David Smith Indicted in the USA !!

David Smith, the embattled head of the failed foreign currency trading scheme Olint, has been indicted on 23 charges in the United States.

Smith is certain to face a heavy prison sentence for his criminal activities committed against many Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals.

Why has no charges been laid against Smith in Jamaica where it all started.

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See the indictment document here . Thanks Maik for this link



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  1. Well well… this is getting interesting now. It was only a matter of time.. greetings to all … Who will be next?

  2. Good Job Floridian!

  3. Carlos Hill….ready?

    Hilton turns to Wyndham. $2,000,000.00 “deposit” needs to find its way back “home”

    I think so….don’t you?

  4. Tell them Carlos…don’t touch that dial…keep it locked…right here…

  5. O’lint boss’s lawyer was just on the radio saying they would not be trying to fight an extradition request if the US made one.
    Well….let me tell him this, The FEDs will not play with him. Lie to them…just once…seh fe….
    I wonder if Don will sell the X6s to help David….It’s gonna be a lonely road.
    I really don’t want David in the hands of the Fed’s….heads of ponzi schemes have not done well in the US….sentencing has been rough.
    The Lawyer that is pushing the info to the FEDs will not let up…personal vendetta in play.

  6. Gov’t unaware?

    And at least one Government official is claiming that he has no knowledge of the indictment against the former OLINT boss.

    Minister of National Security Senator Dwight Nelson, says he is not aware of the Jamaican Government’s involvement in the case.

    “I am just becoming aware of it so I am not aware of any government position on it as yet,” Senator Nelson said.


  7. Prominent Orlando pediatric oncologist Paul Gordon could lose his Windermere home over Smith’s scheme. The documents show Smith wired about $200,000 in illegal funds to Dr. Gordon and his wife and they apparently used most of it for a down payment on the house.
    WFTV tried to talk to Smith’s local business partners at one of their local offices, but were told they were not in.
    “I hope that, if we get David into this country, the government will be able to get some of the money back,” Gordon said


  8. this is good news for US investors bad news for jamaicans doubt we will see any monies retrieved, at least being a US citizens means something cant say the same for being a jamaican , u have to fend for youself!!!

  9. the blog is SURPRISINGLY quiet considering this news. I certainly would have expected far more people to be commenting….

    Wonder why….

  10. dem give up write off monies

  11. blocking…

  12. like JDX bull?

  13. This, of course, is welcome and reassuring, for we would not wish Mr Shaw to slip back into old habits, such as when, as the shadow minister of finance, he used the privileged platform of Parliament to criticise the former administration for attempting to bring UFOs to book.


  14. Question. Why are the co-conspirators not named in the indictment?

  15. Observer Editorial
    Aug 20, 2010

    For we hold that there is much that Prime Minister Bruce Golding has failed to tell us about the real reason why he has so — contemptuously in our view — dismissed the concerns of many who want the skinny on how Mr Brady rose to the forefront of negotiations with the US law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips on behalf of the Jamaican Government to shield Mr Coke from extradition.

    As things stand now, we have maintained our endorsement of the position of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, the MSME Alliance, the Jamaica Exporters’ Association, the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association, and the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica not to engage the Government in the critical Partnership for Transformation talks until it comes clean.


  16. David Smith won’t fight extradition

    Yesterday, attorney Oliver Smith, who represents the embattled investor, said that his client will be present in court whenever required by US authorities.


    Will you fly commercial DS?

  17. Well I guess some people are having a fit as more names are being put together for the next set of indictment.

    Its no longer Cool to take people money and pretend its your own.

    Pending extradition requests in the making?
    Major players trying to hide assets but those assets have long being tracked and cataloged.

    Will members of the ruling party be on that list. Will DV, DC, JR be among some of the names to be called.

    How about members of the opposition who also collected money from the Ponzi Scheme.

    Its going to be an interesting couple of months as DS seems ready to speak.
    The USA Justice system has not been very easy on Ponzi operators and as such I expected nothing less than 10yrs if convicted.

    If he squeals and give up others then, just maybe he will serve 3 to 5 yrs.

  18. Smith’s lawyer confident of short sentence if convicted

    And the attorney for the former OLINT boss had no comforting words for the hundreds of persons who placed funds into the unregulated investment club.

    According to Oliver Smith his interest is only in David Smith at this time.


    Keep your interest there. Something tells me you will run with the crowd and renege on that promise. Been there done that. It’s all good.

  19. How “innocent” to get “short” sentence…how “innocent” talking about anything name sentence?

  20. “If convicted” don’t sound confident to me.

  21. PDM leader Doug Parnell tells AG’s Chambers to back-off appealing Olint’s case


  22. USA Wants TCI BELONGER extradicted


  23. I don’t live in the USA, neither did I give my money directly to Olint. I gave my money to Lewfam. What should I do to ensure that Lewfam become neighbour with Olint in Prison.

  24. Jamaicans at home and abroad anxiously await official word on the David Smith indictment from Her Excellency, Audrey Marks, Jamaican Ambassador to the United States of America.

    From: Audrey Marks [mailto:apmarks@paymaster-online.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 4:45 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: Better future
    Dear David, just a quick note to say; so far …. so good with the results, just waiting on the next two recounts to exhale. Regards, Audrey.


  25. But Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Les Green says it is unlikely that Smith would be charged in Jamaica, given that other jurisdictions have already implemented investigations and brought charges.


    Album..yep…ebay your call

  26. Expensive?..yep.yep

  27. youtube.com/watch?v=VfIA1s9XmC0

  28. I said it all along. Jamaicans are inherrently corrupt. When I said that the Jamaica government was involved in the Orlint corruption, idiots like Nocotec jumped all over me.

    Even now they are saying that they will not charge david Smith. Reason given? He was elsewhere. I say bull$#!+. Nocotec was the first to make the argument that Jamaica would not (or did he say should not?) charge Smith because he was already charged in the TCI.

    If a man commits a murder in one jurisdiction and another murder in another jurisdiction, how likely is it that he will not be charged in one because he is already charged in the other?

    Nocotec et al are al involved in this fiasco. They know that if DS is charged in Jamaica, and he starts naming names, there will be alot of unmade beds from Kingston to Montego Bay.

  29. I have been away from this site for a long time but now I am back. It is good to see that your determination is paying off. I believed in you from the beginning, and I still believe in your mission. Do you know if Godfrey McAllister is part of the scheme?

  30. Tafari….matters not anymore. The “sweep it under the rug” mentality will not fly in the US justice system. All feeders will be made to answer. TCI might have a say though. Let’s see it they delay sending him to Uncle Sam.
    For those saying 5-7 years with cooperation…..are you kidding?
    I’m betting 20….They have already labeled O’lint as a Ponzi scheme.
    Has anyone noted that the present liquidators have been saying there was nothing left to recover, but thee US authorities are looking into a possible 128 million?? Hmmmmm.

  31. Ever notice how no police complain about their Olint “losses?”:-)

  32. lbeit, he jetted off to the Turks and Caicos Islands leaving in his trail scores of ‘investors’ in Jamaica who had poured millions of dollars into his scheme. Are the Jamaican authorities interested in prosecuting Mr Smith?

    It is somewhat ironic, too, that in the first wave of Ponzimania Brian Wynter was head of the FSC, and this time he is head of the Bank of Jamaica.
    May we hope that all the legal authority at the State’s disposal will be put into gear to ensure better enforcement so that investors can be protected and our financial system rendered more reliable.
    The opinions on this page, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of The Gleaner.


  33. Email correspondence involving Solicitor General Douglas Leys, local attorney Harold Brady, and officials of the law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips confirms that the United States law firm was working on behalf of the Golding-led Government of Jamaica, even if it had been engaged by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

    The emails also suggest that the claim by Manatt that it had not been engaged to address the extradition request involving Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was not true.

    Using the Access to Information Act, The Sunday Gleaner acquired copies of the emails, which span a seven-month period from September 2009 to March 2010.


  34. Local politicians enjoyed riding in Smith’s jet, and many made no secret of their annual trip to the TCI to attend his birthday party.

    Others sent him emails thanking him for his campaign contributions, which “made our annual conference a success”.

    Emails which have been going the rounds suggest that the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) general election victory in 2007 was largely funded by Olint.

    The emails contained messages purportedly sent by the members of the JLP hierarchy asking Smith for funds or thanking him for his support.

    Olint was also a one-time sponsor of the annual Jazz and Blues Festival, with entertainment insiders putting his contribution at US$400,000. That figure was never confirmed.


  35. “Oh, how awful, Susan! We need to get your family and you in Jamaica next time,” the solicitor general wrote.

    “Hi, Harold. Hope you made it out before the snow. Would you like to chat on Monday re meetings and next steps?”


  36. Jay, you never did put up a fresh thread to deal exclusively with Brady’s Ponzie work and Olint movements in particular…

    Set up the thread nuh Jay?

  37. It took a strongly worded letter from The Gleaner’s legal counsel to get the Attorney General’s Chambers to release its griplike hold on controversial emails exchanged between the solicitor general and Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.

    After locating the requested emails, the Attorney General’s Chambers attempted to delay the handover of the documents by 30 days.


    Some time shortly after the interviews of the candidates but before the meeting of the PSC on the 18th, I received a telephone call from the Hon. Dorothy Lightbourne, Minister of Justice and Attorney General who indicated to me that she had learnt of the recommendation of Dr. Stephen Vasciannie to the post of Solicitor General and that she had no intention of working with him in that post. She said that she was prepared to work only with Mr. Douglas Leys as Solicitor General as in her opinion of the three candidates he possessed the best litigation skills. She stated that in her view litigation skills were critical to the role and function of the office of the Solicitor General. She further opined that if Dr. Stephen Vasciannie were selected the Chambers would be “limping”.

  38. It appears the Government quickly shot down a proposal from Solicitor General Douglas Leys that alleged drug kingpin Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke should be tried in Jamaica.

    Leys made the suggestion in his initial memorandum to Attorney General and Justice Minister Dorothy Lightbourne 25 days after the United States sent an extradition request for Coke.

    In her chronology of events leading up to the extradition of Coke, which she presented in the Senate, Lightbourne made no reference to this option.


  39. Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green told The Gleaner yesterday it was unlikely that Smith would be indicted locally given that other jurisdictions had already implemented investigations and brought charges.


  40. Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny,
    And in this judgement there is no partiality.

    To divide and rule could only tear us apart;
    In everyman chest, mm – there beats a heart.
    So soon we’ll find out who is the real revolutionaries;
    And I don’t want my people to be tricked by mercenaries.


  41. Remember folks that Nocotec, the MR know it all himself, was sure there was nothing left. he labelled all Olint investors as “greedy” and “stupid”.

    They refused to charge David Smith in Jamaica. After the raid, they saw that the guy was running a ponzi scheme but refused to move forward with criminal charges.

    Now he is indicted and from what I hear, many in Jamaica, maybe even Nocotec, will be indicted in the US as well.

    So who is having the last laugh? There is already 128 mil in the coffers and another 23 mil in assets and now the FBI is looking at yet another 8 mil in the name of a high up member of the JA government.

    So Mr. Nocotec, who is having the last laugh? Run back under your rock. You didn’t fool me….

  42. The money is gone, the money is gone. You are just a stupid greedy idiot. I created this blog because I love you and care about you so much you stupid greedy investor. I am smart and you are stupid. I know it all. I can decide who gets charged and who doesn’t. So shut up you stupid investor looking for money that isn’t there.

    We got him Nocotec. And he will spend a looooong time in jail. And those of you that got lots in the beginning have nothing more to get.

    It was a long road but all the investigating, and peeking , and searching is paying off.

    I know you wanted us to give up because “the money is all gone”. We didn’t buy it. Wea re still looking. So Mr. Businessman in Kingston, we are looking at the money transferred to you through NCB in March 2008. Was that you Nocotec? That was a lot of money dude…guess that’s why you thought it was all gone then?

    And what of that email that David Smith allegedly sent in July 2008? The one where it was reported on this blog that he claimed that the money was all gone? Well, to date, even though every piece of email the guy ever sent was hacked and published everywhere, no one has ever seen that email. That was just another ploy by the brain gang to get people to throw in the towel.

    You see, from very earley in the investigation in the TCI, I realized that David Smith was a thief and a scondrel. With this elaborate scheme, for which he had mush help perpetrating, he would not just come clean and say that he was a thief. So that was just another means of throwing poeple off track.

    Even this blog was created to keep track of the pulse of the people. To know exactly what was going on. So it was misinformation vs misinformation…..But the FBI is smarter.

    Nocotec revealed?

    I will leave that for the grand finale………LMAO!

  43. How many years did Madoff get? And David Smith will get how many? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ….

    Looking at the was justices have handled previous ponzi operators, I would say about 40 years. And I am being conservative.

    Even the co-conspirators may count themselves lucky to get only 5-7…..

  44. @ Tafari – There is no US$128M in the bag. The USA Gov is saying they are looking to seize US$128M which are the proceeds of various wire transfers made between David Smith and various bank of entities – the document DID NOT say it was recovered.

    I read it to mean they will actively pursue and seize those funds if they can find them.

    Read the document once again.

  45. DS business fail and de money gone. Di little money left, left in TCI bank which also now collapse.
    So DS business crash and de bank him use crash, now DS him a go haffa face di court and de truth a go come out, unless him plead guilty.
    If DS plead guilty nobody going know really what happened, everybody talk bout co-conspirators, di real question is did they know dat DS was running ponzie or not. Did they know?
    I would say many never knew, dem just believe in David just like everyone else.
    what DS sow him now going reap, is how di world work, and dat is dat.

    If DS had tell the truth when him mek him first trading loss, if him did say, ‘boys me lose di money’, and tell him club members exactly what a go on, den nobody would a go through dis stress, and di LAW would not be hunting DS. Is di lying tounge of DS dat cause all dis suffering a cause because di boy DS no tell all a we di truth.

    dat is dat

    Dis a di conclusion:







  46. The Peoples National Party (PNP) has renewed calls for a Commission of Enquiry into the Manatt Phelps and Phillips affair.

    The Opposition was responding to a Sunday Gleaner story this morning, which confirmed that Manatt, a United States law firm was working on behalf of the Golding-led Government and not the Jamaica Labour Party as the administration had claimed.


  47. @Jay that has been the problem with a lot of OLINT investors. They see the big figures and their eyes light up… and can’t read and think through things.

    My question is will the members of the MTI crew be indicted too?

  48. Jay, Floridian, and Tafari, you have all been vindicated. This Fisherman just want to say thanks for being so deligent.

  49. Jason and Nocotec have been vindicated… DaveSin and Robin Irie… They have been vindicated…

  50. Johndoe, THE creator of this blog, deserves tremendous applauds for creating this vehicle that was instrumental in bringing these fraudulent schemes to the forefront. If one should go back review all the threads, one would be amaze at the wealth of UFO-related information that was shared on this forum. This blog served as a clearing house of information relating to Jamaican High-Yield fraud. The Jamaican newspapers and others, gain valuable information from this Blog.

    Contributors such as AML provided some great insights about MTI/The Martinezs, et. al. It appears that the Martinezs are either cooperating with the FEDS (based on the detailed wire transferred data contained in the “indictment/Information”) or their days are numbered (unindicted co-conspirators).

    Thank Johndoe for creating/structuring the blog and the write-up for many threads. When others seek to silence the detractors, (Johndoe, Jason, Nocotec, Robin Irie and Jay), he saw it fit to develop a product which quickly became THE go-to arena for current and breaking news on Jamaican UFOs. Kudos to YOU Johndoe (& Jay/Nocotec)!!!

  51. Plutocracy – Or will they? A plutocracy is rule by the wealthy. The wealthy always contrive to have the last word. Some political scholars say American democracy is really a plutocracy. The term has been applied to European democracies as well. It applies to any society where there is a power elite rooted in wealth with preponderant influence over government, the media, members of parliament, and over the voters in election campaigns. The most powerful members of business, government, the media and the high professions, collude and coalesce around common interests and perceptions, especially at those times when their power base and self interests are most exposed.


  52. The endorsement and participation by Mastercard was reassuring from an imperial brand. Shame…shame…shame.

  53. People…people. Do a likkle readin’ nuh. DS will sing, Trust that. Many here talking about the politicians and others flying on DS private plane. DS never owned one…but, the provider juss cooling. When the forensic accounting is over we should see DS was never the big man in this, but the front man he surely was…and was justly rewarded for taking the heat.
    Gilly, you’re next. Bimmer and Range closeout sale. Mommy nice townhouse too. She was so proud of you boys. Now this embarrassment.

  54. Aug. 22, 2010 – Letter – Grant of Belonger Status to David Smith

    Dear Editors,

    The reason why I invited commentary on the interpretation of Section 3 Subsection (4) of the Immigration Ordinance is because sooner or later we will have to address the question as to whether the Belonger Status granted to David Smith is legal. This will surely come up at his trial, or if an extradition order is sought.

    He was one of those persons that was granted Belonger Status based on making “an outstanding contribution to the economic and social development of the Islands”.

    Why was this practice never challenged?


    De-Owen Higgs


  55. Bruce Golding called on to resign after email exposé

    The chairman of the Opposition’s communication commission, Dr. Peter Phillips has again called for the resignations of the Prime Minister Bruce Golding; Justice Minister and Attorney General, Dorothy Lightbourne and Solicitor General, Douglas Leys.

    This follows a Sunday Gleaner exposé confirming that US law firm Manatt Phelps and Phillips was working on behalf of the Bruce Golding-led Government and not the Jamaica Labour Party as the administration had claimed.


  56. Selector, one for Motty Perkins…

  57. Jay:

    I know that you know mmopre that you pretend to know.

    So just let us idiots be idiots, ok? Your brain bank didn’t work then and it ain’t working now.

    You see, I know that your brain bank spends much more time than I do investigating. So cut out the crap, ok?

  58. Jay:

    I know that you know mmopre that you pretend to know.

    So just let us idiots be idiots, ok? Your brain bank didn’t work then and it ain’t working now.

    You see, I know that your brain bank spends much more time than I do investigating. So cut out the crap, ok?


  59. Jamaica is now officially the most corrupt nation in the world.


    Why no local probe of Olint?

