Lewfam: We are still waiting

Lewfam Club has issued another updated to members. In an apparent attempt to keep its promise to members Lewfam issued an update this morning. The short message is shown below.

Dear Members:

We have not yet received the information we were anticipating yesterday, but as soon as it is available we will let you know.

We apologise for the inconvenience but continue to appreciate your patience, understanding and support.

Management and staff of LewFam Club

Last week August 8,2008, Lewfam issued an e-mail advisory informing members that .  The apparent inability of Major Lewis to get any useful answers out of OLINT is another clear sign suggesting dark days ahead for OLINT investors.

Lewfam’s relationship with OLINT goes back to pre March 2006.  In fact, in March 2006, LewFam Investments and Trading Limited/Neil Lewis, et al,LewFam Investments Club/Neil Lewis, et along with OLINT Corp. Limited (“OLINT”)/David Smith, et al,Overseas Locket International Corp./David Smith, et al, were issued a Cease and Desist order by FSC in Jamaica.




47 Responses

  1. Is this new message a part of the nine months wait???????????
    Really now, what the investors want to know is where can they go to collect their money. Money to buy food, pay rent and survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lewis is nothing special. No one is. hahahahaa…eveybody starts the sh….t again. it usually goes like this,”well I have heard on good authority that….” hahahaahaaa or something like, “Well I spoke to somebody in the know and….” hahahahaaa

    Lewis you get what quack-quack get.

    or something like, “i going to go down and talk to David and…”

    and what?…..Get what quack-quack get on a personal level?……hahahahahahahaaaaa

  3. In the United States this week, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission announced the establishment of a special task force to investigate and prosecute foreign exchange trading scams at the retail end of the market. They were forced into action, the regulators said, because “unscrupulous operators are rife in the field”.

    The announcement by the Americans was broadly coincidental with the latest cease-and-desist order by Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) against a foreign exchange trading scheme, World Wise Partners.


  4. Lewfam is just another middleman who hasn’t had to run away yet. Maybe because they have built up there own cash reserves of other people’s money. I never gave some guy named Smith my money. I gave it to Lewfam. Is Lewfam who has to find my money. Not DS.

    Dem teck decent people money and mix it with drugs money. arrogant bastards! Wuckhouse

  5. Sirach,

    What do you mean by

    “dem tek decent ppl money and mix it with drugs money”

    I do not understand the significane of that statement. please explain.

  6. Sirach

    I agree with u that most of us have/had faith in DS as opposed to the others as the genuine operator – while i fully understand ppl losing all hope – I still believe we will come thru.


    How is China? I am so looking foward to the Asafa/Bolt/Gay clash……

  7. they have also not included when they will publish the next update, or why they have not gotten the current update.

    essentially they are saying that they have given away the money and have NO control of the person they have given it to

  8. You people are idiots.

  9. What did you people REALLY expect lewfam to say? They have somehow miraculously found tens of millions (if not hundreds) to pay ‘investors’?

    That David has come through and found money to repay investors ANYTHING?

    Come on people….. Its not about losing ‘hope’ its about being realistic. We’re not at month 8. There has been no payments for atl east the last 2, no meaningful communication from Mr. Smith or olint. Offices have been closed for weeks. Staff still has not returned to the island. Mr Smith and family are still off the island. No govt .agencies have released any positive news (the news that they havent found any wrong doing as yet is NOT positive in my book). Feeder clubs are suing left right and center, people that can afford it are suing….. what exactly would have to happen for people to finally move on?

    At this point this blog serves as merely entertainment… Any news that surfaces will surely either be negative, or non news

    (no disrespect to the blog owners…. i check in religiously daily to read the comments) 🙂

  10. Needy, If certain people’s money never reached any of the AIS’s then half of the problems being faced now would never have existed.

  11. People deh pon watchlist and anything them do being seen clear as day.

  12. Some peolple who think od themselves as big time people here in Jamaica are meaningless and common to the powers at be in the wider World.

  13. mk

    your statement is confusing. what do you mean about “come thru.” How is that defined? Is it get paid? to get paid is not going to necessarily solve the problems created. Especially the problems that have been created in the past 5 weeks or so.

  14. As for the nine months argument. Where is documentation? Have members been contacted personally on this? Who sets ythe rules? The one who took us to this mess? that same one must still lead us? Really? I distant and incoherant mention of nine months now becomes gospel? You didn’t work hard for your money? Oh..y6ou are one of the others then.

