Davis: No Bail-out for AIS investors

The Gleaner are reporting former finance minister Omar Davis, has confirmed his early stance, that there should be no bail-out for AIS investors unlike the situation after the collapse of the financial sector in the 1990s.  The Bruce Golding Administration has also taken the same position, no bail-out.

In an address to the Kiwanis Club on Tuesday, August 12,2008, Omar Davis wasted no time in re-stating his position

“Given the early unambiguous statements on these schemes, made by me, as (finance) minister, and the heads of the two regulatory insti-tutions and subsequently reiterated by the new administration, there can be no expectation of state intervention on behalf of the clients of these institutions,”

The former Finance Minster also raised some issues face the authorities. Because the UFOs have not been transparent and failed to provide timely information no one, not even the investors, are quite sure how many persons could lose money and how much money could be lost.



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  1. These publicly elected officials dont represent the common man. If there was a crime committed to the downfall of these AIS, then the publicly elected officials should help the victims recover there monies by any means necessary….this is sad. really sad.

  2. So let me get this straight , if you choose to invest in an unregulated scheme (despite the warnings) and lose your shirt, my tax dollars are expected to bail you out . Given that very few people(if any) were paying any taxes on their gains from these AIS , I don’t see why I should now bail you out with my hard earned and prudently saved cash.

  3. why should they help ?. was the people paying taxes ?. why should taxpayers money now pay back people who were in it to enrich themselves and their families ?

  4. my sentiments exactly cullKull!

  5. Whatever happend to taking personal responsibility for ones own actions,I don’t think the Goverment has any resposibility to investors in this mess. We all were warned by the FSC. We all took the risk and some made out like bandts ,some didnt. Thats the risk everyone took for high monthly returns in these HIGH risk schemes.No one held a gun to anyones head to invest in any of these clubs ect. Take your lick, learn from it and move on.

  6. That is one of the greatest news I have heard since morning

  7. Maybe for you.

  8. Question is, will the ones that made out like bandits be asked to help out those that lost. If u profit from a fraud shouldnt you also be held accountable? Ignorance I would think is not an excuse. 10% a month???? Come on… really? Someone really believed that that was legit???

  9. Not paying taxes does not mean that you are absolved of the responsibility to do so. It is because the system is inefficient why payments were not demanded taxes owed. However, answer these two questions for me:
    1. If one had declared and paid taxes on the “profits” even without taking an encashment, would the government have a moral and legal obligation to giving you back the taxes that were paid given that we now know that the profits were not real?
    2. Now that the profits are known not to be real whereas the losses are, has the RPD/government back off its position that pofits should be declared and taxes paid… Can I assume that the reverse hold? That is, losses can be delared and necessary credits taken? Whereas this is clear under US laws, I am not so clear on Jamaican laws.

    My opinion is that if the Jamaican government wanted a piece of the profit then it has an obligation to helping the people get justice. It is not sufficient for the government to say, I told you so.

  10. All of you are a bunch of jokers. Not only is it possible to earn 10% a month and more but I do it consistently myself trading nasdaq stocks … Though I have tried Forex Trading I have not risen to the level of expertise necessary to effect such returns.

    Most who attempt forex trading are drawn by the high leverage available trading a margin account. Sometimes 100:1 and more. However, I contend that If one has $10,000 cash in his stockbroker account and has a 50% margin requirement which equates to leverage of a mere 2:1, they can earn 10% per month and more.

    How? It’s called Simple Arithmetic. With a margin account they could purchase 3600 $5.00
    shares of stock valued at $18,000 leaving a margin/balance of $1000 in their account to
    offset any adverse price movements. [With a margin requirement of 50% one only has to put
    up one half of the purchase price of the shares, or $9000.00].

    If those shares rose by only 30 cents, which is not an unusual occurrance during a single trading day,
    then that investor would have earned him or herself $1080.00 on the $9000.00 they had invested in that particular stock. [$0.30 x 3600] = $1080.00

    And $1080.00 is 12% of the sum invested on that trade [$1080/$9000] x 100 = 12% per month. This is especially so if the investor makes no other trades for the next 30 days.

    Forex Trading is not all that it is cut out to be, there are a lot more easier ways to make money, and the sooner we all realize this the better.


  11. What is interesting to me is the fact that both the then PNP administration and the JLP party took campaign contributions from both OLINT and CASHPLUS. How can they take funds from entities that they were warning the public about as possibly being ponzis or fraudulent schemes?

    Furthermore, it has been noted by even Omar Davies that several members of the parliament had money in these schemes, and it has since been reported that many if not all of these politicians were able to cash out big time before others even had a chance to realize that there was a problem.

    What do these facts mean from an ethical standpoint in terms of the govt’s rhetoric about “no bailout”, when
    1) the politicians already got their bailout due to insider tipofffs, and when
    2) both the JLP and the PNP have publicly confessed to having received and accepted millions of dollars from these schemes, which in part assisted the JLP govt to take office?

    Food for thought!

  12. No bailout for the managers and staff of the schemes either then. What say you Mr. Davies?

  13. Good News

    Less than 8 months to go!

  14. Was it not this guy that brought the bank from TCI to solicit money from Jamaicans.


  15. Another Olint lawsuit

    DAVID Smith and his troubled foreign exchange outfit, Olint Investment Limited and Olint TCI, have been named as defendants in a US$11-million lawsuit filed by Yvonne Coke, who heads the not-for-profit group Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness.


  16. Yvonne Coke.. the name sound familiar.. she seems to have a lot of money still..

    Do we dictate who they invest with ?… Most people invest with Olint.. who then tell people that they had a team .. which included MTI..

    Maybe Olint was part of Harris team ?.. or is it expected that a person should invest only inhouse ?

  17. The poor man. How him ago mek out? :-0

  18. @ maybewecan, on August 20th, 2008 at 6:32 pm

    the system is efficient for tax collection.. location in every parish and online if you want to stay at home..

    Tax rebates from the government, if clubs were regulated and government was collecting taxes.

    Political party should not have taken money from the clubs. they are two faced.. but that is common in politics. you usually cannot trust politicians

  19. Okay… trying hard not to be ignorant about it, but
    the last time I looked, I didn’t see what paying taxes do for Jamaican people.
    Having said that – I do believe it is my civic duty to pay taxes but the reality of the situation is that my taxes go towards:
    1. supporting a failing airline
    2. paying salaries of some public servants who have never served the public, and have no intention of doing so. I could go on but I vex.

