Olint (Jamaica) Investors angry and disappointed.

Olint investors left the two meetings held by the Olint Liquidator very angry and disappointed

The liquidator has stated that the only persons who are likely get back anything, would be those investors who deposited funds directly to Hallmark Bank & Trust Limited in the Turks and Caicos Islands between the period April 2006 and July 2008 and had entered into a Private Club Members Agreement with Olint TCI.

On the other hand those persons who were forced by David Smith into signing the Private Club Members Agreement with Olint TCI would be left penniless.
This is a very cruel blow to Olint investors who had gathered at the Jamaica Conference Center hoping to hear some good news on their money.

Unanswered questions.

What was the real purpose of this meeting?
Why did the liquidator need to come to Jamaica to tell the investor in Jamaica that they would receive nothing?
Is there a hidden agenda?

I suppose these questions will be answered in the next couple of days.


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  1. Blair told The Gleaner that 30 per cent of the US$15 million belonged to US citizens.

    He said other Americans had invested in the failed investment club.
    Blair claimed the US authorities had enlisted his assistance in reclaiming the funds the Americans had invested.

    From the Gleaner of February 9, 2010.

    This guy was a “pig” running his own mini-ponzi to the tune of US$15M.
    The liquidator so far has found only US$13M and has so far been paid over US$770K for his work done so far.

    Its ironic as that US$13M was really just sitting in accounts and was not “found” due to any detective work.

    So for the last 6 months the liquidator has yielded very little but it has come as a huge cost to Olinters.

    The longer Smith take to cooperate, the longer it will take.
    This new association will no doubt add to the length, which means each day the US$13m is being depleted.

    So Olinters were screwed by DS
    Then by DS lawyers.
    Then by Connolly
    and now by new the association ACOM

  2. Jay well said. A great many people were misled by DS and DS has caused great stress and suffering to the people. A little bit on honesty by DS at the begining would have saved a world of hurt down the road.

  3. Jay duh duh

    explain how the new association OCOM will add to the time for some resolution to the OLINT Crisis

    duh duh explain

    • You will see.
      If you for one minute beleive that this association was formed for altruistic reasons, then think again.
      Would you give DS your money to trade for you again?

      • If ACOM is so altruistic why are they hiding the identity of the ownership of their website. A whois search for acomaction has these results:

        Administrative Contact:
        Private, Registration ACOMACTION.COM@domainsbyproxy.com
        Domains by Proxy, Inc.
        15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
        Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
        United States
        (480) 624-2599 Fax — (480) 624-2598

        Technical Contact:
        Private, Registration ACOMACTION.COM@domainsbyproxy.com
        Domains by Proxy, Inc.
        15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
        Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
        United States
        (480) 624-2599 Fax — (480) 624-2598

  4. February 8 has come and gone. Mr. Joseph Connolly discharged his heavy artillery. At our expense, he and his entourage flew down to Jamaica, was accommodated at the best hotel facilities in the Island and delivered his message. So what was his message?
    Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:
    From: “Salmon, Shaunalee”
    Date: January 29, 2008 3:10:29 PM EST
    To: “Ayesha Creary” , “Douglas, Stuart-wayne”
    Cc: “Buchanan, Earl”
    Subject: RE: OLINT
    Good afternoon Ayesha,

    It was my pleasure assisting you, and I am very happy that David Smith, family and friends had a wonderful time with us here at The Ritz Carlton Rose Hall.

    We thank him so much for the business and we are looking forward to many more in the future.

    All the best,
    Shaunalee Salmon

  5. And don’t let us pretend to be surprised… These events are recorded in the Bible itself.


    Record more than in the Bible

  6. Have you seen the cartoon?

    “Brother Joe, your Liquid friend”

    hahahahahaaa….Hard hat like Jones who bailed Smith..hahaha

    and (you’re not going to believe it)…Camels..Camels in the background..hahahahahahahaahahahaa

  7. “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers’


    “An Innocent Man Is Never Frightened By the Truth; But A Guilty Man Will Try To Hide It As Long As He Can.’

    Patty Rase Hopson

  8. But is it surprising that Mr. Connolly will never get the co-operation of Mr. Smith?

    – ACON

    “It is the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution”

    – Oscar Wilde

  9. “He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.”
    ~ Benjamin Franklin

  10. Gov’t selling 2 Air J planes to pay IRS debt

    Mr. Golding said the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is serious about collecting outstanding taxes from Air Jamaica and this obligation involves two of the eight air craft operated by the national airline.


  11. Where is the Cash Plus Money?

    Liquidator scammed?

    Scammed in Dubai

    Published: Wednesday | February 10, 2010

    Dennie Quill, Contributor

    SCORES OF Cash Plus investors were broadly optimistic about the prospects of getting a payout last Christmas based on pronounce-ments by the trustee in bankruptcy. In fact, following Hugh Wildman’s press conference, many started to think about getting their ruined finances back into shape during the most joyous season of the year.

  12. Here is the Olint money Jay

  13. Just came off the #4 bus, and I can see that finally many former “diehard” Olinters have finally seen the light.
    There are a few stragglers who are still yet to be convinced that they have been fleeced by Olint and his gang.

    They have not jumped on this new association bus, which is promising that they will work with David Smith to get back their monies, nearly 3 yrs after the fact.

  14. Jay

    We are not givingthe association any money !!!!!

    they can’t scam us …….

    They claim to be speaking to DS and the liquidator

    Who are you speaking with?????

    a bunch of faceless bloggers.

    COME ONE COME ALL get behind ACOM it is the closest thing to a chance we have of seeing one cent of our CASH ORRRRR of seeing MR David Smith secure behind bars.

    we have sat around and blogged for almost two years and the result is ……………………………………………………………………………………………MORE BLOGGING

    YOU ARE MIXING UP DIEHARD OLINTER with people who want one of the resolutions stated above

    What are you afraid of being taken for a fool again!!!!!!!

    Well son I will chance it because I want my money

    nuff peace

  15. Jay
    Now that you know you have been fleeced where is your Association that you have formed or action you have taken to get DS behind bars.

    Get off your chatting BUTT and do something.

    are you one of the empty barrels just making noise


    No !!NO!! you have forgiven DS and moving on with your life

    We havent gotten to your lofy state as yet BUT WE HOPE TO GET THEEREhopefully with some of our money LOL

    Pray for us!!!!!!

  16. Pon di riva,
    i agree with you that people need to take decisive action. actually, that is now long over due. but the question is, who really are these people, what are their motives? as jay suspects, and i do too, there are no visible indicia of altruism here.
    if these persons are in contact with DS as they claim they are, what “deal” have they struck with him? what illusions do they now subscribe to? are they still under the influence of the laced kool aid? are they seeking to curry favor with a “philanthropic” or “forgiving” messiah who will view their attempts to quell the masses with favor?
    its advised that investors get answers to these questions (and others) before (once again) throwing caution to the wind and placing unbridled trust in the hands of persons who claim to know what is in the best interest of all.

    personally, i do not trust these folks, but i never trusted David smith from start either.

  17. @ Pon d River.

    Please don’t stand too close to the edge least you fall over and drown.
    I have learned in life not to trust someone particularly when the say ” Trust me man”.

    So this group just came public, have you considered why the remained silent all long.

    Word is, they have in fact been in contact with David. When David heard the liquidator was going Jamaica for a series of meeting, he thought the liquidator was now going after the little cash left in Jamaica.

    Word is they were advised that if they were able to get the liquidator hands off the those accounts, they would be rewarded for their efforts.

    The group who was communicating with David all along, suddenly became very public, and was now asking for fellow olinters to join them in rebuffing the advances of Mr Connelly.

    Word is that some people may have received further payments from the $20m which was transferred from Olint accounts back in the later part of last year.

    Word is this group was seeking to be silently “paid” back a portion of their funds from the “frozen” accounts, and only became public when they thought the liquidator would have gained control over these funds.

    Pon de Riva – you may not want to believe everything you here about people working in your interest as word is its everyone for themselves.

    You also do not have to believe the “word is” .

    Do you checks and report back on your findings.

    • Jay:

      Have it ever occur to you that Pon De River is actually one of the ACOM Steering Committee members? He walk, quack and sound like a duck to me…..

    • Jay

      It is ABUNDANTLY clear that u r a part of the scheme designed to oppose anything that is resembling anything like support for david.

      u r lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mr Hylton on New Olint Members Association

    According to Mr Hylton, there are people with agendas who are trying to attain certain objectives.


  19. Do you not see what is happening gentlemen, DS is a devil who was not honest with we, but look at who is after him, look carefully and you will see, ready steady go…. Please answer these questions

    1) Is Joe Connolly a member of a secret orgainzation?
    2) Is the Lawyer Joe hired in Turks a member of a secret organization? What is his name again Stephen Wilson I believe.
    3) Is Mr. Hylton a member of a secret society?

    Now is not the Masonic Lodge a secet society with all sorts of agreements cut in secret> oaths, and hand shakes and hand signs and secret agreements.

    Why not ask Connally if he is a Lodge man and if his lawyers are lodge men. Now DS fooled up Christians and fooled them up good he did, but would the Christians want Lodge men liquidating for them???????

    Ask Connally to declare his hand……
    Floridian, Jay, ect is Connally, Wilson and Hylton involved in secret socities????

    I wonder I wonder I wonder.

    Belcher a go get a answer for we bout dis.

  20. Mi an mi neighbour

  21. Caribbean Airlines is to be designated the national carrier upon takeover of Air Jamaica.

    A copy of a non-binding agreement signed between Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines shows that the government must designate the Trinidad-based carrier as Jamaica’s National Airline.


  22. Martinez Revealed says:
    What the hell is going to gone with the Feds? We have given them the best lead of the century. Here they took down Rothstein in a matter of months.
    A few of us on the inside of the Jared Martinez camp are now revealing to the world, that this guy with his sons and friends like David Smith and Joseph Issa created the largest Ponzi scheme called OLINT/ I-trade Fx., that stands tall beside Bernie. They created so many feeder clubs which were designed to “feed” funds into the grand OLINT fund, it would make your head spin.

    If the Feds can’t handle this one, then we need to let the world know in another fashion. We can’t sleep at night when we know these f**kers are still fleecing innocent people of their hard earned money.

    The Rothstein Grand Jury convened this morning. Assistant United States Attorney Mr. Bruce Ambrose why is your OLINT/I trade Fx. Grand jury sitting down sniffing roses? Has Martinez and his clan got to you?

    TICK TOCK- Time is of the essence

  23. Jay since Connelly held meetings blogs around the World on fire.


  24. Check this Jay..

    “Scott was coming up with an idea where I could take the fall for him,” Scandiffio told me. “I said, ‘There’s no way I’m taking the fall. I didn’t do anything.’ ”

    But Rothstein persisted.

    “Scott wanted to say that the reason he kept stealing the money was because I was threatening to kill him if he didn’t pay me a lot of money,” Scandiffio said. “He said he knew I was going to die in a couple of years because of my cancer and that they were going to take care of my child is what they were offering.

  25. Deacon? you there?….your fairy ‘Godfather’ in some serious trouble. Oh Sh….!

  26. The sanctuary of Turks was never going to be it…they sold you short Deacon. The’re not known for brains.

    • What has happened to the actions brought against David Smith -several were instituted in Turks, Jamaica and Florida,
      In Florida a number of people including Dr Lowe and others sued David Smith and the former Premier of TCI
      Also there was a doctor in Florida who sued David Smith
      Does anyone know what is going on with these cases

  27. Test and Jay

    I have seen many correspondence that Godfery Mccalister has sent to his group saying he is in touch with DS and the TCI authorities.

    The ACOM has assess to money the liqidator cannot find in Jamaica GET REAL

    people who are members of the steering committeee of ACOM dont have to play around with you guys on blog

    Pon di Riva is a powerless and fightened and penniless blogger like the rest of us ….

    THEY have access to the OLINT mailing list or havent you noticed

    THEY have meetings with the liqidators

    THEY send out press release

    THEY published their names.

    ACOM did not form a steering committee before because they were busy blogging

    OR because they were waiting on the TCI justice system to come up with somthing by now

    OR they were waiting on the activities to reach JA and low and behold Mr C freezes assets in JA and call a meeting the ball is in their half best time to score

    OR you are right ACOM they cannot get the money without the rest of us getting involved

    SO I see what pon di Riva is saying ……………HOW WILL IT HURT US TO GIVE ACOM A RUN???????somthing


  28. live&letlive

    Are you saying my comments under ” word is” is spot on.

    Wantmymoney, I guess you are not in the know, you should read live&letlive comments above.

    I cannot beleive you said Support for David.
    Yow dis man really drinking some very strong koolaid iyah 🙂

    Support – Hmm you sound like one of them saying ” Give us Barabbas“. Guess you know who Barabbas was. lol

  29. Another one for live&letlive.

    Didn’t you also see the trading sheets which showed David was trading and didn’t you also the the US$200M account balance that he had.

    Where is that US$200M, do you believe its still available based on what you now know.
    Didn’t people send many emails saying yes , David is the King and a world class trader, who is just being given a “fight” by people who don’t want ” people fi eat a food”.

    Lesson# 1 ” Trust no one when it comes unto money”.
    Lesson #2 ” Never forget lesson number one”

  30. Like everyone, trust no one.

  31. Ja y

    I do not understand your last post

  32. live and letlive said

    I have seen many correspondence that Godfery Mccalister has sent to his group saying he is in touch with DS and the TCI authorities.

    I then asked if didn’t you also see the statement DS flashed around saying he had US$200M.

    It really means don’t believe everything you see. All is not always what it may appear to be.

    Then finally trust no one particularly when it comes around money.
    Let me break it down further for you least you do not understand.

    A guy finds a new way to make money. This method of making money can literally yield him millions of dollars, and guess what no one else knows about it.

    Question ” Do you think this guy will share his money making secret with you”.

    Whats your answer ?

    The fact is anytime people come to you telling you they have found this “secret” how to make money and because you are special, they want to share it with,run as fast as you can. 🙂

  33. Why Smart People Are Dumb?

    The most intelligent people are often the most likely to fall for a scam. 60 Minutes’ Morley Safer talks to con experts and their victims about the slippery science of gullibility


  34. Anyone out there knows who is the PR company or agent behind this new association.

    I wonder if its the fat one was said to have been paid to US$20K per month for PR work.
    Has he resurfaced once again and if so why?
    Whats the real motive of the group some Olint skeptics are asking?

    Pon de Riva… over to you
    Did you see that email too, did GM show you ?
    Are the contents of that website being scripted elsewhere and not by the association itself.?

  35. Jay

    I thought you were an OLINT investor.

    Well from your last blog you obviously are NOT SOOO now brother I can see why everything I have said is misunderstood or misinterpreted by you

    We are on too different page.

    I am a person who gaver DS my money and is deparately trying to find it

    You are a person who is happy you were not so dumb!!!

    really man who cares where the contents of the website are scripted. When we meet in March we can all have our say and vote in ourselves to reprsent the olint members ….

    Are you working for DS trying to get the members not to get together to get to the bottom of this MESS

    what is your story man What are you afraid of

    Who are you ????????

    WE ARE GOING TO DO WHAT WE CAN TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS !!!!!! Do not try to stop the members whoever you are !!!!!

    Iam trying to get back a few of my bucks and you are rejoicing that you were too smart to get caught.

    Maan lucky you see you on the other side of Jordon

    Blogger like me who handed over $$$$ to DS cannot join your party right now …. Sorry as soon as we can we will join you at the party

  36. Pon di river,

    How could you have thought I was a Olint investor, thats a serious error of judgment.

    That’s a very bad sign and one which seems to suggest some level of gullibility.

    Take the emotions out of it, and stop and think, least you are taking for a ride again.
    Soon they will be asking for donation which will be going towards legal expenses.

    A word to the wise is sufficient.

    A wish you luck anyway with this rather suspicious group.

  37. Guys I’m trying to follow this story but it’s way too complicated. Seems to me there’s merit in all the opinions and comments here. Here’s my summation:

    Smith turned out to be a masterful con man, defrauding tens of thousands out of hundreds of millions. Perhaps his initial intentions were honorable, however he ended up a criminal and should serve hard time for betraying the trust so many placed in him and ruining so many lives.

    Issa and Martinez as well as other actors whose names have yet ti be revealed, were as thick as thieves with Smith, so they too are guilty (by association) and should be punished as well. Perhaps made to pay very heavy fines that would set them back at least a decade or two as losses have set back some investors to that extent.

    Connally is probably not much different from the others (mentioned), but this guy appears to be very slick. No doubt because of his profession and contacts, he has very cleverly positioned himself in a way that allows him to steal without breaking the law. Talk about price gouging, the fees and compensation he’s receiving is “criminal” in and of itself.

    As for investors that gave Smith their money, at the very least they were greedy and careless. When one hears stories of people taking second mortgages on their homes or selling their cars or girlfriends (ok I did’nt hear about girlfriends, just making a point), there can be no question that such irrational behavior could only be driven by greed.

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with risk-taking and with trying to take advantage of an opportunity. After all, I assume those who got in on the scheme in early days easily got back their initial capital investment plus made multiples of that before the music stopped playing.

    However, as things stand now, I imagine a relatively small number of investors will get back some of their money, but sadly, the majority will probably end-up losing whatever they had there. I’ve always advocated that people take control of their own investments and do their own investing. It’s far easier that most think and the best part is there’s no way anyone can run off with your money.

    My message to all – become a self-directed investor and take charge of your financial future. It takes a little time and work, but it sure as hell beats handing some goon your hard earned money.

    All the best,

    Mavericus aka TraderMav

  38. Martinez Revealed says:
    Heard that Jared is a little scared now that some of us are sharing the facts with the Feds.

    He should have thought of that when he and Isaac were buying the Ferrari’s and fancy homes in Lake Mary!!! Remember this Jared- never f***k over your own internal staff.

    I have to give it to this little Mexican- he knows how to get around and how to pick criminal friends like himself.
    Who would have known that David Smith and OLINT were ponzi schemes?
    Not to mention, hob knobbing with the JLP Government elite thus preventing any sanctions ever coming after him from the Jamaicans.
    By next week I will share who in the Trinidadian Government he has on his payroll. Remember today is Friday- PAY DAY!!!!

    This Mexican has some balls transferring $100 million dollars from a sand dune called Turks and Caicos, running one of the largest money laundering operations the State of Florida has yet to see. Just wait, when the FEDS get the statement from the pilots of the planes used to smuggle in the narcotics for Martinez and Smith, then they will realize this little f****r makes Bernie look like a sweet Grandpa. These f****s were and still are involved in Ponzi schemes, Narcotics, Prostitution and terrorism, funding ammunition sales for drugs.

    Uncle Jared, you best run over and start making up to Suzy!!! You do not want her to testify against you in court. Then the FEDS would throw away the key.


  39. trinidad
    Jacob Martinez [Jacob@mtioffice.com]
    Sent: Thu 6/14/2007 4:37 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com

    Hi David,

    Call me when you get this so we can discuss Trinidad. We’ve already been in communication with Norris (Donya’s dad)

    Talk to you soon.


    Jacob n. Martinez
    Market Traders institute, Inc

  40. The estate of a former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands is now for sale. Dr. Misick, having retired from politics, is moving on to a new career and no longer needs this property which was used as the power meeting place for new investors invited to the islands to undertake five star resort developments. His success is well documented by the increase in tourism, growth and expansion of the islands’ infrastructures, and global acclaim this destination has achieved.


  41. The Jagan said he was there at the time and it was consentual.

  42. “The final report blasted the developer for allegedly bestowing “lavish hospitality” upon former Government officials in return for “favours”.

    In addition, residents testified that Mr Hoffman, who was granted Belonger status in 2006, tried to bully them into selling land to make way for the massive scheme.”

    Bwoy Deacon, that island you bribed to adopt you is a mess…

  43. Trader Marv

    “As for investors that gave Smith their money, at the very least they were greedy and careless.”

    Your point above mirrors that of some ‘famous’ bloggers here on this forum.

    I am heartened to see that you confess that most of the case is complex and beyond the understandng of many.

    Personally I tend not to agree with the ‘greedy and careless’ argument….However you may well be right.

    Both terms can be deemed relative so the scale of both greed and carelessness can be demonstrated in the perpetrators themselves.

    There are many here who have tried to stick the label ‘greedy and careless’. Their agendas are understandable.

    The issue is that in large measure Olint investors make up the widest cross section of people and entities in the country of Jamaica. Surgeons, Bankers, TV. anchors, journalists, retailers, civic leaders, lawyers, teacher’s, carpenters, masons, professors, …you name it.

    If it is such that all these persons do not demonstrate some action vis a vis Olint to escape the label ‘greedy and careless’ then that label must then stick to their professional lives notwithstanding Olint.

    Therein lies a catastrophe far reaching beyond the material theft.

    I ask you this then (and the profession can be substituted at your own will)…Would you want to look up from the operating room table and see your anesthetist to have been labelled ‘greedy and careless’??

    Perhaps you might want to know that even your car mechanic is one who strives to correct problems as oppossed to one who ‘moves on’ through life collecting labels for themselves…such as ‘greedy and careless’

    Think on these things…

    • Floridian:

      Did you write the post above? I did not see and identifiable links at the bottom of the post 🙂

      Now, this has to be one of your most lucid post in over two years. What went wrong……

      Could you write like this from now on? I know you have the capabilities, yet you continue to inundate the blog with post that only (and maybe Deacon) can understand.

  44. For if you are as ‘greedy and careless’ as any other…then why should you assume leadership in the Church, corporate or any other sphere?

  45. Trader Marv

    Find a book called ‘Mirror, Mirror” by Rex Nettleford.

    Take a read.

  46. Only Who? and Deacon can understand? Which “who” dat test?

    hahaha…haw haw ..hehe

  47. Test

    Let us not forget that this is a blog….Lucidity has it’s appropriate arena. The ball is in their court.

    And the meter runs..

  48. We are all aware that thousands of Jamaicans have been players in the recently exposed pyramid schemes like Olint and Cash Plus. But not many are conscious of the extent to which the pyramid phenomenon has permeated the economy. Government derided the known schemes and was icily unsympathetic to those who were caught under the rubble of their collapse. But it would have been well advised to heed the biblical admonition, how can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you don’t see the beam in your own eye?


