Olint affair is it now over?

With the closure of the TCI bank, which contained the remaining US$13M loot that David Smith has stolen, does this signal the end of this entire Olint affair?
John Connolly must have eggs all over his face, for failing to recognize that the place that he had placed the Olint loot (leftovers) was shaky and about to collapse.

As a forensic accountant/auditor one would have though he would have been able to see this on the horizon and as such seek to prevent further loss of the small sums which had been found.

I suppose John will no longer be the liquidator as now everything has been liquidated, and with no funds available, he cannot be paid for his services rendered as liquidator.

While the court case has now been moved to September, this is really meaningless for the thousands of Olint investors, who having now lost everything with the TCI bank closure, interest would d have now waned as people now really begin to start focus on recovery.

8 Responses

  1. Jay:

    Are you celebrating? Are you not aware that Connolley was the auditor for the TCI Bank? How could he not know?

    What role did you play Jay?

  2. 2 years. if you have not moved on, it would be very unhealthy

  3. Nuff people still hanging on, mentally unable to let go. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

  4. Yes he is!

  5. No Florida? Strange to see/not read

  6. Nocotec revealed…coming soon!

  7. One down many more to go

    Robert Christopher Tom Girvan, a Jamaican businessman, pleaded guilty in The Cayman Islands’ Grand Court on Wednesday to 18 charges of theft and three charges of money laundering

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