Investforlife & HYIP Programs one year later

May 2009 marks  roughly one year since this blog started, and it is interesting the turn of events.  It has been a most interesting year as the details of the Alternative Investment Schemes(AIS)/Un-regulated Financial ORganisations(UFO)  came out. It was however sad to see and hear the stories of persons deceived and deluded, some even to this day.

While there were others, the following persons, Jason, Nocotec, Jay, Robin Irie,  JohnDoe, DaveSin  were particular targets of harsh criticism for the daring to call the HYIPs Scams. So reviled was this group that were driven from a site (blog) that will remain nameless but it is now known as the #4 bus.  Interestingly, it was the suggestions of some of the posters on that blog that resulted in the formation of this blog. 

Their suggestion was taken and was born. One year later, having been featured on NationWide, CVM TV, mentioned indirectly by Observer writers, and over 950,000 page views, Investforlife remains while may UFOs have died along with many supporting websites.

Here is the list of the some ‘programs’ or ‘clubs’ and their prognosis.

  1. Cash Plus – Dead. CEO arrested and charged.
  2. WorldWise  – Dead.
  3. May Daisy – Dead. Anyone knows where the CEO is?
  4. Olint – Dead. CEO arrested and charged.
  5. Capital Blu – Dead  CEO arrested and charged.
  6. TCI FX – Dead.
  7. CARIEF – Bedridden.
  8. Higgins Warner – Dead.

Feeder Clubs – Dead

  1. Lewfam (Jamaica) – Dead
  2. SGL Holdings(Grenada) – Dead 
  3. KUI(Jamaica) – Dead
  4. Wealthbuilders(Jamaica) – Dead
  5. UWIN(Antigua) – Dead
  6. Vision Increase(Panama) – Dead
  7. Regency International(Florida) – Dead. CEO arrested
  8. F1 Investments(Florida) – Dead. Filed lawsuit against May Daisy
  9. Willshaw(St. Lucia) – Dead
  10. RKR Funds – Dead.

Some sites where the predominate theme appeared  to be the defense of the UFOs have also died or changed focus. We congratulate those that allowed the contrary fews to posted.

  1. (dead)
  2. (refocussed)
  3. (in need of cleaning up, controlled by spammers)
  4. – remains for the record.

Thanks to all the contributors that have kept this blog going, despite the challenges. May this experience be a lesson to us. Think and check before you invest.

17 Responses

  1. Great summary Investforlife.

    • It is sad that these crooks are allowed to defraud investors and disappear in the thin air with the loot. How long will they continue these schemes before someone put them out of their misery?

  2. Congrats, and Happy BIirthday.

    You know who is sitting there in nthe pew right now wondering why his lawyers told him things could be delayed for years. The lawyers got paid and he has learnt something.

    I hope others have too namely: Cases don’t take years to go to court. And hiding behind that mantra is about as stupid as trying to rob certain people who do this work day in day out for a living.

    Many happy returns.

  3. Thank you for all the info you provided. It enabled me to discuss the ponzi issues in an intelligent manner. But , more importantly, your info opened my eyes “as wide as a peenie wallie” ..ha. Thanks a million for all your help!!!!

  4. David Smith and Neil Lewis will be at the Federal Detention Center soon.

  5. All the same, please be advised that the British are politically and, arguably, legally bound to act pursuant to Sir Robin’s final report. This will entail implementing reforms to make our government more politically transparent and fiscally sound as well as conducting prosecutions against those implicated in corruption

  6. Remember this?With respect to the Privy Council ruling, Olint’s lawyer, Huntley Watson, welcomed the decision, according to the Jamaica Observer.

    Watson said that Olint was satisfied with the Privy Council’s ruling which would now allow it to focus on its core business of investment, and also the upcoming appeal with Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission which is seeking to compel the foreign investment scheme to register in order to continue trading in that country.

    The newspaper said Watson’s reaction was no surprise given that Olint had sought the Supreme Court’s decision late last year to discontinue its fight to prevent the National Commercial Bank from closing its accounts. The court refused the application then, noting that the matter was before the Privy Council.

  7. When David Smith is arrested he will implicate major Jamaican officials. Some of them have red passports. Lord G has told him to talk. That will lead to a reduced sentence.

  8. The JLP needs the emergence of a leader such as Anthony Holness. Someone, clean not connected with David Smith who can lead the party honourably to victory.Bruce ought to resign after steathliy meeting with David

  9. I was just told that the IMF will not lend money to Jamaica until the US Grand jury investigation is over and all Jamaican Prisoners for the US have been extradicted.

  10. Happy Birthday investforlife and congratulations on your defense of freedom of speech. The JLP salutes you;the real JLP that is, not the Olint faction.

  11. Why should taxpayer money be used to fly Bruce Golding and Darryl Vaz to Provo? This is a scandal. David Smith seems to be running the country. Can the auditor general get involved?

  12. Labourite, the Olint 3 controls the JLP, but not for long. The traditional JLP is getting ready to boot out the Olint 3. They are waiting until Robertson is arrested, which could be any time this summer.

  13. Let me congratulate this blog. Because of this blog even the TCI Journal is speaking the truth.Beware the Gleaner and the Observer they dont like competition or truthful reporting.They will come together to try and shut you down.Big money will soon start talking!

  14. During Mr Shearer’s days we had no need for hyips or the IMF. We had no need to buy votes or sell-out the party to bandits or moguls.

  15. I extend my heartiest congratulations to this blog on acheiving 1 year in operation.
    In my view it provides a wealth of information to OLINT stakeholders.
    Alas, the “official” daily newspapers have been appeared to be compromised by the likes of Don Creary and they have abdoned investigative reporting.

    Once again, congratulations !!!

    Your blog is now an analytical alternative to the Jamaican newspapers.

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