  49. Oh Test, in the vernacular, ‘not every smaddy ready fi di video light yet’

    I feel honoured when layman type posts are apreciated. Thanks.

    Rest assured nothing is ‘wrong’.

    I may not have a Perkins trophy on the mantle as testament to my accuracy.

    I am of a much more modern age.

    The posts that might seem ‘a little hard to understand’ have all hit their intended targets with laser like precision.

    • That is the problem! Why not send an email to the “intended targets” 🙂

      If only YOU and the targets understand the meaning of the posts, then maybe you should talk to them directly. Why flood the blog with posts, that to the average reader, appears as total nonsense! Here is one of your post:

      …”The Jagan said he was there at the time and it was consentual.”……

      What the hell does that mean?

  50. A retiree in money trouble bemoans the fact that he was with Cash Plus and World Wise. He writes asking advice.

    After the ‘advisor’ scolds him thoroughly inserting a number of a priori argument that the original complainant never spoke of he proceeds to offer ‘advice.’

    In the said ‘advice’ there is no mention of firstly filing a fraud report on the crime. No advice about taking legal action. Implying that a victim of fraud and misrepresentation has no recourse to the stolen funds.

    And you wonder why many trusted the scammers above and beyond the ‘legit’ professionals?

    Or is it a deeper cultural phenomenon wherby we live in a society that has all aspects of the most modern metropolis except that of Justice?

    Take a look for yourselves:


    All against a backdrop of a nation that before the mid 90’s if you wanted to study Finance you had to seek that education overseas.

  51. More backdrop:

    The same publication has reported on the judgement against World Wise (Some $50 Million) more than once!

    In addiion to an on going environment of feeders paying out. A substantial one nearly completed the whole process.

  52. “…from the portions of your correspondence I have not published”

    Thus leaving room for:

    “Then, like so many other human beings, you decided you wanted to get-rich-quick by placing funds in two such schemes with money you borrowed and money you should have put aside for your retirement without considering the risk.”

    Is that a statement that can be said of the JDX?

    I don’t think so. It would not fit Olint, WW, Cash Plus either.


    Another can of worms for the best and the brightest. For many a loan payment Bank, NHT and other’wise’ were accepted as repayment having come from the schemes.

    As the author states:

    “Customers have a choice. They can accept or reject such offers.”

  53. Dear retired mathematics professor,

    There is nothing voluntary about an agreement brought about in circumstances where one party demands that original contracts must be brought in by a specific date and to be exchanged for another contract with revised terms that leaves the other party in a position worse than the original contract.


  54. Test that one was for the TCI websites….

    Leave that one alone Test..trust mi…..just watch it swoosh past just outside your off stump. You might even score byes.

    Inexperienced batsman try to swing at that one….then its back to the pavillion with 20 thousand lawsuit under your *&%$Cloth waiting for you.

  55. Ok so this ponzi thing isfinally affecting me

    My tennant lost he job in Cayman so she gave up the house (in Ja). I rent it to some new people in August and since moving in the have only paid 1 months rent on time.

    I get real pissed and tell thenm that its not going to work and i am minded to give them notice. The beg me to bear with them because things really hard. They tell me how much things wouldn’t have been so hard but they put a “good money” in a scheme and it went down.

    Now you see me dine trial? I think i am going to put them out

    • Robin Irie:

      It’s only going get worst. Having being in that situation over the years and having tenants after tenants leave with 5 to 8 months of rent owed, you best bet is to act now. Unfortunately, when the water or light bill is not paid, those utilities will be cutoff, so there should be no difference in them paying you the rent.

      If they knew they could not pay the rent they should not have rented the place to begin with. Plus these folks are very deceptive and might have the money to pay, but their priorities might not be in the right place. Good luck!

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    I really do not have time to retype. Sorry about that. Anyways, to answer the question of who I am, visit DigMarkets.com (http://www.digmarkets.com).


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  59. Trader Marv

    If you use explorer try the ‘back’ button.

  60. Upset about the Smith family getting bail? Plus protective services? Cho a chinken feed money dat..


  61. In an interview to be broadcast tomorrow, Pickles admits that he does not know the financial arrangements of the peer, who has funded the party’s campaigns in dozens of marginal seats and is also a deputy party chairman.

    [Marginal seat funding Deacon?]
    Last weekend, in an interview with the Observer, Gordon Brown said it was a “scandal”..
    Jack Straw, the justice secretary, compares the Conservatives’ attitude to Henry II “not knowing about Thomas à Beckett’s murder in the cathedral: they don’t want to know”.


  62. “Often times after a story is reported there is little follow-up in the days and weeks afterwards”

    – TCI Journal.

  63. Motty

    If you claim there is no difference between the ‘bonds of Omar’ and the Olint and Cash Plus frauds then why is it you don’t mention the cronies of Olint and Cash Plus in the same light as you do Omar?

    I know a lot about the ‘runnings of the bonds’ astute bloggers would realise this….you want to hear Motty?

    You first explain Olint…


    We shall see Motty….you have your wooden spoon ready?

  64. Salt not in short supply..

  65. Two wrongs can’t make a right. And ‘follow the ediat’ is not a game that will help the country.

  66. Were the ‘bonds’ ever a money laundering scheme?

  67. Beckford must be turning in his grave with envy and cheap prices to purchase human beings nowadays.

  68. “hypothecation agreement” ….insuring Olint deposits…

    More than one way to skin a cat Deacon.

  69. What a fire for Senator Nelson. Joke business. Suppose you see how Olint works?

  70. E-mail scams exploiting Haiti earthquake generosity




  72. He said: “The problem is it’s not just about exploiting a donor or a charity, really they’re exploiting the victims. Because they’re taking money people want to give to the victims of these natural disasters and they’re stealing it.

    “So I don’t feel that they’re robbing me, I feel that they’re taking from the mouths of children we’re trying to help and that is something which is very difficult not to get angry about.”


  73. “He was a pathological liar….”

    One of his scams was setting up “fractional membership clubs” on the internet which allowed people to have access to a luxury lifestyle of hotels, villas, speedboats and private jets.

    In January 2008, he hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign at a mansion in Manalapan, Florida, which was attended by Bill Clinton.

    But back in London detectives had not been idle. They had spent years amassing evidence against him. In the summer of 2008, they sought his extradition.


  74. Hopefully, the culprits — whether they be Jamaicans or foreigners — will be made to pay for this unforgettable crime against the Jamaican people.

    For those who might think they are insulated from such actions, a quote from John Donne’s wartime poem Meditation 17 Devotions upon Emergent Occasions should suffice: “…Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.”


  75. Deacon?

  76. We note the strong parallels between Iceland and the Turks and Caicos Islands’ recent experience when we read the sentence: “……not just………but better media oversight of dirty deals between banks and politicians.”]


  77. The contraction comes as the economy racked up its ninth consecutive quarter of decline during the period October to December.
    This constitutes the longest consecutive quarters of decline on record.


  78. Victims of the global fraud allegedly run by fallen financier R. Allen Stanford have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, five regional financial institutions and the government of Antigua and Barbuda.


  79. There can be no more excuses Mr. Governor, no more pointless meetings, no more procrastination, the people demand it. So get on with it, or go yourself!


  80. Other address used by Opus:
    2 Sheraton Street Medius House, London U.K. W1F 8BH
    Tel: +44 870 366 5801, +44 20 8792 6815 Fax: +44 207 900 1885

    P.O.Box 656, Tropicana Plaza, Providenciales,
    Turks & Caicos Islands, British West Indies
    Tel: (649) 946 3304, Fax: (649) 946 8305

    Hallmark Trust, PO Box 656, Tropicana Plaza, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, told us that at one time they acted as a registered office of Opus Financial (TCI) Ltd.
    info@ hallmarktrust.com, Tel: (649) 946 5524


  81. Grand Palm’s website http://www.grandpalmtld.com was registered on 20-April-2006 Their contact details are identical to Noble Securities http://www.noblesecurities.com:

    Jeff D’Angelo
    Donald Scholar
    Chancery Court, First Floor
    Leeward Highway, P.O. Box 756
    Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands
    (649) 946 4423

  82. Iona Alumni on the WEB.

    Aprylle-Dawn M. LEWIS-Haye , IHS’ 1973 ~ pryllie@cwjamaica.com


  83. David,
    I have been trying to call you b4 you came down for Jazz, but we keep missing , saw Don las nite and he said you had left your cell in Turks then, anyway , me and my partner Chris have Two things we wanna discusse with you ,
    * The Turks lounge as we were discussing
    * * My good friends from Cayman Island Raul and MacKeiva Bush , we were trying to link up with you with them re the Cayman Olent partnership but he got thru to you b4 and met you in MoBay they told us he is in discussion with you on the matter , and the Jamaican leg of Cayman Olent with your company here . We gave Raul the ideas and we are in discussion , just want to talk to you further on it and some other great ideas here in Jamaica , Chris have a few business idea we want to discuss with you. zn

    Don, told me las nite too you going to TnT and nuff cricket down Antigua etc , so he afraid to come lyme with you 🙂 anyway , please when you get time , link me .

    The TCI Premier, Cayman Premier? Golding?

    Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 10:19:53 -0600
    From: keith.cowan@ericsson.com
    To: merlinetingling@hotmail.com

    Tell David to implement a quarterly withdrawal policy only as mandatory to stay in the club. The piggy backing clubs seems to be with drawing every month to pay their clients and messing up business as well as the scary cats. No one should be allowed to withdraw so often.

    This way they will not be able to pay their clients and will have to close their accounts, hence less activity on David accounts with his bankers.

    We have to protect David as he is doing a good thing for us.

    His lawyers can investigate this option and advice him the legal actions that needs to be taken.

    It is an investment and not a ATM machine.


  85. Daivd

    Geovanni just called, your CD at the bank expires today. If they don’t get any confirmation from you, they will renew it for another year. If I don’t get a confirmation by email, Ill try calling in about an hour to see what you want to do.

    Hope all is well my friend.

    Louis Sola

  86. Pan Caribbean Merchant Bank Wire Instructions – USD

    Beneficiary: Pan Caribbean Merchant Bank Ltd.
    60 Knutsford Blvd.
    Kingston 5

    Beneficiary Bank: Citibank New York
    111 Wall Street, 16th Floor
    New York
    NY 10043

    Account #: 36232102

    ABA #: 021000089

    Reference: For further credit to Cool Corp International

  87. From: Carlton Stephen
    Date: Jan 31, 2008 9:41 PM
    Subject: Re: new application request
    To: catnewmem

    Hello, I met Mr. David Smith at the Jazz Festival through a mutual friend and he advised me that I should send him an e-mail and he would advise me on the procedure to open up a new account. Could you please redirect this e-mail to him so that his instructions can be instituted and I can be advised accordingly. Thanking you in advance. I await your communication.PS. As he definitely met tons of people over the week-end, you could perhaps remind him that Minister Ruddy Spencer did the introductions, just to juggle his memory a bit.

  88. During my last introduction letter which I sent i left out the my number in 202 265-2561

    and my Cliff Feldman number is 954 621 -6704

    Please excuse my omission
    Ambassador Denis G Antoine

  89. Leetter for cliff to david

    January 10, 2008

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am very pleased for this occasion to introduce to you Mr. Cliff Feldman and Anthony Barbieri who has expressed an interest in meeting with you and or your counterpart in the Turks & Caicos These gentlemen are know to the embassy, they form a group of investors with interest in doing business and would like to meet with you.

    I have been informed that they would be pleased to arrange to meet you at your convenience at a venue of your convenience. To facilitate more effective communication I have provided them with your contact number.

    Please accept my best wishes and assurances of my highest consideration

    Denis G. Antoine

  90. Good Afternoon Mr. Smith, we would like to confirm by this way that you received this email so we can asked you some details of your account.
    We would appreciated if you can confirm us so we can proceed !!

    Michelle Smith
    Asistente de Plataforma
    Suc. Calle 50
    Telèfono 2101111 ext. 5805

  91. Dear David Smith,

    I received your email address from Ravi Daswani and spoke with your brother Wayne last week. He asked that I send you an email requesting to open an account with you in Turks and Caicos. I would appreciate it if you would email instructions as to how to open the account with Olint Corp. directly, and how to transfer the money from Jamaica to that account. Please advise if there is a difference between Olint Corp. and TCI FX Trades in terms of risk factor and profit gain.

    Much appreciated,

    Liad Dankner
    Los Angeles, Ca
    818-269-9859 danknerliad@yahoo.com

  92. Perhaps somebody could please let me know what this “Encashment” to MTI is for as I have no business with them.

    Please refer to the tiresome little letter that Sean gave to me some time ago apologizing for the funds that were taken from my account and pledging that it would not happen again!

    I was not impressed then and am duly damn furious now that those crooks are again fraudulently extracting monies from my account. Someone must be held accountable this time as I know its bound to happen again.

    Dr. Curtis Watson

  93. Some get paid some don’t

    ****Fri 4/4/2008 1:13 PM****
    Hi David and Tracy,

    First Omar and Andrea Sweeney would like to thank you for the funds you sent this week, this will really assist in paying debts that Stoneridge Developments has amassed since the project commenced over 3 months ago. I would like to take this opportunity to fully update you on our situation.

    Our company started the construction of 4 townhouses and a single family home in late December 2007. The directors plan was to make monthly withdrawals from their Olint accounts to facilitate the funding of the site, until the building approvals were available and other funding could be accessed. During the period of late January 2008 until present, Olint has been having problems sending encashments and as a result the directors were forced to fund the project through their personal funds which unfortunately have now been exhausted. To date the total work done on the site is nearing JA$17 million and as work continues it steadily increases.

    We are now at a stage where we are now owing over JA$11 million and the site will if allowed to continue, consume about approx JA$5 to $7 million per month. The major problem is we owe on labour, material and hardware and we desperately need my request for US$100,000.00 so that we may make some payments against the dept so as to prevent a total site closure and also to avoid labour riots in which we have had the very unpleasant experience.

    I am aware of your problems and have been like most of your loyal club members, exercising much patients and understanding with the situation. However with no additional assistance with paying my bank loans, other commitments and the demands of the construction project I am facing an untenable situation. I respectfully request your urgent assistance on our situation and I will continue to pray for the preservation and upliftment of you and your family.

    Christopher Kelly
    (Director Stoneridge Developments Ltd.)

  94. Hi David,

    I am a member of Olint Investment Club with balances in my 3 accounts(11011463, 11012146 and 11015829) of over $2.2M. I am aware that there are some current difficulties with meeting encashment requests and though I hate doing this I am making this special appeal to you t see whether you can assist me. I have had several requests for encashments some more than 8 weeks old and has not been able to get anything.

    I had 2 requests of $25,000 each (via email) from early February and amounts of $191,500 made online (after deleting other request). I have been a regular visitor to the office but each time I am told that my name is on the list but no one can say when i will get a ceque. Now I am not the fussing type and I do understand the difficulties, howerver I do have an urgent issue that I must deal with and I am therefore appealing to you to see whether I can get a pay out. I would be grateful if you could arrange for me an amount of even $50,000. The other requests can hold until things are back to normal in May.

    I have benefitted greatly from being a member of the club and I have no intention of moving from it. I am making this appeal to solely because there are some matters that I desperately need to take care of.

    Be grateful for your assistance.

    Blessings and you are always in my prayers.

    Ewan Millen

  95. Dear Mr david,
    This is Gordhan K Nathani a businessman of ocho rios Jamaica . I have been informed by my freind Mr Kumar Sujnani who just happen to invest in your company that you are accepting new investment accounts now.
    I would appreciate if you can let me know how to go about it.

    Gordhan k nathani.

  96. Hi David,

    How are things with you? Hope all is well. I hate to bother you however, I have a little problem that I need your help with. I sent for an encashment to pay my school fee and other bills and I was given a date for May 30th but this will put me in a little bind.

    Is there anything you can do for me to speed up the wire?

    The receipt numbers are:

    47651 $4000 from Account number 11003010

    47653 $5000 from account number 11002720

    Total $9,000

    The request was done on the website by my mother, Merline Tingling.

    I have decided to do a one year course in computer networking so when I am finished I will be back in JA for my job. I hope the door will still be open.

    Thanks much.

    Best Regards
    Stefan Spencer
    647 309 2160

  97. please call

    From: Zulay Ulloa
    Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2008 2:50 PM
    To: sola@evermarine.com
    Subject: OLINT – URGENT

    Good Afternoon

    Mr. Sola

    Mr. Federico Gomez from the Compliance Department of Credicorp Bank needs to talk with Mr. David Smith.
    Credicorp Bank (507) 210-1111.


    Zulay Ulloa
    Evermarine Yacht Inc.
    Gerente Administrativa
    Tel.: (507)314-1000
    Cell.: (507)6671-1796


  98. Hi Dave, Just want to remind you that I really do appreciate the Tax Refund. May it be multiplied back to in hundred folds.
    Carice Wright

  99. Hi Dave, Forgot to mention the salary increase thanks a million, again may it bring a special breakthrouh to OLINT.
    Carice Wright

  100. Dear All

    It is with great regret that I write to you today, but I do feel that I have not been shown the courtesy and respect that I have always demonstrated to each and every one of you and the company in the conduct of my job.

    To put all of you in the picture; Once again my salary as well as Mike’s is late, this being the standard since being emoployed to Cool, but in this instance we are now going on over three weeks late after being two weeks late on our last pay. This is in my view unacceptable.

    What makes it even worse is that nothing was said and when I enquired the excuse of waitiing on wires was given, this is unacceptable!!!……I cannot go to my Bank or the supermarket and tell them I’m waiting on a wire!!!!!. Again this is a poor excuse especially when approaching being a month late for what is supposed to be a fortnightly salary.

    Once again to put it plainly, I am dissapointed in the seemingly lack of importance in dealing with our salaries. This in my mind shows scant regard for our families!!!!!!!

    Best Regards

  101. David

    I tried contacting you by email and phone with no luck. The only reason for this is May’s payout has not been received yet or June’s percentage. It has been explained to me that you are handling my account personally, GREAT, but how do I contact you when I have any questions, it’s very frustrating when I send emails, leave phone messages for you and get no response. Is it possible to have Sasha handle the payout again. Because of the change it has never been this late before. When can I receive May’s paymenr???? Give me a call at 517-546-2826 or shoot me an email.


    You are ‘lucky’ you got payouts in April….or should I say you were ‘unlucky’

  102. Mr Smith and Family,

    I am unknown club member to you. But a very grateful one. You have blessed us in may ways and at this challenging time just a note to let you all know that we are still praying for you that wisdom and continued good judgement will prevail. Not sure you will get it but it is sent.


    Best Regards,

    Donovan and Elaine Brown
    New York

  103. Please see attached letter from Ariel Misick. Please acknowledge receipt of the same.


    With kind regards

    Barbara Hamilton
    Secretary to Ariel Misick, Q.C
    Misick & Stanbrook
    Barristers and Attorneys
    P.O. Box 127
    Richmond House
    Turks and Caicos Islands, B.W.I
    Phone: 649 946 4732
    Fax: 649 946 4734

    E-mail: barbara@misickstanbrook.tc

  104. Dear David,

    I hope that you and Tracey are doing okay. Sorry for all that has happened and is still happening to you both. I know that you are not in a position right now to help me out but I am hoping that things will be better soon and you will be in a position to help.

    David, thing are very bad with us here in Canada cause my mom isn’t working right now. Our rent in owing for 3 months now and I sometime can’t even find bus fare to go to school. I am afraid that soon I might have to drop out and start to work to help out. The rent alone is $1500 per month and with all other bill and expenses we are looking at $3000 plus per month.

    My mom had requested $20,000 in June/July so I’m begging you that as soon as funds are release if you could send the wire for her. It is just friends and family that is keeping us going and we owe them money for loan. I don’t know how much longer my mom can survive this before she goes completely crazy. Please David! We need your help as soon as you are able.

    Thanks Boss. I’m praying for you and Tracey. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Stefan Spencer
    (416 309 2160)

  105. Wed 11/12/2008 3:37 PM

    Month after month goes by without a word from you. When do you think you can drop a line or two??
    The last payout from you was APRIL [2008], When will I see it again?????


  106. David

    Please reply.

    You and Tracy where my contact for a long time ( your phone number’s today don’t work ) and you setup Sasha as my new contact, which worked great, I have not a bad word to say about Sasha only good. You removed Sasha as my contact and replaced her with Micheal Howard, a lot of phone calls never returned back by Micheal or emails.

    Now for months I have been trying to get you to respond, to inform me of what is happening. I feel so isolated.
    Please response.


  107. Nickera,

    As discussed, by Thursday Aug. 2, I will need an encashment of US140,000.00 from the July gains on my B Account. Kindly deposit $60,000.00 in my FCIB account for which I will give you the account number by Monday July 30. And the remaining sum of $80,000.00 should be on an NCB cheque. I will be driving to Kingston on Thursday Aug. 2 to collect and handle.


    Joseph Smith

  108. From: “david gordon”
    >To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    >Subject: aircraft
    >Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 21:41:43 -0400
    >how are you? i tried calling you a few times but your voicemail was/is
    >full. First the web add. you gave me cataddnewmem@gmail.com is not
    >coming up maybe i am doing something incorrectly please advise.
    >Secondly, i located a couple of Challengers in the 4mil price range but
    >upon futher background research these aircraft either had damage
    >history or high times on the airframe and engines . my partner and i
    >have determined that in order to acquire a Challenger in good
    >mechanical and cosmetic condition your budget should really be 5mil. at
    >that price we will be able to find you a good aircraft. From time to
    >time you will find some great deals from sellers who are in desperate
    >situations like the Challenger 600 i had mentioned to you, that was
    >going for 3.8mil after i spoke to you i called the broker and was
    >informed that the aircraft went into a contract the very day he had
    >called me and was sold a week later, deals like that will never stay on
    >the market for long. If your butget is strict then we will find you a
    >nice hawker but take it from me you will never find a better airplane
    >for the dollar than the challenger. David if you have any questions or
    >comments please call me @ 9548735858 any time, also i dont know if you
    >have an escrow account that you use if not i can provide you with that
    >info as almost sellers require somekind of escrow deposit as a sign of
    >good faith .as you know no one has access to that deposit except
    >yourself. Until i hear from you i will still be looking for a challenger for you . please let me know your thoughts on the matter.