    The Gleaner article dated August 21, titled ‘Olint boss unlikely to face local courts’, raises many important questions. Quotes from Assistant Commissioner Green beg the question why was Jamaica not the first or indeed even the last to have brought charges against David Smith, who got so many Jamaicans to invest and lose so much money in his investment scheme?

    It seems amazing to me that this is how Jamaicans are treated by their own law-enforcement forces, while Turks and Caicos Islands, and now the USA, are protecting their citizens.

    It has long been whispered in knowledgeable but silent circles that the reasons relate to his being well-connected to political and other bigwigs who were deeply involved in the venture. Could there be truth to this? If not, how can it be explained to those of us who were victims?


  61. Betrayed! Simpson Miller Says Golding, Caught In Web Of Lies, Must Quit

    Golding told the country that Manatt, Phelps & Phillips had been retained by the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) to lobby the US government on the extradition issue involving alleged drug kingpin Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke. He said he sanctioned the move, but gave instructions that it should not be a government matter.

    However, emails obtained under the Access to Information Act and published in The Sunday Gleaner indicate that Manatt had acted on the behalf of the Government.


  62. If Manatt, Phelps and Phillips were representing the interests of Jamaica and Jamaicans in Washington then who was paying for this representation on behalf of the people of Jamaica?

    Who paid for work done in the nations name?

  63. It seems that one must first legally reside in the islands upwards of 10 years to be considered for a Permanent Residency Certificate, after which he or she must wait for up to at least another 10 years before consideration is given to granting him or her a passport. Upon receipt of the afore-said travel document, one has to wait for another 2 years before which he can apply for citizenship or “Belongership” as it is famously called here. Then again this seems to apply to only a selected few, as it is a fact that there’s a few amongst us who have been granted Belongership mere hours after their very first landing in the islands.

    An expatriate who has been residing in the islands and making significant contributions to the continuous growth and development of the islands has to endure the irritating inconveniences and harassments such as Immigration control for upwards of 18 years before his status can be upgraded from PRC to Belongership and wait for another 2 years before becoming a Belonger.

    On the other hand, a crooked investor coming in to the islands, where he purchases some flipped property, butters a politician’s mouth and by the end of the dishonest business deal, that investor’s name is seen published in the news paper where and unsuspecting Governor informs the entire population, that by virtue of his enormous contributions to the country (though unseen), Belongership will be bestowed upon that “outstanding” Individual.


  64. The United States takes the FARA declarations very seriously. Leys currently claims that nothing in the emails suggests to Manatt that they were representing the people and government of Jamaica. Manatt has always claimed that they represented Jamaica.

    The country’s leaders need to do what is right for any idiot watching this play out can see a grand jury will be convened while the players contradict each other with lying.

    Jamaica does not need this. The USA needs truth regarding these FARA filings. They will get it. Drawing the entire country through the mud for the antics of a few liars at the cost of the entire country is revolting.

  65. Of course assuming an unsealed indictment does not already exist.

    Jamaica is losing hard earned World Class respect especially in all spheres abroad where respect has been an uphill task for our nationals on the world stage. Decades of a steep climb. Thrown away in minutes…
    For what? The folly of the arrogant few?

  66. The corrupt can spend to send their children to colleges all over the world. But what about those of the Empire Windrush who worked British Rail and those who cleaned the toilets and opened doors Manhattan and Toronto?

    Does their memory deserve these
    indictments and shame in the USA and elsewhere?

  67. PNPYO to march on Jamaica House
    2010-08-23 09:18:32 | with audio | (0 Comments)

    The president of the PNP Youth Organisation (PNPYO), Damion Crawford, has hinted that there could be another march on Jamaica House to call for the prime minister’s resignation.

    He says the PNPYO will write to the Prime Minister this morning outlining why he should resign.

    This followed a Gleaner exclusive yesterday confirming that the US based law-firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips was hired by the Government in the ‘Dudus’ extradition row.

    http://go-jamaica.com/news/read_article.php?id=21930For months the administration had maintained that it was the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) which hired the firm to help to resolve a treaty dispute even though Manatt had kept saying it was representing the Jamaican Government.

  68. what of ACOM?

  69. Kingdom Investments bracing for suits etc.

  70. Loyalist media embeds left hanging.

    JLP silent on latest revelations in the Manatt Affair

    A media blackout has been imposed by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) as it braces for further fallout arising from startling revelations concerning its dealings with the US law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips.


    Jamaican Government remains silent on Manatt issue

    The Jamaican Government remains mum this afternoon, a day after a Sunday Gleaner exclusive revealed that the administration lied about the Manatt affair.


  71. “HughCliffe” still on vacation? 🙂

  72. Civil society groups call for full disclosure on Manatt Affair

    Dr. Carolyn Gomes, JFJ Executive Director, believes the Government has insulted the country by ignoring calls to give a detailed account of transactions with the US law firm.
    Meanwhile, the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) says Sunday’s report in the Gleaner newspaper reinforces the need for a Commission of Enquiry into the Manatt Affair.

    Milton Samuda, JCC President, says the group had warned that if there was no full disclosure on the matter it would come to haunt the Government.


  73. TCI Belongerships under scrutiny.


  74. floridian
    a your blog dis?

  75. Hello Jay

    Do you have any info on John Wildish? Who is he? Did he play a part in OLINT? Do you any info about him?


    • John Wildish was a director of TCI Fx of which David Smith was also a director.

      While he might not have an exact ‘role’ in OLINT, by having Smith as a co-director in an apparently registered company (TCI FX) in the TCI, he gave OLINT legitimacy..

      Read this case to get some information on a John Wildish http://www.privy-council.org.uk/files/pdf/2001_No.50.pdf

      Search for Dextra,Wildish BOJ

  76. Floridian,

    ACP Green says that no investors ever came forward in JA and made any complaints against DS, and that there is no evidence to support a claim otherwise. Is that actually true?

    Didn’t the Doctor attempt to file a complaint with the Fraud Squad, and did he not also email and write a letter to the PM? Thought I saw that on the blog some time ago.

    Seems that they are now attempting to blame the victims for there lack of action, and are seeking undesputable evidence that they were informed.

  77. “ACP Green says that no investors ever came forward in JA and made any complaints against DS, and that there is no evidence to support a claim otherwise. Is that actually true?”

    That’s Goldingus.

    Even the police in the Minister’s feeder fund asked about their money.

  78. w. w. w.youtube.com/watch?v=EIFfUMFBa58

  79. § 612.(a) No person shall act as an agent of a foreign principal unless he has filed with the Attorney General a true and complete registration statement and supplements thereto as required by subsections (a) and (b) of this section or unless he is exempt from registration under the provisions of this subchapter.

    Status of the registrant; if an individual, nationality; if a partnership, name, residence addresses, and nationality of each partner and a true and complete copy of its articles of copartnership; if an association, corporation, organization, or any other combination of individuals, the name, residence addresses, and nationality of each director and officer and of each person performing the functions of a director or officer and a true and complete copy of its charter, articles of incorporation, association, constitution, and bylaws, and amendments thereto; a copy of every other instrument or document and a statement of the terms and conditions of every oral agreement relating to its organization, powers, and purposes; and a statement of its ownership and control;

    A comprehensive statement of the nature of registrant’s business; a complete list of registrant’s employees and a statement of the nature of the work of each; the name and address of every foreign principal for whom the registrant is acting, assuming or purporting to act or has agreed to act; the character of the business or other activities of every such foreign principal, and, if any such foreign principal be other than a natural person, a statement of the ownership and control of each; and the extent, if any, to which each such foreign principal is supervised, directed, owned, controlled, financed, or subsidized, in whole or in part, by any government of a foreign country or foreign political party, or by any other foreign principal;

    The nature and amount of contributions, income, money, or thing of value, if any, that the registrant has received within the preceding sixty days from each such foreign principal, either as compensation or for disbursement or otherwise, and the form and time of each such payment and from whom received;

    Copies of each written agreement and the terms and conditions of each oral agreement, including all modifications of such agreements, or, where no contract exists, a full statement of all the circumstances, by reason of which the registrant is performing or assuming or purporting or has agreed to perform for himself or for a foreign principal or for any person other than a foreign principal any activities which require his registration hereunder;

    (10) Such other statements, information, or documents pertinent to the purposes of this subchapter as the Attorney General, having due regard for the national security and the public interest, may from time to time require;

    having due regard for the national security and the public interest
    having due regard for the national security and the public interesthaving due regard for the national security and the public interest


  80. Particularly, the filing states that Manatt lawyers met with Warlow on December 17, 2009, to thrash out “extradition treaty process requirements”. The filing made no mention of Coke.
    Like in previous FARA filings, Manatt maintains that it “represented the Government of Jamaica in the US regarding existing political and economic matters, including existing treaty agreements between Jamaica and the US”, until its engagement was terminated on February 8.

    “I can’t help you at all, I am on my way to China, I am not in a position to comment. I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about.


  81. Disclosure of the required information facilitates evaluation by the government and the American people of the statements and activities of such persons in light of their function as foreign agents. The FARA Registration Unit of the Counterespionage Section (CES) in the National Security Division (NSD) is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Act.


  82. Government to face more Manatt questions today

  83. Pressure mounts on Harold Brady

    Speaking at the Post Cabinet press briefing Mr. Vaz declared that the evidence was clear that it was Harold Brady who misrepresented the government of Jamaica in the behind the scenes negotiations with Manatt Phelps and Phillips.


    Making misrepresentations to the United States Government through false FARA filings?

    Sorry to hear.

  84. But most importantly it is unlawful within the United States to engage in political or non-political actions on behalf of a Foreign Principal or Official without compliance with Foreign Agents Registration Act( FARA).


  85. Where is the FARA filing?

  86. Cant wait 4 David Smith to be extradited……… I am dying for the squealing to start

  87. “For those of us who see the pot of gold and don’t inquire carefully about where the pot came from, this should serve as a warning,” says one partner at a Washington, D.C., firm. “I would like to think I wouldn’t have allowed something like this to happen. But if a government comes to you and says they want you to represent a certain position, you’re probably going to be more open to it than an individual asking you to help their dope-dealer friend.Adds another partner: “[Manatt Phelps] has turned down work before for unethical [reasons] or unethical clients–it’s not a firm that takes anything that comes in the door. Chuck Manatt probably made a mistake and is chagrined by this. He’s a very straight-up guy.”
    A third Am Law partner expressed a bit more skepticism. “We’re talking about the proposed extradition of a warlord here, not representing the government on the exports of aluminum!” he says.


  88. August 25, 2010 2:00 PM
    Manatt’s Headache Continues: E-Mails Shed Light on Firm’s Jamaica Work

    “While we will not discuss the specific content or authenticity of the [Daily Gleaner] e-mails, from what you have told us they are in line with what the firm has maintained all along–as stated in our FARA filings, Manatt was engaged by the Government of Jamaica to assist with existing political and economic matters, including existing treaty agreements between Jamaica and the U.S.,” Lemann wrote. “We facilitated meetings between representatives of the U.S. and Jamaican governments in their official capacities; and we had formal communications with Jamaican government representatives related to our representation.”


    The Jamaican people need this to be PROVEN to be wrong and get Manatt to retract. This is a stain on the people of Jamaica. Who is defending the people of Jamaica against this?

    It has gone nowhere. Brady/sanction/JLP move on with that.

    The issue is that the Manatt claim that it represented the people of Jamaica in the matter stands and is not going away.

    Government…Do Something!

  89. To this day Jamaica’s FIRST NATIONAL HERO, Marcus Garvey is listed as a criminal on the books of the United States.

    Are we the people now to just “live” with being listed on their books as having engaged this lobby firm for the rest of history?

    Sanctions/Brady/JLP lalaa… The people of Jamaica don’t care to hear about YOUR hobbies. Go deal with your personal issues on your own time. It is the Government and People’s work that is of significance to Jamaicans.

    When will this representation that the people of Jamaica engaged Manatt for lobby work be REMOVED.

  90. Campbell also called on the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice to resign.

    “Having regard to the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips saga, I invite the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice to travel this route and resign and help to usher in a new day in Jamaican politics.”


    The misrepresentation of the Jamaican people to the people of the United States as reiterated on August 25 2010 by Manatt would still have to be removed from the official public records in the US as seen on the FARA filing.

    Correct the “incorrect” filing! The people of Jamaica have been told it is not true by GOJ, HOWEVER IT IS STILL THERE in the people’s faces.

    The stigma of Jamaicans as criminal minded faces our diaspora every day (and has for decades) . This is what Jamaican’s get?

  91. Vaz admits Manatt mistakes
    Says PM will address islandwide meetings on the issue


    Niether of those actions take the ‘false’ filing against the Jamaican people down.

  92. To: Manatt, Phelps, Phillips

    The people of Jamaica would NEVER sanction or condone that contained in your FARA filing.

    Looks like you got taken by some con artists.

    Manatt, you familiar with David Smith?Olint?

  93. Manatt’s Headache Continues: E-Mails Shed Light on Firm’s Jamaica Work

    Posted by Brian Baxter
    Almost six months after Manatt, Phelps & Phillips first came under fire over the firm’s alleged role in an extradition dispute between Jamaica and the United States over accused drug lord Christopher Coke, newly disclosed e-mails are again throwing the firm’s role into question as to whether it sought to lobby U.S. officials on behalf of the Jamaican government to block Coke’s extradition.

    The Jamaican government has paid Manatt roughly $65,000 from a $400,000-a-year lobbying contract the firm entered into last year through a politically connected Kingston lawyer named Harold Brady, ostensibly to advise on political and economic matters, “including existing treaty agreements between Jamaica and the U.S.,” according to our previous reporting and a copy of the firm’s engagement letter.


    Manatt, don’t you know who and where your payment comes from BEFORE you lobby white house persons who have access to the President og the United States?

    Suppose it was Bin Laden’s money?

  94. Manatt, Can you prove that the money you took to lobby senior members of the US Govt, did NOT come from one of the following sources?


  95. Law Firm Adamant It Represented Jamaica

    Conflicting arguments

    Manatt’s position is in conflict with the Bruce Golding administration, which has repeatedly challenged anyone to produce proof that it engaged the law firm.


  96. Solicitor General Douglas Leys is on shaky ground as the Government continues to respond to the latest developments in the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair.

    Leys was at the centre of emails involving Manatt officials and local attorney Harold Brady for more than six months, despite reporting that he had met with the United States law firm in December and told them he was not interested in their service at that time.

    “The representatives of the firm were told by me in the meeting in the presence of Mr Harold Brady that we did not need their services now, but we would consider engaging the firm if the need arises,” Leys told The Gleaner months ago when the issue was first raised.

    But the emails show that the solicitor general was involved in lengthy discussions with officials of Manatt.

    These discussions included talks on a proposed press release which would represent the position of the governments of Jamaica and the United States, even though his boss, Attorney General Dorothy Lightbourne, has said she did not know about Manatt until the matter was raised in Parliament months later.


  97. ‘We Messed Up’

    You hear Deacon…

  98. Sleeping dogs

    3. Story is, there’s a whole lot of behind-the-scenes diplomatic activities to try and keep some unopened indictments sealed. According to those closest to the shenanigans, every effort is being made to let sleeping dogs lie, at least for the moment.


  99. Nocotec, Jay et al:

    Do you still support the jamaica government/police/courts position NOT to take legal action against david Smith?

    It was strange when, after pretending to be the enemy of everything ponzi, Nocotec so strongly made the case against taking legal action against DS in Jamaica.

    That was one irony that smelled like fish. The other was that he professed that he created the blog to help (educate?) people about the dangers of these financial schemes. yet he referred to the people he was trying to help as “stupid”, “greedy”, “idiots”.

    But David Smith may soon get extradited to the US and I am told by a big guy in the feeder club organization, ACOM, that he intends to name all his little and big helpers in Jamaica.

    The FBI is waiting on those names to make more indictmemnts. So whoever you a try to protek sah, dem a go feel the heat soon sah.

  100. Of paramount importance, and all things being considered, once the breach of public trust has reached socially and politically unacceptable proportions as they have now reached, the one decent path to take is the prime minister’s resignation. That is the only escape route. Of course, he would be forced to lock arms with the attorney general and the solicitor general as they all head for the exit.


    mark kendall
    I can’t recall you penning a better piece.

    Hugh Maxwell
    Mark you wrote in a column once how you voted over the years..some time JLP and another time for PNP. I respected you more for that. How many Jamaicans can say that? I heard a man said once, that: “even when they shot me, me blood running on d grung is still PNP” Our inability to be objective is why our leaders can continue to do as they please. But why not ?when no matter what they do, people will still wear the t-shirts and rant for them – a very sad state. For me, bad is bad no matter who.

  101. Schmidt declined to comment. When reached by phone on Monday afternoon, Di Gregory told us someone had just entered his office and suggested we call back later. A subsequent message left for him has so far gone unreturned. Brady, who resigned as chairman of the powerful Jamaica Railway Corporation last week, also declined an interview request.

  102. Law Firm Adamant It Represented Jamaica

    Law Firm Adamant It Represented Jamaica

    Law Firm Adamant It Represented Jamaica

  103. “The representatives of the firm were told by me in the meeting in the presence of Mr Harold Brady that we did not need their services now, but we would consider engaging the firm if the need arises,” Leys told The Gleaner months ago when the issue was first raised.

    But the emails show that the solicitor general was involved in lengthy discussions with officials of Manatt.

  104. Another email, which was sent several days after Prime Minister Bruce Golding said a decision had been made not to issue the press release, shows Leys pointing Manatt to a headline in The Gleaner and questioning if the contemplated press release was still on.

  105. Orlando feds say Jamaican financier bilked thousands in Ponzi scheme

    David A. Smith, a Jamaican citizen who already faces criminal charges in the Turks and Caicos, now faces 23 counts in Orlando federal court, ranging from wire fraud to money laundering.

    Smith’s attorney, Oliver A. Smith, stated in an e-mail Wednesday that he had no comment.

    Prosecutors also say Smith had ties to a Lake Mary company, i-Trade FX, which was licensed to deal in foreign currency trading.