    *kiss teet*
    where is the road maintenance?
    where are the hospitals?
    the improvement in the education system from the tax funds allotted in that direction?
    the public safety?

    No, instead we have things like the lightbulb scandal.
    That’s where our tax money has been going from we switched to the US dollar standard – in people pocket.

    So, I most definitely understand why people would want to withhold taxes if at all possible.

  20. I wonder of we are going to hear sometime down the road that the nine month timeline had no specific start date? hahahahahahaaaaa

  21. Gifford, “Take your mark…..go!” no wait! false start.

    “Take you mark….

  22. WW must be paying. Remember the cease and desist has no bearing on them making payouts.

  23. @ its really happening, on August 21st, 2008 at 11:44 am

    Paying taxes is more than a civic duty. it is actually criminal to evade taxes which are due to be paid by you.

  24. I wonder of we are going to hear sometime down the road that the nine month timeline had no specific start date? hahahahahahaaaaa

    Listen to the glee in the tone of the email…..again all happiness. The authors of this blog would be very happy if we see nothing coming from Olint – they want to see the demise of DS – again what is the agenda?

  25. @cullkull –
    yep, you’re right about that. But I’m more likely to use every avenue legally available to avoid giving an extra cent to the govt than not.

    I realise this is a bit off point, but I think the tax thing is also part of the reason that many Jamaicans do not feel any ruling govt truly has our best interests at heart. Maybe that’s why so many did not heed the FSC’s warnings? Lack of trust in govt agencies and their intentions?

  26. nope.. what drives this market is greed and fear.. so most investors will not want to part with 25 % of their money. so when the clubs are unregulated, it shields them from paying that ( at source)

    Some people still fear pursuing lawsuits, as they may have to pay tax on what they have already.

    the taxman should be looking at Yvonne Coke and scrutinizing how a non profit Christian org could generate 11 million US to be investing.

    it would be interesting to see how much tax they had paid, or if they made any declarations.

  27. The nine months ago start in the year 2066….
    how about that for a timeline 🙂

  28. While you guys debatinf I’ve been watching the Olympics. I’ve watched every race involving a Jamaican.

    This morning I was watching a medal ceremony and I had to get up of the sofa, stand to attention wid mi chest bussing wid proudness and I Robin Irie, a big man; bwoy my eye dem just full up wid tears of joy.

    Bwoy dem mek a black green and gold Jamaican like me feel sooo proud. May God bless then exceedingly.

    By the way, any of you got a link wid Kerron Stewart? Don’t tell wifey but I think I am in love.

  29. I dont understand the Observer report. Someone please explain.

    How come the headline is that OLINT is being sued, when the plaintiff Yvonne Coke and the defendants are Garteh Harris and Keen Exchange?

    Why is the headline OLINT being sued, when Coke is suing Harris because he invested money in OLINT against her wishes?


  30. Robin Irie

    Riddle mi dis. Is it, “Guard us with thy mighty hand?” or “Guide us with thy mighty hand?”


    I seem to remember Gareth Harris being arrested already. Any confirmation? Anyway they seem to be all loudly self proffesed Christians. That seems to be the common thread with all of them.

    I suppose they are hopinh the money went through Harris and then through Olint. How we don’t know it then went to F!, loiten, Azan and then MTI…who then gave it to Batman anmd then Wonderwoman etc. hahahahahahaaaaaa Pass the hot money oops I mean hot potato around..hahahahahaaaa

  31. I guess as Harris has no money left at all (as Martinez carefully spelt out in his most thourough response).

    So sue the places you think money is. Hahahahahaha
    GOJ is safe here because we know then don’t have nutten.hahahahahaa

    The Church dem have the money. Yes. the middleman (pig) church dem. Ais people go dung a di church and ask Pastor fi forward yu money. hhahaahaaaaaaaa

  32. Olympics coming to an end…..back to school is here!….Santa clause have you ever been to the ghetto? Santa clause do you ever wonder why we suffer so..?


    The lawyer dem Christmas going nice dis year!

    Quack-quack…huh….yu betta ban yu belly fi dis Christmas. Sorrel and whites naw pass yu lip dis year. Quack-quack? You get yu priscription yet?

  33. Robin Irie:

    I think you have the female Athletes confuse. Kerron Stewart is the one I think is the least feminine of them all. You sure you don’t want to change your choice? Shelly-Ann Frazer maybe?

  34. @cullKull……who said “how a non profit Christian org could generate 11 million US to be investing. it would be interesting to see how much tax they had paid, or if they made any declarations.”

    +++Correct me if I am wrong but is a non-profit org or church org supposed to pay taxes in Jamaica? I know in th US they dont.

    Furthermore, was not yvonne coke org a panama-based org?
    If so, then they definitely dont pay taxes cuz it is a tax haven.

  35. Davesin

    I like Kerron too. Leave her alone. Stick to the weave head girls If you like.

  36. Question

    Who is responsible? I give money to Batman who gives it to bredda dog who gives it to the Russian mafia who give it to Pastor….who is responsible?

  37. DaveSin

    To each his own but a black black man like me love my women dem black black wid strong features. There is nothing like black skin rub dung wid oil.

  38. hahhaahaaaa Robin Irie

    There is nothing like the pity you feel for quack-quack after the AIS’s / UFO’s done wid im.

  39. Huh! Trick Question ?
    I would say Robin , Yep a Robin responsible ! as BATMAN TOLD HIM TO WATCH SUPER DAVE !

  40. Robin irie ,
    a wha uno do when the light tun off !

  41. The National Anthem one is the trick question. hahhaaaaaa

    The winner gets three new complimentary accounts. One With Keen Exchange, One with Visions Increase and One With either Lewfam or Worldwise (that’s your choice). All the money will be with Olint so when you want to draw quack-quack wil be there to blame Olint and provide nuff lip service.

  42. Oh yeah, they will also tell you that what dem have is fidem money buy it. But your money different and non-existent….your money need fi check and then it fi short….cause it use fi pay lawyer and some a it did get teef sometime back.

  43. Robin Irie:

    Don’t leave wifey yet. First, make sure all the parts are where they should be with Ms. Stewart. that way there are no surprises 🙂

    Like the American, Dawn Harper…now there goes a sweet sweet black female!!!

  44. DaveSin

    Bwoy not leaving wifey even though whenever we walking and she see a natural black woman she looks at me because she knows that I have to take a look.

    They say that there is nothing wrong with eye shopping if you don’t have money in your pocket.