  109. Haughton Cardenas a fugitive

    The former talk show host and attorney-at-law is now considered a fugitive after arrest warrants were issued recently when she failed to appear in criminal courts in Kingston and St. Thomas to answer to several counts of fraud.

    The former attorney is accused of stealing millions of dollars from several of her clients.

    But Superintendent Colbert Edwards, Head of the Fraud Squad, said Mrs. Haughton Cardenas is wanted.


    Early days….Get them Colbert Edwards…we know they are all on your list…why wpould they not be?

  110. Greetings Jabez Shareholders!

    I wanted to give you all a quick update on the status of the company. Jodi, Kelly, and I are currently in New York City where we are scheduled to visit several managers, develop investment relationships, and finalize our selection for the fund administrator.

    Over the past several weeks, we have engaged our US legal counsel( Schwartz Cooper), visited several managers in multiple states, and have decided upon Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as the location for our corporate office. In addition, we have finalized the logo and structure of the website. While we still need to fill up the website with text, you can check out our logo and design here:


    If everything goes well, we expect to launch the fund by middle to late September. At that time, the fund will simultaneously be open to both US and offshore investors. Prior to the launch, we would like to schedule a weekend retreat where all of the shareholders are present. The purpose of the retreat will be to:

    1) Finalize all shareholder paperwork, etc.
    2) Present you with a more detailed view of Jabez Capital Management’s Business Plan
    3)Describe JCM Managed Futures Fund Strategy and list the managers( and performance) that are part of the fund
    4) Provide you with the necessary information needed in order to market the fund to other investors.

    I realize that all of you are extremely busy, but we believe that meeting together prior to our launch is vital.

    Please respond back and let me know which of the following weekends would work for you.

    Aug 17-19
    Aug 24-26
    Aug 31-Sept 2nd

    Best Regards.

    Emanuel Balarie

  111. July 12, 2007 FOR DISCUSSION ONLY


    HBTL requirements:

    1. No funds are to be released to Olint until AML/KYC signed off by our Compliance Officer in accordance with Par 2 below;

    2. AML/KYC compliance will consist of:

    a) application (General Information form) fully completed especially annual investment amount and source of funds;
    b) legible passport ID or other government issued ID (must have picture and signature);
    c) proof of address: utility bill, credit card or bank statement (not more than 3 months old);
    d) World Check

    Enhanced Due diligence (see Par. 2 of Operating Agreement with Olint) may be necessary when:

    a) discrepancies with General Info form for example annual investment exceeds amount on form;
    b) total invested by an individual exceed $40,000;
    c) in/out transactions;
    d) unusual source of funds.

    This means a lot of surveillance on our part. I doubt we can review every transaction but we have to keep an eye out on larger amounts and frequent contributors.

    3. Monthly Returns

    TCIB requires us to report the following:

    a) total value of funds held by HBTL in trust which are subject to currency trading. By definition this does not include the amount held on deposit at TCIB or Grand Palm;
    b) Account #s and value of holdings of 10 largest accounts. We should by the way start assigning account # to each customer. We will need David to get us this info and to help us keep it up to date; and
    c) monthly report showing value and # of accounts less than $25,000, $25000 to $50,000 , $50,000 to $100,000 and above $100,000. Again we will need David’s help here.

    NOTE: Olint as far as TCIB is concerned is what we have done. Olint is in fact much larger so we will need to work with David to be sure the info we give TCIB only related to the HBTL/Olint business

    In order to be accurate we will need to track redemptions as well. I am not sure the current system of tracking redemptions is sufficient

    David Smith will need to get us the following:

    a) Olint’s AML policies;
    b) Declaration of Olint that due diligence has been completed on all clients (Greg needs to advise state of our KYC);
    c) Evidence of FX trading (couple of statements from broker);
    d) Evidence that Olint arranges periodic audits of its compliance program; and
    e) Monthly update on rate of return: I think all we need is a statement showing:

    i) previous months closing balance;
    ii) new funds for the month;
    iii) redemptions for the month; and
    iv) value of fund at end of month including unrealized gains and losses.

  112. Interesting,

    someone sent this to me, do you guy’s know of this? Also, it seems that F1 Investments is still using your name, well, David’s name as one of their traders. Just keeping you guy’s abreast of all the schemes out there.

    Graham Jervis, M.Sc., P.E.
    Smith Warner International Ltd.
    Coastal Environment

  113. Hey Dave its jabba
    Attached are two files of proposal that i need you to look at. right now this is definately what i would want to do outside of OLINT and I know it will be a lucrative business it is actually a cofeeshop that we have cited a location for already it is cituated between a large dorm and georgia state university, and Dave I need you to just trust me on this one in order to secure the lease I need at least 250,000 USD this is not necessarily needed for setting up the shop but its needed for the bank account I know I have no idea of your financials and what your plans are d but ireally dont want to see this oppurtunity pass the lease needs to be secured within two weeks please carefully browse the files and let me know if it is something that you could do for me. I have given this alot of thought so if you need to ask me anything you know where to find me. and I would love for your advice or input.

  114. The complainants, who are based overseas, made a report to the Fraud Squad in June last year after the attorney failed to refund them the US$230,000 they allegedly gave him.


  115. DigMarkets.com for what to trade, why, when, and how

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    And now for another perspective. We all know what harassment is all about. We all know what the abuse of power is all about. We all know that the Police in third-world countries can easily extra-judicially punish anyone they please long before that person even appears before a court. And here, we do not speak of killing the person. We speak of arresting and/or charging the person. We speak of holding the person in a local jail-cell on a Friday afternoon, thereby guaranteeing that the person will be jailed for at least the week-end. We are talking about going to a complicit or sympathetic judge and arguing that the person is a ‘flight-risk’, or that for his/her own protection, they should not be granted bail.

    Since Mr. Smith has been gagged and judicially ambushed, the closest we can come to hazarding a guess about the answer to the main question of this examination is contained in the first utterance from David Smith, through his then Attorney Lord Gifford in July/August 2008. David asked for nine (9) months to fully trade his accounts to the level declared in June, 2008 as per the aggregate of his monthly Statements of account.

    The Turks and Caicos Court is presently standing in the way of our knowing for sure how much of our money Mr. Smith has. One thing is certain, Mr. Connolly does not know..

    ACON What are you trying to say? Do you know that an eminent Jamaican jurist in the person of Edward Zacca Q.C is a high court judge there (TCI)?

    There is one bright spark of decency in the entire Turks and Caicos trial of David Smith. That spark came when the trial judge out of sheer frustration warned the prosecution that if they failed to present a credible case at the next hearing, the case would be dismissed and Mr. Smith would be freed. What happened next? The prosecution still was not ready… and the judge was changed… coincidentally fo course. And to make matters worse, since the prosecution could not nail David Smith on the existing charges, they went ‘fishing’ and slapped new additional charges on him with all the judicial fanfare of refusing bail and the works.

    Smith has been free spending and gambling in front of people’s faces long after not paying people their money.

    Wayne Smith and Edith Smith had their opportunity in court. They lost.

    David and Tracy Smith evade service of process that would allow them to go to court and speak to truth unger oath (hand on bible).

    This evasion is assisted by the precious treasures school owned by Olint member and Jamaican diplomatic representative to the TCI Allen Hutchinson.

  118. Wayne Smith? Wayne Smith sign for the sale of Breamar (which belong to none of them) as a Director…yet the purchasers did a check to find (surprise) that he was not listed as ‘director’


    Ask Wendy Williams she was the ‘realtor’

  119. Based on specific admissions by Mr. Connolly that he is unsure of the exact amount of money currently under the control of several entities including a New York Trading platform, and Panamanian accounts, and based on information in our possession prior to the advent of Mr. Connolly, we have good reason to believe that there is substantially more monies available to be pursued by Olint members than Mr. Connolly has led us to believe.

    Notice the ‘specific admissions’ from David Smith are absent.

    “Given the projected scope of our activities with foreign governments…”

    What about governments other than foreign?

  120. Dear Mr Smith

    Whilst we are aware that the Braemar property was your personal transaction or at least that was your intention when you agreed to purchase it. The chattels are licensed, recorded or receipted as being owned by OLINT.

    As such the purchaser’s lawyers require an officer or Director of Olint to sign the agreement. Mr Wayne Smith signed in this capacity but the purchasers have done a search at the companies office which suggests that Mr Wayne Smith is not a director of the company.

    Please confirm that this is still the case and if so we will need a director of record to sign the documents. As this is delaying your transaction we await your very early respopnse. If necessary we will have to request the reurn of the documents so that they can be sent to you by Fedex/DHL


    Huntley V. Watson

  121. ACON…before the prowess in the press is released and the foreign govt. diplomatic channels etc.

    Wayne, David

    Please see below communication and give me your comments.


    >From: “Huntley Watson”
    >To: “‘Lisamae Gordon'” ,”‘Lord Gifford QC'”
    >,”‘Jeanette Payton'”
    >,,”‘Huntley Watson'”
    >CC: “‘Ruth-Ann James'”
    >Subject: Judgment HCV 0817/06
    >Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 15:18:18 -0600
    >Dear All
    >We have received communication from the Attorneys General’s Department
    >to effect that they wish to send a joint letter to the Chief Justice
    >(signed by all the lawyers involved in the matter) requesting her to
    >afford Hon Justice Mcintosh additional time away from other judicial
    >functions to focus on writing this judgment. We had earlier taken the
    >approach as indeed have the other lawyers involved that it is
    >appropriate that we do not appear to be attempting to influence or
    >pressure the Judge. All of us have heard the rumours swirling about
    >this matter of national sensitivity as indeed have the public and as
    >much harm may now be occurring from the delay as will good from
    >satisfaction that the evidence and law is being fully reviewed.
    >Accordingly, as 6 months have passed it may now be appropriate through
    >transparent means to make a request of the Chief Justice to facilitate
    >the learned Judge by allocating her some more time away from Circuit.
    >Please let us have your comments in particular those of Queens Counsel
    >having regard of course to the wishes of the Client which Ms Gordon
    >will as is usual communicate.
    >Huntley V Watson

  122. The Finance Minister said both moves would broaden the types of legitimate investment opportunities available so Jamaicans would be less likely to turn to pyramid schemes.


  123. 15. That at this meeting in about December 2007, I was extremely frank with Mr. Hylton and answered all his questions directly and honestly and I disclosed to him information which was not in the public domain. I did this because:…

  124. “That I have a real apprehension towards being cross-examined by Mr. Hylton at a Trial, knowing that some of the information and my answers are already within his direct knowledge.”

    Deacon one must always make the assumption that your answers are already in the cross examiner’s direct knowledge.

    But don’t fret because another important rule trumps that…and that is answer truthfully to questions asked under oath.

  125. “…that after the Cease and Desist Order was issued against the Claimant by the FSC in about March 2006, all funds were transferred to Olint TCI from Overseas Locket. This information is extremely confidential and is not in the public domain. ”

    Not in the accounts either Deacon…. making a sworn affidavit a lie.

  126. Read the following. Can you believe that this was an official response letter from Bank of Nova Scotia canada Ltd head office. Check the grammar and laugh. yuh tink wi speak bad dung yah?? 🙂

    Holle Ms. xxxxx,

    Thank you for your email response on Feb/16/2010. Regards to ScotiaCard unfortunately once is status as closed we are unable to re-activated. A new ScotiaCard has to be issue. In order for us to send a replacement ScotiaCard. The address on system need to be change to where you are currently staying. Once we made the changes at Branch level. Then you need to contact Tele Scotia @ 1-800-4-726842 directly to request a replacement card. The card will takes 5to10 business days by mail cause is out county. Or the option is Tele Scotia can mail directly to your Canadian address about 5 business day to a family member then can be forward it to you by mail. Still you will need to call to activate due to security. Once ScotiaCard replaced all existing information will be transfer to the new ScotiaCard.

    Also you have mention to process a bill payment toward your rogers wireless account for $200.00. Apparently when we status your ScotiaCard all bill companies are deleted. Also I believe Carol Garbig is joint to your power chequing account. If is possible for Mrs. Garbig to make a payment on your behalf or send the bill to us to process.

    We do acknowledged of receiving the incoming payment for $980.00 USD funds on Dec/23/2009. Apparently the account number is incomplete. Bank requirement is beneficiary full name, full address & 12 digit account (Transit/Bank ID/ Account). We have advised our internal wire department on Dec/24/2009 & Dec/31/2009 & Jan/13/2010 & Feb/09/2010 to ask order institution to provide beneficiary 12 digit account number. Also I have send an urgent message today as well. Once I have confirmation from our wire department. I be will be in touch with you by email. The best communication is thorough email vanna.to@scotiabank.com.

    Thank your business and your respond. If you have any questions or concern please do not hesitate to email us.

    Yours truly,

    Box covah iyah!! hahhahahahah 🙂

  127. Give thanks for ACOM….finally i think we will get TRUTH….the prosecution has found NOTHING yet still they still have DS case being dragged out.

    Conolly WHAT ARE YOU COMING TO JAMAICA AGAIN FOR????….right before the case…..

    YOU were paid US700,000.00 for what???

  128. Can ACOM give the full hundred? No one else seems to be able to. Dats all mi want, full hundred. 100% TRUTH. How it go? Waiting patiently. For umpteen months now.

  129. RedP

    U link up with ACOM yet?

    Enough is enough, we need “closure” to this thing…..Conolly not the man he only interested in “closure” of any options for us to get back funds – he want it all for himself.

    Do u know he is back in the island next week?

  130. Wantmymoney you want your money or you want ‘closure’? You are not so clear. How many arrests would constitute closure…50? 100?

    Check out this thing called ‘delusory perspectives’

    “In a few days all of this embarrassment will be forgotten and we cozy-up in the delusory perspectives that we will soon turn the corner…”

    “We should however, disturb ourselves with the facts every now and then; it might do us a world of good.”


  131. Floridian
    Wayne Smith? Wayne Smith sign for the sale of Breamar (which belong to none of them) as a Director…yet the purchasers did a check to find (surprise) that he was not listed as ‘director’


    Ask Wendy Williams she was the ‘realtor’



    you posted the letter from the lawyer !!!!!

    we all read it !!!!!!

    HOW HOW did you remove exerpts from the letter to conclude that Wayne Smith committed fraud??????
    My GOD !!!!


  132. We should invite Conolly to the ACOM meeting let him see first hand that the investors are not joking

    Money for US !!!!

    or PRISON for SOMEONE !!!!

    The truth will have to be known sooner or later !!!!

  133. Read it again Live & Let live.

    He signed a document as a director and in the companies register he is not listed as one.

    You have always been a David Smith hack. Wayne did not know? Hogswash?

    Jewel2sell email clear as day.

    You start an effort (after humbugging law enforcement for over 2 years) and want to now talk about ‘not joking’ what happened? What caused the 360 turn?

    Get a lawyer.

  134. RedP, on February 18th, 2010 at 9:33 pm Said:

    Can ACOM give the full hundred? No one else seems to be able to. Dats all mi want, full hundred. 100% TRUTH. How it go? Waiting patiently. For umpteen months now.


    do you want the truth ? or do you want to get back your money ?. the truth could be there from day one.. for all to see. now audited accounts says
    5 cents on the dollar for secured and zero for unsecured…

    that does not sound good for most people, so on that basis, it must be a lie, not because we have anything to refute the figures, but simply because it is not in our interest to believe it.

    So we add Mr. Conolly to the list of people who are fighting against us… like FSC, Hylton,NCB,BNS,JLP,PNP,TCI etc.

    If ACOM lawyers also does not find any money, they will also be deemed to be fighting against us and hiding the ‘truth’.

    there is none so blind as those who choose not to see.

  135. That list looks like a list of people fighting against themselves.

    Some spend a lot….when I say a lot I mean more than DS.. obviously they see something cull.

    When you take money out of an ATM make sure it is your own or at the very belongs to the card issuer.

    Next time … if anything.

  136. There is no shortage of ‘think and check’ issues above and beyond ‘think and check before you invest’

    Even con artistes never to old to learn.

  137. He recalls that after discovering immediately on appointment as its general manager that Blaise was insolvent, he reported the fact to the banking authorities and resigned but was called back by the Government to help resolve the problem as part of the Financial Institutions Services Limited (FIS), the forerunner to FINSAC.


    What you say cull? Pity the workers choose not to report back in Olint…should has been him or rutte or key enemy running it.

  138. Insurance company United America Indemnity Ltd has announced it wants to shift its legal home to Ireland from the Cayman Islands, continuing a trend of international companies seeking exits from Caribbean offshore financial havens.


    Olint was going against the trend….no wait that trend away from ‘offshore’ only blasted of very recently….what a haste. Backpedaling Olympics.

  139. Floridian

    From the letter do you realise that Wayne was only signing for the purchase of the office furniture and chattel….. DS had already signed for the transfer of the Property

    It is quite possible that the Lawyer thought a manager from the OLINT office could dispose of the chatel ……well rightfully the purchaser’s lawyer felt better to have a registered director sign for it

    end of story!!!!

    Live does not need a lawyer YOU ARE CALLING FRAUD OUT OF HATE …. the letter does not lead the normal man to that conclusion

  140. How unno so ancy today? When stealing going on quiet.

    Smith said ‘trading’ concerned about his ‘livelyhood’ no trading ehh..losses…so whose money paid the lawyers?

    maybe mine? Without my permission? Yu bright

    Unno love steal to much and bring bad name on Jamaica.

    When transparency light shine pure ben face. Before oh so and so got caught in that? I told people lalala then when exposed not only as memebers and feeders but pure beneficiaries……oh lawd.

    Shubble mout shark meck unno look pretty….WD 40 jack and vice grip can’t straiten your face.

    And the ones who used ‘contacts’ to try grovel and beg Smith….obviously best and brightest again….know nothing of law enforcement and surveillance..

    A nuh Special Branch Son.

    “It is quite possible”….well defend them in court if you can get your clients to show.

    Transparency Intl. have you all as joke.

    When people were suffering for their own money (medicine, school fee, foreclosure)…AND FREEDOM many were seemed concerned and sympathetic while secretly helping DS…

    You revealed and the stain can’t wash…poor baby. Is Lent …try do ting for yourself.

    Otherwise….Get a lawyer.

  141. Before you help poor grandma get her medication money you choose Deacon Barabas to defend…..you sick.

  142. @redp – and when I walk in the interviews in Canada with my BSc. and other letters behind my name they want to offer me pennies…….that is not English and it is certainly not patois, it must Canadian,eh?:-)

  143. or Creole…the liguists say patois is not the dialect. Then again did Arawaks speak Taino..or the other way around?

  144. Of course, the newspaper couldn’t have known about all Salesman’s flaws and he hadn’t pulled his gun on a fellow customer at Winn Dixie yet. But it still looks silly to have endorsed such a joke of an elected official. Newspaper endorsements in general are such an idiotic and arrogant idea in the beginning; journalists are here to scrutinize and investigate politicians, not promote them. It’s like a cop endorsing his favorite street gang leader.


  145. Virgil Starkwell says:
    A great illustration of the joke that is the Sun Sentinel, and all establishment media, in print and otherwise.

    It’s no mystery as to why establishment newspapers continue to suffer.

    Most people don’t buy their bullshit anymore. Those that are truly educated understand that you obtain real news and information from alternative media.

    Even many that are not educated and are apathetic understand that the Establishment lie to them as well, so they respond by showing no interest at all in reading bullshit, and instead obsess over celebrity news and other light fare.

    The future is right here on the internet and with those publications like the New Times and those journalists like Bob Norman. There may come a time when we all have to pay a small fee to access a blog such as this one. That will be the true test of how serious we all claim to be about cleaning up this town and this country. (Count me in if and when that time arrives). The internet and publications like this are the only chance at obtaining real news.

    The fascist puppeteers understand this and are in the process of trying to quash this movement. One of the ideas being floated right now is something akin to a driver’s license, which will be mandatory to access the internet and leave a comment. (No more annoynmous comments) Obama actually has a Harvard professor advocating this type of fascist attack on the 1st amendment.

    If this blog has taught us anything, it is that the left/right paradigm is a fraud, designed only to divide the people. While we bicker with eachother over liberal/conservative nonsense, the wealthy pick our pockets clean as they control the system.

    And the wealthy fascists own both political parties. They have always owned the Republican party; that is obvious. However, for decades now, they have slowly taken control of the Democratic party.

    The last man to stand up to these fascists had his head blown off in Dallas. We were led to believe that Obama would be his second coming. He is clearly not.

    So as a citizen of the United States, and as someone who loves his country, I endorse Bob Norman and the New Times as both the journalist and news source for the South Florida area. They have so clearly outperformed the Establishment newspapers in this town.

    The choice is clear. Cancel your subscriptions to the Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald. Don’t contribute another dime of your money to an industry that has been consolidated, emasculated and diluted.

    Posted On: Friday, Feb. 19 2010 @ 2:58PM


  146. Cynic, insert a couple name changes in the Jamaican context and the post above is lucid as can be.

    The sycophantic bloggers here on this forum (and they know themselves well) ‘mout open wider than dem computa screen after reading that one!’

  147. Panic among the ranks of Political Bosses

    Though a few other miscellaneous complaints are being thrown around for good measure, the real concern for them is that there appears to be an open mind within the native population of the Country to consider a move to a political system where any individual may run for elected office without having to go through the party system.

    Such a possibility would increase the democratic options for the public, but it would naturally reduce the parties’ abilities to peddle influence and raise money.


  148. He was a Ponzi schemer who went to school in the Bronx, promoted bogus deals for investors, and used the illicit proceeds to buy political influence before he was finally busted and put in prison.

    In the months after his arrest, Dwek began serving as an FBI informant while free on bail, according to sources close to the investigation.


  149. Garlick returns to Turks and Caicos
    INVESTIGATIONS into corruption-accused former Government Ministers continued to gather momentum this week when special prosecutor Helen Garlick returned to the TCI.

    The renowned British barrister, who arrived on Monday, is spending her time in the Islands embroiled in a series of meetings with public officials.

    She is believed to be accompanied by a team of US detectives focused on unravelling a number of apparently fraudulent overseas business transactions.


  150. GUYS

    Please Remember to submit your Registration forms for ACOM !

  151. GUYS

    DO Not FORGET to submit your Registration forms for ACOM !