  106. Manatt, Phelps & Phillips joins the political maelstrom

    Charges and countercharges surrounding the controversial hiring of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips are continuing with the US law firm issuing a new statement in which it insists that it was hired by the Jamaican Government.


  107. Mr. Lemman goes on to state that Manatt facilitated meetings between representatives of the U.S. and Jamaican governments in their official capacities.

    He says it also had formal communications with the Jamaican government representatives relating to its representation.


  108. BoJ losses climb past $10bn

    Bank of Jamaica losses are funded by the government which means it could become a burden on taxpayers.


    Violation of IMF Agreement.

    • Floridian you start up again, you dangerous bad pon dis yah blog.
      You no see why di BOJ start hold losses, it cause dem acounting strategy a get expose.

      you know dat DS was an old BOJ man, maybe a de him learn him tricks, bout currency trading an accounting strategy.

      Now dat Brucy a run di place him likkle better at accounts dan de boys dat did a run di BOJ with DS, and ratid dem suddenly a realize where smitty learn fi do him books, 10 billion gone. And nough man a scratch dem head!

      But dis is expected as di BOJ master mind from the 90’s him a did a get expose and graduate fi teach de youth accounting in di colledge dem.

      But Jamaica suffer enough, it is time fi di Father fi bless di place. The grand children of di wise man a stand up again and di nation a go redeem. The seed will grow well, and de trees will yeild dem fruits, and di ground will once again produce its crops. Di place a turn green again, laughter a joy a go reside de. Tek it from me jedidiah for dis is what a come! Di cime a go receed, watch and see.

      fi yu time now floridian!

  109. Prove it!

    Mrs. Simpson-Miller has challenged the Government to furnish hard evidence that it was the Jamaica Labour Party that contracted the Washington-based law firm and not the Government.


  110. Law Firm Adamant It Represented Jamaica


  111. Worrying Absence Of Truth

    Johnson said that where there is no commitment to speaking truth, “we open ourselves to making promises which cannot be fulfilled, to defend the indefensible, to exploit the gullible and to promote the plausible over the whole truth”.

    He said people are worth more than to be deceived, misled and manipulated.

    “They deserve to know the truth. The worst thing you can do is tek big man fi fool,” he declared.


  112. Two weeks ago, the Director of Public Prosecutions, acting on behalf of the United States government, obtained a court order giving local investigators the power to dig into Smith’s accounts and those of a long list of individuals and companies.

    Among those also under investigation are Smith’s wife, Tracy Ann Simone Smith; his brother Gilbert; Olint; Olint Foundation and Olint Corporation. The son of a major figure within the governing Jamaica Labour Party is also on the list submitted by the US authorities. The US government says it also wants to look into the account of a huge private company and a major figure in the football fraternity, as well as several well-known Jamaican businesspersons.


  113. ACON? What are you doing? The people want to hear from you.


  114. Court Hears Stanford Case Against LLoyd’s

    Executives who worked with indicted financier R. Allen Stanford were aware of problems at his now defunct Caribbean bank, including fabricated investment reports and that Stanford secretly used money from investors to fund loans to himself, two financial experts testified Wednesday.

    The accountants were questioned about Stanford’s financial dealings during a court hearing in which a federal judge was to decide if Stanford and two executives – under indictment on charges they bilked investors out of US$7 billion in a massive Ponzi scheme – will continue having their legal bills paid for by an insurance policy.


    Duhaney..don’t be “boomy”. I’m sure Ja’s local analysts will shine they have all the ACCA/CPA to represent us beyond the radio talk shows.

  115. “In my view, this matter has become a political one and I don’t think it would be appropriate for me, as solicitor general, to comment,” Leys told The Gleaner yesterday.

    hahahahahaa…ahahahaa.. Thanks DL…political byte of the day…if LRC was still on air …..

    “don’t think it would be appropriate for me, as solicitor general,”

    hhahahaaa…nice DLys,,heheheheeee

  116. U.S. wants Smith extradited

    International news agency Reuters is reporting that US authorities want to extradite David Smith, former OLINT boss, from the Turks and Caicos Islands for his involvement in one of the Caribbean’s biggest financial fraud cases.



    The financial institutions usually absorb the majority of the cost of such frauds as they typically reimburse customers who fall victim to the scams.

    The increase in card fraud has occurred as the police clamp down on another popular scam, as opportunistic criminals turn their attention to other ways of stealing money.

    Because the cost for fraud falls under operating expenses, the effect on the Bank’s efficiency and overall performance can be adverse.

    “The challenge is to make sure as an organisation that we are managing that tighter than our competition. The way to do it is to catch them quickly so that you reduce the loss per instance,” Bowen said.


  118. Duncan Bertram
    Manatt vs Trafigura? It is the JLP vs PNP. In 3yrs the JLP managed to do to Jamaica what the PNP couldnt in 18yrs, mash it up. To me trafigura was a mistake by inexperience politicians trying to compete with some equally big donors who are just as questionable as trafigura(Olint). What the PNP did then was done by the JLP then, but the JLP questionable donors did not come to light until now. Manatt/dudus is a total different issue, 1 of governance. It is a 1000x worse than george bush’s tenure.


  119. If any grouping should understand right and wrong, it should be the churches, but they may be too busy blocking casino gambling that may allow a competition for monies withheld from collection to be “invested” in gambling. Laughingly I remember their current losses in foreign exchange get-rich-quick schemes like OLINT and others. I have to assume that this set of conflicting values is evidence of the new interpretation of the life of Jesus Christ, who chased the money changers out of the temple.


  120. Personally I find nothing laughable about OLINT at this time particularly with sealed indictments floating around.

    But we can poke fun at some sad reality like the national debt to be extinguished vis the “Australian model” or a former minister of finance seeking to employ Smith as a trader for a commercial bank.

    Tufton’s Campaign finance (bright spark he is) and Holness’s thank you on Jamaica Government letterhead come to mind.

    But let us hold down on “Laughable” for the moment for he who laughs last laughs best. That will happen long before casino’s are entrenched.

  121. Speaking of which…

    Manatt Madness – 10 Questions For Bruce


  122. Just a quiet reminder. Do not post entire articles as a comment. Post the Title and 1 or 2 sentences and then a link to the article.


  123. This nation has been built by capitalists and its whole economic structure is based on attracting capitalists. If this has changed then let our governor and leaders stand up and say so and we the capitalists will depart your shores to places where us and our capital are welcome.


  124. Interesting article

    Stanford Committed No Crime, Ex-Prosecutor Testifies at Trial on Insurance


  125. Nonco, whahappen…can’t see you..I mean can’t see you on the blogs ????

  126. Link Noncs…bad news.

  127. “In the short term, the Integrity Commission has placed emphasis on three specific areas party financing and financial reporting; the establishment of fit-and-proper criterion for candidate selection and the establishment of a code of ethics for the party,” he said, “Work has been advanced in all three of these areas. The commission has begun the process of fact-finding to submit recommendations on its findings regarding the processes and systems of party financing and financial reporting at all levels.”


  128. Speaking on RJR’s Hotline on Tuesday morning Mr. Moss Solomon explained the reasons for resigning from the government boards.

    Mr. Moss-Solomon says he has lost faith in the credibility of the persons elected to serve the nation.

    “You know we come to a point in time where sometimes you have to stand for something…My resignation is due to my inability to accept the numerous incidents that impune the credibility and honesty of those elected to serve the nation from both sides of parliament,” Mr. Moss-Solomon said.

    Mr. Moss-Solomon is also hoping that other persons with integrity issues will follow suit.

    “It is not the first time that I have had the cause to resign from various positions, even as a schoolboy. If you believe in something you need to stand up for it, if you don’t stand up for something you will fall for anything,”


  129. THE Transport and Works Ministry yesterday confirmed that attorney-at-law Harold Brady has resigned as chairman of the Board of the Jamaica Railway Corporation (JRC).

    “The reasons behind his departure are uncertain,” the source said.


  130. Brad Kerr

    …Drip drip drip ..and US govt is yet to say if they are persuing obstruction of justice charges against the SG and AG. These are serious allegations in the US.


  131. Nonco?

    What is this?

    08/31/2010 276 SEALED DOCUMENT placed in vault. (nm) (Entered: 08/31/2010)

  132. Noncotec?

  133. Court removes Justice Carey from FINSAC Enquiry

    The Judicial Review Court this afternoon removed retired justice Boyd Carey as the chairman of the Commission of Enquiry probing the collapse of the financial sector in the 1990’s.

    The court also ruled that attorney at law RNA Henriques will no longer serve as a legal advisor to the Enquiry as he’s affiliated with a company that had a debt with FINSAC.


    Olint Ross? Bright…

  134. Boyd Carey booted from Finsac enquiry
    Another member disqualified from commission; third person to be named


  135. Come een Nonco….the begining of the end nuh start yet LOL LOL LOL

  136. Noncs..which idiot would choose a biased commission?

    You going to go forward with Olint Charles Ross….think and check…

  137. G2K to study OLINT.

  138. Commenting further, the court said having found that Carey was a delinquent borrower, he could not be a judge in his own cause.


  139. De Freitas to sue Brits

    ABDICATED Attorney General Kurt De Freitas has revealed he plans to sue British MPs who accused him of turning a blind eye to government corruption.
    The bombshell announcement – made to PTV – came as Mr De Freitas prepared to leave the TCI after six years in office.

    Mr De Freitas has now enlisted eminent British QC Lord Anthony Gifford to help restore his reputation, battered by a damning Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) report released in March.


  140. Bunting suggests Gov’t officials could be extradited

    General secretary of the People’s National Party Peter Bunting appeared to speculate on Thursday night that Government officials could be indicted for extradition by the United States Government.

    Addressing a North East Manchester PNP constituency meeting at the Christiana High School, Bunting quoted from news reports of damning allegations against the Government made by Police Federation chairman Raymond Wilson on Wednesday.


    Posting, Floridian style 🙂

  141. However, what is clear is that with the United States’ declaration of interest in Olint Club Members’ money based on the allegation that it is laundered money, it appears that there is a likelihood of the money not being returned to its rightful owners. We are now seeking legal advice as to how best to thwart such an eventuality, and are not ruling out a class action in the USA.

    One thing is certain, and that is, Mr. David Smith does have funds that belong to Olint Members, and these funds cannot reach the hands of its owners for as long as David Smith is holed up in any court.

    Signed: Godfrey E. McAllister, Ph.D., JP
    August 20, 2010
    Kingdom Investments


  142. Issued August 20, 2010: The Association of Concerned Olint Members (ACOM) is not unduly perturbed by the news of David Smith’s indictment on 23 counts in a US Court as this move was being telegraphed for over two years.

    ..We are not perturbed (unduly or otherwise) at all about anything concerning David Smith and his kind…

  143. We are ashamed of you..but indifferent…never perturbed..

  144. The Solicitor General is on record saying any law firm employed to do service for the Government of Jamaica would have to be contracted through his office.

    He may need to be reminded that the absence of a written document does not necessarily mean the absence of contract.

    The Solicitor General can no longer enjoy the respect to which his office is entitled and so he must gracefully demit office.


  145. Reports of rampant under-invoicing, containers being smuggled off the wharves and of corrupt businesspersons, customs officers and brokers, have soiled the reputation of Jamaica’s business environment for years. And A-Mart is merely one of the casualties of these malpractices, said Ammar Jr.

    “The legitimate people who do the right thing and pay the right duties get squeezed,” said Ammar Jr, who employed 35 persons across the two A-Mart stores and another 250 at his other store, Ammar’s.

    “To me, it is a simple decision who the authorities should support,” he noted.

    “There is absolutely no way we could compete against merchandise that has not paid any duty or has not paid the right amount of duties,” he said of A-Mart, which targets budget shoppers.


  146. Golding’s insistence in continuing says a lot about how he views this country. With a detached and supine professional middle class that largely demonstrates little interest in the welfare of its country, a weak media that can easily be dismissed and no one in the party coming forward as an alternative, Golding — still thought of as the JLP’s best option — has chosen to obstinately soldier on.

    Last week saw him engaging the private sector, an insipid motley crew that have yet to offer any ideas as to what kind of country Jamaica should be for its citizens and what it expects from its political leaders.

    Make no mistake, Golding is a political liability right now and maybe in a country that places a lot of stock in prayer, only the Lord can ensure he walks away unscathed from the shadow of death. He continues to winge about the media but it is the responsibility of the fourth estate to question and hold him to account. To allow it to be soft soaped by a politician looking for a lifeline would be remiss indeed. Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga once said that Golding vacillates and is not a decisive man. At the time his comments were viewed as sour grapes from a bitter old man. Today Seaga is seen as a wily perspicacious sage who got it right.

    Events over the last few weeks have conspired against Golding. He is in a storm and needs more than an umbrella.

    ….Sergeant Raymond Wilson’s bombshell. Addressing a Police Federation conference in St Ann last Wednesday he said: “We are forced to contend with an employer, the Government of Jamaica, whose motive seems hell bent on destroying the police force in an effort to steer away the nation’s attention from their blatant political corruption and clear support for (a) criminal terrorist under the cloak of party support rather than they being the Government.”

    Then there is Andrew Holness, a bright star of the party. In his early 40s, he remains untainted by what has sullied many of the senior members of his party.

    Stepping down a generation with Tufton, who also remains unsullied,….

    It is no good harping on about loyalty to Golding if in the end he will only bring the party down. If Golding is to seek redemption he has to do the right thing — for the good of the party, for the good of the country and more important, for the good of himself.


    Unsullied? Yap Yap Yap…. let them step up…yap yap

  147. No David Smithite not going nowhere..pick again.

  148. EDITORIAL: The Ghost Of The FINSAC Inquiry

    While this newspaper does not question the the court’s ruling and its declarations about their integrity, we believe that Justice Carey’s management of the commission’s hearing left more than a hint of bias, and that his two co-commissioners, Mr Worrick Bogle and Mr Charles Ross, staggered close to, if they did not fall over, the edge.

    It need not have come to this, including the public embarrassment of Justice Carey, if he and his fellow commissioners had listened to us.

    Abedabdoub 4 hours ago
    Dear Editor,

    A good editorial. However there is one point that perhaps has been overlooked. The two remaining commissioners ought to also resign and allow the Gopvernor General to have a free hand in appointing a new set of commissioners. They were part of the decision that the Chairman former Justice Carey not recuse himself.

    In light of the court ruling and all the circumstances, were I a commissioner, my own sense of integrity would force me to offer my resignation.

    Abe Dabdoub

    viewer123 4 hours ago
    The entire commission has been tainted and it would have made more sense to remove the lot and start afresh.

    The outcome with Bogle and Ross aboard will remain suspect.


  149. Delano Seiveright, Contributor

    There is no doubt in my mind that there are persons desperately engaged in a futile attempt to bring a dead horse to life – that dead horse being the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips issue.


    This kid does not understand how things work internationally. Manatt is a serious criminal issue to the United States. The issue starts in Jamaica. An apology by one person to his cohorts on retreat in St. Ann means nothing. Hey they might as well have all played dominoes all weekend. It means nothing. You do not lobby white house operatives who have access to the President and it just goes away. Apology Full or otherwise is not relevant to anything in this matter unless you are a loyalist. Is the writer a loyalist?

    The comments on alternative investment schemes in the article well….enough said.

    I normally would not comment on this piece in the Sunday Gleaner but the Manatt, Phelps Phillips issue is worthy of comment. Mr been around the World Brady, Leys and Dorothy et al while legends in their own minds and supported by a flock of loyalists were in over their heads from the start. If they new the seriousness of it from the American perspective not one bright fool-fool of the “bunch” would have touched it.

    Normally as just politicians the rest of us could ignore their folly and pity their exuberance. However this time they seemingly want to draw the nation into their mindset and mirror image..that of backward law breakers…ignorant of how the world works outside their narrow local interests……..NO…NO…not even next time….NO

  150. I not into the Manatt thing at this time but I will say this:

    If the Manatt, Phelps Phillips/Brady/JLP issue were to stop in its tracks..eg “move on” ..fagit it etc

    Hypothetical of course but IF that were to happen eg What Delano S seemingly advocates then to be sure

    MANY persons of high office….higher than any Jamaican office would have to step down.

    Noncotec…explain the Manatt thing to the people nuh?

  151. Noncs whey yu deh?

    Fresh Indictments in the week Nonco. Say something!

  152. Has anyone noticed that no one on the American side of the Manatt Scandal has apologized? You know WHY?

    Because they are not stupid. They know that to apologize for something that has not even yet begun to show the real consequences would be fool-fool.


    You steal my fortnight wages. I don’t that yet. But you confess to taking my wages and say sorry. But my mortgage (that has been behind two months but you don’t know) is going to be farther behind resulting in my house and principal therein being taken away. And the equity loan I used to invest in my business from said house will be called thereby closing down my business.

    And you want to “move on” based on WHEN on the calendar you said you sorry? Sorry for what? You don’t even know what you sorry for yet.

    Nonco…serious news on the Olint issue..report Nonco.

  153. Defending the people’s right to know

    The people’s right to know requires that the press cannot accept anything short of full answers to the questions raised. Despite accusations of political motive, it cannot flinch if it is to vindicate the people’s trust in the press.

    We are acutely aware that Jamaica is sliding fast into an abyss of corruption that threatens the very foundations of our society. In the fight to reverse the slide the press cannot but recommit itself to turning the spotlight on corrupt acts wherever they may be found, and regardless of whom the perpetrators might be.

    The Manatt affair is no exception, and we have every confidence that if the press is true to the trust of the people, all will be revealed.


  154. In The Beginning…

    The Speaker: But I don’t know, Dr Phillips, how relevant this is to …

    The Prime Minister: Let me make it quite clear. The Government of Jamaica has not engaged any legal firm, any consultant, any entity whatsoever in relation to any extradition matter, other than deploying the resources that are available within the Attorney General’s Department, who has a duty and a responsibility to guide the Government in these matters.


  155. I am back

  156. Is the blog concerned that Connolly was the auditor for TCI bank which raised the SARS on Olint -he has been paid over USD 500,000 from the funds in the TCI bank even though he knew all along that the bank was insolvent.