  15. PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos: The Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Michael Misick, and his estranged wife LisaRaye McCoy-Misick were involved in a violent confrontation at The fight, which reportedly occurred in the presence of a number of government officials, including the Minister for Health and Education, Lillian Been-Boyce, resulted in both Misicks seeking emergency medical attention for bites. Each has filed a police report against the other.

    On Tuesday, Michael Misick had released a brief press statement, saying, “I am announcing that I am separated from LisaRaye McCoy-Misick.”

    LisaRaye had returned to the TCI this week, reportedly to negotiate a divorce settlement but, according to our sources, this process had gone very badly from her standpoint. Misick is said to have refused to allow his wife to stay at the Premier’s mansion and she is believed to be staying at a local beach resort.

    On Wednesday night, for unknown reasons, LisaRaye decided to confront Misick at his mansion, which resulted in the violent altercation.

    Read the rest here

  16. You can take them out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of them.

  17. Oh..throw punches while in the presence of armed bodyguards. Yeah man! a dem deh we love deal wid hahahahaa. Yes man!

  18. “…….the premier’s office attempted to persuade the local police not to accept complaints in the matter from the opposition politicians.

    This has led to further claims of obstruction of justice by the opposition politicians, as the police force in the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British Overseas Territory, is under the control of the governor, not the elected government.”

    Read Keenly….yes DS read it KEENLY.

  19. “Observers in the TCI are therefore watching the latest situation with great interest to see if it is similarly dropped without legal proceedings being commenced by the authorities. The Premier’s position may be somewhat different on this occasion, given a stronger British presence in the country as a result of a recently appointed Commission of Enquiry to investigate numerous allegation of widespread corruption within the local government.”

    Read it Keenly arrogants…..the game soon come back to the office.

  20. Who does the private jet belong to?

  21. A dem man deh DS bring come a Ja?

  22. AML

    who you think?

  23. Well it was never Misick who said, “I run this place.” That quote belongs to someone else.

  24. The governor has an interest in such statements.

  25. Here some quotes from an article… It talks about happenings in TCI important reading.

    “Sometimes the news is exciting and sometimes its just plain boring. … Not that there is any shortage of news here in the Turks and Caicos Islands but the news has become so predictable it borders on boring. ”

    “The PNP party convention is a case in point. We are told that Michel Misick and Floyd Hall were not challenged for leadership. We are told that another Misick relative took over the important Chairmanship of the PNP. We learned that the Misick leadership speech attacked the online media, this commentator and the British, he stated again that the PDM was jealous and that anyone who disagrees with him is a traitor ”

    “In fact another recent event confirms this. Misick had concocted a bill to restrict 90 percent of the people’s public station from the opposition. With the new governor’s back turned and the regular House Speaker absent he illegally ramrodded the legislation through a one-day house session. ”

    “A mini survey by local broadcast personality Robert Hall was telling. On Monday August 11. Hall hosted a call-in show on the local radio channel wherein he asked callers to weigh in on the issue of independence. Out of 42 callers 36 clearly were against independence for the TCI. Those in favour could not provide any reasons why they supported it. Many voting against independence had valid reasons At the end of the programme Hall himself weighed in as promised. He was against Independence for the foreseeable future and until we have proven we can manage our own affairs for some reasonable period of time. ”

    “The dazzle of the music fest is over, the frenzy of the convention is over and we await the next piece of news. The ball is in Michel Misick’s hands; let’s see which way he plays it. ”

    read the entire article here http://www.caribbeannetnews.com/news-9781–6-6–.html

  26. BTW Misick wants DS to run a seat.

    show me your cronies and I will tell you who you are.

  27. Yawwwn……this is another boring sirach show.

    What does this post about Misick and his marital problems have to do with LewFam and the OLINT pyramid meltdown? I’m clicking off this one.

  28. Hi,

    I’m researching various vendors that offer courses on FXtrading. Has anyone heard of FXMoney Map? Need to know if they are okay and really deliver as promised.

  29. NHT and the banks a feel it. If they foreclose on the homes, cars and ting nobody wants to buy them. Cash flow problems coming! And GOJ says there will be no fallout? You believe them? OBG,AS,DW? Do you believe them? Where is their expertise? Answer that if yu bad.

  30. Back to school is here!

    Election not to far away now.b

  31. sirach you are right.

    major lewis is nothing special. He was a major in the army. He does not have a degree in business,running a business or any real experience in forex trading.

    As far as my investigations has led he has been duped just like the other O members. My curiosity is why is Lewis and lewfam keeping up this charade. I heard that he is having difficulty in reaching DS..

  32. Catd
    Hi Can U email me plse?


  33. diswidoomi

    sirach is giving us a bigger picture of the meltdown since government corruption is also involved of Olint hiding in TCI.