    “watching closely,

    Robin irie ,
    a wha uno do when the light tun off !”

    I think you too young to understand what goes one when the light turn off.

  45. Black women are starving now that DS has run away with their money. Everything is cheaper now,even that!

  46. Have Mercy Harbour Shark.

  47. What happen to Olint for life, nocotec,hermes and dem crew deh. Must be in Bejing enjoying the festivities.

  48. Nocotec is better at libel than he is at intelligent analysis,he has lost all his money and has disappeared to lick his wounds. Hermes should be back from Beijing soon.

  49. We can not condone women selling themselves whether on the street or at the cocktail parties. This is not acceptable even if the schemes have decimated them financially. Come on Jamaican women. you know better.

    Through circumstance you are making legitimate wives nervous and paranoid. How can you live like that?

    While we bask in the glory of our sucess in Bejing let us not sell out values because money is short.

  50. Instead of encouraging intelligent discourse look what you blog has become. You remove my posts, but allow ‘harbour shark’ to post demeaning comments about women suggesting they now have to prostitute themselves because DS has run away with their money…..You are a disgrace to Jamaican women…

  51. Bloggers. You must see this.


    Royal Africa? Cradle of civilisation? check the behaviour of the leader and then check the HIV rate. Also check the in your face lavish lifestlye using other people’s money. Very uncanny.

  52. Sirach,
    DS used to send for women in the learjet. I wonder if that learjet has the capacity to reach Peking?Of course the ladies taken to Turks were taken only for church services.HM,the newspapers’ favourite anti-scheme pastor is secretly a major player in several unregistered schemes.I am sure DS’ ladies didn’t charge
    much.They will probably be attracted to the other lear jet and helicopter Jamaicans now that DS has withdrawn from the public eye.

  53. A real trader

    Although we wish it were not true the fact is that this happens in Jamaica. We will not be defined by our ability to stick our heads in the sand and deny but rather by how we face reality squarely and make a better Jamaica.

    Now a Jamaica of embarassingly jaded imagery of paradise but rather a Jamaica that literally is one.

    We do not hold you to be one of these women. But they exist in quite large and ever growing numbers.

  54. The perfect Jamaican couple a brown bank manager who drives a BMW
    dating a former half-Indian beauty queen. They plan to live in Norbrook.
    DS has destroyed the proposed purchase of the one million dollar home
    however, and lack of recent cash flow has the beauty queen thinking twice or thrice! The wedding is being scaled down; structural adjustment.

  55. “Structural Adjustment?” Childs play. Wait for the Austeirty measures.”

  56. The feeder dem start get lash. Middlemen ans women running farther away.

  57. All Omar Dav…ies (his brother is Davis) a distance like Martinez dem.

  58. Omar Davis destroyed Jamaica’s economy .He is in LC’s back pocket.He could not even get a job with the world bank.

  59. good lord Harbour shark!
    How you just laying out people’s (alleged) business so? I can understand matters of fiduciary interest, but it nuh so cool fi put the lear jet comment out there… and the beauty queen ting. Come now…

  60. Its really happening now!

    If DS was paying people their interest and returning their capital,I would have no
    problem; but if you are using the money to ferry around young ladies(for ecclesiastical purposes only)and to spend 100,000 dollars a night in the
    casino then it affects DS’ fiduciary responsibilties to his club members.I understand that the Lear costs 12,000 dollars per take off or landing.What gives DS the right to do that if he is not paying?

  61. Harbour Shark

    Are you a Jamaican? Don’t you know we do not like to talk people’s business? That is sacred to us. Even when we loose a lot of money in the schemes no one must know. It is embarrassing to us. We are a nation of insecure “fronters” and “profilers.”

    As Mutty Perkins reiterated today we measure our sucess in Jamaica not by what we earn but by what the “street niggers” do not earn.

    We wouls rather earn $100 and the other man nothing than earn $200 and have the other man earn $100. This is our culture.

    We also believe that our business like who we sleep with on the side and ting is so important to the wider world that the Star and Enquirer Tabloid newspapers are tearing down fences wirldwide to hear about us. Don’t you know we are the center of things and we are special Harbour Shark?

    Don’t you know that the World reads “hottest topics on our coctail circuit?”

    These tenets are so paramount to us that is is better that the robbers get away with our money than for others to know we got a blow. Our reputation is more important than even looking after certain responsibilities like our children.

    Harbour Shark please do not pressure the theives and criminals. Leave them alone. For they are an accepted and integral part of our society. We do not want them disciplined. Where else would we get our leaders from.?

  62. It’s really happening

    You ever start a game with someone and when you are ahead you prance and rub it in? Then when things turn for you and the other person has the upper hand you start to complain and wimper? And bad mind?…..never remembering the way you treated people when you were kicking them on the ground?

    When You deh pon the ground your adversary does not even reciprocate the arrogance yet. But you start bawl as if it was not you who started the thing.

    Short Version: “If you play wid fire yu ago get burn”

    Alternate: “Don’t jump in the water if you can’t swim.”

  63. When you hold the handle you never treat wi decent….handle we a way. When you hold the blade you start beg and pray. What happen to the begging and praying when unno had the upper hand?

    Now you want wi fi bi teacher and before you neva need teacha’

    Exam time a come.

  64. Trading and Running

    When running you must be fast and good. But this does not even place you halfway to victory yet. You must have the baton. you must not have stepped outside your lane. You must not have made a false start. Sometimes someone else’s false start cause you to be disqualified. Even though it might not have been your direct fault the responsibility is yours. Excuses only serve to belittle you.

    The Jamaican women in the hundred relay did not seek to find excuses. They took responsibility. They choose to empower themselves and by extension all Jamaicans.

    Trading is a good skill to have. Trading alon cannot empower. It takes much more than that.

  65. There is really a fall off in posts….is everyone in Begiing?

  66. mk

    The bloggers are absorbing and thinking. They are doing more reading nowadays. Their “conections” and “people in the know” and their “experts” have been proven wrong. They are now in a quandry. Reality faces them. For some it is their first ever taste of reality. But this is good for they shall learn to use their God given brains. And throw away the colonial yoke of a class concious society that believes they are special because of “contacts.” hahahahaaaaaaaa….hahhahaaaa

    Their “people in the know” have been wrong 100% of the time. The direct source has lied to them. It is a challenging time. To realise that instead of the self-perception of being a “top-ranking” Jamaican you are only one of six billion people on Earth.