  152. GUYS

    Submit your Registration forms for ACOM ! T

    his might be our only way to the end of the road …..I hope some money is there lol

  153. GUYS

    Registration forms for ACOM ! is due this week DO NOT FORGET

  154. Will ACOM only represent those who are registered ?. What if you do not want them to represent you and prefer to do so by other means ?

  155. Remember 2008? It seems like so long ago doesn’t it? Only two years ago the financial markets were imploding after years of recklessness and Florida-based Kirk Wright was a poster boy for everything wrong.


  156. Arrest – 32 Division

    Tzvi Erez, 41

    Charge(s): June 18, 2009 – Uttering Forged Document (7 counts), Fraud Over, Fail to Comply with Probation

    Arrested and Investigated by Members of the Fraud Squad.


  157. @ Pon d riva,

    We hear you.
    Good luck !!

  158. CullKull

    ACOM is not a by force thing ……They can only chat for who has given them permission to chat for them ……

    Look at the registration form

  159. Where is the Doctor who wrote asking the US govt to stop aid to jamaica…because he got back more money than he put into Olint and wanted more…..

    Where is chris walker?

  160. Wantmymonery, who gives a sh—about the Doctor. We are ALL now focused on getting something back and if I were you I would join ACOM.

    The Doctor must know why he is pursuing David and his family. I do not know if it personal between them but one thing I know is that he opened our eyes to realize that David is no saint.

  161. My comment blocked but I think that the link above shows who should head the ‘committees’ to recover the people’s money.

  162. Given the ministry’s misdirected focus, the public could hardly be blamed if it came to the conclusion that the administration would have been more comfortable had the highly respected judge’s report remained secret.


  163. The PDM has also been from the very beginning, and continues to be, rather quiet about Cem Kinay and his apparent ponzi scheme of Dellis Cay that is now alleged to have stolen between $65 and $85 million dollars, and that has now resulted in Mr. Kinay’s assets being frozen, worldwide.

  164. Thank you for your letter to the United States Attorney’s office for the Middle District of Florida. Our office in conjunction with several investigative agencies, continues to investigate the operations of OLINT, and others. Because this investigation is on-going, we are unable to provide specific details but assure you that a very thorough investigation is being conducted.

  165. Can I get a…..a LOL???

    Fire for those who use Jesus and PR to steal.

  166. Absenteeism stalls joint select committee on Financial Investigation


  167. Mikey

    ACOM all the way!!

  168. Wantmy money

    The truth ai all the inveastors who are defending their money have nothing else but ACOM to work with….

    Many people have things more important than their money in this MESS to worry about. WELLLL thats their problem not mine

  169. BBC in row with the Conservative party over plans for Panorama film on Lord Ashcroft


  170. investors have choices !!!. They can:

    1. Call it a day and move on.
    2. work with Conolly
    3. Sue David Smith direct
    4. Work with ACOM or any other group they feel like.

    ACOM does not want to sue David Smith, they want to convince David Smith to pay them out of court.

    If David Smith does not want to pay close friends and family who grew up with him for years, why would he want to pay a larger group of investors more money ?

  171. 5. Deal wid cases.

  172. I thought you had to be referenced yo be a member…or was it soliciting?
    Hi Dave,

    I understand you are now taking new members in Turks and Caicos.
    Wayne told me to drop you a line to remind you that I wish to open an
    account for me and my family. Do you need me to get a referal? You were
    actually the first person who ever invited me to join your club.
    Let me know.

    Lavinia “Mini” McClure

  173. Next steps
    Lisamae Gordon [lisamae_gordon@hotmail.com]
    Mon 1/14/2008 2:32 PM
    GWayne Smith;jewel2sell@yahoo.com

    Re: NCB vs OLINT

    Dear All, thanks to your efforts we were able to obtain an injunction for the period of 14 days on NCB which effectively prohibits it from closing our accounts for the next 14 days until a further hearing of the matter ….in which it is to be determined whether or not a further injunction will be granted until the matter is finally heard. I think that it would be prudent at this point to arrange the necessary PR so that our Club Members know that NCB is sabotaging us and if they wish they may petition the Bank? What do you think? We have engaged the services of Nunes Scholefield and DeLeon Attorneys at Law who seem to think that this is the best way forward(See attached e-mail). If you agree that this is the way to go can we meet possibly with Dan Query today and see where we take it from there?



  174. ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Encashement request from LewFam Account #0038B ER #071203001
    From: pryllied@lewfamclub.com
    Date: Mon, December 03, 2007 3:22 pm
    To: catencash3@gmail.com
    Cc: Gregory Elliott

    Encashement Request from LewFam Account #0038B ER# 071203001

    Please prepare a cheque payable to LIVINGSTON, ALEXANDER AND LEVY in the amount of US$1,710,000.00

    Please note that this is a loan to LewFam as discussed between David Smith/Neil Lewis. Repayment is as decided and agreed upon between both parties.

    Thank you very much.

    Aprylle-Dawn Lewis-Haye
    LewFam Club
    Account #0038B

    Loans again? Loaning out other people’s money? I thougth they wern’t insecurities business??

  175. Wayne

    I still do not have the requested materials

    1. account # and value of 10 biggest accounts
    2. statistical breakdown accounts less than $25,000, 25-$50,000 $50,000 to $100,000 and over $100,000
    3. Copy of Olints anti-money laundering policies and procedures
    4. Evidence of trading activity (2-4 months of trading statements)

    TCI Bank is getting a little concerned and so am I

    Also we note that no new business is coming through us. This is a breach of our agreement and puts you in jeopardy of being “offside” with FSC and TCI Bank. It in effect means that these is no KYC being done by Hallmark! This could lead to a number of very serious issues.

    David we need top get together ASAP
    I will call you


    Offside? ..Sound like a game. Think it’s a game???

  176. Run wid it den…

  177. Attn: Barry…Re: David
    David Lazarus [dhplaz@gmail.com]
    Tue 2/6/2007 2:44 PM


    Below is the names you asked for:

    1. Neil Andradie
    2. James Robertson
    3. Charlene Robertson
    4. Patricia Nicholson
    5. Justin Ogilvie- plus any in his wifes’ name.
    6. Gassan Azan
    7. Andrea Hughsam
    8. Patrick Tempral
    9. Ansel Tempral. new & old.
    10.Charles Condell. (Eric)

    Hope this will do.


  178. BREAKING….

    Ja Govt. DPP Turns down MLAT US request for Joseph Issa’s bank records.

  179. the only legitimate option that has come up is ACOM…

  180. I still do not have the requested materials

    1. account # and value of 10 biggest accounts
    2. statistical breakdown accounts less than $25,000, 25-$50,000 $50,000 to $100,000 and over $100,000
    3. Copy of Olints anti-money laundering policies and procedures
    4. Evidence of trading activity (2-4 months of trading statements)

    TCI Bank is getting a little concerned and so am I

    Also we note that no new business is coming through us. This is a breach of our agreement and puts you in jeopardy of being “offside” with FSC and TCI Bank. It in effect means that these is no KYC being done by Hallmark! This could lead to a number of very serious issues.

    David we need top get together ASAP
    I will call you


    Floridian Who was the email to

    DS or WS ?

    it starts by addressing Wayne then it finishes by addressing David

  181. The email below has always concerned me ……….
    This is one email I would love DS to explain

    Why was Halmark bank being side stepped

    why couldnt Halmark get the info from DS to stay “legal ” with FSC and tci bank…….

    at some point DS will have to break the code

    I hope it is not a straight to jail card


    I still do not have the requested materials

    1. account # and value of 10 biggest accounts
    2. statistical breakdown accounts less than $25,000, 25-$50,000 $50,000 to $100,000 and over $100,000
    3. Copy of Olints anti-money laundering policies and procedures
    4. Evidence of trading activity (2-4 months of trading statements)

    TCI Bank is getting a little concerned and so am I

    Also we note that no new business is coming through us. This is a breach of our agreement and puts you in jeopardy of being “offside” with FSC and TCI Bank. It in effect means that these is no KYC being done by Hallmark! This could lead to a number of very serious issues.

    David we need top get together ASAP
    I will call you


  182. Court date , for David , is it March 3rd,2010?

  183. Quiet on the blogs ehh Deacon…im big yes….not big enough.

    check this vidoe blog Jay:

    • Floridain

      well said, the end a come, and man a go see the truth bout DS and him wife.

      You should a post this one fi de two a dem,

      Bad boy bad boy what you do what you go do when they come for you??????

      Floridian you no go hafi wait much longer!!!!!!

  184. ACON? When you say you getting started? Feb 28th or something?

  185. It is going to be hard to get postings from ACOM registered members on the blog because they view it as their business and the less info that is given out to people with different objecive the better

  186. so how do you know who on the blog is not from ACOM ?. We always have double agents. David Smith confidential emails always made it to the blogs, Confidential emails from all the AIS always made it, so why would ACOM be different ?

    Suspect your friends, because you know your enemies

  187. ‘view it as them business’ what them USA visa?

  188. Just pulling some legs riva. I can categorically state that ACON’s ‘business’ is of not one iota of interest to me.

    Besides ‘knowing’ them ‘business’ is a little below my leagues. To any true and honest members OI wish them all the sucess they can get.

    Red Ppppee! what the prayer group up to? Long time I don’t see those emails on the blogs!

  189. The ‘masters’ attack my credit cards, bank etc…long time. The PM says he was swindled only recently…

    So ACON?…..’taking charge’ three years along?

    They have a long way to go and a lot to learn

  190. Use your diplomatic Channels that you speak of ACON

    Don’t forget to use the ‘Connections’


  191. David Smith,Wayne Smith, Joey Issa, Peter Bovell, the Martinez clan how is life in the tropics? Getting to be warm in the middle of the winter season. Could it be El Nino?

    The JLP government can’t help certain people who are known drug kingpins and who are involved in ponzi schemes.
    They can’t even help one of their own to hold unto his US Visa.
    Ever wonder why someone would lose his immigration visa? Could it be:
    1) Involvement in OLINT?
    2) Involvement in narcotic trading with brother dearest, who owns a bank that is known to harbour money for drug kingpins such as Norris Nembhard?

    I have to laugh as I see the faces of “Upper St. Andrew” turn beet red. Dear ones this is only the beginning.

    The Upper St.Andrew crew highered fancy lawyers to fend off the Feds and the lawsuits. Stop listening to bad advice. Remember, lawyers do not like cases to settle too quickly because they lose the ability to charge high monthly fees. Use your damm brains and stop trying to block the wheels of justice. Come forward and tek yuh medicine and sing yuh sanky.

    Stay tuned to this soap opera: It beats Dynasty and Falcon Crest. Who will be next to lose their US Visa?
    Who is a target for the Federal investigation?

  192. TCI Bank to close half its branches

    Mr Hamilton declined to comment on claims that TCI Bank was in serious financial difficulty.

    TCI Bank opened amid much fanfare four years ago during the country’s heyday of economic prosperity when sealing the Islands’ status as a successful offshore financial centre looked like a dead cert.

    It blossomed from an idea by Madeline Potter, a Grand Turk native, who in 2004 persuaded ABI Bank of Antigua & Barbuda to underwrite the cost of setting it up.

    Nevertheless the company’s operations have not been without controversy. TCI Bank has been shrouded in suspicion due to perceived connections to members of the former ousted Government.


  193. Civil recovery team in place

    ESTEEMED civil recovery lawyers have been appointed to claw back the millions of dollars allegedly pilfered by the banished former Government.


  194. Banker sued

    A prominent Jamaican banker, his investment financial house and another well-known businessman are among defendants in two law suits filed in US courts by investors seeking to recover funds, as the Olint saga continues.


  195. Another Olinter robbed!

    Chinson Restaurant robbed by gunmen

    Frightening – that is how Allan Hutchinson described the armed robbery of his establishment – Chinson’s Pastry and Restaurants – on Friday, February 12, by three men, one of whom barged into the store on closing time.

    “I feel very bad about it. You read about it year heard about it, but it is the first time that we have ever experienced it. And so, this level of threat does not discriminate, it is affecting everybody.


    President/ Managing Director at Eden International Limited
    Demographic info
    Investment Management | Turks and Caicos Islands
    Current:Advisor/Director at Providenciales Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Jamaican Consul at Jamaican Consulate, Owner/ Director at Precious Treasures Ltd…Past:First Vice President at Providenciales Chamber of Commerce

  196. A lot of backpedalling Deacon. What a long time that took. Advisors….I wonder if they can backpedal at speed?

  197. Deacon, the meter runds fine…still going.

  198. A cadre of bloggers consistently talk rubbish about ‘misinformation’ and getting clear…when what is the face is irrefutable…they must feel stupid…or alternatively LOL.

    I told you so… lol?

  199. ACON says what?

    ” …going to tackle foreign governments..????”

  200. Jamaica Gleaner News – I told you – Rowe – Lead Stories – Tuesday …
    2 Mar 2010 … I told you – Rowe. Published: Tuesday | March 2, 2010 Comments 0. Rowe … of Miami Professor David Rowe is now saying, “I told you so”. …
    http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20100302/lead/lead6.html – 1 hour ago

  201. However, Mr. Samuda has dismissed those claims.

    “Mr. Rowe appears to have a wild imagination that from time to time reveals itself in all sorts of outrageous utterances. We know of no such intention on the part of the United States and until greater details are provided, we’re not prepared to give it any credence,” he said.

    The JLP General Secretary added that the government is still investigating the revocation of Mr. Chen’s US visa.


  202. Questions…questions…

    Is it a coincidence that ACOM flashes onto the scene ONLY after the liquidator attempted to go after Olint Jamaica and Olint Panama?

    Is David Smith behind the scenes pulling the Acom strings?

    Is ACOM right about the liquidator?

    Have you visited ACOM’s website? Did you see the huge holes in their arguments?

    Where is the money that is “frozen?

    Is ACOM suggesting that the liquidator knows where this frozen money is but is refusing to say?

    Since the liquidator has no jurisdiction over OLINT Jamaica and OLINT Panama’s funds, and there is NO freeze order for those funds, why is David Smith refusing to pay out these funds?

    Can you trust the liquidator?

    Can you trust ACOM?

    Why would anyone still trust David Smith?

  203. Court date for the CROOK david smith? is it tomorrow, guys..

  204. @floridian

    Is this the same Rowe dude that invested hundreds of thousands of US dollars in C+? And was writing articles in the Jamaican press supporting the so called alternative investment schemes… better known as obvious ponzi schemes…

    It must take a special class of moron to invest hundreds of thousands into an obvious ponzi scheme and also write column(s) in newspapers supporting such ponzi schemes… these type of articles served to legitimize these schemes in the mind of many investors thereby causing many others to also invest.

    I wonder how come the people who provided such support in the press have not been named as defendants in some of the lawsuits… lol… I suppose one reason is that it is hard to name counsel for the plaintiffs as defendant in the same suit 🙂

    In any case intelligent persons that have read this guy’s columns and pronouncements over the years would question anything he may state before accepting it as some kind of gospel…

    Like floridian he is fanatically anti-JLP… such folks minds often become clouded by JA tribal politics… If he is so confident that the visa revocation is related to the extradition request, why not cite his information source for such a claim… I suppose, I told you so, is the source… the authority cited is himself 🙂

    In other words if his claim turns out to be correct, it would be like a a broken clock having the right time once per day… not due to any special insight.

    Here is a hint… is it possible that visa revocations may be related to the pending case or its issues in some way? And is not to actions against the gov… in other words the visa revocation is against the individual and not the gov. A person who invested in ponzi schemes while ardently supporting them despite numerous warnings, has a brain prone to see wild conspiracies… often ignoring the obvious and seeing some kind of wild conspiracy 🙂

  205. Nonco! you are Back…Well posting again. i know you are always here.

    I would school you on the FULL details of the Visa cancellations….yes plural …but I’m not sure you are worth it…honest.

    It’s ugly…like a patoo…ugly…like a you…

  206. Any ponzi schemer or other criminal can choose to take people’s money. Whether the onus is on them or their victim might well be subjective.

    My sincere feeling on it Nonco is simply this: I advise them against taking people’s money.

  207. Nonco, are u anti- Deacon David Smith? or not?

  208. @floridian

    I doubt you have any special info on any visa cancellation(s)… and not more than some others…

    “Any ponzi schemer or other criminal can choose to take people’s money. Whether the onus is on them or their victim might well be subjective.”

    And what do you think of people who wrote columns in the press supporting these schemes thereby helping to give legitimacy to obvious ponzi schemes… Do they have any responsibility for helping to perpetuate the fraud? It is curious how such people can feel it is ok to sue others and institutions but seem to ignore their own actions in causing others to see the schemes as legitimate.

    “Nonco, are u anti- Deacon David Smith? or not?”

    I have been against the UFO ponzi schemes and their perpetrators from the beginning of these blogs… I have also been against the idiots who provided support on the blogs and in the press for these schemes… As I explained previously to RedP… at a minimum such people are guilty of the equivalent of providing support and comfort to the enemy.

    On the other hand floridian, you have chosen to be selective in your choice of who has responsibility in this mess.

  209. Nonco was Cash Plus and Olint linked?

    You always had doubts about a lot. And when your theories were proven wrong it was the deafening silence.

    Nonco, If I explained even one you would not only be surprised….you would not believe.

    Just as how you believed early out that judgement in the courts against the Smith’s was unattainable…..well there it is on the net….

    No comment from Nonco.

    Nonco if I told you that the list of all feeder members and ALL ‘hidden’ members coming to a theatre near you ….you probably would not believe either.

    deacon don’t get no big sting yet….but is is coming.

  210. @floridian: Just as how you believed early out that judgement in the courts against the Smith’s was unattainable…..well there it is on the net….

    Floridian like many other ponzi scheme investors, you have delusional tendencies and your brain rep-programs information through a delusional prism.

    I have never said that a judgment against DS was unattainable. While you, your friends and others were busy supporting and investing hundreds of thousands of US dollars with Olint, C+ etc… I was speaking to the folly of investing with these ponzi schemes. Further while you still thought that DS was earning returns on FX trading of 100 % per month, I was on the blogs telling folks to bring lawsuits against him.

    Yet somehow through your prism I was saying a judgment against DS was not possible… 🙂

  211. Should people bring lawsuits against them now Nonco?

    Maybe one day I tell you bout visa and travel ‘abnormalities’ that being going on for over 2 years now.

    “I was on the blogs telling folks to bring lawsuits against him.”

    Good for you Nonco.. surly your own blogs will support this latest statement.

  212. @floridian

    Folks who were blogging before you started can attest to the fact that I was telling folks to bring lawsuits. Folks like you however waited until the money was dissipated. You are late to the game 🙂

    Waiting until the money has been dissipated… folks bringing lawsuits have to weigh whether any victory will be a Pyrrhic one.

    Eventually you will find out that ‘visa abnormalities’ are linked to the same issue and not the one you and your friends politics have caused you to construe.

  213. ‘ Eventually’ find out

    Nonco…get a hold of yourself….American translation: Get a grip kid.

    Nonco, you are back to blogging. That is good. Regardless of why stirred you back.

    Was a nerve pinched? I hope not but you don’t sound like the old ‘no info’ Nonco of day gone by. Talking politics and all that.

    What happened today why you came back? The URL’s don’t tell lie….I mean you’ve been reading but actually commenting on an arbitrary Tuesday?

  214. I will read from time to time. Run wid it Nonco.

  215. All new season starts soon Nonco….don’t touch that dial.

  216. Postponed till May 11th Deacon? Everybody want to catch the new season first?

  217. Remember Season 1?

    David, as promised, Im sending you the JLP Manifesto for 2007.

    Thanks for everything including your companionship yesterday.

    Regards and compliments,


    Take a bow, Mr Shaw.

  218. Nonco, wasn’t he warned as well?

  219. @floridian

    I have been otherwise occupied. Have you recovered any money from your lawsuits yet? Do you have any projection as to when you might? Do you know if any of these lawsuits have recovered any money yet? Will these lawsuits end up being just lawyers income funds?

    I personally find it funny that folks who were writing in JA newspapers supporting these ponzi schemes and encouraging the gov to regularize them… are now making money off of some of the investors that may have been comforted to invest by such articles appearing in the press.

    Floridian you have your head so far up the butt of JA tribal politics that you keep coloring the Olint issue with all kind of unrelated political stuff. You seem to have also formed friendships with people who do the same thing so you all reinforce each others beliefs.

    You continually post ‘riddles’ trying to imply you have ‘special info’ … Take the extradition issue… you construed it to have meaning as part of the Olint’s issue resolution. You see it in part as somehow vindicating your political beliefs. You forget to look at the period of the indictment and see that it covers the period that the PNP was in power. Corruption in JA does not respect party labels. Those who have been on the blog long enough realize you really have very little ‘special info’.

    One of the worse things that happened to JA was keeping one party in power so long… it became the most corrupt regime in the history of the country… should the JLP remain in power for that long, they would top the PNP in corruption. Keeping a party in power too long entrenches the corrupt individuals and makes the problem endemic.

    Spend some time in JA and know the right people and you will find out who was facilitating the drug trade trade in your regime… hint… it was not the people out of power when the cocaine drug trade started and grew, spreading mayhem and violence in the country. Again, see the period of the indictment.

    The use of inner city communities in the East and West is because in these communities storing contraband is ‘safe’. Stuff could be left out in the open is such communities and no one will talk… these communities learn that life terminates really fast for anyone labeled informer.

    While you are at it ask yourself why we made state visits to the country the stuff was coming from… was that not kind of curious? And why was one of the entry points a beach in a south western constituency? See with your politics, I can tell your info is lacking… despite your attempts at riddles… because if you really knew the real stuff, you would be afraid of embarrassing some of your heroes… with your politics you would not have touched this 🙂

  220. Extradition treaties need to be honored… However it is easy for US prosecutors and the US legal system to sit in the US and not understand the problems JA faces.

    Influence is no longer limited to one community… it is in Spanish town, May Pen and Montego Bay among others… lucrative rackets (by the way floridian) that started and flourished under the PNP regime… have allowed the purchase of immense loyalty among many communities… these communities now have an alternative system of government. Rackets like the drug trade and extortion have funded these alternative governments.

    Some info… one of the calmest constituency in the country is West Kingston… one of the most violent is St Andrew South… the rackets have been used to establish an alternative gov that has calmed areas like downtown Kingston, relatively. The difference with the 2 is that in one there is this hierarchy establish an alternative gov with a chain of authority… in the other, many communities are at war with themselves.