  34. diswidoomi

    naivete is free. My post did get u to comment though. Hit a nerve? hahahahaaa. Go to yu bed…yeah don’t worry…..everything going to be fine.

    Misick is going down and it is the colonial masters that shall sh…t on him at will. It has implications for us right here in Jamaica. Misick has sold out our own stock for what?…..da gyal deh and money?

    Deals made with facilitators about living arrangements going to be regretted. And when the game comes back to the office you will sing a different tune to Sirach diswidoomi. I promise you.

  35. It is unfortunate that I can not entertain or keep the attention of all of you. I must accept this because after all……we are not all the same.

  36. AML

    Thanks for explaining the basics while I was away. “come see” and “bawn come see” shall never be one and the same.

  37. The Bruce Golding administration can count on the support of the Opposition if it sticks to its decision not to bail out persons burnt by the collapse of any alternative investment scheme. read more


  38. sirach:

    You should not generally copy and paste entire articles. And there should definitely be attribution as to the source. Post excerpts and the link to the article.

  39. nocotec

    With all due respect I hear you. However, this is a blog. My doctoral dissertation has all sources and references. This is a blog.

    I hear you though and I apologise. i had for a moment forgotten the breath of the audience here ranges.

    For me the articles are easily identifiable because i know the publications, writers, political persuassions, and writing styles so well that on the local level here in Jamaica I do not need to bother with sources.

    Anyway…I don’t attribute to sources when i write my own opinions here. And I know more than most about Olint.

  40. BTW nocotec..

    If you notice i do not correct spelling or grammar or diction or tone etc. mistakes.

    Becuase this is a blog. Yes it is true that Sirach shut down the Observer’s blog years ago becuase I spoke truths and rights till the purveyors of inequity flooded Observer with lawsuits.

    I write here to help sufferers to think. Yes think. Prayers without thinking are abomination to God.

  41. Excerpt from The Jamaica Observer 15th Aug 2008

    Of late, the Jamaican business landscape has been beset with characters that do not exhibit the tenets of good corporate leadership, preferring to operate in the dark with their business practices shrouded in mystery.

    On closer examination, their histories in business leave a lot to be desired and invariably they prove to be ill-equipped to interface in an honest manner with the public. Their modus operandi is to dupe people into parting with their hard-earned cash. These quick-buck artists in their b-boy outfits opt for charisma over character which admittedly can be very beguiling. In fact, they have no character, but are characters intent on the dulcification of people in a hurry to get there quickly. The tales of woe can be heard all across the land and it makes no sense now to dwell on their misfortune or be smug with the line, “I told you so”


  42. I am not sure which thread to post this on.

    Read this and see why these guys have nothing to fear from the law in Jamaica. The problem, I keep saying, is not in the regulatory laws or the regulators or even the politicians. It is in law enforcement where the system has trouble convicting even the simplest of white collar crime, as this article shows.


  43. Sirach and others Re: copying articles

    Please do not copy and paste the entire articles unto the blog.
    Please post the links to the articles. It is common courtesy, we need to respect the copyright owners of the content.

    Thanks for your cooperation

  44. investforlife

    Add the below FBI info to the contact FBI/FCU for LewFam

    Concerned Investor, on August 15th, 2008 at 9:12 am Said:
    To members of Lewfam in the United States MAINLY FLORIDA RESIDENCE,call the Miami office of the FBI and report the situation to the WHITE COLLAR SQUAD.(305) 944-9101 so they can investigate the situation.I spoke with them and they are encouraging as much peole as possible to call.Dont beleive these people and their empty promises,they are just buying time to do whatever they are doing behind the curtain.When was the last time you got some news from them with some depth and substance,not since this situation arise.Investors your best route of protection now is the law even if it takes a long time you have a great percentage of hope of getting something back.For me to beleive something that Lewfam and DS says these days I HAVE TO SEE IT IN MY HANDS.Folks please call dont be afraid.ONCE YOU HAVE PROOF THAT YOUR FUNDS ARE LEGITIMATE NO PROBLEM, ITS NOT ILLEGAL TO JOIN THESE CLUBS WHAT IS ILLEGAL IS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO PEOPLE.The FBI is begging you to call (305) 944-9101 they are eager to jump unto this.These people are getting paid to protect the public.

  45. invest for life

    O.k. I will comply. Thanks. Can you put up the 18 page response from the Martinez bandits so that the less “research” minded.

  46. …can know that the lies from DS have been just barefaced lies.

  47. I hope the FBI will look at Ministers of Government from Jamaica currently who
    have collaborated with DS in helping him hide money in the United States.

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