    He also sought to have more funds approved for his payment even though he was fully aware of the TCI bank’s ill health.

  157. where is dr walker??

    He has written to the us govt asking them to with- hold aid from Jamaica.

  158. Facing the music and keeping the faith

    Regarding the US$50,000 that had been used to pay Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, the PM said it had been provided by a longtime donor to the JLP.


  159. The PM said that a friend, who read the script of his May 12 apology to the nation, advised him not to say that he had sanctioned the hiring of the legal firm, but rather that he accepted responsibility.


    Oxymoron? A “friend” can’t be a “friend” and suggest that one lie or wit hold information of paramount importance to the United States government.

    Show me your friends and…

  160. Wilson gets support for broadside against he Govt

    According to Sergeant Wilson, based on the information provided on the engagement of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips he could only conclude that the party was supporting criminality.


  161. The Attorney General Wakes Up

    Our somnambulant former Attorney General has finally awakened from his Rip Van Winkle type sleep to become his own best counsel, reportedly in league with a noted QC, to sue the British for his perceived incompetence while serving under Tin Mickey and the Merry Miscreants.

    That the US authorities, if you suspected something happening between the Miscreants and say Miami money, maybe even OLINT for an example, couldn’t help you make a case?


  162. The [Unused] Powers of the Attorney General

    When LisaRaye McCoy left our waters, she was able to capture a TV reality show and has attempted to play the role of the innocent victim of her star-crossed relationship with Michael Misick.

    It appears departing Attorney General (AG) Mr. Kurt de Freitas is following in her footsteps as he leaves our waters and attempting to play to the unseen masses of the future and claiming that his reputation is a victim of his relationship with the British.

    He leaves with the same unrepentant shamelessness with which he fulfilled his role.


  163. (5) In the exercise of the powers conferred upon him by this section, section 52(2) and section 53(2) the Attorney General shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority.

    “When Jimmy Moss-Solomon pretty much gives up, you have to believe that there’s very little legitimacy left of the political system. I thought it was a correct move and I was most baffled by some people screaming that it was the wrong move and insisting that people with integrity stay on (but) what is the point of staying in a system in which you’re perpetually being lied to by the people who are running it,” Dr. Cummings asked.


  164. I left the meeting sorry for Golding, but sorrier for Jamaica. As he himself said, “There were some things that went terribly wrong.” What made it so “terrible” was the shock that this exemplary prime minister could have sanctioned such a deal.

    I think Professor Trevor Munroe came up with a good suggestion: disclose the name to the selected members of the Electoral Commission and let them tell the country if they are satisfied with the person’s bona fides.


    At age 23, she was put in charge of public relations for Carifesta and worked with persons like Eric Coverley, Merrick Needham, Lorna Goodison and Harold Brady.

    Other clients are the Electoral Office of Jamaica since 1995. With our three major clients, we sell nutrition, communication and democracy.

    I impress it on my staff that if there is a mistake, we have to call the client before they call us and face the music. Monitoring media is vital at this point.

    BE:What is your pet peeve?

    JLC: I don’t like people who make excuses and are always apologising instead of owning up and getting the job done.


  165. DPP starts bid to quash RM’s ruling in lightbulb case

    DIRECTOR of Public Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn this morning commenced her bid in the Supreme Court to quash a ruling by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey during the Cuban lightbulb trial.
    Pusey had ruled on April 20 that Llewellyn turn over whatever notes she had taken during an interview with star Crown witness Rodney Chin, when he was an accused in the Cuban lightbulb case.


  166. On April 16, Resident Magistate Pusey ordered the DPP to provide the details of her meeting with Chin.

    However, four days later Miss Llewellyn returned to court refusing to comply with the instructions.

    The section relates to the issue and procedure of removing the DPP from office for inability or misbehaviour.


  167. Being ‘in charge’ was meant to dispel the view that he was a mere pawn of the power of the money that was behind him.


  168. The government has consistently denied that it hired a United States-based law firm to lobby Washington to halt the extradition, acknowledging though the role played by the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the matter.

    But UWI lecturer in Politics and Society, Dr. Christine Cummings, agreed with Wilson’s comment that the government backed a criminal at the expense of the Jamaican citizens.

    “…..Everybody must condemn what is going on. You cannot have the Prime Minister lying to the Parliament of this country … you cannot have a situation where an entire country was held to ransom over an extradition and it ends up with more than 70 people dead, Cummings said.

    She said that the ruling JLP has been overseeing what could be referred to as a “narcotics state”.


  169. Emails, Letters Reveal LNG Ties
    Soon after Moore’s departure from the PCJ, Wedderburn followed and joined the Colombia liquefaction project, sometime in 2009. He, however, returned to the PCJ on a consultancy basis when Mullings was himself fired by Prime Minister Bruce Golding and replaced by James Robertson.

    Robertson was clearly keen on Wedderburn rejoining his team, as was firmly stated in an August 2009 letter by his then permanent secretary, Forbes, to the PCJ’s Potopsingh.

    It is not clear whether Wedderburn stuck to the undertaking of not participating in the evaluation of the proposals on a project for which, despite the Government’s engagement of foreign consultants to help, he was the key domestic technocrat.

    It is, however, known that Wedderburn formulated the arguments against Jamaica acceding to the request of two major potential bidders, Korea Gas Corporation (Kogas) and Samsung C&T Corporation (Samsung), for more time to file proposals. This effectively left Exmar consortium – which includes a firm, Caribbean LNG Jamaica Ltd, in which Moore is apparently a major shareholder – the sole bidder on the LNG project.


  170. …….and another CLNG Jamaica director are believed to major shareholders in the BVI-based firm.

  171. “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win you’re still a rat”

  172. Nonco?

  173. BoJ data shows more loans going under

    Several loans taken out in better economic times are now souring on the books of financial institutions. http://rjrnewsonline.com/business/boj-data-shows-more-loans-going-under

  174. JA not ready for ECJ’s rules on party financing – Samuda


  175. More bad loans to come – Daway

    I hear all these talks that we’re getting out of it, we’re doing better and people are predicting that by the next quarter the economy will improve by so many percentage points, but is say to them, they’re making a big mistake,” Dr. Daway said.


  176. Judicial review into Lightbulb trial ends
    DPP accepts judges position


  177. DPP withdraws claim against RM Pusey


  178. New Supreme Court Judge Appointed


  179. Barry Brown
    Good Luck to him, if he can actually get any money out of that group
    mike anderson
    Wow!!! Why would you invest $20 million in an unproven if not shady scheme. With that amount of money, i would be reluctant to invest in even the stock market. I find it hard to believe that so many people never heard of pyramid schemes. I guess it is not so hard to believe, recently i was downtown and saw someome getting tricked by the 3 card man, so i guess suckers are still plentiful.
    Duncan Bertram
    David Rowe vs Robert Vaughn. Hmmmm
    maroon accompong
    Tnk Gad this issue re-surface cause mi still a wate paaa mi mone. I hope it is a class action lawsuit, so that all investors can at least get back their principal.
    Trevor Harris
    So, let me be clear .These influential J’cans were involved in bamboozling people. I wonder who else was.I heard it being bandied about that businessmen , politicians among others were involved , could someone please enlighten me.


  180. Jay, JD how does one upload audio to this blog?

  181. Melvin Pennant
    While i can understand the little man a $5000 us investment into these schemes for the life of me i can only think that what happened to you is just and fair. its because of your greed why you are in this position now, $20m and you are not satisfied? and please dont say you were investing that money to help others, most americans are greedy at heart thats why they will sue their neighbors for the least of things. Serves you right.
    Care Beee
    This makes my day …i’m not going to quarrel about the J$1 million that i lost recently …this guy makes me look like small fries
    real southy
    i hope him dont get back a dollar. $20million US in a pyramid scheme? dunce and greedy
    Mi ak
    This will be an interesting show down and one to watch very carefully. Guys, don’t think for a second that this will be over and done with in the short term. Note, the first fight that defendant’s counsel has waged is over jurisdiction. That will chew up some time and that’s even before we get to early motions to dismiss or even discovery.
    Sit back and watch two very good attorney’s go at it.
    Peter Lawrence
    The this, the that, and the other. Lawyers sparring to obtain the edge.The really interesting part will be when trial starts and if court of record can identify location and fate of hidden funds, and/or liabilities for same. I saved a friend from gambling in Olint(she called it “investing”) . Others were not so lucky. Even some CHURCH groups put in from between ONE to TWO MILLION USD in Olint. I don’t want to hear no sermon ’bout the ‘son of man hath nowhere to lay his head’ hahahah.
    Leighton Williams
    Didn’t know that Joey Issa was involved in the OLINT matter …interesting


  182. Is it against the law to be a dunce? hahahahahahaaa…Smart and incarcerated? or Dunce and free? hahahahahaahaaahahaaaaaaaa

    Jack Mandora….

    11000595 Andrew Holness Andrew Holness 10-Apr-07 $93,578.51 Y N N


  183. Exmar Deal Hits New Snag

    The energy minister, James Robertson, could not be reached for comment and his special advisor Delano Severeight said it was a matter that only Robertson could handle.

    1003035 James/Charlene Robertson James Rudolph Robertson 29-Dec-07 $399,980.00 Y Y Y


    • My initial response to these posts in all honesty is to snicker, in fact laugh out loud.
      indeed, I have a favorite, which is the “Australian model” bit from the honorable minister.

      But, perhaps, to clear up any lingering confusion, you should make it clear what it is you are in fact exposing. . For surely, you are not simply imputing some kind of guilt or wrong doing from these and other persons’ mere association with Olint as “investors”.

      You could also indicate whether or not I am correct in this assumption.

      Surely, guilt or wrong doing has to be attached to some alleged action or motive other than merely being “investors” in this pie in the sky scheme.
      Though it had all the classic elements of a ponzi scheme, Olint somehow managed to attract, and ultimately fool the best and brightest among us. How much blame should innocent, but influential people bear for the growth in the number of investors in this and other related schemes? Legal liability?

      Can i invite you Floridian to make some substantive statements on these and any other related issue? Dont get me wrong, I do appreciate much of what you have done even if not your methods.

  184. critical thinker
    If your UK and US gov’t freezes the man’s money, how come you are suing him because you could not withdraw your funds. The colonialists and modern-day financial pirates (US & UK) cannot have their cake (or should I say other people’s cake) and eat it. The US and UK are the ones in a big scam to take wealth from third-world and politically-weak nations, especially after they squandered theirs on war-on-terror! They spent hundreds of billions of their people’s treasury ostensibly hunting cavemen.


  185. Miak.

    Question: Do you think Smith paid certain people based on favoritism?

    If so, why?

    Question: Do you think that Smith has enjoyed “protection” from elements now or in the past?

    • Floridian,
      I have no hard information to support my response to either of your questions.
      The first i flatly don’t know, but yes, i have heard allegations of the sort.

      As to the second, while i have no hard information to support my belief that he is being “protected”, the continued failure to subject smith to prosecution in Jamaica even amidst wide spread allegations (supported by complaints that have supposedly been filed)of criminal activities in Jamaica at the expense of Jamaican citizens, leads me to what i think is a reasonable conclusion that yes, he is being “protected.”

      What has motivated this grant of protection from my perspective is merely a matter of conjecture. Is it shame? many nfluential people were conned hook line and sinker and would rather the whole matter go away than have their dirty laundry aired further, inflicting further damage(insult) to their financial wounds(injury)?Was it that a “deal” was struck between smith and the powers that be? is it fear stemming from the fact or belief that there are many unclean hands(meaning those with the power to prosecute benefited either directly or indirectly/innocently from Smith’s activities)? Is it that those with power to prosecute were active participants of the conspiracy thereby presenting deeply conflicted interests which completely foreclose any possibility of action in local courts?

      The answer to any or even all of these could well be yes. I Miak simply don’t know which, if any, is most correct.

      This is one reason why i welcome legal action against Smith et al.(though i remain very skeptical of what i see as an overly optimistic hope of securing substantial $ recovery for “victims”)

      I say turn on the light and let the chips fall where they may.

  186. Miak.

    Why would some people have OLINT accounts in their own name and also have much larger accounts in other feeder accounts that they thought were out of view?

    Why would some people lament their “loss” in Olint in public among “friends” who “lost” when they actually gained significantly?


    • I don’t know. But there’s got to be tons of different reasons why this may be so don’t you agree?

      i say this simply because there were tons of people who did this.

      One of the lasting legacies of this whole saga is the shear number of persons who fancied themselves as “business operators” some with even their own letterheads and such, who after establishing their own individual accounts with Olint, began to operate mini ponzis (pigs).

      Many forget the history you know, after David moved to Turks, he had supposedly “closed” the “fund” to new entrants. In fact, among his defenders, Mark Wignal included, this was the number one trumpted defense to the ponzi scheme allegation.

      The argument at the time went like, this evidently inst a ponzi scheme because a ponzi scheme needs a constant supply of new entrants and new money to keep going. The “fact” that Olint was a “closed” fund to them was evidence that it was legitimate.

      But, alas, there was what was said and thought by the Wignals of this world (and yes subsequent revelations have made it clear that he was a mere mouthpiece of a much larger purpose lets say) and what was reality.

      And as you and others know, the reality was that after DS supposedly “closed” Olint to new entrants, the real explosion of new clients and cash flow to Olint took place. Everybody, dem modda, dem neighbor and dem dog was a mini feeder club.

      I cant tell you how many people i know who have lost money in the scheme whose names won’t appear in any records in Smith’s control at any time.

      All that to say, the fact that someone had a named account and simultaneously operated a feeder club, without more, doesn’t compel a conclusion that they were involved in David’s grand conspiracy to defraud.
      To me, the same naivety that led to them believing that their money could sustainably earn 100%+ (conservatively) per annum in David’s hands, led them to believe that they had a business opportunity to collect from friends and family, skim from the top, with cookies and cream to follow with no subsequent belly ache.

      Not at all saying that feeders and mini feeders arnt accountable for their actions.
      They dam well should be held to account for their own activities, no flipping doubt! But it has to be up to the clients of the feeders to take action against the feeders.

      I’ve answered your questions. Will you answer a couple if i pose them?

  187. Jay, some audio phone taps will hype your blog. Send instructions on how to put up with paypal facility.

  188. Can i invite you Floridian to make some substantive statements on these and any other related issue?

    You must have more money than the “Olinters”

  189. US will protect OLINT investors money
    Gives assurance to investors association

    THE Association of Concerned OLINT Members says the United States Government has assured them that their investments will be returned to them if OLINT’s head David Smith is convicted.

    In a release to the media head of the Association of Concerned OLINT Members (ACOM), Godfrey McAllister, said he was given an assurance by US Deputy District Attorney Bruce Ambrose that investors would be repaid if Smith was found guilty and his assets seized.

    “Mr Ambrose has assured ACOM that it is only in cases where there are no victims that US agencies such as the DEA and FBI among others, are permitted by law to seize and keep the assets of convicted criminals. Mr Ambrose extended himself to assure ACOM that in the pending case against Mr Smith there are victims that all identified funds will go to if Mr Smith is convicted,” McAllister said.

    McAllister said that Ambrose also gave the assurance that no discrimination would be used against OLINT victims based on nationality or country of residence or if the victims have their own legal representation if Smith is found guilty.


    Issued August 20, 2010: The Association of Concerned Olint Members (ACOM) is not unduly perturbed by the news of David Smith’s indictment on 23 counts in a US Court as this move was being telegraphed for over two years.

    It is ominous that the combined resources of the United Kingdom, the United States and the TCI has to date failed to present Mr. David Smith with his “day in court”. Instead, the prosecution, having arrested Mr. Smith and having secured an order that has frozen his assets world-wide, seems afraid to test their accusations against the scrutiny of defense examination in a court of law. It is the prosecution that has pleaded for trial delays and postponements over and over again, and to date, has had the cooperation of the judges. We have no reason at this stage to feel that the well choreographed and strategically timed entry of the United States to the center stage of this catastrophe will bring any different results than those we have seen to date.

    One thing is certain, and that is, Mr. David Smith does have funds that belong to Olint Members, and these funds cannot reach the hands of its owners for as long as David Smith is holed up in any court.

    Signed: Godfrey E. McAllister, Ph.D., JP
    Kingdom Investments
    August 20, 2010



  190. Kingdom Investments Unlimited International
    Godfrey McAllister

    If you gave this person money you need to demand he pays you back.

  191. BTW..he has the money..don’t be fooled.

  192. We are of the opinion that obtaining Mr. David Smith’s voluntary co-operation is of paramount importance, and as such, any overt hostility towards him by the Liquidator or anyone else could be counter-productive to our best interest.

    With the co-operation of David Smith, a sound determination of the quantum of available funds must be made.

    ACOM is in touch with Mr. Smith, and we believe that we will be able to secure his co- operation in achieving the objective of making as much of our money available to us in the shortest time through the mediation of a qualified Liquidator that has the confidence of both the Olint Members and Mr. Smith.

    A Steering Committee from the concerned Olint Members present at the two meetings held so far consists of Mr. Courtney Murray, Mrs. Joy Charlton, Dr. Godfrey E. McAllister, JP, Mr. Jermaine Nicholas, and Gregory Hamilton, None of these hold elected positions.

    That we erred along the way is irrefutable. But, having confessed our errors, our God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


  193. A church pastor targeted congregants in a Forex Ponzi scheme in which he misappropriated at least $462,000, the CFTC said.
    5:49 p.m. Aug. 19, 2010


  194. The next time you bow your head at your place of worship, your maker will likely understand if you choose to keep one hand on your wallet.


  195. One small problem Miak…

    That list of ten aren’t “Christians” in a ponzi scheme…

  196. No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

  197. A man honored in poverty, how much more in wealth! And a man dishonored in wealth, how much more in poverty!

  198. Samuels said provisions are made in law for representative action, but suggested that they do not go far enough to accommodate lawsuits on behalf of the unlucky investors.


    Interesting, if the investors are “unlucky” then what adjective is used to describe prison recruits?

    Jay, the audio? how to upload?

  199. Let’s get the party started.

  200. Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) losses continue to soar.

    The nation’s Central Bank report that at the close of business on August 25, losses on its books stood at more than $11.3 billion.


