Striking Similarities of UFOs X,Y,Z

Today we invite people to look at the similarites between three clubs. Let’s call them X, Y, Z. For each question, if the statement is correct for at least 2 UFOs, answer true or false. When you are done tally the answers. (You will need a peice of paper)

  1. Offered High Yield returns fixed and averaged close to or above 10% per month i.e. 120% annually (simple interest) or 210% annually (compounded)
  2. Operated without being registered with the FSC
  3. Remained Un-regulated and fought regulation. (n.b. X is allegedly registered in TCI but not in Jamaica)
  4. No Audited Financial Statements available.
  5. Little or no transparency
  6. Blamed one or all of the following, the Banks, FSC, Brokers, Due Diligence (oh now some parts of the Media e.g Cliff Hughes and Nationwide.)
  7. Poor accounting Records (X admitted it, Y receiver stated it and Z ex-Manager said it)
  8. Sponsored Big Events( possibly to buy social capital), Premier League(Y), Jazz and Blues Festival(X) and Ms. Universe(Z)
  9. Have failed to pay most of their clients for months (n.b. Y in receivership/liquidation)
  10. Big supporters/Defenders in the Media e.g. Law Professor David P. Rowe, who later sued them, and Mark Wignall, who up to the end of last week could not find any of his usual ‘sources’ to talk to.

If you have over 7 answers of ‘true’ you have a problem. You should be able to name the clubs. Do you know of any other similarities?


21 Responses

  1. You forgot political affiliations. And also an arrogant posture.

  2. How many “True” answers you got Sirach?

    11. Arrogant Posture

    Political affiliations tricky…. some donated to both major parties

  3. What about asking for more time and broken schedules. At each juncture there is a different reason

  4. Also move from a Physical location to cyberspace when things are getting sticky. i.e close office

  5. PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands: On Tuesday, after 28 months of marriage, Michael Misick, Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), released a brief press statement, saying, “I am announcing that I am separated from LisaRaye McCoy-Misick.”

    The April 2006 marriage between Misick and his American actress bride, which reportedly began as a fairytale union, started to unravel early this year under a shroud of controversy and speculation.

    In April 2008, just two years into the marriage, Misick was accused of sexually assaulting a US citizen on a visit to the Premier’s mansion in the TCI. Just days after the allegations were made, the Premier issued a televised statement that “strongly and categorically” denied the charges.

    It was reported that the female visitor in question was a friend of LisaRaye’s, who was visiting the actress and staying at the Misick home. In early August, information from the First Lady’s publicist stated that the Premier was spotted at the Turks and Caicos Music Festival with entertainment personality BET VJ Rosci, while his wife was in New York City (NYC). Unconfirmed reports say Rosci stayed at the Misick home and hosted guests as if she were the lady of the house.

    Simultaneously, reports and photos of the First Lady with a mystery man in NYC surfaced on the Internet. According to her publicist, “The reports were false” and “the pictures could have been taken as she was walking by,” adding, “LisaRaye is still married and would not do anything to compromise her situation.”

    It was reported that LisaRaye was back in the TCI late last week, presumably to work on the issues surrounding the marriage. According to her publicist, the First Lady will be back in t US and available to the media for comments at the end of this week.

    Misick said in his statement on Tuesday, “I am committed to dissolving the marriage amicably,” adding, “I believe that this is a private matter and will have no further comments.”

  6. Dolly house a mash up? Early days yet.

  7. Governor gone, browning trophy girl gone, Martinez gone, PB gone, Loiten gone, Gareth Harris gone, DV gone, JR gone a China, Fort Myers crew gone, Braemar gone, middleman dem gone for a light jog………….

    ‘but what about thoose who have nowhere to go..’
    ‘they will haf to stay……opportunity a scarce scarce …commaditay… these time I pray’

    B. Banton

  8. Dem sey the BET girl had tings with Bernie Mac. Careful bredda.

  9. ‘When mamma spen har las an sen you go class……….it’s a competitive world for low budget people….spending di dime while earning di nickel…….neva you eva play….’

  10. only 2 post on the number 4 bus for the day.

    them run whey everybody, till there is no one left on that bus. even the die hard on that bus is getting tired of praying for DS..

  11. Any private jets

  12. Hey I am not seeing any answers!

    10/10 true or 10/10 false? don’t be share let see the answers.

  13. 10 true. elementary.

  14. Bowy Sirach you bright.. Move to the head of the class.

  15. 10

    You said “(You will need a peice of paper)”. I’m trying to figure out what the paper was for.

  16. You mean it that easy… ?

  17. You dont need a paper at all 10 from 10,

    In fact just before these AIS blew up they did one major sponsorship to try and gain some credibility.

    Can some say what was the timeline between WW, C- and O announcing these major sponsership and when the schemes eventually collapsed.


    They have a new bus called the prayer bus, it looks like that is where everyone is now posting.

    We can now declare that the #4 bus has effectively broken down similar to most of the other sites as the “supporter” come to the realization that they have been scammed.

    BTW – Anyone seen Oniel
    I guess he got this money once again before the collapse.

    Oniel speak with us, where are you. 🙂

  18. Yeah olint for life…hermes whey u deh?

  19. Good question Sirach,,, I would want their reasoning on the above matter…

    @Jay, you are just too bright…. how come people can’t see it?

  20. Hey Janice where are you?Whats the new news?

  21. I supported Cash Plus and Olint because they appeared to represent local
    entrepeneurial achievement. Both entities were subjected to well funded high
    level media attacks from the FSC and quite possibly were targeted by established private sector competitors.Both political parties appear to have sought financial support from them,but did littie to help them.If any of the commercial banks were subjected to this type of pressure would they have been able to stand?The fact is that a particular group of Jamaicans abhor local, black enterprise and will destroy it whatever cost. Perhaps your hypocritical and defamatory analysis should examine past bank failures such as Blaise Trust and Eagle Commercial
    Bank. Banking is based on confidence,destroy the confidence, there is no bank.
    Professor David P Rowe Esq

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