  67. Many participants of the schemes who live in the U.S.A. are on a temporary high. They have resigned themselves to the inevitable bankruptcy. As such they are running up the credit cards and buying right now.

    This is sad. Most are Jamaicans who never had a chance before they left for the U.S.A. Some still have literacy issues.

    In late 2005 under pressure from Visa/Mastercard and others G “Dubya” B changed the way bancruptcies worked in the U.S. A. Most…yes Most Jamaericans believe….or want to believe that bad credit for seven years shall be the limit of their destruction. this is not so. Sad.

    The amount of HELOC loans sitting in WW, VI, KE, O and others is large.

    The Boj Governor DL and the MOF AS are quick out the blocks to say “no problem.” Yet when it comes to their performance, “it will take time.” hhahahaahhaahahahhahaahahhaahaaaaaahahhahaah

    Anyway, what can we say? Some people can lead to great heights while not even being considered as ancilliary staff for others.

    the Stars of Europe have a lot of cancelled orders. Other dealers face this. But they can say anything as in Jamaica we have the most educated electorate in the World! Yu tink a hongle running wi do?

    Time is short. The pending GENERAL election making it hot under collar.

    Will they make it? Can they hold down the vibes in time to make the polls?

    Answer: NO.

  68. BTW you notice the MP who distance fro DS and then when asked about the performance of our hundred meter runners just let the question fly by and answered, “yes Usain and Asafa are friends of mine.”


    What a wagonist. hahhahaahahhaaaaa

    How long are they your friends? Where you know them from? You ever go a dem yard? Dem call yu regula?

    You have any friends?


    Yeeeeee..Hawwww! Wagonist. Even the best riders can be thrown from wagon.

  69. Big elected representative. Member of parliment. Get asked a question in front of the world and answer a question that was not asked? Shame us to death! And the brainiacs talking bout Financial Center using words like “poised?”

    You can’t tell them and them people nutting you know. Accolades and backing run out a people mouth fi dem. As Bounty sing “is a survival ting…” i suppose.

    OBG take any ratings you want for serving these idiots upon the people of Jamaica. But when you alone we know you know where, when, who and how you can exhalt yourself and where you cannot.

  70. Jamaicans are just realising that the 9 month promise is just a smokescreen.
    Olint is dead forever,the 9month hiatus is a method of bamboozling the public.
    The FBI is very interested and trouble is brewing……..

  71. But it is seven months left Harbour Shark. Be patient. asGifford has promised by about March 09′ thoose people should be paid a reduced amount. WW and LFam, VI, KE, MD and all the others shall soon pay. Patience! CH of Cash Plus shall from his cell in prison live to see the day when legitimate clubs payout and they can return from South Africa, Fort Myers, Orlando, Miami (Azan) and other places.

    Who a go try talk to us then!


    I have had consultations over the past few days with my Jamaican and Turks & Caicos attorneys-at-law. Lord Anthony Gifford QC, the leader of the team, was admitted to the Bar of Turks & Caicos Islands on 15th August 2008 for the purpose of representing me in the Court of Turks & Caicos Islands.

    An application is being filed with the Supreme Court of Turks & Caicos Islands on 18th August 2008 by my local attorneys-at-law, seeking the discharge of the restraint order which has prevented me from dealing with any of my assets, or my companies’ assets, in these Islands; as well as the return of the documents and computers which were seized from me by the Turks & Caicos Islands police.

    My attorneys-at-law advise me that this application will be heard in September 2008 and that they are confident of a positive outcome.

    The freezing of my accounts and assets in the Turks & Caicos Islands has meant that I am prevented from either trading club members’ funds or from making repayments. The situation is on hold until the litigation commenced by the Attorney General of Turks & Caicos Islands has been resolved.

    However we are using the time to proceed with the audit which was referred to by my attorneys-at-law in their statement of 18th July 2008. Auditors have been retained in order to produce accurate accounts of what is due to members, and what is due from members who have been overpaid. That process is now continuing.

    I am still confident that the time scale outlined in the attorneys’ statement can be honoured. In that statement the attorneys said I was committed to fulfilling my obligations and making payments to members within nine months. That remains my commitment.

    David Smith

    16th August 2008

  73. Now that Mrs M has told the Auld Enquiry about ds and her husband why is
    everybody quiet on ds’ relationship with Premier M and how that affects
    Olint claimants.I understand that the transcript is available in Ba hamas…….

  74. Harbour Shark

    Is the nine months talk really just a smokescreen?

    Please let me know. You see if I borrow more money to make my debt payments and in the nine months do not get my money i will be worse off.

    Nothing these schemes (I am in more than one) have said has ever been true.

    What should I do?

    Pleease help. i hope you are not just one of them carrying us wide again.

    BTW Is there any truth that Wilshaw shall start paying everybody out this Monday?

    Please Harbour Shark do not carry us wide. Please.

  75. The latest corruption controversy is the biggest flap in these islands since 1985, when former chief minister Norman Saunders and his development minister Stafford Missick, who was a former official of the Bahamas Central Bank, were arrested in Miami on drug trafficking and bribery charges. They were both convicted and imprisoned in the US, and the British suspended the constitution to impose direct rule.

  76. It is now a matter of time before Mr. DS will return to Jamaica.With the imminent fall of his dear friend- Hon. Michael Missick’s administration in the TCI, which has proven in the past to be his safe heaven.

    We all know he also has very strong family ties residing here.

    I noted the comments of Harborshark and Barracuda regarding communication with the Fraud squad of the Constabulary force.
    On Monday, I too will ask to make my statement to the police.

    It strikes me, before long Mr.DS will end up on Jamaican soil and will encounter the same treatment as Mr.Carlos Hill of Cashplus.

    With all sincerity, I hope he does not bring down his family’s good name and respect by continuing to listen to poor advice from his legal team. He should remember his own legacy- what will he say to his 3 children?

    Honesty,truthfulness and transparency are the requisites to avoid him becoming an inmate with a registration number.

    Mr. DS, time is running out. No one can wait 8 months for a statement. We have been waiting from January!!!

    Just remember not one of your Lawyers will have to suffer the consequences of their poor advice. It will be YOU in the Remand center !!!!


    I have had consultations over the past few days with my Jamaican and Turks & Caicos attorneys-at-law. Lord Anthony Gifford QC, the leader of the team, was admitted to the Bar of Turks & Caicos Islands on 15th August 2008 for the purpose of representing me in the Court of Turks & Caicos Islands.