  201. Jay..wasting time. Do you want the people to hear the audio’s or not?

  202. I fear so much for this country of ours. We have gone through so so much and we have learnt little. We do not understand that we have generations of young persons depending on us and expecting us to show them the way. We are not doing a good job of setting an example.


  203. george watson
    What surprises me is how the US can gather enough evidence against people like Dudus to try him in their country and in Jamaica he is not even wanted. How come if I walk into a community I can know within minutes who to contact for a driver’s license and the police do nothing about it, How can I know where the crackhouses are and they flourish without any intervention from the police.
    How come so many JA’s were deprived of their hard earned savings in Olint and yet Smith is to be tried in U.S


  204. Aulie 7 hours ago
    Did Olint financed any political party in the lead up to the last General Elections? If the answer is yes then how will these funds be recovered? It cannot be that an Investor’s lost is a political party’s gain.


  205. JAY! Instructions for the audio! ???

    Need to get some prerequisite pedagogy up so everyone up to speed next class. Exams upon us! Time wait on no man.

  206. I can load audio elsewhere Jay …but this is the right place…everybody deh ya.

  207. Deacon…you don’t even worry..the first of 5 horrible ace you going wet up yu bc self….

  208. Wheat prices reach 22-month high

    “This is a big event, the most serious since 1975,”

    “The end user globally is very exposed here.”

    Martin Deboo from Investec said it would have an effect on both food prices and food company profits.


  209. Not a personal thing Deacon…you’re irrelevant…it’s a principle thing. For what else is there but principle?

  210. Jay the scripts on olintja mean the crowd don’t take their hard drives there anymore…even “they” learn eventually ..think about it Jay…here is where they want to hear.

    back in 2. let me know.

  211. lata

  212. TRANSPORT MINISTER Mike Henry has greeted a boycott of the Manchester launch of the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP) with a suggestion that opposition parliamentarian Peter Bunting get out of politics.

    Yesterday, Henry declared: “Mr Bunting has said many things. Maybe he should go back to finance and leave politics.”


  213. Wong, chief executive officer of the NWA, said this week that it was “nonsense” to question the rationale, and rebuffed Gleaner queries about who was providing the funds for the launches.

    “That is really none of your business … . Why do you want to know who is paying for it?” Wong snapped.


    yap yap yap..snap snap snap..

  214. Election?

  215. Aulie Sterling
    Did Olint contribute to a any political campaign in the lead up to the last General Elections? If the answer is yes, how will these funds be returned to the investors who were conned and duped into investing in a pyramid scheme? For this reason I support full disclosure to prohibit tainted money from further corrupting the political process

    baerie guy
    I fully support the notion of full disclosure of all political contributions.This will reveal the financial power brokers behind the parties who actually control the govt.It would weed out criminal elements whose favours must be returned once the party gets elected.for intimidating voters.Claiming retaliation is a cop out.If companies etc make genuine contributions based on beliefs then one should be prepared for whatever occurs.Some want to eat their cake and have it too.Stop greed,corruption.

    Wharf Dawg
    What does the JLP and the ECJ fear in full disclosure?
    If someone cannot stand by their political convictions in a democratic Jamaica then they ought not to be a part of the political process.
    The donors claim to fear political victimization but I am more concerned about the political rewards that come with political donations. I guess that is the JLP’s real concern.

    george watson
    Everybody is on about Trafigura and yet the PNP who were outspent 10 to 1 (my assessment) by the JLP in the last general elections was not called upon to state where they got their funds.
    Sometimes one gets so disenchanted by the PNP. Why have they not demanded to know this, and why hasn’t the media, especially with the Dudus and David Smith’s problems demanded to know this?
    Again, when the PNP opposes you hear that they have not got the morals to do so, or they are hungry for power.


  216. Shame, Professor Miller
    Peter Espeut

    The so-called “independent” members of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) have recommended to Parliament that only limited disclosure of contributions to political parties be required by law.
    Protecting political donors

    Yet, Professor Errol Miller, chairman of the ECJ, and an “independent” member, has defended the ECJ’s position, (he says) to protect political donors from possible victimisation. This presupposes that local and overseas persons and corporations somehow have a right to privacy when they make political contributions. If a local or overseas person or corporation wishes to make a donation to a Jamaican political party, this is a not a private matter, for it could affect the outcome of an election, or the way taxpayers money is spent, or the type and quality of the roads we drive on, or the health of the natural environment.

    Yet, civil society wants an end to drug dealers and gangsters contributing to political parties.

    Shame on the independent members of the ECJ, and shame on you, Professor Errol Miller. You all are holding back our progress. I expected better of you!


  217. New draft TCI Constitution burnt

  218. All who went to provo for some RR became “stars” Interesting weekend on the blog? Perhaps. Hope you gave the ladies back home the credit card for Fashion’s Night Out….

  219. Hey, Don’t touch that dial…oldies weekend..

  220. Golding speaks

    On Sunday September 12, Prime Minister Bruce Golding will discuss a number of critical national issues in a one-hour interview as part of the programme series, ‘A conversation with the Prime Minister’.

    The interview is to be carried on mainstream radio and television stations, and will be conducted by journalist Ian Boyne.


    Don’t be too hard on him Ian Boyne!…just ask a easy first question and let him take it from there. Don’t interrupt him while he is “answering” even if you have a hundred tough and burning questions.

  221. Ian…if for any reason you have to cancel how about Lambert B and Emily Crooks as your backup?

    Two licenses from two different poles of the earth (how about that for the popular “both” argument.

    Hell Delano could do the makeup…he’s good at makeup…

    Speaking of makeup….the only real valid interview of the PM at this time would seriously have to be with Brady as interviewer…

  222. Still Boyne does not interview with kids gloves… remember when he interviewed that capital blu….Donovan? He’s been on the run since he left the tv studio…

  223. Local media practitioners must be salivating…but Boyne always gets the PM…. I don’t think Katie Couric could wrestle it from them…I mean him…

  224. Speaking of farsical…two well know wealthy commentators (Olint connected too) consistently said LRC was the best program far above the rest….they could not begin their “commentary” without singing it’s praises above all others…they could not shut up about it…

    PUT up and sponsor the show then nuh?

  225. Don’t let them off the hook farsical..one of them so positive from OLINT he could by the radio station (and the lisence gratis)…much less frew hours 3 days a week…

  226. Why Mannatt, Phelps and Phillips won’t die….yet!


    Some parts are even attributable to the way the government is in frenzy and hyperventilates that it is behind us, hoping that everyone is confident of that while they panic. Some of the reasons even have to do with the fact that the Prime Minister is prepared to travel around the country and tell people his story on MPP, hoping that this trek help people forgive and forget.

    But these are the minor reasons why the issue will not die…yet! Here are bigger ones.


  227. When the Prime Minister fails to consult the JLP Leader about sending the Minister of Industry and Commerce to investigate what happened in this matter without consulting the Party General Secretary – who is responsible and should be held accountable for so embarrassing the PM?


    How is that investigation going?

  228. When the Attorney General embroils the head of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and the Leader of the Opposition in a lawsuit on this matter, but the matter cannot proceed because the address of the subject of the extradition issue is unknown and the documents could not be served, who is accountable – especially when the government has several business contracts with the man’s company (ies), who is to be accountable?


  229. When the Attorney General knows nothing about this matter, but takes no action when she finds out how the country has been embarrassed by these activities, is the Attorney General now accountable and responsible?

  230. And when the Attorney General defended the position of not signing the documents to allow the issuing of an extradition warrant for over six months, and then with no new or additional evidence {we understand} turns and signs it – who is accountable for the delay or the improper signing – someone other than the Attorney General?

  231. When the Attorney General embroils the head of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and the Leader of the Opposition in a lawsuit on this matter, but the matter cannot proceed because the address of the subject of the extradition issue is unknown and the documents could not be served, who is accountable – especially when the government has several business contracts with the man’s company (ies), who is to be accountable?

  232. If Smith is convicted in the USA, then the OLINT members there will have first recourse to the civil suits pertaining to funds should any such monies remain after fines, lawyers’ fees, etc. We would have to await the conclusion of a jail sentence and deportation before we could prosecute locally. If I am remotely correct, don’t throw good money after unrecoverable losses. If I am wrong, then by all means pour your money into more legal fees and await your windfall. By all means, good luck to you. I await further education on this matter.


    And you shall have it. You waiting shall be in vain. And you shall be surprised the wider implications of it all…

  233. “Your waiting shall NOT be in vain”

  234. Can’t move on without resolution

    “Corruption in Jamaica is much too easy, too risk-free. We are going to make it more difficult, more hazardous with stiff penalties for violations. We intend to:

    Impose criminal sanctions for breaches of rules governing the award of Government contracts Enact legislation for the impeachment and removal from office of public officials guilty of misconduct, corruption, abuse of authority or betrayal of public trust.”


  235. XXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXX, and XXXXXXX were aware that there was a pending XXXXX XXXX XXX Indictment against XXXXXXXXX. XXXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, and XXXXXXX all had a corrupt intent to interfere with or in fact attempted to interfere with the proceeding, which was XXXXXX

  236. “for the first time …the criminals have met their match”

  237. “… I have sought in the past and I have sought recently to say to the people of Jamaica..ahhhm… the…you know…this is not something where….you know..you sort of sit down and conspire… [Boyne “um hmm”]….and say now…..ahh..boy..we going to….. we going to do something wrong…this is something that just went terribly wrong……ahhm…..and…a I have to accept responsibility for it….

    I mean..much of it wasn’t my own doing… [Boyne “um hm”]

    I remember you know….I remember when I was on my way to…[Boyne “yes”]…..Gordon House to make that..ahhm…to make that statement [Boyne “yes yes”]…

    SOMEBODY said, do not say you sanctioned it…say you took responsibility….I said, but I can’t lie…I did sanction it…why am I going to hide…to say I took responsibility?…

    GREAT IAN “yes man” BOYNE. Not curious to ask who smaddy/lobbyist? close to the PM’s ear encouraged him to lie about the people’s business?

    It must have been his “driver”….or someone else close enough to suggest such a thing….you close to the PM Boyne?

    Just curious….

  238. Which enemy of Jamaica would suggest the PM lie just before going to speak at Gordon House?

    Who paid Manatt?….want the exclusive Mr. Boyne??


  239. Paul 5 hours ago
    I am in agreement with Sotto-Voice and dranks……….Come on Gleaner, now is not the time to lose your cojones. Mr. Golding must resign as Prime Minister of this country, that’s all. No calling of election or anything else. He has rendered himself UNFIT to be our PM, therefore he is unfit to perform any more Prime Ministerial duties. There is more than one person in Parliament who can take over that role, if they can only FIND theirs.
    9 people liked this. Liked Reply

    Trueblax 1 hour ago in reply to Paul
    A few days ago the Observer carried a similarly conciliatory editorial saying it’s time to get past Manatt and get on with the business of developing the country. Could it be that word has gone out from the pullers of strings that it is time to call off the ‘attack dogs’?
    Like Reply

    Sotto-Voice 6 hours ago
    Oh, Gleaner Editor, you never fail to amaze me! How can you even stomach the thought of the MP for West Kingston continuing in Jamaica House. Our leaders on both sides continue to get away with so much foolishness precisely because of compromises like these. It is not just politicians therefore who are corrupt, they just feed off the national energy. There is no other democracy in the world where Mr. Golding could have continued as PM. Not one!

    Come on, Editor, do the right thing. There is no hope until someone does. None at all!

    I hope you are not just intimidated because you were named as a party detractor from a political platform?

    Roanja54 5 hours ago
    Mr Editor, you well know that Mr Golding was foisted upon the JLP by the business class. The JLP feels removing Golding will negatively impact their fund raising with elections not too distant. In politics money trumps integrity.


  240. gary 3 hours ago
    Mr Ian Boyne your interview to day with the PM was so phoney no real hard questions soft balls


    haahaha…ehheeehe…ahhh….. HAHAHAHAHAHA……wheew..ah.. uh oh…ha hA Ha HAHAHAHA…eh eh eh..

  241. Gary..I did not know that Boyne was the interviewer….ahhaahahaa one question he answered adamantly saying “presicely”

    Pre recorded filler gary but it’s ability to invoke a laugh is therapeutic.

  242. “precisely”

  243. Propaghandi is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position.
    As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda, in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively (thus possibly lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the attitude toward the subject in the target audience to further a political agenda.

  244. Didn’t expect much of Boyne’s interview.

    Like Leys he’s sold his soul. Integrity has been sacrificed for what? Money, status, power as always.

    But didn’t expect it to be that blatantly un-balanced.

  245. Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding has revealed that the Government is in discussion with the United States to address procedural flaws that occurred during the extradition request for Tivoli Gardens Strongman Christopher “Dudus” Coke.

    According to Golding, there were serious flaws in the way the extradition request was carried out.

    Golding says the Government is exploring various ways in which the matter could be addressed so that there is not a repeat.

    According to Golding the intention was not to prevent the extradition of Coke but to have the issue resolved and that was the main reason the Jamaica Labour Party initially engaged US law firm, Manatt, Phelps and Phillips.

    Today, 8:25:59 PM EDT – Flag – Like
    This man repeats his nonsense and Boyne gave him free reign. One would think Golding was a lawyer. The matter should have been sent to the court. Wutless set of people.


  246. Another Manatt inconsistency

    Speaking yesterday on the JIS programme, A conversation with the Prime Minister, Golding said the US law-firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips was hired to avoid a stalemate with America over the Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke extradition request.

    However, in May when the Prime Minister told Parliament that he had sanctioned the Manatt initiative, he said the move was to resolve not avoid a treaty dispute the US.


  247. G2K spokesman Delano Seivright, when asked to comment on the Manatt Phelps & Phillips (MP&P) affair, responded that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Information had already said everything and that he (Seivright) was bored. Seivright and others have been asking the public to forget the MP&P affair and move on. To move on without resolution might be politically convenient to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the Prime Minister, specifically, but it would do irreparable damage to the reputation of the institution of Government. In a democracy, the institution of Government rests not on the powers conferred in a Constitution but on the integrity of the institution, which is based on the requirement of undiluted truth and impeccable honesty from persons who serve as officials of the State. The relentless demand for the truth is not a boring act to persecute Bruce Golding the person. It is an effort to preserve the integrity of the official occupying the post of Prime Minister. It can be clearly seen that to move on without resolution, Jamaica would be paving the way to bring the official post of Prime Minister into disrepute and thereby undermining the institution of Government. Even if some of his apologists are unaware of the principles espoused in the preceding paragraph, the records indicate that the Prime Minister is very cognizant of them. His years in opposition record many occasions on which he spoke eloquently of the requirements for integrity, transparency, and accountability from officials of the State.


  248. OCG refers Aubyn Hill contract probe to DPP

    The OCG says a copy of the report has been sent to Director of Public Prosecutions pursuant to section 21 of the Contractor General Act.


    Long time we have not heard for the DPP on her favored outlet Nationwide.

    Let’s hear from the DPP there is so much work piling up….what’s the progress?

  249. Everything links

    For those still wondering what the fuss is about, let me sum up one last time. Within three weeks of the extradition request’s receipt and before any official GOJ communication with the US government (USG), MPP was contacted, briefed and retained to lobby USG to withdraw its extradition request for an individual described by US prosecutors as “the long-time leader of an international criminal organisation known as the Shower Posse” and considered by US Justice Department as among the world’s most dangerous narcotics kingpins.

    We are told this “initiative” was a JLP undertaking. The initiative, sanctioned by our prime minister (PM), involved the duping of USG officials into believing that MPP represented GOJ. This JLP/MPP duplicity, sanctioned by the PM, was aided and abetted by GOJ officials, the solicitor general (who sent instructions on GOJ’s position to MPP the day after its retainer was paid; met with MPP; legitimised MPP’s contacts with USG; and worked with them continuously until at least February 11) and the junior minister of foreign affairs (who resigned when his actions became public). The duplicity gained MPP access, under false pretences, to sensitive GOJ/USG negotiations, which it tried to influence effectively to Dudus’ benefit.

    And so, Dudus was publicly or privately tipped off; prepared fulsomely for any attempted arrest; and the first attempt cost billions of dollars and 73 lives. All the above can be directly linked to Driva’s sanction, for which he’s promised to take “full responsibility”. Still bored, Mutty?

    Peace and love.


  250. Gleaner Editorial

    Indeed, Mr Golding and his party are still unable to provide credible explanations for why the administration fought so hard over nine months to frustrate the Americans and why the prime minister – ostensibly in his role of party leader – sanctioned the hiring of high-powered American lobbyists to present a case against the extradition.


  251. Gov’t Legislator Wants Those Involved In CLICO Collapse Jailed

    A government legislator, describing as “an elaborate Ponzi scheme” the operations and collapse of the regional insurance giant, CLICO, said he is hoping that legal action would be taken against persons implicated in the matter.

    It was a very elaborate Ponzi scheme that was inflicted on an unsuspecting population,” he told business leaders and other stakeholders, adding that the United States authorities had jailed Bernie Madoff for a similar Ponzi scheme.


  252. PM continues to defend the Solicitor General

    Mr. Golding said he saw nothing wrong with the Solicitor General discussing the extradition issue with Manatt, Phelps and Phillips or accepting their offer to draft a press release for the government.

    This is besides the government’s assertion that until a day before the Solicitor General had not heard of the US law firm and that the firm had no contractual arrangement with the government.

    Mr. Golding said the Solicitor General could have been more meticulous but said whatever errors made constitute a breach or wrongdoing was another matter.

    He reiterated his position the attorney-at-law Harold Brady exceeded his authority in the matter but said a decision has not yet been made on whether to report Mr. Brady to the General Legal Council, this is because, according to Mr. Golding, it has to be determined whether Mr. Brady was acting as a lawyer for the Jamaica Labour Party or as a party supporter.


    …it has to be determined whether Mr. Brady was acting as a lawyer for the Jamaica Labour Party or as a party supporter. ???

    or in his third substantial leading role or all three together….

  253. Some of those overlap..not mutually exclusive..

  254. Harold Brady to be sanctioned

    Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding this morning shed more light on the Manatt affair during a meeting with journalists.