    Alternative armies have been established in some of these communities that openly carry high powered weapons to protect the leader(s) from being removed. If the leader is removed, there will be considerable mayhem across many communities leading to major loss of life… the JA state will not be able to prevent this.

    Further the removal of one person will lead to even more violence and he will simply be replaced by multiple others in each community. Tragically for JA the violence and mayhem will be even worse… this is what the situation was allowed to evolve into. Its solution will require long term planning with the state replacing these dons and providing the communities with the services the ‘dons’ now use to buy loyalty.

  221. When David Smith reappeared in court in the TCI yesterday, another four fraud-related charges were laid against him pushing the total to 30.

    THE DEFENSE, which appeared surprised by the development, had to request that the case be put off to allow it more time to assess the charges.

    He [?] said the association will complain to the British Government, which has jurisdiction over the TCI, if it finds that there is a deliberate attempt to delay the court proceedings.


    Nonco, you wear so many hats. Tell us, they will complain to the British government if they find that there is a deliberate attempt to delay the court proceedings….Nonco as you well know the DEFENSE has delayed every time. Is ACON threatening the defense?

  222. Nacotec

    thanks for the balanced view of the Dudus Crisis


    On a serious note the cycle of trial date more charges trial date more charges …….. and up until now they have still not gotten to the preliminary hearings ….
    Is that NORMAL to you?????


  223. You answered yourself riva.

    There has been no trial date so the ‘cycle’ you speak of is a figment of imagination.

    The Defense (using the broadest definition here) has ALWAYS delayed.

    The only trial date against the Smith’s/Olint et al is in May in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. It is my understanding that the trial is for damages as they lost the case already. Yes riva…..LOST.

    There are many persons who do not wish David Smith to take the stand under oath. Many cases are like that. Same way a confidential informant can implicate some one higher on the totem pole the ‘implicated’ person can do the same……etcetera etcetera.

    riva suppose Smithy was asked under oath how much money he ‘donated’ to a charity…and his answer was not the same as the charity explicitly stated….the charity would look away riva….for somebody would be proven a liar. Credibility runnings.


    Smith’s lawyers told him civil 5 years….they has lost a civil in less than three. Now that is not to say Smith’s legal army are stupid…just mistaken.

    Note that while telling people their money was safe the subject was asking about how long to the various d days. Confident or contradictory? You decide riva.

    But there are defendants in addition to Smith and cases….riva let mi tell you where Dave and Tracy ‘lost it’ If everything was just Jamaica and Turks then the cover up would have a shelf life….the connections are well documented. Connections and meddling in the States is not impossible BUT that is well let me just say this….ILL ADVISED…no matter how gargantuan you ego is.

  224. Nonco,

    Mi nuh carry hero. Dig?

    Recall that in the case of Olint Foundation Tracy Ann Simone Smith wish was for a directors to be named AFTER elections. After Elections? It was a foundation supposedly concentrating on Autism!

    So it is the Smith’s who deal with politics, influence peddaling and buying people (pity they heeded no warnings before they were bought ehh Nonco).

    Nonco many hats you wear but I cancategotrically state right here that there are two things beyond doubt you can NOT lecture me on.

    1. Jamaica.

    2. Jamaican Politics/runnings.

    David Smith meddled in the politics….but he forgot to take the class.

    Common horse will never win Darby Nonco…money on Smith this time is money ‘dissapated’ 🙂

  225. One more thing Nonco….money come een already and there is more to come.

    BTW It goes to charity.



  227. Deacon, the race card? To early Deacon. Early days.

  228. The Tourism Minister along with Mr. Lynch and Mr. Reid now wait to see how a blatant defiance of Cabinet will be handled by the Prime Minister.


    Nonco a political neophyte ask mi to ask your prediction here.

  229. “Frustrated with these development, the group of Olint investors says its members will be exploring several options including ignoring the trial proceedings….

    and focusing on recovering the funds invested in Olint.”


    The ostrich model??

  230. Got it Floridian

    What you are saying is DS lawyer is paying off the TCI court and police to put more charges on DS everytime the case is called up ….. This will give them the play space to call for more time to look at the NEW charges….. CLEVER!!!
    SOOO DS will never be tried just charged with 1 Million charges…

    Oh Oh new news DS lawyer was in another trial and did not have a lot of time to deal with DS case lol lol

  231. You know you should write abstracts for peer review journals. I think you may have found your calling.

    Nonco would never summarize like that. Although two bloggers with similar agendas in the broadest sense the depth capabilities are not the same.

    Smile Nonco (It’s a compliment).

    Nonco will tell you this live…when it’s court matters try nuh put words in people mouth and develop arguments along rational lines…and keep any emotion in check.

    The Gleaner report reads that the defense made the request. It’s not rocket science.

    “DS lawyer was another trial” you see again Live…even in jest by saying ‘another’ you imply trial to DS recent hearing….even in jest you kill your own punch line of your….”Joke?”


  232. If you going to be a defendant/plaintiff with me you better shape up. For what you see here is a blog…bad grammar, bad spelling, laid back blog…pastime.

    I follow the TCI thing not even as a hobby. What where the new charges anyway? Fraud, false police report, lying, wearing matching cap? what?

    Nonco you know?

    If you find out before May 11th drop a quick blog.


    You see DS Communication with the wider membership has deteriorated (albeit fractionally) in recent years…

  233. Who appeared for DS Live? Oliver Smith?

    One time DS had a football team of Lawyers….or rather a football field.

    So many mentioned in print the blog could not hold…lawyers…firms, Snr’s , Jnr’s Some were on the radio today…Olint client(s) case though.

    Dem used to use things like “Machelmas (sp) term” as filler for letters. Members money made them circle DS like shubble mout shark (tip: that’s on of the ways Jamaicans say Hammerhead Shark).

    I’m sure they all did the due diligence before accepting money from DS…

    The American lawyers of big appetite too…pretty pennies a spend….Dem come like Whale. Meck even zillionaire check the passbook balance daily.

    The biggest retainer yet paid for by HRM govt. though. That could pay many many many many.

    And all the support here in everyl crevice….Live why you vex so? DS has $$, sea views , links, his own cadre of media interviewers….come on Live DS has an army…all some who pretend to be against him a run di riddim same way.

    So Sit back Live, Relax. Don’t look bummy. Hold.

  234. Floridian,

    Since you seem to know everything, what would you suggest olinters do? they have sat back and read your blogging while remaining silent for over 2 yrs. But yet you have no good advice on approach to find closure. You have now moved to cast doubt on the only attempt (since this fiasco, ponzi etc) by credible Olinters who try to formalize themselves and openly invite all olinters to support, as they try to secure any amounts that may possibly be connected to Olint Corp and Overseas Locket. They claim their aim is to use all credible channels starting with ratification in Ja courts.

    They claim ACOM’s focus is not David Smith nor Connolly, but liquidation that would SUIT the olinters not PWC.
    – FYI – It is alleged that PWC have already extracted J$335m in fees and expenses from Cash plus and have moved to get the supreme court to seal the docs to conceal this among other info. (with your vast knowledge and contacts you should be able to confirm this).

    So in restoring some hope to Olinters, ACOM had to present the holes in Connolly’s “work” and presentation. -They also had to present to the real victims, the games of the TCI court…
    – They had to present the clear conflict of Interest of Mr Michael Hylton, who Connolly would have Olinters believe is now on their side. Where is the conflict, it is in a process that is now collecting and possibly sharing with Mr. Hylton details of Olinters in a comingled group of companies which he fought viciously against all the way to the Privy COuncil.
    – They had to averted Connolly’s attempt to illegally extend his jurisdiction to where there may actually be a “pot of gold”.
    Personally, I am glad ACOM came on the scene and I wish them all the best…If there is anything to get back, ACOM seem to represent the best chance…NOT YOU NOR YOUR FRIENDS…you along with some other folks here seem to be tribal in mentality but yet you write like educated people who should be more objective and exert fairness…I wonder if we can trust you and these fellas???? In fact, I hope that you are not one of those who took people’s funds, claim to invest in Olint while not doing so…


  235. Usual suspects

    As talk of lists and more lists circulates, one very highly placed one was overheard asking at a recent cocktail party: “What do the people supposedly on the list all have in common?” His answer: “It’s a case of the usual suspects.”


  236. Electoral Commission says donations did not breach law, but…


  237. Nonco, What is the fuss with all this visa thing?

    Stop study visa and ‘move on’

  238. New thread time Jay.

    Barnes John Account 70000053 $45,171.96 BSL Group

  239. When is the trial suppose to finish?

  240. Graeme Hill
    4NX Investment Corporation

    Edmund or Carmen Bartlett Account number 10005072 $986,945.27


  241. But according to the group if Mr. Bartlett was himself misled, then his failure to do due diligence is tantamount to negligence and he should resign.

    The group says it recalls the many strident statements made by Mr. Golding with respect to upholding the highest tenets of good governance.

    But it bemoaned that these utterances are ringing hollow in the face of what it says are the many events that do not appear to be without corruption.



    A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27

  243. Noco sit armi lies

  244. Cynic,

    Have you worked out the anagram above for Noco yet? Hint: It’s a Latin phrase. (I should not give hints but I’ve never seen any of you work them out).

    Here is a” bona fide” closed account for you Cynic

    AJANI WILLIAMS Account number 70000000 C L O S E D $0.0

    3:20 AM Cynic.

    • Wonder if BSL investors know that Mr. Williams should be able to repay the funds deposited ith him…

  245. You’ll like the feeders. All of them…

  246. Re: ACOM Supporter

    You have to do what you have to do. Seeing as you choose to criticize me let me offert an approach:

    To go to your MP and seek representation on the issue in Parliament is my humble suggestion.

    If you read Noco that you have been defrauded then you could make a report to the fraud squad because you want back your money. In fact it can help your MP if they have seen some effort on your part even if they have not demonstrated any in their own cases.

    Perhaps you could lead them in how to approach or come to terms with their own personal Olint experiences and express them fully and openly.

  247. ACOM Supporter

    You can also call MOTTY Perkins. He always helps and I don’t think he will say “I don’t know about that” but will defend your ‘rights.’

    1- 876- 968- 4901
    1- 876- 968- 4902
    1- 876- 968- 4903
    1- 888- 991- 4072 (Toll Free)
    1- 866- 546- 5106 (Int’l Toll Free)

    Perkins is the longest serving Talk Show Host on Jamaican radio, having hosted his first programme ‘ What’s your Grouse’ on RJR in 1960.

    Hope that helps ACOM Supporter. Good Luck!

  248. Windies Keen To Halt Slide

    Gayle Christopher Account number 70000019 $8,913.69
    Nash Brendan Account number 10005699 $5,156.92


  249. Of course, as we have often said in this space, the problems in West Indies cricket are not confined to the actual cricket.


  250. “Pension funds are very different from other areas of investment, because these contributions represent the investment of working Jamaicans throughout their lifetime, where the return is expected to accrue when they cannot work any longer. There is no make up time for these people when they retire. The whole regulations and supervision of pension investment, we feel, must be treated within a very particular way,” he emphasized.

    State Minister for Finance and Planning, Fitz Jackson (right)having a light discussion with Brian Wynter (left), Executive Director of the Financial Services Commission and Geoffrey Messado, Managing Director of General Accident Insurance Company.


    MESSADO, Geoffrey Earle, F.C.C.A., F.C.A., A.T.I.T.; Chartered Accountant, President, Crown Eagle Life Insurance Co; Ltd., since January 1993. Managing Director, Dimensions. Director, Musson (Ja) Ltd., Edgechem (Jamaica) Ltd. Eagle Merchant Bank of Ja. Ltd., Eagle Insurance Brokers Ltd., Trafalgar Development Bank.

    JADF/Geoffrey Earle
    Account number 20000010

  251. Tax ‘politricks’
    Gordon Robinson, Contributor

    Once more we are told by a panic-stricken Government, bankrupt of ideas and political will, that the few must sacrifice for the many.

    In the last election campaign, when both political parties were accepting massive funding from the most visible of non-compliers with our tax laws, did either of them bat an eye?

    Once again, I hear strong rhetoric about going after “tax cheats”.

    This time, will we countenance even the facade of ‘Parliament’ – an illusion with the pathetic misnomer ‘House of Representatives’ being stripped bare and the shaft inserted by way of TV broadcast? Now that we understand clearly how committed this prime minister is (not) to the principles of separation of powers that he pooh-poohed when he was Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) spokesman on finance and championed as co-founder and leader of the National Democratic Movement (NDM), will we just go along? Now that we know, by his deeds, that his priorities are power over democratic parliamentary principle, will we give him the power?

  252. Integrity Commission in limbo

    Its mandate is to receive and keep on record, statutory declarations of assets and liabilities that Members of Parliament (MPs)) are required to furnish annually.

    The Commission examines these declarations and, if necessary conducts independent investigations and enquiries.

    Several MP’s have in the past been hauled before the courts after failing to file annual returns with the Commission.


  253. March 15 is Deadline for Filing Income Tax Returns

    Monday, March 02, 2009


  254. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires –
    “assets and liabilities” includes as assets any property whether in or outside of Jamaica and as liabilities any obligations to pay money whether in or outside of Jamaica.

    “Parliamentarians” means Members of the House Representatives and Senators;

    Duty of Parliamentarian to furnish statutory declaration to Commission.
    4. (1) Every person who is or was at any time after the 26th July, 1973, a Parliamentarian shall furnish to the Commission, a statutory declaration, subject to subsection (2), of his assets and liabilities, and his income in the form set out as Form A in the Second Schedule, at such times as may be required by or pursuant to this Act.
    (2) A declaration pursuant to subsection (1) shall include such particulars as are known to the declarant of the assets, liabilities and income of the spouse and children of the declarant:

    ..that nothing in this subsection shall be construed as precluding the Commission from requiring from a declarant any additional particulars the Commission may think fit.

    The Commission may require that any facts, matters or things relating to the subject of enquiry be verified or otherwise ascertained by the oral examination of witnesses; and may cause any such witnesses to be examined upon oath which the Chairman or the Secretary is hereby authorized to administer.

    Click to access jam_res24.pdf

  255. Graeme Hill
    4NX Investment Corporation.

    4NX Investment Corporation.
    16324 SW 15 St
    Pembroke Pines
    Fl 33027
    Tel: (954) 447-1405

    EDMUND OR CARMEN BARTLETT, A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27

    Cynic, this overseas entity in florida is not to be confused with the ‘voluntary’ JDX. It is 4NX of Florida U.S.A.. Feeder of OLINT.

  256. Cabinet Appoints Board Directors and Chairpersons for Agencies Under Tourism Ministry

    Friday, November 23, 2007

    “In his opinion, the capabilities of the board would be enhanced by the appointment of a civil engineer and an accountant. He has put forward the names of Peter Jarvis and Geoffrey Messado, whom he believes will be of great assistance to the finance and construction sub-committees,” she informed.


  257. “We pay our taxes, we go through the right avenues to get our product, we have secured our licence to manufacture the rum through the proper government channels, so what is the problem,” Vybz Kartel said.

    “We employ 15 persons, generate millions in tax revenue to the government, and we have plans to expand our business and employ more persons in the future and these people are trying to block Street Vybz Rum. Why is the government allowing these sort of unfair business practices which are stifling a small growing company?”

    Corey Todd believes that an ‘old boys network’ is masterminding the move to keep Street Vybz Rum from becoming a serious player in the market.

    “Geoffrey Messado, the owner of Port Royal rum felt that we couldn’t bottle the rum ourselves so
    whatever they said was law.

    “Geoffrey Messado found out we were purchasing rum, so he contacted his childhood friend Evon Brown, the managing director of
    National Rums of Jamaica and requested he not sell us the product.

    “Geoffrey Messado then disclosed to me that himself and Evon Brown are close friends and it impossible for me to get rum for National Rums of Jamaica, (which is a government owned company). This is merely a ploy to hinder my company’s progress by a ‘bad mind uptown man’, after he already made over $15 million in less than a year due to our product. Geoffrey messado is now hoping we can negotiate prices,” Todd said, quite clearly upset.


  258. “Pray. Give. Go”

    Miami Harvest Church
    Account number 10005669 $28,551.85


    Main Address: 3620 EMBASSY DR
    WEST PALM BEACH Florida 33401
    County: PALM BEACH

    Account number 10005071 $1,009,167.48

    Case # CE08100164
    1613 42ND ST
    Violations: 18-209-a 34-102-a 78-6
    M &
    Code Officer: VALERIE LUSTER 822-1485
    OR $75 PER DAY

  260. Keep Nassau route
    I am a Jamaican living in The Bahamas and I am saddened by news that one of the routes Air Jamaica is planning to cut is the Nassau to Jamaica route. Seeing there are hundreds, maybe thousands of us living here who do not possess American visas, and our only means of getting home is via Air Jamaica, how are we supposed to reach home? I would think that since Air Jamaica has a monopoly and a stranglehold on this route, charging up to $650 for an hour-and-a-half flight, and no less that $350, it would be one of its most valuable routes that should not be cut.

    I hope the powers that be rethink this and make the necessary adjustments to alleviate the suffering this is going to undoubtedly cause. I would suggest they limit the number of flights instead of cancelling them altogether.

    – Sissil Baxter,


    Nassau, Bahamas

    Baxter, Sissil Account number 10005101 $149,872.91

  261. Bisasor, Andre 10005218 OPEN $18,066.38
    Bisasor II, Andre 10005527 OPEN $292,032.64
    Bisasor III, Andre 10005659 OPEN $3,195.91



  262. 🙂

  263. SGL Account 081835
    Mr Girls Investment Group
    954 382 2575
    Marlene. Bernard@ Apricotos.com
    113 Nightmare Ave
    Plantation FL

  264. SGL Account 081715
    Mr Chad Gordon
    7013 NW 67th Terrace
    Parkland FL
    United States

  265. Global Gains

    Cowan, Thomas 20000003 OPEN $37,412.01


  266. Plight of pensioners and the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX)

    The Editor , Sir:

    I read with utter amazement and disillusionment, the announcement by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) that those investors who did not subscribe to the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) will have their bonds redeemed – on May 26, 2010 – when principal and interest are to be paid at rates applicable to those notes.

    Some investors, especially pensioners who are in particularly tight financial circumstances, yielded to the threat of severe sanctions should they not participate in the exchange on terms laid down by the GOJ. Now they are being told, it seems, that the only penalty would be determined by the market. Surely, the decision to accept or reject this possibility ought to have been left up to individuals to make as a measured response depending on their personal situation. Instead, they were cowed into submission, at great cost, with the sword of Damocles of non-market sanctions over their heads like punitive taxation.

    Draconian effect

    Out of a sense of patriotism, some might have structured their investment to relieve their distress while at the same time supporting the larger national good. Now, those who rejected the Government’s offer are to receive their principal, plus accrued interest at the old rates up to May 26, without the threatened additional penalty. Yet, those who accepted the offer under duress did not get back their principal and were paid interest only up to February 26, 2010!

    Under those circumstances, and in light of these new developments, there is certainly sufficient justification for granting a similar or otherwise nuanced concession to pensioners who are hurting from the draconian effect on their financial status. To them the greatest punishment is the denial of timely access to their life’s savings.

    I am, etc.,




  267. “ought to have been aware that Mr Misick was corrupt”.

    “…… is aware that money can be deployed to acquire political influence and accompanying power”.

    “…acquired citizenship of the islands, known as a “belonger”.

    “…helping to finance the “lavish lifestyle” of a “corrupt” prime minister.”



  268. The imminent exit of Attorney General Kurt de Freitas is another bombshell.

    The QC has held the position as the country’s principle law enforcer for the last six years.

    Meanwhile, the UK has agreed to stump up $140,000 to fund a national integrity study in the Islands. This will comprise a scrutinisation exercise of all major institutions which play a role in maintaining the integrity of the public service and fighting corruption.

    The review – led by international anti-corruption NGO Transparency International – begins this month.


  269. Dara Holness
    Title and Company:
    at Ernst & Young International
    5 Times Sq
    New York, NY 10036-6527

    Workers Seek Psychics’ Reassurance On Economy

    With New Age music playing in the background, regular customer Dara Holness sought advice.
    “My first question — the most burning — has to do with my next career move,” Holness said.
    Holness had quit her job at a large auditing firm. She is now consulting for her brother’s business in Jamaica.
    “Is this a good move?” she asked.

    One flip revealed an image of a man in a Viking boat with a sword stuck in it. The card’s meaning was clear, Fahrusha said: “You’ve got to move on. The move card comes up here again.”


    ACCOUNT NUMBER 70000062

  270. BSL GROUP
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  271. BSL GROUP
    Ltd, IPM Personal Pension
    Trustees Fund
    ACCOUNT NUMBER 70000114

    I.P.M. SIPP Administration Limited, Cintel House,
    Watton Road, Ware, Hertfordshire SG12 0AD
    Telephone: 0845 130 3443 Fax: 0845 230 3443

    I.P.M. Trustees Limited has been appointed to the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority Panel of Trustees and is approved by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs as a Pensioneer Trustee. I.P.M. SSAS Administration Limited, Company No: 04867920,
    VAT Registration No: 621835059
    I.P.M. Pensioneer Trustees Limited, Company No: 02726477
    I.P.M. Trustees Limited, Company No: 02932520


  272. SFO


  273. Squadron Flt. Commander: “Come in Nonco….”

    “Nonco?….Have you sorted the anagram yet notwithstanding the hint?”

    Nonco you have been flying eratic. If you can not deal with basic then you may well not be able to take altitude.

    And it would you want to engage me on a topic like Jamaica? On what level?

    You must crawl before you walk…

  274. would “seem” you want..

  275. Levels of East and West? You must be kidding me Nonco.

  276. Memory Lapse, Bartlett?

    4NX Investment Corporation.
    16324 SW 15 St
    Pembroke Pines
    Fl 33027
    Tel: (954) 447-1405

    EDMUND OR CARMEN BARTLETT, A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27

  277. The failure of the authorities to correct the deficient road conditions has also drawn criticisms from Dalkeith Hanna, one of the directors of the ‘Croydon in the Mountains Attraction’. “Visitors and locals complain about the quality of the roads, especially the bad sections approaching Cambridge from Bickersteth,” Mr. Hanna told The Gleaner. “Venting their disgust at the problem, roads were blocked for two days by residents in the year 2000, and this year it was blocked again when residents dug trenches across the road protesting against the poor road conditions,” Hanna said. “I even had to write Member of Parliament, Derrick Kellier, on two occasions, about the state of the roads. I notice the National Works Agency has now started some repairs.”