    An application is being filed with the Supreme Court of Turks & Caicos Islands on 18th August 2008 by my local attorneys-at-law, seeking the discharge of the restraint order which has prevented me from dealing with any of my assets, or my companies’ assets, in these Islands; as well as the return of the documents and computers which were seized from me by the Turks & Caicos Islands police.

    My attorneys-at-law advise me that this application will be heard in September 2008 and that they are confident of a positive outcome.

    The freezing of my accounts and assets in the Turks & Caicos Islands has meant that I am prevented from either trading club members’ funds or from making repayments. The situation is on hold until the litigation commenced by the Attorney General of Turks & Caicos Islands has been resolved.

    However we are using the time to proceed with the audit which was referred to by my attorneys-at-law in their statement of 18th July 2008. Auditors have been retained in order to produce accurate accounts of what is due to members, and what is due from members who have been overpaid. That process is now continuing.

    I am still confident that the time scale outlined in the attorneys’ statement can be honoured. In that statement the attorneys said I was committed to fulfilling my obligations and making payments to members within nine months. That remains my commitment.

    David Smith

    16th August 2008

    So DS, before the action taken by the TCI police how come you wern’t honoring encashments?

    Why will unfreezing magically allow you to pay?

    How much you paying your lawyers and how come you can pay yhem and Olint members can’t get paid.

    Did you pay the lawyers befroe or after the freeze.

    How come these lawywers and accountants come pon the scene just now? Why not before?

    Who are the accountants?

    What about the freeze in the U.S.A.?

    Are you under FBI investigation?

    Is it true you and Missick have a close relationship?


  78. DS….one more question;

    How come you moving so fast now? Why not before? What has changed?

  79. Who have you paid since January? and Why?

    Careful of the rhetorical questions too.

  80. DS,your recent statement is incriminating. Why has the Attorney General
    frozen your assets?Why are you subject to investigation by the Commission of Enquiry. Where does the money come from to pay your legal team if you are not paying investors. Is it true that some of your investors are talking to the Jamaica Fraud Squad? Will you have two countries prosecuting you rather than one.?Has Hallmark Bank told you that they will not release money unless you are square with the investigators and the claimants?Has Martinez cut an immunity deal with the FBI to testify against you when you are indicted?Is Lord G taking
    large amounts of your money knowing that only repayment will help you?

  81. so if he thinks the freezing will be resolved in September 2008, why does he still need 9 months?

  82. and how has he been proceeding with the audit if all his computers and files were seized?

  83. Tito, As the Gleaner suggests Ds has stolen, gambled and Learjetted the money.
    The rest of it he has given to Lord G. Ds has told the Turks authorities that the investors will wait 9 months.I will not wait 9 months! Lord G I want my money now! Ds has never done an audit.He only audits casino chips.

  84. Sirach & harbor shark –
    As long as you were there (on the jet) 😉 – I have heard many say a whole heap ah tings, but most were not eyewitnesses – is only ‘hear seh’.

    That does not mean the things that are said are not true, but repeating details about peoples’ personal lives is in my humble opinion, something best left for the gossip columnists. Besides, karma has a way of working those things out.

    Basically – there’s no evidence of any stockpile of money, and very little evidence of any trading, so I am assuming that olint investors and all the feeder clubs are left high and dry; 9 months, 12 months, or whenever. The bottom line is however the funds disappeared – gambling, x amount of partying, bad trading, or badmind, no money nuh deh deh.

    However this shakes out I’m fairly certain that DS will not walk away unscathed (unless him find di people money).

    And Sirach… that is just bad sportsmanship. ;-).

  85. BTW – anyone here get pay from world wise?

  86. Harbourshark:

    Why all of a sudden you are being so “hard” on David Smith and Olint? I thought you were a BIG supporter?


    When you deal with Olint-matters you are not suppose to ask intelligent/thought-provoking-questions. It will only lead to more confusion! BTW, one does not need auditors to sort out your accounting system. It’s a waste of money. It is very simple:

    All Money Inflow (fund account) + Monthly Income (interest) – All Outflow (encashments) = Balance

    All Olint has to do is to go back and check all members accounts and check all three components to verify their accuracy and make adjustments where necessary.

    Good luck getting back over payment; payment that was made to members because of Olint’s incompetence.

  87. seriously though, i think it’s pretty obvious, but who do you think got overpayed…

  88. sirach,
    Was that correspondence sent to you in e-mail or only posted to the website?

  89. Harbourshark has only supported the truth.Harbourshark defends the right to the schemes to exist,therefore Harbourshark denounces the FSC.Harbourshark condemns the selective payment of Government Ministers by Ds, and Ds’ non-payment of his legitimate investors while travelling on learjets and gambling
    excessively? Are these positions inconsistent?

  90. why is he committed to a promise and nothing has changed ?

    two months has elapsed and nothing has changed, yet he remains committed to paying within nine.

    If he said nine months after he has been cleared or something that makes sense.

    no way court matters will clear up in under two years.

    he has said nothing

  91. It is because of this response recently posted by Mikki, that several Jamaicans went to the Fraud squad.The Fraud Squad and the police in Turks are talking.
    Will ds be in the Remand Center soon? Unthinkable?

  92. The nine month period is a deliberate plan to mislead investors, so that friends of ds can hide him in South Africa or Zimbabwe where I.L. of Maydaisy is successfully evading law enforcement at this time.

  93. Harbourshark

    Sounds as if your tune has changed recently.

    What is the rationale for the fraud squad?

  94. DS is a wicked man. He will get his one day. I cannot understand why he would be perpetuating the lies, and continuing to make false promises. This man has promised soooooo many people and has not delivered on any of them, only a fool would believe him at this point. Why is he giving people more reason for false hope?

    Just another stall tactic, maybe he can hold off a few more lawsuits for a little while. His lawyer is a scumbag to top it off.

    The only people who got paid from DS were the people he feared the most, the ones who threatened him and his family harm. Right now I pity him, because when he gives people the run around for god knows how long and still comes to the table with nothing, the anger and wrath that will persue him will be compounded just like his club members returns.

    Take my advise DS. When you find yourself in a hole the first thing you must do to solve the problem is to STOP DIGGING!

  95. its really happening

    Hear seh, eyewitness, whateverer ……Don’t have any problems there. Yes I believe that what many say about the Ais/Ufo’s might be untrue. But their silence does not give the readers much alternative.

    Why is this?

    Answer: Who cares.

    I play to the level of “sportsmanship” accorded me by my opponents. Then I win the game. Anyway the AIS/UFO matters are not a game.