    Among the issues he discussed was likely sanctions for Harold Brady, the local attorney who was at the centre of the controversy.

    According to Golding, no decision has yet been taken to sanction Brady.

    However, he said suggestions have been made to place Brady before the General Legal Council.

    Golding also said Brady was not engaged in the discussions with Manatt, Phelps and Philips in his capacity as a lawyer.

    Stay tuned for more details at 5 p.m.


    What about the annual session at his yard where you go eat him curry goat and drink out him liquor? Now what? You going to take away his pom poms?

  255. No more Challawah under the big tree in Java either? Only the pictures as mementos.

  256. David Smith something tells me the “protectors” going sell you cheap..cause you not even in the ranks of Brady or Bossy.

    Even if you had a money factory…

  257. Mega how you stay? Tis the season…

  258. Redeem thyself Brady! Nyam dem out and “vote” dem out hehehe…hehehe

    Anyway stay focus …the Hilton Hotel “deal”…

  259. “Harold Brady no longer a member of the JLP”

  260. Brady, Robinson disobeyed me – Golding

    The Prime Minister Bruce Golding has revealed that local attorney Harold Brady and former senator Ronald Robinson were the people who disobeyed his orders that the Manatt engagement to be kept strictly within the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

    The firm was to have been engaged by the JLP in the Christopher Coke Extradition issue, but Golding in May said his instructions were not followed.


  261. “He had absolutely no idea what the funds were to be used for”


  262. Farin a watch him long time anyway.

  263. You already “boiled in it”

  264. PM refuses to name Manatt Phelps and Phillips donor
    The Prime Minister said the donor did not even know what the money would have been used for.

    “I called him in and I said, ‘look, I am under pressure in this matter, there are constant calls for your identity to be disclosed, can I disclose it because at least it will put one portion of this to bed’. He said, ‘absolutely no, I would consider it to be a betrayal of trust’ and part of his reason for saying that as he put it to me, he said ‘look, this is a smoldering cauldron, why do I want to be thrown into it, to be boiled, to satisfy somebody’s curiosity,” Mr. Golding said.


    No need now. No need the permission of the donor or the PM either.

    I find it interesting the part about “somebody’s curiosity” …..Smokescreen and naivety type of combo PR?

    Don’t worry David Smith your donations “safe”


  265. I think it is unfair to have them slaughtered, because that is what is going to happen to them.”

    PM surprised

    Golding also expressed surprise at the seeming fascination and continuing questions about the source of the money used to pay Manatt.

    “When the question was asked, ‘what’s the source of funds?’, we could have said correctly, the Jamaica Labour Party. The party seeks funds from donors and those come into our coffers and we pay our bills,” Golding said.

    He admitted that the company owned by the donor could have received contracts from his administration.

    But Golding argued that the firm would have also received several contracts from the previous government and that all these contracts would have to undergo the scrutiny of the National Contracts Commission and the contractor general.


    The public of Jamaica want to know who is really in charge? In the background that is. Not the puppets up front. Who or what really shapes the direction of a country in the shadows with money. Albeit possible without vested authority and a mandate from the people….yet affecting the people.

    For whoever pulls the strings behind the scenes must accept responsibility for the state of the nation through the ages.

    40 years ago the majority of Jamaican’s could not work as a teller in a bank. Yet some persons had funds to “donate” in those times.

    Think on these things.

    Like DS Right?

  266. As slaves we knew who massa was.

  267. Asked why former junior foreign minister Dr Ronald Robinson was a casualty of the Manatt issue, Golding said he ignored and disobeyed orders.


    “Furthermore, his only authority came from the planter class, a social group he was not allowed to enter. Even though there were times when an owner might dismiss an overseer for excessive cruelty, the profits from a productive plantation generally outweighed the feelings of slaves.”

    Read more at Suite101: Plantation Overseers: The Middle Managers of the Peculiar Institution http://www.suite101.com/content/plantation-overseers-a91025#ixzz0zaP7D68g

  268. Speaking of Planters…

    …Sugar Cane Industry Enterprise Team (SET) which was charged with overseeing the privatisation of the Government-owned sugar assets.


    “…Lulu Wilson, another former slave, also commented that slave owners and overseers would often restrict the quantity of food available to those slaves that disobeyed.”

    Read more at Suite101: Plantation Overseers: The Middle Managers of the Peculiar Institution http://www.suite101.com/content/plantation-overseers-a91025#ixzz0zaRMB5mg

  269. No Replacement Yet For Ousted PCJ Board

    The government has named a slew of directors for its mining and energy-related companies, but none, so far, for the Petroleumn Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), whose board was dissolved without public announcement or explanation more than a month ago.


  270. The current noise makers (they only represent a minute population of Turks Islanders) screaming for independence are the ones wishing for their turn at the cookie jar, without the need for transparency nor accountability.


  271. Parliament to vote on Manatt Enquiry

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding says Parliament will have to decide whether a Commission of Enquiry is to be held in the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips affair.


    Which MP will vote against it? The people voted already.

  272. Lawyers claim to uncover new evidence in dual citizenship battle

    KINGSTON, Jamaica, CMC – Lawyers representing former opposition People’s National Party (PNP) parliamentarian Manley Bowen, say they have unearthed new evidence showing that a government legislator is a citizen of the United States.

    The lawyers for the opposition People’s National Party (PNP) member have also served a summons on journalist Cliff Hughes to be a witness at the trial scheduled for October 4.

    They said that Robinson admitted that she was an American during an interview with Hughes in August 2007. Additionally, the attorneys want the recording produced in court.



  273. Jamaica AG signs another extradition request


    hahahaha…you have to laugh…who’s you sign Dor? your own?

  274. Still has permission to sign anything? Is either Douglas Leys a lie or Dorothy Lightbourne. “The first time I heard the name Manatt..” Yeah right. Is only two on that point The Attorney General and the Solicitor General.

    One must have lied as their statements directly contradict each other. At least one MUST leave. Or Both.

  275. Bruce and Brady are also in Direct Contradiction of each other.

    The rest need glasses as they categorically stated they see nothing wrong.

    What a farsical farce..

  276. The perpetrators sent Colleague Samuda off on a yellow brick road to investigate…what the hell…him find the end of the rainbow yet?

  277. Then now a member of David Smith’s dream team in the person of Lord Anthony Gifford starts to represent the former Attorney General (DeFreitas) of TCI?


  278. David Smith had no money of his own. He had other people’s money. Any money taken for fees to represent David Smith were never his to give.

    Where you client money come from? Uh oh too late….

    “Donations” Likewise.

  279. Ambassador, your Excellency, When will Jamaica EXHALE?

  280. A false questionable FARA filing will not go away. The US government can not let it disappear. No meddling or “contacts” can do that. Although you always have someone stupid enough to try anything.

    Dem orange jumpsuit cut to fit…

  281. Bway nationwidenewsnetwork…commiseration’s…especially to the younger ones…the team…feel it fi unnno

    hahaah “the rest of the media beginning to catch on to the story now”

    hahahaha….3 years ago? Hughcliffe…hahaha

  282. Damn! Is Brady going to cancel the annual session up a him yard?


  283. JLP top brass huddle as crises mount

    Media included

    The attorneys have also served a summons on journalist Cliff Hughes to be a witness at the trial, set for October 4.


  284. Samuda to speak tomorrow…again

  285. Gleaner Editorial

    It is hard, in the circumstances, to believe that Mr Leys never briefed his boss, Ms Lightbourne, on this critical and sensitive matter that so consumed Jamaica’s relationship with a key partner.

    Maybe a cow can scale the moon.


  286. Brady confirmed late yesterday that his attorneys had dispatched what he described as “a strongly worded letter” to Golding, even as the prime minister was locked in a meeting, battling to survive yet another onslaught on his political career.

    He would not even release the name of his attorneys, saying that he was being extra careful and guarded as he had been burnt in the past and was not about to make any careless moves.


    Puppetmaster..I’m seh im get burn in the past….

  287. The 38-year-old Wilson described the government of Prime Minister Bruce Golding as corrupt. He said Golding’s Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was prepared to shell out millions of dollars to an American law firm to represent a well-known area don while the JCF’s more than 6,000 rank and file members suffered.

    Last October, he was in hot water after challenging a statement by Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green that some policemen killed in the line of duty were corrupt.

    Wilson said Green should provide proof, and if not, resign.


  288. Cracks In The Jamaica Labour Party

    Senior members of the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) huddled for hours yesterday as the aftershocks of the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips affair continued to jolt the country.


    Cross the floor Bruce! Then let them eat their “strongly worded letter” …hehehehe

  289. Samuda contradicts Golding on Brady
    Confirms that lawyer still member of JLP

    GENERAL Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Karl Samuda, says that contrary to remarks by Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Harold Brady, the lawyer involved in the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips scandal, remains a member of the party.


  290. 12 Quarters of negative growth….must be some “Australian Model”

    Jamaica is on the rebound says Shaw


  291. Mr. Golding do you want the David Smith/Manatt crew to run Jamaica?

    They are supporting Brady and are against you. What they don’t know (trust mi) is that Brady done sell dem dung di riva up in the U.S.A.

    Three case…same names.

    Cross the floor PM. or tell the poor sheep of Jamaica. O’Brien Chang is a little idiot..embed.

    So too Motty.

    Mr. Bruce Golding…will you give them the reigns of Jamaica?


  292. In furtherance of the conspiracy XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXx, XXXXX XXXXX, XXXX XXXXXX and XXXXX XXXXXx all met and conspired concerning the methods by which the Obstruction of Justice was to be carried out prevent XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX

  293. The truth shall set you free Mr. PM

  294. Don’t worry intention about “MR. BIG” U.S.A. have him wrap up long time…

  295. Golding was misled

    However, his standing could still change after a small sub-committee pores over rules governing outstanding fees.

    It is understood that Mr. Brady has failed to pay mandatory dues since 2007.

    Karl Samuda, JLP General Secretary, told RJR News that the Prime Minister and party leader had been misled by information he had received.

    According to Mr. Samuda, party officials have decided to convene a Committee which will decide Mr. Brady’s status based on the fact that he owes dues.

    That Committee will then report to the party’s Standing Committee which will make a final decision.


    Misled? What you mean like Dor was “misled” or like Douglas Leys was “misled” or like Mannatt Phelps Phillips was “misled” ..or like how Dudus was “misled”

  296. Mr. Smith says Mr. Golding’s comments to members of the media on Tuesday may have offended Mr. Brady’s friends within the party and this is causing an internal rift.

    “He is an upstanding member of the JLP and for him to be dismissed in the fashion that the Prime Minister said begs a lot of questions and clearly, he must have friends in the party, he must have persons who are on his side, hence it has now become a fractious issue and could jeopardise Mr. Golding’s attempts at having a cohesive structure behind him as leader,” he said.


  297. *****Gov’t closer to issuing first set of casino licenses*****

    He says this indicates the level of readiness to begin issuing casino licenses.


  298. Chang on Jamaica PM’s blunders

    Jamaican political analyst Kevin O’Brien Chang is advising the Bruce Golding led administration to move away from the Manatt issue and instead focus on its 15-point agenda in an effort to reform the country.


    So like an Ostrich just stick your head in the sand with a FARA related investigation and “move on”

    Uncle Sam is not Canada. Influence the White House? Move on? ..

  299. Lobbying for something like a travel tax on Americans tourist who intend to holiday in Jamaica and lobbying around a wanted person’s extradition are not the same.

  300. Shahine Robinson to be ousted from Parliament

    An election petition was brought against her by elector Manley Bowen, and today Robinson told the Supreme Court that she does not intend to oppose the petition.

    Supreme Court Judge Roy Jones has given her until tomorrow to file the notice of her intent with the registrar of the Supreme Court.

    As soon as she files the notice she will be out of Parliament.

    Bowen, who was a former MP for the Peoples National Party had contended that Robinson, who contested the seat for the Jamaica Labour Party was not eligible to remain in Parliament because she was an American Citizen at the time of her nomination ahead of the September 2007 general election.


  301. Is it about who donated the US$50,000.00?

    or is it about who committed to provide US$100,000.00 per quarter up to US $400,000.00?

  302. Jamaican Prime Minister misled

    Meanwhile, Political analyst Kevin O’Brien Chang is advising the Bruce Golding led administration to move away from the Manatt issue and instead focus on its 15-point agenda in an effort to reform the country.


    Kevin O’Brien Chang seems to have reason to promote the Manatt Phelps Phillips issue as a local issue that involves Jamaica ONLY.

    Good luck to you brother. Manatt Phelps Phillips is a matter of United States national security. They have been investigating and pleadings have been made by persons “who nuh travel pon plane by accident”

    So if you “shut up about Manatt” as suggested by Mr Chang then …I humbly ask, “What happens when it plays out fully in the USA?”

  303. Move away from Transparency? What kind of advice is that?

    That’s BACKWARDNESS! Jamaica rejects Backwardness.

  304. With Manatt even esteemed Jamaicans like Dr. Sangster and others miss the point. So do most “journalists.”

    To be fair although many are ginnal and pretend not to know the fact is that a few “esteemed” and most of John Public really do NOT know one simple fact.

    A fact is as follows:

    They have a TRACK RECORD of interfering in legal processes and complaints against those to who they are beholden too because they got money. David Smith is one such person. So much so that Smith has been tape recorded saying so. That he is “protected” so that’s that don not request money that has been stolen from you.

    It is a track record. Not some “one off” mistake. An apology of sorts was provided in the Manatt case. I ask you then: Why no apology in the David Smith/OLINT matter and the many others.


  305. Not a trend…a track record…how else you think their actions can be predicted?

  306. Robinson throws in the towel

    When contacted, Manley Bowen’s attorneys said they were constrained from comment due to an agreement to allow Mrs. Robinson to speak publicly on the matter.

    Shahine silent

    However, the troubled Member of Parliament Shahine Robinson says she is withholding public comments on the latest developments.

    When contacted on Thursday afternoon, moments after news emerged that she will not be contesting the case, the third term MP told RJR News that she is reserving comment on the matter.

    Mrs. Robinson says the matter will be handled by her attorneys and as such she will be allowing them to respond.

    Efforts to contact her lead attorney, Nesta Claire-Smith, were unsuccessful up to news time.

    Attorney-at-law Ransford Braham, who is also a member of the MP’s legal team, told our new centre that he was neither commenting on nor off the record on the matter.





    1. This is a civil action seeking declaratory relief in a case filed in the Supreme Court of Jamaica, a court of competent jurisdiction, which is named:

    CLAIM NO. 2007 HCV 03783
    In the matter of
    In the matter of
    In the matter of


  307. JLP members rush to pay outstanding dues

    On Wednesday, a bearer employed to Mr. Brady encountered difficulties when he arrived at the party’s Belmont Road headquarters to pay the outstanding sums due since 2007.

    It is not known if the money was accepted.


    Sling, Deacon Smith..how you stay..up to date with dues? hheheeheh

  308. ‘North East St. Ann abandoned’-says Lloyd B. Smith

    “I think this is going to cause the JLP to go into some very deep reflection to whether or not it now has the capability and the capacity to continue to lead this country until the next General Election is constitutionally due,”



    “According to the statement, the Prime Minister sent a letter to Transport Minister, Mike Henry, requiring him to revoke Mr. Brady’s appointment as a member of the JRC board.”

    “The Standing Committee further stated that Minister Henry did not revoke Mr. Brady’s appointment, in anticipation of a resignation, on other grounds.”

    “The resignation, according to the committee, was, in fact, submitted by Mr. Brady.”


  310. The Eye of a Hurricane

    Let us remind ourselves that when the United States and British criminal indictments arrive, the political and social landscape in the Turks and Caicos Islands will be radically and permanently affected.

    Let there be no illusions, the criminality that has occurred, and for which there will have to be a reckoning, has involved tens of individuals and billions of dollars. Let us remind ourselves that these criminal acts have affected citizens not only of the TCI but MANY citizens and corporations in the United States as well.

    Attempt to intimidate the Crown all you will, but good luck in trying to intimidate Uncle Sam!

    History will look back on the statements and excuses circulating these days and history will indeed judge harshly those who pretended that the crimes were not as severe as they have been, or those who worked to prevent the perpetrators from being brought to justice.

    Saying I didn’t know that the crimes were this bad will not be an acceptable excuse in the future. The scope of the criminality is very well known by all those in public life, whether they admit it publicly or not.

    History will judge whether prominent individuals had the courage to speak truth to power, or whether they shirked their civic duty and continued to act in a mistaken belief that their personal self-interest was served by attempting to curry the favour of known criminals.

    We are in the eye of a hurricane. The momentary blue skies should not be mistaken by anyone.


  311. **************************************************************

  312. floridian,

    r u David Rowe? or Chris walker? or Sean Belcher?

  313. Jay???? The audio? Special Delivery for Harold Brady HIMSELF

    Jay ????

  314. Noncs??? Come een Nonco you don’t want to miss the beginning…

  315. EDITORIAL: Deception On A Major Scale

    That Mrs Robinson gave up her fight only after documentary proof of her dual citizenship was provided by the petitioners suggests that the MP was prepared to prolong her battle if the evidence was not somehow adduced. This, we submit, is deception on a major scale.

    Parliamentarians hold office in the highest position of responsibility in the land. And isn’t this whole dual-citizenship controversy pointing to democracy being hurt by its guardians? Where is the honesty in the House of Representatives?


  316. She said that she intends to complete the process of renunciation in order to be eligible to sit in the house of representatives.


  317. Wait and see:

    It will be interesting to see how Ms Robinson shows that she spent approximately 730 days living in the US while being an MP in the lower house in Jamaica at the same time.

    We are not short of immigration experts. They are on the radio and in the papers and have offices home and abroad. Some love horse racing… yet I think that they are going to go out of business

    For one who’s immigration skills can only be compared to “Bolt’s” 9.58 is here….

  318. 52 weekend days per year and ….holidays..long weekend…and

    Nonco…that math is more advanced than 10% a month!

  319. Prosecutions gather pace

    Governor Gordon Wetherell revealed that a “large number” of court orders had been served on banks forcing them to disclose relevant financial information.