    ACCOUNT NUMBER 20000073


  278. http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/cartoons.html

    Gayle Christopher Account number 70000019 $8,913.69
    EDMUND OR CARMEN BARTLETT, A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27

  279. Cabinet will on Monday turn its attention to damning allegations made against Minister of Tourism Ed Bartlett in the multi-million dollar airlift agreement signed with American Airlines (AA) nearly two years ago.

    The Tourism Minister has been under fire since the Contractor-General’s report tabled in Parliament last Tuesday, accused him of deceiving and defying Cabinet regarding the deal.


  280. “Geoffrey Messado then disclosed to me that himself and Evon Brown are close friends and it impossible for me to get rum for National Rums of Jamaica, (which is a government owned company). This is merely a ploy to hinder my company’s progress by a ‘bad mind uptown man’, after he already made over $15 million in less than a year due to our product. Geoffrey messado is now hoping we can negotiate prices,” Todd said, quite clearly


    JADF/Geoffrey Earle
    Account number 20000010

    “…the waiver of $2.62 million to National Rums of Jamaica Limited.”


  281. LETTER OF THE DAY – Fundamental Issues Of Principle

    I suggested then, as I do now, that what is needed to address crime, integrity in public office, local confidence in our governmental system – and I now add our nation’s international reputation – is legislation that requires and absolutely guarantees disclosure by politicians, government officials and political parties of every source and item of funding, material support and links with the categories of persons I listed before. It is something which I think civil society must insist on and employ all means of legitimate persuasion to achieve.

    What is needed is not new anti-crime laws. What is needed is an ethos whereby politicians declare and then rid themselves of affiliations that will forever cloud fundamental issues of principle from which all our citizens stand to benefit and which enhance national pride. What we need are laws and the respect for these laws which will ensure accountability from and insulate our leaders from undue influence from persons whether they be in Cherry Gardens, Liguanea or wherever else inside or outside of Jamaica.

    I am, etc.,




  282. when one really looks at it one can only compare Olint and Cash Plus to two big vampires that sucked the cash out of the Jamaican enonomy prior to a world wide economic slow down.
    the two men who ran these two schemes were able to fool up the majority of the Jamaican people and this deciet has caused many people to suffer!
    nuff said

  283. Check out this video. Suckers exist all over the world


  284. Ha Ha

    What we need are Lawyers who do not collect millions of drug $$$$$$$ from drug runners and there associates when trouble BUST ………. By doing this Ms Samuels Brown Lawyers endorse the fact or belief in these peoples mind that the more money they have from the drug business the more salvation you can buy through their high priced lawyer…….

    SO run the drugs who live live & who dead dead mi have mi gooood lawyer and the $$$$$ to pay

    Represent them yes!!!!!!! but at Normal rates like Normal people……..Let them know that the $$$$ is not KING …….Justice is KING!!!!!

  285. Global Gains

    Dameon O’Brien Anderson
    Account number 20000039

    Keith Ainsley Anderson
    Account number 20000008


    Abbott, C. Rohan or Karen
    Account number 10005577

  286. (It would be easy to slip on this and they are going to be watching it).

    Yawn….they who?

    “Tickets…Tickets please…”

  287. No word yet on Cabinet’s deliberations on Bartlett/AA issue


    4NX Investment Corporation.
    16324 SW 15 St
    Pembroke Pines
    Fl 33027
    Tel: (954) 447-1405

    EDMUND OR CARMEN BARTLETT, A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27

  288. Comments to articles are allowed in some instances, disallowed in others. Why?

    You can comment on this one here. Thx Jay.


  289. Cricketers pay for airline tickets

    Just three weeks ago during the West Indies Cricket Board regional tournament players from three visiting teams including Jamaica were forced to sleep on the floors of a corridor of a local hotel after their booking arrangements went haywire.


    Gayle Christopher Account number 70000019 $8,913.69
    Nash Brendan Account number 10005699 $5,156.92

  290. Sherwin P. Brown grew accustomed to accolades during the bull market run of the 1990s.

    More than 400 clients of the Minneapolis stockbroker and financial adviser rose to their feet and cheered wildly when Brown entered the conference center for his annual client meeting in 1999.

    In an e-mail that same month, Linda Erwin of White Bear Lake thanked Brown “for making such a huge difference in our life.” In 2000, Tom and Mary Winters of Lilydale and other wealthy clients threw a party in Brown’s honor, presenting him with a bronze eagle sculpture, called Winged Majesty, and an effusive toast: “It’s pretty nice to retire and live the good life because someone named Sherwin has taken such good care of us.”

    Then the stock market began its harrowing descent, and many investors who once showered Brown with praise now accuse him of ruining their lives.


    Brown, Sherwin
    Account number 10005162 OPEN $184,313.10

  291. “The current Government, which assumed office in March 2004, did not sell any Crown lands to Stanford, received no loans from Stanford, and was not a beneficiary of any largesse of Stanford. In fact, R Allen Stanford considered this administration as his enemy,” the Antiguan Government said in a statement.

    The Government also said that it had stripped Leroy King of the post of administrator of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, after it learnt that King had “facilitated Stanford’s Ponzi Scheme for personal gain”.


  292. Key Enemy?

  293. What is this Game Over thing?

  294. From: Ernie Martin [mailto:erniesmartin@earthlink.net]
    Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2007 5:01 PM
    To: Richard Lee
    Cc: Mike Harris; Steve Bigham; Martin Beek; Peter Bovell; David Smith; Joey Issa; Louis McLaren
    Subject: RE: N55VR & MX

    Richard I understand about the repo to MX, but it is almost a riddle, for there is always an important flight that comes up at the last moment and probably will continue to be. This is just the nature of three families using the airplane and to be frank with you I understand their needs. Unfortunately this particular aircraft, with it’s MX issues, can not stand up to the level of usage required.

    Why do you think this situation will change? Frankly I am not certain that we are repoing that much for MX. With Peter’s trips in and out of FLL and Tracy’s trips to ORL we are in FLL quite often. Since I have been on board, I have never been able to keep the aircraft in MX long enough to complete all of the work, because flights have come up. There has to be some balance of pre scheduling the aircraft into MX while still providing for the transportation needs of the families. So far, this week has allowed some work to be done and yet each family has required use of the aircraft during this MX period.

    Since I have no control over the schedule, I am trying to keep the aircraft maintained and clean while accommodating the schedule that you present.

    I have just read MIke’s email. His intentions are good, but he is mistaken in several areas. HBC has offered much input that was not heeded. The aircraft is consistently being taken out of MX early. The needs of the three families tend to over ride and conflict with MX scheduling. I never hear any complaints about repo flights but rather about non availability of the aircraft because it is in MX or being used by another family.

    There are only two solutions here. Continue as we do but increase the frequency that we are in MX for shorter periods of time or keep it in MX for longer periods of time. In either case a preplanned MX schedule must be established, as Mike suggests, so that the shop will be ready for us, a schedule that will not be altered by trips. I can go either way but there are positives and negatives to each solution. The most positive of the shorter but more frequent MX periods is that it might fit in better with the manner in which the families schedule their trips.

    Richard I think the families should have the final say in this, after all, they are the ones using the aircraft. Keep this in mind, MX shops like to pre schedule their work. Monday through Friday is when most work is done. This aircraft is in MX at least once a month, often for unscheduled service. Many flights that the families take have little prior notice.

    Now as to continue flying the aircraft with the auto pilot and TCAS problems. We have been for months! That is why none of these emails have been forwarded to HBC. Under 135, flying with known problems is not permitted.

    Reference going into MX next week, I suggest you find agreement that the owners are willing to go commercial or charter to ATL. If they choose to do so, Banyan needs to be contacted to see if the aircraft can be put on their MX schedule. I also suggest that HBC be consulted on this matter. For as you can see we have somewhat ediffering points of view.


  295. 03 JULY 2007

    Joey Issa, Peter Bovell, David Smith


    I want to thank you for the opportunity to meet and work with you and your families for the last five weeks. I, with out hesitation, proclaim that I never have, nor do I ever expect to associate with, a finer group of people in a work environment.

    Your operation is unique, three families sharing an aircraft for business and pleasure, and it is an impressive concept. However, as you know, while the concept is valid, it has not been well executed. The lack of availability has been brought on by a high frequency of maintenance down time and improper staffing of the flight crews. The lack of usability is brought about by an aircraft that is woefully inadequate in baggage capability, has a relatively small cabin size, and has a some what limited range.

    While getting some operational use out of the aircraft I have spent most of the last five weeks addressing many areas that needed to be corrected to operate the aircraft as you intended. In that there has been much progress. All of the critical maintenance issues have been addressed and I believe that we are all in agreement that the aircraft must be operated as it was designed, particulary when it comes to proper maintenance, baggage storage, and seating capability.

    While it is your decision to replace this aircraft or to have more than one aircraft, I am more concerned about the operation. If this aircraft is operated correctly, any aircraft changes will occur much more smoothly.

    To provide the usage you require, this aircraft must be operated with a minimum of two crews and one back up pilot to cover for vacations. This would allow seven days a week coverage for twelve hours per day of crew duty time … crews rotating seven days on seven days off. Under no circumstances should a crew ever have less than ten hours off in a hotel and less than twelve hours off should only occur on a very limited bases. This operation has no base. In five weeks, I spent only two nights in Kingston. Proper hotels, to allow for comfortable rest, needs to be provided. This has been well handled in the US but not so in the islands. Unfortunately only the upper scale hotels appear to offer such accommodations in the islands. I know that you are thinking that Caribbean pilots will better meet your needs, but I beg to differ. Long days on the road away from home is the manner in which this aircraft is operated. Only proper staffing and hotels are going to satisfy the long term needs of quality professional pilots that you want to entrust with your families, regardless of where your pilots live.

    Many more areas need to be improved, but I will not address them in this letter.

    I shall close by saying that you may not choose to implement my recommendations. Should that be the case, your needs may be better served by retaining some one other than my self. I offer my thirty day notice of contract termination, effective upon receipt of this letter. Should you choose to accept my notice, my last day of service will be 02 August 2007. On the other hand, if you begin to immediately address crew duty, rest, and hotel accommodation issues, I will be more than happy to discuss with you the possibility of remaining on board for a longer term.

    Ernie Martin

  296. No pay for nurses, Gov’t broke
    Wednesday, 10 March 2010

    There are more signs that the government’s financial woes are worsening with the Ministry of Finance admitting that it will have to renege on an agreement to pay nurses their retroactive salaries this month.

    About $1 billion was due to be paid out, however; the Finance Ministry says it does not have the money to release the outstanding salaries.


  297. The newly formed Olint association now looking for $1000.00 to become a member. 🙂
    1000 members x $1,000 = $1,000,000 its so easy to make money in Jamaica.

    Live & Let live ” how come you nuh tell wi dat bredda”.

    David Smith case put off again to May 11, 2010 !!

  298. MINISTER of Finance and the Public Service Audley Shaw left the island Tuesday for London where he will participate in the 2010 Jamaica-United Kingdom Investment Forum, which will end March 12.




  300. The NDM expects a higher degree of good business practice, management and transparency, and therefore calls for swift and decisive action from the prime minister, if Minister Bartlett fails to admit to his mistake and do the proper thing.

    4NX Investment Corporation.
    16324 SW 15 St
    Pembroke Pines
    Fl 33027
    Tel: (954) 447-1405
    EDMUND OR CARMEN BARTLETT, A/C NUMBER 10005072 $986,945.27


  301. jay,

    whats wrong with JA$1000 for funding per person….any proper work will take funding….u r very mischievous…..only interested in any thing that is anti-david smith .

    u have not commented on conolly’s US$700,000 fees though….of course not….thats of no bother for u

  302. “The news story, which I am sure, will speak eloquently for itself, should be reflected upon by all of us who have a role to play in rescuing our fair country from the scourge of corruption which is now literally strangling Jamaica to death,” he said.


  303. Laad Jay

    Speak the truth
    to become a member of ACOM you need to fill in the application form and submit it………FUL STOP

    Those people who join t ACOM believe that through ACOM they will get a resolution on the whole OLINT saga
    Some believe they might get a some moey

    All that have joined know it is not a MAGIC show or an NGO so the effort will have to be funded…..

    Well I guess there are some parasites who want the results and somebody else must pay even a token JA$1000.00 will be too much for them
    Jay that does not include you since you are not a Member of OLINT OR ACOM You belong to the smart club that DS could not fool but who spend hours laughing at us idiots

    Thank god for the SPECIAL GIFTED PEOPLE LIKE YOU …..

  304. ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Donald Patterson
    Date: Jul 31, 2007 10:00 PM
    Subject: Guest Speaker Request
    To: cataddmarg5@gmail.com
    Dear David,

    Visited the Olint office at Braemar Road, for the first time today.

    As a club member and a Rotarian it struck me that , given all the discussions about alternative earning opportunities , it could be worthwhile for you to make a presentation to my Rotary Club and by extension the general population, via the media, on foreign currency trading.

    In order to ensure that any gag or judicial orders are not breached you could make the presentation ( powerpoint or otherwise) in a very generic way talking about the various trading platforms which are available to individuals who wish to trade themselves; the regulatory environment in the USA and elsewhere where these platforms are based; the advantage of 20:1 leverage in levels of trading vs margin at risk;discipline required in trading and application of technical vs fundamental approaches;risk levels, best times to trade,trend indicators that guide, gut feelings,stress in trading, Length of time since market became available to online trading and the general public, envisaged longevity of the market, Examples of organisations in the USA which offer trading on behalf of participating members, success rate / return rates of some of these organisations.

    There would be no need to mention OLINT , the FSC or case before the Court.

    My club meets each Monday ( except public holidays) at the Hilton Hotel, Knutsford Blvd, Kingston 5 at 6:30PM. You’d be called upon to speak at just after 7Pm for about 20 minutes.

    Please consider the above, discuss with your team members and attorneys if necessary and let me have some feedback as soon as possible. we’d be happy to have you speak on a date convenient to you, with about two weeks’ notice

    Donald Patterson

  305. From: David Stephens [mailto:danthonystephens@hotmail.com]
    Sent: Friday, August 03, 2007 9:23 AM
    To: ‘Graham Jervis’
    Subject: RE: JP Manifesto
    Yow, I have some bands for u, can u talk to D/Smith and see if he would be willing to help sponsor the G2K Islandwide campaign trailer?

  306. —–Original Message—–
    From: ja.smith@cwjamaica.com [mailto:ja.smith@cwjamaica.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 10:07 AM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: Contributions to Worthy Causes


    I deleted the document I gave you last week but the
    following is my best recollection of the essential
    To help you I will also include the amount for the key
    person from our discussion.

    Key Person – 100,000.00

    Manchester Person – 88,000.00

    Westmoreland Person – 65,000.00

    St. Elizabeth 1 – 20,000.00

    St. Elizabeth 2 – 20,000.00

    TOTAL 293,000.00

    I requested an encashment from my account to cover the
    portion received weeks ago. A portion is going to my FCIB
    account and I also requested a cheque for 80,000.00.

    So with 100,000.00 in hand the additional amount needed
    via NCB cheque is 193,000.00.

    I would like two cheques. One for 80,000.00 and the other
    for 193,000.00.

    I will be driving in at 4:00am to complete the critical
    mission. It is very important for me to
    get to NCB and complete the transaction by 10:30am to meet
    with that Key Person as the person
    has several meetings that day. I also have a very
    important 6:00pm in Negril that I MUST
    get back for.

    It is also important for me to go directly to your contact
    at NCB so that everything flows smoothly.

    I need a neutral telephone number to call you on tomarrow
    so that I can call you for the Key Person
    and others to say thanks and acknowledge receipt.


  307. From: fox4silver@aol.com [mailto:fox4silver@aol.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 10:15 PM
    To: DSmith@Kasnet.com
    Subject: a message from damian

    I hope all is well with your family. I am trying to hold my own given the situation at hand. I got home shortly from visiting damian. He is requesting at least five character letters as follows: one from the office, two from grande turks&cacus, and one from jacob in orlando florida at M.T.I Please mail them to my address to: Lesline Johnson 764 Brady Avenue, apt.333, Bronx NY. 10462. Please work on these as soon as possible, so i can mail them off to his lawyer & judge. Back to the visit, he seem to have adjusted to his enviroment somewhat. I can’t wait until this nightmare is over. My continued blessings to you and your family. Thank you for your continued support. Lesline

  308. Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 22:50:37 +0000
    From: joycesngh@yahoo.co.uk
    Subject: Re: FW: Important Notice !
    To: caricewright@hotmail.com

    Carice we just have to keep Olint and Lewfam in our prayers. They have
    done so much for poor me and enabled me to enjoy a real good standard
    of life that I am sure God is on all our sides.
    Thanks for the info.

  309. From: Carice Wright [mailto:caricewright@hotmail.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 10:43 AM
    To: david smith; tracyannsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: FW: Important Notice !

    Hi Wonderful Pair,

    Just want to share a message I got from my friend now living in one of Britain’s upscale residences.
    This is just one of the thousands of testimonies of “God’s vessels-OLINT through trusted and obeidient servants- YOU BOTH

  310. From: Ian Moore [mailto:imoore@kanbay.com]
    Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 2:00 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: FW: Wire information

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Ian Moore
    Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 8:29 PM
    To: ‘davidsmith@kasnet.com’
    Subject: Wire information
    David, thanks for having that open and frank conversation and your subsequent commitments yesterday. As you know we are coming up to crunch time here so your contribution is very timely and will have visibility only at the top. The 100K discussed will go into some 5 communities that really need the assistance at this time as we are converting these communities into garrisons without guns just through hard work. The work that has put in by these MP’s and candidates working door to door we each resident of there constituency is simply remarkable. The direct recipients will be Andrew Holness, Andrew Gallimore, Chris Tufton, Joe Hibert and one to be named

    Here are the wire instructions for the 100K and I will keep you abreast of how the funds are expended.


    FLORIDA 33131

    ABA NO: 026009593
    Swift Address: BOFAUS3M

    ACCOUNT NO.: 1901052070


    FFC to the Account of

    Again thanks for your help.


    Ian Moore
    Director, Sales.

    US Slams Government’s Approach To Corruption


  311. Floridian

    The PNP said they got OLINT money !!!!
    Where are the PNP “beg emails”

    OORRR did DS just send it without being solicited being a good and loyal socialist like you ???

  312. What is ACOM $1000 per member for ?. that cannot pay a legal team to get back the money.

    Thus soon they will need to ask for another $1000.

    How much money does ACOM require to get back the Money from David Smith ?

    The big difference is that Conolley is taking from money that is not in hand, ACOM is taking from money that is in hand !!!

  313. There are satellite photo’s Live but is only JLP in them. Of course Jacob Martinez may well be a Socialist agent…who knows?

    From: Jacob Martinez [mailto:Jacob@mtioffice.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2007 11:13 AM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: phone number

    Hey David,

    This guy Stanley keeps calling me wanting me to give him your number. I’m noting giving it to him, but below you will see his number if you are interested in calling him.

    He wants to speak with you about setting up more funds.

    Talk to you later.

    Congratulations for JLP! Call me when you get this.

  314. From: Brian Trowbridge [mailto:BT@swannlaw.tc]
    Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 2:19 PM
    To: ‘GWayne Smith’
    Cc: David Smith
    Subject: Due Diligence


    I do not have the information I requested.

    In a short time this is going to become an issue with TCI Bank

    Also I notice that we are not getting any new funds!?

    Hope all is well and you have returned to work after the election victory!!


  315. Live & Let Live

    If the PNP was in power every innocent Olint member would get their money back quick…quick…quick …quick quick.

    Ask Deacon.

  316. It goes on to state that if American allegations of political links are well-founded, some Jamaican public figures may fear that Mr. Coke’s arrest would lead to the disclosure of embarrassing information.

    According to the Economist, it is rumoured that Mr. Coke has deposited incriminating documents with lawyers, to be released in the event of his untimely death.



  317. Conolly is taking money belonging to olint members!!!!!

    He has the nerve to come here and tell ppl that there is no money for unsecured investors yet still he has taken us700,000!!!!!!

    Guess what none of u wld have a problem with that because u r all on the same team!!!…..

    conolly u r a tief!!!! ……..if DS is one then Conolly u r just as bad!!!

  318. There is no ‘just as’ with thieves. Jamaican excuse bucket that A theef is a theef.

    ‘Just As’ mentality trying to paint the whole Jamaica.


  319. ‘just as’ justifies nothing.

    The shameful display of men scavenging for Heineken beer in the aftermath of a deadly accident on the Linstead bypass on Thursday demonstrates just how desperate our people have become. We are used to seeing such acts being played out on a smaller scale at accident scenes, but somehow there was a more desperate tone to this recent incident because not even the presence of the police served as a deterrent.


  320. Floridian

    If PNP was in power OLINT would be up and running DS would not be a “Teef” and OLINT would not be a Ponzie and I believe the monthly returns would be 15%

    ask Deacon

  321. A quick read (Economist p.53) shows that ACON is ready to “tsckle foreign governments” in record time.

  322. 4NX/OLINT

    Amato, Salvatore or
    Account number 10005154

    Allen, Marvalyn
    Account number 10003127

  323. The Smith’s are always in the news . This time a new Smith and his wife.

    Click to access enfsafeguardcomplaint02232010.pdf

  324. L&LL

    Solicit this…

  325. On Friday, the security expert said that American border officials are turning up the heat on Jamaicans who have massive personal wealth but who have no supporting documentation to show how the wealth was gained.

    A list viewed by the Sunday Observer includes some of Jamaica’s well-known officials, as well as business people of both genders. They are described as having “massive personal wealth”, which is said to have raised red flags at US borders.



  326. Jamaica is now on par with Haiti as being a country that condones illegal activities and contravenes international law.

    How can the Jamaican Government and its hierarchy expect to behave in this way when there is overwhelming evidence to implicate so many members of the Government and Police high command, to be involved in narcotic trading and illegal gun sales? Ever heard of satellite imagery?