    We rest the sportsmanship issue to the politicians and the rest of the Bejing crew.

    The challenge is greater here and the stakes higher.
    More up my street. Lets keep it that way. Victory at low levels of competition does not intice me much.

    Harbour Shark

    You sure IL is evading law enforcement? You sure? Is she evading others?


    Batman sent the correspondence to wonderwoman who sent it to Hulk who sent it to power rangers who then sent it to me.

  96. Rob

    What about the accomplices? What of them? There are many. Do they know the scope? Does DS? Who knows.

    Are the accomplices feeling a false sense of immunity? Do they have sense? Or do they like to pretend that they are in the know?

    Can DS, IL, GH, etc help people with the problems they face as a result of the BS? The monetary (smaller ones)? The non-monetatry (larger ones)?

    If your problems are monetary then wait 9months even 10 years. Heck go spend Christmas in South Africa and lime with IL.

    If otherwise then it is doubtful that the heads of schemes can help.

    So just draw them in and let them grow up fast. That’s about it. When dem si real issues inna dem face you will see how many maestros of gab start run and sing a different tune.

  97. i can’t wait for the day when some new people have to step up to the front lines. Yes what a victory. i going get a good laugh that day. hahahahaaaaa

    Nothing better than to watch a bunch of idiots wake up and smell the coffee.

    So many of the “investors” of the scheme say “oh I guess its finished then” …trying to distance? hhahahahahahahaahaa

    Too late.

  98. Well Olymipics finish. We can move on to election now.

  99. I predict… After many months.. the tune may change to .

    “we are in legal process to recover funds from those members that have been overpaid. This process will take several months however our lawyers and accountants have assured us that once we have won these claims and the funds have been recovered we will be able to make due payments to those club members to who payment is outstanding.”

    or something to that effect.

  100. ds is on the brink. The question is which law enforcement agency will arrest him first. Paying off the politicians and the known gunmen only demonstrates
    that he is a cynical schemer who lacks Christian motivation. The less said about
    his lawyer, Lord G, the better.When the PNP comes in ,I hope there is a public enquiry into who got paid by ds after the criminal freeze order in Turks.That list includes: Lord G, JR, DV ,Missick and Stanbrooke ;etc

  101. Rob – I agree with your 100%.

  102. Mikki, Rob

    I think the description of DS as “wicked” is a little harsh. The consequences of his actions on people have been wicked. That is true. But in all honesty I don’t think DS,WS or TS are inherantly wicked. Rather they drifted way out of space over their normal headrange and just can’t find that tether rope to pull themselves back in.

    If their really is money that they put aside real neat and hidden then we could say they are wicked. There is not proof of that yet.

    Hiring criminal lawyers and then stating that the problem is one of accounting might be construed as wicked. However perhap0s these criminal lawyers are there to stick it to the inside theivery that was going on inside Olint.

    If the criminal lawyers are not for that purpose but rather to stick it to innocent members well…..they (DS,WS,TS et al)are going to learn about wicked whether they thought they knew about such things or not.

    The real doubt many members have about justice is that most Olint employees are family to DS,WS and TS.

    Are they going to initiate proceedings against their own family to recover money stolen from members? Are they going to stick head in the sand and pay out of their own fortune? Are they going to stick heads in the sand full stop?

    Whatever they choose threy need to consider the implications carefully.

    Wicked? We will see. The most wicked allegation to date is that they would pay lawyers exhorbitant fees to “attempt” to protect them while not paying members for many months.

    Things will speed up though I’m sure. One or two names in the published lawsuits and the unpublished ones as well are not lightweights.

    Will the DS,WS,TS let them go all the way to speak the truths they know?

    Who knows.

  103. theCynic

    I dont believe the likes of DS,IL,GH, Azan and some others have many months to play with. VI, Wilshaw, Lewfam probably do not have many months either.

    CH and CP are just plain out of time and luck. That conclusion should come soon.

    the church groups may have some months because their followers are easily swayed what with the constant threat of hell and ting.

    The politicians certainly do not have many months although they could squeeze a few.

    The country itself has maybe up to 12 months before the real pressure drops. As DL,AS or DW for further comment.

  104. Turks immigration is looking out for individuals who are “visiting” ds without a formal invitation. A medical doctor from Jamaica was turned back because he had no hotel reservation!?The Jamaican approach to collection : physical hostility and indecent language is not favoured in Turks.

  105. Rob,
    I must agree with you. DS deceptious behaviour is disappointing to say the least.

    What legacy does he plan to leave for his children? Does he really want to be remembered as being a con artist?

    Well, it is time for us to stand firm- yes we all knew it was a high risk investment program but we were told 80% was guaranteed and therefore we were putting only 20% at risk.
    So then, why can’t we get a cent since January?

    Like CH this situation is deserving of being reported to the police fraud squad.

    Personally, I do not want any more excuses. As for Lord G, he needs to do the right thing and advise DS to be up front with the investors and STOP prolonging this painful process.

  106. Turks immigration turn back anyone without a formal invititation/ work permit/ hotel booking

  107. I have been reading this blog from North Lauderdale.
    It seems to me ,with my limited knowlege of the law,that DS may be engaged in fraud.In Florida the FDLE would certainly interview him if not arrest him.
    Maybe the offshore laws will protect him.Many Jamaicans over here have lost money and do not know what to do.

  108. Tito, Do Jamaicans with US Passports require a visa for Turks and Caicos?

  109. Sirach

    You are a generous man. Perhaps you are still in Olympic euphoria 🙂 Are you still giving DS the benefit of the doubt ?

    DS clearly is a WICKED man. Though he MAY have got there unitentionally, he ended up lying about his “successful” trading to convince members to invest more money with him. If those advertised interest rates were real, he would not need 9 months to recoup our money, nuff money would be at Oanda !!

    This is nothing more than THEFT. He may not be guilty of money laundering, but he should surely go to jail for fraud.

  110. I agree with Marcus.On the current evidence ds is wicked,he has intentionally destroyed people’s lives by deliberately lying.

  111. I see Sirach’s point of view, but must agree with the follow up posts, that DS is a WICKED man. He traded, lost big sums, panicked, and turned the club into a Ponzi scheme.

    My infrequent comments, yet consistent theme are that DS had no clue what he was doing relative to FOREX trading. He may have had some good [lucky] trades, but like most FOREX traders, they quickly turned to losses. At that point, DS should have done the manly and Christian thing by announcing the losses, closing the club, and declared defeat. But instead he continued collecting people’s funds, placing many people into bankruptcy.

