doors together. Hence, solid evidence is hard to come by. It is said that the local lodge is interconnected with farrin. It has also been rumoured that the only possible way that PJ Patterson clung to power for so long was not because of popularity but because of the lodge. Who knows. Do I think they wield power down here? Yes I do. My fam member can attest to that. After losing over 15 mil to Fullerton and years of litigation he has yet to receive a dime.


  6. Royden Kyle Rettie Time soon come……

    His dishonesty and deception going hurt his entire family. Mommy (Dr.Lorna) Daddy (Royden) Spouse(Jodie) and Siblings (The Brothers), that incudes the extended fam too. Summertime going Hotttttttt!

    Can you say RICO?

  7. Red P, I thought you were more astute. If you think LODGE(S) run Jamaica then you are way off the mark. You must be green no offence a just truth. One man runs Jamaica and one alone. That person tell his big guys that include politicians and prime ministers to bend over and dem just bend over.

    Red P are you a Jamerican?

    Anyway Bruce Golding was in Provo today to talk to Jagans over there. Wonder if he spoke to the big contributor DS?

    How about a quiz Red P?

    Which Jamaican bought the entire TCI in the 1980’s? If you can answer that basic one you might redeem yourself in my eyes as a true son of the soil.

    I might even give you some more challenging questions on Jamaica…who knows 🙂

    If not then stick to like Mutty Perkins and that kind of utter RUBBISH.

  8. Def not as astute as you floridian my friend. 🙂 Still though, when you see an average guy join the lodge and then flourish overnight, it kinda makes you wonder. I’ve seen it happen here and abroad.

    Jamerican?? Nope. Dont check fi farrin. I’ll take JA over the US, Canada or UK any day, even with all our problems.

    So what happen with Mutty now?? You dont like his laugh?? Or is true you are a Ragga fan?? 🙂

    Peace bro

  9. Maybe Miss Cherry Wash Belly should join lodge.

  10. I hear you RedP. I do believe that they possibly are running the show here in JA as well. What I find so coincidental is the domino collapse of the UFO’s right after the start of the world recession.

    I believe all of them are interlinked and I heard that Madoff was linked with some powerful Jews. It wouldn’t surprise me if most of the funds in Madoff were siphoned off to secret accounts. Actually I just remembered reading an article that says all of the Madoff funds are in secret Israel bank accounts.

  11. Latest

    Minister Shaw a “no show” at Diaspora Meetings in Birmingham and London.

  12. Floridian…….Sirach,

    Dont you know him in S. Florida right now?

  13. kyle rettie really suprise me tho … he should kno that u can run but u cant hide forever . these people put there family at serious risk . now i hear that the noni office is closed down . look like they all packing up and hiding . is it true he driving a garbage truck in canada ?

  14. If u want to know where Kyle is just ask his mommy: She holding nuff assets for him as well.

    DentaCare Dental Associates
    Dr. Lana Riettie
    9900 Stirling Rd., Ste #100
    Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024
    PHONE: (954) 432-5555

  15. Our Second Office:
    101 N. Pine Island Rd, Ste #101
    Plantation, Florida 33324
    PHONE: (954)432-5555

    • Kyle Riettie carry me down nuff money. Don’t know what to do or how to get it back.
      Freebird u seem to know alot about the situation.
      how can l link up with other investors in my position so we can coordinate our efforts?

      • I have information on his whereabouts. contact me if you are still looking for this young man.

      • I would love to speak with you further about Kyle and his joke of a family.

  16. freebird u not playing around

  17. creary was paid 20,000 dollars amonth by Olint.How much of this was paid to gleaner journalists and
    directors to kill Olint stories and confuse the public?

  18. Why did the PM meet David Smith last Friday in front of several people?

  19. what r u talking about larry

  20. The e-mails show that don creary was paid 20,000 a month to promote Olint.
    creary bragged about controlling the media.

  21. Is the Press Association of Jamaica investigating Don Creary? I thought bribing
    journalists was against their code of conduct.

  22. 12 million dollars of Olint money paid to buy votes for the JLP.
    Next thing Creary will be OJ.

  23. I am glad that the E-.mails were seized by the Turks police .Now in the freedom and democracy of America we can see all the shenanigans of the JLP treasury.
    Wignall and Clarke will answer to the Jamaican people soon, for treating us like little children and doctoring editorials for David Smith.The Gleaner fought down Garvey and chased him away ,having
    banished our prophet they now wish to rob us of our
    birthright, by helping Smith rob us.

  24. OHH Every now and again I find a web site that is a real source of useful information and content. This is one of those. A rare beast indeed. Keep up the good work. Kind regards

  25. When is the next Gleaner annual meeting?

  26. has anyone out there found riettie? really getting worried.

  27. Howard can u give me any info on mr. Kyle riettie. i know hes not in canada, right? any email addresses or direct contact numbers?

  28. is anyone still looking for riettie, i may know where he is.
    just respond with you email and i will send you his wearabouts.

  29. Riettie is in Montreal…

  30. I am interested in pooling resources and sharing info

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