    What is surprising is that the Prime Minister is unable to understand he is barking up the wrong tree when he publicly defies the United States of America, the country of which Jamaica is a dependent.

    He will soon see what impact his poor decision will have on the already failed Jamaican economy. Soon the State Department will stop their tourists from coming to Jamaican shores by issuing a travel advisory and they will not disburse the remaining US$800 balance on the IMF loan.

    From the day of taking over the reigns of the Government, the Prime Minister has demonstrated a consistent trend in being unable to make hard but necessary decisions. He is a POOR leader and the predictions of his former mentor- Edward Seaga have come true.

    Firstly, he and his government has not to date brought those financial bandits who reeked havoc on the Jamaican economy to Justice- specifically those parties behind OLINT, Worldwise, LewFam, Maydaisy. Has anyone wondered why? Could it be that the Labor party and its high ranking members were in “bed” together with these bandits as they raped the Jamaican people of their life savings? I suppose we will have to use our resources to bring all these felons to justice. If American citizens are involved and have been defrauded then all available resources will be utilized to seek restitution for the victims.

    Secondly, he consistently has surrounded himself with criminal elements in his cabinet and senate. We all know them and so too does the CIA-smls.

    We have not heard about the revoked visa of a member of the cabinet- but that is true. He now has to use his diplomatic passport to enter Uncle Sam’s territory. Does he know what is planned for him and dear Charlene after the next change of government when he cannot hide behind diplomatic immunity?

    It is very interesting to note that his family owns a large warehouse in Tivoli gardens which has been under close observation by Federal authorities. I wonder why the US would be interested in a warehouse that stores “white” gold. Maybe it is the left over flour from the Rockfort Flour Mills.

    Speaking of Rockfort, another young wealthy Jamaican Palestinian whose family is well known in the Tourist sector is now under surveillance by the US Authorities. Again, in spite of requests from Washington for this mans financial records, to support his massive wealth, these requests have been declined by the Golding clan. I wonder why? What will be the outcome of Golding defiance? Do these criminal elements think Washington will forget? Washington has been observing who were his previous business partners- narcotic dealers and Ponzi scheme creators!!! We have also noted where donations have been placed to groups who are Anti- America. That does not sit well.

    The latest additions to the Jamaican Senate need to be thoroughly reviewed. Why would the PM appoint KJ to the senate when everyone on the street knows her other half is involved in the import/export business? It is a known fact and all eyes and ears will be present at the opening of the Senate to see if this matter is disclosed to the Jamaican people.

    We see time and time again, a Prime Minister who enables cabinet members to side step the Contractor General- why? Could it only be for the benefit of the country a cabinet member would be so eager to sign a “deal” and not follow protocol? Could that Minster be involved in other nefarious activities involving exportation?

    Lastly, the “dudus” affair brings to a climax the fact that Jamaica is now an ally of Columbia and not the USA. It shows us that the current Jamaican government that has no respect for INTERNATIONAL law.

    The JLP took Jamaica from the ravages of the failed administration in the 70’s and set Jamaica on a path of recovery in the 80’s that can never be forgotten. In the 1980’s our President and Vice President visited your shores. Today the current administration in Washington does not want to even appoint an Ambassador to Jamaica. This is unprecedented for Jamaican-US diplomatic relations.

    It is now clear to all that it is the intention of the current JLP Government to steer Jamaica back to the past and allow Jamaica to remember and experience first hand the effects of losing its closest and well needed ally- the United States of America.

    May God help Jamaica.

  327. I just realized it is about time for another epic scam to take root among Jcans… These scams crop up every few years.

    Most of the scammed are very vulnerable and usually get scammed more than once… they are easily sold on quick riches from elaborate sounding schemes. This combined with a quick readiness of Jcans to believe in conspiracy theories make them ripe for new schemes…

    Hey floridian this time when you invest you will likely be very happy to lose your money… since the PNP is opposition, this time they may get more money than the JLP… they will be the ones promising to legalize ponzi schemes to get donations of your money and then not following through.

    This time around you and your friends will be happy to know that your stolen money went for a ‘good cause’. 🙂 The only problem you had last time was that most of it went to the wrong party… LOL

  328. You solve the anagram yet Nonco?

  329. Nonco, you must feel it for the ‘foolish’ victims. Not only do they need money more than ever at this time but their image is gone to the wind.


  330. From: Brian Trowbridge [mailto:BT@swannlaw.tc]
    Sent: Friday, April 20, 2007 11:48 AM
    To: David Smith
    Cc: ‘Greg Hurd’
    Subject: OLINT


    I have some very bad news: FCIB will no longer accept of process wires for your business.

    The decision is based on their new policy not to do business with unlicensed foreign exchange traders or clubs.

    Your only alternative is to operate solely through the licensed TCI mutual fund.

    Despite our assurances to FCIB their policy is quite clear and no reversible.


  331. —–Original Message—–
    From: Nicky Chin [mailto:nickychin69@hotmail.com]
    Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2007 8:32 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: Trading

    Dear David,
    Good day to you.I was told you are quite a friendly and open person.SO now i
    am here tryig to reach out to you in anyway possible…I started teh FOREX
    with Jared in November ..and yes like many people i ended up loosing alot.I
    am still trying as mt Technical skills i think are good but need something.I
    can tell you everything you need to do but applying myself seems to grab
    me.I have asked the Chief.But maybe he’s a bit busy with everything else.

    I heard about you about a year ago and was a bit iffy.Now i am sorry i
    didn’t invest with you then.I hope soon we will be able to.
    Anyways if there is any help you could give or advice i will it appreciate



    876 3752993

  332. From: ANTHONY POWELL [mailto:ttpowell@gmail.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 12:34 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: re: follow up

    Dear David,

    One of my partners wrote to you a few weeks ago, not sure if you received it. I am a current Member of your company and have been for a while. Selina gave me your contacts. My lawyer is Mr. Chris Bovelle and I also have been a trainer of Mrs. Bovelle for quite a while. My partner and I would like to meet with you and your organization to discuss a business possibilities …I will fwd his email to you in this letter…and I told him you were probably very busy with several things including cricket, but I do hope to hear from you or an associate as soon as you can…

    Anthony Powell
    393-2022 cell
    Acct # 11013387 and #11003027
    Member ID 1770020823

    Ajani wrote: Thursday March 22, 2007 at 5:57 PM

    Dear David,

    I was refferred to you by my business partner,friend and your client “Tony” Anthony Powell who is the personal trainer for Mr. and Mrs. Bovelle and has also been my trainer for years when in Jamaica. I and Tony have also met with Selina (sp) a few times from your office and she was kind enough to give us your email.

    I played professional basketball for 7 years and retired young at 28 from the game a year and half ago to pursue new passions and wanting to come home and help locally as my mother and father have done. I played in the NBA last with the Atlanta Hawks.

    I started an Investment Management Firm with Tony, registered in the BVI that would deal exclusively with International clients outside of Jamaica. These clients would include notable NBA players (Shaq, Grant Hill etc) Western European and Asian clients. These would be all upstanding people or corporations.

    We have had great interest from people and we just wanted to have a proper construct that would be condusive to our and your companies guidelines, so that you would be fully aware of where and who you do business with.
    We would love to meet with you and your associates if possible based on your schedule and wherever is best for you.

    I have been involved in the Investment world for a year now and have a love for commodities trading. I currently am between Jamaica and Atlanta but I plan to attend your classes in April and to get the MTI course as I am in Ja for a month or so.

    Tony is already a client of yours Anthony Powell
    Acct # 11013387 and #11003027
    Member ID 1770020823

    Also I have other refferences that are close to you that I can furnish upon request.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks for caring about your country.


    Ajani Williams
    In Jam 548-9816

  333. —–Original Message—–
    From: Brian Trowbridge [mailto:briantrowbridge@lochaven.tc]
    Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 12:40 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: RE: OLINT TCI


    Thx we will work with you to get FCIB straight and to get the due diligence
    caught up!


    —–Original Message—–
    From: dsmith@kasnet.com [mailto:dsmith@kasnet.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 1:43 PM
    To: briantrowbridge@lochaven.tc
    Subject: RE: OLINT TCI

    Dear Brian,

    My guys at home have sent me our position in two sprendsheets

    number one shows clients that provided OLint with source of funds and also
    which ones we have passed on to Greg.

    Number two shows the outstanding one. we have not credited these clients
    accounts and I am prepared to refund them their money.

    I can not afford for the lock out period to be two long, I dont want to lose
    the momentom.

    All the best


    ——- Original Message ——-
    From : Brian Trowbridge[mailto:briantrowbridge@lochaven.tc]
    Sent : 4/4/2007 11:47:31 AM
    To : dsmith@kasnet.com
    Cc :
    Subject : RE: OLINT TCI


    That’s great get it out to the members


  334. —–Original Message—–
    From: dsmith@kasnet.com [mailto:dsmith@kasnet.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 1:43 PM
    To: briantrowbridge@lochaven.tc
    Subject: RE: OLINT TCI

    Dear Brian,

    My guys at home have sent me our position in two sprendsheets

    number one shows clients that provided OLint with source of funds and also
    which ones we have passed on to Greg.

    Number two shows the outstanding one. we have not credited these clients
    accounts and I am prepared to refund them their money.

    I can not afford for the lock out period to be two long, I dont want to lose
    the momentom.

    All the best


  335. Beware of ACOM.

    David Smith is at it again folks.


  336. “our position”

    ” I dont want to lose
    the momentom.”

  337. Now as I read the papers and websites of this fine nation I see the same thing developing as happened in Jamaica. And one must ask our leaders how long does it take to get justice in this nation, and at what cost. When I look at the Beaches seven, I get concerned, are the courts of this nation dispensing justice in a impartial, fair, just and prompt manner for the little man? If I was to take a matter of disagreement to court, is this going to cost me a great deal? is the matter going to be resolved promptly by the court? and if it is will it be in a impartial manner? is it going to be resolved fairly and justly without delay? I see all these matters heading to court, with developers not paying contractors, with developers going bankrupt, people have been treated wrong and just cannot get justice. How long does a matter take to be resolved in the Court system of the Turks and Caicos Islands a couple months? The investing public would like an answer as to this basic question from our noted leaders.

    You see if our courts fails to provide impartial, fair, just and prompt resolutions to disagreements for each and every citizen in our nation, we are in danger of becoming like Jamaica, a disaster; where bad men are doing the collecting, and fear and intimidation rule. I would encourage our wise and noted rulers to take a detailed look at our court system and make sure that justice is provided for all in a prompt, impartial and fair manner. And I leave my rulers with the accurate council of the wise and noted judge, Solomon who counseled, ‘When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong’. Eccl 8vs11

    John Wildish


  338. From: Audrey Marks [mailto:apmarks@paymaster-online.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 4:45 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: Better future

    Dear David, just a quick note to say; so far …. so good with the results, just waiting on the next two recounts to exhale. Regards, Audrey.

    From: Audrey Marks [mailto:apmarks@paymaster-online.com]
    Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 12:18 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Cc: waynedoope@yahoo.com; das_rodes@yahoo.com
    Subject: FW: Commonwealth

    Dear David, Wayne, Roger
    I have asked Sidney King, the President of the bank to personally handle this process. As such and further to Athenian’s email, I would like to ask that this item of the project plan be handled by yourselves in the initial stages.
    For your further information the bank’s website is http://www.cnbmonile.net.
    Best Regards, Audrey.

    From: NMIGROUP@aol.com [mailto:NMIGROUP@aol.com] Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 4:29 PM
    To: apmarks@paymaster-online.com
    Subject: Commonwealth

    Ms. Marks:

    We will need the following information in order to open an account for your referral.

    Name of Company
    Tax ID number
    Article of Incorporation

    Resolution from Board of Directors listing authorized signors.
    Two forms of ID for each signor

    Number of signors required to authorize transactions

    We will then produce the necessary account documents and forward them for signature.

    Sidney King

    Audrey Marks, Chief Executive Officer of Paymaster is being tapped as Jamaica’s new Ambassador to the US to replace Anthony Johnson.
    But it is understood that the US is stalling on accepting the new nominee because of the strained relations between the two countries over the delay in the extradition of Christopher Coke.

    However, the Prime Minister has dismissed those claims.

    “I don’t think the “Dudus” affair will affect Ms. Marks’ appointment to Washington,” said Mr. Golding.

    He also rubbished claims that he is afraid to take out Mr. Johnson and replace him with Ms. Marks.

    “That’s absolutely not true,” he said.
    Ms. Marks was asked about being tapped as the new ambassador to Washington and whether or not the extradition involving Christopher Coke will affect her chances.

    “For me to comment on that would be pure speculation … it two speculation in one,” was her response.


  339. From: Athinia Campbell [mailto:aacampbell@paymaster-online.com]
    Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 4:31 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Cc: mhoward@overseaslocket.com; jewel2sell@yahoo.com; mhoward@msn.com; apmarks@paymaster-online.com; ‘Maurice McNaughton’
    Subject: Banking Banking Relationship

    Good Afternoon David;

    Even though we have not been meeting we have been working on our outstanding action items.

    Audrey has had discussions with Commonwealth National Bank and has made a verbal referral. In order to complete the formal referral and subsequent account opening process the following items are required:

    They will need the following information in order to open the account per our referral.

    Name of Company
    Tax ID number
    Article of Incorporation
    Resolution from Board of Directors listing authorized signors.
    Two forms of ID for each signor
    Number of signors required to authorize transactions

    Please feel free to contact me for any related clarification.

    On another note, our Business Development team will have its full complement as of next week when the Manager returns. She will be working to finalize the proposed contract and pricing in an effort to have this item completed, hopefully before the end of next week.
    In the meanwhile, the IT and operational teams can meet (or have dialogue) to working out the related mechanics to support/ enable the service.

    Athinia Campbell
    Chief Project Officer

  340. OLINT Ambassador’s to the US & UK?

    Anthony Johnson and Senator Johnson’s connections to OLINT have already been shown on this blog.

  341. Audrey and David and Tracy may have exhaled since the recount. But the race is not for the swift…or the stupid either.

  342. People

    Trust Tafari
    Tafari is a name on the blog
    Tafari has no name
    Tafari has no face
    BUT Trust Tafari

    Oh and while you are trusting Tafari DONT forget to trust DS


  343. Floridian
    What is that Bway Wildish saying that after 18 yearsof PJ and his posse all Bruce inherited was a fraud of a justice system..

    Tell him to watch his mouth !!!!

    lol lol

  344. Live and Let live

    What you feel about the ‘short listed’ High Commissioner and Ambassador from Jamaica to the UK and US respectively? Should their OLINT associations be a consideration?

    Should an OLINT ‘fool’ be a high Commissioner? an Ambassador? A Senator? A Prime Minister? A minister of Finance? A Mayor? A magistrate? A commission of Enquiry Commissioner? A rotarian? Surgeon? Law firm? Head of the flying squad?

    The head of a commercial bank?

  345. A minister of Tourism? An economic adviser to the govt.?….

  346. West Indies Captain?…

  347. That is a good question floridian ……

    but before i answer I would like you to clarify something for me

    Who is an OLINT fool
    a) a person like me who gave DS 40% of my personal saving and told my friends and family that DS look ed genuine to me

    A person Who gave him only what they could loose

    a person got close enough to DS to ask him many question eg A Mark and probably in the process loss or made some money

    A person like A Shaw who did not have a cent to lose but was able to email DS and ask him a few questions

    A begbeg politician (PNP or JLP) who got some $$$$ out of OLINT

    A person like you who was smart enough NOT to giv DS a cent but spend every waking moment blogging about OLINT and tying peoples OLINT nightmare to the JLP

    OR OR any other definition you so choose

    Please clarify and I will answer your quesyion

  348. Floridian
    Remember that Ennis from the PNP and many other PNP parlimentarians were members of OLINT or by your soon to be posted definition of an OLINT fool were probably OLINT fools themselves

    Do you think that is why people voted the PNP out????

  349. ‘Protect’ him if you must. No need I tell you that is an exersise in futility.

  350. Juxtapose the Armadale fiasco and the Dudus affair and it becomes crystal clear that politics takes precedence over everything else in Jamaica. The responses of the Bruce Golding administration so far to both issues succinctly indicate where our priorities lie as a country. The potent question to be asked, therefore, is who is going to chase those crazy baldheads out of town?

    When this Golding administration came to power in 2007, it vowed to fight crime and corruption. If we are to go by the recently released United States State Department report, we are fast becoming a narco-democracy as well as heading towards being dubbed a rogue state in the international community. Hundreds of Jamaicans almost daily are seeing their constitutional rights trampled on in one way or another. Do they have a voice in Parliament? Who speaks for them? Who defends them even if it means losing political capital? Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!


  351. Floridian

    please do not forget to supply me with the definition of OLINT FOOL !!!

  352. floridian

    I did not realize that DUdus and the other Dons came about since 2007……..Tell me more

    Bruce invented Dudus and all other Gang leader in Jamaica
    Remember that PNP had gotten rid of all Dons and Jamaica was a crime free and Drug free state under PNP …..

    I want you all to remember that LOL

  353. Oh Oh

    and while we go down memory lane do remember that Armadale was a well funded five star facility with 20 pscologist on staff before JLP came to power in 2007

    Actually ALL children facility were five star LOL LOL LOL

    No floridian leave suffering Jamaican children out of your politics
    These kids have been let down FIRSTLY by Their PARENTS , THEN by Their society and finally by the Government of today and many yesterdays.

    The problem of Armadale is an indictment on EVERY jamaican

  354. Rothstein’s cooperation dating back to last fall means the con artist who orchestrated South Florida’s biggest Ponzi scheme — stealing $1.2 billion from dozens of innocent investors — will benefit from his acting skills and seedy connections when he is sentenced in May.


  355. How the OLINT $$ never reach Armadale Live?….It took a detour?

  356. Alleged lottery scammer killed

    Mr. Rutherford was said to be a major player in the lottery scam, and was said to be violent.


  357. Nonco? How them get those photo’s? Clear as day pony tail everything. You have to rate the capability.

    As easy as 1..2..4.

  358. Another ‘Anti-Antigua’ campaign
    Tuesday, 16 March 2010
    As Antigua and Barbuda announced it would take action to counter the smear campaign launched by investors who lost money in Allen Stanford’s alleged $US8 billion fraud, a group of Europeans gave its support to the Americans and Latin Americans in their boycott calls. The Stanford Victims Coalition (SVC) European Group is demanding that the Baldwin Spencer administration hand over Stanford property or suffer the consequences.

    It wants the government to act in accordance with a treaty which the investors said was co-signed with Germany and the United Kingdom. Just last Friday, it was announced that Senator Joanne Massiah, Antigua’s Junior Legal Affairs Minister, had been chosen to spearhead that government’s response to the ‘Anti-Antigua’ campaign that was launched by a group of Americans last month.


  359. ACOM?

  360. A letter supposedly signed by Manatt, Phelps and Phillips to Brady on the US Justice Department website said: “This letter describes the terms of our relationship. Manatt, Phelps and Phillips (‘we’ or ‘us’) will represent and advise Brady and Company, attorneys-at-law (‘you’) in connection with political and economic matters, including treaty agreements between Jamaica and the US.

    “You agree that we will be paid a flat fee of US$100,000 quarterly which will be remitted at the beginning of each quarter for services rendered.”

    During the verbal battle in the House, Opposition members rose, raising points of order, but these were dismissed by the Speaker.


  361. Connely’s fees are less than that rate.

  362. —–Original Message—–
    From: Michael Howard [mailto:mhowardjm@msn.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 10:01 AM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com; waynedoope@yahoo.com
    Subject: FW: Investigate

    Mr. Kitson Blissett a Member of the club is requesting a confirmation of the position held by the person called “Rodriques” that signs the contracts between OLINT and Members. He said that his lawyers would like this information.

    You could repond to me or Mr. Blissett at the email address below.

    Michael Howard

  363. Repairman involved in lottery scam killed in St. James


  364. LOL…

    Hey floridian… How come you post so many articles and you did not post this one about your buddy…

    According to Delano Seivwright, G2K President, the organization is deeply troubled by the continued unverified statements being made by the Miami-based lawyer whose utterances it feels, have served to create panic.

    “He continues to issue reams of unsubstantiated talks related to the extradition matter and this includes talk about plans to target tourists, kidnappings, imminent travel advisories, widespread visa cancellations, and a whole host of things.

    He continues to talk about having connections with White House and State Department insiders but frankly, in our minds, it’s mass propaganda and on a gargantuan scale and quite possibly lies.

    “We think this does more harm than good to Jamaica and is starting to incite panic,” Mr. Seivwright said.

    They happen to be right. Your lawyer friend and Doc friend … posted as America is watching above… https://investforlife.wordpress.com/2010/02/09/olint-jamaica-investors-angry-and-disappointed/#comment-24295
    Note the same diatribe in the Docs letter to the US Senate.

    Seriously, you guys are The 3 Morons… While a few of us were blogging continuously about the ponzi schemes… the regulator and finance minister among others issuing warnings… you 3 morons invested hundreds of thousands and millions of US dollars in these ponzi schemes. Your idiot friend was even writing in the papers supporting the schemes.

    And now as usual he is talking to the press all over the place spreading unsubstantiated falsehoods and rumors. And floridian just because other people were also idiots… this does not mean you were not an idiot too… but I suppose posting the names of other people who you think are in more substantive positions than you are serves a cathartic purpose for you… this serves to make some people feel better because they feel they are not the only idiots alive… and guess what, you and your friends are not the only idiots 🙂

  365. ‘Substantive positions” 🙂

    Who have substantive position….where in them mind.

    I saw the article myself. Thanks for posting it. You have promise Nonco…likkle potential.

    Nonco, which lawyer this G2K talking about? I don’t see no name.

    Noncs, What a gwan wid Brady Bunch? Remember the Brady Bunch blogs?

    ‘Here’s a story, that was amended,
    But they say you won’t, be defended..
    back date Amendment….maybe secondment…

    A nuh the first time him draw brakes…I’m run come in a mi…fastest 360 in history Nonco. You know. I hear he can’t pass the cabinet ‘BBC golden rule.’

    There was a tip off Noncs…shame many Jamaicans never seen a deer on the train tracks when the light shine on him. The entire Jamaican publicwas really were shorted there.

    Suffice, his client is welcome in the courts anytime. Playback his own voice if asked.