    People here in the U.S. have mortgaged their homes to invest large sums in the club, only to find that their homes are worth 30 to 50% less than their new mortgage balances. Not only are they upside down on their home mortgages, but have also lost hundreds of thousands (U$100K++) in a Ponzi scheme. In most of these cases, they will end up losing their homes as well.

    How is this not WICKED???

  112. I know if one astute [or so he thought] who took out a Line of Credit on his home here in the U.S. He invested a majority of those funds into OLINT. He then proceeded to take out a portion of his profits / investments from OLINT and invested the proceeds into real estate here in the U.S. Not a bad strategy. The first mistake, however, is that the individual still left a large sum invested in OLINT, because of the high returns and rapidly growing balances on his monthly statements.

    This individual used the proceeds to purchase up to 5 investment properties with 20% down payment on each. From a real estate investment stand point, in a normal real estate market; this was smart thinking on the individual’s part.

    Do I need to explain the current position of this individual? You should all be able to guess the fate of this person? So many stories like this one – it’s all so sad!!!

  113. “The DS is a wicked polls”

    Wicked–3 (Harbour Shark, Pipsy, Marcus)

    Not Wicked–1 (sirach)

    Result —Both sides get what quack-quack get.

  114. PIPSY

    That individual needs to see if they can scrape enough equity out of the real estate to by a tub of vaseline.

  115. Pipsy

    Don’t you know that since the Olint debacle stories such as the one you tell have been met with statements like, “then why you gave us money” and “didn’t you know you could loose everyhting” and “this is not a bank you know” —all coming from the managers.

    In fact if I tell you what the ever present CEO had to say to some you would drop down. Can’t do it now though. It is so special it desserves a special time and place to be revealed.

  116. Marcus

    Euphoria can only come for me if Jamaica wins “gold” in its economic position in the World.

    By the sports I am heartened. I don’t deal with pride. It is useless.

    If Cash Plus and the others make good I shall also be heartened but euphoric? Not likely.

  117. hhahahahaha


    The effects of the “doping” we got in the seventies and the people of that pursuasion who are so prevalent keep us off the podium to this day.

  118. A full pat out by all the sschemes right here this morning can NOT pay for all the damage they caused already. not to mention the in your face disrespect.

  119. Pipsologist,

    The failure of ds to tell the truth to his club members is the most serious
    ethical issue.The members feel rather like the fool Touchstone in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Now like Siriach they are quite melancholy. However it must be said that AS, the Minister stabbed ds in the back. E tu Brute to borrow a phrase from Julius Caeser.All ds needed was good PR?! My horse,my horse,my kingdom for a horse.But will the members not “go once more unto the breach” as Henry V would have demanded, let us demand our
    money.Let us cross the investment Rubicorn and get our money back.


  120. Come on Cally .We need a contribution from a scholar like you at a time like this.
    Were you the one that Turks immigration refused to land?

  121. Harbourshark, on August 22nd, 2008 at 6:16 am Said:
    ….”Omar Davis destroyed Jamaica’s economy.”……


    I just saw the above statement. There are still a few of us on this blog who would take exception to that statement. Omar was the best Finance Minister Jamaica has ever had. You notice that the new administration have to get three people to replace him? After all, it was under his leadership that he tried to shut down the Olint Scam and that’s when DS flee to TCI. How come you inept Audley Shaw was the one pushing Olint, only to has Sh*t in his face now and have become silent. How come your Deputy Finance Minister hasn’t done anything positive yet, but embarrasses himself time and time again? When will Don Wehby replace him fully or is he going to remain in the figure-head role for the entire time?

    Wasn’t it Olint Supporters like you that was hitting out against the great one, when the attempt was made, telling the finance minister that it was YOUR money and you can do what you want with it, blah, blah, blah?

  122. “it was under his leadership that he tried to shut down the Olint scam..”

    Omar as the head of finance tried to lock dwn Olint – yet still he ACCEPTED money for the campaign from Olint. The height of Hypocrosy!!!!Thats just like Jimmy Swaggart and the others isn’t it?

    It appears the “Sh*t” is back in ur face Davesin

  123. MK:

    If only you had the facts. Omar himself accepted donation from Olint? Pity MK, he knows not what stupidity he spews on the blog of knowledge! Blinded by 10 % monthly interest, he searches in the dark, hands out stretched, HOPING for a return to the Golden years. He signs up for the Obama campaign, hoping the man of change will impart HOPE eternal, but know…it’s over, 10 % will never again surface.

    What can WE do for MK, we cannot leave him to fend for himself? Calling on the sage one to give the likes of MK some knowledge and truth…he is lost in lala land.

  124. mk, on August 25th, 2008 at 6:00 pm Said: …”Thats just like Jimmy Swaggart and the others isn’t it?”…

    Yuh mean you let Swaggart rip you off also? Bwoy, yuh tink yuh wouldna learn from then. But no, you guh invest in another scheme! Bwoy MK yuh fool-fool bad!

  125. Davesin

    Ramble all u want….Omar as the head of Finance for the PNP & the then govt accepted funds from the very institution that they shut down – the heights of hypocrisy!!!

    But guess what davesin u seem to see nothing wrong with that….perhaps birds of a feather…

  126. MK:

    Why would DS/Olint give (YOUR) money to a political party that just tried to put them out of business? That is not hypocrisy, that LUNACY!!!!!! 🙄

  127. Two responses from you and no comment on the fact that Omar and the PNP who so believed that Olint was such a scam & ponzi and represented such a big threat to ja. yet still he ACCEPTED money from OLINT for the campaign.

    You see that as acceptable Davesin??

  128. Now 3 responses from you….no response to a simple question daveSIN

  129. MK:

    Wouldn’t you accept the money if somebody is beating down your door to give it to you, hoping that he will be able to BUY “influence” by donating to your party. Yes, I would take the money…your money and then shut you down. By the way, Olint gave far more to the other party than to Omar’s PNP. Right?

    Let’s face it MK, you are a born Olint Loyalist and it will be a few more months before it finally hits you in the face that the Olint Ride is over and you will crawl back into you little space to lick your wounds. Poor MK…. 😦

  130. Sooo u see nothing wrong with Omar taking money from the same institution he saw as a ponzi scheme that was sooo detrimental to the people of Jamaica. The same instit he approved armed security forces to remove all documents computers etc…..but yet still took his money.