    Mr Wetherell said investigators were now working with law enforcers in jurisdictions across the globe and had taken steps to ensure illegally-acquired assets cannot be dissipated.

    He said prosecutors had widened their net to include jurisdictions in Europe as well as the US. And that the team was “encouraged” by the high degree of international co-operation. Tourism developments, public contracts and several alleged bribes are among the transactions under scrutiny by the 30-strong team.

    They are poised to issue proceedings against another ‘land flip’ deal – one not mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry.


  320. Chairman Wendal Swann delivered an impassioned address in which he declared British reforms to be akin to recolonisation.


    Well go back to Jamaica Swann…

  321. The Jamaica Labour Party came close to morphing into the Jamaica “Liard” Party in its efforts to cover up the Dudus-related Manatt, Phelps and Phillips affair. However, that affair was obviously a slick political move in which Golding’s government used the JLP to attempt a back-door deal to let the Dudus extradition go away. That is the nature of politics, and in fact if it had succeeded would have been a genius move, eventually enhancing Jamaica’s autonomy and stemming the tide of US imperialist takeover of the island.


    gary lee
    Overall the best article written so far, but with a slight bit of lunatic conspiracy theory at the end. If there is the slightest truth in foreign forces destabilizing or trying to take over Jamaica, then it is important to have MP’s that are not dual citizens with divided loyalties. Good luck Jamaica I may see you again, God willing.

    Chuck Emanuel
    On the contrary, many of us are “geniuses” , by enhancing Jamaica’s autonomy and stemming the tide of the empowerment of Narco-Terrorists, Gun-Runners, Contract killers, Extortionists, Rapists, Criminals and Kidnappers by home grown Corrupt Politicians. Therefore, we thank the “US imperialist ” for the assistance in this matter, since the Island was already over-run by criminals prior to their intervention. So, please get your facts straight in reference to why those in Governance were exposed.

    george watson
    I just read this man in pieces, but he seems to be sick, very sick. Just read the para. “The JLP came close…..”
    Sick I tell you, SICK.
    ody hyde
    Thank you for this wonderful and enlightening article, it is only you and a few others including myself have eyes to see what the PNP is doing and who they are working hard to impress and that is not the people of Jamaica.
    Again, Thank you.


    There might be connections between the Buju Banton (right) arrest the courageous stand of Prime Minister Golding against the homosexuality that the US is promoting worldwide, and the Coke case


  322. Prime Minister Golding’s subsequent disclosures and apologies put the final nails in the coffin of that affair and so “PHP” and media efforts to belabour the issue add up to flogging a dead horse. Worse, it seems that the “PHP” has become an agent of the foreign forces, spearheading the destabilisation of Jamaica. For in the final analysis, the Dudus saga and MPP affair smell like US-style scandals sent up as smokescreens to distract Jamaican voters from the number one problem killing the country, namely, the seemingly foreign-engineered murders of innocent Jamaican citizens and police. It sickens the stomach to see Jamaicans parroting such senseless US slangs like “Dudusgate”. With Jamaicans focusing on MPP and scared by murders, they won’t realise that foreign entities are taking over their real estate, controlling their businesses and forcing the people to depend on imperialistic corporate thieves for their basic services and amenities, including food, shelter, clothing, electricity, telephone and water.


  323. Watch out Ian Boyne! Another “churchman” in the form of Mervin Soddart coming for your pulpit.

  324. Lord Ashcroft : why it’s time I moved on

    The departure of the Tory life peer, who was a tax exile in Belize before returning to Britain earlier this year, will leave a gap in the party’s structure because he masterminded the party’s marginal seats campaign and its internal polling.

    Lord Ashcroft clearly feels frustrated that the party leadership did not offer him greater public support in March when he was forced to admit that he had enjoyed the status of a “non-dom” and had not been paying income tax on his worldwide earnings.

    “I think they could have mounted a more spirited defence of the situation,” he said.

    Lord Ashcroft has donated about £15 million to the party over the past two decades, but made it clear that he would not be donating as much in the future.

    “The Conservative Party faced a shambolic government, an unpopular Prime Minister, a recession, a huge budget deficit and an overwhelming national desire for change. A year before the election the Conservatives were 20 points ahead in the polls, yet they failed to win an overall majority. Surely this had been an open goal. How could they come so close to missing?


    Jamaicans!….Think on these things..

  325. Noncs! The “move on” argument seems to be gaining resonance in certain quarters…

  326. On your way out ….don’t forget….you have a tab to settle up..

  327. Shahine to pay $10M

    Shahine Robinson, Member of Parliament (MP) for North East St. Ann, could be forced to fork out several million dollars in legal fees to the man who brought the dual citizenship election petition against her.

    Mrs. Robinson says she is in the process of renouncing her United States citizenship as she prepares to run again for the seat.


  328. Always costly to move on especially if you want to move on free.

  329. What did Brady do wrong? According to Driva, Brady, on behalf of the JLP, disobeyed specific instructions not to get the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) involved in what was otherwise an admitted interference with and attempt to influence to the effective benefit of an accused drug kingpin, sensitive government-to-government negotiations. It is not that Brady was on a frolic of his own. It is that he allowed the GOJ to be involved.


  330. However, please note Karl Samuda’s “findings” that “persons within the JLP” approached Brady. How many persons? Who were they?

    What about Brady’s “clients” – those shadowy “persons within the JLP”? Where were they?

    Did the firm of MPP not also advise that they could only approach the USG on this topic if they could convince the USG that they were representing the GOJ? Did Brady leave this out in his report? Why?
    Karl Samuda’s earlier “findings” were said to have disclosed the following:

    “Mr. Brady’s firm retained the services (of MPP) on or about October 2009 to pursue discussions with relevant officials of the government.”

    Apparently, despite the fact that the retainer payment was published on the Department of Justice’s website for all to see, Samuda’s investigations had not revealed that MPP had been retained on September 18, 2009, and not “on or about October 2009” as he so obfuscatorily put it. Could this have something to do with the fact that the first official government-to-government letter exhibited by the attorney general in her affidavit filed in the Supreme Court was dated October 30, 2009?

    MPP was retained on September 18 and the solicitor general sent instructions to that firm the very next day!

    How did “persons within the JLP” come to know of this extradition request so early in the game? Were they “tipped off”? Why? Do we need to launch an Officials Secrets Act investigation?

    Anyway, Samuda’s findings were as follows:

    “I am advised that all payment arrangements (to MPP) were transacted between the two firms. The Government of Jamaica had nothing to do with any aspect of these arrangements.”

    Really, Mr Samuda? Who told you that?

    On May 11, Driva had this to say on the same issue: “A payment of US$49,892.62 was made to Manatt, Phelps & Phillips on September 18, 2009. These funds were sourced from financial contributors to the party.”

    Where now are these phantom “persons within the JLP”? Where are these “financial contributors”? It was one donor, known to Driva personally for 40 years, who was asked to pay!!

    Now he wants to protect the donor from the “smouldering cauldron”. Why? Is it the donor he is protecting? He hasn’t protected Brady, nor has he embraced Ronald Robinson. Why this sudden concern for a donor who, according to Driva, coughed up US$50,000 without asking a single question regarding the use to which the funds would be put?

    As it turns out, these funds were used to attempt to influence the course of justice. Jamaica wants to know who was involved. Were these funds really belonging to this so-called “donor”, or was he fronting for someone else? If it turns out that this “donor” wasn’t quite as careless with his own money as Driva would want us to believe, but was simply shop-fronting for someone else, we want to know who that was. Can we see a copy of the cheque to MPP? What has Driva to hide? What has this donor, if he is as innocent as the driven snow, to hide?

    And make no mistake about it, this entire MPP episode has turned out to be an attempt to influence the course of justice on behalf of ‘Dudus’.


  331. David Smith: Court September 23

  332. Fanso 7 hours ago
    All this Brady talk is just “red Herring”. The real question is why did the JLP Government choose to support the Drug dealing gun running Christopher Coke? That is the real story!


  333. Hundreds of party faithfuls swelled beyond the precincts of the National Area at what Portia Simpson-Miller, party Leader, dubbed the “grand mother of all conferences”.

    The thick crowds of people decked in bright party colours, proved almost overwhelming for the small army of police personnel who muscled up to keep the growing numbers outside from setting foot unto the conference floor.

    At one point, the entrances were sealed off tightly as police officers, awash with beads of sweat, tried desperately to maintain order when pandemonium erupted on the arrival of the PNP President.

    “It won’t be long now, help is on the way. An era of recklessness must give way to an era of responsibility … the people are demanding it and we must deliver it,” Mrs. Simpson-Miller declared.


    Also Congrats on the mother of all conferences.


  334. How is Dr Walker??? the man who begged the US govt to sending aid to Jamaica.

  335. How is Dr Walker??? the man who begged the US govt to * stop sending aid to Jamaica

  336. PNP has nothing to offer this country with the same set of leaders that led us to 18 years of negative growth!!

    Was Colin Campbell the only guilty party in trafigura….? of course not……the other guilty ones keep quiet on that but hypocritically attack the PM on Manatt…..

  337. To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

  338. However, Robertson yesterday categorically denied receiving funding from Smith or Olint.

    “The St Thomas Education Development Foundation and my campaign in West St Thomas did not receive any funding directly from David Smith,” Robertson told The Gleaner last night.

    In one correspondence, purportedly from Robertson and sent from a close relative’s email account, a request was made for Smith to provide “support” that would “make a meaningful difference to the Jamaica Labour Party’s success”. The email included a local bank account number.

    “I can’t remember. I send hundreds of emails and I am not denying that I am aware or have knowledge or know David,” Robertson said.

    “I am not denying that there was contact.I am denying nothing but in terms of that specific, I can’t answer that.”

    Robertson added that it was quite possible that a request was made, but he would have to check his records.

    “I cannot speak to something that I don’t know the source of it. It is being sent around the world, but nobody is claiming it, nobody is stan-ding up and saying this is a fact,” Robertson added.

    Another government minister named in the emails said he would not comment because it was a rumour.


  339. Efforts to contact the other ministers and MPs named in the email were unsucces-sful. Messages were left with personal assistants and on voicemail, but the calls were not returned.

  340. Olint Boss Indicted

    The prosecutors also accuse Smith of conducting financial transactions knowing that the money he was dealing with was the proceeds of some form of unlawful activity.


  341. From: David Lazarus dhplaz@gmail.com
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com

    Below is the names you asked for:

    1. Neil Andradie
    2. James Robertson
    3. Charlene Robertson
    4. Patricia Nicholson
    5. Justin Ogilvie- plus any in his wifes’ name.
    6. Gassan Azan
    7. Andrea Hughsam
    8. Patrick Tempral
    9. Ansel Tempral. new & old.
    10.Charles Condell. (Eric)

    Hope this will do.



    By Ronnie Thwaites

    This summer has been a difficult one for the JLP government. Their relationship with the Shower Posse remains an unexplained source of embarrassment to those with any conscience. There are a few of their MPs who are too bright to believe the propaganda of a recovering economy, and the Contractor-General and the courts have had too much that is uncomfortable to report. Despite all the invitations, Manatt won’t fizzle because so much of the story just does not ring true. It is pathetic to hear the twisting and parsing by the leader of this land. Just play back the press conference of last Tuesday and judge for yourself.


  343. Private investors pulling mega bucks from Jamaica

    Data released by the Bank of Jamaica (BoJ) indicated that private capital inflows stood at US$333.3 million during the first four months of last year, but this was reversed to minus US$632.6 million during the first four months of this year.


  344. Last Thursday was another dark day in our history as a people. The events have made a laughing stock of the whole idea of serving at the highest level and lowered the moral authority with which our representatives ought to be able to speak. It reminds me of the JPS advertisement where the little girl, after seeing her father making that illegal connection, said, “Daddy, you say stealing is not right so … how come?”


  345. Indeed, the by-now-ex-North-East St Ann MP only dropped her fight to stay in the House last week when, in our view, it was clear that she could no longer get away with it.


  346. Jamaican In Hot Water In Cayman

    Jamaican businessman Robert Christopher Tom Girvan, who pleaded guilty to 18 counts of theft and three money-laundering charges, will return to court in The Cayman Islands on October 25 for a confiscation and sentencing hearing.


    Hm…You see what happens? That one was not taken up by the DPP and Jamaica’s Justice system. So what? Who is responsible for that stain abroad?

    Think on these things.

    It is really our Justice System that is the laughing stock….constitutional matters and otherwise. Call it colonial mentality like Errol Miller if you will….but a spade is a spade…

  347. the book?…in time..

  348. High doses of PR and insecurity of the past 45 years will take the country nowhere.

  349. There are many debates about improving education and the social standing of the poor so the society can be changed and, hence, reduce crime and poverty locally and globally. But what many don’t understand is that if the poor become too educated then the level of manipulation by the rich and the level of control they have over what is given to the poor will diminish and the profit margins of the rich will be significantly reduced.


  350. Mark Forbes
    This constant cheerleading of the PM is getting tired Ms Lowrie -Chin. Accept that you got carried away by rhetoric like most of Ja. All those praises that you were singing after his ‘inaugural address’ have effectively been flung back into your face. Your attempt to conflate anything positive about Ja. with the PM is unconscionable. The PM’s flip-flopping is legendary and long-standing so ‘thorough, deep reading, quick grasp and analytical thinking’ surely does not apply to him.

    Spynovat Spynovation
    Again another attempt to undermine the intelligence of Jamaicans or to take advantage of those who are otherwise. One cannot attribute the ‘fixing” of Tivoli or the reduction of crime to Mr. Golding who was actually forced by the US and circumstances to act. The corrupted politicians were actually protecting Dudus even leaking confidential information to him, which resulted in the loss of many lives. Come on!! Please stop trying to mislead people in your cunning way with this article.


  351. Olint referral

    “A friend of mine is keen on investing and would like to talk with you or better yet, he wants to meet with you if possible. He has asked me to fly over with him to see you when it is convenient to you. Please let me know.”


  352. Moreover, Benin’s president Thomas Yayi Boni, a former development banker, has been implicated in the scam. Boni and other Government officials were seen on TV and news bulletins posing with the managers of ICC. These images were then reproduced on t-shirts and in advertisements by ICC, prompting most Beninese to interpret this as a sign of presidential endorsement for the company and therefore a sound investment.(14)

    Since the revelation of ICC’s fraud, a number of actions have been taken. In Benin’s economic capital, Cotonou, crowds numbering more than 100,000 have taken to the streets demanding restitution.(15) President Boni has cleansed his administration of those associated with the company, including the minister of the interior, the chief prosecutor and the security minister.

    In the event of such a scheme, citizens should be able to rely on the state and its various institutions to bring the perpetrators to justice and where possible, to facilitate remuneration of investors by the company. The chances of justice being done and of restitution for investors in the scheme is looking less and less likely due to the Government’s possible involvement in the scheme.


  353. Written by Catherine Pringle
    Thursday, 16 September 2010 08:00

    While the Government has taken action to arrest perpetrators, the widespread belief of President Boni’s involvement and the seeming unwillingness of Parliament to address this issue has called Benin’s entire political system and its legitimacy into question. This is a serious threat to a young and fragile democracy and it calls for strong leadership to navigate the population’s loss of confidence in the Government, as well as the loss of livelihoods. Whether President Boni is capable of taking on this role, and more importantly, whether he can credibly take on this role in the eyes of the population, remains to be revealed in the coming months.


  354. Switching Hats On A Whim
    The Editor, Sir:

    When asked why Harold Brady wasn’t reported to the General Legal Council, the prime minister said “One has to do with what capacity was Mr Brady acting in. Was he acting as a lawyer or was he acting as a party supporter and former member of the party?”

    I found this response (as reported by Ingrid Brown in the September 15th edition of the Observer) both hilarious and interesting. Hilarious, because it appears that all JLP members can switch between professional and political hats, as necessary, to reduce the impact of this Manatt affair. Interesting, because the prime minister seems to be acting as Mr Brady’s attorney, even while attempting to ‘discipline’ him.

    I guess the bigger question is: can the prime minister be believed?


  355. Anderson noted that surveys conducted over the last five to 10 years have all pointed to crime and violence as the biggest concern amongst Jamaicans from all walks of life.

  356. Jamaica at an all-time low

    Dear Reader,

    I believe that it is now clear to every Jamaican that we are now being led by a government that has all but lost its legitimacy.

    I have to confess that as a citizen of Jamaica I am thoroughly ashamed to acknowledge that the government we now have is actually my government.

    I honestly don’t think that the people of Jamaica deserve the kind of government that has evolved since 2007.

    In fact, everywhere I go, people who voted for the Jamaica Labour Party are saying how disappointed they are in the Golding administration. “We know that there has always been corruption,” I overheard one person saying, “But we can’t believe the blatant dishonesty and the outright manipulation that we are now seeing.”


  357. Indeed, the current JLP administration has given us enough reasons to suspect that it was not ready to govern after it snatched electoral victory from the jaws of the PNP in September, 2007. The fumbling, bumbling, clumsy, arrogant and near-sighted way in which the Golding team has been handling the state’s affairs have convinced even die-hard supporters that they were not ready.


  358. This column was the first to publish that Prime Minister and JLP Leader Bruce Golding had asked for the resignation of Attorney-at-Law Harold Brady, the controversial figure in the Manatt, Phelps & Phillips US law firm, because of his role in the JLP government and Manatt issue concerning the extradition of Christopher ”Dudus” Coke , former Tivoli Gardens strongman.

    Chuck Emanuel
    Huh ?.
    What is the story Ken ?. These news stories are way too old. Did you find out who paid MPP as yet ?.


    hahahaaa…embed journalists “careers” going down with their benefactors…

  359. Finally, the G2K release which lauded the Comrade Leader could have been a tour de force if it did not go on to pander to narrow, partisan doublespeak and sophistry by accusing the PNP of “cutting and pasting” JLP ideas. In politics, ideas are not the intellectual property of any one party or its leader, so there can be no copyright infringement or plagiarism involved. Then again, it has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery!


  360. Jamaicans in the diaspora are especially incensed by what is happening. Friends of mine living abroad tell me that at the height of the Christopher “Dudus” Coke saga they were ashamed to let people know that they were Jamaicans. They tell me that even now, everywhere they go people marvel that Bruce Golding could still be prime minister after all that has happened.