    Got blocked today Noncs….so if you get an article through…then that’s one for the team!

    Noncs you nuh know seh me regularly blocked where I am not banned. The ones today were good…stinging.

    Not one ace play yet though.


  366. “Misrepresentation”…”serious matter”…’.Not I’n my cabinet!’

    That’s one ace you want see ehh Nonco? Patience.

    Deacon, you going the wedding?

  367. Which finance minister’s warning Nonco? In the past 3 years there have been 4.
    From: Audley Shaw [mailto:fitzalbert_2@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2006 11:01 AM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: fx trading

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your dear wife. I’m glad that you shared your knowledge and concerns with me. A friend of mine is keen on investing and would like to talk with you or better yet, he wants to meet with you if possible. He has asked me to fly over with him to see you when it is convenient to you. Please let me know.

    Regarding the Australian model of fx trading to help with public debt, is there any published information on it? Please let me know. I’d really like to learn more about it.

    Thanks again for our meeting as I now have a better grasp of the issues.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards and compliments.

    Audley Shaw

  368. Nonco, was that representative of the Jamaican Government in the U.S.A. part of Deacon’s football team of lawyers?

    Million Dollar question? Was he on the first eleven….or a (back) bencher?

  369. subsequently…immediately…..I signed…It was not correct…but I signed….

    Nonco, sounds like one of yours…..at least the tourism Minister went to the Attorney general and got a ‘retroactive’ signature….that was signed…after the fact.


    On hell of a side there Noncs….pity there will be no South Africa showing off of their skills.

  370. There’s always 2014…

  371. Nonco, Brady came into the OLINT matter nuh? …Ahh…oh yes he did. I don’t recall right now…(yawn)

    Oh yes, I remember fully now Nonco…(yawn)

    Tomorrow the bloggers can read it. Feel free to start before me if you want Nonco. 🙂

  372. Hope this is not another violation of Foreign Agent Registration Act like when Young and Rubicom was indicted for kickbacks paid to Jamaican officials in 1991.

    See Attorney General vs Young and Rubicom.

    “Not in my Cabinet!”

  373. In the second, a grand jury in Connecticut developed information that became the basis for a civil consent decree against the advertising firm Young and Rubicam in 1992 for failing to report a fee splitting agreement with a Jamaican firm associated with a Jamaican Government official.


    Motty, It’s one of your ‘favorites’. Heard you speak of it very recently.

  374. In 1981 the Jamaican Tourist Board appointed Young & Rubicam Inc, an American advertising agency, to mount an expensive advertising campaign in the United States. In 1983 the US Internal Revenue Service, which was investigating Mr Robin Moore on suspicion of tax evasion, seized some of his papers. They found documents which suggested he had been party to arrangements by which Young & Rubicam paid a share of their commission (“kickbacks”) to Jamaicans as a bribe for assistance in obtaining the contract. Young & Rubicam had been paying substantial sums to a Cayman Island company called Ad Ventures Ltd which they were purporting to employ as a consultant but which rendered no services.

    Privy Council Appeal No. 86 of 2001

  375. “I understand that the Government of Jamaica in November 2009 entered into agreement with a firm named Manatt, Phelps and Phillips who claim, in their foreign agents registration, that they represent the Government of Jamaica through Harold Brady and Company. And that their advice, among other things, is sought in relation to treaties, agreements, political and economic matters …at a cost of US$100,000 per quarter,”


    Nonco, sure and lie? Does truth count under this? Anytime?

  376. A MULTImillion-dollar contract, around which questions have been raised about the Government’s involvement with United States law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, through local attorney Harold Brady, has caught the eye of Contractor General Greg Christie.

    “The matter has our attention,” Christie told The Gleaner yesterday, noting that his office has obtained copies of the documents which are on the United States Justice Department’s website.

    The Office of the Contractor General (OCG), an oversight body of the Government, is responsible for monitoring and investigating government contracts, licences and permits.


  377. The last two on the list are Daryl Vaz (47), Minister in charge of Special Projects and Information and Telecommunications, and James Robertson (44), Minister of Mining and Energy. Even those who say they have reason to dislike Vaz will admit that he has surprised many and has been a credit in his role of information minister. At times the de facto deputy PM and probably the person in the Cabinet closest to the prime minister, Vaz is an organisational master, at boardroom and grass-roots level and has assisted in the election campaigns of many MPs.


  378. mark wignall’s PR machine is back to work!

  379. Ashcroft’s lawyers silence ‘Panorama’

    The hold-up will delight David Cameron’s campaign team, who had been trying to pressure the BBC into delaying the programme until after the general election. But sources inside the Corporation firmly deny that political pressure played a part in keeping the programme off the air, attributing the delay solely to the risk of legal action.


  380. Here’s a “realpolitik” scenario. Joe Bloggs, developer, approaches the regulatory government consent givers. He says “hey Guys – come do a lunch with me at xxx and we can talk over the issues” First mistake. Free lunch. Yes, there’s such a thing.

    This sets up what is known as “influential” interference in the consent process.

    The lunch munchers/consent givers, being decent folk, feel obliged to the dinner provider. Gee, it makes it that much harder to turn the developer down, right?

    Second stage is, “How would you guys like to see a similar development in (Miami/Hawaii/Spain) wherever, so you can see the benefit/value in such a development?? – This sets up the “obligatory” interference in the consent process – second mistake – this is a real serious cash outlay from the developer, who now has the opportunity of putting the consent giver (read any high politician in TCI) in a compromising position – e.g. putting a couple of lovely ladies in the room with him, so compromising him. (This is also summed up in the phrase, “When you have them by the b****s, their hearts and minds will follow”). These things actually happen.

    Third scenario is where the developer says “hey, can’t make it to Miami/Hawaii/Spain? Bad Luck. Here’s the cash equivalent – at first class hotel and air travel rates – go when you can…and take the wife/girlfriend/both” This is now morphing in to a contractual liability, as most people will see it, as distinct from influential or obligatory interference.

    All of the above scenarios may be seen to be completely above board, and well under the scale of corruption revealed by the Commission’s hearings.

    It is just small step to simply paying out wads of cash to otherwise broke politicians.

    Where, as in TCI, you had no openness, stunningly beautiful beaches/coastlines, and basically penniless politicians coming in to power, in cahoots with seriously amoral developers from seriously corrupt jurisdictions, you have a monstrous challenge – on going – to preserve open Government. You really believe you can do it? I really hope so.


  381. It is just small step to simply paying out wads of cash to otherwise broke politicians

    It is just small step to simply paying out wads of cash to otherwise broke politicians

    It is just small step to simply paying out wads of cash to otherwise broke politicians

  382. There are positives in any negative situation.

    Mr. Brady’s ‘explanation’ on the FARA matter has unseated Minister of Tourism Ed Bartlett (Olint investor) as the worst excuse ever. In the penultimate spot now, Bartlett’s comments on the AA issue (retroactively signed by Dorothy Lightbourne) is now labelled in the category, “utter and complete corrupt loyalist rubbish from someone of absolutely no legitimate use.”

  383. Jas 7 hours ago
    If Mr Brady- who I presume is an Attorney-at -Law can signed a document without knowing the content of what he is signing to does beg the question about his competent to be an Attorney. If I was a client of this man after reading is explanation I would be rushing down to his office to terminate any dealing that I have with him. Because if he can be so incompetent and reckless to signed a contract, have it published on a website and realising what it is or isn’t, it clearly sums up the man as not been fit to be a layer.

    jamessakku 6 hours ago
    When will this bumbling, corrupt government resign? When it is not lying about contract it is shielding criminals. Dudus now assumes national priority.
    Bruce Golding, you are a disappointment.

    Bruckshut 5 hours ago
    It would appear as if Peter Philips has opened up a can of worms with his query into this suspicious contract. I’m a little concerned as to how a contract of this magnitude, which extends across international borders, could have been worded in such a way that it would trigger ambiguity even among our self-proclaimed geniuses. If said contract was just a few weeks old, I would be inclined to buy into the argument presented by Bruce’s mouthpiece, Daryl Vaz. But since this is a well seasoned six month old agreement, I can’t resist the urge to yield to curiosity and secure a seat on Philips’ whistle-blowing train. After all, if some nosy person had not stumbled upon this secretive engagement online, incompetent Bruce and his crew would not have uttered a word about erroneous clause or misrepresentation. Help us Jah!

    Dainty 5 hours ago
    If the attorney at the centre of this matter admitted a mistake to such an important document, it begs many questions. You can ask them; perhaps the answers will be forthcoming. The happenings in Jamaica at every level are tantamount to that of a banana republic. Have you all recognized how arrogant the persons in positions of power have become – could it be that the heat in the kitchen is inching towards the unbearable level?

    ditruth 4 hours ago
    It should be obvious to anyone with a minimum of intelligence that Mr. Brady and his sponsors in the present JLP administration are involved in some malfeasance pertaining to the arrangement with the law firm of Mannat, Phelps and Phillips. The explanation offered by Mr. Brady and others fall outrageously short of rationality and is without any credibility whatsoever

    howdidwecometothis 3 hours ago
    I do hope the government comes clean on this one, if not we have one big headache, while the government can be smug knowing that the information will not disseminated to the opposition it cannot say the same in regards to the American government because of the Patriot Act. They will be following this as they have a vested interest.

    How could Harold Brady Esq. have signed a FARA registration without the Prime Minister’s knowledge?

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Bruce Golding [mailto:brucegolding@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 7:40 AM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: Thanks


    I must express our thanks for your support in our
    efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent
    conference. It was a tremendous success and has
    significantly boosted our campaign. Your assistance
    went a far way in making that possible.
    I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago
    and express the hope that we would be able to meet. I
    hope that we will be able to arrange to do that.

    Kindest regards,

    Bruce Golding

  384. From: Christopher Bovell [mailto:Christopher.Bovell@dunncox.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 10:50 AM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com

    Dear David,

    Please do the cheque to Stock & Securities Ltd. and I will contact Wayne on Thursday to arrange collection or delivery.

    Thanks again v. much for your help.

    Best wishes, Chris B.

  385. george watson
    And if they are lying about the Brady Affair, then surely it would have to be the final nail in the prime minister’s political coffin. This would be the worst scandal since Independence and it would be the most brazen case of lying that any government has ever perpetuated against the Jamaican people. Surely it would put Trafigura in the shade. It would be quite interesting to see the spin that the Thinker, no not Rodin, but he of talk show fame would put on this one.
    Mr. Seaga is a much bigger man than I thought. How can he refrain from saying, “I told you so?”

    Jamaica Observer, Thursday, March 18, 2010


  386. JCF awarded cars without paying 10% deposits

    Greg Christie, Contractor General, has found that the sudden end to the auction occurred after the vehicles which were originally won by representatives of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) were again placed on the auction block as the JCF had not made the mandatory 10% deposit.


    What you expect? How them to have to 10% and their OLINT money not forthcoming from their erstwhile feeder club operators.

  387. Noncs, one a dem police going go dung a Gordon House an draw them relevant feeder operator out to pay up the money. One of these fine days.

  388. If the high tech Google Earth has pictures of Minister(s) at the center so clear. How come them not listed on Indictment. Or are they?

  389. Nonco? Where you deh? Busy? Multitask Nonco..

  390. ACOM you site getting well stale…AGAIN! Sort out your ting.

    Connely’s two ‘committes” What’s up? False start?….in the city?

  391. ARTICLE: The United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the OECD Anti-Bribery Recommendation: When Moral Suasion Won’t Work, Try the Money Argument.

    When the United States passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in 1977, it was the lone voice for reform in the international arena of business transactions. 1 It was an attempt to regulate transactions by United States companies and individuals and their agents abroad. The legislation represented efforts to enforce a concept of morality and to “level the playing field” in forbidding the use of corrupt payments offered to foreign officials to obtain or retain business. The anticipated rush by other countries to follow the United States’ lead never occurred.

    Young & Rubicam Pleads Guilty to Settle Jamaica Case, WALL ST. J., Feb. 12, 1990

  392. In April 1986 Moore pleaded guilty to tax avoidance and, as part of the plea bargain, agreed to assist the federal authorities with their investigation into the payments by Young & Rubicam. The United States Attorney in Connecticut empanelled a grand jury to consider indicting Young & Rubicam and the other conspirators. Moore spoke freely about his evidence to the grand jury to Ms Lisa Marie Petersen, a staff writer on the Advocate of Stamford, Connecticut.


  393. floridian
    do you thnk OLINT money still statched away? US$100M?
    I know Deacon did few squandering .

  394. But almost immediately after the indictment had been published, an American lawyer engaged by Mr Abrahams approached the prosecutors and suggested that they interview him. He made full disclosure of his bank accounts. He met the prosecutors and answered their questions (in Canada, because following the indictment a warrant had been issued for his arrest in the USA). The prosecutors did not appear to have any contracts or cheques purporting to bear his signature because none were produced to him for explanation. The federal prosecutors visited Jamaica, obtained documents and interviewed other people there

    …But he should not expect any damages and he should realise that if he did not accept the terms, it would be five years before he would see the end of the matter. [Sound Like DEACON]

  395. http://www.manatt.com/

    Nonco, what happens to Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP?

    Will it be like Mabe & Johnson? Like Young & Rubicam?

  396. Certain ‘MISTAKES’ … run millions of US Dollar$$$. Legal cost alone…

  397. “Old exuberance ?”

  398. Douglas Leys should have just told Brady to go siddung inna him seat pon the plane.

  399. In a perfect World that is…

  400. howdidwecometothis 11 hours ago
    1 person liked this.
    I do hope the government comes clean on this one, if not we have one big headache, while the government can be smug knowing that the information will not disseminated to the opposition it cannot say the same in regards to the American government because of the Patriot Act. They will be following this as they have a vested interest.

  401. Weekend: Brady and OLINT.

  402. Prime Minister Bruce Golding is maintaining his stance that there is no agreement in place between Manatt, Phelps & Phillips and the government.

    The Prime Minister revealed that he was informed about a meeting on a flight bound for Washington on which attorney-at-law Harold Brady approached the Solicitor General and stated that Manatt, Phelps & Phillips could provide assistance in relation to treaty issues between Jamaica and the United States.

    [Harold was just in the area passing by at 30,000 feet]


    live&letlive, on March 16, 2010 at 8:41 am Said:
    please do not forget to supply me with the definition of OLINT FOOL !!

    Ans: See Above…and below…

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Bruce Golding [mailto:brucegolding@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 7:40 AM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com
    Subject: Thanks
    I must express our thanks for your support in our
    efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent
    conference. It was a tremendous success and has
    significantly boosted our campaign. Your assistance
    went a far way in making that possible.
    I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago
    and express the hope that we would be able to meet. I
    hope that we will be able to arrange to do that.
    Kindest regards,
    Bruce Golding

  403. For extra credit to your OLINT FOOL question Noncs:

    The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has made a ruling on the bribery allegations against former Junior Minister Joe Hibbert.



  404. Moreover, it is unlikely to escape Mr Brady and the US firm of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips of the potential consequences if the US authorities were now to investigate and emerge convinced only of the verisimilitude of Mr Brady’s explanation.


  405. live&letlive:

    Take heed about ACOM or don’t. Get scammed again. I don’t care.

  406. Them gone Deacon.

    Time to be on your own now. Trust mi dem gone. No more frock for you crawl under Deacon. Your time no Deacon.

  407. Brady to correct documents linking himself/Gov’t & US firm together

    Mr. Golding declared that he is satisfied that the government has no arrangement with Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.


  408. If the govt. was not being represented…..then where did the payments to Manatt come from?

    Deacon, A different time, a different place I might have said you did well.

    But I can’t.

    So much cash and ‘friends’ etc. What a sorry non competitive loser you really are.

  409. Phillips says Gov’t’s response on US law firm issue more confusing

    According to Dr. Peter Phillips, Chairman of the Communications Commission of the Opposition People’s National Party, instead of providing clarity, the responses so far from the government have instead caused more confusion.

    “How is it that you have a firm which engages and has listed contact that they’ve made with the State Department on treaty matters, with the US’s National Intelligence Office on treaty matters, purportedly? How can this happen in Washington at high levels and our representatives not know about it?” Dr. Phillips asked.


    Manatt, Phelps & Phillips will clarify.

  410. According to Dr. Phillips, it appears that monies were paid in order for the contract with the US law firm to become effective.

    He is demanding answers as to what money was paid, by whom, what services were rendered and if state funds were used to engage the firm.

  411. Harold Brady must dismount his high horse, abandon the churlish pretence that he has somehow been wronged, and offer the Jamaican people a full and frank explanation of why his law firm was purporting to act on their behalf.

    Indeed, Mr Brady will understand if people conclude that his claim rings hollow, that it was an unintended error that caused a lobbyist’s filing with the United States (US) government to indicate that his law firm represented the Jamaican state.

    Moreover, it is unlikely to escape Mr Brady and the US firm of Manatt, Phelps and Phillips of the potential consequences if the US authorities were now to investigate and emerge convinced only of the verisimilitude of Mr Brady’s explanation.


  412. “We have had to make decisions, whether or not they are politically popular,” Shaw told the audience at the Jamaica National Building Society’s (JNBS)


  413. He said that being politically correct was not the issue…

  414. “I think we have the strength of character, the vision, the sense of decency and sense of purpose, to provide the leadership that can put the country on the right path, even if in the process our own political future is sacrificed,” he stated.

  415. therefore, the first thing that every ACOM member must do is to encourage all Olint Members not yet registered to register with ACOM immediately and pay their $1,000.00 Registration Fee. After that exercise is completed, any shortfall of income is expected to be raised from Members extending relatively small interest-earning loans to ACOM, which will constitute a first charge against the proceeds of any Liquidation that is facilitated by ACOM. Full details of this arrangement will be presented when the budget is ready.


    Can interest payments be legally taken from the sum of money recovered ?

    What if ACOM decides to give each person who lends them 5000 % interest. And only 100 person lend them money, thus all the money found plus interest would be paid out to the 100 persons and all other members of ACOM or otherwise would receive what is left ( if anything)

    Would this be legal ?

  416. cullKull

    Forget ACOM and Connely’s backgammon in the city groups. Don’t you understand what is happening? Manatt phelps Phillips would surely have gone to the USA police dem by now….you think US$100,000 per week can help them now?

    Correction letter…???? hhahahahahahahahaha

    Cull have you seen Nonco lately? What about Live…??

  417. DPP refers Hibbert report to the police
    2010-03-19 18:32:01 | (0 Comments)

    The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has ruled that the police should investigate allegations of corruption involving former junior works minister Joseph Hibbert.

    Mr Hibbert has admitted that when he was the technical director in the transport ministry he took money from the British Bridge building firm, Mabey and Johnson.

    In a statement to the Office of the Contractor General, Mr Hibbert reportedly said, the money was reimbursement for out of pocket expenses and was not a bribe as was being alleged.

    In her ruling today, DPP Paula Llewellyn said there was not sufficient evidence to support the claims that Mr Hibbert had accepted bribes to secure contracts for Mabey and Johnson.

    But the DPP says there is evidence that Mr Hibbert did engage in corrupt practices.


    But Miss Llewellyn says without more, the material cannot be used as the basis of criminal prosecution in the Jamaican court.

    She also says a report of the contractor general on the matter cannot be used either.

    [Yet the whole case is finished in the UK. Maybe confessed. Jamaica was awarded £5,000,000.00 restitution for the crime. Where’s that money! Where is the World Class Best & Brightest media on what happened to the £5,000,000.00? Come on media I thought we wanted to score runs against the former colonial masters… the innings tells the true tale…]

  418. DPP the least you could do is get back the OLINT money for the West Indies Captain Chris Gayle.

    Maybe a law firm can be hired for him overseas…but who pays the invoice?

  419. Maybe he would have to pay the invoice himself.

  420. …she would not work with any other candidate but Douglas Leys.

  421. Berkowitz, without verifying the source of the funds, did as told, giving the Ponzi a new lease on life.

    We learn this from a groundbreaking report in the Daily Business Review from staff writer Julie Kay, who attended Berkowitz’s deposition yesterday. Kay’s report gives us, for the first time, insight into serious misgivings held by folks who are supposed to be watching the store — namely the banks and accountants involved.


  422. Who paid Manatt Phelps the 49 thousand dollars.Was it Dudus? Was it Harold Brady? Was it the Government of Jamaica? Somebody paid them. Who?

  423. Who paid the money to Manatt? Why did the PM hide the truth from the public? This is what the US Report
    refers to as ‘corruption’ in the Government?

  424. My questions are fair, why are you trying to bar them from publication.?

  425. THE finances of a well-connected Jamaican businessman, who heads a list of about 30 with massive unexplained wealth, is now the subject of intense scrutiny by the US authorities who have asked Jamaica to gather evidence about how the wealth was accumulated.

    A Florida grand jury, which is investigating the activities of an investment organisation, made the request through the United States Attorney General’s office to the relevant authority in Jamaica.

    The Sunday Observer was told that the United States made the request to Jamaica late last year under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), and that that request was one of a few now before the Jamaican authorities.

    Information reaching the Sunday Observer is that the businessman has long been under surveillance for illicit activities, including money laundering, as well as human and drug trafficking, even though he tries to operate below the radar.

    US officials are said to have zoned in on the US$80-million he used to pay for a franchise, which has subsequently been broken down into several companies under one umbrella. One of the companies in particular has attracted the interest of the grand jury, necessitating the request.

    JOEY ISSA- Do you still think you are above the law?

    Time will tell if you are stronger than Uncle Sam.

    Round 1- Uncle Sam wins
    What about Round 2- Joey?

  426. Morning All,

    Have you read this morning’s Observer?

    Chickens are really coming home to ROOST

    • Is this what you are talking about?

      Sunday, March 21, 2010
      THE finances of a well-connected Jamaican businessman, who heads a list of about 30 with massive unexplained wealth, is now the subject of intense scrutiny by the US authorities who have asked Jamaica to gather evidence about how the wealth was accumulated.
      A Florida grand jury, which is investigating the activities of an investment organisation, made the request through the United States Attorney General’s office to the relevant authority in Jamaica.


  427. Carlye was correct..”truth crushed on earth will rise again”

  428. Issa yes, looked at the cash the TCI cops have put a hold on for joseph smith from up north, Master Mason!!!! oh, and a judge!

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