    You see nothing wrong with that……take money from whereever as long as someone is “beating down your door “.

    You need not say anymore…..u have said enough

    Poor Dave “SIN” (what an approp. name)

  131. Davesin

    Omar Davis is the worst finance minster Jamaica has had after David Coore(that’s another story). His overspending on political expedient payrolls (police, nurses) and excesses prior to election, then printing money drove up inflation to record levels over 40%. He then used BOJ to try to reign in inflation (his child) by charging excessive interest up to 90%. Killed all local banks, most entrepreneurs and turned the rest over to foreign interests. Then uses the BIG LIE to fool us into believing that FINSAC was a good thing. 18 years of no growth or as he put it negative growth (that’s like a flaccid erection). Pyramid Government, he could teach DS a few tricks.

  132. ClearAsDay:

    Your flaccid slip is showing!! When you get the facts (an implant maybe), as oppose to making up numbers, get back to me! Your dogma, my friend, will not enhance the many fallacies of your arguments. It look at the data and you will understand my claim, why OD was the best Finance Minister.

  133. All are guilty, OD.AS,OBG,DW,PP,PSM,DS,IL,DV,JR,WS,TS,WW,MD,F1,Wilshaw,LEWfam,VI,YC,KE,GH,RA CP,CH, WB,MM,AM,PB,JI et al. (and more)

    Melancholy Harbour Shark? Me? hhahahaaha…..if mi simmer unno criticise…..if mi fawad….unno criticise….if mi back the teef dem…..unno criticise…..if moi lik out pan teef…..unno criticise…..UNNO hard fi please sah…….

    It seem that mk and Harbour shark don’t have any money in the schemes. But they love to see what we a say. Warm welcome to them. No matter what their motives are.

    How all a yu back to school going? TCI Journal notes that back to school vibes on in earnest over there. What about here in Ja? Teacher’s issues. Sigh, when the teacher’s going to get Justice….not for now…..lip service like the rest.

  134. It seems that without Olint no other scheme can survive. Olint states that on some unknown date in September something will happen. The people must just shut up and wait!

    When the September miracle does not happen then well…..unno mus just wait for THEM to dictate what happens with YOUR money.

    Just wait nuh?

  135. http://www.tcijournal.com/index.php?id=15

    Who took MM and the guns to the Jazz festival? DS and the young turks.

    Who was at the meeting in TCI with Missick, Audley Shaw and Jamaes Robertson? David Smith.

    Who Bruce Golding trying to fool? The people of Jamaica.

  136. Mr. Audley Shaw do you deny that you went to TCI and conducted a private meeting with James Robertson, Michael Missick and DAVID SMITH?

    Where the people money deh?

    We are waiting Mr. Shaw. But not for too long.

  137. Mr. Golding

    I respectfully urge you to come clean immediately on the association of your minister of finance, your “young turks” group, Mr. Michael Missick and one Mr. David Smith.

  138. What an interesting picture on Observer’s front page. The Prime Minister with a young turk to his left. That young turk got his Olint money secured from the other turk who went to Bejing. Then check the bottom right hand side of the picture……can you guess who can’t get his US4$ out of Olint.

    So we now know they want to stretch out the celebrations through the end of September. Olint also soeaks about September. So does F1. But the look on the face of the one who can’t get his $4 million is worth a thousand words.


  139. Tick Tock…tick tock…tick tock…….last on the list shall be the head corner stone….tick tock…..tick tock…tick tock…..

  140. Ashcroft and Belize bank come like a regular
    Lee Chin and NCB.

  141. ahhh bway.. sirach… I can’t remember if you said you had $$ in olint. So I read your comments with a bit of curiousity. You certainly seem to have a lot of information about the people dem holdings in olint ;-).
    I had to laugh when I saw who was at the bottom right in the corner of the picture. I wonder how come members of the current govt were able to save themselves but this particular person was not.

    But you are indeed correct. It does indeed appear that without Olint no other forex trader can survive. You can’t beat the wisdom of old time sayings… dem shoulda never put all dem eggs inna DS basket – cause if olint comes down, they all come down as seems to be the case now.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens when extreme pressure is exerted on DS; what deals will be cut, what names will be named.

  142. My friend Harbourshark,

    The reason I have been silent so long, is that I am a bit dizzy just watching your twists and turns like a Chinese gymnast. Even though you now start to turn on DS, you still put in your usual anti-bank and pro-Ponzi propoganda.

    Will you not admit that thes schemes as they existed were not only operating illegally, but with no transparency to ‘inestors’ were bound to involve corruption, mismanagement, money laundering and ultimately, fraud.

    Fx trading is good, but it must be legal, the persons involved must be vetted and registered and the schemes transparent to the regulators, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT MUST BE MARKETED AS EXTREMELY HIGH RISK SO THAT LESS THAN 10% OF THOSE WHO WENT IN BLINDLY ON THE 10% HYPE WOULD NOT HAVE VENTURED IN.

  143. How many Jamaicans do you think invest in the stock market? Very few, because the risks are known…it is mainly for long-term investors or those who can afford to speculate/gamble.

    The same would happen to the fx schemes if people were told how risky there were, instead of this ‘guaranteed 10% per month, and in some cases 15 & 20 percent. That was fraudulent promotion by these feeder clubs and pastors who operated most of them. People were led down a garden path by their church leaders that they trusted.
    That is the real shame of what has happened.

    Al Miller, Lewis, Keen, Phinn and all the rest are guilty of worse crimes than DS, CH IL and GH. because they raped their captive audience, their church memebers who relied on their judgement and who were sold that this was a blessing from God.

    Wickedness, and God will not be mocked.

  144. Cally, What is the Ministry of Plenty, also called the Ministry of Abundance?Add Henley Morgan to your list of Miller, Lewis,Keen and Phinn. DS obtained his start from the Church On The Rock.I suppose it is legal to contribute money to the church.One should not use the church as an agent of fraud.That is why the money lenders were thrown out of the temple.

  145. Amen brother.

  146. I dont recall anyone asking Davies for his opinion. We invested fully well knowing the risks. I have not approached the government for any bailout and have no intention of. SS Davies is useless and his comments are just totally irrelevant at this time.

    For those of you who seems to have limited memory, who are the following persons: Deika Morrison and Errol Ennis? What ministry did they work in? Who used the phrase, Gestapo Tactics? Who/what is the Gestapo?

  147. Its now being reported that there are some $200million in off the budget expenditures that will be added to the country’s stock of debt. Now where did this come from? Who created it?

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