    I am particularly upset that the Golding government has taken “Brand Jamaica” and has helped in re-branding us as a country where drug lords and gun traffickers seem to be afforded privilege and protection.


  361. RMF audit reveals procedural breach
    Mrs. Munroe Ellis pointed out that a procedural breach occurred when the Finance Minister did not return to parliament with an affirmative resolution advising of the change and passing it before parliament.

    She says this breach cannot be ignored and put the issue to Financial Secretary Dr. Wesly Hughes.

    Dr. Hughes confirmed that the government had in fact reneged on its promise, he however angered PAC members when he declared that the decision was taken by parliament that 35% of the SCT would no longer go to the RMF.

    Members queried whether the country had been made aware of the decision, the response was no.


  362. Batting on a difficult pitch, Dr Hughes admitted that the statute was violated, adding that corrective action would be taken shortly.

    Dr Hughes says the decision to maintain the 20 per cent over the medium term arose out of deliberations with the International Monetary Fund.

    This angered some committee members who suggested that Cabinet had disrespected Parliament by not taking the matter to the House for affirmative resolution.

    Committee chairman, Dr Omar Davies expressed shock that a decision on a controversial tax could have been made by Parliament, and Cabinet subsequently changed it without saying a word to the legislature who first approved it.


  363. Henry Bellingham today announced the postponement of the elections scheduled for July 2011 in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    The Turks and Caicos Islands are one of 14 British Overseas Territories. Parts of TCI\’s constitution were suspended in August 2009 following a Commission of Inquiry report into allegations of corruption by TCI ministers which pointed to a high probability of systemic corruption in the government and legislature of TCI.


  364. When pressed on his position on the policy that will allow courts more flexibility to decide whether a case will or will not have a jury, Mr. Bellingham commented that the unique situation of having such a small community in the TCI and the scale of the wrongdoings had to be taken into consideration. He said that there had been almost 3 to 5 Billion, yes Billion, Pounds of land that had been given away and mishandled by the last administration. He asked if one would imagine the incredible infrastructure the TCI could have if even 1/5 of those resources had been productively used for infrastructure.


  365. Jamaican Gov’t seeking to unseat Bunting

    JLP member Andrew Holness has again indicated that he will be moving for central Manchester MP Peter Bunting to be unseated, because he is connected to two companies whose services may be contracted by the administration.

    According to Holness, both companies may, at sometime in the future, be contracted by the Government and he says there would be a breach of the law if that happens while Bunting is connected to the entities.


  366. Paula Pounded

    In his annual report, tabled in Parliament yesterday, Christie said that in many cases not even an acknowledgement of the receipt of the Office of the Contractor General’s (OCG) referrals had been received from the DPP’s office, the Attorney General’s Department or the Auditor General’s Department.

    He said his office had made more than 30 formal criminal-offence referrals to the ODPP but none of these had given rise to a criminal charge, arrest or prosecution.

    Christie said it was instructive to note that while no prosecutions regarding OCG referrals for breaches of Section 29 (b) (ii) of the Contractor General Act have ever been initiated by Llewellyn, her predecessor Kent Pantry did, in fact, initiate such prosecutions on the strength of similar and/or identical evidence to that which was provided by the OCG to the current DPP.

    Christie acknowledged the independence of the DPP and the exercise of her powers conferred by the Constitution, noting that the DPP “is not subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority”.

    Said he: “Notwithstanding, and with the deepest of respect to the ODPP and to the holder of the office, the OCG is nevertheless obliged to express its concerns regarding the matter.”

    However, he said: “… the fact remains that as at December 31, 2009 and as far as the OCG is concerned, no criminal charge, arrest or prosecution has been initiated arising from the referrals.”

    Christie said several other criminal-offence referrals to the ODPP were made over the period March 27, 2008 to February 16, 2009. Again, he said, no prosecutions, have been commenced, nor had the ODPP formally advised the OCG of its considered positions regarding the said matters.

    “I am working on three of the reports that (Christie) has sent to my office and so I do not want to be distracted in respect of the three matters,” she said.


    Why have OCG? Don’t “distract” the DPP?. Migrate. the “New Order” has been set.

  367. “The prosecution would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a named individual Joe or Joseph Hibbert on the documents is one and the same Joseph Hibbert, Member of Parliament,” Llewellyn said in a statement released to the press Thursday.

    Llewellyn also said the local police could face several hurdles in gathering the necessary material to base a viable prosecution, given the passage of time and the fact that critical potential witnesses live abroad, among other things.


    “Several Hurdles”…”other things” hahahahahaaaa

    Is Jamaica going to get the £5,000,000.00 that has already been awarded? or has it been “collected” already? hhehehehehehehehehe…ahhhahaha

  368. President of the Senate Oswald Harding added that as the first female to hold such a post much is expected of Ms Marks but he is confident that she will rise to the challenge.

    “It is said that Jamaica is a land ruled by women with a female DPP, female Chief Justice, etc so Audrey’s appointment fits well into this. Sometimes we question Government appointments but we feel that at this time in our international relationship this is the kind of person we need.


  369. “I am not going to speculate why I was bypassed but it is quite clear that I was bypassed, but I have less work to do,” DPP Llewellyn said


  370. Professor Munroe is pleased with what he describes as the ‘coalition of forces” working against corruption in Jamaica. He pointed to the cooperation between some key institutions namely the Office of the Contractor General, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Customs, among others.

    He was also confident that the personalities heading these institutions were firm against corruption and that they had exhibited their firmness in action and words.


  371. Under investigation

    Two weeks ago, the Director of Public Prosecutions, acting on behalf of the United States government, obtained a court order giving local investigators the power to dig into Smith’s accounts and those of a long list of individuals and companies.


  372. jayjayja 5 hours ago
    Hold your horses here. I have the greatest of respect for the OCG which has similar independence as the DPP and as such is not subjected to control be anyone else.

    While I understand Mr Christie frustration I am hoping here that he is not trying to influence the DPP and in so doing trying to tell her what to do, after all no one can tell him (Mr Christie) what to do.

    Mr Christie the real problem is you have been given a basket to carry water and we all know it, but not surprising we have not done anything to change that situation.

    You have been given a task to which the necessary legislative framework to support your efforts have not been put in place .
    This is NOT be accident but by design, which is the reason none of the cases you have investigated so far and make recommendations have yield anything hundreds of pages of report.

    The OCG was created by the GOJ to carry out investigation of what : GOJ and by extension the work and wrongs of politicians. Not a single one of these guys/gals have any intention of going to jail for any wrong doing and as such while the office has been there and is working, nothing will come of these cases.

    It was a shrewd move on the part of PJ and people are only now recognize that the OCG while great, does little more than offer up a report.

    If Mr CG thinks he can appeal to the Jamaican conscience on corruption in the public sector he has another guess coming.

    Corruption is institutionalized in Jamaica and your failure to support it can result in your ultimate demise and by that I mean death.

    Bear 4 hours ago
    I was thinking the same thing Mr. Christie. I am wondering if this lady is afraid to do her job or she is just inept! Or, probably there are more sinister reasons why she hasn’t acted.

    RAWOwater 6 hours ago
    Are these cases where the rich and powerful my have, “allegedly” benefited through corrupt practice? And are the people named political friends? Don’t hold your breath nothing will come of it.

    Guest 1 hour ago
    I have been wondering the same thing as numerous cases have been sent to the DPP for her ruling and she has been silent or pass the buck to the police. The only cases she seems to be brave enough to rule on are the ones involving corruption by police officers.

    She was appointed by the PM so i expect nothing from her ………………………………. Christie was not; so he is well able to do his job without fear or favor.

    Truly 1 hour ago
    This is how far along Jamaica has come to being a ‘ failed state ‘.
    The head and the brain of the leadership of the country does not function effectively, and cannot pass the ‘ litmus ‘ test.

    Not one, not one out of thirty (30) cases delivered to the DPP Office has been processed? Not one?
    That is definitely ‘ an ABSOLUTE ‘.
    A blanket statement, that happens to be true.
    That complete blockage to the brain (of the country) will only cause a fatal stroke to the country.

    Do we witness/succumb to the demise of Jamaica?
    Or do we bypass so called ‘ normal habits and routine ‘ and do something to save it?

    Mr. Christie and his good work need help.

    Chariottrucking 1 hour ago
    Mr christie i thank the lord for you everyday. i am asking you not to give up i hope one day you will be the PM so i can return home.

    Vinnette Mitchell-Forrester 5 hours ago
    The three the DPP is working on are very recent ones, what of the backlog?


  373. Nature abhors a vacuum

    The motives of those involved are as varied as there are fascinating.


  374. The Supreme Court this morning ruled that the North East St Ann constituency seat occupied by the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Shahine Robinson be declared vacant.

    In making his ruling, Justice Roy Jones said Robinson’s defence and affidavit in the election petition filed against her were an abuse of the legal process and awarded costs to Manley Bowen.

    The admission came AFTER lawyers for Bowen had filed an alien registration card and a naturalisation certificate, both dated January 21, 2006 as evidence against her.

    In the meantime Bowen’s lawyers have applied for indemnity against Mrs. Robinson.

    The indemnity clause is usually applied in cases where a litigant is found to be deceitful or behaves in a manner described as underhanded or abusive of the process of the court.


  375. Shahine Robinson could face criminal charges

    RJR News has been reliably informed that the attorneys for the petitioner, Manley Bowen, the man who successfully challenged her right to remain an MP, are in the process of filing a criminal complaint with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

    The attorneys intend to point the DPP to an affidavit filed by Mrs. Robinson in June when she was temporarily booted from Parliament by the Supreme Court.

    In that affidavit she insisted that there was no truth to the claim that she holds US citizenship.


    DPP? This case would have to line up behind the 30+ cases. hhehe

    Come now Paula first come first serve…hehehe…so Shahine matter begins in what? Approximately 4 years? hehehee

  376. Smith is to return to the Supreme Court on September 23


  377. dranks 1 month ago
    Pastor Blair got conned out of US$4 million. He thought he would have earned US$11 million. How come he did not see the lie behind all of this? The type of scheme he became involved in was being procsecuted all over the world; America, Canada and in Europe. People were going to jail for it, and yet he listend to a prophet saying how great and wonderful Smith was. He should have consulted with the head financier before making a move, but who really seek financial advice from God?

    Politicians too, joined the ranks of the conned (were they really conned?) and some of them got donations to run their election campaigns. Will there be inquiry into this? The list is as long as my arms as to who got taken. Now we have a question for the government of Jamaica, one that needs some serious thought: Is David Smith of OLINT going to investigated in Jamaica?

    In a short time in power so much have befallen this government it is as if they were in power for a thousnad years, and now this, another scandal is brewing. They are falling, again on their own swords. But they can come out looking like a rose, tattered, but just as sweet, if they pursue an investigation with the aim of prosecuting David Smith in Jamaica. No less is expected because too many people were conned.

    And to blame the investors is ill advised. Of course the ultimet decision rest with them, and greed and ill concieved plans to fund projects, like Pasto Blair’s contributes to to the mess they are now in. What it looks like is that Olint achieved what it set out to do, get greedy investors and those who are very ill-informed.

    Well, here is one person hoping he get jail time whereever they try him.


  378. Unless the OCG has been discharging its mandate ultra vires, we cannot understand why these critical agencies would be tardy in acting on the recommendations.
    The 2009 report noted, among other things, that the OCG had made over 30 formal criminal offence referrals to Miss Paula Llewellyn’s Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, as at December last year, but none of these had given rise directly or indirectly to a criminal charge, arrest or prosecution.
    Before we start to hear any bleating about lack of human and financial resources as the cause, let’s be very clear: it makes little sense to have the OCG do all that work, if the very agencies which must follow through, sit down on their butts and do nothing.


    Corruption Prevention Commission….Corruption Prevention Commission………..ahahahahahahahahahahaahahhhhahahahahahahaha

    Anyway if they are about “Prevention” then why do they receive Christie’s report after the fact?

    “Prevention” Commission ahahahaahahahaha

    Where is their report? The one that shows the metrics of how much corruption they have “prevented” hahaha

  379. Contractor General of Jamaica Greg Christie is urging the authorities to target persons in the upper echelons of society as part of renewed efforts to crack down on corruption.

    In his annual report for 2009, Christie expressed concern that the authorities have not displayed the will to tackle corruption, which is undermining development in Jamaica.

    “Certainly, no one could credibly defend the position that police officers are the primary or only category of persons who are involved in … (corruption).

    “But, curiously, the main focus of the fight against corruption in Jamaica, so far, seems to be directed at members of the police force,” added Christie.

    He warned that if action is not taken to deal decisively with corruption now, efforts to address Jamaica’s socio-economic problems are doomed to fail.


  380. One day Christie will leave. The people prefer Barabas..they want Bredda Anancy.

  381. “Mr Christie doesn’t quite put it that way, but he feels that he is battling an inert prosecutorial system, represented by what he perceives as a somnolent Office of Director of Public Prosecutions … .”

    Others, too, particularly those accused of breaches of law, have an interest in the DPP proceeding with reasonable speed on referrals from the OCG. Accusations hanging over their heads create uncertainty and raise the maxim about delayed justice.

    Mr Christie’s complaint also puts another issue back on the table: his call for that single anti-corruption agency with its own powers of prosecution. The administration has gone part of the way with legislation for a special prosecutor to investigate corruption. Barring a constitutional amendment, that person would be subject to the direction of the DPP.

    The matter is worthy of serious debate.


    Colonial mentality. The colonizers left and a local group replaced them. The prized possession is “first class citizenship” on the rock. The belief being that it can not be attained elsewhere. A stint as visiting professor perhaps for a time or an appointment in Oslo or a commonwealth or UN “consultancy” gig….(you get the picture)

    But that “first Class” topanaris of the rock makes them salivate….

    It’s the only state where Insecurity and ego meld together in a warped reality…of class an ism and appearances “The first Class citizen colonial style”…..The stage? Jamaica…..the fuel for this reaction?

    You guessed it …..Corruption

    Why fix a system if it is not broken? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…

    Think on these things…

  382. Turks and Caicos? Stay with the colonizers


    Because if they are gone and the system remains the same….and or gets worse….your elites will have no one to blame anymore…



  383. The Dead Yard: Tales of Modern Jamaica by Ian Thomson: review
    Ian Thompson’s The Dead Yard reveals the darker side of Jamaica, finds Anthony Holden

    Since independence in 1962, Jamaica has retained a British parliamentary system, with the Queen as its head of state, while falling under the commercial and cultural influence of the United States. On close examination, Jamaica’s own rich cultural heritage – from Rastafarianism to reggae – is fuelled by an angry search for an identity of its own.


  384. Grace 3 hours ago
    Something needs to give.
    All this talk and legal quotes and DPP status and excuses.
    Ms. Lewellyn needs to gooo!!!
    She is ineffective in her role.
    She’s a ‘ NON-PROGRESSIVE ELEMENT ‘ in that position.
    The out-points keep screaming louder and louder, and still there is no product from her. (prosecutions or decisions of any kind)

    First of all, it sounds as though it should take 3 to 4 people to wear the DPP hat. Due to the astranomical level of corruption going on in the country, one person in reality can’t manage all the cases (and there are lots I’m sure) thoroughly and effectively enough.
    But still, Jamaica shouldn’t tolerate someone holding the post to have big title, eat lunch and warm bench, with nothing/no product to show that she is effective in her job. FRUSTRATION!!!!

    To entertain the thought and hopefully a plan to develope a separate branch to deal with corruption is a plausible and workable solution. Even if it is a satellite or temporary branch, to confirmedly tackle this corruption monster.

    Enough entertaining Ms. Lewelyn. Either she becomes a part of the solution, or you should stop her right now, from being a part of the problem.

    This ain’t about her. (anymore)
    The country needs this office to function.
    The people need a solution now.


  385. Any word on the trial in the TCI today?
    Nationwide just had something but i missed it.

  386. Breaking news…… David Smith pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 6 1\2 years anyone with the update…. just heard it on nationwide

  387. New thread Jay!!

  388. David Smith sentenced to 6 1/2 years
    2010-09-23 17:22:01

    The former head of the failed Olint investment club, today pleaded guilty to fraud-related charges in the Supreme Court in the Turks and Caicos Islands and has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

    His lawyer Oliver Smith told our new centre a short while ago that Smith pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud.

    He says another three were dismissed by the court.

    However, Oliver Smith was not able to provide details saying he was just coming out of court.

    However, he says David Smith has been sentenced to 6 and half years in prison.

    David Smith is on a total of 30 fraud-related charges.

    He’s alleged to have lost billions of dollars in investments by club members in his unregulated scheme.


  389. The crowd will join together to curse you….the same ones that praised you when they were getting the returns….my prayers go out for David ,Tracy & the family…….

    I may be alone but i believe ur intentions have always been good…..

  390. MK, you are enslaved by your emotions. You must be tired of hearing this by now, but you are seriously deluded mate.
    Someone doesn’t run a scheme, which defrauds thousands of people out of their hard earned money to afford you a lavish jet setting life style, and have “good intentions.”
    The man plead guilty to 2 counts of FRAUD!! And it is still not game over for your way of thinking? Damn 😮

  391. *afford them self a lavish lifestyle*

  392. I thought he was anxious to prove his innocence?

  393. According to the lawyer, David Smith’s guilty plea means that the three charges against his wife Tracy have been dropped and her right to travel has been reinstated.


  394. Go to the feeder clubs for your money. David Smith is in jail now so don’t let them tell you they are waiting on anything.

  395. Just the beginning.

    Guilty Conspiracy to defraud.

    Why I ask would MASTERCARD use their MASTERCARD brand and Compass Card in a conspiracy to defraud with David Smith/OLINT?

    MASTERCARD gave the thing an air of confidence. Can we trust organizations that associate with MASTERCARD again? Will the MASTERCARD sticker on the bank’s front door scare us away?

  396. Well, I one thing I know fi sure. If I see him or them boys that worked there like Barry (used to be out front) and the other little scammers, dem dead like maggga dawg.

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