Higgins Warner Domains For Sale

Since disappearing off the scene, Higgins Warner has not only left investors holding the bag but has also let my suppliers and service providers unhappy.

One such service provider is moved to sell the domains. If you are interesting in purchasing the domains below

  • higginswarnermusic.com
  • worldfootballidol.com
  • waltdisneymundosa.com
  • maxhiggins.com

 e-mail: alcarajo@gmail.com for details

13 Responses

  1. i am a investor with higgins warner and a single mother who has a 5yrs old baby and Dec12,2007 i join them with US$5,000.00 after careful consultation with Kenrick Gilpin the rep.for higginswarner in Jamaica.I’m so stressed and they do not communicate at all.Pls ask them to return mine and my baby’s money.Thanks alot GOD Bless u

  2. Lattie,

    I feel your pain and hope that some day the man who robbed you will be brought to justice.

    The fact as it stands at this point in time, is that you and many other have been duped by a very clever “conman” and at this stage all seems to be lost.

    Its very unfortunate that as a people we continue to rob each other in the name of “uplifting” Jamaicans.

    I do hope that others reading your post will soon come to the realization that enough is enough and we should no longer allow ourselves to be fleeced by these thieves, who seem to pop up ever so often “trying to help us out”.

  3. Lattie,
    Like Jay, I feel the pain you and others are feeling. I strongly urge you, and others like yourself, to report the matter to the fraud squad detailing the involvement of Gilpin and others.

    While it looks like the chances of getting your money is dim, the police need all the information they can get.

  4. Lattie are you living in jamaica or overseas?

  5. I too thought this conman was helping us.I borrowed $45,000 US in the hope of keeping me and my family afloat for the year to invest with this crook. I have tried to find out who to go to but unfortunately no one has any answers. I am deeper in debt than I first started I can only look up at this time and pray that this conman will have his day soon.

  6. Interesting blog from, of all places, a blog dedicated to the Magic Kingdom.


    You will note that the thread was closed down as language became to HOT for a family site, but there are discussions of the rumours of Max Higgins possible arrest in Dubai.

    There are also some intresting comments from a big victim in Argentina.

    Whoever “Max Higgins” really was, he was certainly GLOBAL.

  7. It’s vey sad and painful that so many good people who wanted to make a honest and legitimate return on their investments to achieve their important financial goals & objectives may have lost money with Higgins Warner. There is no response to any messages or email sent to the Higgins Warner site & this compounds the problem. Let us all pray and hope that all hope is not lost and that investors will recover at least their principal within a reasonable time.

  8. My friend invested $25,000.00 with Max.She is seriously in debt now Max, Kenrick &Althea Gilpin are dubious. One day they will be brought to judgement. The Gilpins are still living in Jamaica, they should be locked up. A lot of investment frauds are going on inJamaica right now. Beware of SCAMS Jamaicans ,time to stand up and get your name out of mud. People be careful. Where is MAX HIGGINS now? Not definitely in DUBAI , may be in Argentina.

  9. when i last contacted them some months ago …and i was asking for my money ..i joined in october and did not get a cent along with other people i told …the woman told thats what we get when we put money in ufos…..and i kept on e-mailing but no response ….so that is all gone no hope…..for get it.

  10. What a thing with all em ppl here, from Carlos – David – Higgins and Gilpin. Them probably forming a gang to do down to hell with them. Seems like em all go to the same school. Well trained I must say! I would really like to meet the teacher, if the students are so good! What a whole heap of money them gone with! NCB would must have to fight them out, coz em would be carrying the whole world with them. Chin could’nt afford that. Him wanted some followers a well.

  11. have you guys check the higgins warner site lately. you prob.. should.

  12. What a USURY?
    Wip dem God Wip Dem

  13. To those interested: Kenrick Gilpin died on 30 March, 2015, in Panama and, apparently, of natural causes. Perhaps this will bring peace to some of you.

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