Joel Nathan Ward – Forex to PONZI

This is the story of Joel Nathan Ward.  You can look at the following links

This Interview is very interesting

Other Links

4 Responses

  1. Joel is still lying in his interview. If you read the second link, the prosecutors discovered that he traded only $2M and he lost most of it, as opposed to what he said in his interview that he was a “great trader.” Why did he buy the school? Because like MTI, he discovered that there was more money to be made from selling the courses instead of trading. Does this sound familiar?

  2. This sound like DS 9-months Restitution Plan:

    Q: Tell us about your restitution plan.

    A: Several friends who know my trading ability are willing to put up seed money so I can trade, and my commissions would go into a recovery fund. My former father-in-law and business partner, Oren Collett, would manage the fund and several victims have volunteered to sit on a board of trustees and act as auditors. I would have no direct access to the money.

  3. and here is the kicker:

    Q: What makes you think you could turn a profit this time?

    A: I could run with the best of them; that’s not what went wrong here. I just like to push the envelope. I didn’t have the level of respect for money that I needed to have. I should have put people in place to be my checks and balances. It’s too easy to steal.

  4. Oren Collett, is as big a crook as Joel Ward is, they both are working in cahoots, Oren Collett was Joel Wards key man in a business take over in Atwater California in 1999, when Joel Ward was involved in a illegal business take over, Joel Ward used Oren Collett as a puppet as they ran that business in to the ground stealing all its money, then bankrupting it, So Oren Collett would be Joel’s first choice in any illegal business dealings, Joel’s in jail now but Oren Collett is still out there running things for Joel on the out side, I would be very interested in reading some of their correspondence right now.

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